The Australian Brangus - Autumn 2018

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Images: KB Consulting

Forest Hills success with feedlot steers Recently Capella based operation, Forest Hills Stud, operated by Michael and Kellie Silvester were rewarded with the fruits of their breeding programme shown to their greatest benefit. The couple entered a total of 124 head of steers comprising 88 Brangus and 36 crossbred steers into the Paringa Feedlot, Capella, owned by Phil and Deborah Reid. The Brangus component were steers all sired by the couples Forest Hills Brangus bulls and the cross bred steers were bought in cattle. At induction all steers were aged between 18-22 months and were weighed in on average liveweight of 442kg. After 105 days feed the group came out with an average liveweight of 671kg with a dentition ranging from milk and two tooths. After processing the kill sheets showed that the average dress weight of the steers was 365kg. Kellie Silvester said of the group, “These Brangus steers were our first line of bullocks we’ve bred and retained by our own Forest Hills bulls, we’re obviously very happy with the results, even more so that all the bullocks graded very well.” “The 124 head were quiet, well handled, successfully fed and killed with no sickness, injuries or mortalities. We’re looking forward to seeing more Brangus bullocks like these in the future.”


Autumn – 2018

2018 Brangus Carcase Competition This year’s competition is now closed and cattle will enter the Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri on March 5th. The entries will be judged as either Purebred Brangus Steers or Crossbred Brangus Steers in pens of seven head. The feedlot will hold an open day later in the year and will be an opportunity for Brangus enthusiasts to view and compare the 2018 entries.