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Brangus Society Field Day

Pheasant Creek ~ ‘Thendara’ Wowan ~ 10am Saturday 24th June 2017 Guest Speakers ~ Refreshments & Lunch provided ~ Breeders, Sires, Weaners on display

2017 Sale Offering


Central Highlands Angus & Brangus Sale ~ Monday 11th September 2017 Rockhampton Brangus Society Sale ~ Tuesday 10th October 2017 Paddock bulls available year round

sant Cree a e h RANGUS CATTLE CO k B

Brad Saunders • 07 4937 1167 • 0458 359 105 • ‘Thendara’ Wowan Qld 4702 • pcbrangus@bigpond.com

Autumn 2017.

$41,000 heifer record at the 40th sale New breed record highs were achieved and averages increased across the board at the 40th annual ABCA Registered Female Sale.

$19,000 tops Inaugural CHABS sale An ambitious plan by five prefixes from two states has paid off with the staging of the inaugural Central Highlands Angus and Brangus Sale.

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Autumn calf

After an impressive set of results in 2016, the breed, it’s breeders and their livestock are looking forward to a bigger, brighter and even more prosperous future. Like this image, it’s that future that excites us all.

$24,000 record ultrablack at palgrove Demand for Brangus and Ultrablack genetics was outstanding at the record breaking annual Palgrove Sale.

cows might fly The competition among the top 5 animal proteins on the dinner plate of the world is fierce and beef cattle are the most inefficient of modern mainstream production animals.

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Bonox tops 40th anniversary sale

Marking the 40th anniversary sale in style, the breed posted a memorable result at the annual ABCA Sale, CQLX, Gracemere.

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world brangus congress After a few quick emails and phone calls, a wounded credit card we were booked and on our way.

kryptonite takes rna 2016 title Thirty-three strong, quality Brangus vied for tri-coloured ribbons and trophies.

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Mark Beckman, President, Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd

President’s Report I would like to commence my first Presidents Report by welcoming all Members old and new, as well as every Brangus enthusiast and supporter to the 2017 Autumn edition of “The Australian Brangus” magazine. I am truly honoured and humbled to be elected President of the Australian Brangus Cattle Association and look forward to the many challenges that lie ahead. We need to remain focused on the Promotion and Marketing of Brangus cattle for a greater market share as well as ensuring we manage and promote a Breeder friendly Society which is transparent and encourages active participation from the entire membership. The 2016/2017 election for Management Committee representatives had an overwhelming number of nominations resulting in a ballot which has not been seen for a number of years.This is testimonial of a very healthy Association that has an active membership who wish to avail their time and provide input into the future direction and management of the association. As we welcome on board the newly elected Management Committee members Trevor Jorgensen, Megan Hansen, Tammie Robinson and Edward Quinn we also give thanks to the departing committee members Jarni Fearnley, Peter Dingle and Lindsay Barlow. I would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution these members have given to the Brangus association with Peter’s leadership as the past President and Lindsay’s involvement as the Brangus committee’s delegate on the Breedplan committee which he will continue alongside Trevor Jorgensen and for Jarni’s input whilst juggling a career and family commitments. The 2016 ABCA sponsored sales have once again exceeded all expectations with strong sale averages that have kept Brangus well up in the band of averages against all other breeds. Both sale committees have done an excellent job in running and promoting these sales. Further to the society sponsored sales, there has been a large number of on property and agent sponsored sales that have reported excellent sale averages and clearance rates further promoting Brangus cattle as you will read in reports later in this magazine. The ABCA has committed funds to the 2017 Feedlot carcass competition in an effort to further grow the competition on the back of the success of the 2016 trial. Edward Quinn has once again taken the lead in gathering a committee and they are progressing well with the organisation of the competition. Plans are well under way for a competition results dinner at the Bracken Ridge Tavern during the Brisbane Exhibition where patrons will be able to experience the eating quality of the various cuts from the competition carcasses. I express my thanks to Brad Hanson, Brad Saunders and Brady Jackson for coming on board the Carcass Competition committee and assisting Edward in the organisation of this event. A proposal to rebrand the Brangus logo has been presented to the committee with a number of options displayed in the Brangus Newsletter and on the numerous Brangus social media pages. The committee has requested feedback from the membership to express their views on rebranding as well as their preference of logo design. I would encourage all members to partake in some form of feedback either on social media, email the ABCA office or directly to any management committee member. Brangus have been well represented in 2016 at numerous agricultural field days and shows and I would like to sincerely thank those members who have taken the time and effort to exhibit, prepare and show stud and trade cattle across this vast country. Also to those that have had fantastic sale results at local saleyards as their successes are plastered across print and social media it puts Brangus at the forefront and shows the breed’s versatility, durability and do ability. This exposure is priceless for the promotion of the breed and we simply need to continue this as a collective group. In conclusion I wish all members a prosperous 2017 and look forward to catching up with many members during this year at many of our planned events and field days. Kind Regards


Autumn – 2017

“Further to the society sponsored sales, there has been a large number of on property and agent sponsored sales that have reported excellent sale averages and clearance rates further promoting Brangus cattle as you will read in reports later in this magazine.”

“There’s a lot I like about this bull, he’s very much like his sire. What pleases me even more is that he’s going to a good home. Gavin’s doing a great job for the breed, he’s coming up through the ranks very quickly, he’s got a good eye and he’s a good cattleman.” Images: KB Consulting, Georgie Connor & Telpara Hills

Bonox tops 40th anniversary sale at $50,000 Marking the 40th anniversary in style, the breed posted a memorable result at the annual ABCA Sale, CQLX, Gracemere, 11th October, last year. 4

Autumn – 2017

Sale Summary Rockhampton Brangus sale 111 Bulls Average $9,815 Top $50,000 Sale clearance 93%

Hitting a high of $50,000 the sale produced a clearance at auction of 93 percent and a mean average of $9815 to an audience that involved 24 vendors from three states. Averages climbed by $2,163 in comparison to the 2015 result in an auction atmosphere where 38 individuals sold for five figure sums, equating to 34 percent of the offering. The capacity crowd and onlookers saw bulls sell to a two state buyer list involving 66 desalinations. Taroom based Bonox Stud, operated by Bruce and Leanne Woodard dominated proceedings. Their 36-monthold, 870kg, Bonox 822 sold for $50,000 to Gavin McKenzie Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater, Queensland. With a scan of 12/8mm and an 132 EMA, the son of Bonox 330 (P) (Greendale Exciting) and boasted an IMF reading of 5.4. The four from Bonox set a $34,250 average including the second top seller, the $40,000 Bonox 809 (34-months) (860kg) (132 EMA) (IMF 4.5) a grandson of Bonox 335 and from a daughter of Bonox 330 (P). He sold to Brian Hartman, Valley View Stud, Dungowan, NSW via phone. Neville and Megan Hansen, Oaklands Stud, Kalapa were the losing bidders. Rodney and Karen Johannesen, Folkslee Stud, Brooweena outlaid $32,000 to secure the 34-month-old, Bonox 813 (P) a grandson of Bonox 330 with a

822kg liveweight and scans of 13/7mm, 125 EMA and an IMF of 5.3. The other Bonox entry, 814 (P) (36-months) (890kg) another of the Bonox 330 grandsons fetched $15,000 selling to Mark Brown, Lancen Creek, Dululu. In all five sons or grandsons of the prepotent, Bonox 330 averaged an impressive $33,000 for Bonox and Oaklands prefixes. Ron and Narelle Hanson, Bindaree Stud, Murgon sold their 25-month-old, 864kg, 132 EMA Bindaree Craftsman (P) (Lunar Fred) for $32,000 to Michael and Kellie Silvester, Forest Hills Stud, Capella. Lunar prefix, Emerald owned by Brad and Briony Comiskey and Dennis and Claire Cooper, enjoyed another successful outing with a $9800 medium for their ten males. Top of their draft was the $24,000 Lunar Kayne (Lunar Kansas) (25-months) (790kg) (8/6mm) (124 EMA) selling to Michael and Kellie Silvester, Forest Hills Stud, Capella. At $20,000, the 24-month-old, Lunar Kadence (Kansas) (768kg) 13/8mm sold to Palmal Stud, principals David and Julie McCamley, Dingo. Jim Maguire, Bingegang, Dingo claimed the $12,000 Lunar Kenrol (P) (Raff Encore) while Windsorvale Grazing Company, Windsorvale Station , Charters Towers spent $10,000 to secure another of the Encore sons from Lunar. Doonside Teacher (P) (AI) (Transformer Of Brinks) (32-months) (760kg) offered by Bill and Kay Geddes, Doonside Stud, Barmoya sold for $19,000 to Jim Maguire, Bingegang Stud, Dingo. Another high seller from Doonside was the $12,000 Blackall (P) selling to the Oakdale Pastoral Company, Mackay.

from top Bonox 822 (P) for $50,000 • Bonox 809 (P) for $40,000 • Bonox 813 (P) for $32,000 • Telpara Hills Texas Hold-Em (P) for $30,000 opposing page Bruce Woodard, Bonox, Taroom

Article Continues pg 8


Telpara Hills set a $13,364 for their 11 topping at $30,000 for the 24-monthold, 860kg, 135 EMA Telpara Hills Texas Hold-Em (P) (AI) (ET). The son of Texas Star will take up duties at Broadlea Station, Nebo for owners, Mal and Sue Burston. At $15,000 Telpara Hills Bank Roll (P) (AI) (ET) (Suhn’s Affirmed (US)) (28-months) (882kg) changed hands selling to Collingvale Pty Ltd., Dingo Beach. Bank Roll is a full brother to the high performing, Webcke (Oaklands Stud). Another investor in the draft at $15,000 was the Lethbridge family, Gawne Hill, Goombundgee taking the 24-monthold, 864kg, Big Winner (P) (AI) (ET) (CB Passport) the first son of the ‘new release’ sire, CB Passport (CB Hombre) offered in Australia.

six. Top of these at $16,000 was the 30-month, 816kg, Ninety Proof (P) (Charlevue Landed) selling to Allan Williams, Riverside, Nebo. Riverside will also be the home of the $15,000 Charlevue Lubbock (P) (NBS Caporal) (34-months) (836kg) while the $13,000 Laredo (P) (Charlevue D9) went to Beeblee Station, Nebo. Warren and Robyn Bulmer, Casino, NSW took the $9000 Lyndon, (Charlevue Calgary) aged 33-months. Weona will also be the home of the $13,500 Gunnadoo Park Harpoon (P) (26-months) (850kg) offered by Jeff and Kerry-Ann Parker, Gunnadoo Park Stud, Casino. The other from Gunnadoo Park was the $10,000 Maccaboyz Playboy (P) son, Hawkeye (P) (29-months) (814kg) selling to the Maguire family, Emerald.

Biggest supporter of the Telpara team was Kiara Hewton, representing the Great Northern Cattle Company, WA ending with four to average them $11,375 topping at $16,000 for the 25-month, 874kg, 133EMA, The Gambler (P) (AI) (ET) (MC X Factor) the first of these sons to be offered in Australia. Also at $16,000 from Telpara was the Csonka son, No Bluff (P) (AI) (ET) (24-months) (828kg) (122EMA) selling to the McGree family, Shamrock Black Brangus, Gladstone.

Ryan Holzwart, Western Force Stud, Emerald sold a pair to average $13,000 topping at $15,000 for the 30-month, 872kg, 129 EMA, Western Force Kingdom (P) (AI) (ET) (Bragg Of RRR (US) – Bonox B400) selling to Carl and Gail Morawitz, Stewart Park, Comet. Allan Schutt, Kajarabie Stud, Gympie outlaid $11,000 for the other Western Force entry, Kodiak (P) (Bragg Of RRR – Bonox 330) (24-months) (748kg).

Taking a $14,250 average for their eight was the Kalapa nursery, Oaklands Stud, operated by Nev and Megan Hansen. Top for Oaklands in 2016 was the $28,000, 972kg, 31-month, 135 EMA, Oaklands Dillinger (P) (AI) (ET) (Bonox 330). The paternal half brother to the day’s top seller, Dillinger sold to Jarrod and Leanne Deguara, Bimbora Stud, Nebo. Stewart and Kerry Wallace, Wallace Stud, Marlborough parted with $25,000 to secure the rights to the 32-month, 950kg, 141 EMA, Oaklands Sterling (P) (Bonox 526). Others to invest in the Oaklands team were the Colin and Sharon Fernie, Boombah Stud, Dingo taking the $17,000 Apollo (P) (Telpara Hills Webcke) and Mark Reid, Jett Stud, Emerald the $13,000 Jasper (P) (23-months) (810kg). Jane Geddes, Charlevue Stud, Dingo took with her a $11,833 average for her 6

Autumn – 2017

Bimbadeen Q Lockyer (P) changed hands for $17,000. The 23-month-old grandson of Washington Of Brinks (US) from a Bonox 330 dam takes up residence at the Triple B Stud, Dingo operated by Lindsay and Fiona Barlow and family. Alkoomie Top Gun realized $12,000 selling to the Reynolds family, Bundaberg.

from top Oaklands Dillinger (P) for $28,000 Oaklands Sterling (P) for $25,000 Luna Kayne (P) for $24,000 Luna Kadence (P) for $20,000

The Franks stable, Jardine Stud, Jardine took a $10,000 sale for their 32-monthold, Weona Abdul (P) son, Jardine Will-I-Am (P) selling to Oakdale Pastoral Company, Mackay. Seven from Mark Reids, Jett Stud, Emerald set a $8286 average topping at $15,000 for Jett Memphis 99K9 (P) (Garrett Of Brinks (US)) and selling to Fred Spannagle, Ridgeview, Yamala. Hacon and Sons, Buckingham Station, Boulia took two from Jett for on average $10,500.

Station, Boulia signing off on seven to average $9285. Top of the Hacon selections were three at $11,000 from Jett, Oaklands and Charlevue prefixes. Another western Queensland supporter was Cam and Sharon Tindall, Darr River Downs, Longreach selecting six to average $5250. Central highlands producers, Aspley Cattle Company, Capella also bought six for on average $4333. Walkerston based, the Windsor family, Harwin Park signed off on five to average $5700 topping at $6500 twice.

Volume supporters of the sale were Hacon and Sons, Buckingham

Agents: Elders, Ray White Livestock and Savage, Barker and Backhouse.

Image: Rural Design, Telpara Hills & Alkoomie

$41,000 heifer record at 40th sale Sale Summary rockhampton brangus female sale 39 Females Average $6,907 Top $41,000 Sale clearance 98%

New breed record highs were achieved and averages increased across the board at the 40th annual ABCA Registered Female Sale, CQLX, Gracemere, Monday 10th October, last year. Buyers from two states supported the offering where the 39 averaged a credible $6,907, equating to a 98 percent clearance at auction. The previous record was set just a year previous when the 26-month-old, Telpara Hills Miss Final Cut 920J22 sold for $28,000 to Gracemere breeders, Lachlan and Maddi Brown of the Somerville Stud. (In 2015 41 females av $5,339 to a top of $28,000). Market topper and new record holder at $41,000 was the 20-month-old, Telpara Hills Miss Foundation 468L7 (P) (AI) (ET). The maiden daughter of US import, Suhn’s Foundation 331 was bred from the Csonka donor daughter, Telpara Hills Miss Csonka 468G8 (P) (AI) (ET). Offered by the Pearce family, Telpara Hills Stud, Atherton the sale topper sold to regular supporters, Mal and Sue Burston Broadlea, Nebo, Queensland. Telpara ended with six heifers setting an overall average of $22,166 while Broadlea ended with a trio to average $15,4167. The Burston purchases included a pair of Telemon Galen daughters from the Earlwood prefix at on average $2,625. Second top at $23,000 was also drawn from Telpara. The 19-month-old, maiden female, Telpara Hills Miss Vin Diesel 920L2 (P) (Telpara Hills Vin Diesel (P) (AI) (ET)) sold to John and

Fiona Pearce, Telpara Hills, Atherton and buyers Sam and Ellise Galea, Broadlea, Nebo and the record breaking $41,000 Telpara Hills Miss Foundation 468L7.

Kathleen Colless, Wetherby Station, Mount Molloy. Wayne and Kellie Dobe, CPR Stud, Bowen took a pair from Telpara to average $19,500, outlaying $20,000 for a 25-month-old Shun’s Affrimed daughter carrying a positive test to the $110,000 male record holder, Telpara Hills Van Damme. The other CPR purchase was a $19,000 CB Passport daughter, Telpara Hill Miss Passport 675K (P) (AI) (ET) (23-months) carrying a test to the US import, Hollywood. Regular supporters of Telpara genetics, Glen Wright, Wright Pastoral, Brookvale, Legume, NSW took two to average $15,000 including the $16,000 open daughter of MC X Factor (US) aged 20-months and $14,000 for a Shun’s Foundation daughter (16-months) also unjoined. Oaklands Stud, Kalapa operated by Nev and Megan Hansen set a $4,708 average for their six topping at $9,000 for the unjoined 21-month-old, Oaklands Miss Braxton (P) (AI) (ET) (Braxton Of Brinks (P)) selling to the Dalkeith Downs Stud, Gracemere operated by Sydney based John and Sue Joyce. Rod and Wendy Streeter, Mackay took three of the Oaklands heifers for on average $4,000. Dave and Christine Roberts and family, Alkoomie Stud, Alton Downs came away with a $9,667 medium for their trio.

Top of their draft at $12,000 was the maiden, 18-month-old, Alkoomie Miss Final Cut 468L7 (P) (AI) (ET) selling to the David and Tracey Muscat, Brangaloo Stud, Pleystowe whom also claimed the $10,000 stablemate, Alkoomie Miss Final Cut 541L4 (P) (AI) (ET) (20-months). Stephen McBride and Kelly Lucey, Robuck Hills Stud, Calliope took the remaining Alkoomie entry, Miss Dealmaker 54L (P) (AI) (ET) unjoined and aged 21-months for $7,000. Jan and Dean Kapernick, Shadow Valley Stud, Gin Gin took a $5,000 average for their pair of Southern Deal Maker and CB Hombre (US) (ET) daugthers. Gracemere breeder, John Collins, Yarradoo Stud averaged $2625 for his pair while Mick and Tanya Maddern, Earlwood Stud, Duaringa sold nine heifers for a $2,778 average topping at $3,500 for a 10-month-old daughter of Telemon Galen (P) (Telemon Boris) selling to Bruce and Leanne Woodard’s, Bonox Stud, Taroom. Earlwood parted with $3,250 for a 11-month-old Bonox Scrubbee daughter from the Bonox Stud, Taroom. Bonox set a $3,313 average for their four and topping at $4,250 for a yearling daughter of Bonox Scrubbee (P) to Jane Geddes’s, Charlevue stud, Dingo. Jane ended with three to average $3,333. Article Continues pg 8


Taking a $3,000 sale for their single entry were Brad and Vicki Hanson, Bullakeana Stud, Moura. Their entry Perfect Chanel (P) (Inavale 603 (P)) (11-months) sold to Mark and Melinda Beckman’s, Glenoyra Stud, Aubigny. Jeff and Kerri-Ann Parker, Gunnadoo Park Stud, Bonalbo, NSW went away with a $3,250 average for their quartet. Top of the team at $4,500 was the 11-month-old, India (P) (Maccaboyz Playboy (P)) selling to John and Alison Bell, Inavale Stud, Boonah whom took a three-quarter in blood sister at the same age for $2,500. Neil and Angela Woodard, Night Stud, Taroom sold a yearling $3,750 Night 792 (P) daughter to the Franks family, Namlin, Jardine. The Franks family ended with three from Bonox, Gunnadoo and Night prefixes for a $3,250 average. Agents: Elders, Ray White Livestock and Savage Braker and Backhouse

Telpara Hills Miss Foundation 468L7 (P) for $41,000 below from left Telpara Hills Miss Vin Diesel 920L2 (P) for $23,000 Telpara Hills Miss Passport 675k (P) for $19,000 Alkoomie Miss Final Cut 468L7 (P) for $12,000

Image: KB Consulting

Commercial breeder units to $2,100 at Rocky Cow and calf units hit $2,100 while cows sold to $1450/ head and heifers to $1,600/head at the annual Commercial Brangus Female Sale, CQLX Gracemere, last year. Top sellers on the day were a pen of 5 cows and calves offered by Greg and Alicia McGee, St Omer, Capella fetching $2,100/head and selling to IAH Pastoral through Hourn and Bishop Qld, Moura. Top selling cows were a pen of five from ARM Olsen, Rockhampton making $1,450/head and selling to regular supporters, Mal and Sue Burston, Broadlea, Nebo. Broadlea purchased a total of 53 head on the day to average $1,332. This included 21 cows from the Olsen family to average $1,421 and 32 heifers for on average $1,273. The top Burston heifers were a five offered by Ross and Lorraine Prange, Mt Larcom making $1,550/head. Top sellers in the heifer section also came from the draft of 11 heifers from the Prange stable. These six made $1,600/ head selling to Charlie and Carmel McKinlay, Stewart Park, Comet. Thirty six heifers from the Robbie and Rosanne Campbell, Goondicum Pastoral, Monto sold to average $1,228. Allery and Sons, Goovigen accounted for 28 of these for on average $1,279 topping at $1,350/head. The other pen


Autumn – 2017

(eight head) sold for $1,050 to David and Christine Roberts, Alkoomie, South Yaamba. Mick and Tanya Madder, Earlwood, Duaring sold 12 heifer for $1,000/head to Broadlea while Taroom breeders, Bruce and Leanne Woodard, Tualka South sold a line of 31 heifer to average $1360 topping at $1,525/head and going to Broadlea. GL Brangus, operated by the Goodwin family secured six of these for an average $1,150/head while A & K Livestock, through Brain Dawson Agencies secured 10 from the Woodard draft for a $1,425 average. Glendale Grazing, Morinish, took a pen of nine of the Olsen cows for $1,325/head. Below Gary Wendt and Jason Jeynes, Ray White Livestock

Natalie Herd, Executive Officer, Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd

The Executive Paper Welcome Brangus breeders and enthusiasts to the 2017 Autumn Edition of the Australian Brangus Magazine. The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have seen hard times fall upon many of our members and their clients, from the lack of rain early in the season for many regions. Since my last report (early last spring) the Brangus breed has celebrated some excellent sales results. Although the 2016 sales are well behind us we need to remain focused moving forward, whilst reflecting on what made the sales successful which will assist in maintaining the sales results this year. . The ABCA will once again have a presence at field days throughout Queensland and New South Wales in the coming year (AgGrow Emerald, Farmfest Darling Downs, Primex in Casino and Ag-Quip in Gunnedah), the Board are also very keen to encourage a National Sale event in the Southern zones and are looking at the feasibility of one in a central location. This year a Brangus Feature show will be held in Emerald on 6th & 7th June 2017. The ABCA sponsored sales will no doubt roll around quickly again this year with the Roma sale being held on Friday 1st September 2017 and the Rockhampton sale being held on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of October 2017. If you have a Brangus sale or event and would like us to add your sale on the events calendar of the Brangus website, email the event details to brangus@abri.une.edu.au or call the office on (02) 6773 3373 to discuss listing your event. The Brangus Committee has been busy looking at governance to streamline the Brangus breed for the future. The development of new marketing strategies including online and newspaper advertising has also been a major topic of discussion. I will keep members posted on advertising opportunities that arise throughout the year. I look forward to meeting many of you at the upcoming ABCA sponsored sale in Rockhampton. I hope you all enjoy and find value in this edition of the Brangus magazine and I wish you all the best for a prosperous season and a successful 2017. A Brangus Bulletin Newsletter will be published after each board meeting highlighting the major discussion points and any information that is relevant to members.

Registrar Jessica Ten Brink (02) 6773 3373 brangus.registrar@abri.une.edu.au Breedplan Samantha Rawson (02) 6773 3032 brangus@breedplan.une.edu.au TBTS Technical Officer Paul Williams 0427 018 982 paul@tbts.une.edu.au


Autumn – 2016 2017

President mark beckman ‘Glenoyra Downs’ 987 Oakey Pittsworth Road Aubigny Qld 4401

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Executive Officer Natalie Herd (02) 6773 3373 brangus@abri.une.edu.au



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Images: KB Consulting, Georgie Connor & Telpara Hills

Telpara tops Roma at $40,000 Sale Summary Roma brangus sale 102Bulls Females Average $8,147 Top $40,000 Sale clearance 94% 4 Females Average $3,625 Top $4,500 Sale clearance 58%

Day long gale force winds failed to deter buyers enthusiasm at the 11th Annual ACBA Roma Brangus Sale, September last year. The catalogue was backed by a three state vendor list and the result supported by a three state buying panel. Twenty vendors supported the fixture that witnessed male average values jump by a massive $3,081 per head when compared to the 2015 result. Numbers of bulls sold also increased however, clearance levels dipped a little on the previous years result. Female averages jumped by $1,928 in the corresponding period with only a fraction of the numbers offered and sold as compared to the 2015 fixture. (In 2015 81 bulls averaged $5,600 to top at $19,000 clearing 98 percent of the yard. 20 Females averaged $1,697 to top at $2,500 for a 98 percent clearance).

the global sire, Lambert of Brinks (US). Ten head from the Pearce family owned stable, Telpara Hills averaged $17,300 and included the second top seller the $30,000 Telpara Hills Deal Me In (P) (AI) (ET) (MC Real Deal) (29-months) (1106kg) a maternal half to the retained, The Rock, selling to Mal and Sue Burston, Broadlea, Nebo. Broadlea ended with four head (three bulls and heifer) at an average $14,750 including the $16,000 stablemate, Royal Flush Sale topper was the 29-month-old, (P) (AI) (ET) (CRC Guardian). Their Telpara Hills Up The Ante (P) offered three males purchases from Telpara by Atherton based, Telpara Hills Stud averaged $18,333. At $14,000 Tambo selling to Allen Schutt, Kajarabie Stud, based, Turnbull Trading took the Real Gympie. Allen recently sold his St Deal (US) son, Telpara Hills Mexican George aggregation, Ingaby Station and has relocated a select portion of his Train (P) (AI) (ET). WT Dobe and Sons, stud to Lagoon Pocket, outside Gympie. (34), Bowen claimed a pair from Telpara Up The Ante tipped the scales at 975kg for on average $14,000 topping at and is a son of the retained Telpara Hills $16,000 for the 22-month, 827kg, Full House (P) (The Rock). Tallahassee (MC Onstar) and from a LTD Of Brinks (US) dam, a full sister to 12

Autumn – 2017

Duarran principals, Ian and Anne Galloway, Roma, selected two new sire aspirants to average $19,000. Topping their selections was the 23-month-old, $24,000 Bonox 900 (732kg) (Bonox 640) from Bruce and Leanne Woodard, Bonox Stud, Taroom. The other was the $14,000, (29-month) Telpara Hills Poker Face (911kg). Bonox ended the day with a $15,000 average for their four males. This figure included the $14,500 Bonox 888 (670kg) going to Karingal Stud, operated by William and Janelle Cook, Monto. Janes Geddes, Charlevue Stud, Dingo selected a trio of male throughout the offering to average $8,333. Topping her selections at $14,000 was the 700kg, 121EMA, 22-month-old, Bonox 907 (Bonox 330). Bonox’s yearling heifer, Bonox B907 (P) (Bonox Mick) sold for $4,000 also to the Charlevue Stud.

Brian Hartman, Valley View Stud, Dungowan, NSW secured a $9,125 average for his eight that included the $17,000 Valley View 760 (P) (814kg) (25-months) selling to the Bonox prefix, Taroom. Another high selling Hartman entry, Valley View 764 (S) made $11,500 going to Robert Smith, Marranoonbah, Condobolin,NSW.

these included the $13,000, Inavale 700 (P) (24-months) (Valleyview 640) offered by John and Alison, Bell, Inavale Stud, Boonah.

Barry Morgan and family, Riverview Trevor and Colleen Jorgensen, Belview Stud, Casino, NSW sold their 23-month, Stud, Delungra, NSW made a $14,000 818kg, Riverview sire selection in Castle Kalkallo (P) Walcha (P) (Kyamba (AI) (ET) (101 Ranger (US)) from Arthur) for $11,000 Michael Bush’s, Victorian operation, to Josh Comiskey, Castle Stud, Euroa. Castle averaged Braveheart Stud, $6,625 for their eight. Richard and Mornish. Riverview Diane Pender, Boonderoo Stud, averaged $8,000 for Bundara, NSW sold their 25-monththeir four while Reg old, Boonderoo Katoomba (134 EMA) Robinson, Glen Heart (928kg) for $13,000 to John Barber, Stud Toogoolawah set Tellarah Partnership, Mummulgum, a $6,600 average for NSW on the way to a $7,357 average five topping at $11,000 for their team of seven. for the 19-month-old, Jayson and Jarni Fearnley, Fearnley Glen Heart Brooks (P) Stud, Eumungerie, NSW sold their (131EMA) selling to 24-month-old, 765kg, entry, Macquarie the Cameron family, (Fearnley Senior Counsel) for $11,000 Waikola, Wallumbilla. to Bill and Deb Ferguson, Stromness, Supporting the sale on Rennie, NSW. Fearnley averaged $6,143 for their seven males and added a volume basis were a $3,500 average for their three heifers the Dean Wallaton, Tomoo, Mitchell, taking topping at $4,500 for the 10-monthhome eight bulls to old, Fearnley Maria Telkes 1540 (P) average $5,375. Hugh (Fearnley Hercules/WAT Lead Gun) Campbell, Warragay, selling to Graham Engeman, YabbaKingaroy ended with Do Stud, Kandanga. Other prefixes to six bulls to end with a $6,833 average invest in Fearnley heifers at $3,000 while Vin Richardson, Leopardwood, were Charlevue and Mal and Sue Burston. Bill and Deb Ferguson outlaid Adavale ended with four to average the same amount for the Telpara entry, $4,000. New South Wales buyers, In The Money (P) (AI) (ET) (Csonka) Ed and Zoe Lederhose, Rocky River (23-months). Meanwhile Warren and Tenterfield claimed a trio for a $7,667 Robyn Bulmer, Weona Stud, Casino, average with Wallabella Pastortal, NSW took with them a $17,000 sale Wallumbilla ending with three for a in their entrant, Dixon (32-months) $5,667 medium. The same number (875kg) (127EMA) selling to Cathy went to Dan Rhodes, Coparella, Quilpie Briant, Calou Stud, Beaconsfield, for a $5,667 average while Jon Karger, Victoria. Another high seller for Isla Downs, Longreach also claimed the Weona stable was the $11,000 a trio for $5,167 medium. Russell 23-month, 950kg, Weona Dallas Jones, Sandy Creek, Yuleba took three (136EMA) selling to Leonard Perrett, for $5,000 average and Peter North, Tunis, Injune. Weona ended with a Arakoola, Bollon was in the market $8,333 average for their nine. taking three for $5,333 average. Max Cann, Burgoo Vale, Chinchilla was Bullrush Pastoral, operated by Mark another taking a trio to average $5,667. Lloyd, Mavis Downs, Nebo accounted Agents: Elders and Grant Daniel and Long. for a pair at an $11,250 average and

from top Telpara Hills Up The Ante (P) for $40,000 Telpara Hills Deal Me In (P) for $30,000 Bonox 900 for $24,000

Opposing page from top Allen Schutt, Kajarabie Stud, Gympie and Stephen Pearce, Telpara Hills, Atherton with the top selling $40,000 Telpara Hills Up The Ante (P). Mal and Sue Burston, Broadlea, Nebo with their $30,000 purchase Telpara Hills Deal Me In (P) and vendor Stephen Pearce, Telpara Hills, Atherton.


Images: KB Consulting & Telpara Hills

$12,900 average at ‘Legacy of Ladies’ Sale In honour of the breeds 40th sale anniversary and to mark the milestone event, selling agents, Elders and a small but enthusiastist committee staged the ‘Elders Legacy Of Ladies Sale’. Sale Summary Ladies of legacy sale 5 Females Average $12,900 Top $37,000 Sale clearance 100%

Staged at the Gracemere Hotel, Gracemere, on the Monday night after the day’s proceedinbgs had finished at CQLX, the sale was interfaced on the electronic network, AuctionsPlus. The select catalogue saw a reduced catalogue of five quality heifers sell to average $12,900. Setting the market pace was the $37,000 20-month-old, Telpara Hills Miss Foundation 468L9 (P) (AI) (ET). Offered by the Pearce family’s, Telpara Hills Stud, Atherton the unjoined full US blood entry was by Sunh’s Foundation 331Z28 (P) and from a Braxton Of Brinks daughter. The high seller went to Dr Brett Scott, Ingham QLD. Next best at $10,000 was the 24-month, Oaklands Miss Webke 435K (P) catalogued by Nev and Megan Hansen’s Oaklands Stud, Kalapa. From the leading donor, Bonox B435 the heifer was sold carrying a safe test to the show performer in Oaklands Dillinger. Miss Webke 435 K sold to Stephen McBride and Kelly Lucey, Robuck Hills Stud, Calliope. Alton Downs nursery, Alkoomie Stud operated by Dave and Christine Roberts and family sold their unjoined, 18-month-old, Alkoomie Miss Final Cut 468L (P) (AI) (ET) (CB Final Cut 924X – Telpara Hills Miss New Frontier 468F3 (P)) to David and Tracey Muscat, Brangaloo Stud, Pleystowe. Gregory and Sandra Drake, Namara Stud, Wycarbah took with them the $4000 Yaraandoo Xandi (P) the 22-month-old unjoined daughter of Inavale 201 (P). Bruce and Leanne Woodard, Bonox Stud, Taroom took a $6000 sale with their entry, Bonox B590 (P). The yearling daughter of the homebred, Bonox 637 (P) sold to Mick and Tanya Maddern, Earlwood Stud, Duaringa. Agents: Elders and AuctionsPlus


Autumn – 2017

From top Telpara Hills Miss Foundation 468L9 (P) for $37,000 Oaklands Miss Webcke 435K (P) for $10,000

2016 brangus feedlot trial l Highest Individual Weight Gain Highest Group Weight Gain Champion Jap Ox Carcase Champion Trade Carcase Champion All Rounder

edward & Kara Quinn 0418 716 442 brangusvoewood@bigpond.com

Images: Pheasant Creek, Bullakeana, KB Consulting & Georgie Connor

$19,000 tops Inaugural CHABS Sale Sale Summary central highlands angus & brangus sale 27 Bulls Average $7,981 Top $19,000 Sale clearance 100%

An ambitious plan by five prefixes from two states has paid off with the staging of the inaugural Central Highlands Angus and Brangus Sale (CHABS) Emerald, September, last year. Four of those vendors from across central Queensland supplied the Brangus bulls for the sale that saw bulls hit $19,000 to settle with a bottom line average of $7,981, on the way to posting a complete clearance at auction. The catalogue was composed of 56 Angus and 27 Brangus offered at the AgGrow Field Day site located just east of Emerald. Top seller was the $19,000 Tannyfoil Jackson (P) a 33-month, 981kg, proven stud sire son of Glenwood Elliott (Bonox Willy). Offered by Gavin McKenzie, Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater he sold to fellow vendor, Brad Saunders, Pheasant Creek Stud, Wowan. Five from Tannyfoil achieved the top average of $10,800 and included the $12,500 Tannyfoil 42 (P) (Sarum Flinders) (23-months) selling the Wight family, Jellinbah, Bluff.

Nicole Besch, Brad Saunders, Tyler Hyden and Rory Saunders, Pheasant Creek, Wowan pictured with their $19,000 purchase Tannyfoil Jackson (P) and vendor Gavin McKenzie, Tannyfoil, Blackwater.

second top average with his seven setting a $8,286 medium and topping at $13,500 for the 25-month-old, Callandoon J60 (Banquet Gallagher) selling to John Schutt, Tralee, Blackall. Another high seller in the draft was the $11,000 Gallagher son, J16 (24-months) selling to the Broken Plains Pastoral Company Pty Ltd., Rolleston. Broken Plains took a trio to average them $8,500 while Tralee’s pair came at a $10,750 medium.

Bullakeana and another from Pheasant Creek for $6,500. The Gordon family, Emerald took a single purchase with them, the $9,000 Bindaree C456 (P) (Lunar Fred) from the Bullakeana draft. Wowan vendor, Brad Saunders, Pheasant Creek Stud took with his a $6,313 average for his team of eight. Top of the Pheasant Creek team was the 35-month-old, Pheasant Creek Jerry J011 (P) (Pheasant Creek Rusty). The proven sire scaled in at 880kg and sold for $11,000 to Norm and Julie Johnson, Giru. Another from the Pheasant Creek operation was the $7,000, 23-month-old, Braveheart 112 (P) (Lunar Kayden) selling to Peter Comiskey, Lyra Park, Capella. Lyra Park ended with two to average $7,250.

Brad and Vicki Hanson’s, Bullakeana Stud, Moura ended with a solid $7,571 average for their seven topping at $9,500 for the only red Brangus entry in the sale, the 23-month-old, Bullakeana Oaky Doak (P) (Maccaboyz Impact) selling to Pini Grazing, Nebo. Pini ended with a pair to average $7,250. Michael Maguire and Company, Emerald took Glen and Loyola McKinlay’s Callandoon the $8,000 entry, Bindaree C440 (P) Stud, Springsure scored the days (Doonside Dr. Pepper) offered by

Agents: Hourn & Bishop Qld and Maguires Real Estate & Livestock

Tannyfoil Jackson (P) for $19,000

Bullakeana Oaky Doak (P) for $9,500


Autumn – 2017

Pheasant Creek Jerry (P) for $11,000

Castle Brangus EST. 1990


“Thank you to all new and repeat customers for your support throughout 2016”. Castle Kalkallo K403 (P)(AI)(ET) Purchased by Belview Brangus for $14,000 at the 2016 Roma Bangus Sale

Castle Brangus bull and females consigned to supply export order for registered breeding stock

27 Castle Brangus embryo’s sired by DMR Testament 99Y43 supplied for export order

CONTACT ~ MICHAEL BUSH Telephone 03 5795 2827 | Mobile 0427 319 780 Email castlebrangus@bigpond.com 174 Shepparton Rd, Euroa VIC 3666 19

Images: Palgrove

$24,000 record Ultrablack at Palgrove Sale Summary Palgrove sale 44 Bulls Average $11,330 Top $24,000 Sale clearance 100%

Demand for Brangus and Ultrablack genetics was outstanding at the record breaking annual Palgrove Sale, Dalveen in early September 2016. Vendors and Palgrove principals, David and Prue Bonfield and family changed their sale date with immediate success. Palgrove Kingpin (P) for $24,000

The number of bulls sold doubled, the medium price jumped by a hefty $3,330 per head over the values attained at the inaugural 2015 sale. Selling for a new Australian record of $24,000 for an Ultrablack was the 23-month-old, Palgrove Kingpin (P). By the US import, Texas Star and with a liveweight of 866kg, Kingpin boasted an EMA measurement of 140sq cm and a leading IMF index of 7.3 and a scan of 13/9mm. Kingpin has taken up stud duties with purchasers, central Queensland breeders, Mick and Tanya Madden, Earlwood Stud, Duaringa. Five by Texas Star averaged $15,800. Second top seller was another Ultrablack. At $20,000 Palgrove Knockout (952kg) (146 EMA) (12/8mm) was knocked down to Ron McKenna’s, Tuan Stud, Innisfail. Sired by Braveheart Of Stem he joins the other Tuan purchase, the $15,000 Palgrove King (Texas Star) (23.5mths) (814kg) (132EMA) (6.1IMF).

in the Ultrablack section included Palgrove Kilo (Triple B Global G112) selling to Peter and Colleen Lindore’s, Melrose Station, Killarney for $15,000. Eleven sons of the ‘first release’ sire, Global G112 averaged $9682. Julie Langan, Bingara, bought two to a top of $15,000 for Palgrove Kingdom (Nindooinbah H343). Cockatoo Cattle, Wandoan, bought a pair of impressive ET Brangus sons Hannibal of Brinks (US) for on average $12,250. Mike Teelow, Innisfail signed off on a single $20,000 purchase, the 25.5 month-old, 952kg, 146EMA, Palgrove Knockout (Braveheart Of Stern).

David and Lydia Dennis, Waltham Station, Clermont ended with a pair to average $10, 250 while Gordon and Sue Rickett, Curra, Clermont picked up a 25-month son of CB Hombre 541T3 (US) for $12,000. Averaging $8000 for their trio were Cameron and Kym Macfarlane, Belarbul, St George. Autumn yearling bulls topped at $14,500 for the 16-month-old, Logo (ET) (Hannibal Of Brinks) selling to Cockatoo Cattle Company. Another to select from that section were Institutional Investments, Roma Downs, Roma taking the 16-month, 626kg, Texas Ada son, Layman (P) for $13,500. The Langan family, Reata, Bingara, New South Wales selected a pair to average $14,500 while the beck family, Big Valley Farm, Malanda outlaid $12,000 for a 17-month-old, 662kg Texas Ada/Belview Yanco individual. The Mungindi, NSW, based LF Family Trust took two to average $13,000.

Pastoral giant, Consolidated Pastoral Company bought two Ultrablacks for an average $9000. Other high sellers

Ultrablacks volume buyer, Tim and Michelle Ramsay’s, Girraween Properties, Bonshaw bought six for an average $10,583. Top of their draft was the $13,000, Palgrove Kinsman (Triple B Global G112). Corack Cattle Company, Corack, Meandarra were the major force in the section taking eight for on average $10,250 topping at $13,000 for a 25-month-old, Palgrove UBF (Catawba Warrior) (942kg).

Agents: Elders, Davidson Cameron & Company and George and Fuhrmann

Palgrove Kilo (P) for $15,000

Palgrove Kingdom (P) for $15,000

Palgrove Knockout (P) for $20,000


Autumn – 2017

We wish to thank the Vendors and Buyers for their support at the 2016 ABCA Rockhampton Brangus Sale. Be assured of our ongoing commitment to the Beef Industry, and we look forward with great anticipation to the 2017 selling season.

Talk to the local people who get the results...





Story: Geoff Phillips, Genetics editor, Beef Central

What’s driving the fashion in black cattle? hump exceeding two inches (5cm)’. That’s a broad criteria with no defined breed content or Angus percentage - just ‘Angus influenced.’ CAB compliance is dominated by carcase quality with medium or fine, modest to higher marbling. The carcase must be consistently sized (476kg HSCW or less, rib eye area 65-100sq cm and less than 25mm of fat thickness. Other aspects are superior muscling (to eliminate dairy influence) and no dark cutters. This means many non-Angus black breeds, or more specifically their crosses, can produce CAB, provided their carcases met the exacting standards. Origins of Black Limos and Simmies in Australia Black Simmentals and Black Limousins followed parallel grading-up processes when the Euro-genetics came to Australia half a century ago. Imported semen was used over foundation animals of another breed, with the upgraded progeny joined again to purebreds until 15/16 of the animal was Limousin or Simmental content. These 15/16 bulls were then regarded as fully registered purebreds. Australia’s largest registered Black Simmental seedstock herd is Lancaster at Meningie, SA, managed by Henry Cartledge, CAB brand has big influence who started the stud with imports of black Perhaps the single largest influence on the and solid red (no white faces) Simmentals. growth in popularity of black cattle other than Angus in the US has been the Certified “We then decided that our main bull market was in the south and the solid reds were Angus Beef brand program. more suited to the north, so we dispersed CABThe world’s largest and most our solid reds a few years ago and now only successful beef brand, global sales in CAB’s run blacks,” he said. latest year ended September 30 surpassed 460,000 tonnes, up 13.3pc on the previous Mr Cartledge is not concerned about the size of the gene pool in Black Simmentals. If year. The record sales were fuelled largely he need to adjust some traits, it’s relatively by US retail sales, but exports also grew easy to go to the giant Angus gene pool and 15pc (see Beef Central’s US columnist, grade up to the required 15/16 Simmental Steve Kay’s recent article marveling at the content over four generations. success of the CAB program). “Marbling, calving ease, softness and polls So large and influential is the CAB brand program and the cattle premiums attached are the advantages doing it that way,” he said. Lancaster will hold its 12th annual sale on to it, that it literally bends cattle breeding Friday February 24 with a catalogue of 64 decisions across the US, and fanned the flames of ‘black’ derivatives of breeds other black Simmental and SimAngus bulls and 40 registered black Simmental females. than Angus. Surprisingly, the Simmental herd book is That’s because CAB in the US can be produced from ‘Angus influenced cattle with still dominated by the ‘traditional’ coloured cattle. In September last year a scan of a predominantly black coat with no neck Fashion is fickle, but in the beef cattle industry, black-coated breeds that aren’t Angus have been around for decades, and their recent growing popularity shows no signs of waning. Numerous theories attempt to explain why ‘black is beautiful’. Japan’s preference for premium grainfed beef from black cattle is well entrenched; the success of the US Certified Angus Beef brand program; and the popularity of Angus worldwide are all factors, according to industry observers. Whatever the reasons, the black influence (Angus or otherwise) is a dominant stream in Australia’s southern industry, and to some extent, a growing trend in the north also. Beyond the obvious straight Angus cattle bred by many commercial cattlemen, there are Brangus, Black Simmentals, SimAngus, Black Limousins, Limflex and black varieties in just about every breed on the planet. Head to Queensland where Palgrove and Nindooinbah have developed Ultrablack (tropically adapted Angus) herds, while Burenda Blacks have appeared as a derivative within the Burenda Angus herd. And they are all drawing interested bull buyers. Go to some large stock shows in the US, and it’s not uncommon to see 70 percent of the cattle on parade being black coated non (or only part) Angus.


Autumn – 2017

the herd book came up with 89pc being traditional colours, 6pc solid reds, just over 2pc blacks, and less than 1pc SimAngus. Both the Lim-Flex (Black Limousin x Angus composite) and SimAngus have similar content requirements; no more than 75pc and no less that 25pc of each parent breed. Black coat colour has infiltrated Limousins more than Simmentals, with around 23pc of the cattle in the Limousin herd book now registered as Blacks. What’s motivating buyers of black bulls in Australia? Alex McDonald, former CEO of the Australian Limousin Society and now with Southern Beef Technology Services, said homozygous Black Limousin and Simmental were becoming very popular, as they threw 100pc black calves and carried the strong Angus polling genes. Heterozgous Blacks leave about 50pc black calves. In his assessment, black euro breed bulls were being used in Angus herds to introduce other traits, while crossbred herds used black euro bulls for black colour, growth and muscling. Body temperature compromise While black coats may be in fashion in many areas, corporate beef producer S Kidman & Co has deliberately avoided blackcoated cattle in its composite development program for northern areas, because of concerns over higher body temperature caused by absorbed heat in dark-coated cattle. Instead, Kidman has incorporated the silvercoated Murray Grey into its composite, which still have a strong Angus genetic influence. Kidman has used Murray Greys in a composite program for 12 years to introduce fertility, calving ease and carcase quality in the company’s Brahman herd at Anna Creek Station in central Australia (recently sold to Williams Cattle Co). The first cross is Murray Grey over Tuli (cream-coated African tropically adapted Bos Taurus), then mated to Charbray, to retain a light coat colour, and reduce body temperature in harsher conditions. Murray Greys have done so well in the dry country for Kidman, that some of the composite bulls are being trialled in the company’s Kimberley and channel country properties in south west Queensland.









BILL & KAY GEDDES 07 4934 3150

Jane 0457 726 793 email doonside@westnet.com.au

Selling at Classic Red Brangus & Rockhampton Brangus Sales Paddock Bulls Available

Images: KB Consulting

Triple B Brangus to $13,000 Sale Summary triple b production sale 72 Bulls Average $5,535 Top $13,000 Sale clearance 94% 11 Females Average $2,886 Top $4,500 Sale clearance 100% Vendors, the Barlow family, Triple B Stud saw their seedstock and commercial product sell to two states with a complete clearance at auction for the female section of the offering while the male section of the catalogue cleared 94pc of the field. Another feature of the heavily performance tested and orientated offering were 24

Autumn – 2017

Young bulls sold to $13,000 setting a bottom line average of $5,535, while registered heifers topped at $4,500 to average $2,886 at the Triple B Annual Production Sale. the IMF readings. The 2016 male section of the catalogue set an overall average IMF reading of 5.6 with three individuals scoring above 7.0. Triple B K200 (AI) topped the market selling for $13,000. The two-year-old, 720kg son of US import, IH Bar None (US) boasted a final growth EBV of +38 and sold to Trevor and Colleen Jorgensen, Belview Stud, Delungra, New South Wales. Belview will be the home of two new recruits for an average $10,000 along with a 101 Ranger 99W11 (US) daughter for $4,000. Next best was the $10,000, K201 (AI) (654kg) (24-months) (WAT Lead

Gun (US)) selling to Ron and Narelle Hanson, Bindaree Stud, Murgon. Top selling female at $4,500 was a member of the progeny group by ‘first release’ sire, Triple B Huxley (P). The yearling daughter, Triple B Brittany L204 sold to Alex Curtis, Curtis Cattle Company, Farqhuas Downs, Koumala. Reg Robinson, Glen Heart Stud, Toogoolawah selected two prospects for on average $8,500 topping at $9,000 for a 25-month-old by Telpara Hills Warne. Other taking the opportunity of purchasing new sire material were Stewart and Kerry Wallace, Wallace Stud, Marlborough outlaying $8,500

for a Suhns Distinction (US) son (25-months) while Duncan and Karen Geddes, Telemon Stud, Springsure secured the $7,000, Bonox 660 son, K2018. Terry and Sue Vails, Salisbury Plains, Bowen returned talking a pair for $7,500 each while Bruce and Leanne Woodard, Bonox Stud, Taroom outlaid $5,500 for a Couti-Outi Quart Pot son. Brad and Briony Comiskey and Dennis and Claire Couper, Lunar Stud, Emerald took home the $6,500, K591 (AI) (ET) (Suhn’s Next Step US)). Large scale commercial producer support was evident from the start of the sale with Grant and Kate Warrian, Springrock, Injune taking 14 to average them $5,108. Local producers, the Perrett family, Eastbrook, Duaringa signed off on nine for a $4,111 average. Carl and Cathy Collins, Colwill Cattle Company, Leura, Marlborough signed off on eight for a $6,063

medium while Robin Blackburn, Mirani, purchased two for $9,000 each, these were sired by Southern Dealmaker (US) and Bonox 660. Rob and Ann Donahue, Barradoo, Bauhinia returned to take a single $6,000 purchase while Ross and Heather Milner, Yeppoon took a two-year-old, $8,000 Bar None (US) entry. Sale regulars, Mal and Sue Burston, Broadlea, Nebo took a single male at $6,000 and a trio of registered heifers at $2,000 each. Jared and Leanne Deguara, Bimbora Brangus, Nebo selected a trio to average $6,000 for the Moorvale Pastoral Company, Daunia Station, Nebo. David and Tracey Muscat, Brangaloo Stud, Pleystowe selected a $2,000 heifer while the Bella family, Oben Park, Nebo returned taking three bulls at an average $4,667. Agent: Landmark

from top Triple B K190 for $9,000 • Triple B K198 for $8,000 Opposing page Lindsay Barlow, Triple B Stud, Dingo and Trevor Jorgensen, Belview Stud, Delungra, New South Wales with the top selling bull, the $13,000 Triple B K200 (P) after the 2016 Triple B Annual Production Sale, Dingo, September, last year.

Image: KB Consulting

Commercial heifers to $1,400 The rarity and scarcity of young, breeder quality, commercial Brangus heifers was clearly evident at last years Triple B Annual Production Sale, Araluen, Dingo. Demand and the reputation of these weaners was so great that the yarding for the 200 (pens of 10) on offer were purchased by only three parties.

haul of 17 pens, totalling 170 head came back at on average $1282/head and topping at $1400/ head on three seperate occasions.

Weaner heifers topped at $1400/head while their older counterparts made to $1350 on the Young breeder, Alex Curtis, Curtis Cattle way to setting an overall average of $1205 per Company, Farqhuas Downs, Koumala added head for their vendors, the Barlow family, Triple B to his registered purchases earlier in the day Brangus, Dingo. securing a pen of 10 for $900/head. Calliope Regular supporters of the sale since it’s inception, breeders, Edward and Kara Quinn, Voewood Mal and Sue Burston, Broadlea, Nebo returned Brangus also returned and signed off on two taking the majority of the heifers on offer. Their pens (20 head) for $700 each.

Lindsay Barlow, Triple B Brangus, Dingo is with buyers Alex Curtis and Robert Drinkwater, Curtis Cattle Company, Farqhuas Downs, Koumala along with Julian Laver, Landmark, Rockhampton. Curtis Cattle Company secured a pen of ten for $900/head. 25

Images: Burnett Livestock & Reality

Brangus Champions at Biggenden All Breeds Steer Sale Brangus took out the Champion Steers at this years prestigious, Biggenden All Breeds Steer Show and Sale, Biggenden, in February. This years yarding of 2500 head was considered by orgainzers, buyers and onlookers as the biggest and undoubtedly, best yarding of steers in it’s history. Marketing agents, Burnett Livestock and Reality, Biggenden quoted the market as consistent with current trends despite the ongoing dry conditions. Champions on the day were a pen of 10 Brangus infused steers exhibited by Link and Tracey Davies, Boyne Lea, Mundubbera. The pen delivered an average liveweight of 422.5kgs and sold for 342c/kg to return on average $1445 per head. The champions were snapped up by Smithfield Cattle Company, Proston. 26

Autumn – 2017

Link and Tracey along with their two children run Boyne Lea (1456ha) and 170ha in Bundaberg which supports principally a Brangus and Brangus infused herd. At the same sale Cheryl Dingle, Mt Perry sold milk and two tooth Brangus steers for 335c/kg to come back at $1627/head. Judges for the event were Noel Cook, Kindon Station, Goondiwindi and his Feedlot Mananger, Ben Fogg. Cattle were drawn from Taroom, Chinchilla, Manumbar, Nanango, Proston, Goomeri, Eumundi, Booubyjan, Tansey, Murgon, Monto, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Mt Perry, Gayndah, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Childers, Bundaberg, South Kolan, Bucca, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Gin Gin and all local areas.

From Top Link and Tracey Davies, Mundubbera with their champion pen of steers at the 2017 Biggenden All Breeds Steer Show and Sale. The pen that was awarded the championship from a field of 2500 fetched 342c/kg and returned $1445 per head. Burnett Livestock and Realty’s, Lance Whitaker, Biggenden, with Link and Tracey Davies, Mundubbera with the Leichts CIA crush they won at the 2017 Biggenden All Breeds Steer Show and Sale.

Youth is a gift of nature. Age is a work of art.

oaklandsbrangus.com Nev & Megan Hansen 0437 347 787 0488 347 138 Kalapa Qld 4702


Images: KB Consulting & Georgie Connor

Central Brangus Classic tops $34,000 Sale Summary

Major vendors, Duncan and Karen Geddes, Telemon Stud, Springsure central brangus classic sale sold 15 to average $9967 topping 94 Bulls at $32,500 for Telemon Iran (P) Average $8,723 (34-month) (890kg) selling to Joe and Top $34,000 Jill Atkinson, Glen Avon Stud, Dingo. Another from Telemon was the $20,000, Sale clearance 100% Illusion (S) selling to Cliff Mylrea’s, Rookwood Brangus, Gogango. Brad Saunders, Pheasant Creek Stud, Wowan Nearly 30 pc of the offering at last purchased the sale opener, Tannyfoil I64 years annual Central Brangus Classic, (P) (Bonox 265) (35-months) (1005kg) CQLX, Gracemere, in September last year were sold for five figure amounts. for $28,000. Wayne Maguire and Sustained demand throughout the sale family, Scrubbee, Dingo took a $12,000 resulted in a total clearance of 94 bulls 35-month-old herd bull from Tannyfoil, averaging of $8734 top top at $34,000. both came from Gavin McKenzie’s, Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater. Sale topper at $34,000 was Moola Epic Securing a $12,334 average for six were (P), (34-months) (870kg) catalogued by Bruce and Sandra Ryan, Moola Stud, Bruce and Leanne Woodard, Bonox Stud, Taroom. Bonox 823 (P) (Bonox 330) Anakie. By Glen Avon Otto (Bonox (35-months) made $22,000 selling to Willy), Epic sold to Jane Geddes, Susan Fawcett, Lazy S Stud, Condamine. Charlevue Stud, Dingo. Jane also Bonox 843 (P) (Valley View 585) fetched purchased a $13,000 herd bull from $16,000 to Jeff Schneider, Yaamba. the Bonox Stud, Taroom offered by Cliff Mylrea, Rookwood Stud, Gogango Bruce and Leanne Woodard. Moola averaged $9800 for five including ended with a $12,000 average for their five including the $12,000 Moola a pair for $10,000 and selling for a top of $13,000 for Rookwood 70 (P) Einstein (S) (34-months) selling to (22-months) (773kg) to the Kenny family, Wayne Maguire, Scrubbee, Dingo. 28

Autumn – 2017

Tralee, Middlemount. Bevan McKenzie and family, Tanya, Blackwater took the $19,000 Parkes 201 (P) a 34-month-old herd bull from the Woodward family, Parkes, Duaringa. Averaging $12,625 for four were Mick and Tanya Madden, Earlwood Stud, Duaringa. Top for Earlwood was the $26,000, Earlwood 3103 (P) (Telemon Galen) (22-months) (686kg) selling to Jarrod and Leanne Deguara, Bimbora Stud, Nebo. Moola Stud secured the rights to the $12,500 Earlwood entry, 3083 (P) (Bimbadeen Q Granite) (21-months). Local breeder, John Collins, Yaraandoo, Gracemere collected a $7500 average for eight topping at $13,500 for his Bullakeana Grand Justice (P) son, Yaraandoo Wentworth (P) (35-months) (903kg) headed to the Telemon Stud, Springsure. Another high seller from Yaraandoo was a $10,000 sale to the Hanson family’s, Bullakeana Stud, Moura. Paul and Denise Studt, Coolabah Stud, Capella sold eight to a top of $10,000 twice. Major supporters were Ian and Sharon Bush, Maytoe, Alpha taking four to average $8375 with a top of $9500.

Jeff and Karen Russell, Echo Hills, Springsure signed off on four to a top of $10,000 to average $7500 while the Michelmore family, Fort Cooper, Nebo paid to $11,000 for a Yaraandoo entry to average $8875 for their four. Mabbin Station, Clermont operated by the Fordyce family picked up four to average $7750 topping at $10,000 while regular breed supporters Graeme and Joan McKenzie, Taurus, Blackwater returned also taking four for a $10,125 average topping at $11,000.

opposing page Jane Geddes, Charlevue Stud, Dingo with her $34,000 sale topping selection, the 870kg, 34-month-old, Moola Epic (P) at last September’s annual Central Brangus Classic Sale at CQLX, Gracemere. With Jane and Epic is the vendor, Sandra Ryan, Moola Stud, Anakie.

Agents: Elders and Landmark.

Bottom Right Earlwood 3103 (P) $26,000

Tannyfoil Jagger I 64 (P)

Top Moola Epic (P) $34,000 Middle Tannyfoil Jagger I 64 (P) $28,000 Bottom Left Bonox 823 (P) $22,000 Bottom centre Telemon Iran (P) $32,500

Tannyfoil Jackson 318 (P)

Thanks to all bidders and buyers who supported our Sale teams in 2016. Special thanks to Brad Saunders & Nicole Besch, Pheasant Creek, Wowan on the purchase of Tannyfoil Jagger I 64 (P) for $28,000 at the CBC Sale & Tannyfoil Jackson 318 (P) for $19,000 at CHABS, and to David & Maxine MacAulay, Garnant on the purchase of top priced bull at the Classic Red Brangus Sale, Tannyfoil Kareem (P) for $14,000.

SELLING • CLASSIC RED • CBC • CHABS Gavin McKenzie 0429 827 182 Tannyfoil Blackwater Qld 4717 Tannyfoil Kareem (P)

Story: Matthew Bekker MAgr PAS, Novus International Regional Manager, Northern Australia Image: KB Consulting

Cows might fly The competition among the top 5 animal proteins on the dinner plates of the world is fierce and beef cattle are the most inefficient of modern mainstream production animals. There is no arguing this fact. From best to worst, we see a relatively efficient lot fed Australian steer of any breed converting feed to bodyweight at a ratio of 7:1. On the flipside, I met a professor of poultry Science last year who claims to have met the first ever chicken that can convert feed to bodyweight at a ratio of 1:1, the holy grail of animal production.

Matthew and Sally Bekker

Yes we can argue until we are blue in the face that cattle convert fibre sources into meat which monogastric animals (pigs, poultry) can’t do, but the reality is we have a long way to catch up in metabolic efficiency. We’re on the back foot too. We can only evaluate a new generation of cattle in our herd every 12 months after first calving at 2.5 years versus multiple hatchings every 21 days for poultry. There are groups who have taken the science of efficiency to market. I was lucky enough to meet Leigh Leachman and look over the operation in Colorado where every potential sire is evaluated for feed conversion efficiency FCE, or residual feed efficiency RFI depending on your terminology. The University of New England in NSW pioneered some of this work and the Tullimba feedlot has seen many of these feed conversion efficiency trials evaluated. The method is cumbersome, expensive and time consuming but essential to make up some lost ground in the feed efficiency game. Overall kilograms, cost of production, environmental footprint and animal welfare are just a few of the critical things that the industry will have to confront in the next several years with all being addressed by the ability of an animal to do more with less and do it easily. 30

Autumn – 2017

Breedplan is also an essential tool, but while measures such as growth rates are reliable, until feed efficiency tests have been carried out on a large number of core breed sires and their progeny, no reliability could be given to any projected data. The other key problem with feed efficiency tests as they stand is that the measure is only for an animal consuming the specific diet offered during the test. This is useful if the future production cycle is going to revolve around a stable mixed ration, but that is never going to be the case, with some animals finished on temperate pastures, some breeding on pasture, some lot-fed and others required to grow and mature on sub optimal pastures such as tropical savannah. So will the tested bull deliver an animal that is a feedlot specialist or will there be a general increase in efficiency? The truth is this also varies, because as we manipulate the beast we also manipulate the rumen bacteria they harbor which in turn will have preferred sources of fermentation substrate. Could we look to our friends in the monogastric science field to assist in a more dramatic shift for general feed efficiency. I think so. I find myself very fortunate to work across species in the science field and heard an outstanding and thought provoking presentation by Dr Nick Hudson from UQ who

Stuff about cows! Cattle may seem to be simple animals, but they’re not! As we all know they’re fascinating animals. Source: dairymoos.com/interesting-facts-about-cows/

has been working around the world on a project with one of the largest poultry broiler breeding groups (the commercial world essentially grows all meat chickens from 3 genetic lines). In this work they were looking for reliable markers of efficiency. It is far more easy to measure feed efficiency in chickens than cattle, and yet as in cattle it is still not an exact science when translating to the next generation. Quick biology refresher- ‘mitochondria’ exist in essentially every cell of higher animals and are the ‘engine’ that use carbohydrates, lipids (fats) and protein to generate fuel for every kilowatt of work the body performs. This fuel is called Adenosine Tri Phosphate or (ATP). How important is this? Humans turnover the equivalent of their entire bodyweight in ATP on a daily basis. Lesson over. Some animals require more to operate, some less. Nick used a nice analogy of the hummingbird whose cells contain 35% mitochondria versus a modern broiler chicken which has only 4% by comparison. When Nick measured the mitochondrial volume of the most feed efficient birds, he found they had a vastly reduced mitochondrion percentage. They found variation of up to five fold in broilers. The ideal birds were in-effect running a very efficient little Toyota corolla engine to manage the cell, while the less efficient birds were running a top fuel dragster for the same job. The most significant finding is that this trait is highly heritable and the trend continues in all cells of the body which makes it quite simple to sample. So what? So in short order, we as cattle producers may have a new set of tools to ensure that every generation of animals are able to do more with less. In conjunction with other important physical, fertility and carcase traits it is likely to be a game changer. Once again it highlights the importance of those breeders undertaking objective measurements for breed improvement because they will make the greatest, most rapid gains from any of these new technologies.

Here’s a few more interesting facts: Cows are social animals, they will naturally form large herds. Like people, they will make friends and bond to some herd members, while avoiding others. Cows are red and green colorblind. In a bullfight, it’s the waving of the cape that attracts the bull not the red color. A cow’s heart beats between 60 and 70 beats per minute. Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies better than humans. A cow’s normal body temperature is 38C (101.5°F). The average cow chews at least 50 times per minute and has more than 40,000 jaw movements in a day, producing 57kg of saliva in one day. On average a cow stands up and lies down about 14 times a day. Cattle actually don’t bite grass, they curl their tongue around it. Cattle have almost total 360-degree panoramic vision. Cattle have a single stomach with four different digestive compartments. Cattle spend eight hours per day eating, eight hours chewing their cud and eight hours sleeping. You can lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs. Cows knees can’t bend properly to walk downstairs. Cattle cannot vomit. The average cow drinks 137 to 227 litres (30 to 50 gallons) of water daily. Cattle only have teeth on their bottom jaw. Cattle can smell something up to 10klms away Cattle with spots or broken pigmented hides are like a fingerprint. No two have exactly the same pattern of colours – all are all different. The average cow will eat about 45kgs of feed per day. 31

Images: Burenda

$14,000 Burenda Brangus tops at Clermont Sale Summary Burenda sale 25 Bulls Average $7,140 Top $14,000 Sale clearance 100%

Brangus were in demand at the annual Burenda Angus and Brangus Sale in Clermont, October, last year. Numerically the Brangus component within the sale is smaller than the numbers of Angus bulls on offer, however the demand was greater and the breed achieved the top and second top sellers. The result underpins the strength of the breed in the area and the product offered by the vendors, the Peden and Thiess families, Burenda Stud, Kaimkillenbun. Average values jumped by an impressive $3,448 per head over the previous years result with an extra 12 bulls marketed and the market high increased from the $8,500 ceiling in 2015. In exactly the same period clearance levels increased by 10 percent to record a complete clearance of the Brangus section of the offering.

Commenting on the sale Burenda manager Jonathan Schmidt said “We changed the date of the sale back in 2015 and it’s worked in our favour, we believe this line of bulls was a more even and better run of bulls when compared to the previous year. Our Brangus in the sale have an Angus content ranging from 70 – 87% making them ideal for central and northern Queensland, ideal for commercial producers chasing the Angus content but with a cleaner coat and ability to handle the tropical conditions better.”

Volume buyers in the Brangus section of the sale were Clermont based LKH Grazing, Wynyard Station took two setting a $9,250. Top of their selections was the $11,000 Burenda Go Between (P) (AI) (26-months) a son of the homebred Burenda Go Between G23 (P) (ET) (Te Mania Berkley). Jeff Schneider, Yaamba signed off a pair at on average $8,250 topping at $10,000 for a 27-month-old with 86 percent Angus content. Rostron Grazing, Meandarra based, Corack Cattle Company, Corack secured the next best Leichhardt, Aramac signed off on five for a $5,400 medium topping at $7,000 seller, the 862kg Burenda Khiu K819 for $13,500. Another of the Haiku sons while the Eric and Sandra Johnson, Mt Pleasant, Hughenden picked up on offer, Khiu carried a final EBV of +31, with Corack taking two to average four to average them $7,250 topping at $8500. B and T Birch, Rosemount, them $9,500. Sale honors went to the two-year-old, Burenda Kilt K833 (P) (AI). Selling for $14,000 Kilt weighed 916kg, boasted an EMA reading of xxxx, and an average daily gain of 1.23kg. Kilt by the homebred, Burenda Haiku H40 (P) (AI) and from 50/50 content female sold to Bernard Anderson, Narrien, Clermont. This was Bernard Anderson’s only Brangus selection from the sale.


Autumn – 2017

From Top Burenda Kilt K833 for $14,000 Burenda Khiu K819 (P) for $13,500

Augathella picked through the offering ending with three to average $5,677 topping at $7,000 on two occasions. Ted and Jenny Murphy, Tayglen, Dysart selected $8,000 single entry exhibiting 76 percent Angus content. Willdale Beef, Willdale, Augathella took a single entry for $7,500 while the Appleton family, Native Bee, Clermont were in the action also taking one bull for $7,500. Other purchasers were Charlie Holzwart, Range Side Station, Torrens Creek with one at $5,500; MDC and RW Murray, Eidsvold one at $5,500 and Gary Hobson, Pinedale, Chinchilla one at $3,500. Agents: Hoch and Wilkinson

Our genetics avaliable at Fitzroy Crossing sale Wa - 25th august Monto all Breed sale - 9th september ClassiC red Brangus sale - 19th septemeber Gracemere Selling Complex paddock bulls & females also available

Peter & Kristine Dingle P. 07 4167 5140 M. 0427 849 390 Kris & Donna Dingle P. 07 4167 5145 M. 0419 620 150 E. redlinebrangus@activ8.net.au

thank you By writing this letter I’d like to publicly thank and show my appreciation toward the Burnham family for their sponsorship towards the annual Burnham Youth Award. Last year I was given the great opportunity to be the Associate Judge of the Brangus breed at the 2016 Brisbane Royal Show (Ekka). At this time I’d also like to take the time to sincerely thank the Australian Brangus Cattle Association (ABCA) and its board members for the tremendous opportunity this afforded me. The experience was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I felt that the experience granted me a huge amount of benefit I learnt a great deal and gained an invaluable insight from it all. My time spent in the show ring with judge, Brad Hanson, I believe, helped me improve my techniques and ring craft whilst judging cattle. In conclusion I would like to thank everybody involved in the Burnham Youth Award and would thoroughly recommend the competition, the opportunities and the experiences gained from the award to all young Brangus breeders. Grady Hansen, Oaklands Stud, Kalapa, Queensland.


Autumn– –2016 Spring 2017

Images: KB Consulting

Burnham Youth Award Twenty-one year old Stephanie Roberts, Alkoomie Stud, South Yaamba in Queensland is the 2016 Burnham Youth Award winner. Stephanie is currently studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management. She assists with the management and records of the Alkoomie stud along with operating her own western wear business. She’s been involved in the breed since she was nine and has travelled to the US twice visiting Brangus operations and collection centres. In 2015 she commenced showing cattle and upon the completion of her degree in 2018 intends to develop a career in business consulting and livestock sales.



Autumn calvers with ET offspring

S. Brighton of Salacoa 392A3 D. Belview Miss Csonka E94

S. Brighton of Salacoa 392A3 D. Belview Cara J108 (Guardian daughter)

Donor Cow J108

S. Brighton of Salacoa 392A3 D. Belview Cara J108 (Guardian daughter)

Donor Cow Miss Csonka Brighton of Salacoa 392A3

YEARLING BULLS, FOR SALE ON PROPERTY COME EARLY, GET FIRST PICK Trevor & Colleen Jorgensen 02 6723 6454 belview@bordernet.com.au BULLS & FEMALES AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALE Inspections and visitors always welcome

Story: Jon Condon, Publisher, Beef Central

Processors reject MLA’s objective carcase measurement proposal – in its current form Red meat processors remain unconvinced that Meat & Livestock Australia’s objective carcase measurement project in its current form justifies industry-wide investment, identifying a long list of “conceptual, methodological, and policy-related deficiencies” in the proposal.

and pricing process, and to rebuild producer confidence in how carcase prices are determined ‘behind closed doors’ in abattoirs. Prioritising the introduction of objective carcase measurement was also a key recommendation for the industry in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s interim report, following a six-month investigation last year of the cattle and beef supply chain.

The response appears to leave MLA’s ambitious $150 million objective carcase measurement implementation project in limbo in a financial sense, with expectations that processors “Once implemented, the information would be involved in any funding model. arising from this technology will greatly Processors stress, however that they enhance both the objectivity and the are not opposed to adoption of OCM scope of carcase feedback provided to per se, but simply to the ‘fast-track’ producers,” the ACCC’s report said. project in its current form. MLA managing director Richard Opinions also contrast strongly Norton said the move to fast-track about where the OCM technology the rollout of OCM would pave the development process for beef carcases way for scientific measurement of is up to. Some large processors claim saleable meat yield, future valuea commercially-viable system for beef based marketing and industry-wide is still ‘years away’, while MLA remains productivity gains through processing adamant that technology for beef is automation, genetic improvement and close to being operations-ready. data-based on-farm decision making. Longer term, he also expected the One of Australia’s largest processors project would reduce the industry’s was continuing to trial and ‘prove-up’ annual multi-million cost of grading. OCM livestock technology in its plants, but said there was ‘still a long way to go’ Processors remain supportive of due to the complexity in a beef carcase. principle of OCM Launching its proposal at November’s industry annual general meetings near Adelaide, MLA proposed the installation of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology in 90 AusMeat accredited abattoirs across Australia, at a cost of up to $150 million.

Late last year, during a briefing to agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce, the Australian Meat Industry Council said processors needed time to assess the Project 150 feasibility study and see detailed implementation plans to ensure that the technology was rolled out in a ‘responsible and cost-effective manner’ and ‘actually delivers to expectations.’

Processors at the time told Beef Central they had been taken by surprise by the announcement, claiming “All of industry is behind this initiative a lack of prior consultation over the (OCM), however it is critical we take a proposal. cohesive and consultative approach to its introduction to make sure all supply One of the prime motivators behind chain participants benefit,” processors MLA developing Project 150 was that told the minister. the introduction of OCM was seen as a means of providing more independence Some of Australia’s larger processors and accuracy in the carcase grading are already well down the path 36

Autumn – 2017

of investigating objective carcase measurement technology for their own commercial purposes. Whether the DEXA technology will fit their objectives or be welcomed by them remains to be seen. AMIC said while it remained a strong advocate for OCM and its importance within the Meat Industry Strategic Plan, the R&D must deliver commercial outcomes for the entire industry for it to succeed. “This will require an intensive feasibility study into the technology, and substantial due diligence by all supply chain stakeholders,” it said. One processor asked how such a $150 million investment would benefit the processing sector, in terms of reducing costs. Who’s the real beneficiary from this process? Is it about satisfying a political process, via a senate inquiry which is looking to deliver in recommendations, or to appease MLA’s producer constituents by promising higher farmgate returns?” the processor asked. Full details outlining AMIC’s concerns can be found at www.beefcentral.com/ news/processors-reject-mlas-objectivecarcase-measurement-proposal-in-itscurrent-form/

Image: Glenoch JK Brangus

$9,500 Brangus top at Sandon Glenoch Sale

Sale Summary Sandon glenoch sale 8 Bulls Average $7,063 Top $9,500 Sale clearance 100%

Justin and Kate Boshammer, Glenoch JK Brangus, Chinchilla sold their eight Brangus bulls for a $7,063 average at the 25th annual Sandon Glenoch Angus Sale, on-property Chinchilla, in August last year. The medium price was a huge lift in values over the previous year, a lift of $3,420 to be exact. The top seller was Glenoch JK Kasanova K527 (P) by leading sire,

John & Alison Bell

Nindooinbah F707 (P). His dam, Glenoch Flower E210 (P) produced four calves with an average calving interval of 366 days. K527 is ranked in the top 1% of the breed for 200 and 600-day weights, carcase weight and EMA. K527 was purchased by Doug and Lois Cameron, Cunno, Augathella. Agents: Ray White Livestock and Glasser Total Sales Management

Thank you to all buyers and

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underbidders of

Bunjurgen Boonah 4310

our bulls in 2016.

Ph/Fax 07 5463 0298

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and Rocky 2017.

Some of our youngsters

Story & Images: MLA & Beef Central

Where has the beef herd deteriorated in size most? Meat & Livestock Australia has produced this interesting info-graphic this week, pointing to regions of Australia that have suffered most, and least, in terms of drought-driven herd decline over the past two or three years.

For more information go to: www.beefcentral.com/news/where-has-the-herd-deteriorated-most/

Beef Australia 2018

World Congress 2018

The ABCA are now seeking expressions of interest from members wishing to be involved Beef 2018 (6th – 12th May). We as a breed achieved great publicity and success at Beef 2015.

The 2018 World Brangus Congress will be staged in Houston, Texas, US in March 2018. We invite members who may be interested in attending this event to advise the ABCA office. This international event is one not to be missed as previously members have travelled to these events and have found them to be a great source of ideas and the implementation of strategies. Dependant on numbers, the ABCA will coordinate a US tour in conjunction with the Congress.

If you are interested in obtaining a site and being involved in the Brangus compound please contact Natalie at the ABCA office to register your interest. We welcome your suggestions on ways to better promote the breed at Beef Australia. 38

Autumn – 2017

More information on the Houston World Congress can be found at fibraworld.org/world-brangus-congress-2018-united-states Further updates are expected to be provided in early April following the 2018 World Congress agenda and activities preview. These will be presented at the FIBRA committee meeting in Houston Texas on Thursday 9th March 2017.

BURENDA CLERMONT ANGUS & BRANGUS BULL SALE 10am Thursday 5th October 2017 (45 Angus & 25 Burenda Blacks)

Clermont Saleyards

BURENDA OPEN DAY 8am - 4pm Tuesday 1st August 2017 Dalby Downs Kaimkillenbun


QUALITY FERTILE MEATY MATERNAL FEMALES Jonathan Schmidt 0429 067 313 schmidtjk@bigpond.com www.burendaangus.com.au

Tony Hoch 0448 831 553 Jake Passfield 0488 588 044 John Wilkinson 0429 832 797


Images: KB Consulting, Redline, Duff & Chadwich Downs

Tannyfoil’s tops Classic Red at $14,000 Sale Summary Classic Red Brangus sale 64 Bulls Average $7,234 Top $14,000 Sale clearance 90% Averages climbed across the board by $991 per head when compared to the previous years result at the annual Classic Red Sale conducted at CQLX, Gracemere in September last year. Strong, solid, consistent demand was evident throughout the market where bulls sold to $14,000 on the way to setting an overall $7,234 average. At the 2015 sale 73 bulls sold to a top of $29,000 to average $6,243 ending in a 93 percent clearance. Tannyfoil Kareem (P) a 795kg, 22-month-old son of Pheasant Creek G10 offered by Gavin McKenzie, Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater made the days top money at $14,000 selling to David and Maxine MacAulay, Garnant. Tannyfoil averaged $7773 for their 11 which included the $12,000 Tannyfoil Keller (P) (Duarran Zambesi) (23-month) (803kg) selling to Garry Maguire Honeycombe, Dingo. Chadwick Downs, Coonabarabran, NSW, operated by the Stephen and Elaine Lill and family averaged $8,358 for their seven. Top of the Chadwick draft at $12,000 was Chadwick Downs Tucker (P) (Chadwick Downs Red Amarok) (35-months) (960kg) selling to the Neilson Pastoral Company, Tolmie Creek, Blackwater. Others took the opportunity to invest in bulls for $11,000 from Chadwick Downs. These were sons of homebred sires, Red Valentino and Red Amarok going to fellow red operations, Duff and Redline Studs. Securing a $7,375 average for their eight bulls were Jack and Mim Walker, Jateebee Stud, Theodore. Their top seller at $11,500 was the 868kg, 22-month-old, Jateebee Oscar (Redline 2/096 (P)) selling to Leahy and Schick, 40

Autumn – 2017

Willbrook, Bajool. Peter and Kristine Dingle’s, Redline Stud, Eidsvold set a strong $7,534 average for their 15 topping at $11,000 on two occasions with sons of Doonside Harry and Redline Ice selling to Greg Neaton, Denison, Mackay and John Allen’s, Mawson Stud, Wondai respectively. Redline invested in three new sire acquisitions for on average $7,167. Stephen Duff, Duff Stud, Gympie sold eight for a $7,313 average including the $10,000 Duff Kynuna (Duarran Edgewater) (18-months) (808kg) selling to Marshlands Pastoral Company, Marshlands, Murgon. Setting a $9,500 average for her two was Jane Geddes, Charlevue Stud, Dingo. Top of the duo from Charlevue at $10,000 was the 34-month, 960kg, Charlevue Redford (P) (Charlevue

The top seller at the annual Classic Red Brangus Sale, the $14,000, 795kg, Tannyfoil Kareem (P) offered by Gavin McKenzie, Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater. The 22-monthold sold to David and Maxine MacAulay, Garnant. Kareem is pictured here with Gavin and his daughter, Addison McKenzie, Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater.

Bravo) selling to Leahy and Schick, Willbrook, Bajool. Major supporters in the market were Garry Maguire Honeycombe, Dingo taking five to average $8,700 while Leahy and Schick, Willbrook, Bajool ended with a trio to average $10,500. Grant and Carly Burnham, Bonnie Doon, Monto returned taking two for on average $6,250 topping at $9,000. Ashley Smith, Strathroy, Hughenden purchased a trio to average $4,500 while the Stumer

family, Dallareen, Capella paid a $4,500 average for their three. The Lawrie family, Halton, Westwood also claimed a trio for a $7334 medium with Chris Egerton, Hanley, Barcaldine took two for $5,000 each. David Dunn, Lavinia Park, St Lawrence, paid to $7000 to average $6,500 for his two while the Wight family, Jellinbah, Blackwater also took a pair for a $8,500 average to top at $9,000. Bill and Kay Geddes, Doonside Stud, Barmoya sold four for a $4625 average with Col Goodwin, GL Stud, Biloela taking home a $6,000 average for his four including the $9,000 K44 (P) (Tannyfoil Dominic (P)) to the Lawrie family, Westwood and the $7,500 K33 (Redline Illawarra) selling to Hacon and Sons, Buckingham Downs Station, Boulia. Ian and Anne Galloway, Duarran Stud, Roma invested $9,000 to secure Top row Chadwick Downs Tucker for $12,000 • Redline Limevale for $11,000 Tannyfoil Karrson (Duarran Geneva). Middle row Chadwick Downs Fosdick for $11,000 • Redline Longreach for $11,000 Agents: Elders and Ray White Livestock

bottom row Jateebee Oscar for $11,500 • Duff Kynuna for $10,000

Selling Agents for: The Brangus Commercial Female Sale - Monday 9th October 2017

& The Brangus Society Female & Bull Sale - Monday 9th October & Tuesday 10th October

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Brangus hit $12,000 at February All Breeds Sale Summary february all breeds sale 23 Bulls Average $6,522 Top $12,000 Sale clearance 72%

Seasonal conditions played havoc with clearance levels at the recent 2017 February All Breeds Bull and Female Sale, CQLX, Gracemere. Clearance levels dipped by six percent when compared to the previous years result, however the breed average increased by $1,462 in the same period with only two less bulls sold. Brangus kicked off the second and final days trade where 23 bulls sold to a high of $12,000 on the way to setting a $6,522 average to clear 72 pc of the section. Sectional topper and sale honors went to the $12,000, 952kg, 36-month-old, Doonside Flybuy (P) offered by Bill and Kay Geddes, Doonside Stud, Barmoya. A son of the US import, Transformer Of Brinks and from a Couti-Outi Menzies dam, Flybuy carried an EMA measurement of 133sq cm and sold to Collingvale Pty Ltd, Dingo Beach. Doonside averaged $6,667 for their trio. 44

Autumn – 2017

Jason and Suella McCormack, Maccaboyz Stud, Yargullen scored a $11,000 sale for their 818kg, 26-month-old, Maccaboyz Maximus (Glen Heart Uzi) (130EMA) selling to Bill and Sue Pickersgill, Geneva, Theodore. Maccaboyz recorded a $6,500 average for their six which included the $9,500 Maccaboyz No Fear, a 25-month, 824kg son of the homebred, Albert (Bonox Jumbo) selling to the Franks family, Namlin, Jardine.

Bill Geddes, Doonside Stud, Barmoya with his sectional topper and top selling Brangus the $12,000, 952kg, 36-month-old, Doonside Flybuy (P) at the recent 2017 February All Breeds Bull and Female Sale, CQLX, Gracemere.

Opening the sale for the breed and on the way to recording a $7,000 average for their four herd bulls were Nebo breeders, the Kime family, Amaroo Stud. Their top was the $8,500 36-month-old, 874kg, 125EMA, 10/6mm entry selling to Leahy and Schick, Willbrook, Bajool. Kim Ford, Summerdell, Jericho

took another of the Amaroo bulls for $7,500. Gary Taylor, Ginoondan Stud, Gayndah sold his 23-month-old, Oaklands Csonka 146F son, Ginoondan 277 (870kg) for $9,000 to the Farmer family, Uralba, Thangool. Rodney and Karen Johannesen, Folkslee Stud, Gin Gin averaged $5,750 for their pair

topping at $6,500 for a 834kg son of Glen Heart Warner selling to the Bruce family, Carrara, Calliope. Paul Weir, Mylington Stud, Roma sold a pair for $8,500 each to the Kenny family, Tralee, Middlemount and Kim Ford, Summerdell, Jericho while Gavin Klibbe, Kuraby Stud, Goomeri scored a $8,500 sale for his 40-month, 888kg, 132EMA, Chualli Special Edition son selling to the Bowman Cattle Company, Marlborough. Gavin collected a $7,500 tag for another of the Special Edition sons weighing 882kg and selling to Paul and Katherine Mackenzie, Arizona, Dingo. Kuraby averaged $5,750 for their four while the Mackenzie family were the major supporters of the section ending with six to average $5,250. Agents: Elders and Landmark

Maccaboyz Maximus sold to Bill and Sue Pickersgill, Geneva, Theodore for $11,000 at the 2017 February All Breeds Sale.

YARAANDOO X-TREME One of 10 Yaraandoo Bulls to be offered at the Central Brangus Classic Sale September 6, 2017 Yaraandoo will also offer 8 quality registered heifers at the National Sale October 9, 2017

YARAANDOO BRANGUS Quality Bulls & Females docility • marketability • fertility • profitability

JOHN COLLINS 07 4933 1407 • 0414 815 630 ‘Yaraandoo’ 15 Watts Rd Gracemere Q 4702


Zone Field Days for Central Queensland and Burnett regions Zone 1 Interested breeders are invited to a ABCA sponsored Zone 1 Field Day hosted by the Saunder’s family, Pheasant Creek Brangus, ‘Thendara’, Wowan on Saturday, June 24th 2017. Commencing at 10am, morning tea and barbecue lunch provided. Visitors will be able to view a range of cattle assembled on the day such as weaner bulls and heifers, 2017 sale bulls and two breeder groups of cattle. Guest speakers on the day will include representatives from Rabobank and leading veterinarian and reproduction expert, Dr. Ced Wise. Directions to ‘Thendara’ are as follows: ‘Thendara’ is 10klms west of Wowan. Turn at the Wowan Hotel onto the Pheasant Creek Road and follow the signage. If you are coming from Rockhampton turn right off the Westwood/Dululu Road onto the Wowan/Westwood Road and follow the signage. For further enquires contact: Brad Saunders on 07 4937 1167 or 0458 359 105 Email: pcbrangus@bigpond.com

Zone 2 Mark and Amanda Salisbury, Bimbadeen Brangus, look forward to hosting their inaugural Open Day at their Nogo River property on Saturday August 26 (9am start). A wide-ranging array of stud cattle - from weaners through to sale bulls - will be on display for visitors to inspect. Guest speakers will cover topics such as ‘meeting the market’, livestock handling, and the use of social media in the cattle industry. The event will also provide a chance for Zone 2 Brangus producers to gather, before the bull sale season gets into full swing. Lunch will be provided. The field day will be staged at “Arthur’s Knob”, 1811 Barram Road, Wuruma Dam (approx 50km from Eidsvold and Monto). For further enquires contact Amanda & Mark Salisbury on 07 4167 5141. More details and directions to can be found on our website (bimbadeenbrangus.com) and Facebook page (facebook.com/Bimbadeen). Further updates will be provided closer to the date.

More Field Day representation Farmfest Darling Downs, Toowoomba, Qld 6th – 8th June

Ag Grow Emerald, Qld 6th – 8th July

Primex Casino, NSW 15th – 17th June

Ag-Quip Gunnedah, NSW 22nd – 24th August


ABCA ROmA 2017 46

Autumn – 2017 Boo’s Country Photography

Mark & Melinda BeckMan 07 4691 5220 • 0429 915 220 • glenoyrabrangus@gmail.com Paddock SaleS Welcome

Hold the vision. Trust the process.

2017 OFFERING ROMA / PADDOCK Jayson & Jarni Fearnley 02 6888 1274 0429 990 495 0429 881 274 fearnleybrangus.com.au

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Fitzroy Crossing Sale sees Brangus top at $5,250 Sale Summary fitzroy crossing sale 5 Bulls Average $4,900 Top $5,250 (twice) Sale clearance 100%

Red Brangus bulls sold to $5,250 twice on the way to setting an average of $4,900 for the five on offer at the annual Fitzroy Crossing Bull Sale, Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia, August, last year. The Redline prefix, operated by Peter and Kristine Dingle, Eidsvold were the only vendors and topped the section with sons of Valley View 444 and Redline Ice (P) aged 21 and 22 months respectively. The five from Redline averaged $4,900 and also included progeny of Doonside Shiraz and Doonside Drummer. Taking a trio to average $5,082 including the two top sellers was Peter and Polly Edmunds, Mandora Station, Eighty Mile Beach, south of Broome. Haydn Sale, Yougawalla Station, Kimberley took a $4,750 21-month-old by Doonside Shiraz while the Harris family, Gogo Station, Fitzroy Crossing selected a $4,750 Doonside Drummer son aged 21-months. Agents: Landmark Broome

from top Redline 5-132 for $5,250 • Redline 5-019 for $5,250

studstocksales.com @struanp


Autumn – 2017


* N e w S iRe *

ChaRlevue emmett

Selling at

Rockhampton Brangus Society Sale Classic Red Brangus Sale Jane Geddes ‘Charlevue’ Dingo Qld 4702 07 4935 9105 0457 726 793 charlevue3@bigpond.com

* N e w S iRe *

ChaRlevue houSey

Images: Bimbadeen & Georgie Connor

Brangus to $11,000 at Monto Sale Sale Summary monto bull sale 23 Bulls Average $6,054 Top $11,000 Sale clearance 100%

Black Brangus topped $11,000 whilst their red counterparts made to $9,000 at the annual Monto Bull Sale, Monto Selling Complex, September, last year. When compared to the 2015 result the breed has faired well. Averages increased by $1,180 per head, clearance rates jumped by eight percent and the numbers of bulls sold increased by 10 in the same period. Sectional topper and second top seller overall was the 22-month-old, Bimbadeen Q L79 (Bimbadeen Q E548) selling to Alan and Rhonda Price, Quambi, Monto. Bimbadeen principals, Mark and Amanda Salisbury, Eidsvold topped the averages at $7,813 for their four. This figure included the $7,750 (24-month) Bimbadeen Q L28 selling to Peter and Edith Hansen, Landsend, Eidsvold. Top of the reds was the $9,000 Redline Lambert (22-months) (Doonside Drummer) offered by Peter and Kristine Dingle, Redline Stud, Eidsvold. Buyer of Lambert was Kevin and Karen Hockey, Kolonga, Monto. Four from Redline averaged $7,250 and included the $8,000 entires, Lockwood (Doonside Shiraz) selling to Mark Hutton and Kerri Williams, Coominglah, Monto and Lewis (Doonside Drummer) selling to Keith and Julie Mossman, Quaggy, Eidsvold. John Byrne, Byrne Stud, Cooran sold his single entry, Byrne Just Right (22-months) (Glen Heart Xylon) for $8,000 to Peter and Edith Hansen, Landsend, Eidsvold. The James family, Cedar Vale Stud, Monto averaged $5,679 for their seven topping at $7,750 for a two-year-old by Gunnadoo Park Benchmark and selling to Peter and Edith Hansen, Landsend, Eidsvold. Becky Wilson and Brad Kielly, Eureka Creek Stud, Monto sold seven to average them $4,464 topping at $5,750 for a son of Glenisa E082 selling to Landsend, Eidsvold. Major supporters of Brangus section were the Hansen family, Landsend, Eidsvold taking six to average $6,250 while Mooru Grazing, Takilberan claimed a pair to average $6,250. Tucker and Sons, Carinya, Eidsvold selected a pair to average them $6,750 while the Young family, Mundubbera took a pair to average $5,250. Agents: Monto Cattle and Country 50

Autumn – 2017

From top Bimbadeen Q L79 for $11,000 • Redline Lambert for $9,000 Redline Lockwood for $8,000


to “Hidden Valley” Tansey Queensland Phone 07 4168 7216 Mobile 0429 237 491

SELLING BULLS IN ROMA AND ROCKHAMPTON BRANGUS SALES All bulls will be silage prepared and ready to work Paddock Bulls Available Visitors and Enquiries Always Welcome Richard & Diane Pender 07 4168 7216 0429 237 491 boonderoobrangus@skymesh.com.au


Story & Images: Luke Keogh

World Brangus Congress South Africa, 2016

Chloe and I decided we would attend the 2016 Brangus World Congress in South Africa. After a few quick emails and phone calls, a wounded credit card we were booked and on our way. First stop. Johannesburg. This is where we had a tour of Soweto. We visited the home of Nelson Mandela (now a museum) along with an interesting Museum detailing the struggle against Apartheid. The trip enabled us to see the Soccer stadium built for the World Cup which resembles a pot of beer, complete with foam on top. Soccer (Football) is seen as a unifying sport and is the most popular sport in South Africa. The main hospital in Soweto is over a kilometre long. On the other side of the street was a bus station, where the main means of transportation are mini buses, this congregation threw up the stark contrasts in Johannesburg. The rich and poor, the security - security is a huge industry over there, as people of all races try to live with a high crime rate. Next stop, Pretoria. The Capital and also the administrative capital. We visited the impressive Parliament, the Church Square and a Museum of the Boer War leaders. Also we took in the the Voortrekker Monument, a massive tower on a hill outside Pretoria. This is a monument to the very early white settlers, their battles and travails as they set up their community. After Soweto and it’s black history, we took in a lot of the white history of this complex country. Eleven official languages (some unofficial) and three capitals plus numerous races, tribes and creeds makes for complexity in my book. 52

Autumn – 2017

After the day in Pretoria, we met Juan Carlos Soto de Vargas, Brangus President of Costa Rica. Together we flew to the north east of the country for a few days spotting wild game. First stop, Kruger National Park. Over a million hectares and full of wild animals. At the entrance gate we were stopped behind a truck full of firefighters headed to do some back burning. A massive snake was crossing the road, we were told that it was probably a spitting Cobra, would we like to get out and have a closer look? No thanks, we stayed in the ute!

were surprised to see a number of game farms. Some farmers grow wild animals to supply game reserves, other farms (breeding stock), hunters, zoos, and general preservation. We saw a number of lion farms, with double fencing, big mobs of lions just lazing away waiting for their next meal. It was amusing to see groups of cubs stalking cattle outside the fence, following them closely as the cattle grazed three metres (and two big electric fences) away from them.

At Kruger we travelled in the back of a ute, equipped with canvas top and comfy seats. The roof had been removed so we could talk to the driver/guide as we spotted the game. We saw Elephants, Giraffes, Rhino, Lions, Zebras, a Honey Badger (our guide was very excited, apparently it is rare to see one), lots of Antelope, Impala, Wildebeest, Monkeys, Baboons etc. A large pride of Lions were feasting on a dead hippo (huge rib bones) and they had a good look at us, 20 metres away taking pictures like mad in the back of a ute, with just fresh air between us and the Lions. As long as we made no sudden movements, the Lions don’t generally associate vehicles with food. From Kruger we travelled to Kapama Game Reserve, a private operation adjacent to Kruger. Accomdated in luxury, each day we travelled around in an open Land Cruiser looking at wildlife. We had a guide and a spotter and were able to get very close to Lions and Elephants etc. When I say close, I mean close, within two or three metres. It was wonderful to see these famous creatures in the wild and hear about their life from a trained wild life guide. Reluctantly, we left Kruger and got back to business. We flew back to Johannesburg and were met by our guide, Adele and travelled by bus to Kroonstad. On the journey we travelled through Bloemfontein, considered a major Afrikaans centre and the judicial capital of South Africa. We stayed at the farm of Hestie Cronje Farm Utrecht. Hestie organised our tour on behalf of South African Brangus and she’s the wife of Australian, Colin Beckett, one of the founders of the well known travel agency, Quadrant Australia. Colin still works in this firm, whilst Hestie runs her own travel agency and together they run their farm breeding cattle and growing crops.

The Rhinoceros farms were a huge surprise. We met a couple of farmers who had herds of Rhinos. It’s wonderful to see them grazing and running around the paddock. The farmers get quite attached to these huge animals, they spend a massive amount of time and money looking after them. Rhino horns are worth a huge, almost incomprehensible amount of money, US$1 Million was one suggestion. This is all on the black market, for Chinese medicine, despite the worldwide ban on any trade in their horns. These farmers can trade the Rhinos to other farmers for conservation purposes, however they cannot sell any product. One owner told me that if he and other like minded people didn’t keep breeding Rhinos, there would be none left, such is the pressure from poaching. They are protected 24 hours a day by armed guards and various other measures which wasn’t publicised.

Article Continues pg 54

At Farm Utrecht we experienced Afrikaans life, traditional foods (Bobotie, followed by Malva pudding and custard) and meeting many Free State farmers. The main crop is Maize, which is part of the staple diet. Besides the usual mixed farms with crops, cattle and sheep, we 53

It’s somewhat disconcerting standing in a paddock near dusk, men carrying machine guns, checking stock. Deadly gun fights with poachers happen and these farmers pay a big price preserving these magnificent animals. We also visited Brangus breeders and their operations in the Free State. What stood out was the abundance of cheap labour and good soils. Rainfall seemed reliable, though South Africa was in a long drought at the time, that broke during the congress. Most farmers had 20 to 30 workers, who travelled from local villages and towns with some living on property with their families in small houses provided by the owners. I got the impression that some owners were often hoping to shift workers into towns, partly to avoid the upkeep of the quarters, and partly to minimise future land claims. Another feature of South African life is the avoidance of cash. Every farmer sets up bank accounts for workers and they’re paid online. Casual workers are paid after the farmer drives to town to withdrawn cash. No one sells or buys anything for cash, if possible. No one wanted to be known as keeping cash at home, farm invasions are have become far too common. Razor wire, electric fences, armed guards, firearms, large dogs, safe rooms and panic buttons were all part of life. Stories of infra-red and laser detectors as well as drones being used for personal security are frequent. Parts of South Africa are worse than others, some had almost no security whilst others lived in compounds. A number of hotels and restaurants we visited wouldn’t take cash. Cash in large quantities is too much of a temptation for criminal elements. Interestingly, everywhere we went in South Africa, everyone we met, no matter their occupation, race, colour or background told us that criminal activity in South Africa is all done by Nigerians. We heard this constantly. It made us rather apprehensive about Nigerians, but I don’t think we encountered any, and we saw no crime anyway. That said, people were always quick to give advice about security, and it must be a constant concern. We visited a number of studs whilst in the Kroonstad area and while a number of cattle were suffering from the drought, in general they were holding up well. Johann Blomerus had a good operation where half of his land was under Maize each year, the other half used for cattle, with highly productive maize stubble able to be grazed after harvest. The majority of cattle we saw were Red Brangus, Africans seem to have a preference for red coats. It started raining while we were touring around, pleasing the locals, and allowing us the fun of having a bogged mini bus. With the World Congress starting we headed off to the Black Mountain Resort, an interesting hotel in the middle of the countryside, built high above a lake. Nearly empty when we arrived, the lake over the 54

Autumn – 2017

next few days gradually filled as the torrential rain flowed in from the surrounding hills. Black Mountain was built in the apartheid era, to get around laws about drinking and gambling that applied in other parts of South Africa, a sort of mini Las Vegas. All that is gone and it’s now a convention and function centre. The place had a great atmosphere as we caught up with our Brangus friends from around the world. Our first congress visit was to Christopher Spark’s, Mt Olive stud in KwaZulu Natal. We were welcomed by Mr Sias Booysen, President of South African Brangus and then we inspected both red and black Brangus. Mt Olive is 1720m above sea level, a pretty harsh climate, producing hardy cattle. Chris has a herd of Nguni, an African breed known for its speckled coat, individual to each animal and popular for crossbreeding. The next day at Black Mountain was the official opening ceremony for the congress. It commenced with a pipe band leading the international delegates to the conference room, followed by a representative from each stud in South Africa carrying a flag with their stud’s emblem on it. The speakers were a blend of scientists and academics talking about cattle breeding, with an emphasis on scientific methods to improve your genetics. As in Mexico in 2014, genome sequencing and the use of DNA and gene markers to improve the accuracy of EBVs was discussed. This will be a powerful tool for cattle breeders that is improving all the time and importantly is getting cheaper. A representative from each country’s Brangus society was invited to give a presentation about the place of Brangus breeding in their nation. The South Americans got right into this with videos and PowerPoint presentations that delivered a lot of information quickly. I believe Brazil imported seven million straws of Angus semen in 2015, nearly all used in Brahman and Nelore cows, this alone should boost the number of Brangus (and demand for Brangus bulls) significantly. Argentina have been DNA testing a lot of cattle and have discovered that the sub-tropical areas of their country have Brangus with a higher Brahman percentage, whilst the cattle in cooler parts of Argentina have more Angus blood. A lot like Australia. Argentina has a 5/8th Angus3/8th Brahman blood rule so clearly cattlemen are breeding cattle that suit their environment. I had a number of people comment to me privately later that perhaps Australia’s policy of flexible blood percentages was actually quite sensible. Dr. Tommy Perkin’s, IBBA from the US was very entertaining, giving us a good outline of the 2018 Brangus World Congress in Houston and why we should all attend. My talk was short and dry unfortunately, because entertaining crowds is not my strength. One issue I got a lot of feedback on was my statement that about 15% of Australian Brangus breeders are using Breedplan. This stunned a few South Africans, who have a 100% involvement rate in Breedplan. Brangus has gone from the 17th most popular breed in South Africa to fourth most popular in less than 20 years, with many putting this down to the rigour of utilising objective measurement. In fact, Brangus SA have no cattle shows at all. The only form

of judging is at the National Sale, where cattle are exhibited in pens and are expected to be sold. Judging the next day very interesting, as no cattle are taught to lead. The cattle show was held in a huge marquee near the hotel, presenting John Rafferty, CEO Brangus SA had two big problems, the drought breaking rains had created a huge mud pit and the International Judge, Argentinian, Mr Carlos Ojea Rullan wasn’t allowed into South Africa as his vaccinations weren’t current. I saw Carlos judge in Mexico and thought he was a good judge and quite a showman. The mud was handled by rolling out round bales of hay everywhere possible, especially in the judging ring and replacement judges were found. Judging was done by a panel of three, a gentleman from Namibia who spoke German and Afrikaans, Federico Maissonavve of Uruguay and PJ Budler, originally from South Africa but now based in Texas. Article Continues pg 56


At different times, different judges would sum up the winning animals in each class, so sometimes it was in Afrikaans, sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English, but rarely in all three. Unlike Australian cattle shows, usually the only animals that were commented on were the placegetters, so if your beast was down the order, you probably wouldn’t hear any opinions on it. Sometimes the comments were pretty blunt, especially from the Namibian judge, the South Africans translating for me said that he wasn’t afraid to say that an animal was under prepared, or just not good enough, diplomacy wasn’t a priority. The actual cattle show was a new experience for me, as it was run unlike any show I had ever seen, the judging square was made of portable yard panels, with four smaller yards up the right and left and sides. A cow, or bull was let into the big yard, the judges watched it walk around (or run) and they either sent it straight back out, never to be seen again, or it was drafted into one of the smaller pens on the side. Every now and then one would be brought back out for another look, or moved from one pen to another. I quickly worked out that each pen was related to the ranking, so it was clear which the favourite animal was, and at the end of each class, the winner and placegetters were obvious, just by looking at the pens. Red cattle were judged separately from the black cattle, with there being more reds. Champions were worked awarded and at the end of the day there was a Grand Champion Bull and a Grand Champion Cow. The winning bull was red, an animal we’d seen on tour earlier in the week, and the cow was black. Both were magnificent animals that anyone would be proud to own. I suggest you look them up on the South African Brangus website. All winners received their trophies and sashes at a gala dinner with an auction conducted with many of the cattle shown that day sold. The champion cow was bought by a syndicate led by Don Cox, Texas (US). Most of the event was conducted in Afrikaans. A major trophy winner was Le-Roc Stud, owned by Mornay Verster. We headed there for a look at his cattle, along with some guest speakers, whose main emphasis was on commercial success in cattle breeding, rather than a focus on stud breeding. As part of the World Brangus Congress, Brangus SA had run a series of field days around the country as educational 56

Autumn – 2017

days to improve the standard of cattle breeding in SA and Mornay made a generous donation to this cause, setting up a scholarship so that more young South Africans could get into Agriculture. Helping the emerging farmers, as more black South Africans obtain farming land, was a major emphasis of this congress and Brangus SA are doing a good job, with their Olympic like Torch of Hope traveling the country to these field days and eventually being presented at the Congress. In between all these dinners and shows I attended a couple of FIBRA meetings as the Australian representative, and we discussed advancing Brangus globally, as well as trading genetics around the world. I think that these meetings will lead to Brangus advancing worldwide and I’m optimistic that we will all benefit from the growth of Brangus. Following the official end of the World Congress, Chloe and I travelled to KwaZulu Natal again to visit the Green family, Middledale Farm, Ladysmith. They were the original breeders of Brangus in South Africa, the oldest stud and were recognised as such at the World Congress. It was wonderful to experience their hospitality and see their cattle and land. A large contingent of South Americans also visited, so we kept the Brangus Congress atmosphere going a bit longer. The Boer War battlefield of Spion Kop sits on their land, and we were able to visit and see where so many men had died so quickly on a steep rocky hill. Very sombre. We travelled home via Cape Town, which was a great city to visit and I would recommend it to anyone. Now we look forward to the next Congress in Houston in 2018. Luke Keogh

2016 brangus feedlot trial awards

Our Thanks & Gratitude The Australian Brangus Cattle Association would like to acknowledge and thank Jarni and Jayson Fearnley, Fearnley Brangus on their kind and very generous donation of Bohemia Crystal vases for the 2016 Brangus Feedlot Trial Awards.

Images: Duarran

Duarran hits $14,000 Postponement of the sale due to unseasonal rain didn’t deter buyers at the annual Duarran Brangus Sale, Roma, October last year. Principals Ian and Anne Galloway, Duarran Stud were forced to postpone the sale from it’s usual late September position due to heavy rain and flooding with Ian adding “It’s problematic however counterbalancing that is the flow on effects, the seasonal conditions, you wouldn’t see it much better at present.” Sale Summary duarran sale 50 Bulls Average $6,120 Top $14,000 26 Heifers Average $2,625 Top $3,250 Sale clearance 86%

Adding to his sire battery was Gavin McKenzie, Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater. Gavin took with him the top seller, the $14,000, Duarran Lucas. Lucas a 18-month-old, 810kg, 124 EMA son of Duarran Ebor will join another Tannyfoil acquisition, a paternal half brother, the $10,000, Duarran Lynch (20-months) with a weight of 706kg. Central Queensland producer, Allan Williams, Riverside Station, Nebo purchased the 26-month-old, Duarran Kapaldo (Doonside Summer Wages) for $12,000. Heavy support came in the form of the Mungallala based, Andromeda Cattle Company, operated by the Handley family who took with them 12 bulls including an $11,000 Ebor son, Duarran Lyons. The Andromeda draft averaged $7750. North western interests, the Beauchamp family, Boulia signed off on 10 bulls to average $4550. Tim and Lee White of Roma added 11 heifers to their growing Brangus herd while Mark and Amanda Salisbury, Bimbadeen Stud, Eidsvold ended with nine heifers. Agents: Elders and Landmark

from top Gavin McKenzie, Tannyfoil Stud, Blackwater and Ian Galloway, Duarran, Roma with Duarran Lucas. Mark Salisbury, Bimbadeen, Eidsvold. Duarran lucas for $14,000. 58

Autumn – 2017

Images: KB Consulting

Kryptonite takes RNA 2016 title EKKA 2016 Judge Brad Hanson, Bullakeana Stud, Moura Associate Judge Grady Hansen, Oaklands Stud, Kalapa

Awards Grand and Senior Champion Bull Dynamite Kryptonite (P) (AI) Lucy Roche, Dynamite Stud, Widgee Reserve Senior Champion Bull Duarran Jarman (P) Galloway Cattle Company, Duarran Stud, Roma Grand and Senior Champion Female Punchagin Lucy 10th (P) Jeff Frank, Punchagin Stud, Monto

33 Head 10 Exhibitors

Reserve Senior Champion Female Punchagin Model 11th (P) Jeff Frank, Punchagin Stud, Monto

Thirty-three strong, quality Brangus vied for tri-coloured ribbons and trophies at last year’s Royal Brisbane Show. Dynamite Kryptonite emerged victorious at days end of the small but powerful showing.

Junior Champion Bull Duarran Laredo (P) Galloway Cattle Company, Duarran Stud, Roma

Dynamite Kryptonite is an AI son of Elton RB Fulltime (P) (ET) (Csonka) from a Yabba-Do Dalai (P) (ET) daughter in Dynamite Lady. RB Fulltime is jointly owned in partnership by Chadwick Downs and Taloumbi Studs. Kicking off her seedstock enterprise in 2011, Lucy Roche said her champion represented the first crop of AI calves produced in the stud. Scaling in at 938kg, with a 133EMA measurement, the 23-month-old, Kryptonite will be retained for stud duties by his breeder. On his march to the top accolade, Kryptonite edged out the eventual Reserve Senior Champion awardee, the 1144kg, (126EMA) Duarran Jarman (32-months) exhibited by Ian and Anne Galloway, Duarran Stud, Roma. Jarman was the Grand champion at the breed’s Feature Show conducted at Toogoolawah, earlier in 2016. Duarran also claimed the Junior championship for males with their red entry, the 14-month-old, Duarran Laredo (730kg, 130 EMA). Laredo is by the homebred sire in Duarran Genoa and from a Doonside Summer Wages daughter. Laredo was the reserve junior champion at the recent Toogoolawah Feature Show and defeated Alkoomie Cassius 468L2 (P) (AI) (ET) into the RNA reserve spot. Cassius was exhibited by the Alton Downs based, Alkoomie Stud, operated by Dave and Christine Roberts and at 16-months, (670kg), (113EMA) is a full US blood entry and is by CB Final Cut 924X and from a SVF Mr 419M7/NG Hotline Of Brinks configured female. Scoring a double in the senior female ranks with a two daughters of Bulla Unibomber was Jeff Franks, Punchagin Stud, Monto. Grand and Senior Champion Female, was the 27-month-old, Punchagin Lucy 10th while her reserve was, stablemate and the former 2015 RNA Junior Champion Female in Punchagin Model 11th (33-months). Lucy 10th was the reserve senior champion at the Toogoolawah Feature under judge, Scott Dunlop, Jingeri, Proston. Junior Champion Female was the 18-month, Alkoomie Miss Dealmaker 146L (P) (AI) also exhibited by the Roberts family, Alkoomie Brangus, Alton Downs. Sired by US import, Southern Deal Maker 468W40 (P) and from a Telpara Hills daughter by Braxton OF brinks (US). Young Monto breeder, Brock Dahtler, Doc’s Stud, claimed his first RNA broad with his nine–monthold, Doc’s Lady Csonka (P) (AI) (Csonka/Valley View Gallant/Glen Heart Solitaire). 60

Autumn – 2017

Reserve Junior Champion Bull Alkoomie Cassius 468L2 (P) (AI) (ET) David and Christine Roberts, Alkoomie Stud, Alton Downs Junior Champion Female Alkoomie Miss Dealmaker 146L (P) (AI) David and Christine Roberts, Alkoomie Stud, Alton Downs Reserve Junior Champion Female Doc’s Lady Csonka (P) (ET) Brock Dahtler, Doc’s Stud, Monto Pair Of Bulls 1st Duarran Stud 2nd Alkoomie Stud 3rd Duff Stud Sire’s Progeny Group 1st Folkslee Stud Breeders Group 1st Punchagin Stud 2nd Glen Heart Stud 3rd Alkoomie Stud

Top Row Junior Champion Bull Duarran Laredo (P) with Henry Sinnamon • Grand & Senior Champion Bull Dynamite Kryptonite with Lucy Roche bottom Row Grand & Senior Champion Female Punchagin Lucy 10th with Jeff Frank, Jan Kapernick, Shadow Valley Brangus & Blake Munro, Elders • Judges Grady Hansen & Brad Hanson opposing page Junior Champion Female Alkoomie Miss Dealmaker 146L (P) is decorated by Deputy Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington and is held by Stephanie Roberts, Alkoomie Stud.




Jonathan Schmidt M: 0429 067 313 www.burendaangus.com.au

Source: MLA

Fast Facts Australia’s Beef Industry Australia is one of the world’s most efficient producers of cattle and was the world’s largest exporter of beef. The off-farm value (domestic expenditure plus export value) of the Australian beef and cattle industry was $17.87 billion in 2015-16 (ABS, MLA estimate).

Jonathan Schmidt M: 0429 067 313 www.burendaangus.com.au

Herd facts and figures: • 71,659 businesses with cattle (ABS Agricultural Commodities 2014-15). • 27.4 million head of cattle in Australia as of 2014-15, including 2.8 million head of dairy cattle (ABS Agricultural Commodities 2014-15). • 12.5 million beef cows and heifers one year and over as of 2014-15 (ABS Agricultural Commodities 2014-15). • The cattle industry involves 58% of all farms with agricultural activity People in the industry: • Around 200,000 people are employed in the red meat industry, including on-farm production, processing and retail (MISP 2015). How much is produced? • In 2015-16, Australia produced approximately 2.34 million tonnes cwt of beef and veal (ABS). • In 2015-16, 2.8 million grainfed cattle were marketed – 35% of all adult cattle slaughtered. What is the value of production? • The gross value of Australian cattle and calf production (including live cattle exports) in 2015-16 was estimated at $14.3 billion (ABARES Agricultural Commodities June 2016). • Cattle are estimated to have contributed 25% of the total farm value of $57.8 billion in 2015-16 (ABARES Agricultural Commodities June 2016). Domestic value and consumption: • Domestic expenditure on beef was approximately $7.83 billion in 2015-16 (MLA estimate). • Australians ate around 25.4kg of beef per person in 2015-16 – maintaining its position as the sixth largest consumer in the world (FAO). • Around 95.7% of Australian fresh meat buyers purchased beef in 2015-16 (AC Nielsen Homescan). • In terms of number of meals, beef is the second most popular fresh meat consumed through the foodservice industry after chicken (MLA).



Autumn Autumn – 2017 – 2017

LAREDO Junior Champion Brisbane Royal 2016 ONE OF OUR LEADING SIRES


40 70


RED & BLACK HEIFERS JARMAN Reserve Senior Champion Brisbane Royal 2016 ONE OF OUR LEADING SIRES

Thursday 21st September 2017

12 noon On-property “Duarran” Roma 4455

Ian & Anne Galloway “Duarran” Roma 4455 P: 07 4622 2408 M: 0427 763 507 E: duarran@bigpond.com W: cootharababeefgenes.com.au LATEMORE

Images: Nettle Creek

Nettle Creek hits $9,000 Sale Summary Bizzy Invitation sale 7 Bulls Average $5,071 Top $9,000 Sale clearance 78% A small but quality lineup saw a 25-month-old top the Brangus section of the Bizzy Invitational Sale, Grafton Saleyards, last September. Vendors, Mike and Elizabeth Fahey and family, Nettle Creek Stud, Copmanhurst offered nine bulls in the catalogue that sold to a mainly repeat buyer address list. Sectional topper at $9,000 was Nettle Creek 837 (P) a 887kg son of Nettle Creek Durabull (Barwonga 532) . Bred from a Texas Trend daughter, Greendale Souffle the bull takes up duties at Warren and Robyn Bulmers’s, Weona Stud, Casino. Mark and Melinda Beckman, Glenoyra Stud, Aubigny secured two from the sale to average $5,750 topping at $6,000 for a 32-month, 902 kg son of Narganoo Dynasty (Belview Ulong), Nettle Creek 834 from Greendale Oscar dam, in Greendale U212. Local interests Graham Riley, Dick Brothers, Turtle Creek Bloodline and Ryan Hollit took the remaining bulls for $3,500, $4,000, $4,000 and $3,500 respectively. Agents: George and Fuhrmann, Ray Donovan Stock and Station Agents Pty Ltd and Elite Livestock Auctions From Top Mark Beckman, Glenoyra, Aubigny and Michael Fahey, Nettle Creek, Copmanhurst Nettle Creek 837 (P) for $9,000 • Nettle Creek 834 (P) for $6,000


Autumn – 2017

Manufacturers & suppliers of all beef cattle stockfeed rations and supplements // STUD CATTLE RATIONS - MASH & PELLETIZED Bulk and Bagged options

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Images: KB Consulting & Nindooinbah

Nindooinbah hits $11,000 Sale Summary nindooinbah sale 12 Angus Females Average $2,813 Top $3,000 20 Brangus Females Average $2,713 Top $4,000 27 Ultrablack Females Average $3,380 Top $4,000 26 Brangus Bulls Average $6,750 Top $8,500 60 Ultrablack Bulls Average $6,108 Top $11,000 Sale clearance 100% Four mainland states and the Northern Territory were represented in the buyer sheets at the home of Australia’s Ultrablack and next generation Brangus, the annual Nindooinbah Spring Sale, Beaudesert, October, last year. The country’s largest Ultrablack operation saw cattle sell to South Australia, Western Australia, NT and many parts of New South Wales and Queensland. It was a gratifying result for vendors, Euan and Kaye Murdoch and their manager, Nick Cameron to see such a geographical spread of buyers, an increase in values and numbers sold at auction together with another total clearance. It is also understood that the operation successfully negotiated the private sale of a large number of Ultrablack bulls after the physical auction. Increasing demand for the physical product was evident from the very start with Brangus bull values up $2,485 on the previous year whilst their Ultrablack counterparts set a $6,108 average which was an increase of $1,706 over their 2015 result. An extra five Brangus and 14 Ultrablack males were sold at auction as compared to the previous years result. The bottom line result was 59 females averaged $3,038 while 86 males set a healthy $6,302 medium. 66

Autumn – 2017

Market topper at $11,000 was Ultrablack entry, Nindooinbah L48, (20-months) by WAT Lead Gun 33P6 (P) (US) and from donor, Lawsons High Grade B1563 (AI). L48 sold to Laurie Jones, Malo, Theodore through Elders Stud Stock Manager, Blake Munro. Ranked in the top 20 percent for EMA, birth weight and gestation length and the top ten percentile indices for scrotal circumference, L48 was Mr Jones only purchase. Volume support came from the Great Northern Cattle Company, WA. Representing the firm that controls and owns several Kimberley region properties was Kiara Hewton. Great Northern Cattle Company signed off on 10 Brangus for on average $6,650 and eight Ultrablack bulls for a $6,563

average ending an average for their males of $6,611. Their top at $8,000 was Nindooinbah L4 (20-months) (Nindooinbah F769). All Great Northern purchases are to be used in a Brahman based breeder herd. South Australian interests, CK Oldfield and Company and McDouall Peak Pty Ltd operating through Bruce Cameron, Elders SA Northern Cattle Co-ordinator, Port Augusta, took eight between them for a $5,250 average. A pair for a $6,250 average for Clayton Station, Marree while the Rankin family of McDouall Peak Pty Ltd signed off on six Ultrablack bulls for a $4,917 average for use in a predominantly Angus herd at The Twins Station, Cooper Pedy. Pastoral

giant, Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC), Newcastle Waters, Katherine, NT returned purchasing 17 bulls (15 Ultrablack and two Brangus) for a $5,941 medium. CPC paid to a high of $8,000 for the Brangus entry, Nindooinbah K700 (ET), a 25-monthold by WW Cherokee 535W36 (US). They paid to $7,000 on two occasions for their Ultrablack purchases. Lavington Pty Ltd accounted for 16 bulls comprising ten Ultrablack and six Brangus bulls for a $6,063 average. Lavington acting through Cameron Wilson, Elders Livestock Manger, Brisbane outlaid the day’s top money for Brangus. Their selection was the $8,500 Nindooinbah K839, the last bull offered, boasting trait leading EMA, IMF and exceptional 200, 400 and 600 day growth indices. Ian Farmer, Uralba, Thangool outlaid an $8,000 average for each of his

Ultrablack and Brangus males. The Ultrablack was an 18-month-old by Nindooinbah UB 1405 while the Brangus was a 19-month-old ET product by Texas Star 9U8Y (US). Roma based, Glen Arden Cattle Company, Durham Downs took eight bulls to average $6,563. Scott Waldron, acting on behalf of Waldoo Cattle Company, Millmerran, signed off on a trio for a $6,167 average. Agents: Elders and AuctionsPlus

from top Nindooinbah L48 (P) for $11,000 Nindooinbah H581 (P) for $4,000 Nindooinbah J123 (P) for $4,000 opposing page from top Kiara Hewton, Great Northern Cattle Company, WA Andrew Meara, Elders Stud Stock, with Nindooinbah L48 (P)


Images: KB Consulting

2016 Feedlot Trial Awards Dinner Participants, industry figures and Breeders converged at ‘Wilsons On The River’ on Thursday 4th August for the 2016 Brangus Feedlot Trial awards dinner. All were treated to a lavish dinner featuring the beef from the steers involved. Bohemia crystal trophies were kindly donated by Jarni & Jayson Fearnley, Fearnley Brangus and were presented by Terry Nolan, Nolan’s Meats, Gympie who addressed all assembled on the great outcome of the trial and the Brangus breeds suitability to the market place. Award winners Highest Group Weight Gain Quinn Family, Voewood, Calliope

Champion Trade Carcase Quinn Family, Voewood, Calliope

Marbling Award Bauer Family, Elara, Laidley

Highest Individual Weight Gain Quinn Family, Voewood, Calliope

All Rounder Quinn Family, Voewood, Calliope

Marbling Award Saunders Family, Pheasant Creek, Wowan

Champion Jap Ox Carcase Quinn Family, Voewood, Calliope

Largest Eye Muscle Saunders Family, Pheasant Creek, Wowan

Highest Group MSA Score Hanson Family, Bindaree, Murgon

Brad Saunders, Pheasant Creek

Ron Hanson, Bindaree

Edward Quinn, Voewood

1. Grady Hansen, Lindsay Barlow, Nev Hansen and Edward Quinn 2. Kate McCormack and Reg Robinson 3. Brad Hanson and Matthew Sirrett 68

Autumn – 2017

Opposing page 4. Isobel & Sharon Fernie and Nicole Besch 5. Terry Nolan and Sean Harch 6. Lachlan and Juanita Trustum 7. Vicki and Narelle Hanson

8. Kellie Silvester, Amanda & Mark Salisbury and Rebecca Comiskey 9. William & Kate Willson, Patrice Dobbin and Fiona Barlow










Boonderoo relocates to Queensland Images: Boonderoo

Recently, New South Wales breeders, Richard and Diane Pender took a huge management decision and relocated their Boonderoo prefix some 600klm north of their previous address to Queensland. The couple’s Boonderoo prefix is now nearly three decades old and the presently comprises some 300 head of registered, Breedplan recorded, females. Boonderoo’s new home is Hidden Valley, located just outside Tansey in Queensland’s south Burnett region. Richard explained some of the reasons behind their move north, adding “The move was initiated to focus on our registered herd, to better service our growing client base in Queensland and to run our cows and rear our sale bulls in an environment similarly to that of the majority of our clients.” Hidden Valley is native hilly country, subject to ticks and Buffalo fly with creek flats that will be utilised for silage production for sale bull preparation. 70

Autumn – 2017

Richard believes this move ensures better longevity and adaptability for the males going into new herds and in the process helps avoid heavy usage of grain feeding and supplementation. He went onto say, “As expected due to years of selection, our cows have the ability to cope with the riggers of the toughest environments and have settled in and are doing really well.” Richard and Diane extend a warm welcome to all visitors at their new address with Richard saying “Everyone’s welcome anytime, drop in, inspect our cow herd and see our sale bulls, we’re really looking forward to many more years of supplying replacement performance recorded herd bulls and some females to our exiting and new clients.”










Dawsen Kennedi Dodson 27th January 2017 6 pounds 7 ounces Daughter for Alex & Emma Dawsen was keen to meet her siblings Adisyn & Jaxon making an early arrival 12 days ahead of schedule.


Chloe Roberts & Todd Remfrey announce their engagement. Chloe is the daughter of David and Christine Roberts, Alkoomie Brangus, South Yaamba and Todd is the son of Alan and Jennifer Remfrey, Cloncurry. Chloe and Todd are planning a Spring wedding in Rockhampton. We wish Chloe and Todd all the best!


Autumn – 2017

Births and celebrations!





11 1. David Bondfield, Palgrove, Dalveen. 2. Greg Boto, Fourmile, Nebo. 3. Anne Galloway, Duarran, Roma. 4. Jarrod Deguara, Bimbora, Nebo. 5. Kaye Murdoch, Nindooinbah, Beaudesert. 6. Kevin Blake, Bromelton House, Beaudesert. 7. David McKenzie, Mildura, Barcaldine. 8. Tim Stoddart, Brisbane. 9. David, Christine and Stephanie Roberts, Alkoomie and David and Tracey Muscat, Brangaloo pictured with Joe Cavender (left) at his New Summerfield ranch, Cherokee Landing, Texas, US. 10. Tracey Muscat (centre), David, Christine and Stephanie Roberts with Grady Green (far left), Draggin M Ranch, Franklin, Texas, US. 11. Fiona Barlow, Triple B Brangus, Dingo with sons Declan and Braden.


12. Robert Barlow, Triple B Brangus. 13. Wayne Frank, Melrose Station, Killarney. 14. Fiona & Stephen Pearce, Telpara Hills, Atherton, with Sue Burston and Sam & Ellise Galea, Broadlea, Nebo. 73






07 74

Autumn – 2017





11 12






1. Scott Prewett, Alpha, Goomburra. 2. John Joyce, Dalkeith Downs, Gracemere. 3. Hayden Hanson, Bullakeana, Moura 4. Lawson Geddes, Couti-Outi, Kunwarara 5. Amanda Sailsbury, Bimbadeen, Eidsvold, winner of the 2016 Burnham Youth Award Stephanie Roberts, Alkoomie, South Yaamba and Peter Dingle, Redline, Eidsvold. 6. Wendy Fawcett, Toowoomba. 7. Barry Morgan, Riverview, Casino. 8. Jeff Parker, Gunnadoo Park, Casino. 9. Brian Hartman, Valley View, Dungowan. 10. Ron Hanson, Bindaree, Murgon. 11. Kerry Wallace, Wallace Cattle Co, Clarke Creek and Megan Hansen, Oaklands, Kalapa. 12. Suella, Jason and Charlie McCormack, Maccaboyz, Yargullen with Andrew Childes, Blue Ribbon Stockfeeds, Rockhampton. 13. Reg Robinson and Kate McCormack, Glen Heart, Toogoolawah. 14. Brad Saunders, Pheasant Creek, Wowan, Ross Olive, Gogango with Tyler Hyden and Rory Saunders. 15. Cassidy Watson, Stanwell & Grady Hansen, Oaklands, Kalapa. 16. Juanita & Randal Breen, Echo Valley, Goomburra Valley.


17. Grady Hansen, Oaklands, Kalapa and Brad Hanson, Bullakeana, Moura. 18. Tegan and Harry Ryan, Moola, The Willows. 75

Image: KB Consulting

Commercial confidence Blackall 11 August 2016

Gracemere 14 October 2016

Emerald 24 January 2017

DJ and LJ Bennett, Mellow, Barcaldine sold a top quality pen of EU accredited Brangus heifers to a top of 340.2 weighing 382.7kg and returning $1301.92/head.

Luke Armitage, Sarina sold his Brangus feeder steers to top at 355c/kg weighing 525kg to return $1864/head while Lyn Graham and family, Wowan sold Brangus cross weaner steers to top at 406c/kg weighing 252kg to return $1024/head.

The Imsirovic family, Belcong, Capella sold Brangus steers to 333c to weigh 476kg or $1588/head. Deon and Zoe Campbell Alpha, sold Brangus cross heifers weighing 350kg, making 315.2c for $1105/had.

Emerald 11 August 2016 Ben and Sally Sullivan, Springton, Springsure sold a line of Brangus feeder steers and heifer’s No. 5’s. Their steers topped at 361.2c/kg to average 353c/kg. The lead pen of steers weighed 484kgs sold for 348.2c/kg to return $1686/head. Their Brangus feeder heifers topped the sale at 350.2c/kg to average 340c/kg. The lead pen weighed 408kgs to return $1409/head. Squire Partnership, Wharton Creek, Springsure sold two pens of EU accredited Brangus weaner heifers to top at 361.2c/kg to weigh 299kgs and $1081/ head. Ted and Gai Sypher, Veronica Downs, Capella sold Brangus weaner steers to make 393c/kg and weigh 244kgs to return $960/head.

Emerald 25 August 2016 The Sullivan family, Springton, Springsure sold a line of No.4 Brangus bullocks topping at 309.2c/ kg. The draft averaged 296c/kg and weigh an average 586kgs to return $1741/head.

Gracemere 26 August 2016 The McCartney family, Marlborough sold Brangus heifers to top at 362c/kg weighing 363kg to return $1315/head. The Barlow family, Barlow Cattle Company, Dingo sold a run of 57 Weaner Steers to top $410.2c/kg.

gracemere 16 September 2016 Glenlee Cattle Company, Glenlee, Rockhampton sold weaner Brangus heifers for 370c/Kg weighing 216kg to return $801/head.

Gracemere 23 September 2016 MB and MA Hanrahan, sold quality EU Brangus heifers to top at 390c/kg weighing 228kg to return $890/head.

Emerald 13 October 2016 Gary and Megan Mayne, The Gap, Springsure sold excellent quality Brangus weaner heifers to a top of 377c/kg weighing 268kg or $1013/head. Ben and Jaye Hall, Bibil, Muttaburra sold Brangus heifers to a top of 390c/kg weighing 256kg to return $1000/head. Seventeen Brangus weaner heifers from Ian and Gina Ohl, Olenga, Baralaba sold for 382c/kg to average 228.5kgs and return $873.44 per head are with Gary Wendt and Col Goodwin, Ray White Livestock, Gracemere. 76 Autumn – 2017

Gracemere 04 November 2016 Geoff and Marg McCartney, Roselea, Marlborough sold Brangus steers to top at 330c/kg weighing 474kg to return $1565/head.

Gracemere 09 December 2016 Stewie Hoare, Dingo offloaded Brangus weaner steers to top at 398c/kg weighing 237kg to return $944/head. Lisa McKinlay, Melaleuca, Gogango sold her Charbray/Brangus steers for 343c/kg weighing 385kg returning $1325/head.

Emerald 08 December 2016 Evan and Debbie Smith, Comet sold Brangus cross weaner steers with an average weight of 271kg for 392c/kg to return $1061/head. Owen and Carmel Berry, Rob-Mar-Lou, Anakie sold Brangus breeders and calves for $1410 per unit.

Biggenden 14 December 2016 Shilvock Holdings, Rosedale sold red Brangus weaner steers for 380c/kg to come back at $733/head.

GracemerE 20 January 2017 Greg and Linda Ohl, Baralaba sold Brangus cross steers to top at 400 c/kg weighing 252kg to return $1010 /head. Tom Schick and family, Boondoola sold red Brangus weaner steers to top at 388 c/kg weighing 284kg to return $1103/head. J & S Clair, Goovigen sold quality Brangus cross steers to top at 338 c/kg weighing 280kg to return $946/head and heifers to top at 344 c/kg weighing 267kg to return $921/head. M & L Polkinghorne, Baralaba sold Brangus weaner steers for 398c/kg weighing 268kg returning $1066 /head.

Gracemere 27 January 2017 David Smith, Marmor sold a pen of No. 6 Brangus heifers to 328.2c/kg weighing 352kg to return $1155/head.

Gracemere 03 February 2017 Don Olive and family, Dingo sold EU Brangus cross steers to top at 342 c/kg weighing 323kg to return $1105/head.

Blackall 09 February 2017 WEC Industries, Mellew, Barcaldine sold a draft of Brangus bullocks selling to a top of 293.2c weighing 550kg returning $1610/head. RS and AM Windsor Pty Ltd, Innerdale, Blackall sold a draft of Brangus cross cows selling to a top of 234.2c/ kg weighing 592kg returning $1388/head. Aspley Cattle Company, Stainburn Downs, Aramac sold a draft of Brangus/Brahman cross heifers selling to a top of 280.2c to average 274.8c/kg weighing 370kg and returning $1017/head.

Emerald 16 February 2017 Glen and Loy McKinlay, Callandoon, Springsure sold Brangus Cows to 237c/kg with a weight on average of 632kg they sold for $1500/head.

gracemere 17 February 2017 A and D Power, Yeppoon sold 13 Brangus steers to top at 434.2c/kg to average 218kg for a return of $904/head. Bella Grazing, Banana marketed No.6 Brangus steers for 366c/kg weighing 309kg to return $1133/head. Jim Loudon, Bracewell sold Brangus cross weaners steers for 418c/kg weighing 205kg to return $858/head.

Sales & Events. We wish all vendors and exhibitors all the best with their sales and events in 2017. 5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off

5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off 6th - 19th Sydney Royal Easter Show 5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off

5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off 6th - 7th Emerald Show Brangus Feature 6th - 8th Farmfest Toowoomba 15th-17th Primex Casino 24th Zone 1 Field Day ‘Pheasant Creek’ 5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off 6th - 8th AgGrow Field Day 27th - 29th Royal Darwin Show 29th Casino All Breeds Sale 5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off 5th Ray Donovan Brangus Sale 11th - 20th Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) 22nd - 24th Ag-Quip Gunnedah 26th Zone 2 Field Day ‘Bimbadeen’

03 04 05 06 07 08

1st 12th ABCA Sponsored Roma Brangus Sale 2nd Bizzy Invitational Bull Sale 1st - 10th Royal Adelaide Show 5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off 6th Central Queensland Brangus Classic Sale 11th Central Highlands Angus & Brangus Sale 23rd - 3rd october Royal Melbourne Show 19th Brangus Classic Red Sale 21st Clermont Beef Bull Sale Duarran Brangus Sale 23rd - 30th Perth Royal Show 27th Triple B Annual Production Sale 5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off 5th Burenda Clermont Angus & Brangus Sale 9th - 10th 41st ABCA Rockhampton Brangus Sale 12th Nindooinbah Spring Bull & Female Sale 25th - 28th Hobart Royal Show 5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off

5th Brangus Group Breedplan Data Cut Off


10 11 12 77

Brangus. Buy with confidence. 2017 ABCA Sponsored Sales

Roma 1st September 2017

Rockhampton 9 & 10 October 2017


Autumn – 2017

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Peter O’shannessy Mitchbrook Management 173 Menarcobrinni Road Clybucca NSW 2450 M: 0407 958 825 E: peter@mitchbrook.com.au Mitchbrook Park •

Jeff & Kerri-Ann Parker

83 South West Rocks Road Hampden Hall NSW 2440 M: 0439 655 394 E: ourparadise2440@gmail.com Triple H •

“Gunnadoo Park” PO Box 777 Casino NSW 2470 P: 02 6665 5131 F: 02 6665 5107 M: 0428 655 131 E: gunnaddoopark@bigpond.com Gunnadoo Park •

Ian & Darelle Irvin

David, Helen & Christine Perry

Rick & Fran Hooper

“Carramar” Dunedoo NSW 2844 M: 0458 060 874 E: darelle@chapman.id.au Id •

PO Box 65 Kyogle NSW 2474 M: 0427 034 286 E: cobigan@bigpond.com Airlie Park •

T R & C M Jorgensen

Ram Station

Magnet 1000 Michell Lane Delungra NSW 2403 P: 02 6723 6454 F: 02 6723 6454 M: 0427 236 454 E: belview@bordernet.com.au Belview •

Attn : Andrew Melville PO Box 141 Dungog NSW 2420 P: 02 4994 5013 F: 02 4994 5313 M: 0428 945 313 E: enquiries@ramstation.com.au Ram Station •

Dalkeith Downs

Paul Ryan

Dalkeith Downs PO Box 106 Cremorne NSW 2090 P: 0419 018 655 M: 0419 018 655 E: jonjoyce@bigpond.com Dalkeith Downs •

124 Warby Road Jiggi NSW 2480 M: 0429 230 975 Coachwood •

Jason & Jennifer Skimmings Marooka Downs 160 Spring Grove Road Spring Grove NSW 2470 P: 02 6663 1103 F: 02 6663 1103 E: marookadowns160@bigpond.com.au Marooka Downs •

Ronald A Slater 1775 Sextonville Road Dyraaba NSW 2470 M: 0428 666 082 E: ronald.slater1@bigpond.com Bellbird •

Gavin Dalziel Smart Wonga Plains Narrabri NSW 2390 P: 02 6793 3152 F: 02 6793 3166 M: 0428 543 109 Wonga Plains •

Darrell & Helen Smith 134 Scrub School Road Tenterfield NSW 2372 P: 0429 321 854 M: 0477 002 489 E: margaret1smith2@hotmail.com Tallawalla •

Jennifer Stokes “Coonaroo” Moolarben Road Cooyal NSW 2850 P: 6373 4674 F: 6373 4674 M: 0427 734 674 Tahlara •

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mt Fay Wuuluman NSW 2820 M: 042 943 5431 E: mt-fay@hwy.com.au Boring Downs •

Steven Bulmer Tullarook PO Box 284 Tenterfield NSW 2372 P: 02 6736 2156 F: 02 6736 2874 M: 0427 908 649 Diamond I •

Dean Hartman Teridgerie 1671 Nundle Road Dungowan NSW 2340 P: 02 6769 4177 F: 02 6769 4188 E: brangus1@bigpond.net.au Curra •

Ellie Parker 399 Tunglebung Creek Road Tunglebung NSW 2469 M: 0428 910 896 Parkavenue •

Madison Skimmings Marooka Park 190 Old Dyrabba Road Woodview NSW 2470 P: 02 6663 1103 E: maddyskimmings@gmail.com Marooka Park •

Ben Tassell & Sally Sutherland 964 Bellangry Rd Beechwood NSW 2446 P: 02 65875109 M: 0427 875 110 Wongaree •

S & E Tomlinson 345 Glendon Brook Road Glendon Brook NSW 2330 P: 02 6577 6165 M: 0418 288 971 Carlingford Park •

Raymond & Jennifer Ward 788 Hastings River Drive Port Macquarie NSW 2444 P: 02 6584 9945 M: 0419 212 454 E: wardlings@bigpond.com Gleneden Park •

Bd Weick 7 Cumberland Court Tatton NSW 2650 P: 0448 679 697 M: 0448 679 697 E: brett.weick@viatek.com.au Barwonga •

Rachael Wheeler Rdm Angus 7963 Mitchell Highway Wellington NSW 2820 M: 0439 413 482 T & R Genetics •


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Brian & Anne Knee ‘Eagles Dare’ 1078 Weabonga Road Limbri NSW 2352 P: 02 6764 4251 M: 0429 644 251 E: anne@Ipstarmail.com.au Eagles Dare •

Wj & Kl Lynch 95 Wards Lane Via Macksville NSW 2447 P: 02 6569 6299

Kenneth Moore 3 Harper Road Basin View NSW 2540 P: 02 4443 4661 E: kenneth.david53@gmail.com

Michael Parker “Ganbirra’ 67 Fegans Road Byabarra NSW 2446 E: ganbirra3@bigpond.com

Queensland Honorary life

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Robert Barlow ‘Coorooman Pocket’ 2816 Emu Park Road Rockhampton Qld 4702 P: 07 4939 7122 F: 07 4935 8557 E: barlow@triplebbrangus.com Triple B •

Bruce & Barbara Burnham 272 Macks Road Monto Qld 4630 P: 07 41663784 E: barb-b@bigpond.com Bimbadeen •

L H Kunst “Sunny Side” 583 Blowers Rd, Munna Creek Via Gunalda Qld 4570 P: 07 4129 3145 M: 0428 293 145 E: lexatmunna@gmail.com Sunnyside •


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mawson Pastoral Co Pty Ltd PO Box 102 Beerwah Qld 4519 P: 07 5494 9088 F: 07 5439 0329 M: 0429 636 877 E: oaklandsfarms@bigpond.com Mawson •

Amaroo Partnership “Amaroo” Via Nebo Qld 4742 F: 07 4950 7154 M: 0427 507 154 E: amaroo.kime@bigpond.com.au Amaroo •

Jc & Jm Atkinson Sanders PO Box 1 Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4935 9125 F: 07 4935 9239 E: atkinson6@activ8.net.au Glen Avon •

G R & S C & R R Ball “Rosebank” PO Box 163 Monto Qld 4630 P: 07 4166 2047 M: 0417 042 946 Rosebank •

Barlow’s Cattle Co “Araluen” 1228 Alsace Road Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4935 8556 F: 07 4935 8557 M: 0407 760 079 E: barlow@triplebbrangus.com Triple B •


Lindsay & Fiona Barlow

Rs & Jm Breen

William & Janette Cook

Elders Ltd

Im & Al Galloway

“Araluen” 1228 Alsace Road Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4935 8556 F: 07 4935 8557 M: 0407 760 079 E: barlow@triplebbrangus.com Araluen •

157 Forest Springs Goomburra Rd Goomburra Qld 4362 P: 07 4666 6036 M: 0409 030 182 E: randalbreen@harboursat.com.au Echo Valley •

M S 979 Monto Qld 4630 P: 07 4167 2276 F: 07 4167 2094 E: karingal@skymesh.com.au Karingal •

Blake Munro PO Box 7270 Toowoomba Mc Qld 4352 P: 07 4690 7777 F: 07 4690 7888 M: 0428 862 469

Gr & La Day

Mary Valley Brangus

Ashley & Kellie Barron

Pf Breitkreutz & Dg Johnston PO Box 103 Thangool Qld 4716 P: 07 4995 8308 F: 07 4995 8358 M: 04 0989 9921 E: clearviewpnd@hotmail.com Clear View •

488 Tingoora Chelmsford Road Wondai Qld 4606 P: 07 4169 0661 M: 0419 737 856 E: grladay7@bigpond.com Dayview •

24 Tinbeerwah Road Tinbeerwah Qld 4563 P: 0418 593 373 M: 0418 593 373 E: tim@wepack.com.au Qwk •

“Duarran” 985 Southern Road Roma Qld 4455 P: 07 4622 2408 F: 07 4622 2458 M: 0427 763 507 E: duarran@bigpond.com Duarran • •

Jarrod & Leanne Deguara

Yabba-Do Brangus

Daunia Station Annadale Access Road Nebo Qld 4742 P: 07 4950 7118 E: jldeguara@bigpond.com Bimbora •

C/- Naomi Cooney 56 Bergins Pocket Road Kandanga Qld 4570 P: 0427 106 067 M: 0427 106 067 E: engeman79@hotmail.com Yabba-Do •

Pc & Km Dingle

Miss S Fawcett

Mally Plain 1929 Wuruma Dam Road Eidsvold Qld 4627 P: 07 4167 5140 F: 07 4167 5175 M: 0427 849 390 E: redlinebrangus@activ8.net.au Redline • •

16 Foster Street Condamine Qld 4416 P: 0428 745 186 M: 0428 745 186 E: lazys.stud@gmail.com Lazy S •

6883 Bunya Highway Kumbia Qld 4610 P: 07 4164 4178 F: 07 4164 4178 M: 0438 326 217 E: kellashcreek@skymesh.com.au Kellash Creek •

Warren W Bartlett 358 Forestry Road Bauple Qld 4650 M: 0427 638 883 E: warren.w.bartlett@gmail.com Willou •

Mm & Lm Bauer PO Box 45 Laidley Qld 4341 P: 07 5465 2064 F: 07 5460 1055 M: 0439 675 115 E: mark.bauer8@bigpond.com Elara •

Aaron & Rachel Beck 1238 Upper Ulam Road Bajool Qld 4699 P: 0408 346 236 M: 0419 651 972 E: bmm04@live.com.au Beckford •

Mark & Melinda Beckman Glenoyra Downs 987 Oakey Pittsworth Road Aubigny Qld 4401 P: 07 4691 5220 M: 0429 915 220 E: glenoyrabrangus@gmail.com Glenoyra •

J F & A C Bell 192 Behrendorff Road Bunjurgen Boonah Qld 4310 P: 07 5463 0298 F: 07 5463 0298 M: 0423 947 470 E: jfacbell@bigpond.com Inavale •

Bingegang Pty Ltd

Bill & Kelly Brown 425 Palms Road Cooyar Qld 4402 P: 07 4692 6028 M: 0438 825 083 E: bill-kelly@live.com.au Kurrajong •

L J & M Brown 19 Hindle Street Middlemount Qld 4746 M: 0437 433 556 Somerville •

Peter William Brown 177 Goomeri Road Nanango Qld 4615 P: 07 4163 2304 M: 0477 042 167 Wondalla •

Troy & Jessica Bucak 150 Mullins Creek Road Goomboorian Qld 4570 M: 0487 989 999 E: tbucak@gmail.com Greenback •

Bph & Vj Buchbach 2384 Rosedale Road Yandaran Qld 4673 P: 07 4156 1235 F: 07 4156 5171 Yandaran Creek •

Burenda Holdings Pty Ltd PO Box 228 Spring Hill Qld 4004 P: 07 4663 4002 F: 07 4663 4054 M: 0429 067 313 E: schmidtjk@bigpond.com Burenda •

Mal & Sue Burston

‘Bingegang’ 1753 Bingegang Road Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4987 3021 M: 0447 824 864 E: doublediamond9@bigpond.com Bingegang •

162 Geeberga Station Road Kuttabul Qld 4741 P: 07 4954 0168 M: 0447 073 026 E: jess@brookstonwagyu.com Brookston •

Jim & Kath Bloomfield

63 Arthys Road Cooran Qld 4569 P: 07 5485 1929 F: 07 5485 1459 M: 0418 851 920 E: jgclbyrne@bigpond.com Byrne •

PO Box 19 Killarney Qld 4373 P: 07 4666 4160 F: 07 4666 4160 M: 0427 664 160 E: jasheeka1@bigpond.com Jasheeka •

Warren & Samantha Bond 308 Radunzs Road Booie Qld 4610 P: 07 4163 6394 M: 0431 901 350 - Warren E: gumtopws@gmail.com Gumtop •

Palgrove Pastoral Co. Pty. David & Prue Bondfield Strathgarve Dalveen Qld 4374 P: 07 4685 2390 F: 07 4685 2164 M: 0419 665 971 E: bondfield@palgrove.com.au Palgrove •

Boombah Cattle Company C/- Tony Fernie Boombah Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4935 8523 F: 07 4935 8511 M: 429358511 E: boombahbrangus@bigpond.com Boombah •

Justin & Kate Boshammer Elgin 211 Barramornie Road Condamine Qld 4416 P: 07 4627 7290 M: 0427 665 128 E: jb@bullsthatwork.com.au glenoch jk •

Greg Boto Enterprises Pty Ltd PO Box 50 Nebo Qld 4742 P: 07 4950 5242 F: 07 4950 5007 M: 0427 794 027 E: gjboto@bigpond.com Fourmile •


Autumn – 2017

John & Cathy Byrne

Clayton Cattle Co P O Box 120 Yeppoon Qld 4703 P: 07 4939 4571 F: 07 4939 4571 E: russtric@bigpond.net.au Pinelands •

John & Kathleen Colless Wetherby Station PO Box 14 Mount Molloy Qld 4871 P: 07 4094 1125 M: 0408 687 313 E: john@wetherbystation.com Wetherby •

John Collins “Yaraandoo” 15 Watts Road Gracemere Qld 4702 P: 07 4933 1407 M: 0414 815 630 E: john.e.collins@bigpond.com Yaraandoo •

Jw & Kl Comisky PO Box 3064 Red Hill Qld 4701 P: 07 4936 3676 F: 07 4936 3691 M: 0427 627 625 E: comiske@bigpond.net.au Aintree •

B & B Comiskey & D & C Couper

Wayne & Kellie Dobe T/A Cpr Cattle Company ‘Desalis Station’ 6154 Strathalbyn Rd Bogie Qld 4805 P: 07 4785 3480 M: 0439 737 344 E: cprcattleco@activ8.net.au Cpr •

Alex & Emma Dodson PO Box 411 Gracemere Qld 4702 M: 0437 837 520 - Alex E: southwellbrangus@bigpond.com Southwell •

Gregory & Sandra Drake “Namara” 3737 Capricorn Hwy Wycarbah Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 7154 M: 0403 331 822 E: drakegnsk@gmail.com Namara •

J S Draper 76 Birkwood Road Mutdapilly Qld 4307 P: 07 5467 1347 M: 0407 576 706 Mutdawarrah • •

Brian J Duff

309 Seymour Road Ridgelands Qld 4702 P: 0427 963 158 - Prue M: 0488 367 501 - Tim E: timflynn1980@yahoo.com Wildcard •

Mabbin Station ‘Mabbin’ M/S 605 Clermont Qld 4721 P: 07 4983 5395 M: 0447 731 225 E: mabbin@bigpond.com Mabbin •

Jf & Dl Forrest 4 The Espalanade Grasstree Beach Qld 4740 P: 07 4956 6029 F: 07 4654 9541 M: 04 2754 9541 Oakleigh •

At & Ml Forrest Bellona Augathella Qld 4477 P: 07 4654 9197 F: 07 4654 9254 M: 0437 449 197 E: amforrest@bigpond.com Gidyea •

Fortune Ultrablack

PO Box 105 Jandowae Qld 4405 P: 07 4665 7517 F: 07 7665 7516 M: 0428 943 904 Longford •

PO Box 602 Yandina Qld 4561 P: 07 5472 7459 F: 07 5472 7459 M: 0418 708 304 E: sales@fortune-8.com Fortune •

Duff Red Brangus

Melissa Fragale

625 Mary Valley Road Gympie Qld 4570 P: 0438-825-370 F: 07 5483 2306 M: 0438 825 370 E: duffcons@bigpond.net.au Duff •

‘Springmount’ 98 Mahoneys Road Irvingdale Qld 4404 P: 07 4663 7783 M: 0418 772 417 E: springmount.brangus@hotmail.com Springmount •

John Anthony Duff

Ian Francis

Mail Service 232 Bowenville Qld 4404 E: jduff11@hotmail.com Myrtle Park •

Cedric Duff C Duff Mahoneys Road, MS 232 Bowenville Qld 4404 P: 07 4663 7773 M: 0409 261 992 Glendalough •

T.m & R.l Dwyer 8 Fay Street Blackwater Qld 4717 P: 0401 075 884 M: 0401 075 884 E: burrumbush@yahoo.com.au Burrumbush •

Brad & Kim Eaton 1-3 Kirrima Court Redlynch Qld 4870 P: 07 4039 0113 M: 0447 234 614 E: brad.eaton@yahoo.com.au White Cloud Brangus •

P O Box 709 Emerald Qld 4720 P: 07 4982 0903 F: 07 4982 0903 M: 0439 620 903 E: bbc@activ8.net.au Lunar •

Gj & Lg Eiser

Joshua Comiskey

Jason & Simone Eiser

165 Cranston Rd Rockhampton Qld 4702 M: 0427 728 706 Braveheart •

Tim & Prue Flynn

Thirsty Creek Gogango Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 7511 F: 07 4934 7617 M: 04 2934 7510 Moonshadow • Qld 4741 P: 07 4956 4788 M: 0409 648 018 E: simoneeiser@hotmail.com Jse •

1014 Tingoora Chelmsford Rd Chelmsford Qld 4606 P: 07 4168 5444 M: 0427 134 665 E: ianfrancis@skymesh.com.au Cedar Valley •

Jeff Frank 746 Youlambie Road Monto Qld 4630 P: 07 41663545 M: 0427 363 652 E: jayeff@activ8.net.au Punchagin •

Barry F & Maureen J Franks PO Box 22 Calliope Qld 4680 P: 07 4975 6061 F: 07 4975 6061 M: 0407 138 768 Baz •

Dw & Km Franks 732 Milman North Road Jardine Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 3115 M: 0427 569 106 E: waverley99@bigpond.com.au Jardine •

R & P Fry Pty Ltd PO Box 705 Atherton Qld 4883 P: 07 4091 2662 F: 07 4091 5494 E: randpfry@bigpond.com Barron Springs •

Duncan & Karen Geddes Telemon Springsure Qld 4722 P: 07 4984 4150 F: 07 4984 4152 E: parklands.drg@bigpond.com.au Telemon •

Wr & K Geddes 1182 Doonside Road Milman North Central Queensland Mc Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 3150 F: 07 4934 3108 M: 0418 343 151 E: doonside@westnet.com.au Doonside • •

Jane Geddes ‘Charlevue’ PO Box 4 Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4935 9105 M: 0457 726 793 E: charlevue3@bigpond.com Charlevue •

L A Geddes & Co “Couti Outi” PMB 7 Kunwarara Qld 4702 P: 07 4937 3188 F: 07 4937 3160 E: couti-outi@skymesh.com.au Couti-Outi •

Barry & Vicki Gifford Girraween PO Box 399 Capella Qld 4723 P: 07 4984 9157 M: 04 2751 5543 E: vbgifford@bigpond.com Wran Creek •

Goodwin Livestock 2176 Duaringa - Biloela Rd Gainsford Qld 4702 P: 07 4982 9143 F: 07 4982 9144 M: 0429 829 143 E: colorado-station@bigpond.com Gl •

Ks & Jm & Jl Griffiths 377 Coleyville Road Mutdapilly Qld 4307 P: 07 5467 1371 M: 0403 015 227 E: kerryandjo@skymesh.com.au Glenona •

Peter G & Daniel G Hall ‘Fairview’ 1838 Maryborough - Biggenden Rd Dunmora Qld 4650 P: 07 4129 6211 M: 0499 996 211 E: fairview.arabian@bigpond.com Fairview •

Oakcharm Pty Ltd C/- Barry Hockings PO Box 616 Lutwyche Qld 4030 F: 07 3252 4525 M: 04197828 166 E: bshockings@gmail.com Trident •

Na & Mj Hansen Oaklands 258 Iker Road Kalapa Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 7137 M: 0437-347-787 E: oaklandsbrangus@gmail.com Oaklands •

Brad R. & Vicki L. Hanson PO Box 267 Moura Qld 4718 P: 07-4997 3024 F: 07 4997 3028 M: 0408 684 612 - Brad E: hansonholdings@bigpond.com Bullakeana •

R G & N A Hanson 172 Quinn Road Crownthorpe Via Murgon Qld 4605 P: 07 4168 4665 F: 07 4168 4665 M: 0438 684 665 E: bindaree01@bigpond.com Bindaree •

Gregory N & Karen L Holmes Karembrogh 276 Marys Creek Road Marys Creek Qld 4570 P: 07 5483 4800 M: 0414 643 125 E: gregory.holmes@bigpond.com.au H1 •

Ca, Tr & Kr Hoy

Brenten J & Virginia M Lowe

S L Merchin

D R & P S Patch

David S. & Christine A. Roberts

PO Box 1921 Emerald Qld 4720 P: 07 4985 5377 M: 0417 705 045 E: cthoy@bigpond.com Green Valley •

‘Waverley’ 500 Greentree Road Beeron Qld 4626 M: 0419 361 115 E: bvlbrangus@gmail.com Bvl •

PO Box 5048 Red Hill Rockhampton Qld 4701 P: 07 4928 6601 Keera •

59A Mary Street Toowoomba Qld 4350 P: 07 4663 4700 F: 07 4663 4700 M: 0439 300 548 E: bunyacreek@sctelco.net.au Bunya Creek •

257 Lanyon Road South Yaamba Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 5651 M: 0418 794 768 E: alkoomiebrangus@bigpond.com Alkoomie •

Stephen J Mcbride & Kelly A Lucey

PO Box 2346 Yeppoon Qld 4703 P: 07 4939 8243 M: 0428 981 378 E: bushlands@bigpond.com Bushlands •

Telpara Hills Pty Ltd

MS 336 Toogoolawah Qld 4313 P: 07 5423 1830 M: 0427 598 416 E: glenheart1@bigpond.com Glen Heart •

Dennis And Lola Jackson 306 Boundry Road Owanyilla Qld 4650 P: 07 4129 7278 M: 0432 068 839 E: stutzview@hotmail.com Stutzview •

Shane & Angela Jackson 507 Wilson Road Tiaro Qld 4650 P: 07 4129 7606 M: 043 9997016 E: sandybbrangus@hotmail.com Sandy Banks •

387 Wooderson Road Calliope Qld 4680 M: 0438 729 392 E: amstarfx@outlook.com Robuck Hills •

Kevin, Kellie & Taylah Lucke

Kj And S James PO Box 683 Charters Towers Qld 4820 P: 07 4787 7864 M: 0488 778 830 Cedar Vale •

Rj & Kj Johannesen ‘Ironie’ 310 Ward Road Brooweena Qld 4620 P: 07 4129 9209 F: 07 4129 9206 M: 0418 732 042 E: rodney.jo@bigpond.com Folkslee •

27 Cedar Vale Road Mt Larcom Qld 4695 P: 07 4975 3582 M: 0429 890 171 E: kelnkev4@bigpond.com Ironbark •

Kaye & Dave Lutter 977 Tarome Road Via Kalbar Qld 4309 P: 07 5463 8217 M: 04 3718 6415 E: kn3girls@skymesh.com.au Rangeview •

Michael Madden Earlwood Duaringa Qld 4712 P: 07 4935 7238 F: 07-4935-7407 M: 042-735-7237 E: earlwood@bigpond.com Earlwood •

Michael Johnston 289 Tableland Road Calliope Qld 4680 P: 07 4975 6123 M: 0481 196 997 E: jokjohnston10@gmail.com Branguston •

Magee Family

Dean & Emmalee Jonsson Wombinoo Station Gunnawarra Road Mt Garnet Qld 4872 P: 07 4097 1404 F: 07 4097 1304 M: 0428 978 142 E: dc_jonsson@hotmail.com Jonsson’s •

PO Box 158 Capella Qld 4723 P: 07 4984 9542 F: 07 4984 9532 M: 0409 631 652 E: alicia.magee@bigpond.com Beejay •

Rhondell Maguire

Lj, Js & Df Kapernick 102 Weithew Rd Gin Gin Qld 4671 P: 07 4157 4404 M: 0488 029 793 E: shadowvalleybrangus@gmail.com Shadow Valley •

Jb & Dj Karger

PO Box 37 Central Qld University Rockhampton Qld 4701 P: 07 4926 5339 M: 0408 869 983 E: rhondell1@bigpond.com Belanu •

Abby Maguire PO Box 724 Emerald Qld 4720 P: 07 4982 1852 M: 0419 125 160 Tafino •

Rk & Hp Milner

B L & L J Moretti “Springvale” Wowan Qld 4702 P: 07 4937 1352 F: 07 4937 1352 L-Jaye •

Ian & Cathy Murray PO Box 143 Capella Qld 4723 P: 07 4984 9446 F: 07 4984 9048 M: 0408 714 957 E: cathymm44@bigpond.com Sereena •

Dc & Tl Muscat PO Box 84 Pleystowe Qld 4741 P: 07 4959 2139 F: 07 4959 2022 M: 0407 969 050 Brangaloo •

Pj, Ct & Sp Muscat 587 Yakapari-Habana Rd Habana Qld 4740 P: 07 4959 2616 M: 0418 495 755 E: cmu69917@bigpond.net.au Habana Springs •

Cliff Mylrea ‘Rookwood’ Rookwood Road Gogango Qld 4702 M: 0428 873 066 E: cliffmylrea1@gmail.com Rookwood •

Warren & Susan Neill 581 Racecourse Road Calliope Qld 4680 P: 07 4975 6849 M: 0417 593 986 E: susan_neill@bigpond.com Taragoola •

Craig & Amanda Neville 70 Brennan Road Ryeford Qld 4361 M: 0417 034 959 - Craig E: amanda_louise01@hotmail.com Ne’villa •

Isla Downs Station Via Longreach Qld 4730 P: 07 4658 5969 F: 07 4658 5917 M: 0418 830834 E: jdkarger@bigpond.com Karand Brangus

Mayo Enterprises Pty Ltd

Kevin & Kerrie Kearney

‘Palmalmal’ Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4987 3068 M: 0429 873 068 E: djm@palmal.com.au Palmal

“Nindooinbah” 272 Nindooinbah House Road Beaudesert Qld 4285 P: 07 5541 1519 F: 07 5541 2170 M: 0409 348 491 Nick E: nick@goannacorp.com.au Nindooinbah •

Jason & Suella Mccormack

Rocky Repro Pty Ltd

21/83 Augusta Point Brookwater Qld 4300 P: 07 3814 4270 F: 07 3814 4853 M: 0414 476 940 E: kmkezza11@hotmail.com Morningside Brangus Stud

“Buncrana” Texas Qld 4385 E: mayolivestock@hotmail.com Mayo •

Dn & Jg Mccamley & Family

Maryanne Kearney ‘Boonyouin’ 758 Flagstone Creek Road Kingaroy Qld 4610 P: 07 4164 5574 M: 0458 645 574 E: mlkearney@bigpond.com Boonyouin •

Pj, Kp & Jp King 112 Eckhardt’s Road Loch Lomond Via Warwick Qld 4370 P: 07 4664 4200 M: 0429 931 413 E: patrick.king1@bigpond.com Castleview • •

Gavin Klibbe PO Box 449 Waterford Qld 4133 P: 07 4168 4301 F: 07 3382 1313 M: 0418 195 977 E: kuraby07@hotmail.com Kuraby • •

Shane John Koop PO Box 99 South Johnstone Qld 4859 P: 07 4064 2893 M: 0409681 361 E: koopsj@westnet.com.au Cheeki Creek •

Pf Lord Family “Mt Stanley” Linville Qld 4306 P: 07 5424 8151 F: 07 5424 8145 Mt Stanley • •


305 Woodview School Road Yargullen Qld 4401 P: 07 4691 5288 F: 07 4691 5126 M: 04 1891 5282 E: nelmacfarming@hotmail.com Maccaboyz •

89 O’Brien Road Alton Downs Qld 4702 M: 0427 473 442 E: Info@Rockyrepro.com.au Nbs •

Ron Mckenna

PO Box 1165 Emerald Qld 4720 P: 07 4985 5371 F: 07 4985 5404 M: 0408 450 296 E: borillack@bigpond.com Borilla Creek •

Tuan PO Box 1968 Innisfail Qld 4860 P: 07 4064 5192 F: 07 4064 5297 M: 0488 710 996 E: rondenel@bigpond.com Tuan •

Gavin Mckenzie PO Box 96 Blackwater Qld 4717 P: 07 4982 5105 M: 0429 827 182 E: mckenzietanyar@gmail.com Tannyfoil •

Morgan Marks & Addison Mckenzie PO Box 96 Blackwater Qld 4717 M: 0400 067 538 E: mckenziea@Outlook.com Terelea •

Greg Mclean 1 Reynolds St Nebo Qld 4742 P: 07 4958 5250 F: 07 4950 5525 M: 0429 158 836 E: greg.nebostore@bigpond.com.au Hobbsvale •

Pe & Lm Oates

Jw & Jl Oppermann Kendra 1201 Branch Creek Rd Gayndah Qld 4625 P: 07 4161 3241 M: 0429 611 813 Rosewood Park •

Joseph A & Helen M Oram 1285 Tableland Road Wooderson Qld 4680 P: 07 4975 6875 M: 0437 326 503 E: cooinda1285@skymesh.com.au Double Creek •

Wendy Elizabeth Owen 4386 New England Highway St Aubyn Qld 4352 P: 07 4995 8508 M: 0427 958 508 E: wendy.owen1558@gmail.com Double J.k •

Parkhouse Brangus Brian Johnson 201 Veivers Road Cedar Creek Qld 4207 P: 07-5546-4449 F: 07-5546-4449 M: 0411-725-800 Parkhouse •

10323 Kennedy Hwy Upper Barron (MS 1567) Via Atherton Qld 4883 P: 07 4095 0262 F: 07 4095 0262 M: 0439 532 132 E: info@telparahills.com.au Telpara Hills • •

R & D Pender 156 Macauley Road Tansey Qld 4601 M: 0429 237 491 E: boonderoo-brangus@bigpond.com Boonderoo •

Shane & Linet Pincott 15 Tarong Railway Road Maidenwell Qld 4615 P: 07 4164 6295 M: 0407 150 094 - Linet E: sallpincott@bigpond.com Pineview •

Darcy Pratten 23 Kerrs Lane Mount Kilcoy Qld 4515 P: 07 5498 1215 E: pratten.de@skymesh.com.au Lindfield •

Scott & Karen Prewett 6/23 Lendrum Street Toowoomba Qld 4350 M: 0407 307 278 - Scott E: skprewett@bigpond.com Alpha •

M, M & K Price 25 Bodley Road Karrabin Qld 4306 P: 0402 534 748 F: 07 5464 5338 M: 0418 160 415 E: ugly-cooter@live.com.au Michmarkalina •

Kevin & Naomi Purcell 13136 Gladstone Road Monto Qld 4630 P: 0417 008 769 M: 0427 046 663 E: kdnrpurcell@bigpond.com Onyx •

Edward & Kara Quinn Voewood Calliope Qld 4680 P: 07 4974 8924 F: 07 4974 8921 M: 0418 716 442 E: brangusvoewood@bigpond.com Voewood •

Nd & Bj Raddon PO Box 691 Yeppoon Qld 4703 P: 07 4938 3075 F: 07 4939 8407 M: 0427 620 797 Birubi •

Andrew Randle 237 Speedwell Abbeywood Road Hivesville Qld 4612 M: 0490 145 512 E: afreshstart@hotmail.com Springvale •

R F & B Reberger PO Box 56 Rosewood Qld 4340 P: 0407 113 929 E: beverleyreberger@bigpond.com Rosemeadows •

Glenn Reibelt PO Box 183 Inglewood Qld 4387 P: 07 4652 1798 M: 0403 462 959 Veneficus •

M. Reid PO Box 404 Emerald Qld 4720 P: 07 4987 5725 F: 07 4982 3022 M: 0428 333 236 E: markreid900@gmail.com Jett •

Richard Evan Reynolds 35925 Bruce Highway Gin Gin Qld 4671 M: 0427 670 332 E: alpine5@bigpond.net.au Glenrosa •

High Camp Brangus High Camp PO Box 609 Warwick Qld 4370 P: 0418 776 279 M: 0410 531 674 E: renelle.ring@gmail.com High Camp •

Wr Robinson

Tammie M Robinson 11 Charles St Toogoolawah Qld 4313 M: 0429 231 830 E: tammier@Castlegatejames.com.au Glen Heart - T •

Tim & Ruth Roche 3/72 Greendale Road Glastonbury Qld 4570 P: 07 5484 9274 M: 0456 080 800 E: r.roche@bigpond.net.au Altona •

Lucy Ann Roche 204 Little Widgee Road Widgee Qld 4570 P: 07 5484 0018 M: 0448 000 158 E: dynamite.brangus@gmail.com Dynamite •

Jeffrey & Wendy Ruckman 673 Cainbable Creek Road Beaudesert Qld 4285 P: 07 5544 9180 M: 0414 302 448 E: jeff@Cainbablebrangus.com.au Cainbable •

Isaac & Kimbra Rushton 163 Polich Road Mena Creek Qld 4871 P: 07 4065 3337 M: 0437 349 340 E: info@rushtonbrangus.com.au Rushton •

Paul Russell P.o. Box 1046 Malanda Qld 4885 P: 07 40966170 F: 07 406 6160 M: 0429 137 008 E: russellsreachpr@bigpond.com Russells •

Sj Ryan PO Box 256 Sapphire Qld 4702 P: 07-4985-4837 M: 0488 016 040 E: ryanmoola@hotmail.com Moola •

Salisbury Plains Grazing PO Box 965 Bowen Qld 4805 P: 07 4786 1440 M: 0409 465 710 E: salisburyplains@hotmail.com Salisbury •

Bimbadeen Cattle Partnership ‘Upson Downs’, M/S 85 Eidsvold Qld 4627 P: 07 4166 3784 F: 07 4166 3873 M: 0427 139 300 E: bimbadeen@Skymesh.com.au Bimbadeen Q • •

Brad Saunders ‘Thendara’ Wowan Qld 4702 P: 07 4937 1167 M: 0458 359 105 E: pcbrangus@bigpond.com Pheasant Creek •

Ray Savage ‘Homelea’ 1051 Humphrey-Binjour Road Gayndah Qld 4625 P: 07 41613183 F: 07 4161 3183 M: 0427 023 823 E: smoothsailing1@bigpond.com Smooth Sailing •

Allen James Schutt PO Box 118 Gympie Qld 4570 M: 0429 419 388 E: aj.schutt@bigpond.com Kajarabie •

Adrian Sclosa 38 Stirlings Road Mount Byron Qld 4312 M: 0408 076 940 E: asclosa@hotmail.com Mount Byron •

Daniel & Leanne Sedgman 1265 Stanwell-Waroula Rd Dalma Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 5989 F: 07 4934 5987 M: 0408 225 351 E: leanne-dan@bigpond.com Bulla •

Richard, Kathryn, Sarah & Jack Shaw 532 Ggodnight Scrub Rd Morganville Qld 4671 P: 07 4663 6286 M: 0408 636 286 E: sligpig@westnet.com.au Ox Hill •

Julie Sheehan & Jason Jeynes Kraken Grazing PO Box 284 Rockhampton Qld 4700 P: 0487 504 347 M: 0409 201 149 E: krakengrazing@gmail.com Kraken •

Jj & Aj Walker

Laurie & Julie Wright

Jk & Pa Peach

Evan Lack

“Fairholme” Theodore Qld 4719 P: 07 4993 1666 M: 0429 630224 E: redbrangus@jateebee.com.au Jateebee •

PO Box 18 Malanda Qld 4885 P: 07 4095 2260 M: 0427 556 039 E: laurie@biminipark.com.au Bimini Park •

114 Six Mile Road Pink Lily Qld 4702 P: 07 4927 1436 F: 07 4927 1436 M: 0418 271 434 E: peach@byterocky.net

586 Millbrook Back-Plains Rd Clifton Qld 4361 F: 07 4695 9123 M: 0428 080 402 E: evan.lack@hotmail.com Bullzye •

Sg & Ka Wallace

Magnum Ross Young

‘Brigalow’ Clarke Creek Qld 4705 F: 07 49389156 M: 0459 389 153 E: wallaceco@activ8.net.au Wallace •

Donside 615 Playfields Road Dululu Qld 4702 P: 07 4937 1410 M: 0437 196 997 E: myoung.my78@gmail.com Bauhinia •

Wandarri Cattle Co.

231 Glendaragh Rd Farleigh Qld 4741 P: 07 4959 8133 E: btshield@bigpond.net.au Daragh •

C/- Mick Delroy Rocky Glen, MS 332 Thangool Qld 4716 P: 07 4995 1178 F: 07 4995 1198 M: 0428 951 178 E: mdelroy6@bigpond.com Wandarri •

Michael & Kellie Silvester

Peter & Nancy Warren

Brian & Thelma Shield

‘Forest Hills’ Capella Qld 4723 P: 07 4982 0014 M: 0419 790 603 - Kellie E: mikel5@bigpond.com Forest Hills •

702 Railway Rd Booyal Qld 4671 M: 0428 991 531 E: peternancy@bigpond.com Spring Hills •

Barry Sinnamon

127 Radunzs Road Booie Qld 4610 P: 07 4162 1118 M: 0434 829 065 E: ycreek@bigpond.com Y Creek •

Tin Hut 594 Bogandilla Rd Jackson Qld 4426 P: 07 4627 6342 M: 0488 276 342 E: tinhut594@gmail.com Kulkyne •

Diamond Valley Brangus P/L PO Box 624 Gatton Qld 4343 P: 07 5462 2872 F: 07 5462 2872 M: 0435 011 959 E: diamondvalley@hotmail.com Diamond Valley •

Ashley Smith & Family PO Box 2184 Wandal Post Office Rockhampton Qld 4700 P: 0488 393 982 M: 0402 05 9919 E: ashcol.camira@gmail.com Camira •

Joe, Sharon Strazzeri & Sons 9438 Kennedy Hwy Upper Barron Atherton Qld 4883 P: 0429 950 230 M: 0487 277 816 E: barronessafarming@gmail.com Barronessa •

Pj & Dm Studt Coolabah Park Capella Qld 4723 P: 07 4986 4153 F: 07 4986 4164 M: 0429 8730 77 E: coolabah1@bigpond.com Coolabah •

Glen & Gloria Svendsen PO Box 365 Sarina Qld 4737 P: 07 4956 4611 E: glensvendsen@bigpond.com Shanita •

Paul & Gayle Swan 6238 Mt Lindsay Highway Veresdale Qld 4285 P: 07 5543 2101 F: 07 3365 7601 M: 0407 388 808 E: paulfswan@yahoo.com Brydali •

Neville & Karen Tarry Cotswald 922 Clonmel Road Monto Qld 4630 P: 07 4167 8123 F: 07 4167 8139 M: 0419 971 651 Coal Dust •

G Taylor “Ginoondan” 14526 Burnett Highway Gayndah Qld 4625 P: 07 4161 1851 F: 07 4161 1023 M: 042 761 1851 E: taylorpam@bordernet.com.au Ginoondan •

Traveston Park PO Box 1010 Noosaville Qld 4566 P: 07 5449 7337 F: 07 5449 9048 M: 04 1875 1647 E: noosatruss@hotkey.net.au Traveston Park •


Autumn – 2017

Matthew & Daniela Whye

G H & L O Wieland 8979 Chinchilla - Wondai Road Durong Qld 4610 P: 07 4168 0271 F: 07 4665 5286 M: 0437 680 271 E: gregandlorna@activ8.net.au Wilga Park •

William C Walker ‘Eerwah-Lee PO Box 45 Eumundi Qld 4652 P: 07 5442 8372 M: 0429 231 937 E: walkerbrae@bigpond.com The Brae •

Matt Williamson PO Box 769 Tolga Qld 4882 P: 07 4095 5134 M: 0427 877 031 E: mattwill62@bigpond.com Mk •

Jayson And Amanda Wilson Reuben Downs 335 Kangaroo Creek Road Wallumbilla Qld 4428 F: 07 46261246 M: 0427 231 847 E: barcoola4@bigpond.com Barcoola •

Bn & Lj Woodard “Tualka South” M/S 604 Taroom Qld 4420 P: 07 4627 8436 F: 07-4627-8453 M: 0427-278-434 Bonox •

Lr & Ha Woodard Glenwood Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4935 9219 F: 07 4935 9217 M: 040 957 3421 E: woodardbrangus@bigpond.com Glenwood • •

Ben & Karla Woodard ‘Box Tree’ 23184 Leichardt Hwy Taroom Qld 4420 M: 0758 278 434 - Ben Benarla •

Neil & Angela Woodard ‘Weel Neer’ 2101 Flagstaff Road Taroom Qld 4420 P: 07 4627 8420 M: 0458 278 423 Night •

Hj & Aj Woodard Knockbreak MS 513 Eidsvold Qld 4627 P: 07 4165 0886 F: 07 4165 0801 M: 0400 193 771 Taloumbi •

David Wright 701 Laurel Bank Road Alton Downs Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 1546 M: 0427 944 083 E: ramseycreek@bigpond.com Ramsey Creek •


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

J & P M Abela 174 Habana Wharf Road Habana Qld 4740 P: 07 4959 8283 M: 04 3859 8283 E: abelaphyllis1@bigpond.com Kanaka •

Wayne & Trudy Berry Gum Valley 154 Red Head Road Koumala Qld 4738 P: 07 4950 4122 F: 07 4950 4133 M: 0427 935 306 E: jordara12@bigpond.com Jordara •

John Goodland ‘Dandarbong’ MS 324 Theodore Qld 4719 P: 07 4993 1163

Bruce Greer 227 Stephens Road Flagstone Creek Qld 4344 P: 07 4697 5295 M: 0427 433 103 E: bruce.greer@bigpond.com Crows Ash •

Dale & Jane Gronow PO Box 90 Kuttabul Qld 4741 F: 07 4954 0230 M: 0419 029 777 E: gronow@activ8.net.au

Brett & Philippa Krafft T/As Boab Pastoral Co PO Box 143 Thangool Qld 4716 P: 07 4995 8815 M: 0448 768 058 E: brett_pippa@bigpond.com

R.d. & B.e. Landsberg 218 Whitings Road The Caves Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 2519 M: 0427 356 127 E: Landsberg7@bigpond.com

Killarney Cattle Company Pty Ltd PO Box 180 Killarney Qld 4373 Beenbah •

W J & M F Maguire “Scrubbee” 782 Scrubbee Road Dingo Qld 4702 P: 07 4987 3015 F: 074987 3084 E: scrubbee1@bigpond.com

Re & Jy Petzke

4 Bell Street Monto Qld 4630 M: 0421 387 648 E: docsbrangus14@gmail.com Doc’s •

Ross & Lorraine Anne Prange

Henry Sinnamon

PO Box 84 Mt Larcom Qld 4695 P: 07 4975 1381 M: 0419 682 454 E: lorraine.prange@bigpond.com

L Riley “Kelvin” Box 11 Koumala Qld 4738 Kelvin •

Australian Pastoral Stations PO Box 10025 Rasmussen Qld 4815 E: paula@apsgrp.com.au

Kg & Mj Stewart ‘Risendale’ 453 Calmorin Rd Ridgelands Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 5153

J Tucker 64 Moreton St Eidsvold Qld 4627 P: 07 4165 0876 F: 07 4165 1191 E: lynnjim@datawave.net.au

Ray Vella ‘Bald Hills’ 3000 Stoodleigh Rd Marlborough Qld 4705 F: 07 4935 6046 M: 0427 977 480 E: rlvella@bigpond.com

Ward Cattle Co. Bona-Vista 223 Sherwins Road Jardine Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 3120 F: 07 4934 3233 M: 0427 150 962 Wcc •

Bm & Mj Woodard ‘Parkes’ 1145 Parkes Road Duaringa Qld 4712 P: 07 4935 7673 M: 0427 026 286 E: parkes286@bigpond.com

Clifford J & Joy I York Glengyle 2640 Dulacca South Road Dulacca Qld 4425 P: 07 4628 1121 F: 07 4628 1121 M: 0488 516 417 E: cjyork1@hotmail.com Kroy •

Mj & Ml Young 347 Grasstree Road Mackay Qld 4740 P: 07 4956 4436 F: 07 4956 4057 Mmy •

R I & P A Mcintosh “Jagera” Ms 331 Goomeri Qld 4601 P: 07 4168 4442 F: 07 4168 4482 M: 04 0968 4442 E: mcintoshhomes@bigpond.com

B.c & S.p Mills PO Box 242 Biloela Qld 4715 M: 0448 010 175 - Barry E: susanpmills@bigpond.com

Gj Ozanne 105 Bowman Parade Bardon Qld 4065 P: 07 3366 1240 M: 0419 793 211 Athlyn •

Chris Park 138 Dunwold Cattle Creek Road Mirani Qld 4754 P: 07 4958 5231 M: 0400 715 685 E: kanindapark1@gmail.com Kaninda Park •

Brock Dahtler

PO Box 176 Inglewood Qld 4387 P: 07 4652 1772 M: 04 2773 3915 Yambuna •


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Arabella Metisse Renwick PO Box 624 Gatton Qld 4343 Bella •

Amy Rose Drake Namara 3737 Capricorn Hwy Wycarbah Qld 4702 P: 07 4934 7154 M: 0432 538 155 E: drakegnsk@gmail.com Ar •

Jason & Reilly Beckman Glenoyra Downs 987 Oakey Pittsworth Road Oakey Qld 4401 P: 07 4691 5220 M: 04 1754 4043 Rockyview •

Clare & Alice Pullen 304 Bells Road Palmyra Qld 4751 P: 0456 019 307 M: 0456 019 307 E: clare_pullen00@hotmail.com Elcira •

Tin Hut 594 Bogandilla Road Jackson Qld 4426 M: 0400 094 542 E: tinhut594@gmail.com

L.w.c & R.a.s Griffiths 377 Coleyville Road Mutdapilly Qld 4307 P: 07 5467 1371 M: 0403 015 227 E: kerryandjo@skymesh.com.au Elanar •

Mitchell Lee Mclean 50 Pakula Gap Road Gargett Qld 4741 P: 07 4958 5250 M: 0488 544 775 E: mitchell.nebostore@bigpond.com.au Pakula Park •

Matthew Daniel Petty 40 Baills Road Mount Walker Qld 4340 P: 07 5464 0570 M: 0438 926 715 E: mdpetty1895@gmail.com Scenic Valley •

Ryan Holzwart PO Box 965 Emerald Qld 4720 E: ryanholzwart@outlook.com Western Force •

Yeppoon State High School Rawlings Street Yeppoon Qld 4703 P: 07 4925 1343 F: 07 4925 1300 M: 0488 418 986 E: twarn38@eq.edu.au Yeppoon High •

Tasmania full

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Eddie & Yvonne Staier ‘Koorakai’ 372 Long Plains Rd Bridgenorth Tas 7277 P: 03 6330 1940 F: 03 6330 1940 M: 0427 877 759 E: Eddiestaier@gmail.com Koorakai - Koo

Victoria Honorary life

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

R & P Davis “Hidden Springs” 205 Stewarts Road Pound Creek VIC 3996 P: 0408 340 543 F: 03 9562 0782 M: 0408 340 543 E: roger@hiddensprings.com.au Kimberley Downs • •


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Abs Australia Bill Cornell 2 Fleet Street Somerton VIC 3062 P: 0428 293 498 F: 03 8358 8888 M: 0428 293 498 E: bill.cornell@genusplc.com Abs •

Agri-Gene Pty Ltd 123-125 Tone Road Wangaratta VIC 3677 P: 03 5722 2666 F: 03 5722 2777 M: 0408 229 316 E: info@agrigene.com.au

C L Briant

Humphreys Family

PO Box 113 Beaconsfield VIC 3807 P: 03 9707 1180 Calou •

13 Church Street Tallygaroopna VIC 3634 P: 03 5829 8449 M: 0457 271 445 E: rebecca@eureka-park.com Eureka Park •

Castle Brangus Michael Bush 174 Shepparton Road Euroa VIC 3666 P: 03 5795 2827 F: 03 5795 1937 M: 0427 319 780 E: castlebrangus@bigpond.com Castle •

Semex Pty. Ltd.

Rs & A Davie

Paul David Stevenson

Bimbadeen Brangus RMB 1142 Ventnor VIC 3922 P: 03 5956 8216 M: 0409 803 803 E: bimbadeen@nex.net.au Bimbadeen (Pi) •

PO Box 20 Heyfield VIC 3858 P: 03 5148 2033 M: 0407 431 517 Eaglerose •

Rr & Pa Herrin


“Jakara Waters” 23 Miller Road Staghorn Flat VIC 3691 P: 02 6020 8609 F: 02 6020 8024 M: 0429 208 609 E: rpherrin@jakarabrangus.com.au Jakara •

PO Box 509 Melton VIC 3337 P: 03-9743-0344 F: 03-9743-0355 M: 0418-107-863 E: jimconroy@semex.com.au Semex •


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dianna Branson 69 Pierrepoint Road Hamilton VIC 3300 M: 0475 954 465 E: dee.branson@hotmail.com Banquet •

Po Locked Bag No 2 West Perth WA 6872 P: 08 9429 8332 F: 08 9351 0705 M: 0429 884 528 Liveringa •

Sandfire Pastoral Ken Norton PMB No 5 Via Port Headland WA 6721 P: 08 9176 5985 F: 08 9176 5942 M: 0437 509 398 E: sandfirerh@bigpond.com

E & R Scammell PO Box 26 Corryong VIC 3707 P: 02 6077 4339 M: 0419 329 831 Elby •

Western Australia full

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Bellahway Rural Reds

Will & Christine Elliott

108 Coventry Rd Roleystone WA 6111 M: 0488 378 444 E: hayley.goad@primaries.com.au Bellahway •


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dr G Hanly 7 Claygate Road Hamilton Hill WA 6163 P: 08 9459 5595 F: 08 9459 9660 M: 042 9093 430 Gareembee •

Rhoman Holdings Pty Ltd

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

‘Weerangourt East’ 5432 Hamilton Port Fairy Rd Byaduk VIC 3301 M: 0427 234 243 E: hillston@activ8.net.au

Liveringa Station Beef P/L

T/A Rhoman Brahmans PO Box 18 Dianella WA 6059 M: 0450 355 887 E: henrysommer@amnet.net.au Rhoman •

Legend • Black Brangus • Red Brangus

Recipe: Brittany Pearce

Slow Cooker Smoothered Steak Prep time 10 minutes

Cook time 6-8 hours

Serves 6

Ingredients 6 steaks (almost any cut of beef will work) 250 g mushrooms, thinly sliced 1 onion, thinly sliced 1 ½ cups vegetable stock 1/3 cup sherry

2 tsp sweet (Hungarian) paprika ¼ cup flour ½ cup cream Knob of butter (about 4 tablespoons) Fresh lemon thyme

Instructions 1. Heat large pan/skillet to medium high. Brown steaks in a small amount of butter or oil. Add to the slow cooker. 2. Melt 1 1/2 tablespoons of butter in the pan. Add the mushrooms and saute until brown. Add to the slow cooker. 3. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in the pan. Add onions, paprika, and a sprinkle of thyme. Cook until onions are soft. Add to the slow cooker. 4. Begin to make the gravy by melting 1 tablespoon of butter in the pan. If there are any juices or browned bits left, make sure to incorporate them. Add flour and stir, cooking for about a minute. Add the stock and sherry, whisking as you go. Add to the slow cooker. 5. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours, or high for 4-5 hours. Occasionally stir and add additional stock if needed. 6. Add cream and another sprinkle of thyme and paprika. Cook another 10 minutes to heat through. 7. Serve steaks with a generous amount of gravy over mashed potatoes and your choice of green vegetables. 83

JATEEBEE Shadow Valley

BranguS Stud

at ing CLASSIC RED BRANGUS SALE Tuesday 19th September 2017


Quality Red Bulls & Semen For Private Sale

JACk & MIM WALkER “Fairholme” Theodore Q 4719 p. 0429 630 224


Selling at Roma & Rocky ABCA sales ~ Paddock sales welcome


‘Ironie’ 310 Ward Road Brooweena Qld 4620

07 4129 9209 0418 732 042 rodney.jo@bigpond.com

Cobwell Brangus

Lee, Jan & Dean Kapernick

102 Weithew Rd Gin Gin Qld 4671

Ph 07 4157 4404 Dean 0488 029 793 Jan 0407 030 751

Wayne & Kellie Dobe ‘‘DeSaliS Station’’ Strathalbyn roaD bogie Q 4805

0747 8534 80 0739 7373 44 cprcattleco@activ8.net.au

Advertisers 3 Alkoomie 71 Beef Breeding Services 35 Belview 9 Bimbadeen 51 Boonderoo 39 Burenda 19 Castle 49 Charlevue 23 Doonside 63 Duarran IBC Elara 67 Elders 47 Fearnley 46 Glenoyra 37 Inavale 14-15 Lake Majestik Farms 57 Landmark 59 Nindooinbah 27 Oaklands IFC Pheasant Creek 41 Ray White Rural 33 Redline 11 Rocky Repro 21 Rural Co SBB/GDL 65 Rural Supplements 48 Stud Stock Sales 29 Tannyfoil 42-43 Telpara Hills BC Triple B 17 Voewood 45 Yaraando

Proudly produced by Keogh Cattle Company • Barham, NSW 2732 03 5453 7137 • 0428 536 587 keoghcattle@activ8.net.au




Next Issue

BRANGUS Established 2013

Matthew Petty

40 Baills Road Mount Walker Qld 4340

0438 926 715

mdpetty1895@gmail.com 84

Autumn – 2017

Bookings 21st June 2017 Artwork 26th June 2017 Editorial 26th June 2017 Rural Design 0407 020 080 KB Consulting 0488 279 796 editor@theaustralianbrangus.com.au theaustralianbrangus.com.au

Look to the Future

Elara fEmalEs kEEp brEEding on ... Heifers will be available for sale from may 2017

Mark & Lynda Bauer 7 Boundary road, Laidley 4341 Q 07 5465 2064 mark.bauer8@bigpond.com


Elara 830 Dob: Dob: 10/8/16 s: Telemon HisTory D: elara Princess 377, born 28/10/08 & THis being Her 7th calf

Elara 821 Dob: 28/8/16 s: Telemon HisTory D: elara 258, born 2/12/06 & THis being Her 8th calf

Elara 809 Dob: 17/7/16 s: elara officer D: elara rb138, born 30/7/00 & THis being Her 14th calf

Elara 831 10/8/16 s: Telemon HisTory D: elara maDDy 192, born 19/8/05 & THis being Her 10th calf

FertiLe, FunctionaL, eFFicient

Annual Production Sale


Wednesday 27th September 2017 “Araluen” Dingo Queensland

BBB12FH583 08/08/2012

80 Brangus Bulls 12 Elite Young Females 200 Purebred Females

Ten sons feature in our 2017 Sale along with four 3/4 blood brothers.

Thanks. Our gratitude goes to all producers that selected our genetics and cattle at our 2016 Annual Sale and to those whom purchased privately throughout the year.


Lindsay & Fiona Barlow 07Autumn 4935 8556 0407 760 079 – 2017 www.triplebbrangus.com

Profile for Rural Design Studio

The Australian Brangus Journal  

Autumn 2017 The official publication of the Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd delivers a comprehensive Spring sale wrap and a host o...

The Australian Brangus Journal  

Autumn 2017 The official publication of the Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd delivers a comprehensive Spring sale wrap and a host o...