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as one the

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as one

• As one we cheered for our residence halls in the Brick Pit at Shirttails • • As one we stood in the stands to cheer on student athletes • • As one we are intellectually challenged in the classroom • • As one we threw each other into the fountain to celebrate our birthdays • • As one we welcomed President Tsutsui and Provost Bonebright • • As one we found glitter permanently affixed anywhere and everywhere • • As one we sought out curiosities that turned into passions and aspirations • • As one we finished each party with "Wagon Wheel" • • As one we are a community • • As one we are Hendrix •






photos by lexi adams

welcome to


new students begin their Hendrix journey by ruthie daniel

The car is packed. The gas tank is full. Resident assistants are prepared with room keys. Orientation staff dance in the parking lot as packed cars pull in and move new students into their Hendrix home. Welcome to Homedrix. A place where students will grow, make new friends, and learn a touch about anything and everything for the next four years. Orientation week is packed full of activities to help new students become familiar with their home for the next four years. From first introductions at move in to PlayFair to the Pep Rally, new students are constantly engaging in activites and learning more about Hendrix. When asked what the best part of orientation week was, freshman Victoria Spradley said the trip without hesisitation. "All week the freshmen have countless opportunities to meet each other, but being on trips with a smaller group allows you to get to know those students more intimately. The Hendrix community is extremely welcoming and it shows through the older students as they spend a week of their time welcoming freshman," said Victoria. el an i

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d ie th ru





"We always have music blaring as we move people in, but this year, when "Bohemian Rhapsody" came on, we began serenading one particular car. Eventually every OR leader in the VZ Circle was singing and dancing to the entire 8 minute song." liz forester '16





My favorite part of Convocation was hearing Tsutsui’s introduction to the new students. It was, for many of us, also his introduction to the campus. graham senor '15




"Pizza Wars provided a fun way to meet my future classmates and friends! Kind of cheesy, but if you ever sausage an event, you would agree!"





“It’s simultaneously the most sober and most ridiculous you’ve ever been.” mitch harle ‘16



The trip is essential. That's where the magic happens: the trip. jackson fitzgibbon '17

sarah walker '18



"The pep rally is always so fun because the freshman are finally beginning to feel comfortable and it gives everyone a chance to show off how much fun they had on the trips." charley ford '15

"It is always such a great feeling to be able to share and introduce people to a school that I love so much." Ples Spradley '15

"[Orientation] showed me the ropes to life as a Hendrix Student without sugarcoating the serious issues." Thomas Alexander '18



all about the sex eyes

strike a pose

Hardin Hall Freshmen Andrew Fleming, Brian Earles, Braxton Anderson, and Pete Wills tease the crowd.

Raney ladies give it their all in the Brick Pit to bring home the title.

1. Galloway gals strike a pose. 2. Martin men show off their signature hand sign. 3. The ladies of Veasey Hall show off their classic Veasey Crawl in the Brick Pit. 4. Couch men throw up their signs showing their dorm pride. 5. Couch ladies show the crowd what they've got.

get your freak


ake and ice-cream. Batman and Robin. Hendrix and Shirttails. It's a tradition that's simply meant to be. Most of us can think back to our first days at Hendrix and remember our Shirttails experience with golden excitement. There is nothing else that makes us quite so eager to dance in our underwear, throw "sex eyes" at fellow students, or serenade each other with hilarious presentation. Shirttails has remained one of the most iconic features of Hendrix for 101 years now, and it's only getting better every year. "There is nothing better or more indicative of our Hendrix community than seeing new students dance their butts off and simultaneously seeing upperclassmen in an uproar of excitement and support for their big dive into our campus community," said Shirttails Co-Chair Ty Spradley '16. The week leading up to Shirttails involves just as much excitement and activity as the event itself. From practices to social



new students compete for dorm victory in dance competition by devon davis

Serenades and teasers, there is constantly interaction between new students and upperclassmen as they approach the big event. Freshman and Hardin resident Pete Wills said, "Post-rehearsal, late-night caf was hands-down the greatest part of the week. And winning was pretty great, too." Michala Roberts '17, Hardin choreographer, also explains how Shirttails is more than a competition. "I wanted it to be about having fun and making friends, stepping outside of your comfort zone," said Michala. Performances were fierce from each dorm this year, and everyone danced their hearts out in the brick pit. Hardin Hall placed first for the men and Raney Hall placed first for the women. What stood out most to freshman Jillian Tofukuji was the feeling of anticipation and unity that came moments before Raney performed their dance. "Never before have I seen all the Raney girls so together.

photos by thomas koen

"There is nothing more indicative of our Hendrix community"

GET PUMPED! Senior John Weirich gets the crowd excited before the Shirttails festivities begin.

-Ty Spradley '16 For that moment, we all had something in common: we were determined to blow everyone away once we stepped in the brick pit," said Jillian. All the memories that fuel the Shirttails experience create one of the most iconic welcoming celebrations that Hendrix offers. "Shirttails week basically feels like one huge, crazy, exhausting, exciting, dance party/pep rally combo event ... nothing beats that," said Ty Spradley. "Shirttails was a great bonding experience to get to know the residents in the dorm." Kathryn Bolt '18

"Serenades: where the ladies love you or leave you." Pete Wills '18



bicycle gang


A relay team poses after the activities. Team members are seniors Mack Krone, Audrey Morrow, Bailey Ann Harper, and Victoria Resendez.



faux rush week gets a new name

by ruthie daniel and devon davis




phot os b y



xi a d a ms a nd

ty s pra d

l ey




"My favorite part was definitely the lipsync. Three of the six of us got 2nd place our freshman year, so it was extra special winning senior year." Julie McCarthy ‘15

he Social Committee spices up the week formerly known as Faux Rush Week to Bubble Week. Why the name change? "Bubble Week is designed to facilitate the embracement of living in the Hendrix Bubble—and all it has to offer us as a community. In the past, this week has centered around residence halls teaming up to be able to win money for their hall council. This effectively excluded some folks from participating, so this year we took a new approach and are making this a diversified team effort," said SoCo Chair Sophie Knorek. The events of the week kicked off with the Lip Sync Battle and ended with the Mega Relay and Foam Party. The Lip-Sync Battle is a classic and well-attended event each year. Some students choose to perform in the spur of the moment while other students mull over the perform song and prepare in advance. "We wanted to do a song everyone loved that could pair with easy choreography and funny costumes… so obvious “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” We just all got together one night and had a lot of fun with dancing to the lyrics! The BEST part was performing it," said senior Carrie Yang. Like any good Hendrix event, costumes were an essential part of the festivities. "We needed Mulan-esque costumes, so we all watched the video on Youtube and then realized, BATHROBES!" said Carrie. "We worked much harder on our costumes for the relay race, where we were actual bubbles! We all got shirts and just blew a million balloons until we literally could not anymore.. and stapled them to our shirts." All in all students transitioned well into Bubble Week. And the prizes for the winners weren't half bad either. "And THE BEST PART… our prize, the beautiful black party limo to take us to dinner and to formal. TOTALLY WORTH IT… every single second of that crazy week," said Carrie. 1. Junior Mitch Harle and Sophomore Jackson Fitzgibbon perform at the lip sync competition. 2. Foam-covered students model their new foam hairstyles. 3. Cast of Mulan? Close. Seniors Mariah McElroy, Carrie Yang, Julie McCarthy, and McKinley Sparling lipsync "I'll Make a Man Out of You." 4. Campus Kitty Exec gets in on the relay action in the trashketball event.

"It was so fun to be able to bond with my team post-OR. I really liked being involved this year despite living off-campus." Mitchel Griffin ‘15



o ph


ho yt b s

s ma

n koe

1. The crowd dances to the beat. 2. Junior Anna Green and friends pause to document the night with a selfie. 3. Students find their friends in the crowd. 4. Cathryn McClellan '15 entertains the crowd in the cage. 5. Sophomores Ashley Baker, Katherin Aristondo, Payton Rausch, and Jordan Rausch pose for the camera. 6. International students Lilja Vignisdottir, Aldmar Joubert, and Salvador Lorente Garcia capture their first SoCo 54. 7. Senior ladies looking extra fierce at SoCo 54. 8. Rebecca Seal '17, Sophie Knorek '15, and Anna Claire Atkins '17 swing from the dancers' cages.

1. 4.

saturday night fever worsham transforms into a seventies-themed dreamland




by ruthie daniel and katie wendover

The Social Committee hosts SoCo 54 every year, but each year students continue to rush to the event in their best 70s-themed thrift shop finds. What makes this event so great each year? Freshman Katie Wendover believes the authenticity of the event is what makes SoCo 54. "It's hard to mistake this event for any other event of the year because it is such a genuine experience," said Katie Wendover '18. Another staple of SoCo 54 is the light up-floor in the middle of Worsham. And don't forget the cage dancers! "I absolutely loved the disco floor. It made the whole part that much more fun! The cage dancers were defintely a highlight as well. They kept everyone dancing and on their feet. SoCo 54 is one of my favorite Hendrix events," said junior Anna Green. Each year SoCo revamps the decorations and rearranges the layout of the room. Each detail is carefully planned to ensure this event continues to be a student favorite. This year continued the tradition of a great night grooving in the seventies.



8. 3.


"The glitter blurs together. The 70s theme stood out this year because many more students wore it than last year." Payton Rausch '17

"It's a great experience unique to Hendrix." David Tate '18



50 years of candlelight photos by madison dealing

new director keeps old traditions alive by carson hunter


tarting in September, while the rest of campus is still buzzing about shirttails and summer vacation, the Hendrix Choir is singing Christmas carols to prepare for one of their biggest events of the year, Candlelight Carol Service. The event, started in 1964 by Robert McGill, was inspired by a Christmas Eve service at King’s College in Cambridge, England. In the 50 years since, the service has seen a few new directors, a stream of new choir members, and over 1,200 audience members per year, but has remained a favorite tradition of Hendrix folks and community members alike. This 50th anniversary service was not only special in its mark of longevity--it was also the first year under the direction of Dr. Andrew Morgan. Though most of the songs were religious pieces, Lexi Adams '17 says that “even though not everyone has same religious views, it doesn’t really matter once you get down to singing. Everyone is immersed in the same sort of spirit of singing.” Lauren Petrisin, a freshman and first year choir member, enjoyed getting to perform for the community: “ I loved spreading good spirits to all the people and it was really cool because all the people would come up afterward and tell us how beautiful it was.” Of course, the service wouldn’t be complete without the almost 100 candles adorning every surface of Greene Chapel. “At first I was really nervous because of all the candles,” said Lauren. It wasn’t all fear of fire hazards though: “we had this joke that when we were lining up, you were ‘initiated’ when someone blew out your candle so you wouldn’t have one to walk in with,” Lauren said.

not-so-silent night

From left: Choir members Dalton Hoose, Cecilia Eubanks, and Natasha Bray sing at the Candlelight Carol Service

the carols

Hodie Christus Natus Est by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

photo courte sy o f

hop e

mo ntg o

m er


Adam Lay Ybounden by Boris Ord Lift up Your Heads, O Ye Gates by George Frideric Handel Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day by John Gardner Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree by Elizabeth Poston Ave Maria by Jean Mouton A Christmas Carol by Charles Ives The Shepherd’s Carol by Bob Chilcott The Three Kings by Healey Willan



“Candlelight is sends goosebumps down your spine." Leaetta Odglen ‘17

“I had never been before, it was so beautiful. The choir was amazing and it was a really spiritual experience." Tori Walters ‘17



mardi gras



by le

xi a

da m s

1. A spiderman-masked Evan Mitchell '16 and Emily Holmes '17 giggle as the photographer takes their photo. 2, Sophomores Ava Parker and Jackson Fitzgibbon dance the night away. 3. Aaron Steele '17 smiles for the camera. 4. Field Hockey players pose together. 5. Savannah Skaggs '15 and Jeffery Scott '16 put their dancing skills to the test. 6. Ellie Black '18 and her date goof off and enjoy the night on the dance floor.


winter formal resembles bourbon street

by ruthie daniel





twist and shout

Seniors Jonas Reagan, Jasmine Welch-Beardsley, and Ella Caraway cheer on the live band.


ith all the green, purple, and yellow present in the room, in beads, or on student's outfits, one could easily mistake themselves to be in a Mardi Gras parade on Bourbon Street. Winter Formal is set apart from many other Hendrix events because the music is provided by a live band. The band sings covers of classic songs and also current Top 40 hits. "The live band was fantastic, and it is so much more fun to dance to live music rather than a DJ. We were upfront, and the lead singer gave me a big smile when I started dancing like a fool to a Michael Jackson song," said senior Ella Caraway. When students are worn out from dancing to the music, lounging areas around the dance floor waited to receive them. social


Another huge aspect of formal besides actually attending and enjoying the event is your outfit. Students plan in advance for the perfect outfit to wear on this night out. Some students plan their outfit to match the theme, while others wear whatever their heart desires. Regardless, dressing up for the event is half the fun of the evening. "It's not every weekend you get to put on a fur coat and a nice dress to pretend you are movie stars for the night," said freshman Rachel Parker. Overall, between the outfits, the music, the laughter, and the dancing, Ella dubbed her last Winter Formal as a "blast." Many students would probably agree with her in this assessment of the night's festivities.


"The atmosphere of a live band with lit up tables and benches made memorable moments." Lauren Long '17

"It was a great chance to dress up and just dance the night away." Heather Smith '18



bow down

...then after the show

it's the afterparty wetness evercream volunteers as tribute, wins the crow n by carson hunter

photos by thomas koen

a note from the winner For me (and Wetness), I think the most memorable part of my Miss Hendrix experience are the long hours spent practicing with the other contestants and with my dance squad (sounds legit) for my contestant performance. Interestingly enough, I actually danced with four of the other contestants in shirttails – WOOO MARTIN – so I really enjoyed getting to spend time with these fellas again, shaking our rumps everyday Tuesday and Thursday, and strengthening my growing friendships with the others. What could be better than spending two nights a week with a pair of gorgeous twins, a flexible two-legged mermaid, a fierce red-caped diva, a majestic swan, a fine lady from Down Under, the most popular girl at North Shore High School, and a naughty witch from Hogwarts? Although some contestants enter Miss Hendrix more familiar with what it takes to be a divalicious drag queen, I think a lot of us had some eye opening experiences about our society’s standards for the female image. “Why do y’all wear such uncomfortable shoes? How do I keep this damn hair out of my face? Does my makeup look okay?” were typical questions in practice and the dressing room. I’m not trying to say that I am now all-knowing about our culture’s implicit gender norms and the trials and tribulations faced by women on a daily basis, but I think I at least gained a second lens from which to view ph these issues. oto sb Of course, the real magic happens on the night of the y le xi a dam show. It’s incredible to see everything finally fall into place, and if s there’s one thing I’ve learned about drag shows, it’s that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN the night of the show. Hair goes flying, someone forgets his (her?) cover-up for Swimsuit (yeah, that was me…), a small lake of baby oil appears on the stage, or the dancer’s changing room gets locked. Anything goes.

Brady Rowe '17, Ian Shrum '16 and Sophomores Angela Lamb and Katie Larson dance with special guest Cardboard Beyonce.

Freshman Bailey Egan, senior Graham Senor, sophomore Jared Lincoln, junior Shannon Abbott, and junior Evan Mitchell show off their dance moves at the Miss Hendrix Afterparty

Mack Krone '15



“Miss Hendrix is easily the most entertaining event of the school year (sorry Shirttails).” Mustafa Filat '16

“Miss Hendrix was organized chaos! It social gave me a chance to meet new people and act a fool at the same time!” Bob Berardi ‘15


photos by thomas koen, lexi adams, and madison dealing

Toga is one of the last big parties on campus before students say goodbye to spring semester and hello to summer. "Finals are about to begin so it's really the last event of the year that everyone is together," said junior Marissa Lee. As it is one of the last campus-wide events, toga is one of the most attended events. "It felt like everyone at Hendrix showed up, at least for a little while," said freshman Kelsi Stimack. The excitement began even before everyone secured their outfit for the night with a handful of safety pins. The evening kicked off with Gladiators, a classic prelude to Toga, where members of the Sword Club reenact gladiator fights. This year Dean Wiltgen participated in

the Gladiator sword fight. "I love the Sword Club gladiator fight and how invested students get. To an outsider it might look like the nerdiest party ever, but I can't think of anything that seems more Hendrix to me!" said Marissa. With the same spirit students fight with foam swords, students search fabric stores across Conway for the perfect fabric to set them a part from the traditional sheets or solid color togas. Students could be found in a range of patterns from cats to tie-dye to gingham to rubber duckies to race cars. Photo booths could be found in varius residence halls where hall council members and residence assistants were ready to capture photos of students in their wellcrafted togas.

1. Junior Blake Cooper poses for the camera. 2. Evan Mitchell '16 feels the beat and shows off his moves in the middle of the Brick Pit.

when in rome martin hall caps off the year with annual toga event by ruthie daniel



“I was on duty [for ResLife] that night, but I did get to wear a toga over my polo." Erika Jasso '15

"It was a really great way to see everyone before the end of the year." Kelsi Stimack '18




s oto ph


nd lexi ad khdx a am s

dr. dog March 12, 2015

like a really, really small bonnaroo by carson hunter


Novemb er



2 01 5


2 014


students show off creativity to meet bands


n mid-November, KHDX brought the electro-pop duo Cherub to the Worsham stage. Hailing from Nashville, Jordan Kelly and Jason Huber put on a show full of neon lights, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and 80's funk meets electropop. Best known for their top-40 hit "Doses and Mimosas," the band brought that and many more equally as funky songs that kept Worsham dancing. social

1 2 ,

meet &



March brought the Pennsylvania indie-rock group Dr. Dog to the Worsham stage, where they sang their most famous tune "Heart it Races." For both concerts, KHDX sponsored meet and greet contests, encouraging students to either pose with a flat stanley version of Cherub, or create a visual interpretation of Dr. Dog lyrics. “Mid-week concerts are always a nice break. You might have to cram in work before or after, but it's worth it” Ruthie Daniel ‘16

1. Meet and Greet winners pose with Dr. Dog. 2. Coco Guillot and Lexi Adams', both '17, entry "something's gone from her eye / Something's gone wrong" in the Dr. Dog contest. 3. Salvador Garcia and Babsi Pro's winning flat Cherub entry 4. Mackenzie Theall '16, and Sam Higgins' '17, winning Dr. Dog entry "barking up the wrong tree"

“I love all of the wonderful concerts KHDX brings to campus!” Kelsey Atwood ‘15



'16 ie,




ly, Ed Sh ltip

Kelsey Atwoo d,

ay, Dra k

Jos e

sd ue



tson, '17



ds oa r


Jill Ngyuen ,'


"I watched all of Gilmore Girls really quickly. I loved the quick wit and references that filled each episode. The fast dialogue reflected daily life and made it easy to connect to the characters."

, '1



Jo rd


"My favorite tool of psychoanalytical analysis is a Taylor Swift themed Buzzfeed Quiz."

acoustic rap mixed with songs to cry and eat ice cream to


for those who don't have time to party on the weekend


ran e e



80's style pop anthems you just can't shake off


...jammin' to tunes



o Tayl r Swi , 9


...squirreling around


"It's super easy to carry. I also find it entertaining riding a skateboard that is only slightly larger than my foot. I feel like people get a laugh watching my 6'8" self rolling around atop a 18" skateboard."

Yik-Yak can be fun, but when you give people that level of anonymity, they may say hurtful things they wouldn't say in real life.



Barton , '1

cNicol, '18

Katie W en d



...wearing chacos with every outfit

a yM r o

"Because razors are 24 dollars and that money goes towards beer. Also, it keeps my face warm and manly."

Shereen Moufarrej, '15

...running naked through the library



cy c Bra , '15 Eri

...taking selfies with the president

pe nn



M c C on


A n na



"I like doing work there because it's a change of pace from campus and also from other coffee chains like Starbucks. The setup is more homey and there's more space to do homework, and it's great to support local businesses as well!"


ey White, es l '1 W

those hendrix kids, always... ...caffeinated

“One cannot have glitter and modesty." @overheardathendrix Hope Montgomery ‘15

“Yeah I'm talkin' mac, yeah I'm talkin' social cheese, yeah I'm talkin' to Ms. Martha, I seen her the other day" Dominic Smith ‘16


of brooke ne tesy lso



c ou oto h p



of dominiqu


ell ey br



ou r oc ot




1. Tibetal Buddhist monks focus intently on the mandala. 2. An elementary class speaks with a monk. 3. - 5. The beginning to inbetween to the final touches, one can see the start to the finish of the sand mandala the monks carefully created.


ob ot

y yt

ra sp



out of the

sand box

Monks spend a week creating a sand mandala masterpiece by katie wendover and ruthie daniel

In October three monks from the Drigung (Drikung) Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism visited for a week to share the sacred art of the sand mandala. A space was cleared in the burrow for the monks to set up so that anyone could come and watch the progress of the sand mandala at their leisure. “Watching Buddhist monks create a sand mandala in the Burrow grain by grain of colorful sand was incredible. Every time I walked into the SLTC, I was amazed by the progress that had occurred since the time of one or two classes,” said sophomore Morgan Carrico. A frequently asked question is what makes the sand mandala sacred? The sand mandala preserves sacred power or energy which is known as chinlab or “blessings” in Tibetan. It represents an ideal realm. The mandala created in the burrow was associated with the Medicine Buddha and is related with relieving mental, physical, and spiritual suffering. The monks began the sand mandala by referencing traditional iconography to draw elaborate, detailed geometric patterns. Once the pattern is complete the monks carefully place millions of colorful sand grains on the flat platform. They place the sand on the platform by pouring the sand through metal funnels. The process requires intense focus and takes dedication as the process takes at least a week to complete. Students, faculty and staff, and community members came to view the sand mandala and speak with the monks. At the end of the week there was a closing ceremony where the Tibetan monks blessed the mandala and poured the sand mandala in the Hendrix Creek Reserve. “It was a beautiful and detailed process visually, but our visitors were kind to share the beauty in the spiritual meaning of the mandala as well. It was initially difficult to watch something like their work be wiped away, but the symbolism of transience in life put exceptional meaning to it,” said Morgan.



“It was a really incredible experience to watch the monks make the sand mandala. I would have never known what they were or the significance had they not come to Hendrix. I'm super glad I got to experience that and learn about another culture." Shannon Abbott '16




summer odyssey students pursue their passions with odyssey by sarah logan

Junior Nathaneal Drahn designed a project to travel to three primary schools in Finland and take a "comprehenseive look into the Finnish school system." During his project, he gave a presentation about his life in the United States and explored primary schoolers' views of life and education in America; he also observed the Finnish education environement. Nathaneal concluded that Finland extended quality education to its students based on the "state of the art facilities, healthy meanls, high student academic performance, and highly educated and experienced staff." In reflection, Nathaneal said "It was my first opportunity to teach in the classroom, and I absolutely loved it."

megan barker Senior Sophie Knorek interned at the Biology Department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts this past summer. She participated in a research project to "determine what small pelagic fish, such as mackerel and herring, eat" which would contribute data on how carbon flows through the marine food web. She spent time dissecting a phenomenal amount of fish to investigate their guts and worked in the field. Sophie was also a member of the institution's summer softball league. This opportunity "gave me a more complete idea as to what being a member of a community at a research institution entails, and solidified my ambition to apply to graduate Ph.D. programs for Marine Biology/Biological Oceanography" said Sophie.



nathaneal drahn Senior Megan Barker spent six weeks interning at the La Jolla Playhouse located in La Jolla, California. Working with theatre artists teaching fifth and sixth graders, she was able to gain knowledge of how to teach classes on her own one day, handle children, impart valuable skills to young people, and experience living in the city. Megan noted how lucky she was to be working with such a malleable group of kids as they were a very coach-able age, but that age also comes with attitude. "There were times when I couldn't handle one more second of them, but there were other times where they just made my heart melt," said Megan, "I felt like I was really transformed by the experience."

sophie knorek "Odyssey has allowed me to explore and have experiences I probably wouldn't be able to have otherwise. Not only have I gotten to have great experiences, but I've also gotten to meet some of my closest friends through Odyssey. Ruthie Daniel '16



fall/winter odyssey students pursue thier passions with odyssey by ruthie daniel

Overwhelmed by the lack of women in film, Gina Kelling '15 set out to change that. "I think that media literacy programs for young women are phenomenal and important, but at the end of the day just knowing about it doesn't change it. I though inviting firls to do it and showing them how capable they are was the next best step that I could think of," said Gina. She designed a film camp where high school girls stayed on campus for a weekend to create a short film about perception versus the reality of being a woman. The high school girls were able to use the Filmmaking Club's equipment. The girls edited the film and presented their work to students, parents, faculty, and staff in a mini film festival style. "It turned out to be such a wonderful and inspiring weekend for all of us," said Gina.

carson hunter Robert Durante '15 attended Accademia dell'Arte the summer before his junior year where he took a class he thought would just be for credit. What he did not know was that this mask making class would later lead to his own Odyssey project. While in Italy Robert learned all about the art of making masks. He took this skills he learned in Italy and explored them in his mask making Odyssey project. Robert spent winter break making masks out of leather.



gina kelling Seniors Carson Hunter, Kelsey Atwood, Hannah Hill, and Shereen Moufarrej traveled to Peru to explore aspects of ethical tourism. "We all had different facets of the topic we wanted to explore related to our majors, from the social welfare of the employees working in the tourism industry, to the ecological preservation of historic sites," said Carson. The four flew into Cusco, Peru and explored the city before embarking on a four-day hike along the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu. On the fourth day the group made it to Macchu Picchu. "As if it hadn’t already been the most awe-filled day we had ever experienced, later that day we met a group of Hendrix alumni while waiting on our train back to Cusco. Even though we were exhausted and hadn’t showered in four days, we had the delightful and surreal experience of talking about life in Arkansas, Raney vs. Galloway, and other Hendrixy things with strangers we had just met in the Andes," said Carson.

robert durante "I'm seriously so grateful for the Odyssey program for their funding because of what it gave me through the experience." Gina Kelling '15



faculty and staff Academic Affairs Terri Bonebright Amanda Cheatham-Hurd Leigh Lassiter-Counts Darryl Manes David Sutherland Academic Support Services Julie Brown Charnley Conway Jaimee Jenson Donna McConnell Admission Fred Baker Katie Bates Felicia Beaston Molly Bradney Brett Carr Robin Crawford Jeannie Crolley Em Depre Teresa Fleming Karen Foust Courtney Johnson Michael Licatino Anthony Lucio Ruanda McFerren Jennifer McKenzie Emily Williams Alumni Jamie Brainard Christa Davis Barbara Horton Pamela Owen Audio Visual Bobby Engeler-Young Travis Peeples Meagan Stephenson Campus Center Judy Engelhardt Loretta Ladkins Shorty Wofford Terri York Career Services Jamie Groat Amanda Moore Chaplain Wayne Clark Lori Mulhearn Development Ellis Arnold Kevin Braswell Kent Dunson Jack Frost Julie Janos Lori Jones Ginny McMurray Yvonne Morgan Jenny Nail Teresa Osam Rhonda Sipes Dan Turner Ann Turney Facilities: Administration Sherry Cockrell Bridgette Gray Loyd Ryan JD Thompson Facilities: Grounds Brett Bruich Nate Cowden Jay Gray Wayne Jackson Ian Lachowsky Tim McMahan Eric Plemmons Lee Price Richard Raper Daryl Schaefers Noah Simmons Wendyl Srite Debbie Stobaugh Derven Sturgeon Jesse Sublett



Facilities: Housekeeping Cindy Brewer Sasha Caldwell Phyllis Diehl Carla Givens Kathy Graham Carolyn Halcrombe Karen Irby Stephanie Jones Julia Lauritzson Marina Moraga Milan Musil Jermal Nalls Selina Neal Charlotte Phillips Tony Sharks Bonnie Shelton Cheryl Sorenson Paula Strickland Robert Sturgeon Corky Thorngren Debbie Thorpe Lauren Westmoreland Faye Wilds Tambrey Wilson Karen Wofford Facilities: Maintenance Ed Boyer Charles Coker Bruce Deleuil Terry Gilbreath Paul Henderson Charles Hooten Buddy McElroy Luke Parker Brent Peacock Gary Summers Doug Waldron Facilities: Warehouse/Movers Caleb Hurston Sharron Russell Financial Aid Kris Burford Mary Elsinger Mark LeBahn Kirsten Oesau Fiscal Affairs Pam Hager Shawn Mathis Andrea Newson Tina Nichols Christina Norman Judy Sherrill Tom Siebenmorgen Chris Simon Cris Williamson Food Services Pennie Barlow Janie Beasley Matt Boone Wayne Bootz Lisa Brady Karen Brncic Denise Brown Linda Carney Marque Chandler Bobby Cook Mimi Courtway Debbie Davis Martha Dayer Michael Dillon Cecilia Driver Sandy Evatt Wendy Faught Mike Flory Janice Glascock Dawn Hearne Carrie Heflin Mary Henderson Kelly Hepner Darrion Hill Nicholas Horn Alice Hornus Diane Idleman

"Hendrix professors truly confirm that I made the correct college decision. In addition to quality instruction, I have experienced individualized and genuine interactions outside of the classroom. Professors at Hendrix make themselves readily available, and such commitment is something rare and valuable." Morgan Carrico '17



faculty and staff Deanna Jackson Debra Johnson Eric Jones Emily Lee Debbie Lipscomb Tracy Lyons Barbara Marler Monroe McCoy Troy McKinley David Mikels Linda Mikels Michael Moody Peggy Morgan Cindy Mosley Nathan Mosley Annette Niederhauser Ed Patton Scott Pickens Kathy Roberts Anna Rogers Kevin Saunders Jennifer Siebenmorgen Henry Smith Marlena Stepien Trudy Taber Gail Truhe Xiao-fang Wang Kim Wuich Human Resources Rita Gipson Shawn Goicoechea Vicki Lynn Humanities Fred Ablondi Jon Arms Ruthann Browne Kristi Brownfield Constance L. Campbell Chris Campolo Stella Capek Susan Clark Lilian Contreras-Silva Severine Cottrant-Estell Melissa Cowper-Smith James Dow Irmina Fabricio Cori French Melissa Gill Joshua Glick Gina Goad Anne Goldberg Bill Gorvine Danny Grace Jane Harris Brett Hill Alice Hines Pat Hoy Jessica Jacobs Tyrone Jaeger Toni Jaudon Cathy Jellenik Veronika Jeltsch Beth Lambert Wenjia Liu Robert Lowry Matthew Lopas Erik Maakestad Delita Martin Giffen Maupin Jay McDaniel Kristi McKim Rod Miller Sara Mitchell Caleb Moore Ann Muse Wayne Oudekerk Maxine Payne Felipe Pruneda Senties Stan Rauh Rebecca Resinski Mary Richardson Sarah Richison Brigitee Rogers John Sanders



Debapriya Sarkar Lawrence Schmidt Stacey Schwartkopf David Skubby JoAnn Stevens Dorian Stuber Marjorie Swann Werner Trieschmann Alex Vernon Gabby Vidal-Torreira JosĂŠ Vilahomat Carol West Robert Williamson Information Desk Liz Larson Intercollegiate Athletics David Batson Rebecca Begley Joseph Berardi Anthony Biondo Laura Boyd Barry Brady Buck Buchanan Johnny Burnett Keith Clemens Bri Cone Katy Courtway Tim Driedric Jim Evans Brett Ford Curt Foxx Drew Gaeng Dan Gnazzo Trennis Grant Kevin Gregory Neil Groat Reed Heim Harold Henderson Jennifer Koller Kaley Krug Kasey Laird Jay Lester Nick Long Patrick MacDonald Natalie Magie Tony Marleneanu Natalie Marlowe Jay Mattox Thad McCracken Ryan Meek Brian Merkel Joshua Montgomery Kayce Moore Jordan Neal Marvin Prestridge Andrew Raske Courtney Rogers Ashley Smith Jeff Trimble Cody Usher Marty Wahle Amy Weaver Peri West International Programs Claudia Courtway Peter Gess Sarah Hall Gwen Stockwell Intramurals Jennifer McCracken Andrew Thames Library Lynn Beatty Naomi Biltgen Dianne Edwards Rita Mackintosh Peggy Morrison Britt Anne Murphy Christina Shutt John Shutt Connie Williams Matthew Windsor Miller Center Vicki Davis

"I like that they take the time to get to know students outside of the classroom. It's great when a professor stops to talk to you in the caf or the burrow and you realize, wow we have some really incredible, down to earth and funny people as our professors." Laura Price '15



faculty and staff Murphy Programs Fredrick Ashley Hope Coulter Sarah Engeler-Young Henryetta Vanaman Natural Science Ze'ev Barel Michael Bell Shelly Bradley Chris Camfield Duff Campbell Andres Caro Dwayne Collins Jenn Dearolf Linda Desrochers Andrea Duina Bob Dunn Victoria Evans Gabe Ferrer Karen Ferrer Danny Fuller Mark Goadrich Tom Goodwin Liz Gron David Hales Joyce Hardin George Harper Courtney Hatch Danny Henderson Peter Kett Savan Kharel Randy Kopper Hutian Liang Laura MacDonald Sarah Marshall Maureen McClung Matt Moran Rick Murray Mario Muscedere Richard Rolleigh Andrew Schurko Lars Seme Charlotte Shaw Damon Spayde John Steward Mark Sutherland Todd Tinsley Ann Willyard Ann Wright Adam Zimmerman Odyssey Office Janina Cambiano Office of Marketing Communications Collin Buchanan Frank Cox Joshua Daugherty Ephraim McNair Rob O'Connor Vicky Piccola Helen Plotkin Post Office Zena Davis Ben Mackintosh President's Office Courtney Corwin Donna Plemmons Bill Tsutsui Public Safety David Bugh Russell Clarke J.T. Fulmer Paul Jordan Jan Lee De Love Larone Lowe Phillip Lucas Pete Moses Bart Puckett Rick Sublett Steve Thacker Ursula Westmoreland J.C. Winningham Registrar Deborah Donald



Karisa McAlister Residential Life Jill Hankins Liz Moak Holly Nelson John Omolo Brandon Stegall Steel Center Tammy Vanaman Social Sciences Susan Ablondi Jay Barth Gina Bergfeld Keith Berry Stanley Berry Todd Berryman Rynnett Clark J. Timothy Cloyd Alan Eastham Caroline Ford Robert Glidewell Sarah Grant Jonathan Hancock Laura Hanlon Carmen Hardin Tom Hardin Michael Heil Kris Irvin-Herron Dionne Jackson James Jennings Lindsay Kennedy Stephen Kerr Kirik Kolev Megan Leonard Sasha Pfau Lyle Rupert Ralph Scott Philip Shell Allison Shutt Deborah Skok Michael Sprunger Tom Stanley Sara Taylor Leslie Templeton Ruthann Thomas George Mackey Kim Maslin Tim Maxwell Ali Noland Karen Oxner Jennifer Penner Jennifer Peszka Debbie Turner Daniel Whelan Jacqueline Wright Leslie Zorwick Student Activities Tonya Hale Dominique Kelleybrew Student Affairs Kesha Baoua Cathy Goodwin De Ann Huett Lynette Long Jim Wiltgen Student Counseling Services Coleene Hightower Mary Anne Seibert Ann Wrotny Student Health Services Necie Reed Student Outreach Services Christy Coker Technology Services Melissa Beltran Jay Burling Rick Currie Terry Davis Carla Garrett Zach Green Ben Hau Tim Lepczyk Sam Nichols Lei Pinter

"Hendrix professors are incredibly accessible and approachable, and seem to be completely invested in their students. So whether that means being open to discussing a paper during office hours or just continuing a discussion from class, professors always seem to make time for their students." Barrett Goodwin '17



faculty and staff Cindy Smith WAC Megan Adams Gary Adams Cheri Alexander Tyron Allen Courtney Ashley-Pauley


Justin Ashley-Pauley Katy Ashley-Pauley Beth Binkley LB Bloomfield Spencer Cone Robbie Courtway Teresa Crosson Barbara Curry Andrew Fontenot Bailey Freeman Tyler Gilbreath Jim Grant Earlene Hannah Suzy Hatfield


Kelly Hays Gail Lackland Karl Lenser Mallory Lester Sarah Montgomery Amber Neighbors Chad Peterson Kimberly Porter Renee Radar Ben Scheuter Mary Ann Schlientz Thea Spatz Dee Steele Doug Welter


Lauren Whitby Clif Wynn



4. 1.

community support

Hendrix faculty and staff make it a priority to engage with students outside of the classroom, the cafeteria, or the burrow. One can spot a faculty or staff member at events hosted by student organizations, student presentations, or even just to grab a cup of coffee. Faculty and staff have become an extra support system for students and are a huge part of the Hendrix community. academics


1. Chris Simon hosts Campus Kitty's Fear Factor event. 2. Students speak with Dr. Harper at the "What Makes Us Human" exhibt. 3. Dr. Goldberg and Audrey Morrow '15 entertained as co-hosts of Miss Hendrix. 4. Sophie Knorek '15 and President Tsutsui high-five after they completed the Campus Kitty Fun Run during Alumni Weekend. 5. Dean Wiltgen pauses to take a photo during move-in day. 6. Lunch ladies Miss Martha and Miss MiMi greet the crowd at Shirttails. 7. Dr. McDaniel speaks at the Free Little Library opening.

“My favorite thing is that, while they want me to do well in class, they also care about my life outside of class."

Grace Thomasson '18








1. President Tsutsui sports one of the Volleyball team's championship rings and celebrates their accomplishments this season in his inauguration speech in April. 2. Students were delightfully surprised to be served their lunch by President Tsutsui.

pho tos

c ou rte sy of th


ffic e

of m






n tio ica n u

new kid in town

Along with the new students, Hendrix welcomed in eleventh president, William M. Tsutsui. President Tsutsui’s inauguration was held in April, but his work on campus began way before then. Why did he wait so long to be inaugurated? “Eight months ago, when the students began arriving back in Conway and I declared myself the college’s oldest freshman, I barely knew this campus and this community. I had learned the names of the buildings, recognized lots of faces, and had begun to discover what made the college so special, but I am the first to admit that I did not know Hendrix. Today, while I still guarantee that I have a great deal to learn, I feel more confident that I am coming to understand and fully appreciate this place, and that I can speak to you today with knowledge and passion (even if not yet with full authority) on President the past, present, and future of Hendrix College,” said President Tsutsui at his inaugural address in April.

Since he arrived Tsutsui has taken many measures to not only know the campus, but what composes the campus. One of the ways he learned Hendrix’s composition was shadowing faculty and staff. Through these shadowing experiences he began to learn not only what these individuals do in their everyday routines, but also the individuals in the role. Another way Tsutsui worked to better understand the composition of Hendrix is by walking his corgi around campus with his wife, Dr. Marjorie Swann. By walking around campus Tsutsui made himself more approachable to students and came to learn more about the student body. In just one year, President Tsutsui has made several impactful alliances, including KIPP and LULAC. Tsutsui has also reassured that Hendrix is an equal opportunities employer despite the recent passing of House Bill 1228 in Arkansas. Tsutsui Through his time here, Tsutsui has come to better understand Hendrix and strives each day to better the college through his work.

"For me, at least, for something to be Hendrixy it must be creative and clever, perpendicular to convention, unexpected and a bit whimsical, thought-provoking to be sure, but never, ever mean-spirited."

hendrix welcomes its' oldest freshman: president tsutsui by ruthie daniel



"Anyone who spends any amount of time with Dr. Tsutui knows his Texas-sized laugh, excitement, and energy well. His involvement in essentially every aspect of the Hendrix experience this past year is a testament to his commitment to know, love, and improve Hendrix. Hendrix is fortunate to have a leader who loves the school so deeply and have its best interests at heart." Ples Spradley '15



photos courtesy of the office of marketing communications

new perspective

first introductions

Provost Bonebright addresses the Class of 2019 at the New Student Convocation.

dr. bonebright named provost by ruthie daniel

new beginnings

Provost Bonebright sits after her speech at President Tsutsui's inauguration.




endrix College not only welcomed a president, but also a new provost: Dr. Terri Bonebright. "The first time I met Dr. Bonebright she asked for the student's perspective on an academic issue. She asked me. No words better describe Dr. Bonebright than all about the students," said junior Sean Alexander.

Professor Bonebright is not only the provost, but is a friendly face among students. She raises bees and also has an apple tree she allows students to pick from. "She is a beekeeper. Who doesn't love honey?" said Sean.

"Dr. Bonebright is awesome: she came here after leaving her long time previous institution and has been engaged in every aspect of the College since. She is determined, inquisitive, and a burst of positive energy." Sean Alexander ‘16




Dr. McDaniel gives a small speech and adds a book of his own to the library.

m s

l l a

two students introduce free little library by ruthie daniel

books on books

Books donated by various individuals line the shelves of the Free Little LIbrary.


Senior Hope Montgomery speaks to the audience about the Free Little Library.

proud parents

Dr. Maupin, Hope Montgomery, and Grant Zurcher smiles next to their brainchild. ph

os ot

by xi le



d a e r




President Tsutsui makes his own contribution to the Free Little Library.



The Little Free Library is the latest addition to the Hendrix campus. Senior Hope Montgomery and junior Grant Zurcher created the idea of the Free Little Library and made an Odyssey proposal to launch the library. "We became really excited about an Odyssey that we could complete together. The group dynamic and the opportunity to create something together for our home-away-fromhome really spoke to both of us, " said Grant. How did this idea originate? "Grant Zurcher and I just got to talking about what a cool idea little free libraries were and what all they had the potential to bring to a community, and so it seemed obvious to want to bring one to Hendrix. In our minds the library could be this way for Hendrix's community members to share and exchange stories with each other. It seemed like a unique way to link, challenge, and unite our campus of diverse tastes and academic pursuits. We hope that the library will spark new conversations and be a place where fresh ideas can be exchanged," said Hope. The library opened at the end of spring semester and was welcomed by many. Many students and professors have made contributions to the library allowing it to grow.

"We hope that our library will bring together different circles of the Hendrix community. We think it gives space to extracurricular discussion and enrichment. We want students and people of the Hendrix community to be excited about reading new stories and confronting new ideas and sharing these stories and ideas with other people in their community." Grant Zurcher '16



organi zations photo by lexi adams







Students get involved in organizations by ruthie daniel





Activate Men • Active Minds at Hendrix • Alpha Epsilon Delta • American Chemical Society • Animal Rights • The Aonian • Arab Language and Culture Club • Asian Cultural Club • Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology Club • Bike Revolution • Catholic Campus Ministries • Chess Club • Climbing Coalition • College Republicans • Committee on Gender and Sexuality • Comic Society • Competitive Gaming • Environmental Concerns Committee • Fellowship of Christian Athletes • French Club • Friends of India • Garden Club • German Club • Health and Kiesiology Society • Hendrix Bike Revolution • Hendrix Biological Society • Hendrix Catholic Campus Ministry • Hendrix Chicken Club • Hendrix Culinary Club • Hendrix Filmmakers • Hendrix Film Society • Hendrix for Habitat for Humanity • Hendrix Health Squad • Hendrix Jewish Students Association • Hendrix College Quidditch • Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee • Hillel • International Club • KHDX 93.1 • Mock Trial • Multicultural Development Committee • Muslim Student Association • Ngoma African Students Association • Outdoor Club • Oxfam Heifer • Phi Beta Lambda • Pi Mu Epsilon • Prelaw Society • Pre-Pharmacy Club • The Profile • Psychology Club • Roosevelt Institute • Social 1. Junior Charlie Committee • Sociology & Anthropology Club • Society Garcia dances at Social of Physics Students • Students Advocating Gender Committee's SoCo 54. 2. Sophomores Anushah Jiwani and Equality • Students for Black Culture • Students Faisal Alnahhas. 3. Dr. McClung for Latin and Iberian Culture • Student Outreach speaks at a TEDrix event. 4. Lucie's Alternative Resources • Student Senate • Place receives a check at the Sword Club • Tea Education Campus Kitty Check Ceremony. Association • TEDrix • The Troubadour • 5. A team gathers to play at a Senate tailgate. Unity • Volunteer Action Committee • Westphalian Society • Wrestling Club • Young Democrats


"The friendships I was able to form while doing great things for local charities was the most rewarding part of Campus Kitty." Kelsi McClure '15



cups and concerns

smiles all around

Student Senate has beverages, snacks, and their consistuent concerns box ready for students at a Senate tailgate.

COGS chair Marissa Lee '16, Senior Senator Lauren Wallis and Social Commitee Chair Sophie Knorek '15 listen attentively at a Senate meeting.

1. Veasey Senator Brynn Davis '17 and Junior Senator Liz Forester '16 glance at their notes. 2. Sophomore MoMo Filat tosses a bag at a Senate tailgate. 3. Couch Senator Peter Butler '17 listens to Elections Commissioner Liz Kasper '15. 5. Liz Forester '16 tests out her frisbee skills at a Senate tailgate. 5. Academic Policy Representative Sean Alexander '16 speaks at a meeting.

work together A note from Sean Alexander

When I came to Hendrix, I was unsure of what I wanted to be involved in, and that was okay. I knew Hendrix was a place where anyone could follor her or his passion whether it was soccer or volunteer work, cooking or biolgy. I liked this; I liked that I could explore what I wanted to explore without the fear of judgment or ridicule. And yet, I suspect that my freshman story is like yours. Over the course of my first year, I was part of five clubs, eventually being elected to serve on the student senate, where I found my true calling. My first Senate term in 2013-2014 was about noticing problems; understanding what was on the mind of students, helping others to understand a Senate decision. My 2014-2015 term was about taking that information and making improvements in Hendrix's academic and social environments. I am proud to



student senate addresses campus issues

executive committee

by ruthie daniel

FRONT ROW: President Graham Senor, Bookkeeper Shereen Moufarrej, Treasurer Carrie Yang, Secretary MiMi Spjut BACK ROW: Senate Advisor Dean Wiltgen, Academic Policy Representative Sean Alexander, Presidential Assistant Ty Spradley, Vice President Annie Vogt

have been a part of this year's Senate because we made real progress happen; a more fair committee chair hiring process, the creation of a committee on Gender and Sexuality, improved Senate systems to keep momentum going into the next year. Big things are on the horizon, so being part of that process was an honor. This was my first year on the Executive of the Student Sente; so this year meant a lot of learning on my part. Learning who chaired what faculty or administrative committee required a lot of outside work, so my time on Senate turned into a second part time job. The busied work was invaluable experience. Like we must in life, Senate helped teach to juggle fifteen things simultaneously, and suceed."

"No matter what position you are serving, you are ultimately serving your fellow students and strengthening the Hendrix community." Ty Spradley ‘16

"Being VP rocks because you're a link between Senate and Hendrix's biggest student organizations." Annie Vogt '15



photos by ty and victoria spradley


puppy love

President Tsutsui and Hanna French '15 present ArkanPaws with their check.


campus kitty completes another

productive year by: ruthie daniel

Campus Kitty works each year to build connections with the surrounding local communities along with the Hendrix community to raise money for Faulker and Pulaski County non-profit organizations. The committee hosts a variety of events to raise money for the non-profits. This year the committee amped up publicity of the sponsored organzations in the hopes the student body would be able to recognize at least three of the 10 organizations by the end of the year. One way the committe boosted publicity about the organizations was the CK Correspondent where a couple of CK members would go about campus asking random students trivia questions about Campus Kitty and the sponsored organizations. "Campus Kitty continues to raise a significant amount of money, but this year’s success should be measured by the attitude of awareness demonstrated by our students, who understood more than usual the causes and projects of our organizations and even volunteered at their events.," said Vice Chair Mark Hickey '17. Campus Kitty's 10 sponsored organizations this year were ArkanPaws, CARTI, Children's Advocacy Alliance, Faulkner County Senior Citizens Program, GMeal, Lucie's Place, Ozark Mission Project, Pediatrics Plus Community Connections, SIngle Parent Scholarship Fund, and Soul Food Cafe.





"The annual Campus Kitty Fun Run is my favorite event of the fall semester. I use it as my personal photo-op. There is always a Spradley waiting around the corner to take your picture." mustafa filat '17


"I think the reason I did well at Fear Factor is because I'm basically a human garbage disposal. I don't know what lasted longer, the ensuring gastrointestinal chaos or the emotional let down of only winning second place."






"Pizza Wars provided a fun way to meet my future classmates and friends! Kind of cheesy, but if you ever sausage an event, you would agree!" sarah walker '18


"I really enjoyed the Martin/VZ auction. The items and services auctioned were unique and I was helping a worthy cause by being auctioned off." alysha hemani '18





Angela Lamb '17 and Ples Spradley '15 teamed up for the second year in a row.



The Bike-A-Thon was a great way to get exercise and also raise money for a great cause. Every penny added up and the comradery between all the bikers was definitely contagious! laela zaidi '18

emily hill '16



"Being a part of CK was one of the most rewarding parts of my freshman year. By the check ceremony, I got to see how our work impacted so many of the local non-profits. Getting to sit with the heads of the organizations and hear where the money we worked so hard to raise was going was invaluable." Kendra Schwartz '18








1. Alysha Hemani '18 greets students and guests as they walk into the expo. 2. Junior Farai Musariri showcases his musical talents. 3. Anushah Jiwani and Faisal Alnahhas, both sophomores, hand out food. 4. Galloway Gal Emily Holmes stuns in her sari. 5. International students treat students to French culture.


the world

Multicultural expo allows students to experience different cultures by ruthie daniel

"The expo was a true testament of the diversity at Hendrix, and also the acceptance of diversity that I so truly love about Hendrix. So many cultures and peoples were represented! What I really liked about iti was how many American students also participated and represented a culture they were passionate about (like Galloway Hall with the totally awesome Indian food!). Seeing everyone work together and support each other like that reassured me that Hendrix was a safe place to be myself and express my culture. I loved every second of it," said junior Jackie Nyamutumbu. "Multicultural Expo was a lot of fun. We had different foods from different clubs and cultures. It was fun to see how people interacted and enjoyed mixed cultures. I also wrote people's names in Arabic on paper. People got really excited about it. I enjoyed seeing their reactions to seeing their name written in a foreign language. Multicultural Expo is probably my favorite Multicultural Club event," said sophomore Faisal Alnahhas.

sway to the beat

Jackie Nyamutumbu '17 introduces the crowd to music from Zimbabwe.



"It was amazing to see so many people come together to exhibit their culture and even better to see so many open-minded people coming out to experience it. The turnout was great, the food was great, and the performances were amazing. It beautifully showcased diversity." Alysha Hemani '18



1. Students act in the fall production of Nightingale. 2. Dancers gather on stage for a number. 3. Actors take the stage in the production of Mr. Marmalade. 4. Dance Ensemble members dance in their spring recital. 5. Ballerinas Kathryn Bolt '18, Rachel Wells '16, Blake Cooper '16, and Erika Levy '18 showcase their pointe technique. 6. Actors portray a powerful message in The Laramie Project.


let me entertain you



theatre arts and dance showcase their talent



"The theater department allows you to be involved in which ever aspects of theatre calls to you the most. For example, I was able to not only act in "Mr. Marmalade" but also be involved in the scene shop which has a wonderful hands-on experience that taught me a lot of real world skills."



"My favorite thing about dance ensemble is the unique sense of community. Dancing is an act of passion, and the people whom you dance with become connected to you in strange ways. We don't always like each other, but we always respect and care for one another." MICHALA ROBERTS '17



"I like being a part of the dance ensemble because it gives me the opportunity to explore and perform in a variety of dance styles with a great artistic, creative, and dedicated group of people."

Amanda Ayers '17



in character

Freshman James Clark dresses up for a Sword Club fight


c ou

rtesy of dominik g r ue nw al


s oto ph



outfits 3.




1 - 4. Various Sword Club members get into character for a battle. Each outfit is thought out and adds an special feel to the battles.


en garde


sword club by ruthie daniel

A note from Nick Baltz Sword club for me has been an excellent place to make friends quickly. Many of my close Hendrix friends I have met through sword club, and those who I didn't meet there, I drag to sword club whenever I can. It's an excellent informal, yet competitive way to stay active in a setting that can range from nerdy to athletic depending on how you want to participate. For college students, it also a superb place to blow off steam in a non-destructive way. I always explain it to people as "we get together and beat each other with sticks, it's great fun!" Sword club attracts all orgs


kinds, I've often had to defend against a football player on my right and a selfproclaimed geek on my left at the same time. I know a few people who made the decision to come to Hendrix because of the sword club, and I honestly think it is one of the most beautiful aspects of Hendrix campus life. I think people need to know that it's open to absolutely everyone, guests, friends from off campus, etc. and that sword club does not take a mastery of the art of war to have fun.


8. 5 - 8. Sword Club members engage in battles using their handcrafted swords.

“Sword club is honestly very creative. All of their swords, shields, and staffs are made by hand as well as their outfits and the monsters for Gladiators. It's really a group of friendly people having fun and working off the stresses of college by hitting each other with foam weapons." Candyce Sarringar '17



photos courtesy o f knit

ting club

here comes the sun


stitches learning new skills and building community at weekly knitting club meetings

outdoor club explores arkansas's natural beauties

byRuthie ruthie daniel by Daniel

by ruthie daniel

"Knitting Club is unique. Yes, because people under the age of 70 are openly knitting, but there is something cathartic about it." Thomas Alexander '18

f jonas reaga n


Get outside! The Hendrix College Outdoor Club took a variety of trips throughout the year including sunrise hikes to Pinnacle Mountain, weekend camping trips to Haw Creek Falls, and climbing trips to Horseshoe Canyon. "I really only did the sunrise hikes, but I LOVED THOSE. On school days we would go see the sunrise on top of pinnacle mountain. It's surreal and makes you want to watch the sun come up each day. It's magnificent and reminds us how we are all just spinning around that great ball of fire," said junior Jessa Thurman.

urtesy o


s co

From beginner to expert knitting expertise, all are welcome at Knitting Club's weekly gatherings in the Burrow. "The obvious cool part [about Knitting Club] was learning how to knit from my fellow students since I didn't know how to before," senior Lindsay Mindlin. Over the course of the year, the mission of Knitting Club changed. "At the beginning it was mostly to share the experience of knitting with other students. As times passed, though, we started thinking about how we could help the community, and started making plans to benefit the wider Conway Community," said Lindsay.

to pho

"My favorite part about Outdoor Club is that they were always trying to experience new activities." Kim Bolin '16



photos courtesy of ecc

check yes or no


Sophomore Claire Vogelgesang holds ECC's "I VOTED" sign to show she voted for the Campus Sustanability act.


environmental concerns committee expands their green efforts

by guest writer william o'brochta

ECC has spent the last few years greatly expanding outreach and impact to the Hendrix community. Though their biggest achievement was the Campus Sustainability Fund, ECC also enlarged the Free Store, led a lot of advocacy events including a panel on the Clean Line Energy Project, established a new website, and had much larger Earth Week events. Additionally, they worked much more closely with Facilities Management to bring about changes like moving recycling bins to more convenient locations, working to fix glass recycling concerns, and recycling at football and basketball games. The biggest ECC project this year was leading the establishment of the Campus Sustainability Fund Committee. More than eighty percent of students voted in favor to establish an independent, student-led committee tasked with allocating money to sustainable and environmental projects on campus. The Board of Trustees approved this vote during their February meeting. These projects can come from all members of the Hendrix community, and there is no minimum or maximum level of funding. Proposed projects undergo a rigorous application review process by the Committee. The Committee is made up of students, who apply to join and hold a voting majority, and key faculty and staff, who can help determine whether a proposed project is plausible. Each year, money from the student CSFC fee goes directly to the Committee so that students have direct impact on student sustainability projects. Several projects are already in the works, including composting cafeteria waste, expanding educational opportunities in the Hendrix garden, and making energy efficiency improvements to Hendrix owned apartments. There are countless other potential projects on campus that students are starting to design! The CSFC was founded by Elisa Rivera ’15 and William O’Brochta ’16, Chair, and enjoyed the support of many clubs and organizations on campus including the Office of the President, Student Senate, Young Democrats, and College Republicans.

2. orgs


I devote most of my time at Hendrix to ECC because we have the real opportunity to work with staff and administration to make major alterations to environmental policies and raise environmental issues. In ECC, I get to watch new students come in interested about the environment and get support from our organization to help them follow their passion." William O'Brochta '16




photo courtasy of mike kemp

k c a b


Hendrix football players line up before the snap.

the football team is back for round two by ruthie daniel

storm the field

The football teams rushes onto the field before the game begins.


Senior Casey Caton simultaneously defends the ball while pushing his opponent away.

eagle eye

Head Football coach Buck Buchanan keeps an eye on his team.


os ot


Harrison Newton tackles an opponent.




th e


hle tic sd ep art me n


i a ag


s te ur co y

"I love my team and my coaches. They make the journey worthwhile. What's the point of the destination if you didn't have fun getting there?" Jared Lincoln '17

The football team came back with energy and determination this season. After a great first season, this year showed improvement. "The season was definitely a major step in the direction we want to take as a program and school," said Gray Stanton '17. The team consisted mainly of freshman in their first season last year and many of those players have remained on the team. Because of the retention and also the community, the team has bonded together. "Being a part of the Hendrix football program is a rare thing. Most college athletes walk into a pre-existing program and work their way to the top by training for a year or two, then getting a chance to play. The great thing about starting the program is that we are all here together for four years looking to grow and accomplish things most people did not expect us to accomplish. We are here to get an amazing education at Hendrix, but also to grow as a team and make a brotherhood last a lifetime," said Gray. Sophomore Ethan Hoppe enjoys the victories and success of the team, but, like Gray, also enjoys the brotherhood. "It's great being part of a group of guys that always have your back. There's almost always someone around to hange out with," said Ethan.

"Seeing the team chemistry and tradition development take place is really exciting and gives the future of the football program a direction." Reid Cone ‘16



photo s by

1. 2.

kicking it to


a da


1. Eric Bracy '15 strikes the ball. 2. Junior John McGrath ready to attack and kick the ball. 3. Jacob Pierce '16 jumps to headbutt the ball. 4. Billy Gardner sprints to keep the ball in bounds. 5. Ryan Stanowski '18 heads to the goal. 6. Wessel Westerhof defends the ball. 7. Senior Joe Esrock fights to keep the ball away from his opponent.

the top

by elizabeth draper and madison dealing

The men's soccer team bonded throughout the season despite a rough beginning to their season. "This season was not our best, but it did have positives for next year. With a new coach and a young team, we built a foundation for the upcoming years." said Gregory Gandy '15. However, despire a tough beginning the team walked away with their fifth consecutive NSCAA Team Academic Award. Additionally, senior Alex Cumming was appointed to an SAA All-Sportsmanship team. The optimistic outlook of the team has them headed in the right direction. "Hendrix Men’s Soccer Program is growing for the better. We pride ourselves on producing quality student athletes with success on and off the field," said Gregory. The team has grown throughout the year as a brotherhood and hope to become even stronger in the next season. "My favorite part about the season was gaining another

5. complete family with the guys on the soccer team. Being part of the soccer team has really made me feel accepted and makes attending hendrix so much more enjoyable because I have a group of guy who I can rely on no matter the situation," said sophomore Nathan Meyers. BACK ROW: Coach Mark Wilson, Michael Tasetano, John Hablitz, Ryan Mason, Kyle Budde, Brian Banuelos, Daniel Habenicht, William Embry, Coach Kevin Gregory. MIDDLE ROW: Billy Gardner, Ricky Perez, Jakob Hull, Dalton Clement, Lance Dunbar, Ryan Stanowski, Nathan Meyers, Jerry Thomeczek, Spencer Taylor, Spencer Rogers, Vincent Sabourin, Coach Jim Evans. FRONT ROW: Levi Jabben, Steven Cochrun, Jacob Pierce, Gregory Gandy, Eric Bracy, Alex Cummings, Joe Esrock, Wessel Westerhof, John McGrath, Larry Bringard.







“Although we weren’t as successful as last season, this season was equally good. It’s a privilege to put on the Hendrix jersey so every moment of each season is special." Gregory Gandy ‘15



score the goal

Safety Play

Laurie Waters works to keep the ball away from her opponent.

Senior Kacey Hight blocks her opponent away from the ball.

1. Emma Paul '15 rushes the field to seize the ball. 2. Junior Sydney King chest bumps the ball. 3. Maddie Mae Seyer '18 softly punts the ball. 4. Sophomore Ashley Baker controls the ball down the field. 4. Goalie Jordan Rausch '18 keeps the ball out of the net. "My favorite part is stepping on the field for gameday ready to play the game we love!" said Jordan.

feel the F


or the ladies of the Hendrix women's soccer team, the best part of playing soccer is the rush that comes from playing on their home turf and the cheers of their fans. The support from fans ignites the team and serves as a constant source of encouragement throughout the games. "The fans that come out and support both men and women's soccer is the best thing about playing for Hendrix. Home games under the lights with your friends cheering you on from the sidelines is the best feeling in the world!" said sophomore Sydney Meyer. Along with the fan support, playing soccer allows the players to free their minds and leave it all on the field. "My favorite part about my sport is the sense of freedom and rush that comes from it. When you're playing, you're free to make different plays and move off the ball and you also get a huge rush running down the field," said Ashley Baker '17. athletics


FRONT ROW: Assistant Athletic Trainer Ashley Smith, Brooke Rittman, Vanessa Franco, Rachel Zweig, Payton Rausch, Laurie Waters, Kacey Hight, Symone Bennett, Samantha Lallas, Lucy Moore, Ashley Baker, Sydney Fobare BACK ROW: Head Coach Jeff Trimble, Michaela Seltzer, Kim Castro, Anna Caroline Lee, Katherin Aristondo, Sydney King, Savannah Maensivu, Sydney Meyer, Zoe Corwyn, Kelly Cunningham, Danielle Luther, Ellen Martin, Maddie Mae Seyer, Janie Stultz, Jordan Rausch, Assistant Coach Kevin Gregory

women's soccer storms the field by: elizabeth draper

So how did the season go with this sense of freedom and fan support? Not bad. The team was lead by a new coaching staff. The women spent the season learning new techniques and how to better exercise their talents. The practice and work paid off as the team has big wins, such as the victory over Harding University. "The highlight of my season was our game against Harding. They are a very tough team but we worked hard that night and came out with a big win 1-0!" said Ashley. "Although we did not finish higher in the rankings, we played our games closer and competed with some nationally ranked teams. We are a young team, but players from all four classes made important contributions to our team," said Junior Rachel Zweig.

“The highlight of my season was having the opportunity to play in more games and become a stronger defensive player.” Anna Caroline Lee ‘17

“By being apart of the women's soccer team this year I feel like I have pushed myself to become a better athlete as well as student.” Zoe Corwyn ‘18




c ou oto h p



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1. Hendrix basketball player goes for the goal. 2. Luke Vance shoots for a goal. 3. Drew Nikolovski '16 watches his opponent. 4. Sophomore Aaron Steele gets ready to defend the ball. 5. The team huddles on the court.

photos courtesy

of bru ce b ake ra

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bounce back men's basketball has a comeback season by madison dealing The Hendrix Warrior men's basketball season was a roller coaster of events according to Jordan Barrett. The team took several hits, but still came out on top. "The best moment of this season was beating the #3, #2, and #1 seeds consecutively and winning the SAA Championship against our rival Rhodes on their home floor." said Barrett. The team made it to the NCAA D3 tournament and battled it out with some of the top D3 schools. The Warriors entered the NCAA Tournament with a 12-16 record. Hendrix Warriors did not make it through to the end, but two players walked away with awards. Luke Vance was named 2nd Team All-SAA and Hank Aldous was an All-SAA H.M. Overall, the Warriors made it to the top and not only returned with awards, but a new appreciation for their hard work.

“Well, best moment of the season was cutting down the nets after conference at Rhodes after we beat them. Then when we celebrated in the locker room after the game." Mark Sheppard ‘18




th by s o ot

a om

oen sk




PICTURED BELOW: Sara Dyslin, Madison Martin, Cathy Waylan, Breann Forbes, Heather Prowse, Anna King, Kati Broberg, Christa Huber, Leah Smith, Katy Gallien, Peyton Hurst, Hailey Bode, Kelsey Johnson, Estrella Flores, Caitlin Kriesel-Bigler

together women's basketball unites together



5. 5.

by elizabeth draper


omen's basketball worked together for several victories including beating Rhodes for the first time since 2011 and beating conference ranked Berry at the buzzer. These charging victories stemmed from the team's preparation, cohesiveness, and work ethic. "To prepare for season we all get together everyday after class and either play pick up or workout with Clif. It's a good way to get to know the freshmen and get used to playing with each other again without the pressures of actual practice!" said Hailey Bode '17. The team also came up with a mantra to keep working together towards their goals. "We began with this mindset of "Tough Together" and "17 out of 17", and honestly that is what it took and when we were most successful," said Junior Estrella Flores. The team ended their season with a loss in the semifinal round of the Southern Athletic Association Tournament after an overall successful season.





“We had a pretty low part at the beginning of the season, but overcame because we decided as a team that we were better than what we were putting out.” Katy Gallien ‘16

1. Freshman Sara Dyslin tips the ball to a teammate. 2. Junior Katy Gallien rushes the ball down the court. 3. Anna King '17 blocks the ball from an opponent. 4. Sophomore Anna King prepares to pass the ball. "I love playing basketball, so being excited about it just comes naturally!" said Anna. 5. Junior Caitlin Kriesel-Bigler shoots and scores against Millsaps College. 6. Estrella Flores '16 watches the ball. "My teammates are crazy and fun, and they will be what I remember 30 years from now, not that one game we lost by two or our six game winning streak. I will remember these girls," said Estrella.

“The highlight of this season for me was beating Rhodes. When we did, it was a spark for the rest of the season.” Estrella Flores ‘16



photos by thomas koen

come together

The team joins together and reenergizes beofre returning to the match.

on the



court 4.

G "I love making a fool out of myself at all the games because I believe it shows just how much I love the sport. I love painting my body with different designs, and I think the team also enjoys seeing which kind of design will be present on my body for each game."

cia ar


Cha rlie



we are the champions

warriors make it he volleyball team ended were selected to the All-SAA First Team. their season with a long list of Felicia Beeman '16 was selected for the to the top achievements. Not only was the All-SAA Second Team. Freshman Bradi season one of their most successful, but Ryan and sophomore Allison Gaia were by elizabeth draper and many team members walked away with a honorable mentions. Petrisin was named the madison dealing number of awards. SAA Newcomer of the Year and was selected along The team finished their season 30-5 after going with Mary Caroline Rogers to the AVCA All-Region team. undefeated at home 17-0. The team won the regular Additionally, Mary Caroline Rogers was also honored by Conference season, the Conference Tournament, and made being named an NCAA Division III All-American Honorable it to the second round of the Division III NCAA Tournament. Mention. The NCAA Tournament was the first appearance by the What contributed to the individual and team successes of Warrior volleyball team in Hendrix history. the season? Hardwork and dedication on both the team and "We had all worked so hard to get there, and once we were coaches' efforts to make the season count. there, we played some of our best games but also got to “It's those times when you push through the pain and sweat, enjoy St. Louis as a team," said Felicia Beeman. listen to your coach, and play for your teammates that Along with performing exceptionally as a team, individual everything will finally click as a team," said junior Felicia members of the team stood out. Freshmen Lauren Petrisin Beeman. and Sara Dyslin and Sophomore Mary Caroline Rogers athletics


1. The entire team lines up on the court after they won their game. 2. Senior Ella ConcavageNasar pauses during the match to focus on her serve. 3. Allison Gaia '17 strikes the ball. 4. The crowd encourages the volleyball team by engaging in rollercoaster.




“We are the weirdest and most fun team that I have ever been apart of. I definitely consider all the girls as family.” Felicia Beeman ‘16


5. Sophomore Mary Caroline Rogers prepares to serve the ball. 6. Fan Charlie Garcia '16 paints up to support his favorite Hendrix team. 7. Sophomore Holyn Duyck sets the ball. 8. The team gives their all to win each point during the match.

“My favorite part about being on the team this year was having a group of girls that I can count on." Lauren Petrisin ‘18





th ea

s letic


c ou rt e photo s

When asked what the best moment of the season was Lotte said, "I honestly can't think of one best moment. I think there are so many, like when we score and everything just works and goes the way we have been practicing it for so long."


strike a pose



field hockey finishes strong by elizabeth draper


he women's field hockey team had a successful season both on and off the field. Not only did the team advance to the semifinal round of the SAA Tournament and have individuals from the team receive SAA honors, but the team and individual members were awarded for their academic achievements. Freshmen Sarah Shklanko was named to the 2014 Fall Sports Sportsmanship Team and Bridget Umble was named to the All-SAA Second Team. Sophomores Gabryele Pochron and Raychl Reger both received a multitude of honors this season. Both were selected to the All-SAA First Team and the Longstreth/National Field Hockey Coaches Association AllGreat Lakes Region Second Team. Aside from achievements in field hockey, the team was honored for their academic success with the Gladiator by SGI/ NFHCA Division III National Academic Team Award. Lotte Kraaijenbrink '15 described the season as "a season with a lot of improvement, and a season where we showed that we are real competition." "The season was good, and we peaked at the end which is what you want," said Lotte. Their peak helped them advance to the semifinal round of the SAA Tournament, though they lost in a hard-fought match against Centre. "The best moment of the season was holding Centre to a 1-0 game in the semifinals. We had come so far as a team and the game was phenomenal, even if we didn't come out on top. It was great to see everything come together so well," said Erika Jasso '15. For Bailee Wallace '18, the feeling of family within the team was her favorite part of being a part of the team. "Not everyone gets to come to college and on their first day have 16 sisters. We were all there because we wanted to be there and we cared about each other and the sport," said Bailee. 1. Senior Morgan Fires does not let the ball out of her sight. 2. Erika Jasso '15 hustles down the field with the ball. "Overall I thought this season was great. It was the most fun year I've had, and I couldn't have asked for a better year to go out on," said Erika. 3. Sister act? The field hockey team has three sets of sisters. 4. Raychl Reger '17 lets out her battle cry.



“Not only is field hockey very athletic, but it is very strategic too, so combining it makes it hard but a lot of fun." Elisabeth Kraaijenbrink ‘18

“The funnest part of the season was going to MD because we got to ride in a 24 person jet so it felt like a private plane!” Stephanie Goldner-Carver ‘17



guard the ball

Senior Alex Ortenstone rushes the ball down the field.

photos courtesy of the athletics department

time to

(re) lax

men's lacrosse

FRONT ROW: Kevin Estell, Dan D'Ostuni, Cody Eckes, Jonathan McKenna, Alex Ortenstone, Joe Takacs, Robbie Borello, Jason Blatt MIDDLE ROW: Dennis O'Hara, Will Ross, Graham Marcus, Alex Heather, Garrett Brown, Christian Wheeler, Brandon Harbaugh, TK Shaffer, Patrick Munn, Patrick Rogers BACK ROW: Anthony Biondo, Ben Cunningham, Brian Jasper, Carson Boone, Thomas Adamo, Tucker Holihan, Michael Riley, Reed Mershon, Travis Rabun, Curt Foxx.



"I know it sounds cliche but my favorite part of the season was probably just the time everyone spent together as a team." Alex Ortenstone '15

"My favorite thing about the season were the bus rides and building the bond with all my teammates! Jonathan McKenna '18



teamwork makes the

eyes on the prize Sophomore Anna King runs the ball down the field.

dream work women's lacrosse bond over their sport by elizabeth draper


or the members of the Hendrix women's lacrosse team, the season was about coming together and working not only as a team, but as a family. The team consisted of six freshmen, six sophomores, four juniors, and one senior; they were lead by Head Coach Peri West and Assistant Coach Jennifer Koller. Senior Landri Wenzel described the 2014-2015 season as one of growth. "We have a small team with a lot of new players, but we have learned so much this season and have done a great job of coming together and overcoming our adversities," said Landri. The team has players from a variety of atheltic backgrounds, so during the fall the team began learning how to work together to untilize the unique talents of each team member. "As a team that has various members from other sports, I think we often strategize and play off of each others specific strengths. After getting to know all the new players over the fall season, we were able to recognize each others' abilities," said Meghan Ayers. As the season progressed, the team became a family and worked together for wins, finishing a sucessful season in April. "My favorite part about being on this team is my teammates. They love and support me no matter what mistakes I might make," said Freshman Kaitlyn Smith.

photos by madison dealing


"There was this precious cat that watched our entire game versus Huntingdon; she was so patient. The next day we walked out to the turf and there she was again, FIELD CAT! It took an entire practice to get Field Cat off the turf. " nini hoang '16




Freshman Kaitlyn Smith and Sophomore Anna King tagteam against their opponent from Millsaps.


"I will miss being apart of something with all of my best friends. I grew very close to all my teammates this season and have made a lot of crazy and fun memories; I will miss them the most."


Jordan Rausch '18 celebrates fellow teammate Bridget Umble's successful shot into the goal.

FRONT ROW: Jannice Bonilla, Rebecca Alexander, Landri Wenzel, Reilly Frazier, Nini Hoang, Michaela Seltzer, Raychl Reger, Gabryele Pochron. BACK ROW: Head Coach Peri West, Caitlin Kriesel-Bigler, Catherine Turner, Anna King, Meghan Ayers, Bridget Umble, Shelby Hill, Jordan Rausch, Sybil Watkins, Kaitlyn Smith, Assistant Coach Jennifer Koller

landri wenzel '15

"Playing a sport forces you to manage your time in different way compared to when you are not in season." Meghan Ayers ‘17

“Seeing how hard my teammates work or how much they want to win pushes me to give it my all." Nini Hoang '16



"Being part of the team is a lot of fun, the team this past year was tight, we were closer than any other team I've been on. So people always picked each other up emotionally if they didn't do well or even if they did." COLIN MARTELL '18

While the baseball team had a good season, the brotherhood developed in season and off season was more impactful. Junior Daniel Imbro attributes this brotherhood to the amount of time spent together whether it’s at practice, meals in the cafeteria, working out, or traveling. Matt Simmons ‘15 describes the team as a family. “As freshmen, we followed in the footsteps of the upper classmen, and as seniors, we got to help mentor the freshmen. The guys became some of my closest friends as we spent morning workouts, classes, practices, and evenings together. It's a unity that will last long after



graduation, and I wouldn't have traded it for anything,” said Matt. Along with brotherhood and unity, what made the fueled the team? Freshman Colin Martell believes it was their leadership. Specifically the leadership from seniors Matt Simmons and Ryan Ritz. “[They are] two guys who on and off the field rallied the team together,” said Martell.

swing, swing baseball brotherhood stands strong


by ruthie daniel

“Beating #10 Emory twice in Atlanta was an awesome way to start off our spring break, and then winning the series against #11 Rhodes at home was also an extremely fun experience later in the season! Matt Simmons '15





Nikki Sanders '18 leans in after she powerfully knocks the ball.


women's softball delivers best season yet by ruthie daniel

ready, set

Senior Michaela Larabee is ready to hit the ball out of the park.

out of the park

Morgan Fires focuses on getting to first base by bunting the ball.

Victoria Hughes '17 readies herself to catch the ball. "Being a part of a team like this was so special and in my opinion shows that the future of Hendrix softball is very bright!" said Victoria.

t u o k c o


os ot s te ur co y


Junior Shelby Anderson does not let her eyes leave the ball as she prepares to hit the ball.




th e


hle tic sd ep art me n


A note from senior Morgan Fires: This being my senior season and fourth year playing Hendrix softball, I wanted it to be special and go out with a bang. In the previous three years we've always started out our seasons with strong records, but this season was a bit different as our record will reflect. That being said, this year's team was probably the most collectively talented that I've ever played on during my career at Hendrix. We faced quite a bit of adversity throughout the season due to injuries as well as illness and we never really got into our groove. However, once the conference tournament rolled around, we put all of the pieces that it takes to be successful on the softball field -pitching, defense, and hitting- together and had outstanding results. We went into the tournament 6th seeded and got knocked into the loser's bracket after the first game. Rather than get down on ourselves and give up, we fought through the next four games and climbed into the championship game by sending 4 of the other teams home, one of which was ranked in the top 25. Although we didn't come out on top, we got the farthest in the tournament than any previous team in the program had by placing second overall. Playing 6 games in 36 hours definitely is the farthest thing from easy, but I'm proud of my team and what we accomplished and that we persevered against all odds and against all doubt that others may have had in us. These girls and this season will absolutely hold a special place in my heart forever and I don't believe I speak for myself but for all of the 2015 softball seniors when I say that we went out with a bang.

"It takes a solid team, willing to work hard and lay it all out on the line for one another in order to make athletics such improvements. Hendrix softball, its coaches and players, are a family, and it is this dynamic that will continue to serve as the cornerstone of the programs' success in years to come." Michaela Larabee '15


round and round

jump, jump

Sophomore Shaquille Grant rushes toward the finish line.

Tori Walter '17 flies through the hurtles at a track event at the University of Central Arkansas.

1. Sophomore Victoria Amadi reached 11.67 inches in the triple jump. 2. Matt Ramirez '17 competes in the high jump. 3. Senior Cassie Taucher flies to pass the baton in the relay. 4. Stephen Stearman '17 prepares for the shot put. 5. Junior Estrella Flores throws in javelin.

all i do is win


track and field completes a season full of successes

track and field team

by ruthie daniel


he track and field team has really grown over the years and along with growth in size, there has also been growth in accomplishments for the program. Sophomore Stephen Stearman broke a record in shot put and placed first in the shot put at a conference at the University of Central Arkansas. "My favorite part of the season was the 44 year old shot put record. I had been working towards that goal for two seasons," said Stephen. Victoria Amadi '17 also had a sucessful season winning her third All-American Award, placing 12th nationally, and competing at the NCAA National Championships in Canton, New York.



Other track and field athletes such as sophomore Matt Ramirez, junior Estrella Flores, sophomore Jared Lincoln, among other had personal records and placed in meets and conferences. In addition to personal accomplishments and records, the track and field team bonded together and became an encouragement unit. "My favorite part of the season is always going to the meets, especially conference, and trying to improve my times and cheering on my teammates in their events. It's such a great feeling when you're running the last part of the race and you can hear your team cheering you on," said Sami Sexton '17.

"Everyone is really supportive, encouraging others if an goes badly or congratulating them when it goes well." Sami Sexton '17

"2015 SAA track conference was the best."

Tiatjah Johnson '16



blast Off

Evan Mitchell '16, Jeffrey Scott '16, and Cam Meek '17 take off at the beginning of the race.

run the


cross country finishes another strong season by ruthie daniel

Each season a new group is welcomed to the cross country team, whether as a freshman or another class year. This year along with the freshman, junior Evan Mitchell gave the cross country team a try. While it is a new, fun experience for the new members of the cross country team, it is also an exciting adventure for cross country veterans. "My favorite part of the season was getting to know new teammates and traveling to numerous places. Being a part of the team was fun. I honestly had a blast and the people were great," said Jeffrey Scott '16. While there are new teammates and experiences, some things remain the same. One of those being workouts to better one's skills for competition. "Believe it or not, I enjoyed the workouts during cross country because it really showed my improvement throughout the course of the season and it felt great competing against my own teammates. Being a part of the cross country team means having to challenge and push your body, but secretly enjoying the pain," said sophomore Daniela Ramirez-Aguilar. While not all would admit their love for the workouts and occasional pain that accompanies the workouts, the cross country is a committed group of people to the sport of running. The team could be seen all around campus in season building muscle and endurance for upcoming competitions.



“My favorite part of the season was gaining some truly amazing new teammates. The team is spontaneous, irreverant, and most of all...loud. The other teams definitely know when we're at a meet. They can hear us coming." Cam Meek '17





c oto h p


br tesy of ynn davis




1. Caroline Forbes '16 races to finish. 2. Senior Kaia Duke focuses before she dives in. 3. Eric Mullins '16 catches his breath. 4. Freshman Brandon Cathey pushes through the water. 5. Sydney Haldeman '15 pauses to breath.

dive in swim and dive experience change by ruthie daniel

The swim team welcomed a new coach to the swim family this year. "Our awesome new coaches were able to refocus the team so we could all swim at really fast times and have a blast at the same time," said senior Laura Price. The new coach was successful at not only getting to know the swimmers, but also improve their skills. "We did very well at conference at were the most improved team by far when you compared our times to earlier in the season to times at conference," said Troy Koser '17. The team bonded and really came together as a team, but also as friends. "The atmosphere of the team this season was my favorite part of this year. We made a family together and there were a dew tears at conference when we celebrated the seniors' exit. We weren't competitive or cutthroat, but rather supportive. We did homework together, and went on trips together ," said Troy.

FRONT ROW: Marty Wahle, Laura Price, Sydney Haldeman, Kaia Duke, Taylor Keplin, Abby Schlenk, Sydney Lacey, Bri Cone MIDDLE ROW: Troy Koser, Kate Henricks, Sarah Hughes, Claire De Pree, Madelyn Carlson, Caroline Forbes BACK ROW: Nicolas Maynard, Will Matheson, Chris Griffin, Austin Davis, Eric Mullines, Brandon Cathey

down the lane

Senior Taylor Keplin breezes down the lane.



"This year the team really felt like family. I feel lucky to have been a part of this goofy, hardworking, and loving group at Hendrix, and I can't wait to come back to swim at the Alumni meet." Laura Price '15





hit it


tennis team comes together as a team and as a family by ruthie daniel


he tennis team enjoys the sport and learning how to improve. While there were some tough losses, the team learned from their matches and are hoping to use what they learned this season and take it into the next season. The team had this same learning mentality last year and according to Lauren Mahaney ‘17 the team has greatly improved from last season. “Even when we didn't win, we were still able to compete with upper level teams that we didn't even have a chance against last year. It was amazing to be able to be a threat in our conference even if we were not able to sweep the wins,” said Lauren. The tennis team bonded throughout the year during practice, traveling to matches, and in everyday interactions. Through this bonding, the team built up a support system and worked to encourage each other to achieve their best. “Being a part of the team is like being a part of a big, loving, and supportive family that is always there to cheer you on whether you succeeding or not. It's a great feeling knowing there are people who are willing to be there for you no matter what. If you ever join the tennis team, you'll experience the warmth and joy of the coaches, the support and care of your teammates, and the fun and loving atmosphere the sport creates,” said sophomore Pratheepa Ravikumar.






1. Senior Hannah Smashey waits to hit the ball. 2. Ian McVinney '17 watches his ball sail across the court. 3. Sophomore Pratheepa Ravikumar focuses on the ball. 4. Kiran Chakka '17 serves. 5. Senior Robert Sheets prepares to hit the ball.

"This season was very eye opening, the level of play was way different than from what i experienced in high school in terms of travel and level of play. But I loved being around the guys, made some great new friends from playing on the team and love that about it.” Kristian Lenser '18



hole in one

Sophomore Greg Lanese swings his club sending the golf ball flying.

hit it



the golf teams caps off another season

by ruthie daniel



he golf team ended the season with more than some wins. The team bonded while traveling to numerous tournaments to play golf. "Getting to travel to other states and play golf has been a great experience, not only competing athletically but also learning to balance school work while missing class. And to top it off, most people don't think of golf as a team sport but the teammates I had this year: Greg Lanese, Michael Young, John Weirich, and Cory Zeigler, they had my back on and off the course and they always picked me up when I played bad and kept me positive while I balanced school. They are teammates I will be friends with for life and I really appreciate that," said sophomore Kevin Austrian. Kevin also credits Coach Lester for a great season. "My experience, it's been phenomenal, and that starts with Coach Lester, he's improved my game by at least 5 strokes along with everyone on the team," said Kevin.

p h o to s cou



sy o f the

athl etic s

de p ar t me nt

1. Sophomore Kevin Austrian hits his ball out of the sandbar. 2. Kelsi McClure '15 putss the golf ball near the hole. 3. Senior Cory Ziegler watches his ball soar after he swung. 4. John Weirich '15 carefully putts the golf ball.




"I enjoyed being able to travel and play some amazing courses while representing the Hendrix Warriors." Kelsi McClure '15



os ot h p


y es urt

he of t

depa etics athl

rtment, christina lucio,

an d

gre er v e

1. Junior Kate Emery cheers on the crowd. 2. The Dance Team poses in their uniforms before a special hip-hop style dance. 3. Christina Lucio '17 smiles to the crowd. 4. Dance Team Captain Ann-Marie Hayre '16, Co-Captain Amanda Ayers '17, and Grace Lee '17 kick up their legs. 5. The cheerleaders entertain while in extensions.6. Cheerleaders pose with props at a photobooth. 7. DANCE TEAM FRONT ROW: Caroline Nester, Grace Lee, Elise Wells, Amanda Ayers, Ann-Marie Hayre, Christina Lucio, Seaera Carney, Alysha Hemani MIDDLE ROW: Kristi Myers, Laura Hildebrand, Ethny Ashcraft, Elissa McDavid, Brittany Webb BACK ROW: Ben Fritz



we've got




Cheer and Dance Teams pep up athletic teams


by elizabeth draper



he cheer team experienced a season of changes. New coach Kaley Krug worked to improve the squad with new pyramids, stunts, routines, uniforms, and poms. "We put together a really challenging routine that showcased all of the talent on our squad. The team really came together and encouraged one another to pull off this routine. In the end, the hard work paid off and we got a great response from the crowd after our performance!" said Captain Kate Emery '16. Dance Team Captain Ann-Marie Hayre '16 and Co-Captain Amanda Ayers '17 along with coach Andrea Newsom choreographed many different routines for the team to perform over the season. "Our technique and performance quality have improved so much, and knowing that our audiences have noticed that energizes us to keep growing and improving in the future," said Amanda.



3. CHEER TEAM FRONT ROW: Mimi Spjut, Shelby Massey, Heather Hirsch, Ashley Elser, Co-Captain Cathryn McClellan, Kristen Walters, Elizabeth Draper, Kate Wyly, Heather Smith BACK ROW: Zack Conway, Jessica Amos, N.K. O'keke, Becca Morgan, Vvdaul Holloway, Greer Veon, Kelly Brice, Kristi Scott, Captain Kate Emery

“During the year, the cheer squad cheered at all home football and basketball games. Our goal was to support our athletes and promote school spirit!" Kate Emery ‘16

“The most fun part of any season on the dance team is getting to know and work with such a great group of people and really becoming a family.” Amanda Ayers ‘17



photos courtesy of claire vogelgesang, emily kleinfelter, and brooke wooldrige

on & off


line it up

Members of the Ultimate Frisbee team line up before hitting the field at a tournament.


the field

Cla ir


s lge ge


eV o

a ng



"Joining the Hendrix ultimate team was the best decision I ever made freshman year."


1.The team goofs off between games. 2. Junior Katie Casper works to keep the frisbee in the air. 3. Anna McCorquodale '16 looks to throw the frisbee. 4. Frisbee players gather off the field to go to Formal.


squirrels and 8. 5. Teammates relax on the beach while at a tournament over spring break. 6. Sugar Gliders gather at Shirrtails to take a photo. 7. You mad bro? Outtakes from a tournament. 8. Katie Casper '16 blocks her opponent.



sugar gliders


Ultimate Frisbee

ltimate frisbee offers its' athletes "From the first day, they invite you to a unique sporting experience, everything and really include you. Hanging but also a unique bond between out with them has given me some of my best teammates. friends and best experiences at Hendrix," said Claire. "My teammates are some of the most accepting, loving The team has really become close and each year they open and fun people I've ever met," said sophomore Claire their arms to new recruits. Vogelgesang. "Everyone should join!!!" said Claire. The team spends time together not only on the field, but also off the field. "The people! On and off the field, this year's team was really supportive and always fun to be around! Even when we lost people were still having a great time, which is really what ultimate is all about."

Katie Casper '16



residence life photo by lexi adams



couch hall Lexi Adams Jessica Adkins Mac Adkins Brett Asher Tyler Austin Maairah Ayub Joseph Benton

Karla Sintigo Daniela Smardova Broc Smith Jared Smith Jordin Smith Elizabeth Soo Melissa Sorsby

Kevin Bombinski Joe Boyd Jake Brantley Christian Breaux Conner Breen Skylar Brockway Peter Butler

Madeline St. Onge Katharine Stanley Kyle Strege McKenzie Stribling Sam Swensen Yuyutshu Thapa Deonna Thornton

Anna Caroom Christopher Carver Brandon Cathey James Clark Rob Clark Daniel Curley Claudia Cutter Kaylee Davis Lily Davis Elizabeth Draper Elizabeth Dye Lex Ellenthal Abigail Gampher Jason Giordano

Claire Turkal Jake Turner Christian Wakim Katie Wendover Steven Wiegand Justus Williams Deric Witherspoon Konrad Witkowski Yuchen Ye

Michael Goodrich Shaie Gordon Bradford Harper Remington Harris Hayley Heacox Nate Hodapp Anna Holmes


o to


ur te sy

of le


Ethan Hoppe Michelle Huynh Afro Imanishimwe Tahiya Islam Hassan Karemera Kelsey Kelly Carolina Kirksey

ad am


Travis Kish Ines Kpeou Nicole Kujawa Jonathan Kwee Nicolo Lazzati Erika Levy Jared Lincoln

out with

Samuel Lincoln Lauren Long Danielle Luther Autumn Martin William Matheson Ryan McGregor Ivy McGrew

my mateys

Travus McMahon Colton Morgan Atsushi Narita Cade Nelson Sabre Nester Sarah Nieman Sean O’Brien Neal Parsons Seth Peters Eric Peterson Isabelle Pfeffer Quy Pham Kyle Pianalto Bailey Price

Couch Hall Council brought back on old favorite: Pirate Party. Swarms of students decked out in their best outfits rushed to the burrow to celebrate the night. To the left: Sophomores Coco Guillot, Lexi Adams, and Travis Kish pose in front of the Pirate Party sign at the event.

Ben Price Pearce Price Barbara Propst Matt Ramirez Jordan Rausch Evan Rivera Chris Roberts Wilson Roberts Molly Robinson Ryan Rose Erin Salter Jonathan Saunders Chance Schilhab Rebecca Seal

residence life


"This is a place where someone you don't know gives you pizza and if that's not heaven I don't know what is." James Clark '18

"The fact that we have both men and women living together we are learning how to respect the other." Matt Ramirez '17

residence life


couch hall


photos by lexi adams

in the


Karla Sintigo Daniela Smardova Broc Smith Jared Smith Jordin Smith Elizabeth Soo Melissa Sorsby

students gather in the brick pit for couch hall's glowfest

With lights flashing and glowing balloons swaying, students dance to the music in a large white tent at Couch Hall's annual Glowfest. "I personally enjoyed how small and compact the party turned out to be. With the size of the tent and the amount of people it was a great atmosphere. The environment was awesome and everyone had a great time," said Couch Hall president Matt Ramirez '17. This event could not happen without Couch Hall Council's planning and creativity into making this event just as exciting as the previous year. "The most exciting part was watching it all come together. Just all the hardwork the hall council and I had done to see the final result was great for me," said Matt. residence life


Madeline St. Onge Katharine Stanley Kyle Strege McKenzie Stribling Sam Swensen Yuyutshu Thapa Deonna Thornton Claire Turkal Jake Turner Christian Wakim Katie Wendover Steven Wiegand Justus Williams Deric Witherspoon Konrad Witkowski Yuchen Ye

"The lobby has harbored plenty of good times. Couch folk are generally pretty talkative." Chris Roberts '17

"Despite how different everyone is, there's an air of a shared attitude, and the attitude is a friendly, focused, and comforting one." Quy Pham '18

residence life


galloway hall




Ellie Black Bryanna Carlisle Emma Carlson Erika Castro Kara Coffman Alainna Collins Anna Conard

Kayla Patton Billie Peters-Harmon Lena Pham Bailey Pickens Gabby Pochron Lauren Powers Pratheepa Ravikumar Raychl Reger Michala Roberts Rachel Robinson Mary Caroline Rogers Nikki Sanders Samantha Schaefer Allison Schrank

Rachael Crist Alyssa Curry Claire De Pree Grace Dearing Cecilia Eubank Madison Fires Alex Forst Vanessa Franco Reilly Frazier Claire Frueauff Allison Gaia Madison Gambill Annlee Glass Ellen Gotelli

Cara Schwab Kendra Schwartz Kristi Scott Mickey Seltzer Anna Sharabura Chloe Showalter Olivia Sims

Grace Griffin Savannah Grubbs Bria Guthridge Sydney Hickok Shelby Hill Emily Holmes Victoria Hughes

Olivia Sloan Kaitlyn Smith Claire Spence Victoria Spradley Samantha Stocksdale Althea Strozier Haley Swanson

Rebecca Hutcherson Alura Jia Sun Woo Kim Veronica Kinoshita Angela Lamb Katie Larson Anna Caroline Lee

residence life


1. Freshman Lauren Powers hits the move. 2. Madi Fires '18 gives the crowd her best sex eyes. 3. Galloway choreographers encourage their Galloway ladies. 4. Freshman Laiken Thompson and Laela Zaidi exude sass. 5. Galloway gals rush the brick pit when they receive second place.

Julie McGrady Jeanita McReynolds Annika Miller Lucy Moore Lucy Morgan Shelby Morrow Sydney Ozersky

Helena Abad Shelby Anderson Katherin Aristondo Helen Bass Katie Beard Felicia Beeman Symone Bennett

Sarah Logan Lauren Mahaney Erin Marshburn Natalie Masten Marlee Matlock Leila Matsumoto Hannah McCarthy

s koen ma tho by


ph ot o



Caroline Tague Laiken Thompson Lanie Tunnell Wilson Kay Beth Tyson Olivia Grahm Valadie Anna Walker Riley Wells Mary Wyly Laela Zaidi Jun Zhang

"When prospies were visiting the dorms I heard their mothers say that they lived in Galloway; that's a really cool thing to hear." Emma Carlson '18

"The bathtubs are the greatest hidden secret of Galloway Hall. They are perfect to relax in after a stressful day of class." Kay Beth Tyson '17

residence life


galloway hall

girls in pearls galloway hall hosts a variety of events throughout the year by ruthie daniel photo courtesy of victoria spradley

Each fall Galloway hosts a mother-daughter tea during family weekend. The event is a great way for the Galloway ladies to dress up and introduce their mothers and grandmothers to each other. The event is not restricted to just Galloway residents. Rather all are welcome to bring their mom and enjoy a nice tea. "We handmade all of the finger sandwiches and cookies with Michala Robert's recipes. I'm from Conway so my mom came and helped prepare for the event. I loved getting to see moms connect with their daughters at the tea, and seeing the Galloway Alumni reminisce about their time in the dorm," said freshman Rebecca Hutcherson. Along with the mother-daughter tea, Galloway hosted a Halloween trick or treat event for faculty and staff's children, Hoe-Down, and Roman Holiday. "Roman Holiday was a little bit of an old tradition and a new invention. There was an old date-style event that Galloway held for years that we decided to bring back and rename. We were inspired by Audrey Hepburn's classic movie, Roman Holiday," said Galloway Hall President Kay Beth Tyson '17. Through all of these events, hall council spent a large amount of time together and grew close. "Spending time with hall council was a ton of fun and I'm really thankful for the experience. I'm really close with some of the girls I met on hall council," said Rebecca. Grace Griffin reiterated having close bonds with the ladies on hall council. "It was a really great experience to be a part of a group of girls who cared about their dorm and everyone living in it. I had a lot of fun helping to plan events, and was constantly impressed by how dedicated the other members were," said sophomore Grace Griffin. FRONT ROW: Kendra Schwartz, Rebecca Hutcherson, Emily Holmes, Angela Lamb BACK ROW: Victoria Spradley, Kay Beth Tyson, Bailey Pickens, Anna Conard

all dressed up

Galloway Hall Council poses in front of the historic residence hall.

residence life


“Make the most of the parlor as a study space. It's comfy, quiet, and a great place to bond with your Galloway girls." Anna Conard '17

"If you're looking for a nice place to nap, the green couch in the parlor is where it's at. All of your dreams will come true." Kristi Scott '18

residence life


hardin hall Cameron Meek Reed Mershon Joseph Mondier Collin Moore Farai Musariri Ian Naron Connor Nelson

Mouad Abdulrahim Aidan Abueva Thomas Alexander Dax Alford Iad Alhallak Aidan Altik Noah Ambos Braxton Anderson Kevin Austrian Nick Baltz Brian Banuelos Yicheng Bao Anthony Becerra Thomas Bingham

Harrison Newton Hieu Nguyen John Nickle Sylas Nunn Alexander Ortenstone Bryce Parker Kenyon Patton

Carson Boone Caleb Brake Kyle Budde Ivan Burrell Adam Camp Jared Carver Andrew Cash

Eugene Pegues Ricky Perez Colten Poellinger Alex Raab Epi Resendez Michael Riley Jack Rindahl

Max Cassidy Dalton Clement John Clements Raul Contreras Bo Craig Zach Crenshaw Sean Criswell

Devon Roell Westin Roever Spencer Rogers Joe Rossi Cameron Ryan Giorgy Sarishvili Imran Shah Mark Sheppard Mason Sifford Bernard Smith Elijah Sorey Ryan Spainhour Evan Spears Jesse Spears

Alex Crocker Ned Curran Chase Davis Tolli Davis Lance Dunbar Brian Earles Thomas Eddlemon Jake Falleur Andrew Fleming Jackson Gakundi John Gann Billy Gardner Mark Garrett Travis Garrett

Dylan Spikes Nathaniel Standridge Aaron Steele David Steinmayr David Tate Christopher Taylor Nathan Taylor

Casey Garrison Parker Gitz Gabe Gumm Daniel Habenicht Nick Haer Alec Harris Graham Harris

Spencer Taylor Michael Trahan Brian Tschiemer Ryan Tumminello Adam Turner Alan Umfress Derek Valiska

Eli Hattabaugh Casey Hawkins Samuel Higgins Wyatt Hogan Tucker Holihan John Hooker Nicholas Horan

Thomas Weissert Pete Wills Jack Xue Michael Young

Shemar House Jakob Hull Eric Huynh Alexander Jones Judson Jones Sean Kocher Olivier Kwizera Chriag Lala Greg Lanese Jacob Langston Kristian Lenser L.J. Leslie Gearen Littlefield Trevor Loew Salvador Lorente Garcia Billy Lovvorn Jiujun Ma Rory MacNichol Graham Marcus Colin Martell James Martin Jordan May Malachi McDonald Lucas McEntire Daniel McGrath Jonathan McKenna Ian McVinney Andrew McWard

residence life


“I'd say the fish heads in the urinals really got me. Don't see that too often." Spencer Taylor '17

“The Raney girls bought us all is definitely a perk of having a great sister dorm. Dalton Clement '17

residence life


hardin hall

sb oto ph

xi adams y le



say hello

1. Daniel Grear '15 sings original songs to the crowd. 2. Freshman Ellie Black captivates the audience with her smooth voice. 3. Luke Connor '17 strums on his guitar. 3. Three musicians join together to entertain those in the crowd.

hardstock H


on the






hardin hall hosts annual music festival

ardstock has become a classic you get to be outside listening to fellow by ruthie daniel Hendrix event. And like any event Hendrix students perform, enjoying great it takes time to plan. According food, and just relaxing before the nearing to sophomore and Hardin Hall Council Event stress of finals week," said Casey. Planner Casey Garrison, Hardin began planning Hardin Hall Council's hard work did not go this event in November. Hall Council acquired The Coasts unrecognized as many students have expressed how much as their headliner and then held auditions for the remaining they love and enjoy this now classic Hardin event. spots in the festival. "I love Hardstock and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be How did hall council plan such an event? Casey said he such an integral part in the event this year. I couldn't have pictured himself at the event and what he would like to see in done anything without the guys on Hardin Hall Council. We the event. From there, things began to come together. were really a team, and together, we made Hardstock 2015 a What's the best part about Hardstock? According to Casey, far more attended event than in years past," said Casey. several things. "It's in April, right when it's warming up. So residence life

on the


Adam Camp '18 greets the audience before beginning.



5. Students enjoy the music while playing with a dog. 6. Junior MiMi Spjut looks charming while listening to fellow students display their musical talent. 7. Evan Mitchell '16 greets friends at Hardstock. 8. Siblings Brian Earles '18 and Marissa Earles '16 goof off and dance to the beat.

"Hardstock is an event I look forward to every year. This year I got to share the experience with my brother who is a new addition to the Hendrix family. Hardstock is always laid back and relaxed. I love being able to hang outdoors with my friends and cheer on fellow classmates." Marissa Earles '16

residence life


raney hall Rebecca Alexander Victoria Amadi Amanda Ayers Deva Bharne Kelly Brice Jacquelyn Brown Sadie Bullard

to ho


Kierstin Carr Kim Castro Gabrielle Chenevert Amy Crump Riva Cullinan Keianna Cunningham Kelly Cunningham Emma Daily Lana Davis Emilie Delpire Chase Depew Alexandria DerGazarian Shengzining Ding Miranda Donakey

Katherine Wang Yahelle Yaccoby Bridget Yelk Jiawen Yin

y sb

a s ko en thom



1. Students take a break from the slip n' slide. 2. Sophomores Abby Schlenk and Ava Parker dive onto the slide. 3. Seniors Ethan Hill and Jill Nguyen pause from cooking food to smile for the camera.

Holyn Duyck MaKayla Ealy Hannah Eaton Miracline Ebijoyeldhas Bailey Egan Schylar Ferguson Breann Forbes Aisling Gibson Christina Glasschroeder Amelia Grayson Sarah Haltom Stephanie Harriman Regan Hatwig Alysha Hemani Yuli Hong Tabitha House Megan Hunter Gabrielle James Pearl Jangjiravat Erika Jasso Anushah Jiwani Kelsey Johnson Catherine Junkins Elisse Kangas Sophie Katz Josie Keathley Shameela Khimani Nicole Killgo




Anna King Gaby Laureano Catherine Lee Anne-Lise Lelievre Christina Lucio Lucille MacCash Rebecca Maeder Lauren Mankel Elissa McDavid Sydney Meyer Audrey Morrow Jazmin Neira Brooke Nelson Trang Nguyen Bonnie Nolan Ava Parker Megan Prettyman Dani Ramirez-Aguilar Eyvonne Ranjan Lauren Richards Mary Rizzardi Bradi Ryan Emily Seminara Madison Seyer Dimple Shah Elizabeth Shepard Leah Smith Elizabeth Stapper


oto ph

co u r


tesy of lauren

wa ll i s


4. A group of students pile into a raft and talk. 5. Ava Parker '17, Amelia Grayson '17, and Lauren Wallis '15 smile while enjoying the warm weather. 6. Students sit and spray the hose to cool off.

Yunong Sun Ella Thomas Grace Thomasson Jillian Tofukuji Lilja Vignisdottir Sarah Walker Tori Walters

residence life


"The craziest thing that has ever happened in Raney is the night we all gathered in the main hall and celebrated after our Shirttails victory!" Jillian Tofukuji '18

"Not much craziness occurs, but the the craziest was a 45 minute party on the 3rd floor. That was legendary." Dani Ramirez-Aguilar '17

residence life


raney hall 1.

all tied



raney hall revives old hall tradition by ruthie daniel



Each year residence halls host events, some recycled from previous years and others are brand new. This year Raney Hall council revived an old Raney Hall classic known as Bondage Bash. So what is this Bondage Bash and how does it work? "Bondage Bash is an old Raney Hall tradition. Each Raney lady is given a tie, decorates the tie, and gives it to her roommate. Her roommate then gives the tie to a surprise, or blind, date for her. That night, when she shows up to the dance, she must find her date, who will be wearing the tie and who she is "bound" to for the rest of the night," said Raney Senator Brooke Nelson '17. Along with ties and dates, Raney Hall Council organized the event to be catered by Russo's and to have a photobooth with props for guests to forever document the night. "The whole night was a huge success! Everyone had a blast. We had great turnout of over 100 people. The event was the perfect opportunity to encourage Raney residents to bond outside the typical dorm setting," said Brooke. Brooke was not the only one who enjoyed the night. "My favorite part was getting all of the Raney girls and eating a delicious dinner together! I though the photo booth was loads of fun as well!" said sophomore and Raney Hall Vice President 1. Raney Dimple Shah. Hall Council goofs Overall, the night was a hit and many would not be surprised off in the photobooth. 2. to see this event stick around. Faisal Alhanas '17 and Jared


Smith '18 pose for the camera. 3. Sophomores and roommates Elissa McDavid and Sophie Katz show off their sassy side. 4. Freshman Raney ladies give their best frown. 5. Sarah Walker '18 and Joshua Copeland '17 use props.

residence life


"Winning Shirttails after 13 years brought about a wild side to the nun house. " Alysha Hemani '18

"The third floor bathrooms are amazing and I love how all the bathrooms are pink!" Miranda Donakey '18

residence life


martin hall

throw know what you

1. Freshman Holly Peterson prepares to throw a ping pong ball. 2. Megan Murphy '16 and Alex McIntyre '16 take a moment to pose with flamingos. 3. Junior and Marting Hall President Dominic Smith manned the grill making sure each hamburger was cooked to perfection. 4. Morgan Carrico '17, Ellie Black '18, Rebecca Hutcherson '18, Kendra Schwartz '18, and Carly Howden '17 take a moment tp pause from the festivities and document the event with a photo.

Martin hosts Frat-inspired Fratalina mixer

by ruthie daniel

Grab your button-ups and dresses and head over to Martin Hall for Fratalina. The afternoon was filled with good music, burgers, games, and hanging out. "Spring weather made the perfect backdrop to the loud music and chatter coming from students who were taking a well deserved break from studying," said sophomore Sarah Moore. While Hendrix does not have any fraternities or sororities, residence halls sometimes gleen inspiration for events from popular Greek life events. Fratalina was one of those events. "We got to see a taste of life outside the Hendrix bubble into a different sort of college culture," said Sarah. "It was great to see Martin men fully in their element, barbequing for students and wearing an array of pastel shorts." All in all, the event allowed students to have a break from studying and wear in their more "fratty" attire.

residence life


Thomas Adamo Faisal Alnahhas Alexander Atchley Sam Bennett Brooks Billings Jason Blatt Robbie Borrello Garrett Brown Daniel Bushkuhl Kiran Chakka Brooks Coplen Steve Crenshaw Ben Cunningham Nick DeFerraris Hal Denton Connor Douglas Drew Dunkum Cody Eckes Tanner Elliot Edwin Espinoza Jackson Fitzgibbon

"The third floor has the hottest showers on the Southside. Collect the shower water to boil eggs, make tea, whatever you want!" Jackson Fitzgibbon '17

residence life


"We can best balance social life and fun life. "

on ibb


"There is a community here unlike anything else on campus, rooted in history and soaked in Keystone Light."

Jim Rogers Brady Rowe Jayce Rumsey Dylan Shelton Christopher Shirar Lane Siems Austin Simmons Reid Simpson Austin Smith Dominic Smith Kody Smith Spencer Smith Tejas Soman Reed Spivey

7 s '1 ha

Faisal A lna h

"We have a weekly party dedicated to Wednesday. Because Martin."


"There is a camaraderie of a frat without having to be in a frat."

s am


Mi c h a e lW illi

Dominic Sm ith

"Favorite thing? The Martin Community or the Martin Brotherhood."

Eric Walker Galen Wallace-McCollom Wessel Westerhof Christian Wheeler Michael Williams Dayton Winn Nathan Woodell

oa r Ja c k s o n

Fit z


Robert Myers Bosco Ndemeye Doug Phillips Dakota Pouncey Ilya Pound Tyler Ratliff Daniel Reece

Tristan Stalbaum Ryan Stanowski Stephen Stearman Arlo Stebbing Jake Steward Sam Struebing Spencer Summers Joseph Takacs Michael Tasetano Taylor Tibbits Brent Triolo Zachary Tuttle John Veon Dillon Wade

pe nn

e niel R ece '18 Da

Elvis Maung Nicolas Maynard Ethan McGee Michael McMurray Trent Middleton Owen Mouser Patrick Munn


Brian Jasper Ian Jenkins Aldmar Joubert Drew Judson Kemp Kagy Greg Kelley Joshua Knight Shuhao Kou Michael Kramer Mat Larimer Brandon Leding Jack Liu Robert Louree Ryan Mason

n Bla tt ' 1

Liam Hankins-Hull Fletcher Hartwick Nick Haywood Will Hearnsberger Samuel Hewins Mark Hickey Steven Hulsey


"Theme nights in Martin are great. Nowhere else does such poor stylistic taste count as creativity."

Ja so

Logan French Bernhard Fritz Karthik Garimella Dylan Giddens Barrett Goodwin Ian Goza Walker Grubbs


martin hall


residence life

Will Wortham Jordan Zeidman

"I like how open Martin it. You can walk down the hall and see doors open with people just hanging or walking room to room." Austin Smith ‘16

residence life


veasey hall Anusheh Ali Ilana Ariel Rachael Arp Ethny Ashcraft Anna Claire Atkins Elizabeth Ayers Meghan Ayers

Emily Rankin Payton Rausch Alex Raymond-Schmidt Madison Reece Melecia Robinson Danielle Rosson Abigail Schlenk

Assira Ba Mekenna Banks Iman Belk Erica Benoit Sajal Bharany Grace Blackmon Hailey Bode Rachel Boehm Maren Bollinger Kathryn Bolt Jannice Bonilla Kali Boucher Ashton Brass Brandy Britton

Sydney Schoen Julia Secor Ashley Semiche Emily Shadell Sarah Shklanko Sarah Sikes Heather Smith Joy Spence Megan Steely Krys Stetler Kelsi Stimack Janie Stultz Rebekah Swink Hannah Tackett

Madelyn Carlson Hannah Christeson Zoe Corwyn Mashundra Covington Alexandra Cruz Pacheco Brynn Davis Kendall Davis

Alexis Taylor Allyssa Thomas Charlotte Thomas Marianna Thomeczek Bridget Umble Chloe Undernehr Karissa Varga

Valerie De Leon Madison Dealing Lauren Dickinson Katie Dixon Catherine Dobbins Sara Dyslin Zana English Katie Evans Delaney Farris Sydney Fobare Emma Gaither Nancy Ghaleb Dylan Gilbreath Stephanie Goldner-Carver Ava Graves Molly Halter Lily Hammer Wesleigh Harrison Madyson Haskins Caitlyn Hendrickson Christa Huber Jessica Hunter Peyton Hurst Alexandra Irle Vanessa Jasso Elizabeth Johnson Jackie Johnson Kathleen Kim Alexandra Kiss Elisabeth Kraaijenbrink Colleen Kremer Marie Kressin Maria Kuzma Sydney Lacey Mia Lavanti Grace Lee Julia Lefler Christian Leus Rachel Lorsbach Charis Madison Pauline Marie Amibeth Marks

Anastasia Ventrano Greer Veon Bailee Wallace Kristen Walters Jasmine Watkins Cathy Waylan Sarah Webb Delaney Wells Elise Wells Brooke Whitaker Olivia Grace Whittington

dorm sweet dorm Veasey ladies and SOAR team members welcome in new Veasey residents on move-in day.

Ellen Martin Madison Martin Laruen McHenry Natalie Mulkey Yasmin Newman Inga Niemeyer Rachel Parker Holly Peterson Elizabeth Phelps Anna Pichler Shamara Pittman Ariana Poole Heather Prowse Lexus Raney

residence life


"I love the atmosphere of Veasey. You create a great bond with the other Veasey ladies. The lobby can be a meeting place or a place where you can chill with your friends. Everyone is very friendly and says hello when you see them around campus." Kathryn Bolt '17

residence life


bbq babes

Veasey Hall Council serves Whole Hog barbeque with a smile.

lei'd back


veasey hall council hosts annual luau


by ruthie daniel



easey Hall Council worked tirelessly to produce their annual Veasey Luau. The event was held on the VZ porch where students could gather to eat. The day was a double feature for food starting with the Social Committee's Cinco de Mayo event where students enjoyed Mexican food and culure. Two hours later students were transported from Mexico to the beach where the ladies of Veasey Hall served food from Whole Hog Cafe. The beachy environment of the Luau was enhanced with a plethora of straw skirts, leis, and hawaiian shirts. Sophomore and Veasey Senator Brynn Davis says the Luau is a Veasey classic. "It's always a fun event for the old and new hall council to plan together," said Brynn. Luau occurs right before finals and allows students to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. "This year the weather was really nice and led to a relaxing atmosphere before the craziness of finals started," said Brynn.

p h ot os b y ty




1. Senior Mariah McElroy enjoys her plate of Whole Hog barbeque. 2. Students hang out on VZ beach and porch enjoying the food and music. 3. Ellen Martin '17 pauses from serving food to have a candid moment. 4. VZ President Grace Lee '17 along with Yasmin Newman '18, Brynn Davis '17, and Mari Thomeczek '18 make sure guests have enough food.


residence life


"Participating in Shirttails as a freshman in VZ and then remaining in the dorm sophomore year and cheering for the new VZ girls sophomore year is one of my favorite Hendrix memories."

Alex Raymond-Schmidt '17

residence life


the houses Brown House Ariel Alexander Jessica Bonumwezi Graham Burke Seara Carney Ty Glanville Daniel Imbro

Jacob Neeley Sara Smith Rachel Wells Kate Westerfield McCrieght House Petra Alexander Johnny Anderson

Jay Jeffers Ben Luedtke Samson Ndindiriyimana William O’Brochta John Pennington Joe-Dean Shipp Min Sang Song

Zoe Barton Noah Beggs Joshua Copeland Marissa Earles Elizabeth Forester Brian Hicks Emily Kleinfelter

Garret Reese Kyle Teachout Rachel Zweig Browne House Thomas Andrews Connor Bell Francisco Berrones

Thomas Koen Andy McCall Adam Nick Dalton Parrack Allison Price Sara Samuelson Sammi Seargeant

Steven Cochrun Blake Cooper Zoe Earley Shaquille Grant Kate Hanson Jesse Kelaidais Krystal Kim

Jerry Thomeczek Smith House Leah Marie Bishop Zachary Branscum Mustafa Filat Samantha Green Quan Jones

Mary Meek Ginny Mitchell Jacob Pierce Joel Pircklen Jeffrey Scott Hannah Shelton Laura Yoder

Cabin Avalon Collier Grace Norton Adrienne Rivers Aaron Steinberg Nick York

residence life


so n an

Wanling Zhao Language House Anthony Arndt Ben Border Charlie Garcia Alexandra Lusk Hazel Merihew

h te

Amanda Dawson Gabriel Elders Avery Garza Anna Joliff Charlie Manning Rachel Parmer Stina Pugh Alexa Ritter Candyce Sarringar Peiwen Sheng Mackenzie Theall Jessa Thurman Xavier Welch Wesley White

rt e


Harrison Strang Mattie Thacker Aline Umuhire-Juru Dickinson House Morgan Carrico Annie Criswell Ruthie Daniel

ph oto sc ou


Ariel McDonald Katie Neilson N.K. O’Keke Sarah Partee Walker Rice Robert Sheets Dominique Silverman

Guneev Sharma Mitchell Sharp


Cook House Jonathan Bauer-Erickson Hannah Blevins Devon Davis Taylor Foreman Katery Havens Carly Howden

Sydney King Mitch Lowry Gretchen McCarthy Sarah McHugh Quan Nguyen Austin Nelson Joo Oh

the big event

In the spring semester Houses Coucil hosted The Big Event. "The whole process of planning such a large event is a rather dauting task: food to order, paperwork to file, inflatables to order, paperwork to file...Did I mention the paperwork?" said freshman and 2015-2016 Houses Senator Pete Wills about the preparation for the event. "The Big Event didn't really seem real until it happened. It's a lot of work, but nothing feels better than seeing it all come together," said Pete. The event had a great attendance and was enjoyed by all.

"There are definitely ups and downs but the houses are a nice transition to apartment life." Seaera Carney '17

"Living in the houses, I personally grew to know and respect my neighbors (even my ant neighbors)." Wesley White '16

residence life


apartments Clifton Natasha Bray Martin Clanton Alex Cox Nigel Halliday Alex Harb Nicolass Harrington

Buzurg Arjmandi Matt Bell Nick Berardi Bob Berardi Eric Bracy Katie Casper Brian Commerford

Jake Higgins Levi Jabben McKenna Jacquement Jolyon Larson Charlotte Marchioni Emily Nichols Leaetta Odglen Valerie Partenheimer Ross Ragsdale Isabelle Rupp Vincent Sabourin August Stuppy Katie Thompson Will Tucker

Nicholle Cromwell Long Dang Sydnee Davis Kyle Dineen Hanna French Vlad Gamalie Gregory Gandy Connor Gibbs Konstantin Gruenwald Mitch Harle Davis Harris Lettie Hattabaugh Brittany Hearn Hayley Hervey

Chris Woodward Front Street Abby Anderson Mary Katherine Barker Robert Brave Lawrence Bringard Grace Bronson

Nini Hoang Vvdaul Holloway Stephanie Hosman Mack Krone Bailey Leonard Nora Lovaas Naomi Mayor

Judith Brown Brittany Cantrell Blair Causey Matthew Christie Lila Coco Alex Cummings Daniel D’Ostuni

Anna McCorquodale Mariah McElroy Lindsay Mindlin Seth Mobley Ellen Moncrief Hope Montgomery Kerry Moon

Jillian del Sol Patrick Diamonon Cody Elozory M.J. Emanuel Joe Esrock Kevin Estell Estrella Flores

Meredith Morrison Lauren Nelson Nickie Ngo Jill Nguyen Michael Occidental Taylor Pate Jacob Perschke

Caroline Forbes Katy Gallien Dynica Greer Leah Harkey Bailey Ann Harper Taylor Hart Emily Hill

Victoria Petty Anna Pittman Elisa Rivera Emma Rivera Tim San Pablo Abby Sapien Blair Schneider

Tiatjah Johnson Elizabeth Kasper Gina Kelling Caitlin Kriesel-Bigler Natalie Levine Hunter Lewis Marlee Martin John McAvey Christopher McDougald John McGrath Quinn Menhart Becca Morgan Andrei Ndindabahizi Dennis O’Hara Austin Phillips Hannah Popkin Kimaa Purdiman Jonas Reagan Dylan Rogers William Ross T.K. Shaffer

Graham Senor Savannah Skaggs Madison Smith McKinley Sparling MiMi Spjut Isabelle Staines Jay Stanley Jessalyn Tackett Joelle Tackett Cassie Taucher Kleon Van Laurie Waters Thomas Weber John Weirich Clanton Wood Carrie Yang Cory Ziegler

Abby Shea Claude Shyaka Matt Stewart Evan Stoll Lucas Tenbrook Sean Tjaden Bryan Urban Abe Vierthaler Jarrett Wann Alec Willman Hendrix Corner Shannon Abbott Sean Alexander Drew Allen

residence life


"I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else. I love the grassy backyard, which is perfect for relaxation or getting together with friends on a weekend night. Front Street has a special energy that I love. And of course, having my own room is a major, major perk." Madison Schallhorn '16

residence life


apartments Huntington Arin Anderson Ben Anderson Kelsey Atwood Zachary Baier Megan Barker Taylor Bennett Gary Bergman Ryan Bry Tracey Burbank Susie Burton Ella Caraway Alec Conard Abigail Condit Luke Conner Nathan Crockett Jesse Crowel Ben Dardas Charli Davis David Dobry Robert Durante Meaghan Epperson Brian Epstein Peter Erickson Charley Ford Hannah Gallegos James Gill Mallory Glick Claire Goldman Ira Grace Daniel Grear Coco Guillot Marley Halter Ann-Marie Hayre Nicholas Heiner Laura Hildebrand Ethan Hill Caitlin Hoffman Carson Hunter Kendra Ide Any Jivan Emily Jones Andrew Jordan Jake Kimmerly Bayley Krell Samantha Lallas Nick Land Noah Lashly Shalom Lee Keen Maher Cathryn McClellan Kelsi McClure Meghan McFadden Alex McIntyre Patrick McKenzie Riley McKinney Nora Messenger Caleb Moen Justin Murdock Megan Murphy Becca Nelsen My Nguyen Kristen O’Connell Trey Oldham Barbara Patterson Rebecca Perez Zoe Poulides Travis Rabun Thomas Read Adam Reece Austin Rodgers Melissa Rooney Drew Rutens Hannah Sigda Kate Skorija Jack Smith Scarlet Smith Michelle Stockwell Marissa Stubbe Marina Sweeten Kenna Tuggle Brianna Wagner Sybil Watkins Brittany Webb

residence life


Jasmine Welch-Beardsley Georgia Weygandt Hannah Whitney Peter Wood Grant Zurcher Market Square Lora Adams Skyler Adams Hank Aldous Aimen Ali Jair Almaguer Jessica Amos Calia Anderson Katie Arnold Bruce Baker Jordan Barrett Jericka Battle Alex Betz Kim Bolin Anne Boyer Reed Brewer James Carey Bethany Cartwright Zach Chastain Jackson Cohen Claire Comeaux Ella Concavage-Nasar Zack Conway Tessa Cook Bianca Craig Debbie Crawford Tia Crook Zachary Cumbie Nick Daily Hoa Dam Gary DeClerk Lindsay Drillette Kaia Duke Caroline Dunn Sarah Eddington Ashley Elser Kate Emery Luke Evans Payton Finch Kate Francis Ashley Gallagher Lizzie Goodwin-Horn Laura Gressler Sydney Haldeman Josh Hall Elizabeth Hankins Tim Harper Lisa Headley Kate Henricks Stephanie Hernandez Kacey Hight Hannah Hill Jessica Himes Elizabeth Hodges Dalton Hoose Morgan Howells Shuyin Hua Megan Hull Eric Jambo Hannah Katz Betsy Kelly Sami Kennedy Taylor Keplin Alex Kerr Elijah Kessler Sophie Knorek Lotte Kraaijenbrink Michaela Larabee Luke Lasley Joyce Lauritzen Marissa Lee Andrew LeMay Britney Lister Zach Mainer Catey May Jeffery May Anna McConaghie Taylor McElroy Rebecca Meredith

"I really like being able to take a nap on a couch again. That's something I always missed when living in the dorms. My favorite thing though is probably having my own room." Andrew Jordan '16

residence life



Evan Mitchell Alyssa Mooningham Shereen Moufarrej Eric Mullins Carl Napolitano Samia Nawaz Caroline Nester Drew Nikolovski John Ogle Lindsey Orgren Reina Ortiz Emma Paul John Pounds Laura Price Tammi Ragan Rebecca Regoli Victoria Resendez Brandi Ring Johnny Ring Ryan Ritz Soule Rodrigue Lee Rogers Blaine Sadler Jack Sammons Janie Sanford Lauren Shklanko Ian Shrum Jill Sikes Matthew Simmons Sowmya Sivakumar Hannah Smashey Jordan Spennato Sam Spjut Ples Spradley Ty Spradley Shelby Thomas Victor Ventrano Annie Vogt Amy Wallis Lauren Wallis Hsin-Ping Wang Peiyu Wang Susan Warren Kyle Wicks Michelle Wiggins Austin Wofford Jacqueline Wood


mud bug bash

partment Coucil hosts a crawfish boil near the end of the year. The event celebrates not only the crawfish, but also good eats and the upcoming summer season. In previous years the event has been held at the Front Street Apartments backyard, restricting the event from parts of the campus. Why the move to the middle of campus? "This year we really wanted to open the Crawfish Boil up to all apartment (and incoming apartment) residents. We had it in the middle of campus and welcomed students, faculty, and staff," said Apartment Council Secretary MiMi Spjut '16, who planned the event. Along with the location change to the Brick Pit, the caterer was changed. "We went with an alumni who has his own self-made crawfish catering company centered in Louisiana to provide an authentic Southern crawfish boil experience!" said MiMi. The event was the perfect way to relax and eat tasty food with friends before the beginning of finals. Students, faculty, and staff could be seen wandering in and out grabbing food and sitting around the Brick Pit while chatting with friends and listening to music in the background. "I am proud to say that this has been one of the highest attended boils in our history and we hope to build on this year's success next spring!" said Apartment Council secretary MiMi Spjut '16.

apartment council hosts annual crawfish boil by ruthie daniel

residence life


"I love having my own kitchen. It allows me to feel at home when I'm away from home. Each year my friends and I had a "friendsgiving" in my kitchen. Being able to cook a whole turkey for my friends is kind of awesome. Having everyone gathered around are some of my best memories from college." Megan Barker ‘15

residence life


off campus Patty Omolo James Owen Carter Pacheco Davis Page Lexi Pahl Scott Pfaff Anna Phan

Vanessa Bailey Ashley Baker Zach Beal Chris Bell Tony Blagg Lee Blankenship Rowan Bond Cara Brazeal Hunter Briggs Kati Broberg Chloe Brown Emily Brown Larnie Campbell Mimi Carlin Matthew Carpenter Casey Caton Wadzanayi Chikungwa Erin Ckodre Violet Coker CeCe Collins Kay Collins

Madison Pitts Lauren Planty David Pollard Brenda Quintero Sabrina Raveendran Brittany Reynolds Lauren Reynolds Lauren Rich Delli Robinson Tanner Robinson Patrick Rogers Sehrish Sardar Tasker Shannon Edwin Sherwood Joseph Siebenmorgen William Siebenmorgen Trey Signorelli Adam Simon Madison Sipes Allen Smith Joshua Smith

Reid Cone Mary Conner Seana Corbin Devin Cornwell Tanisha De La Cerda Barrett Deming Ryan Dickerson Tyler Dolan John Donald Marcel Douglas Graham Empey Natalie Faught Abby Finn Vincent Gammill

Kevin Spatz Gray Stanton Hunter Tamburo Wendy Tang Robert Taylor Hayley Thomson Feixue Tian

Jacob Garrigus Abby Gatmaitan Jesse Gavin Rachael Gold Anna Green Ellen Gray Gregory Mitchel Griffin

Allison Traylor Anthony Tufu Luke Vance Emily Ward Landri Wenzel Kyle Wilshusen Taylor Womack

John Hablitz Linda Hancock Branden Harbaugh Sarah Harmon Arianna Hart Devin Henderson Heather Hirsch

Mark Woodard Zoheb Yunus Benjamin Zamzow Kaitlyn Zamzow Marcus Zhu

furry friends

Sinclair Hodge J.D. Hoglan Charles Hotchkiss Dagen Hughes Jordan Jehlen Coral Jinright Cathryn Johns

One of the perks of living off campus is being able to have a pet. Many students have adopted a pet and shared the joy by walking their furry friends on campus. "My favorite thing about walking Remy on campus is since everyone is so dog deprived they freak out when they see him and it makes their day," said junior Patrick Rogers. Photos from left to right: 1. Patrick and Remy take a quick break from a walk on campus. 2. Huckleberry tries on senior Matt Bell's cap and gown for size. 3. Trey Signorelli '15 poses with pup Murphy after their first Petit Jean adventure.

Paige Johnson Jennifer Kim Joseph Korkames Austin Lacey Giang Le Xin Lin Sarah Lind Yuanlin Liu Brenna Lodge Avery Loss Kimberly Ly Aspen Madrid Savannah Maensivu Jordan Magness Ryan Marks Shelby Massey Julie McCarthy Mary McNally Humna Meer Wes Mills Meet Modi

Photos courtesy of Patrick Rogers, Matt Bell, and Trey Signorelli.

Christina Morales Malik Mosby Faith Mullins Serena Murphy Kristi Myers Brady Newville Daniel Noble

residence life


"Living off campus gives you the opportunity to really be involved with both the Hendrix and greater Conway communities." James Owen ‘16

[Off-campus] has allowed me to make not just Hendrix, but the city of Conway my home." Brenna Lodge ‘15

residence life


abroad m


e inf


n te, a

d anna she

al s


sy o f ourte

p h ot o s c

"My favorite part was being a part of a graphic design community in England and having a new creative environment to live and work in, surrounded by lots of people with lots of different ideas. " ANNA SHEALS '16

1. Anna Sheals '16 finds a lighthouse on her adventures in Plymouth, England. 2. In Merzouga, a little town in the Sahara Desert, Emily Kleinfelter '16 embraces Moroccan culure. 3. Juniors Ali Bair and Chris Woodward find the ocean in Cote D'Azur, France. 4. Taylor Pate '16 ventures around Budapest. 5. Junior Mitch Harle finds a waterfall in Croatia. 6. Jolyon Larson '16 poses on a sculpture in Belgium.

"Something that sounds obvious 4. but it was so surprising was that people are people. They are the same at the base level. Once I began to understand the differences in cultures and began to understand the languages well I was shocked to find that people talked about the same things, cared about the same things, had the same jokes, and felt the same emotions. It's a complete shock to suddenly find yourself having a thought in Spanish that is just so normal. For me the biggest shock [about studying abroad] wasn't difference, it was sameness."

ali ba ir,

mi tch

ha rl e


le yk

pa ylor , ta r e t







"My favorite part was just getting to explore so many new environments and cultures, and seeing places most only read about in history books. The most surprising thing was how similar, despite out cultural differences, we as human beings are. And how delicious Czech beef tartar is. MITCH HARLE '16

Connor Anderson Alison Bair Sam Bergamini Abby Christophel Shannon Clark Ashley Clayborn Kathleen Conley Alyson Dieterle Nathanael Drahn Kate Engler Katherine Friesen Betsy Fritsche Katey Gillispie William James

residence life


Audrey McMillion Rachel Moyer Connor Newton Robert Nshimiyimana Grace Oxley Vinny Phahurat Constance Robinson Madison Schallhorn Anna Sheals Katie Shultz Catherine Turner Sarah Varnau Preston Wuich Reid Zarker

"I was taken aback by how much variety existed within the small country of Morocco – I got to visit the mountains, ride a camel iin the Sahara desert, stand on a beach in Tangier and see the coast of Spain – all in one beautiful country!" Emily Kleinfelter '16

residence life


come hungry, leave full

arms wide open

Students fill their plates at the Hardin event for Testicular Cancer awareness.

International student Farai Musariri '16 stands in surprise at his competitor's success in the baggo game.

1. Residence assistant Faisal Alhahhas '17 gives a thumbs up. 2. Sophomores Joshua Knight and Bria Guthridge enjoy mocktails at an alcohol education event. 3. International students play baggo at a Hardin event for Testicular Cancer Awareness. 4. Chris Taylor '17 and Alex Jones '17 stop by the Residence Life office. 5. Students stop by the OTC for stress relief during finals.

get smart R

residence life hosts a variety of events to educate students

by ruthie daniel

esidence assistants work hard every day to ensure that the residents of each resisdence hall, house, and apartment are heard and taken care of. Whether that means letting them into their room when they are locked out, listening to a resident when he/she needs to talk, or doing room health and safety checks, RAs are there. In addition to their everyday responsibilities, RAs work with the Residence Life office to host fun entertaining events that also have an educational element. The events vary in their focus, but all teach important information to aid not only in one's college career, but also in one's life after college. Awareness events this year included Mocktail parties where students learned about alcohol safety, a cookout/baggo game residence life


residence life awards banquet

where students became more aware about Testicular Cancer, a Safe Spring Break Night, and a stress relief event where students learned better ways to release stress. Through these events and also the dedication of the RAs and the Residence Life Office, students know there will always be at least one person who can help them or aid them if they need it. "My favorite part about being an RA is the ability to help others 24/7! I love being a resource. It's something that makes me feel ingrained in the Hendrix community," said sophomore Bria Guthridge.

[As an RA] I love that I am able to help people and to make my residents feel welcome." Kelsey Atwood '15

“Knowing I'm needed ~ and loved ~ has made being an RA one of my best decisions at Hendrix so far." Bria Guthridge '17

residence life



aimen ali

business & economics, art history minor knoxville, tn "Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." -Mark Twain

thomas andrews history • springfield, ar

"But that is the beginning of a new story - the story of the gradual renewal of a man, the story of his gradual regeneration, of his passing from one world into another, of his initiation into a new unknown life." - Dostoevsky

buzurg arjmandi computer science • maumelle, ar People don't think the universe be like it is... but it do

anthony arndt german, history minor houston, tx

"You should never feel afraid to become a piece of art. It’s exhilarating." - Nicki Minaj

kelsey atwood anthropology • bentonville, ar

"I’m Gone with the Wind fabulous" - Kenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta

zoë rose barton spanish and studio art fayetteville, ar

"I need the sea because it teaches me." -Pablo Neruda

jonathan bauer•erickson biochemistry • whitehall, ar

The only thing Hendrix doesn't do well is deal with rain!

matthew bell biochemistry/molecular biology philosophy minor • rogers, ar

Whoo-oop! I'm the old original iron-jawed, brassmounted, copper-bellied corpse-maker from the wilds of Arkansaw!' -Mark Twain

tony blagg

eric bracy

kinesiology • bentonville, ar

cheyenne brewer classics • holland, ar

"In vino veritas." -Erasmus

"It wasn't quite the romance she would later make it out to be." - Junot Diaz

There's nothing we can't do if we work hard, never sleep, and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives. -Leslie Knope

When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random.

health science • wichita, ks

grace nolan bronson politics, sociology minor indianapolis, in

"I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world. I run my world"Yoncé

megan barker

anne valentine boyer

chloe lorraine brown

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, That is all. - Oscar Wilde

"When bad things happen, I know you want to believe they are a joke, but sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light."-BMO

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

theatre arts and psychology north little rock, ar



international relations • san diego, ca

"The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong."

brittany cantrell

film studies • little rock, ar

"Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted. That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history." -Aldous Huxley

Do what you like. Like what you do.

susie burton

enviromental studies, spanish overland, mo

reed brewer

kati broberg

biology • amarillo, tx

art • maumelle, ar

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney

history, religious studies minor little rock, ar

noah beggs

emily brown

evolutionary health policy, health science lee's summit, mo

english - creative writing • malvern, ar

james carey

international relations, computer science minor san francisco, ca

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller

casey scott caton english • rogers, ar

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

violet coker french, business minor

coppell, tx

"Hurry up with my damn croissants" -Kanye West (Yeezus)



kay collins

zachary cumbie

charli davis

tyler papizan dolan

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their life with forethought of grief.

Everything is a little bit magical. You just have to remember not to forget.

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable." - Walt Disney

health science • conway, ar

mary conner

political science, religious studies minor huntington, ar

alex cummings

sociology/anthropology • sherwood, ar

economics and business • jonesboro, ar

"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad." -Miles Kington

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability." - John Wooden

devin cornwell biochemistry/molecular biology morrilton, ar


bianca arden craig

nick daily

english - film, business minor fort smith, ar Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening. - Robocop

long dang

biology, neuroscience minor little rock, ar

psychology • white hall, ar

"Festina Lente - hurry slowly"

Every mistake has a lesson.

biology and environmental science mccrory, ar

amanda dawson psychology • austin, tx

marcel douglas

“Curiosity is the strongest motivation of nearly everything I do.” --James Tenney

"Real living is living for others." - Bruce Lee

"Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of all our joys and sufferings, thousands of confident religions, ideologies and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilizations, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every hopeful child, every mother and father, every inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every superstar, every supreme leader, every saint and sinner in the history of our species, lived there on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.” ~Carl Sagan

tia crook

ben dardas philosophy and spanish harrison, ar


sydnee davis

english - literary studies, art history minor st. peters, mo

theater arts, psychology minor houston, tx

"One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things" - Henry Miller




psychology • st. louis, mo

tanisha de la cerda

lindsay drillette

“I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird.” - Paul McCartney

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." - Mark Twain

health sciences • muldrow

barrett stough deming computer science • little rock, ar

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence." -President Calvin Coolidge

nathan crockett environmental science • knoxville, tn

english - creative writing • conway, ar

business/economics and spanish fort worth, tx

kaia duke

english - literary studies, music minor pine bluff, ar "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never going to keep me down." --Chumbawamba, Tubthumping

caroline lee dunn patrick diamonon allied health • houston, tx

"College is the most fun I never want to do again."

kyle dineen

biochemistry/molecular biology poteau, ok

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.There is another theory which states that this has already happened. --Douglas Adams

graham empey

biology, education minor little rock, ar

mathematics, computer science minor salt lake city, ut

"The universe is a dark place. I'm trying to make it brighter before I die." -Thane Krios

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." -Mark Twain



joe esrock

business & economics, global business minor st. louis, mo We like sports and we don't care who knows -The Lonely Island

cecilia eubank music, desoto, tx

Stick it to the man. - Mr.Shneebly

luke evans

mathematics • conway, ar "If at first you do succeed--try to hide your astonishment" -- Harry Banks

morgan brooke fires accounting • bremerton, wa

"Greatness isn't given - it's taken."

charley ford politics • calgary, canada

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” –Winston Churchill

hanna maria french sociology, psychology minor memphis, tn

"Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." - Bob Barker



ashley gallagher art • gretna, la

“If you are a student you should always get a good nights sleep unless you have come to the good part of your book, and then you should stay up all night and let your schoolwork fall by the wayside, a phrase which means 'flunk'.” -Lemony Snicket

laura elisabeth gressler biochemistry/molecular biology heidelberg, germany

If you're not part of the solution, your part of the precipitate. - Henry J. Tillman

vlad gamalie

mitchel griffin

When life gives you lemons, add vodka.

"I don't even know how much I really made, I forgot. It's a lot!" -- Drake

biochemistry/molecular biology • sherwood, ar

sociology • horn lake, ms

branden harbaugh business and economics • littleton, co

We need the iron qualities that go with true manhood. We need the positive virtues of resolution, of courage, of indomitable will, of power to do without shrinking the rough work that must always be done. -Theodore Roosevelt

leah harkey french, business minor jackson, ms

When you come to a fork in the road, take it. -Yogi Berra

gregory gandy

konstantin gruenwald

bailey ann harper

"A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside stays the same" Brock

"It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." William Ernest Henley

"We act as though comfort and luxery were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about." -Charles Kingsley

biology • little rock, ar

jacob daniel garrigus

physics, chemistry minor

josh hall

ecology art • tallahassee, fl

david harris

history, anthropology minor russellville, ar

politics, public health minor sheridan, ar

history, international relations minor natchitoches, la

"Todo es hermoso y constante, todo es música y razón... Y todo, como el diamante, antes que luz es carbón." -José Martí, Versos Sencillos

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us" - Henry David Thoreau

"We act as though comfort and luxery were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about." -Charles Kingsley

jessica gavin

history and spanish • memphis, tn "Don't compromise yourself. You are all that you've got." -Janis Joplin

daniel timothy grear english - creative writing • fayetteville, ar

"One great rock show can change the world!" -Freddy "Spazzy McGee" Jones, School of Rock

linda hancock

chemistry, biology minor • valdosta, ga You'll never fly if you're too scared of the height.

kate kristine hanson health sciences • jenks, ok

"Do not conform to the powers of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is- his good, pleasing, and perfect will." Romans 12:2

lettie hattabaugh biochemistry/molecular biology fort smith, ar

"Life loves the liver of it" -Maya Angelou

stephanie vianey hernandez biochemistry/molecular biology • houston, tx

"This life, all that we are. Everyday, we are closer to our doom. And somewhere between life and death. We must find the space, of all that makes us special." -R.M. Drake



hayley elizabeth hervey religious studies, biology minor harrisburg, ar

"You're not my supervisor!" -Cheryl from Archer

kacey hight

chemistry, spanish minor conway, ar

"A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love." - Mother Teresa

jessica himes

politics and psychology • lenexa, ks "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." Abraham Lincoln

sinclair hodge physics • singapore

Greatness is a journey that begins with the impossible and turns into the unforgettable. That greatness is never given, it is earned. Work harder, dream bigger and become a legend because legends live forever.

stephanie marie hosman psychology, politics minor • tulsa, ok

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

eric jambo

physics • gakenke, north province, rwanda

Time is free, but it’s Priceless. You can’t keep it, but you can use it. You can’t own it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back. - Author: Unknown



erika yissel jasso biochemistry/molecular biology oceanside, ca

"It's not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

elizabeth kasper biology • st. louis, mo

"I like dogs." -Margaret Wise Brown

hannah katz psychology, politics minor tulsa, ok

"I can retire if I want. That's why I've worked so hard." -Beyoncé

jesse constantine kelaidis

history • denver, co

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little to no influence on society." -Mark Twain

martha kellems biochemistry, spanish minor houston, tx

"P.S. It's Heath Ledger." -Martha Kellems

gina kelling

religious studies, film studies minor

kansas city

"I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me." - Tupac

sami kennedy

biochemistry/molecular biology medical humanities minor • berkeley heights, nj “If any of this is going to make sense, you need to have at least passing familiarity with a particular feeling. I don’t know the word for the feeling if there is one, but it’s that feeling you get—or I hope you get it, anyway—when you realize the smallness of you, and the largeness of Everything Else.” - John Green, “The Sequel”

zofia renata knorek biology • battle creek, mi

"Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself"

charlotte kraaijenbrink business and economics, international business minor • amsterdam Forever Foreign

mack krone

chemistry, philosophy minor granbury, tx

"And what is the greatest number? Number one." - David Hume

andrew lemay

english - film studies, religious studies minor little rock, ar “I mean, maybe I am crazy. I mean, maybe. But if this is all there is, then I don't want to be sane."-Neil Gaiman

bailey leonard classics • austin, tx

Inch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.

natalie ann levine psychology, music minor richardson, tx

sarah lind

accounting, mathematics minor rogers, ar "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." - Albus Dumbledore

brenna mccleese lodge international relations, religious studies franklin, tn

You have cat to be kitten me right meow.

avery taggart loss english literature and education 7 - 12, religious studies minor • new orleans, la

"Wubba lubba dub dub"

nora lovaas accounting • shoreview, mn

"Life's a party, rock your body"

keen maher biology, spanish minor jackson, ms

"An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way." -Charles Bukowski



shelby massey economics, biology minor tulsa, ok

"A ship is safe at harbor, but that's not why ships are built." -Revenge

naomi mayor psychology, dance minor birmingham, al

"Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins" -Paris Hilton

julie mccarthy

economics and business • hastings, ne “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

cathryn mcclellan psychology and philosophy dallas, tx

"Life is not a spectator sport. If watching is all you are gonna do, then you're going to watch your life go right by you. - Hunchback of Norte Dame

kelsi mcclure

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." Katharine Hepburn

mary mcnally psychology • montville, nj

"You can give me any two objects (even flowers), and in twenty minutes, I'll make nunchucks out of 'em." -John Francis Muffuletto

humna meer chemistry, business minor marion, ar

"The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed." -Eminem

rebecca meredith chemistry • little rock, ar

"Everything stinks till its finished" -Dr. Seuss

hazel ashley merihew psychology, german minor macon, ga

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why" -Mark Twain

"Look... if you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?" - Eminem

biochemistry/molecular biology cabot, ar

"You are the universe experiencing itself. "


biology • hillsboro, in

biochemistry/molecular biology huntsville, ar

meghan mcfadden


julie mcgrady

lindsay mindlin classics • tallahassee, fl

"The purpose of life is the investigation of the Sun, the Moon, and the heavens." - Anaxagoras

caleb moen anthropology • coppell, tx

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

ellen moncrief psychology • fort smith, ar

"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is."

hope montgomery religious studies, english minor union city, tn

"Adolescence is a marketing tool." - Elaine Miller, Almost Famous

alyssa marie mooningham biology • north little rock, ar

"Though she be but little, she is fierce."

becca morgan allied health, history minor conway, ar

"Take time to do what makes your soul happy."

shereen moufarrej accounting, international business minor shreveport, la

"Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." -Winnie the Pooh

serena kaye murphy psychology • paragould, ar

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book." ~Dr, Seuss

robert murphy

english: creative minor • little rock, ar

Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something -Jake the Dog, from Adventure Time

andrei ndindabahizi computer science, business minor kigali, rwanda College (noun): A 4-year rehab for procrastination.

austin nelson

politics, philosophy and religious studies minor little rock, ar "Be a person and respect others as persons." - G.W.F. Hegel

lauren nelson anthropology and psychology austin, tx

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education - mark twain

caroline nester psychology and spanish hot springs, ar

“Freedom lies in being bold.” ― Robert Frost



brady newville

business & economics • edmond, ok The best competition I have is against myself to become better. - John Wooden

giang jill nguyen

international relations, gender studies minor hanoi, vietnam

“I don't think any day is worth living without thinking about what you're going to eat next at all times.” ― Nora Ephron

rebecca perez

john pounds

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

"You win a few. You lose a few. Some get rained out. But you got to dress for all of them." Satchel Page

computer science, psychology minor sheridan, ar

victoria petty

english: creative writing, politics minor galveston, tx

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're Doing Something.” –Neil Gaiman

loi thi my phan michael occidental biochemistry/molecular biology sherwood, ar GG WP

trey oldham

chemical physics • eureka springs, ar You know where a guy could squanch around here?

math, computer science minor vietnam

"You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can't get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you're doing, but what you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover will be yourself. " - Alan Alda

anna pittman


international relations • okinawa “Its not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong.” - Jon Krakauer

jonas reagan

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." - Margaret Atwood

madison margaret pitts

"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet" - Abraham Lincoln

emma orlicek paul


tammi ragan

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver

If I knew then what I know now I would tell myself again somehow that life works out the way it should, Life works out the way it should. If could go back in time awhile, I would tell myself to rest awhile. Don't worry about all the 'have been, what could.' Life works out the way it should."// Knew Then Knew Now, Anchor and Braille

I have to have all space and all time participate in my emotion, in my mortal love, so that the edge of its mortality is taken off, thus helping me to fight the utter degradation, ridicule, and horror of having developed an infinity of sensation and thought within a finite existence. ― Vladimir Nabokov

"If you’re lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” ― John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany

environmental economics, biology minor fayetteville, ar

lindsey orgren

english, spanish minor malvern, ar

laura price

biochemistry/molecular biology ponte vedra beach, fl

physics, french minor jonesboro, ar

environmental studies, politics minor mayflower, ar

biochemistry/molecular biology edmond, ok

biology • hamburg, ar

hannah popkin public relations • denver, co

“Dream as if you’ll live forever; l ive as if you’ll nap today.”

rebecca regoli

english: literary studies, french minor turin, italy But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.

anna reine

english: literary studies and physics new orleans, la

The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof. ~ Barbara Kingsolver

victoria resendez spanish, biology minor san antonio, tx

“But this road doesn't go anywhere,” I told him. “That doesn't matter.” “What does?” I asked, after a little while. “Just that we're on it, dude,” he said.” ― Bret Easton Ellis, Less Than Zero

lauren rich

psychology • conway, ar

"Far from what i once was, but not yet what I'm going to be" - unknown

brandi ring

business and economics, spanish minor monument, co "And I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd"~The Postal Service

elisa rivera

enviromental studies and spanish sociocultural emphasis • dallas, txx

To consume is to live. --Michael Bell

emma rivera psychology • dallas, tx

Every day is a beautiful day.

lee rogers

studio art, art history minor

decatur, ga

“Do your thing and don't care if they like it.” - Tina Fey



blaine sadler accounting • benton, ar

Do, or do not. There is no 'try'.

jack sammons

english: creative writing • memphis, tn

"Everything is better with bacon"

Get your own way; let others talk!

lauren shklanko health sciences, psychology minor huntington beach, ca

"I shall pass through this life but once. Any good therefore that I can do, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it. For I shall never pass this way again." Etienne de Grellet

joseph siebenmorgen

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

Ave Maria!

tim san pablo

business and economics • overland park, ks I saw a guy jack off in the library bathroom one time.

blair schneider

english: literary studies and spanish orlando, fl Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway.

graham senor philosophy, politics minor fayetteville, ar

Champions are like biscuits. When it heats up, they rise. Be a biscuit. - Coach Neal


accounting • china

sara ella samuelson psychology • st. peters, mo


yunfei shan

english • conway, ar

william siebenmorgen classics • conway, ar "Fiat Voluntas Dei"

matthew simmons economics and business • bedford, tx

“If Jesus rose from the dead, then you have to accept all that he said; if he didn't rise from the dead, then why worry about any of what he said? The issue on which everything hangs is not whether or not you like his teaching but whether or not he rose from the dead.” - Timothy Keller

sowmya sivakumar biochemistry/molecular biology

rogers, ar

“Every time you are able to find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.” – Unknown

savannah skaggs public health, spanish minor greenwood, ar

"I think one of the most important things we can do in this life is to wake up every day and say, "God, what can I do for someone else today?" -My inspiring, beautiful, superwoman of a mother

natalie e. skinner

interdisciplinary studies: environmental science

"Cats are misunderstood because they refuse to explain themselves." -Paul Morand

mckinley sparling economics and business and politics hot springs, ar

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it.

thomas ples spradley biochemistry/molecular biology and spanish little rock, ar

"Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them." -Francecso Guicciardini

aaron steinberg biology, anthropology minor jackson, tn

"I don't want to survive! I want to live!" - Captain B. McCrea

joelle alana tackett spanish, english minor lonoke, ar

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney

hayley thomson english: film studies, education minor austin, tx

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift “Why leave when you can stay, why stay if you have to go?”

bryan urban

computer science, theatre arts minor conway, ar "Procrastination is different from planned procrastination."

kleon van

business and economics • chicago, il

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

victor ventrano biochemistry/molecular biology north little rock, ar

I don't know I'm not a doctor...yet

jessalyn elise tackett

annie ogden vogt

biochemistry/molecular biology lonoke, ar

religious studies, biology minor falmouth, me

"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed." ~Albert Einstein

“If people reach perfection they vanish, you know.” - T.H. White, from The Once and Future King



lauren wallis

business & economics • richardson, tx "Cold as the winter wind when it breeze, yo."

emily ward

psychology • north little rock, ar

"Can't stop- won't stop." -Miley Cyrus

laurie waters allied health • rome, ga

Laurie by day, Miley by night!

landri wenzel

health sciences • north richland hills "So live each day to the fullest, the best you know how. Take the gift, steal the gift, grab it and run. Don't wait for it to come to you."

kate westerfield

jacqueline wood psychology, spanish minor el dorado, ar

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” – Rafiki, The Lion King

carrie yang

psychology • little rock, ar

biochemistry/molecular biology economics minor • hot springs, ar

"Don't adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on on the story.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

"Do what you feel in your to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll do be damned if you do and damned if you don't." - Eleanor Roosevelt

kyle wicks

kaitlyn emilie zamzow

"There is magic in long distance friendships. They let you relate to other people in a way that goes beyond physically being together and is often more profound."- Diana Cortes

"The real you is never not good enough or ugly in any way...the real you is always beautiful in its own unique way! BE YOU! -P!NK

international relations • binghamton, ny

biology • franklin, tx

marcus zhu

psyschology and english: film studies harbin In Capitalist America Banks Rob You!

cory ziegler

chemistry, philosophy minor granbury, tx

"Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination" - Immanuel Kant

hannah hill psychology and spanish norman, ok

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

brittany webb

michelle wiggins

trey signorelli

environmental studies • keller, tx

thomas koen

"Character- the willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life- is the source from which self-respect springs." -Joan Didion

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect)" - Mark Twain

“Even if a unity of faith is not possible, a unity of love is.” -Hans Urs von Balthasar

politics, history minor jonesboro, ar

john weirich

alexander philip willman

business and economics english: literary studies minor • memphis, tn

physics, spanish minor st. louis, mo

"We done good in there half-pint." - Dwight Schrute

"Talent is a gift that brings with it an obligation to serve the world, and not ourselves, for it is not of our making." - José Martí

jasmine rose welch-beardsley psychology • fayetteville, ar

"Don't dream it, be it." - Dr. Frank-N-Furter



english: literary studies and french oklahoma city, ok

austin wofford biology • alma, ar

"I'll be your huckleberry."






The Class of 2015 stands as Convocation begins.


An admission counselor officially welcomes Zoe Barton to Hendrix with a cookie.


Drew Allen and his family pose by the fountain during Family Weekend 2011.

r e b m e my name is... The Class of 2015 meeting making some of their first friends at Play Fair.

or trip bonding


William Siebenmorgen makes his rounds in the SLTC on move-in day.

The Spring River: Oaks trip pauses from canoeing to document the moment. ph

os ot s te ur co y


Emma Paul signs into Raney Hall where her Hendrix adventure first began.




m ar ke tin g

co mm u

nic atio ns

n e h w


Naomi Mayor enjoys her family by playing ping pong during Family Weekend 2011.



class of







Summa Cum Laude​ Lora Adams • Matthew Bell • Susan Burton • Mary Conner • Weizhi Dong • Konstantin Gruenwald • Kacey Hight • Cathryn Johns • Austin Nelson • Caroline Nester • Quan Nguyen • Emma Paul • Laura Price • Anna Reine • Elisa Rivera • Ples Spradley • Aline Umuhire-Juru • Xuanhua Wang

Magna Cum Laude ​

Anne Boyer • Daniel Cargill • Casey Caton • Andrew Evans • Daniel Grear • Lettie Hattabaugh • Dalton Hoose • Coral Jinright • Anna Jolliff • Michaela Larabee • Andrew Lemay • Hope Montgomery • Samia Nawaz • Lindsey Orgren • Rebecca Perez • Emma Rivera • Blair Schneider • Cannon Schrank • Lauren Shklanko • Savannah Skaggs • Kathryn Skorija • Cassandra Taucher • Anne Vogt • Peiyu Wang • Stephen Wilshusen • Carrie Yang

Cum Laude ​

commencement May 16, 2015



Megan Barker • Zoe Barton • Jonathan Bauer-Erickson • Judith Brown • Abigail Christophel • Beatrice Collins • Gary DeClerk • Graham Empey • Joseph Esrock • Morgan Fires • Sydney Haldeman • Martha Kellems • Samantha Kennedy • Charlotte Kraaijenbrink • Mackenzie Krone • Sarah Lind • Brenna Lodge • Kelsi McClure • Meghan McFadden • Mary McNally • Meet Modi • Hannah Popkin • Brandi Ring • William Siebenmorgan • Natalie Skinner • Allen Smith • McKinley Sparling • Jordan Spennato • Kenna Tuggle closing





editor's notes

What a whirlwind of a year. WIth all of the late nights, Slim's and Sonic runs, and crazy laughter, we finally made it. Thanks for supporting the Troubadour throughout the year and helping us make the book the best it can be. It's truly been a fun adventure. I want to thank Associate Editor Devon Davis and the stellar Troubadour staff for all of the hard work and time invested in this book. Y'all are what put this whole book together and I could not have done this without your creativity and willingness to execute such a large project. Thanks to Mitchel Griffin and Neelam Vyas for answering a seemingly endless amount of questions. The two of y'all provided much needed support! I'd also like to thank Dean Wiltgen, Pamela Hopkins, and our advisor Dr. Hines. I can't express how much I appreciate everything y'all did for the Troubadour. To the student body, this book is a tribute to you and your time here at Hendrix. Thanks for being you and making our jobs fun! ENJOY!



KATIE WENDOVER Social Section Co-Editor

Academics & Organizations Section Editor




Social Section Co-Editor

Athletics Section Editor

Athletics Section Assistant Editor & Assistant Photographer


Assistant Photographer



I had no idea how challenging it would be to help create this collection of memories that we all hold dear, but working on the yearbook staff was a joy and I’m thankful that I received the opportunity to do so. First, I’d like to thank the amazing yearbook staff and photographers for truly giving their all this year to make the yearbook what it is. You guys committed your time and effort to this project, and you made it something to be proud of. Thanks for being awesome and helping us through this process. Second, I’d like to give extremely special thanks to the Editor-inChief Ruthie Daniel. She knows what yearbook takes better than any of us, and she is the most dedicated and hardworking person I have ever met. Without her, I wholeheartedly believe this yearbook would not have been possible, and I do not say that lightly. Third, I want to thank you! Everyone in the Hendrix community has made this possible because they go out and create the memories for us to document. Each of you have your own collection of special Hendrix memories, and I want to thank you all for contributing your individuality and cherished moments to these pages. The yearbook wouldn’t be right for Hendrix if it didn’t highlight how unique the members of its community are. Last but not least, I’d like to thank the advisor of the yearbook and the balfour publishing company for making the yearbook possible.





Head Photographer


Head Photographer

staff 2014-2015



as one troubadour 2015


The theme of the 2015 Troubadour was created to highlight the strong community at Hendrix. As one community we come together whether that is at sporting events, in the classroom, or to welcome President Tsutsui and Provost Bonebright. Whatever it is, Hendrix has a unique way forming community. The staff executed this theme through design and content. Balfour Publishing Co. in Dallas, Texas printed Volume 109 of the Troubadour. The Customer Service Representative was Pamela Hopkins. The cover is a four-color process lithocote with a UV clear varnish. The theme and cover design were conceptualized by Ruthie Daniel and were finalized through a collaboration of all staff members. The section colors were custom-selected by Ruthie Daniel. The all-color pages are printed on 100 lb. enamel paper. The body copy and captions are Helvetica Regular. All infographics, caption rockets, and headlines are formatted using versions of spinwerad and Sail. All layouts were designed through a collaboration between Editor-in-Chief Ruthie Daniel, Associate Editor Devon Davis and section editors. Student staff photographers attended various campus events throughout the year to capture the candids included in this publication. The Hendrix College of Marketing Communications, the Athletics Department, and other students also contributed photos used in the book. Pages were prepared using Adobe InDesign CS5 on Apple iMac computers. Adobe Photoshop CS5 was used for photo editing. The Troubadour is funded entirely through the Student Senate, and books are distributed free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Troubadour staff would like to extend a special thank you our long-standing and always encouraging advisor, Dr. Alice Hines. Without her support, energy, and care, The Troubadour would not be where it is today. Additionally, The Troubadour would like to thank the Office of Marketing Communications, the Business Office, the Student Activities Office, Student Senate, Cody Usher, Mrs. Jill Hankins, Ms. Wendy Faught, and the entire student body.

dedicated in loving memory to

dr. carole herrick June 16, 1949 - Aug. 7, 2014



• hendrix college

as one the troubadour 2015



As One 2015 Troubadour