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Top #10 Best and High-Paying Affiliate Programs in India (2019)

Do you run a blog or website and want to make money from it? Then you should right now join the Affiliate Programs. Affiliate programs in India are advancing rapidly as more and more people are turning to purchase products online. Be it clothing and fashion, beauty products, books and magazines, home and garden appliances or purchasing a good domain and hosting for websites and blogs, the demand for all these things is at the pinnacle. Personally, I have seen that the most successful and biggest bloggers make maximum money just from different affiliate programs rather than different ad networks. Harsh Agarwal, one of India's top bloggers, make money more than $80,000 from affiliate marketing working under ShoutMeLoud, the award-winning blog. Affiliate marketing is an incredible wellspring of profiting on the web, with offshoot advertising, you can advance others offers and win a few commissions, sometimes huge depending on the products you're promoting. Affiliate offers can resemble cost per sale offers where you fix sum or rate each time you send traffic to the publicist site, and they purchase something. You can advance Cost Per Action (CPA) offers that compensation when a guest does some activity like free enrollment, join, and so on and member gains fix sum. Here we have listed top #10 best and most beneficial affiliate programs in India you can join for earning some passive income. Don't forget to share your experience if you are already using some of them.

1. Cuelinks Affiliate 1/6

With more than 13000 Publishers including forums, blogs, news portals, and deal & coupons sites depending on it owing to their affiliate marketing requirements, Cuelinks is the biggest Content Monetization Platform in India by which you can monetize your site's contents. When you sign up with Cuelinks, it will provide you a few lines of JavaScript code which you have to place in your blog or website template, and Cuelink's in-built tool Cuewords will consequently recognize pertinent keywords in your blog's contents and adds affiliate links to them to give you fiscal esteem directly out of your core substance rather than including any advertisements in your site. Now, whenever a visitor clicks on such affiliate links and makes a purchase you get a decent commission out of it. That is why I put Cuelinks at the very first in the list of top Top #10 Best and High-Paying Affiliate Programs in India (2019). Cuelinks' minimum payout threshold is INR 500 and the revenue distribution is 75%:25%.

2. vCommission Affiliate Established in 2008, vCommision is another top and best affiliate network in India I have ever seen. It holds more than 17,000 affiliates and occupies a leading affiliate program across India. Here you will discover all well-known affiliate offers. You will discover a lot of CPA, CPC, CPI, and CPS offers in vCommission. vCommission delivers performances on both web and mobile to best Indian brands via its huge number of an affiliate network. Flipkart, Airtel, Asian Paint, Amazon, Domino's, eBay are some leading companies vCommission has worked with. vCommission pays you in time and it pays directly to your Bank account.

3. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) Owned by Alliance Data and headquartered in California, United States, CJ affiliate is a rewarding affiliate network providing around 3000 advertisers to drive huge traffic to their sales, and helping publishers monetize their sites and earn a decent commission through them. You don't need any exclusive training to use CJ. You can freely sign up with it and start spelunking its dashboard to get a compact idea about how does it work. Be sure you complete your profile after signing up to get quick approval for any affiliate program through CJ. CJ pays you through Check and direct Bank deposit.

4. ShareASale Founded by Brian Litketon, ShareASale has been a leading provider of performance marketing solution over 16 years. ShareASale acts as a go-between between merchants and affiliates. There are more than 2500 merchants who offer an item or administration and need to get the message out by paying bloggers to survey and promote them through 2/6

ShareASale. On the contrary, there are hundreds of affiliates who promote the merchants' items and therefore earn a decent sum of commission from them. Members expound on and review items and get paid if their visitors click on the affiliate links and purchase the item from there. ShareASale utilizes proficient and cutting edge innovation to convey total fulfillment to merchants and affiliates. It is a notable Affiliate Network and proceeds to give a lot of worldwide ideas too. You can anticipate lucrative CPS and CPA offers. ShareASale comes with a very user-friendly and easy to use interface. It provides real-time reporting of your campaign and the payment threshold is only $50 which is pretty good. Once you reach the threshold you can withdraw money as per your preferred medium.

5. Amazon Affiliate Who doesn't know about Amazon Affiliate? 'Amazon Affiliate', also known as 'Amazon Associates', is one of the popular and best affiliate programs for every bloggers and website holder. If you are a blogger and want to monetize it through affiliate marketing Amazon is the ideal choice for you. Amazon provides you millions of products starting from books to mobile accessories and hardware to house-items and garden accessories to beauty and baby products to clothing and fashion everything you will find here. You just have to sign up with Amazon Associates which is free, fill-up the form Amazon Associate will give you and you're done. You will reach Amazon Associates' dashboard where you will find a full report of your campaign, search for products you want to promote, get the link and make your audience purchase the products via the link (affiliated) and earn a handsome commission through it. Depending on the category of products you get various commissions that rise up to 12%.

6. Admitad Launched in India in 2005, Admitad is a German-based affiliate program that offers Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate program to both advertisers and publishers helping them reach out to their dream purpose. It helps hundreds of advertisers and publishers to gain reliable wellspring of sales and find new business models to monetize their traffic respectively. Admitad is at present working with more than a thousand driving advertisement brands, and their affiliate program has developed to more than 4600,000 dynamic publishers. Publishers get the upside of extraordinary offers, high conversion rate, and various alluring sponsor deals. Indian publishers can likewise promote worldwide campaigns. Unlike any other Indian affiliate programs, Admitad reserves in-house technology and offers analytic and real-time reporting so that the publishers can be able to get along with their conversion rate driving a considerable amount of revenue. Their payment method is quick and reliable coupled with 7-10 days of payment cycle that is very appealing. 3/6

7. HostGator India Affiliate HostGator India Affiliate is often regarded as one of the larger and profitable web hosting providers for personal and commercial website usage. Like Bluehost, Bigrock, SiteGround or any other web hosting provider it does also offer people to become an affiliate with them and promote their items to other people and you can earn commission for that. HostGator India has practical experience in giving trustworthy web hosting facility at affordable costs. To reap the benefits of HostGator Affiliate you, first of all, need a website or blog that receives a good deal of traffic regularly so that you can embed your HostGator affiliated link in your site and make profits from them.

HostGator provided a different amount of commission depending on the sales you make. For example, If you make 1 - 5 sales in a given month you get $50 6 - 10 sales in a given month you get $75 11 - 20 sales in a given month you get $100 21+ sales in a given month you get $125

In addition, you are also provided with the referral program that profits you with $50 per qualifying sign-up you make. As the world is becoming more digital with hundreds of websites and blogs created every day, the need of hosting has become very essential for every blogger and website holder. You can simply join HostGator affiliate and earn a handsome commission from that as well.

8. Affiliate Gone are the days when people used to ransack madly a perfect life partner to get their sons or daughters married. With several matrimonial sites launched in India, it has become very easy to find out the perfect life partner for yourself to make your life complete. is such a site that offers to join its affiliate network and earn up to 100% commission from it. It is the world's largest matrimonial site that has received many soughtafter matrimonial awards from different esteem organizations across India as well as abroad. Like you have to paste the corresponding ad code into your site and the banner ads will automatically appear on your site. For every premium membership gained through your site, you procure 75% of the underlying membership cost. On the off chance that you can create more than 10 memberships in a month, you get up to 100% of the underlying membership income for all


memberships in that month and not only those more than 10. All referrals are followed a 90day credit choice which implies if your referral changes to a premium membership inside 90 days of going along with, you get a commission. How you get paid? The best thing about payment is that there is no payment threshold hence you can withdraw money whenever you want. Local cheques, wire transfer, and PayPal are some media you can withdraw your commission out of this affiliate network.

9. BigRock Affiliate Like HostGator, BigRock is a fabulous affiliate program that not only sale hosting but also domains with it. With BigRock you can earn BIG commission as they pay very high per qualified sale you make. All you have to do is to sign up with BigRock that is free, get a URL that you essentially need to add to your website or blog in order to promote it. There is no limit of commissions you can earn through BigRock Affiliate Program. The commissions are relevant for the primary year purchase as it were. In the event that an item is purchased for short of what one year, the commission is determined by duration. For instance, if an item holds a commission worth INR 1,000 for a one-year membership, yet you offer it with the three-month term you will get INR 250 that is, 1/4 of the total commission. Once you reach the commission threshold of INR 2,500 you become able to without your earnings through Bank transfer. There is fabulously no limit of earnings you can make with BigRock.

10. Komli Affiliate Komli is yet another best and profitable affiliate network which was launched in the year 2006. You will find hundreds of PPC, CPC, CPA offers on Komli's site. Komli has worked with more than 400 sponsors crosswise over 4000 campaigns and has helped a huge number of individuals in coming to and understanding their execution objectives. It utilizes a large group of social media advertising solutions over the PMD solutions, just as Facebook and Twitter helping its customers. As far back as 2006, Komli has turned into the biggest selective affiliate of Facebook's superior inventory in Philippines and Thailand and has imparted a solid and elite cling to Facebook. Komli pays its affiliates between 30-60 days circle, and you have to send them the invoice every month you may find somewhat irrelevant.

In a Nutshell Affiliate Marketing through different Affiliate Programs and Networks is a great way of making money online. Millions of individuals earn millions of money from these affiliate programs and networks. You just need a good website or blog with a decent number of 5/6

traffic and you will start earning commissions every month and every day. Top #10 Best and High-Paying Affiliate Programs in India are always at your service to make your life good. Cheers!


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Top #10 Best and High-Paying Affiliate Programs in India (2019)  

Affiliate programs in India are advancing rapidly as more and more people are turning to purchase products online. Be it clothing and fashio...

Top #10 Best and High-Paying Affiliate Programs in India (2019)  

Affiliate programs in India are advancing rapidly as more and more people are turning to purchase products online. Be it clothing and fashio...