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Semiochemical based pest management


Company profile Russell IPM is one of the leading manufacturers

Simultaneously many insects have recently

of insect pheromone based monitoring and

acquired reduced susceptibility to insecticides

control products.

that have been previously effective and now

Our core expertise is semiochemical based

proved a failure to control. Therefore, a range

pest management. Russell IPM translates

of alternative control products have been

science to innovative products by using

developed by Russell IPM. Our mass trapping,

pheromone and other natural resources to

mating disruption and Attract and Kill

deliver a safe, effective and environmentally

products are widely used by the open field and

friendly crop protection. Russell IPM offers

protected horticulture industry worldwide.

a wide range of innovative products for

Our control products ensure food safety,

agriculture and horticulture.

security and make real differences in

In 1987, Russell IPM was primarily focused on

pest management. Our technologies are

manufacture and supply and formulating insect

compatible with natural enemies, pollinators

sex pheromone lures mainly for monitoring

and are non toxic to human health.

purposes. With continuous growth and

Our scientific expertise and an ability to

consumer concern on toxic residue free fresh

understand insect behavior modifying

produce, saw our company shift its attention

components, natural resources and market

towards control programs rather than

demand has enabled Russell IPM to become

monitoring. Even though many insects can be

one of the world’s most innovative bio-rational

adequately controlled with chemical insecticide,

pest management companies.

health and environmental risks involved impose

Though we maintain a trend of continuous

serious limitations on the use of chemical

development, innovation and discovery, our core

control method by regulatory authorities.

values have remained constant: commitment to customer and deliver a safe, sustainable, environmentally sound crop protection.


Our Capabilities Over the last 23 years, Russell IPM Research

and enables us to develop the most

and Development (R&D) team focused on

promising products. Russell IPM had been

developing high potential new products.

the commercial partner in DEFRA (UK) and

Russell IPM continues to build on its

EU, KTP funded projects concerning the

sound, integrated pest control strategy for

development of multispecies attractant and

sustainable development with new innovative

pheromone release rate control technology.

products. Our research facilities include

Our products are shipped with an illustrative

pheromone lure formulation laboratory, Trap

product application manual. We also offer

adhesive Research Unit, sophisticated wide

full product support and information through

range of pressure sensitive adhesive coating

our multifunctional web pages. To maintain

equipment, Technology to incorporate and

highest quality our technical team ensures

release pheromones and attractants in the

a very strict quality control checks on every

adhesive layer, insect behavior monitoring

product before being manufactured.

laboratory in Deeside, UK and Injection moulding facilities in Madrid, Spain.

Pheromone Monitoring

To date our R&D enable us to manufacture 3

150 insect monitoring pheromone lures, Consent Mating disruption, Dismate Mass


Trapping, TAC-37 Attract and Kill control


systems. New economically important

Greenhouse Solutions

insect pheromones are being identified by


our research team and help us to deliver


meaningful solutions. Russell IPM has built a strong research collaboration network with


various University Chemical Ecology groups,


International Research organizations and Professional Scientific Societies engaged with semiochemical related research. Year on year Our R&D generates new technology that fulfils our customer needs

Bio Rational Solutions 17 19 21


Pheromone - Lure - Trap

The tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) is a serious pest of tomato. Larvae feeds on all parts of tomato plant, produce large galleries in leaves and burrow into green and ripe fruits. Losses of up to 100% have been observed in infested tomato crops. The main host plant is tomato but this insect can also attack potato, aubergine and solanaceous weeds.

Tuta absoluta Monitoring,

TUA-Optima : Russell IPM manufactures and supplies pheromone lure, and complete monitoring systems for Tuta absoluta. Pheromone trap based on TUA-Optima gives early warning of infestation and also exhibits the density of the insect accurately in low population to medium



level infestation. In heavy infestation, TUA-

Patented innovation based on extensive

Optima tends to give a high level of capture

research of the insects mating behaviour,

which makes data collection difficult. The key

visual stimulants and flight / landing patterns

advantages of TUA-Optima are higher catch rate,

of Tuta absoluta. The result is a trap capable

longer operating life span and steady release

of more than doubling the capture rate of

rate to ensure consistency of performance

pheromone traps. It captures female insects as

throughout the operating life of the lure.

well as the male population.

Tuta+ Is a new sticky roll for Tuta absoluta. It is a ready to use system where Tuta absoluta pheromone released from sticky adhesive layer. It is a very simple and easy to use system with a high capture rate.

It helps to reduce population in greenhouses particularly if insect exclusion nets and tight doors were used. Ferolite is a trap which can be used for mass trapping, which is a technique that involves placing a higher number of traps in the crop field in various strategic positions to remove a sufficiently high proportion of male insects from the pest population.


Para Pheromone

Russell IPM makes female attractant based

suitable trap for male fruit fly in conjunction

on para pheromone, a tool for detecting,

with attractant Qlure-CC. This system could

monitoring, mass trapping, attract and kill

be used for monitoring and mass trapping of

control measures of all major fruit flies.

male Ceratitis capitata. Russell IPM also offers male attractant for



other fruit fly such as Bactrocera zonata,

Qlure-CC, the Para-pheromone lures are

Dacus oleae, Dacus cucurbitae, Dacus dorsalis,

applied to attract male Mediterranean fruit fly,

Rhagoletis cerasi, Myiopardalis pardalina,

ceratitis capitata. The Delta trap is the most

Dacus ciliatus and other fruit flies.

Femilure Femilure is a female attractant based on selected volatiles which showed greatest attraction to females Ceratitis capitata. Femilure-CC could be used for monitoring as well as for mass capture. Russell IPM also

■ Great capture power

offers female attractants for other fruit flies.

■ Easy and clean to use, long field

Prolure Prolure-CC is a specially formulated protein hydrolisate calibrated for the optimum attraction of fruit fly females. It can be used

life, no residue on the fruit ■ Duration of the Femilure-CC is up to 90 days ■ Femilure-CC should be placed inside a McPhail trap (Flycatcher)

for Ceratitis capitata, Bactrocera zonata, Dacus

and hang it in the sunny part of

oleae and other fruit flies.

the tree at a height of 1.5 - 2metres

It is suitable for both monitoring and mass trapping and can be used to fit the flycatcher. It may also be used as a mix to pesticides in

■ DDVP toxicant is used inside the Mcphile trap to obtain maximum control

sprayers to enhance its effectiveness.

Attract and Kill A formulation where pheromone and insecticide is mixed together to deliver good control.


Aggregation Pheromone And Kairomone The Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus

Rhylure-700: Male monitoring and

ferrugineus is a serious pest of date palm

Mass Trapping system

and ornamental palm trees. Rhynchophorus

Rhylure-700 is a controlled release dispenser

ferrugineus severely attacked palm trees show

of aggregation pheromone lures is applied

a total loss of the palms.

to attract Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus

The larvae bore deep into trunks and tender


shoots and concealed from visual inspection until the palms are dead. Severely attacked palm trees show a total loss of the palms and rotting of the trunk, which lead to the death of the tree.

It is highly effective device for monitoring. It could be used in large number for mass trapping to obtain a successful control program. The bucket trap is the most suitable trap for Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus in conjunction with aggregation pheromone Rhylure-700. Russell IPM offers rough outer surface containing bucket trap.


Rhylure-400 Russell IPM optimized red palm weevil pheromone as Rhylure-400 which contains lower dose of aggregation pheromone

This system is a simple specific effective device.

compatible with mild Mediterranean climate. It is safe, environment friendly and

Kirus-EAC 40: Kairomone

compatible with current biological

for Red Palm Weevil:

control programs.

Kirus-EAC 40 is an important Kairomone

Trap should be placed from the first

capable of enhancing the attractant of the

flying season to end of the flying

Red Palm Weevil pheromone. It increases the

season of the weevil.

trap efficiency substantially. Russell IPM also manufacture pheromonemediated monitoring systems for Date palm fruit stalk borer, Oryctes elegans and

The longevity of the Rhylure - 700 is up to 12 weeks. The bucket trap is the most suitable trap in conjunction with Kairomone, Kirus-EAC40 to attract Rhynchophorus ferrugineus.

bio-rational pest control products for Dubas bug, Ommatissus lybicus and spider mites causing damage to date palm.


A Wide Range Of Colored Sticky Boards And Rolls That Are Specially Designed To Attract Phytophagous Insects Insects are attracted to the specific colour. The wavelength of yellow and blue spectra of light has an effect on soft bodied insects. Russell IPM offers a wide range of coloured sticky traps that are specially designed to attract phytophagous insects. It provides high tack to capture small insects such as white fly, aphids, leaf miner, thrips. It is compatible with high temperature and sprinklers without dropping or losing performance. The glue is UV light stable, and adheres more to the board than the human skin or clothing fibers. It is truly clean touch.


■ Clean Touch ■ UV light stable ■ No mess, dry glue board ■ Specific fluorescent yellow and blue colour ■ Easy to count trapped insect with grid lines ■ Highly attractive ■ Easy to Handle ■ Environmentally friendly

The yellow traps are recommended for whiteflies, Aphids and Leaf miners. The blue traps are recommended for Thrips. We have a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesive coating equipment to produce different sizes and formats of boards and rolls. Russell IPM has the technology to incorporate release rate attractant from the adhesive layer.

Standard size Dimensions







Both sides

One side

Aphid & White Fly



Both sides

One side




Both sides

One side

Aphid & White Fly



Both sides

One side




Both sides

One side

Aphid & White Fly



Both sides

One side


Non Standard Sizes Boards with sizes different from the above can be also manufactured upon request.


Monitoring System For A Wide Range Of Fruit And Vegetable Pests


Insect monitoring is the cornerstone of any

has empowered our customer with consistent

IPM Program. Russell IPM offers its partners

dispensers with reproducible results year on

150 different pheromone lures to cover insects

year for the last twenty three years.

of economic importance around the world.

Our experience extends to insect monitoring,

Our focus is on insect pheromones and our

mass trapping as well as mating disruption.

commitment to research and development

We have partners all over the world.

Monitoring trap gives early warning of the infestation and alerts the user to low level population before it becomes serious.

■ Biologically safe ■ Eco friendly ■ No residue left over on crops ■ Species specific ■ Compatible with other IPM methods ■ Environmentally friendly


Pheromone Based Mating Disruption System

ConScent is a range of products which successfully controls a number of insects by


sexual confusion or mating disruption.

■ Easy to use

ConScent interferes or disrupts the successful

■ Species specific

mating between male and female insects.

■ Safe for non-target organisms

It has potential to reduce the chance of

■ Provides successful control with

laying fertilized eggs and consequently a population decline without the need for pesticide application.

low crop damage ■ Preserve natural enemies or beneficial insects ■ Especially useful for the pest

ConScent-CP ConScent is a hand applied dispenser capable of remaining effective for 100 days under normal conditions. Russell IPM has developed and marketed successfully ConScent systems for a number of insect pests which showed a great level of control with high level of reliability. The release technology lends itself to be utilized for other insects. For the control of Cydia pomonella Codling moth, it can achieve a high level of control through out the season. It is Ideal to be part

of an IPM program for apple orchards.


resistant to conventional insecticides

ConScent-GM Oriental fruit moth is highly susceptible to pheromone-mediated mating disruption. It has been proved as a successful control technique in apple and pear orchard in many counties. Our hand-applied dispensers are used to control first, second, third generation of Grapholita molesta alone. A substantial level of control of oriental fruit moth could be achieved if ConScentGM is applied at the beginning of the season. We also offer mating disruption control measures for Pink Bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella, Brinjal fruit and shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis, Tomato Pineworm, Keiferia lycopersicella; Pine Sawfly, Neodiprion sertifer; etc. We could also design mating disruption technique for the insect of your interest.


Pheromone Based Mass Trapping Systems


Dismate is a range of products which successfully

We offer a dismate system for the control of

controls a number of insect pests by mass

Chilo suppressalis, Tuta absoluta, Leucinodes

capturing. Dismate makes unbalancing pest

orbonalis, subject to registration in particular areas.

population and consequently its decline. Russell


IPM has developed and marketed successfully

For the control of Chilo suppressalis the Rice

dismate systems that includes: placing a higher

stem borer. This simple yet effective system

number of traps in the crop field in various

deliver a very simple and cost effective method

strategic positions, to remove a sufficiently

for the control the rice stem borer as an

high proportion of individuals from the pest

alternative to the application of traditional

population to achieve the required level of

insecticides, particularly in environmentally

protection. Dismate successfully applied against a

sensitive locations. It is compatible with other

number of insect pests which showed great level

cultural operations and increases rice productivity

of control with high level of reliability.

by minimizing loss.

Summary ■ Effective and safe control measure

■ Preserve of beneficial natural enemies

■ Species specific ■ No pesticide residue left over

■ Reduces number of male insect substantially

■ No environmental hazard

■ Control insect without toxicants


A Biorational Root Care System With Symbiotic Action



improve soil structure, promote development

Opticure is a bio-rational solution to pathogenic

of the soil microbial flora and re-establish

nematode and pathogenic soil fungi works by

the natural balance of the soil. Opticure acts

enhancing plant tolerance through symbiotic

as root stimulant and increases plant root

action. Opticure acts as root stimulant and

resistance to nematodes.

increases plant root resistance to nematodes.

Opticure ensures the growth of beneficial

Opticure is safe, non-toxic and environmentally

bacteria and fungus. It acts as bio-stimulant

friendly product.

and root colonization promoter through the

Mode Of Action

following mechanisms:

The balanced nutrients of Opticure together

Competition for nutrients and space, Stress

with amino acids and its special formulation

tolerance of the plant, aiding the development

of the root system, Solubility and absorption

As a recommendation, always apply Opticure

of inorganic nutrients, Induced resistance,

to soils with a high organic material level.

Deactivation of pathogen enzymes.

In these soils, the product is able to more

Opticure includes the following guaranteed

rapidly colonize the soil, and there is a greater


guarantee of success since there is more

Free amino acids 4.9% p/p, Total organic material 3.60% p/p, Total nitrogen 3.6% p/p, Calcium oxide water soluble 0.36% p/p, Magnesium 0.16% p/p. Opticure is not a product which has quick knock down effect on parasitic nematodes. Opticure strengthens the microbial flora of the soil to combat the pathogens by secondary means. All of these features, including Opticure special formula, result in the following characteristics: ■ Improves soil structure

support for development. ■ Opticure™ is a bio-ration solution ■ A natural extract, including dairy derivatives ■ Works by enhancing plant tolerance through symbiotic action ■ Ensures the growth of beneficial soil micro-organisms ■ Opticure acts as root stimulant ■ Increases plant root resistance ■ Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

■ Promotes development of the soil microbial flora ■ Re-establishes the natural balance of the soil.


A Cold Press Neem Oil

What is Fytomax Russell IPM has developed Fytomax, a

Fytomax is obtained by cold pressing neem

commercial formulation of neem oil. It is a

seeds. Fytomax is considered non-toxic to

broad spectrum emulsified neem oil which

mammals, fish and pollinators. It is easily and

contains 70% enriched neem oil, with

rapidly degraded by sunlight.

plant originated emulsifier, uv stabilizer and antioxidant. The main active ingredient of neem seed oil is Azadirachtin which has proven to be effective against insects, mites, whiteflies, aphids, cutworms, fungus gnats, shore flies, leaf miners, thrips and other soft bodied insects. Fytomax is also effective against root rots, powdery mildews, rusts, scab, leaf spots and blights. The multiple modes of action make it unlikely to insect and plant pathogen resistant.


Mode of Action Fytomax has both contact and systemic

Benefit of Fytomax

mode of action.

Fytomax has been proven effective against root nematodes of tomatoes, banana and melons. It is effective on the following insects and diseases:

Fytomax is a powerful insect growth regulator, a feeding deterrent and an oviposition deterrent. Fytomax has two profound effects on insects. At the physical level, it blocks the synthesis and release of molting hormones (ecdysteroids) from the prothorasic gland, leading to incomplete ecdysis in immature insects. In adult female insects, a similar mechanism of action leads to sterility. In addition, Fytomax is a potent antifeedant. Insect does not like the plant or leaf surfaces

Insects: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Mites White Flies Aphids Cutworms Leaf Miners Thrips

Diseases: ■ Root rots ■ Powdery mildews ■ Rusts Scab ■ Leaf Spot ■ Blights

once treated with Fytomax.


Soap Salt For The Management Of Soft Bodied Insects

What is Flytoclean? Plant under protected cultivation (green house,

airborne particles settling on leaves restricting

poly-tunnel, glass house etc) may collect

their exposure to full sunlight and also making

dust, sand particles or greasy films that dull

them unattractive and dull looking.

their appearance and reduces photosynthesis

Leaves that are dirty can not absorb as much

making them less productive, weaker and

sunlight as clean ones.

more vulnerable to pest attack.


Therefore, Russell IPM exclusively developed

Plants growing outdoors are cleaned regularly

the leaf cleaner, Fytoclean. Fytoclean is a soap

by rain and wind. On the other hand indoor

of potassium salt of fatty acids. It cleans the

plants that are deprived of this natural factor

leaf surface and also disrupts the cuticle of

resulted in sand, dust, grease, oil and other

soft bodied insects.

Mode of Action

Benefits of Flytoclean

Fytoclean is a horticultural soap of the

■ Leaves a very thin layer of humectants on

potassium salt of fatty acids. It is produced by

the leaves which help it remain moist. It

adding potassium hydroxide to fatty acids from

cleans the leaf surfaces too.

plant oils and animal fats, which are saponified by the potassium hydroxide. The soap salts are derived from fatty acids with chains

■ Fytoclean odorless and leaves no taint or

residue on the plant. ■ It is totally and rapidly biodegradable. It can

of 12-18 saturated carbons and 18 carbons

be used as many times as required. There is no

with one or two double bonds (unsaturated).

time limit for Fytoclean application.

The lipoprotein matrix of the insect cuticle is disrupted when the lipophilic carbons of Fytoclean penetrate into it. This results in evacuation of cellular contents, causing the

Fytoclean has been proven effective against root nematodes of tomatoes, banana and melons.

cells to dehydrate and die. Fytoclean disrupts

It is effective on the following nematode species:

the cuticle of soft bodied insects (e.g. aphids,

■ Aphids

whiteflies, and thrips) which makes them

■ White Fly

vulnerable to dehydration. Fytoclean acts

■ Thrips

rapidly and does not leave any residue on fruit

■ Red mites

or vegetables. Therefore, it can be used right

■ Spider mites

up to the crop harvest.

...and other soft bodied insects

Fytoclean includes the following guaranteed resources: ■ 40% fatty acids ■ 60% solvent ■ Highly purified soap Fatty acids from food grade natural vegetable oil


Russell IPM has been in the forefront of insect monitoring for the past twenty years. We formulate 150 insect pheromone lures for insects from around the world. We Design and Manufacture our own plastic insect traps in house. We have a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesive coating equipment to produce different sizes and formats of boards and rolls. Russell IPM has the technology to incorporate and release pheromones and attractants in the adhesive layer. Russell IPM is a customer focused company with products developed around market needs. Russell IPM source its raw material globally and update its production technology regularly to ensure that its customer has best value and command best market position. Russell IPM Offices United Kingdom


68, Third Avenue, Deeside Industrial Park Flintshire, CH5 2LA, United Kingdom Tel: +44 1244 281 333 Fax: +44 1244 281 878 Mail:

Russell IPM Algérie 4 Bis, Rue Kaddour BOUTALEB Vieux Kouba, 16000 Alger, Algérie Tel/Fax: 00-213-21-28-92-19 Mob: 00-699-027-610 Mail:

Morocco Immeuble LAHARCH, Av. Mohamed VI Appartement No. 4, 2 éme etage route biougra, Ait melloul Tel: 05 28 24 54 45 Fax: 05 28 24 54 46 Mail:

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