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Portfolio Ruta Austrina B.A. Architectural Studies Stage 2 Session 2011/2012

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Apr i l2012 Sept ember2010 Oct ober2011

Educat i on 2010 – cur r ent moment

1998 – 2010


2009 – cur r ent moment

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June – August 2010

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Section Alley Chares are narrow medieval passage ways in Newcastle leading up from the Quayside towards the current town centre, many of which still contain fragments of historic buildings and the historic fabric of the routes. This group project involves choosing one of the chares to create a shelter staging a music festival performance that takes place on Newcastle Quayside, emphasis being on busking and street performance. The 1,5 meter wide and 16 meter high Plummer Chair captivated the group with its’ distinctive atmosphere created by textures and relief depths of the back facades, play of light through an existing fire escape stair and the extraordinary combination of height and narrowness that focuses the senses and lets one forget of the business of the street. A wish to share with our discovery resulted in a design that accentuates the distinctive qualities of the place and lets the visitor experience Newcastle from an unforeseen perspective.

Civic Centred Tynemouth Library Tynemouth and nearby seaside towns have a rich local history interlinked with the work and life next to the see, consequently the region can take pride in a strong Marine Art tradition especially marine painting. The project task asking to design a public library for the 17000 people Tynemouth community has been used as a tool to celebrate the distinctive qualities of the locality, unite people on this basis and share the treasures with visitors. An old boathouse on the Priors’ Haven bay serves as an ideal host where various activities reinforce each other. The building facilitates a general library, a Marine Arts specialist library with a small Precious exhibition room for valuable pieces significant for the region, a two storey cafe and a viewing platform. However, the hart of it is the old boat house used for community events, lectures, drawing classes and exhibitions of local artists.

Tynemouth library Anchor for locally rooted unity

The heart of the town is the Front street mainly with shops and cafes and there is an apparent need for non-commercial public space to stop and stay.

“Man is man’s greatest joy!” /Hávamál/

Clocktower Castle and Priory

Centre for rowing and sailing Library


Collingwood monument

“Life in city is a self reinforcing process. ....Concentrating activities in order to kick start good processes.”

/From “Cities for people” by Jan Gehl/

Advantages for the choice of site at the higher part of the bay: • Use of old boat house - celebrating the local history and regenerating the forgotten part of the bay • Visibility from the clock tower in the town centre • Set back for views to the castle • High enough to raise above the pier and see the whole horizon • Beneficial presence of sports people in the bay and pedestrians going to the pier

Cafe Foyer / circulation void Marine Art

Specialist Area


General Library area

Longitudal section

Initial idea of old boat house as an anchor connecting different radially arranged functions symbolizing the wide range of social groups that the building will serve.

Exploring volumetric opportunities...

...and simplifying the form Main axis of circulation and entrances. Access from three sides provides invitation for various people and opportunity for accidental encounters throughout the building. beneficial

1. Cafe / Viewing platform 2. Viewing terrace

1. Circulation void 2. Community space 3. Terrce to the beach 4. Precious exhibition room 5. Marine Arts library area 6. Meeting room 7. Work room / Check out desk 8. General library area 9. Reading room 10. Children’s room

A ramped promenade hosts people with visual impairment by providing seating and boards with Brail text describing the fascinating views, information about local context and building facilities 1. Public square next to main entrance 2. Foyer /Reception 3. Circulation void 4. Cafe 5. Cafe / Terrace 6.Ramped promenade with seating leading to the car park 7. Access from town centre


6 5 5

4 1



2 1

3 2








First floor level

Main entrance level

Level -1

Paintings of old Masters of marine art of the region can be exhibited in the Precious exhibition area as an enclosed room satisfies the requirements for humidity and lighting control. Glazed wall to the community room provides a tempting invitation to the Marine Arts volume.

View to the main entrance

Entrance to the cafe on the South side

View from the cafe / viewing platform

The lower volumes of the building that host two library areas are clad in fibre cement panels that are very durable and of a high environmental rating . The choice was also made as they are available in unlimited size pieces and pleasantly change colour when wet, that makes the building “live“ with the seaside climate

Parts of the old boathouse that have been removed are reused to build an inhabitable stone wall that goes continuously from the children’s area inside up through the roof terrace where it is an important part of the public square as it acts as a transformable setting for social interaction.

Solution of the table transformable into a back support

A space for two people sitting opposite each other or for one if he/ she wishes to cover the sides with a movable frame and raise a rotating back support.

Back support used when sitting in the direction of the priory and castle can transform into a table hosting a group of people for a common meal

A twisting long seat host people sitting in the direction of the sea and can be rotated to join those at the table.

The inhabited wall of the public square begins inside where various nooks for reading and playing are created both for children and adults. Sou Fujimoto speaks about spaces that link togeather with wague partitions offering the best stage for balancing interaction and privacy

Wooden seats and shelves piercing through the wall are located in angles where a person is partially enclosed but still has a visual link to surroundings.

A twisting seat inside the wall offers a choice between being in the quiet reading room or more busy library browsing area.

A place for two or a comfortable enclosure for reading for one person

This part of the composition slides in and out the wall offering varying levels of enclosure

Mini - portfolio Ruta Austrina  
Mini - portfolio Ruta Austrina  

This is an eddited version of my second year design work for Architectural Studies in The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.