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Portfolio Ruslan Ivanytskyy 2016

My name is Ruslan Ivanytskyy, I'm an architecture student studying in Toronto currently working in the Netherlands. This portfolio contains a collection of my personal and professional investigations in the architectural realm. Thanks for taking a look.

Idea Store+

Little Portugal Community Hub // Toronto, Canada October 2014 - April 2015

Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium Dalseong-gun Gymnasium // Daegu, South Korea July - September 2014

Novelist’s Townhouse Portlands Towhouse // Toronto, Canada January - February 2014

Co-op for Entrepreneurs Portlands Housing Block // Toronto, Canada February - April 2014

Think tank

Innovation Park Visitor’s Centre // Vaughan, Canda September - October 2014

Atlantic Tile

Evolo Skyscraper Competition Entry December 2013 - February 2014

Atelier Pro

Internship // Den Haag, The Netherlands May - August 2015

Powerhouse Company Internship // Rotterdam, The Netherlands September 2015 - Current

Ruslan Ivanytskyy Ruslan.Ivanytskyy@ryerson.ca Beukelsdijk 34B, 3021 AH

Rotterdam, The Netherlands +31 6 8505 2928


Ryerson University // B.Arch Sci (Co-op) Class of 2017 | Toronto, Ontario CGPA 4.0

Professional Experience Powerhouse Company // Junior Architectural Assistant Rotterdam, The Netherlands September 2015 - current

Participated in a design-build competition for a learning centre in Tilburg University, collaborating with an architecture studio, advisors as well as a contractor. Participated in the sketch design phase of two housing projects that focused on the restoration and re-use of heritage buildings in Amsterdam and Arnhem. Produced study and presentation models of design iterations for facade and volumetric arrangement studies. Produced presentation drawings and renderings for presentations for clients, municipalities, contractors and collaborating offices.

Atelier Pro // Junior Architectural Assistant The Hague, The Netherlands May 2015 - August 2015

Participated in SD and DD of teachers residences as a part of a Masterplan for a Boarding School campus located in Moscow, Russia. Produced presentation drawings and renderings for clients and collaborating offices. Assisted in the schematic design of an interior restoration of a heritage office building located in The Hague. Assisted in the development of construction drawings for clients.

Ryerson University // Research Assistant Toronto, Canada

August 2014 - November 2014 Developed iterations of graphic layouts for presentation panels which composed Canada’s Centennial Exhibition. Worked in a Project team Consisting of Marco Polo, Colin Ripley and other Ryerson students to perform an iterative design process.

Skills AutoCAD 2015

Sketchup Pro

Revit Architecture 2015

Microsoft Office

ArchiCAD 19

Physical Model Making

Rhinocerous 5.0

Digital Fabrication

Vray for Rhino

Hand Sketching

CV Awards Ontario Association of Architects Awards November 2015 | Toronto, Canada

Award presented for achieving the highest overall performance in the third year of the Architectural Science Program. [$2000 CAD]

B+H Architects’ Scholarship

November 2015 | Toronto, Canada Award presented for achieving the highest overall performance in Integration Studios I and II. [$5000 CAD]

Daegu International Architecture Competition | Third Prize September 2014 | Daegu, South Korea

Awarded third place for an architectural ideas competition in Daegu. Ryerson University funded a 5-day business trip to South Korea to receive the award and visit the site. The four person team was awarded $5000 USD.

Dean's List Recipient

September 2013 - September 2015 | Toronto, Canada Placed on the dean’s list for achieving a GPA of greater than 3.5 for the completion of 3 years of the B.arch sci program at Ryerson.

TED Libfeld BILD Scholarship October 2014 | Toronto, Canada

Award presented for achieving the best performance in the second year Construction Management courses. [$2000 CAD]

TED Libfeld GTHBA Scholarship October 2014 | Toronto, Canada

Award presented for achieving the second best overall performance in the area of Management and Construction Theory. [$500 CAD]

Extracurricular Involvement Ryerson Architecture Studio Re-Design // Team Leader Toronto, Canada

September 2013 - December 2015 Collaborated with a team of students and faculty members that analyzed, developed and created proposals for the revitalization of the second and first year Architectural Science Studio’s at Ryerson University. Responsibilities included the research and application of: spatial layout theory, industrial design, pedagogical methods and comfort systems.

Canstruction DAS Team // Design Lead, Fabricator Toronto, Canada

September 2012 - May 2014 Through the use of organized teamwork, a design for a large sculpture made out of canned food was proposed and constructed. The CNC machine and laser cutter were both used to fabricate the substructure for the sculpture. The canned food that the sculpture was built out of was later donated to a charity.

Idea Store+ // SD ASC 520 Integration Studio I

October 2014 - December 2014 Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

The Idea Store is a project that explores the juxtaposition of two programs that typically function independently through tectonic expression and shared circulation. The scale and tectonics of the building respond to the changing demographic of the neighbourhood, attempting to unify the diminishing Portuguese population with the influx of young entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood.

Irregular site with 2 programmes: Library + Office

Enclose library within office

Introduce threshold to accommodate operating hours and privacy

Split library into 3 towers to introduce daylight and circulation

Tectonic Juxtaposition

The library and office programme each occupy their own building, each with its own structure, materiality and spatial properties. The tectonics of the library emphasize an older method of construction that refers to the heritage of the site; structural walls with brick veneer. The CSI office forms a dialogue with the library through the use of a light skeleton frame structure clad in a curtain-wall system with insulated polycarbonate panels.

1 | Idea Store+

1 Multi-purpose space 2 Workshop 3 Digital fabrication lab 4 Music practice room 5 Instrument rental 6 Book processing 7 Book storage 8 Change-room 9 Sever room 10 Mech/Elec room 11 Janitor's closet 12 Material storage 13 Event/ reception space 14 Cafe 15 Community kitchen 16 After school program 17 Senior's centre 18 Loading area

19 Child care/ drop-off 20 Toy lending 21 Community centre reception 22 Assistant librarian’s office 23 Librarian’s office 24 Book checkout/ Reserves 25 Self checkout 26 Stacks + work area 27 CSI office reception 28 CSI office 29 Breakout space 30 Group meeting / Conference room 31 Outdoor space 32 Group study area 33 Reading space






1 | Idea Store+

Section A-A

The Threshold The connection between the library and the office is made within the buildings' double skin. The membrane surrounds the library mass, providing horizontal circulation on every level while maintaining a physical barrier for privacy and security. The building achieves sustainable operation through the double skin. The skin activates the library as a thermal mass and promotes natural ventilation through stack effect.

Section B-B

Building Skin The building envelope consists of two components, the double skin that protects the library and the office mass. The double skin serves as a membrane that protects the masonry core of the building. The office is enclosed with an insulated polycarbonate panel system. The hierarchy of openings was determined by the interior layout, with double height office spaces and voids in the library organizing the facade composition.

1 | Idea Store +

Idea Store+ // DD ASC 520 Integration Studio || January 2015 - April 2015 AutoCad, Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Completed in collaboration with John Han

This continuation of the Idea Store focused on the detailed exploration of the building at the Detail Design level. The conceptual approach was strengthened and a fragment of the building was developed to a 1:10 scale. The use and integration two vastly different constriction systems lead to the development of unique details and construction systems.

Tectonic Expression // Library The design of the library progressed by creating volumetric connections within the mass through the juxtaposition of double height spaces. This design decision created large, free-flowing internal spaces that welcomed a public presence. Tectonic honesty was enhanced by shortening the threshold to the interaction between library and office, revealing the brick facade to the street.

1 | Idea Store +

Tectonic Expression // CSI Office Design development within the office spaces focused on creating order through a strict structural and secondary grid. The decision to replace columns with a truss structure that supported the floating mass created a uniform expression throughout the building, and promoted the horizontality of the interior.

1 | Idea Store +

1 Library Reception/ Circulation Desk 2 Best Sellers/Magazine Stacks 3 CSI Office Reception 4 Administrative Office 5 Community Room 6 Community Kitchen 7 Loading Area 8 Storage

9 Child Drop off 10 Cafe 11 Outdoor Patio Cafe 12 Multi-purpose space 13 Workshop 14 Music Room 15 Artist's Studio 16 Book Processing 17 Digital Fabrication Lab 18 Mechanical Closet

19 Fiction Stacks 20 Library Lounge 21 CSI Hot desks 22 Collaborative Office Space 23 Fiction Stacks + Individual Study 24 Rooftop Patio 25 Fiction Stacks + Group Study 26 Group Work Space 27 Mechanical Penthouse






1 | Idea Store +



Detail Exploration

A fragment consisting of the front half of the building was explored at a Detailed Design level. All important connections were investigated and details were designed to match the puristic expression of the building.


1:50 Mockup of Detailed Fragment


1 | Idea Store +




Systems Integration When performing the detailed design for the Idea Store, it was crucial to maintain the puristic tectonic language that was set for the rest of the building. Connections and design decisions made at the detailed level reflect the strict order developed at the 1:50 scale. Combining two different construction systems (masonry, and heavy timber) required the development of unique building details.

1 | Idea Store +

Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium 3rd Prize // Daegu International Architecture Competition July - September 2014 Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Completed in collaboration with John Han, Daniel Bassakyros, Hrishikesh Tailor

Dalseong-gun is recently going through a shift in identity from a quiet country district into an exciting cultural hub. In this context, we see an interesting potential in proposing a gymnasium that provides a break space, where the citizens relax and exercise alongside nature. In our proposal, people will be guided to interact with nature using all their senses. They will feel the diffused green light, hear trees sway and birds chirp, smell flowers, and see green shadow seeping through the glazing. Break in Nature provides the current and the future citizens with a break from their daily hectic life, engaging with peaceful nature of Dalseong-gun.

Exercising with Nature

Green Shadow

Layered View

Break in Nature When deciding on the form and position of the building, a sense of connectivity between the exterior and interior was essential. The building was broken down into individual requirements, allowing nature to seep inside. The gymnasium achieves a quiet elegance surrounded by nature, with green shadow spilling into the space.


5 11

12 12





3 4

10 6

13 2

7 1

12 7




Basement 1. Lobby / Reception

8. Spectator seating

2. Offices + Conference room

9. Announcement booth

3. Members Lounge + Patio

10. Multi-purpose Gymnasium

4. Common Space

11. Stage

5. Daily Sports Facility

12. Storage

6. Courtyard

13. Cafe

7. Change Room

14. Mechanical/ Electrical Room

2 | Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium

Section A-A

East Elevation

Section B-B

North Elevation

Exercising Alongside Nature The decision to excavate and change the contours was essential to create a sense of enclosure while exercising within the gymnasium. To create a peaceful environment that references the calm nature of the site, the gym was placed at the bottom of the hill so that the view from within blocks out all man-made buildings. The foreground is created through the diverse variety of native flowers and plants while the background is provided by the Korea's naturally mountainous terrain.

2 | Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium

Novelist’s Townhouse ASC 401 Design Studio || January - February 2014 Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Bound by a narrow, vertical and long lot the Novelist's Townhouse explores programmatic juxtaposition through the building section. Voids within the building act as visual connections between public spaces while physically separating volumes, creating privacy where required.

3 masses for 3 functions Rest, Live, Work Blue, Green, Red

Raise rest and work mass for privacy, lower living mass to access the street

Introduce sunken court yard and connective voids

Separation through Connections The design for the townhouse is based around creating three distinct separate volumes, each with their own programmatic function: working, living, and resting. The three volumes are connected by a series of vertical voids that create visual connections while maintaining physical privacy. The voids also connect the otherwise introverted building to the street by introducing unfiltered sight-lines.







Writer’s Sanctuary The focal point of the townhouse is the black cube, it functions as an isolation chamber for the writer and his thoughts. The cube consists of two levels: the upper, designed to create a sense of comfort through compression of space, and a lower level which fosters productivity and focus through its double height work space. Enclosure and light access is controlled through a perforated facade system that is thickened by a layer of bookshelves.

Oculus walls



Frosted Glass staircase



Steel superstructure




3 | Novelist’s Townhouse

Interior Assembly A. Frosted Glass StaircasePerforated Zinc B. Oculus Partitions

Wall Assembly Bookshelf and substructure 1. Bookshelf and Substructure 2. Perforated Zinc Panels 3. Steel Superstructure 4. Glazing

Co-op for Entrepreneurs ASC 401 Design Studio || February - April 2014 Revit, Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

On average, people spend 10-15% of their waking hours commuting to and from work, exhausting themselves and contributing to pollution. This proposal for a housing cooperative explores the possibility of removing the commute and create a self-sustaining live/work community. As part of a larger housing development in the portlands, this co-op provides a nourishing environment for entrepreneurs to develop their business while supporting the local neighborhood providing locally produced goods and services.

L-shaped Bar w/ Podium typology

Shift bar to centre for more storefront exposure

Split Second Bar into 2 to subdivide podium into zones

Raise central bar off the ground to create entrance

Enlarge central bar to maximize views and access to light

Community Market Podium The public podium space found on the second and third level is a community gathering space for the residents of the co-op. It encourages interaction by creating a variety of intimate spaces that are surrounded by local shops and cafe's that spill onto the podium. The podium is home to a community garden that encourages residents to meet one another, but also acts as a market that invites visitors from both within and outside of the neighbourhood to join the community.

4 | Co-op for Entrepreneurs

Think- Tank

ASC 520 Integration Studio I September - October 2014 Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Completed in collaboration with Ishan Patel and John Han

Think-Tank is a highly sustainable visitor's centre that is designed to integrate itself into the surrounding site. The minimal design has an extroverted focus, channeling the natural features of the context to both sustain the building and enhance the building's user experience. The connective fabric within the building is the feature wall, which forms the foundation for the building's sustainable strategies and spatial organization.

1. Lobby / Reception

7. Meeting/ Tour Holding Area

2. Exhibition

8. Workstations

3. Classroom/ Multipurpose Room

9. IT Room

4. Coat Storage

10. Storage

5. Patio

11. Atrium

6. WC

12. Mechanical/ Electrical

1. Sun-shade Louvres 2. PV Pannels 3. Trombe wall 4. Stack effect 5. Wind Scoop 6. Green Roof

Sustainability through Tectonic Expression The feature wall within the building acts as the structural and sustainable core of the building. Both passive and active strategies are used to maintain thermal comfort levels within the building while providing a source of electricity. The passage that one takes upon entering the building is a threshold between the heavy wood-formed concrete wall and the translucent enclosure, creating an outward focus towards the natural context.

Passive Ventilation through Wind Scoops

Solar Energy Collection + Rainwater Harvesting

Geothermal Heating/ Cooling

Trombe Wall/ Heating Strategy

5 | Think Tank

Sun Shading

East Elevation

South Elevation

Longitudinal Section

Transverse Section

5 | Think Tank

Atlantic Tile

Evolo Skyscraper Competition October 2014 - December 2014 Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Completed in collaboration with Jacob Ragetli, Nick Callies, John Han

Accessible fresh water currently makes up less than 1% of all harvest-able water on our planet. With Earth's population growing at an exponential care, water, land and renewable energy are quickly becoming indispensable resources to humanity. This proposal explores the idea of inhabiting our planet's ocean and extracting the aforementioned resources from the most available resource on Earth.

Energy Node Battery

Found in the body of the node towers, the energy node battery stores energy generated through salt water batteries and local photo-voltaic farm units.

Sky-Rail Network

The skyrail network provides transportation infrastructure to the city. It connects the nodal points within the network, providing a quick and efficient method to transport both people and materials.

Evaporation Chamber

Using energy generated from the salt-water battery, the Evaporation chamber purifies salt water into clean, drinking water.

Salt Water Battery

Found below sea-level, the salt water battery both pumps water to the evaporation chamber while producing energy that is transfered along the buoyant perimeter structure.

6 | Atlantic Tile

Atelier PRO

Architectural Internship May - August 2015 Den Haag, The Netherlands

During my internship at Atelier PRO i had the opportunity to work on a master-plan project for a school in Moscow, focusing on the design of three teacher's residences, a few administrative buildings and landscape design for the campus. I also contributed to the interior revitalization of a heritage building in Den Haag, focusing on spatial layouts and concept development. Throughout the work term I assisted with the production of visualizations, presentation drawings, and a few construction documents.

Administrative Campus Building The Letovo school required an administrative building that was located on the school campus but operated independently from the main school building. When tasked with the design of the building, it was essential to create a proposal that maintained the language of the existing campus, while working within a very strict budget.

Den Haag Berlage Restoration During the final month of my internship, I joined a competition team that worked on a proposal for the interior of the Berlage office building in Den Haag. The overlying concept that connected the interior spaces was a two storey atrium space that was treated as a public living room.

7 | Atelier Pro

Powerhouse Company Architectural Internship

September 2015 - Present Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Throughout my internship at Powerhouse I got the pleasure to work on a variety of both public and private projects. My efforts were focused on the conceptual development and schematic design phases of projects. Notable projects included a university building in Tilburg, a mixed use housing block in Amsterdam, and the re-purposing of a heritage building in Arnhem.

8 | Powerhouse Company

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Profile for Ruslan Ivanytskyy

Architecture Portfolio 2016  

A collection of architectural exploration through personal and professional projects.

Architecture Portfolio 2016  

A collection of architectural exploration through personal and professional projects.