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May 8, 2009

By Samuel Richardson Guest Writer

Last summer, I traveled to Ethiopia with Global Expeditions, and in the spring of 2009, I went to central Poland with Mount Pleasent Christian Church. I sincerely wanted to share with you the stories of the people that my friends and I had the privelage of ministering to during our mission work abroad. These are their stories.


July 7 -Aug. 2, 2008 ts not what you think. I saw it with my own eyes. Poverty is a creature, alive and well, prowling around and devouring the dreams of individuals across our planet. We have all seen commercials for organizations that claim to use our money to put an end to famine. In Africa, there was no Santa Claus-esque spokesperson in safari-wear with a camera crew asking us to send him checks to clothe the little boy who has to walk on broken glass and garbage. I picked that child up and held him in my arms. I saw the faces of hundreds of children like that. AIDS is also an unstoppable force sweeping across the Dark Continent claiming thousands of men, women, and children every day. I am thankful for people like Bono who use their fame to spread the word, but it is going to take much more than buying red t-shirts to put a stop to the madness.


The Orphan


round my group’s 10th day in Ethiopia, we flew into the mountains of Gonder in order to work in an orphanage there. Our first two days were spent putting on a Vacation Bible School for the 200 orphan children who lived in the orphanage. Early in the morning, all 50 of us ate breakfast and walked down the long dirt road to meet the children at a nearby field. Ten of us carried tubs full of toys for the children. As we turned the corner, we saw a huge group of children waiting for us. We played with them and began to pair off with children. That is when I saw him. A little boy, no older than three or four, who is one of the most precious children in the world (Pictured left: second photo from the top). He began to warm up to me until we were inseparable. It took me about 15 minutes, and I had him smiling. It was probably the first time in a long time. At the end of the day, I held his hand as we walked back up the hill to the orphanage. I decided to do some research on him. I asked the administrator of the orphanage to give me as much information as he could. He told me that the boy was left there when he was very young. Both of his parents died of AIDS, but miraculously he was not infected. I knew God had done something really amazing in him. His name was Temesgen, which in Amharic means, “Praise the Lord.” I definitely did after I met him. The next day, I walked down that dirt road once more where I found him peering through bushes looking for me. I was able to spend time with him a few more times throughout the week until the day we left. I got to be the only daddy figure he ever had. I hope one day I’ll be able to do more for him. Children like him are the reason something must be done about AIDS and extreme poverty.


March 28 - April 6, 2009 n Central Europe, I met so many people who envy Americans simply because of our wealth. I signed at least 30 autographs just because I was an American. Please bear in mind; I did not do this for self gratification. We were instructed to do so, if asked, in order not to offend the people. Poland is a nation still recovering from decades of communist oppression. World War 2 and other events since then have left the country’s government and economy in a tight and twisted knot. I am an eyewitness to the destructive power of poverty. This is the story of those whose story might not have been told.


The Homeless


he most inspiring ministry I saw take place was a food and clothing drive for the homeless in Tomaszow, an extremely small town near Warsaw. One other Polish boy and I spent an entire day moving pallets upon pallets of noodles, flour and sugar from our camp to the church. The next day, nine members of our team reached the church at 8 a.m. to find approximately 100 homeless men, women and children who had been waiting eagerly for the distribution since 5 a.m. We quickly set things up and opened the doors. The senior minister of the church (try to imagine a Polish Rob Bell) delivered a gospel message and had me share the story of how I became a Christian with the homeless. For the next four to five hours, we helped them move through the process until all of them had food for at least a month and two heaping bags of clothes. It was a really beautiful thing to see them leave with a few of their needs met. Everyone is capable of changing the world. People always say to me “Man, I wish I could do that” to which I respond “What are you waiting for?” I am no different than anyone else in this school. If you have a heart for the hurting, then move. Do whatever it takes to get out in the field and make a positive difference for someone in need. Everyone is capable of changing the world. Get going.



Cub Reporter

‘I.D.P.D.’ ambushes upstairs students GregPrice reporter Students were caught by surprise recently when several teachers on the second floor put teeth into the lanyard policy by taking IDs that were not around their necks but instead in their pockets or even in their hands, and then turning them in to the dean’s office. Students received referrals for inappropriate dress as well as a lunch detention. Senior Max Boris forgot his ID on one of the days so he was sent to the office and was 10 minutes late to his M7 class. “I was extremely angry,” he said. “I thought (the punishment) didn’t make a clear point.” He also questioned why the teachers decided to put the rule into effect after an entire

grading period had passed without enforcement. French teacher Jill Hilgemeier found two-fifths of her French III class involved. “(The students who had their IDs taken) were very upset and panicked and unable to concentrate in class,” she said. Business teacher Dan Jackson, who took some of the IDs from the students, said, “We would ask students to show their IDs and if they were not around their necks, then we’d take them.” Jackson said there used to be a school-wide enforcement of the rule every G1 class, but after a while some teachers stopped enforcing the rule, so students stopped wearing their IDs. That was the problem that sophomore Rebekah Shields had. “I used to wear (my lanyard) every day, but once teachers stopped enforcing it, I stopped wearing it,” Shields said. If students are not wearing their IDs, they are sent to the dean’s office and may be written up for inappropriate dress and receive a detention. The student is then marked tardy.

November 21, 2008

Lawrence Central High School

Band continued from page 1

This will be the first year that the band has participated in the Fiesta Bowl Parade in Arizona. In Phoenix the band will compete in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Fiesta Bowl National Championship. “There are three big band events once the season is over; since we haven’t played in all of them we decided to try this one out. We are all excited for our trip,” James said. LC previously marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, Calif. The band will begin working on their show for next year when the second semester begins in January. They will try to find a show that will fit the group of kids who will be members of next year’s group. “Next year we will need to make sure that we have the right people in the right positions. We need that dedication that we had this year.” Greenwell said. “I’m confident in the underclassmen that they will be able to step up and raise the bar for next year.”

Above: The color guard curtsies to the crowd as the Spirit of Central is recognized as third in the nation. Last year’s national champion, L.D. Bell, came in second to Avon. Right: Junior Jessica Guilfoyle strikes a pose near the end of the end of the show. Each member’s body position accounted for their final score.

Left: Senior Ethan Hamer and junior Emily Figley merge musical and visual elements at a pivotal moment in the show. LC and Avon tied for the individual band award for best visuals. Avon High School went on to win the crown as this year’s Grand National Champion. Cub Photos/ Eric Rees

La esquina española Una noche de éxito con La Plaza ClintonMiller

Durante la noche Roberts se reporter dieron mucho apoyo e inforEl seis de noviembre La Plaza mación a los estudiantes latinos y su representante, Jasmine para tener la mejor oportunidad Roberts, fuerpara ganar beon a Lawrence cas. La Plaza es una Central para “La Plaza una reunión es una gran gran oportunidad...” y sesión de inoportunidad formación de Ciro Sandoval para la sociebecas para los senior dad latina,” estudiantes lasenior Ciro tinos. Muchos Sandoval dijo. estudiantes, padres, y familias “No sólo nos motiva para una fueron a la reunión para oír lo mejor educación pero también que necesitan hacer para recibir nos da una beca increíble.” becas grandes o pequeños. La Plaza se ofrece programas

de trabajar, préstamos, becas, y ayuda. La organización se recomienda que los estudiantes latinos se esfuercen en escuela y hagan las siguientes: GPA entre 2.5 y 3.8, puntuaciones buenas de ACT o SAT, actividades extra curriculares, y servicios voluntarios. Pueden encontrar toda la información que es necesario para aprender sobre las becas para estudiantes latinos en las clases de ESL o en la Red a !Creen un futuro magnífico con las becas y ayuda de La Plaza!



Cub Reporter

December 12, 2008 Lawrence Central High School

Wave of success Senior Will Kahms flies down the lane during the butterfly stroke event during a meet against Pike to score his team points. The swimming and diving team defeated Pike 95-90.

Swim and dive teams stroke their way to the front of the pack with winning records HannahTorres

entertainment co-editor Both the girls and boys swim teams have returned for a sturdy season with winning records so far. The girls have a record of 4-1 and the boys have a record of 2-1-1. The team has many veterans for the newcomers to look up to and seek advice from. One person the boys team is looking to this season is senior Kyle Tiemann who broke the record for 50yard free style relay on Tueseday when LC hosted Hamilton Southeastern. “I just like to have fun and go fast,” he said. On Dec. 6 the girls triumphed over Ben Davis. The boys kept fighting until the end in a head-to-head match that ended with a tie.

Both teams fell behind in events for a girls got the first three places in the 100-, short time but senior Kyle Tiemann and 200-, 300- and 500-yard freestyle relays. sophomore Mackenzie Powell competed The boys also continued to finish in four events each to hasten the pace and strong and placed first in almost every raise the level of competition, scoring event. their team more points. The girls won with a 29-point lead on On Dec. 4 Pike and the boys the teams were Swimming is a very hard with 24 points. unable to compete Senior Will sport just to ‘pick up.’’’ against Roncalli Kahms said he due to technical feels the boys had Andy Renie an awesome start. problems with Head Swim Coach “I was really LC’s pool. The last round proud of the guys of the girls freestyle relay and all of her that swam at their first meet,” he said. fans cheer her on. Both girls get to the Head swim coach Andy Renie touch pad while the crowd looks at the is proud of the team for their efforts, clock for the official result. especially for the new swimmers. With an finger touch finsh the “Swimming is a very hard sport just to relay eam was able to be beat Pike by ‘pick up,’” Renie said. milliseconds. The teams are still working on But on Dec. 2 LC was victorious establishing a conditioning base and against Pike, which proved the specifics for the newcomers and veterans swimmers are still going strong. The alike.

The official asks for silence as the divers take the board. Each diver prepares to take their dive and hope for perfection. Juniors Allison Jacob and Anna Frei continued to score well on their diving and sophomore Jackson Berry, junior Spencer Sanders and senior Jake Schild dived well to score high at their first meet. Schild and Jacob both scored a high 6 on their dives. Both diving teams have a perfect record. “They are the strongest event we have in our lineup,” Renie said. Even with the great start, Jacob and the others know they have time to improve for sectionals. Jacob also wants to beat the record which is “a lot to achieve” but she’s “working on it at every practice, meet, and invite.” Both teams competed aganist Broadripple and Decatur Central at Decatur Thursday. The next meet will be tomorrow at Tech starting at 10 a.m.

Indiana: News

October 31, 2008 Cub Reporter

3 Lawrence Central High School

a swing state in 2008





2008 election reaches Indiana with both sides pleading their case EricRees


managing editor With Indiana a “battleground” state in this election, Sen. Barack Obama (4) made his second appearance in hopes to swing Indiana Democrats his way. In response to Obama’s visit, Republican vice-presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin (5), made her first visit to the state on Sen. John McCain’s behalf. Each rally drew large crowds (2, 7). At the Obama rally, signs branded with his logo, “Change We Need” were handed out to supporters and were raised multiple times during his speech (1). At the Palin rally, pom-pons were the hand-out and red attire was encouraged

6) to show that “Indiana is still a red state” (8). While some at the Obama rally made reference to the presidential debates (3), Palin made reference to her interview with Katie Couric, saying, “I was just giving Tina Fey more material.” Some homemade signs at the Palin rally (6) supported her while some opposed her with sayings such as “Stop the War.” Palin spoke on the war in Iraq, taxes, the economy, energy and the scandal surrounding ACORN and the Obama campaign. Lowering college costs, tax breaks and McCain’s health care taxes were on the list of topics in Obama’s speech. Each side hopes to sway voters with their rallies, with the Democrats fighting an uphill battle; the last time Indiana voted Democratic was in 1964 for President Lyndon Johnson. Cub photos/ Eric Rees



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page 8 By Samuel Richardson May 8, 2009 Last summer, I traveled to Ethiopia with Global Expeditions, and in the spring of 2009, I went to ce...

Newspaper Photo Portfolio 2009 Harvey Winners  

page 8 By Samuel Richardson May 8, 2009 Last summer, I traveled to Ethiopia with Global Expeditions, and in the spring of 2009, I went to ce...