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from the editor


here are certain areas in London that it seems have been ‘up and coming’ forever. Shoreditch, for instance, has been described as ‘hot’ and ‘trendy’ for at least ten years now, and shows no signs of dropping these estate agent favoured monikers any time soon. North West London, on the other hand, enjoys a much more established reputation. Often referred to as ‘desirable and sought after’, it certainly needs no explanation when it comes to asserting its considerable merits – a village atmosphere, grand houses, community life, extensive green spaces, great local schools, and a wealth of boutique shops and independent eateries. In fact, far from being ‘up and coming’, NW has most definitely arrived. And yet, still it evolves. Estate agents, business owners and locals have recently been reporting a higher-than-average influx of new residents to the area, while the opening of several high-end restaurants, shops and hotels shows that something is most definitely in the air. Our dedicated feature this month looks at this shift, and considers how, and why, NW is becoming an increasingly popular residential choice for those who work in Mayfair, the City or Canary Wharf; as well as exploring why now, more than ever, North West London is positioning itself as a cultural and entertainment mecca (p. 22). Certainly, if our Food & Drink pages are anything to go by, NW London is fast becoming the foodie destination of London. Get back in the kitchen with our round up of the best local cookery courses, check out our review of the excellent L’Autre Pied and learn about pairing wine and Indian food with the expert sommelier from Trishna on p. 72. Also this month we feature an exclusive fashion shoot at 45 Park Lane (p. 30), spend the weekend in Highgate (p. 10) and uncover some local favourites in St John’s Wood (p. 20); while our travel team jets off to the Seychelles for a taste of honeymoon luxury (p. 20) and explores the unique coastal town of Essaouira in Morocco (p. 88). Spring is finally upon us…enjoy the sunshine!

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Diamonds are forever

Expert advice and exquisite jewels



For the stylish modern day gentleman


luxurious The ultimate guide to London’s Mayfair


SLOANE ST Sw1 C O N T E m p O R a Ry CaShmERE SiNCE 1936

Available from Burlington Arcade, Mayfair Tel: 020 7499 6485 and 149 Sloane Street Sw1 Tel: 020 7730 6891





Images Š Kevin Plummer,


A sprawling abundance of romantic ruins and the final resting place of several notable luminaries, the ivy-cloaked Highgate Cemetery holds a fascinating charm, says Lauren Romano Opened in 1839 to alleviate the demand for burial space in innercity London, Highgate Cemetery – one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’  graveyards dotted across the capital – is a 37 acre weaving maze of   time-weathered urns, obelisks and memorials, with approximately  170,000 people buried in its Grade I Listed grounds. The East  Cemetery, where the graves of Karl Marx and George Eliot are found,  is open to the public everyday, however to experience the burial ground 

at its most gothic and absorbing, visitors should book onto a guided  tour of the older West Cemetery. An overgrown jumble of crumbling  catacombs and the Victorian vaults of Egyptian Avenue, the graves of  other famous figures, including Christina Rossetti, the Dickens family  and Michael Faraday are waiting to be discovered here. Despite its considerable years, the beautiful architecture and  haunting atmosphere of the cemetery still prevails, thanks to the tireless  work of The Friends of Highgate Cemetery who formed in 1975 to  protect the burial grounds against permanent closure. Spearheaded  by founder member, Jean Pateman, MBE, who sadly passed away in  February, The Friends have helped restore and conserve the legacy of  this beautiful heritage site for many years to come. n


this weekend we’re in…

HigHgate enjoying cake, cask ales and woodland rambles…


limbing some 375 feet above sea level at its highest point, Highgate keeps watch over the bustling cityscape far below. Exuding unparalleled views and a bucolic charm, the village throng of Georgian shops and an abundance of green space makes this an ideal destination for leisurely weekend wanders; and here’s how we suggest you spend yours.

We’re exploring ancient woodlands

then an appointment at Hilltop Beauty Salon is a reviving tonic. With a range of treatments from Guinot and Endermologie, there’s a beauty solution for every conceivable skin grievance. We suggest indulging with a soothing Hydradermie Eye Treatment, designed to reduce shadows, morning puffiness and the overall appearance of fine lines. The 20 minute shoulder and neck massage works wonders to banish aches and pains, while the manicures are also high recommended.

To banish early morning fatigue, we suggest a bracing ramble through Highgate Wood. Covering a vast 70 acres between Highgate

We’re indulging with traditional tea and cake

to comedy acts. This month we’re especially looking forward to the high-octane drama, jawdropping acrobatics, and live music of innovative contemporary circus show, ‘Backgammon for Beginners’, which is being shown as part of the Roundhouse CircusFest 2012.

We’re sampling home-brewed beers

Village and Muswell Hill, Highgate Wood was originally part of the ancient Forest of Middlesex and the shady serenity of towering oak and hornbeam trees always manages to lift our spirits. Something of a nature haven, the woods are open from 7.30am, and early risers are in with a good chance of spotting some of the 70 different species of birds that flock here. We also love taking a leisurely stroll through Waterlow Park, a beautiful undiscovered gem on Swains Lane, which offers a delightful place to potter with the family and stop for a coffee at its café, before checking out the latest exhibition at Lauderdale House or even hiring a tennis court for a bit of Sunday morning sport.

We’re taking time out at Hilltop Beauty Salon If we’re feeling worn out after all that walking,


With its striped awning, bunting and vintage cake stands groaning under the weight of buttercream smothered sponge, High Tea of Highgate is an irresistible elevenses destination. While we’re no strangers to dainty macaroons, there are times when only a more substantial slab of classic cake will do. Traditional tea room charm filters through the menu of freshly baked scones and scrumptiously moist lemon drizzle cake, which we like to wash down with a pot of Darjeeling-First Flush loose leaf tea.

We’re enjoying experimental theatre and performance Housed in a gothic red-bricked church, multiarts venue Jacksons Lane is the place to catch everything from forward-thinking theatre

While we’ll always have a soft spot for The Flask, we also like to sample the on-site brewed ales available at the equally fabulous The Bull. Hand-pulled real ales are available by the pint here and friendly staff are on hand to guide you through the impressive list. Food wise, with a strong emphasis on pairing each dish with a different brew, it’s well worth taking time to peruse the choices. American inspired Bourbon glazed BBQ ribs and pineapple and jalapeno pulled pork are both delicious, and together with their suggested accompanying beverages, make a very satisfying meal. n

0844 411 5080

03798119_RA2012_Ad_Run_Wild_A4.indd 1

07/03/2012 17:02

show of

STRENGTH Having most recently impressed audiences with his stand out role in the much heralded Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Mark Strong tells Stephen Milton that he’s finally looking for something a little more light-hearted


ark Strong is a great actor of stifled versatility, a celluloid chameleon capable of a never-ending spectrum of personalities and façades. So it’s to his detriment that he’s just too damn good at being really bad. A veteran of over 50 movies spanning almost 25 years, it’s his villainous roles in Sherlock Holmes, Kick-Ass, Syriana and Body of Lies that that made the north Londoner ‘a rather busy character performer’, as he puts it. But let’s call a spade a spade – Strong is Hollywood’s ‘rent-a-baddie’. Yet the man who waterboarded DiCaprio, and gruesomely yanked out Clooney’s fingernails, believes his star is finally migrating away from the dark side, to somewhere a little closer to hero territory. “I’m never going to be the clean cut, audience fawning hero. I mean, I’m aware how I look,” he growls, a wicked grin flickered towards me. Standing a sturdy 6ft 2”, the actor is a formidable figure. Dressed in a blue/grey coordination, what light there is in the room seems to hug his bald head. His voice harbours an air of menace with a deep, snarling tone, and his black eyes demand intimidated attention. With all that in place, it makes sense that he should be an on-screen nasty-for-hire. Even in person, the foreboding physicality is down to a fine art. However, the creased smile followed by a welcoming brand of booming laughter is an indication that this man is actually a rather easygoing sort, and somewhat misunderstood. “It’s my voice, my eyes, my stature, I look like a tough son of a b*tch…and I am. But I’m a pussycat in comparison to some of the guys I’ve played. One movie, The Guard, turned it around for me though, and now it seems like the scripts are coming from a new direction, not just couriered from Villain HQ.” The Guard, a low budget Irish comedy was a surprise sleeper hit last year, pulling in a box office draw of over £50m, and earning a Golden Globe nod for lead Brendan Gleeson earlier this year. Strong played the bad guy, with a twist. “It was more the comedic antihero,” he maintains, sitting up to make his point. “It was all in jest and even sitting around for the first script reading, it felt different to me. It was light, we were laughing. My character was a misunderstood antihero but definitely not a villain. And it’s funny; it’s the movie I now seem to be best known for in the States, which is having a profound effect on my job offers.” Really? In his most recent efforts – Saharan epic Black Gold and CGI fest John Carter of Mars – he was definitely a baddie, particularly the latter. “That was pre-Guard,” he laughs, “...that’s a technicality. Move on!” The rest of his IMDB schedule doesn’t seem like much of a departure either – gangster duties in Welcome to The Punch with James McAvoy and military brutality in Kathryn Bigelow’s Hurt Locker follow-up, Killing Bin Laden. We wonder what that’s about...



Mark Strong as Jim Prideaux in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Image: STUDIOCANAL

scene Mark Strong as Matai Shang in John Carter of Mars

“I’ve only a small role in that, and in Punch, I’m sort of a good guy. Mark my words though, a cuddly Disney character’s on the way!” Strong, who slogged for years in the theatre before landing his break in BBC’s Our Friends In The North, had an even busier 12 months last year with Oscar-worthy Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Ryan Reynold’s mega flop The Green Lantern and Peter Weir epic The Way Back, yet he still enjoys a level of anonymity in his home borough of Queen’s Park, where he lives with Channel 4 exec Liza Marshall and sons Gabriel, seven, and Roman, five. It’s a lack of fame envied by good friends Guy Richie, Jamie Oliver, and Daniel Craig, (who is godfather to Strong’s youngest). But is he concerned he’ll choose a role that’ll eventually land him firmly in the spotlight? “I’m happy to stay where I am, working consistently without dealing with the bullsh*t. But if I get offered something that will take me above the radar, I’m not going to turn it down; I’m available for it at this stage. I’m nearly 50, after all, and I don’t care if they hack my phone. I’ll happily take Bond!” Born Marco Giuseppe Salussolia to an Austrian/Italian household, the actor’s father flew the nest before he was born, leaving mother, Waltraud, struggling as an au pair to raise her young son, whose name she changed by deed poll in order to help settle him with his peers. When Strong was a child, the two of them lived in a single room in Stoke Newington with a sheet hung up in the middle to give them both some privacy. During the day, his mother worked in a factory; by night she’d go out and work in a bar. “I don’t remember it being a difficult childhood, I knew nothing better. I was happy and, as a child, you take what you’re given, don’t you? You just try to make the best of it. It’s only in retrospect, when I’ve spoken to my mum, that I’ve realised just how many sacrifices she had to make.” Now the actor is one of Tinseltown’s busiest with, he reveals, seven movies on the go: would he ever quit London for the lure of a six-bedroom LA mansion? “How much do you think I earn,” he laughs loudly, slapping his thigh. “My God, I wish, but I can’t imagine that scenario ever. I work a lot because I love the roles coming my way, but more importantly, to keep a roof over our heads. “Besides, London is my home and I don’t want to leave my home. I love bringing my kids to the swings in Queen’s Park or playing with my footy team in Wormwood Scrubs. My roots are buried deep, so it just wouldn’t happen. Los Angeles – not for me. Fine for work, but for home life, not so much.” Time’s a ticking and Strong’s overzealous publicist reminds him he needs to leave for a train to Liverpool within the hour, where he’s filming cop drama Blood with Paul Bettany. Maybe it’s time for a little deceleration on the pedal perhaps? “The idea of turning down a film to me – because I came from a background of no money – is just a crazy notion. I’m scared they’ll figure out that I actually bluffed my way into this job and I’m just a deep voice and bushy eyebrows with no acting skills whatsoever. Until that day comes, I’m going to keep working!” n Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is now available on DVD


“I’m scared they’ll figure out that I actually bluffed my way into this job and I’m just a deep voice and bushy eyebrows with no acting skills whatsoever. Until that day comes, I’m going to keep working.”

Strong in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Image: STUDIOCANAL

ENJOY YOUR VERY OWN WALL OF SOUND The new BeoLab 12 is a fully digital on-wall loudspeaker that produces sensational surround sound in a graceful, minimalist fashion. It is the perfect compliment to any flat-screen or home stereo system. This revolutionary loudspeaker co-operates with the wall it is placed on, transmitting treble and bass sounds with outstanding precision and depth. BeoLab 12 features a sculptural design that forms a reassuring wave pattern that beholds powerful capabilities, maximizing every inch of the slim space. Call it the world’s most high-performing optical illusion, because when viewed from the side, this commanding loudspeaker appears even slimmer.

Visit our showroom to experience the spectacular sound of BeoLab12 Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea 147 Kings Road, London SW3 5TX Tel: 020 7376 5222 Email:

Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea - BeoLab 12 Advert - Place at 100% (297 x 210mm + 3mm Bleed)

the list signs igns of


Usher in the new season with a selection of some of the most exquisite luxury items from our favourite designers, guaranteed to put a serious spring in your step.

1 Stepping Out

Effortlessly emulating the changing

Vibe Sandals, £525 Jimmy Choo

colours of the spring sky, these Jimmy Choo heels make a striking statement. Pair with a gorgeous choker from local boutique Kabiri and this must-have Caroline Herrera bag, and you’re a vision in cobalt. For Easter treats this divine egg from Claridge’s, inspired by its chequered lobby floor, makes the perfect gift; and add a little fizz of excitement with mini bottles of POP from Champagne house Pommery.

Style for every season

2 Carry with Care Phone, purse, lipstick, style - check Nobhu Bag, £405 CH Carolina Herrera 020 3441 0965

3 Limited Edition Easter Art Deco inspiration from the iconic hotel Claridge’s Art Deco Easter Egg, £45 Claridge’s,

4 Going with a Bang Enjoy straight from the bottle with a straw POP Champagne 20cl, £15 Pommery,

5 Tantalising Turquoise Accessorise with bold colour Turquoise Tubular Choker, £365 Mariafrancescapepe,




2 3 4



Runwild Dec11.indd 1

09/12/2011 10:51


guest list 1-5 (L-R)


Front Row and Beyond 1. Holly Valance 2. Poppy Delevigne 3. Tallulah Harlech 4. Olivia Palermo 5. Irina Lazareanu 6. Matthew Williamson

MAttHeW WILLIAMsON at LfW The A/W12 show of fashion designer and Primrose Hill resident Matthew Williamson was one of the most eagerly-awaited of London Fashion Week, befitting of the grandeur of its Royal Opera House setting. The venue was dappled in vibrant blue light for the occasion, to reflect the opulence and colouring of the collection, as well as the iconic bottle of sponsor fragrance 4711, now in its 220th year. Style luminaries Olivia Palermo, Poppy Delevigne and Irina Lazareanu were in the front row. n

The daTe:

19 February 2012

The locaTion: The Royal Opera House Covent Garden


address book Gulrukh khan Director / Producer Gulrukh Khan, who lives in St John’s Wood, is an international film maker and has directed, produced and scripted a diverse range of short films, educational videos and documentaries, including recently Spirit2Power, which looks at the Spirit of Martial Arts, and Blue Velvet in Sinai, a documentary about dolphins with 2010 Oscar winner Ric’O’Barry. Gulrukh is also a holistic practitioner, dealing with mind, body and spirit, and is a qualified clinical aromatherapist. She has extensively studied energetic balancing along with other modalities including clinical aromatherapy with acupressure massage, advanced theta healing and intuitive body scanning. She is a natural ‘empath and intuitive’ and is able to work on very subtle, as well as physical, levels.

OuT & aBOuT I feel privileged to have so many open spaces around me to choose from. I love Hampstead Heath and all its nooks and crannies. I used to come a lot in my teens and love the vastness of it, even in the bleak winter months. I always feel so refreshed and centred after a long walk on the Heath, and in the woods. I also love Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, where I had my first flat in St Georges Mews, before moving to Hampstead for several years.



eating & drinking BREAKFAST I love having a simple breakfast on Sundays at Cafe Rouge in Hampstead, as you can sit on the high street and watch people strolling about.


tHe area

I love the fact that St John’s Wood is close to town but still green and full of magnificent properties. It’s safe to live in, cosmopolitan and of course close to the iconic Abbey Road Studio, where I am forever having to stop my car to let people take photos on the zebra crossing! It gives me a few seconds to smile and remember that one should leave a good legacy in life, like John Lennon…

Hidden geM

There’s a little Korean supermarket by Waitrose on Finchley Road, where you can pick up really delicious handmade vegetarian sushi packs. It’s also got a great range of produce, and you can get lots of unusual condiments for cooking.

For lunch, Harry Morgan is one of my favourite places to take a break, it’s especially good for their delicious soups and sandwiches. There’s also a great gastro pub just on the canal in Maida Vale, which is only accessible by walking around the side of the road to get to the path along the canal. Though it’s very popular, and you have to book to reserve a seat, not many people from outside of the area seem to know it.


CoCKTAiLS I like to have a drink at Gilgamesh in Camden, it’s so vast and regal, with all its wood-carved walls and specially designed bars with lights and gems. I sometimes just go there for a cup of silver needle tea, after browsing in the market and feasting on streethawkers nibbles.

DiNNER Sofra in St John’s Wood is a wonderful place to have dinner, as I love Turkish cuisine. It’s so healthy and is a great place for a late supper entertaining friends or clients.


Though Carnaby Street in W1 is a great place to shop, I love Camden Market and all its glitz. You can spend hours there searching for unusual items and creative clothing. It’s also full of great bars and restaurants. And it’s got a good holistic feel to it too, with all the new vegan and raw food restaurants over Camden Lock, yoga studios and eco-friendly stores emerging. One is really spoilt for choice.

now is the


We can no longer describe North West London as full of ‘hidden’ gems; its style and status is now obvious and ever increasing, says Gabrielle Lane


t was in June of last year that Trevor Sorbie spoke to Vantage magazine about the opening of his fourth boutique hair salon. He told us, effectively what we already knew and were proud of; Hampstead was a dream location owing to its charming yet sophisticated village atmosphere, not to mention the well-groomed locals desiring fantastic hair styling. Then, in August, we trod a pink carpet to St John’s Wood High Street, where Esther Fieldgrass opened the third EF Medispa, following the phenomenal success of branches in Kensington and Chelsea. “I have always been comfortable in St John’s Wood,” Esther explains. “It has a wonderful village feel and, like our venues in Kensington and Chelsea, a very discerning clientele. Existing clients were travelling across London to my clinics in Kensington and Chelsea and I was constantly being told that they had nothing like us locally.” Impressively, as we found out in February, the spa now holds the UK exclusivity for prestigious French skincare brand Biologique Researche. In between times, we’ve welcomed to the area all manner of brilliant restaurants (including One Blenheim Terrace), beautiful five star hotels (the St Pancras Renaissance), glitzy personal shopping destinations (No. 23 for Matches), high-tech gyms (Third Space) and master chocolatiers (Cocoa Bijoux) for when we just want to go home and put our feet up. It is fair to say North West London has long had stylish credentials with the ability to both pull in a crowd, and sustain a bold community spirit, something which has died out in other neighbourhoods across the capital. However, with our 2012 schedule packed with launches and must-sees, now is a particularly special time to be a NW London resident. “The amenities create a compelling reason to purchase in the area,” agrees Mark Pollack, director of Aston Chase estate agents. Mark also points out the reciprocal nature of the area’s flourishing lifestyle businesses and their clientele. “St John’s Wood High Street in particular has transformed in recent years and the emergence of upscale businesses and


brands reflect the cosmopolitan nature of one the area and the influx of high net-worth l, Maryleb uare Hote Dorset Sq international residents. They’re attracted by the open spaces of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, in addition to the close proximity to both the Heathrow Express at Paddington and the Eurostar at St Pancras.” The Rose Club in Orchard Street, Marylebone, is another new venture which has prospered since its opening last December. Within its first two weeks, it had gained affluent regulars and had seen one tab settled at an incredible £71,000. The venue already incorporates a flower shop, bar and club space and, by the end of this year, will have added a restaurant lounge topped with a 2,000 sq ft roof terrace, based on the glamorous nightspots of New York. While some might worry that the influx of prestigious enterprises might strip the local area of its quaint identity and independent boutiques, many shopkeepers we’ve spoken to feel there is a place for the right kind of businesses which help to encourage more trade Cocoa B ijoux, W to the area. “It’s about drawing people in est Ham pstead and making them realise there’s a lot on offer here,” said one. “Inevitably, those who come to visit one place, will pop into other shops and even stay for lunch locally.” In fact, one of this year’s most notable openings, the Dorset Square hotel, is less of a faceless redevelopment and more a delighted homecoming for proprietors Tim and Kit Kemp of Firmdale Hotels. The pair opened their very first boutique hotel (unique styling and cosy décor galore) at the site in the mid 1980s and repurchased the hotel last year, after it fell into administration. In May 2011, one of the directors at Firmdale Hotels revealed it was a love of the area which prompted them to step in. “They felt it was a great location and they have a lot of fondness for the building, given that it was their first hotel,” head of marketing and PR Craig Markham, told industry magazine Caterer and Hotelkeeper. The project also includes extensive renovation of the Regency building and its features which has stood in the square since 1800.


Trevor Sorbie, Hampstead

, St John’s Wood One Blenheim Terrace

The Third Spac

e, Marylebone

Rose Club, M



hn’s Woo

pa, St Jo

EF Medis

Developing and improving the old buildings in NW, while maintaining their integrity and historical value, has been of particular importance in Marylebone, an area with a rich history dating back many centuries. The work that has been done over the years is really starting to reap rewards. “Marylebone is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to live and work in central London. The High Street is now seen as one of the most successful high streets in London and is frequently used as a blueprint to ‘high street design’ today,” explains Simon Baynham, property director at The Howard de Walden Estate. “The long queue of retailers waiting on the sidelines for available retail units in the area is ever increasing, while community activities are a key part of what makes Marylebone such an attractive place to live, work and shop.” Offering some of the finest examples of Georgian and Edwardian architecture in London, including over 300 listed buildings

and numerous blue plaques, the Marylebone estate offers everything from residential and office space, to capacity for galleries, museums and medical units. “This overall combination of varied tenants, distinctive buildings completed to the highest of standards, and a sought after ‘village and community’ identity, means that Marylebone is proving to be an ideal location to live,” finishes Simon. And it is both this village atmosphere, and the added bonus of not having to compromise on imposing mansions and high end shops, that sets all of North West London apart. As people continue to move to the area we are likely to not only see an increase in the calibre and quality of our restaurants, shops and hotels, but a visible preference for NW over Mayfair or Chelsea. It seems our undiscovered gem is now getting the real recognition it deserves. n

fa s h i o n

wish list


The inaugural McQ show at London Fashion Week was another triumph for the fashion house

Creative director Sarah Burton has not only continued the fabulous form of the house of Alexander McQueen, she has re-injected its dark, romantic signature into its accessible diffusion range McQ. For the first time in nearly seven years the collection was launched on the runway amidst a cloak of lights, glory and leaves for Autumn/Winter. The range included super soft wool outwear, stunning sculpted skirts and floral appliquĂŠ. The atmospheric show, with its sense of theatre, luxury and detail warranted an expression of style homage to the label. This scarf, with its cashmere blend, tiny shell embroidery and dash of wit, is a fitting display of loyalty. n God Save McQueen Printed Modal-blend Scarf, ÂŁ445 Alexander McQueen,


STYLE update Michael Kors S/S12

Adultery 420 CAt-eye FrAme SunglASSeS £295, thierry lasry

JOIN THE TRIBE Rich colours, relaxed silhouettes and splashes of pattern and sparkle constitute the tribal look of this season, a bolder and more sophisticated interpretation embelliShed Printed Silk-ChiFFon JACket of the bohemian summer style we’ve £890, haute hippie come to love. Michael Kors was one designer to declare his inspiration to be ‘Africa’ and his references are by no means tenuous – safari style jumpsuits in tones of khaki and sand, animal prints and asymmetric cuts underpin his ultra wearable Spring/Summer collection. AS SEEN AT: Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Holly Fulton, Missoni

ChArlie Silk ClutCh in SPlASh £175, Wilbur & gussie

StriPed Silk dreSS £268, t by Alexander Wang

blACk And White Silk bloCk FeAther Skirt £465, mW matthew Williamson SquAre JerSey drAPe dreSS £235, Jan Ahlgren


leoPArd Prink Silk toP £550, yves Saint laurent

neCklerine Studded neCklACe £109, by malene birger

fa s h i o n


A catch up with Melanie Chan, partner at Cochinechine, always yields exciting finds; this is the second season that the Hampstead-based fashion boutique is stocking MW Matthew Williamson, the diffusion line from the designer famed for his eclectic use of colour and pattern. “It’s very popular. There are all the essentials such as printed jackets and dresses, at a much lower price point,” Melanie tells us.


I find inspiration in all things quintessentially English: the architecture, the eclectic mix of people, and the traditions of English life

Emma Hill, Mulberry



The British Fashion Council has revealed that the A/W12 schedule saw 59 catwalk shows and 24 presentations occur over the space of six days. It is estimated that over £100m worth of orders were placed and over 5,000 international industry professionals were in attendance including buyers, journalists and photographers.


The Women’s Designer Galleries are now up and running in Selfridges, with houses including Givenchy, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Lanvin contributing looks which can only be found and purchased in store. The space was created following consideration of an empowered, fashion-savvy muse with a strong sense of personal style.


It was in September that we enjoyed champagne alongside NW local Gwyneth Paltrow to celebrate the arrival of one of her favourite luxury brands in London. A mere seven months later, Coach is bringing its range of classic leather accessories ever closer to us with the launch of a new outpost in Regent Street which opens at the end of this month. Amongst the gorgeous bags is the Bleecker Legacy Weekend Tote, a timeless and spacious carry-all which is available exclusively at the new store in five rich tones.

Canary Wharf London luxury & style

fa s h i o n

NICHOLAS OAKWELL Gabrielle Lane meets the man rivalling the Parisian artisans in the world of couture


he Mulberry Alexa. The Burberry trench. There are the British fashion must-haves; and then there are the ‘can’t haves’ – exquisitely-detailed, commissioned pieces of which there are traditionally only one. If you’ve seen it and adored it, it is too late. When writing about such gasp-inducing, couture dress-making, it is set to be only the most close-minded fashionistas who continue to look across the pond and cite Chanel and Dior; for Nicholas Oakwell, the successful milliner, has worked his passion for intricate craftsmanship into two beautiful collections. This season’s is a golden presentation (in every sense), drawing inspiration from the vintage jewellery house, Grima. “I found their archives extremely fascinating,” Nicholas tells me. “I was able to work with Andrew Grima’s daughter, Francesca, and widow, Jojo, who gave me free access to Andrew’s work and their own. Each piece in my S/S12 collection was inspired by a piece of Grima jewellery.” Metallic and jewelled tones are softened with flurries of tulle, and shimmering paillettes and crystals cascade from ultra feminine silhouettes. The pieces are so utterly gorgeous and intricate, I ask why Nicholas would ever want to share them with others at all, or whether its time-consuming nature has in fact, robbed him of the pleasure of design. “I love that a woman can change the way she looks and the way she is perceived with a simple change of clothing. I love a woman that can wear her personality,” he says. “I’m constantly designing and sketching, and it’s still fun. We keep all of the show pieces for our archives; pieces made for clients are one-offs and I can’t keep those no matter how much I may want to.” Learning how to manifest designs in a glorious form is one of the lessons Nicholas – whose graduate pieces were purchased by Harvey Nichols – would tell aspiring creatives to master. “[I would say]…learn everything. Learn about running a business, learn the technical ins and outs of garment construction, and learn how to make what you design. You’ve got to be able to produce and deliver on your ideas.” Although some won’t get to experience Oakwell’s enthusiasm for premium fashion, first-hand, “I hope that people are inspired to interpret my designs in their own way,” he muses. “I hope that they’ll understand and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it.” He can rest assured, we certainly do. n


Cream chiffon shirt, £240, Elizabeth & James at Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge, SW1 Gold and pearl Victorian bracelet, £24,000 Bentley & Skinner, 55 Piccadilly, W1

The heighT

Sophistication OF

Mayfair’s 45 Park Lane, the newest offering from Dorchester Collection, is the epitome of contemporary luxury. Ensure you’re as smart, chic and stylish as your surroundings with our selection of this season’s most sophisticated ensembles Photographer:

Neil Marriott

Fashion Editor:

Lucie Dodds

Blue linen blazer, £1,250, white shirt, £95, blue silk tie £85, all Dunhill, 0845 4580779,, white trousers, £135, Hackett, 137/138 Sloane Street, SW1,, tan ‘Christie’ brogues, £275, Oliver Sweeney, Silver button cufflinks, £110, Links of London, blue aviators, £231, Tom Ford, Cape Cod watch, £1,950, Hermes 020 7499 8856

Black and white linen toile peasant blouse, £2,428, black and white constructed bustier dress, £3,333 Tom Ford, Gold sphere earrings, £6,000 Bentley & Skinner, as before Gold ball necklace, £6,600

Navy linen jacket, £395, and matching trousers, £175, extreme cutaway coffee striped cotton shirt, £85, bronze puppytooth tie, £65, silk pocket square £45, all Chester Barrie, 020 7734 6420 Watch, £6,750, Breitling

Pink and silver dress, £3,600 Hervé Léger, 020 7201 2590

Art Direction: Melissa Watson,

Hair: Paula Mann @ Models1Creative, using Paul Mitchell

Make-up: Haleigh Maskall @ Models1Creative, using Clinique Shot on location at 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1PN ( 45 Park Lane includes 45 guest rooms and suites and a Penthouse Suite, all with fantastic views overlooking Hyde Park. The hotel’s design was undertaken by world-renowned architect and designer Thierry Despont and Wolfgang Puck’s first European venture comes in the form of American steak restaurant, CUT at 45 Park Lane, the new Mayfair hot spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more information, please call 020 7493 4545 or email For reservations, please call 020 7317 6550 or email 45 Park Lane is the ninth property to join Dorchester Collection’s portfolio of luxury hotels which also includes The Dorchester (London), The Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills), Le Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athénée (Paris), Hotel Principe di Savoia (Milan), Hotel Bel-Air (Los Angeles), Coworth Park (Ascot) and Le Richemond (Geneva).

ph. Andrea Pancino C








VG Studio at

inspirations vision


design Tel: 01302 760040


InterIors inspiration Image: Bugsy Gedleck

< PAPer CHAse

spare room… tHe luxury yACHt

Detailed finishes are the latest indulgence of Katharine Pooley who used interesting, textured surfaces in her most recent design project. This metallic wall panel is a particularly striking endeavour and ideal for decorating an entertaining area. The panel was created by refining ore-like tones and applying them to a sketch of plum blossom.

Dubois Naval Architects design yachts for optimal sailing performance, with their complex engineering having facilitated racing success across the world. However, the clean lines and layout of each vessel’s interior, designed by Dubois in conjunction with Redman, Whiteley Dixon, reflects the company’s commitment to an imaginative use of space and well-proportioned living area, which is both elegant and comfortable. Of course, many may wish to personalise the interior décor of their boats, yet soothing colour palettes and sleek surfaces such as these are a great example of how simplicity is both timeless and luxurious in any form.


Swarovski-crystal encrusted statements are often flamboyant, and sometimes an almost guilty pleasure, but this D. L & Co. apple effigy is subtler and darker, making us want to cast biblical references to forbidden fruit. The piece is crafted from brass and enamel and studded with over 2,500 stones. It opens to reveal a clean, crisp scented candle. Red Enchanted Apple with Swarovski Crystals £320, D. L & Co.,

A Is For AlexAnDer WAnG >

The fashion designer’s first lifestyle venture is a new eight piece collection entitled ‘Objects’. Confessing to a recent fascination with homeware, an ashtray and notebook are among the items he has given a glossy makeover using smoked glass and ebony leather respectively.



The Bold & The BeauTiful

The humble wine glass, the classic mantel clock, the cosy armchair; this month’s trend showcases traditional items with a contemporary finish

Onix Dining Table anD Chair SeT £2,300, black Orchid interiors,

DeCO FlOOr CuShiOn £775, Couturelab africa

Silver rim ChamPagne FluTe anD Wine glaSS £36 each, black Orchid interiors

‘a lOTuS leaF’ DeSigneD by yung hO Chang FOr OFFiCina aleSSi £139, alessi,

JOella gemSTOne reCTangular bOx £POa, ralph lauren home


interiors FarMed Beluga from £205, Kings Fine Food

Marlowe Floral wall Covering in Sterling £Poa, ralph lauren Home, SwarovSKi Covered SKull £250, Charles Burnand iSadora PlatinuM PineaPPle CentrePieCe from £247, william Yeoward Crystal,

CoroMandel taBle £1,550, Fornasetti

Moooi SoFt CloCK in gold £757, occa Home

tHe alBatroSS CHair £Poa, Soane, 08456 190 088


Icon Brickell, yoo inspired by Starck, Miami, USA

larger than

Life Dynamic property developers and interior design company, Yoo, collaborates with some of the world’s best designers, with staggering results


isting the likes of Marcel Wanders, Jade Jagger, Kelly Hoppen and Anouska Hempel amidst your collaborators is pretty good street cred for any design company, especially when these partnerships have been seen in 38 different projects in 31 countries, across the globe. Though when you see that the company has been set up by top designer Philippe Starck, (who counts among his clients French President François Mitterrand, Microsoft and Eurostar), and renowned property entrepreneur John Hitchcox, it is perhaps less suprising. From five star homes in colourful Pune in India, to a bespoke boutique development in St Johns’ Wood, via Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, Yoo’s portfolio boasts the kind of visionary design that makes people get serious home envy. And it’s not hard to see why. A Russian project boasts a bold,

white palette complimented by splashes of colour, photographic motifs and signature pieces in surprising materials that would suit any of the fashion forward elite; while in Miami, floor-to-ceiling windows reveal a luxury over-scaled pool and deck area dressed exclusively to look like a glamorous penthouse apartment, and absolutely guaranteed to impress. And impress they do. Hitchcox and Starck have created a winning formula that influences the way we live, bringing the otherwise unreachable designs of Starck, Jagger, Wanders, Hoppen and Hempel to homes around the globe. Yoo has also led the way in the trend for the kinds of branded hotel and residential design projects which are now springing up across the globe, as major brands adopt strategies to capitalise on this growing market, fuelled by the design savvy purchaser.


Icon Brickell


There is a lot of research undertaken into local heritage – no matter how contemporary one of our designs may be, we always include some element of local history


John hitchcox Co-founder and chairman yoo

Barkli Park, yoo inspired by Starck, Russia



Barkli Virgin House, Kelly Hoppen for yoo, Moscow Russia

Barkli Virgin House, Kelly Hoppen for yoo, Moscow Russia

yoo Pune, yoo inspired by Starck, Pune, India

Barkli Park, yoo inspired by Starck, Russia

yoo Pune, yoo inspired by Starck, Pune, India

get the look... the connaught

the connaught

The Connaught hotel dates back to 1897, though owes its present, beautiful form to a recent and comprehensive renovation programme which saw eminent designers and architects, including Guy Oliver, fuse the propertyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original details with understated yet luxurious bespoke furniture, original artwork and state-of-the-art technology. Oliver wanted the hotel to feel like a personal residence and took care to make sure each room offered a unique atmosphere and appearance.


the SutheRLanD SuIte

Rich in history and grandeur, the focal point of this one bedroom suite is a Steinway Grand Piano which belonged to famed Polish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman, who inspired the Oscar winning film The Pianist. Guy Oliverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intention was to emphasise the magnificence of the drawing rooms by recreating the galleried spaces of an English stately home using hand-carved Italian and French furniture and artwork.





1. Exquisite Canvases Artwork is central to the designer’s vision for a gallery space which inspires and enthrals. This suitably springtime scene is an oil on canvas piece by Quang Ho. Composition with Irises, £POA, Quang Ho,

2. Divine Drapery Soothing tones were chosen for the suite to evoke a relaxing vibe. Sanderson have a range of lovely fabrics which would work, including this subtle take on a damask print. Sherbourne Fabric in Cream, £POA, Sanderson

3. Period Details This deceptive panel is crafted from a photograph taken from the head office of Maison Martin Margiela in Paris which has been applied to adhesive fabric. Trompe-l’oilel (visual illusion) is frequently employed in the brand’s work. Trompe-l’oeil Haussmannian Door Sticker, £455 Maison Martin Margiella,

4. Modern yet Timeless This contemporary sconce injects light into the corner of the room and is available in a silver or gilded finish on request. The Bullet Wall Light, £1,600, Soane

5. Family Heirlooms Markson Pianos have been restoring the fine instruments for three generations and have a selection available for hire and purchase, from their showroom in Albany Street, NW1. Bosendorfer Piano, £POA Markson Pianos,



are you feeling


Join The Club of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ to enjoy instant benefits, including complimentary stays, upgrades and access to exclusive offers. After just one stay, you will be upgraded from Special to Loved member and after five stays you will become Honoured, enjoying the highest level of benefits. It’s completely free to join, so sign up today and let the love grow!

you’ve conquered Christmas, now it’s Small Luxury Hotels of the Worldtm Experience another World

Over 520 hotels in more than 70 countries



wish list

The Crown


Priceless emblems of the British monarchy, the Crown Jewels are going on show in a spectacular new display to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations

From 29 March, the Crown Jewels will be displayed at the Tower of London in a glorious new exhibition. Drawing upon evocative graphics and film archives, the highlight will surely be newly-restored footage of Queen Elizabeth II’s own coronation. Discover the importance of the Crown Jewels to the British monarchy and their historic association with the coronations of English kings and queens over the centuries. Among the ‘Regalia’ on display will be the St. Edwards’ crown. Made of gold and decorated with precious and semiprecious stones, including sapphires, tourmalines, amethysts, topazes and citrines, it was last worn by Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953 during her coronation. n



jewellery news 3 of the best...

MaSCuline watCheS Instead of delicate bracelets, opt for elegant, statement watches as wrist candy

Chanel S/S12

“The shapes of sea life are ultra-modern, beautiful and timeless,” explains Karl Lagerfeld. The 2012 Collection from Chanel has all that you would ever want from a line seeing you into spring and summer; with tropical fish, seaweed and sponges taking on an ethereal, abstract quality, and the main palette comprising porcelain pink, pearly white and sea blue hues, the overall look becomes feminine, light and airy. To enhance the ultra-feminine guise, look to the accessories. Golds, corals and blues speckle the collection, enhancing the oceanic theme. Following in the footsteps of other great fashion brands, Chanel has also incorporated bold, chunky bangles into its spring repertoire.


Cutting edge

French designer Aurélie Bidermann has always prided herself on incorporating the products of her imagination and experiences into innovative designs. Her S/S12 jewellery collection harkens to the Wild West with chunky gold pieces and turquoise stone embellishment


“The sublime creations of Aurélie Bidermann reinvent themselves constantly. Snakes, feathers, lace, insects, wheat, the leaves of Ginkgo - always dipped in gold - have now become her heritage. They became her keys, timeless classics that she constantly reinterprets” Annie OAkley cuff, £755 Aurélie Bidermann,




Welcome to

BaselWorld 2012



For most of us, the New Year began on 1 January. For the watch and jewellery industry, 2012 didn’t start until 8 March – the day that Baselworld opened its doors. Richard Brown reports from the world’s largest exhibition of fine jewellery and intricate timepieces


ach spring something strange happens in the Swiss town of Basel. For eight days, hotel rooms become like gold dust, restaurant reservations become essential and the price of Guinness becomes, well, astronomical. Say hello to Baselworld, the world’s largest watch and jewellery trade show; an event that welcomes tens of thousands of visitors to the sleepy suburbs of the country’s third largest city and creates a corridor of fullybooked bed and breakfasts that extends all the way to neighbouring France and Germany. Think of any boat or motor show you’ve ever been to and multiply that by ten. Replace the yachts and cars with the world’s finest jewellery and most intricate timepieces, add more than a splattering of precious gems, stones, and silverware, and you’ll begin to appreciate the scale of an event that attracts more than 100,000 trade visitors and 3,000 journalists each year. If arriving at Baselworld for the first time, it will undoubtedly be the magnitude of the event that strikes you. Spread over 160,000 square metres of exhibition space – within a ‘palace’ and six multi-storied buildings with names like the ‘Hall of Dreams’, the ‘Hall of Inspirations’ and the ‘Hall of Fascination’ – the event presents the creations of more than 1,800 exhibitors, in a week that last year accounted for 90 per cent of the £15.7 billion worth of watches Switzerland exported within 12 months. Step inside the Hall of Dreams, home to the industry’s big boys, and enter a gleaming, glassy designer world that makes the likes of Bicester Village seem like flea markets. Set out in avenue-like rows and box-shaped cul-de-sacs, two storey ‘shops’ stretch from floor to ceiling and as far as an awe-stricken eye can see. Stamped with the logos of the world’s most prestigious watch and jewellery brands, each finds idiosyncrasy in elaborate quirks like giant, wallmounted fish tanks, indoor waterfalls and projections of mind-boggling holograms. As Baselworld embodiments of their flagship boutiques, each brand’s stand aims to mirror their real world counterparts. Step into Harry Winston, for example, and you are transported in an instant to the company’s New York City residence. Of course, as absorbing and impressive as the flat-packed constructions are, they’re not the reason thousands of visitors pass through Baselworld’s doors every year. No; they come to marvel for the first time at the latest creations from the fine watch and jewellery industries. And

once you’ve come to terms with the scale and beauty of the houses each brand hides behind, it is these that become the stars of the show.

INtErNatIoNal oFFErINgs Located just a few miles from the valleys of Cantons Neuchâtel, Bern and Solothurn – the nuclei of the mechanic watchmaking industry – Baselworld provides the country’s watchmakers with the chance to show off in their own backyard. True to form, it was innovations from the native land that made the biggest splashes. While the watch arena may not witness the same type of shifts in trends that the fashion world does, certain styles undoubtedly proved ‘in vogue’ at Basel this year. Vintage has been in the spotlight for several years now and, if Switzerland’s latest collections were anything to go by, there’s little sign of the trend waning. The 1950s and 60s continue to be revisited via ‘new vintage’ creations inspired by historic models of a glamorous past. Aesthetics are simplified, with the frequent use of ultra-thin, round and more modestly sized cases. Highly readable faces are finding favour despite the growing popularity of open-worked and skeletonised dials. Also noteworthy, amongst the pervading whites and blacks, was the frequent use of royal blue on both straps and faces. Having witnessed a 34 per cent increase in exports in 2011, it was no surprise to see an enlarged representation of the French watch, clock and jewellery industries at this year’s event. Brands like Pequignet, Lip, Pierre Lannier, Saint Honore and Rochet Bijoux proved that, when it came to cases, round shapes remain popular, particularly among men’s watches, whilst women’s watches focus on square, rectangular and oval shapes. Dials, on the whole, were less cluttered than those from other European brands, with discreet figures and indices displaying hours and minutes. Design-wise, gentleness and elegance pervaded, while when it came to colour choice, it was white for women and black for men. Over at the Hong Kong Pavilion, the largest international pavilion at Baselworld and the one with the most battery-powered wristwatches, the dominance of black and white continued. When it came to materials, white metal remained the mainstream, while the bracelets, necklaces and rings on display suggested a renewed interest and demand for colour stone jewellery.

Like our own luxury goods industry, the German jewellery, watch and clock sectors are profiting substantially from a growing demand for opulent goods, especially amongst the households in rising eastern economies. Last year, sales posted by the jewellery industry rose by more than one-quarter, representing a ten year high, while the country’s watch and clock industry recorded its largest growth since 2006. Not surprising then that this year, Basel’s carpets were graced by more than 170 German companies, although trend-wise it was harder to find similarities between the timepieces they brought with them.

Magazine, this year’s highlights included the new Carrera watch from TAG Heuer, made to celebrate watch-industry legend Jack Heuer’s 80th birthday and “Patek’s pleasing high-end offerings, including a white-dial Nautilus, and another super-strong collection from Zenith.” Overall, though, it was Chopard that won the day with its new LUC Lunar One: “The most beautiful watch of 2012 – a stupendous timepiece.” As much as it was about the watches, though, Barber noted how Baselworld 2012 was also significant for showcasing the growing confidence of the watch and jewellery industry. “There was definitely a brighter atmosphere The unveiling of Breitling’s at the fair this year. After a tricky “I am looking forward with great Chronomat 44 GMT remains a few years – even despite all the expectations to the new era that will reports of the luxury industry’s highlight for me, as does Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller. relative buoyancy – the brands be dawning for this world show.” Distinguished by its rotating seem to have got their mojo back, Sylvie Ritter, managing director of bezel, the new 44 millimetre with fewer retro watches and reBreitling is a more refined and editions and more fresh designs.” Baselworld less weighty version of the This year’s event may have brand’s staple timepieces, while only just come to its conclusion, the hotly anticipated Rolex is sure to become a favourite but preparation has already started for Baselworld 2013 by virtue of it being the first Rolex with two timezones, if when the fair will be held in an entirely new exhibition nothing else. space being built over the next 12 months. “I am looking Across the hall, Raymond Weil impressed with its forward impatiently and with great expectations to the new Maestro Quantième à Aiguille. Featuring a silver dial, era that will be dawning for this world show,” said Sylvie graceful sunray guilloche centre and traditional black Ritter, managing director of Baselworld. With the watch Roman hour markers, the Quantième à Aiguille is a and jewellery industry only showing signs of going from case in point of the current trend for combining vintagestrength to strength, anyone planning on attending the inspired elegance with contemporary design. At what event should be just as excited. n will be the more affordable end of the price spectrum, although specific prices are yet to be announced, Rado’s D-Star 200 watches are noteworthy for the amount of Watches as pictured overleaf, clockwise from top left: Maestro Quantième à Aiguille, Raymond Weil good-looking watch you’ll get for your money, should you Chronomat 44 GMT, Breitling choose to invest. D-Star 200, Rado For Timothy Barber, editor of 00/24 WatchWorld Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, Rolex




For further information please contact - Argento Fine Products Ltd: T 020 7722 2438, info@agď&#x192;&#x17E;


watch news hOrOlOgy & high FashiOn

aesthetics + MatheMatics Vacheron Constantin may be able to trace its roots back to the middle of the 18th century but you certainly can’t accuse the brand of being stuck in the past. The latest additions to its Métiers d’Art collection, Vacheron’s most imaginative line of watches, are inspired by the work of Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher and centre on the concept of tessellation – the process of creating a two-dimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps or gaps.

Employing all of the techniques used in modern-day watchmaking – enamelling, gemsetting, engraving and guilloché work – the Métiers d’Art Les Masques timepieces highlight what can happen when art meets mechanics. A mechanical self-winding Calibre 2460 movement, entirely developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin, sits at the heart of collection’s three timepieces, each of which has been limited to just 20 pieces and is available through Vacheron boutiques only.

One tO watch Each month, we select our watch of the moment from the latest releases

Exactly 40 years after its launch, the Oyster Perpetual Explorer II has been updated with the most recently patented Rolex technologies. The robust and reliable nature of this watch make it the rational choice for anyone who values style and substance equally Oyster PerPetual exPlOrer II £5,530, rOlex Available at Mappin & Webb, 1A Old Bond Street

Long after Breitling entered into a partnership with Bentley, 2011 saw Hublot team up with Ferrari. This year, it is Franck Muller’s turn to announce that it will be collaborating with a brand you wouldn’t normally associate with the watch world. The co-branding contract between the Florentine fashion group Roberto Cavalli and the Swiss watchmaking group has been formed to “respond to the different needs of a clientele that is ever more sophisticated.” Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller watches will start at just over £1,000.

haute hOrOlOgy

If you pride yourself on owning accessories that others do not, you may want to acquaint yourself with Swiss brand Cecil Purnell. Manufacturing a maximum of 75 watches a year, the brand retains its status as one of the most exclusive watch companies in the world. Each timepiece is made to order under full client consultation and takes between three and six months to produce. The brand has recently announced a partnership with Excedo Luxuria, the luxury distributor of bespoke jewellery and luxury brands, who will become the exclusive Cecil Purnell distributor in the UK.


Swiss movement, English heart


Swiss made / 27 jewel thermocompensated COSC movement / Minutes Seconds / Tenths-seconds stopwatch functions / Convex sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating / Diameter: 42mm / Calibre: ETA 251.233 COSC E XC LU S I V E LY AVA I L A B L E AT

ChristopherWard_Vantage.indd 1

07/03/2012 14:41

courtesy of IWC





set 2


in style


Indulge your sense of adventure with accessories designed with the explorer in mind

4 3



1 Z6/Z6i 2nd generation rifle scope, £2,300, Swarovski Optik, 2 Coin carbon fibre cufflinks, £200, Alfred Dunhill, 3 My sailing bag, £1,945, Loro Piana, 47 Sloane Street 4 Navy blue techno fabric gloves, £215, Giorgio Armani, 5 Be-well bag, £3,100, Loro Piana, as before 6 Aquaracer Calibre 5 500m, £3,150, TAG Heuer, available at Harrods 7 Woven Linen Belt, £65, Anderson’s, 8 Classic Prince of Wales check umbrella, £65, London Undercover, 9 Black Ceramic Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44mm, POA, Audemars Piguet, available at Harrods


arrive and revive

The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Almâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; we hiked to today was an insider tip from our host. The view from here of sun-kissed mountain peaks reaching for the sky is simply spellbinding. We feel totally free, nearly giddy with joy. We might even spend the night up here. Just like the dairy maid. For information about holidays in Austria, visit or call 0845 101 1818




A cascade of vibrant colour, the 20 complements the Jenny Packham SS12 c by nature’s rainbow: a kaleidoscope of da Packham accessory range comprises ethe collars and belts spanning a vivid spectr blues and golden o


Dramatic and colourful, the collectio 1930s Paris with the glamour of old opulent headpieces are embellished wit undulating strands of fine silver or rich no opal pear and oval crystal jewels in a plet decadence, whilst shimmering pearls l

Exquisite bejewelled belts on luxuriou grosgrain are new to the collection this from the vintage inspired beading i


Jenny Packham’s A-list fans include th Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Camero Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Jennif

For further brand information T: +44 (0) 207 493 6290 E: PR@je

2 6

sea Shores


Jewellery emulates the colours and shapes of the sea this spring with cerulean crystals, sea blue hues and turquoise stones


8 9

1 Rear window necklace - from a selection, £775, Erickson Beamon, as before 2 Ready To Wear accessories, Jenny Packham, 3 Rear window 4 Silver and turquoise drop earrings, £90, Chan Luu, 5 Wichita silver-plated turquoise necklace, £260 Philippe Audibert, 6 Multi-stone brass ring, £335, Emilio Pucci, 7 Rock Candy 18-carat gold turquoise bangle, £2,395 Ippolita, 8 Bossa Nova silver-plated Swarovski crystal ring, £235, Erickson Beamon, as before 9 Plexiglass and crystal clip earrings, £220, Miu Miu,

necklace, £854, Erickson Beamon, as before






Fabergé egg hunt at canary wharF 


COme and take part in the fabergé big egg hunt this easter. Less than 25 minutes frOm st jOhn’s wOOd On the jubiLee Line, find aLL Of the fabuLOus fabergé eggs and disCOver Canary wharf members of the public will have to keep their eyes peeled in order to find each and every giant fabergé egg, over 200 of which have been sprinkled across London in the lead up to easter, exclusively designed, bejewelled and decorated by some of the world’s leading art industry figures as part of the fabergé big egg hunt. by participating in the hunt there is also the chance to win your very own fabergé egg, the diamond jubilee egg, valued at over £100,000. the artistic creations strewn across Canary wharf’s parks, plazas and shopping malls have been designed by eminent names including film director sir ridley scott, international landscape designer andy sturgeon and architect sir nicholas grimshaw. artist petr weigl, renowned for exploring the potential of different materials and techniques, has produced an eye-catching red and white spiked egg; one not to be missed. from scenic parks to bustling shopping malls, Canary wharf egg hunters will have to search inside and out to find each of the 11 eggs hidden around the zone. following their hunt, egg-seekers can enjoy a delicious meal and stunning views at plateau restaurant, one of 12 restaurant partners in London for the fabergé egg hunt project,


Eggs Fabergé, Plateau Restaurant Bar & Grill Louise Dear

Roger Dean

Sweet treatS Established as Britain’s Master Chocolatiers since 1875, Charbonnel et Walker has created a lusciously indulgent giant chocolate egg as part of the Big Egg Hunt, nearly 80cm tall and weighing over 12 kg, waiting to be discovered within Canary Wharf. If you are looking for something deliciously chocolatey but on a slightly smaller scale, then search out some of the tastiest Easter treats available at Canary Wharf, with many to be found in Sweet Couture cake boutique.

English Rose Violet Creams Egg, £31, Charbonnel et Walker

sampling their mouth-watering celebratory Eggs Fabergé dish; a slow cooked duck egg with a ragout of chanterelles, brioche and duck scratchings. The hand-crafted eggs, which are destined to become highly collectible works of art, will

be available to buy at auction, with proceeds going to Action for Children and Elephant Family. The jewel in the crown of the auction will be an exclusively designed, stunning 127ct emerald and gold egg pendant ‘Le Collier Plume d’Or’ by Fabergé.

CaNarY wHarF ZONe artIStS aND SPONSOrS 1. R  ichaRdBull BGC Partners 2. RogeRdean Canary Wharf Group plc 3. WilkinsoneyRe Canary Wharf Group plc 4. siRnicholasgRimshaW  Canary Wharf Group plc 5. andystuRgeon Canary Wharf Group plc 6. PetRWeigl Canary Wharf Group plc

chaRBonneletWalkeR Charbonnel et Walker siRRidleyscott Clifford Chance louisedeaR Empiric Solutions 10. andReWlogan Morgan Stanley 11. nileshmistRy Morgan Stanley 7. 8. 9.

Florianne Belgian Chocolate Praline Gull Eggs, £5.75, Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home

Champagne Truffle Egg £47, Hotel Chocolat


Combining the excellence and experience of The Wellington Hospital, The Platinum Medical Centre provides only the best in private healthcare

Platinum Medical Centre, 15-17 Lodge Road, St Johns Wood, London, NW8 8NX Tel 020 7483 5148


Backstage beauty SOPHISTICATED BRIGHTS The touch of athleticism that was evident on the Spring/Summer catwalks at Stella McCartney and Antonio Berardi translates to dressing tables in the glorious form of highly-pigmented tones which are used singly, chosen with care and applied with precision. Contouring the brow with orange and green is the most artistic interpretation of the trend (overseen by MAC gurus backstage at Vivienne Westwood Gold Label and Manish Arora) but by far the most forgiving is a confident slick of crackling colour on the lips, be it fuschia, tangerine or fiery red.

RECREATE THE LOOK 1. Choose a high quality lip colour with an intense pigment. 2. Ensure lips are smooth by using a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells. 3. Apply lip liner and then colour with a lip brush for an even finish.

Jason Wu S/S12



£25, Shu Uemura,



£17, Illamasqua,

£22 each, Nails Inc,



£16, MAC Cosmetics


HEALTH & bEAuTy update nEWsFLAsH

This season Daniel Galvin in Marylebone has unveiled a range of pampering packages for brides-to-be, incorporating various hair styling, manicure, pedicure and skincare treatments, which will be topped off with a delicious lunch and champagne with a friend. The launch follows an exciting preview which saw the Daniel Galvin team partner other local wedding businesses including John Carter flowers.

LOOKs in bOOKs WAiTing LisT

It was in the freezing days of February that we sought solace at Tom Ford Beauty HQ and looked forward, not only to the warmer weather, but to the launch of the stunning new Spring collection (creamy textures, shimmering metallic tones and multi-tonal, catch-the-light colour) which is now upon us. Amongst our beauty must-haves are four nail lacquers – the futuristic Silver Smoke, quirky Gold Haze, vibrant Burnt Topaz and the seductive Burnished Rouge – a beautiful wine red, copper shade which looks utterly expensive. Each lacquer is infused with iridescent pearls to create a fashion forward, molten metal finish which covers well and lasts. Nail Lacquer, £25, Tom Ford Beauty,


BRANDED BEAUTY: HOW MARKETING CHANGED THE WAY WE LOOK BY MARK TUNGATE This book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the beauty industry, from the high-tech labs where potions are brewing to the offices of glamorous PRs who launch the products into stores. At a time where more women than ever are swapping the boardroom for beauty-based businesses, this is a must read.


Tried and TesTed

Living WeLL

Van Cleef & arpels fragranCe Admittedly, part of the allure of the Aqua Oriens fragrance lies in its sleek, crystal-topped bottle and peacock blue tones. But that’s to be expected from the craftsmanship of luxury jeweller Van Cleef & Arpels. The perfumer for the scent is Nathalie Feistauer who has blended pear, orange, amber and musk to create a sweet but refreshing scent. Van Cleef & Arpels Aqua Oriens, £54 Harrods,

1. Touche Éclat radiant Touch The gold Celebration edition

The key to improvement is to stop our habitual way of thinking and moving and become more conscious about what we are doing and how we are reacting to others. The Alexander Technique is a method of re-training our thinking.


£25, YSL,

2. advanced night repair synchronized recovery Complex Now impressing its next generation of devotees, ANR has been a staple of the skin repair sector for 30 years and has inspired its own limited edition. Applied at night, when the body naturally seeks to restore itself, the potent gel-like serum is widely used to boost radiance and minimise signs of environmental damage.

Few products have inspired as many compliments as this bronzing powder, which can be dusted on cheek bones to contour the face. Unlike many overly bright varieties, the rose hue of this palette ensures a sophisticated finish, due in part to a creative collaboration with make-up artist Rachel Singer-Clark. £25, Elizabeth Arden,



The relationship between mind and body is fascinating and when explored further can promote relaxation and co-ordination. The alexander Technique helps users make their habitual ways of thinking and moving more effective.

1. Be open to change

Marking 20 years of its iconic illuminating fluid, this April YSL launch a collector’s edition of the corrector pen, wrapped in a new textured pattern. The formula remains the same – brilliantly effective at lightening dark circles and smoothing imperfections.

3. pure finish Bronze powder

Henry David Thoreau


LaTesT Launches

£41, Estée Lauder,


You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind


2. Set aside time to improve Lessons are best taken weekly at the beginning of a person’s involvement with the technique. The teacher’s job is to show the student how to do this work for themselves, by thinking about how they are going about their activities in the time between lessons. As the student progresses, lessons may become less frequent.

3. Question yourself Clients need to look at the process they are using to achieve a goal, be it picking up a cup of tea or giving an important speech. For example, if we find out a little about our anatomy we may realise that bending from the back or waist is not a good thing to do; our hip joints, along with our knees and ankles are more suited to bending.

4. Identify problem areas The most important relationship is between the head and body. If a person can maintain flexibility in this relationship, they will benefit from ease of movement generally. How we use our head/neck could be creating many of our physical problems. Sessions with an Alexander Technique therapist are available at Neal’s Yard Remedies in St John’s Wood, 020 7586 1647


scientific SecretS The pioneering aesthetic clinic with the style of a boutique hotel


ithin the elegant confines of a Georgian townhouse in Marylebone, complete with grand fireplaces and chandeliers, is the renowned practice of cosmetic surgeon Christopher Inglefield, the London Bridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic. While Inglefield has been performing some of the most popular medical and cosmetic procedures for over twenty years, and is a regular contributor to the main broadsheets and glossies, he is also credited with developing several niche health and beauty services and is bookmarked by glamorous local clientele. Inglefield was one of the first to promote non-surgical rhinoplasty in the UK, which uses hyaluronic acid injections to recontour the nose with almost instant effect, and is also known for his work with Ultrashape – a form of non-invasive body contouring. A glance at the treatment menu of LBPS also reveals other intriguing options including hand rejuvenation and mesotherapy, which involves a skin infusion of vitamins to promote energy and radiance. And, at the more intensive end of the spectrum, clients can receive all manner of liposuction, permanent sculpting and lifting following detailed consultations and impartial advice from the clinic’s specialists, which has earned the practice a five star rating from the Care Quality Commission.


The comfortable and homely décor of the clinic at first seems almost incongruous with its purpose and scientific techniques. Walk through the grand, black-lacquered front door and there are stately fireplaces, floral print curtains and bouquets in the lobby, while many of the consultation rooms have sash windows and cosy armchairs. However, the welcoming surroundings not only assert its appropriateness for high-end methods, but also help visitors to feel reassured and relaxed. With regard to the results, LBPS has a real word-of-mouth following, with Primrose Hill local Meg Matthews recently writing on her blog, ‘Meg Says’: “A friend of mine recently had an Inglefield Facial and I couldn’t get over how good her skin looked! I honestly couldn’t believe it when she told me it was a minimally invasive facial… I will definitely be booking myself in for one of these.” The Inglefield Facial is unique in using three different types of anti-ageing technology as part of seven short procedures over two hours, to enhance skin tone and elasticity. Each of these treatments is tailored according to an initial skin analysis using a special computerised imaging system for optimal results. n 54 Wimpole Street, W1G 4YJ

Treatment The Inglefield facial is a bespoke treatment. Initially, an intensive cleansing ritual is performed using high pressure water and oxygen, before the much lauded Genuine Dermaroller is administered to boost collagen production. Although the Dermaroller is a form of microscopic needle therapy, an application of local anaesthetic ensures it’s relatively pain free. Growth factors personally chosen by Christopher Inglefield are then applied to stimulate the repair of DNA and at this stage skin is very pink, warranting application of a healing formula. The final treatment is an ionised collagen mask, used to bring about the skin’s plumper, more supple and youthful appearance. Those who are wellbriefed in their beauty formulations will be excited to hear that the quality of collagen used in this special blend is exceptional and has never been used topically before.

A family concern. Since 1698

Hand-picked and sensibly priced, this is everyday drinking that’s anything but ordinary.

V at isit No Be . 3 rry St s’ L Ja on m do es n ’s Sh St o re p et

Over 300 years’ family experience goes into the Berrys’ own label selection.

Treading Lightly As the London marathon approaches, the number of runners with knee problems increases, says Howard Ware, director and consultant orthopaedic surgeon of The Wellington Knee unit


n most cases, running is a safe sport, as far as the knees are concerned. There is no evidence that running damages the knee joint, and where there are problems, there is very little that a period of rest or proper rehabilitation will not cure. However if there is an underlying problem with the knee, such as osteoarthtis, then running can make it worse, and the joint can deteriorate faster than normal. Overuse Most of the problems we see are â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;overuseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, a muscle or tendon has been strained and inflamed causing pain. In many cases this will


respond to simple therapy, and if rest and ice doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work then antiinflammatories can be used, as can a course of physiotherapy. surgery is often avoided with knee injuries as, apart from specific cases, results can be poor. A common complaint seen in runners relates to the iliotibial band, a structure running down the side of the leg which can become inflamed as it rubs on the adjacent muscles. This can cause pain and tenderness, and can be diagnosed by an MrI or ultrasound. Treatment is through physiotherapy, or for more serious cases, an entirely safe ultrasound guided steroid injection. Another common complaint seen in runners is anterior knee pain,

health promotion

caused through inflammation, or overuse of the tendons. The area will be tender, and in most cases the pain comes on when exercising, but is fine during other normal activities. Other runners might find they have more pain going up a slope, or stairs, which could indicate problems with the patella. Both of these problems can usually be treated with physiotherapy. Other causes of anterior knee pain is the ‘fat pad impingement syndrome’, which sees a large expanse of fat just behind the knee joint become inflamed and sore; it is often treated with a steroid injection.

of fluid. Anti-inflammatories will calm the knee down, and occasionally the fluid may have to be removed. remember that pain may not be due to a problem in the knee, and could indicate a problem in the hips, spine or ankles. most athletes know that many conditions will settle with rest, ice, and time. If there has been a clear injury, or pain persists, then further assessment by a specialist knee surgeon is advisable.

AgE FAcTOrs In younger people, typically in the early teenage years, where the bone is still growing, one of the growth centres may be affected causing pain; this can affect one or both knees. In this case, if rest and rehabilitation are ineffective then there is nothing that can be done. In most cases the pain settles when skeletal growth ends. As we get older the meniscus - cartilage tissue which acts like shock absorbers - becomes more brittle and is thus more susceptible to a tear. If the tear is small, and relatively painless while training, then it may be possible to carry on. However, if the symptoms are more mechanical, then surgery may be required. This involves a minimum recovery of six weeks before returning to training. BOnE DAmAgE running, or indeed any exercise, can cause phenomena called ‘bone oedema’. Any one, or more, of the three bones that form the knee joint can be affected. The symptoms vary from severe pain to a dull ache, and pain is often continuous. Occasionally if regular analgesics are ineffective in treating it, other drugs such as bisphonanates are injected intravenously. running can also produce injuries to the knee ligaments, they are often damaged following a significant injury, such as a bad fall, and not due to the training itself. sometimes the patient presents with a swollen knee, as the result of some irritation of the joint or a build up

GP SeSSionS: exerciSe and the elderly Dr Lisa Anderson takes a quick look at some of the key things to be aware of when working out Exercise should form an important part of all our lives, and exercise as we get older is as equally important as when we are young. Increasing age can bring musculoskeletal problems such as pain and disability and unless some form of exercise is maintained, the muscles weaken and muscle mass is lost. Pain in any muscle group can be associated with a much as 25 percent muscle loss. There are three types of exercise: 1. Corrective – these exercises are usually designed by

For further information please visit The Wellington Hospital or contact the Enquiry Helpline on 020 7483 5148.

physiotherapists and concentrate on those muscles in the body that provide core stability. Other good corrective exercise programmes are yoga and pilates. 2. Resistance – this uses weights and in the elderly population is of limited value and may actually cause more damage to the muscles. 3. Cardiovascular – in the elderly target pulse and blood pressure should be set, and this form of exercise should be carried out with care - as it may make both the pain worse, cause tiredness and not improve fitness. When designing an exercise programme for an elderly person, it is important to take a full medical and medication history, start slowly and combine activity with enough rest periods.

d i a ry

wish list

in the rose


The undisputed God of macarons, Pierre Hermé, launches a special edition macaron each month this year, and his April offering is a decadent, delicious surprise

Taking inspiration from the delicate perfumed scent of flowers, the new Jardin Macaron collection from world renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé will feature a set of ten divine macarons, each one available for just one month from February to November. “I approached my the same manner as a perfumer. The Garden theme seemed obvious, as flowers, spices and plants are present in my creations,” explains Hermé. April’s offering is the divine Jardin Secret; inspired by a floral carnation note, it is a sweet blend of rose, vanilla and cloves with a delicate mottled pink hue. Macaron or Hermé devotees keen to collect them all can get a collectors box and information from his Mayfair boutique. n


wine Big & Bold Sunaina Sethi, sommelier at Trishna in Marylebone shares her expertise in pairing big reds, and aromatic whites with Tandoori chickens and sheek kebabs


rinking wine with Indian food is often scoffed at. After all, think many, only a lager or a mango lassi can wash down a spicy curryhouse meal. Fortunately, for lovers of both wine and Indian food, this is simply untrue. Indian cuisine covers a vast area, and its flavours are varied. Today, the UK’s best Indian restaurants serve a lot more than the curryhouses of old. They use spices delicately, and season their food in much more complex ways. It’s time we recognised this, and, in turn, seriously considered wine as a complement to Indian food. There are, of course, no fixed rules as to which wines to drink. When thinking about classic Indian dishes, however, some broad guidelines can be applied. Firstly, as a general rule, Tandoori dishes, which are usually smoky because of the way they are cooked, should not be paired with tannic wines because they will leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Secondly, aromatic grape varieties and Rieslings such as Albariño, Gewürtztraminer and Viognier all pair beautifully with Indian food. Their aroma only improves the saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom so often found in our cuisine. By grouping dishes from this vast and varied cuisine into categories, I’ve compiled a guide to pairing Indian food with wine, featuring some of my favourite varieties. With delicately-spiced white meat and fish, Grüner Veltliner is an ideal match. This white Austrian grape, generally from Lower Austria, has spicy fruit characteristics, and white pepper notes, meaning it stands up well to a measure of spice. Slightly richer dishes, such as those with creamy sauces, pair well with white wines from Burgundy. Or for the more adventurous, an Assyrtiko from the volcanic island of Santorini in Greece is a weird and wonderful option. Big Spanish red blends, especially from the Andalucía region, are robust enough to withstand a fair amount of spice. The dark, dried fruit flavours combined with chocolate notes suit grilled meat dishes, such as lamb chops and seekh kebabs. Another interesting Austrian grape to look out for is Zweigelt (a hybrid of St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch). It has such versatility! Its fruity style means it’s capable of being matched with a variety of dishes from simple aubergine to more flavoursome fish Tandoori chicken. Finally, when matching with south Indian dishes rich with coconut and coastal spices, Albariño – a grape found in the northwest of Spain and Portugal – has a wonderful aromatic and floral charm. The caveat, however, is that with the infinite variety of flavours and degrees of spiciness being produced in an Indian kitchen, these are not all-weather options. Trust your palette, and enjoy being part of a revolution in British Indian cuisine. n


Walk this Way Michelin-dining is still relatively scarce in NW London, so stalwarts such as L’Autre Pied, sister restaurant to the heralded Pied a Terre, are an important part of our culinary landscape, says Emma Johnson


hen it comes to fine dining, Marylebone certainly has the edge in North West London, with gastronomic gems such as Orrery, Trishna, Roux at the Landau, Il Baretto and Providores on offer. Throw the impressive credentials of Marcus Eaves’ L’Autre Pied into the mix and this is destination dining at its best. L’Autre Pied is the second offering from the much-loved and admired Pied a Terre, a tour de force of modern cooking just a stones’ throw away on Charlotte Street. The restaurant is a more laid back beast than its big sister, décor is more minimal, the menu is cheaper – but it offers the best qualities of Pied a Terre, and it does so with confidence. All the elements of a top class restaurant are here, including an inspired sommelier, a small, but perfectly-formed menu and a tasting option that offers an impressive range of dishes, including a few specials not on the main menu. Our first dish from the tasting menu indicates a few signature

d i a ry

features that we find running throughout our meal - colour and texture are king here. A Jerusalem artichoke velouté is warm and flavourful, and complimented excellently by crunchy toasted hazelnuts and a vibrantly green rocket oil, while squid, pine nuts and grapes make a tantalisingly pretty dish with crunch and acidity. The smokiness of pan fried cod and garlic is an excellent way to lead into the sublime saddle of Sika deer whose burnished, blood red colour indicates its excellent cooking, while the accompanying parsley root, shaved chestnuts and rosemary sauce summoned a wonderful English country garden to the taste buds. Desserts and cheese followed, with the lightness of a pear foam and the snap of honeycomb providing a unique dimension to a creamy custard tart. We finish this with an expertly matched sparkling sweet wine, provided by the star turn here, in terms of skill and service, our sommelier, Sebastian Morice, who attended to us with an almost clairvoyant ability to predict exactly what we wanted to drink. We especially loved the way Morice poured our wine, left us to enjoy it for a time, before popping back to see what we thought of it, tell us what it was and suggest something different if we weren’t happy. But, we were happy, every time. Morice’s service was friendly, informative, and crucially, felt very personal. His knowledge of his wine list was quite exceptional and his attention to detail is the kind of quality that will see us return again and again. If there was a downside, and it was only a little one, it was that the décor, personally, left me a little cold - hard wooden floors and minimal music can create a sparse, clattering effect, especially if you dine early when it’s less busy – but as the restaurant filled up, the atmosphere softened, and the consistent quality of the food ensured we barely noticed what was going on around us. This isn’t really the place for a romantic night out, but don’t let that stop you – take friends here, family, business colleagues – hey, why not just have a leisurely lunch by yourself? The food is wonderful and the service friendly and knowledgeable. Put it in your address book. n

dine LocaL cookery cLasses For Gastronomic ExcEllEncE l’atelier De chefs A successful formula brought to London from France, and handily located in NW, this inspired cookery school offers everything from short practical sessions to full four hour masterclassses. Sessions are taught in one of two sleek glassfronted kitchens and there are two communal dining areas where you can enjoy the fruits of your labours afterwards with a glass of wine. The Cook and Dine course is a fun way to socialise, while Dinner in an Hour is handy for time saving.

For FlawlEss DinnEr PartiEs cook with reuben For the best in ‘at home’ cookery classes, it has to be the infectious charm of local foodie Reuben Phillips, who offers one-to-one tuition to a range of clients in their own home. Reuben works as your own personal food tutor, helping you come up with themes and menus, advising you on sourcing produce, working out timings, doing preparation and all the cooking, as well as suggesting how to present the food and which wines to serve.

For PErFEctinG your italian la cucina caldesi This lovely Italian cookery school offers cooking and wine tasting taught by visiting celebrity chefs and food writers, as well as their own experienced staff who also cook in the adjacent restaurant, Caffe Caldesi. Set up seven years ago by Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi, who wanted to share their passion for Italian food, you’ll find a warm welcome and a relaxed atmosphere. Courses include the ever popular ‘Essential Italian’, and wine and food matching.

d i a ry

night in

Chris King roux at the Landau, W1 Chris King, chef de cuisine at Roux at the Landau in Marylebone, shares a simple but sublime canapé recipe, perfect for springtime suppers


native Lobster roLLs

We serve little versions of these New England-style lobster rolls at the restaurant as canapés – there’s something very indulgent about putting lobster in a hot dog bun! At the restaurant we use beautiful dark blue Native lobsters from Cornwall; they should always be lightly cooked, or they become chewy. American seafood seasoning Old Bay is a mix of different spices including chilli, mustard, bay and celery seed and is perfect with lobster – if you can find it!

(Makes six) IngredIents 6 finger rolls or hot dog buns 100g unsalted farmhouse butter 2 lightly poached Scottish lobsters, shelled (1¼lbs weight) ½ red onion, finely diced 1 stick celery, peeled and finely diced 1 tbsp cornichons, diced ½ tbsp dill leaves 2 tbsp homemade mayonnaise 1 tbsp ketchup A few drops tabasco ½ lemon, juiced ½ tsp Old Bay seasoning, or cayenne if unavailable

• • • • • • • • • • • •

1. Make the dressing first by mixing the mayonnaise, ketchup, tabasco and lemon juice. It should be nice and tart with a hint of spice and a gentle sweetness to complement the lobster. 2. Next, dice the lobster knuckles, tails and arms into nice chunky, generous pieces. Gently coat the lobster with the dressing and season with the dill. 3. Rinse the red onion cubes under cool


running water to remove a little of their pungency, and fold the diced onion, celery and cornichons into the lobster mix and taste for seasoning. 4. Warm the butter gently, just until it splits into golden clarified butter with the buttermilk underneath. Discard the buttermilk, warm the buns and brush them generously with the clarified butter. 5. Spoon plenty of the lobster mix into the buttered buns and sprinkle each with a little of the Old Bay or cayenne pepper. 6. Enjoy the lobster rolls as soon as possible – they are the perfect choice for a summer evening when paired with a glass of chilled champagne! n

roux at the landau Chris King is a Roux protégé, having completed his apprenticeship at Le Gavroche, where he worked for five years; before heading to Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York and then Roux at Parliament Square as sous chef, until he took the reins at Roux at the Landau, a joint venture between Albert Roux and his son Michel Roux Jr. Michel Roux Jr says: “Chris King is a rising star, and his menus reflect the Roux trademark style of classically-constructed French dishes, blended with today’s tastes for lighter choices. He has a modern approach to combining ingredients, and a contemporary style of presentation.”


d i a ry

night out



or this month’s Night Out feature, Vantage went back to basics; although admittedly, the concept of ‘basics’ is perhaps incongruous with lavish nightspots. What does one desire of a member’s club experience? A reputation for excellent service, interesting clientele, a sophisticated restaurant yet fashionable dance floor and a multitude of cosy yet elegant lounges in which to catch up with friends. Morton’s has been at the heart of London’s glamorous social scene for decades, having been frequented by the well-connected Bentley brothers in the 1920s. Use of the townhouse is now exclusive to members and affords guests the opportunity to enjoy cocktails in the bar, after hours music in the night lounge or take supper in the restaurant. Morton’s became part of the Marlon Abela Restaurant dynasty in the early noughties, a

prestigious stable which also includes Michelin-starred eateries Umu and The Greenhouse in Mayfair; this means that food is by no means an afterthought and here, Justin Ip oversees a refreshingly simple yet delicious menu with fish dishes like the roast Atlantic cod among the most popular. The champagne and wine selection is extensive and throughout the day the venue remains upbeat and friendly, priding itself on its laidback atmosphere. A night spent here is very much fluid and unplanned as early evening gatherings easily become supplemented with scallops or cigars on the terrace, before word filters through about a brilliant DJ in the basement and people naturally gravitate. n



‘The Best Corporate Day Out’ - as voted by CITY AM Winner of ‘Best Sports Attraction’ - London Lifestyle Awards 2010 & 2011 This sensational three day event kicks off the weekend with a fabulous corporate day offering world class polo from six international teams, with fully inclusive hospitality plus the new ‘Veuve Clicquot at Hurlingham’ evening launch party. Enjoy a classic British summer day out; three polo matches, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, lunch at the iconic Hurlingham Club - the historic home of polo - a quintessential afternoon cream tea and to finish the day off, a rocking party with live music and guest DJ’s.

An exciting range of hospitality options to suit all budgets with prices from just £150 plus VAT per person. Book now for a remarkable experience. Telephone 0207 936 5284 or email

d i a ry

Prize lot 1



1. MELBOURNE OLYMPIC CITY, 1956 By Max ForBes EsTIMaTE: £600-800 2. OLYMPIC GaMEs, LONDON 1948 By Walter Hertz (B.1909) EsTIMaTE: £1,000-1,500 3. VIIe OLYMPIaDE, aNVERs 1920 By Walter van der ven (1884-1923) EsTIMaTE: £1,500-2,000 4. OLYMPIC GaMEs, sTOCKHOLM 1912 By olle HjortzBerg (1872-1959) EsTIMaTE: £1,200-1,800 5. XXieme aNNIVERsaIRE DU RÉTaBLIssEMENT DEs JEUX OLYMPIQUEs By edouard elzingre (1880-1966) EsTIMaTE: £1,200-1,600 6. OLYMPIC GaMEs, FOURTH INTERNaTIONaL OLYMPIaD LITHOGRaPH IN COLOURs, 1908, PRINTED BY HUDsON & KEaRNs LTD., LONDON




design By alFred edWin joHnson, illustration By noel Pocock EsTIMaTE: £12,000-18,000

Aiming HigH The sale of a wonderful collection of rare vintage and Olympic posters is perfectly timed for the 2012 London Games The perfect addition to any study or games room, or just wonderful collectors’ items, these beautifully preserved Olympic posters provide a fascinating insight into the last 100 years of Olympic competition and promotion. With a range of posters from across the globe, including a stunning, and rare, London Olympic poster from 1908, advertising rail travel to the event the first time it was held in London, and another celebrating the Games’ 20th anniversary, the posters are offered for

auction at an auspicious time, just a few short months before the start of London’s 2012 Games, something that is sure to mean this sale is particularly popular. n VINTaGE aND OLYMPIC POsTERs 18 April 2012 Christie’s South Kensington Sale 6015


cAMDeN ArtS ceNtre, NW3 ZOE LEONARD: OBSERVATION POINT 31 MARCH - 24 JUNE New York artist Zoe Leonard’s camera obscura fills the Camden Arts Centre with shimmering optical illusions this spring. Flickering across the floor, walls and ceilings, the clever contraption unlocks an immersive experience; as daylight filters through the dark chamber a cinematic panorama of the buildings, streets and crowds outside play across the gallery space. A new series of photographs of the sun and a sculptural installation composed of found images join the mesmerising centrepiece.

culture fix

Until 18 May

Joseph Paxton Group Show, Lloyds Club London

6 april - 16 Sept Animal Inside Out, Natural History Museum 7 april

The Xchanging Boat Race 2012

Until 27 May

Louise Bourgeois, The Return of the Repressed, Freud Museum

Until 10 JUne

Dickens and London, The Museum of London

Until 28 april

Abigail’s Party, Menier Chocolate Factory


Troyt Coburn


Gross und Klein. Martin Crimp’s adaptation of the fractured and surreal Strauss masterpiece plays out in a series of vignettes and follows Blanchett as Lotte, a woman on a desperate quest to discover a sense of belonging. Brought to the Barbican by the Sydney Theatre Company (jointly run by Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton) don’t miss the opportunity to see the Oscar award winner take on this demanding role.


Lisa Tomasetti

With 30 years of cultural innovation at the Barbican BArBIcAN ceNtre, Centre, 50 years since the death of legendary GROSS UND KLEIN Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe, and the 13-29 APRIL opening of the V&A’s newly renovated Fashion Galleries with an exhibition of exquisite ballgowns Actress Cate Blanchett leads the line-up for the - a celebratory mood lingers in the air this April, Barbican’s 30th anniversary meaning there’s plenty to fill the long Easter Bank celebrations in German playwright Botho Strauss’s Holiday and beyond

d i a ry



Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Brainbow Image : Livet and Lichtman Harvard University © Wellcome Library, London

Marilyn Monroe


David Hughes ©V&A Images

This show-stopper of an exhibition, the inaugural event at the newly renovated Fashion Galleries, charts the evolution of the ballgown from debutante dances to the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. Tracing over 60 years of British design tradition, pieces by the likes of Jonathan Saunders and Hussein Chalayan have been dusted out from the museum’s vast archive and displayed alongside striking new creations, hot off the catwalk from Alexander McQueen and Erdem. Dresses worn by celebrities, evening numbers designed for the Queen Mother by Norman Hartnell and Princess Diana’s Elvis Dress will also be shown.


WELLCOME COLLECTION, NW1 BRAINS: THE MIND AS MATTER 29 MARCH -17 JUNE From classification and mapping, to dissection and brain harvesting, the clever and the curious things humans have done to brains in the name of medical intervention and scientific enquiry forms the basis of the latest fascinating, family-friendly exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. Over 150 artefacts, including real brains, photography and old medical equipment scrutinise the lengths philosophers and physicians have gone to in an attempt to understand the most indecipherable of organs.

circa 1951: EXCLUSIVE Full-length portrait of American actor Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) standing in a two-piece polka dot bathing suit and heels. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Commemorating 50 years since the death of starlet of the Silver Screen, Marilyn Monroe, Getty Images Gallery traces the blonde bombshell’s rise to fame with a collection of photographs and memorabilia. A number of original dresses and film costumes, loaned from David Gainsborough Roberts (who has amassed one of the largest collections of Monroe memorabilia in the world) will be showcased in London for the first time, together with iconic snaps from the Getty Images’ archive. Original video footage completes this unrivalled glimpse into the life of one of the world’s most recognisable stars.

Hitting the


can hurt

Our specialist units provide expert management for all orthopaedic conditions, including:

Knee, Hip & Groin, Hand & Wrist, Shoulder, Spinal and Head & Neck injuries

020 7483 5148

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L’Ermitage is the only place to stay if you’re visiting the nearby Mont Saint Michel, but, to be honest, you don’t need a reason to experience this divine French chateau

Situated four kilometres away from the UNESCO World Heritage site Mont Saint Michel, L’Ermitage is the first and only luxury hotel in a 100km radius; and it’s wonderful. This historic coaching inn has just seven luxurious suites, all with private terraces, luxury fabrics by Pierre Frey and complimentary products by Anne Sémonin. Channelling understated elegance, the rooms are stunning, while the Salon de Thé features blends from Harney & Sons. Head chef Guillaume Leroux offers a subtle and inventive cuisine in their dining room, which opens onto a large terrace surrounded by a landscaped garden, creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere. n


t r av e l

TRAVEL in style Room wITH A VIEw SAffiRe fReyciNeT, TASMANiA Overlooking the magnificent Great Oyster Bay with the pink-hued granite of the Hazards Mountains for a backdrop, this boutique Tasmanian lodge, found on the gentle curve of national park coastline, is a world away from it all. With only 20 suites, offering private courtyards, plunge pools, a complimentary mini-bar and panoramic floor to ceiling windows, a stay here offers optimum luxury and seclusion. Outside, the inspiring landscape is dotted with deserted islands, wild bush land and sandy beaches to explore. Tasmania’s East Coast boasts some of the purest waters in the world and daily catches of crayfish and scallops, together with plump oysters farmed on the lodge’s doorstep, are combined with the finest local ingredients to delicious effect in the beautiful, glassed walled restaurant.



The new Kindle is smaller and lighter than previous models and with ten per cent faster page turns, it enables seamless holiday reading. Kindle e-Reader, £89, Amazon


SHORT HAUL Hotel Omm, Barcelona

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things


Henry Miller


A long time favourite with fashionable travellers, attracted by its close proximity to the exclusive designer boutiques of Avinguda Diagonal, Hotel Omm’s bold Art nouveau style and exceptional service make it the perfect base from which to explore the frenetic Catalonian capital. Take a break from sightseeing and let the hotel arrange for a personal shopper to give you a style overhaul, then return to enjoy the roof top terrace swimming pool and the health-conscious haute cuisine served at Moo restaurant.

LONG HAUL Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa, Marrakech With the exotic sights and scents of the maze-like medina a mere ten minutes away, the strikingly designed, cubist inspired Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa makes the perfect city break bolthole, with a free daily shuttle service ferrying guests to and from the bustling centre daily. Its luxurious yet minimalist designed suites are comfortable and well-equipped, and the palm tree skirted 29 metre swimming pool and on-site hammam means guests don’t have far to go to relax and enjoy a spot of pampering.

t r av e l


the best

FItnEss REtREats Como Shambala Estate, Bali

Offering invigorating exercise programmes and postworkout luxury, get the motivation boost you need at these fab fitness retreats, says Lauren Romano Como Shambala Estate, Bali

La Réserve Ramatuelle, France

A holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual wellbeing makes Como Shambala Estate a blissfully serene retreat. A team of yoga masters, an Ayurvedic doctor and personal trainers lead a number of rejuvenation programmes, all designed to pick-up the pace or turn down the tempo accordingly. A Pilates studio, yoga pavilion, lap and hydrotherapy pools are on offer, but for the ultimate endurance test, hike up a volcano, raft down the Ayung River or freewheel down the mountainside.

La Réserve Ramatuelle, France The stunning La Réserve Ramatuelle, poised along a strip of Saint Tropez coastline, is one of the most inviting fitness destinations you could wish to find. The 12 private villas are a vision of luxury and the beautiful spa, with decked relaxation zones overlooking the sea, offers rejuvenating therapies. For a vigorous silhouette-sculpting experience, check out the five day Rethinking Boot Camp, which encompasses 15-20km daily coastal walks and preparatory yoga classes, finished off with recovery body wraps and jet showers, of course. BeachFit, Thailand

BeachFit, Thailand For a health kick that doesn’t compromise on luxury, BeachFit at the tranquil Ban Suriya beachfront villa, offers programmes meticulously tailored to individual requirements, thanks to the maximum ten guest policy. Invigorating cardio and core strength exercise classes on the pristine white sands are followed by massages, snorkelling and sunset yoga, to ensure an all-round improved sense of wellbeing. Following daily fitness sessions, guests can wind down at the 20 metre infinity pool or catch an evening film outdoors under the palm trees.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

The world’s first macrobiotic wellness resort, SHA Wellness Clinic fuses pioneering techniques with natural therapies. Set within the Sierra Helada hillside, detox treatments and macrobiotic diet programmes kick-start the health overhaul. Medically fine-tuned programmes to tackle slimming, stress and sleep problems involve restorative massages, nutrition plans and hydrotherapy circuits. Two months of follow-up coaching means help is at hand to ensure guests stick to the straight and narrow post retreat.

Wildfitness, Isle of Wight

Wildfitness, Isle of Wight

For an altogether simpler approach to fitness, get back to basics with a three day energise course on the scenic Isle of Wight. Ditch the latest technology and enjoy outdoor training sessions and nutrition guidance. Early morning clifftop runs and barefoot sprinting along the beach all feature on the action-packed agenda here. n




Offering a veritable masterclass in far flung, decadent beachside relaxation, Desroches in the Seychelles is a genuine paradise, reports Sarah Gilbert


s our small plane circled the island below, we looked down onto a castaway’s spit of land: a verdant oasis fringed with astonishingly white sand, lapped by the stunning blues of the Indian Ocean. Desroches Island was already scoring high on the paradise checklist. Connected to Mahe by a daily 40-minute flight, Desroches – a remote coral atoll and part of the Amirantes group of islands – is the most far-flung resort in the Seychelles. The island, approximately 6km long and 1.5km across at its widest point, is surrounded by 14km of beaches and around 70kms of reef. With no other islands for miles and more giant tortoises than guests, it’s the ultimate getaway and perfect for a secluded honeymoon. The resort itself is a masterclass in laid-back beach chic. The communal areas are arranged around a sparkling T-shaped swimming pool, surrounded with comfortable daybeds sitting under white canvas umbrellas, and bamboo


beach hammocks that look out to sea. The open-sided restaurant and bar are filled with furniture, custom-made on the island, and lovely decorative touches, such as raffia lampshades that resemble exotic sea creatures. Only a pebble’s throw from the ocean, our Beach Retreat was cool, calm and contemporary, the epitome of barefoot luxury, with our own plunge pool to cool off in. A huge bed sat on gleaming wooden floors under a netting cocoon, while shell-encrusted lampshades and driftwoodframe mirrors added to the marine theme. Our flat-screen TV was cleverly hidden away in a giant packing crate at the foot of the bed. And in the enormous, airy bathroom, the tub was large enough to share, or you could opt for a his-and-hers al fresco shower. Artfully combining inside and outside space, sliding glass doors opened onto a veranda, where a large sofa was clad in sea-coloured fabric, overlooking a private garden flanked with tropical foliage. The only sounds

t r av e l

It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get more romantic than dining feet in the sand under a star-studded sky... with the ocean as background music were birdsong, the rustle of palm trees in the breeze and waves gently lapping the shore. You can spend your days at Desroches in blissful indolence, flitting from day bed to hammock, plunge pool to ocean. Head to the spa, have an idyllic picnic on a shell-strewn beach, or get active with a game of floodlit tennis, snorkel amongst the incredible marine life, fly-fish in the shallows or take on the big game fish. Our bicycles meant that we could explore the very flat island at our own pace and its size meant that it was possible to go for hours without seeing another soul. We cycled along dirt paths under the shade of whispering casuarina trees to the rustic luxury of the Escape Spa for their signature shell massage, which involved being scrubbed, wrapped and massaged with hot ceramic shells into a state of utter relaxation. The resort is committed to protecting the islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wildlife and environment, and early one morning we walked along the shore with the resident conservationist, logging wildlife activity as we went. We watched giant eagle rays glide past and blue-grey herons looking for breakfast, while ghost crabs scuttled out of our path. There are around 250 hawksbill turtles on the island and we were lucky enough to spot one slowly making her way back to the sea after laying her eggs.

t r av e l

With the reef line so close to the island, it was easy for us to join her in some offshore snorkelling. We borrowed masks, snorkels and fins and ordered a picnic lunch – a basket of baguettes, fresh salads, exotic fruit and a bottle of chilled white wine – to be delivered to the aptly named Aquarium, a coral-encrusted oasis that teems with fish. Our sub-aqua excursion was even more thrilling. Desroches has fourteen world-class dive sites in its vicinity and some of the best cave and canyon diving in the Indian Ocean. Diving through shafts of sunlight, we glimpsed giant groupers, ribbon-tailed stingrays and spiny lobster. One afternoon we also tried our hand at fishing. Desroches is at the heart of one of the world’s best areas for deep-sea fishing, with some heavy hitters such as marlin, barracuda and sailfish, as well as the angler’s holy grail, bonefish. As we were angling novices, our crew set up the trawling lines, while we opened bottles of cold beer and sat back to wait. Soon a line went taught and, after an exhausting battle, a 15kg iridescent yellowfin tuna was hauled in. After an obligatory photo he was returned to the sea – Desroches operates a strict catchand-release policy, with the exception of supplies for the kitchen of course. Some evenings we would gather with other guests for cocktails and relaxed chat at the rustic Castaway Bar, complete with driftwood tables and frontrow views of the incredible sunset. Then we’d feast al fresco on the catch-of-the-day at the convivial restaurant under an enormous rubber tree. The menu is a delicious fusion of Creole, Malaysian, Indian and Mediterranean flavours, with giant Madagascan prawns, lobster and octopus among our favourite ingredients. When we preferred our own company we watched the sunset from a daybed designed for two on a deserted stretch of beach; and it doesn’t get more romantic than dining feet in the sand under a star-studded sky, surrounded by a multitude of twinkling candles, with the ocean as background music. Our time at Desroches felt like an endless summer, and an incredible one at that. n

Need to Know Travelling Business Class with Emirates on the luxurious A380 is the perfect way to start your break. An exceptional journey from start to finish, Emirates is continuously recognised for the quality of its inflight cuisine and entertainment, and for excellent overall service. From 21 April to 30 June, seven nights in a Beach Retreat for two people starts from £13,199 per couple (a saving of up to £2,390 per couple). Prices include Business Class flights from Heathrow or Gatwick via Dubai, transfers from Mahe to Desroches and a 40 percent reduction for a bride on honeymoon. Book with Destinology (, tel: 0800 072 2227).



the heart of












1 0 L A N C A S H I R E C O U R T N E W B O N D S T R E E T LO N D O N W 1 S 1 E Y + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 5 1 8 9 3 8 8 W W W. M E W S O F M AY FA I R . C O M

Winds of change The beautiful, heritage town of Essaouira on the Moroccan coast makes for a unique and unforgettable escape, says Emma Johnson


s you first glimpse the battered white walls that encircle the windy city of Essaouira, it feels as if you are being transported back in time. The medina is a classic North African walled city; cars are not allowed, and if they were there’d be little point as the cobbled streets are narrow, winding and inexplicably meandering. The ramparts, which provide a stunning view of the evening sunset, still house the ancient canons used to ward off attacks from the wild seas, and the 18th century harbour still does booming business, while ancient shops, bazaars and restaurants line the streets and beachfront. Essaouira is widely known as a surfers’ paradise, and the strong winds and laidback atmosphere here certainly lend themselves to this kind of holiday; but it’s also a wonderful place to escape and relax – the pace of life here almost forces you to take things slowly. We arrive mid-morning, and after checking into our divine hotel, L’Heure Bleu Palais, we set off for a wander down the beach, grabbing lunch of fresh grilled fish, coupled with a crisp Moroccan beer, at a beachfront eatery, complete with sun loungers, trendy music and endless sea views. A leisurely walk back across the bracing, blustery expanse of sand and we find our way easily to the souks – a simpler, easier affair than the frenetic pace of the Marrakech markets – here we buy Moroccan china, fabrics and good quality leather, stopping occasionally to sate ourselves with soothing mint tea. In the afternoon we head back to the hotel; hot and dusty from the souks we’re ready for some relaxation and the cool interior of the hotel provides just that. The main entrance square – as is common with all riads – is open to the heavens, and rich with lush greenery and foliage that stretches skywards. Rattan sofas and chairs are dotted about, and


provide a shady place to recline and read. However, we fancy a little more sun, so we head up to the roof terrace, a vast space atop the hotel the provides incredible views across the city and out to sea. The pool is a welcome site and the well-attended sundeck area is spacious and calm, we relax in the afternoon sunshine, enjoying a dip in the pool and fresh juices from the al fresco bar nearby. As evening approaches we head downstairs to our lovely suite to dress for dinner. Decorated in a classic colonial style, complete with mahogany detailing and Western-style fabrics we feel again as if we are stepping into a timeless world. Dinner is served at the restaurant on the ground floor – a warming welcoming place in winter, we imagine, decorated in rich reds and browns, with heavy silks and plush velvet as well as many traditional Moroccan touches. We choose to dine outside in the beautiful courtyard, and listen as two musicians quietly serenade us. Food is classically Moroccan with a fine dining twist, and a logical focus on fresh fish. The wine list is equally loyal to its surroundings, with some of the best Moroccan selections we’ve tried, and service is professional and courteous. Later on, full and happy, we while away an hour or so playing billiards with an excellent glass of whisky, before retiring to the cool calm of our suite and a welcome deep sleep. At only a two and half hour drive from Marrakech, Essaouira is the perfect escape from the travails of modern life. n L’Heure Bleu Palais, Relais & Chateaux, Suites start from £430


Need to Know • Essaouira is on the Atlantic coast and enjoys substantial trade winds, which make this hot city bearable, even in the summer months • Since the 16th century, the city has also been known by its Portuguese name of Mogador, which means ‘the wall’, a reference to the fortress walls that still enclose the city • Essaouira is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed city, as an example of a late 18th century fortified town • In 1952, film director and actor Orson Welles filmed his classic version of Othello here ANd AN ALtErNAtIvE…

Emma and her husband also spent two nights at the rustic and delightful riad Baladin, situated in the hidden, winding streets of the medina. décor recalls Moroccan styles and colours with a classic coastal twist, and the location, just off the main square, couldn’t be better.

Sport meets Glamour MINT Polo in the Park invites you to spend a day, or three, on the banks of the River Thames for another year of high-octane polo action at Hurlingham Park


he event may have won London Sport Attraction of the Year at The London Lifestyle Awards for the last two years running, but that hasn’t prevented the organisers of 2012’s MINT Polo in the Park from promising to make this summer’s quintessential event even better. Back with a bang, MINT Polo in the Park will return to Hurlingham on the 8th, 9th and 10th June with an improved Children’s Club, double the amount of bar and garden space, larger spectator viewing areas and more on-pitch entertainment. Debuting in 2009, MINT Polo in the Park has rapidly established itself as one of the leading central London sporting events, selling out of its general admission tickets and exclusive corporate hospitality packages in both 2010 and 2011. A celebration of international polo, lifestyle and family entertainment, the now annual three-day extravaganza pits six polo teams, each representing global cities, against each other in a round robin format. The three days culminate in the tournament final and the presentation of the MINT Trophy on the Sunday, won last year by Team Abu Dhabi after a hard-fought battle against Team Gaucho Buenos Aires. In a similar way to how Twenty20 has changed the image of cricket, MINT Polo in the Park has adapted the traditional rules of polo to create a high octane, fast-moving and dynamic sport which attracts spectators and the media alike. Rules have been changed to create a fast and free-flowing game that is fun to watch, with MINT Polo in the


Park reducing the size of the pitch and introducing teams of three aside, designed to encourage big hits at goal, much like the two-pointer in basketball. Veuve Clicquot will provide London’s largest champagne garden, while Harrods will bring a taste of its world renowned food to Hurlingham Park. Browse and wander through the luxury village, enjoy the pitch-side Mahiki Rum Bar and celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style at Her Majesty’s Jubilee Pub. Head to MINT Polo in the Park on Friday, and the evening’s entertainment will include the ‘Veuve Clicquot at Hurlingham’ Launch Party, a glamour-filled celebration hosted at the world-famous Hurlingham club. For entertaining clients, the event offers a range of hospitality packages, from a Michelin-starred lunch with vintage Champagnes to an al fresco barbeque, a gourmet Club lunch with afternoon tea or an informal picnic. Whether you enjoy the skilled display of horsemanship that polo entails or are simply drawn to the thought of a cool glass of Veuve Clicquot in the shade of a pitch-side garden, MINT Polo in the Park promises to combine displays of top quality international polo with the highest calibre entertainment in the heart of the capital. n @PolointhePark


Tickets and Hospitality Packages General Admission tickets start from just £20 for adults and £10 for children. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. Please call the ticket hotline for groups and single tickets on 0844 248 5069. HosPiTAliTy PAckAGes:

From a private Michelin starred lunch with vintage champagnes to an al fresco barbeque, from a gourmet club lunch with afternoon tea to an informal picnic….MiNT Polo in the Park provides all these options and more. Friday 8th June – City Friday The Ultimate club Package

£415 per person

club Package with Veuve clicquot Party

£498 per person

Pukka Picnic Package cool Britannia Tea Package Private entertaining

solD oUT £185 per person solD oUT

Saturday 9th June - Ladies Day Pukka Picnic Package

£220 per person

cool Britannia Tea Package

solD oUT

Private entertaining

solD oUT

Sunday 10th June - Finals Day sunday Gourmet BBQ Package

£210 per person

cool Britannia Tea Package

£150 per person

Private entertaining (minimum numbers apply)

from £185 per person

For details of all the VIP hospitality packages, please contact City Events on 0207 936 5284 or email VAT applies to all prices



glorious MUD



For some, adventure means doing a bungee jump or climbing a mountain. Matthew Carter prefers to get his thrills sitting down, preferably at the wheel of a Land Rover


loop. There’s no other word for the brown semi-liquid that we’re about to dip into. As the Land Rover inches forward, the stuff, this gloop, starts to make its way over the bonnet of the car, and that means it’ll soon be halfway up the doors. I should be looking ahead, tracking our path towards the exit of this extraordinary mud bath but I cannot stop myself stealing a glance towards the bottom of the doors. I’m half expecting to see the stuff oozing into the cabin like some sort of alien life form creeping in ready to suffocate us all. But there’s nothing there. So it’s back to the job in hand. I maintain a steady walking pace through the muck, creating a small bow wave ahead of me. Pretty soon, we start to climb the bank on the other side and we’re out. At the top of the climb we pause and the Discovery wants to shake itself free of the stuff, like a puppy emerging from a pond. I, meanwhile, marvel at the way this go-anywhere car really is prepared to go anywhere. I marvel at the efficacy of the door seals too; the footwell of the car underfoot remains clean and dry. This trip through a muddy hell was not a navigational error on my part, but a planned one. I’m taking part in a 4x4 driving day at a Land Rover Experience centre and it’s just one of the many obstacles that will be placed in my path today. I’d started by driving the Disco on a sort of wall of death, a large circular lump of concrete designed to show the acute angles the Land Rover can tackle without rolling onto its roof. There then followed a full morning of driving over all manner of obstacles; woodland, boulders, slippery wet grass, soft, unstable terrain, muddy ruts, through water, up hills and down slopes so steep you couldn’t walk down them without breaking into an involuntary run. When the company say the Land Rover is the best 4x4 so far, it really means it. The trouble is, most owners never get anywhere near discovering what their Range Rover, Disco, Defender or even Freelander can do. Only by clambering aboard one of their vehicles (well, you don’t want to get yours properly muddy, do you?) can you really appreciate the engineering that’s gone into the car and the techniques you need to learn to get the most out of your investment.

One of the most important techniques is actually risk assessment. Sorry if that sounds a bit health and safety, but while a Land Rover can do many things, it cannot defy the laws of physics. You need to work out, for example, if the stretch of water ahead is a shallow pond or something with the depth of Loch Ness. You need to understand what the car can do and what it cannot. You need to learn how to use the controls, when to use power and when to use discretion. You’ll also need to learn about the environment: tearing up nature in a powerful off-roader is not what this is all about. In short, if you’ve never driven off-road before, you need to go back to the classroom (though, in this case, the classroom is quite small and involves a steering wheel, gears and brakes). And this is where the Land Rover Experience comes in handy. Experience Centres have been set up all over the world and there are ten just in the UK. The nearest to London is based at Luton Hoo, just up the M1, and it offers all manner of courses, from professional 4x4 training through to team building and corporate days to fun-in-the-mud sessions. The courses cover everything from simple off-road techniques for beginners to advanced lessons ending up in an officially recognised off-road ability certificate. Usefully, you can even learn how to winch your way out of trouble and how to handle a trailer – for a horsebox or a boat, for example. Prices start at £195 for a half-day course, sharing a Land Rover and instructor with two others, and that’s the best way to do it. Driving one of the Experience courses is full on, so spending some time in the back watching another driver mess things up allows you to relax a little and learn from the mistakes of others. At the end of the course, what are you left with? An appreciation of how capable Land Rovers really are and where they can go. And eternal gratitude to the bloke who designed door seals good enough to keep the creeping gloop where it belongs: outside the car. n For more information, prices or to book your Land Rover Experience course, please visit and click the ‘Experience’ box

listing See below for eS eState agentS agentS in Yo YoUr area 26 Clifton Road W9 1SX 020 7286 4632 Arlington residentiAl 8 Wellington Road NW8 9SP 020 7722 3322



knight FrAnk 5-7 Wellington Place NW8 7PB 020 7586 2777

An impressive period conversion occupying the entire ground floor with own entrance and private garden. Approx. 888 sq ft. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, reception room. £425,000 Share of Freehold 020 7267 7074

800 Finchley Road NW11 7TJ 020 8455 3538

greenstone 83 Boundary Road NW8 0RG 020 7625 7000 OUR SERVICE WILL MOVE YOU


A 1st floor apartment with twin doors leading out to the cast iron balcony and communal gardens. Approx. 406 sq ft. Bedroom, bathroom, open-plan kitchen/reception room. £330,000 Leasehold 020 7267 7074

FS Vantage September 2011.indd 1

10/08/2011 12:51

BenhAm & reeves 56 Heath Street NW3 1DL 020 7435 9822

21 Heath street NW3 6TR 020 7717 5301

Chesterton humBerts 55-56 Hampstead High Street NW3 1QH 020 7794 3311

hAnover residentiAl 112 Boundary Road NW8 0RH 020 7372 4499










79-81 Heath Street NW3 6UG 020 7431 8686 120a Mount Street W1K 3NN 020 7483 8349

hAmptons internAtionAl 99 St John’s Wood Terrace NW8 6PL 020 7717 5319

BriAn lACk & Co 4-6 Saint Ann’s Terrace NW8 6PJ 020 7586 5929

pArkheAth 208 Haverstock Hill NW3 2AG 020 7431 1234 8a Canfield Gardens NW6 3BS 020 7625 4567

FAron sutAriA 114 -118 Parkway NW1 7AN 020 7267 7074

Aston ChAse 69 / 71 Park Road NW1 6XU 020 7724 4724


JonAthAn Arron 18 Blenheim Terrace NW8 0EB 020 7604 4611

192 West End Lane NW6 1SG 020 7794 7111

property divAs 34a Rosslyn Hill NW3 1NH 020 7431 8000

resCorp 11 Hanover Gate Mansions NW1 4SJ 020 3348 8000 mArCus pArFitt 28 Church Row NW3 6UP 020 7431 0000 sAvills 7 Perrin’s Court NW3 1QS 020 7472 5000 mArsh & pArsons 35 Maida Vale W9 1TP 020 7368 4458

15 St John’s Wood High Street NW8 7NG 020 3043 3600

If you would like to appear within the property pages of VANTAGE, contact Kate Oxbrow, property manager on 020 7987 4320 or

Vantage P R O P E RT Y

showcasing the

Black & White Collection, ÂŁPOA JAB Anstoetz,

finest hoMes & PRoPeRtY fRoM the best estate agents

Knight Frank

Shots of Regent’s Park

Shots of Regent’s Park

St Katharine’s Precinct, Regent’s Park NW1 Elegant house with planning permission

An elegant Grade I Listed house with planning permission to extend the property to 4,574 sq ft. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room, bedroom 2 with en suite bathroom, staff bedroom with shower room, drawing room, 2 sitting rooms, study, dining room, kitchen/ breakfast room, utility room, conservatory, gallery, guest WC, garden, off street parking for 2 cars. Leasehold 144 years Guide price: £7,950,000

(SJW110197) 020 7586 2777

Knight Frank

Chalcot Crescent, Primrose Hill NW1 Beautiful house in the heart of the village

Situated in this fantastic location in the heart of Primrose Hill lies this excellent house, moments from the Park. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom/dressing room, 3 further bedrooms, shower room, 2 reception room, kitchen/dining room, utility room, 2 guest WCs, vault and cellar, front and rear courtyard gardens. Approximately 204.8sq m (2,204sq ft) Freehold Guide price: ÂŁ3,250,000

(SJW110126) 020 7586 2777

Knight Frank

Shots of Regent’s Park

York Terrace, Regent’s Park NW1

Unmodernised lateral flat with views overlooking Regent’s Park A unique opportunity to acquire an unmodernised flat on the top floor of this prestigious portered residence. 2 bedrooms (1 with en suite bathroom), study/bedroom, bathroom, reception room, kitchen, guest WC, basement, concierge, private parking. Leasehold 53 years 10 month Guide price £3,150,000

(SJW110021) 020 7586 2777

Knight Frank

The Bishops Avenue, London N2 Newly refurbished detached house

A state of the art refurbished property on this world renowned road. Featuring air conditioning, swimming pool, spa, Lutron lighting, landscaped garden, gated carriage drive and fully interior designed. 6 Bedrooms, 4 Reception Rooms, 5 Bathrooms, Leisure Facilities, Private Parking for 4 cars. Approximately 560 sq.m (6,028 sq.ft) Freehold Guide price: ÂŁ7,950,000

(HAM080130) 020 7431 8686

Connaught Square, Hyde Park W2 Magnificent Georgian town house

An elegant family house presented to an exceptionally high standard on the east side of Connaught Square with views across the communal gardens. Master en suite bedroom, 5 further bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, dining room, kitchen, utility room, gymnasium, study, cloakroom, 2 terraces, 2 storage vaults, access to communal gardens. Approximately 333 sq m (3,585 sq ft) 020 7871 5060

Freehold Price on application (HPE110174)

LHP_272417_KF_Mayfair Mag Apr12.indd 1

15/03/2012 17:03



The Lancasters, Hyde Park W2

A selection of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments Set against the stunning backdrop of Hyde Park is a selection of spectacular apartments with private parking space situated in The Lancasters - a fully restored parade of 19th century stucco-fronted Grade II listed houses. Contemporary kitchens, Fantini bathrooms, underfloor heating, comfort cooling system, spa to include gymnasium, swimming pool, steam and treatment room, concierge, valet parking. From approximately 63 sq m (681 sq ft) to 253 sq m (2,727 sq ft) 020 7871 5060

Leasehold Guide price: From ÂŁ900,000 - ÂŁ7,950,000 (HPE110024)

RHP_272418_KF_MayfairMag_Apr12.indd 1

15/03/2012 17:04




A superb freehold residence (810sq m/ 8,716sq ft) located on a secure private gated road. This stunning house provides excellent family accommodation and further benefits from an indoor swimming pool, detached gymnasium and award winning home cinema.


HOCROFT ESTATE NW2 This double fronted detached home has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment programme and features exceptional ground floor entertaining areas and an outstanding Hacker kitchen with Miele & Gaggenau appliances designed and supplied by Neil Lerner. The property also benefits from a magnificent 175ft (0.43 of an acre) landscaped rear garden designed by Mark Enright incorporating a decked patio. Hocroft Road is situated within the popular Hocroft Estate conveniently located for the many shops and local transport facilities of the Finchley Road as well as the numerous private schools of Hampstead.

Principal Bedroom with Dressing Room and En-Suite Bathroom featuring Plasma TV and Freestanding Bath, 5 Further Bedrooms with 4 En-Suite Bathrooms, 1 Further Bathroom, Hacker Kitchen/ Breakfast Room with Miele and Gaggenau appliances, Double size Drawing Room, Double size Family Room, Media Room, Study, Utility Room, Guest Cloakroom with adjoining Cloaks Cupboard/ Storage, Playroom/Bedroom 6 (29'8" x 15'10"), External full height glass sliding doors backing on to the Rear Garden, Internal aluminium and glass sliding doors throughout the ground floor, Integrated sound throughout the first floor including the Principal Bedroom, Under Floor Heating, 30cm wide grey light oak boards, Entrance Hall in limestone, 175ft Landscaped Rear Garden designed by Mark Enright with a decked rear patio, Secure carriage drive with electronic gates providing additional parking for 5/6 cars.



Inglewood Road NW6


A 5 double bedroom family house with south-facing garden in the heart of West Hampstead West Hampstead Office 020 7794 7111

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

2476 sq ft internal accommodation • 5 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms • 38’9 period double reception • Secluded south-facing garden •

Belsize Park Gardens NW3 A 3 bedroom garden apartment within a white stucco semi-detached Belsize villa


Belsize Park Office 020 7431 1234

1600 sq ft internal accommodation • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Period drawing room • South-facing garden with office •

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

Eton Avenue NW3


Bright apartment set on the 1st floor of a detached property on the area’s premier road Belsize Park Office 020 7431 3104

1027 sq ft internal accommodation • 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • 18’ x 16’ reception • Private balcony •

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

Wedderburn Road NW3


Spacious 2nd floor apartment within a grand detached property on a tree-lined turning Belsize Park Office 020 7431 1234

1412 sq ft internal accommodation • 3 double bedrooms, 3 en suites • Direct lift access • 2 terraces, 1 balcony •

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

H a m p s t e a d H e at h L O N D O N

N W 3

Set back off the road behind a private south-facing garden, a charming house principally arranged over two floors and providing approximately 2,105 sq ft/196 sq metres of accommodation. The house, which is in need of updating is located immediately opposite Hampstead Heath and is within a moments walk of the open spaces of Kenwood House. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a 19th century georgian cottage in a beautiful setting. 2 Interconnecting Reception Rooms, Kitchen/Breakfast Room, Guest Cloakroom, Bedroom One with Ensuite Shower Room, Bedroom 2, Large Bathroom, Bedroom 3 with Ensuite Shower Room, South-Facing Private Garden, Garage FREEHOLD



O v e r 6 0 % o f o u r s a l e s a r e to ov e r s e a s b u y e r s ... I n t e r n at i o n a l ly C o n n e c t e d

LHP_272381_Arlington_Vantage_Apr12.indd 1

16/03/2012 10:22


Offering stunning westerly views, a penthouse apartment of circa 1408 sq feet/ 131 sq metres. The apartment has just undergone a comprehensive program of refurbishment, and features an impressive double reception room with a balcony, fully fitted kitchen, master bedroom with balcony and luxurious en-suite shower room, two further bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Oak Hill Park is a private estate set in acres of grounds, with a communal tennis court, and is located within a few minutes walk of Hampstead Village and Hampstead Heath. The building benefits from a porter, and this apartment has two unallocated parking spaces.



O v e r 6 0 % o f o u r s a l e s a r e to ov e r s e a s b u y e r s ... I n t e r n at i o n a l ly C o n n e c t e d


RHP_272279_Arlington_Vantage_Apr12.indd 1

16/03/2012 09:44

1 TASTEFULLY REFURBISHED STUCCO-FRONTED NASH HOME park square west, nw1 2 reception rooms ø library ø formal dining room ø kitchen/dining room ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room ø 6 further bedrooms (4 en suite) ø shower room ø gym ø guest cloakroom ø access to landscaped private gardens ø 445 sq m (4,795 sq ft) Guide £8.95 million Leasehold, approximately 142 years remaining

Savills St John's Wood Stephen Lindsay

020 3043 3600

1 GRADE I LISTED CLASSIC chester terrace, nw1 3 reception rooms ø kitchen ø 4 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø garage/storage room ø resident's parking ø access to communal gardens ø lift ø 384 sq m (4,134 sq ft)

Savills St John's Wood Stephen Lindsay

020 3043 3600 Guide £7.95 million Leasehold, approximately 135 years remaining

1 A PERIOD HOUSE WITH AN IMPRESSIVE GARDEN north road, n6 4 reception rooms & study ø master bedroom suite ø 5 further bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø 100' garden ø guest cloakroom ø 442 sq m (4,756 sq ft) ø planning permission granted for 750 sq ft annexe Guide £5.5 million Freehold

Savills Hampstead Peter Brookes

020 7472 5000

1 FINE GEORGIAN HOUSE EXQUISITELY REFURBISHED WITH GREAT FLAIR bedford row, wc1 4 reception rooms ø 5 bedroom ø 5 bath/shower rooms ø spectacular family kitchen ø catering kitchen ø roof garden ø wine cellar ø cinema ø gym ø integral garage ø 624 sq m (6,717 sq ft)

Guide £8.5 million Freehold

Savills Hampstead Simon Edwards

020 7472 5000

1 IMMACULATE DETACHED FAMILY HOUSE WITH VERY HIGH SPECIFICATIONS golders hill park, nw11 Master bedroom suite ø 5 further bedrooms ø 4 further bathrooms ø double reception room ø eat-in kitchen ø large private garden ø off-street parking ø 356 sq m (3,837 sq ft)

£3,250 per week Unfurnished

Savills Hampstead Dairin Moukarzel

020 7472 5000

1 A TRULY FANTASTIC FAMILY HOUSE WITH A SOUTH-FACING GARDEN hall gate, nw8 4 bedrooms ø reception room ø eat-in kitchen ø 3 bathrooms ø utility room ø patio garden ø garage ø 210 sq m (2,260 sq ft)

Savills St John's Wood Tim van der Schyff

020 3043 3616 £2,500 per week Unfurnished

on top of the



Set in the Portomaso area of St. Julianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, considered to be Maltaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most exclusive residential address, this singular penthouse oozes timeless elegance and exquisite, grandiose style



ltra-luxurious interiors, cool white tones, an abundance of glass and incredible vistas are presented in an impressive 1,000m2 of überstylish living space. The palatial home boasts expansive seafront terraces, complete with views of St. Julian’s Bay and the magnificent yachting marina. Designed and built to an exacting specification, where four penthouses and apartments have been joined together, the sky-scraping residence is a the embodiment of good taste and lavish style. Grandly proportioned, the home offers formal living and dining as well as beautiful more casual spaces which flow to the outdoor areas. The interior decoration is primarily based on a monochrome palette which extends to the exquisite furniture. The desirable living room features large, comfortable white leather sofas and oversized sliding glass doors which open out on to one of several terraces facing the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea. The four imposing bedrooms are complemented by large dressing rooms and the kitchen is every chef’s dream, offering top-ofthe-range stainless steel appliances including a built-in espresso machine and full-height wine cooler. The black marble worktop and breakfast bar are masterfully contrasted by the glossy white stone floor and exquisite lacquered wooden cabinets. The impressive fully-equipped professional media and cinema centre stands out from the serene white decoration through its decadent and artfully well-balanced pink and gold colour scheme, while the sumptuous, traditional library is decorated with dark wood panels that flaunt master craftsmanship and great class, contrasting beautifully to the pristine modernity of the penthouse. There are also his and hers office areas with their own terraces, a large games room with pool table and video games, a gym, sauna and steam rooms, plus maid’s quarters and lift. In addition there is space to park four cars. This penthouse apartment embraces new levels of luxury and a host of amenities to create an enviable living and gala entertaining environment. The property is without doubt one of the most spectacular penthouses on the island of Malta – and in the entire Mediterranean region. n Leading Luxury Real Estate 020 7095 8703

Benham & Reeves Vantage DPS April 2012:B&R


Hampstead 020 7435 9822



Page 1

Highgate 020 8348 2341


Dartmouth Park


020 7284 0101

West Hampstead 020 7644 9300

Tufnell Park N7


A unique double fronted and detached four storey Victorian family house extended and modernised to provide exceptional entertaining areas and generous accommodation in excess of 4600 sq ft.

A r e o

32ft x 20ft Principal Bedroom With En Suite Facilities * 5 Double Bedrooms * 4 E/S Showers * Family Bathroom * WC * Stunning 43ft x 31ft Family Entertaining Room/ Open Plan Kitchen * 35ft Double Reception * 19ft Reception * Double Volume Glass Rear Addition To Reception Areas * 82ft South Facing Garden * OSP.

6 F 3 U E



Sole Agent

Dartmouth Park | 020 7284 0101 |





020 7435 9822



020 8348 2341

Hampstead Borders NW2 A beautifully presented and substantial (3094 sq ft) recently extended and refurbished family home of excellent proportions with accommodation arranged over 3 floors only. 6 Bedrooms * 2 Shower Rooms (1 En Suite) * Family Bathroom * Reception Room * Dining Room * 36ft 11in x 19ft 6in Kitchen/Reception Room * Utility Room * Guest WC * 62ft Rear Garden * Extensive Off Street Parking * Residents Parking Zone.

Guide ÂŁ2,350,000

Sole Agent

Hampstead | 020 7435 9822 |

Dartmouth Park 020 7284 0101


West Hampstead 020 7644 9300


ST CHRISTOPHERS COURT, N19 A perfectly formed Church conversion, situated on the ground floor and benefitting from its own entrance. Retaining many attractive period features such as the impressive front door and ornate stone masonry. Located in popular Tufnell Park. Approx. 1,187 sq ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room. ÂŁ699,999 Share of Freehold 020 7267 7074


FS Vantage Apr12.indd 1

14/03/2012 08:36




ALL SAINTS CHURCH, N19 A superb house forming part of an impressive All Saints Church, boasting original period features throughout including full length windows, exposed vaulted ceilings and fabulous stone masonry. Approx. 3,566 sq ft. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, reception room, garden. ÂŁ2,500,000 Leasehold 020 7267 7074


FS Vantage Apr12.indd 2

14/03/2012 08:36

Hamptons St. John’s Wood Office Lettings. 020 7717 5487

Wellington Court, NW8 £625 pw

Harley House, NW1 £4,000 pw

An immaculate one double bedroom apartment on the third floor of this well located portered block which is situated adjacent to the tube station (Jubilee line) and a short walk to St Johns Wood High Street. The property has been refurbished to an extremely high standard and has been neutrally decorated throughout.

An elegant and beautifully presented family apartment situated on the first floor of this prestige landmark Edwardian mansion block. The apartment comprises of well planned accommodation with fantastic entertaining areas where two of the original three reception rooms have been combined to create one 32 ft room having three ornamental balconies. The property has a master bedroom suite with a dressing area and ‘his’ and ‘hers’ shower rooms with the addition of three further double suites. The development offers excellent 24hr porterage and is located within walking distance of Regents Park and Marylebone High Street.

Stockleigh Hall, NW8 £1,250 pw This beautifully presented apartment is located in a portered block opposite to Regents Park. The apartment benefits from three good size double bedrooms, two with en suite bathrooms and a separate family bathroom. There is a bright and spacious reception room which is great for entertaining. The property is located moments from Regents Park & Primrose Hill and it is in walking distance of St Johns Wood High Street.

Vale Close, W9 £3,000 pw

Best for Property Management 2011

This is a spacious detached Tudor Style house situated in this private close. The property benefits from six bedrooms and two reception rooms. The house is arranged over three floors and is within easy walking distance of Maida Vale Underground Station and the cafes and shops at Clifton Road. The property is offered unfurnished.

Hamptons International has been crowned Gold Winner in Best for Property with The Sunday Times and The Times, recognising Hamptons’ commitment to exceptional customer service. Call us to find out more about how our Property Management Services can help us meet your property requirements

Spring is here...

...and the market is blossoming. The high level of corporate and professional activity in early 2012 has seen Hamptons International achieve very good rents letting properties to the highest quality tenants. We pride ourselves on the service we offer our clients, our knowledge of the area and the relationships we have built up over the years. Not all agents are the same. Call Chloe Ellis, Lettings Manager, and her team on 020 7717 5487 or email her directly on to arrange a free, no obligation market appraisal.

Hamptons St John's Wood 99 St John's Wood Terrace St John's Wood, London NW8 6PL Lettings. 020 7717 5487

Beyond your expectations

Knowledge awards us. Know-how rewards you. What a year for being multiple awardwinners! And for rewarding our clients with results – that exceeded their expectations. As if being voted ‘Supreme Agent of the Year’* by our peers wasn’t enough, we have also been named the ‘Best Estate Agency of the Year’** and the ‘Best Lettings Agency of the Year.’* Will this go to our head? Certainly not. It will go into making sure we continue to demonstrate our “all-round excellence and professionalism”, and our “energy, enthusiasm and commitment” in selling and letting. In fact everything the judges said about us we couldn’t have said better ourselves. * The Negotiator Awards 2011. ** Sunday Times & The Times Awards 2010 & 2011.

Local know-how. Better results.

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Ashworth Road W9 ÂŁ4,500,000 Set back from the road, this elegant family house comprises a double reception room leading out to a superb private garden, a kitchen/dining room, an impressive master suite, five further double bedrooms (one en suite), two family bathrooms, a separate shower room and ample private parking. Freehold. Joint Sole Agents.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

Local know-how. Better results. Our Offices:

Brook Green





Holland Park

North Kensington




Notting Hill



Little Venice



Clifton Court NW8 £1,800,000 This lovely family apartment provides a large reception room with private balcony, a dining room and a modern kitchen. The bedroom accommodation boasts a superb master bedroom with en suite bathroom, three further double bedrooms (one en suite), a family bathroom and a guest cloakroom. Benefits include access to communal gardens, a porter and private parking. Sole Agents.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

Hormead Road W9 £1,695,000 This uniquely designed house boasts plenty of natural light and excellent entertaining space. The accommodation includes a fully fitted kitchen with a beautiful glass side extension, leading out to a decked garden, a luxurious master bedroom with en suite bathroom, three further double bedrooms, a bathroom and two modern shower rooms. Freehold. Sole Agents.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

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Warwick Avenue W9 ÂŁ2,000 per week Located just a short walk from Warwick Avenue station, this stunning and recently refurbished apartment comprises a contemporary kitchen, an open plan reception room and a conservatory with a large dining area. The bedroom accommodation provides two large double bedrooms both with en suite bathrooms. The property also benefits from a large garden and a private garage.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

Shirland Road W9 ÂŁ525 per week This charming property comprises a large reception room, perfect for entertaining, with French doors leading out to a private garden, a modern kitchen, a master bedroom with built-in storage, a further double bedroom and a luxurious bathroom. Ideally located only moments from Formosa Street, Clifton Road and the fantastic local amenities.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

70 Offices • 5 Continents • 11 Countries

• Russia • Italy • France • Spain • South Africa • Australia • Singapore • UAE • Barbados • Gibraltar • United Kingdom

Little Venice & Maida Vale 020 7286 4632

Maida Vale W9

£999,000 leasehold

A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment on the 1st floor of this purpose built block. This spacious property boasts a porterage service & is well located for the amenities of both Little Venice & St John’s Wood.

Little Venice & Maida Vale 020 7266 2369

Clifton Gardens W9

£2,500 per week

A rarely available split level apartment, comprising a stunning double reception, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 with en-suite), utility room, eat in kitchen, private garden & access to beautiful communal gardens.

Hampstead 020 7794 3311

Haverstock Hill NW3

ÂŁ2,650,000 leasehold

An incredible penthouse apartment with panoramic views of London. Comprising 2 reception rooms, a family kitchen, 4 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 terraces & 2 underground parking spaces.

Hampstead 020 7794 1125

Hampstead Lane N6

ÂŁ20,000 per week

A 7 bedroom, 4 reception room, 7 bathroom family detached house with garden situated in the heart of Highgate with the benefit of 2 off street parking spaces. Available for short let only.


state of the market

With spring around the corner and the clocks moving forward, Chloe Ellis, lettings manager at Hamptons International, is looking forward to brighter evenings and an even brighter outlook for the rentals market in St John’s Wood, Regents Park and Maida Vale


ecent activity levels have significantly increased over the last month with corporate enquiries returning, although we have seen a small cut in budgets at the top end of the market. Demand has seen strong growth in recent quarters, however, with an increasing number of first time buyers having been forced into rented accommodation due to problems with obtaining affordable mortgage finance, rental prices have grown quickly across much of the country. However, it appears that tenants may be becoming less willing to meet increasing rental values and therefore landlords are needing to be realistic on rental prices. So far this year, the number of tenants registering across our network of UK offices is up 29 per cent compared with last year, and we have seen an increased number of instructions which have resulted in our stock levels being the highest we have seen in the last couple of years, and 68 per cent up on 2011 – the lettings market is more than moving, it’s booming! Despite this, we continue to see a shortage of stock for one and two bedroom properties. This will maintain pressure on rents for these smaller properties. As the sales market has improved in some areas, we are also seeing some rental properties sold to owner occupiers, further tightening rental supply. One area that is not seeing a supply shortage at the moment is for Olympic short-lets. Landlords, both temporary and permanent, are lining up their properties to make sure they are positioned to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. However, we would urge landlords to consider carefully the potential oversupply of properties come September, which could increase vacancy periods and wipe out those extra profits all too quickly. With demand from potential tenants strengthening, the chances of letting your property are now excellent. We are currently looking for all types of properties, anything from small studios all the way up to much larger properties of six or seven bedrooms.n Hamptons International, St John’s Wood


“Whichever takes your fancy....” lettings




bespoke property management


property finder service

In honour of their 5th birthday, “Team Property Divas” will be taking part in the “The Moon Walk London 2012“ on May 12th in aid of breast cancer. We have set ourselves a target of £5000 representing a £1000 for every year since the launch of Property Divas in April 2007. We think this a perfect way to celebrate! If you would like to make a donation, however small, please go to or click on the divas fundraising link on our home page. Diva hand crafted cupcakes by

Property Divas Limited, 34a Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead, NW3 1NH 020 7431 8000

Our Offices: Belgrade | Elstree | Knightsbridge | St Johns Wood

Orchard View, WD7 7LT


A beautiful character property set behind gates in greenbelt grounds of 1.43 acres in Radlett, Hertfordshire. The house is currently 4486 sq ft (417 sq metres approx) including the detached garage, with the added benefit of two planning permissions, either to extend the existing house to approximately 6300 sq ft (586 sq m approx) or a total re-build up to 10,500 sq ft (977 sq m approx). Elstree: 0208 387 1546

JSA: Regents Residential 0207 372 3000

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Our Offices: Belgrade | Elstree | Knightsbridge | St Johns Wood

Hall Road, NW8


A newly refurbished, bright and spacious apartment located on the first floor of this attractive purpose built building. Accommodation comprises a contemporary fitted kitchen and bathroom, large reception room and good sized double bedroom. Grove Hall Court benefits from passenger lift, 24 hour porterage, communal gardens and benefits from long leasehold. St Johns Wood: 020 7586 5929

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Grove End Road, NW8


Superb one double bedroom apartment located within this sought after purpose built block within five hundred metres of St Johns Wood High Street and Tube station (Jubilee line). The apartment benefits from garden views, communal heating and hot water, porterage and limited off street parking.

St Johns Wood: 020 7586 5929

hot property ClassiC & ElEgant

Located in one of Little Veniceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier roads, this stunning three bedroom garden maisonette forms part of a Victorian stucco house. The property boasts fantastic living space in the form of a double reception room leading out through the conservatory to a very pretty south facing garden. The house has been finished to a very high standard with the master bedroom benefitting from high ceilings and built in cupboards. There are


two further bedrooms and an additional shower room. Further features include wooden flooring throughout, two working fireplaces, a private entrance and a separate under stairs storage cupboard. Clarendon Gardens is ideally situated for the shops, cafes and restaurants of Little Venice, the convenience of Paddington station and Heathrow Express for those who travel extensively, and the unparalleled shopping offered by the West End. n


ClarEndon gardEns, W9 ÂŁ1.595m, Share of freehold Chesterton Humberts, Little Venice

020 7286 4632

UNIQUE HOMES, UNIQUE SERVICE, UNIQUE PEOPLE A t a i l o r e d s e r v i c e f r o m L a n g f o rd R u s s e l l f o r d i s t i n c t i ve a n d e x c l u s i ve h o m e s

Keston Court, Keston, BR2 - ÂŁ4,850,000 Freehold Central London 14 miles - The City/West End within 20 minutes

Over 10,000 square feet of unadulterated pure luxury. Town or Country living? Why compromise when you could have it all? A modern day architectural masterpiece without equal, envelops luxuriously finished contemporary interiors of the highest order.

UNIQUE is a Specialist Division of Langford Russell

Unique at Langford Russell Chislehurst Office 13 High Street, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5AB Tel 020 8378 1222 Email

Offices Also At: Beckenham & Bromley


Clifton Hill, St. John’s Wood, NW8 A recently refurbished Grade II listed Victorian period villa with the benefit of excellent entertainment space and family accommodation. The villa is on 3 floors and offers a wealth of period interior design including restored original box sash windows and working timber folding shutters. 4 bedrooms • 2 en-suite bathrooms • Family bathroom • 2 cloakrooms Double reception room • Reception 2/study • Kitchen/breakfast room Conservatory • Garden

contact information

For more details please contact Monica Rowe

t: 020 7299 2707 m: 07872 692 419

Price on application - Freehold

RWM_G2_Advert_Mar12.indd 1

16/03/2012 09:16

Hamilton Gardens, St John’s Wood, NW8 A beautifully presented end of terrace Victorian house spanning 2,444sq ft / 227sq m. The property is in immaculate condition throughout and boasts a superb first floor reception room, a South West facing patio garden and off street parking. Hamilton Gardens is a quiet road situated within a short walking distance of both St John’s Wood underground station and the American School.

Joint Sole Agent



Pavilion Apartments, St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wood, NW8 A beautifully presented three bedroom, two bathroom apartment situated on the fourth floor of this prestigious modern block in St Johns Wood. The property features a delightful balcony with views over the communal garden. Additional benefits include air conditioning, 24 hour porterage, passenger lift and underground parking. The Pavilion Apartments is located on St Johns Wood Road opposite Lords Cricket Ground and is conveniently located for St Johns Wood High Street and Regents Park.

Sole Agent



Willowbrook, Off The Bishops Avenue, N2 A handsome detached house set behind a carriage driveway, discreetly located off one of Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most prestigious Avenues. Willowbrook offers spacious living over two floors only, spanning some 6,840 sq ft / 635 sq m. Accommodation comprises; Large family reception room, dining room, family room, study, kitchen breakfast room, master bedroom with en-suite dressing room and bathroom, six further bedroom suites including separate access to staff accommodation.

Principal Agent


Price on Application

Warwick Avenue, Little Venice, W9 An elegant five/six bedroom triplex apartment situated in this beautiful Grade II Listed white stucco period house in the heart of Little Venice. Offering spacious accommodation comprising 2,500 sq. ft / 232 sq. m, the apartment features a magnificent first floor double reception room with two working fireplaces, ornate cornicing, fully fitted Mowlem kitchen, four bathrooms, utility room, guest WC and a 27ft roof terrace. The property also has the advantage of stunning communal gardens to the rear with a tennis court. The house is located adjacent to Warwick Avenue underground station and is conveniently placed for the shops and cafes on Clifton Road and Regents Canal.

Sole Agent

Share of Freehold

Price on Application

the smart way to BUY or SELL your property

A service defined by discretion and dedication that will save you time and money. His extensive experience in property consultancy takes the pain and effort out of the buying and selling process, and any problems that you would usually encounter, become his problems and not yours. After all, achieving the best possible outcome in anything is all about finding someone who can do the job better than you.

work smarter, not harder. T: 020 7499 3434 M: 078 3146 5414









Property Ref.: E3202 | London Bridge


Demand for holiday accommodation in London has never been stronger. Make your property work for you and list it with Owners Direct - one of the UK's leading direct from owner rental sites.

Want to make money from your property? Advertise for just £49 (+VAT) for 2 months with no commission to pay. Quote UK49 Terms and conditions apply – see website for full details. Offer available until 10th July 2012. Before renting your property you should verify that there are no restrictions in your lease or mortgage or with your local authority.

We prefer not to be measured by dimensions. Unless it’s a new dimension of accuracy.

No fewer than four exceptional mechanisms enhance the precision of the RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite”: the tiny fusée-and-chain transmission, the delicate tourbillon, the ultra-thin Lange balance spring, and – not least – the patented stop-seconds device for the tourbillon which makes it possible to

set the watch with one-second accuracy in the first place. Never before has an A. Lange & Söhne watch been endowed with so many complications that simultaneously enhance its rate accuracy, settability, and readability. And so, this remarkable timepiece truly deserves the honorary attribute “Pour le Mérite”.

Arije 165, Sloane Street London • George Pragnell 5 and 6, Wood Street, Stratford-upon-Avon Hamilton & Inches 87, George Street, Edinburgh • Harrods 87–135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London Watches of Switzerland 16, New Bond Street, London • Wempe 43-44, New Bond Street, London Lange Uhren GmbH • Tel. +34 91 454 89 82 •

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08.02.2012 15:52:48 Uhr

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