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Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn Tree. - Emily Bronte

AUTUMN 03 2024

Autumn dreaming.

As we transition from the vibrant celebration of Easter to the serene beauty of autumn, we can begin to reflect and appreciate nature's transformations.

We live in a beautiful leafy suburb, full of mature London plane trees Every year, without fail, they shed their copper-hued leaves with such exuberance and vigour, creating a breathtaking spectacle that I eagerly anticipate

This season, I’m looking forward to carving out some time for new self-care rituals, shopping for seasonal produce and slowing down enough to fully appreciate the pure elegance of nature in Autumn

As we begin to transform our homes with tactile softness and artful layers of style, we welcome new arrivals designed with function & style Multi-purposed pieces that will ensure our spaces exude warmth and character all year round In preparation for more cosy moments at home, we dial into all things Hygge! From candle light to layers of foliage, an emphasis on coziness and contentment

May you find joy in simple pleasures, appreciate the beauty and rhythms of nature and create spaces that nurture your spirit and soul Happy Autumn!

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Crystal Chomba


In conversation

Hygge, pronounced "hoog-uh”, is a beautiful concept deeply ingrained in Danish culture It's all about creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort while nurturing meaningful connections with loved ones At its core, hygge encourages us to find happiness in the simple things and to embrace a sense of contentment in our daily lives

Carlie Fraser of Hygge Design in Melbourne is undoubtedly a valuable resource for understanding and incorporating the essence of hygge into our lives and interiors Her design firm draws on functional designs that are authentic and meaningful Enriching our senses wellbeing and quality of life

Discover the fundamentals of Hygee and how you can incorporate more bliss into your life and home

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Question 1: How would you describe Hygge?

Hygge is the art of creating a nice atmosphere and being with the people you love Hygge is embracing the little moments, the simple, everyday routines we experience in our homes Ultimately, hygge is about how we turn our house into a home - into a place where we find comfort and connection


Qu 2 Where does the word Hygee hail from and what are some of the main ideas behind the philosophy? Hygge is a Danish word and forms the basis of Danish culture and their identity It is very hard to describe hygge, as it is a feeling and an emotion, but it is at the heart of how Danes live and their social values

The Danes believe that creating a nice atmosphere and being with the people we love, is paramount to our happiness and well-being Good company, casualness and being present in the moment, are some of the ingredients that create a 'hygge' moment


Qu 3 Can Hygge Living be incorporated into any design style? Or is it mainly Danish style of homes?

Hygge can absolutely be incorporated into any style of home and IS for everyone It is more about making your home the best possible environment for our health, happiness and wellbeing From modern to rustic homes; neutral to colourful homes, creating a home with more opportunities for hygge is possible

If you already have a comfortable, welcoming dining table, try incorporating some nice mood lighting, adding some candles and linen, then you have added some hygge elements that will encourage more conversation connection and happiness with the people you love



4 What are common misconceptions when it comes to Hygge Life?

A home with hygge doesn't have to be filled with expensive items - a few simple tea lights and some vintage pieces will tell more of a story than shiny new furniture and will create a relaxed welcoming space

5 How can we incorporate the essence of Hygge into our homes this Autumn & Winter?

In my home, I switch to richer tones of plum, ochre and olive green, swapping over cushions and throws

Simple, easy and effective

Hygge at home

Some key ways to add hygge to our interiors include:

Things made out of wood- there is just something about touching wood, whether it be for flooring, a dining table, stools, chairs or joinery, it adds instant warmth and cosiness to a space

Lighting - we love mood and accent lighting and will design our rooms to have several options for reading, dining and conversation- the less overhead lighting, the better for the hygge home

Candles - the simple act of lighting a tea light and watching the flicker of the flame - it’s very calming and welcoming in a room

Fireplaces - if we can, we love to incorporate a fireplace- it's somewhere to stop and slow down, to sit and rest whilst experiencing the ultimate feelings of cosiness and warmth with our loved ones


Nature and texture - we love to bring the outside in- from foliage in Autumn, to twigs and shells collected from the beach, they all connect us to memories of being outside and exploring

Vintage - incorporating meaningful pieces that tell a story are very hygge In one of our designs, we sourced a Danish street light for the client's dining table pendant (they lived in Copenhagen for several years) and we also sourced some original Falcon chairs, aged with a lovely, soft leather ready for enjoying by the fire

Buy once buy well- we believe that good design will last a lifetime - take your time to save up for one special piece that you will love and enjoy daily

Hygge at home


Tea or Coffee

Flowers or Foliage

Favourite Scent : A fire

Next Splurge Purchase: We’re about to renovate our home, so a new kitchen is on the cards, I am giddy with excitement! *follow Carlie’s journey via Instagram here

What are you loving in Interiors right now? I am really loving how colour is being embraced more in interiors and decorating- we look to nature a lot for inspiration, so layers of earthy greens, blues and ochres are featuring more and more in our kitchens and bathrooms and we couldn't be happier We often say to our client, if you love and connect to a particular colour, why not bring it into your home to make you even happier!

JOIN a Book Club. Get lost in the pages and enjoy discussing the characters and plot twists with likeminded friends 1. MAKE a citrus cake Citrus comes into abundance as the weather cools and best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea! 2 Deep CLEAN your drawers Drawers feel more manageable and are contained so starting your declutter journey one drawer at a time, will ensure you experience small wins right away! 3 VISIT a Museum The perfect rainy day activity The quiet will allow you to see things anew! 4 LEARN a new skill Candle-making seems like a great skill to develop durning this season What scented creations would you like to create? 5 PLANT a new vegetable in your garden Try growing something completely new Spaghetti squash perhaps? 6 Discover how to MAKE your own cheese Making something you enjoy eating from scratch is a great mood booster, with double the reward! 7 READ an Autobiography. Discover something new about someone you admire. 8. GO Thrifting. We sourced so many beautiful treasures for our latest photoshoot from thrift stores. See more in our latest reel here. 9. RUSTIC CHARM INTERIORS



The Art of Styling

The Art of Styling is a skill like any other and with practice, it’s a skill one can truly master

So, what exactly is styling? Styling is the intentional arrangement of objects to create a visual story It’s the thoughtful arrangement of furniture, decor, and accessories to evoke a particular mood or atmosphere

Styling is HOW you create beauty in your surroundings.

Styling can instantly transform your spaces by creating impact and elevating the everyday Whether you ' re styling a room for comfort and relaxation or for productivity and focus, mastering the art of styling can enhance your everyday experience


Create a beautifully styled sideboard that adds both visual interest and practical functionality to your home, such as our LYON Sideboard Have fun experimenting with different placements and arrangements, letting your creativity shine!

Styling isn't just about acquiring new items; it's about creatively arranging and showcasing the treasures you already own in a way that breathes new life into your home By moving pieces from one room to another or experimenting with different combinations and placements you can completely transform the look and feel of a space without spending a dime


Reimagine your favourite pieces by moving them into a different room Styling helps you to reconnect with what you already own


Our CLAREMONT BOOKCASE, from $5499 in Polar White


OBJECTS found on travel or through Etsy and thrift stores work together to create a warm and inviting shelf vignette



You can create a visual story or vignette on any surface in your home A console table, fireplace mantle, sideboard, kitchen island or even shelves within a cabinet or bookcase Here are some ideas to get you started;

Identify the MOOD you wish to create The mood sets the tone and atmosphere, conveying a specific message or emotion to anyone who enters the space Mood will inform your choices so it’s important to start here

SELECT objects that complement your overall vision and mood

Add ELEMENTS that showcase your sense of style and personality Consider objects that hold sentimental value or reflect your interests and hobbies This could include family photos, cherished mementos picked up on travels, or unique collectibles that tell an authentic and inviting story of who lives here

EDIT What you include or subtract speaks volumes, so be confident that every object is there for a reason

REVIEW Is your display connected to the rest of the room? Styling should not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space but also support its functionality

By mastering these key aspects of styling, you can transform your home into a beautiful and harmonious sanctuary that reflects your personality and enhances your overall well-being It's an ongoing process of experimentation and refinement but with practice you can develop your own signature style and create spaces that are both visually stunning and functional

the details

Top L-R: Textured Beads from Pottery Barn add an organic touch and look beautiful when layered on a stack of books, shelf or coffee table Artisan ceramic vase also from Pottery Barn, is a versatile piece to add shape, texture and height to a sideboard, dining table, kitchen bench or console table vignette.

Bottom L & R: Mix in a variety of shapes to add visual interest and create dynamic compositions By pairing different shapes together, you can achieve contrast and depth, making your arrangements more captivating and engaging


Styling involves arranging objects in a visually pleasing composition This includes considering factors such as balance, proportion, and focal points to create harmony within the space Focus on the composition of your displays, not simply adding more stuff LESS is more


Choose pieces that are engaging and delight the eye Selecting unique objects with substance and a point of difference is key to creating a visually captivating and memorable space

When in doubt, choose FOLIAGE, BOOKS & VOLUME

Create a sense of volume by layering a stack of books, groupings of ceramics or objects for visual impact.

Above: The angle of the palo santo is replicated in the shape of the tassel, which captures the eye. Juxtaposition solid lines with organic shapes make styling more interesting
Right: Grouping items of similar in materiality or colour work together to tell a story We love how our team styled this piece of art with the crystal obelisk shimmering in the foreground



Rhythms of Rituals .

Autumn is an invitation to turn inwards and focus on nurturing our well-being

Embracing new habits that enhance our daily lives, from self-care regimes to the simple act of savouring a hot beverage We welcome seasonal foliage as a connection to nature Adding ayers of light form candles to lamps that enhance mood and atmosphere, the patterns of rituals breathe new life into favoured traditions.

By embracing new habits and rituals during autumn we can cultivate a sense of warmth connection and intentionality in our daily lives These practices can help us navigate the colder months ahead with grace and contentment, allowing us to fully embrace the beauty and richness of the season

. .

Bring the beauty of autumn indoors by incorporating seasonal foliage into your home decor

Clippings of foliage can instantly transform your entryway or dining table while connecting to nature

Choose interesting textures such as branches, pampas grass or seeded pods with organic shapes for a deliberate nod to the change of seasons

We love to display foliage en mass for high impact Fill a ceramic or textured vessel for a paredback effortless look Favour earthenware over glass vases for added warmth, colour and personality

Slow down and enjoy intentional self-care Take a bath or create a new skin-care regime

Give yourself permission to put yourself first, so that you can continue to give to those around you

A soak in the bath offers restorative benefits; try adding dried rose petals or magnesium flakes to delight on your senses and offer recovery for tired muscles

A wood-scented candle adds a little luxury to your bathing ritual and creates instant mood and atmosphere

Create moments of calm in your day and take time to savour your favourite drink Plan the weekly menu or simply enjoy a few minutes of stillness Just the act of holding a cup can encourage a moment of stillness and sharpen your senses, by helping you be more aware of your environment – something we all desire

Taking short breaks can be of great benefit, particularly if you spend most of your day working from home or in front of a screen Schedule your breaks and make the most of a sunny spot in the garden or park

Declutter your living space and refresh your environment by removing items that no longer serve a purpose, making room only for essentials and treasured belongings This will bring a sense of peace to the areas you frequent daily

When decluttering your shelves, take the opportunity to restyle them with items you use regularly

Consider adding decor pieces in soft tones and wooden accents to infuse warmth and personality into your shelves Get creative with how you organize everyday items by grouping similar things together utilizing vertical space for storing items like chopping boards or cookbooks

Stock up on seasonal essentials Take pleasure in crafting your candle collection for the season ahead Become a purveyor of your favourite seasonal indulgences as you source cocoa, tea leaves, coffee beans and chocolate from speciality stores and amplify your #romantisingmylife


In the know

Discover the newest arrivals this season showcasing our classic and enduring style Our recent photo session was influenced by a moody aesthetic, combining textures and sculptural features in a soft colour scheme

In this collection, we are introducing adaptable pieces that emphasize both elegance and practicality A variety of our latest products are designed to serve multiple functions, transitioning from conventional bedroom storage to captivating entryway centerpieces We appreciate furniture that effortlessly transitions between spaces, providing infinite opportunities for imaginative styling



Keep your bedside table surface clutter free by opting for a piece with drawers or an open shelf for extra storage

Our DURHAM bedside table in white provides a stylish solution for organizing and showcasing your nighttime essentials

Select boxes or baskets that match your room ' s colour scheme to maintain a cohesive appearance These containers can hold books, magazines, lotions, or any other items you like to keep within reach at night

Enhance the visual appeal by adding a small lamp or a vase of fresh flowers to your bedside table By blending functionality with aesthetics, you can elevate your bedside area into a practical and visually pleasing part of your bedroom decor

Previous Page: Discover the captivating LYON sideboard, in a warm grey tone – a versatile piece for your home! Whether it's greeting guests in the entryway, making a statement in the living room, or enhancing your dining area, this masterpiece serves as your versatile ally Edit your styling choices with the changing seasons as you welcome this beautiful and practical addition to your home


On the previous page: Our popular FRENCH WINDOW Cabinet gets a glow up this season, featuring a beautiful warm Grey tone Our signature white interior, allows your beloved collections to shine while offering ample concealed storage space

On this page: Discover the adaptability of our 3-drawer DURHAM Chest of Drawers, effortlessly transitioning from the bedroom to the entryway Edit your styling choices to complement your intended vision and purpose


Our CLAREMONT Bookcase is a customer favourite, celebrated for its classic design featuring elegant and practical painted timber knobs This bookcase provides open shelving to showcase your favourite items and hidden drawers for storing essential belongings discreetly Also available in Brass hardware for a more modern elevated look


Black and white are classic colours for good reason – they effortlessly enhance any home and complement a range of interior design aesthetics Our team has been curating exquisite new products that infuse warmth and richness into our spaces as winter approaches Incorporating stained timber in deep, luxurious hues adds personality to the your home

Remember every room can benefit from a touch of black

Explore our collection by clicking on the images above


Immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere of ENGLISH MEADOWS Artwork, featuring rich colours and intricate details that offer a peaceful escape from the everyday rush.

ETIENNE Chest of Drawers in Weathered Oak exudes elegance with its graceful details and luxurious weathered oak finish, capturing the essence of timeless French design

Sink into cozy nooks with our LAURIE Arm Chair, crafted to elevate comfort and ambiance in your living or bedroom areas

Illuminate your space with the charming appeal of the DEVON Lamp, featuring a detailed wooden base and a linen drum shape shade for a touch of casual elegance

new this season

The RUTHERFORD Artwork evokes an emotional response, allowing for pause and reflection

Through the combination of high contrast and soft, blended textures, the landscape expertly captures serenity and calm

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