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OU R P OS IT ION TRĂ„TO is a movement to support the protection and vitality of marine life. By wearing TRĂ„TO you represent a connection with these beautiful animals. You take the stance that all living beings are equal, proudly saying that you are part of this revolution.

OU R VOICE Unable to empathize, we can only interpret the emotions around the destruction of our ocean and the death of its inhabitants. The TRĂ„TO tonality can be described as a humble dialog, a picture of words to evolve our human consciences. We speak of love and respect.

Throughout my life, I have had the privilege to live next to a family that taught me about love. When I visit their home, they make me feel welcome, they treat me with respect. I am allowed to use anything their home has to offer. I am constantly inspired by its beauty and always leave smiling, refreshed and wanting more. If they ever moved, the house would remain, but the life in it would be gone. If left to another’s care, it could be uninhabitable, empty or ruined forever. I am a surfer. That home is the Sea and I am their guest. This family, our neighbors, are the beautiful creatures that inhabit this vast body of water that border the lands of humanity. With the right to freedom, just as our own, they must be respected, protected and allowed to live peacefully without interruptions of violence.




MAKING OU R MARK The TRĂ„TO cross1 symbolizes our passion for the relief and care of marine life. The curves2 visually depict the physical beauty and movement of these graceful creatures, supporting their freedom from captivity. A focus on one side3 represents the holistic connection to human life and our responsibility to love and protect our brothers and sisters of the sea.


COLORS PMS 5415 C / #5D7E95

PMS 570 C / #69C9B9





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