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The Remote Rodent Monitoring System

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The latest innovation in rodent monitoring is effortless, remote and intelligent. iPest is a truly unique digital monitoring system that provides real-time alerts of rodent activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week before they become a problem. This can then be tracked, mapped and analysed to produce detailed reports and graphs. Using motion and touch sensors, each rodent bait station can provide reliable and accurate alerts sent directly to your smartphone, so that you can always stay up to date, wherever you are. Only following two positive results of each test will the pest controller or client be alerted. This means no false alerts. With a completely flexible system, you can choose who receives the alerts and who accesses the data produced.

How iPest works 1. The rodent enters the iPest bait station triggering the dual sensors. 2. Once confirmed, the alert is picked up by the com uter/coordinator and then transmitted to the nearest cellular tower. 3. The information is pushed to the cloud network, where the data is securely stored and converted into a report. 4. Finally, the alert is sent as an email or push notification straight to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC – which ever you prefer.

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The future of Pest Control is digital Key features Remote monitoring: monitor rodent activity via the iPest app. Rodent Alerts: receive rodent alerts via email or push notifications. Accurate records: maintain detailed records of pest activity on the secure cloud with date and time stamps. 24/7: real time feedback means response time can be immediate. Smart technology: wirelessly monitor for rodents and receive automated reports. Reliable data: iPest’s double sensor will ensure only genuine activity is detected. Spatial mapping: monitor for hotspots in the facility with the interactive site tool and track rodent pathways. Reduce labour: save wasted site visits to empty traps, respond only to genuine activity.

iPest & iPest Plus

The use of Russell IPM’s pioneering iPest remote rodent monitoring system is fully compatible with the iPest Plus platform. Turn over to read about our iPest plus and how you can add this software any time you wish.


The Digital Pest Control Reporting App iPest Plus speeds up the reporting process and reduces paperwork. All of your pest control surveys and audits can be completed quickly and easily via the smartphone app, enabling form filling with the swipe of a finger.

How iPest Plus works

1. Assign each trap a unique barcode and report template. 2. Scan the barcode using your smartphone and our application. 3. Complete the questions on the audit/report and report on the quantities of any materials used. 4. Sign and close the visit. 5. View the auto-generated reports on your phone, tablet or PC and store them securely in the online logbook. 6. Choose to have the finished visit report automatically distributed to desired Email addresses.

Online platform

All data is accessible via our web portal where you can authorise client access, view historical data and make use of the trend analysis reporting tool. All reports are stored securely and will remain in an easy to use logbook.

Call: +44 (0) 1244 833 955

iPest Plus has been successfully trialled in the UK and has proven to be useful to both operator companies and their clients alike. As the iPest Plus platform can be applied to any trap or monitoring device, it can effortlessly generate detailed auditing reports for a number of different control points straight from a smartphone - signalling the end of cumbersome folders, filing and clipboards. Site visits can be organised and scheduled in the online calendar, which can be made visible to the entire team.

The application can be used offline for reporting, once the visit has been opened. Key features Online logbook: monitor for hotspots in the facility with the interactive site tool. Detailed audits: easily add free text and include supporting photographs. Interactive data: complete in-depth analysis via the online platform tools. Hierarchal access: provide different levels of access to your staff and clients. Sign off tasks: record the scan time of each visit and require client signatures to close the report. Eradicate paperwork: No need for paper.


The Remote Rodent Monitoring System

The Pest Control Reporting App

Benefits of the iPest and iPest Plus Rodent Monitoring System: Call outs to companies with rodent infestations can be time-consuming and expensive, but the new digital rodent monitoring system from Russell IPM can reduce your costs and minimize your efforts. The iPest and iPest Plus electronic trap and app provide real-time alerts, validated by two methods, eliminating needless visits and false alarms. Easy-to-install and maintain system and trap. Intuitive and user-friendly web portal and mobile application. Reliable rodent activity identification and trending. A variety of data analysis modes. Simply assign a QR Barcode to each trap or device, scan the code using the free app and complete paperless, professional visit reports effortlessly. Russell IPM’s fully interactive software is accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC that is able to generate automated pest control visit reports in seconds. To use the system, all that is required is a smartphone (Android & IOS). To find out more about the iPest and iPest Plus systems and to learn how to enhance them with the addition of inventory protocols, responsibilities, exceptions and other features, please contact the iPest team at Russell IPM.

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