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Those that are into poppin’, lockin’, breakin’ and bussin’ a move in general were all too busy filming StepUp 5D to write us a letter, but Jordan did so he gets these amazing Pioneer HDJ-2000s...

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Lilly Grime says: “No, at school my tights always fell down so instead of dancing I used to go around pulling them up all day!”

RWDMAG.COM USERS CAST THEIR VOTE Each month we give you the chance to answer our Quick Question. This month: Can you dance? Yes, I’ve got skanks for days!!! (71%)

No, I’ve got three left feet!!! (29%)

I think so, I mean I know the Macarena?!?! (0%)

Paulo Dellas says: “Yes, breakdance is my life and UK MC is my sound!!!”

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RWD TV REVIEW: LOZZA MUSIC REVIEWS Alexandra Burke - Start Without You “This is the kind of track that should have been left in 2009. It’s not particularly bad but do we really need another lazily-produced song with terrible lyrics? Are we really inclined to call this a floorfiller even though you can’t exactly imagine it lighting up the dancefloor? It reminds me of the nursery rhyme tapes I used to listen to when I was four. Positives; Alexandra looks stunning. Negatives; just about everything else. Do we really want to be watching a bunch of greasy haired men in their boxers doing what seems to me like a pensioner’s aerobics class? Perhaps being a straight male, I am slightly biased. Laza Morgan does add an extra flavour with a Sean Paul-style rap though. I do not mind this song and I might have come across like I hate it but I was just hoping for something a bit more original.”



1.Oi @NickiMinaj Stop fannying about and make this song with @OfficialWiley It’ll change your life. 2.Watching @AffionCrockett spoofs of Drake... someone tell us we’ve all got work to do! 3.We’ve been Power Clapping all morning @KanyeWest 4. We’re tired after Burger King Fridays!!!

1.@Sarah_Hall Pick up this month’s @RWDmag for an AMAZING article on @loickessien - except he slags off my tea making skills. How rude! 2.@HattieCollins Y’day in women’s toilets @RWDmag offices some chick left an apple core and a diet coke BY the actual toilet... Today there was groaning from same cubicle.



NEW ERA x B-BOY CHAMPS The Sony Ericsson B-Boy World Championships get kitted out with exclusive New Era caps. To be a true b-boy, it’s not just about being able to rotate your legs upside down faster than Chun-Li’s Spinning Bird Kick. You need to walk the walk, talk the talk, rock the right riddims, and most definitely look the part. So New Era have developed an exclusive range of caps to cover your hip hop head in conjunction with the Sony Ericsson B-Boy World Championships. Taking place at Brixton O2 Academy on 9-10 October, the competition will feature the globe’s finest poppers, lockers and droppers, and to celebrate, on Sunday 10 October New Era will release a collection of limited edition caps to buy at the championships and there will only be 144 pieces in each of the five colours: red, maroon, grey, black and navy. What’s more, the international team competitors will be awarded a premium suede burgundy New Era 59FIFTY, and the overall winners will be crowned in the highly exclusive white cashmere b-boy design complete with gold stitching. To be in with a chance of winning one of these elite caps, log onto For more information on the event, visit”


Seeking some self-improvement in her life, journo, consultant, blogger and mentor, Chantelle Fiddy (tries to) find a life. This month: B-boy swagger... You can’t deny the b-boy swagger. I’d love to boast that I have oodles of it, but I don’t. It’s not all about the dancing either. It’s a way of life that, intentionally or otherwise, signals confidence, individuality and an ability to up the levels of creativity. Someone who’s definitely got such an attitude on lock and who I’m taking inspiration from this month is north Londoner, Jovel Walker, 25, now better known to most as Random Impulse. While you won’t find this rapper-come-rock dude busting moves on a mat, he is coming with something different. Not content with simply spitting over other people’s tracks, he’s harnessed his love of indie and learnt the electric guitar and drums in order to do complete refixes that involve replaying the entire track, along with re-lacing the lyrics. “It started when I heard Tinchy’s track Gangsta,” explained Walker. “It sounded to me like the main synth shoulda been an electric guitar... Having to do someone else’s songs from scratch really helps you unlock other producers styles...” Highlights on Impulse’s YouTube channel include versions of Chase & Status’s Let You Go (which took 26 hours to make!), Drake’s Over, Katy B’s On A Mission and Professor Green’s Jungle. And it’s paid off. With two mixtapes, Word On The Street and Full Metal Alchemist, already out, showcasing his passion for hip hop and grime, he’s now sharing the same management as Linkin Park and Kanye West and has been working on new material with Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams), Jake Gosling (Wiley) and Bleu Jones (Jonas Brothers). Then there’s the track he’s written and produced for Lupe Fiasco’s forthcoming album, We Are Lasers. Walker’s also down with the b-boy stance: “When they first emerged, they embodied their own unique sub culture that went hand in hand with an art form that many people considered a mere phase. That ‘phase’ went on to become one of the biggest selling genres of our time - hip hop. In a time where most urban acts have stuck to a very ttight musical format, as a spitter using live instruments, I can really relate to the feeling of standing alone, and championing a new sound.” Having already supported acts including Ed Sheeran, Tinchy Stryder, Iglu & Hartly and 3OH!3, what we’re waiting for now is the new as-yet-untitled EP, out this November, along with a free refix compilation. Check out Random’s refixes on and look out for the latest gadget reviews and free downloads at

The London based duo also make amazingly deep and dark music, and their stylish and sonic sensibilities are reflected in the matt-black collab. Retailing at £150, these star-graphic’ed, gorgeous timepieces not only feature G-Shock standards like stopwatch and EL backlight but there’s etchings on the strap and back panel too. Hawt! Available now:

GRIME RIP? Adele White wonders what the hell has happened to grime... In 2010 it’s fair to say that grime stars who were once shunned by the UK charts and the elusive Radio 1 playlist, have become the music scene’s most commercially viable products. From basement freestyler to discussing policies of the newly elected Barack Obama with Jeremy Paxman, Dizzee, the once frustrated Boy in Da Corner is now the respected man responsible for your Grandma’s recent case of disco fever. Dylan Mills represents the rapid transition of the UK music industry and how it has embraced the genre of grime. As a result, he is arguably the biggest male pop solo artist in the UK right now. The question I am often asked is, does grime music actually exist anymore? With many of its pioneers turning their back on the scene and opting for an electro/club/ pop sound, has grime expired and given into the machine that is pop music - simply popular music, regardless of genre - or has grime just evolved? Grime was a genre born out of young creative artists and producers who were working with limited resources and wanted to make music that reflected their lives. So is it difficult to believe that an artist that once told the nation to “Fix Up, Look Sharp” is now encouraging everyone to “Disco, Disco, Disco”? As Dizzee began to gain critical acclaim and financial success, the reality is he that he was no longer financially constrained, therefore his lyrics, the sound, and the man himself have become more polished. With artists like Chipmunk, Tinchy, Dizzee, Roll Deep and Tinie having top 10 success in 2010, no one could have predicted that grime would produce a staple camp intelligent, business savvy individuals able to crossover their music to a mainstream market. As a result, the usual backlash from the fans has occurred as grime no longer reflected the teenage angst of youth culture. With Chipmunk abandoning his title of “The grime scene saviour”, instead opting to sing about his latest diamond ring, it’s hardly surprising that lovers of the original genre can no longer relate to the current wave of grime pop stars. Grime in the last five years has grown up and got married to electro dance in order to maintain presence in the fickle pop world. However, due to the credible talents of people like Dizzee, Wiley, Tinchy, Chipmunk and Tinie who have pushed the original boundaries for what grime originally was, it’s impossible to say it’s died because music always evolves as do the artists that produce it. Thus, the true magic of the grime genre has been its ability to provide the stepping-stone for eager, talented artists to pursue their love of music from their bedrooms to the top of the UK charts. Do you agree with Adele? Let us know your thoughts over on, where you can read this article in full...

(top images by Simon Wheatley)

Our good friends at G-Shock continue with their super-hot collaborations; this season they’ve teamed with cult clothing designers Passarella Death Squad.

clockwise: Fumin and crew, Roll Deep circa ‘05, Skepta and Jammer, Ruff Sqwad



PUMA PROVE SIZE? DOES MATTER Bodega and Puma help Size? celebrate their 10th anniversary in a ‘blaze of glory’. For 10 years Size? Have kept your feet looking sweet, so to celebrate they’ve linked up with Puma to release a line of special edition sneaks in conjunction with the scene’s biggest players. Online shoe gurus (or is that a shoe-ru?) Bodega are the second footwear institution to re-style a classic with an original take on Puma’s legendary Blaze Of Glory. Running with the motto, “Size? Matters” Bodega stick with a classic tan leather design to symbolise their slick and cool repetition. Itching to get their creative fix on, Size? have had a go as well, opting for a black colour way with trendy camo pattern to represent their unique perspective on design and sneaky façade. Much like the first drop featuring Sneaker Freaker, this is a memorable collaboration and one not to be ignored. The Bodega and Size? Reaction Pack is available now in store and online from, RRP £80

WELCOME TO JAM ROCK MistaJam fills us in on the infiltration of the underground... I love my job. Especially because the British underground music scene is so healthy at this moment in time. Artists and producers are finally collaborating and supporting each other like the Americans have done for years, and now it’s not a shock to see Katy B going straight to No. 5 with a Benga produced banger. It’s not a surprise to see artists like Tinie Tempah, Example and Professor Green hit the road for massive tours; even I’m doing it with my Speakerbox tour this Autumn. It’s not out of the ordinary to hear Magnetic Man, Roll Deep, Mz Bratt and even P Money get played during the day on BBC Radio 1. No one bats an eyelid when your dad knows who G Frsh is because he watched his F64 on SBTV; when one of the highest grossing films of the year features some of the best British streetdancers and b-boys in 3D; and no one is disgusted when the hottest X Factor contestant this year is a 16 year-old who sang a Soulja Boy song at her audition. We’ve come a long way. However something that still is a novelty for me is seeing the scene repped properly on national terrestrial television. I’m sick and tired of seeing out of touch shows stereotypically mock the scene and artists I love - in fact, whenever our artists are interviewed by presenters over a certain age, why do they feel the need to do THAT ‘down with the kids’ hand gesture? Chances are you’ve been watching No Hats No Trainers, presented by my floating head, religiously on Saturday afternoons on BBC 2. If you haven’t then you’ve really missed out. I’m not just saying it because I present it (well, partially) but NHNT has done more for the underground scene’s representation on mainstream TV than any other show in at least the last decade – why? Just like this magazine you hold in your hands, No Hats No Trainers works because all the team on the show have a genuine love, knowledge and passion for the music and scene that it represents. Months of preparation go into each episode: researching, finding and then travelling to and filming pieces with relevant artists, sports stars and comedians across the country then editing and adding the amazing after effects and graphics takes time. They spend that much time and take that much care over it to make sure the show is representing the scene properly. Even the Cuban Brothers, while funny, are technically brilliant b-boys with a genuine passion for the artform of dance. Haven’t watched it yet? You’ve only got a couple more episodes left of this series and no guarantee of a future series. Prove that we want our scene to be repped properly in mainstream media rather than the usual mockeries we have. Until next month, catch me on Radio 1Xtra, Radio 1, on Twitter, on Facebook, on telly or in the club. Check for info on the Speakerbox tour. NHNH is on Saturdays, 12.30, BBC2.



Not only are movies in this mind-numbing genre as predictable as woeful West Ham going down this season, but let’s be honest, they’re crap. Sure they make a couple billion at the box office in the opening weekend - as pimple faced prepubescent’s pack out the pictures after failing to prevail to peer pressure - but they don’t pack the depth, the imagination and the non-s**ttiness of actual films. Join us as we Slew the Last Dance... Words by Danny Walker image by Artjaz



If you’re a fan of great songs and an incredible vocal, we think you might like Edei as much as we do. Hattie Collins meets the London singer and songwriter...

To celebrate the new look One To Watch section with ckIN2U, we’re giving away sets of the ckIN2U to three lucky winners. Email iwannawin Subject: ckIN2U

“It’s so tough at the moment,” nods singer Edei of the current state of the business of show. “Radio is the toughest thing, but I’ll just keep banging on their door, until they play me,” she decides affirmatively. This 22 year-old doesn’t churn out commercially minded compositions, but if it’s carefully crafted songs topped with an scale-snapping vocal you’re after, you came to the right place. “The main thing I wanted on my album is that everything is live, nothing has been done on a computer,” she says of her record, Inside Information, which is due for release next year. Settling into her chair after a soundcheck at London’s Charlotte Street Blues, which includes an incredible cover of Plan B’s Prayin’, the singer considers her sound. “There’s certainly a pop element to what I do, but there’s a lot of funk to it too. Even though music starts it all, I always say the lyrics are the most important because you’re telling a story.” The six year-old Emma Deigman (E-Dei) enjoyed a spell on the West End as Cosette in Les Mis (alongside Eliza Doolittle’s mum, fact fans!), before deciding to drop the acting at 14 to concentrate on singing and writing. “I’ve always read the album notes - who wrote what - since I was a kid. A guy called Elliot Kennedy (Take That, Blue) kept coming up, so I just wrote to him.” Though he didn’t get back to her immediately, after several letters Kennedy eventually invited Edei to Sheffield for a writing session. Bonding over a love of Motown, the two recorded an entire album together. “I love that album so much but it’s not for now,” she decides of her unreleased debut. While her first record never saw the light of day, her second most certainly will. For the last year, Edie has travelled between London and New York recording with Mary J Blige’s backing singers and Alicia Keys’ horn section, alongside Boston born producer Misreid. The result is heart-stopping Big Apple steeped soul, including Anyone Can Happen To Me, next single, Loved and the utterly brilliant Got Me By The Heart which, when performed live saw RWD get ‘something stuck in our eye. Probably, um, dust.’ “There’s a lot of pre-made music, X-Factor acts at the moment. I’m trying to bring that oldschool soul back cos there’s not been any around for a while. I’m not really bothered about No.1’s and awards,” decides Edei, who supported Girls Aloud last year (“I got on really well with Nadine - she’s the nicest one of all of them”) . “To be honest, my main goal now is to get my own headline tour.” Inside Information is out early next year.

Kashmir Kid After being in the game for more than a minute, it made sense for Goldielocks - DJ, rapper, promoter and music mentor to many - to set up her own label. Goldie’s first signing to Gut Instinct is London beatsculptor Kashmir Kid, whose dub electronica style sounds have already been spun by everyone from Seb Chew to Redlight. “I signed him as I love the mashup of genres that he manages to include within one song,” says The Locks. “I love that he manages to base tracks around a theme or a concept instead of just trying to make a club hit. It’s thoughtful yet energetic.” Inspired by everything from “RZA to Bladerunner, J Dilla, Uptown Records, MJ Cole, A R Rahman, Goldie and Whitechapel Market”, The Kid’s first release is the gorgeously gritty double-A Return To Bombay City / Only Friend, out digitally on 27 September. (HC)

Far East Movement Signed to the same label as the Lady of Gaga, LA-based, self-described “free wired is the lifestyle, alternative pop is the sound” FM Movement are hoping to be the next stars of Cherry Tree Recordings/ Interscope Records. “Kev and I we were interns there years ago, so to sign to them is a lifelong dream,” Prohgress tells us. The Asian American high school buddies have already roped in collabs from Robyn, Snoop and “good friend” Bruno Mars for their forthcoming album Free Wired, while their most recent single, Girls On The Dancefloor has seen Tinie and Wiley jump on the remix. “Those guys can rap their asses off!” Watch for these tie-wearing suit lovers over on the Interweb. “Hit us up, man! We try to stay online and as interactive as possible, because the more we do, the more it inspires us.” You can ‘Hit ‘em up’ on (HC)


Just Koz Apart from a good college, Lewisham doesn’t really have much to shout about. 19 year-old grime artist Kozzie is in the process of changing that... words by Danny Walker image by Verena Grotto “Yeah, I weren’t really a quiet one to be honest,” the artist born Douane West smiles whilst recalling his academic demeanour. “I was always writing bars in school. I just wanted to do music.” After a brief stint as a semi-pro footballer, the south Londoner soon focused on what made him tick. “Things have started to pop-off for me recently. I’ve been MCing for six years and I’m only 19. Sets, radio, friend’s houses, spitting into one headphone when the mic is broken...” With YouTube figures growing rapidly, producers sending him beats and his name being mentioned in bigger circles, the future is looking large for the artist formally known as Tiny Kozzie. “I do get compared to Blacks and P.Money but I’d like to take it past where Tinie and Dizzee have taken it, but with a grime edge. Not pop, grime.” After shaking his head to the thought of working on a pop tune we soon speak of a new genre venture. “It’s like grime innit, but darker,” he explains of dubstep. “[Blogger, promoter and RWD freelancer] JP sent me the [Lewi White produced] tune and I just rode it out. Logan [Sama] played it and people are starting to like it.” The mammoth ‘tune’ this Pro Evo fan is referring to goes by the name of Back Again and sounds a little something like this ( “To be honest with you I was fully on road doing hype,” the Blue Borough affiliate explains of his recent musical resurgence, which includes another big tune, the Spooky DJ produced Spartan vocal that Kozzie renamed Destruction. “But I noticed that people are starting to care about what I’m doing so I realised the actions that you take on road can mess up your actions in music.” So with music videos in the works and more mixtapes planned - pick up The Best of Kozzie - Vol.1 to hear exactly that - we feel his best will get better. “No one has done a grime tune that goes to No.1. I want to do that!!!”

Rian Peters “We’ve got tracks from back in the day and they’re good songs - so who knows,” 23 year-old singer-songwriter Peters muses about songs he penned with B.o.B, Eminem and Rihanna collaborator, Alex Da Kid, years before he hit the big time. “They might see the light of day still.” From his grimy debut Getaway featuring Wiley, and the up-tempo followup Stereotypes, listeners may think the Peckham native is a newcomer, but they would be more mistaken than a footballer in a brothel thinking the papers will never find out! Having started dancing classes from three years old and songwriting from six, the singer who learnt to play the drums from Faithless lead man Maxi Jazz, has already opened for Lauryn Hill and has been in the studio with acclaimed beatmakers StarGate. An album is soon on the way. (RK)





You might recognise this Bishop’s Stortford singer from Pro Green’s I Need You Tonight smash – and now it looks like Ed Drewett is about to have a hit all of his very own. Hattie Collins meets the Champagne Lemonade drinker...

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After years of generic rock-ish pop our favourite blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys next door, McFly, have ditched their soggy school boy image, grabbed a couple of leather jackets, linked up with some big names and fired a shot into the wonderful world of electro-pop. They talk Danny Walker through the steps to success...

Credibility 101 with McFly It’s been a while since Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie ‘The one who goes out with Frankie from The Saturdays’ Poynter and Harry Judd had a No.1 (May 2007 to be precise). Some would say that they NEED a hit. Luckily they’ve freshened up their sound for 2010, linked up with Atlanta-based legend Dallas Austin (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sugababes) and a man who needs no introduction, Taio Cruz. The quartet talk us through the rules of their renovation situation...

long that you get bored of it but you get used to it. I was listening to the record the other day and was like... There are some tunes on here. It’s like with anything, I mean our new stuff is really fresh.

STICK TOGETHER No one trusts a group flakier than Louis Walsh’s hair. It’s a good thing McFly have been doin’ it since 2004...

Everyone is saying you’re on an electro-pop/ dance-vibe. Would you say the new single is a different approach for you guys? Harry: Yeah, very much. Tom: I mean it’s taken us two years to make this album [Above The Noise] and it just felt like this is the right time to challenge ourselves and work with a few different people that you wouldn’t normally necessarily put us with. Dallas

What has kept you guys together because we’ve seen bands come and go... Harry: Money!!! [room laugh]. Tom: No, we just have so much fun. Danny: These are good times. The past

MAKE SURE THE FANS KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. If your fans don’t like what you’re on, you might as well get a job in Poundland...

“DALLAS AUSTIN PRODUCED MOST OF THE ALBUM AND WROTE PARTY GIRL, WE’VE DONE A COUPLE OF SONGS WITH TAIO CRUZ, IT WAS A BIT OF AN EXPERIMENT REALLY. WE HAD A VISION OF WHAT WE WANTED TO DO...” year has been really good to look back on everything cos we haven’t really stopped and looked back on things for a while. You start remembering things. Harry: And then you’re like, ‘Right, I wanna get back involved.’ All About You was great. What would you say your favourite track is over the years? Tom: I honestly don’t have a favourite track. Danny: It’s weird, you play a set for so 24 / RWDMAG.COM

Austin produced most of the album and wrote Party Girl, we’ve done a couple of songs with Taio Cruz, it was a bit of an experiment really. We had a real vision of what we wanted to do with this album, with this sound. When we explained to people like Dallas and Taio what we wanted to do, we just let them have their input and tried to find somewhere where we could collide and

come up with something that sounds new and fresh. Harry: It feels like a sort of natural evolvement. Is there a lot of pressure, the fact that you haven’t had a No.1 in a while? Danny: There’s a little bit of it. Tom: Obviously when a single is out there is so much anxiety and excitement but we’ve got so much coming up; we’re launching a super site on 1 October, then the album is out. So our focus and excitement is geared towards that.

BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FANS If you don’t like your own music how the f**k are we supposed to?

Are you nervous about the new album and

“IT JUST FELT LIKE THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME TO CHALLENGE OURSELVES AND WORK WITH A FEW DIFFERENT PEOPLE THAT YOU WOULDN’T NORMALLY NECESSARILY PUT US WITH...” how it is going to be taken in by some of your core fans? Tom: All the things that the fans like about us, all the essential ingredients are there still. You’ve got your pop music. I think we’ve just been pushing ourselves with the way we’ve been writing and the production and the style of it all. Danny: We believe in these songs. Dougie: It is definitely our best album to date. Danny: I think I’m the biggest McFly fan.

GET YOURSELF A NEW LOOK!!! Long hair and stained y-fronts are not the one...

“Tom: We wanted to do this graphic novel/ superhero theme, which ties in

with our super site and the super city we’ve been building and obviously the video is part of a 30 minute short video we’ve been making.”

WORK WITH TAIO CRUZ This guy is dynamite...

So the Taio Cruz single, Shine a Light, is the next single? Tom: Yeah. We took our ideas to him first and we knew they had potential to be amazing songs. We wanted his

influence. Danny: The very, very first time we met him - before Christmas I think - he came over to Tom’s and there was one song in particular, as soon as he sang something we were like, ‘This is going to be awesome.’ Then later on we had two full days with him, writing sessions. He took it to a totally different place. What was he like to work with? Dougie: He’s great. Tom: Chilled. Harry: He’s a really nice guy, he’s really laid back. Danny: Things like that are always nerve-wracking because you don’t


RWD & COME AGAIN! GUIDE Danny: [Stands up and walks to space in the middle of the hotel room, brushes down his shirt and busses a move!!! Check for the vid].

POPSTAR GIRLFRIEND If your music doesn’t get you in the limelight, a popstar girlfriend will...

“I’VE JUST BOUGHT A CAR A WEEK AGO... I BOUGHT A BMW 3 SERIES. I COULDN’T QUITE AFFORD THE INSURANCE ON AN M3 COS I WROTE A CAR OFF LAST YEAR...” know how it is going to be when you’re in that creative environment... Tom: Especially when you don’t really know someone. It makes you feel - not nervous but - intimidated. Is there anyone else you’re working with or would like to work with... I know you and Tinchy are on the same label... Tom: Who knows? We’re always open to collaborating with people. Danny: I think the great thing about pop music, especially McFly, is that we’re really open to anything like that. We’ll talk to Tinchy’s people and you talk to your people.

week ago... I bought a BMW 3 series. I couldn’t quite insure the insurance on an M3 cos I wrote a car off last year. You know the arm-rest, [does impression of him using an arm-rest]. It’s amazing because you can keep your phone in there [to make calls] when I press a button on the steering wheel, I can say, ‘Call Danny’”

You guys all have partners, right. Some girlfriends more famous than others? Dougie: [Group laugh] Yeah. Tom: We’re all taken. We all have girlfriends. Dougie, do you mind talking about that? Dougie: Sure yeah. Is it annoying when people just focus on you and Frankie? Danny: [Interjects] Yeah!!! [Laughs]. Is he constantly showing off? Danny: Nah, he’s cool. Tom: Nah [laughs] we don’t think of it like that. [Group laugh] Tom: So many men would love to be in his shoes!!! Dougie: She is a pretty f**king lucky girl as well. [Group laugh]. What do you guys look for in a girl? Dougie: Humour. Girls that don’t take themselves too seriously. Danny: I’d go for a good manicure. Clean toes. Tom: Humour/ looks. Harry: Similar only with massive t*ts.


Danny to Dougie: What is your favourite sexual position? Dougie: Anything which doesn’t involve me doing much. Danny: Poor Frankie.

GET YOUR BREAKDANCE ON... Save money on expensive dancers in your videos by dancing yourself... PROMOTE THE S**T OUT OF YOURSELVES

THE CAR, CHICKS LOVE THE CAR. Get some car keys and get invited back to hers...

“Harry: Yeah, I’ve just bought a car a 26 / RWDMAG.COM

We’re doing a breakdance issue, do you have any moves? Harry: Danny can dance! Tom: Danny is a street dance kid. Dougie: Danny!!! Apparently Danny you can dance, show us some moves...

McFly’s fifth album Above The Noise is out 15 November on Island Records. Their super site the ‘super city’ ( is launched is launched 1 October 2010. Check to see an exclusive video of Danny from McFly breakin’

GADGET GUIDE High Definition Pocket-Sized Camcorders With High Definition content almost standard in every home – even microwaves are rocking 720p these days – we need more devices that can produce it, right? That’s where these pocket-sized wonders come in...

PANASONIC HD MOBILE CAMERA HM-TA1 (, £149.99) Not even your regular camera can take 8MP still images, let alone be a Skype Webcam, shoot in full HD and pack a built-in USB connection. Panasonic’s smallest cam is one of their best. Buyability: Why have you not bought this yet? Longevity: With so much packed in, it will be here for a while. The J Factor: Cheap? Yes. Feature-packed? Yes.

KODAK PLAYSPORT WATERPROOF HD POCKET VIDEO CAMERA(, £129.99) The Playsport allows you to shoot in FULL 1080p and is fully operational 10 feet underwater which means the next time you wrestle a shark you can document it (in HD). With the ability to take still HD widescreen images too, it’s always ready to play. Buyability: The rugged, tough, elements defeating HD camcorder make it purchase neccessary. Longevity: Pair it up with a 32GB SD and you’ll be unstoppable. The J Factor: Available in four colours so the spectrum of jealously will vary.

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APPLE IPOD TOUCH (, From £189) The all new iPod Touch can now record in HD!!! My FIRST generation Touch is like a dinosaur’s armpit compared to this version. With the lightening fast A4 processor, Retina display, FaceTime and now the ability to record in 720p this device is a beast; so good, it will eat all previous generations for breakfast. Buyability: With the iMovie app you can edit on the move. Nice. Longevity: Apple update their hardware every three days so prepare to be annoyed when a new Touch is released. The J Factor: More than just a poor man’s iPhone 4, it’s ruthless.


FIVE THINGS TO DO WITH A FLIP MINO HD: A quick look at what this baby is good for. 1. Get Your YouTube On With a USB connection always onboard it’s so easy to upload content; you’ll be racking up hits faster than Tiger Woods’ credit card at a strip club. 2. Straight To The HD Ready TV Why wait for your PC to load up when you can watch your shenanigans on the flatscreen (with the right wire of course). 3. Anyone For Jenga? Buy about 30 of these and play the perfect game of Jenga. 4. Pretend To Be A Spy What is it about a mini HD cam that makes you feel like a secret agent? Ah, I guess that’s just me then. 5. Wear It Around Your Neck Like BA From The A Team Treat your MinoHD like the brushed metal device should be treated - by wearing it.

FLIP MINO HD (, £179.99) Flipping heck it’s easy to use the HD range of Flip cameras. Point, shoot, upload. Simples. We’ve had one in the office for a couple of weeks now [] and not only does the compact sleek design capture people’s attention, so does the quality of the 720p footage. Compared to the previous Flips (and most affordable mini HD cams on the market) the touch-sensitive buttons, 8GB of memory, HDMI output and the super bright two inch screen set the MinoHD worlds apart. Buyability: As always the flip-out USB connection is a winner and so is the HD output. Longevity: Despite not bothering with the onboard software we can’t fault the MinoHD... yet!!! Until a 1080p version is released this is the mutt’s nuts. J Factor: Waves of jealousy will sweep over anyone within a three metre radius so be careful out there.


THE GOOD, THE SWAG AND THE LOVELY: With all of these cams you need something decent to film, right?

GOOD: LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (, £229.99) See if you can make it breakdance in HD.

SWAG: Silly Bandz (, £3.99) The latest craze with under 12s isn’t really HD worthy but we’re sure we’ll see the epidemic somewhere.

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S (, From £Free) The fact that it’s a LOT cheaper than the iPhone 4 is only one of the reasons we’re recommending the Galaxy S this month. Add the user-friendly Android OS, the 8GB memory and that Super AMOLED 480x800 resolution screen they’re always bragging about and you’ve got yourself a great phone. With its super slim frame, speedy 1GHz processor, AllShare and useful widgets being the highlights we didn’t even mention the HD recording ability without you wanting one!

LOVELY: Apple TV (, £99) Watch all of that lovely HD content on the new and improved Apple TV.


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Cruz Control

Not that we ever saw the sun this summer, but ‘tis now officially jacket season and the four pocket Bench Cruz, available at JD, is perfect for the up-coming windy months...

We’re not massive fans of man-bags at the mag, so it does beg the question ‘Where the fishsticks do we put our iPod Touch, BlackBizzle and Nintendo DSi XL when we need to hold onto something important such as some shopping, a bus handrail or maybe even a lady-friend!?!’ Well Bench’s Cruz (£59.99) hooded jacket, with draw-cord hood, zip-up front and Velcro fastened cuffs have just the answer thanks to its four pocket front, which will house your bits and pieces with ease. Head over to selected JD stores now to pocket one for yourself. Sorted!

Photographer - Seye Lizsik Stylist - Tokyo James Model - Dudley @ Next London Stylist Assistant - Shyane Taylor


Jacket by Wrangler, hat by Luke, jeans by G-Star Raw, boots by Dr. Martens, jewellery by Freedom.

Hat by New Era, jacket by Luke, watches by Toy Watch and G-Shock.

Sky High We first met Sky Ferreira late last year; now, with her single all over Radio 1, Hattie Collins catches up with the LA singer to find out about being friends with Katy Perry and getting compared to Ke$ha...


The In Tings

After two years of straight touring to promote their massive debut album, Katie and Jules from The Ting Tings were pretty knackered. So they packed their bags and set up shop in cold, cold Berlin to get away from it all and try their ‘hands’ at making a new record. Rajveer Kathwadia finds out why...


Hat is stylist’s own, coat by Nike, puffer jacket by Wrangler, jeans by G-Star Raw, socks by Luke, bag by adidas, wellies by adidas.

Hat by Burkley, coat by Nike, trousers by adidas, wellies by Hunter, bag by G-Star Raw.

Coat by adidas, shorts by Freddy, socks by Luke, loafers by Original Penguin.

Jacket by adidas, T-shirt by PXL, jeans by G-Star Raw.

Jacket by G Star Raw, t-shirt by Freddy, trousers by adidas, boots by Dr Martens.

Helmet, shirt and trousers by G-Star Raw, underwear by Calvin Klein, watch by G-Shock, t-shirt by Crooks & Castles.


With B-Boy Spin We thought keeping up with the fast paced world of the modern day b-boy would be easy. With the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships World Finals coming up, b-boy Spin soon proved Danny Walker wrong. A few full English breakfasts, photoshoots, practice sessions, ASICS trainers and Channel 4 trailers later and we were literally at breakin’ point... photography by imageandcommerce day in the life images by Ekua King makeup by Oriona Robb filming by Greg Bond location McQueen (Shoreditch)



“Breakfast is very important,” BREAKFAST @ GARFUNKLES

In the heart of London’s West End there is a place where b-boys can train, socialise and compare new moves; B-Boy Spin knows it well... You’ve just done some practice moves. How are the energy levels? High actually. Now I’ve got my blood pumping and stuff. You seem like you’re ready to take on the world with those moves... Yeah, hopefully.

How did your King of Plymouth competition at the weekend go? It was alright, it went really well. There was a long line-up of people and I lost in the final (for a second year in a row!!!) I lost against Marcio from France. Last year when I lost I was coming back from a year out so I was getting back into the swing of things. Now I am back into the swing of things... I lost again [laughs].

What are you eating, right now? [Mouth full of food] I’m eating a full English breakfast. What does that consist of for those that don’t know? Two baked beans [everyone at the table laughs]. Two baked beans? Nah; baked beans, two sausages, two bacons, two hash browns, two tomatoes and one [obese and uneaten] mushroom. When you first get up, what’s your routine? It depends... I’ll check my [Sony Ericsson] phone first I guess. Pack my bags with training stuff and my speakers, I’ll be plugging them in later, and then go to the café.

“Later on this place will be packed with poppers, lockers and b-girls…” “I usually get the latest news of who’s won what jam and where.” MEETING @ B-BOY HQ Keeping up with the B-Boying community is easy when the likes of B-Boy Championships organiser Hooch is on hand to fill you in... What is the first thing you do? I say hello to Hooch and Rob and chill on this sofa. Tell us about your energy levels... This is where the day starts. I’ve just picked up some gear which usually lightens the mood. I got some new ASICS Gel Lyte IIIs in a new colourway that have

just come out and a jumper and a few t-shirts. I’ve got some caps too; obviously it all needs to match [laughs]. Will there be a Spin line of trainers soon? [Laughs] I dunno. Only time will tell. Just now you watched the new intro to the Channel 4 B-Boy series, what did you think? We see you did an old skool finger click...[Laughs] Yeah, I liked it cos I was on it obviously and I look forward to seeing it on TV. That [finger click] was approval. 51

CHRIS (LA FAMILIA) ON SPIN I first met Spin around 2005. He was about 15 years-old. Back then he was called Little Trix - he won’t like me saying that! [Spin turns around and smiles]. I love everyone in the crew as we all have something to bring to the table but when I first saw Spin I said, ‘There is something special about this guy.’

“Chinese is always good.” LUNCH @ HUNG’S How was lunch? Yeah it was good. I go there all the time for my lunch because I’m too lazy to cook. When I want something quick I get sweet and sour chicken and rice when I’ve got a bit more time I have some roast duck and rice and maybe some banana fritters.

PHOTOSHOOT @ MCQUEEN The day ends with the front cover photoshoot. Spin seems to enjoy bussin a move in front of the cameras... How has it gone today? It’s been good, a productive day. Had my work out, had my recovery meal... Last time we saw you on a shoot [for the sick B-Boy artwork] you seemed relaxed, doing a few moves and having the odd picture taken... Yeah that was fun. I’m very happy how it has come out. So now it’s the front cover for RWD, is that good? Yeah, I’ve been reading RWD from day. What is going to happen at this year’s Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships World Finals and in the future? I’ll be representing the latest from the UK. I’ll be doing just solo as La Familia lost the crew battle to Soul Mavericks the other day. Hopefully next year I’ll be defending my title and establishing my name more internationally. I see B-Boying eventually going to where skateboarding is; more like an artform and I’d love to see it respected more as a culture. ASICS is again the official footwear partner for this year’s event, check for more. To get your tickets or info check

“Before breakin’ was somebody’s hobby now it’s someone’s lifestyle. It’s growing...”

“If you need a new tee or trainers, you know where to go...” SHOPPING @ ASICS STORE (29 ARGYLL ST) What do you do when you’re not breakin’? Yeah, the little time I do get off I just socialise. I’m an outdoor person so I don’t play computer games. I just eat a meal and sleep at home. I don’t watch TV, I’d rather go cinema, go shopping or to a bar or something. I like going to Shoreditch and places like that. If I am indoors I usually chill with my crew, watching films or (breakin’) clips. 52 / RWDMAG.COM

MOUSE (FORMER B-BOY WORLD CHAMPION) ON SPIN B-Boy Spin is always hungry for this game. Since I’ve met him - when he had long hair and s**t! - he’s always practicing or asking for information and always trying to become the best. He definitely has the potential to get there because he is driven to win everything he enters.


With B-Girl Roxy Limbering up for another photocall is 21 year-old b-girl, Roxy Milliner simply known as Roxy. Just before the camera captures the Soul Mavericks’ mini maverick at her most supple the Guinness World Record Holder (71 headspins in 1 minute) tells Danny Walker how her career started, why girls need to go harder and why breakin’ is on the path to success... photography by imageandcommerce makeup by Oriona Robb

“I never thought it would take me this far… I just hope to continue where I’m going. Keep improving. Keep working on jobs that are pushing the scene…”

“Yeah, it was really good, I really enjoyed it,” the b-girl extraordinaire of four years smiles when quizzed about the last time we spoke. We naturally thought being asked to handstand for hours in a studio for the 2010 B-Boy World Championships main campaign image would be unpleasant, but were instantly proven wrong. “Yeah, my wrists hurt and it was a bit hardcore but it was fun,” smiles Roxy. So now the artwork is in and the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships World Finals crusade is officially underway, were those hours upside down worth it? The answer is as swift as her moves: “I’ve seen the poster now and it looks amazing.” So did this former trampolinist ever think she’d be part of something so big? “When I started I’d just left college, I had nothing going on and I remember on my first day I did my first move and everyone was like, ‘Wow, that was good!’ So I got into it straight away. I never thought it would take me this far... I’ve been all over the world.” With Korea and Holland as her favourite spots (“I’d love to go to Russia too,”) Roxy is definitely on the right path. Since that semi-warm day in west London, her busy schedule has taken her to Blackpool to perform in a triumphant theatre production MJ Timeless, the Michael Jackson tribute. “It was a really good show, everyone loved it and it was everyday,” the ASICS fan laughs before explaining where she’d like to see the rapidly widening world of breakin’, b-boys and b-girls end up. “I just hope to continue where I’m going. Keep improving. Keep working on jobs that are pushing the scene. I’d love to keep travelling and I’ll be happy. In terms of breakin’, there is a lot of stuff happening already. I just want it to keep going the way it is going as it is getting a lot more popular now which is good. I hope it stays real.” Both of our cover stars’ crews (Roxy’s Soul Mavericks and Spin’s La Familia) met recently at the Regional Conflict to see who will represent the

UK at the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships World Finals. For the second year in a row Roxy and the Mavericks were victorious. “Yeah, we lost to them the other day,” Spin regrettably recalls whilst posing for pics at the shoot. As Spin laughed off defeat he displayed nothing but love for his b-girl buddy. “She’s cool,” smiles Spin as Roxy keenly looks on, audibly awaiting the rest. “I know a lot of b-girls look up to her cos out of everyone in the UK she is the only one who has been at the Champs and really repped. Hopefully she’ll keep it up.” In quick response, Roxy returned the favour. “Yeah, he’s coming strong, he’s coming on strong. He’s taking over the UK scene and following in [former world champion] Mouse’s footsteps.” So what does Roxy bring to Soul Mavericks, and more importantly what does she bring to breakin’? “I just bring flexibility and blow-ups,” we hear boldly from her petite frame. “Cos I’m small and I’ve got frizzy hair, everyone is like, ‘Ah, you’re a little girl’ but then I just wile out. You get all different kind of responses to girls. If there is a circle and a girl goes in there... some people clap (in a patronising way), ‘Yeah, a girl went into the circle!’ but if there are girls that want to get involved... battle guys. That’s what I do.” Despite the odd back injury (“I think I might be at the next battle all wrapped up mummified, but I hope to win again,”) and not liking dance movies (“The dancing is good but I just wish that someone would make a film that is not so cheesy”), the future is far from rocky for Roxy. “I’ve been travelling the world, I love travelling. That is a big part of the b-girling for me, travelling. It’s exciting meeting all of these people and everyone is amazing, there are fresh faces all of the time, fresh moves, everything new, it’s amazing. I just want to take it as far as I can.” ASICS is again the official footwear partner for this year’s event, check or


Sky High We first met Sky Ferreira late last year; now, with her single all over Radio 1, Hattie Collins catches up with the LA singer to find out about being friends with Katy Perry and getting compared to Ke$ha...


After two years of straight touring to promote their massive debut album, Katie and Jules from The Ting Tings were pretty knackered. So they packed their bags and set up shop in cold, cold Berlin to get away from it all and try their ‘hands’ at making a new record. Rajveer Kathwadia finds out why...

He’s your favourite MC’s favourite MC and rightly so; Nardene Scott meets the lyrical legend that is D Double E...

We’ve been trying to get this fella in the mag for a while now, but between producing a No.1 album for Ellie Goulding, making beats for Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue, remixing, DJing and now putting together his own LP, Starsmith has been more than bit busy! Rajveer Kathwadia finally manages to track him down to find out about it all...

BACK IN BUSINESS They seem to forever be on the road, but Chromeo took time out from gigs, Dave 1’s PhD in French literature and teaching at uni, to make and put out their brilliant new record Business Casual. Whilst P Thugg snoozes in the tour bus, Rajveer Kathwadia speaks to Dave about his love for dubstep, Miami Vice dress-codes and scoring the new Ghostbusters film...

Always one to give a helping hand Sweet About Me, On A Mission and Defender singer, Gabriella Cilmi, has returned to help out with the latest vinspired campaign. Danny Walker talks to the 18 year-old Australian about volunteering, running out of loo roll at a festival and Big Brother’s John James...

MARVELLOUS MUSIC After signing with Risky Roadz, the Marvell boys are ready to drop their debut single We Know and begin their assault on the mainstream. Rajveer Kathwadia speaks to Shocka to find out exactly what it is they know...

While you may recognise Riz Ahmed as a rising star from the world of film, it’s his innovative work under the moniker Riz MC that’s the talk of the town, discovers Chantelle Fiddy...


Two months ago, BACARDI invited underground producers Reso, Disco Bloodbath and Untold to travel to Puerto Rico to soak up the Island’s sounds, feel and culture, and create their own version of the rumba. RWD jumped in Reso’s suitcase to join him in the amazing Caribbean experience...


uesday 20 July, 7.55am, Terminal 3 Heathrow: The morning of take-off and it’s an early start. “I always have to get up at dirty-o-clock to get to an airport to play shows, so I’m used to it,” says sound creator Reso, shrugging off the early hour. He, along with Disco Bloodbath, Untold and Norman Jay, who is mentoring the three acts, is looking forward to take-off. “Everyone seems really cool and excited - I’m pretty excited too!”

cocktails - such as the Mojito and Cuba libre - but also for its heritage in music. This, fact fans, is just one thing we learnt while soaking up the sights (and tastes!) of BACARDI’s factory. “It’s really interesting, learning about the history,” says Reso. “I picked up a couple of tips on how to make a BACARDI Mojito too - I usually use brown sugar but here they use caster. I’d like to think my attempt was pretty good though!”

10.14pm, Hilton Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico After a change in Philly and a small storm on landing in San Juan (“Turbulence – keeps you on your toes,” laughs Reso), we check into the Hilton and head to the bar. “I’m going for a BACARDI Pina Colada,” decides Reso. “This is the actual hotel bar where it was invented. When in Rome...!”

9.58pm, San Juan Old Town After an amazing lunch in a local café (“My prawns were serious,” grins Reso licking his lips!), we take in the sights of the Old Town - which include “an old man playing the bin” - enjoy a few drinks and then head for dinner where a local band is playing up a storm. “They’re really tight,” notes Res, before declining to shake a leg on the dancefloor, instead choosing to watch the dancers cut up some serious Strictly Come Dancing moves.

Wednesday 21 July 9.35am BACARDI factory, San Juan BACARDI has always been known for pioneering

Thursday 22 July, 19.12 After a day of R&R, we meet up with DJ MuShrom of Puerto Rico Crew, PRDC. He takes us to a square far away from tourists - the vibe is wicked, the music loud and the Cuba Libres flowing. “Meeting people my own age into similar stuff and hearing their take on music is interesting,” shouts Reso over the loud sounds of a local band. “They’re super-cool, really sound.” Later, we head to one of their friend’s clubs, where we hear everything from Reso to Untold and even Wiley! An amazing night. Saturday 24 July, 2.15pm, San Juan Airport. “I’d love to come back and spend a few more days here,” says Reso. “It was the first time I’d been and I wouldn’t have been able to go there without BACARDI.” Now all he has to do is make the track, right? “It’s called Boriken Groove,” Reso tells us a few days after we land. “It’s got a Rumba feel but it’s also got a Soca, tropical, 4/4 type thing. I really wanted to make a tune I could play out and that would work with what I do.” Perhaps we should return to P.R. to play it out and see how it goes down?! “Yeah,” he laughs, “How amazing would that be? It was a great experience” he reflects. “We met loads of great people, ate some great food, drank some great drinks and went to some great parties. It was brilliant and I won’t forget it.” To download Reso’s Boriken Groove head to For more info on the BACARDI Pioneers, head to Enjoy BACARDI rum responsibly. For the facts,

FRIDAY 23 JULY 01.31AM @ VATICAN CLUB Not only have PRDC shown us around town, they’ve also booked Reso and Untold to play at their club night at Vatican, the biggest electronic club on the Island. “It’s flattering to go somewhere where people know you and your music,” says Reso, preparing his standard mix of amazing dubstep and D&B, which sees the crowd go crazy. “It’s a bit different playing here to say London - Latin people can be more hype,” he says of going backto-back with Untold and Musrom. “It seemed to go down quite well – I got great feedback and it was wicked fun.”


TOUR DE FORCE Skepta headlines the inaugural MOBO Tour alongside Scorcher, Donae’o, Mz Bratt and Aggro Santos amongst others...

THE MOBO TOUR Skepta, Scorcher, Mz Bratt, Jodie Connor, Maverick Sabre, RD (Aka Ruff Diamondz) & Angel will feature on every tour night alongside: Norwich’s Waterfront + Aggro Santos & Mike Hough (12 October) Birmingham’s O2 Academy + Donae’o & RoxXxan (14 October) Manchester’s Moho Live + Donae’o & R.I.O (15 October) Liverpool’s O2 Academy 2 + Aggro Santos & Kof (16 October) Glasgow’s Garage + Donae’o & G Town Desi (17 October) O2 Academy Islington London + Aggro Santos & Marvell (19 October)

Jokes On Us

He may be one of our favourite producers right now, but this Bristolian beatmaker is truly a man of very, very few words. Nardene Scott struggles as Joker plays his cards close to his chest...

AAllongs g idde MC M iinng and annd DJ DJin ing, in g b-b -boy oyin oy yin ingg and gr and an graf afffi fiti fi ittii are re inddis isppuuta tabl bly th the back ba back ckbo ckbo bone ne of hi hip ho hip hop. p. For or ouurr b-bboy oy spec spec sp ecia ial,l, we se sent nt Ho Holllly Howe Hoow H wee to m meeeet eett graaf crew cr ew Burn Burn Bu rnin ing Ca Cand ndy dy to di disc disc scoovver veerr how ow their artwor orkk is hellppiing or ng to fund fillm. m...

While you may not be able to name all the members of graffiti crew Burning Candy off the top of your head, you’ll probably have seen one of their calling cards on walls scattered around London. From owls and crocodiles to skulls and monkeys, their prolific way of working has secured them a cult following. Now Cept, Cyclops, Dscreet, LL Brainwash, Mighty Mo, Rowdy and other assorted artists are working on a documentary about their art. The film – Dots – is currently in production and seems to be taking a different angle to the slightly monotonous interviews in graffiti doc Beautiful Losers

and Banksy’s documentaryslash-borderline comedy Exit Through the Gift Shop. Directed by The Baron, who used to be part of the crew but has since retired from graffing, the film follows each artist as they visit different countries that inspire their artistic style. Cyclops’ segment has already been shot in India, where he met local signmakers in Pondicherry and Mumbai in India. While the local artists seemed bemused by an Englishman who wanted to paint on walls simply for the sake of it, they embraced the challenge of transforming his artistic vision into a massive mural on a building that was due to be torn down.

The Baron explains: “At first they were bamboozled by us, yet despite the lack of shared vocabulary, aesthetics or even ideologies we somehow connected with the locals and created collaborative murals, which both sides were genuinely excited by. I think it highlights the power of this art form to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers to express some fundamental human truths in this world, things that everyone can relate to. We were totally exhilarated and inspired by the entire journey.” Perhaps the most interesting part of the project is that the general public can get onboard as co-producers. In order

to fund the making of the film, Burning Candy has produced a boxset of nine screenprints. As well as owning limited edition artwork (they’re only doing a print run of 150), buyers are also offered a percentage in the film’s profits for the next 10 years. Remember how Alec Guinness scored by choosing this option for the Star Wars films? Well, at least you get some nice art for your walls if this doesn’t go on to gross quite the same amount as a George Lucas film... For more info about the film or to buy a boxset, go to

WHO DOES WHAT? How to recognise a Burning Candy piece and where to find one… Cept’s signature style: Superheroes - Dalston, London Cyclops’ signature style: Skulls - Bristol Dscreet’s signature style: Owls - Shoreditch, London LL Brainwash’s signature style: Giant brains - Stokes Croft, Bristol Mighty Mo’s signature style: Monkeys Hackney Wick, London Rowdy’ signature style: Crocodiles - Camberwell, London


OLYMPIC LEGACY: Will There Be One? RWD and P.O.P. (Poverty of Opportunity Project) have once again linked up to provide media workshops for the Newham Summer School and Ape Media.

The group of 12-15 year-olds (consisting of Remi A.Forrest, Memoree Boakye, Dior Emanuel-Garwood, Nicole Fisher, Gabrielle Harreh, Hira Ikram, Shan Khalid, Hannah Modeste and Keanna Sherrif) were given a week’s training and work experience and then compiled an article on their own subject: The Olympic legacy... After creating surveys where people were for and against... We had more of an opinion on what the Olympics will leave behind... For - “The regeneration may be England’s legacy - hopefully there will be better shopping!” – Local resident Against - “Less money should be spent on the Olympics and more money should be spent on schools and hospitals; too many cuts have been made to schools.” - Local resident


n the Heart of London, Newham has risen and grasped the five Olympic rings which have made east London emerge on the map for something other than then the high rate of crime. A once in a life opportunity and we’re spending £9.3 billion (or more) to hold the event and celebrate. But how long can we celebrate for? A party lasts a night, carnival lasts a day and a legacy lasts a lifetime. Between two days the team went out and about to get the opinions of those who are affected by the Olympics. Between Stratford City and central London (Piccadilly to be precise) we posed questions to the public to find out what they thought. The feedback we got was a bundle of mixed emotions. One woman, who is a resident in Hackney said that the Olympics “will take away my childhood park (the Hackney Marshes) and raise house prices creating houses people can’t afford. So the people who actually live in the area, will not be able to afford houses in the area.” So, will there be a legacy? Some people believe that the Olympic legacy “will be that more young people will be involved in sports. After the Olympics is over the venues will be available to use for different activities and the football clubs want to buy the stadium so that will be good.” So what do you think this massive event will leave behind? Will it be that dreaded journey to work or school in the morning? “The Olympics will affect me because I frequently use the Jubilee Line, and that will be the main line transporting spectators to the Olympics,” said one person. Or will it be the new and improved infrastructure, the huge shopping centre that is Westfield, or the innovative sports facilities


guaranteed to last a lifetime? According to the Head Office, the budget for the Olympics was 11bn, however the website says the budget is £9.3bn. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, the company supplying the stainless steel says the Olympic project budget totalled up to £17bn??? Is the legacy of the Olympics worth the cost? You decide. From the top of podium we view a city, countless faces, awarding each other, handshakes and pleasant conversations instead of medals and our national anthem, as unity already lies in London. That’s our legacy! ‘Big love to Jonathan Mensah, S.K.I.T.Z. Beatz, MC Versatile, Sarah at RedTRAY, the security at St Albans House, Trevor and the staff at Ape Media and everyone at RWD for making the week so special.’ Newham Summer School Team. To get involved or to find out more information on P.O.P. email

STRYDER SAYS We caught up with east London resident Tinchy Stryder to find out what he thinks London 2012 Olympics will leave behind... “When I first heard the event was being held in east London I thought it was cool – knowing it was close to home, I can get there in a heartbeat – but I guess soon everyone started thinking, ‘How is it going to run?’ There are a few people that live close to it though who aren’t really happy with it. I guess it’s thumbs up... to an extent.”


This Is My Kickstape Vol. 1

20 leading DJs will be talking Kicks n Mixtapes as they tell SoleHeaven about their favourite sneaks and proving a 30 minute soundtrack in the mix...


Big Things Poppin’

This year y almost everyy festival has featured artists that have been in the pages p g of RWD for yyears now from Tinchyy Stryder y to Skepta p and Tinie Tempah p and with it beingg winter now you’d y think the festival season is over, but you’d y be wrong! g The Bigg Reunion, the UK’s biggest gg indoor winter festival is back with just j as sick if not a sicker line upp to rival anyy of the summer’s offerings. g


GIG GUIDE RED BULL MAJOR LAZER SOUNDSYSTEM NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL, AUGUST 2010 Mix the random nature of everyone’s favourite energy drink with the pure and utter wildness of the dynamic duo Diplo and Switch who make music to dagger to, and then dash in pure free food and drink, fire yielding robots, semi naked carnival dancers and you might just start to get a little impression of how the RWD crew like to spend their Bank Holidays. We caught up with the legend Lee Scratch Perry who’s so old all he could say was “Major Lazer are the future!” D&S pulled out all the stops by adding David Rodigan to the line up, who absolutely smashed the Westway to pieces, as did Toddla T. Joker meanwhile mixed everything from dubstep to garage to broken beats with ease before The Lazers topped off the night with a furious set featuring breaks, beats, dub and daggering aplenty; all in all just the type of Bank Holidays RWD do!!! (NS)


1 MGMT @ O2 Academy Brixton, Ldn 2 Mumford & Sons @ Manchester Apollo Example @ The O2 Academy, Leeds 3 Mark Ronson @ The O2 Academy, Leeds

5 Everything Everything @ ARU, Cambridge I Am Kloot @ Nottingham Rescue Rms 6 Plan B @ Rock City, Nottingham Villagers @ O2 Academy2, Oxford

Kano @ Metropolis, Bristol

7 Fenech Soler @ The Other Rooms, Newcastle

4 Hurts @ Oran Mor, Glasgow

8 Professor Green @ Junction, Cambridge

Kate Nash @ De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea

9 Crystal Castles @ The Academy, Dublin

10 O Children @ Nice And Sleazy, Glasgow

Glasgow 16 Tinchy Stryder @ Venue, Clacton-on-Sea

11 Chapel Club @ Brighton Concorde 2

20 I Blame Coco @ Scala, London

12 Skepta, Scorcher, Maverick Sabre, Mz Bratt + more @ Norwich Waterfront

21 Travie McCoy @ O2 Academy, Oxford

13 Brandon Flowers @ O2 Academy, Leeds

Eliza Doolittle @ Fat Sam’s Live, Dundee 23 Marina & the Diamonds @ Town Hall, Birmingham

14 Magnetic Man, Joker + more @ Roundhouse, London

25 Mystery Jets @ Junction, Cambridge

Darwin Deez @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut,

26 MistaJam + Donae’o

@ Tuesday Club, Sheffield 27 Imogen Heap @ Empire Music Hall, Belfast 28 Devlin @ Underworld, London Lissie @ Thekla, Bristol 29 Wiley, JME, The A-List, Fugative & Gracious K @ Manchester Club Academy Ellie Goulding @ O2 Academy, Glasgow 30 Lady Gaga @ Odyssey Arena, Belfast


Wretch 32

With his new single Traktor creating a buzz on the scene, Wretch 32 took some time to UnWind at his Wretchroboys office, to tell Rajveer Kathwadia about his new single, reveal his secret love for Take That and explain what he has in common with Mo from Eastenders... image by Verena Grotto




Like it or not 3D is going to be massive, so here are a few flicks that pack that extra dimension...


It seems tis the season to be jolly if you’re a fan of all things 3D. As you know, the technology isn’t exactly new - as Arsenal have been playing with an extra dimension for a couple of years now (despite not winning anything of course) - but 3D seems to slowly be taking off. Anyway, Milla is back as Alice and ready to turn virus infected undead into pavement mush without the blink of a heavily mascaraclad eyelash. This time she is looking to right the wrongs of the Umbrella Corporation and, with the help of a few friends, save as many survivors as possible. We expect machine guns, extra large rabid dogs and a lot of special effects. Can’t wait.



Universal Pictures

Vertigo Films and Entertainment One

Cert 12A


Despite there being the odd sick move (seriously, some of the choreography will go down in dance flick history) and an overly decent soundtrack (never gonna get that Flo Rida track out of our heads), when it comes to these Maryland School kids actually getting their dance on, it all gets a bit tedious after about 33 minutes. If we hadn’t witnessed this two times prior we’d have nothing but love for Step Up 3D. Unfortunately though, we have.

Making its way to a 3D screen near you is this UK celeb packed flick. The who’s who of UK reality TV dancers are in it too; George Samsung (joke), Flawless, Diversity, Akai Milan Osei – all of whom add a barrel of realism to the film that we originally wrote off. If your 3D Blu-ray player needs 98 minutes of semi-predictability, betrayal, ballet and more battles than an evening at a Wayne Rooney’s house, this is the perfect partner. Yes, you know exactly what is going to happen in the end but it’s fun getting there.



Sttopp breeak a in in and nd loc ocki kin’ n and nd play lay ssoome la ome me pop oppi pinn’’ coomp mputer uutter er gam meess.....

ADVANCE PREVIEW DEF JAM RAPSTAR 4mm Games/ Terminal Reality/ Def Jam Interactive PS3, Wii , Xbox 360

Remember, remember the fifth of November as this year we shall be celebrating more than just Guy Fawkes failed plot, but also the launch of Def Jam Rapstar. On that tuneful day it won’t just be fireworks in the air either as tunes from the likes of Wiley, 2Pac, Nas, Drake, Outkast, Salt-N-Pepa, Tinchy, N-Dubz and many, many more will all be belted out of living rooms up-and-down the country. Get ready to grab yourself a mic and join in the fun as Def Jam are about to make a few more MCs Fix Up, Look Sharp, from the comfort of their own homes. To see RWD journo extraordinaire Liam Tootill brush up on his rhyming ‘skills’ check




Bandai Namco

DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360

PS3, Xbox 360

There are so many additions in this new FIFA we don’t know where to start. Oh, yeah we do... Be A Goalkeeper mode. Who would have thought a 15 year career in-between the sticks would be so interesting? As we got our Petr Çech on we neglected the Pro Passing, multi-player celebrations, the 360 Fight for Possession - that ignites 50/50 challenges, turning them into a duel to the death... The Personality Plus and the mammoth 11 vs. 11 Online Team Play make this the best FIFA yet.

Inspired by the classic retro TV series Monkey (ask your kung-fu loving Pops about that one) comes the beautifully designed Enslaved: Odyssey Of The West. The game takes place on a postapocalyptic earth ruled by machines and you take control of Monkey along with his pint-sized partner Trip. Not only does this combine a sheer brutal combat system with gorgeous visuals that would make any eye pop, it’s pretty fun to play too. Throw in some free running and you’ve got a game with pure potential. (JG)


We follow Noble team through the eyes of newcomer Nobel 6, a character with a history of being a lone wolf. You’re quickly instructed to leave that behaviour behind as Reach is more of a team-playing game than in the past. The campaign plays the same as any Halo game - clear an area of bad guys and move on - although the much hyped space battles help to break it up a bit. As ever, the presentation is flawless, and an excellent cast of actors gives it an epic feel. This is the game you’ll be playing online each night with your friends.

F1 2010

NHL 11



PC, PS3, X360

PS3, Xbox 360

We’re still trying to work out why they’re bringing out a 2010 branded F1 game in 2010, with 2011 looming. Surely this game will be redundant in two months? Anywho, we’re not that troubled by this irrelevant info as we’ll be playing it next year and beyond. As this is an official FIA licensed game all of the drivers appear including legend/ dinosaur Schumacher - which adds to the drama during career mode. We haven’t seen an F1 game on the 360 in a while; it was worth the wait. Check for more.

Improved motion graphics mean you’re less likely to use this year’s outing as a coaster.

UKG/ GRIME/ DUBSTEP/ BASSLINE CHART BY DJ CHEWY 01 MAGNETIC MAN Perfect Stranger (Columbia) Making a massive impact nationally with a flurry of amazing releases, the Trio known as Magnetic are truly brilliant producers. Alongside Katy B, who also features regularly at the top end of the charts, check the Benga remix of this one. 02 DIGITAL MYSTIKZ Return II Space (DMZ) Mala delivers one of the best individual producer albums I have heard to date. A feat of engineering is delivered from one of the pioneers of the dubstep foundations - make sure you check Livin Different. 03 THE FIVES It’s What We Do (Promo) The biggest and most soulful UK funky vocal track around, this is definitely aimed at the female gender with its catchy hooks. The London based production unit have a lot of tracks waiting in the wings to be released... keep your ears out. 04 ICICLE Xylophobia / Minimal Dub (Shogun Audio) Yet another absolute nugget from Icicle boasting his trademark hypnotic drum patterns. Like those nodding dogs you see in old people (and Danny Walker’s) cars, you will automatically feel yourself rocking and swaying from the very first few chords. 05 SKREAM Listening To The Records On My Wall / Give you Everything (Tempah) Outstanding as always. There are hundreds of Skream productions around, but these two are particularly special. The song of the lengthy title is for the connoisseurs and tech heads, whereas Give You Everything, Ft. Freckles has more international appeal. 06 DIGITAL DUBSTAR 2012 Riddim (Babylon Shall Fall) (Promo) The award for most consistent producer of 2010 goes to Digital Dubstar, who is something like the urban Stock Aiken and Waterman. If you are too young to know who they are, ask your mum! 07 SKEPTA, P DIDDY & DIRTY MONEY Hello Good Morning (Interscope) It’s great to hear the amazing support this remix has received across so many channels. Skeppy has over delivered on this gripping refix, but also check out the multitude of various remixing around, of which Green Money is the best. 08 COOKIE MONSTA Ginger Pubes / Blurgh (Circus Records) Simply terrifying. This could be the theme music for some horrific futuristic film where the sound of the lazer beams create the basslines that run through out the main track (the brilliantly titled) Ginger Pubes. 09 KRYPTIC MINDS Follow Me / Rubberman (Osiris Music) This is one of those tracks that is minimal yet very catchy and therefore shifting a good few units. Not quite my cup of tea, but it has to get charted just the same. Look out for the next couple of release on 10 MAGNETIC MAN I Need Air (Columbia) With two killer tracks in circulation, the production team of Artwork, Benga and Skream deserve all the credit they get. Their commitment and dedication to the dubstep scene is outstanding and they are great ambassadors. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

REDLIGHT FT. MS DYNAMITE What You Talking About (MTA Records) CASPA Geordie Racer (Sub Soldiers) COLI & ASHBURNER Field Of Vibrations (Clandestine Records) DJ G Pressure (Wheel & Deal) FUNTCASE Dubsteppa (No Comply) FRACTURE & QUALIFIED Get Loose (Compound One Records) BOGORE Passion Pit Sleepy Head (Rmx Records) DJ NAUGHTY Goose Bumps (Kicks and Snares) DELETED SCENES Terminate (Deleted Scenes) SUKH KNIGHT Gabba Wasp (Nasha Records)

LAST WORD: Crazy Legs You can’t have a breakin’ issue without the man, the myth, the legend who forever goes by the name of Crazy Legs. Thanks to him and the iconic Rock Steady Crew – who created the formula in which B-Boy culture thrives today – hip hop never looked so good. Danny Walker grabs a few lasts from the past...

RWD mag Oct 10  

RWD mag Oct 10