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Wrapping taken to new heights MARK DANIEL

WHILE MUCH of the baleage in New

Zealand is baled and wrapped in combistyle machines, there remains a place for standalone machine that follows the baler around the paddock. Irish manufacturer McHale is hugely successful with its Fusion machine, so it makes sense to use its wrapping technology in developing the new Orbital machine. At its heart is a patented high-speed vertical wrapping ring that increases stability for the film dispensers enabling the machine to run at about 40rpm, and apply six layers of plastic to a 1.25m diameter bale in about 25 seconds, achieving an output of at least 100 bales per hour. So it seemed in a Waikato paddock during the machine’s first demonstration here by product specialist John ‘JP’ Chapman. He says this high output enables the Orbital to easily service two balers.

In operation, the machine is offset to the right of the tractor, and once contact is made with the lift arm a fully automated cycle starts, firstly with the bale being lifted into the wrapping ring. A patented design has the forward roller ‘dropping’ to allow a smooth transition from the ground to the wrapping position, and a resultant lowering of the centre of gravity which helps promote stability on sloping ground. The vertical wrapping ring carries twin 750mm film dispensers, equipped with film break monitors to notify the operator and cleverly automatically slows bale rotation speed to allow one applicator to finish the job, while ensuring consistent overlap. Once wrapped, the bale is gently lowered to the ground, with the option of a vertical tipper to place the bale on its strongest face. The Orbital can wrap bales from 1.1 to 1.45m diameter by way of its patented tip roller that can be adjusted to maintain a position so that dispensers

Orbital baling machine in action.

stay central to the mid-point of the bale to maintain the correct overlap at all times. Film loading is via the left-hand side through a safety gate, and after the first film roll is replaced an index button automatically brings the second dispenser into position. The Expert Plus Control Console oversees all machine functions during the wrapping cycle, recording individual jobs, daily and seasonal outputs, and monitoring any fault or failures. Weighing about 1850kg, the Orbital is equipped with 480-45R17 tyres to carry the combined weight of the machine and up to two bales, and is said to require a tractor of only 50hp and a minimum oil flow of 35L/min. @dairy_news

Stainless steel monitor for harsh environments AN ALL-STAINLESS herd management computer suits the wet surrounds of a dairy shed, says its developer, STX Technology. The STX X4500-EX harsh environment touch extender monitor, located at the cups-on point, displays data from the dairy shed computer, transmitting it up to 50m with a CAT5 network cable; it provides nutritional, animal health and veterinary information to milking staff. Some farms use a second X4500-EX at the vet station combined with a IP68-rated waterproof keyboard and trackpad kit allowing the vet to interact directly with the herd management system. Available in screen sizes from 12 to 24 inches, the unit is stainless steel and has IP67 connectors ensuring sustained reliabil-

ity and performance, backed up by local service. STX Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of harsh envi-

ronment touch computing gear; it is experienced in industrial, rugged and harsh environment computing environs.

Multi Height Service Platform The P&Pd Multi-Height Service Platform is a height adjustable, brake-wheeled work platform that allows an operator (vet, AB technician, milker...) to work safely with an animal, elevated to its height, from the milking shed pit floor.” P&Pd consulted with users (dairy farmers) who trialled the platform. We combined our technical ability and factory load testing along with their suggestions to produce this product. The platforms features are: ❱❱ Five level options from folded (220mm) to full height (850mm) ❱❱ A strong, grippy self draining deck




+ GST + Freight

❱❱ A large brake pedal which can intermittently or permanently disengage the brakes ❱❱ Positive engagement brakes that cannot slip ❱❱ Large ground wheels for easy rolling ❱❱ A large footprint chassis for stability, combined with closed-section, thick wall aluminium beams used in the side rails and scissor beams that give excllent load strength and rigidity ❱❱ Components, materials and coatings that are durable and of high quality

For more information contact Kevin at or ph 027-573 0566. Visit our site at for more detailed informaton about the Multi-Height Service Platform.

Dairy News 30 May 2017  

Dairy News 30 May 2017

Dairy News 30 May 2017  

Dairy News 30 May 2017