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Last year, we had a pretty successful shot at predicting who would blow up in 2010; between is, we picked out Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Rusko, Jessie J, Joker, Hurts, Glee, Ellie Goulding, Devlin, Nicki Minaj, SBTV, Chase & Status and B.o.B. Though some have yet to totally combust (Sky Ferreira, Daisy Dares You, Rita Ora, Delphic, Bluey Robinson, Maxsta, Griminal and Marvell), we have faith that most of those guys will also be doing big things in 2011. But that was last year, what about next? In your grubby little hands, you will find our favourites for 2011. Among them, cover star Skepta is shining very, very brightly. Of course our older readers will know Skeppy inside out and back to front, but we think ‘11 is going to be the year for Joseph Junior Adenuga. Co-signed by Diddy, signed to Ministry and with an album that boasts street tracks and chart hits, watch the Boy Better Know-er become 2011’s Chip/ Tinie/ Tinchy. He’s not the only one with a whole lot of pop potential; Emile Sande, Yasmin, Roxxx, Wretch, Maverick Sabre, Hannah Murray, Yelawolf, Yogi, True Tiger, and Lewi White are among the actors, singers, MCs and labels we’re backing for 2011. Also inside, we catch up with last year’s No.2, Nicki Minaj. You know how long I’ve been backing her, so interviewing Onika Maraj was basically incredible. I also caught up with Chasing Pavements star, Adele, while Mz. Bratt and Baby Blue popped by the office for a quick game of Def Jam Rapstar. They’ll defo be doing big things in 2011 too...! Some people you might notice that aren’t included are the likes of Ed Sheeran, and G FrSH, but that’s because we’ve already tipped them heavily this year. Mark our words though, those boys are among our favourite acts in the world right now and 2011 will doubtless be good to them. Let us know what you think of our list, and who else you would have liked to see in there on Twitter and our all new Facebook page ( RWDmagfans) or over on

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Hattie gets the goss from Nicki Minaj...


Italian make-up artist Analisa Sarno, 23, lives in Bedford, but travels all over for work. The girl who loves spending time at the gym has been with RWD for over a year, and has made everyone from Tinie, Joe Cole and Eliza Doolittle look picture-perfect. Sarno is tipping the increase of mineral make-up in 2011. “It’s easy on the skin, protects against free radicals in the environment and nourishes the skin,” she tells us. Sarno also has big plans for herself for 2011. “I’d love for my work to be recognised all over the world and I want my own make-up line.”

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It looks like 2011 will be the year of the compliant, especially if your emails continue in such a fashion. The best this month comes from Jose who wins a Sony Ericsson X10 mini with brand new Sony Ericsson LiveView (the micro device that allows you to control your music, social networking and more)... Check for yours...

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Hey RWD, I have always been a massive football gaming fan. Ever since the millennium when I played FIFA 2000 and was blown away, I quickly became rather good at football games and spent most of my spare time playing them. I then found Pro Evolution Soccer and fell in love. I became a Pro fan and would always tell people how much better it was than FIFA, until I came across FIFA 10, this game is by far the best footballing game available, even now! I love it, ok there are minor faults with it, but I recently went out and purchased FIFA 11! I was so excited, honestly. I couldn’t believe it when I finally managed to get round to play it! IT SUCKS BALLS! Seriously people, take heed, this game is a major, major disappointment. [Ed: Jose proceeds to passionately point out all that make FIFA 11 terrible, but, to be honest, we got a bit bored reading it]. I am honestly so angry 6 / RWDMAG.COM

and frustrated with this, they have basically created nothing and are charging £40 all over again! If I was you I’d just stick to FIFA 10. Jose Wow, we know about the Pro vs. FIFA debacle but we didn’t even know about the FIFA 10 vs. FIFA 11 debate. With Jose at the forefront, let the fight begin. RWD! Firstly Pink Friday on Saturday SMH?!?! Umm 11 Tracks... discounting track four Right Thru Me already released! So we’re down to 10. What kinda crap is that, surely she could have asked Drake to co-write more songs rather than that not impressed at all. I suggest no one buy it and rip it off. SHE BETTER PULL SOME SERIOUS STUNT. ‘Nicki Minaj’s Stan’ Whoa, whoa, whoa, ‘Stan’ you need to calm down, buddy. Stop typing in your own blood and listen up; Pink Friday was released on 19 November so you may need to talk to your digital download provider as they’ve cost you a whole day of Miss Minaj. And ripping albums off, that is just low. Put your money where your month is. Good Morning, I have a copy of your latest magazine and have fallen in love with the shoes from Geox on page 27. However, I can’t find these on their website. Could you let me know how to get these, is

there another website where I can purchase these? Many thanks in advance, Lauren Anthony Hey Lauren we’ve just replied to you via email. Thanks again for your interest in our style pages, as we’ve said we’re waiting for our stylist on these. We agree they’re pretty though. Hey RWD, Very recently, my clothing label ‘Down with Christ’, was in newspapers such as The Independent on Sunday & Kent News for its ongoing battle to obliterate the stereotype that teenagers are just thugs or gangsters, especially when seen in a group for the way they dress. The clothing label began in March 2010 – creating mainly hoodies, (these were seen as the main negative aspect in most teens) t-shirts and now hats and scarves with cool but positive statements on them, such as ‘Run Demon Flee’, ‘I’m not a thug’ and ‘Got Christ?’ (For the Christians out there). I gave the clothing a Christianbased theme to make it a little less general, but we are now making the “Aspire to Inspire” project so that ANYONE can wear the apparel. The goal is to correct the view that not all teenagers are negative people – and I would appreciate so very much if my works to fight such a stereotype was placed in a magazine for young people by young people? Fidel ???? Really??? Just, like, reallly?!!?!?


The dubstep DJ and producer, who has just signed to Mercury, fills us in on his Tips for 2011... “I’m really into Jessie J - she has an epic live show. Also Smiler, he’s a great rapper with a killer old school flow. I’ve worked with him on my next single. Thirdly I’d say Rizzle Kicks - a fresh young talent from Brighton who has just signed to Island. A couple of likely lads, they should do well... Fourth I’d say James Blake because I liked his cover of Feist and finally Maverick Sabre, who is signed to the same label as me. We worked together very recently. Generally though, people aren’t really pushing forward creativity, but that’s ok because it leaves space for those of us who are! My style is all about crossing over and introducing people to music they wouldn’t listen to, and doing that in lots of different ways!”



RWDMAG.COM USERS CAST THEIR VOTE Each month we give you the chance to answer our Quick Question. This month:

Who is the best on Pow 2011?

Chipmunk, the grime scene saviour (0%)

P Money, the jaw-side levitator! (10%) Ghetts, delivers the hype (10%)

Wiley, his new flow is like Buuddududadada (48%)

Gaz Says: “Kano stepped up to the plate I think his bars speak for themselves!!!”

Young Fury Playa Says: “Wiley smashed the whole Pow 2011 to pieces with his Buuddudududdadada drop.”

Kano, ‘hood’ like ‘little red riding...’ (19%)

2Face, goes hardeeer!!! (0%) JME, one word... BLAM!!! (10%)

Lethal Bizzle, the DENCH guys goes fast like Usain Bolt!!! (5%)


> Dr Dre Gives Kush and Detox Release > Jay-Z Recorded Three Tracks With Vybz Kartel For Blueprint > JLS Reveal Love Your More Artwork > Westwood To Debut Pow 2011 > Cher Lloyd Boood At Tinie Tempah Gig


> Lethal Bizzle Ft. JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, Ghetts etc. Pow 2011 > Wiley Pow 2011 Dubplate > Chipmunk Champion Ft. Chris Brown > Tinchy Stryder Game Over Remix > Kano 64 Bars Of Death


> True Tiger Slang Like This Remix > Skepta Vs N-Dubz So Alive > Aggro Santos Like You Like > JLS Outta This World Interview > Janiece Myers Ft. Wiley Underground ...


> MAC Cosmetics Collaborate With Nicki Minaj > adidas Originals We Are London > Nike Officially Reopen Niketown > adidas x Disney x Toy Story Trainers > Fashion Feature Play Dot Apparel


CALVIN OSEI REVIEWS Black Eyed Peas The Time (Dirty Bit) “Er...excuse me, seeing as the tune’s sample pretty much goes hand in hand with the film, we couldn’t get nothing in this video paying homage to Dirty Dancing or its era? No Swayze lookalike (R.I.P!)l? And no, that lazy hi-top Will.I.Am is still moving with is not enough of a representation. The track is pure garbage: picked a random song and sampled it for hook, didn’t you guys? And you’ll still make that young mula from it baby! As for the video, all I see is cliché visuals of people skanking extra hard in some any medium-lit venue/ bar... bare subliminal shameless plugs. The main theme here seems to be people turning all squarish/ 3D on us, which in reality, would be quite siiick. Well that is until toilet-time.”


1. It’s going to be a LONG day 2. Well well well... 3. STOP PRESS - @truetiger’s SLANG LIKE THIS REMIX VIDEO EXCLUSIVE!!! 4. Mega LOL as @hattiecollins battles @iambabyblue on Def Jam Rapstar... guess who’s winning?



1. @itzmarger @IamBabyBlue. Apart from dat u been good! I see our review 4 @iluvlive in @RWDmag! Its a good look trus 2. @BBManik This month’s @RWDmag is 5 out 5 simply for the Tempa T article 3. @Urban Nerds @RWDmag Big love to RWD for gig pick of the month! NYE is gone be fire!



Seeking some self-improvement in her life, journo, consultant, blogger and mentor, Chantelle Fiddy (tries to) find a life. This month: Music to your ears

The Internet; it’s the bane of my life. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Yes we can thank the net for many things, one of which is the power to seek out an endless stream of new music at any given opportunity. But if I had a pound for every link I’d clicked on to be greeted by another swag loop and grating vocal, the taxman would be my (good) friend. During my weekly sessions sifting through promos, I now double up and use the time for target practice, rotating the bin around the office in order to keep the levels up as I throw CDs like it’s nothing. Admittedly, I may be suffering from an extreme case of wack music overload but anyone can find themselves in this position. So, who should we be looking to in 2011 to remove us from musical hell? Since witnessing the commercial success of Katy B, Magnetic Man and the likes, it seems like every major record label is nodding towards dubstep for inspiration. There’s also something of a middle finger been upped to those who are still opting for cheesy pop as a way to garner success. Word has it even Radio 1 are looking for the urban masses to come hard. No pun intended. While RWD have been filtering through the newcomers, there’s still many-a-hidden gem creeping out from under the radar. Island Record’s new signing Alex Clare, with his Diplo produced debut (along with RWD faves James Blake and Jamie Woon) looks set to make a lot of the right noise. A boy band with a difference, combining some hard dubstep b-lines with R&B vocals, are the trio Encore whose debut Make Your Mind Up will be released soon. The new year should also see a massive battle ensue amongst a spate of new girl bands (shouts to Duchess, Wifey Material and the rest), the staggering number of soul and R&B boys ready to be let out of the major label stable (the list is ridiculous), and the high standards been set by the new wave of girl singers (our money’s on Jessie J and Clare Maguire, obvs). Acts like Clement Marfo & The Frontline, Sparks, Ruby Goe, Yo Video, Empress and JLD are also one’s to be watching. Where the underground’s concerned, P Money, K Koke, Joe Blacks, MDot-E, Kozzie, Lioness and Maxsta are a clear sign of the times – this generation of rhyme-slingers are upping the levels, yet again. If you’re still wondering where to seek out the next big thing, never fails (one of my favourite discoveries ever, Doorly, comes courtesy of these guys). And if you can’t find what you’re looking for here or on, there’s only one thing left to do – go make it yourself. 10 / RWDMAG.COM




To celebrate the unveiling of the new Puma King Finale – which has really upped its vibrancy and comfort levels– we’ve linked up with the brand’s fast-thinking football department for a special project. From this very moment we’re looking for a talented individual who knows how to hit the target on and off the field. Could you be next in line to the Puma King throne?

Over the next two issues we’ll be looking to find the most skilful, dedicated and passionate player to be the face of RWD’s Puma King campaign. Not only will you win a bag full of Puma King goodies (boots, apparel, balls, a holdall and more) and a years supply of Puma King boots, you’ll star in a photo shoot that will appear in the next issue of RWD. And you know what that means; not only will you walk away with a whole new football wardrobe and appear in these very pages as a star, you’ll also get those all important bragging rights over your mates. It’s very easy to apply too; if you know someone who’s good with a ball, if you yourself are the star of the team or if (like us) you’re simply a fan of Puma King and would love to win some gear, then simply drop a reason, a video link or an image of why you should be RWD and Puma’s front man. Send that info via email to (subject: The New King) with your full contact details before Monday 3 January 2011 and you’ll literally be in the running.


ENOUGH ALREADY: Justin Bieber Bobs

Imagine a time when 10 year-old kids just did what they were told. Imagine a country that shaved the head’s of their young as part of an innovative coming-of-age ceremony. Imagine a planet far far far away from here. Imagine Justin Bieber lived there... words by Danny Walker image by Jiro Bevis

We have nothing against Canada’s answer to a human mop; in fact let it be known that MANY in the RWD office have succumbed to Bieber Fever (haven’t they Staff Writer Jerry Gadiano). However, if you brush that potent pop to one side, shave-off a couple of zillion fans and comb-out all the awards, you’re left with nothing but a boy. A big-haired, wavy-fringed, Yeti-head of a boy, one that couldn’t tell the difference between a trim and a trombone. With each video release his audience grows and so does his hair and for every strand on Bieber’s bonce there are 10,000 prepubescent pupils rocking the exact same look. We’ve decided that it’s Justin Bieber’s fault that half the boys under the age of 18 need assistance washing their own face. If you’re reading this doing your best impression of someone who’s recently had a wig shop explode in their face, it’s time to re-evaluate your head-top. Take a moment (preferably in the chair at a salon or a barbers) to think to yourself, ‘Do I really need this much bloody hair?’ The minute you were able to plait your eyebrows and your fringe together, the moment birds started nesting behind your ears, and the second that badger cub tried to suckle from the back of your head you should have immediately cut your curls. Firstly, so you can actually get to college/ school/ work on time (we know that nit haven takes you at least 37 minutes to tame). Secondly, the only people who should look like The Beatles 14 / RWDMAG.COM

are sad, nostalgic tribute acts that buy themselves a signed copy of a toilet seat that John Lennon may (or may not) have sat on. Thirdly, surely the Red Cross or someone can salvage your locks once they’ve been locked-off? They could build a dam? Construct a few mud huts? Stitch together a patchwork peace sign and wave it in front of tanks??? Don’t worry fans of normality; we’re working on a plan. If we grab some garden shears and let loose on X Factor’s very own band of Biebers, One Direction, then work our way north, we could be back to barnet basics by spring 2011. With Liam, Harry, Sleepy, Dopey and Sneezy sporting decent haircuts, it could start a hairvolution. Teenage boys will finally be able to see where they were going, skate parks will look less like zoos and McDonalds can issue a lot less hairnets. So to make the world a neater, brighter place – especially for those jobless Chewbacca chaps who keep walking into lampposts – join us as we say, ‘No, to everyone who owns, wants or adores the big Bieber bob!!!’, ‘No, to those who constantly flick their wrap-around tramp toupee like a three year-old girl’ and finally ‘No, to any boy who uses his hair dryer more than his games console.’ What’s the matter with you? And more importantly what’s the matter with the dead bear’s armpit on your head? If we had our way that ‘look’ would be banned and every place you tried to attend a bouncer would shout, ‘If your mane’s not down you’re not coming in!!!’



RWD has been slightly obsessed by Nicki Minaj since we heard her on the Come Up DVD Beam Me Up Scotty further solidified our love for this NYC rapper, who has proven she’s just as good – if not better – than the boys. So when she wonderd if we’d like to go to the Big Apple for an interview we said ‘Hell, yes!” In an actual exclusive interview (and we mean exclusive), we head to NY to hang out with the hottest rapper in the game right now... 17


s. Minaj is not happy. She was supposed to arrive at MAC’s make-up emporium an hour ago but due to “some styling issues”, she’s now running behind schedule. “I’m so upset,” she says quietly, waiting for the camera-man to get the shot set up (you can watch this interview over on RWDmag. com). Outside, 300 odd fans shout “We love you Nicki” and “Let her out”, causing a huge smile to break out on her face. “I love my Barb’s,” she sighs in her thick Noo York tones. “I don’t like not being able to stop and really cherish the moment,” she says of moments before, when she and her floor length white fur coat were whisked through the crowd and into the shop. “This is my debut album and to have all those people out there and stand and wait, just to have me sign something, and be so passionate? I can’t believe it’s for me. I can’t believe this is my album, this is my city, this is where I’m from...” It is all for Minaj though and it’s justifiable. After a series of hot guestspots for Mariah, Gucci, Usher and, of course, Kanye, we’re finally getting a whole, official, completed album from Onika Tanya Maraj. We caught up with The Harijuku Barbie/ Roman Zolanski/ Nicki Lewinski/ Nicki The Ninja, to talk Fridays being Pink, the Royal Family, gropy Rihanna, Eminem, Kanye and the beginning of her Monster career...

11.06am, MAC Store, Times Square. How are you feeling about Pink Friday? I feel incredible. I feel like I’m the king of the world! All of the people who have talked to me have told me it makes them want to laugh, to cry, that it inspires them, it makes them want to kick somebody’s ass... it does all of those things. It’s a very diverse album. How does it differ to the mixtapes? I think Pink Friday is an extension of my last mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty, because it still has the hard spitting, the craziness, that people have come across and liked, but it also takes me another step so that I can connect to more people. Also in songs like Save Me, where I sing the whole song, it was important for me to do a whole record like that because I wanted people to see my vulnerable side as well. I’ve always done vulnerable records on the mixtapes, but I wanted to do it even softer, even more laidback. Explain your process in the booth. How the hell do you physically create bars like Blazin’ and Monster for example... I approach it like I have something to prove. Coincidentally Kanye is on Blazin’ too and he’s on Monster of course, and whenever I do records like that I think ‘If this is my last time to say something to the hip hop world, what would I say?’ How would I thank people, talk about my past, prepare them for my future and also do it with style and swag. How did you initially meet and start working with Kanye? Well I was great friends with Amber Rose when they were dating and she had recommended me to him for his album and finally I guess he relented (laughs). One day I got a call from her and she said Kanye wanted me to come down to Hawaii and record for the album. He told me I could pick what I wanted to be on, I heard the beat for Monster, I fell in love with it and that’s how the Monster verse happened. When it came to me putting my album out, I was like ‘I can’t have an album without Kanye, he has to be a part of it’. He’s become my mentor, he gives me advice, he hits me, takes random pictures off-line and says ‘Oh this is a good picture of you’. He’s really into fashion so he’s a good person to have a well-rounded conversation with. Another guest is, of course, Drake on Moment 4 Life where he talks about you guys getting married. C’mon, what’s going on with you two! [In British accent] I don’t know darling –

one day maybe I will run away with him and get married. He will make a great husband I think; he’s smart, he’s talented, he’s all of those great things darling, but as of right now it’s just a fantasy. Nice accent. What’s with your love of the UK please? I don’t know, since I was little I’ve imitated the accent. I remember I watched the movie Gladiator a billion and ten times just so I could learn everything they were saying and say it in the accent. It’s the way you guys speak and you always make lots of facial expressions and I love making faces too... I think it just sounds amazing. My first rap with Wayne I said ‘You be Harry Potter and I’ll be Hermione’. So I’ve always been obsessed with you guys, this is not new. You mention ‘the little white lady’ in your raps quite a bit - what would you say to the Queen if you met her? I want to meet her so bad! If I was to meet the Queen I would bow down and I would give her a wig! This wig [points to bleached blond wig with rainbow dipped ends] would be so fly on the Queen – oh my God can you imagine? So Prince William is getting married, but Prince Harry is still going... Well you know what, tell Prince Harry to call me! I feel like I’m almost about to be royalty. If he teamed up with me, I think I could make him look good. I think we’d be a good couple. I’d help him step his game up. How on earth did the track with Brit chick Natasha Bedingfield come about? I loved that song These Words that she did. I was right here in Manhattan, working as an office manager, and I would play that song over and over and over. So cut to three years later and I’m making my album and we thought we’d reach out to see if she’d be on it. I didn’t even know if she’d know me. Her voice is amazing, she is amazing, she is beautiful. When we spoke, I felt like I was talking to someone I’d known for years because she wasn’t at all cocky or whatever, she was down to earth. We have a record called Last Chance and I loved what she did on there - she added her own thing and gave the record life. How was working with Shady on Roman’s Revenge? He was very hands-on, very involved. To me, he was the most involved artist I worked with on the album. It seems he really, really cares about the art. The art, >> 19

<< not the business and all this other stuff, this hoopla, it’s just like we’re in there and spitting and it comes back to raw hip hop. When Em sent his stuff in, I knew it was classic. Who could really pull Eminem, Kanye, Drake, Natasha, Rihanna, all on one record? Who does that? Me! Who has the best verse on Monster? [Laughs] I don’t know! Everyone had the best verse on that song! I love what I did on the record but I love what everyone did on the record too. Lets go back. I’m The Best details your moving from Trinidad to NYC as a kid. How was your childhood? Being in Trinidad, we didn’t have much. I didn’t know that we didn’t have much though. I didn’t realise we were in a friggin house with three bedrooms with 15 people living there. My parent’s moved to the States, they sent for me, and I thought everything was going to be great. But, as people kind of know, my father fell victim to drug and alcohol abuse so it was an uphill battle for a very, very long time because, you know, he was really, really addicted and he was stealing from us. My mother had to make ends meet the best way she knew how. So really when I talk about my life in records like I’m The Best, I’m just saying after all of that, here’s what I’ve accomplished and I feel like I’m the best. With that, Nicki is whisked away to do more promo. Seeing our sad little face though, she decides we can meet again later and catch up some more. YES! 12.32am, Best Buy, Union Square. It’s late and RWD is severely jetlagged. We’ve spent the last three hours at Best Buy (a cavernous Argos, basically) watching Nicki do a signing for her ‘Barbs and Kens’. The line is never-ending but Nicki refuses to leave until everyone is inked and happy. When she’s finally done, she looks as tired as we do. She frowns as the make-up artist touches up her face, but seeing how terrible we look, she breaks into a sympathetic smile. “What time have you been up since? You must be exhausted. God, I could fall asleep sitting here,” she mumbles to no-one in particular. As soon as the camera is switched on though, she collects herself, turns on that billion-watt smile and gets to work Lets talk about Rihanna. It seems like you’re pretty good friends... It’s funny, Rihanna was one of the first people to reach out to me about me writing. I didn’t even know anyone 20 / RWDMAG.COM

would really consider me for that, I didn’t know that people knew I’d been writing R&B records for a long time, and had left them sitting there, never knowing what was happening with them. So I got a call, and I remember getting on the phone with her and I was so starstruck (laughs). She was like ‘You’ve got a nice flow’ and I’m like ‘Huh?’ cos I’m thinking she’s like this goody two-shoes but she’s actually

“TELL PRINCE HARRY TO CALL ME! I FEEL LIKE I’M ALMOST ABOUT TO BE ROYALTY. IF HE TEAMED UP WITH ME, I THINK I COULD MAKE HIM LOOK GOOD. I THINK WE’RE BE A GOOD COUPLE. I’D HELP HIM STEP HIS GAME UP....” very into rap. She didn’t wind up using the things that I sent for that album at that time but we wound up having a mutual respect for each other. So I knew eventually something would happen... And so now when I see her, she fondles me and stuff like that... She fondles you? Yeah. She fondled me at the VMAs and the AMA’s (laughs). I love her. Right now she’s that girl that everybody loves. I’m so proud to have worked with her. Is she a good fondler? Let’s just say she’s the best fondler ever because security didn’t hem her up and she left to tell about it! Is the song you’re talking about the one over Chase & Status’s Saxon? Yes! That’s the one I was talking about it ‘I shut it down already!’ Do you know much about them? Yeah, dubstep. After I did that song is when I got to hear about them because everyone was going crazy on Twitter but I had never really heard about them prior to that. But I love what they do. Do you know any other UK music? No. Not yet. So no Wayne on Pink Friday? Is that because he was in prison?

Absolutely. It just so happened that it was during those months that I was recording Pink Friday was when he was gone and it broke my heart. But everything happens for a reason. Of course we’ll record on my other 10 albums in the future... When did you feel the shift that all this might be possible for you as an artist? I think it may have been when I got the call to be on Kanye’s album. That’s when I started thinking ‘Hmm.’ Cos they have their little circle and I didn’t really expect to be accepted in that little circle. Once I knew I was getting on his album I felt like ‘This might be a movement’. This is big for a female rapper to be on a Kanye album. What are you offering to music that has meant the co-sign of Kanye etc.? I think I bring a different look, a different perspective, a different sound. It’s weird because when people see me dress they probably don’t really see Southside Jamaica, Queens. But that’s where I’m from. So I feel like I have this really, really hood background and then when people see me it’s almost like you’re taking a glimpse into Tokyo for a minute, or London or Paris, or wherever it is. I feel like I represent girls of all colours and shapes and all that. And also with the gay community, I feel like I’m someone just about everyone can identify with. I don’t exclude anybody. There’s a lot of sexual ambiguity in your lyrics... I do it because the way I rap is the way I speak, it’s conversational. So I try not to limit what I put in my raps. I think I should be able to say women are beautiful and I don’t find a problem with that. If you want to read more into it, then that’s on you (laughs). Maybe it makes a better fantasy in your brain, but I just do what I do. I like to compliment girls and make them feel proud and make them feel better about who they are, no matter how they look. What are your hopes for 2011? I want to be a mogul; I want to have multiple businesses where I can employ people who are eager to learn. I want to have foundations where I can put people through college; I want my Barbs to be smart and to not depend on boys! I’d like to be remembered as one of the great rappers and a mogul, an actress, a mom and a wife. Pink Friday is out now.


>Nicki was wearing a tan and black leather dress by Howard Grant, a floor-length white fur coat and some insane Guiseppe heels. >She has a huge pink mirror that she uses to check she’s looking a-ok. >She’s managed by industry mogul James Cruz, the same man who manages Diddy. >She was constantly accompanied by her assistant, SB, a childhood friend who is rumoured to be her boyfriend. >She took extra time out during the signing for a dude called Marco who had traveled all the way from Italy just for the signing. >Two days after the interview we saw Nicki perform at the Hammerstein ballroom – she bought out Ri-Ri, Busta, Keyshia Cole, Drake and Kanye as guests. >When she performed Monster with Kanye, RWD nearly thrw ourselves off the balcony in excitement. >In fact, we got so excited, we lost our iPhone 4. But got it back again, luckily. Shout to the honest girl who handed it in.



Tablets I think it was Moses who appeared from the heavens with Ten Commandments scribbled on a tablet. Do you think it was an early iPad?... words by Danny Walker


(, From £429) Finally, Apple’s iOS 4.2 software makes its way into what is still a must-own gadget for anyone under the age of 103. Now you can make pretty little folders, print, find text in Safari and utilise a few other essentials all from the comfort of your Pad. More importantly, multitasking has made a belated entrance. Despite its few faults (price, lack of Flash, etc.) expect everyone and their dog to have one in 2011. Buyability: If you don’t ask, you don’t get. In the iPad’s case you better beg. Longevity: We fear a duel camera-wielding iPad 2.0 is just over the Jobs shaped horizon. J Factor: If you buy it they will hate.


(, From £249.99) Another day another Android-based device. This time it’s Creative’s (remember them) turn to deliver the best from the Marketplace. Using their prestigious audio knowledge the brand have worked hard on the crystal-clear sound quality. With WiFi, Bluetooth, an SD card slot and the ability to playback 720P HD quality movies (even on your own big screen) this is looking more affordable by the day. Buyability: Android 2.1 has many loveable apps to make this a pocket-saving winner. Longevity: 8GB or 16GB, we know which will last longer. J Factor: That front-facing VGA camera is a good look, literally.


(, From £269) When you launch FIVE Android-ready tablets you’re very serious about this market and Archos aren’t mucking about. The smooth designs, fast web browsing and the high-res screen of the 10.1 attracted us to it and at just 12mm think, we’re sure it will catch your eye too. With a 1GHz processor and the ability to use 3G (whilst tethering to someone else’s connection via Bluetooth or USB) the 10.1 brings some Archos quality to the table. Buyability: It’s not too late to get us the 16GB version for Christmas, please. Longevity: Hmmmmm, Archos do love a hardware update. The jury’s out on longevity. J Factor: Friends won’t be jealous, well until they see the price of course. 22 / RWDMAG.COM



(, £TBC) Everyone knows that BlackBerry do email and Instant Messaging well. Very well. What they lack in apps and games they make up in professionalism and reliability. So imagine our surprise when they decided to jump into the topsy-turvy tablet race. Well they’re diving in feet first, 1GHz duel-core processor, 1GB RAM, Adobe Flash, HTML 5, Bluetooth, WiFi, HD display, HD cameras and of course BBM. Did someone at Apple HQ just do an iPoop??? Buyability: That 7” display (1024x600) looks perfect. Longevity: Expect this to be around for a while, well done BlackBerry. J Factor: A couple of Flash animations and even iPad owners will be blushing.

Already have a tablet? Then check these...


(, From £399) We first saw the quirky Dell Streak in the flesh in the queue for the B-Boy Championships, both the owner and the tablet knew we were staring. Whilst fixated we noticed the 5” scratch-resistant screen looked rather wholesome and so did the Streak’s sleek finish. Fitting neatly in the hand this Android OS-packing, WiFi, 3G, GPS, Twitter, HD camera, Flickr, phone call and Facebook featuring innovation, will be around for some time to come. Buyability: Finally when you get hands-on with the unit you’ll notice it multitasks... well. Longevity: Known for their affordability Dell’s build quality on the Streak is still somewhat under the microscope. J Factor: It won’t make them that jealous but it’s worth a try.

GOOD: Cloak iPad Case (, £49.99) Serve and protect!!!


SWAG: Pen and paper (Your Local Sweetshop, About £1.15) Do you remember when this was the one?

(, £469) Utilising the power of Android 2.2 this 7” WVGA touchscreen allows you to pinch, swipe, poke and pull at your tablet to your heart’s content. When you actually get your hands on this 3G enabled, social networking, app-eating, Flash-supporting wonder slate you’ll realise that the race to the top of the tablet league table is not over yet. Buyability: Not as slick as as the iPad but just as functional. Longevity: Just try and put it down before you can even think about getting rid of it. J Factor: HD movies on the move, who won’t get envious of that?

LOVELY: Jorno (, $79) Folding Bluetooth keyboards have never looked so good.



“I use wax. Soft wax is really good. I have a friend who gets me loads of free products actually.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £1.69) This 30ml tub of gum is perfect for your days at the gym Jonathan, pop it out of your bag and straight onto your hair (wet or dry). Even the smallest amount of gum will sort out those loose strands of hair and it works wonders on the ol’ fringe. Define natural curls or simply sort that mop out, it’s up to you.


After last month’s successful refreshing of James, the ReFresh team are back again to show a new ReFreshee the light. We’ve grabbed some scissors, some moisturiser and some new threads to brighten up the day of Jonathan Arkwright... words by Danny Walker directed by DJB photography by Kevin Joseph hair by Michael Damiano for Wahl makeup by Analisa Sarno shirt by


Reading RWD for... “years.” During the day... “if I’m not going for castings I work in the gym.” I like to... “go for drinks with friends. Cinema and the usual kind of stuff. I like going to concerts too; I’m really into dubstep, Plan B and some old skool.” How long do you take to get ready before you


go out? “I used to take ages when I was getting ready, but now I’m quick. I’m one of those people who get those products at Christmas and use them the whole year round [laughs].” Reason for being ReFreshed? “Making myself feel good really. If you’re feeling confident everything you do is reflected in that. If you feel shabby and you don’t take care

in your appearance then you’ll feel rundown.” Top tip for 2011? “I actually use talcum powder from time to time instead of dry shampoo. My friend told me and I didn’t believe it would work but it does.” To feature in Refreshed, send us a pic of yourself and why you should be included. Email (subject: Refresh Me) to

“I’m all about the spray.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £2.09 for 150ml) We know a hard days acting can kick up a stench Jonathan, so we’d easily recommend Dermo Extra Cool just before you hit the stage. With up to 24 hour protection for your pits this will not only provide much needed heat protection but also that fresh fragrance so you can act-up in style.


“I’ve always been lucky with spots and that; but sometime I get a bit of dry skin every now and again.”

You NEED these items for 2011…



“I can be quite anal about looking after my teeth, I brush morning and night of course but other times I go through phases of brushing after every meal.”

(, £5.99) Whether you’re spot-prone or a regular victim of dry skin Freederm have got your back. Or shall we say your face? Jonathan look no further than this hydrating wonder, which moisturises without blocking pores and is always on hand to clear up any facial situations. Cheap at double the price.



(, £160) If your mouth washing game is like a military operation then the hygiene dream that is the Triumph PC 5000 is the perfect addition. I know you’re looking at the price and thinking, ‘Aghhh’ but with its Interactive Display, brush heads with microchips and visual pressure sensors this is definitely the ‘smarter way to brush’.


“Sometimes I rock a stubble but mainly I’m all about the electric shave; it’s just quicker.”

HAIR: Colgate Max Fresh Cool Mint (Blue) 500ml (, £2.69) Mouthwash with attitude, essential!!!



(, £60) BaByliss have innovated the standard shaver to bring us their new i-stubble. The unique flexing head follows the face’s every contour allowing you to get up to 15 different lengths on your chinny-chin-chin. Designed for corded or cordless use this could be your face’s new best friend.

SKIN: Clearasil Night Wash, 150 or 200 ml (, £5.28) Helps reduce redness, spot size and any unsightly blemishes overnight. Amazing.


(0870 034 2566, £19 for 25ml) Available in 25, 40 and 75ml Tommy Hilfiger’s LOUD – also available for women – is both manic and raw on the nasal, yet smooth when it needs to be (when the ladies get close). As you can see the packaging is inspired by the ripple of vinyl records and although that medium is draped in history this fruity fragrance is very futuristic and far from noisy. Since 1995, Hilfiger fragrances and toiletries have produced many bathroom classics and this is another to add to your collection. Get ready to sniff up some goodness girls.

LIPS: BIC Comfort 4 (, £4.99)) Brilliant disposable from the face fixing legends over at BIC.


11 STYLE TIPS FOR 2011 Looking ahead to the trends for 2011. We provide you with the key looks you’ll need to stay ahead of the pack this spring and summer! concept by DJB images by Kevin Joseph text by Cheyenne Davide


VANS, £48



Be prepared to stick out like a sore thumb this summer by layering bright and bold colours, Joseph and his Technicoloured Dreamcoat ain’t got nothing on you! As Jill Sander showed on the catwalks, it’s all about layering and having a mash up of lots of bright rainbow colours.



There’s a thousand headphone brands out right now, crazy colours, celeb endorsed, crazy money, cheep as chips... but for something a bit original why not try these Marshall Major Headphones... 50 years of experience providing sound equipment for global tours for everyone from Hendrix to Clapton have gone into creating these iconic cans with a retro feel...



LRG, £20

LUKE, £60


This army inspired print is a must have this season... the military feel continues with the return of the cargo pant and classic MA1 jackets. Tip: make sure not to go overboard with this look and end up looking like a Call Of Duty freak - the key is to mix and match!



From the catwalk to the high street, hiking boots are a key trend for this season - so it’s no surprise that they’re being seen all over the show. The whole point is to go for a rough and edgy look which brings out the mountaineer in you.


The plimsole is dead - Espadrilles are a must have look for summer; the great thing about them is that they can be teamed with near enough anything! NEW BALANCE 710, £70




BENCH, £35


Borrowed from your Grandad’s wardrobe... cardigans and polos have been given a stylish new twist with the use of shawl necks as the smarter, more formal look continues to impress...


LUKE, £100


Brogues were a massive fashion statement this Autumn, but in the warmer months watch for bright colours and floral patterns as designers get more experimental... While you’re at it, Luke’s new range of casual shoes are well worth a look... 28 / RWDMAG.COM


Creps that finish above the ankle are an essential staple for every wardrobe for 2011... Check out Californian brand Creative Recreation’s styles for something more unique...

NIKE 6.0, £50


BENCH, £50




Checked patterns are always a sure bet, so it’s no surprise that it’s this season’s hottest fashion trend yet again. But don’t just play safe with checked shirts, this summer go for a different look and invest in newly checkered hoodies, jackets and blazers! 29


PXL, £25 available from Feb ‘11 SECOND SON, £30


PINS, £45




Make sure your big toe isn’t on show when rocking the latest Jeremy Scott for adidas creations... £160




As you know 2011will be about raising the levels in ALL areas and BLACK DICEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unisex GAMER watch will definitely help out in the wrist department. image by Kevin Joseph Available in black, steel and gold finishes with respective orange, white and red digital LED displays; these ÂŁ80, leather strapped, quartz movement enabled timepieces will perfectly accessorise any outfit. Featuring both time and date functionality, the cool retro feel will have you on top of your game in no time. Get yours from or check



Jacket by Drunknmunky, shirt by Andrew Buckler, jeans by Luke, trainers by Puma, watch by G-Shock



This page: jacket by Trapstar, scarf by Total Vintage, jeans by Andrew Buckler, hat by Drunknmunky Opp page: hat by Beyond Retro, jacket by Billy Boyce, jeans by Luke, trainers by Puma, laces by Mr Lacy, glasses by Just Cavalli




This page: top by Crooks & Castles, shirt by Leviâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, trousers by Andrew Buckler, glasses by Just Cavalli, trainers by adidas, laces by Mr Lacy Opp page: shirt by Boxfresh, jacket: The Duffer Of St. George, glasses by Beyond Retro



This page: blazer by Luke, polo by Farah, shorts by Bench, trainers by Nike 6.0, laces by Mr Lacy, glasses by Montblanc, necklace and bracelets by Nb-Jewelry Opp page: jacket by Topman, hat - Stylists Own, glasses by Montblanc





After getting the world to Rolex Sweep, issuing the Too Many Man public service announcement and waking up both sides of the Atlantic on that thunderous UK remix of Hello Good Morning, Skepta is ready to do it all over again. A few listens to his third LP installment and Boy Better Know 2011 has just one person’s name plastered all over it. The Tottenham-bred, iPhone 4 fan of Nigerian parentage talks grime, lyrics and finally making that breakthrough album... directed by DJB images by Andres Reynaga


efore we put you in our list for 2011, we looked through your extensive back catalogue and there are some big tunes there. What would you say was your favourite track over the years? Erm, my favourite tune? Probably Too Many Man, that was one tune that proved to me that a track doesn’t have to be mainstream to be big. My bredrin was in Egypt the other day and he heard it. They play it in America and that, it’s banging. It’s always guaranteed to go off when that gets dropped... I actually made it and the same night I took it to a Heartless Crew party. Halfway through the dance I gave it to Fonti, he played it in the club for the first time and everyone went nuts. They reloaded it about nine times and from there it was a smash. How did the tune actually get made because everyone knows the bars... You know what. I was sitting with Wiley and Frisco in a car. We were just p***ing about, saying any old lyrics, chatting sh*t at the time and everyone was like, ‘Let’s use that as a chorus.’ We put it down, wrote the verses and from there it was a myth. For those (few) who still don’t know, how would you describe Boy Better Know... It’s like a family. Some of you are family obviously... [Laughs] Yeah, JME is my brother. It’s just like a family of people, we’re just grime. Everyone is individually established - we don’t like to have tagalongs - everyone is doin’ their ting. All these seeds are getting planted now so in 2011, the Boy Better Know album will get made and we’ll show people what grime is about. Everyone has played their part this year, some people didn’t even do it in a grime way. I’ve just always tried to keep that element, so even if I just gain like 100 fans from putting my flow on things like Rescue Me or Cross My Heart or Bad Boy, it’s all gonna help towards the whole label and the album... If not 2011 then definitely 2012. We keep hearing about the Boy Better Know album, but we never see/ hear it, we might have to come to the studio and just take it... [Laughs] It’s gonna be sick. Complete the sentence. I’m influenced by... Just life, everyday life. In the beginning I used to listen to a lot of people, when I had more time. I used to listen to Wiley, a lot. I realised there are other people in the world like me; that can make beats and spit and DJ. He proper took it to that level. He

was a big inspiration. Now, when people’s albums come out I buy them; I check for UK. Did you ever think after making all of those beats as a producer when you were starting out, you’d get to be the artist you are today? I always saw the vision and it always involved grime. I think that is why Boy Better Know has got to where it’s got to. I think it’s just because “I USED TO LISTEN TO we always believed. Dizzee Rascal was a WILEY, A LOT. I great example of that, REALISED, THERE ARE apart from of late, OTHER PEOPLE IN THE his new songs. He’s WORLD LIKE ME; THAT always kept it kinda grimy. That’s why he’s CAN MAKE BEATS AND to do what he SPIT AND DJ. HE PROPER allowed can do. No one can TOOK IT TO THAT LEVEL. chat to him. HE WAS A BIG So he’s got a free pass then? INSPIRATION...” Yeah, he’s got a free pass. He was the one that showed me the bigger picture. Back in the day we used to go to Europe and spit on dubstep tunes. When we were doing it, I was like ‘Yeah, we can use this and perform our own songs. Why is it just dubstep tunes that are big?’ When I started travelling, seeing different crowds, I started to understand how to MC, which is why I don’t MC too fast. I just keep my flow nice and explain with a little bit of wit in there. That’s one thing we’ve noticed you’ve always done tracks – although some are not a grimy as some would expect – you’ve kept that element and stayed true to that following... I dunno man. By now, this is just life. I’m balancing it the way I’ve always balanced it. That is the only way I know how to do it. If I spit a tune, I just work out what I’m going to do with a song… I don’t know how to tell anyone how to make a tune. Out of everyone – without blowing my own trumpet – I’ve stayed the closest. This is your third album now, which would you say was your favourite of the three? Out of all three of them, this one I’m bringing out now, Doin’ It Again. When it comes to making an album I make mad different tunes. I don’t think to this day that I’ve made my perfect album, my [previous albums] maybe they shouldn’t have been albums. Maybe they should have been Skepta compilations. >> 43



<< Is that what you tried to do with Greatest Hits? Greatest Hits was grimy. Microphone Champion is where I got a little bit broad with the music. I was thinking the other day, ‘Rah, cos that wasn’t on a major label, I could have made it more grimy.’ This one now... I like it. It sounds more of a studio album too, bigger, more built up... [In agreement] When I make a beat, I get it mixed down in a big studio. The stuff I make on my laptop, I strip them down and take them to the studio. I master it so it sounds louder and now master it again. That’s why it probably sounds bigger. Taking Too Long with Charlee Drew sounds big... Everyone loves that tune... Using that as an example, I couldn’t see that fitting in with Microphone Champion or Greatest Hits... is it a more grown up Skepta? [Excited] That is exactly where I wanted to put myself. It’s Skepta’s flow. That flow should be on an album to fit on every type of music and I wanted to get to a level that I could do that. Even though I’m inspired by some music, if I done one sound then I would have wasted my talent. I feel like I can do more than that. I feel that Skepta as an artist can do so much more than just murking MCs on a grime tune. That is why I’ve channel my vocal energy into. I might have been a clash clash clash guy but I want to follow that up. Do you miss that era? When everyone would just clash? I loved them days. I think them days made me. Tell us someone/ thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Ed Sheeran. I think he’s going to do a lot in 2011. Jessie J, I like Jessie J a lot. Actually, I saw a video the other day of her singing live and I think she’s sick. MC-wise, I’m still waiting for P. Money and Tempa T to make that break. “YEAH, SOME PEOPLE Tempa T, P. HAVE ONLY BEEN WITH Either or JME. One of THEIR MANAGERS AND Money them three. They can THEIR PR FOR ONLY TWO make the most darkest lyric sound funny. MONTHS. NEXT THING don’t have to take YOU KNOW, YOU GO ON You songs] so seriI’M A CELEBRITY GET ME [their ously. Anyone like that OUT OF HERE AND EAT A who does it authentically, I’ll be happy for KANGAROO WILLY...” them, still. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Rihanna, Timbaland, Gucci Mane, JME and Soulja Boy because... I’d make the beat with Timbaland, yeah, we’d make the beat together. A lot of food and weed. Rih will do the hook. I don’t even know what it would even be about. I just know if we call got together on a Timbaland and Skepta beat it would be a mess. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... In jail. If I wasn’t doing music I probably would have just been in jail. I would have been in and out a couple of times. Life was dead before music really. How would you like your album to be perceived? I wanna look back at this album like it was my first one. There are classics on there. There are bangers. This is like the birth of Skepta... again. Doin’ It Again is out 31 January. For more info check


We pick out a few Skeptaisms from Doin’ It Again and feed them right back to him... “The only man that can ever knock me down is Skepta.” Nobody Made Me [Smiles] Yeah, yeah... That lyric sums up me. If I bring out a tune tomorrow and it doesn’t chart, it’s not a problem for me. It’s a problem for other artists. I feel like, ‘Rah, people don’t care if I chart or not.’ Do you feel you’re your biggest critic? Yeah, it’s been a whole learning curve. From putting out a record and studying how it works... We went with Sunglasses At Night and that went top 100. With Too Many Man, we moved up more chart positions. We carried on and now I feel like I don’t even need a label. I feel like my only downfall is gonna be me right now.

“Still underground like a miner...” Thrown In The Bin People can get ‘blowing up’ and going places very confused, I remember I didn’t see my bredrin for two weeks. If everyone is looking after you, a driver, this red carpet here, something there, you get lost. I wanted to show people that I was always going to Rinse events. There were grime raves in Egg [Nightclub] that I was going to and f***in’ over. These times I’m No.14 [Rescue Me] in the charts. That is the way that people should have done it, when you get confused. ‘What are you doing a grime tune for?’ and ‘We thought you didn’t like that no more?’ I ALWAYS stick to what I know, that’s why I have the energy. Are there a few people who don’t look back at where they have come from? Some people have only been with their managers for two months. Next thing you know, you go on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and eat a kangaroo willy [room laugh]. He’s probably never been around any real people. Being underground like a miner is important to me.

“Even Beyoncé knows I’ve got such a big ego.” Taking Too Long... How did the ego react to Diddy wanting to work with you? Yeah, it was live. I know he’s still just a man but he didn’t directly have to do anything for me... or anyone. I was like, ‘I appreciate it.’ I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but it was a good thing. I’m not trying to make it the be all and end all. I’ve got bigger tings than that.




He may have had to wait while his peers became pop stars, but it looks like Wretch 32’s career is finally on the right track...


egarded by Tinie Tempah, Pro Green, Example and Devlin as one of the UK’s finest spitters, Jermaine Scott has been a friend of RWD for a few years now. We’ve long admired his lyrical approach to all types of BPM’s and his ability to flip from Be Cool to Ina Di Ghetto to Punctuation at the drop of a hat. But while it might have taken some time for the Tottenham MC to make a mainstream mark, it looks like all that’s about to change. Signed to Ministry, the Yogi produced Traktor is being hyped by everyone from The Guardian to MTV, with Wretch tipped to make a number of ‘2011’ lists this year. Now it looks like all those mixtapes -, Teacher’s Training Day, Wretchrospective - his time in The Movement with Scorcher, Ghetts, Devlin and Mercston, and guestspots with Chipmunk, Wiley, Sway and Mike Skinner (we still play Prangin’ Out remix hard) are about to pay off. Could 2011 be the year of the Wretchro? We certainly hope so... You may know me... from being a part for The Movement, Be Cool or my new single Traktor. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... “in explosive terrorist style, you don’t think I’ma blow, I get you therapy now...!” I started doing this because... I felt I had a lot to say and this 46 / RWDMAG.COM

was a good way of expressing myself. I’m influenced by... great musicians and my life in general. My biggest claim to fame is... that would be telling ;-) If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... The Script. Being a dad is... indescribale. When I signed to Ministry... I met Caroline, Nicola and David, they’re cool people! If you haven’t heard Traktor, you need immediately to because... if you dont the world will end (laughs). Something I learnt in 2010 is... it’s no longer 2009. One thing I will be doing more / less of in 2011... more work less life. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... you don’t wanna know One thing you should know about me is... I’m Mr. Sarcastic and having the time of my life Someone else that might do quite well in 2011 is... G FrSH, Yasmin and Calibar In 2011 I will... be Mr. Wretch You can catch me on the internets at... your local internet cafe or if you can’t get there! Traktor is out 16 January



With far too few UK female MCs in the game, thank God for Birmingham born Roxxxan. Making her name with the Yogi produced Heavyweight, she signed a deal with Polydor Records earlier this year and is busy in the studio with Jakwob, Bless Beats, Futurecut, TMS and Mojam. With a starring role on the Game Over remix, this XXXL lyricist is one of the freshest, flyest, most fierce MCs out right now... I am... Roxxxan, frontline leader of the backpack gang. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... my debut album is dropping and I’ll be doing lots of touring and generally getting involved as much as possible. I started doing this because... my cousin used to sing and I wanted to do the same, but my voice was deeper than hers, so I decided to rap to distinguish myself from her. My biggest claim to fame is... (laughs) I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but when I was younger I was in a couple of episodes of Brum – it’s a kids show and it follows the adventure of a toy car called Brum... er, that’s all you need to know! If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliott on the same track with Drake singing the hook, because they’re all very creative and out-there people. Plus Missy has a ridiculous flow. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... BMX Racing; I’d really love to compete at championship level. One thing you should know about me is... I’m the realest chick you’ll ever meet. Someone else that might do quite well in 2011 is... There’s two music producers I want to big-up: Sonny and a guy called Pyramid, I believe they get it. In 2011 I will be... Exactly the same, just working harder and releasing my music. You can catch me on the internets at... and

Michael Wayne Atha has already had quite the life; growing up in a house full of drug and alcohol abuse, Yelawolf went from homeless, to semi-pro skateboarder, before considering a career in rhyme. “They’d bus us down to the projects in Nashville to go to school and everything just started clicking with me and rap music and in life,” he says. “I felt the connection, these kids had the same problems that I had at home. And the weed, the dope...” There was a shortlived deal with Columbia Records in 2007, but in 2010, this Alabama born man of Cherokee descent became one of hip hop’s hottest rhymers. Earlier this year, Yelawolf and his label, Ghet-O-Vision, signed a joint deal with the biggest hip hop imprint in the game, Interscope. Causing an A&R rugby scrum at SBSW, ‘Catfish Billy’ has since been shouted out by Eminem, worked with Big Boi on Luscious Leftfoot and appeared on Paul Wall’s Live It with Jay Electronica and Raekwon. His recently re-released mixtape, Trunk Muzik 0-60 features Gucci, Bun B and Rae and boasts production by Jim Jonsin and Drumma Boy. Lyrically, the tape showcases Yela as a tattooed up, trailer-park dirty South skater kid who offers a totally different take to Bubba Sparxxx, Em, Asher Roth and Outkast. Pop The Trunk has shadows of Shady in terms of intricate storytelling and morbid metaphors, Cruisin 4 Beer is southern boy rap at its best, while Wolf gets his gangsta on with Gucc on Wanna Party. He’s also got a little Twista to him - dude can flow really, really fast. Alongside Wiz Khalifa, we’re mighty excited for Yelawolf’s debut, due early 2011. “I can go in any direction - arena rap or even the bluegrass hip hop sh*t,” Yela decides. “But I plan on evolving. You have to. I’m out to make long lasting records.” 47



This Australian duo Gypsy and the Cat make really lovely ‘70s flavoured pop music. Think Empire Of The Sun, MGMT (when they were good) and Fleetwood Mac and you’ll get the picture.


e are... Gypsy and the Cat. Lionel and Xavier are our names. We’re from... Melbourne, Australia but we’ve lived in London for a bit. We’ve been living in Stoke Newington, but we go back to Melbourne tomorrow. Stoke Newington is good from far, but far from good...! You may know us from... Nothing major yet, but we supported the Strokes recently. It was amazing. The enigma of Casablancas. We didn’t meet him though; he arrived five minutes before he went onstage. There’s a whole heap of groupies who wait out the back, just for him. Living the dream. We’re going to blow up this year because... our album, Gilgamesh, which is out now on iTunes, just a soft release, has a proper release in March. Yes, it is a restaurant in Camden. But it’s not named after that. It’s just a word. It’s basically about building a wall and protecting yourself. 48 / RWDMAG.COM

We started doing this because... I grew up doing classical piano (Lionel) and I played drums (Xavier), and we were both DJ’s, mostly French house, and that’s how we met. We just decided to make an album. I’m influenced by... I (Lionel) like a lot of ‘90s hip hop, Gangstaar and Tupac. I just got into Steels And Croft (Summer Breeze) too, they’re like Simon & Garfunkel. My biggest claim to fame is... that I look like Joe Mangle, apparently, according to RWD. I don’t even know who that is (Ed: Lionel is clearly lying]. One thing we will be doing more/ less of in 2011 is... Writing more music. This album came from working in dark rooms with no windows. And a bed sheet as a blind. We did the bulk of it at 4, 5, 6am and we didn’t really know what we were doing, we just made it. Whatever ideas came, went on screen, so to speak. That’s how we’ll do the next album too. If we weren’t doing this, we would be... Not be making urban dance. It’s sh*t. We like dubstep though.


School friends Little Nikki, IzzyB and Olivia are just one of the many, many girl groups debuting next year - at last count, there were around seven expected to release in 2011. But while competition is tough, this trio have an edge on the others. Far from manufactured, Soundgirl deliver a TLC/ Sugababes (original line-up, natch) feel, are working with the likes of Xenomania (Kylie) and Toby Gad (Beyonce) and have already been tipped by our favourite pop blog, Popjustice who have raved about two of their tracks, The Game and Walking On Air. Watch for their debut album dropping next year...

One thing you should know about us is... We’re not that into Hurts. They look good but we’re not into them. We understand it, but we don’t like it. It’s too cheesy. Too Kylie Minogue. We stand for honesty. The songs are honest, about life experiences, there’s no frills with us. We don’t have matching haircuts, we’re not cool, it’s just music based with us. That might be what sets us apart. Someone/ thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... We’ve got some friends from Melbourne called Strange Talk. They’re pretty good, they’re getting a bit of buzz over there. In 2011 we will be... around. Hopefully we’ll be doing this for 20 years. We’re not a faddy band, we move with the flow. Being a loser is a plateau through time, losers will be uncool throughout time. Coolness and fashion trends change, so it’s better to be a on the other team and be a loser. People know where you stand. You can catch us on the internets at...

We are... SoundGirl and there are three of us; Little Nikki, IzzyB and Olivia. You may know us from... we’re all from West London and went to school in Ealing. We signed to Mercury Records earlier in 2010 and have been making our debut album for the past few months. We’re going to blow up this year because... We’re in a wicked band – we have been working with the most amazing team including some incredible producers. We’ve worked our hardest and hopefully everything will pay off. We started doing this because... We love singing and performing! And even better when doing it alongside great friends. We all met at school and have known each other for years. We’re influenced by... Adele - her voice sends us shivers! She is absolutely brilliant and we love her new stuff. We also love Pixie Lott and it’s been cool to support her on tour. If we could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Mariah Carey because she’s an amazing individual, an incredible talent and we love her style. One thing we will be doing less of in 2011 is... eating Mcdonalds and Nandos! It’s one of our biggest demons. Must be healthier! If we weren’t doing this we would be... IzzyB and I (Olivia) would be studying for our A’ levels at school in 6th form and Little Nikki would still be at school. One thing you should know about us is... We love singing, shopping and having a good time. That’s more then one but I couldn’t have just one (laughs). Someone else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Jessie J. There’s lots of great girls coming through in 2011. In 2011... we will become a successful established girlband! You can find us at...




This Harlow, Essex five piece are the top name on every indie tipster’s lips. Morning Parade gave up their day jobs two years ago to give music a proper go, signing to EMI/Parlophone in 2010, with high hopes for 2011.


hile the way they got together might not be groundbreaking (middle-class kids get bored, form band) the way they’re create their compositions is what interests us. “Making music about being young and frustrated with life in the suburbs is such a cliché,” says lead vocalist Steve Sparrow (imagine if he did a duet with Tweet. How ace? Anyway...) “Yes, the reason we make music is because of that, but that’s not what we make music about. Instead of being in the salt-of-the-earth everyman mould, we write songs that everyone can identify with, the kind of universal experiences that bind us all together.” Steve, along with Chad (guitar), Phil (bass), Ben (keys) and Andy (drums) has set the bar high with online releases Marble Attic and Youth, and official first single, Under The Stars, winning acclaim from i-D and Gigwise. We can expect more indie-rock-electro-pop-emo goodness from the quintet, compared to Arcade Fire and Delphic, next year too. “It’s real instruments played live that made something that sounds dance-y,” Steve says. “We have a rule. Whenever we write something, we ask ourselves, ‘Can you see 100,000 people singing this back to you?’ If not, we get rid of it. We want to be huge.” You may know us from... the radio, gigs, blogs, other. We are going to blow up this year because... this year?


Everyone keeps saying next year...?! Doh, yep we meant 2011. We started doing this because... it kept us busy and out of trouble. We’re influenced by... Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley, Faithless, Mew, Queens Of The Stone Age, Biffy Clyro, People In Planes, Aqua, Deadmau5, Muse, Radiohead, Elbow, Veto, M83, Air... is that enough? We could be here for days! Our biggest claim to fame is... meeting Kylie Minogue at the Parlophone away day, or witnessing her eating chips. We don’t know which is the greater. If we could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... David Bowie because he is a legend, a crazy original and a genius songwriter. He could teach us a thing or three... One thing we will be doing more/ less of in 2011 is... More touring, less yawning. If we weren’t doing this we would be... God only knows. I think we would work well as Redcoats for Butlins. Other than that we hate Redcoats and Butlins. One thing you should know about us is... that we have a wolf as our backline tech and driver, he is a fan of gilets. Someone else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Our money’s on Clare Maguire, we’re into what we’ve heard. In 2011 we will be... coming to a venue near you (*in cinema voice). You can find us on the Internets at...


READY, READY, SET, SET, GO! Born in Fargo, living in Brooklyn, MNDR is 2011’s hottest international proposition; from the same genre-mashing school of M.I.A, Santigold and Amanda Blank, she featured on Mark Ronson’s most recent record, while her own ace debut single Fade To Black, will be out in 2011. We’d quite like to be her best friend, please.


am... MNDR You may know me from... MNDR, The Business INTL, tRIANGLe, and various art/music activities, depending what you’re into. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... I filled my body with combustible substances that are very unstable and when MNDR plays live in 2011 I hope to connect everyone with jolts of electricity. Also I hope that we all blow up together because 2012 is seriously around the corner and that truly will be the biggest rave that everyone gets invited to. I started doing this because... I have only ever been a musician and I really love to play music anywhere and any time. I’m influenced by... melody, machines, electricity, NYC, grids, water, sounds, saw tooth waves, angles, decay, “get free” activities, friends, brutal honesty, friendship, carbon filament light bulbs, parties in strange places, bass, crystal blackness, industrial, soft, magnesium flash bulbs, disappointments, connecting, big sky country, remoteness, sound barriers, and revealing sentiments. My biggest claim to fame is... whatever the feedback loop sends back to me and out again, repeating that process over and over again. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world... I hate to be obvious but Brian Eno. I mean, have you read A Year With A Swollen Apendics? How do I sign up for this? Mark Ronson makes me... have the best time of my life. He is like the best times of your life police. He comes into your life and sentences you to good times to life with no chance of 52 / RWDMAG.COM

parole. He continually baffles my mind with different requests. Sometimes I feel like I am in a lucid dream after he asks me if I would like to play keyboards for Boy George. Also I feel pressure to bleach my hair. One thing I will be doing more of in 2011 is... eating tacos. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... touring and making music same thing, but probably eating macrobiotic and playing someone’s house while trying to jump start my old station wagon. One thing you should know about me is... I love to yo yo and got quite good after a bad bout of mono when I was a teenager. I studied chemistry, enjoy reading about economics, and can hold my own on a racquetbalI court. I can take you on the most magical adventure of taqueria’s in San Francisco/ Oakland and can speak about their subtle differences for hours on end. Also I play instruments more than I sequence and played bass in Hole for 1.5 days without ever meeting Courtney Love...strange. Someone else that might do quite well in 2011 is... I have heard an awesome rumor that Rufus Wainwright is working on his next solo effort and going into the studio possibly sometime soon. I also can not wait to hear and see Planning To Rock’s new album and stage Bpitch control 15 year anniversary comp. I mean YES! Also one word: 0th. In 2011 I will be... playing your town and trying to connect everyone with bolts of electricity. You can catch me on the internets at... every chance I have to connect my old computer to a dodgy wireless connection. Or at Fade To Black is out 3 January.


Kevin Joseph

In the space of two years, Yasmin has gone from being one of the underground’s foremost female DJs to one of our exciting prospects for pop in 2011. We’ve already featured her on DJ duties on the cover of this very magazine, and now we’ve heard her music, we’re backing her all the way as one of 2011’s most exciting female solo singers.


We all of course know Jodie Conner from her No.1 hit with Roll Deep, Good Times, but we reckon the Aaliyah, SWV, Randy Crawford and Janet Jackson fan is about to experience some serious solo fame this year. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’ve been singing as long as I can remember and I love the spontaneity of the job – one minute I’m in the studio, the next I’m at a shoot,” says the Manchester born singer who used to work for the youth offenders service. Currently working with Dawood on her debut album due next year, her latest single, Now Or Never featuring Wiley drops in January. “One thing I plan to be doing more of in 2011 is travelling and one thing I plan to do less

of is saying ‘Hi my name’s Jodie Connor’,” laughs Jodie, who cites Jay-Z as her dream collaborator. “I just plan to be very busy - touring, releasing music and getting my name out there. Hopefully this time next year I will have a No.1 album.” For 2011, Jodie is tipping Jessie J, “For obvious reasons! Her music is hot...” Now Or Never Ft. Wiley is out 9 January. missjodieconnor and Twitter. com/Jodie_Connor

Moving to London from Scotland two years ago, she’s since founded her own night, spun around the world for N.E.R.D., Taio Cruz and Eve, hosted a stage at Wireless and played sets at Glastonbury, Ibiza Rocks, and for Nike’s World Cup party at Selfridges. Along the way, Yas met some of the industry’s key players, parlaying them into powerful contacts. Essentially A&Ring her own album, Yas has Labrinth, Shy FX, Future Cut and Benga behind the beats. “I want the bulk of the album to be produced by UK producers and have a very British feel. It’s all about representing where you’re from and where you’re at.” Signed to Levels/ Ministry, the girl who plays the hits, is now making them. Yas’s first single, On My Own, with a video directed by Luke Monaghan, is out on 31 January. I am... Yasmin You may know me from... Devlin’s single Runaway. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... I eat too much cake. I started doing this because... I adore music. I’m influenced by... real life situations. My biggest claim to fame is... going to a dinner party with Quincy Jones. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Kanye West, because he’s one of my favourite producers and I’d love him to produce a record for me. One thing I will be doing more of in 2011 is... Yoga. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... working in Agent Provocateur . One thing you should know about me is... I’m a control freak. Someone/ thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Jimi Crayon, he’s a super creative artist part of a collective called Pirates ( He’s turned his creative hand to directing music videos and viral content, his ideas are insane! Look out for a collaboration between the two of us coming soon as well.. In 2011 I will be... Taking over the world!!! You can catch me on the internets




Australian sister act Mim and Liv Nervo have already enjoyed some serious chart success. The dynamic duo, who began life as DJs, were behind the words for David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over (sung by Kelly Rowland) and have written for Kylie and Ke$ha, but are now becoming known as an act in their own right.


We nearly included Ms. Sande in last year’s list, but figured it was maybe a bit too early. Though she’s had huge success with other artists in 2010 (damn, we shoulda put her in!), it’s 2011 that will see the Scottish singer shine solo (try saying that after a jeigerbomb or two...!). This former medical student,who counts her influences as “Nina Simone, Jacqueline Du Pre, Kanye West and Joni Mitchell”, got herself noticed as a chorus killer on Chipmunk’s Diamond Rings, Wiley’s Never Be Your Woman and one of our favourite tracks on Tinie Tempah’s album, Let Go. But she not only sang on those tracks, the Aberdonian, born Adele (Emeli is her middle name) also co-wrote them too. Deciding she’s about to blow this year simply cos “I’ve got bars”, Sande got into making music because “nothing excites/ moves/ motivates or inspires me more than music.” Finishing her medical degree alongside creating her debut album, there’s no doubting Emeli’s work ethic or ability. Check her out performing Daddy on SBTV to see for yourself. Working with Naughty Boy, with whom she co-wrote Diamond Rings, and Loco (Ms. Dynamite, Ghetts), expect to see a who’s who’s of producers on this hotly tipped singer’s debut. Combine this with her ability to write the hell out of a hook and a drop dead gorgeous vocal, and it’s safe to say Sande will soon be standing 54 / RWDMAG.COM

alongside the Jessie J’s and Clare Maguire’s in 2011. My biggest claim to fame is... my aunt’s neighbour had dinner with Tina Turner once! If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Yo-Yo Ma, a famous cello genius and composer extraordinaire from America, because when he performs he brings the whole world to the stage! One thing I will be doing more of in 2011 is... trusting my instincts more and one thing I’ll be doing less of is trusting my doubts. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... a doctor. One thing you should know about me... is I’m usually late. Someone else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Naomi Bell , she’s an artist from Glasgow I’m working with. We used to study medicine together until she ran off to be the top student at Glasgow School of Art. I think this year she will take the art world by storm! In 2011 I will be... busy! You can find me on the Internets at...

This Kind Of Love, released earlier this year picked up serious play from DJs, while their new single, Irresistible is looking like a serious chart threat. “We’ve being locked in the studio and now it’s for ourselves, it’s really exciting,” say the writing/ DJing/ production powerhouse. Watch for their debut album due in 2011, featuring collabs with Deadmau5, Armin Van Buuren and Roger Sanchez. Irresistible is out 17 January.


Already drawing comparisons to the likes of Lykke Li, Robyn and Santogold, this former receptionist is a one-woman powerhouse. Currently penning tracks for a variety of girl groups, this former backing singer for Angie Stone and Ronan Cheating, Keating, spends her spare time writing a fashion blog, designing a range of rings (Byrogue, available from Selfridges and ASOS) and creating iPhone apps with her business partner. As a solo musician, Ruby is studio-ing with classically trained musician Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse/ Paloma Faith) and producer Ant Whiting (M.I.A/ Sia). Due to be released in 2011 on her own label, Goe Music, via Mercury Records, the impending single X should whet appetites for her as yet untitled debut.



We introduce to you Yogi who is pushing the boundaries for young Asian producers. The 25 year-old was DJing in some of the best clubs at 16, before moving on to intern under Marc Franc.


Known for his work behind the scenes on many mixtapes and albums, Lewi White aka ‘bad boy producer from day’ looks set to take the centre stage in 2011...

I am... Lewi White, age 25. You may know me from... countless vinyl releases over the years, the production on Ghetto’s Freedom Of Speech and Devlin’s Bud, Sweat And Beers. How was working on Devlin’s debut? I always enjoy working with Devlin. He is like my brother from another mother, I’ve worked closely with him for years; Devlin recorded his first ever tune at my mum’s house when I had a bedroom studio, so it’s a great to see how far he’s come along. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... I have a lot of music coming out, covering a wide range of genres and I’m working with a lot of new artists. I’m influenced by... a lot of Americans like 2Pac, Biggie, Dr Dre, Timbaland, etc., when I was younger. Nowadays, I’m only influenced by the people around me. I find I can adapt to most people’s style of work. My biggest claim to fame is... when I helped out with the production on a Paul Weller remix; Fast Cars/ Slow Traffic, which features Devlin. He is a legend. Someone/thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Ed Sheeran is gonna smash it. Also I’m working with an artist/ rapper called Rawz Artilla. Keep your eyes peeled. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Elvis or The Beatles. because... I wanna hear what they sound like on the sickest dubstep beat [laughs]. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... lost!!! In 2011 I will be... One year older still doing me. You can find me on the Internets at...

His internship involved working on tracks from some of the biggest names in the music industry including Black Eyed Peas, Erykah Badu, T.I., Sean Paul and Rihanna, just to name a few. With the foundations built for a flourishing career, Yogi tells us a few reasons why you may have heard of him, reciting a few of his own productions. “You may know me from Bashy ft. Loick When The Sky Falls, Pro Green Falling Down, Wale Workin, RoxXxan Heavyweight and Wretch 32 Ft. L Traktor.” With each beat as infectious and hard hitting as the next, it won’t be long before you hear more of Yogi and his, what can only be described as, big dutty stinking bass ridden beats. Although it’s most definitely a big look, we don’t believe the Dr. Dre, A R Rahman, Michael Jackson and Daft Punk fan when he tells us his biggest claim to fame is being within our pages; well not for long anyway, especially when the Brent Cross bred musician is constantly busy making speakers bang with music that “makes people lose their mind in a club!!!” That explains why Akai is at the top of his list of people to work with so he can create the next MPC reflecting his unique take on music. When we get in touch with Yogi true to his character he’s busy in the studio working hard which will continue into 2011 where he reckons the likes of Roxxxan, Wretch 32, Daley and L will also be making major moves. Holding true to his musical ethos about not following trends and always creating something new and exciting we should all prepare to be ‘yogified’ in 2011 as he vows to “Give people epilepsy in their fu*king EEEEAAAAARRRRRRS!”




Hackney born, Ireland raised singer Maverick Sabre makes us excited. Very, very excited...


his year, Professor Green, Footsie, Starkey and Wretch 32 have all had the pleasure of working with one of the underground’s most anticipated artists; one time hip hop MC, now singer/songwriter extraordinaire known as Maverick Sabre. The recently released mixtape Travelling Man was just a snippet of what the Irish bred 2Pac, Bob Marley and Dylan fan has to offer; switching up the vibes from dubstep to R&B to hip hop with ease, his 2011 Mercury release can’t come soon enough. The BBC are fans of the singer too, constantly hailed by DJ Semtex and Zane Lowe, taken to SXSW with Ras Kwame, he’s also had TV spotlight features on No Hats No Trainers and the documentary Jail Tales, with the latter using his track as the theme song. It’s clear the Hackney born singer who recently came off tour with Chase & Status holds music dear to his heart, as he sheds light on the intent and purpose behind his music. “I only follow my heart... I have enough belief in my music and the message within it that it will transcend across genres, language 56 / RWDMAG.COM

barriers and cultures and ultimately connect with a wide range of people as certain artists connected with me.” There were no second options when it came to career choices for Mav - well, a brief idea about being a barber, even if he can’t cut hair - before finding music to be the only way to properly express himself. Take into account his feature on Pro Green’s Jungle, a club banger in waiting on C&S’s No More Idols, the Footsie produced Inside and you’ll be glad he never had chopping skills. As well as staying “exactly the same person and getting more music into the public” in 2011 and “a lot LESS sleeping”, Mav would also like to work with south London singer Adele. “I think her voice is serious and I would love to work on a track with her, our voices would blend well”. Other acts the 20 yearold song-scriber reckons could do well in 2011 are K Koke and Benny Banks. If you haven’t managed to catch him live yet, it’s an affair not to be missed but in the meantime if you haven’t already, download the free mixtape Travelling Man from an Internets near you now...



It seems it’s not enough nowadays to simply sing, produce or be a sicker songwriter; these days you need the whole package, and multi-talented newcomer Jagga, who has already worked with Magnetic Man, Starsmith and Zinc, possesses exactly that... You may know me from... Hearing my single Modern Day Romance, it’s had some solid rotation on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show whilst XFM’s Eddy Temple Morris and Jon Kennedy have also been supporting it. Or you might have seen me play Beatdown at Fabric or on the road with Rusko, Zinc or Friction. I am going to blow up this year because... nobody out there is doing what I do, the way I do it. I’m mixing a lot of different sounds vocally and track wise. I think my sound is original and originality is the key NOBODY OUT THERE IS to everything in music. I started doing this because... I always DOING WHAT I DO THE knew deep down music was what I wanted WAY I DO IT. I THINK to do. I was working some sh*t job, I’d taken so many sick days and never turned MY SOUND IS ORIGINAL AND ORIGINALITY IS THE up on time, so he sacked me. I decided that there was no point trying to force a KEY TO EVERYTHING IN round peg into a square hole and that you MUSIC.” gotta do what you enjoy. I’m influenced by... my influences are vast. I like music that’s got heart and fire... anything that can change the atmosphere in a room. Here are a few artists I’m listening to this month: Sizzla, Rusko, Rustie, Madlib, PVT, Hudson Mohawke, J Dilla, Burning Spear, Zinc, Sun Raa and MF DOOM. My biggest claim to fame is... I don’t have one! In 2011 I will be... trying to fulfill my dreams. Playing bigger shows; getting my music out to as many people as possible and making records that I’m proud of. Someone/thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Vestel Vodka. New brand. Dangerously tasty. One thing you should know about me is... I plan to be around for a while. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Sizzla because he’s one of my favourite artists. Apart from the fact he has one of the most amazing vocals that I have ever heard, his music is very uplifting and positive. My favourite album of his, Royal Prince of Ethiopia, is a good example of his versatility. What will you be doing more/less of in 2011.... Trying to not drink so much at my own shows! Modern Day Romance is out now.

Get ready for The Bullitts. The brainchild of writer, producer and musician Jeymes Samuel (Estelle, Jay-Z, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Passion Pit, Mos Def, Roisin Murphy), the band’s name is taken from the 1968 Steve McQueen thriller of the same name. We also know that their debut album, They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories features Lucy Liu, Jay Electronica, Mos Def and Tori Amos. Eclectic, check, exciting, also check. “I’m not constricted by creative walls, the only rule I’m bound to is that whatever you’re making should be crack cocaine,” The Bullitts tell us. “There is just one rule - make it dope.” Before the release of the album, check out The Bullitts flixtapes online over at Youtube/TheBullittsTV, where you can hear Passion Pit, Lupe Fiasco and Roisin Murphy over beats from iconic old-skool TV Shows like Taxi and The Professionals. We’re not sure who The Bullitts are, but we really flipping like them... I am... The Bullitts You may know me from... Dinner At Tiffany’s/ The Shiny Suit Theory (Jay Electronica). I am going to blow up in 2011 because... They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories. I started doing this because... my imagination needs an outlet. I’m influenced by... Action/ Adventure. My biggest claim to fame is the invention of the ‘Flixtape’. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Kate Bush because I sleep to Babooshka. One thing I will be doing more of in 2011 is... getting sleep. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... trying to do this. One thing you should know about me is... I only wear perfume. Someone else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Jay Electronica. In 2011 I will be... coming through a speaker near you. You can catch me on the internets at... and Youtube/TheBullittsTV 57



Island Record’s newest signing, singer and songwriter Angel describes his music as “pop rock fusion”. Growing up in a musical family, his dad was close to the reggae scene, playing keys for a number of Jamaican artists. This meant Angel, real name, Sirah Charles, started his musical journey at the tiny age of eight before forming a band alongside the rest of his siblings. The Charles Family was the name of the group, who went on to star in their own BBC1 documentary.


The buzz of singer/songwriter Jamie Woon is ridiculous and rightly so; crossing musical boundaries like it’s nothing, he’s in equal demand from BBC Radio 4 and 1Xtra, from the broadsheets to the deepest and darkest alternative underground blogs. The Clapton residing singer could easily be compared to Ed Sheeran for his funky soulful edge and trusty guitar, or James Blake for his haunting lyrics and unconventional songwriting in a forward-thinking dubstep vein. But don’t get it twisted there’s not many, if any others, killing it the same way Mr. Woon is right now. The Night Air composer gives us a snapshot of his mind... I am... Jamie Woon You may know me from... My single Night Air. I started doing this because... I like it. I’m influenced by... Stevie Wonder. My biggest claim to fame is... I look like Michael McIntyre. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... abroad. In 2011 I will be... releasing my debut album. 58 / RWDMAG.COM

Someone/thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is.... Jai Paul. One thing you should know about me is... I’m a Liverpool fan. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be... Beyoncé because clearly that would be wicked. What will you be doing more/ less of in 2011... more music, less sleeping. You can find me on the internets at...

Influences come from far and wide for the 22 year-old, also a talented keys player who recently tore up Jessie J’s Do It Like A Dude, with his refix toppin 11,000 Youtube views in a matter of days. “Prince definitely made a big impression on me, as did Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Michael Jackson and McCartney for his melodies. That whole generation is more me”. Currently in studio sessions with Preeya Kalidas, Wretch 32, Wiley and Roll Deep - for who he has already penned chart topper Greenlight - 2011 looks to be an another whirlwind year now Angel has written new tracks for Pixie Lott and Jason Derulo. Lets also not forget his new tune, Blown Away, which is “sounding crazy...the response has been great”. There’s also the album that he’ll be finishing up in the coming year, which ideally, he says, will feature N-Dubz. Tipping Scorcher, Mz. Bratt and Ruff Diamondz for fame in 2011, the west Londoner now needs your help in achieving his dreams. “Look out for me and build up support,” he grins of his emergence onto the UK music scene. Well, you heard the guy!


KATIE SUMMERHAYES This young skier is definitely a hot prospect for 2011...


Arsenal have a way of developing and nurturing young English talent and following in the footsteps of Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere and Henri Lansbury is 18 year-old Daniel Boateng... I am... Daniel Boateng, I play for Arsenal Reserves. My inspiration for getting into football was... I was just born to do football. I loved it when I started and I still love it now. Obviously the family and that helped me to get into it but the main reason was just for the love of the game. When I’m not playing football... I’m a home-boy. If I’m not on the Xbox 360 I’m on Facebook or something just relaxing. I’m listening to R&B and grime at the moment and I’m feeling Giggs, Tinchy Stryder. I might go out and play tennis sometimes, but we train all the time so it’s hard. The best part of my game is... mainly defending but I love going forward. I think I’ve got great dribbling but I guess my strengths are my one-on-one defending. I’d say I was like Maicon but with more pace [laughs]. 60 / RWDMAG.COM

If I wasn’t doing this I would probably... try to be a sports journalist. Journalism is hard work you know... it’s not all just playing games and eating Nandos... [Laughs] Yeah, I can tell. Where would you like your career to go? At the moment there is the FA Youth Cup, I know I’m going to have a good FA Youth Cup. I’m also going to try and get myself into the first team... When I was growing up, my influences were... I used to really like watching the Brazilian Ronaldo. When he wasn’t fat? Yeah [laughs]. I don’t think there was any player better than him, especially at that age. If there was a kid out there that wants to be in your boots, what would you say? Just go for it. Don’t wait for it to happen. In 2011 I will be... Trying to get games in the Arsenal First Team and just trying to get my name out there.

I am... Katie Summerhayes, 15, my nicknames are Kat and KT. You may know me from... Competing in the Freeze Festival at Battersea Power Station in London. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... I am lucky enough to have been invited to the Slopestyle and Halfpipe World Championships which for this season is being held at Deer Valley in the USA. I can’t wait for this opportunity, because in 2008 I was a forerunner at a World Cup Halfpipe event, I wasn’t old enough to compete then but now I am. I started doing this because... My Mum and Dad booked me and my sister Molly a ski lesson at the Sheffield Ski Village and from that moment, I loved it. After having a couple of lessons I joined a local ski club, the Sheffield Sharks. I’m influenced by... My ski coach Pat Sharples he is great to learn from as he has been there and done it all! Also, one of the best people to ski with is James Woods (aka Woodsy), he is one of the best riders in Europe and since we spent many sessions at the Ski Village he is one of my best friends in skiing. One thing you should know about me is... I was on Blue Peter in 2007? What will you be doing more/ less of in 2011... More skiing on snow in 2011 please! I need to train more on mountain snow on the bigger jumps and rails, I have already got two trips planned but more would be much, much better. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... Swimming. In 2011 I will be... In year 10 at school and missing some time because of skiing. I’m also really looking forward to competing at The Brits in March. It will be the fourth time that I have done this event and I love it.


For those that are a fan of the Winter Olympics, getting their snow on or simply performing dangerous stunts at break neck speed then Ben Kilner’s your man. Since his victory at the 2009 British Halfpipe Champion a lot of eyes have been watching his board...


When you’re one of the best female riders on the slopes AND strutting your stuff as a model in Nikita Clothing’s new catalogue life gets pretty hectic. That’s why Gemma Marshall has packed up shop and gone off to one of the world’s best snow resorts in Colorado to concentrate... I am... Gemma Marshall, 19 (I’ll be 20 on 5 Jan). Just call me ‘Gem’ for short. You may know me from... the Nikita Clothing catalogues, riding in British competitions, snow tours, etc. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... I am starting my year in Breckenridge with the best people - all the world-class skiers and snowboarders go there. I started skiing first because... I was too small to snowboard but I learnt to snowboard as soon as I could because all my family did and it’s obviously the best option! I’m influenced by... Jenny Jones, Aimee Fuller, Gilly Seagrave, etc. There’s so many good UK girl riders that don’t get the recognition that the lads do. My biggest claim to fame is... The Nikita Clothing catalogues. Someone/ thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Hopefully you will see me in the Heel Edge Projects, a new UK snowboard movie, coming out soon, where you’ll see loads of sick UK girl riders. If I could board with anyone in the whole wide world, it would be ... Jake Blauvelt because... he rides for his own reasons and not for sponsors and money. In 2011 I will be... hopefully clevererer, a better snowboarder and wiser... taller? Gemma Marshall is nominated for ‘Best Female Rider 2010’ at the 2010 Fear of the Park awards (

I am... Ben Kilner, age 22, AKA Kildog. You may know me from... The 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. I am going to blow up in 2011 because... my knee operation was 100% successful and I am hungry to learn lots of new tricks. I started doing this because... I live near the Scottish Mountains and was hooked after my first visit to the slopes. I’m influenced by... any athlete who is at the top of their sport. My biggest claim to fame is... reaching the semi-finals in the Half Pipe discipline at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in 2010. Someone/thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... the Protest brand of clothing. One thing you should know about me is... I love life. If I could compete against anyone in the whole wide world... it would be Tiger Woods because he is still the best golfer in the world. What will you be doing more/ less of in 2011... more training, less injuries. If I wasn’t doing this I would be... a professional golfer. In 2011 I will be... competing at the British Championships (Brits) on 20-27 March 2011, don’t miss it. Ben will be competing at The BRITS Snow and Music Festival in Laax, Switzerland 20-27 March 2011.




You’ll already know Hannah Murray from a certain TV show, but 2011 should see the Skins actress break through to the Silver Screen, in a trio of films including the forthcoming Chatroom, a spookfest of a psychological chiller starring Murray and Kick Ass’s Aaron Johnson, and directed by Hideo Nakata (The Ringu)...


ou’re of course really well known as Cassie in Skins - what have you been up to since then? After finishing Skins I did a play in the West End called That Face, and since then I’ve been doing an English degree at Cambridge, and I have also managed to fit in three films, including Chatroom, in the holidays in between that. So I’ve been pretty busy all together. I’m in the third year of my course now and will be finishing that next summer. Skins has been a great launchpad for Nick Hoult and Dev Patel what are your thoughts on your time as part of the cast? I think Skins was just this brilliant, exciting thing for all of us and especially because most of hadn’t acted before, it was also an amazing learning experience. I had such a great time working on the show and it really changed my life in the sense that before I got the part the idea of acting professionally seemed kind of like an impossible dream. I’m also so grateful for having gotten to meet all those people and the friendships that have come from that. We still keep in touch as much as possible, even though everyone’s pretty busy and all over the place. How did you get the part of Emily in Chatroom? I was really excited about the whole premise of the project, of trying to represent the Internet as a physical space. And I felt that Emily was very different from other parts I’d played, I liked the idea of getting immersed in her innocence and geekiness. There was quite a long audition process. I first went in by myself to meet the casting director, Nina Gold, and then after that they


brought people back in groups to read together. So we all auditioned in various groups of William’s, Jim’s, Eva’s, Emily’s and Mo’s before they finally cast us. Is it in as scary making a thriller as it is to watch them? I don’t think it’s ever as scary making a film as it can be to watch it, because you’re always aware of the reality behind the illusion that gets created on screen. When we had a gun on set, that did freak me out a little though actually, because even though you know it’s just a prop it’s still quite an unsettling object. Have you had any dodgy/ weird online experiences? Not really. I’m not that involved in the whole online, social network thing. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. I mainly use email for work and university stuff, which has helped me to avoid any dodgy or weird interactions! What else are you working on? What else can we see you in? I recently finished working on a film called The Tamed Ones, which stars Cameron Bright, and is about a young guy fighting for custody of his eight year-old sister. I also just did a short film called Wings about a girl who wants to join the RAF. What are your hopes for the future as an actress? My hopes are mainly just to keep working on projects that I find exciting and interesting, and to do a wide variety of different things. There are loads of directors I really admire and would love to work with – Darren Aronofsky, Paul Thomas Anderson, Mike Leigh and Kelly Reichardt are a few examples – but I try not to have specific goals with my career beyond just working on things that I think are really good and that I can be proud of. Chatroom is out 22 December



When it comes to British actresses, there’s no denying there’s a whole host of established names gearing up to clean up at 2011’s Oscars and BAFTAS, but who’s keeping an eye on the fresh thespians rising up the ranks? RWD of course! Shanika Warren-Markland is definitely a name you need to know... I am going to blow up this year because... I’ve been working hard quietly for years so this will be another year of working, hopefully getting more and better opportunities than I have had before. I started doing this because... I went to see FAME the musical when I was 10 years-old and didn’t want it to end! I fell in love with the whole idea of performing and haven’t fallen out of love yet... I’m influenced by... British actors that have broken through internationally like Sophie Okonedo, Thandie Newton and Idris Elba, but also by my friends. Noel Clarke is probably the biggest influence on my career and he has given me my biggest breaks. He is doing big things, not just as a black British film maker but as a British film maker in general. My biggest claim to fame is... playing Kerry in, which was my first lead

role. Seeing the poster on the underground, with me in my underwear was a bit weird, but hey! In 2011 I will be... in two films, Victim and Suicide Kids (co-starring Tulisa). I’m doing another film in the spring and going on a UK tour with Talawa Theatre Company as well. Someone/thing else that might do quite well in 2011 is... Jessie J, she’s going to kill it this year. Her voice is on another level to most singers. If I could work with anyone in the whole wide world... it would be Martin Scorcese because his films are epic! I What will you be doing more/less of in 2011... I will be having more fun and I will be having less drama! I can save that for the screen...

Hackney raised actress, Zawe Ashton has been putting the work in since the age of six, treading the boards and gracing the sliver screen everywhere from British TV staples Casualty, The Bill and Holby City to roles in Othello, Frontline and Gone Too Far at acting Mecca’s the Young Vic and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Moving north to study acting at Manchester Met, Ashton is also a playwright and was invited to be resident at the Contact Theatre with her play Harm’s Way. “It was about giving a voice to some of the nameless youth familiar with today’s tabloids. It’s a story I wanted people to go away seeing the truth, not dismissing,” she said of the piece which combined performance and poetry, and which won the Verity Bargate Award in 2007. Her performance in This Wide Night also earned acclaim with the Guardian citing her portrayal of Marie as “right up there with the best”. The writer and thespian also somehow found time to appear in a music video for the Kaiser Chiefs, as well as advertisements for Selfridges and Playstation 2. St Trinian’s 2 with Colin Firth and Gemma Atherton, was Zawe’s first big acting break though, after landing a major role as character Bianca. Next up is Blitz alongside Cockney hard man, Jason Stratham, a scary sounding story about a serial killer taking down policemen. We’re sure Statham’s star power in this Brit crime thriller will help establish Ashton as on the UK’s leading screen actresses for the coming year. We think there’s a whole lot more in Zawe for Ms. Ashton.



Durrty Goodz aka Dwayne Mahorn has been spitting bars over everything from grime, to rap to dancehall for years. One of the scene’s most intricate, gifted spitters, he was one of the first to be signed to a major label deal, but is now flying the independent flag. Moving onwards and upwards Goodz is back with his ‘stadium grime’ album Overall. Nardene Scott finds out why he’s looking forward to releasing some real grime plus how he’s not afraid to keep things underground along the way...


ow are you doing, what are you up to today? Yes, everything is good. I’m busy today doing a photoshoot for the new album promo and stuff. Tell us about the new album? Well this time around it’s fresh, and as always, innovative. It’s what grime needs again, it’s great grime and it’s going to attract new fans. The name of the album Overall people can take how they want, but I say this is what grime is overall, what real MCing is overall and UK talent is overall. You’ll see in the next few weeks when the single Oi Wot U Lookin At comes out. You dropped the Born Blessed mixtape earlier this year, which was strictly hip hop and reggae beats. Why did you decide to do that? I can’t actually remember why I made it, but at the time it was something I wanted to do, like, I listen to all types of music in general. Of course, I’ve been listening to my own tracks, but when I’m not I’ve been listening to old Michael Jackson stuff. So what production can we expect on the album? And we presume there won’t be many guests, as you don’t really collaborate much? I do collaborate a lot, it’s just more with producers. For one reason or another a lot of MC’s just don’t invite me to the party, so I just carry on doing what I’m doing. I think in a way all of these tracks nowadays just have people spitting a verse, so MCs don’t have to write too much, so for me it’s got to make sense to have someone on your track. So which producers are you working with? Overall there’s a few producers on there, I always try to have a few new names. One of the new main guys is Dutchpot, he’s just everywhere and also who I produced the single Oi Wot U Lookin At with; I’ve got Stenchman on there, plus others. 64 / RWDMAG.COM

Lyrically what did you draw from on the album? Basically this is like a stadium grime album; it’s fresh grime and it’s more about the timing of this release as well because it wasn’t just about the music, it was about getting the business right. I’m putting in a lot of work, which is the other side that a lot of people don’t get to see. There are people out there that I have to compete with that are signed to major labels. So you’re strictly independent? Yes it’s independent right now. At the end of the day I’ve got to compete with these artists out there signed to majors, so I bring that touch more work. Have you got future plans for the label? Yes that’s right in the future. The whole point of setting up this is to get fresh, new, talent coming out of there...At the end of the day there’s a whole new bunch of fans out there we’re going to reach. How did you get involved with BBC’s Jail Tales earlier this year? Well obviously they know the story, so they reached out to me so I got into doing it. It’s not really anything that I’m intentionally wanting to highlight, like I’m not going to run around talking about it for years and that, but at the same time I’m not going to forget about it and the fact that there’s many others still there. What do you think about the whole grime scene at the moment? To tell you the truth I don’t really want to comment on it, all I know is that everytime I push out grime, grime is alive. What I’m bringing out is going to be the finest grime album that I’ve ever made. How about the beefs - do you have any ongoing? Nah man. Do you know what, it’s not even a beef ting. 2011 is not about beef; I’m too big for beef. Overall is out late February. Check




Last time Irie Dan Bless appeared in RWD he spoke about his single I’m Going Crazy; this time we catch up with the hard working rapper to find out what he has planned for the next single Darker...

Hey, what’s going on? I’m just busy at the moment in the studio working on lots of new material and fresh new music, videos and everything. How was your last single, I’m Going Crazy, received? It was good; I’ve watched the video like three times on TV just now, so people are still getting into it and hearing it now. What’s it like being from Bedford? It holds its own right? Yes, a lot of people forget the likes of Dizzee and Wiley were performing at D&B nights from back at the beginning of their careers. When I see Wiley he says he’s got a lot of love for Bedford and when he can he wants to do something together. Also, I do a lot of work with artists outside of Bedford and London; I’ve got links in and around most of the cities throughout the UK. So the new single Darker which has a B-side Snakes and Ladders is set to come out soon. Tell us a little bit about that. Well Snakes and Ladders is more of a dance and electro style track and I’ve got a remix from Macarbe Unit but Darker is different, it’s mad. It’s got a bit of electro, hip hop style with a dark twist to it. It’s definitely different to everything else that is out there at the moment. I was actually just talking to the director George Lupin about the video for Darker, he’s done a lot of the big N-Dubz videos too so it should be good. So can you let us into what you have in mind for the video? It’s going to be crazy, I think I mentioned last time but I’m 66 / RWDMAG.COM

“I’M SCEPTICAL SOMETIMES BECAUSE I WANT TO DO MOST OF THE WORK WHEN IT COMES TO MY MUSIC FROM THE STUDIO TO THE FINISHED PRODUCT, THAT WAY I HAVE MORE CREATIVE CONTROL...” obsessed with everything ‘80s from films like Weird Science and Back To The Future. So this video, going along with the sound of the record, is going to have an ‘80s feel. Expect to see me dressed up as a werewolf plus we’ve got the woman who did prosthetics for epic film productions and programmes like Dr Who on board so that’s going to be fun. George and I are really going to take things as far as possible with the video to produce something completely different and fresh. What’s the plan for 2011? I think the more you put into music, the more you get out so I’m going to continue working hard at my music. Obviously, I’m doing this thing independently so it matters a lot more how much effort I put into this. I’m sceptical sometimes because I want to do most of the work when it comes to my music from the studio to the finished product, that way I have more creative control than the labels. With the independent way, I have control and say in my music. I’ve not been scared to step out of the box. Darker is out 10 February.

COMPETITION TIME ‘The first comp of the year and have we got some goodies for you... PANASONIC HX40 Headphones are not only a listening device, but also a fashion statement and with the HX40 series, both needs are fulfilled due to the models attractive appearance and superb sound quality. A compact speaker housing tends to result in narrow sound frequency range. To create compact headphones without sacrificing the sound quality, Panasonic has adapted a unique Hybrid Diaphragm. The speaker diaphragm is made from soft material on its rim part, and hard material on its inner part. To win a pair all you have to do is drop an email (subject: PANASONIC) to and the headphones could be yours.

BONDED BY BLOOD To celebrate the release of BONDED BY BLOOD we are offering you the chance to win the DVD plus a Sony TV! The story of the Essex Boys life and execution gripped the UK. Intrigue, drugs, guns and power had turned the county into a notorious gangland. This is not the Essex you see on TV! To win a Sony TV and BONDED BY BLOOD DVD simply drop us an email (subject: BONDED BY BLOOD) to and this could all be yours in time for the January sales. BONDED BY BLOOD will be released to own on DVD and Blu-ray from the 27th December. (RRP £17.99/£19.99)

Send all emails to Please leave the given subject title and your full contact details before 26 January 2011 (unless stated otherwise).




RWD are no strangers to the world of B-boying, having had Roxy and Spin on previous covers of the mag. However, Nardene Scott discovered that the Red Bull BC One event is on a whole other level, when she travelled to Japan to see the coveted competition...


ince its beginnings back in 2004, the infamous Red Bull BC One has rocketed many a B-Boy into the limelight in their old skool style one-onone knockout battles. After taking over New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Johannesburg, this year for the first time, Red Bull BC One travelled to Asia and invited us lucky peeps to join them in the home away from home of the B-Boy, Tokyo. Situated in and around the Shibuya and Shinjuku districts (basically the trendy Tokyo boroughs where the cool people hang out), friends of Red Bull and B-Boy legends Hooch and Renegade, joined some BC One competitors, the Red Bull crew and yours truly for dinner on the first night. Marcio, one of the French entrants, told us of his nightmare of a journey having been on three flights in as many days between Paris and Tokyo,


(that’s fourteen hours a piece!). It also included a temporarily lost passport and hours of interrogation from Japanese customs. The French dancer known for his airflares and signature power moves put a brave face on as munched on some sushi, but the saga he went through shows just how much winning the coveted BC One belt means for the artful dancers.


RWD got a preview of the legendary stadium ahead of the comp when we interviewed a number of hopefuls for the BC One title. It was clear to see the pressure was really on when Taisuke, Japan’s great hope and also part of the BC One All Stars, told us “I’m going to dance for my country and hopefully take the title”. US entrant and former gymnast Gravity made us wince when he spoke about a little accident he had once when performing. “One time in Atlanta, me and.

my crew were going for this big routine. In the final battle, I slipped and broke my pelvis on stage; I cried in front of everybody and the media were like ‘Oh sh*t’! It took me about four months to heal.” Luigi, another American fit for the crown who appeared in Step Up 3, was excited for both the comp, and life after it. “In 2011, I’m going to focus some more on my acting and start taking classes in acting school” - expect to see this dancer spinning on your screens some time soon. We most enjoyed speaking to the energetic Brazilian Neguin, a capoeira instructor. “It helps me in my B-Boying, all my knowledge is from capoeira really.” He also become quite over-excited about the fact we were from the UK. “Oh my god, I love the UK, I’m coming there soon to star in Blaze, I can’t wait!” After a seriously long day (perked up by a constant stream of Red Bull, thankfully), we decided on our fave...!



The atmosphere in Tokyo’s Olympic Yoyogi stadium was nothing short of electric, having sold out in less than an hour a few months earlier. With the judges including the only consecutive Red Bull BC One winner and reigning champ Lilou, it’s fair to say he knew what he was doing. Despite a load of love from his home crowd, and getting second place in 2008, Taisuke was the first surprise exit of the night. US favourite, Gravity, also gave an explosive performance from the start, opening his battle up by flipping the full length of the stage, but lost out to the more conventional South American contender Lil G. The Godfather of Noize, Rahzel, helped push proceedings with his crazy mouth-made beats going riff for riff against a traditional Japanese drummer (you had to be there), but it was when hiphop legend Big Daddy Kane took to the

stage the Japanese crowd literally flung themselves up and out of their seats to recite his hits lyric for lyric. It was then onto the final battle featuring our favourite Neguin and Netherlands entrant, Just Do It. I was told by Hooch and Renegade that Just Do It is normally really good but it seems Neguin had the best moves on the day - at one point he even drank the Dutchman’s water, before annihilating his competitor using his secret capoeira moves


After celebrating his win by spraying champagne all across the stage, we spoke to Neguin before heading down to the afterparty. “I just thought ‘I can do it, it’s from the heart, be true and it’s not for me, it’s for my country because you know, I’m Neguin but my face represents Brazil’,” said the proud but injured Brazilian winner (he had knee

supports and a strapped up torso). Considering the newly hailed BC One winner was injured, you’d think he’d be running low on energy, but nope, in the packed out basement of the afterparty deep down in Tokyo we spotted him literally running up and flipping off the walls like a true champ. Let’s hope next year’s Red Bull BC One 2011 is just as nuts as this years. For footage, check and for more interviews head over to 69




@BUTLINS, SKEGNESS Chipmunk celebrated his birthday in style last month at Butlins in Skegness with the Big Reunion’s brilliant 10th birthday party. The promoters pulled out all the stops for their anniversary, booking some of the UK’s top DJs and rappers. The 7500 partygoers andChippy partied hard on the first night, at the UK’s biggest winter festival featuring musicians and spinners performing over six stages. Chip was treated to a surprise onstage lapdance before performing his biggest hits to a huge crowd, while over on the main Skyline stage, Example kick-started the party with Last One Standing. Taking us all back to 1999, Artful Dodger dropped a dizzying selection of garage classics while Judge Jules kept the trancers happy over on the Judgement stage. On the second night, Tinie Tempah absolutely smashed itwith Pass Out and Written In The Stars, while indie kids were looked after with The Twang and The Courtneeners. We’re still recovering from some serious partying - shout out to The Big Reunion crew for one of the best weekends we’ve had this year.


31 Foals @ The Forum, Kentish Town Trevor Nelson’s New Year’s Eve Party Camden Centre, WC1 Reggae Roast El-B, Skitz @ The Big Chill House London N1 Together: The Tenth Anniversary MarkRonson,FakeBlood, Katy B, Caspa, Zinc @ Brixton Academy, London


1 Goldie, Plastician @ Sankeys, Manchester


Warehouse Closing Party @ Warehouse Project, Manchester DJ EZ @ Indigo O2, London 4 Drake @Glasgow 02 Academy, Glasgow 7 Drake @ HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London Danny Byrd, Roska, Shy FX, Stenchman @ Fabric, London 9 J Cole + surprise guest @ Cargo, London

12 J Cole @ Manchester Academy, Manchester 14 Drake @ NIA Birmingham, B’ham 15 JLS @ O2 Arena, London Camden Crawl ‘11: Tips Wild Palms, Bear Driver, The Slow Revolt @ Kentish Town, London

20 Ms Dynamite, Nero, Skibadee @ Plymouth Students Union, Plymouth 21 Manic Street Preachers @ Brixton Academy, London 22 Giggs @ The Fleece, Bristol 25 Clare Maguire @Bush Hall, London

18 deadmau5 W/ Zane Lowe, Magnetic Man @ Earls Court, London

26 Usher @ MEN Arena, Manchester

Annie Mac Presents... Skream, Labrinth @ KOKO, London

27 Usher @ NIA Birmingham, B’ham

Egyptian Hip Hop @ Bush Hall, London 28 Skream, DJ Zinc, Scratch Perverts @ Reading University Student Union, Reading Toddla T, Lady Chann @ Corsica Studios, London 29 Adam F, Mary Anne Hobbs @Silo, Liverpool David Rodigan @ The Drum, Birmingham Ramadanman, Theo Parrish and more @ Corsica Studios, London


UNWIND WITH... TRON: LEGACY RWD’s online editor Tego Sigel meets the stars at the premiere of this year’s big film release, Tron...


We arrived early afternoon to our cordoned off press section in London’s Leicester Square, ready to meet and greet the stars of the night’s event. All around us speakers were being propped up, lights erected and carpets laid (a blue one rather than the classic red chosen to represent the glow of the Tron universe). At one end, a huge screen rolled the final trailer for the film, at the other, Edith Bowman studied her notes for the online live stream of the event. Important people with clip-boards containing celebrity names and confidential information stalked the blue carpet, ready for the night they had been planning for months. Tron: Legacy spent 64 weeks in post-production - for those that don’t know, that’s a long time for a film, damn, that’s a long time for anything! We announced on a few days prior that Fugative would be at the premiere and him having the adoring

HISTORY OF TRON... When ENCOM’s Kevin Flynn, finds himself out of work due to the unethical conduct of co-worker Ed Dillinger, the talented hacker takes a job running a Video Game Arcade. Soon Flynn finds himself INSIDE the programme and held by the universe’s ruler Sark. After befriending Tron, originally designed to monitor communications within the system and another program RAM, the trio make their escape as they realise Kevin Flynn to be a user and the key to shutting down their oppressive rulers. Get your DVD purchase on to get the full full rundown...

fans that he does, they were out in force on a freezing December night. The same went for McFly who worked the carpet until moments before the film started, and it was a similar story for the underdressed Shayne Ward who was in demand from both press and fans alike. The man of the hour though was Jeff Bridges. The Oscar Award winner and star of Tron: Legacy set the pace for other incoming stars by offering a genuine smile and handshake to anybody requesting it, happy to talk about the film, his past work or every English person’s favourite subject; the weather. From Jason Derulo to the stars of Glee, nobody in attendance could take their eyes off ‘The Dude’. As we were treated to a preview of the film’s soundtrack, scored by legendary French dance duo Daft Punk, the energy of the evening’s events begun to take control, manifesting

itself in a chorus of screams, flashes and poses. We were first joined by Tron: Legacy’s visionary director Joseph Kosinski, the film’s vehicle designer, Daniel Simon, (a man who would not normally be so important to a film), and the A-List were not far behind. Sporting a leather jacket on top of a smart black suit, Jeff Bridges stalked the carpet like he owned it, closely followed by the beautiful Olivia Wilde who paid the price for a stunning dress with the plummeting December temperatures. We caught-up with Ed Drewett, who told us he was looking forward to seeing the film. “I’m not a techie,” he offered, “but it looks quite fun. I know it’s about gaming, but other than that, I don’t know much.” Fugative, who appeared to be feeling the cold more than most, had also never seen the original, clearly making Tron a film for

a new generation. “It’s a remake of the ‘80s one innit?” Fugative pondered. “I’ve heard a lot about it but we’re in the 21st Century so I’m checking the new one”. McFly appeared to be the only artists who had actually seen the original and counted themselves as fans with Tom announcing: “I’ve even got Tron trainers, I don’t know why I didn’t wear them.” As the stars took their seats inside, the crowds began to thin, satisfied with having shaken hands, shared words and even kissed the stars they came out to embrace. If the premiere was anything to go by, Tron: Legacy will bring the Tron universe to a new generation, while satisfying hungry fans. Disney’s Tron: Legacy is out 17 December. Check out at to find out what we thought and watch a video preview. 73



We wish you all the best in 2011, after piggingout on popcorn watching these, we all know you’re going to need it... words by Danny Walker

1 FOR 2011:

THE GREEN HORNET Columbia Pictures Cert TBC

As you know we’re fans of many things here at RWD and the celestial comedy of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg is one of them. The HD trailer of the January released Green Hornet film has been studied and we can officially say that the Michel Gondry (Be Kind Rewind, Eternal Sunshine...) directed crime crushing caper is looking like a classic. We’re not sure if it will ever live up to the wonders of Superbad (will anything?) but it looks like it has the potential. With Kato (and about a zillion gadgets) at his side, the masked Hornet will be clearing up the streets in 2011 and beyond. You know there will be a sequel!!!



Revolver Entertainment

Walt Disney Pictures

Cert 15

Cert PG

From the director who made us soil our pants watching Ringu and Ringu 2, Hideo Nakata, comes a dark and twisted take on social networking. Despite the gloomy content, the film’s lifted by a strong cast – which includes Kick Ass’s Aaron Johnson, 28 Weeks Later’s Imogen Poots and a couple of quality members of Skins. With positive performances and a stomach wrenching plot this film will change everyone’s views about who they (and their younger family members) chat to online.

It seems for the last 20 years Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has been trapped in a world of light-cycles, scary head-severing Frisbees and impressive futuristic programs. When his now 27 year-old son Sam (Garrett Hedlund), finds him all hell breaks loose. We loved the immersive fight scenes, untamed light races and the small sprinkling of ‘It’s cool to hack’ woven throughout. Didn’t like the overall storyline, and the disappointing reality that it could have been amazing. Still, TRON’s second coming is a good one.



Def Jam Rapstar is most certainly not just for the boys - oh no! This game is perfect for girls too, so who better to help us test it out than two of Game Over (remix)’s hottest female MCs? Mz. Bratt and Baby Blue pay a trip to RWD to get Juicy in 21 Seconds. image by James Pearson-Howes

Bratt and Blue roll up to the office one mind-numbingly blitz Tuesday morning in late November. Starting with the UK, they begin with So Solid’s 21 Seconds, and trust us, it’s breath-taking. Literally. “It’s so fast,” gasps Bratt as the sounds of “Romeo dunn” resound around the office. She beats Blue by 445, 687 to 425, 967 and then pips her to the post again with Tinchy’s Number One, though to be fair Blue lost it right at the last minute. Next up is Kanye’s Gold Digger and it’s another lung-crunching number (seriously, Kanye can really rap fast!). This time Blue is victorious, taking Bratt 211,883 to 159, 333 and a rating of ‘Off the chain’! Bratt, congratulation, you juuust about beat Blue, two games to one. Bratt: Yeah, I don’t know how though, I thought I was a bit pants at it, but I must be alright! It was a lot of fun. Is this the first time you’ve played? Blue: No, I went to the launch and did Juicy with my friend. It was really good. Bratt: This is my first time playing it and it was hard - my nose was running cos it was so cold outside - so 21 Seconds killed me! Blue: I was so out of breath. Bratt: It’s a sick game though; it’s a good one to play at home with a few friends. Blue: Can we get a copy? Yeah - HMV is you! What do you think about being able to upload your freestyles for other gamers to hear? Bratt: Can you do that? Yeah, that’s sick, that’s almost like Youtube but you’re targeting people who are directly interested in rap, so you have a core group of people into the style of music you’re making. Blue: I like that you can rhyme over beats by the big boys like Just Blaze; most people would never get that opportunity, so if someone’s good, this is a great opportunity for them to maybe get noticed. Seeing Nicki Minaj blow up - can a female rapper from the UK make it? Blue: I think 2011 is going to be a big 76 / RWDMAG.COM

year; until now we’ve had all the guys Pro Green, Plan B, Chipmunk, Tinie - and there’s not one girl in there, but I think 2011 a girl is going to come through. How was recording the Game Over (remix)? Blue: It was good, everyone got on really well. Most of us know each other or have worked together at some point, so I think

we just all wanted to go in there and do the hottest bars possible. Was there anyone not on there that should have been? Bratt: No.Lay, Shystie and Dynamite. Bratt: I think they asked Dynamite but... I’m not sure what happened. So Blue, what have you got coming up? Blue: Run, Ft. Wretch was out this year, and my next single, produced by Davinche, Paper Haters has JME on it,

which Target and DJ Cipha Sounds over in the US have both been playing. It’s quite different to what’s coming out at the moment; it’s classic DaVinChe, quite hip hop but quite grimy too. And Bratt? Bratt: 2010 was amazing in terms of progress; we did Selecta independently and loads of shows came in and a lot of producers got in touch. But next year I want to focus on the studio. I want to emulate what Kanye West has done, sit down and create something in my own environment, rather than me going to random studios. I’m also just about to sign a deal with a major so I’m really excited about 2011. Blue: I’m doing an ITV2 show with Konnie Huq; she’s learning to rap and me and Akala are mentoring her. She’s doing alright, she’s not bad! She’s improving. I’ve done four or five tracks with Donaeo too for my album, and I’ve got a track coming out with a dance producer called Jacob Plant. It’s him, featuring me and Donaeo, which is out in the new year. Def Jam Rapstar is out now. Check out and Win A Deal With Atlantic Records! Def Jam Rapstar is searching for Britain’s best new rapper. All you have to do is upload your best attempt in Rapstar’s freestyle mode (from 1st Jan ‘11), and you can be in with a chance to get a single deal with Atlantic Records. Take your pick from beats by Premier, Just Blaze and Cool & Dre, spit your best bars and you could be signed to the same label as Jay-Z! Head over to* to find out more...






2011 is the year of the gamer (oh and the Rabbit according to China)... words by Danny Walker

1 FOR 2011:


We’ve dusted off our crystal ball – yeah, we roll like that – to look far, far into the future and all signs for console meltdown are pointing to May 2011. Well that is when THQ are looking to take us deep into the core of Mars anyway. As you know, next year will be cluttered with titles but make sure you jot down this one. This series is really hotting up and this future instalment is shaping up nicely. The people of Mars have been freed but all eyes will be back on the red planet soon enough when all hell is about to break loose. Get ready to cut your way through the planet’s core and use your skills to save Mankind. Grab your pad and get blasting.




PC, PS3, Wii

DS, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

We’re not quite sure what to do with SBK X; it’s definitely not a game for buying but if you were to loan it, we see many aspects (such as the wide selection of drivers, tracks and bikes) resulting in your friends (or Blockbuster Video) asking for it back. With great graphics and decent sound we can see this as an extremely playable title you just have to work out how to obtain it for free. Fasten your gloves, zip up your leathers, slap yourself on your helmet for good luck (pause) and get ready to get your Carl Fogarty on.

Join Harry on his quest to destroy the Horcruxes... or not.


Deep Silver



We were waiting for GT5 for ages. In fact we got grey hairs just stressing out about when Sony were actually going to drop the ultimate 3D driving experience. And yes, it’s here. After ripping the packaging in anticipation we were working on our garages before the day was even out. With legendry cars (loving the way they handle, the way they look and the way they take to tracks like the Nurburgring with ease), legendary controls and another great title in the legendary series, we’ll be playing Gran Turismo 5 until we’re blue in the face. If the bruises on our thumbs are an indication of this game’s quality then the latest from Sony is brilliant.



PS3, Xbox 360

iPhone/ iPod Touch

Despite Ubisoft using Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out for their television advertising campaign for Brotherhood - seriously, what were they thinking? - this is a great addition to the franchise. It’s very welcoming for those who have just joined the series, yet in-depth enough for old skool assassins to roam through Rome, master the stealthy arts and become the Master Assassin main character Ezio should be. Great maps make this a game you’ll be playing over Christmas and beyond.

After weeks of hearing “Download the app now” from this popular ITV series we invested our hard earned £1.79 (do you know how many months of RWD wages that is?) on the game from the series of the same name. Stopping far short of great, via many trips past annoyingville, the app eventually does the series justice. It’s not a game that will have you addicted like many others in the App Store but it will have you trying your upmost to ‘Beat the Cube’. Don’t get ‘defeated’. 79

UKG / GRIME / DUBSTEP / BASSLINE CHART BY DJ CHEWY 01 HORSEPOWER Quest For The Sonic Bounty (Tempa LP07 / Ammunition) This collection of ultimate dubstep comes very close to sheer brilliance. Benny Ill and his associated team have constructed an amazing album that includes Loefah, Orson and Matt HP. There’s so much greatness on here, but the best track is the incredible Kingstep. 02 COMPOUND ONE Back Off / Pump Um Beat Compound (One) It’s hard to pick the better track from these as they are both outstanding. Back Off has used yet another great set of samples, which again are annoying the hell out of me. Answers as to what they are to 03 TEMPA ALLSTARS Tempa Vol 6 (Ammunition) Has it really been over a year since the last volume? How time flies. This composition of all that’s great in the world of dubstep needs no introduction; the stand out anthem has to be Benga’s I Come From London. 04 CESSMAN V.S JOE ARIWA Skanker E.P (Ariwa) I dare you to listen to the opening track and try not to move; it’s like the fruit pastille challenge, you will not be able to keep still. Main track Skanker is killer, and don’t forget Emperor Selassie I, Razor Sharp dub and the vocals from Queen Omega. 05 CASPA Lost In Bed / Study (Caspa001) Holy sh*t this one is going to hurt; I can’t believe the depths this evil producer has gone to. When this disgusting track goes off in any club, be ready for some serious moshing or just step out of the way and let it happen around you.

06 LUNG Afterlife / Broken (Kokeshi) With an organic and atmospheric opening, this release leads with Afterlife. On the flipside, mega-bullet Broken delivers on the dark and grimacing. 07 GOTH TRAD Two Faced / Sunbeam (Deep Medi Music) For the first time in years, I am slightly underwhelmed by this particular release from one of my favourite labels. No matter, it’s still shifting units to their loyal fans who snap up all Medi productions. 08 HATCHA + LOST Work Out (One Gun Salute) Still in the premier league of dubstep ambassadors and a pioneers of the scene, DJ and producer Hatcha, alongside another veteran known as Lost, have come up with a smasher with this tuuuune. 09 RAS KWAME / JNR TUBBY Dan Man (Orange Hill) This killer remix is a brilliant and up-to-date version excellently brought back to life by Ras Kwame and King Tubby’s kid, Junior, who is super-fresh on the buttons. When you hear that classic voice of Richie Dan, the memories will come flooding back. 10 DOCTOR P Big Boss / Black Books (Circus Records) Still doing damage on many DJ playlists is this awesome offering from Doctor P, which holds a position in our charts leading into 2011. Both Big Boss and Black Books seem to be getting some serious support. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 80 / RWDMAG.COM

GUY WARD Chapter 1 EP (Promo) LAID BACK Red Chasing Shadows (Remix) (Hench) BEN VERSE Dark Star (Wheel & Deal) SKINNZ Keep It Gutta / Euphoria (Boka 033) GUMNAAM Horrid Henry / Education (DMZ Records) CLOQWORK ORANGE EP (Cloqworq Records) SIGHA & MARCEL DETTMANN Early Morning Lights (Our Circular) TUNNIDGE 7 Breaths (Chestplate) MS JAE & PALEFACE Fall Out Of Love (Promo) ORIGINAL SIN & TAXMAN Take No More (Playaz)



Her first album, 19, received Grammy’s, a BRIT, multi-platinum sales and worldwide acclaim, and we predict Adele Adkins is about to have an amazing 2011 with her Rick Rubin produced follow-up, 21... Um, where have you been for, like, two years? I’ve been chilling out – I got a dog, Louis, he’s 18 months now. I got a new house, regrouped, met up with some old friends, made some new friends, hung out with my family, more than I ever have, which is nice. I wrote the first song for the new album in April of last year, then I had a break for six months, and then I wrote pretty much all of it a year ago now. How is 21 different to 19? I knew I wanted to progress, not too far cos the people who loved Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory ultimately gave me the chance to record a second album, so I didn’t want to stray too far. But I just wanted to be a bit more playful, everyone thinks I’m so serious cos of 19, musically and lyrically, it’s quite a somber record 82 / RWDMAG.COM

(laughs). But I like having fun and making people laugh. I’m a bit sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek and mouthy, I’m very much a 22 year-old, so I just wanted to be a bit more like that, which I think I’ve done on some of the songs. How aware are you of current pop like Gaga etc.? I know of everyone, but I don’t know their work that much. I am in love with Gaga and Rihanna and Drake and all that, but I wouldn’t be like ‘Lets do a song like Find Your Love’. I love that Chipmunk and Tinchy and all these lot are doing so well but I hate that they’re having to rap over Swedish dance music. I find it really discouraging. I want to make organic music, just me and a band in a room, and sticking to my roots, whether it succeeds or not, at least I can hold my head high. You worked with Rick Rubin – did you touch his beard?

No! I don’t know how he’d react to that. The Jay-Z record he did was one of my favourite records ever, so I was very aware of everything he’d done. It’s a bit like the Royal Family – you’re born and you know about it. We were both nervous of working together, cos we had not idea how it would turn out. More often than not, he works with bands, he’d never worked with a British girl, so I think it was exciting for everyone. He wanted to portray my live show in this record, cos my live show is, and was, so different to my first record. You’re a pretty big deal in the US, right? Yeah, I don’t know how, but I’m taken f*cking seriously in America (laughs)! I’m not pop in America – pop there is Rihanna. I don’t think I could compete as a pop star there, if I’d been a pop star there I’d have fallen flat on my arse. I

can’t dance, I don’t wear hot pants and I don’t write songs for pop radio. What’s been a highlight? The Grammy’s was pretty breathtaking, selling out the Hollywood Bowl was amazing... and just getting the chance to do another record. It’s so throwaway now; if I didn’t do well, I might have been dropped. Who are you tipping for the top in 2011? I like James Blake, I love how unassuming he is. I really love Katy B, we went to school together. I love Katy, love Jessie J, we went to school together too, her voice is amazing. Final word on 21 please. It’s just about songs. There’s no theme. There’s not going to be no groundbreaking videos or anything – it’s just about the songs. 21 is out 22 February 2011.

RWD mag Jan 11  

RWD mag Jan 11