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EDITOR’S LETTER 10 years. T-E-N-Y-E-A-R-S! Not bad going for a magazine started by four people with no experience in the publishing game. A used-car salesmen, a bricklayer, a banker and a DJ saw the proverbial gap in the market, took a gamble, and created what quickly became known as ‘The Bible’ for the finest in youth lifestyle and culture. More often than not it would be the very first place to read about the likes of Tinie, Ed Sheeran, Dizzee, N-Dubz, Jessie J and Gaga (yep, RWD had the very first ever UK interview with the meat-loving popstar!). It’s been a rocky road in places; running a mag and site during the emergence of the digital age, and now within a global recession, has meant challenges along the way. Yet, despite a small team and limited budgets what we lack in cash, we make up for in heart. Quite simply, we at RWD love what we do. How many other jobs do you get where the day consists of playing computer games, listening to new music and interviewing some of the biggest stars in the world? Exactly! We have to give a big shout out to all those along the way who have gone out of their way to support us. Without many in the music industry, we might have flopped hard before now! So thank you Dumi and Tinie, Kate at Stoked PR, Sundraj at Supersonic, Simon at Hackford Jones, Adrian at Darling, Janet at EMI, Lauren at Mercury, Reggie at Universal, Fay at EMI, The Purple PR Crew, Chloe, Holly at Redbull, Wendy and Matt from Polydor, Rich at Dawbell, Colin Batsa, Steve Gordon at TwiceasNice, Wiley, Dan and Dynamo, Taponeswa, Semtex, JCPR, Logan Sama, Sarah at Casio, Martin Sayer at Saymore, Dom, Shareen, Ryan at Exposure, Deano and CoffinOnCake, Jim and Canoe, Sane Coms, Run Music, Dom at Drunkn Munky, Jarod C., King Apparel, Leila at Spin, Rufus at Eskimo, Cube PR, Ol, Shaun & Tel at Pop Up, and all the guys over at XL, Island, Mercury, Polydor, Sony, Atlantic, Parlophone, RCA and so on. Also a very huge shout out to Bob Austin at London Youth Support Trust, Jimmy Lowe from Public Demand; Mike, Gary, Paola and Laura over at adidas UK, S. Horan, S. White & Barry Bown from JD, the great people of Puma, Bobbie Anderson, Parm Buckley, Corey Johnson, Emmy Perry, Lydia Frempong, Aaron Austin, Danny Blaze, DJ Supreme, Mark Lambert of Sidewinder fame, Gary Smart from Ministry Of Sound, Michelle Hunter, Lawrence Bagnell and Felix Doyle. A massive thanks also to those who have contributed to RWD over the last ten years; from our previous editor Matt Mason (now a very successful author and screenwriter), Rozan Ahmed (the original bad gyal!), Laurie Hadleigh, Emmanuel ‘Canape’ Ezugwu, Hayley ‘Dubstep’ Joyes, Louise ‘Shabba Lou’ Hollingdale, Raj ‘‘Bitch-veer’ Kathwadia, Fabio Scianna, Nesha Fleisher, Jerry ‘Chulo’ Gadiano, Nasrin Jean-Baptiste, Liam ‘Toots’ Tootill, Paul H, Carnegie & Conway, Hyperfrank, JP, Stephen Mark, Archna Sawjani, Phoebe Lovatt, Luke Monaghan and all of the interns, photographers, writers and illustrators who have helped us create a magazine that bucks the trend by increasing our ABC year on year. Whilst others decline, we rise! Lots of love also to Tego ‘website killer’ Sigel, Chantelle ‘Whatever’ Fiddy, James Pearson Howes, Greg Bond, Simon Wheatley, Andres Reynaga, Irene Asanji, Alex Johnson, Art Jaz, Jiro Bevis, Luke Miley, Uzo Oleh, Adrian Nettleship, Neesha, PC Williams, Jake and Kevin at Response. Finally, 10 year love to the current crew; without Danny, Nardene, Nigel, Dacre, Matt, Paul, Martin, and Chidi we wouldn’t have a magazine to write our rubbish in!



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The last 10 years have been crazy; we’ve literally heard it all from our readers (you’ve sent us pics, mock front covers and letters from prison). The best of Inbox comes from Jon this month who wins tickets to our exclusive, invite-only DECA event! Send all your letters to: Attn. Editor, RWD Magazine, W107 Holywell Centre, 1 Phipp Street, London, EC2A 4PS or RWD Quotes of the Decade: “I proper love English food me, like SpagBog.” – Louise Hollingdale (WTF?) “I got a lot on tryna juggle these balls.” – Dacre Bracey (Where do we start with this?)


Dear RWD Team, There have been many many great RWD moments but my #BestRWD moment was when you guys got Slew Dem to dress up as cowboys and pretended there was some grime/ cowboy genre that had just started. Man believed you as well until someone told me it was an April Fools. I was just about to hire a horse and do gun fingers!!! Jon Thanks for that, we must say our April Fools features have been classics from Skream music (a fictitious genre which led to clubs being burnt down) to Brobile (the lowest of the low network for the broke). Who knows what we’ll do next year. Re: Wiley’s 10 Year Input Wiley’s done so much in the past 10 years and has influenced most of the urban stars of today how can he not be the most influential UK artist? From being a key MC and producer for Pay As U Go Cartel, nurturing talent like Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Skepta + so many others. Creating his own sound and genre 10 / RWDMAG.COM

“Like you I’m looking forward to c**tdown Fridays” – Matthew Richards (It’s very easy to spell countdown wrong but it’s not a great look) “I didn’t just take a hit for the team; I took a bullet to the ANUS.” – Danny Walker (?!?!?!?!) “Can I speak to Tit please?” – Chidi Ubani (When speaking to Slew Dem Crew, we think he meant ‘Pit’)

of music then creating a scene with all the Eskimo Dances and Sidewinders he hosted. His grime catalogue is second to none he has a long list of productions and features he’s done over the years and was the first to have a mainstream crossover smash hit with Wearing My Rolex which led a whole list of other grime acts making chart music. From 2001 to 2011 Wiley has always had relevance and influence, he is making some great music this year, i.e From the Drop, Its Wiley, Numbers in Action, Seduction, If I Could and so much more. Long live king Wiley! D-mo You haven’t even mentioned his YouTube adverts? But yes we’d have to agree Richard Cowie has been quite influential. Hi, We have just found out that this event is taking place in Cardiff Bay on Saturday. We live just outside Cardiff and were spending the afternoon in the bay area when we saw the Red Bull crew off loading Mark Webber’s car. I have spoken to loads of friends this evening and none of them had heard or seen anything about the Speed Jam competition that was running. Is this the only way to have obtained tickets to this event being held in Cardiff this Saturday? Regards Simon Once again another person misses out on a great RWD competition. If only people stayed locked to Facebook/ RWDmagfans, life would be so much easier. Can you produce me a song. Edward 10 years. 10 years... 10 years and people still send in nonsensical requests!!!

LET’S PLAY THE NAME GAME? When sending us mail, please please get our names right, it’s been 10 years and people can NEVER get our art director Darko’s name right... Nattie Collins, David Walker, Raj Veer, Dacker, Barce, Dave??? It’s not that hard to get our names correct is it? Simple look in the magazine cuz!!!



RWDMAG.COM USERS CAST THEIR VOTE Roll Deep – Issue Each month we give you the chance to answer 43 [May 2005] our Quick Question: Which has been your favourite RWD cover over our 10 years?


Kano – Issue 40 [Jan/ Feb 2005]


Ed Sheeran – Issue 112 [June 2011]


Tinie Tempah – Issue 100 [June 2010]

Which has been your favourite RWD cover over our 10 years?

24% Other


Mr_lngz “The Kano Scarface cover was legendary.”


Graeme Day 1. Wiley in the multi-coloured adidas jacket. 2. Roll Deep with the ice-cream van. 3. Scarface Kano.”

Plan B – Issue 56 [June 2006]




10% 18% 90% 2% THINK ITS BETTER

It’s been 10 years, and we felt it was time to change things up. So, we took a long hard look at the logo and decided we needed to step firmly into 2012 and beyond. Removing the << and creating a bolder, brighter image has worked pretty brilliantly we think. How about you guys? We took to Twitter to see what you lot thought...


Illustrastion by


TOP TWEETS @RWDMAG: 1. @adamdeacon; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @RWDmag @dannywalker1 @hattiecollins1 reppin 10 years straight!!! 2.@bwoywonder Spelling Missy Elliott with 1 T (or was it 1 L) on ur front cover I’ll assume whoever did that had dyslexia #BestRWD 3.@DTJL_DAN #BestRWD moment seein Wiley and all the dons on AAA stage at UMF! 4.@SCB881 #BestRWD When I was The One To Watch Feature @ 17!


CHECK IN A DECADE OF RWD IN NUMBERS We take a numerical look back to the last 120 months... Compiled by Kyle Gordon

The number of offices RWD’s had. One of them was in the back of a record shop!

UK/ International cover ratio. We are a UK magazine after all, gotta support homegrown talent. UK stand up!

The number of arguments/ squabbles/ hissyfits the RWD team have had. This is a rough estimate based on a monthly average of 78.3. The number of editor’s RWD’s had. Dacre Bracey, Matt Mason, Danny Walker and Hattie Collins. We haven’t included Kano, Roll Deep, Plan B and Dappy who have all guest edited.

1026 The number of films/ games reviewed.

The number of hours we waited for Tempa T in the rain.


FIDDY’S WORLD OF WHATEVER... “It was all a dream, I used to read RWD Magazine...” In my case that’s a straight lie. A decade ago, when RWD was first sowing its roots into urban territory, I was non-the-wiser. In fact, I had upgraded from cleaning pub toilets to working in a deli while getting myself through university. When I found myself at Touch Magazine a few years later, with RWD’s now-editor Hattie Collins, this here publication was the sworn enemy. But where others have failed, the underdog has risen. And there’s a reason why RWD’s not only still here (RIP others/ pours some liquor) but continues to set the pace – it’s in its own lane. And much like the artists they’ve championed over the years, they too have made something out of nothing and built it to a point it can’t be ignored. Providing a much-needed (and certified) platform to talent that was all too often ignored by the well-oiled publicity machine, has had a much bigger impact on the state of urban music in this country today than you might imagine too. The marriage of business and brand in this context has been as important as some of the records themselves. While America might still be light years ahead in terms of realising the potential spending power of urban audiences, RWD continue to kick down the corporate HQ doors. The writing has got better too – even with Collins at the helm. I par. I par. I mean, I kid, I kid. Aside from the many jokes I’ve had reading deputy editor Danny Walkers ramblings, to say I have highlights from the past ten years of rewindable business would be something of an understatement. As well as allowing me to talk absolute sh*te on these here pages, there’s last year’s Christmas party which we won’t be discussing anytime soon. But as my column inches desert me, let me salute RWD itself. Bigger and stronger than ever before, there’s only one team left to thanks – readers we couldn’t have done it without you. Pu**yoles. I joke, I joke.


Robbing the innocence of casually uploaded Twitter images, Tego Sigel selects our favourite Twitpics...


Fresh from the Inbetweeners, Simon ‘sorry’ Joe Thomas), joins Zawe Ashton (RWD 2011 Ones To Watch) and Jack Whitehall for the brand new comedy from the creators of Peep Show. Following a group of six students in Manchester the show will apparently hark back to ‘80s cult hit the Young Ones, (Google it or ask ya mama). Catch it every Wednesday on C4. 10pm people!


As part of our birthday celebrations we are also curating a weeklong art exhibition at Shoreditch Underground on 15-21 October. Here you can check out exclusive photography featuring the underground artists we’ve helped break over the years including an innovative installation displaying an audio-visual journey of underground music culture during the past decade.


The BBC have an all new homepage on the way. Currently in BETA mode, you can see it’s an all excellent XHTML (aka iPad friendly), fully functional, multi-faceted skin to a solid site. With entertainment, lifestyle, knowledge and of course news and sport, it will be interesting to see how lovers of the existing site take to it. For a peek visit

ANYONE FOR A KWATTER POUNDER!? We’re trying to workout whether a Quater Pounder burger is a misspelled Quarter Pounder Burger or an Equator Burger, which would be a burger based on the food enjoyed by countries on the equator, whatever that may be. More importantly though, is it a burger or a Pizza? This sign is marketing genius, we’ve got questions and the answers are only £1 away.


We all know about the NFL, so when the national sport of US makes its way across the pond, following successful previous visits, the whole country stands up. The next match to see here is Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers taking on Chicago Bears at Wembley. Expect to see Josh Freeman, Jay Cutler and many others do what they do best. For all NFL fans, 23 October and is you (KG).

Ok its @Slix_fleeingham Tinch is gonna kill me 4 this but check out his attempt to plank @ the airport loool We’re actually quite impressed by Tinchy’s Planking here, impressed that he could reach both sides of the moving walkway. We kid...


When two massive powerhouses combine, you know we had to be there, right? Yes, we were there in Berlin (“Peter Chao on a Segway is the best thing I have ever seen” – Tego Sigel) when the HTC Corporation and Beats Electronics announced their remixed version of recently released handset, the HTC Sensation XE. With audio now being the main focus – the 1GHz XE even comes with Beats by Dre in-ears –Android never looked so good.

@example you did achieve some sleep...? We thought Tinchy Stryder’s Planking was good, Example’s managed to airport Plank, with his eyes closed, curled up that his thumb in his mouth? Does Example suck his thumb? It’s not’s clear enough. It’s official, Example sucks his thumb!


ENOUGH ALREADY: Reality TV In honour of our first double figured birthday, we call in one of RWD’s originators. The first in so many things in regards to UK music, an innovator in propelling the sound and its talent to what it is today, 1Xtra even called her “the woman who can” and, well, that she is. Rozan Ahmed (@IamRozan) returns, with an extended rant, on reality TV. Image by Jiro Bevis At first, the whole joke over watching general imbeciles do nothing with their lives except generate drama, shame up their straying partners, discuss nothing of any real validity, act a fool - publicly, and/or eat animal testicles as part of a “wild adventure” was, admittedly, quite funny (the legendary Cheaters was my fave). However, as with many entities sadly labelled as today’s form of entertainment, reality TV has taken a significant side-step toward ridiculous. I mean, the VMA’s? As in, Video Music Awards. When was the last time you saw a music video on MTV? (#justsaying). Could there be any more considerably dim ‘wives’ we DON’T know about? Surely we’ve had enough of Kim Kardashian’s derriere... surely. And what’s so wonderful about marrying a man SIX months after meeting him? Other than making an alleged $17.6 million off the wedding of course. Yes, she made that much. Are we honestly that fascinated with a bunch of LA based uncultured children who REALLY seem to like the word, “like”? How many times can an audience appreciate seeing obese people shake their oversized boo-tays whilst crying to some man-beast 14 / RWDMAG.COM

of a woman? WHO is Kendra? Do we care? I would really like to know, who... cares. What’s real about reality TV anyway? One has to wonder if it’s becoming some kind of warped televised tool to actually distort reality. It’s all good, now and then, to feed into that “peeping Tom” syndrome so many of us humans possess, but encouraging unethical behaviour, as well as numbing minds by outrageously drowning all forms of smart with this repeated facade of silliness, is quite the different drama. As a people, I’d like to believe we crave creativity. Innately, our spirits appreciate intelligent nourishment. Therefore, I also believe that a continued projection of fickle nonsense is literally and sincerely dangerous - as times have obviously shown. I’m pretty sure plenty of the youths raising hellfire in the UK recently did so out of sheer, unadulterated, utterly frustrated boredom. An uninspired brain is as good as a crazed one. And yeah, erm, just how ‘real’ can one be with a camera shoved in their face? How about we stick to improving and enlightening the quality of our own lives. Rest assured, there’s nothing realer than that.

RWD 10


>> 17

RWD 10


RWD 10


RWD 10





We’ve come a long way since the first issue of RWD landed in September 2001; so far in fact we thought we’d put it up against our most recent issue to see how the original holds up.


0 – Yeah, well at the time we were all about supporting the underground so maybe we were just a little too good at our job!!! #SAYNUTTIN (Also, Ladies First LOL)




“I think the cover itself came off the back of a press release and pic,” Matthew Richards. Wow, those were the days...

JADE RICHARDSON (A&R, POLYDOR RECORDS) ON THE LADIES FIRST - COVER STARS OF ISSUE 1 “[Ladies First] was an opportunity for producers who had big club records to work on a more commercial project. A lot of the big club records were faceless so I think there was a positive energy around a group coming out of the scene and an antidote to formula pop music. The group achieved two top 20’s but Misteeq took the crown.”

15 – Seriously some of these mistakes are jokes, was there a problem with the space bar on the old RWD computers back then or something?!



38/76 – It was all about the raving back in the garage days and RWD well and truly went in. If there was a club night and it wasn’t advertised in RWD it wasn’t worth going to... #SKANKERSFORLIFE!!!


Hmmm ‘Drugs In Ayia Napa’, ‘Lemare’ (yes that is the same Lemar of Fame Academy fame), and how could we forget ‘Ladies First’... Again, LOL!


Nigel, Dacre, Matt and Martin. That’s it! Small, but perfectly formed...!




So many questions...What’s up with the abundance of fishnets? China bumps really? War paint style make-up? Red PVC pants? Sweatbands? Let’s just pretend this never happened? Okay, cool.



NUMBER OF COPIES DISTRIBUTED Despite what other magazines at the time might have said Shame on you <Juice>, Who? Exactly! – we think that’s a pretty decent number for a first issue.


ISSUE 115 NO. OF TOP 10 HITS COVER STAR HAS HAD Alongside his N-Dubz band mates plus a Top 5 with his pint-sized pal Tinchy, Dappy is more than familiar with the official charts. No doubt @thedappy is about to gain a few more hits as a solo artist.


We’re not sure if we’re quite ready to even talk about this yet. It actually pained us to count the days for the issue that refused to go to print. Don’t ask us why, all we know is that not even a samurai could have sliced the tension up in here!




From Palladium Boots to Pioneer and Revolver Films to The Duffer Of St. George we’ve definitely stepped things up to reflect youth culture.



49 23

We know, we know, we’re embarrassed too especially when they’re silly spelling mistakes... shame on us.

From newcomer Sneakbo to recent chart-topper Example, popstress Pixie Lott, Xtra Factor’s Caroline Flack, a look at Watch The ‘Thrown’ (LOL), Example and of course cover star Dappy, we pretty much have it all covered when it comes to youth lifestyle right about now.



People still can’t get enough of us, FACT. “RWD saw the biggest percentage increase in the men’s market - up 38.5%” ABC Circulation Jan-Jun 2011. #SNM


Well, there’s 12 of us in the office full(ish!) time and another 13 regular freelancers on the payroll. We’re just trying to build an empire out ‘ere!


Decent model (Check), clothes people will actually wear adidas, Levi’s, Fly 53, etc. (Check). Making sure we consistently keep RWD readers fresh to death (Check).



Seye Isikalu @ LMC Worldwide, stylist: Aida Dolrahim @ LMC Worldwide

YASMIN 22 year-old Yasmin, Finish Line singer and cover star of issue 101, tells us which path she would’ve taken...


How is it going today? I’m good, still in bed. I’ve got a lot on later so thought I’d do the phoners in bed and then get up and begin to face the world. In your current life as an artist, what time do you usually drag yourself up? I mean, I try my best but I’m a night person, I always try and sort the schedule from about midday onwards. What would you have done if the likes of RWD and other magazines didn’t give you that support at the start? I’d probably be doing something in sport. Growing up, my grandad taught my dad to play tennis and my dad then taught my whole family. He really wanted me to be a tennis player... I played hockey at school and I was quite good at it. I went to like a special school for hockey; the Glasgow School of Sport, then I tried out for the Scottish national team... but I didn’t get in. Then I went to university and studied physiotherapy for a year and then I dropped out to pursue my music career. I didn’t have any support to pursue music, so I’d definitely be in the world of sport. Like a pro tennis player or playing hockey in the London 2012 Olympics. In your Sliding Doors life, what would your daily routine have been? With a sport like hockey, the pitch is as big as a football pitch so... you have to be as fit as a footballer. If not fitter. The training was insane. Obviously there is

SLIDING DOORS not a fraction of the money. There were all of these people who were training so hard, it’s just a shame because they don’t get enough money in sponsorship. They don’t get enough funding for the sport. If you want to be at the top of that sport you have to be at the top of your game. So let’s imagine you as a hockey player, what friends would you have had? My friends would have been my teammates; we would have hung out with each other all of the time. You’d have other friends maybe but because it’s such a team mentality it would have been crazy. Hockey players like to get a bit wild on a night out (but not Friday though, cos it’s matchday on a Saturday so you can’t go crazy!). Would you have been as glamorous? Probably a little less [laughs]. I would have worn a few more tracksuits I think. What would have been your protein shake of choice? I’ve never had one because I’ve never wanted to be all beefed up but in my alternative life then it would have been chocolate I reckon. To find out about Yasmin’s actual life follow @itsYasmin


Andres Reynaga

If you haven’t seen the film Sliding Doors we’ll give you a brief run down; girl misses train, duplicates herself and we’re shown two different versions of how her life would have been had she caught said train. Stealing Using that concept we look at a few careers we’ve covered to see what would’ve happened if RWD didn’t call. Yasmin, Chipmunk, Bashy and Jason Maza tell us their alternative story... words by Danny Walker and Kyle Gordon

CHIPMUNK 20 year-old Chipmunk tells Kyle Gordon he simply would have been know as Mr Fyffe if RWD hadn’t have called... Do you remember the first time you saw RWD? Yeah the first time I saw RWD magazine was on a lunch break in Year 8 or 9, I think I was at the chicken shop in Hornsey and Crazy Titch was the article I was reading. If it wasn’t for RWD and magazines like us, who’ve supported you early on, what do you think you’d be doing... If I wasn’t doing music I’d probably be doing something along the lines of working with children whether it would be teaching or social work or something. Would you have went to uni and done a course in sociology or something? Yeah, possibly, yeah.

What 9-5 could you see yourself doing after? I would have been a teacher. Primary school, secondary school? Secondary. Cos certain people at that age can be a bit rude. Could you handle that? Yeah, I think I got a good understanding of how young people’s brains work. Secondary school teachers tend to teach a certain type of subject so what would have been yours... Drama. What would you eat for lunch? Nandos, I like Nandos. In your alternative life, would you hang out with the work guys after school? I couldn’t tell you cos I don’t know if they’re cool or not cos it’s not my profession but I’d like to think they will be cool. For lyrical lessons, follow @Chipmunkartist 27




Can you remember the feature we did on you? Yeah, I do it was great. RWD has always been there to promote UK talent and that meant a lot to me. Where would you be if the likes of RWD and such hadn’t supported you? I reckon I would have been a fireman. Saving cats and all that shizzle. We can imagine you coming in late with the Fire Chief constantly chasing you... Yeah, I don’t think the motivation would have been there. Obviously with the actor route, we do what we want but I would have been there at 9.15. And after work? Yeah, I would have been down the pub watching football, I probably would have been a smoker too, beer belly. Out of shape. Could you’ve seen your career going to the top... I would have been doing it for the ladies. Using my uniform to my advantage and that [laughs] To fight more fires follow @jasonmaza


Andres Reynaga

Actor and producer of Demons Never Die, Jason Maza tells us what would have happened if he didn’t appear in issue 98...

BASHY Danny Walker remembers the first time he interviewed Bashy, back in issue 39 for About to Blow, the rapper talks about what he would have cooked up if we didn’t holla... How have RWD helped you over the last 10 years? Well I appreciate the things you guys have done for me and I defiantly don’t take anything for granted you know what I mean. So what alternative career would you have had if RWD and co didn’t call, do you think then if you done something else? I think that I would be a chef; I probably would have just just opened a restaurant and been like Gordon Ramsey. What would be your specialty? The food would have been three/ four/

five stars... minimum. I would be building up my rank and reputation and just working on my special dishes. Would you be on time for work? Na na na you gotta be on time innit, that is the real world. I would always be on time because in the real world you try be late and you will get sacked. Where would your restaurant be like a country side hotel thing? Na na na no country stuff nothing like the countryside I would be somewhere like the King’s Road or something. What type of people would come in to your restaurant? I would hope that anyone with a passion for food. I wouldn’t want to be that mad exclusive person that only invites rich people it would be for any one. To find out what is really cooking, follow @Bashy



Hours after signing a one year contract extension with Red Bull Racing, the F1 team who currently sit on the top of the World Constructors’ Championship, and days before a stellar 2nd place performance at Belgium Grand Prix which earned Mark his 28th podium finish, Danny Walker talks in and out of the hot seat with Mark Webber... WEBBER’S TIPS FOR GETTING TO THE TOP It’s important to follow your dreams and be focused to work out where you want to go and the last one is very important; application... make sure you try and be as professional as you can be, you never know who is watching and just keep trying your hardest. There is a lot of luck and fortune involved with it but just keep your head down and press on from there.



Hello Mark, who is it going? Good, mate, how are ya? I’m very good, how has Red Bull Speed Jam gone today? Yeah, it’s gone very well, so far so good. The weather has held off. Obviously the track is pretty tight and twisty, we didn’t have much room down here but it was great for the go-karts and we even got a NASCAR down here. I’m driving an F1 car so all is well. It’s all been good. Good turn out and a really good crowd here. Yeah, I’m enjoying it. There are a load of RWD competition winners down there today so be careful of them. They’re probably making the most amount of noise. Well that’s good, sounds like you put on a wicked competition cos to get here is good and I think the way it’s all been setup down here is great. You get really good access to the drivers and the cars themselves so it’s turned out really well. Is this the reason why you signed another year extension to your contract [at Red Bull]? Because of the events that they put on with the community and things like that? Errrrm... no. The reason I signed on again is to race at the highest level and to keep testing myself as a competitor. I love driving the cars on the best tracks in the world and against the best guys... that’s what motivates me. I keep training, keep fit and do the best I can. Let’s talk about the younger version of you, when you were at school, did you have a nickname? Er [long pause] Yes I did but... erm... [is Mark going to tell us?] My nickname was Potsie after Warren “Potsie” Weber from Happy Days. Can you remember your first racing moment? Yes, it was Nigel Mansell, about 84 when he won the Monaco Grand Prix in the rain.

And you started with go-karting first, is that right? Yeah, I did indoor go-karting for several years and then into single seaters and the story went on from there. When we interviewed Lewis Hamilton, we remember him talking about his hunger and driving being all he wanted to do, was it much the same? Yeah, I think all of us out here, even the kids here, I know what they want to do, they want to drive the go-karts; obviously parents are very influential at that age and then into your early teens and it’s just a case of seeing if they can guide you and help you along the way. It’s then up to you to make the most of your opportunities, to get that motivation and that is when the application comes in. What do you think of Lewis and Jenson? Obviously they’re top top drivers, I think they’ve done a great job for McLaren and I’ve been racing them for several years now so it’s been a bit of a battle. Let’s talk about your first win, in 2009 at the German Grand Prix... what were the feelings going through your head? At first relief... because I wanted to be in that position for years – having a car that was capable of winning but it didn’t really happen – but that year, we had a good car and I started winning races and yeah, it was great to win at the Nürburgring. It was important to have a race that I actually won rather than to get the first win by luck. I led from the front, from pole position... I had a 20 second lead at one stage in the race so... that was really satisfying for me. Nürburgring is one of my favourite tracks, can you give me any tips for when I play on F1, the game? Not really mate because computer games are pretty rubbish to be honest with you. [Laughs] What are your hopes for >>



<< the rest of the season? To finish on a high, to pick up some momentum towards the end and wrap up as many points as I can for the Drivers Championship. That is the goal. And you definitely think Vettel has got this one in the bag? Yeah, for the moment... obviously if he has a few hiccups on the bounce a lot can happen in motorsport. Things can happen for no real reason so that’s why you’ve got to keep concentrating. And lastly what would you say is the best thing about being a Formula One driver? Buying massive watches, drinking the champagne or winning? Ah nah, that all means nothing to me at the end of the day. Driving on the best tracks in the world against the best guys... also I get to meet some pretty amazing people. I’m not talking about fake celebrities I’m talking about real people who have achieved great things and we get to chat about our experiences. I’ve met Pele, I’ve met Beckham... people who have done things in their field and for their country. And politicians and people like that. People who show desire to do great things and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet them. For more on the Red Bull Speed Jam check 32 / RWDMAG.COM


We compare Mark to the present World Champion, current leader of the 2011 Driver’s Championship and Red Bull Racing teammate, Sebastian Vettel...

35yrs 24yrs 75 races 172 races 18wins 6wins USELESS FACTS

Webber Supports Sunderland A.F.C.



Holds the fastest time (1:44.0) on Top Gear’s ‘Star in a ReasonablyPriced Car’




ASICS.CO.UK/SPORTSTYLE (£90) Keeping on top of this here fashion game ASICS bring to you the vibrantly coloured and retro styled ASICS GEL-LYTE III kicks. They’ll be no time wasted getting these trendy trainers on your feet either with a speed lacing system and once they’re in, comfort is the word, with a specially moulded sole featuring foot shock absorbtion and a tongue that won’t start wagging. Good news for sneaker addicts; we have three pairs to give away. Email [subject:ASICS] to be in with a chance of winning.

SINEAD HARNETT With a co-sign from Wiley and half the industry trying to sign her on the dotted, Hattie Collins thinks this London singer could go very, very far... East London’s CAMP is quite a small venue; yet tonight it feels as though half of the UK record industry is packed within its damp basement walls. But the label bosses, A&R’s and journalists aren’t here to see the headliner; in fact they’re craning to get a look at the opening act. The girl they’re here to see is a slight, small young thing – but she’s got a voice twice the size of her tiny frame. What she lacks in height, the half Irish, half Thai Sinead Harnett more than makes up in personality and talent. “I’m not really sure why there’s this ‘buzz’,” she grins a week later, drinking a tea outside of RWD HQ. “ I think the music industry is a bit fickle. Because there’s a buzz everyone wants to have a look but once they see me, they might all run away – who knows!” First found by Wiley on Youtube, the Eskikid quickly popped her on the reflective Walk Away from his recent Chill Out Zone EP. “I really like him and I love his erratic-ness and his energy, it’s so refreshing,” she says of Will. Since then the 21 year-old has done an A64 of her own tune Notice Me for SBTV, and made her own video for said tune. “I first thought ‘Yeah, I’m really good’ when I was 7 years-old and then I grew up and hit reality and realised I had a lot of work to do!” she reflects of getting her start into music. “I always wanted to sing but I didn’t think I was good enough. But sometimes you have something to say, so you start writing and recording.”

“I THINK THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS A BIT FICKLE. BECAUSE THERE’S A BUZZ EVERYONE WANTS TO HAVE A LOOK BUT ONCE THEY SEE ME, THEY MIGHT ALL RUN AWAY...” With her delicate vocals, soulful sounds and witty wordplay, we think she can stand out among the Jessie, Ellie and Adele’s. “I don’t want to follow anyone else’s footsteps or do something that’s already there,” agrees the Etta James, James Blake, Prince and Wretch 32 fan. “I’m concentrating on what comes from me. I think people are expecting me to do straight soul, but I want to have modernity to my music. A ‘Sinead-ness,’” she laughs. “I’d love for people to hear my songs and know straight away that it’s me.” For this drama graduate who hails from north London and describes herself as ‘a bit of a hippy’ only time will tell if she can be the Next Big Thing. But with her love of writing music, an incredible vocal, and friends in increasingly high places, it won’t be long before she’s snapped up by some lucky label. “I’m just really trying to not let it all affect me,” insists Sinead. “I just want to keep writing because whatever I did before seemed to turn out alright, so that’s my main focus at the moment. Signing isn’t one of my priorities; I’m just concentrating on the music.” and @sineadharnett


We initially spoke to James Allman aka Killahurtz about his dark electro and dubstep productions, but soon discovered his talent surpassed being simply stuck behind the boards. James played to all his creative strengths by joining a band called //Midnight// comprising of fellow Mancunians, Will, Jordan, Lloyd and Anthony soon after producing tracks for the lads who are determined to join the dots between commercial and underground dance music. Judging from the interest ,the Faithless and Booka Shade fans have already received over at BBC Introducing, and with a few major labels sniffing around plus the edgy pop track Dark To Light hitting airways, it won’t be long until the eclectic five-piece are radio regulars. (NS)


James Pearson-Howes


At just 22, this talented Birmingham born and bred producer already has a discography to impress [BBK, Wiley, Trim] despite only coming to the attention of many via JME’s twitter shout out earlier this year. “I’m a guitarist, so I just naturally do music anyway,” the Labrinth and Pharrell fan tells us of his journey into producing a whole eight years ago when music programmes like Reason emerged. His grimy Solitaire EP dropped earlier this year, whilst Kozzie, Merky Ace, Manga, Scratchy and J2K have all spat fire over the gospel lovers creations. Next in his sights? “I’d say probably Tinie Tempah and Chipmunk,” he decides, not forgetting three more EP’s dropping before the end of the year. It’s time to take notice of this beat maestro. @preditah (NS)




DANIEL RICCIARDO The world of motorsport is fast-paced and frantic; moments after the Red Bull Speed Jam Danny Walker grabbed five minutes with HRT F1 Team’s Daniel Ricciardo. The up-and-coming tire burner talks 10th birthdays, pressure at the top and what he really thinks of Hamilton and Button... “I got a new bike,” laughs Ricciardo, when sharing an anecdote of his 10th birthday day. “It was a pretty cool BMX so I was pretty chuffed with that one.” The Australian driver has recently gone from third spot at Red Bull to main driver at Spanish upstarts HRT. That pedal powered present seems so long ago now and since then he’s gone from karting to his new home – since taking over from Narain Karthikeyan – Formula One. “I remember my first race,” the music and PlayStation fan recalls of his earliest driving memory. “I came 2nd last. I’ve definitely learned over the years.” And the best part of being an F1 driver is? “Competing is what I love best and traveling the world.”

With a career mirroring Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button – all three started karting before the age of 10 before moving on to Formula Renault and Formula Three – just what does the concert and festival goer think of our Great British hopes? “They’re very good,” Daniel retorts almost instantly, before revealing that some of the same success would be nice. “They’ve won World Championships so they’ve done more than I have. I’ve spoken to them a couple times and they seem like good guys. Hopefully I can make it alongside them one day.” That will happen all in good time we think, after all, former About to Blow Lewis Hamilton won the World Drivers’ Championship when he was 23, so Ricciardo’s got some time. The fan of the Melbourne and Monaco circuits is well aware though and predicts his breakthrough year is definitely on the horizon. “I’m getting better. I really wanna become World Champion one day... hopefully in 2014.” For more on the Red Bull Speed Jam check


Obsessed with filming, US video director Matt Alonzo worked his way up through the industry via DJ Skee, providing sick visuals for everyone from Odd Future to Far East Movement though it was the 10 milli viewed Lil Wayne concert footage that started it all! Therefore when it comes to favourites there’s plenty to choose from... “MellowHype’s 64 because it was the first video under my own production company” the modern day artist reflects before getting ambitious about future work. “Jay-Z, Kanye, and Eminem but I would also like to expand my creative horizons and work with artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.” Not long after the film grad set up Modern Artists Creative, ICM snapped up the Scorsese and Cohen Brothers fan as a feature film director so watch this space for even more from the incredibly talented creative. @MattAlonzo (NS)



As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we’ve switched up this month’s About To Blow feature and teamed up with adidas to bring to light five UK acts that are About To Blow.

RWD headed down to Crystal Palace Athletics ground, complete with exclusive adidas Originals Team GB product, to catch up with the people who are making major moves within the music industry right now. We went trackside with singer Angel, producers The Elite and Lewi White, industry insider Sian Anderson and rapper RoxXxan to tell you all exactly why they’re About To Blow. You can catch full interviews and behind the scenes footage and photos of the adidas About To Blow stars over at All About To Blow stars are sporting the adidas Originals Team GB collection available exclusively to JD for more information head to Creative Direction by Dacre Bracey photography by Eman A filming by Greg Bond styling by PC Williams Grooming by Adjhani Barton, Linzi Dower, Nibras Al-Wasih



Island Records signed singer/ songwriter Angel has already written chart hits for the likes of Pixie Lott, Roll Deep and Jason Derulo, now it’s time for him to step into the spotlight as a talented artist in his own right. Already the Internet is buzzing following the release of EP 7 Minutes Before Time (check out our review on Page ??) featuring Wiley, Giggs and radio favourite Ride Out, the collaboration with Sneakbo. This heavenly Londoner and his voice are a gift from the Gods! @thisisangel


LEWI WHITE Already known by many within the underground scene having come up via pirate radio and alongside N.A.S.T.Y crew, Lewi his since worked magic on his friend Devlin’s certified gold album, Bud, Sweat And Beers and he’s about to take things to the next level. His Beyond Da Booth studio has evolved from a bedroom in his mum’s house to a full on working studio with a ridiculous work rate, with everyone from Ed Sheeran to Devlin and Ghetts passing through. Look out for EP’s and an epic sounding album on the way from this Young Gun. @LewiWhite




Since smashing the open mic at Urban Development, RoxXxan has been no stranger to RWD, working her way up from One To Watch to About To Blow. The Backpack Gang leader has been killing sets everywhere from Glastonbury to Outlook this summer, alongside showcasing her versatility in the studio with talented producers Jake Gosling, Jakwob, Ty and Bless Beats for her upcoming debut album. We predict Triple X success for this Birmingham born beat-smasher. @ROTripleX


SIAN ANDERSON At just 20 years old, Sian has already achieved success in a number of fields within the music industry from PR (representing Ed Sheeran and P Money) to journalism, editing LIVE magazine at just 18, plus using her unique knowledge of music consulting for major labels. Now Ms. Anderson is about to launch her own company Sigh-Tracked merging the PR, consultancy and project management skills she’s acquired over the years. Her continuing success makes us sigh with envy...! @SianAnderson



THE ELITE It’s been less than two years since Dan Dare and ZDot started working together as The Elite but already they’ve been pushing out bangers for Drake, Wiley and Marina and the Diamonds to name a few. When they’re not churning out beats in the studio the pair busy are working on their solo efforts, with Dan knocking up tracks for Fem Fel and Wiley whilst ZDot holds down the grime scene with his distinctive productions. These two are truly the cream of the crop of composers. @TheElite_











1 5



>> 45


MODERN MILITARY 1 1. Camo jacket: Fly53, £100 2. Fishing jacket Marshall Artist, £115 3. Mercenary shirt Billabong, £59.99 4. Checked shirt: Canterbury, £75 5. Bonsai Forest T Maharishi £72 6. Forrest boot Nicholas Deakins, £120 7. ‘Dayton’ Back pack: Polo Ralph Lauren £96








PATTERN 1. Andean beanie: DC Shoes, £16 2. Brian Hansen shearling collar Jacket: Altamont, £86 3. Gilet: Canterbury, £106 4. Fairisle jumper: Junk de luxe, £110 5. Check boots: Fish‘N’Chips, £54.99 6. Brompton jacket: HL Jeans Co £185 7. Hazen check shirt: Carhartt £65 8. Wreck T shirt: Supreme Being £24 9. Fairisle scarf Junk de Luxe, £75 PREVIOUS PAGE 1. Gilet: Luke, £100 2. Hi tops: Ellesse 3. belt: Fly53, £15 4. Puffer check coat: Bape, £875 5. Thad cardigan: WeSC £96 6. Fairisle Zonia Hoody: Quiksilver, £99.99 7. belt: Fly53, £15 8. Blue knit: B-side by Wale 9. Yellow cardigan: WeSC, £65





5 6






1. Deerfield beanie: DC Shoes, £14.50 2. Chase Sweatshirt Carhartt, £50 3.Yellow Mac: Weekend Offender, £130 4. Hampton Chino: HL Jeans Co, £90 5. Fabre B-L OG trainers: Onitsuka Tiger, £60 6. Croker Shirt: Carharrt, £70 7. Turquoise jeans: Humor 0203 358 0030, £70 8. Trainers: Gourmet, £65


5 4





SPORTS LUX 1. Grey jogging bottom: Junk de Luxe, £120 2. Portobello Hi tops: The Duffer of St George, £50 3. Wool jumper: Eastie Empire Tailore, £90 4. Nobu Hooded Shirt: Religion, £69.50 5. Californian Gilet: Duffer Of St George, £39.99 6. Fort Pant combats: Carhartt, £60 7. Clopton trainers: WeSC, £75 8. Slounge Sweatshirt Freddy, £57










This page: Selvin wears T shirt by Uniqlo, shorts - models own Opp page: Wilson wears New Era cap, trousers by Agi & Sam, trainers by Nike exclusive to JD

Day to Day Photography: Eman A Styling: PC Williams MUA: Adjhani Barton Models: Selvin @ M&P, Wilson S @ FM models



Wilson wears shoes by Aldo, trousers by ASOS, T shirt by Boy London, hoodie by Carhartt, jacket by Urban Outfitters. Selvin wears trainers by Nike, jeans by Wrangler, T shirt by Urban Outfitters, jacket by adidas, watch by LTD, hat by New Era




Opposite page: Selvin wears shirt by SuperDry, top by Nickelson, chinos models own, socks; Bjorn Borg, trainers by Asics. Wilson wears hat by New Era, shirt by ASOS, chain - stylists own, jeans by H&M, shoes by Fred Perry This page: Selvin wears hat by New Era, T shirt by Urban Outfitters, hoodie by The Duffer of St. George, tracksuit bottoms by Diesel, socks by Bjorn Borg, trainers by Vans. Wilson wears shirt by Henry Lloyd, hoodie by adidas, trousers by New Look cutomised by PC WiLLiAMS, trainers by Creative Recreation


Selvin wears shoes by K-Swiss, trousers - models own, T shirt by American Apparel, jumper by Topman, jacket by adidas, glasses by Aldo, socks by Bjorn Borg

Stockist Information HL Jeans Co. - Nickelson - Icon Brand - ASOS - Diesel - Fly53 - New Era - Insight - American Apparel - Boy London - Bjorn Borg - Creative Recreation - K-Swiss - adidas - Asics - Wrangler - Urban Outfitters - SuperDry - Aldo - Carhartt - LTD Watches - The Duffer Of St George - Marshall Artist - Agi & Sam - Nike (JD exclusive) - Vans - New Look - 56 / RWDMAG.COM



Opposite page: Wilson wears jacket by Nickelson, jumper by adidas, jeans by Insight. Selvin wears jeans by Marshall Artist, jumper by Topman, hoodie by American Apparel, hat by New Era. This page: Wilson wears trousers by ASOS, T shirt by Nickelson, jumper by Marshall Artist, shoes by Creative Recreation, chain by Icon, watch by Fly53. Selvin wears: jeans by Wrangler, hoodie by Fly53.


Chevan wears: Polo by Luke, watch by Fly53


INSPIRED BY... OUR FASHION STYLIST PC WILLIAMS TAKES FOUR OF OUR FRONT COVERS FROM THE LAST DECADE AND USES THEM AS INSPIRATION FOR A FASHION SHOOT... Photographer: Eman A Stylist: PC Williams Grooming: Adjhani Barton Nails: Sophy Robson & Nail Porn Models: Chevan, Lee & Frankie @ Oxygen, Drew @ D1 models Frankie wears: Suit by Topman, shirt by Agi & Sam. Chevan wears: suit by Agi & Sam, shirt by Topman 61

Drew wears: Dress by James Hock, circle ring by Forever 21, lion ring by Stylist Own 62 / RWDMAG.COM

Lee wears: Jumper by Diesel, watch by LTD, Mug photographers own





Laptap travel just got better

Robbie designs line in homage to his granddad... Farrell, a new menswear label launches this month with a line targeted at guys who like a bit of snap in their clothing – be it for a night out, the footie, or lounging around at home. “Wear it in, wear it out,” is Farrell’s motto. The debut Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection has a strong British feel, notably in its respect for Savile Row tailoring. Every piece is a keeper; this is gear for pulling out of the wardrobe time and time again. Details are rich and humorous, like the secret pockets for the bus fare home. Low-key and understated, the branding and logos are tucked away inside. The collection is named after Jack Farrell, aka Jack the Giant Killer. Jack was a notable dresser who lived a hard life but lived it well. The Farrell range was created to honour Jack’s legacy, the result is a collection that balances past influence with modern male style. Farrell was actually devised by a certain Robbie Williams, aka Jack’s grandson. “My granddad taught me how to punch, it was very important to him that I was a man. The legacy of Jack is this brand - a man’s brand” says the Angels singer. The Farrell AW11 collection will be sold exclusively through House of Fraser


PENFIELD X JAMIESON Never satisfied with just making a warm jacket, outdoor heavyweights Penfield have called in the assistance of Jamieson’s of Shetland to create the impressive Gillman jacket . Penfield pieces have had a touch of Jamieson tradition lent to their classic Fair Isle Yorke knit, to create a new unique style. The Jamieson family spans over five generations all of them specialising in wool, turning it into an art form. The Gillman jacket and vest come in both navy and black with Penfield’s antique copper snap plus leather trimmed cuffs, and the Jamieson’s 100% Shetland wool. Stay warm the Shetland way,

Just launched in the UK, this Scandinavian brand knows how important it is to protect your lappy. Functional is all very well, we cry, but is it fashionable as well? No one wants to look like a geek when carrying around our mini-Mac’s (or, in Danny’s case, miniPC’s). Lucky then that Unit Portables, available in five colours, is not only techsavvy, but nicely style conscious too. As well as keeping your beloved portable computer snug and safe in a padded enclave in the main unit, there’s also plenty of other units for your charger, cables, phones and wallets that can be detached and placed inside the main unit if you so choose to. With such robust construction, it will be harder for dirty thieves to try to steal your beloved laptop without alerting you to their sneaky ways. Available in Red, Yellow, Brown, black and army green, get yours from £79.99 via

PUMA GO ECO Released way back in 1968 the iconic Puma Suede has seen many incarnations but none more striking than the Suede Eco Tonal Pack. Originally a basketball shoe this classic went from the courts to the streets in quick succession. Loved by the b-boy, adopted by the masses and worshiped by the sneaker freak this is a trainer that will be around for many many years to come. Fresh for autumn/ winter 2011 the Suede Eco Tonal Pack are an eco-friendly, monochromatic must-haves, which have suede uppers and other components made from recycled materials. At £50 they’re good for the pocket and the environment, exclusively available at size? (

EDWIN GET BIG AIR! Legendary denim brand Edwin have joined forces with Swedish leather manufacturer Jofama, to produce two amazing jackets. The Airman and Airwoman jackets were designed to commemorate both brands dedication to quality and traditional craftsmanship. Traditional leather manufacturer Jofama kindly opened up their impressive archive to allow the established Edwin brand to pick. Jofama provided the aged buffalo leather and Edwin added their legendary red silk lining and vintage details. Grab yourself a piece of history via

MANHATTAN PORTAGE X PULL-IN This autumn the pioneers of messenger bags, Manhattan Portage, have teamed up French underwear brand PULL-IN... The two bags, named the NYC and the Fraise bag are a mix of New York urban street style, with a touch of French playful tongue-in-cheek flavour. Expect to find a combination of the classic style and composition Manhattan Portage are famous for, alongside the iconic red branding and creative playful element PULL-IN are much loved for. The NYC is distinctive to the Big Apple, with a graphic print of popular NYC symbols on both the exterior and interior pockets. The Fraise bag features PULLIN’s signature strawberry print on the interior lining. Both bags feature expandable zippers allowing the bags to instantly double in size. So whether you’re just carrying your iPad and some keys, or some clothes you’re good to go. The bags retail at £89, but hurry with only 500 bags made in each print, these beauties won’t be around for too long! Check



FAB FIVE FREDDY Georgia Anderson is one of the UK’s fastest rising presenting talents. Funnily enough, Freddy is also one of the UK’s fastest rising clothing lines and it’s just landed at JD. Hattie Collins catches up with the Freddy clad 23 year-old Londoner to talk SBTV, Bruno Mars and slounging... directed by Dacre Bracey styling by Nasrin JeanBaptiste hair & make-up by Nibras Al-Wasiti How did you get into this presenting lark? I worked for free in any presenting related job that would have me including some crappy Sky channel where I’d talk to no one for five hours with five minute breaks in-between (laughs). I also did journalism at uni, where I scared myself sh*tless attempting stand up comedy and had shows on community stations like Roundhouse Radio. One of my pals there retweeted that Jamal from SBTV was after a presenter, so I sent him a showreel. He came to meet me in Kilburn, asked if I was free, and the next day I found myself interviewing Kelly Rowland in a fancy hotel! What’s been some of the highlights? One of the funniest was probably Bruno Mars because we went completely off topic. He was obviously bored of doing interviews, so he kept me on my toes. Of all the people you’ve interviewed, who would you like to snog! Oooh I’d stick to sexy Desperate Housewife gardener Jesse Metcalfe. Pro and Tinie might get a cheeky pash too... How did you find being a model? I felt very fancy! It was my second ever photo shoot and I felt extremely pampered. I really like the Freddy stuff; it’s very cool and comfy. My style is basically High street/ charity shop/ eBay business. I went to London College of Fashion for a bit so I got quite experimental there. What’s next on the Georgia ‘To Do’ list? Just keep having fun, talking to people and challenging myself. For more Freddy freshness, head to and for Freddy clothing, much like what Geogia is wearing, check JDSPORTS.CO.UK. 66 / RWDMAG.COM

SLOUNGE WITH FREDDY Freddy’s AW11 collection takes inspiration from the term Slounge (something RWD editor Hattie Collins is pretty great at!); a fusion of sportswear and loungewear and a concept that promotes a dynamic, relaxed and positive lifestyle, Slounge isn’t about hard and fast at the gym, but about working at your own pace, taking time and enjoying movement. We love this feminine, yet urban collection designed for both lounging and leisure; particularly the bands of gold lurex on trousers, jackets and accessories in keeping with the utilitarian look.




With colour blocking on trend, the latest PUMA JD collection sits suitably on the shoulders of the young female trendsetter. Three friends, 17 year-old Izzy Beardshaw, Olivia Redmond (17) and Nikki Short (15), had the pleasure of checking the clothes out first... Do you look to any style icons for inspiration? Izzy: Probably Rihanna. Olivia: All our clothes are leggings; bright leggings and brightly coloured trainers. Nikki: We wear these tribal leggings they really remind me of Rihanna, like Rude Boy, which stems from that style, edgy and mismatched. What is your favourite item in this PUMA JD collection? Izzy: My favourite is the Gilet, because it’s really fun and cosy. Olivia: Mine is this (points to her dress), I picked it and it’s really cool. Nikki: I really like my top (Photo Tee), it could be us on there. Any style tips? Izzy: Bright lips. Olivia: And bright colours because it’s the summer and even if it’s not sunny you can bring it out in your clothes. As you can see the girls are looking fresh in their new PUMA garments, to get your wardrobe looking just as good visit Also ‘Like’ PUMA at


GILET (IZZY’S FAVOURITE) (£55, As you can see from the way Izzy is rocking her Gilet in Shadow Purple, it’s perfect for all occasions...


PHOTO TEE (NIKKI’S FACOURITE) (£18, Fresh, lightweight cotton, the Photo Tee can be worn with almost everything. Nikki loved it and you will too.

DRESS (OLIVIA’S FAVOURITE) (£45, If you need a fun yet stylish dress, look no further than this little number. Match it up with some PUMA Ikaz high tops.


“I’m always clean and presentable, it’s not like I’m straight from the dump. I always say to women, ‘Aren’t you interested in a MAN?’ You don’t want someone that has fake tan, eyebrows plucked, spend longer in the bathroom than you do with full body moisturiser. I honestly do not get it.”

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we’ve selected a fresh batch of ReFreshment for actor Ralf Little to chew over... Interview by Danny Walker illustrations by Art Jaz “I use a bit of conditioner from time to time but that’s it. Gotta keep your hair in good nick. Not particularly keen on the idea of losing my hair though. Don’t mind going grey – because I’ve been doing that since I was 18 – but I don’t wanna lose my hair.”



(, £20) There’s nothing wrong with carrying a little eye cooler in your manbag and this revitalizing, fatigue flushing rollerball diminishes dark circles and sort those eye shadows in a flash. Really good stuff.



(£17.50, Ralf if you’re concerned about your hair, look no further than Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Conditioner, with all the nutrients (Algae, White Birch, Hoelen Mushroom extracts, Caffeine and Cholesterol) to add volume to your locks, you needn’t worry about getting a Rooney transplant.

“Occasionally, if it’s winter and my face is dry I might put some £45 on. Apart from that, that’s it for me.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £3.67 for 250ml) Palmer’s and their legendary Cocoa Butter are renowned for fixing the dry face, dusty hand or any other Sahara skin one may have on one’s body. This truly classic moisturiser will hydrate and rejuvenate the body.

“I barely put product on my hair; I only sort out my skin.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £6.99 for 100ml) Whether you’re bothered about the hustle and bustle of minutely ReFreshmnent or not, take pride in using Bulldog’s Original Moisturiser. With eight essential oils it gives you all the goodness without the stress. Apply evenly to face and neck after cleansing and you’re away.


“I personally don’t mind people that look after themselves, put a bit of moisturiser in their face, product in their hair, that I get but don’t take it too far.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £17.50 for 300ml) This sweet-smelling, nutrient-rich, body saver is packed to the brim with antioxidants galore. You definitely won’t be taking it too far keeping your hands clean and with skin left smooth, with the scent of citrus, you can’t actually go wrong.

“I’ll only shave depending on the circumstance, if I’m just bumming around the house, bumming around town not particularly doing anything, then I could go for a good week and a half.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £22.00 for 50ml) When you finally decide to shave have a look at Aesop’s superb Neroli Shaving Serum. The fact that it’s silicone-free and boasts Sandalwood, Neroli Blossom and D-Panthenol without blocking the pores is just two of its qualities. Low foam and great on the skin are the others.


(, £39 for 50ml) Boost that confidence with Bleu de Chanel from (you guessed it,) Chanel. With a vibrant mix of citrus and woods it blends Grapefruit, Dry Cedar notes, Labdanum, Citrus accord, Vetiver and Pink pepper to great effect. Not only do we love the sweet smell but the bottle will look great on your bathroom cabinet. Once you go Bleu you never go back.

RALF LITTLE How is it going? I’m good... I broke my toe last night though. Ah man, we’re assuming that was in some kind of football incident? Yeah. It was in a pretty innocuous challenge too. I played on, scored three goals and we won 7-4. A broken toe won’t stop me. Legend. So, what has been your best role over the years? Well, I’m most known for Royal Family and Two Pints but I think to be honest cos it will stand the test of time, I’d have to say Royal Family. Tell us about your new series The Café... It’s a new six-part comedy, shot on a single camera, on film. It’s set in a struggling café in Weston-Super-Mare and it’s run by three generations of women. It’s about their lives and aspirations. It’s written and starring myself and Michelle Terry. We tried to write something very real and down to earth. So, what’s your main reason for being ReFreshed; for the mates or the missus? Erm, well, my missus likes the kinda man that doesn’t give a sh*t really. I can’t pretend I don’t have the occasional glance in the mirror to make sure I’m looking alright but it sorta suits me. Also I’m northern, if you ever saw me with a pair of hair straighteners; I’d be too embarrassed to look you in your eye. How long does it take you to get ready? My mates are like, ‘The taxi’s outside,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Alright, I’ll get ready then.’ Lastly, it’s our 10th anniversary; can you remember what you got for your 10th birthday? My 10th? Oh God, it was probably a football; I used to go through footballs, knock them into the road and they’d get run over. Check Ralf this October in his very own sitcom for Sky1, The Café 71



MISFITS TO MEGA FLICKS We’ve been trying to secure time with Irish actor Robert Sheehan for a while now! Nardene Scott finally tracked him down to talk about new film Demons Never Die, his love of D&B and being a slight scaredy cat...

Hi, how are you? We hear you’ve been busy rehearsing for a play right now? I’m very well, thank you. I am indeed, it’s taking up all the regular business hours; it’s all coming together now thankfully. The play is called Playboy of the Western World, it’s an old Irish play, one of the classics of the 20th Century. It’s on now at The Old Vic. You’re in Demons Never Die, which stars a whole load of young British acting talent. What role do you play? I play - excuse me I’m munching away on chocolate here, spoiling my dinner - but I play a young chap called Archie. Like most of the rest of the cast, he’s terribly depressed and he’s entered into a suicide pact with some other disillusioned people who met each other on the Internet. In a very kind of typical teenage way they’ve joined a pact in order to be different (laughs) so they all make a plan. But he finds a girl who he loves who has also decided to kill herself, so his whole thing in the film is that he starts to rethink what he’s doing and starts to save her, in a way. Are you a fan of horror films? Demons Never Die director, Arjun Rose, said he wanted to create a British Scream? I’ll be honest with you, I’m not. If I find it too stressful or scary, I’ll usually be thinking about it for like days after, stressing myself out, not sleeping properly. The last one I watched was Paranormal Activity, which was f***ing horrifying, I genuinely didn’t sleep for like four days! I’m not a massive fan of guts and gore but it’s about doing something entirely different to what you’ve done before. We told our twitter followers we were interviewing you and there were so many tweets asking why you left Misfits... With this being year three and the

“I THOUGHT I’D DONE SOMETHING REALLY WRONG AND THEN AT THE END OF THE SHOW SOMEONE SAID YOU HAD A SNAKE ABOVE YOUR HEAD THE WHOLE TIME AND WE DIDN’T WANT TO TELL YOU.” two summers previous to this had been entirely occupied by shooting Misfits, I and others in my general professional life, thought that there were other projects floating around in the same area and they clashed with the series. This was all decided a year and a half ago before we finished the second series in fact. We just decided to take the other road on series three because it clashed with stuff entirely and implicitly. A lot has come out of that decision, including amazing films like The Borrowers, Demons Never Die and Killing Bono. Talking of U2, do you have a favourite band or artist? I don’t really, I have kind of a mad weird select taste on stuff, and not any one particular band is my favourite. I’m mad into D&B stuff like Pendulum and Chase and Status and Nero. They’re brilliant, they’re great. I saw them at The Roundhouse in Camden, we asked their tour manager if we could have a lift on their bus and he was like ‘The bus is full mate’ and just left. The bus wasn’t even full! Demons Never Die is released nationally on 28 October 73


FRESH TO DEATH It’s about that time when the streets of Chester become flooded with new bloods, from the weird and wild to the pretty and prissy; Nardene Scott introduces you to the Hollyoaks Community College Freshers. SCOTT

My real name is... Calvin Demba. Before this I... used to box and then luckily enough I’ve actually just jumped from acting job to acting job. I just finished a film for ITV called Fast Ready and I was in the final two for Skins and Hollyoaks at the same time. I got the contract for Hollyoaks and just signed up. My character Scott is... just chilled out innit, he’s just a lad’s lad. In three words Scott is... Cheeky, charismatic and chilled, three C’s, that’s alliteration for you! Compared to me, my character is... similar to me, in that he’s quite mothered . This is my first job away from home so I didn’t know how to use a washing machine to tell you the truth and my character didn’t either so I like to call it method acting! The sexiest soap star is... Oh mate, you’ve put me on the spot there! I 74 / RWDMAG.COM

think Bianca is quite nice who plays Texas. She’s really nice but overall I’d probably say Pat Butcher, you know what I mean! Three things you can always find in my fridge... I think it’s always important to have some milk in the fridge, I’m quite a big ham fan for some reason and I’ll have a cool beer as well, spot on. Lastly... I’m always up for a bit of banter, that’s it really; hmm, I don’t know if that sounded too cringy!


My real name is... David Atkins. Before this I... had a small part in a TV series called Northern Lights and I did the spin-off City Lights. In gaps between jobs I’ve done bits in Doctor Who and Shameless, I try, I like to get in there.. My character Rob is... a bit of a wild one, he’s a rugby lad, he loves going out with the lads but the real reason

he’s at uni is because his girlfriend (Annalise) signed him up. She turns up at the most inconvenient moments but he has got a sensitive side too when he knows he’s done something wrong he definitely tries to make up for it. Compared to me, my character is... (Laughs) To be honest, it’s not really me; it’s more like the people around me. My cousins, they’re all professional rugby players so it’s easy for me to pick that up. The sexiest soap star is... (laughs) you’ve put me on the spot there, the nicest looking girl here is Bianca who plays Texas. She’s gorgeous. Three things you can always find in my fridge...(laughs) A can of coke, coleslaw because it goes with everything and it’s got to be some kind of yogurt or chocolate for after my tea. Not the fruit corner, the one where you get chocolate balls in there.





Lastly... I think you’ve covered quite a lot there, especially my addiction to coleslaw, now everyone’s gonna know!


My real name is... Tamaryn Payne. Before this I... graduated drama school a year ago so the last thing I did before this was a music video for a very heavy metal band. It’s on Kerrang at the moment I think? My character Annalise is... studying PR, she comes from a nice background, she’s quite uptight, she wants everything to be perfect and obviously that’s not going to happen. Especially with her boyfriend! Compared to me my character... puts a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect. I wouldn’t say I try to look perfect all the time. In terms of work ethic, I do work very hard, I suppose like that I’m the same but she’s like it in all aspects of life.

The sexiest soap star is... I don’t know (laughs). It’s too hard to choose. Err... I used to really like a guy who was on Eastenders; Stacey’s brother, the ginger guy (Robert Kazinsky). Three things you can always find in my fridge... Juice in the morning, milk for my milkshake and err garlic. I tend to have garlic in the fridge. Not good for my breath, is it? (Laughs). Lastly... Well, I’m not quite sure myself where the character is going; it’s all very hush hush, so we’ll have to wait and see.


My real name is... Holly Weston. Before this I... I did a little part in a drama that’s coming soon called White Heat. Then I did an episode of the impression show, I had to play Lara Stone (David Walliam’s wife). It was nice getting cast as a supermodel.

My character Ash is... a little bit of a wild child but really fun and she’s a bit different which is nice. She doesn’t really care what she looks like. My make-up’s always smudged all over my face (laughs). Compared to me my character is... well, there are definitely similarities, when I go out I’m quite casual. Sometimes they’re like ‘We’ll give her eye bags today’ and I’m like ‘you don’t really need to’ but I’m not that hungover all the time! The sexiest soap star is... I used to really like Nigel Harman in Eastenders. Three things you can always find in my fridge... Milk definitely, I’m a tea addict, posh cheese and pickle... Yeah, very sophisticated (laughs). Lastly... I’m having a great time. Catch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 every weekday at 6.30pm 75



From the makers of Anuvahood and Shank, new film Sket stars Ashley Walters and Lily Loveless in a thrilling tale of retribution set in east London. Hattie Collins caught up with rising Scottish talent Emma Hartley-Miller to get the inside scoop...

Hey Emma. Firstly, how was filming Sket? It was an amazing experience, you become like a family, all sharing this crazy experience. Everyone worked extremely hard to get the film finished in the time frame given so it was very intense and tiring, especially playing a character like Danielle. The work load aside it was such a laugh working with the girls and all the crew. I hated having a day off as I always felt like I was missing out; I loved filming so much (laughs). It’s quite dark - how do you feel a film like this is relevant today? Sket is such an important and pertinent film, it’s not just a film about gang violence and how awful gangs are. I’d like to think that Sket allows you to see that these young adults are damaged children. I don’t believe they were born evil; we are all products of our environment. I am not condoning their actions however I hope that the audience can see beyond their actions and that they are young men and 76 / RWDMAG.COM

women who have gone through things they never should have been subject to, and as a result made bad choices. Do you have any funny stories from the set? Vee (Varada Sethu) was the joker; she stood in dog poo about three times and managed to push the fight director through a wall! How was working with Ashley and the rest of the cast? Ashley was great, we didn’t have much filming to do together but the scene we did have was a major one. He is a great actor and was a pleasure to work with. What are your hopes for Sket? That it’s seen as a great piece of drama, a slice of real life and a moving, exciting and passionate film and not written off as another hoodie movie because that is not what it is about. I would love the film to be successful in every way possible and I would hope that it really stands out on its own as a great piece of work that people want to watch.

What else are you working on at the mo? I’m in a BBC drama called White Heat in the New Year, and I’m currently working with the National Theatre of Scotland on a play called 27. It is going to be on at the Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh, which is really exciting as my family all live there. I play an aspirant alcoholic nun! How did you find being Scottish but playing someone from east London? The accent was tough (laughs). Having lived and worked in Manchester I was very used to using a Northern accent and had done many TV shows such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale etc., with a different accent. I stayed in a London accent all the way through until the end of filming. It was only the girls and Nirpal who knew I was Scottish! I did however struggle to go back to my natural accent after filming - it just felt so strange to be Scottish! Sket is out 28 October. For more on Emma, follow her @Hartmill


PLAY ON... Mars and The FA have joined forces to revolutionise the kick-about by introducing an innovative initiative called ‘Just Play’. We hear all about it from nutmegging football fanatic and all-round long-haired legend, Robbie Savage... words by Danny Walker

The aim of getting 150,000 new participants playing for at least 30 minutes a week by September 2013 is a tall order. As soon as our astros touched the turf of a dedicated FA Mars Just Play centre, we instantly realised that task is 100% possible. Former Wales International, Robbie Savage, is of the same opinion... How is it going today Robbie, sorry about nutmegging you and hurting your foot... (Laughs) You nearly broke me foot. So what are your views on the whole Just Play campaign? I think we both just witnessed it’s a fantastic thing. It allows people to go online, click Just Play find your nearest centre to you, turn up and you’ve got guaranteed coaching session put on for you. You’ve got balls, you’ve got bibs. 78 / RWDMAG.COM

It’s good because as a kid I used to go out and play in the park with my mates, maybe 10/ 11 in the morning until it was dark at night. Now, unless you know where to go you can’t even think about it. The easiest thing to do now as a 16 year-old is to go on the Xbox or whatever, but why not just go and play football? It’s important that people keep fit. In the advertising campaign, you mention that even guys who are under the thumb can get involved. When was the last time you were under the thumb? [Quickly] Never! I’ve always been the boss in my house [laughs]. And lastly, who is gonna win the league? United and then City. Just watching them play, [United] look incredible. To get involved in a kick-about near you and to find your nearest Just Play centre, search for Just Play online:


How we Just Play’ed against Robbie... A session lasts at least 30 minutes and Mars and The FA are planning to deliver 3.9m hours of extra footy by 2013. When we played against Mr Savage, we could tell he still had the same fire and hunger about him (although we did put it through his legs once or twice). Just Play is designed to inspire adults to get up off the sofa and play regular, accessible football whether that’s a simple kickabout or a five-a-side or 11-aside game.The FA and Mars are aiming to create over 100 FA Mars Just Play centres across the country! We’ve played and it works.


BELLY OF THE BEAST RWD caught up with West London’s highly anticipated street rapper Belly. Armed with raps for the road, he talks about how he got that name and his upcoming mixtape 100 Degrees... words by Kyle Gordon image by Simon Wheatley

“I’M LIKE EVERYTHING IN ONE. THE HUSTLER, GIRLS, I CAN TELL YOU ABOUT MY LIFE. IT’S ALL IN ONE. ALL TYPES OF STUFF.” “I don’t know blood,” Belly explains of the origins of his peculiar stage name. “Someone just came up with it. It was a street ting so I started running with it.” The Gambia born, West London raised street rapper who reps for the Mozart Estate in Queen’s Park, is one of the underground’s rising stars. Since signing a management and production deal with HOODTWINZ, he has been drawing a lot of attention from his videos and fans can’t wait to hear his new freely downloadable mixtape, 100 Degrees. Belly isn’t short on confidence on his feelings towards the 18-track CD either. “It’s gonna be a wicked mixtape. Every single tune, you gotta like it innit, every single track.” Belly is spreading his name to other parts of London by working with south 80 / RWDMAG.COM

London’s up and coming Sneakbo, who, like Belly, is on a stream of websites that give an opportunity for UK rappers to gain exposure. 100 Degrees sees Belly work with Sneakbo, Rug Rat, Jah Vinci and even features one of the biggest dancehall stars, Mr Gully side himself, Mavado. Belly, who is a guy of very few words, (we emphasise the word few) tells people to look out for Chop It Up, which he says is his favourite tune. “It’s about the roads.” Growing up in a tough area, it was almost a given that the rapper would write about songs that relate to the hood and though many of his videos are definitely focused on the roads, the spitter says he has more to offer as an artist. When asked to describe himself as an artist he says,

“I’m like everything in one. The hustler, girls, I can tell you about my life. It’s all in one. All types of stuff.” Not wanting to be an underground artist for his whole career, he plans to go mainstream stating that he would like to work with more established rappers like Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder and already knows what he plans to do next. “Getting the videos up,” he laughs. “I’m gonna work on the next mixtape after that too. Man’s tryna blow up on this music ting and just be worldwide.” It sounds like Belly has big plans. For more info check @bossbelly and for bookings and management requests contact Download the mixtape via



When ChildLine, SBTV and Devlin collaborated for the Final Verse competition to find a young performer to jump on the track Teardrops, there was only ever going to be one winner - 22 year-old rapper and director, Merki. Kyle Gordon catches up with Liverpool-based artist, to find out why he wants to help troubled youth... How did it feel winning ChildLine’s Final Verse competition? It felt great on numerous levels, firstly because I knew that there were over 1000 entries and some of them were quite good. Secondly, because I felt that all my hard work of writing, recording, filming and editing my verse, had really paid off. What made you get involved? I heard about the competition on Facebook. I went to the Final Verse website to check for more information. I then realised ChildLine were behind it all and to me seemed like a good campaign for young people to express themselves. Everything sounded good to me including meeting Devlin, Lewi White and Ben Scarrs. What inspired your lyrics? Real life scenarios and experiences always influence me. Have your ChildLine views changed? Being honest, before this competition I didn’t think an organisation like ChildLine would get involved with something like this. It’s good to know they are aware of “grime” music and its culture where 82 / RWDMAG.COM

rappers and singers express themselves through writing, rhyming and performing. Some youths wouldn’t want to phone a helpline, but through rhymes some would find it easier get it off their chest, and ChildLine know that, and that’s very good. What is your next major goal? To keep pushing my music and videos with my team until I can secure an album deal with a major label. For our music check And lastly, what advice could you give to any youth that is feeling troubled? I would advise any youths out there feeling troubled, who have nobody you feel you can talk to about your problems, phone ChildLine – it’s 24 hours. Search up on them because they can help. I would also say to think about getting into rhyming - it’s a good way to get your mind off things and it’s a very good way to get things off your chest. For more info and to check out Devlin and Merki performing Teardrops, visit







FIFA 12 This month has been a great one in the gaming world, a few of our favourite titles return for their third outing (in FIFA’s case, the 157th) and we’ve played every title to within an inch of its life...

>> 85


GAMES 10 years of playing games and passing it off as part of the job, brilliant...

Add us on Xbox Live (RWDmag) to participate in weekly RWD tournaments...



Once again Rooney graces the cover of FIFA – he’s been on every cover since 06 – and this time he’s not only joined by more hair but alongside him is young gun Jack Wilshere. Inside, changes/ additions include Alan Smith replacing Andy Gray in the commentary booth alongside Martin Tyler, a new and noticeable Player Impact Engine, which has been inspired by the real-world (tussle your way into the box or evade

tackles with innovative ‘Precision Dribbling’) and a freshly squeezed Career Mode (with storylines and everything). Loving the new throw-ins (they’re super quick, no nonsense), the inclusion of addictive Scenario Challenges and although we’re not sold by the revamped ‘second player press’ it easy to say our favourite football game somehow got better, so close to a 5/5.

ADVANCE PREVIEW OUT 08/11/2011 CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 3 Activision DS, Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Wii

This game is looking SICK!!! Seriously, taking place across multiple cities and following on from Russia’s attack on America, the follow up to Modern Warfare 2 looks like a first-person shooter with real teeth. With a Campaign that is promised to last more than two minutes and a new Survival mode (which can be played co-op of course) this outing seems to focus on the single player, friends and online. So get ready to lock and load your weapons as the battle will begin in November.


The struggles continues four years after Resistance 2; dark, cinematic, repetitive.


From the makers of Fruit Ninja comes another highly addictive, deadline disturbing, literal pocket rocket in the form of Jetpack Joyride. A cross between Alex the Kidd, Sonic and Mario this game is the latest one-touch, machine gun toting, coin collecting platformer. Another reason to own an iPhone/ iPad we thinks.

GEARS OF WAR 3 Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 360

Marcus Fenix and (what’s left of) the COG return for the third and final instalment of this popular series. Billed as one of the games of the year, Gears 3 had a lot to live up to. Luckily from the moment Chairman Prescott re-enters and Delta squad start lancering everything in sight this is a return to form for such a great franchise. This third person shooter will go down in history as one of the greats.


FIFA Football 2002 vs. FIFA 12 Release date: FIFA Football 2002 was released in November 2001. FIFA Football 2002 is released in September 2011. On the Cover: Arsenal’s Thierry Henry graced the cover 10 years ago and Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere appear on FIFA 12. Formats: FIFA Football 2002 was available on 3 formats. FIFA 12 is available on 8 formats (Including iPhone and all new 3DS). Acclaim: Arsenal’s Ian Wright recently told us that he’s “loves watching” people play FIFA. He also tells us his son, Shaun Wright-Phillips, is “brilliant” at it.



FILMS The last decade of films have ranged from simply superb to shockingly sh*te, only time will tell where these will fit...


“No emotions just sex,” is the premise for this Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis starring rom-com. Although almost exactly the same as No Strings Attached - seriously we think they’re sharing a writing team or something – ...Benefits comes out slightly on top. It’s funnier, boasts more believable chemistry between the characters and Mila Kunis > Natalie Portman. Predictable outcome but very enjoyable.

THE CHANGE-UP Universal Cert 15

Parties, no responsibilities, random chicks turning up at your door at midnight expecting “fun”, well that’s one half of The Change Up which happens to Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses). Changing with Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) seems so much fun until he realises exactly what he’s missing. This enjoyable-yet-weird concept allows this film to leap from rom-com to awkward comedy in quick succession. 88 / RWDMAG.COM


The famous comic book hero Tintin makes his big screen return in Steven Spielberg’s very first 3D animated blockbuster. The brave Belgian reporter - still sporting that trademark quiff and his courageous canine Snowy go in search of treasure. After meeting Captain Haddock (voiced by Andy Serkis) as he attempts to find it but detectives Thompson and Thomson (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) along with others are also in hot pursuit. With the voice of Jamie Bell (of Billy Elliot) fame as Tintin it should be a welcome return from obscurity (KG).


BIGGEST RWD COMP EVER To celebrate 10 years of RWD, we’ve linked up with clients, friends and the best companies we could think of to give away some amazing prizes. Everything on this page is going to ONE person so make sure it’s you...



We have an incredible £350 voucher from Puma, a classy customised PS3 from the Celebrity Gaming Club, a super hot 8.1MP Gold Sony Ericsson Xperia ray with Reality Display and Gingerbread 2.3, a pair of must-own AH-NC800 active noise-cancelling headphones from Denon, a 4GB Xbox 360 and a copy of

highly rated El Shaddai courtesy of Ignition Games, FIVE ‘Duo’ headphones from Radiopaq (just so you have ALL of the colours... from high gloss copper to candy green), TWO 16GB iPhone and iPad ready Wi-Drives from Kingston, TWO 100% top quality and 100% cotton shirts from the legends at Luke 1977 and last but

by no means least a £100 gift pack of Pull-in Underwear. Amazing, we know!!! To be in the running to win over £2000 worth of goodies in our biggest competition ever, all you have to do is log on to 89



Known for his role as DS Justin Ripley in Luther, Warren Brown, tells us about playing law breaking character, Marcus, in new BBC drama, Inside Men and his love for Liverpool FC and bingo!?!? image by Jake Green So what are you filming at the moment? I’m doing a new four part drama for the BBC called Inside Men, it also stars Steven Mackintosh (Luther) and Ashley Walters, it’s going really really good. We’re about half way through now. Tell us about the characters... They all work at a national sorting office where they collect, count and distribute millions and millions of pounds. My character, Marcus’ is a bit of a chancer, a bit of a dreamer. Between him and Ashley’s character, they think they can steal the money. After getting caught by the depot manager, he says, ‘If we’re going to risk it then let’s risk it properly and let’s nick the whole lot,’ it then turns into a plan to steal £50million. It’s a fantastic script, really good writing... You didn’t always want to be an actor... Initially I was a Thai boxing professional. I did that for 10 years before I started acting. I was alright [laughs]. I was World Champion when I finished so not bad! When did you get the acting bug? I toured all around the world and defended my title but it wasn’t big enough to make any real money from it. I always had in my mind at some point that I’d have to get a proper job so I sort of got into acting by accident... Your Hollyoaks character, ‘Andy Holt’ was a nasty piece of work. Do soaps take it too far? Like with Eastenders... It’s supposed to be everyday life but on the other hand it’s escapism and totally not life. When they try to get these traumatic scenes they do have to go far. I know it’s that type of thing [swapping babies] where there are people complaining about it, but when you look at the viewing figures there are millions of people that haven’t complained. Obviously, we know you best from your role as ‘DS Justin Ripley’ from Luther... Yeah, the response to the first series was different but this second series was absolutely amazing. Ripley is a good guy but doesn’t mind 90 / RWDMAG.COM

playing along with all of Luther’s tricks. I think it’s very interesting their dynamic from the first series to the second. In the first you saw him and he was this straight down the middle, everything by the book, but he admired Luther and he was loyal to Luther, and now having spent that time seeing how Luther works, he sees he gets results and also questions the straight down the line approach. Do you see any similarities between yourself and Ripley? I think I’m a good guy... ah, I’m not prepared for this one, this is a good one. I like this Danny. I think he’s a good guy, he’s got morals, he does well at his job and I suppose with my job (or anything I do), I try to do the best I can do. And what is Idris like to work with? Yeah, oh he’s fantastic. In the first series it was Justin meeting John Luther for the first time after hearing all of this stuff about him and him being a fan. That was pretty similar to Warren meeting Idris for the first time. So how do you Unwind... Yeah, I play Xbox or I go to the cinema quite a lot... I’m a big film buff. It’s funny because when you go to the cinema as an actor it changes how you watch things, analysing what was done when. How about football? Who do you support? I’m a Liverpool fan. Because I’m from Manchester I get asked, ‘Are you blue or red?’ I say, ‘I’m red... But not the right one.’ After a disastrous start last year it sort of picked up I’m hoping we can do well. I’m a rugby fan as well. League or Union, I shouldn’t have to ask! League, league, league... yeah, Warrington! I was at the Challenge Cup final last year but unfortunately they got beat by Leeds so they’re not in the final this year. And lastly, bingo or bowling? Bingo. I’ve recently joined Gala Bingo in Warrington [laughs]. I really have! I’ve been going with me mum and me sister. For more check

IT’S RWD’S 10TH BIRTHDAY, WHAT WILL YOU BE GETTING US AND CAN YOU REMEMBER WHAT YOU GOT FOR YOUR 10TH BIRTHDAY? I was really into Bros (Matt & Luke Goss) at the time. I seem to remember me getting my ear pierced around the time I was 10! I was 10 in 1988!!! It has since been taken out many years ago! So for you guys maybe the Bros album that was out. The album was called PUSH!! I knew all the words! (laughs). Happy Birthday!



KEEP A LID ON IT B-BOY CHAMPS New Era team with the finest B-Boys this October at Brixton Academy for a competetion to end all competetions.


It’s time to get your pop-locking, back spinning, caterpillaring self in action because it’s that time of year again. Now in its 16th year, The B-Boy Championships, held at Brixton O2 Academy, will see some of the top UK and global breakdance talent battle it out to be heralded as the World B-Boy Champions. “We have national qualifiers in 20 countries each year, but only eight Crews make it to the World Finals,” says Hooch, the brains behind the tightly run competition. “It means only the very best will get to battle onstage at the Brixton Academy. The dancers are really pushing the limits of what the human body can do.”

As ever, it will be hosted by Africa Islam (along with Ice T he introduced the world to gangsta rap) and Crazy Legs - two very historical figures in hip hop. Divided into three sections, there will be Crews, B-Boy Solos and Poppers competing for their respective top spot. The highlight of course is the Crew battle, as teams from Korea, the US, Japan and the UK try to take the crown from reigning champs, Vagabonds, of France. “Right now we are going through a change,” notes Hooch of the UK’s chances. “Crews like Soul Mavericks are competing regularly overseas and that’s why they are seeing results. It’s no good being a big fish in a tiny pool, the world scene is so competitive. If you think


winning a TV talent show here qualifies you as a world contender, you’re in for a surprise,” he says. “In a B-Boy battle you have to want to win not just take part!” “I travel to most of our qualifiers and that’s a real privilege. The scene is like one gigantic family, so its a lot a fun,” decides Hooch of keeping the comp fresh over 15 years. “The challenge is always the logistics of bringing 120 competitors, hosts, judges and DJs from over 15 countries all together and the production for the event! However, I can tell you what people can expect from the B-Boy Champs,” he laughs. “The most incredible thing you will see this year!” to find out more


To celebrate this year’s B-Boy Champs, New Era, the international lifestyle brand with an authentic sports heritage will release a collection of limited edition New Era 59FIFTY and 9FIFTY caps available to buy at the BBOY Championships. There will only be 144 pieces in each of the seven styles: grey, grey marl, maroon, black and camel in canvas, Melton wool and cord. The overall winners will be crowned in the highly exclusive red BBOY x New Era 59FIFTY design complete with gold stitching. Windmill your way over to or for more info



HAPPY 27TH DMC With RWD being a mighty 10, we take a closer look at a movement that has reigned far beyond our years, The DMC DJ Championships. Celebrating the DJ, DMC have been vital in promoting talented young turntablists for 27 years. On 6/7 October, the DMCs will touchdown at the Indig02 and sponsors Rane and Serato have provided a one of a kind gold plated Rane 68 mixer for the lucky winner. This is truly the Olympics of the DJ world. We catch up with some DMC legends...


The Roll Of Honour 1999 DMC World Team Champion... “I remember watching the Championship on video round at my friend Phil’s house before I could venture up into London to go to an actual final. So I think the very first I went to was the one at Hammersmith Palais in 1991 when DJ David won (he did the Coke can trick that year), Reckless was in it for the UK – and Westwood, 3rd Bass and Public Enemy played – it was wicked! It’s hard to say who is the most technical... too hard. Q-Bert for scratching hands down, but there’s so many others! Rob Swift, Sinista, Babu – I could do you a whole paragraph! I think Craze has been the best ever DMC champ though. My best ever display on the wheels of DMC steel was my UK Finals set in 2000, I put so much into it. I don’t think I could top that. Keep on doing it DMC; here’s to another 27 years.” 94 / RWDMAG.COM


Legendary three time DMC World Champion Q-Bert talks careers, culture and creating a spiritual vibe... “The DMC DJ Championships give you worldwide exposure, they let you have the power to heal on a planetary scale... therefore, you pretty much achieve large doses of happiness as long as you keep making everyone happy with your skills! The DMCs are amazing because they let all the DJs see what new things can be done and so they can incorporate ideas into their sets to make the crowds go crazy! As entertainers, we are all healers... shamans of sound, our job is to serve audiences with energies we put through the speakers. I’m learning to always throw in love and healing vibes into my work and sometimes I’ll get a real spiritual person come up to me at the end of a performance and say, ‘Hey I noticed you were throwing healing vibes at these certain points in your show!’”


Four time DMC World Champion and former Time Magazine’s ‘America’s Best DJ’, the man born Arist Delgado talks about the art of turntablism... “My earliest memories of DMC were watching Q-Bert do his world routine in 1991. That was such a mind blowing routine because of the creativeness that he showed. He gave birth to a lot of careers that night. The best technical DJ of all time would have to go to A-Trak. He’s a Canadian don. My best ever display was in 1998... that was my best year. I remember the only thing on my mind every time I battled was ‘I’m the sh*t!!! Nobody is taking this from me’. Winning DMC changed my life forever. I get to travel the world and meet new and exciting people because of DMC.”


Repping the far east, as always, is former DMC World Champion and two time DMC Japanese Champion, DJ Kentaro... “My earliest DMC memory was a 1995-96 DMC video. Then, when I first entered DMC it was, ‘98. I was travelling to the States with my family til a night before the regional and got smoked at the Tohoku regional with no preparation at all. All the DMC champs have been awesome, but especially Craze. His Vadim Routine in ‘99, was the best. When I first heard and saw it... I was like what the...??? Congratulations to DMC by the way, it’s a great thing, it has changed lives for so many people. In the past seeing a routine and thinking, ‘Wow,’ that was sick, it was so amazing with a guy with just some vinyl and his vision... things have changed now with like the Team Battles and Serato, which is cool... I sort of miss the basic element of it all, but DMC is so special.” The 27th DMC World DJ Championships takes place on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 October, with DJs from over 30 countries, with performances over the two days from The X-Ecutioners (Legendary New York crew) The Boxettes featuring Hobbit, Nathan Flutebox Lee & The Clinic, DJ Switch, DJ Tigerstyle, DJ Ligone and much more TBA. For more check and for £15 per day and £25 for two day tickets check,, and

DJ SWITCH Three time DMC World Supremacy Champion dissects the DMC Championships... “Each time I won a world title I’d be getting more work than the year before. It’s a brilliant way of getting your name heard amongst the crowd. Without a doubt my greatest moment thus far has been becoming the first DJ in history to perform at the BBC Proms - performing Gabriel Prokofiev’s Concerto For Turntables. Netik was the first world champ I

watched on video (VHS, people!) he’s completely my favourite, the one who inspired me. Every time I scratch I want it to sound like him – you could blindfold me with a line up of five champs and I could instantly tell you which one was Netik. I’ve been on Serato since about 2006; it’s completely the best way I have found of DJing out live today. You’re completely unlimited now, in terms of what you want to play and how you want to play it.” 95



The Baron EP Luv Luv Luv

You know when you pop a CD in and you expect one thing but get something else entirely? Yeah, that. Maybe cos of the name I was expecting some Jamie T Cockney wannabe, but instead this 22 year-old from Chicago has the scratchy, whisky-soaked vocal of someone three times his age. This introductory EP of covers is utterly addictive and totally unexpected. Steeped in soul, gospel, bluegrass and so much emotion it’s basically amazing. Track To Check: Actress The Preacher (HC)

Raindrops (Buygore) Part of amazing EP Raindrops. 02

LIL WAYNE Da Carter 1V Young Money

What’s deader than this album? The jeggings Wayne wore at the VMA’s? Listen, we love you Weezy but we do not love, or really much like, this new album. Uninspired, nonsensical in places and lazy in general we are Track To Check: She Will Ft. Drake (HC)


Jabber Jawz (One Gun Salute) Just f***ing awesome. Every respectable DJ needs this riddim. 03 STRAGO & SNOOKS

Kuru / Infect (Niteshade Inc) This month’s monster dubstep track edges towards No. 1. 04 BE-1NE

Tube Song / illusion (Area Recordings) Already a massive Rinse FM anthem on regular power play. 05


We Are Bass EP (Promo) Funky bangers EP with beats from Naughty Raver, Jook, DJ Eastwood. 06


Move To Da Gal (Zephron) One of the highlights of this year’s carnival had to be this.



Pop Dub 7: Mixed By Ego Thieves



I’ve learnt more about Joker through this album than I did when I interviewed him – what’s obvious is his love for R&B (On My Mind) and dubstep (Tron), his strong Bristol roots (Back In The Days) and his consistent ability to make the simplest of beats somewhat hypnotic. Therefore I’ve decided I’m pretty cool with letting his music speak for him. Still not bored of the Jessie Ware featuring title track and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of DJ’s spinning tracks off the debut in their sets. Track To Check: My Trance Girl (NS)

Neva Soft (Dynamic Ventures) With so many great mixes, Josh’s has to be mentioned.

Free (

Mixed all nice and smooth by the creative collective that are the branium stealers, you can expect tracks like Fabrication from Emalkay, Exothermic Reaction from Skream, the 16Bit remix of Chase & Status’ Hitz and the Gemini mix of Ed Sheeran’s You Need Me... With a nice bit of pop and a whole load of dub, there’s no need to illegally download this – it’s yours for free! Track To Check: Maverick Sabre Let Me Go (Roksonix remix) (HC)

The Vision



Obeah Room (Mala Mix) (On U Sound) Peri-Peri Perfect! 09 LABRINTH FT TINIE T.

Earthquake (Syco) We have to include this banger from the super-talented Lab. 10 MIKE DELINQUENT

Out Of Control (Champion Records) With a library of remixes, Superbad crosses dubstep with Diplo. Heavy.

LIONESS RoarNess Free Download

ANGEL 7 Minutes Before Time Island

With an intro from Peter Tosh and appearances from Wiley, Giggs, Wretch and G FrSH, I know you’re wondering how the hell Angel’s managed to get such an impressive line-up. Well, you know how the US have Trey Songz and Chris Brown and we, er, don’t. Well we do now; the thugged out R&B singer delivers a sweet sound with a gritty edge. Already a published writer for Roll Deep and Pixie Lott, this 22 year-old makes an indeliable mark on UK R&B with this addictive introduction. Track To Check: Go In Ft. Wretch 32 (HC)

Lioness is not rampin’ with this mixtape, it’s vibes upon vibes, bars upon bars and, sorry - why is this free again!? Alongside Ghetts on Set The Girl she fully holds her own, not to mention showing the strength of female MC’s in the scene right now on BAD alongside A Dot and Lady Leshurr. From the grimy to the bashy to the soulful - even on Don’t Tell Me the South Londoner rides a dubstep beat - all is done with ease. If you don’t already know about Lioness then get to know! Track To Check: Don’t Tell Me (NS)



No Sleep For Winners EP?

Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A F***ing Liar

Reignasance Rec.

We love Jovel Walker’s (yeah, we’re on a first-name basis like that!) approach to this EP; sending us a CDR with handwritten sleeve, his delivery might be basic, but the music is high-class. The guitar-weilding rhymer already has fans in the form of Ed Sheeran Jack White and The Wombats. This fourtrack release ruminates on everything from not needing cash for a night out (Put It On My Card) to the wickedly reflective Lying To Myself Track To Check: Put It On My Card (Remix) Ft. Dot Rotten, Ed Sheeran and Bluey (HC)

Bad Blood

Five years after their debut album Yoyoyoyoyo, the party-rap collective from Philly fronted by Naeem Juwan returns with a party-rap-rock-electro follow-up that is as in your face as the title suggests. Produced in the main by Boys Noize (Kano, Kelis), with an appearance from Santigold, raucous raps and more sonic boom than BA’s entre fleet, you might need extra strength Nurofen after playing this album in its entirety. Track To Check: Nasty Ft. Big Freedia (HC)


Stephen Paul Manderson has changed recently; hit singles, new teeth, handsome new hair. But if you think his second album is all about how amazing it is being famous, you’d be wrong. Introspective and reflective, this borders towards emo-rap on occasion, while retaining edginess on the sonic side. Trouble drops a D&B beat matched with soulful vocal, while the Fink featuring Pixie’s cover, Spinning Out shows a mature, almost maudlin side as Pro reflects on success. Other hit-makers include iSHi, Lab, TMS, Future Cut and Mr. Porter - yet while he may have big players on production, his lyrical and conceptual talent ensure he’s never outshone. Forgive us for making the obvious comparison, but could this be Pro’s Marshall Mathers EP moment... Track To Check: Remedy (HC)


Lady Leshurr Lego (Gutterstrut) Ghetts On A Level [Freestyle) Chipmunk Ft. Wizzy Wow Hi Court Hi Leona Lewis Trouble (Syco) Labrinth Ft. Tinie Tempah Earthquake (Odd Child) Drake - Club Paradise (Young Money) Skepta Hold On (BBK) Devlin Ft. Merki Teardrops (Childline) Jo Goddard Gabriel (Greco Roman) Birdman Ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Y.U.Mad (Cash Money) Marina & The Diamonds Radioactive (679) Rizzle Kicks When I Was A Youngster (Island) Alex Clare Up All Night (Island) Mark Ronson Ft. MNDR, Pharrell, Wiley & Wretch Record Collection) (Sony) Lunice One Hunned EP (Lucky Me) Ray Foxx Ft. Lovelle - ‘La Musica’ (The Trumpeter) (Remixes) (Defected Music) Drake- Free Spirit Ft. Rick Ross (Cash Money/ Universal)


FINAL WORD: THE BOOO KROOO We couldn’t finish this special issue without a word from a crew who were synonyms with the pages of early RWD. A collective who rolled deeper than Wiley and Dizzee put together, a group who packed more fire in their little fingers than Lethal B’s Easy Bake Oven and a group who’ve sold more dubs (in their minds) than Dappy could even dream of. Who better to have the final word than Bucky, Giro and Flexster; simply known to Channel AKA, the noise police and sexual health clinics as The Booo Krooo... Interview by Danny Walker image by Art Jaz When Bucky walked into the RWD office to drop off his latest David Guetta produced mixtape, ‘Shower Sessions – Vol.1 (Double Pause Edition)’, it instantly clicked that we had to reunite the group for our 10th anniversary... Bucky: Here what yeah, man’s up for a reunification-tings-still, but if you ain’t reviewing the mixtape I ain’t calling no ones. If we review the mixtape will you call Giro and Flexster? Bucky: Shut up. Huh? Where looking to help you out [After some deliberation, the office was alive with The Booo Krooo]... Giro: [Rocking from side-to-side in a way only caffeine injected directly to the eyeballs can do] The only reason man is here is cos Bucky said you got a little something for me. Bucky: [Laughs] Pause. Flexster: I’m just here to promote the good work of the Lord. Bucky: Man is a bible basher now [laughs] I said I’d call man. I didn’t say what state they’d be in. Flexster: You’re still living at home, I’ve been blessed... Ok, what have you been up to since you were last in RWD? Bucky: I’ve been working with pure music celebs in Europe. Giro: Your aunt ain’t no celeb... Her throat is famous though. Flexster: [Holds laugh] I’ve been taken by the Lord. Bucky: [Laughs] Man ain’t even gonna add a ‘Pause’? What do you remember from the garage/ early grime days? Giro: I remember RWD owe us money for collecting a Sidewinder award for them. Slot me £3 and I’ll be on my way. Moving on, so how did you guys break up? 98 / RWDMAG.COM

Flexster: Man stepped on my Pradas in 2010. And that’s why you broke up? Giro: You should have seen his Pradas [laughs]. They were dead [laughs]. They looked like two suede baguettes. Bucky: Come on Flexy, them creps were dead. Flexster: Since that disrespect I’ve grown closer to the Lord. How does it feel to see the success of Dizzee, Wiley, Tinchy, Tinie, etc. - are you hating that they made it and you didn’t? Giro: Man’s not hating [scratches furiously], we had our time. We just didn’t use it wisely... speaking of time, can someone hook me up with 50p. Still. Bucky: We’re thinking about a comeback but we don’t know the best approach... What about clashing Shadrack and The Mandem? Bucky: I’m on a positive ting; you should hear my new material. Giro: Sounds sh*t, he needs us. Flexster: The only thing he needs is the Lord. You both need the Lord [says under breath] and a bath [fight breaks out]. Calm down, what legacy have RWD left in the last 10 years? Bucky: That Cher Lloyd cover was joke [laughs]. Giro: Look, mans gotta go [runs out, whilst gabbing the small change from Hattie’s desk]. Bucky: [Flexster and Bucky laugh] On a serious note, RWD has been good still, reppin the underground of music and garms and showing man what’s hot... but that’s long. Someone needs to give me Yasmin’s number. [Shouts] Dacre!!! Matthew... you got Yasmin’s digits...

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