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Kyiv is one of the few European hidden gems that will leave you wanting more by the end of your trip.

This talented couple not only perfectly matches each other but has mastered the art of turning lemons into lemonade.




Discover a fundamentally new show in which almost everyone can invest money in a company that could become a unicorn!




If you have complicated questions about God in your mind, but have been too afraid to ask them, then this article is just for you! INSIDER



Find out why young people are attracted by the opportunity to serve in the military and what benefits they can get.

Read the successful story of a deeply faithful, hardworking intuitive entrepreneur with a passion for quality and ingenuity.




Check out how simple twists in your lifestyle could help you lose weight without dieting.


Where do we find happiness, if the temporary solutions, like money, aren’t working?


The first rule of each printed publication is to know your target audience. For example, ELLE targets women, GQ serves men, while COSMOPOLITAN aims at rebellious teenagers. You can’t go wrong with fashion and beauty for the ladies, success tips for men, or new treads and travel destinations for teens. It wasn’t that simple for us. Russian Time serves the entire Slavic community in the US. We had to come up with our own strategy. And so we did. Our goal is to provide you with a unique publication which has something interesting for everyone. We want this to be the magazine which you keep on your coffee table and share with your family and friends. We want you to find value on the pages of this publication, whether you’re a businessman, a stay at home mom, or an aspiring teenager. We want to make you our loyal reader, and we go above and beyond and to make it happen! Enjoy!

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Editor’s Column


Are you a grateful person? To be honest, each one of us feels ungrateful from time to time, so if you have problems with gratitude, there is no need to get disappointed. At the same time, there is always an opportunity to improve the situation and learn how to be thankful for everything you have. WHAT IS GRATITUDE? HOW IS IT EXPRESSED? If you look up the word thankfulness or gratitude in the dictionary, you will find a simple definition, “it is a feeling of appreciation felt by the recipient of kindness, help, gift or other forms of generosity towards the giver of the gift.” Do you agree with such an explanation?

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

At this point, it is indispensable to mention that gratefulness is a complex and multi-sided phenomenon. It will not be right to relate it only with gifts and kindness towards you. Instead, it is important to highlight that thankfulness does not usually depend on what you receive but rather on what you feel. Do you notice simple things, like the pleasant summer rain, the sun that is shining brightly, amicable people around you, friends that stay loyal no matter what? This list can be long and individual for every single person, but it is inevitable to remember two simple rules: •

Your happiness and gratitude should not depend on the circumstances around;

If you ask for something but do not receive it, you probably do not need it right now.

You should remember that there is no perfect formula of happiness. Instead, every person should follow his/her heart, trying to do everything possible to notice good things and ignore the bad ones around. You may not have a home as nice as your neighbor’s, or a dress as nice as your friend’s, but there is always something special you can be grateful for. Thus, what you need to do is to love what you have and be thankful for every little detail. It will be honest to admit that we strive for perfection. However, what we want is not always what we need. Have you been praying for a new job for more than a few months — but have never passed an interview? Have you been doing everything possible to have a new home, but never succeeded? What if it isn’t what you need right now? Keep in mind that God is not a magic wand and His decisions do not always coincide with our desires. If you

Willie Nelson

How can we learn to be more grateful? Here are SIMPLE TIPS that will help you become a better version of yourself: • • • •

Start a gratitude journal; Remember the bad and be grateful for the good; Watch your language; Be creative and flexible. And remember: gratitude turns what we have into enough.

have not received a “Yes” answer, it might be “No. I have something better for you” or “Wait, it is not your time yet”. Anyway, our task is to learn to be grateful, irrespective of the circumstances, and to single out the good things among the bad ones. In this fall issue of the Russian Time Magazine, we interviewed people, whose life stories show the importance of being grateful. Alex Konanykhin, Marina and Nick Davidov, Urijah Faber — all of their stories have a common element: when they encountered difficulties, they did not give up. They dealt with all the problems and were looking for solutions, and later recalled these life lessons with gratitude. Olga Garicichina Editor-in-Chief Garicichina RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



The Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) marked a milestone anniversary by celebrating leaders who have empowered and advanced Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. The honorees included elected officials, a Hollywood director, an NBA owner, and a doctor. APAPA presented the awards during its 20th Year Anniversary Celebration – Strength in Unity — at the CC Yin’s Ranch in Vacaville. Photo coverage by Tia Gemmell ||






Photo coverage by Inna Stiblina Innasphotography

The International Kids Festival is an annual event that educates multicultural families about making healthy choices, contributing to a sustainable environment, promoting education and career’s opportunities, and celebrating their heritage. The Festival also showcases forward-thinking leaders and organizations who educate the world’s future leaders — our kids!





Photo coverage by Kamea Boscia and Melo Coloma



The 10th Annual Sacramento Aloha Festival was organized by the Ka’ōnohi Foundation and supported by volunteers from the community and several local Hula hālau. This festival provides a platform to perpetuate the arts and culture of Hawai’i and Pacific Islanders. A place for all to come enjoy hula, music, crafts, merchandise ... and of course, food. One of the most popular sections of the festival centers around activities for the children, or nā keiki. Fondly known as the “Keiki Korner,” this area is where kids can color, create lei, listen to stories, see children dancing hula, and win prizes at games.


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RANGER ROAD FREEDOM JUMP Mikhail is no stranger to the struggles that can occur while transitioning from military to civilian life. A veteran of the Second Army Ranger Battalion and winner of the prestigious and physically demanding Army Best Ranger Competition in 2006, he is all too familiar with the challenges one can face in the midst of life-altering changes. Ranger Road is his answer to finding and restoring the importance of brotherhood, teamwork, and family for all brothers and sisters who have lived their lives in service to our country. As a former MMA fighter and someone who prides themselves on physical health and fitness, Mikhail marries that with the importance of mental health as well, thus giving way for the foundation of the numerous programs Ranger Road implements for veterans.




Photo Coverage by Volha Piatrouski volhapiatrouskiphoto

Established in 2004, the California Capital Airshow 501(c)3 plans and operates the exciting, family-friendly annual event designed to honor the Sacramento region’s rich aviation heritage and veterans while using the power and magic of flight to inspire young people. California Capital Airshow gives back to the community through scholarships, charitable group donations and exciting educational youth programming throughout the year.



19 15










Photo by Pavel Fedorov

by Olga Garicichina

I planned to interview Kolya and Marina Davidovs a long time ago. It is a unique case when both partners not only perfectly match each other but inspire everyone around them. Talented, hardworking, mindful and incredibly sincere, Davidovs have mastered an art of turning lemons into lemonade. I’ve heard about Kolya from the acclaimed documentary Silicon Valley of Yury Dud. He was smart, witty and open. Later from Kolya’s Instagram I’ve learnt about his wife, Marina. His words about her were filled with so much love and admiration that I realized — I need to interview them personally. Two hour drive and I am there, standing in front of their home in Los Altos with an amazing view from the hill. I take a deep breath in anticipation of exciting talk right when I heard the footsteps behind the front door… “Hi, Olga, come in…” It seemed as if we’ve already known each other for a while and I came for an occasional friendly visit. They have the cutest dog Cherry which was a curious participant of our conversation and stayed by Nikolay’s side in unspoken support. Two hours passed in the blink of an eye and if only Marina and Nikolay didn’t have a tight and busy schedule, I’d have definitely asked a lot more. Nikolay, what was the major insight after the “Silicon Valley” YouTube documentary?

Marina, do you have any specific motivation or inspirational example? People I’m blessed to be surrounded by are my inspiration. Our friends. Also my father will always be an inspiration and an example of a hard working person for me. I saw how tough it was for him to do business in the 90s. But he kept moving forward despite all difficulties and circumstances. And our kids have been a great motivation as well. I have never thought that children would change me so much and will let me rediscover myself. Do you have any expectations of them? Nikolay: Don’t know if we can say so, we definitely don’t measure their KPI. I think the only objective indicators for us would be their self-sufficiency and happiness. Marina: It is important not to expect anything but rather to support them. And I’m thankful to my parents for that. They have always let me make my own decisions. The same way we try to help our children realize that we will always support them no matter what they choose.

Sooner or later your child is going to wonder into the forest. You can either forbid them to go (spoiler: that won’t work), or you can lead them and teach how to navigate there.

I wouldn’t say I got any insights. More popularity - certainly. I did have quite many followers on Facebook even before it came out, but the film brought much more followers to my Instagram account. This puts responsibility on me —what can I share with my audience that would be of value to them? Last year together with other people featured in theat film we came up with an idea to create, an online community for russianspeaking entrepreneurs, where people help each other build start-ups and products internationally. Marina: The idea is that this community doesn’t see help as some kind of transaction. We help just because we can, not expecting any returns. We’ve always dreamed of helping and sharing knowledge at no cost. There is no point in keeping any knowledge secret in 2021. The world is constantly changing and if our knowledge and experience could be helpful to someone, we would be nothing but happy if they use it to create something awesome.

Do you think you tend to keep up with kids and how do you like current trends? Nikolay: Our age difference with kids is not that big, especially with Sonya (oldest daughter). I love our conversations and I value her trust, the fact that she shares with me her thoughts, opinions, fears and everything. I cherish this connection and hope it will never break.

Speaking about current trends, the world is changing and I’m glad about that. Soon “Forbes 100 richest people ‘’ will become obsolete. Instead, our kids would want to see the list of people who changed this world instead of profiting from selling the fossil resources. Marina, there is a theory about four cooktop elements. Imagine 4 elements: family, work, hobby, and friends. Which elements did you have to turn off to reach success. Marina: It’s funny because our cooktop actually stopped working recently (laughing). We grill everything. But we didn’t turn off any of the elements. We work with family and friends, and it is our hobby. Why turn off any of the elements if we can balance them altogether. Your daughter Sonya is already registered on Instagram. Do you control or greenlight her subscriptions and activity? RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE


23 55

Marina: I can draw an analogy with a forest. Sooner or later your child is going to wander into a forest. You can either forbid them to go (spoiler: that won’t work), or you can lead the way, teach them how to navigate there, what to do and how to interact with others in that environment. The most important is to explain that if there is something they don’t understand, it’s better to ask the parents. Modern parents understand social media not much better than their kids, therefore all limitational efforts simply reflect our own fears. Nikolay: Sonya sends me different memes, we share information and that again shows the level of trust between child and parent. It’s an extremely fine line which is easily breakable. You mentioned that your daughter makes money. How did you motivate her? Marina: It started when Sonya was 6 years old. We organized a charity fair. For several months she had been making candles, postcards, and even a book to sell at the fair. All collected money was sent to a girl in Russia who had Cerebral Palsy and was in need of a wheelchair. It’s a very important experience which not only helped her develop useful skills, but showed that you don’t have to be an adult to help those in need. Nikolay, many people are jealous of your success. But what did it cost you and what do you think about jealousy? Many people see the result but not the process. Therefore, they are jealous of that result but not what brings the result. I don’t want to talk about the cost because it’s normal to have obstacles on the way, fail many times, get disappointed but keep going. But I think it is very important to be focused on the process more than on the result people want. Enjoy working on it. I think part of the problem is that people actually don’t know what they really want. People often want some abstract results and they don’t know what can take them there. And when they start working on it and get disappointed they quickly bail. I think it’s better to do what you really want to do, know in which direction this activity moves you and let it bring the results for you. When you want something specific, you know what steps to take to get it. Marina, does Nikolay have a superpower? Yes, his superpower is curiosity. He always learns with great interest, he is open to new information, and I think it’s his undeniable advantage. How would you describe the culture of Silicon Valley? How congenial is this start-up world for you? Nikolay: The Valley is a melting pot of different nationalities. There are fewer Americans than foreigners and less than 18% of Californians. And there is no tolerance towards intolerance. I love the Valley specifically for its mix of people, their 24 56

Photos by Maria Timofeeva RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



ambitions and ideas, where freedom of thought prospers and motivates everyone to keep going. Let’s move to investments. By which principal you chose projects for investments? Nikolay: I love to reflect on my feelings and sensations. For example, during the pandemic all meetings and conversations moved to Zoom. And I noticed that my bottom teeth were not straight. I did some research and found out that during the pandemic demand for teeth straightening has grown. Then I decided to see which companies provide innovative technologies in that area and as a result we made a successful investment into 3D Predict Aligners. The same happened with the 15 minutes grocery delivery service in NY, Fridge No More. It’s a very successful start-up. I got the idea in Moscow, when I was using Yandex Lavka, a 15 minutes grocery delivery service. At some moment while scrolling through their app I realized that I stall the same way in front of my fridge, but in this case the fridge was limitless. That’s when we decided to invest in companies that deliver groceries in less than 15 minutes. Our readers are definitely interested in your investment strategy. Could you share some ideas about where to invest? Nikolay: I am not qualified to give stock market recommendations, so I’ll just share my vision as a private investor. A good investment strategy is all about diversification and long-term values. Day trading is a speculation, not an investment. My main rule is to invest in something I believe in for the long term. For example we believe in the long term value of education technologies. Marina is working on a start-up in that sphere and it is a huge market that is yet to develop to its real full potential. I also think that robotics will soon become a large and essential industry which cannot be accurately evaluated yet. I believe in decentralization, and yet I don’t think the majority of cryptocurrencies make any sense in the long term. Marina: I think that the best investment is in yourself. The world is changing fast, we change and today’s education cannot guarantee success in some spheres any more. You constantly need to grow because technologies develop tremendously and if you are not running — you are already

3D Predict are dental aligners for complicated cases. The core competence is in unique AI software, which they use to design aligners.

WeLoveNoCode is a marketplace of NoCode developers that builds NoCode solutions fast: automation, integrations, web/mobile apps, chatbots, and much more.

Voices is a community-owned live video platform where creators monetize via tickets and subscriptions while building more intimate relationships with their fans.

GPU Audio has built a “DirectX” for sound — allowing to use GPUs instead of CPUs for audio processing, including real-time.

Maroo is shaping the future how millions of couples in the U.S. are already paying for their weddings — from 0% APR for up to 24 months.

Asylia Dx builds molecular diagnostics solution that makes immunotherapy safe and effective and enables personalized immunotherapy for cancer patients. is an opensourse dashboard and tool for monitoring ML model performance and its parameters such as data drift.

Gainy is a mobile app that helps you identify the right stocks or cryptocurrencies to buy depending on your portfolio, personal goals, and fundamental analysis. uses reinforcement learning to solve the “traveling salesman problem” with multiple agents and varying motivation. Fridge No More is a grocery delivery service inspired by the cloud.

RemBrain is a robot training based on remote control data RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE


25 57

behind. That’s why part of our budget is always allocated to our further education and development. Whether it’s professional hard skills or general soft skills, the gained knowledge always helps us reach one step higher.

would be in something with long-term value to people. Marina, have you ever had a challenging situation in life which you are grateful for?

In one of the interviews you were asked about investments into cryptocurrencies. And you said that you don’t invest in something you don’t know. Has anything changed? Privately I have a very small cryptocurrency portfolio consisting mainly of Ethereum. But I don’t think that buying something like DogeCoin makes any sense, because that’s an investment based on a belief that this asset will increase in value because others buy it, and not because it can be valuable to people in the future. I bought Ethereum because I knew it could be used to create useful products. Bitcoin is also an interesting cryptocurrency that is currently used to store value and I believe it will grow because besides being limited in supply it also gets lost. I mined a few bitcoins back in 2010 and now I don’t even know the location of a laptop with them. Back then bitcoin was worth nothing. Today it’s more than a million. And trust me, there are a lot of such stories so its quantity is constantly shrinking. Somebody made a calculation that about 30% of all bitcoins has been permanently lost. But I say again, the better investment

Any traumatic experience changes us and gives us new qualities, which later we are thankful for. The last one I experienced was a choice to stay in the company with which we created Cherry Labs or move on. It was hard to leave and leap into the unknown but now I realize it was the right decision and I’m grateful that I made it. Nikolay, recently in Instagram you’ve published an example of what you considered to be a good advertisement. How does good advertising differ from a bad one? Nikolay: I think that modern day advertising doesn’t focus on products that much. Putting a product on display or highlighting its qualities is not enough. The abundance of high quality and innovative products blends their characteristics and turns everything into a commodity. Modern consumers care more about the values that a brand stands for. In 2021 it’s not enough to make good products, it’s important that your brand’s values are highlighted, accepted and shared by the community you work with.



Your favorite book character from Harry Potter? Hermione Granger The book that is not worth the time: “Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls: 100 Tales Of Extraordinary Women”. Despite the title the content leaves much to be desired. What quality would you like to develop to the fullest: Self-confidence. The morning doesn’t start without: A book. Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, buckwheat tea, books and bath.


Success for me means…: to create something long-term, something that lasts. If family was a pie, what secret ingredient would you add to make it the most delicious one: I watched Kung Fu Panda with my son and there was a good point that there is no secret ingredient. But I would say to communicate. It’s very important in any relationship. Favorite fast-food: Big Mac. Favorite place in California: Here, in my home, in this living room. 26 58










Worthy Destination: by Roman Mak

A City of Contrasts

Traveling is one of the most impressive experiences that not only broaden one’s horizons, but also help to discover new things, see fascinating places, and get long-lasting impressions. When it comes to Ukraine, there is an unlimited number of cities you can visit, but Kyiv remains the top destination.



29 55

What makes the city so popular? Is it affordable? Can you find something impressive that will leave a long-lasting impression? In fact, there are an unlimited number of factors that contribute to the popularity of Kyiv as a traveling destination. First of all, Kyiv is one of the oldest and the most impressive cities in the Eastern Europe. The capital of Ukraine was founded 1,500 years ago. Rich history, interesting culture, and a plethora of other factors make the place highly appreciated among tourists all around the globe. Kyiv is not only one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, but also one of the largest ones. Due to the rapid development of the economy, the business activity of the city has grown by leaps and bounds. A number of banks, office centers, and trade facilities that is impossible to even estimate have sprung up in the last 30 years.

MAIN REASONS TO VISIT KYIV Are you excited to learn all these facts about the city? Do you want to see everything with your own eyes? Impressive sites and historical spots are not the only things worth visiting. Vibrant atmosphere and unforgettable memories are factors that contribute a lot to it. No matter if you are an experienced traveler or it is the first time you head on a tour around Kyiv, you will get an opportunity to find a spot you’ll love. Still unsure? Look through the list of reasons that make Kyiv a worthy destination: LONG AND IMPRESSIVE HISTORY A lot has happened in recent years, but the history of the city is much longer and more impressive. As the city was founded at the beginning of the 5th century, its streets and squares are filled with history, culture, and traditions. Therefore, even a single tour around the city will help you discover the area much more, as every detail will reveal a lot about the city.

MAGNIFICENT STREET ART At the same time, it is critical to acknowledge that Kyiv is not about history and culture only. It is a unique combination of things modern and ancient, history and architecture that merge and leave a long-lasting impression.

A VARIETY OF AUTHENTIC CAFES AND RESTAURANTS If you have finally made up your mind to head to Kyiv, you just need to know there are incredible places to eat that will keep you full of energy and strength throughout your tour. Do not miss your chance to relish traditional Ukrainian cuisine: Borscht with garlic fritters, vareniki, okroshka, potato pancakes, Chicken Kyiv, as well as European, American, and Eastern cuisine in the best restaurants of the capital of Ukraine. 30 56





Although tourism is not as popular in Ukraine as in other countries, Kyiv is the city that will never leave you indifferent. If you still doubt whether you want to go to Kyiv or not, here are five interesting facts that may convince you to make the right choice:






The first people appeared on the territory of Kyiv over 15,000 years ago

Kyiv was the first capital of Kyiv Rus

In 988, Kyiv became the center of Russian Christianity

Territorially Kyiv is fifty times the size of London and ten times the size of Paris

An unofficial symbol of Kyiv is chestnut, as there are many fascinating chestnut trees blossoming in the area



According to reviews by experienced tourists, golden dome churches impress them very much. You will not have to spend much time searching for another admirable church as they are all around the place.

Apart from ancient churches and buildings, Kyiv offers a plethora of other attractions and areas that will keep you impressed during the trip and long after. If you have never been to Kyiv, Khreschatyk street is the place you will definitely love. The area is precious not only for its historical value, but also architectural significance. Additionally, there are an unlimited number of other places that will keep you impressed and excited. Just remember the Motherland Monument, and you will understand what people are talking about. DIVERSITY THAT MAKES IT EXCLUSIVE Kyiv is truly the city of contrasts — wealthy and poor, beautiful and plain-looking, old and new. On the one hand, its historic and architectural places excite people; on the other hand, its modernity, style, and uniqueness keep it extremely interesting. Consequently, people of all ages will find something inspiring about this wonderful city.




HELPFUL TIPS: If you want to visit and check out authentic rural life in Ukraine, head to the Carpathians and spend a few days hiking from village to village.The mountains are pretty and the region has never had much exposure to the outside world, not even during the USSR, as these remote lands were difficult to control.

If you are visiting Ukraine, it means that you may visit Chernobyl as well and, for that, we recommend you the book “Voices from Chernobyl”, written by a Nobel prize winning author — Svetlana Alexievich, a compilation of testimonies directly related to the disaster. A useful book for anyone wanting to empathize with all victims.

Credit cards are generally accepted anywhere in Ukraine and most banks will accept international cards, even though they tend to charge a small fee. Fee-free cards are Capital One, Apple, and Discover.





SCHOOL An authorized International Baccalaureate world school

Free meals

for all students

Free after school program

📌📌 📌📌 📌📌 📌📌

We are a TK-8th grade school World Language Electives, Russian and Spanish Small group tutoring Safe campus


900 Morse Avenue, Sacramento CA 95864 2



Friendly, family environment



We’ve all heard the advice, “Follow your passion” or “Do what you love and the money will come”. I think we all on some level want to believe this advice to be true. But how many of us have been fortunate enough to pursue our passions and do what we love for a living? I was lucky enough to interview such a unique person whose way of thinking is a clear confirmation that if you really hear the call of your heart, then you will definitely achieve everything, both in life and in your career.

His name is Urijah Faber. Most people know him by his successful MMA career as champion in the WEC and Hall of Fame status in the UFC. Urijah also is a founder of one of the most victorious MMA teams in the world, Team Alpha Male. But not many of us know that Urijah is an extremely successful entrepreneur. Urijah with the help of his talented team is managing real estate projects, IT startups, ventures in the fitness industry, health food brand, movie making, and non-profit organizations. Plus, 34 54


he is an amazing dad of two beautiful kids and a very caring husband and son. How he manages to combine all these roles and enjoy his life, I decided to find out personally by coming to his UltimateFitness gym in Sacramento. Could you tell us more about your childhood and how your parents raised you? My dad is a first generation American from Holland. My grandparents were immigrants and raised my


dad in a very supportive and loving environment. My mom was the oldest daughter of two younger brothers and also helped her mom who was deaf. Both of my parents are very positive and hard-working people. I was born in Santa Barbara and raised in the greater Sacramento area. I really enjoyed my childhood even when my parents got divorced. I spent time with both of them and felt so much love and encouragement from them, and never felt being alone.

How did you come up with an idea to pursue your goals in the mixed martial arts? Did you have a role model?

A lot of people heard about your victorious team Alpha Male. How much time and money did it take to become a UFC fighter?

Honestly, I don’t know what I wanted to do. I was just encouraged to follow my heart. I was a big fan of boxing and I started wrestling when I was in 7th grade, and at that point I was leaning towards those kinds of sports. I’ve watched all the fights and my favorite fighters were Mark Coleman, Vitor Belfort, and Tito Ortiz. The funniest thing is that I became good friends with all of them. Now I am in the UFC Hall of Fame with those whom I admired the most.

It’s a unique path for everyone. Some people have family support, others have husbands or wife, who financially support them, some

people have to work in addition. There are a few people whom I can personally help but I can’t do that for everyone. I tell the fighters that until you make it, it is always a struggle and that’s a part of the story. Our gym is unique. What we’ve done here at the gym is we put everything in one place, which is pretty rare. We

Could you name three criteria that are needed to become a great fighter? First and foremost, it’s got to be someone that wants it and believes in himself. No matter what, he should have a winning mindset. The second is just a really hard work ethic and then the last one is intelligence. Fighters need to be able to understand how to learn, how to train and keep it, they should be open to being taught. What is the most important thing for those who want to become not just a good fighter but to be a legend? I would say mental toughness. I remember my trainer master Tang and he was such an inspiring trainer and example of mental toughness. I’d rather take a guy who is mentally and technically sound than a guy that has a lot of muscles or explosiveness. If all things are equal then that’s when the 10% of your physical gifts could help you to win in a fight. But other things are not equal: people have different surroundings, different coaches, different problems in their life, that is why it’s always important to win a mental battle in preparation for the fight. RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE


35 55

Author: Jeff Chiu

have a 40,000 square foot facility and we have everything under the sun that you need in order to get to the highest level of performance. I have extremely professional staff that can add value to anyone who crosses the threshold of my gym. As an MMA fighter you had forty-six fights in your career with 35 wins and 11 losses. What did you learn from your losses? I had some good lessons from my losses. I lost twice with the same guy. In the first fight I did a sneaky move and then I got caught with a big punch, and the fight ended earlier than I expected. The next time I fought him in the championship fight. I broke my hand in the first round. In the third round I dislocated my thumb and so for the whole five rounds I had one hand and then from the last round I had no hands. That was a very powerful fight and even though it was a loss 36 56


I fought really hard and gained a lot of respect. I was more satisfied with this fight compared to the others. I think effort and not just in the fight but in preparation negates feeling bad after. There are things that we can control and things that we can’t control and we mentally should be prepared for both of them.

Nothing is impossible! Absolutely everything can be achieved if you go ahead and don’t let fears lead you astray! Could you tell us more about your entrepreneur path and how could you manage so many different projects?


I love business and I think it is very similar to fighting where you just believe you can do anything OK and then you find a way to do it. My parents lead me by example because they’ve always worked hard and showed me that no matter how many times you fall, the most important thing is how many times you get up and move forward. My dad is a builder and he helped me a lot with my first gym and later in the real estate projects. My mom when I was in the 7th grade opened a little coffee shop. That was a big eye opener for me because we had always struggled with money. I have an Acai company (healthy berry sorbet) that we just started with my partners from Brazil. I’ve also produced with my friends the movie “Green Rush” and successfully sold it to Lionsgate content platform. Another big project is an online university that would allow fighters

from all over the world to train with the best coaches via an educational online platform. It will be an international platform where fighters could see the lessons from top performers, get a piece of advice from best coaches and I hope it could become a hub where people can buy specific programs and they can come in and enjoy a team or hire a coach no matter of their geographical location. What are the five things that you are most grateful for? First and foremost, my beautiful wife and our amazing kids. Second, I am grateful for my freedom, that means the ability to dedicate my time and energy where I want to put it. The third thing which I’m grateful for is the ability to help other people. I’ve had an impact on a lot of people’s lives and I feel that it always comes back to me.

I feel grateful for my parents. I talk with them every single day and my mom was at my house this morning helping out with the babies and my dad’s birthday is today, I still have to call him (smiles). And then the last thing is that I’m still alive and I’m going to keep going and do more stuff. If I will give you an envelope with the date of your death, would you open it?

mom always had on the refrigerator one of those calendars with many motivational quotes and other things. I put the most inspirational phrases from this calendar throughout my gym walls and in my room. I believe that nothing is impossible and that absolutely everything can be achieved if you go ahead and don’t let fears lead you astray.

No, I don’t think so. I think I would probably not do that just because it would be nice to have the envelope on the wall as a reminder to myself to live every day to the fullest. What advice would you give yourself going back to being a 10 years old boy? I would say cheesy but still powerful advice, like follow your passion and the money will come. When I was a kid, my



37 57

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for a place of service is not always taken into account when decisions are made regarding deployment. Undoubtedly, the advantages that a soldier gets when he chooses his own path in joining the ranks of the American army clearly outweigh the disadvantages.





Alan, now your rank is Staff Sergeant, how do you see your future? Do you have any plans to continue your military career in the army? Is this your calling?

by Elena Plotnikova Alan Urazov, a 26-year-old US Army Staff Sergeant, is sharing his incredible army experience and explaining why young people are attracted by the opportunity to serve in the American military. Today, serving in the US Army is highly paid, prestigious, and a great honor. Any American citizen can be inducted into the US Army, get a good education, and move up the career ladder. The US Army also gives equal opportunities to immigrants with permanent residency, who choose military service. Alan, why did you choose to serve in the army? This is a voluntary matter in the USA, which means that you could choose any other way to fulfil your potential. When I was in high school, I didn’t have a clear vision of who I wanted to become and what career to pursue. I made my choice in favor of the army after a conversation with our neighbor, a retired military colonel. He told me that he started to serve as a simple soldier at the age of 17 and rose to such a high rank. Also, the army gave him the opportunity to get a paid higher education. I realized that in this case, it isn’t a choice between study and service. And then I also wanted to test my strengths and capabilities, to test myself. The army, in this sense, could become that place for me. Alan, tell us where to begin with if a young man or woman decides to join the ranks of the American army? 140


You will need to pass the ASVAB entrance test, which includes sections from the school curriculum, and you will also need to pass logic questions. There are physical tests for certain jobs that prospects have to pass and a medical commission. How are things with hazing in the American army? Should young people who want to serve in the US Army be afraid of this? There is no hazing in the US Army. When a recruit enters the army, he is not singled out as an immigrant. He will also receive all the privileges like other recruits. In America, people are used to the fact that the country has a wide variety of ethnic groups, so everyone here is just a soldier who came to perform his duty and that’s it. Alan, could you tell our readers about privileges that a soldier could receive in the military and what are the downsides of serving in the American military system? As with any profession, there are always pros and cons. The main advantages, in my opinion, are guarantees of a job, a paid pension, and free medical insurance for the soldier and his family. In addition, we have the opportunity to get a free higher education and pursue after that in the career field. There are not so many cons, in my opinion. One of them, for example, is that military personnel are often far from their families and their desire


I have big plans for the future, and the army provides excellent opportunities for this. In the near future, my plans are to get an education while continuing my career growth. Thanks to the army, I have free health insurance for my family and great job benefits. After 20 years of service, I can already retire with a paid pension and continue to work in a profession or open my own business. Alan, there is a popular belief that soldiers serve 24/7. Can military service be equated with ordinary office jobs or is it different? Of course, there are situations where you need to work 24/7. Most of the time it happens when a soldier is performing his official duty. In general, the schedule of work in the army depends on the profession and type of activity of the employee. In terms of my schedule, I am currently a recruiter and my working day is from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm, five days a week. Yes, it can be compared to an office worker’s schedule. I also have 30 days of paid leave and sick leave. I help young people, who are interested in joining the army, to make their choice, as my neighbor once helped me. I strongly believe that every person should have a mentor in his life who would help him in choosing the right path in life. I will be happy to help all readers who are looking to build their careers in the US Army. If you are interested please call 916-767-3573

Contact Staff Sgt. Alan Urazov at (916) 641-8334





by Olga Garicichina



WITHOUT DIETING Juicing, keto, plant-based, intermittent fasting... There are dozens of various diets out there fighting for your attention. Many people cannot even imagine their life without those diets. However, we are here to prove that you CAN see the number on the scale fall without that. As a rule, the most famous diets that help you lose weight fast make you feel hungry and depressed. But what sense does it make to lose weight just to have it come back later again? Getting rid of extra pounds slowly but surely sounds much better to your health. Qualified experts claim this can be done without any reference to a word like ‘diet’. Instead, the main thing is to make simple changes to your daily habits. DON’T SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST The latest study confirms the well-known idea: people who eat breakfast in the morning stay slimmer and save themselves from belly fat compared to those who eat nothing at all at the beginning of the day. In 2018, a Mayo Clinic study found that people who skipped breakfast gained around 5-8 pounds more in one year than others who do eat in the morning. The explanation for this trend may appear to be simpler than you could think: in general, people who eat breakfast in the morning are more health-conscious. Nutrition experts point out that there is no one-size-fits-all healthy eating recipe. So, your breakfast doesn’t have to be big, but it’s probably a good idea to eat something during the first few hours of your day, to help avoid impulse binges of fatty or sugary food. GIVE PREFERENCE TO FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND WHOLE GRAINS Eating low-calorie fruits (prunes, berries, melons, apples) and veggies is a basis for healthy eating in the first place. Try eating five kinds of vegetables and three kinds of fruits daily because these foods are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. You should also incorporate whole grain food (wild rice, buckwheat, quinoa or barley) into your diet. These foods provide essential fiber which keeps you full for a longer time, so that you can burn your belly fat. 42



TRY MINDFUL EATING Conscious eating is a great tool for weight management. It decreases cravings and improves portion control. Those people who have a harmful habit of eating and watching YouTube, texting someone, or playing games at the same time tend to eat much more than they need just because they are not paying much attention to the process of eating. This, in turn, can cause overeating. If you want to practice mindful eating, then you should forget about all the distractions, such as turning on the TV, bringing your laptop to the kitchen table, or reading something in-between. It is best to eat at a table and concentrate on how the food tastes. Please don’t forget about the signs of satiety and remember that chewing your food properly will help you to digest it. COOK AT HOME If you could make your meals at home then you definitely could manage your weight. Here’s an interesting fact: researchers are now linking weight gain and obesity to poor cooking skills. Plus, when you cook at home, use natural fats such as ghee, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, so our body can recognize them and build healthy, strong cell membranes. Only then can our bodies function properly. A big part of cells working well is a result of the fats we eat. Unfortunately, most takeout foods, and certainly all fast foods, are cooked in refined vegetable oils (soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, canola oil). Research indicates that these fats cause epidemic levels of heart disease and obesity.

FIBER IS A KEY TO SUCCESS Fiber-rich foods bring satiety, so you don’t get hungry again for a longer period of time. Research also shows that viscous fiber is especially beneficial in case you want to lose weight. It increases fullness and reduces your daily food intake. Viscous fiber has a special characteristic. It turns into gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel improves the time of absorption of nutrients and slows down the emptying of your stomach. This kind of fiber is only found in plant foods. Here are a few examples of foods with this type of fiber: oranges, oldfashioned oats, asparagus, beans, Brussels sprouts, beets, and flax seeds. RELAX AND CHILL

INCREASE PROBIOTIC INTAKE You must have heard about probiotics at least once in your lifetime. These are beneficial bacteria that play a crucial role in digestion and affect your weight and fat mass and even mood. Humans’ bodies host these bacteria and supply them with food, including fiber. In turn, gut bacteria aid the intestine and improve overall human health. Any diet that involves much sugar and fat can alter the balance of bacteria by decreasing the number of good bacteria. In nature, probiotics are found in various fermented foods, such as tempeh, kimchi, plain Greek yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, and kombucha. Also, you could ask your primary care doctor about supplements that could help you in normalizing gut flora. Healthy microbiome is the key to an overall health. RESTFUL SLEEP When it comes to weight loss, the crucial role of sleep cannot be ignored or underestimated. When you fall asleep, your body starts healing any damage caused by wear and tear. The digestive system diligently processes food, absorbs carbohydrates and breaks down fats. Any lack of sleep leads to changes in hormonal balance, especially when it comes to such hormones as cortisol or insulin. Cortisol regulates the level of proteins, sugar, minerals, fats, and water. Insulin is responsible for normal blood sugar levels and fat accumulation. Lack of sleep triggers higher levels of cortisol and leads to increased insulin, which makes burning calories a much more challenging undertaking. So, a good night’s sleep can help in weight loss.

You might be surprised but stress isn’t bad for your body. It energizes you and can push you to achieve your peak performance. However, if you are constantly stressed and never take your time to relax, then it can cause a lot of problems. Constant stress may even throw your hormones off balance and cause faster fat gains. Check your AppStore for stress relief apps and use breathing or meditation techniques to bring your cortisol levels down.

BE CAREFUL WITH LIQUID CALORIES Sweet drinks increase the number of calories but do not reduce the feeling of hunger when compared to solid food. Drink plain water, carbonated mineral water with lemon or kombucha instead. Try a bit of nutritious and low-calorie vegetable juice to help yourself if you no longer feel full during the day. Beware of calories that come with alcohol; they add up quickly. If you enjoy drinking champagne or something stronger quite often, decreasing the amount of alcohol that gets in your body will definitely help you lose weight. Plus, if you are a coffee drinker, then invest your money in a good coffee-machine instead of drinking pure quality products from coffee-shops and drive-throughs, and don’t add any additional sugar or sweet flavored syrups to your freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea. WORK OUT When you work out regularly, you burn lots of calories. For instance, a 30-year-old woman, 55 kg and 1.65 cm tall can lose around 500 calories per hour of running at a speed of 6 min per km. Generally, the exact amount of fat you can potentially lose depends on your age, gender, height, and weight. If you do it faster, obviously, the total number of calories you lose will rise. Also, exercise strengthens your muscles. Someone with more muscles will burn more calories, even when not working out. Another great way to track your physical activity is fitness trackers. It is a small investment but it allows you to track your steps per day exactly (aim to have at least 8,000) and your heart rate during the workouts. RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE






School Mission: Community Outreach Academy (COA) was founded with a commitment to develop the academic talents of its’ students, while nurturing their appreciation and understanding of their rich cultural heritage, and the place they take as citizens in our state and nation. In providing a multicultural education, including curriculum representing the students’ language and literature of their heritage, delivered in a supportive environment, the faculty will develop the students’ ability to apply lessons as they grow and maximize their individual social, academic, and personal development and contribute to our diverse community.

Tuition-Free Charter School Accredited by WASC

Community Outreach


Бесплатная чартерная общественная школа (KG-6)

School Program Highlights • WASC Accreditation • State Adopted Curriculum • Credentialed Teachers • Bilingual Staff • Safe & Comfortable Environment • Russian, Ukrainian & Belarusian Language Classes • Music and Art Programs • Physical Education Classes • Computer Lab & Computer Classes • Extended After School Program • Character Education Program • Technology Enhanced Classroom

5640 Dudley Blvd, Blvd. 1425 McClellan, CA 95652

(916) 286-1950


Larissa Gonchar

Can you accurately talk about God prior to knowing Him? We pondered this question in our editorial office and decided to solicit responses from our Facebook and Instagram followers. In particular, to those who call themselves atheists, what specific questions do they have about faith? Alexander Shevchenko, the wellknown pastor from the church, House of Bread, gladly agreed to answer nine of some of the most complex and, in some ways, even provocative questions.




GOD by Olga Garicichina

How can I be sure the Bible tells the truth? Does the world have any real evidence that the Bible was written by God, not by man, and wasn’t rewritten to suit various religious movements?


To begin with, the Bible is not just one book. It is comprised of 66 books written by different authors at different times. Moreover, these people lived on different continents of the globe and were of different social classes: doctors, ministers, fishermen. But, at the same time, there are no contradictions in what they wrote, and the general concept of the Bible is the same regardless of the time or personality of the author. Therefore, the first argument in favor of the Bible is the inspiration of the Holy Scripture. The second fundamental argument is the biblical prophecy. There are lots of them. Hundreds of events were predicted many years before they happened. There are over 400 prophecies in the Bible about Jesus Christ, and such coincidences are mathematically impossible, given that all these predictions were fulfilled in the smallest detail by that same person. If someone really wants to see supernatural moments in the Bible, he or she will find them, in large numbers.

46 54




God wants everyone to worship Him and follow Him, and if people don’t obey Him, they will burn in hell forever. How does this behavior characterize the personality of God?

This is a very distorted view of God and an extremely pagan and cynical view of who God is. People live in hell already. Look at what the world has become today! People betray their dearest, commit suicide, destroy themselves using alcohol, drugs, and computer games. God sent his Son to Earth, who literally went through hell and voluntarily died to pay the price and save “His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). I know thousands of people who changed dramatically after they came to know God. God never created hell for people! “Eternal fire (is) prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41). Those people who consciously make a choice in favor of the devil predetermine their fate.


If the desire of believers is to bring atheists to God so that they become believers, do you think you are better than atheists?

The Bible clearly states that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). The essence of all people is the same. The insignificant difference may only lie in the set of certain traits. I am no better than atheists or anyone else on Earth! I am absolutely the same as everyone else. Jesus Christ makes all the difference when a person gives Him a place in his or her heart. These changes in the life of a believer are not the product of his own efforts. When dirty water flows from a hose, you don’t throw out the hose because of that. If you disconnect a hose from a dirty source and connect it to a clean one, then clean water will flow from that hose. Likewise, a person who knows God is connected to a completely different source and gets a completely different worldview.


Can I believe in God without attending church?

Yes, of course, you can believe in God and not attend church, but it is important to clarify what we mean by the word ‘church’. Martin Luther, who started the reform of the Catholic Church 500 years ago, proclaimed a “universal priesthood”. Thus, relying on the Bible, Luther argued that thanks to Jesus Christ who is the only mediator between God and people, everyone has open access to God. What is a ‘church’? The church is people, not a building! Church is not a confession, it is not an address where people gather, and it is not clergy... As for me, I don’t go to church; I represent it! Certainly, the Church of the Middle Ages speculated that everyone who wanted to be saved had to go to church, but it is important to understand an incredibly vital truth: the church doesn’t save; God saves!

Alexander Shevchenko, Pastor from the church House of Bread

Jesus Christ said: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”. That is why wherever I go, wherever I am, I maintain live communication with God who lives in the temple of my body, and this changes my perspective of life and behavior completely. And it doesn’t matter where I am: among a large group of people or just sitting at home in front of a TV screen. You can believe in God and not attend church, but true faith in God will give you a strong desire to meet and be with your brothers and sisters in Christ.


If God exists, is there only one way to get to know Him? Will everyone who doesn’t profess Christianity go to hell?

First, it is important to understand that Christianity and Christ are not the same things. Christianity was different in different historical times, and I have said more than once that Christianity, as a religion, is not much different from other world religions. Many religions teach to have respect for elders, behave decently, not steal, betray, or kill, etc. But with Jesus Christ and acceptance of Him as Savior, Christianity is set apart from all other religions. Apostle Peter said: “There is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Peter is referring to Jesus Christ as the only means of salvation. Christ Himself says that He is the of salvation, and whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever doesn’t believe stands condemned already. Do you really think God sent His Son to the cross if there were alternate routes to save the soul? No! Jesus is the only opportunity to be saved! RUSSIAN RUSSIANTIME TIME MAGAZINE MAGAZINE


47 55


Is there any difference among sins? Will I get the same verdict if I gorge myself on ice cream at night (as gluttony is a mortal sin) or kill someone?

This question is difficult. I don’t like to be philosophical, but I’ll try to explain this situation. Indeed, there are different degrees of punishment for a crime because there are different degrees of a crime. I believe that God looks at a person’s entire life as a whole. He considers the motives of a person rather than just his actions. You won’t deny that a bad person can do a good thing, and a righteous person can falter. Both deeds and thoughts cannot be hidden from God, therefore, it is important to live every moment of your life consciously, with the understanding that your whole life will be evaluated, not just one piece. Can a serial killer who became a Christian at the end of his life go to Heaven, while a good doctor who saved hundreds of lives but wasn’t baptized go to hell for it?


You may not like this answer, but the truth is that if this killer sincerely repented and confessed before the death penalty, just like the robber who was on the cross next to Jesus, he will enter the Kingdom of God. And if there is a good doctor, a person who is useful to society, but who consciously denies the Lord, then I don’t know what fate he condemns himself to. I don’t want to be a judge in this regard, but if a person had the opportunity to confess his sins and accept Jesus Christ as his Savior but refused this, he seriously risks spending eternity in hell.

Ernest Hemingway


Certainly, the promises are the same for everyone, but if a person is full, healthy, and isn’t in danger, then he may not as readily see the need for God. I recently read Ernest Hemingway, and I really liked his quote: “Give the man needed and wanted amenities. Provide him comfort —


It’s not that Christianity attracts the poor and the sick, but rather it may be more difficult for successful people to see their need for God. I believe that God should become your friend. We talk with friends, and we enjoy spending time with them. When more unhappy people come to church or God, this is not God’s fault. This once again proves that people are weak and selfish, and therefore, often turn to God when faced with difficult life circumstances.

“Give the man needed and wanted amenities. Provide him comfort — he will strive to beat. Shower him with luxury, he starts to sigh at the exquisite. Let him get refined and it will get thirsty madness. If you give him all that he wants — he’ll complain that he cheated and that he was not what he wanted”.

Why does the Christian religion attract the poor, weak, vulnerable, sick, and depressed? Can religious promises be more attractive to these people as opposed to successful, self-sufficient, healthy, and happy people?

48 56

he will strive to beat. Shower him with luxury, he starts to sigh at the exquisite. Let him get refined and it will get thirsty madness. If you give him all that he wants — he’ll complain that he cheated and that he was not what he wanted”.


Does God punish children for the sins of their parents, and if so, how can such a God be called a kind and loving Father?


Prophet Jeremiah has such an allegorical image: “The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children’s teeth are set on edge. But every one shall die for his own iniquity: every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge. That means children won’t be punished for the deeds of their parents. But judging from my long experience working with people, I see that often things that happen in the lives of children are really the fault of their fathers. Unfortunately, many parents disclaim responsibility for the unsettled life of their children and even blame God for it. For example, a mother, being pregnant, knows perfectly well that it is strictly prohibited to smoke or drink alcohol. Now the question is: “If a sick child is born to such a woman, is God to blame?”

When Billy Graham’s daughter was interviewed by a wellknown TV channel after 9/11, she was asked the question: “How can you preach about a loving God after so many terrorist attacks, deaths at schools, and murders all over the country?” She answered: “You have to be asked this question, the people who are at the head of the country and create laws! When you removed the Ten Commandments from the school curriculum, when you removed the prayers from schools, this has caused so much grief in our country. However, instead of repenting and admitting your guilt, you blame God for all our troubles”.










by Olga Garicichina

THE ONLY SHOW THAT CAN MAKE YOU RICH We’ve all heard about the popular show “Shark Tank”, where entrepreneurs come to a group of well-known and wealthy investors and hope that one of the socalled sharks will invest in their company. Today we will talk about a fundamentally new format of the show in which almost everyone can become an investor and enrich themselves by investing money in a company that eventually becomes a unicorn*! This is a fundamentally new format called Enrichtainment, and the creator and executive producer of this show is Alex Konanykhin.

Alex Konanykhin is a visionary international entrepreneur and best-selling author who wrote a playbook on unicorn hunting! His formidable entrepreneurial journey began in his mid-twenties when he created the largest bank in postcommunist Russia before defecting to the United States. Alex is the co-founder and CEO of TransparentBusiness, an ecosystem of technology solutions for transparent remote workforce management. As a pioneer of the remote workforce revolution, he envisioned the benefits of this work model before they became apparent to the world. Today, the company is valued at more than $34 billion dollars.

What the main purpose of this show is, how to get on it, and what prospects it promises to the audience, are the topics Alex personally covered for us in this interview. ALEX, HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA OF THE “UNICORN HUNTERS” SHOW? For the last three years we’ve been raising money for the Transparent Business company before going public. We advertised the opportunity to become an early investor on various social networks, major targetaudience websites, and television. Over the last year, we gathered a base of more than 40,000 potential investors, and that base cost us four million dollars that we’ve spent on advertisement. Analyzing these metrics, I was thinking on how to monetize this base of potential investors. Then the idea just flashed in my head! We need to create a program where people from around the globe 50 54



could present their startup ideas, and viewers get a unique chance to become investors in the pre-IPO startups, and subsequently multiply their investments many times. IS THERE A MINIMUM MONEY LIMIT FOR INVESTORS AND WHAT REGULATIONS APPLY TO THE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES? There is a minimum limit and it is one thousand dollars. It used to be five thousand dollars, but we’ve reduced it to make pre-IPO investment opportunities as accessible as possible for everyone. Regarding investors from the United States, most offerings will require US investors to be “accredited investors.” (According

to the Securities and Exchange Commission, an accredited investor is a person who earned income that exceeded $200,000, or $300,000 together with a spouse, in each of the prior two years, or whose net worth exceeds one million dollars). We are building a global system and not focusing only on the American market. IN ONE OF THE EPISODES OF THE “UNICORN HUNTERS” SHOW YOU SAID THAT A LEADER HOULD BE CHARISMATIC. WHAT DID YOU MEAN? We are creating a show. It should be entertaining. Our show requires certain qualities from those who are willing to present their startups. We do not simply need people who are motivated and great entrepreneurs, they should also be charismatic and have interesting personalities as well. We had, for example, to pass on one promising software company as the founder’s manner of narration was very boring.

COULD YOU NAME THREE AREAS THAT ARE THE MOST PROMISING IN YOUR OPINION? I think there are plenty of opportunities in various fields, but the areas with the fastest growth potential are IT, pharmacology and biotechnology. For example, the capitalization of TikTok reached $75 billion in just two years. In other areas, where we are talking about a physical product, the need for production and distribution logistics can significantly slow down the growth of the company. ALEX, WHAT IS THE MAIN INCENTIVE FOR YOU TO ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD AND DISCOVER NEW AREAS FOR BUSINESS, SUCH AS WITH THE “UNICORN HUNTERS” SHOW? I have a very simple view of life: it’s more interesting when there is constant movement and when you are in the epicenter of events, passionate about new projects, meeting motivated and talented people.

Otherwise, the life may become mundane and boring. I had the experience of early retirement attempt at 25. I had enough money, I wanted to travel around the world and enjoy a more hedonistic life. But two weeks into it my enthusiasm faded, my mood dropped, and I came to a realization that it is incredibly important for a man to be like a shark, always on the move, otherwise retirement will really come, and it will bring no joy with it. WHAT IS THE FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “UNICORN HUNTERS” AND “SHARK TANK”? With all due respect to the creators, participants and investors in Shark Tank, I don’t like its format. The rich jury gets only richer, and entrepreneurs sell considerable shares in their companies for very modest investments (the average investment size is only $160,000). Our format involves entering the global market (we have projects from all over the world: England, New Zealand, Chile, Australia, etc.), and the opportunity for almost everyone to try themselves as an investor. Of course, I do not expect that viewers will, in just 30 minutes, decide to invest money in a certain company or not, therefore our website contains detailed information about each company and I advise everyone to check carefully the information about companies, who are presented on the show. Plus, at “Unicorn Hunters’ we have a very warm atmosphere on the set, we do not use our authority to push or belittle the participants, as it often happens in “Shark Tank”. We want to help first and make sure that cool breakthrough ideas can be understood by the audience, and those who see the value in these projects and invest at an early stage will be able to invest profitably in a startup even before it becomes a unicorn.



51 55

MONEY CIRCLE The team and group of UNICORN HUNTERS consist of experts with proven experience in the world of entrepreneurship, technology and investment.

STEVE WOZNIAK Wozniak helped create arguably the most influential company of all time. As an industry pioneer, he is often asked about the future of the technology industry. Now, with Unicorn Hunters, he’s ready to take a first-hand look at the possibilities and give his opinion on finding the next billion-dollar company. As the first Latin American woman to lead a unicorn when her company reached a $1 billion valuation in 2020, Silvina Moschini knows that unicorn companies SILVINA have three things in common: MOSCHINI they are disruptive, they solve a global problem, and they are led with passion. She co-founded the TransparentBusiness SaaS solution to provide and facilitate remote work. As the founder and CEO of SheWorks!, Silvina helps thousands of companies scale around the world with talent, while giving women the opportunity to find work in the digital marketplace. Her efforts have earned her numerous awards, including the United Nations Equal in Technology Leadership Award, the Women for Life Technology Achievement Award, and she was named Woman of the Decade by the Women’s Economic Forum. 52 56



Alex is the co-founder and CEO of TransparentBusiness, an ecosystem of technology solutions for transparent remote personnel management. ALEX As a pioneer of the remote KONANYKHIN workforce revolution, he foresaw the benefits of this work model even before they became apparent to the whole world. His foresight and entrepreneurial prowess paved the way for Unicorn Hunters. Alex is the executive producer and cocreator of the series and is ready to share his unicorn hunting skills with the whole world. *A unicorn company is a company with an estimated value of more than a billion dollars.

UNICORN HUNTER FACT SHEET: Unicorn Hunters provide you with transparent access to make smart decisions and the opportunity to invest in pre-IPO opportunities. We put all our knowledge and experience into attracting the attention of companies in which we see a surprisingly high potential to become unicorns.

LANCE BASS Lance Bass is the quintessence of a very successful and energetic jack of all trades: singer, presenter, actor, producer, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and astronaut. In addition to his fame as a member of the phenomenally successful band *NSYNC that has sold an impressive 60 million-plus records worldwide, he is the founder and partner of a mobile champagne and bar food trailer company, Bubble Tap Trailer /Tap Trailer Co, a restaurant partner, WeHo Rocco and an investor in a celebrity personalized video company Cameo. His infectious enthusiasm and charm gave way to some of the best moments of the series. Rosie Rios was the 43rd Treasurer of the United States, she left her mark on both the history books and U.S. currency. Rios’s signature appears ROSIE on a record $1.7 trillion in RIOS circulation worldwide. Prior to her presidential appointment, she was Managing Director of Investments for MacFarlane Partners, a $22 billion investment management firm based in San Francisco. In 2016, Rios received the Hamilton Award, the highest honor bestowed in the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She is a graduate of Harvard University and was selected as the first Latina in Harvard’s 385-year history to have a portrait commissioned in her honor. In 2020, Rios was named one of the “Women of the Century” by USA Today.

Moe Vela is a lawyer, media commentator, entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant. Moe made American history by becoming the first Latino MOE and LGBTQ American to hold VELA the top leadership position in the White House twice — as a director of administration and senior advisor to both Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden. He is currently CEO and president of the Washington-based global consulting firm The Vela Group. Moe is known for his passion and energetic approach to every endeavor and demonstrates his leadership in thinking to audiences and clients around the world, and he will do the same at Unicorn Hunters. He is the author of the bestseller “A Little Secret. Big Dreams”.



53 57

“Doctor“Doctor Newman Newman really ISreally a IS a professional! professional! My laserMyvision laser vision correction correction at Newman at Newman LASIK was LASIK was surprisingly surprisingly fast, effective fast, effective and and painless! painless! In just one In just visitone I was visitable I was able to leavetomy leave glasses my glasses and contact and contact lenses behind! lenses behind! I recommend I recommend Newman Newman LASIK toLASIK everyone to everyone dreaming dreaming of goodofeyesight!" good eyesight!"


SACRAMENTO, SACRAMENTO, DALY CITY, DALYAND CITY,THE AND THE SAN FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO LarissaLarissa Gonchar Gonchar BAY AREA BAY AREA Principal Principal of Community of Community Outreach Outreach Academy Academy


FINANCE YOUR PROCEDURE! * $0 Down, zero interestYOUR for 2 years! FINANCE PROCEDURE! * $0 Down, zero interest for 2 years!

$500 $500OFF OFF ANY ANY PROCEDURE PROCEDURE ($250/eye) ($250/eye) Dr. Leonard Dr. Leonard Newman Newman is a laser is avision laser vision correction correction surgeon surgeon who holds who degrees holds degrees from both fromGeorgetown both Georgetown University University Medical Medical SchoolSchool and the and Yale theUniversity Yale University SchoolSchool of Medicine. of Medicine. Dr. Newman Dr. Newman has performed has performed over 70,000 over 70,000 corrective corrective eye surgery eye surgery procedures, procedures, ranking ranking as oneasofone the of most theexperienced most experienced vision vision correction correction surgeons surgeons in our in region. our region.

Lasik Lasik is all is we all we do!do! Free Free Examination Examination





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Sacramento SacramentoSan Francisco San Francisco / East/ East Bay Bay

3838 Watt 3838Ave., WattSte Ave., A-110 Ste A-110500 Alfred 500 Alfred Nobel,Nobel, Ste 225Ste 225 Sacramento, Sacramento, CA 95821 CA 95821Hercules, Hercules, California California 94547 94547

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Roseville: 530-415-5959 | Yuba City: 530-300-7663 Davis: 530-410-4241 I South Sacramento: 916-425-5787 Folsom: 916-477-5444 | Chico: 530-965-2826


INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT VARIOUS JOBS Featured Guest: Julia Grant Occupation: Business Owner/ Entrepreneur

Julia Grant:



Instagram: @deluxebathsoap by Vanessa Grey

Photo by: Olha Melokhina | @olhaphotography

Blitz Quiz A movie that you can watch over and over again: Haven’t watched any movies for a long time. Fortunately, or unfortunately (can’t decide), I don’t have time to do that. Your morning doesn’t start without: Without freshly squeezed celery juice. Favorite dessert: None. I stopped eating sweets. Where would you like to go right now: To the warm ocean. I love America for: For its patriotism. What is more important: to be successful or happy? For me, it’s happiness that is more important.

How did you come up with your business idea? What was the starting point? I love everything about genuine purity and, therefore, I am sensitive to the composition of those personal care products that companies in the body care industry offer. Everyone knows that it is very difficult to find suitable and quality products from such manufacturers. Therefore, I ventured to delve into the production process on my own. This was the starting point in creating my business and growing in this direction.

What would you advise those who dream of starting their own business, but cannot decide to go ahead with it? I’d recommend that they set a specific goal and calculate the real return from investment they’d get from achieving it. Describe yourself in one sentence. I’m a deeply faithful, freedom loving, hardworking intuitive entrepreneur with a passion for quality and ingenuity.

Describe your perfect day. My perfect day would be waking up earlier than my child, working on my spiritual growth, as well as staying in shape. Then I would spend some time with my family, which is the most precious moment for me. After that I start working, which includes the creative process, making products, packing and shipping orders, communicating with clients, preparing new collections, marketing, and so much more. Ideally, I’d go to bed at 10 p.m., but this happens very rarely.

Was there a moment when you wanted to give up what you started?

What have you sacrificed when building your brand and business?

Which product from your line do you like/use the most?

Oh, sure. In the course of any business, there are always many bureaucratic and organizational obstacles that take up both time and money. A lot of time and money. I had to come up with a fair amount of patience and enthusiasm, but the final purpose was a powerful source of motivation and support from my family.

Spending time with my family.

I use every product. They are all my favorites!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? Manufacturing quality in all industrial sectors.

Who or what inspires you to grow and achieve new goals? My family and my clients.



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• WINDOWS testing new products Catering and seeing what • WINDOW SHUTTERS we can do to improve 916-416-3865 • DOORS our windows and make them as • HVAC 844-787-7888 energy efficient and • SIDING 916-844-7700 Sacramento / Davis / environmentally Roseville / Folsom Join us at our new restaurant friendly as possible. • ROOFING 1331 Terminal St, / Natomas 5450 Sunrise Blvd in Citrus Heights Elk Grove / Citrus Heights West Sacramento, CA 95691 • ENERGY EFFICIENCY

Thank You for Saving Water California is out of the drought. Thanks to your hard work conserving water, customers have helped us save more than 15 billion gallons of water between June 2015 and March 2017. Please call (916) 568-4201 or visit for more information about our local watering schedule and available program and rebates.

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UNHAPPY by Igor Alatortev

“It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.” George Lorimer

Although the vast majority of people are convinced that money makes people happy, it is not always so. In most cases, money is a surprisingly bad thing, especially when it comes to making people satisfied with their life. At this point, it is critical to mention that the moment people escape the trap of poverty, they stop valuing even simple things that traditionally make people happy. Do you have clothes, food, and accommodation? You should be happier than 70% of the people around. However, in most instances, the richer people are, the less satisfied they become with their lives. If you have always been convinced that money equals pleasure, it is time you came to terms with the truth: it does not. Just imagine the situation where you strive to learn to play the guitar. At the initial point, you are convinced that when you get the desired skill, you will be 100% happy. Nonetheless, when you learn a few chords and can play simple melodies, you get dissatisfied with the current 60 54


achievements and want to get better. The tendency continues every single time you reach the desired results. The same happens with money; when you can afford anything you want, you lose your purpose which is critical for a life filled with happiness and satisfaction.

Money will not make you happy until you find happiness in simple everyday things There is hardly anyone who has never heard the statement, “money cannot make people happy”. Unfortunately, there are many people who try to contradict the statement and claim that the moment they get the desired amount of money, they will become 100% happy. However, even if you


earn as much money as you need to cover all your desires, you may still feel confused and dissatisfied. Is it even possible to explain this dilemma? Money will not make you happy until you find happiness in simple everyday things. Just stop comparing yourself to other people and you will be pleased with everything that happens in your life, and the financial situation will not matter. SUCCESS IS RELATIVE, MONEY IS TEMPORARY Once you have bought a new home, got a fancy car, or purchased something that you’ve always dreamt of, you should get happier. To tell the truth, such things will surely please you and make you happy, but this state of bliss will not last long since it does not necessarily depend on material things. Instead, your feelings and self-esteem matter more, because the moment you realize that you have everything you’ve dreamt of, you will become miserable in your own eyes again.



Jobs make people feel bad. Sometimes, in an effort to earn a lot of money, people compromise their interests and choose professions they do not like. This way, they have everything necessary for a comfortable life, but they find it unrewarding and unsatisfying; People have to spend money on things that cannot make them happy. In the overwhelming majority of instances, people make the maximum effort to earn a decent living. However, none of them wants to spend money on trivial things that do not bring much pleasure. Do you want to look unique, drive an exclusive car, and relish unforgettable vacations? You will have to work even harder to achieve the desired result, but in the end, the

The Happy Planet Index ranked the following countries as happiest using ecological footprint and wellbeing as major factors:  Costa Rica;  Panama;  Mexico;  Nicaragua;  Colombia;  Bangladesh;  Vanuatu;  Thailand;  Vietnam;  Ecuador.

1 HOUR. That’s the optimal amount of time to spend on your phone each day to be your happiest, according to a study of one million teens.

150 beats per minute. This is the perfect song tempo to lift your mood, according to researcher. Listening to a fast beat triggers feel-good vibes whenever you need a burst of joy.

If you are convinced that money cannot make people unhappy, here are some things you should definitely think of:


Hawaii, the 50th state to join the U.S., ranks number one in happiness, says a study. But it’s not all about sunshine and pineapples: the next happiest states, in order, are Maine, Nevada, Utah, and Vermont.

45% of all emojis sent are happy face emojis. An analysis of more than a billion emojis found that smileys are by far the most popular, with sad faces and hearts a distant second and third.

A Gallup poll showed that 6-7 hours of socializing daily results in the highest level of happiness for people.

Money could equal happiness, at least up to earning $75,000 annual salary, the cap that puts the widest smile on the face of the average Joe and Jane. People who earn less tend to face hardships in life.

A marriage where a husband earns less than his wife is more likely to end in divorce.

result will not be worth the effort. All the emotions you get will be temporary and won’t last forever; •

The desire to succeed makes people take out numerous loans. Although most are passionately waiting for the moment they win the jackpot and become rich in a matter of seconds, they have to work hard to earn a living. At the same time, the burning desire to look respectful makes them resort to loans and purchase big things and little accessories that may potentially contribute to their reputation.

These are only a few factors that may explain why money does not usually make people happy. In fact, this list is individual and depends mainly on the way you think and perceive reality. If you view money as the way to stay free and independent, there is a chance you can stay happy. But if you consider it to be the only thing that brings pleasure, you are the unhappiest person in this world. RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



Invest in personal relationships


Commit to meaningful goals


Take care of your body and soul


Live in the present


Practice gratitude and positive thinking


Learn coping strategies


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Апартаменты Мирасоль Вилладж Сакраменто, Калифорния Доступное жилье и рыночная цена доступны! Лимиты арендной платы и дохода *

Пределы дохода по размеру домохозяйства: *

1 спальня: у нас будут квартиры на 60% и 80% $1,020 - $ 1,360 2 спальни: у нас будут квартиры на 60% и 80%

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Этот новый проект расположен на бульваре Ричардс на 12-й улице и Деревня Мирасоль • 427 авто улице Дос-Риос. удобно расположен между шоссе 160 и • Общественные комнаты межштатной автомагистралью 5. • Фитнес-центр • Бизнес-центр • бассейн • Площадки для барбекю • Охраняемый велосипед стоянка • Детская площадка

Большое разнообразие планов этажей! Пожалуйста, посетите, чтобы просмотреть планы этажей. * Суммы являются оценочными и могут меняться к моменту аренды.

1 человек: 2 человека: 3 человека: 4 человека: 5 человек: 6 человек: 7 человек:

$38,100 - $50,800 $43,500 - $58,000 $48,960 - $65,280 $54,360 - $72,480 $58,740 - $78,320 $63,060 $67,440

СВЯЖИТЕСЬ С НАМИ: Компания Джона Стюарта (916) 561-0324 DRE# 654505



for patients without insurance




We offer a revolutionary approach to dentistry! Our cutting edge CEREC technology allows us to scan, design, and craft dental crowns and bridges while you wait! We practice metal free dentistry, using only high quality, safe, and esthetic materials for crowns, onlays, and dental fillings.

Dr. Alexander Klimushkin, DDS


970 Sacramento Avenue, West Sacramento, CA 95605 We have a technological equipment which allows us to take digital panoramic and 3-D images of teeth and facial structures. We do all types of extractions without oral surgery referrals. RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE WWW.RUSSIANAMERICANMEDIA.COM We design and place implants in the exact location where future crowns will go.


Moving your future forward You have exciting plans for the future. Now all you need is the financial guidance to put them into motion. Count on Wells Fargo to help you achieve your goals — whatever they may be. Visit us and let’s have a conversation about what’s important to you. © 2021 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. IHA-7038806

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Äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü â «MADAR» Новый ресторан узбекской и афганской кухни в Сакраменто.

• Самса • Бургеры • Шашлык • Баклава и многое другое... УНИКАЛЬНО, БЫСТРО, ВКУСНО!

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After years of trying to get the perfect smile that I envisioned, I found Dr. Crooks and her team. I chose her practice because of the many recommendations, but I stayed because I saw her passion for dentistry. When I decided to follow through with veneers, Dr. Crooks talked me through the entire process and what would be expected. I was nervous but she made me feel comfortable and excited! Dr. Crooks and her staff exceeded all my expectations! The confidence Dr. Crooks gave me is something I can’t thank her enough for. Dr. Crooks is a true artist and perfectionist, and it is apparent after seeing results!

Margret Okunev We provide all dental specialties under one roof to enhance the health, function and beauty of your smile.



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Лечение рака, которое положило начало новой главе в жизни В период текущей открытой записи выберите лечение, положившее начало новой главе в жизни Тэри, у которой наступила ремиссия после семилетней болезни рака толстой и прямой кишки.

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2998 Douglas Blvd, #125 Roseville, California 95661

Найдите подходящего вам врача мед. центра UC Davis Health уже сегодня.

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RESTORE SKIN’S NATURAL HEALTH AND GLOW WITH MRS. LORA Licensed Esthetician certified in Israel and USA

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Гибкое расписание Все классы – с подготовительного по 12-й Flexible schedule IЗамечательные TK through 12thучителя grade I Amazing teachers

"Take Charge of your Education" Heritage Peak Charter School offers FREE

· Independent study, on-site classes, and homeschooling options. · Credit recovery program for those that need to catch up on their H.S. credits. · Career Certiication options for Medical Assistant, EKG Technician. and Home Health Provider with internships at Kaiser, UCDavis and other clinics. · Dual Enrollment options! · Accredited by WASC. · Amazon Future Engineers.

Flexible Flexible schedule schedule II TK TK through through 12th 12th grade grade II Amazing Amazing teachers teachers TAKE CLASSES AT THE LOCAL COMMUNITY "Take Charge of your Education" "Take Charge of your Education" COLLEGE WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL FOR FREE Heritage Heritage Peak Peak Charter Charter School School offers offers FREE FREE БЕСПЛАТНО

·· Independent study, classes, and options. “Образование Independent study, on-site on-site classes,Lyudmila and homeschooling homeschooling options. Heritage Peak предлагает: Semeryuk ваших детей program for those that ·· Credit recovery up Credit recovery program· for those независимого that need need to to catch catch up on on their their H.S. H.S. credits. credits. Вариант обучения. в ваших руках” Outreach & Engagement Specialist ·· Career Certiication options for Medical Assistant, EKG Technician. Career Certiication options for Medical Assistant, EKG Technician. · Варианты домашнего обучения. and Home Health Provider with internships at Kaiser, UCDavis and other clinics. · Программа наверстывания упущенного, окончания and Home Health Provider with internships at Kaiser, UCDavis and для other clinics. 916-890-4680 ·· Dual Dual Enrollment Enrollment options! options!средней школы. ·· Accredited by WASC. пра · Программа профессиональной подготовки с практикой Accredited by WASC. ·· Amazon в Kaiser, UC Davis и других клиниках. Amazon Future Future Engineers. Engineers.

· Программа параллельного обучения, позволяет учиться в местном колледже, будучи учеником старших классов. AT · TAKE AmazonCLASSES Future Engineers TAKE CLASSES AT THE THE LOCAL LOCAL COMMUNITY COMMUNITY


Людмила Семерюк Lyudmila Semeryuk Outreach and Engagement Specialist

Outreach Outreach & & Engagement Engagement Specialist Specialist


8210 Berry Ave, #170 Sacramento, CA 95828 54 68


916-890-4680 916-890-4680

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Elliott’s Natural Foods provides one stop shopping for superior quality vitamins and potent supplements that aid in strengthening the immune system, lowering inflammation, reversing chronic health issues and supporting the client’s health at its highest level. This family-owned company was founded in 1952 with the primary goal of sharing relevant wellness and health products while maintaining great customer satisfaction.

All supplements are third-party tested. Find their quality, purity, and efficacy on the corresponding documentation. Russian-speaking representatives are available to help if you are experiencing language barriers. For maximum convenience and comfort, shop either online or in person.





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(from the first Thursday to Sunday) which rotates through different featured brands

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Empowering Possibilities International Charter Fr e e ( K - 8 ) C h a r t e r S c h o o l i n W e s t S a c r a m e n t o !

EPIC is a free K-8 public charter school with an International Baccalaureate focus. EPIC offers:

All Kindergartners and 7th graders must have completed immunization to enroll.

    

Instruction in CA State Standards Foreign Languages (Spanish, Russian) Art Physical Education Free Afterschool Program: Music Classes Sports/Gymnastics Tutoring


2945 Ramco St. Suite 200 West Sacramento, CA 95691

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