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HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FOR ADULTS 22+ AT NO COST TO YOU! •Credits awarded for previous High School credits earned • Work experience counts towards elective credits INDEPENDENT STUDY EARN YOUR Technical Programs available HIGH• Career SCHOOL DIPLOMA FOR FOR ADULTS ADULTS 22+ 22+ AT AT NO NO COST COST TO TO YOU! YOU! •Credits •Credits •Credits awarded awarded awarded for for for previous previous previous High High High School School School credits credits credits earned earned earned ••• Work Work Work experience experience experience counts counts counts towards towards towards elective elective elective credits credits credits ••• Career Career Career Technical Technical Technical Programs Programs Programs available available available


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Express Your Style. Personalize your dream ring.

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Since 1987, award-winning Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar has been dedicated to serving uncompromisingly fresh sushi in an extraordinary dining experience.

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Complimentary Exams & X-Rays* * for New Non-Insured Patients w/ this ad

Award Winning Dentists!

ist by the Voted Best Pediatric Dentist by the unity of Russian Speaking Community of California 2011-2018 2019


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ric ycle’ s

Voted #1 Dentist in Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards 2011, 2012, 2013

atric ser ved e 2005. sk illed atric eral see


Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care has proudly served California children since 2005. Our compassionate and skilled Board-Certified Pediatric Specialists and General Dentists can’t wait to see your child smile!

Actual Natomas Patient Children’s Choice Sacramento Area Locations

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1580 Howe Ave ay Ave, B 1565 Eureka Rd, Ste 5 871 Gray Ave, Ste B 4150 Truxel Rd, Ste B Ste 2295 Fieldstone Dr, Ste 110 Sacramento, CA 95825 Sacramento, y , CA 95991 Roseville, CA 95661 Yuba City, CA 95991 CA 95834 Lincoln, CA 95648 (916) 529-4974 763-3222 (916) 744-2999 (530) 763-3222 (916) 515-0005 (916) 587-4040





Sergey Ivannikov


Olga Garicichina

Office Manager



9780 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624

Angelika Gerassimenko


Olga Ivannikov Igor Alatortev Moses Strizhaus Elizabeth Almonte Roman Mak Vanessa Grey Olga Garicichina Alessandra Ensch

VP Marketing Nationwide

Sergey Kotserubov 916-289-0131

Northern California Marketing Director

Angelica Strijaous 916-470-2256

Advertising Manager

Lyudmila Borisova 916-494-8807

Southern California Advertising Manager

Lilia Spak-Schultz 760-710-9359

Production Manager

Vlad Kotserubov

Graphic Designers


Lana Raisen Olga Gladysheva Maksim Fedyakin Oleg Ivannikov Anton Melentiev Dilshot Ahmedov Vlad Kotserubov


Olha Melokhina Igor Ilyenko Andrey Stypin Tia Gemmell Albina Mingaleeva Vlad RudyShin Svetlana Andruh

Distribution Manager

Ivan Gerassimenko

Proofreader Attorney at Law

Debbie Cunningham David Henderson, Esq.

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ON THE COVER: Elena Yanchur Miss Russian San Francisco Member of #TeamLenas elenaluxuryrealtor Elena Yanchur


Cover Photo by: Albina Mingaleeva albina.mart Fashion Stylist: Altana Danzhalova Follow us on: russianamericanmedia russiantimemagazine RAM | Russian American Media Slavic Californians Group



Find out how to capture the charm of one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations!




Do you own a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer? Learn the 11 signs that show that you need to unplug.

FASHION TRENDS 2020 Check out the latest fashion styles and four trendy looks designed by Elena Shishkin!



With only $500 in her pocket, she moved to the US and became an entrepreneur and San Francisco’s very own beauty queen!

Learn from the best! Discover which habits the most successful and powerful people have in common!


VOL 47



For many people, life goes on after 50. For some, life just starts at 50. Discover a whole new perspective! INSIDER



Music producer, DJ, and saxophonist, Tim Enso, on moving to LA and his love for this music mecca.




A true story of the remarkable success of a charming and aspiring couple, Yana and Evgeny Siskov.

FEATURING A new decade dictates new rules! That is why our latest issue of Russian Time Magazine has become the quintessence of the most useful, interesting and relevant information. Find out how to be stylish all year round, why you just have to visit the most perfect city in Europe - Barcelona, what habits are sure to lead you to success and why you should no longer pay attention to your age. You will be inspired by the dizzying success of a Russian-speaking couple from Vegas and you’ll find out why each of us should have a digital detox. Read this and much more in our blossoming spring issue of the Russian Time Magazine.

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One of the first things that surprised me the most when I moved to the United States was the abundance of free stuff. I was convinced that the only free cheese was found in a mousetrap, so I began looking for the catch. But there was none. You could find anything from food and appliances to furniture literally at no cost! I decided to stock up on freebies in case America runs out of things. Just a few months after moving to Sacramento, I could hardly open my fridge without something falling out. It was full of free groceries provided by a refugee

assistance food program. One of the three rooms of my first apartment was also filled with all sorts of free things, from old TV’s and microwaves to random furniture that had been discarded in the streets during spring cleaning. It took me some time to realize that not all free stuff was worth taking. I decided to stop relying on free stuff. I enrolled in a private college, graduated with a tech degree, and got myself a huge student loan to

pay off. That degree has never been put to good use. Once I graduated, I opened my own business, paid off my student loan, and built a Russian-American media conglomerate. Years later, I was having lunch with one of my good clients, the president of Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools. He told me about the free programs their schools offer. That’s when I learned that I could’ve saved thousands of dollars by getting my degree absolutely free!

We're offered lots of opportunities each day. My wish for you is to know which opportunities to seize, and which ones to pass on. I hope this issue of Russian Time helps you with that. Check out our travel column and discover the top free things to do in Barcelona, one of the most fascinating cities in the world! See how a couple of Russian-Speaking immigrants took the opportunity to be their own bosses and built a million-dollar business in the heart of Las Vegas! Check out the Best Business profiles and discover lots of free business and educational resources. Enjoy these and more in this free copy of Russian Time Magazine!

Sergey Ivannikov Page sergey_ivannikov sergeyivannikov @RAMceo



The BEST by Russian-Speaking Community Business Award Ceremony is a one night journey into the fascinating world of Slavic California! The event is dedicated to acknowledgement of businesses & organizations voted Best for their exceptional services rendered to Russian-speaking Californians.

1 Mark S. Allen, Best Business Awards MC 2 16th Annual Best by Russian-Speaking Community Business Awards & Gala 3 Vocal performance by Juliana Belyaeva 4 Drum solo by Vladimir Butov, Strictly Business Band 5 Moe Sharif with Sharif Jewelers, Miss Russian California 2020 Exclusive Jewelry Sponsor 6 Educator of the Year Award presented to Larissa Gonchar, the Principal of Community Outreach Academy, by Hanna Bukhavets 7 Solera Insurance & Asset Managers, the winners of the Best Business of the Year Award, presented by Diana Stepanova 8 Guy and Sheryl de Boo receiving the Best Health Expert & Lifestyle Advisor Award 9 Business of the Year Award presented by Matthew Ceccato, District Director of the Office of Congressman Ami Bera, M.D. to Michael & Tatyana Kharitonov, Family X Academy 10 Special guest, Tim Enso, with a Saxophone Solo 11 Best Business Award hosts, Angie Gerassimenko and Moses Strizhaus 12 Veniamin Vaskovetskiy, Impresso Espresso, presented with the Best Business Award by the event organizer, Sergey Ivannikov, Russian American Media 13 Brett and Alexa Bayda with Drinjk Wines, VIP Reception Exclusive Wine Sponsors 14 Russian Modern Folk Act by VOS Dance Studio & Albedo Arts Academy







Miss Russian California 2020 beauty pageant provides prominent young women of Slavic descent with a platform to exemplify their community leadership, educational achievements, and professional accomplishments.

1 Miss Russian California Finalists with the Pageant MC, Mar S. Allen 2 Miss Russian California 2019, Ksenya Anikushina, passing down the title to Natalie Bula, Miss Russian California 2020 3 Best Business Awards Presentation by Angie Geras and Moses Strizhaous 4 Evening Gown Act by Miss Russian California Finalists, Lana Osuna, Sasha Lyalik, and Karolina Murzin 5 Miss Russian California 2020, Natalie Bula 6 Pageant finalist, Margarita Gvritishvili, during The Interview Act hosted by Mars S. Allan 7 Best Business Awards presenters, Ksenia Lavrushchak and Diana Stepanova, with Miss Russian California Choreographer, Karina Botezat 8 Evening Gown Act by Miss Russian California Finalists, Angie Vishnevskiy, Margarita Gvritishvili, and Yelena Polyashenko 9 Yelena Polyashenko, Natalie Bula, and Ksenya Anikushina, Miss Russian California 2020 1st Runner-up, Miss Russian California 2020, and Miss Russian California 2019 respectively 10 Pageant Opening Act Choreographed & Staged by Karina Botezat and Sharon Dean 11 Ksenya Anikushina with Miss Russian California 2020 Top Ten Finalists






ИМПЛАНТАЦИЯ ИМПЛАНТАЦИЯ ЗУБОВ ЗУБОВ ПО ПО ДОСТУПНОЙ ДОСТУПНОЙ ЦЕНЕ ЦЕНЕ БЕСПЛАТНАЯ БЕСПЛАТНАЯ КОНСУЛЬТАЦИЯ КОНСУЛЬТАЦИЯ ЗВОНИТЕ ЗВОНИТЕ СЕГОДНЯ СЕГОДНЯ 916-783-2110 916-783-2110 Galleria Galleria Oral Oral & & Maxillofacial Maxillofacial Surgery Surgery 911 Reserve Dr. Ste 150. Roseville, 911 Reserve Dr. Ste 150. Roseville, CA CA 95678 95678

Специализируется на Специализируется на хирургической стоматологии, хирургической стоматологии, имплантологии. Выполняет имплантологии. Выполняет костно-пластические костно-пластические операции: синуслифтинг, операции: синуслифтинг, пересадку костных блоков. пересадку костных блоков.

from Ukrainian Stylist Elena Shishkin

With fashion trends changing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. And, of course, you have to consider your personal taste before you fall down the rabbit hole of what’s “in.” Just because an ensemble makes it on the runway, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to wear it. Nevertheless, 2020 promises such a diverse lineup of looks that you’re bound to want to embrace at least one of the trends.

SHOWROOM by Elena Shishkin 916-305-5007 artelenashiskin Elena Shishkin Makeup and hair: Irina Negru irina_hairstyle_make_up Photo credit: Olha Melokhina olhaphotography RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE




Cowl neck sweatshirt $35 SHOWROOM by Elena Shishkin


Blaze r SHOW $120 ROOM by E

lena S hishkin


So ph Cl isti as ca si te c d

Sunglasses $585 CHANEL

Li CH p g AN los EL s $3

Perfect outfit for those who love conservative and classic look. All pieces’ complement each other creating the flawless ensemble of style with a focus on self-confidence and elegance. Warm beige top naturally balances casual denim bottom. You will be admired anywhere, whether you are at work or in the gallery. 16



Skirt $ SHOW 55 ROOM by Ele n

a Shis


Purse $3,450 DIOR


Kirke Extrait de Parfum $186 Tiziana Terenzi

Boots $1,027 Stuart Weitzman

Romantic and playful would be the most accurate description for this outfit. Whether you plan to go for a date, have brunch with girlfriends or go for a simple city walk, this combination will be a great choice.


Sneakers $159 ECCO

Ca s Fr ual isk y


Elena Shishki n Suit $110 SHOWROOM by

Coat $25 0 SHOWRO OM

by Elena Sh


17 S R e $2 Purs AEL KO H MIC


If skirt is not your preference, feel free to switch to your favourite jeans and sneakers. Don’t forget to add a few accessories to create a personal touch to the outfit. While being simple and elegant, we guarantee you will be catching interested glances.

85 e ns $ Kyli Jea dall & n e K

Shoes $65 42 GOLD






Chiffon dress with bright flower print is an absolute must have for this season. With just one small correction: try to avoid jackets and cardigans. hkin

10 Shis t $1 ena cke by El a j M ns Jea WROO SHO



n ia m vy he oo Bo Gr

Gla FEN sses DI $2

0 by E 15 ss $ OOM Dre OWR SH

Face powder $58 CHANEL

Purse $1 ,980 GUCCI






Eau de parfum $135 CHANEL

New trends forbid boredom, instead, they encourage progressivity with a touch of audacity. The cherry on top would be a stylish clutch and a drop of your favorite perfume. By the way, try applying perfume to damp hair, it will make the scent last longer. But beware, it might enchant someone close to you. 18



Boots $109 Jessica Simpson


This combination is so mesmerizing, isn’t it? Each dress represents the most trending shades of 2020. Feel the cool touch of the smoothly flowing material on your skin and get ready for a lot of attention. Leather accessories and high heels will add to the sensual image a pinch of danger. The look that is worth a Bond girl.

Silk Dresses $75 SHOWROOM by Elena Shishkin

Illuminating Powder $70 CHANEL

Boots $229 Vince Camuto

Feel free to try different styles or maybe even mix them up. After all, the main purpose of fashion is to guide people in their desires to express themselves in visually appealing and fresh ways. Listen to yourself and let style mirror your soul.

Ja AD cke AM t $6 O 50


Femme fatale Alluring

Clu CH tch $ AN 3,8 EL 00


Don’t hesitate to consult a professional, you would be surprised at how accurately they can feel your personality and choose the suitable wardrobe. Play with images and let the joy of fashion fill your daily life with colors! RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE




Photography | 916.288.5839 |

Business portrait / Commercial / Events/ Family / Fashion / Weddings

Over 4 billion people are using the internet at any moment. According to research from the Nielsen Company, the average U.S. adult spends approximately 11 hours each day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with media. If you can’t remember the last time you went without using a phone or other device, it’s time to do a digital detox.




by Vanessa Grey

In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the true importance of human connection. – Mama Tribe Marketplace


SO HOW DO I GO ABOUT THIS DETOX? There’s not one correct answer but it’s about intentionally unplugging as much as you can and focusing on what’s in front of you. However, there are some helpful steps to get you started. My need to detox occurred to me one day after I found myself checking a celebrity’s Instagram, then their Twitter account and then googling them. My searches were solely out of curiosity and it had nothing to do with me and had no bearing on my life. It wasn’t the first time I’ve done it, but it was the first time I thought, “How pathetic am I?” With that thought, I switched the script. I decided to value my time and my life over everything else. Why did I care what so-and-so was wearing today? It didn’t make me feel good. I was wasting a lot of time and wasn’t learning anything beneficial; so why? I’m not sure but I know that I am addicted. I am someone who can’t get out of bed without first checking my phone. I know that there is something wrong. Not only is mindless scrolling a waste of time but it can’t be good for my self-esteem or mental health. People on social media pick and choose what they share. This curated content gives the erroneous impression that all others are living ‘perfect’ lives based upon the beautiful pictures and stories they post.

You are reading this article because you want to change something in your lifespecifically, in your online life. Begin by following these outlined steps: Determine your goal. Is it to get rid of toxic people on the Internet? Is it to increase your productivity? Decide specifically what you’ll be detoxing from e.g. all tech, just TV, social media, or turning off your phone. Hint, you don’t need to be 100% tech-free to reap some benefits! Set a time period whether that’s half a day, a whole day, a weekend, a week or longer. Plan activities to do in your tech-free time.

MY DETOX CHALLENGE EXPERIENCES Day 1 I woke up and had the immediate urge to grab my phone as I got out of bed. I just wanted to check my social media accounts. I knew that I shouldn’t. I knew I should resist. So instead, I got up and stared at the wall. There was nothing else I could think to do. I tried to keep busy, so I meditated for 15 minutes. I also slept a lot during the day. My urge to check social media seemed to be more of a problem in the morning. Day 2 I realized something Day 2. I got the urge to check my social media accounts under two circumstances; either when I’m bored, or when I’m just getting out of bed in the morning. On this day, I started to get more conscious of my behavior. If I sometimes slack off a bit, I may unconsciously open a social media website, but I immediately close it when I become aware. I realized how powerful this habit is. I need to break it. So overall, this day was twice as hard as Day 1. Don’t let your brain control you. Strengthen your inner self and meditate.




You check your phone immediately upon waking up. Your phone often gives you anxiety. You compare yourself to others on social media. Social media doesn’t bring you joy. You answer work-related emails and messages during family time.

Day 3 If you were to ask me which day was the hardest of all, it would be the third day. I don’t know why but I felt a very strong urge to check my social media accounts all day. I got the feeling that I was missing out on a lot of events with my friends. I was scared that I didn’t know what was happening around me. Combine that with being bored and you get the strongest urge to jump on social media. My highlight from that day was startling. I was able to finish more tasks if I woke up at 11 a.m. and didn’t use social media than if I had gotten up at 4:30 a.m. and used social media throughout the day. Imagine if I combined the two? Day 4 This was a breakthrough day. All the cravings for browsing my social media accounts were gone. I was able to get out of bed without thinking much about my phone. I was surprised when I noticed that it was noon and I hadn’t even picked up my phone. I totally forgot that I had a phone. I just wandered around my home for awhile and read a book. This is completely different from yesterday. Is it that my willpower skyrocketed to the point that I do not care about my phone anymore? Or did I break my habit of having to be constantly checking my phone? I have no idea. What I do know is that I don’t have the urge to check my phone anymore. I even forgot to check my email all day. I read a book, watched Friends, and lived my life.

Your phone is next to you at the dinner table. You miss parts of movies/shows because you’re staring at your phone. Your personal email inbox stresses you out or annoys you. Notifications keep you from sleeping. You’ve missed deadlines due to distractions online. You compulsively check notifications or messages.

Days 5-7 I don’t need to enumerate the things on Days 5-7 since it was pretty much the same as the previous day. I didn’t have the urge to check my social media accounts anymore. I just got out of bed, did some meditation and then proceed on with my life. Since I had more time, I was able to do a lot of thinking which included ways to make my life more productive. For example, instead of getting right up in the morning, I often fell back to sleep. Maybe the problem is that I don’t get enough sun exposure to activate my circadian rhythm. I now feel like I am not in the shackles of social media anymore and that I am more in control of my life. To maintain this newfound freedom, I adhere to only checking my social media accounts after I am finished with work. That way, I will not have guilt using the platforms. My social media usage will be a reward for a full day of hard work. The result has been fantastic. I have felt fully present in each moment. Sure, at first it felt a little alien not to be waking up and scrolling through my social media feeds on my phone. And yes, it felt weird not to let Twitter know what I was up to. But these are nothing compared to the benefits that I have received.

HOW LONG SHOULD I DIGITAL DETOX? That’s up to you! Digital detoxing is a great way to get back to your roots and rediscover hobbies, develop habits, and do some self care. A weekend is a great time to digital detox. Or if you need your screens for work, maybe try detoxing in the evening when you are with your family. Find a time that works for you.

DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? It depends. If you think that social media is affecting your mental health or you are just using it every time you are bored, then something is wrong. Give the digital detox a try for a week. If one week could bring the rest of your life to the next level, wouldn’t that be worth trying? A. D. Posey said, “You have to validate yourself first, and then you will receive the much-deserved healing validation from the rest of the world.” To sum it up, I’m going to validate me, and I hope you do the same for yourself. So, I end my one-week social media detox challenge with this question: “Life is short. Do you value your time as much as it deserves?”




photo credit: Malwina Pazik malwinapazik



OF SAN FRANCISCO by Alessandra Ensch

People see what they want to see: an apartment in downtown San Francisco, a nice car, a successful business. It’s easy to look at the success of others and be a tinge jealous or feel like others have it easier than you or they are just plain luckier. Of course, some may think that a young, beautiful woman has a greater chance of achieving success. I mean, how can someone who looks like that not be successful? Nevertheless, with success comes great risk and sacrifice. Beauty may have its advantages, but it takes a fearless and incredibly passionate person to go after their dreams; grasp the reins of the horse of destiny and ride daringly through all of life’s challenges. Elena’s lust for life and her glowing aura of warmth is infectious to say the least. Her attitude towards life is something magnificent to behold and rare to see. A hippie at heart, Elena views the world through the eyes of a child; she sees remarkableness in all things and desires to explore everything that the world has to offer. This is partly what drove Elena to move from her hometown in Moscow all the way to San Francisco where, in 2018, she won the grand title of Miss Russian San Francisco. What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement was moving to the U.S. from Russia without knowing anyone and without having any real plans. I was completely on my own without any support from my family or friends. I came to America with just $500 in one pocket and a dream to make this country my new home in the other. I am very outgoing and making connections is easy for me, so I knew

You are currently running a successful real-estate business. How did the idea of creating a business unfold? After I moved here, I was thinking about what sort of job I would like. The goal was to find something that I would enjoy while making a sufficient amount of money. Some of my friends thought that I would flourish in the real estate business and urged me to get a real-estate license. So, I got my license and started working at a company in San Francisco. One day, at an open house for a client, I met my future business partner, Yelena Laudati! We are a great team and have successfully helped many clients buy and sell their homes. People started calling us “Team Lenas” because we both have the same name and are equally unstoppable. In 2017, we decided to create an official team with the name #TeamLenas. We are focused on expanding our business by further developing our own website and continuing to provide exemplary service. What advice would you give to someone about success? First, the definition of success is different for everyone and my definition isn’t the stereotypical, materialistic one. I believe that a successful person isn’t someone who makes a lot of money; it’s someone who has goals and is moving step-by-step in the right direction to achieve them. If you are progressing and getting closer to accomplishing these objectives, then you are already successful. I believe that two key factors to success are: listening to your spirit and having the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Even if you only take one small step in the right direction, after two years, you will have covered a lot of distance. It’s all about consistency and moving forward. Why did you decide to compete in Miss Russian San Francisco in 2018? I saw a post from Karina, the founder and producer of Miss Russian San Francisco. I had attended the competition several times previously to cheer on my friends. I always wanted to participate but was too busy with life and work. In 2018, I decided to put my foot down and say, “You know what? This year I am going to do this.” So, I enrolled in the competition that I’d be able to make this dream a reality. I went to college here, worked various jobs in different business sectors and learned a multitude of new skills. This experience allowed me to realize my true potential. I believe this is my greatest achievement thus far. Why did you decide to move to the U.S.? I decided to move to the U.S. because Moscow just wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to explore the world and experience true diversity which I felt Russia didn’t have. In Moscow, I got my bachelor’s degree in teaching from Moscow State Pedagogical University and was working as an English teacher for a large company. I just knew that I needed to move to a country where English is spoken natively and where there is a diverse population, so I chose America and eventually San Francisco. I used this experience as a sort of soul journey to learn more about myself. I wanted to push myself to the limits and get out of my comfort zone, because nobody grows there. You need courage and the desire to live in order to build yourself up from the ground, acquire new skills, and, most importantly, survive! 26





and had the mindset that I am in this competition to win it and I won’t accept any other outcome. Of course, winning the competition wasn’t easy. I was conscious about my body and was nervous about all the lights, people, and cameras that would be circling me on stage. However, as with everything in life, if you really want to achieve something, you must work for it. So, for two months, I went to the gym every day for at least an hour and a half. I created a vision board at home and cut out the Miss Russian San Francisco crown. Every day, I would look at my vision board and imagine myself winning the competition and wearing the glamorous trophy. I worked a lot on cultivating self-confidence. The goal of winning the competition was my greatest motivation. How would you describe your style? When I dress, I want to make a statement. I like to use clothes and outfits to express myself and communicate my mood to

others. I definitely love to stand out, so I would describe my style as classy with a twist. What is the most difficult thing you have done in your life? Do you have any regrets? No, I definitely do not have any regrets. I cannot think of anything especially difficult I have had to do in my life. I believe the definition of “difficult” is subjective. My journey to get where I am today was tricky, but I don’t see it as being particularly difficult. It’s all about your mindset and the way you look at things. If you view something as difficult, most likely, it’s going to be difficult. I’ve had a lot of events in my life that have challenged me, but I viewed them as something new for me to try out, experience and grow from. I love to live life. Life is a very beautiful thing; it is a wonderful journey and its beauty is in diversity. Perhaps, I would describe my experiences in life as different but not difficult.

Q&A What beauty tips do you swear by? What piece of advice would you give to your younger self? Is the glass half empty or half full? If you inherited $100,000, how would you spend it?

What is your favorite music genre?

Get as much exercise as possible and eat healthily. Live life to the fullest. But, be careful, we only have one life to live and it is precious. Half full. Half empty if it’s about wine. I would invest in stocks and take a nice trip with my family and extended family. I would also donate a portion to needy families in Russia. Furthermore, I would continue working as hard as I can to earn my first million dollars. Deep House, but I enjoy listening to many different music genres as well.

What are the top three qualities that you value the most in other people?

Focus, ambition and kindness

In your opinion, what is your best physical feature and personality trait?

I like being tall and slim. I believe the best characteristic of my personality is the joy I have for life.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, rate your fashion sense. What has been the hardest thing for you to face or learn? Do you have a catchphrase?

10. I believe being fashionable doesn’t just mean wearing trendy clothing, but it’s more about wearing clothing tastefully. It has always been a challenge for me to speak in front of large crowds. Live your life as though everything is a miracle.




Stephen J. Ronan MD FACS

of Blackhawk Plastic Surgery & MedSpa voted Best Plastic Surgeon by Russian Speaking Community Specializing in face & body procedures Named one of the Breast top two surgeons Body in the region for Face Hair Restoration Hair Top 10 volume Laser injector in the Injectables nation for Dysport Skin Care and Restylane

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Stephen J. Ronan MD FACS



FREE Consultation


3600 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506


In ancient times, there was a region called Barcino and according to one legend, Hercules gave this city its name. Another legend says the city was founded by the father of Hannibal who named it Barcino after his family. Today, it is called Barcelona, and it’s the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia, the most economically prosperous community in Spain.

Barcelona is distinguished by its contemporary architecture against the backdrop of the city’s historic landscape. Many monuments reflect the significant periods in the city’s history: Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque are among the most prominent. Each of these eras have left a mark on the history of the city and they are now reflected in its architectural heritage with many landmarks being hundreds of years old. Barcelona can rightfully be called one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. It’s the second largest city on the Pyrenean Peninsula, and it’s one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean coast – a favorite destination for travelers. Barcelona is lively and engaging and many travelers enjoy exploring it on foot to more fully capture its incomparable charm.

Practical Information for Travelers:


If you want to find out where to dine or what hotel to choose when traveling to the region, be sure to do your research before you set out on your trip. Be assured that the beauty of Barcelona will not disappoint, and every traveler can find something of interest.



The busiest tourist season runs from July to August. Throughout this period, the city gives way to the ‘mercy’ of thousands of tourists. Locals often leave town during these months. Many restaurants and stores are partially closed during this time, while hotel rates increase significantly.

• Its great cultural and historical heritage • It’s characterized by the quaint atmosphere of the Medieval old town and other famous places • Its architecture is simply amazing, while the network of streets is incomparable and unique • The climate is mild and pleasant in all seasons • The lifestyle of local people is relaxed • There are many fascinating buildings throughout the city; the most splendid of which are those built by Antoni Gaudí, a world-famous architect

In any case, the best time to visit Barcelona is mid-season when it’s warm but not too hot. However, some tourists prefer visiting in winter because there are fewer tourists, so the town is significantly less crowded. What’s more, winters in Barcelona are usually quite warm and dry.

Sunny beaches, the sea, tasty food and a variety of entertainment and attractions make the city a real gem of Catalonia and a must-see for tourists. In Barcelona, you can wander along streets and come across old-world examples of its Roman past, medieval cathedrals, as well as sculptural and architectural masterpieces of modernity. Spend time listening to street musicians or relaxing in cozy cafés.

CURIOUS FACTS ABOUT BARCELONA 1. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN BARCELONA ARE BILINGUAL. Most of the people who live in Barcelona speak Catalan and Spanish, which is also an official language. Street names and most road and transport signs are in Catalan. 2. THE BEST WAY TO TRAVEL AROUND THE CITY IS BY METRO. You’ll probably walk a lot when you come to Barcelona, so you should know that the easiest way to get around the city is to opt for the metro. It doesn’t cost much, and you may even buy a special pre-paid card that you can use up to ten times. It will be cheaper and more convenient 3. MOST OF THE CITY’S MAJOR SIGHTS WERE DESIGNED BY ONE PERSON. The world-famous architect, Antoni Gaudí, designed such attractions as La Pedrera, Casa Batlló located at Passeig de Grácia as well as one of his most popular work – La Sagrada Familia, which took around 200 years to construct. Every tourist should check out the two major parks in the city. Actually, Barcelona has 68 parks but two of them you must visit: •P arc de la Ciutadella is the greenest oasis in the center of the megapolis. It hosts several museums, a lake, a huge fountain and the main attraction, Parc Zoologic. At the center of the park is the Catalan Parliament building. • Gaudí’s Parc Güell. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and visited attractions in Barcelona. Its design was inspired by nature. However, originally it was planned as a housing estate located a distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. When the project didn’t attract investors, plans were abandoned, and 12 years later, the plot of land was opened as a public park. 4. THE CITY IS POSITIONED ON THE WATER. This makes it great to explore neighborhoods and visit local beaches. During summer months, Barcelona becomes an attractive place for visitors who want to enjoy the local beaches. The main beach is located just 15 minutes from La Rambla, the main retail street in the city. Don’t forget to explore the local neighborhoods to the fullest, and you’ll get a chance to see many amazing sights and striking landscapes by the sea. The beautiful beaches in Barcelona were built up for the Olympic Games in 1992.




FINAL TIPS FOR TRAVELERS • Check out the delicacies the city offers. Local cuisine is simply delicious, and every visitor should try tapas. They are small portions and simply mouthwatering. Be sure to stop at several local restaurants to give authentic Catalan dishes a try. • Walk along the most famous street in Europe located in Barcelona – La Rambla. It’s divided into five parts, and day after day, you may come across various talented street performers. • Talk to the locals. When it comes to exploring the true uniqueness and authentic charm of Barcelona, it’s a good idea to talk to someone who knows this beautiful city inside and out. An interesting fact about the local population of Barcelona is that they are all passionate about one football club — FC Barcelona. So, if you share their passion, you’ll have an immediate connection.

Ready to visit Barcelona? We hope, that with our guide, your trip to the heart of Catalonia will be delightful and unforgettable!

photo credit: Mariia Zvolinska Photography | on photo: Moses Strizhaus

by Roman Mak

E H T 0 5 IS 30? W E N H T 0 5 IS 30 W E N Century after century, people come up with new ideas that replace outdated stereotypes. Long ago, people thought that the Sun was rotating around the Earth and that the Earth was the center of the universe. That belief was proven false when Nicolaus Copernicus developed the heliocentric model of Earth. People originally thought he was crazy. Of course, today we know that the Earth rotates around the Sun, and anyone who thinks differently is considered illiterate.

Fifty years ago, people couldn’t imagine that a ten-year-old could become a university graduate. Students go to kindergarten, then middle and high school, and then onto college. After college, these graduates are now ready to begin their careers. No exceptions. However, every rule has its exceptions. Laurent Simons, for example, was set to become the youngest university graduate in history at the age of nine. Some kids start working at 14, move out of their parents’ house at 16, and become billionaires at the age of 21. Fifty years ago, people would say they’re crazy. But now, it’s the world in which we live. The world where numbers don’t matter anymore. How old are you? 20? 34? 55? Or, maybe, 67? Do you own a house, or do you rent an apartment? Are you single or do you have a big family? No matter how old you are or how much you have, the only thing that matters is whether you’re happy or not. This question is way more difficult to answer, don’t you think?

Tod was eager to change his current job. He was working at an IT company that developed online games. He wasn’t happy because he didn’t earn enough to afford the housing accommodations that he desired. After three months of rigorous research, exhaustive study, and dozens of job interviews, he got a new job. He doubled his income and found another apartment. And guess what he is thinking about now. He wants to buy a car. Is he really happy now? Does he appreciate what he’s done? Does he realize that he’s achieved so much? Is that what Steindl-Rast was talking about? No, because Tod is not grateful for what he has. “There is a principle in human perception, the contrast principle, that affects the way we see the difference between two things that are presented one after another. Simply put, if the second item is fairly different from the first, we will tend to see it as more different than it actually is.” – Robert Cialdini, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. Certainly, the principle Cialdini is talking about is essential in terms of evolution because it moves us forward. But sometimes, it works the other way. Instead of moving us forward, this principle can breed misconceptions about the world and beget envy, greed, and jealousy. The contrast principle applies to all of us. We’re comparing ourselves to those who are better, or stronger, or prettier, or smarter than we are. This principle excludes gratitude because it doesn’t bring us results. What it does bring, though, is satisfaction with what we are at the moment.

Some people believe that the most powerful source of happiness is gratitude. During his speech at TED, David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, said that not all those who are happy are grateful, but those who are grateful are happy.

Someone is born with a gift of persuasion and opens his/her company at the age of 25. Others love to help people. They go to Africa, spend their whole life there, never have much money, but are joyful because their actions benefited others. And it’s okay!

Your college buddy might become a construction worker, and you may sell big houses to rich guys. Your close friend may be a software developer, and you may still be searching for what you’re passionate about. And it’s okay!

Many people start working at 22 and retire at 60, while others start their business and drop out of college. Some musicians die at 27 at the peak of their career, while other people live until they’re 100 without having discovered a cure for cancer. AND IT’S OKAY! Remember, no matter what you do or where you are, never compare yourself to anyone. You never know what’s going on inside their heads and what they hold in their hearts. You have no idea what successful people go through. You have no clue what success does to people. Try to look at what you already have and say a giant THANK YOU for this. Even if you think that your life is miserable, think about the fact that you’re reading this article. You probably have a phone, a tablet, or a laptop and have access to the Internet. You breathe in the fresh air, drink clear water, see the stars at night and have a roof over your head. If you think age matters, you are mistaken. You can start all over at any age. You can set up the business of your life at any age and become successful in a split second. At 50, you may start traveling, or maybe you experience the joy of parenthood or maybe you finally meet your better half. For many, life goes on at 50. For some, life just starts at 50. Look at it from a different perspective. And remember one thing:

You are unique. You are special. At any age. Anytime.





E ? E H ? 0

Evgeny Siskov silairazum Yana Siskov dr_svoboda

Winning in LAS VEGAS by Olga Garicichina

Known as a never sleeping oasis in the middle of the deadly desert, Las Vegas has been one of the most desirable places to visit in the United States. Each year almost 40 million tourists come to the adult version of Disneyland in search for fun, gambling and adventures. It is a story about one couple that hit the jackpot in Vegas. But their winning has nothing to do with slots and means way more than simple luck. Yana and Evgeny Siskov have found all they needed in Vegas: love, family and success. While building a strong family and raising three wonderful kids, Siskovs managed to create a remarkably successful business. Their shops with unique EL sound activated panels are located on the main street of Vegas – Strip. They worked with iHeartRadio, Circus Du Soleil, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jordan. Within the next 10 years, they plan to make company public and revolutionize the sector of dietary supplements. What’s the secret of such breathtaking success? And how did this charming and aspiring couple manage to take over the City of Lights? Yana and Evgeny, how did you build your own business in the USA? How did you open your first shop in Vegas? Evgeny: At the time, I had been living in the USA just for 6 months. Back then I was a salesman. Once I noticed a huge line to the store nearby. I got curious what they’ve been selling there. Turned out those were tank tees with special EL sound activated panels. After the shift, I told Yana what I’ve seen and she decided to find out whether there were free premises on the main street of Vegas so we could rent a spot there. Yana managed to make an appointment with a retail manager. A few days later I received a phone call. I do remember our dialogue till these days. My interlocutor, whose name was Clark, congratulated me on the fact that our goods were approved. Now we had to come up with brand name. I was extremely nervous. Moreover, my English wasn’t fluent. Confused, I said “Zhenya.” (That is how my name is spelled in Russian). There was an awkward pause. Then Clark clarified: “Zhenya?”, “Yes, Zhenya,” I said and realized how ridiculous my answer was. That was a beginning of our business. We started from scratch and did everything by ourselves: we renovated the premises, made T-shirts, worked behind the counter. What made you change the direction and start creating your own EL Sound Activated panels? Evgeny: As time passed, we realized that buying T-shirts from local vendors resulted in small profit. Moreover, we identified the weak points and the product’s flaws. So, we had an idea to create special panels that could be attached to any product (T-shirts, bags, dresses, etc.) Therefore, we took out a patent on our development and started to sell the improved product, which got our business on the roll. We’ve opened the second store in the shopping center. Happiness and euphoria were head-spinning until we’ve received an e-mail. It was a notice from the leasing company informing us they were planning to start con-

Our family’s motto in Hebrew sounds like “Shlom Bayt” and is translated “ as “peace in our home”.

struction and had to close our store. That email resulted in 70% income decline. And just in a few days, we’ve received another letter stating that we were kicked out of the second center because of the late arrival of our staff members to the store opening (which was a complete lie – Eugene’s note). Yana: We only had two weeks to figure out what to do next, how to get money and where to start from. But we are glasshalf-full people and believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. In a few days, Zhenia received a call from an old friend who told about the ongoing expositions in Vegas. So, we went all in and participated in one of the expoexhibitions. We were so impressed when after the first conference we’ve earned 3 times more than in 2 months of work. So, instead of “losing business” we moved to completely different level. After several conferences, we made some connections and became recognizable entrepreneurs. Moreover, we were offered stores on very good terms in the top places. And finally, we took it up a notch by getting licenses for our products from Marvel, Disney, DC Comics. Wow, your story sounds like Hollywood blockbuster! What delusions and fears did you face in the beginning? What recommendations could you give to those who would like to start their business in the USA? Evgeny: I came from Israel with my mind set on triumph and success. Instead of fear I had some delusions concerning the law. I couldn’t believe that business start-up could be done easily without bunch of paperwork. 42



Yana: All laws are quite strait-line in the USA. Everything is clear from “A” to “Z”. There is way less formalism than in former Soviet republics. Evgeny: My advice would be: plan everything! Everyone needs a plan, in life as well as in business. Of course, you cannot predict everything. It won’t be perfect, but you should follow a plan and gradually adjust it, improving your steps and strategy along the way. Always consider the market, opponents, and their strong and weak points! You had the 10th anniversary of your business this year! How did you celebrate it? What are your plans for the next decade? Yana: We had a great celebration! We rented a location at MGM Top Golf and celebrated the 10th anniversary of our business together with our staff members in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. We expressed gratitude to our employees for their contribution to our business. Evgeny: We have extensive plans for the next 10 years (laughing). We would like to take the company public. This means that the company stock will be traded on the stock market. Besides, we try new directions, develop the dietary supplements company. Its uniqueness would be in way active ingredient is delivered. It would go straight to the cell overcoming the intercellular barrier. The absorption of the active substance reaches almost 100%. This would allow less substance usage with much greater efficiency. Yana: Our third project is an on-line school for personal growth and financial trainings. We’d like to help people get

rid of fears, limiting beliefs, and find the path to success, happiness, and prosperity! Does the formula for success exist? And if it does, what is it? Evgeny: There is a formula and it consists of two parts. The first one – break free from negative beliefs and set your mind on success and victory. The second one is the action itself! There is also a material formula for success and it is very simple. It is called the 70/30. Don’t spend more than 70% of your income and invest the remaining 30% in something you know or have already tried, something that will bring a steady income. Quite often when we hear about the balance, when you put the business on one side of the scale and family on the other one. What is your family’s secret? How did you manage to combine personal business, studying and parenting? Evgeny: Our family’s motto in Hebrew sounds like “Shlom Bayt” and is translated as “peace in our home”. The most important thing for us is to avoid focusing on minor conflicts and misunderstandings. Yana and I guard our hearth and home. And it’s equally important to be aware of your business and family relationships’ strong and weak points. You should delegate responsibilities to all family members and you shouldn’t make your partner do what he/she doesn’t like or isn’t able to do. Yana: I believe that both partners should look in one direction. We both see family and financial independence as important factors. Like any other family, sometimes we experience hard times but we overcome it with the help of communication. It is important to talk about your desires and discontents but in a calm diplomatic manner, without aggression. You should listen to what your partner is saying. And it is very important to find a compromise based on partner’s values. Both sides must put efforts into relationship.

What is your favorite way of spending your leisure time? What is your hobby? Yana: We love spending time with our children. We carefully plan our work schedules in a specific way so that we have time for joint walks, talks and games in the park, fun workouts in the gym or trips to the nearest mountains, where we have a house and can enjoy amazing nature while building a strong sense of family in our kids’ minds. It’s not about the quantity of time but the quality, which is why it is incredibly important for us to be together and show children the right example. At the same time, we do not forget about ourselves. We both like travelling to Europe or going to an exquisite restaurant for a delicious treat. Keeping romance in a relationship is crucial. Most people associate Las Vegas with never-ending fun, casinos, and adventures. What are your associations with this “oasis in the desert”? Yana: When I think of Las Vegas I think of people who love life. Its soul could be compared to an actress performing the unforgettable and unique part for each individual visitor.

BLITZQUIZ What quality do you value most in people? Honesty

Can money bring happiness? They bring a lot of happiness

What did you associate America with before arriving here? With the movie “Home Alone” / Evgeny With Hollywood and Freedom of Choice / Yana

What can you not go a single day without? Compliments and bedtime meditations

What hashtag would you choose for your family? #cuties In which city / country are you ready to return again and again? Sydney, Australia

Which celebrity do you follow on Instagram? Alexander Revva, Galustyan, Buzova, Nastya Ivleeva, Mark Cuban, Joe Dispenza You agree with the expression: “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together?” We absolutely agree, so we go far together



HABITS that will lead you to success! by Lika Emelyanova

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” Samuel Johnson

Ever wonder what it takes to be successful in life? What distinguishes successful people from those who never use their full potential? What is the secret of billionaires and what habits helped them in achieving their dreams?


Soichiro Honda is the founder of Honda, a large, well-known automotive company. Mr. Honda’s success story started when he went for a job interview at Toyota Motor Corporation. Honda was rejected and told that he was not fit for the job. Rather than giving up, Honda decided to create a company that would compete with Toyota and Honda Motor Company was born. Today, Honda Corporation employs over 100,000 people in the USA and Japan, and is one of the world’s largest automobile companies If there’s anything that we can learn from this inspiring success story it is to NEVER GIVE UP.

Most people know of Stephen King, the famous author, but few know much of his story. Stephen’s first novel was rejected almost everywhere it was submitted. This happened so often that he finally threw it in the garbage! His wife got the manuscript out of the garbage and insisted that he submit it again, leading him to become the Stephen King we now know. King has since published more than 50 books, all worldwide bestsellers, according to The very important lesson we can take away from this inspirational story is that REJECTIONS SHOULDN’T MATTER IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is known around the world as the vacuum that doesn’t lose suction and the idea for it was born long ago. Mr. Dyson first had the idea in his early 30s when he became frustrated with his Hoover vacuum and its loss of suction. His big idea was to use the concept of cyclonic separation to create the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. It took Dyson 5,126 failures to finally get it right. When he did, at the age of 36, he was faced with more resistance when no distributor in the UK would take on the revolutionary product as no one wanted to buck the trend. So, in 1993 at the age of 46, Dyson formed his own company to market the product. Today, Dyson is worth more than £3 billion all because of his refusal to give up. Dyson’s success story should lead us to conclude that FAILURE SHOULD NEVER STOP YOU EVEN IF IT OCCURS MORE THAN ONCE!

People who are highly successful often share habits that others less successful do not. So, if habits have the po­ tential of making us more successful, then wouldn’t we want to adopt these habits and list ourselves among the successful? So, here’s a list of the best and most effective habits of successful people and a few tips about how to easily implement them in your own life.



SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DON’T LIVE IN THEIR COMFORT ZONES Successful people are not afraid to come out of their comfort zones, even if the task at hand seems to be daunting and impossible. They know that if they don’t, they won’t grow or learn to achieve anything of value and substance.








SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN I»m sure you»ve heard this one before: Writing things down not only organizes your thoughts and inspires a routine, but it encourages you to accomplish tasks. It is said, on average, the top CEOs and successful individuals read about 50 to 60 books a year to be on top of their game. For the most part, learning is a desire and not a necessity for these exceptional individuals. They understand that continuous learning is one of the major keys to any success.




Successful people continuously invest in themselves and their personal development. They invest in their: self-education, health, happiness, diet, relationships, and spirituality. Successful individuals invest in continuous education to keep themselves up to date with the latest emerging trends, knowledge, and all things relevant to their field of work, business, studies and interests.

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE VALUE AND GUARD THEIR TIME Successful people know their success is solely dependent on how effectively and efficiently they manage their time and available resources. They do not waste their time on unnecessary things or timewasters who don’t bring value to them or their work.


SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE AVOID PROCRASTINATION Successful people are intentionally proactive. They know the only way to achieve their goals is by doing the work, not by finding excuses which often leads to delay. Execution is key. Once they know what needs to be done, they are proactive in executing it.




SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE CONFIDENT AND POSITIVE Successful people are very optimistic about the positive outcome of their work and mission. Even though they are confident and hopeful of their future successes, they are practical and realistic that things may not work out as planned. They surround themselves with people who exude positive vibes and energy which are contagious and beneficial for their personal growth and life’s endeavors.




Successful people know that listening is one of the most important characteristics of being a good leader. They understand the value of listening and appreciating other people’s views and opinions.


message The traits and habits of the successful people mentioned above will hopefully help you on your journey to becoming successful in what­ever you set out to accomplish. Pick a few habits that you like and see if you can incorporate them into your daily regime. Don’t be afraid to fail. In fact, start failing, and start failing often; that’s how you will succeed.

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This young, charming and talented guy found his calling as a child. Tim’s passion for music and performing manifested itself when he was only three. He rushed on stage and, according to his parents, stayed there forever. Having had a meteoric rise in his homeland, Tim went to conquer the mecca of the music industry, Hollywood.


MUSIC IS MY LIFE by Olga Garicichina

Featured Guest: Tim Enso Occupation: Music Producer, DJ, Saxophonist Instagram: @timenso Website:

Tim, your path in the music world is unique. You play several musical instruments: violin, accordion, piano, and saxophone. You worked in Russia with top artists: Dima Bilan, Yulianna Karaulova, Pavel Volya, Elka, LocDog, and Dzhigan. You took part in the Bad Players, Rhannes and Lost Capital projects and you toured all over Russia. But then you suddenly moved to the United States. Why did you make such a drastic change in your life? Wasn’t it scary to start from scratch?

I first traveled to the United States when I was 16 and visited New York and Los Angeles. I fell in love with California sunsets, the ocean, and its special atmosphere. Even then, as a teenager, I decided to pursue the American market. So, moving to the United States was a conscious decision. Living in fear can only restrain a person from reaching their goal. It limits one’s potential. So, there was no fear, but rather a desire to achieve my goal against all odds.

Starting again in California, what are the main mistakes you notice in those who, like you, want to find their place in the sun?

Perhaps the most crucial mistakes are to not focus on your goal and the failure to keep one’s own capabilities in perspective. Los Angeles is a great city to start, but it is full of temptations and useless pursuits that can lead a person from the right path.

In your professional opinion, what is the difference between the music market in the United States and the CIS countries?

The main difference is timing. What is popular and trending here now, will be borrowed and copied by Russians within one and a half or two years. Moreover, hip-hop is trendier here, while Russians prefer pop music.

Name your three favorite artists.

Oh, that’s not an easy task since I’m a music fan and I love various music except, probably, hard rock. But these names come to mind first: Frank Sinatra, Drake and Zivert. I would love to work with Zivert.

How do you feel about the fact that today’s music market values business more than creativity?

I believe that music should bring money to its creator. There is no shame in working in this multibilliondollar industry and making a cool product that is in demand by consumers! If your work doesn’t appeal to anyone, you are unlikely to change the world or leave a significant trace…

Music is your life, passion and love. If you had to choose another area, what would it be?

This question is not easy for me to answer... But I would probably choose traveling. Maybe I would even be a host of a popular travel show, like Heads and Tails. I love to explore the world, watch other people’s lives and be inspired by the beauty of nature.

Which of all the places you’ve been to has impressed and changed you the most?

This is definitely Tibet. It is the most powerful place in terms of energy, which is in my heart and mind forever. It was in Tibet that I had a key realization in my life: «The meaning of life is life itself!» I am happy to welcome every new day, every new opportunity; I believe in my power and will never betray my dreams and goals!




Outside of her profession, Dr. Crooks is an Opera singer and a fine portrait artist. She incorporates her artistic abilities into her dental work every day, always working towards her goal of giving her patients the most naturally attractive smile, in the least invasive and most comfortable manner.


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As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Almonte has performed over 7,000 successful surgeries, focusing exclusively on surgical procedures of the face.

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Community Outreach Academy Best Multicultural Education Program WHAT WE DO : SERVING: WE SPEAK:

Public Charter School Students K-6 English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish

What We Offer: · WASC Accredited Program · State Adopted Curriculum · Credentialed Teachers · Bilingual Staff · Safe & Comfortable Environment · Russian, Ukrainian & Belarusian Language Classes · Music and Art Programs · Physical Education Classes · Computer Lab & Computer Classes · Extended After School Program · Character Education Program · Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Whatever it takes, our kids are worth it! Community Outreach Academy serves kindergarten through 6th grades. The school scores among the highest in the region based on the standardized test results. Besides high academic achievements, children are guided to understand the place they take as citizens in our state and nation. COA provides a bilingual program with a variety of language options. The curriculum features Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian language classes and is designed to develop academic talents, while nurturing students’ appreciation and understanding of their rich cultural heritage. In providing a multicultural education, including curriculum representing the students’ home language and literature, delivered in a supportive environment, the faculty develops students’ ability to apply lessons as they grow and maximize their social, academic, and personal development. 916-286-1950 coaelementary

pictured from left to right: Michael Gillespie, Larissa Gonchar, Tatyana Kisel

Larissa Gonchar, Principal

When you choose A+ Heating & Air, you choose the best quality systems with the best price and the best installers around! Let us show you the real meaning of commitment to the community with our remarkable team!


A+ Heating & Air Best HVAC Company WHAT WE DO : SINCE: WE SPEAK:

What We Can Do for You:

Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Services 2005 English, Russian, Ukrainian · Furnace Installation & Repair · Air Conditioning Installation & Repair · Ventilation Issues · Airflow Issues · Air quality · HVAC Maintenance

We take our responsibility very seriously when you place your trust in us! Your Comfort is Our Priority!

A+ Heating & Air is more than a company, we are your neighbors, your friends, your family; this means we treat you as such, with honesty and integrity.

We offer heating and cooling systems, maintenance, air purification systems along with the newest technology in air duct sealing called AEROSEAL we seal air ducts from the inside. Your comfort is our priority! Your emergency becomes our emergency! We strive to make you comfortable in your home and business. Our professional service reputation has also reached our vendors! We are able to negotiate competitive and fair prices with savings that we pass to our customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. 916-838-3748 916-207-8898


Futures High School is an independent charter high school that provides high quality education in an innovative and personalized setting, preparing students for college and career success.

on picture: Principal Natalia Panasiuk with the Futures High School Team

Futures High School Best Charter High School WHO WE ARE : SERVING: LANGUAGES:

Tuition Free Charter High School 9-12 English, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic

We Offer: · Rigorous Academic Programs · Emphasis on 21st century skills · Engineering Program · Athletics Program · Russian Language & Literature · Safe & Positive Environment · Respect for Students’ Heritage · Strong English Learner Program

Futures High School is a tuition-free independent charter high school serving students in grades 9-12 in the Sacramento area since fall 2004. The school prepares students to thrive in a world that is ever-changing and full of unknown challenges by cultivating such core traits as integrity, grit, empathy, self-control, and appreciation for diversity. Futures prides itself on providing a strong academic program, a positive and safe environment, and exceptional preparation for college and career. Futures students consistently score high on state tests and college-preparatory exams. Programs and classes also provide opportunities to build leadership skills and socio-emotional wellness, and to be part of a kind and caring community. A highly qualified staff takes a holistic approach to supporting the needs of every student and works to help each

student see their endless potential and possibilities. Futures High School is a unique school in Sacramento as it serves a large population of English Learners in an environment that values and celebrates students’ cultures, languages, and heritage. Futures deeply values students as equal partners in the school’s decision-making along with parents and the community. At Futures, everyone is appreciated and valued. Everyone is part of the Futures family. If you would like to join the Futures family, please reach out to us.

916-286-1902 900 Grace Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838

Gateway International School Best International Education Program WHAT : AGE: LANGUAGES:

Public Charter School TK-8th grade English, Russian, Spanish

Gateway International School is like a big, happy family where all students are loved and respected. Joi Tikoi, Principal GIS is an authorized International Baccalaureate World School for the primary and middle years programs. This elite program teaches students to be internationally minded, balanced, and reflective. Teachers have special training to use student interests as a basis for instruction. All students receive three free meals a day and free after school programs.

pictured from left to right: Daniel Bubela, Deep Dhillon, Michael Gillespie

Our Mission Statement: To develop the whole child as a compassionate, life-long learner. Through inquiry, reflection and rigor, students will become globally aware and actively involved in their community and the world.

What we offer our students: · Russian and Spanish · Music and Art · Physical Education · Bilingual staff · English language support · Academic tutoring

916-286-1985 900 Morse Avenue Sacramento, CA 95864

EPIC Charter School Best Innovative Learning Program WHAT : SCOPE: LANGUAGES:

Charter School Program K-8th grade English, Russian, Spanish

We offer a rigorous curriculum in all core areas along with an emphasis on technology and 21st century skills. Dr. Jerry Kosch, Principal

pictured from left to right: Vladimir Sukach, Lana Merva, Dr. Jerry Kosch, Nina Semeryuk

Empowering Possibilities International Charter (EPIC) school is the only International Baccalaureate (IB) authorized school in the West Sacramento region. The IB program is aimed at developing internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. The program encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate, lifelong learners, who understand that other people, with differences, can also be right. Our students learn foreign languages (Russian and Spanish), practice a lot of critical thinking, and extend their knowledge through the lense of music and art.

photo by:

Our Programs: · Capturing Kids Hearts · Physical Education · Foreign Languages · Project GLAD · International Focus · Free After School Program

916-286-1960 2945 Ramco St #200 West Sacramento, CA 95691


2016 European Market & Deli English, Russian, Ukrainian

Our prices will bring a smile to your face!

Gastronom Kiev is one of the most popular Ukrainian grocery stores in the Slavic community. Patrons appreciate this store for an abundant inventory of fresh produce and beloved groceries imported from Russia and Ukraine. The store carries a great variety of gourmet sausages, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, fine meats, and organic milk products. It is also a great place for those who have a sweet tooth. The store offers a great selection of homemade cakes, sweets, and candy. Gastranom Kiev’s most popular delicacy is definitely Salo, traditional Ukrainian cured pork fat.

My Services:


· Buying · Selling · Negotiating · Consulting

Best Real Estate Agent SECTOR : EXPERIENCE: SCOPE:

Residential Real Estate Over 14 years Buying, Selling, Investing

I am in the business of making the most essential part of American Dream come true becoming a homeowner! Irina Pankratova Purchasing or selling a home is one of the biggest and most significant financial transactions a person or a family makes during their lifetime. I carefully navigate my clients through the entire home buying or selling process. My goal is to make everyone involved in the process feel confident, comfortable, and educated about every step we take together.

I strive to be more than just a realtor. I want my clients to see me as their trusted real estate advisor for life. My business is mostly built on referrals and repeat clients. I take pride in people referring me to their friends and family!


What we offer: · Deli · Meat · Cheese · Bread · Fresh Produce & Much More

916-344-7290 4900 Madison Ave Sacramento, CA 95841 8AM - 11PM


Sergey & Natalie Makhnovskiy Best Custom Design Memorials EXPERIENCE: LANGUAGES:

15 years English, Russian, Ukrainian

Sergey and Natalie Makhnovskiy with PSM Monuments have proudly served the local community for more than 15 years. They specialize in traditional and custom designed granite, marble and bronze memorials. Their main goal is to provide families with a superior memorial that will be there for generations to come. PSM Monuments helps people preserve the memories of their loved ones in a beautiful, lasting way. PSM Monuments is a member of the California Monument Association and Monument Builders of North America, a reassurance of ethical and honest business practices and commitment to memorial art.

Products & Services: • Custom upright monuments, pillow and flat memorials, bronze plaques, benches and more.

916 534 8275 7444 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights, CA 95610

• Showroom displays over 150 memorials to choose from. Visit portfolio page.

Our Practice

All prepared foods are made from scratch in the kitchen on-site daily!

Areas Include: · Personal Injury · Employment Law · Trucking Litigation · Business Law · Real Estate Law · Bankruptcy

ALLA V. VOROBETS Attorney At Law


12 years English, Russian Ukrainian, Spanish

Alla V. Vorobets is an experienced attorney and the head of a full-service law firm. Her law office offers efficient and cost-effective legal representation without sacrificing quality and personal service. The firm is dedicated to providing their clients with individualized attention. They work closely and diligently with clients in cases of all sizes. They aggressively investigate each case and make sure that their client’s rights are properly protected and their interests are represented. The firm is committed to providing the highest level of service to their clients at a fair cost. 916-966-8529 9270 Madison Avenue Orangevale, CA 95663

Hosam Khalifeh, Executive Chef & Owner

PITA KITCHEN PLUS Best Mediterranean Cuisine SINCE : CUISINE:

2008 Middle Eastern Mediterranean Vegan

Pita Kitchen Plus is a small Mediterranean restaurant that has become famous among the local foodies since it has first opened in June of 2008. “We invite you to come in, taste our food and enjoy our service,” says Hosam Khalifeh. Pita’s menu ranges from authentic vegan entrees to freshly grilled kabobs prepared in special house marinades.

916-480-0560 2989 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95825

SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS Best Window Solutions in Northern California WHAT WE DO : SINCE:

Windows & Siding 2003

Smart Energy Solutions has provided quality service and reliable products throughout the greater Sacramento and Bay Area for more than a decade. With today’s rapidly inflating energy prices, energy-efficient homes are more important than ever. Our windows can help you maximize your savings and give your heat and air conditioning a break during extreme weather. We are constantly testing new products and seeing what we can do to improve our windows and make them as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. We can handle both residential and commercial properties, so you’ll be able to see immediate savings at your home or office. No job is too big or small!


Manufacturing Over 30 years

From over 17 years of expertise in the field, we know you want only the very best results at competitive prices.

Siemens Mobility is an international leader in providing rolling stock and related services, employing 1600 people in Sacramento, CA.

Our Services: · Windows · Window Coverings · Doors · HVAC · Siding · Roofing · Energy Efficiency

916-416-3865 844-787-7888 1331 Terminal St, West Sacramento, CA 95691

Royal Spa & Massage Best Spa in Roseville WHAT WE DO : SCOPE: WE SPEAK:

Massage Therapy Face & Body English, Ukrainian, Russian

Royal Spa is a sanctuary in itself, where tranquility meets luxury, and time stands still.

Our Massage Services: · Swedish · Sports · Hot Stones · Deep Tissue · Prenatal · Combination · Couple’s · Foot · Facial

Siemens designs and manufactures across the entire spectrum of rolling stock including com-muter and regional passenger trains, light rail and streetcars, metros, locomotives, passenger coaches and highspeed trainsets. Siemens has been manufacturing in Sacramento for more than 30 years.

The rail plant in Sacramento is an example of environmentally friendly manufacturing, using solar energy which powers more than 80% of our facility. Since opening its doors for business in the Sacramento community, more than 2,000 vehicles have been manufactured at our Sacramento rail plant.

Royal Spa intimate, world-class facilities have been crafted to ensure that every detail provides you with an unparalleled experience. The spa combines the best techniques and products with skilled professionals providing exclusive services to usher you into stillness and relaxation with vitality beyond imagination. They offer a number of signature treatments and package, specially designed to reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

Lose yourself in a universe of soothing sounds, invigorating aromas and relaxing touches. 916-299-9000 1850 Douglas Blvd #410 Roseville, CA 95661

• • • •

2717 Cottage Way, Ste 1 Sacramento (916) 489-7682

Affordable patio garden offices from 340 sq. ft and up. Free and ample parking. Family owned. On site management. Visit our web site for available listings.

713 Del Paso Road Sacramento, CA 95834




To place your ad, please call at 916-299-1777


оf Alex C. Bravo

Low Fees No Monkey Business



IMMIGRATION • Family Visa Petitions • Fiance Visa Petitions • Naturalization Applications • Claim for U.S. Citizenship • Deportation/ Removal Defense • Refugee and those seeking for Political Asylum • Religious Workers • Appeals • I-601 Waivers • All Immigration Cases

PERSONAL INJURY • Auto Accident • Slip/Trip/Fall • Motorcycle/Bicycle Acident • Back and Neck Injuries • Wrongful Deaths • Fracture/Paralysis/Amputation • Uninsured Motorist Claims • Home/Hospital/Evening and Weekend Appointments available

2230 Longport Ct #100, Elk Grove, CA 95758 (916) 684-4432

At Merchant Chimp we take great pride in the fact that we succeed when we help other businesses succeed. We know the problem of rising expenses and running out of options to reduce them. That’s why low fees, transparency, and excellent customer service are our standard. We’re dedicated to keeping money right where it belongs - in your pocket, so you can get back to doing what you love, with the money that’s rightfully yours.

A company that has it all. Transparency, low rates, and amazing service. -I Love Moving

Islam Karimov Direct: 323.435.7777

No Fees Hate paying merchant fees? We do too. That’s why under our No Fees model you’ll have the ability to keep all generated revenue. No more interchange markups. You pay the same flat fee each month.

Low Rates Transparency is at the core of what we do. No surprise rate hikes or hidden fees and the lowest rates possible. GUARANTEED. We will even match any new proposals that come your way.


Have you had your Dos today? Your party is not a party without Dos Coyotes Catering

Dine in Takeout Online Ordering Catering


Join us at our new restaurant 5450 Sunrise Blvd in Citrus Heights

To place your ad, please call at 916-299-1777

Sacramento / Davis / Roseville / Folsom Elk Grove / Citrus Heights / Natomas






Elena Obutkova

Elena holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Technology and Civil Construction Engineering and has over 21 years of experience in health insurance filed.

What qualities helped you succeed? I believe that being dedicated to your job and connecting with your clients are two major keys to success. It is especially true in my industry. I don’t sell people insurance; I try to make sure that my clients are well protected in case something unexpected happens to them or their families.

Your greatness weakness: Perhaps I have more than one, but my biggest weakness is definitely my grandchildren. They can melt my heart like nothing else in the world.

What do you enjoy spending money on? I love to travel. To me it’s not event about where I go or for how long. Travel is an enrichment that helps me discover new places, experience new cultures, and make great memories.

RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS IS: CHALLENGING because my work schedule is not standardized, so I do a lot of overtime. That doesn’t leave me enough time for my loved ones and my hobbies. GREAT The rest are all pros! CONTACT INFO:


Thank You for Saving Water California is out of the drought. Thanks to your hard work conserving water, customers have helped us save more than 15 billion gallons of water between June 2015 and March 2017. Please call (916) 568-4201 or visit for more information about our local watering schedule and available program and rebates.




To place your ad, please call at 916-299-1777


Impresso Espresso Award-Winning Mobile Coffee Catering

Contact your local eco clean expert Carpet Bros at (916) 519-9725 NOW!

New coffee cart in town! We would love to serve coffee and tea at your next wedding or event! No matter how big, no matter how small we cater all of your coffee needs. It would be our pleasure to IMPRESS you with our delicious coffee and tea services. Mention promo-code “RAM” to receive 10% discount, when ordering service.

• Free Estimates • Same Day Service • High Quality Solutions • Best Prices • Five Star Service

916 5199725 Speak Russian, Moldovian & English


iPhone iPad Samsung LG


Custom cupsNewstamps stencil forcoffee your event are available now! coffee cart inand town! We would loveart to serve and tea at your next wedding

0% F

or event! No matter how big, no matter how small we cater all of your coffee needs. It would be our pleasure to IMPRESS you with our delicious coffee and tea services.

Book Us Now: (916) 212-8515 Book Us Now: (916) 212-8515

Custom cups stamps and stencil art for your event are available now!



& more...

30 min REPAIR


iPhone iPad Samsung LG

30 min REPAIR

Покупка авто на родном языке Огромный выбор новых и подержанных машин Безпроцентное финансирование на некоторые модели

916-501-3614 Влад Иванников

Говорим по-русски и на английском!

Мы постораемся помочь каждому!

& more...

(916)(916) 969-8128 969-8128

816 H Street, Suite 100, Sacramento CA 95814 2933 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821

2933 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821

Vlad Ivannikov vladyourcarguy

12747 Folsom Blvd, Folsom, CA 95630


lic. 912492











To place your ad, please call at 916-299-1777






YURIY KUDELIN 415-601-4118






Living Room | Bedroom | Dining Room | Entertainment Home Office | Youth | Mattresses | Area Rugs | Contemporary Classic | Modern Best selection of area rugs!



7310 Home Leisure Plaza Sacramento, CA 95823

(916) 392-3233 Monday - Saturday | 10am - 8pm Sunday | 10am - 7pm



Expo Furniture & Rug Outlet

11415 Folsom Blvd. Ste# 105 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

(916) 635-3976 Monday - Saturday | 10am - 7pm Sunday | 11am - 6pm WWW.RUSSIANAMERICANMEDIA.COM

To place your ad, please call at 916-299-1777


Пациент – Дегенеративное заболевание межпозвонковых дисков (остеохондроз)

Ради восстановления спины и возвращения к жизни Для Майка обретение здоровья означало встречу с доктором Ким, прославленным хирургом и экспертом в области технологии установки искусственных межпозвонковых дисков, который помог избавиться от тяжёлой травмы позвоночника с помощью всего лишь одного имплантата. После многих лет боли, одна операция изменила его жизнь и позволила ему сохранить возможность двигаться. От первичной до специализированной медицинской помощи | 150 специализаций | 17 клиник в 10 районах

Для получения дополнительной информации посетите сайт

799 4.6 4c

Creating your recipe for success from scratch Every small business needs help with the essentials — developing a business plan, marketing services, and managing cash flow. Visit to find strategic insights and tools that may help you start your business. Let’s get started. Visit your local branch or find a time that works for you at

© 2020 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. IHA-25799

25799_CBCL-CB-CB_2020_Adshop _PRNTAS_A1.indd 1 To place your ad, please call at 916-299-1777




2019 Sprinter Van Get 0.0% APR Financing up to 36 months*!

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