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LEBRETON LANDING Lebreton Landing is a housing and commercial development for Lebreton Flats, Ottawa. The project introduces commercial and residential elements to the currently barren site. A plinth of commercial spaces blankets the site, offering boutique shops on the diagonal road from Preston towards Pimisi, and restaurant experiences on the aqueduct pathway towards the event center. This plinth also serves to separate the busy public spaces from the more private residential areas above. The primary housing element introduced to the site involves a series of stacked 3-storey residential blocks. The blocks combine to form a larger whole, with perforations creating communal raised gardens where residents can connect with each other. A mechanical louver system drapes over the building, creating a monolithic structure with a character that is dictated by the needs of the residents who may open their louvers for light, or close them for privacy at will. In this manner, the facade reflects the lives and personality of the inhabitants.



ALTA VISTA URBAN PLAZA REDESIGN The Alta Vista project was a week-long urbanism study of a one-storey vehicle-oriented shopping plaza. The assignment was to redesign the plaza in order to create a more welcoming, pedestrian-friendly environment. The project involved the addition of rentable office spaces above the plaza to generate more traffic, as well as the addition of a Bridgehead Coffehouse (as per the assigned program) to replace the Tim Horton’s that is currently on the site.


YOKOHAMA COMMUNITY CENTRE 11 Situated on Tokyo Bay, in the city of Yokohama, Japan, this community centre, with its industrial-inspired structure and open floor plan mimics the urban fabric of the surrounding area. Incorporated into the project is a recreation centre, Olympic-size swimming pool, saunas, a library, a cafĂŠ, and a kayak club with related storage and repair areas. The centre features an extensive array of circulation pathways, including a celebrated ramp system for contemplative movement throughout the centre. The circulation pathways seek to permeate the building and invite traffic from the surrounding area to enter and enjoy the many elements brought to the community by the centre.

CHINATOWN BRANCH LIBRARY Located in Ottawa’s Chinatown on Somerset street, the library uses the concepts of a belvedere and a grotto to represent the development of a culturally rich community. Adjacent to the library is a public plaza. A small splash pad which extends as a boundary off of the distinctive Chinatown Gate contains three lightwells. These wells illuminate the grotto below, an archive on the history of Ottawa and Chinatown and its residents. The grotto is a place of quiet, inward-focussed learning. As one travels into and up through the library, they are exposed to the sites of the neighbourhood and a breadth of literature. Upon reaching the belvedere, a reading room which punches a hole in the large dividing wall that informs the floor plan of the library, they are greated with a spectacular view of the area. The belvedere is a place of external, outward-focussed contemplation and exploration.


CUMBERLAND GALLERY + VERTICAL FARM This gallery sits in a cornfield in Cumberland, a rural area outside of Ottawa. The gallery includes classrooms, studios/workshops, and a residence for an artist. Much of the gallery rests below the ground in order to reduce the footprint on this rural site. The gallery spaces feature skylights for natural lighting of the artwork on display. Rising above the corn field is an Urban-inspired multtiered vertical farm. The farm operates using aeroponics to grow its crops. The vertical farm has been designed and optimized in such a way that it produces the same quantity of food as the corn field on which it sits, meanwhile, its footprint is only 1.5% of the original field, promoting the introduction of rural elements into a more urban environment.




Ryan Fleming Architecture portfolio 2017  
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