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Ceranock Ceranock is an innovative Attract and kill system. Fruit flies are lured to Ceranock bait station and are killed by contact. It is specially designed to reduce fruit damage by targeting female fruit flies. With Ceranock system, blanket coverage of the crop is not necessary, and so the amount of insecticide applied is significantly reduced. It is based on fruit fly attractant Protein Hyrolysate and a low dose toxicant in a bait station formulation.

Target insect:

Target crop:

■ Ceratitis capitata, Mediterranean Fruit Fly

■ Citrus (orange, mandarin, lemon, others),

■ Bactrocera zonata, Peach Fruit Fly

■ Peach, Apricot, Fig,

■ Bactrocera dorsalis, Oriental Fruit Fly

■ Sidr/Jujuba, Nectarine,

■ Bactrocera cucurbitae, Cucurbit Fruit Fly

■ Guava,

■ Bactrocera invadens African Invader Fruit Fly

■ Grape

■ Other stone fruits

and other fruit flies.

HOW IT WORKS Due to the attraction of protein hydrolysate, female fruit flies are attracted to Ceranock bait stations before egg laying. Fruit flies are incapacitated after contact with Ceranock. Therefore it is advised to apply 6-8 weeks before fruit colour change. This is the period when fruits are highly susceptible to egg laying and further infestation. Ceranock system in the sunny parts of the tree attached to the plant by a plastic hanger.

Precautions: ■ Keep out of reach of Children. ■ Wear gloves while handling Ceranock. ■ Follow safety advice according to product label. ■ Store in a cool and dry place. ■ Dispose of Ceranock in accordance with local legislation. ■ Maintain good field sanitation to maximize the effect of Ceranock bait station.

KEY advantages:

■ Ready to use system. ■ Longevity in field condition over a

period of four months after application.

■ ZERO residues in fruits and fresh produce.

■ Significantly reduces cover pesticide application.

■ Maintain biodiversity and encourage

natural enemies.

■ Safe, effective and environment

friendly fruit fly solution.

Field Trials of Ceranock Attract and Kill System Ceranock attract and kill system has been evaluated in peach against Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata. Application of the Ceranock reduced the population of Ceratitis capitata significantly. Persistent use of Ceranock prevented re-infestation of crops at the centre of the field and reduced total population levels to 4% in comparison to control sites.

Russell IPM is one of the leading manufacturers of insect pheromone based monitoring and control products. Our core expertise is pheromone based Biorational solutions. In addition to formulating 150 insect pheromone lures for insects from around the world, a variety of pheromone mediated control systems have been developed for important agricultural and horticultural pests. Russell IPM uses the latest technology in pressure

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Ceranock Attract and kill for fruit flies Ceratitis capita and Bactrocera zonata attract and kill syste,