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“THE JAFFRA STORY” Confidence in Brahman cattle as ‘easy care’ heralded the establishment of the Jaffra Brahman Stud in 1959 by Col and Una Jackson with the purchase of registered cattle from the then household names in the industry – Cherokee, Avondale and Burnside Studs. The stud’s genetic pool was boosted in 1977 by the purchase of two Cherokee sires, La Tip Again (Cherokee La Tipu) and MI Long Ears (Cherokee Echo Hawk). Both sires, whose pedigrees can be traced back to the 1933 importation which was the foundation of the Australian Brahman industry, left a long lasting trademark on the Jaffra females which formed the backbone of the Jaffra herd. Jaffra Index, an outstanding son of Cherokee La Tip Again, was retained in the stud and this sire’s influence is most pronounced in the uniformity of ‘beef type cattle’ structural correctness in his females’ mothering ability and temperament. The females catalogued in the dispersal sale carry his bloodlines.

Ion Jackson as a child formed his love of and passion for Brahman cattle. Growing up, he not only worked alongside his parents but began his study of pedigrees and particular traits and characteristics of the breed – a topic about which he loved to chat throughout his life. In 1983, Ion Jackson acquired the stud and shortly after, he began his quest to introduce new bloodlines to increase scale, fertility and purity while maintaining the strengths of the original herd. The Index females have been used as a strong base for the infusion of selected imported bloodlines which became available in the 1980s. Like most stud breeders, Ion’s several overseas trips to the US often found his selections inexplicably failing to pass the testing protocol. While waiting for his selections to pass, Ion undertook AI programmes using CMT Tuxpeno 308/0 (Imp US) in his grey herd and a red bull EOD Rio Gyr 103/2 (Imp US) was mated with the very best Jaffra Index cow, Jaffra Lady 841 to produce the red sire Jaffra Magnum 1285, who featured as the Junior Champion Bull at the 1988 Mackay Brahman Feature Show at a rare show ring appearance for Jaffra.

Ion’s persistence and his quest to source bloodlines different to those already available resulted in the importation of CMT Rio Grande 549/4 (Imp) from the MaitretThomas Cattle Company, Texas, in 1985. This bull was of pure Barizillian bloodlines and proved a major outcross over the traditional Jaffra cows as well as Jaffra Index daughters which were much sought after by other breeders. Ion was on his way to his vision of a quality female with increased scale, fertility and purity. His female cattle regularly topped and set sale records. Shortly after, an imported cow also of pure Brazillian bloodlines CMT Muneca 527/4 (Imp) arrived at Jaffra. She produced 15 sons and daughters both naturally and by embryo transfer with her daughters being retained in the stud. Later, two more Indu cows BMT Canaria 790/8 (CMT) and CMT Kaly 808/8 (CMT) of Brazilian bloodlines were also brought to Australia by Ion and embryoed to outside bloodlines as well as to the ever reliable Jaffra Index. Ion had great respect for the Indu cattle and particularly he considered the traditional Australian Brahman / imported bloodline complimented each other resulting in sires of different bloodlines being bred for use within the herd as well as producing a very functional female capable of breeding on. The influence of the scale from these three Indu cows remain evident in the current herd.

Ion was well known as a stud breeder not prepared to follow fads unless it suited him. He conceded that fads had an ability to produce an immediate financial gain but at ‘what price’ he was known to say. He stuck to his guns to ensure that certain traits did not adversely impact his female herd. A QCL interview with Ion in January 1988 summed it up, “Mr Jackson firmly believes the imported cattle can further improve the beef qualities of the Australian Brahman so long as breeders remain extremely selective.” EJL Gigante 248 (Imp) heralded the next stage of the Jaffra breeding plan. This bull was imported from Dr Le Blanc’s stud in Louisianna, US and whilst a De Manso type bull he did not carry Hudgins bloodlines which were already available to breeders in Australia. Gigante contained a Nelore influence which was reflected in the bull’s smooth muscling and very correct underline which was characteristic of that breed. He was a true ‘beef machine’ and used over Rio Grande cows. The cross proved successful adding depth and beef to the Indu influence and is still reflected in the female herd.

The next chapter in the Jaffra Story began in 1994 with the purchase jointly with Bill and Sue Blakeney of the prolific sire ‘Brahrock Mr El Wise Guy 1264’ outbidding (must have been the only time!) master cattleman Mr Eric Nobbs to $50,000. The buyer’s vision can be summarised by Ion as reported in QCL, “Mr Jackson said he simply couldn’t go past the 23 month bull for his fleshing, spring of rib, well hooded eyes and perfect tail setting. Wise Guy will be used over heifers by the pure Indu sire, Rio Grande 549/4 (IMP US) and EJL Gigante 248... We used an Indu bull over pure Australian Brahman cows to produce that terrific outcross with frame and beef... That Indu influence is still essential as a genetic outcross to avoid line and inbreeding. The first things to suffer if that occurs are temperament and size... Elefante is one of the better Hudgins bulls to be imported into Australia and he has already demonstrated an uncanny potential to breed on.” By 2001, Ion’s interest had turned to JDH Datapack Manso bloodlines which saw the purchase of Pioneer Park Viscount Manso who proved his worth in producing fleshy bulls suitable for commercial operations. This suited the Jaffra model which relied mostly on regular and recurrent paddock sales. Working alongside Viscount was Jaffra Grande 4028, who carries both Wise Guy bloodlines and that of EFL Gigante. Grande 4028 has been a prolific sire of polled Jaffra cattle and is either the sire or grand sire of a large number of the sale cows on offer. Although now 12 years of age, Grande 4028 still stands up well and takes pride of place in the front paddock at the Jaffra depot. During the period which followed Ion concentrated on using well conformed home grown sires as well as infusing other bloodlines such as El Jay Presidential 2198, FBC Clarkson and Yenda Vagabond. All the while Ion’s pursuit was to maintain his strong female herd with particular emphasis on structurally correct cattle, mothering ability and temperament.

Jaffra Entry 4316 (a son of El Jay Presidential 2198) was retained in the stud as representative of the dark pigmented fleshy bulls which Ion admired. Entry’s daughters are well represented throughout the offering both in the cow line as well as the calves. All so often, Ion’s best bulls were not offered for sale as he retained them as an opportunity to maintain or enhance his female herd if by chance a purchased sire was a retrograde step. The most recent sire investment was NCC Marzipan 2602, a son of JDH Mr Elmo Manso (Imp US) which has proved to be an excellent mating match for the Jaffra cows with their Marzipan calves being sold with them in the sale. It was no secret that Ion had a very critical eye and was critical of structural defects and bad temperament in cattle. Conversely, he admired quality features in other people’s cattle and was eager to try new genetics even returning home throughout his treatment to AI some cows with semen from 3D Platinum, JDH Sir Stratton Manso 823/4 (Imp) and JDH Summitt (Imp).

Importantly, Ion’s criticism was also targeted on his own herd which was characterised, and particularly the female line, with ruthless culling and a very careful selection of sires. He has maintained strong original foundation lines such as the Pearl, CP, Madonna and Lady family lines. Ion’s quality female management enabled the stud to produce a uniform line of functional bulls for the commercial breeder but, more so, he maintained his quality female herd which, due only to his untimely death, has now become available for purchase and to make their mark in other and future studs. 43








































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