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Bright Young Things

One Man Brand

Delage 1905 captures the mystique of the 1920s through the detailed craftsmanship of its luxury handbags

Annabel Harrison meets Usain Bolt; the world’s fastest man comes across as a normal 20-something (well, almost)



Shades of the Rainbow

Walker on the Wild Side

John-Paul Pietrus adds a splash of colour to the fashion world through his photography. Hannah Lemon reports

Kari Colmans meets fashion designer Karen Walker as she launches her debut fragrances A, B and C



The Perfect Match

Aussie Rules

With Wimbledon just around the corner, Hannah Lemon seeks out Tim Henman for his predictions

Discover Sydney’s laidback beaches, bars and boutique hotels, and why Melbourne is one of the world’s happiest cities

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In craftsmanship and technology, Wolf stands alone. Its professional performance helps you make the most of every meal. 251 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2EP 0845 250 0010

On the Cover... “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.” Although we look to Alice and her adventures in Wonderland this month, fashion photographer JohnPaul Pietrus also creates his own world in the images he captures. From China to Paris, he uses different cultures and interests to add colour to the world of designer labels and celebrity models. Read more about it on p. 20.

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From the EDITOR “I want to create this fantasy world that I would love to live in, where everything is really beautiful and colourful.” Taking inspiration from his travels in China, Egypt and the Philippines, John-Paul Pietrus adds a splash of colour to the fashion world through his photography, as demonstrated by our cover image this month. I meet the Portobello local who has lived in London for 19 years; “I’m inspired by my environment, travel experiences and how colours translate from culture to culture.” We’re sure that Pietrus could take inspiration from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Lewis Carroll’s charming and kooky tale of a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and into a land of make-believe has become a global success; find out how you can get into the spirit of things by enjoying immersive themed events, special-edition books and Alice-inspired furnishings in Notting Hill, Holland Park and further afield. If the idea of talking animals, vicious rulers and animated playing cards is just too much for you, pare it back; Native & Co is bringing the pure and simple designs of Japan and Taiwan to the homes of Notting Hill in a characteristically understated fashion. Sharon Jo-Yun Hung and Chris Yoshiro Green met while studying a foundation course at the Chelsea College of Art. They started with a public launch at the designjunction last year and have since opened their store on Kensington Park Road because this area “is quite reserved and subtle and there is an appreciation for good craft.” There’s no escaping it, even though it’s not on our doorstep; Wimbledon is just around the corner. Hannah Lemon seeks out Tim Henman before the Grand Slam for his predictions and finds out what has been keeping the retired tennis pro so busy. The player to beat? “Djokovic. The start that he’s had is incredible.”


Annabel Harrison

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Roaring The


Luxury handbag company Delage 1905 has captured the mystique of the 1920s by reviving the detailed craftsmanship and feminine design of automobiles from this glamorous decade. Hannah Lemon reports



he Roaring Twenties was a particularly glamorous decade. Women oozed sophistication in their flapper dresses, pearls and beads flying as they danced the Charleston, while men charmingly puffed on cigars in their tweed morning suits and straw boaters. Bright young things across Europe and the US were enjoying a hedonistic lifestyle of cocktails and jazz, maybe to escape the atrocities of the years of war before. The automobile helped people explore this newfound freedom; four wheels enabled socialites to be whisked from party to party, enjoying life to the full. Delage motors was one such company that equipped discerning clients with these fine machines. Founded in 1905 by Louis Delage, the first two models of car from the French company were exhibited at the Automobile Show in the Grand Palais in Paris to great acclaim. Delage soon established its technical knowhow through races such as the Coupe des Voiturettes run by the magazine L’Auto and won the Automobile Club de France’s Grand Prix des Voiturettes in 1908; the innovative engine mechanics included an eight-cylinder engine, which was developed from the original mono. Delage even reigned victorious at the 500 miles of Indianapolis in 1914. But it wasn’t just racing around the track that got people noticing Delage. The design was the main appeal; the striking radiator grille became a signature feature of the brand, as did the sleek and elegant interiors. Customised leather upholstery, detailed crafted trunks and crimson-coloured seats delighted elite customers who were looking for that something special to get them from A to B.

The brand epitomised French elegance and attracted stars from far and wide who wanted to own or drive a Delage automobile. The French actress and singer Mistinguett, Margaret Lockwood, American-born French dancer Josephine Baker, Italian racing driver Enzo Ferrari, and Prince George of Greece, all hankered to be a part of the brand. Women, in particular, were enchanted by the Delage cars as they were designed with smaller frames and stunning upholstery, which appealed to a more feminine and stylish sensibility. Sadly by the 1930s, even Delage had not managed to escape the financial global downturn and the manufacturing was brought to an abrupt halt. That is, until 2011. An admirer of the cars’ aesthetic, financier Philippe A de Vilmorin, who has put his name to Lee Cooper and Georges Rech, bought the brand name four years ago. He has since sculpted a luxury bag company around his fondness for the 20s’ style and dedicated craftsmanship. Renamed Delage 1905, the company has taken the feminine composition and the rich heritage of the brand to sculpt handbags with a sophisticated design. “The aesthetic is quite classic,” explains Antonio Marsocci, business consultant for Delage 1905. “It’s for a woman who likes to travel and be independent, and who doesn’t follow trends but has a style of her own.” Every collection is named after a celebrity of the 20s and 30s who drove or owned a Delage car. From the outset of design, the company ensures that the bags remain luxurious. The leathers come from Portugal where, Marsocci assures me, you get the best in quality. But everything else – design and finish – takes place as the Delage Maison in Paris. Sim Kocak, the UK brand ambassador, refers to the intricate manufacturing of the orange Freda bag as an example. “This bag is made from 62–67 pieces, which are put together by 168 manual operations. It takes many hours to make.” Everything about the design echoes the essence of the Delage automobiles.


“Each bag has identifying features that relate to the cars,” explains Kocak. “The first one is the shape, which mimics the radiator grille on the front of the car. If you hold every bag upside down, you can see exactly the same structure. Parts of the design – the flutes of leather – also match the upholstery on the seats of the cars and keep in mind the art deco style of the 1920s and 30s.” Other features include the Rouge Delage lining, the signature crimson, which lines every bag as it did the cars’ interiors; and the Canvas collection is made with the same bespoke pattern that was used for the Delage trunk lining in 1927. The logo also harks back to this rich heritage. “It was an era where women found themselves exploring freedom,” says Kocak. “The best expression of this is our logo of a woman driving. She is on the road, care-free, with her scarf floating behind her. She is taking her life in her own hands.” The skilled manufacturing process, French elegance and refined design keeps true to the aesthetics of the automobiles and ensures a timeless beauty. “We believe as a brand that fashion is short-lived but style and beauty crosses over time,” says Kocak. As the collections don’t follow trends, small understated changes take place each year, mainly to the size and colour. A selection of dyed python skin is planned for AW15 and gold and silver for SS16, with prices around £400–£2,250. Bespoke orders from a rainbow of colours and engraving options can be placed by customers too. Although the company started in Paris, its first boutique and flagship store is on Chepstow Road. “Westbourne Grove is one of London’s most authentic areas,” says Kocak. “It’s an affluent, contemporary shopping area. There are a lot of specialised shops in the area, so we thought if we are introducing something like

this to the UK market, people might appreciate it more here.” Marsocci agrees: “We know that Delage in the UK is not a well-known brand, but one thing we love is that people here want quality craft and beautiful things not necessarily a big name.” As Delage’s reputation grows (the likes of Eva Longoria and Antonio Banderas have already been spotted with the luxury bags), Marcossi is adamant that the Maison will continue to maintain the brand’s boutique feel. “It’s not a luxury feeling if it’s everywhere. We want to keep it exclusive and niche,” he says. Even so, you’d better get your hands on one while you can and join this elite club of bright young things. Delage 1905, 10 Chepstow Road, W2 5BD; 020 7792 4949


Life in

Colour Taking inspiration from his travels in China, Egypt and the Philippines, John-Paul Pietrus adds a splash of colour to the fashion world through his photography. Hannah Lemon reports

All photography: John-Paul Pietrus


orn in the Philippines, raised in Minneapolis, working in China and living in London; you might be able to hazard a guess that John-Paul Pietrus is welltravelled. I catch him on the off day when he is at home in his flat just off Portobello Road, waiting for a delivery man to arrive. “It’s so painful; you wait all day and then you have a shower and miss them,” he chatters to me, while making toast in a small kitchen off the sitting room. His one-bedroom apartment has a window that looks over the hustle and bustle of mid-week Notting Hill; vans toot their horns, people confer outside boutique shops and the occasional yuppie wanders in for a green smoothie at a local café. It is also one step away from the famed Osteria Basilico and although I’m yet to try it, Pietrus, much like everyone I have met, cheers, “Oh you have to go! It’s really good!” His strong American accent belies the fact that he has been living in London for 19 years. “I bought a round the world ticket in my twenties. I didn’t know where I wanted to live. Some places on the ticket were places I wanted to travel to and some were places I was considering living. London was the first of the living consideration stops.” Not long into his stay, he fell in love and so returned to the city after his trip around the globe ended. When his boyfriend had to return to Venezuela three years later, Pietrus felt so attached to the capital that he ended up calling it home. When he saunters through into the sitting room with his toast, I can’t help but admire the very chaotic and colourful Valentino shirt he is wearing, printed with birds, tigers and other exotic creatures – a fashion sense influenced by his travels perhaps. “I’m definitely inspired by my environment and my travel experiences and also how colours translate from culture to culture. How in the West white is innocence and purity and in China it’s actually death. The different visual languages are really interesting.” He flicks through some of his photographs on an iPad and it’s as though he is flicking from continent to continent. Images of a model on a lake in Guilin, China, flick, underneath the Eiffel Tower, flick, kissing a sphinx in Luxor – all contain a brilliantly lively and vibrant pallette of hues that make his pictures so enticing. Pietrus admits that bright colours are an important part of his shoots. “Often it’s 97 per cent colour; I very rarely shoot black and white. I really love colour. I think it’s chic but often with a sense of humour and, maybe this is the American side of me, but I really love smiles.


Even if the model is not smiling in the picture, I think people can sense optimism in my photos. My images are not usually dark or angry or moody. I want to create this fantasy world that I would love to live in where everything is really beautiful and colourful. There’s some joy, some intelligence and a little bit of a quirky humour.” After studying painting and photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design he moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career in news photography.

“I don’t just love taking photos, I also love passion, culture and beauty” Soon his eye for the impressive caught the attention of a fashion editor who suggested that he try moving into fashion. Following this advice, Pietrus unearthed a natural talent and interest for this style of photography. Balancing jobs in bars and free work on magazines, he began to build the foundations of a career; although working for others in a highly-strung fashion world had its drawbacks. “I’m quite sensitive and emotional and I just couldn’t deal with the bossing around and the tempers and stuff, I’m not really made for that.”

However, in 2009, his photography took off in one career-defining moment. “I was asked to shoot three different covers for one of the international editions of Vogue. One was with Claudia Schiffer, one was with Eva Herzigová and the other Naomi Campbell. It was for the same month and I was like: ‘Oh my God! This is so cool!’” Pietrus shrills gleefully. Since then more commercial projects and interesting personalities have been added to his CV. Lianne La Havas, Erin O’Connor, Coco Rocha, Linda Farrow, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Adidas are amongst his clients. He has also done shoots for Harper’s Bazaar, Stylist, Elle and Esquire. Cindy Crawford, one


of his favourite models from the past, bought one of his prints at a recent exhibition in Los Angeles. They worked together on a selection of ten limited-edition prints featuring Crawford and signed by both of them. The prints are priced at $1,000, with all the proceeds going to the Red Cross and its charitable work for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Two and a half years ago he also teamed up with Naomi Campbell for the Typhoon Haiyan Appeal – a project close to Pietrus’ heart. Now an established photographer in his own right, Pietrus prides himself on creating a friendly work environment, far removed from his early days of being bossed around on shoots. “I think I’m pretty relaxed and easy on set, and my teams are composed mostly of friends. The make-up artists and hairdressers are all my friends now.” His relationship with models is also on a deeper plain to that of most fashion photographers. “The whole idea of artist and muse has kind of been, not lost, but it’s taken a backseat because people are just too concerned with what’s going to make money.” Pietrus talks of models that he books again and again because he is so inspired by them, including one who lives in Slovakia now and is settled with children but who still keeps in touch, dispelling all pretences that fashion is a shallow industry. Dominating one corner of Pietrus’ sitting room is a giant bookshelf littered with fashion books but also National Geographic texts and travel guides from which Pietrus takes inspiration. “I really love National Geographic photographers. There’s one called Steve McCurry who has an incredible colour sensibility.” Although Pietrus is fully immersed in the fashion world,

it’s obvious that he is not willing to let go of his interests. “I don’t just love taking photos, I also love passion, culture and beauty and things like that. I’m not one of those photographers who likes taking pictures of sexy girls wearing sexy clothes. I want to try and get more layers in there. Where I’ve travelled, I pick up little trinkets and accessories and jewellery – maybe hats, scarfs, whatever – and I try to ask the stylist if we can incorporate those into the shoots.” His plan now is to sell his images to the discerning public. “I’m trying to promote my print sales, because I think every home should have a John-Paul Pietrus print,” he laughs. He is starting with an exhibition at Domus Nova in July, and trying to establish himself locally. Another thing on Pietrus’ to-do list, he tells me, is lining up a new agent in America. Is he planning on leaving us? “London is my home now. Although I still have a very American accent, I’ve been here longer than anywhere else in my life. I’ve been in this flat for ten years and I love it. I love my friends here and I love my life here.” I’ll take that as a no then. Follow @johnpaulpietrus on Instagram;


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Photography: Olga Bogatyrenko

imbledon is the best tennis tournament in the world. OK, so that’s a fairly big claim; but I’m not alone in thinking it. Six-time Grand Slam winner Stefan Edberg once said: “For me, and most of the other players, too, if you had to pick one of the four Grand Slams to win, you would pick Wimbledon. It’s got tradition, it’s got atmosphere and it’s got mystique.” Maybe it’s the strawberries, maybe it’s the quaint English tennis whites or maybe it’s the excitement of having to duck under cover every time it rains; you’ve got to love it. Tim Henman OBE agrees: “The Championships started in 1877 and I think the tradition of the grass courts, the white clothing, the Royal Box and all the great champions are what makes it so special.” And he would know; Henman was so much a part of this culture that the spectators’ hill is named after him. Despite retiring in 2007, the ex-tennis pro is still wearing white – an Adidas hoodie – although I’m sure the large green logo would be

considered contraband by the club. He turns 41 this year but still has the same youthful face that our TV screens are so used to seeing each July; not a grey hair in sight. He now commentates on the Wimbledon coverage for the BBC and is lucky enough to still have a house in Barnes, which he can retreat to every evening during the

“The Championships is always striving to be the best and lead from the front” Championships. “I’ve been close to Wimbledon Village for so many years,” he says. “It’s such a great spot.” It’s the bastion (in our opinion) of tennis, but, admittedly, we can’t bank on a rich heritage to keep Britain at the forefront of the game. In his rather rebellious stage during the 1980s, John McEnroe declared that: “The only thing ‘championship’ about Wimbledon is its prestige.” A particularly cutting comment for our much-loved


©AELTC/Matthias Hangst

institution, but maybe it raised a point that we should be wary of growing outdated. I ask Henman, who is on the tournament board, if he thinks Wimbledon’s history can sit hand-in-hand with modernisation. “The Championships never stands still,” he replies. “It’s always striving to be the best and lead from the front.” He lists some prime examples of improvement: the roof on Centre Court, the renovation of the Aorangi Pavilion practice area, the excavation of basement space under courts 14 and 15 and new player facilities at the top of the Millennium Building. This sets the 2015 Championships in good stead; so who will Henman be backing this year? “Djokovic is definitely the player to beat. The start that he’s had is incredible.” He adds diplomatically that one can also make a pretty good case for Murray, Federer or Nadal; but there’s no denying that Djokovic stands slightly taller than the rest. Henman picks out Heather Watson and Laura Robson in the women’s singles, although the latter has been held back by a wrist injury. And what about younger talent? “I think Kyle Edmund has made some really good strides; he’s ranked 121 in the world,” he says, adding that Liam Broady is another one to watch. “I think we need greater strength and depth. We only have these few players at the moment; it would be good to get a few more.” Life after a successful career is difficult to fill for some sports personalities. All the weeks spent playing tennis, on the road and in training are left blank. But Henman relishes the opportunity to stay put in one place at his home in Aston Tirrold, Oxford, with his wife, TV producer Lucy Heald and their three daughters. “I don’t

Photography: Olga Bogatyrenko


©AELTC/Matthias Hangst

miss being away from home for 30–35 weeks of the year. I enjoy being out in the country.” It has also given him the opportunity to work on the Tim Henman Foundation, which he launched in 2000. When I meet Henman, he is re-launching the charity and its new aims with a fundraiser at the Devas Youth Club in Battersea. “We raised a lot of money, but instead of writing a cheque and giving it to a charity, I wanted there to be a legacy and more of a journey. That’s why I’m broadening it and want to support people in education, health and welfare. There are so many kids out there from deprived backgrounds who don’t really have opportunities and we want to try and give them a chance to experience new things.” The Foundation promotes the lifestyle and positive development of children and young people through sport by working with clubs and schools across the country. Inspiring younger generations is something that Henman considers very important. “You always need

©AELTC/Matthias Hangst

role models. You come here and you see what Josie [Benson, senior youth work manager of Devas Club] has done and how she’s inspiring so many other people. On both a local and national level, you always need that in sport. Role models are vital.” Outside, school children are clamouring to see him (as are a few of the parents – I spy some particularly cheery mothers), and Henman is soon summoned to his duties. But before he leaves, he graciously smiles and holds them at bay, giving me a few extra moments for one final question. What would he tell future generations looking to him as a role model? “Dream. It’s always important to have ambitions. If you believe in yourself, it’s amazing what you can achieve. I’d say have those dreams, follow them wherever they lead, and give it your best shot.” This year’s Championships take place between 29 June–12 July

©AELTC/Chris Raphael


All in a

Golden Afternoon

As the world celebrates 150 years of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Hannah Lemon discovers how you can get into the spirit of things by enjoying themed events in Notting Hill, Holland Park and further afield

ewis Carroll’s tale of a little girl falling down a rabbit hole and into a land of talking animals, vicious rulers and animated playing cards has become a global success from its calm beginnings as a short tale to occupy three children one day in July. In his opening poem entitled All in the Golden Afternoon, Carroll, a pseudonym and Latin riddle for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, explains how the idea sprung from an afternoon spent with his friend Henry Lidell’s three daughters rowing up the Isis river. From such a small audience, now everyone seems to have heard of the story, be it through film, theatre or afternoon tea. We help you navigate and indulge in the fantasy of “wonders wild and new”, which, we find out, is not just for children.


Down the Rabbit Hole “What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversation?” This is what Alice thought as she wiled away a sunny afternoon on a river bank. If you, most rightly, agree with her, there are some superb new editions out this year. Lutyens & Rubinstein, the bookshop on Kensington Park Road, recommends The Story of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the Secret History of Wonderland by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst for grownups (£25, Chatto), which is about the creation of Wonderland and the influence it has had on global culture. Or the colourful and intricate pop-up book from Robert Sabuda, which is guaranteed to bring simple delight to adults as well as children. Flick through the pages, pull up tabs and peek around 3D trees and characters as the tale is brought to life. For a more sophisticated but arty take on the story (perfect for you Notting Hill creatives), grab a version with Dame Vivienne Westwood’s cover design, which includes Through the Looking Glass and Sir John Tenniel’s famous illustrations. You can even get a dress to match.

From top/ The Story of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the Secret History of Wonderland by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, (£25, Chatto); available from Lutyens & Rubinstein, 21 Kensington Park Road, W11 2EU Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, (£15, Vivienne Westwood); Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Robert Sabuda: Pop-up Book (£19.99, Simon & Schuster); available from Lutyens & Rubinstein, 21 Kensington Park Road, W11 2EU

Talking Tables Truly Alice Drink Me Set, £11;

Curiouser and Curiouser Carroll suffered from a rare neurological disorder that affects human perception, which can make the sufferer feel bigger or smaller than they are, cause strange hallucinations and affect the size of visual objects. It was later researched by Dr John Todd and called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, although it is also referred to as Todd’s Syndrome. In the book, Alice undergoes similar transformations, one of which happens after she follows the rather feverous mutterings of the White Rabbit to his house. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she glugs down a bottle of mysterious liquid, which results in her legs and arms poking out of the windows and doors of the house as she grows. Along Portobello Road is – not the White Rabbit’s house but Alice’s – a bright red shop full of antiques, toys and bric-a-brac; a place where you too might get stuck. It’s easy to spend a few hours trawling through the odds and ends, and there are even some storage boxes disguised as large packs of playing cards. I’m sure Carroll would have approved. Alice’s Antiques, 86 Portobello Road, W11 2QD


From left / Alice’s Adventures Underground; Jonathan Adler Jaipur arrow cushion, £185; Jonathan Adler Jaipur diamond cushion, £195;

Image courtesy of: Moleskin

Advice from a Caterpillar On her travels Alice wanders into the smoky world of the Caterpillar who religiously puffs on a hookah. Here, she tries to make sense of her drastic height changes with the help of the little pupae. The fine line between childish enjoyment and the more sinister fantasy of this world is explored to great effect in the show Alice’s Adventures Underground (the name of Carroll’s first manuscript) by the immersive theatre group Les Enfant Terribles. An audience is welcomed every 15 minutes into a maze of underground theatrical sets in the Waterloo Vaults. The play takes place after Alice has been to Wonderland but is now stuck in a looking glass, with the hope that the audience might be able to help her find her way out. The mesmerising experience sees the audience climb over boxes, books and antiques and welcomed into the fold of the Queen’s army of playing cards. Each person travels a different path depending on their suit, but be prepared to be scared by the Cheshire Cat’s headless appearance, steal a Queen’s tart, and visit the Caterpillar in a Moroccan-inspired den of shisha pipes and mirrored quilts. It is the ultimate child’s play for adults. If you are looking to take inspiration from the scene, we recommend furnishing your very own caterpillar den with some of Jonathan Adler’s psychedelic cushions. As the play will teach you: growing old doesn’t mean growing up. Alice’s Adventures Underground runs Tuesday–Sunday until 31 August;

Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Notebooks, only available in Moleskin stores


This image/ Beach Blanket Babylon Right/ Steiff Felicia Flamingo, £140;

Mad for Tea Alice in Wonderland Stamps © Royal Mail

Quirky Characters Carroll’s characters from this wacky underground world deliver some odd little riddles in a world that takes logic with a pinch (or a few handfuls) of salt. One almost ends up agreeing with Alice when she says: “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change”. Taking inspiration from the nonsensical, Moleskin have launched a limited-edition collection of notebooks that behold different quotes on the covers, including the Cheshire Cat’s affirmation that: “We’re all mad here.” Similarly, to make the most of the 150th celebrations, the Royal Mail has released stamps of our favourite characters, such as the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Knave.

The greatest scene in many eyes is the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. A large, long table with only the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse for company, Alice is faced with more ridiculous rhymes and a large spread of tea and cake. If you’re of the opinion that mealtimes should be a similarly lavish affair, head to Notting Hill for an exotically decorated spread at Beach Blanket Babylon. Marble floors, velvet chairs and golden drapes ensure that the crazy trio would be suitably jealous. Or if you are looking to create your own afternoon of frivolous fun, decorate your table with all things Alice. Cut food with cutlery in the shape of keys from Jonathan Adler; stuff your face full with red velvet cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road (a colour choice that I think would please her majesty the Queen of Hearts and those poor cards painting white roses red); and serve a selection of tea from Whittard of Chelsea, which has launched a themed tea set just for the occasion with chocolate, biscuits and a tea chest to boot. For any additional quirky touches for a kid’s tea party, why not drop by Honeyjam on Blenheim Crescent for a selection of joke surprises or purchase a few cuddly toys from Steiff at Harrods for an array of suitably appropriate teatime companions. Sadly, they don’t share the Dormouse’s ability to talk, but that is to be expected, and might also be a good thing – Carroll’s novels were banned in China in 1931 for the very reason that “animals should not use human language”. Beach Blanket Babylon, 45 Ledbury Road, W11 2AA; From left / Limited edition Alice in Wonderland tea set from Whittard of Chelsea, 182 Portobello Road, W11 2EB; Jonathan Adler Keytlery £336 (24 piece set); Jonathan Adler, 287-289 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA;



The Queen’s Croquet There would be no proper celebration without the Queen of Hearts and her absurd love for flamingo croquet. The unusual game, involving the use of a flamingo mallet to hit a hedgehog ball, has inspired many designs, not least Kate Spade’s vibrant pink, feathered collection. Chelsea in Bloom saw the Kate Spade team decorate the local boutique with two giant flamingos and a grinning Cheshire Cat, as well as launch a themed dinner party. Don’t worry if you weren’t invited; with a matching top, bikini and necklace available to buy, you needn’t feel too left out.

Clockwise from left / Bird’s world mini pendant, £70; Madison Ave. Strut your stuff flamingo feather, £385; Bird’s world ring, £88; Playa Flamingo, £150; Take a walk on the wild side Flamingo jumper, £225

Kate Spade, 2 Symons Street, SW3 2TJ;

What a Wonderful Dream If you are struggling to tear yourself away from your journey through Wonderland, much like Alice when she wakes up to find it all a dream, there are still more ways to continue treading the path into the weird and wonderful. The V&A Museum of Childhood exhibition The Alice Look is running until 1 November showcasing Alice’s evolution from follower-of-fashion to trend-setter through clothes, art and antiques collected over the last 150 years. If you would like something closer to home, Investec Opera Holland Park is bringing back an opera adaptation of Alice’s adventures for all to see from 16 July to 1 August. With all this madness it won’t be long before you turn a little bit bonkers; but I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.

Opera Holland Park 2014 © Alex Brenner


Above, from top / Poster advertising ladies boots manufactured by T Elliot & Sons, incorporating a pastiche of designs by Aubrey Beardsley Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll with illustrations by Sir John Tenniel


BAS_AZ_Mayfair _UK_210x297_300.indd 1







20.04.15 14:42

For retail enquiries call 020 7225 5203

55 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW3 1DP

b a s l e r- f a s h i o n . c o m


Conscientious Shopping Explore an array of stunning pieces whilst supporting sustainable projects all over the world. Ethical Collection was launched in May 2015 by local Giovanna Eastwood, and offers an online platform for designers who combine beautiful pieces whilst protecting the environment. Inspired by her mother’s NGO work in Brazil, Giovanna decided to use her fashion expertise to bring stunning fair-trade pieces from as far afield as Laos and Kolkata to the UK. From striking beachwear by Aspiga to beautifully handcrafted accessories by Cuero & Mør, you can enjoy a guilt-free shopping spree from a range of carefully selected, unique pieces.

Above/ Natural leather shopper bag, £272, and clutch, £82, both from Cuero Mør


Illustration: Mai Osawa

notting hill

& holland park

Clockwise from left/ Shade Triangle, 2012, by Yukako Shibata; Reciprocal II, 2014, by Kazuya Tsuji; Beyond II, 2015, by Yukako Shibata; Glow, 2014, by Yukako Shibata; FeI, 2014, Kazuya Tsuji

Two Truths Embark on a creative journey to explore six Japanese artists’ interpretation of the ancient two truths doctrine of Buddhist philosophy in a range of sculptures, paintings and photographs. This collaborative exhibition seeks to understand how our modern culture might affect the creative relationship to the ‘ultimate truth’ and comments on how artists search for their own version of it. Featuring the visually powerful work of three seasoned London-based artists and three fresh-faced Japanese graduates, this exhibition offers a vibrant dialogue of heritage and contemporary influences, executed with skill and tangible thought. Two Truths, 28 May–11 July; Griffin Gallery, 21 Evesham Street, W11 4AJ

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One Tall Tale This story starts with three sisters living in Notting Hill. Elsie, the oldest, is a fashion set designer. Cicely, the middle child, is an Ottolenghi-trained chef. Christabel, the youngest, is an event planner. Together they have created The Story Tellers Tall Tale, a unique world of delicious food and creative fun. Their latest venture was a secret garden party off Monmouth Road, which was decorated with mismatched Elsie and Cicely bottles, cutlery, tealights and trinkets, as if straight out of a Grimm fairytale. Guests were served succulent miso and turmericmarinated chicken with garlicky green beans, and hazelnut meringue with golden blueberries. Yes, golden. Follow them on twitter to keep up to date about future events or why not hire the troupe for a magical private party. @storytellers53 on Instagram and Twitter Email: to reserve tickets for future events

Best Foot Forward Sign up now for WestRun London, a brand new 10k flat run starting next to Eel Brook Common, where runners aged 17 and above can enjoy a route of traffic-free streets throughout West London. Participants can leave footprints along some of London’s most iconic streets such as the New King’s Road, Parson’s Green and Fulham Broadway. It’s the perfect way to spend an autumnal Sunday and gives runners something to aim for over the summer. There’s even a one-mile family fun run for budding athletes aged four and above. It’s not just for expert racers; WestRun London is a community festival for everyone. 4 October, WestRun London

Roll Up for Pasta Perfection Spend an evening refining one of the most delicate staples in Italian cooking. Carluccio’s is offering a pasta-making class at their Westbourne Grove restaurant where culinary enthusiasts can learn how to make the perfect pasta. Guests will be taught how to make dough and ravioli filling, to roll and cook the pasta, as well as to master the perfect sauce. Everyone will celebrate their gastronomic exploits with a well-earned glass of wine to accompany their creation. 24 July, 6–8.30pm, Chepstow Corner, 108 Westbourne Grove, Greater London, W2 5RU

covering holland park, notting hill and the surrounding area


Drawing Days Eat, drink and be creative with a bi-weekly life drawing session at The Elgin. Tutor Jonathan Ellis welcomes artists of all abilities to come and try something new in a relaxed environment, offering one-to-one feedback so everyone can enjoy a tailored learning experience. All materials are provided so all you need to bring is a splash of enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment. Each session has a different theme and educates guests in traditional draughtsmanship techniques, and covers a range of different drawing styles. Whether you’re a well-seasoned artist or simply exploring new horizons, book a place in one of Jonathan’s classes and see what you can learn. Life Drawing, Every other Tuesday from 9 June, 7–9pm, £12 The Elgin, 96 Ladbroke Grove, W11 1PY

Photography: Jonathan Ellis

Exotic Bites

Come Hell or High Water

Add a little flare to your picnic basket this summer with a few packets of Chika’s handmade snacks. Based in Notting Hill, Chika Russell stepped away from the world of banking to create a range of delicious nibbles inspired by her roots in West Africa. Her ingredients are sourced from African farmers and are produced locally using traditional methods to give these tasty treats a rich flavour. Toasted nuts, unpopped corn and crisps made from plantain, sweet potato or chickpeas; Chicka’s offers a colourful accompaniment to the usual cocktail sausages and quiche and can be found in the aisles of Whole Foods Market on High Street Kensington.

Following on from her hit novel Notting Hell chronicling the lives of fictional Notting Hill residents, Rachel Johnson is launching the third book in her trilogy Fresh Hell (after Notting Hell and Shire Hell). The novel returns to the area, and adultery and shenanigans around private garden squares abound. The central plot involves subterranean basement digging, an issue that has occupied Rachel since a mature tree in her garden square collapsed earlier this year without prior warning. This pocket-sized, fizzy book makes great beach reading. Fresh Hell by Rachel Johnson, published by Penguin, paperback and eBook on 18 June; £7.99 Left / Rachel Johnson, Photography: Angus Muir

Medieval Musings Spend an evening in the 14th century at The Idler Academy’s Medieval Supper Club. Taste Italy’s rich history with an array of medieval recipes and authentic aperitifs in The Idler’s walled garden, prepared by Italian chef Frederico Gangemi di Quintogusto. His mouth-watering menu will complement readings of love, lust and scandal from Boccaccio’s The Decameron, as well as live music by Christopher Goodwin, Chairman of the Lute Society. Guests will be wined and dined in true medieval aristocratic style, so dress the part and revel in historical merriment with fine food, entertainment and conversation. Medieval Supper Club: 15 July, 7.30–9.30pm, £45 The Idler Academy, 81 Westbourne Park Road, W2 5QH

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All in a Good Cause The Courtfield Gardens Summer Party is back! Now in its eleventh year, with thanks to the generous support of Knight Frank, the fundraiser offers an evening of entertainment with live music, food stalls, drinks and a lively auction run by Nick Carter from Channel 4’s Auction House. All profits raised will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust Fund Pluto Appeal, which has been instrumental in establishing the first dedicated paediatric robotic surgical unit in the UK. This state-of-the-art equipment enables specialist paediatric surgeons in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital to perform intricate surgery on babies and children with enhanced precision and improved recovery times. For those not feeling too tender the next day there is also the St Mary The Boltons Church Summer Fair, also sponsored by Knight Frank, which raises funds for a selection of local and international charities. This fun day out for families will include outdoor activities for kids and a BBQ with Pimm’s for the grown-ups. Don’t miss out. 19 June, 7–11pm, Courtfield Gardens (West) Summer Garden Party, SW5 Online tickets £10;; 20 June, 12.30–4.30pm, The St Marys Boltons Church Summer Fair, SW10

Fit for Royalty Her Serene Highness, Princess Katalin zu Windischgraetz from Austria, has moved from a well-established career in fashion to create a line of bespoke pet furniture for those with a keen eye for interior design and a love of their dogs. Her latest collection, entitled Canis Optimatium, expands the range from beds, sofas and toy boxes to include elegant quilted carriers as well as soft blankets. This luxury range of products starts from £949, offering a sleek solution that allows for both comfort and contemporary style.

Clockwise from top left/ Staff at The Chelsea Children’s Hospital Open Day 2015; Princess Marina Lobanov Rostovsky CHTF trustee, the Mayor, Laurence Lai from Knight Frank and the Mayor’s wife

Take the Prize This summer budding artists of all ages and mediums are invited to enter their work for the Lacey Contemporary Gallery’s 2015 Summer Arts Prize. Every entry will be promoted on their online catalogue, and approximately 50 pieces with be selected for their Finalists’ Exhibition, which will be on show at the gallery for two weeks in August. The prizes are tempting, with Connect2Colour offering £1,000 to the winner alongside other runners-up prizes from supporting companies Moo, Be Smart About Arts and Great Art. The judges will be looking out for pieces brimming with creativity as well as strong technique and style. The deadline is at the end of July, so pick your weapon of choice and get your work seen! Summer Arts Prize 2015, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, 8 Clarendon Cross, W11 4AP Deadline for submissions: Midnight, 19 July 2015 Submission fees: £15 for one, £25 for up to three submissions

Painting in the Park The vibrant InTRANSIT Festival marks its ninth return to Kensington and Chelsea this June, offering a programme brimming with theatre, dance, art and music pieces to enjoy. Why not pick up your old paintbrushes and sign up to the Pop-Up Art School in Powis Square? Discover a wide variety of skills with a different artist leading each workshop, all under the walls of the Art|House, a temporary classroom constructed from 4000 milk crates. These free, hands-on workshops are led by practising artists from 2pm each day, with an early evening viewing of the day’s work and free drinks in this stunning corner of Notting Hill. Copies of the festival programme are available at Kensington and Chelsea libraries, town halls, and local arts venues, including the Tabernacle and Chelsea Theatre. 2pm, 19–28 June, Pop-Up Art School, InTRANSIT Festival Powis Square, London W11 2AZ

Above/ A graphic of the Art|House classroom; Art|House designer Jo Hagan and his team at Use Architects

covering holland park, notting hill and the surrounding area


Natural Progression Native & Co is bringing the pure and simple designs of Japan and Taiwan to the homes of Notting Hill in a characteristically understated fashion. Ella Harris investigates


People say not to mix business with pleasure. They also say that there’s an exception to every rule. The couple behind independent homeware shop Native & Co falls into the latter. Sharon Jo-Yun Hung and Chris Yoshiro Green met while studying a foundation course at the Chelsea College of Art. “We were never looking to work together but we fell into this job after graduating,” explains Chris in calm, quiet tones. “It was very much Sharon’s idea because her family comes from a business background in Taiwan and she always wanted to run a shop.” They started with a public launch at the designjunction last year and have since opened their store on Kensington Park Road, where I meet Chris. To point out the obvious, the store is minimalist. Cups, bowls and baskets, in shades of natural beige and browns, are displayed in neat rows against clean, white walls. “The materials are honest. For example, we don’t want to use light wood and then stain it. We feel we should celebrate the materials as they are.” And that goes for all the products. A brass tape dispenser would normally be coated in a lacquer in any other shop but Native & Co want to embrace its natural state. Chris explains that products are not aiming to be big, novelty features for a home; he expects customers to buy things that blend with the interiors they already have. I admire the layout of the new shop and comment on the wooden tiles and the neat table and chairs, all of which are available to order. I ask if their home in Earl’s Court is equally pristine, but, surprisingly, Chris replies, “It’s quite messy at the moment. We were asked by Stylist to do a shoot at home but we had to say no!” Everything is sourced from independent manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan, minus a few exceptions from Scandinavia and Britain. “We work with very specialist suppliers who are particularly experienced in one craft. A lot of the Japanese suppliers we work with have a rich history; some of them are more than 200 years old.” For example, Makoto Koizumi, who designs cast

iron kettles for Native & Co, is renowned for his traditional craftsmanship that dates back over four centuries. “It’s a trend that is happening quite a lot at the moment,” explains Chris. “Many established companies that are failing financially are being rescued by contemporary brands.” I can see why: the finish of all the products is sublime. I ask if this interest in cultural heritage was inspired by his Japanese mother. “I guess so. She owns lots of very traditional, black lacquer wear. We try not to be too stereotypical. We try to go for the essence of tradition but designed in a younger way.” Why did he choose Notting Hill for the brand? “It’s useful when we talk to our suppliers in Japan, as they know the area from the film,” Chris smiles wanly. Rumour has it, he tells me, that the fence across the road from the shop is the same one Hugh Grant tried to climb over in the movie. “We’ve seen Richard Curtis go by a few times,” says Chris. But that’s not the real reason they chose Notting Hill, he admits. “lt is an area that is quite reserved and subtle and there is an appreciation for good craft.” It’s as simple as that. Native & Co, 116 Kensington Park Road, W11 2PW;


Suppliers of quality bespoke doors and ironmongery to some of the UK’s finest homes. Showrooms: Esher, Surrey & Chelsea Harbour 01932 851 081 or 0207 376 7000


ART ANTIQUES BY Rebecca Wallersteiner

Blithe Spirit Sheree Valentine Daines’s modern Impressionist-style seascapes and country scenes are a unique blend of acutely-observed detail and captivating light effects. As a result she has acquired collectors around the world. Her new exhibition at The Whitewall Gallery from 20 June captures the essence of a British summer’s day – the races at Ascot, the Henley Regatta, cricket on the lawn and children playing on shimmering sandy beaches dressed in white. “Sometimes when I’m strolling around Ascot my eye is suddenly caught by a perfect tableau, a scene that looks as if it has been set for me personally,” says Daines, who admits to “a passion for painting en plein air”. The artist’s exquisite paintings have been shown at prestigious venues including The Tate Gallery, The Barbican and The New Arts Club. She is collected by the Royal Family and former Prime Minister John Major.

Above, from left/ On the jetty; Royal Ascot ladies day

Lasting Impression; 25 June–9 July Whitewall Galleries, 100 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RU

with Art Dealer Robin Silverman of Silverman Antiques Q. How long has your family been dealing in silverware and antiques? A. Silverman Antiques Ltd, our family business was established over 80 years ago by my grandfather, Barnet Silverman and is focused on only the highest quality silverware. I manage the business today with Bill Brackenbury, my business partner and husband to my cousin Gill, Barnet’s granddaughter. Q What has Silverman chosen to spotlight this July? A. A superb continental ornamental, solid silver galleon, known as a nef, bearing English sterling silver hallmarks for London (1929), which was specially made for the dinner table. Nefs are usually elaborate naïve models of tall ships with masts, multi-section sails, crows-nests, rigging and various figures on board. Above/ Edwardian silver nef, £4,800

Q What is the ethos of your business? A. Over the past 80 years of business our ethos has been to share our passion for outstanding antique silverware and objets d’art with clients and help them build collections. We travel widely to source the finest examples that I would personally like to own, use and display in my own home.

Q Does Silverman have a large range of clients? A Silverman has acquired a worldwide reputation for selling the highest quality silverware. Our stock regularly changes and our clients include collectors and institutions.

Q. You are displaying several sets of cutlery in your shop, is this something of a speciality? A. For many years we have been well known for our silver cutlery, also known as flatware. There is nothing like eating with good silverware and it is the only item that your guests will actually handle – it says a lot about you. Good antique silver cutlery often costs less money than its new factory-made equivalent. Silverman Antiques, 109 Kensington Church Street, W8 7LN




Celebrating Crafts

Punchy Portraits At The Tabernacle, Powis Square, from 7 July, Paint C Out is a charity exhibition of paintings by mother and daughter duo Sarah and Sophia Mendoza. Sarah has survived breast cancer and wishes to help others cope with the big C. “During my time dealing with breast cancer I found art as an outlet, but there was no support for my daughters,” she says. She therefore aims to create a West London community project providing support and a meeting area for people with cancer and their families. Simple, yet bold in execution, Sarah’s portraits strip away the noise of celebrity to capture the essence of people. Sophia is an avid autograph collector and many of her mother’s striking and observant portraits of celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Richard E Grant and Al Pacino, have been signed by the stars themselves. Paint C Out, 7–18 July, The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, Notting Hill, W11 2AY

Specialising in exquisite handmade ceramics, the Flow Gallery in Notting Hill, founded by Yvonna Demczynska in 1999, shows some of the most exciting craftspeople working today. One of these is Astrid Keller, a contemporary jeweller and metal-smith. From 16 July, the gallery will present a solo exhibition of stunning hand-made objects by Keller including vases, jugs, bowls, pots and jewellery. “The artist’s work uses a subtle monochromatic palette to explore the relationship between objects; how they combine, evolve and interact. She combines the archaic with innovative techniques giving her objects a sense of fragility,” explains Demczynska. For this exhibition Keller will showcase new work – A Bouquet of Brooches – 50 metal brooches, decorated with an animal motif will be contained within a vessel. Astrid Keller, Flow Gallery, 1-5 Needham Road, W11 2RP

From top: Angelina Jolie; Leonardo DiCaprio signed by the actor; Al Pacino signed by the actor

The Magic of Gold Celebrate the beauty of gold at Pippa Small on Westbourne Grove. Her artist sister, Alexandra Small Simondetti has created an exquisite Tree of Life series made with oil paint and gold leaf on wooden panels. The artist creates her pictures using different leaves delicately burnished with gold. Her inspirations include the intricate details of Persian art, 17th century Rajasthani miniature paintings, Turkish ceramic tiles and Byzantine mosaics. Exotic birds, butterflies and magnolia flowers abound in Alexandra’s sensuous, shimmering art evoking the magical atmosphere of A Thousand and One Nights – but with a contemporary twist. Framing Alexandra’s pictures is optional as the sides of her panels are decorated. She is available for commissions. Tree of Life Series by Alexandra Small Simondetti, 7 May-31 August Pippa Small, 201 Westbourne Grove, W11 2SB; Opposite: Tree of Life by Alexandra Small Simondetti



the best floorshow in town! STAND D61 the best floorshow in town! the best floorshow inSTAND town! D61 STAND D61

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2b Chepstow Road, Notting Hill, London W2 5BH

NOTTING Email: NOTTINGHILL HILLTel. +44 (0)20 7221 1260 NOTTING HILL 2b Chepstow Road, Notting Hill, London W2 5BH 2 Chepstow Road,Notting NottingHill, Hill,London LondonW2 W2 5BH 5BH 2bb Chepstow Road, Email: Tel. +44 (0)20 7221 1260 Email: Tel. +44 (0)20 7221 1260 Capitol Carpets fp.indd 1 04/09/2014


Julia Vance’s HOLD in Holland Park

ART From left/ tid (marble); VI (bronze); WE-ME (granite)

The Language of Sculpture Norwegian sculptor and contemporary artist Julia Vance explores the power of words through her latest installation in Holland Park. Elizabeth Finney reports Julia Vance

Against the soft leafy backdrop of Napoleon Garden in Holland Park, Julia Vance’s white Carrara marble sculpture, HOLD, asserts a notion of solemn permanence, and the shadows cast by the surrounding trees complement its dappled surface. Completed in 2013 and originally exhibited in front of the Norwegian Parliament, Vance’s work certainly suits its newest surroundings. Vance’s artistic oeuvre is creating “sculpturally minimalistic poetry” out of letters and words. Through her sculptures, she creates a soothing place to pause, to feel the innate meaning of words free from the superfluous and often arbitrary way they are bandied around in everyday speech. Vance says calmly: “We are surrounded by so much information and overstimulation. I seek to take away all the excess, all the too muchness, and narrow it down to basic words which may even seem simple.” Her masterpiece HOLD is made up of the sweeping curvatures of the letters H, L and D; you can curl up inside the sculpture’s cavity and give it tangible meaning by becoming the missing letter O. You are held by the marble and by the sculpture

Having started her creative journey in calligraphy, an intense understanding of the visual form of language is crucial for Vance, and she successfully lifts the written word off the page to carve it into reality and volume. Her work is both interactive and onomatopoetic, encouraging her audience to question the true definition of words. “Usually we think of words written on a flat surface, but I found myself wanting to make the word touchable. I was curious at looking under, behind and through these figures we call letters.” HOLD, like many of Vance’s other sculptures, was made in Studio Sem, where she has worked sporadically over the last nine years. Situated in Pietrasanta at the base of the marble mountains of Tuscany, the studio has accommodated renowned sculptors such as Henry Moore and Damien Hirst, making it a powerhouse of modern sculpture. Smiling pensively, Vance says, “I think it’s interesting that marble is a classical material but it can be worked in a contemporary way.” For Vance, being humble in her work is key.“I’ve worked over 20 years with stone. It is a slow material, receptive and definite, and you need to mature with it. I really need to know how to push stone and also other materials to their limits.” From utilising materials for expression, such as glass to illustrate a lack of physical place in SPACE or silver for the exquisite love-die, Vance has taken her drive for layers and depth further, by focusing on the unseen inside of her sculptures rather than their outward



appearance. A piece currently on show in Tuscany, entitled HER(E), features two hand-sized holes in a block of alabaster, which viewers are encouraged to interlock their fingers through and literally read the sculpture with their hands. Part of the magic of her work is that no matter what theme and word she’s working with, you don’t need to be able to read it to understand the meaning. “I materialise a thought. My sculptures are a thought in 3D to encourage reflection on two levels; on form and content and the relation between them.” Her fascination with words is intriguing, and she adds enthusiastically: “It is enriching to work with form and volume alongside language, speaking to both the eye, the hand and the mind.” HOLD means the same in two of Vance’s three fluent languages, Norwegian and English, making it one of her most significant and personal installations. Vance talks of growing up bilingually and constantly switching between languages. “You don’t need a passport to talk different languages,” she says, adding “language is a freedom.” Expressing an appreciation for the London environment and a connection with the sculptural tradition of England, Vance says, “I admire that London has so many fantastically large parks. They become an enlargement of people’s living room, a place to meet and to be.” Aside from her work in Italy and Norway, Vance speaks on a panel debate in London about Scandinavian artists, and will run several workshops with local schools in the autumn. This is the fourth year of a collaboration between the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Royal British Society of Sculptors celebrating the work of female sculptors. HOLD was unveiled in the Napoleon Gardens, Holland Park, on 20 May, where it will remain until 2 November, after which Vance hopes to find it a permanent home in England. The sculpture HOLD is in the Napoleon Garden, Holland Park Clockwise from top/ HOLD with person inside; Julia Vance carving in Studio Sem; WE-ME (steel); Vance carving inside HOLD All rights to photos: Julia Vance




0777 338 3530 0207 209 4442


Roll Camera He may not be James Bond but Eddie Redmayne is just as suave and sophisticated; so is the opinion of Swiss watch brand Omega, which has cast the Oscar-winning actor in the role of international ambassador. Redmayne, unsurprisingly, looks effortlessly stylish in the new campaign, pictured in a navy overcoat and holding a vintage camera, with the Omega Constellation Globemaster (unveiled at this year’s Baselworld) on his wrist. Having sported an Omega himself for many years, Redmayne seemed the obvious choice for its president Stephen Urquhart: “He brings true elegance and integrity, and is incredibly humble about his success – something that sits perfectly with the Omega spirit.” Joining the likes of George Clooney and Nicole Kidman who have previously been brand representatives, the actor is in very good company. Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer, £4,785;




Knight time A mind-blowing display of miniaturisation from Roger Dubuis sees the Knights of the Round Table cast in bronze and reduced to the height of drawing pins. The legendary figures form the focal point of the brand’s second Excalibur Knights of the Round Table timepiece. Positioned around a black jade dial, their swords replacing traditional hourmarkers, each knight stands 6.5mm tall and is completely unique. Proving that the mechanics underneath matches the artistry above, each of the 172 components that make up the watch’s movement is stamped with the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, the industry’s highest seal of approval. Knights of the Round Table II, £205,600,

Blue Steel Vacheron Constantin has updated its elegant leisure watch line with the introduction of two Overseas models. Both new references feature a deep blue dial and are delivered with two dark blue straps: one in vulcanised rubber, the other in alligator leather. The self-winding caliber of the Overseas Dual Time drives a dual-time display with day/ night indication and power-reserve indicator. Water-resistant to 150 metres, both it, and the pared-back Overseas Simple Date, are designed with the active life in mind. Overseas Simple Date, £9,550 Overseas Dual Time, £13,550

One to Watch Each month we select our timepiece of the moment from the watch world’s most exciting creations:

The 1950s-inspired Breitling Transocean Chronograph oozes vintage cool and the less-is-more philosophy really adds charm to the piece. We particularly like the leather strap option, which makes it into a great summer all-rounder Transocean Chronograph, £5,970, Breitling,


On the Ball Following collaborations with DJ-supremo David Guetta and fashion it-girl Cara Delevingne, the latest megastar to lend his name to TAG Heuer is Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Part of TAG’s attempt to connect with a younger audience, the quartz-powered watch features a bold colour scheme and is available for £1,200. For that you get a chronograph that is accurate to a tenth of a second and water-resistant to 200m. The Formula 1 CR7 is available for the first month of sale online only on The Watch Gallery website. Formula 1 CR7, £1,200, TAG Heuer

One Man



Ahead of the 2015 World Championships in Athletics, Annabel Harrison meets Hublot ambassador Usain Bolt; despite being phenomenally gifted and increasingly dedicated to the pursuit of sporting perfection, the world’s fastest man comes across as a normal 20-something (well, almost)

s I approach Hublot’s boutique, the only hint that something is afoot is a jittery photographer outside. Inside, a small group of us wait in the air-conditioned timepiece treasure trove, between displays of the Big Bang watches and ‘H’ branded cupcakes (iced in green and yellow; a nod to their approaching guest’s Jamaican roots). When the man himself arrives, he strolls in quietly, with no fanfare or fuss. He’s clearly used to the media circuit now but it must have been strange for this man, as his sporting star ascended, to get used to being in front of eager groups of inquisitive journalists, all wanting to have a moment of time with Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. Now this superlative accolade interests me. There are very few sports today in which there is one competitor who is indisputably pre-eminent, in terms of both achievements and consistency. Take tennis, for example. Roger Federer has won 17 Grand Slam singles titles but despite being the most successful male tennis player in the world, on paper, other top players are getting ever closer to his victory tally; Rafael Nadal, for example, has won 14 Grand Slams. Usain Bolt, on the other hand, is one-of-a-kind in the discipline of track sprinting. He is, literally and statistically, head and shoulders above the rest and with race times that none can dispute or, at present, overtake. He is the first man to hold both the 100m and 200m world records (since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977). Along with his teammates, he also set the world record in the 4×100m relay. He is the reigning Olympic champion in these three events, the first man to win six Olympic gold medals in sprinting, and an eight-time World champion. He was the first to achieve a ‘double double’ by winning 100m

and 200m titles at consecutive Olympics (2008 and 2012) and topped this all through the first ‘double triple’ (including the 4×100m relays). These are the kind of achievements that could make some people unbearably self-satisfied; or prepared to rest on their laurels and sit back as the world marvels. Usain exhibits no such behaviour: despite being an ambassador for Hublot, associated with big watches and big ideas, he is dressed in an understated fashion; black trousers and trainers, burgundy shirt, no jewellery and, of course, a black Hublot watch (it’s a Big Bang Unico All Black). After an hour in his company, I am seriously impressed. His self-belief is staggering – “I am gifted. I have proven that. I have set the standard [in track and field]” – but he repeats again and again that this goes hand-in-hand with natural aptitude and hard work. “I started out with talent, and then the work came.

Is there a limit to how fast the 100m can be run? “Right now there is room for improvement!” My coach told me that everyone on the circuit has talent. You have to work the hardest to become the greatest.” He’s not particularly complacent either, coming across as hungry to better his own records. “There is always room for improvement; what can I do to make myself better?” It is his coach who is responsible for answering this question. “He analyses the races, and figures out where we need to improve and what we need to do. It’s really technical. Sometimes you work so hard in one thing and it takes forever to get it right but the key thing is to be consistent and to practise and practise nurturing these things so when you get on the track, it happens automatically.” He’s funny when he’s not talking about serious training matters, though; he makes the whole room laugh when he admits that although he’s getting to that age where he should try to eat properly, “I’m a really bad example because I just eat what I want!” This admission is immediately followed by “but it’s always key to get the right food in so you can get the energy you need”. I think this postscript is for the


This page / Photography: Fred Merz

benefit of the 11-year-old Usain fan among us, who is a sprinter herself and hopes to represent the UK in Rio. Indeed, something Usain says not once but twice, when talking about his influence on kids, is the simple, heartfelt “I live to inspire”; this man may seem like a ready-made soundbite machine but somehow when you hear him say it, it sounds genuine. “When I was growing up, I looked up to Michael Johnson and all these guys, so for me to inspire kids, it feels good. These things motivate me and are fun.” When it comes to his relationship with brands – he’s affiliated with big guns such as Puma, Gatorade, Virgin Media, Nissan and, of course, Hublot – he is either very smart or very well-trained. I suspect it’s a bit of both but am nonetheless impressed by his answer about his relationship with the watch company. “Hublot approached me and said they would like me to be an ambassador, so I was, like, ‘alright, cool’ and I checked it out. I was never initially a watch fan… [but] I’m really into it now. I’ve been to the factory, and all the technical things they do by hand are ridiculous… Watchmaking is

hard! It’s like me training and then I go on the track and I run and I see the finished product; that’s how I feel when I see these watches, because I’ve seen what they’ve gone through to get to that stage. This brand is on a different level. It’s all about the quality.” This is why he likes Hublot. It’s a word he uses to describe himself too – “my brand is about quality, and high standards” – and the homepage of his website declares, in big capital letters, his brand message: WORLD’S FASTEST MAN. This is set over four images of Usain, dressed sharply in a grey suit but throwing some shapes, which just about sums up how he comes across in person. He’s composed and mature, patiently and thoroughly answering questions he’s certain to have been asked a hundred of times before, but his speech is still peppered with youth-speak like ‘awesome’, ‘whatever’ and IG [Instagram]. You can (almost) believe he’s a normal 28-year-old guy who loves PlayStation, has a crush on Rihanna and supports Manchester United. In terms of passions, “I used to be really into


cars when I was younger” but now “it’s just shirts, more shirts and videogames”. What I am most interested to know is how he stays as relaxed as he seems now as when he’s competing. “In 2002, at the World Junior Championships in Jamaica, it was the most nervous I’d ever been in my life. I think that was a stepping stone for me; after that, I told myself there’s no reason I should be nervous again, if I can win in front of my home crowd… The pressure used to bother me but over time, I’ve learnt that people want me to run fast, to win and to continue doing great, which is the same thing I want.” He’s not in the slightest bit superstitious – “Yohan Blake doesn’t change his gear through the whole championship and I’m, like, ‘I don’t get it? Why?!’ If you’re confident in your talent, there’s no reason to be superstitious about anything” – and he is a natural entertainer. “When I go to a different country, I think about what people like there, so I can make it fun for the crowd. I live for the crowd; it’s what makes me enjoy performing and going out there and going fast.” Is there a human limit to how fast the 100m can be run? “Maybe one day. Right now there is room for improvement!” Everyone laughs; Usain has charmed us all. “I just want to keep setting goals for myself and keep breaking those goals”, he continues, more serious now. “I want to go for sub-19 [seconds in the 200m]; that’s going to be one of toughest goals but I want to get it done before I retire. I also want defend my titles again in Rio – for me that’ll put me on a different level, because no one has ever [won gold in the 100m and 200m in three consecutive Olympics] before. “People talk about Muhammad Ali and Pelé and Maradona. I want to be in that group when I retire. When people are talking about sport in general, my name should be mentioned. I want people to say ‘Usain Bolt was one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the track’. That’s what I want and that’s what I’m going to go for. If you want something in life you’ve got to work for it.” With his track record to date (pardon the pun), I have no doubt that the name Usain Bolt is going to have its place in the record books for centuries to come, and deservedly so.

TEN YEARS OF hublot’s BIG BANG Usain Bolt launched the Big Bang Unico All Black model last year and this year the brand is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its iconic watch collection with three new models and a series of 16 ‘Manufacture’ photographs, each representing a key stage in the design of a Big Bang watch. In 2005 Jean-Claude Biver, now President of Hublot and President of the Watch Division of LVMH, presented to the industry and watch fans worldwide the Big Bang Gold Ceramic. He was inspired by an idea which is central to the art of fusion, a concept championed by Hublot: the combining of objects and materials that never appear together under normal conditions. With 70 components, the Big Bang is larger than life, both in size and in ambition.

With thanks to Hublot




Taking the Reins

Viva Forever Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe was Georg Jensen’s most iconic female muse, responsible for creating the Danish silversmith’s famous watch design, the Vivianna bangle, in 1967. To this day, her spirit continues to live on in the house’s creations and a case in point is the S/S15 Vivianna Dew Drop collection. Paying tribute to Torun’s love of natural forms, the contemporary range incorporates organic materials – including gold, blue topaz, prasiolite, rock crystal and pure silver – into its sculptural pendants. Innovative and free-spirited, we feel sure that this is a collection of which Torun would have been proud. Vivianna Dew Drop collection, from £250;

The Zara Phillips Collection by Calleija, available in The Royal Arcade store, Old Bond Street;

A Life of Its Own

Cutting Edge 28 year-old designer Eugenie Niarchos may have only created two collections for her fine jewellery label Venyx thus far but these have been so well-received that she has chosen to update them. For Theiya, the jeweller’s second range which speaks to her love of all things sci-fi, Niarchos has continued the galactic theme:

“I am very inspired by mythology and Theiya is the mythological Mother of Light. I love the magical feel of dusk and dawn so I wanted to create pieces based on their beauty, as well as other natural visual phenomena. The stunning colours of the auroras, the effects of lightning and a falling meteorite” – Eugenie Niarchos

British royal equestrian Zara Phillips’ passion for both horses and jewellery has been harnessed in a new collection with internationally renowned jeweller Calleija. Together they have created Unbridled Elegance, following a meeting in 2013 at the Magic Millions Horse Racing Carnival in Australia, which Zara attended in her role as Ambassador of Racing Women Australia, sporting a dazzling array of Calleija jewels (the brand was the event’s official jeweller). The range currently comprises the Coronet and Saddle Suites, both of which pay tribute to Zara’s horsemanship skills and Calleija’s passion for beautifully shaped jewellery and the world’s finest gemstones.

Venyx, available at

There are few jewellers that can compare with Fabergé when it comes to the company’s rich history. Shrouded in mystery, intrigue and romance, the story of founder Peter Carl Fabergé’s royal patronage to the Russian Tsars in the 19th century has fascinated historians for more than a century. And now, this story has been retold in an awardwinning documentary, Fabergé: A Life of Its Own, which can be seen on London cinema screens from 29 June for a short time only. Cinema listings and tickets available at




Taking the Reins

Viva Forever Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe was Georg Jensen’s most iconic female muse, responsible for creating the Danish silversmith’s famous watch design, the Vivianna bangle, in 1967. To this day, her spirit continues to live on in the house’s creations and a case in point is the S/S15 Vivianna Dew Drop collection. Paying tribute to Torun’s love of natural forms, the contemporary range incorporates organic materials – including gold, blue topaz, prasiolite, rock crystal and pure silver – into its sculptural pendants. Innovative and free-spirited, we feel sure that this is a collection of which Torun would have been proud. Vivianna Dew Drop collection, from £250;

The Zara Phillips Collection by Calleija, available in The Royal Arcade store, Old Bond Street;

A Life of Its Own

Cutting Edge 28 year-old designer Eugenie Niarchos may have only created two collections for her fine jewellery label Venyx thus far but these have been so well-received that she has chosen to update them. For Theiya, the jeweller’s second range which speaks to her love of all things sci-fi, Niarchos has continued the galactic theme:

“I am very inspired by mythology and Theiya is the mythological Mother of Light. I love the magical feel of dusk and dawn so I wanted to create pieces based on their beauty, as well as other natural visual phenomena. The stunning colours of the auroras, the effects of lightening and a falling meteorite” – Eugenie Niarchos

British royal equestrian Zara Phillips’ passion for both horses and jewellery has been harnessed in a new collection with internationally renowned jeweller Calleija. Together they have created Unbridled Elegance, following a meeting in 2013 at the Magic Millions Horse Racing Carnival in Australia, which Zara attended in her role as Ambassador of Racing Women Australia, sporting a dazzling array of Calleija jewels (the brand was the event’s official jeweller). The range currently comprises the Coronet and Saddle Suites, both of which pay tribute to Zara’s horsemanship skills and Calleija’s passion for beautifully shaped jewellery and the world’s finest gemstones.

Venyx, available at

There are few jewellers that can compare with Fabergé when it comes to the company’s rich history. Shrouded in mystery, intrigue and romance, the story of founder Peter Carl Fabergé’s royal patronage to the Russian Tsars in the 19th century has fascinated historians for more than a century. And now, this story has been retold in an awardwinning documentary, Fabergé: A Life of Its Own, which can be seen on London cinema screens from 29 June for a short time only. Cinema listings and tickets available at



On the Fringe Channel your inner hippie as festival season arrives with floral accessories, leather bracelets, charms and fringing

1 Bud to Bloom necklace, £45,000, Pippa Small, 201 Westbourne Grove, W11 2 Crystal necklace, £665, Valentino, 3 Set of three woven diamond and turquoise bracelets, £490, Scosha, 4 Filigree clip-on earrings, £415, Dolce & Gabbana, 5 18-karat yellow gold Lunaria aquamarine ring, POA, Marco Bicego, 6 18-karat yellow gold tassel necklace, £4,890, Dima, Talisman Gallery, 020 7201 8582 7 18-karat yellow gold earrings with diamonds, £2,979, Amrapali, 55 Beauchamp Place, SW3 8 Homsa bracelet (large), £115, Zayiana, 9 Diamond, turquoise and yellow gold ring, £5,715, Irene Nerwirth, 10 18-karat yellow gold Vine ring, £2,025, Pippa Small, as before 11 18-karat yellow gold and silver with diamonds, moonstone and turquoise bangle, £2,950, Amrapali, as before 12 Gold-tone, agate and quartz anklet, £105, Sabbia, 13 Gold-plated resin clip earrings, £180, Oscar de la Renta, 14 Gold-plated arm cuff, £230, Arme de l’Amour, 15 Jacquie Aiche bead and porcupine earrings, £140, Finds, 16 22-karat yellow gold and emerald Greek ring, £21,500, Pippa Small, as before

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ELIZABETH STREET ELIZABETH STREET SW1 SW1 Bespoke fine jewellery We invite you to visit our website 59 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PP +44 (0)207 730 1901


All Eyes on Iris If there was one woman many of us secretly wish could be our grandmother, it’s Iris Apfel. Now 93 years old, the icon continues to delight and shock us with her flamboyant and outrageous fashion statements. Like her nonconformist style, Apfel is well-known for being a free spirit, as will be revealed in a new documentary due in UK cinemas this summer following a successful US debut. Legendary 87-year-old documentarian Albert Maysles has not only captured Apfel’s glamorous New York lifestyle but also the incredible work ethic she acquired from her Queens upbringing during the Great Depression. He also depicts life with her doting husband Carl, whom she has been with for 67 years. We guarantee you will leave the cinema heart-warmed and truly inspired. Iris, in UK cinemas from 31 July

Iris Apfel wears Comme des Garçons A/W 2012 for Dazed & Confused, Photography: © Jeff Bark The Fashion Book, mini edition, £7.95, Phaidon,


Walker on the

Wild Side Kari Colmans meets New Zealandborn fashion designer Karen Walker as she launches her debut fragrances A, B and C. She talks beauty regimes, handbag essentials and not taking herself too seriously


I’d been thinking about launching a fragrance for about 10 years but we only started working on it around 18 months ago. I travelled to Grasse in the South of France, which is recognised as the birthplace of fragrance. I worked closely with the oldest perfume house in the world, Charabot, which was established in 1799. I loved learning about the history of the area, the heritage of the fragrance business and how it works today. It was great being able to go into the old factory that’s been there for 200 years, but also to the new factory, where there’s only one man and a line of robots; romance meets high-tech. The partnership is a perfect combination of traditional craft and modern attitude: we brought our New World sensibility to the mix, and voilà. I really got involved in every single detail: testing 20 different pumps, the design of the bottle, which was created by world-renowned fragrance bottle creator Pochet du Courval. When it came to the juice itself, we set the brief for the noses to capture the essence of the Karen Walker brand – optimism, energy and enthusiasm in a bottle, along with a list of my favourite flowers. I tested around 200 different fragrances and A, B and C have each been reworked around six times. They are all quite different but they share a commonality, an energy. I love them all but I ran out of A first. I think that’s because we’ve just come out of summer back home in New Zealand and I just wanted that sparkly green excitement every morning. My own beauty regime is based around getting the groundwork right. It’s not about using make-up to cover the flaws; it’s about diet, sleep, exercise and skincare, especially when I travel, which is a lot. I fly about 250,000 kilometres a year, so when I’m on and off planes and between time zones I’ve really got to focus on staying healthy.

You’ll find a fairly minimal number of products in my make-up bag: powder, lipstick, some lip balm. I have lip balm in every pocket, every bag, every room and every drawer; no matter where I am, there’s always one there. I like Lucas Papaw but I’m not loyal to one particular kind. On my skin I only use Osmosis Skincare, especially the Mineral Hydration Mist. I never get on a plane without the brand’s travel sets. Once I’m on board I take all my make-up off, get into my travel clothes, and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. I put my make-up on again just before I land. I drink lots and lots of water. My yoga teacher said to me once, “Every minute you spend upside down in a yoga pose takes a minute off your face”. I quite like that idea. Inversion for some reason is really good for your skin. I can’t stand the gym; I haven’t been in 25 years but I love yoga. I try to do an hour a day, even though I haven’t in the past two… or is it three…?! I have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies when it comes to the KW brand; fashion, sunglasses, homeware and now fragrance. I’ve got eight fingers and two thumbs, so once those are all being used then I’ll stop. We only take on projects or products that we think will work with the brand’s personality. And it has to be something I’m genuinely interested in. We don’t do lots of things. It’s not about popping out back-to-back products, although we are already developing two more scents: D and E. I always try to make my campaigns fun. I think fashion can be guilty of taking itself a little too seriously sometimes, but I guess if that’s what’s right for the brand, then that’s what’s right for the brand. Everybody should have their own point of view, and if it doesn’t speak to you as a consumer, then there are



millions of other brands out there. You’re never going to get something that every single person can relate to. The important thing is to have a unique point of view yourself, and if that’s a serious one, then that’s absolutely fine. The KW woman is an interesting person looking for interesting ideas. I think fashion is so fragmented now; nothing’s in and nothing’s out. It all depends on how you put it together and who you are. There are a million trends at any given time; the high-low, the oldnew, it’s a free-for-all. Now, more than ever, it’s down to personal interpretation. It’s not about being dictated to by designers anymore; it’s about your individual version. I’m wearing all KW today – shoes, trousers, shirt, necklace, earrings – but my watch is Omega. Sometimes I mix it up but today I’m all KW. Other days it might be Prada, Dior or Balenciaga, or even Topshop matched with vintage pieces. When I’m shopping, if I like it, I buy it and figure it out later. I’ve got a lot of style icons but I think Jarvis Cocker’s probably my favourite. He’s got the best taste of anyone on the planet. I get asked a lot about what it means now that women are getting more top jobs in the industry but I don’t really care too much if it’s a man or a woman doing the job – I just care about whether the work is interesting or not and whether it speaks to me. Is it new, groundbreaking and engaging? I live in Auckland full time – when I’m not on a plane, that is. I come to London about once a year. I try to stay close to where I need to be as I don’t like wasting time in black cabs. I always try and check out Harvey Nichols and I love Bond Street. Eating-wise, I have my little favourites, like Andrew Edmunds in Soho and Zuma, which is sensational. I do love a hotel afternoon tea, especially with a cup of Earl Grey. I like the way the city of London looks. I find it uplifting because there’s so much beauty. I love the buildings and the parks and the heritage, but also what I love about London is that it makes such a stand for ideas and creativity culturally. In terms of being a consumer, there’s always newness, there’s always something to surprise and delight. A, B and C eau de parfum 50ml (£65 each) and 100ml (£85 each). Exclusive in the UK to Harvey Nichols


It’s never too late...


Free Spirit The house of Louis Vuitton has long been synonymous with travel, having become the luggage of choice for the world’s most stylish jetsetters since its first trunks were created in 1854, and it’s not hard to understand why. Renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier has effortlessly captured this ‘Spirit of Travel’ in the house’s latest campaign, which reveals the new collection of aqua, raspberry and pastelcoloured leather goods and travel accessories, set against the backdrops of the African savanna and crystal-clear Caribbean waters. No matter what the terrain, the timeless luggage never looks out of place. Louis Vuitton, 17-20 Bond Street;

HER STYLE By olivia sharpe

The Next Chapter

Set Your Sights

The fashion gospel according to Vogue, otherwise known as Vogue On – the magazine’s covetable series of short books charting the careers of the most influential designers of the last century – will release two more instalments this month. This time, each volume will focus on the careers of two notable Italian designers: Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani. With Armani celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, it seems particularly fitting for author Kathy Philips to examine the life of a small-town boy who created an eponymous fashion empire. Similarly, Charlotte Sinclair explores how Gianni Versace was destined for sartorial greatness, having been born into a dressmaking family. This September, Vogue On will release two more books, on Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino Garavani respectively. Watch this space.

Kristen Stewart shows off her specs appeal modelling for Chanel’s new S/S15 eyewear campaign. Transformed into a photo-reporter, the Hollywood actress effortlessly works the vintage camera while sporting the brand’s latest collection, which includes a 1970s pilot pair of sunglasses, reinterpreted in newlystretched lines encircled with chains, and a cat-eye frame inspired by Coco Chanel’s favourite pieces of jewellery, the temples having been embedded with pearls and cabochon set in metal and rhinestone.

Vogue On: Gianni Versace and Vogue On: Giorgio Armani, available from 4 July, £16.99 each (hardback)

Pilot sunglasses, £475, Chanel

Te Amo Dior

with founder of Biondi swimwear, Claudine Davies

Last month, Dior finally revealed the fourth instalment of its Secret Garden campaign, shot by Stephen Klein in the chateau and gardens of Versailles and featuring Rihanna as its model. The international singer’s sultry style and feminine allure proved the perfect accompaniment to the fashion house’s new Esprit Dior Tokyo collection, which includes the debut Diorama bag. Set in metallic perforated calfskin and featuring graphic lines, the futuristic design signals the birth of a new Dior woman.

Q: What is the S/S15 collection inspired by? A: Swimwear tends to follow fashion so for 2015 it was all about geometrics. We always try to make stories with our collections. Q: Favourite style? A: I love the black textured fabric bikini in the new underwire shape for 2015. We wanted to take inspiration from the sporty trend going on in swimwear so this has been specifically designed with D-cup plus sizes in mind.

A Multitude of Simms

Q: Do you have a signature piece? A: My designer and I came up with a special design for a bikini top for mums who want the option of looking sexy when lying next to their husbands on holiday but also being able to cover up when with their kids. It has a drawstring in the middle so that the coverage can be adjusted. It has become so popular that we recently created a bandeau style.

For Tabitha Simmons’ Pre-Fall 2015 collection, the designer has truly outdone herself, having released a plethora of different styles to make the journey from summer into autumn as smooth as possible. Continuing some of the spring season’s most popular styles, the collection includes ‘buy now, wear now’ pieces, such as 70s-inspired embellished sandals and laid-back block heels, along with more practical suede and animal-print boots for autumn. There is also a range of prices to suit all budgets, with shoes starting from an affordable £250. You’re truly spoilt for choice.

Q: Two-piece or one-piece? A: Two-pieces will always outsell one-pieces but one-pieces are definitely having a moment. Even though I’m slightly larger I love wearing a twopiece; often by wearing less you can actually look thinner and smaller than when you cover up.

Diorama bag in silver-tone perforated calfskin, available now

Q: Biggest beach faux pas? A: Women choosing the wrong styles for their body shape. I remember just after having my daughter, we were on holiday and there were all these women on the beach who’d similarly just had children and I remember saying to my husband: ‘These women look amazing but they picked completely the wrong things to be wearing’. I think when your confidence is slightly down we have a tendency to cover up in fabric and it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.

From £250 to £895;

Natural Flair The second instalment of Giambattista Valli’s capsule collection for 7 for all Mankind has now arrived in stores and, true to form, denim was the designer’s main muse. “I used denim as a canvas onto which project my vision, thinking of a decidedly young, multicultural clientele of glamorous Valli girls”, he comments. “I worked on both shapes and fabrics, delivering jeans with a strong identity, quite unique for cut and treatment”. As with his first collection, the fashion designer has reinterpreted contemporary styles – including high-waisted skinny and wide-leg flair jeans – through sharply feminine cuts, colours and prints, this time releasing varying shades of blue to suit all preferences.

Biondi Showroom, 55B Old Church Street, SW3;


The Tide is High Abandon itsy-bitsy swimwear this summer and instead opt for sleek, chic one-pieces or simple, flattering bikini sets


Rachael Smith


Elizabeth Hoadly

Swimsuit, ÂŁ238, La Perla,; Bangles, ÂŁ50-95 each, Amrapali,

Scarf, £320, Alexander McQueen,; Earrings, £3,300, Dior Joaillerie,

Swimsuit, £140, La Perla, as before; Ring, £4,000, Dior Joaillerie, as before; Bracelets, £50-95 each, Amrapali, as before

Cotton bandeau, £40, and highwaisted briefs, £80, Asli Polat,; Coat, £375, Zeynep Tosun,; Hoop earrings, £196, Vicki Sarge,; 18-karat yellow gold necklace, POA, Dolce & Gabbana,

Bikini, ÂŁ64, Triangl,; Bracelets, ÂŁ50-95 each, Amrapali, as before

Swimsuit, ÂŁ144, La Perla, as before; 18-karat yellow gold necklace, POA, Dolce & Gabbana, as before

Swimsuit, £110, Paul Smith,; Necklace, POA, Dolce & Gabbana, as before; Rose necklace, £4,000, Dior Joaillerie, as before; Bracelet, £50-95, Amrapali, as before

make-up ARTIST: Harriet Hadfield using Becca HAIR: Davide Barbieri using Catwalk by TIGI MODEL: Brittni Tucker @ Premier Model Management NAILS: Stephanie Staunton @ David Artists RETOUCHER: Sandra Ojuri PHOTOgrapher's ASSISTANT: Benny Johnson

Shot on location at Vila Vita Parc, Portugal. Stay at Vila Vita Parc in a Deluxe room from £293 per room per night, room only (inc. VAT) Monarch operates flights to Faro from London Gatwick and London Luton with fares from £66.98 return. To book Monarch flights, holidays or hotels, visit

Novel Idea Bret Easton Ellis wrote in his novel Glamorama that “the better you look, the more you see”. It seems entirely fitting, then, that Easton Ellis was chosen to be the face of Persol’s latest campaign for a fourpiece collection of sunglasses and optics, entitled the Typewriter Edition. The black-and-white campaign includes a short video, which presents the American Psycho author speaking about his own literary success as the Persol specs rest on top of cast-aside sheets of text. Old keyboard letters have been etched on to the rivets of each pair, while the name of the collection has been written in American typewriter font on the inside of the frames to enhance the overall retro style. The range is available in a variety of colours, including black, Havana brown, streaked brown, beige and grey. Persol TypeWriter Collection at David Clulow;

Photography: Tom Craig

HIS STYLE By ashiana pradhan

Tie Down A Mayfair Man For Dean Gomilsek-Cole, head of design at Turnbull & Asser, his earliest memory of Mayfair goes back to playing Monopoly throughout his childhood and the coveted midnight-blue space representing this postcode. Inspired by this colour, he has subsequently dreamt up a collection to coincide with the opening of the new Turnbull & Asser store in Mayfair this July. The pieces, all made in England, reflect the brand’s rich heritage and reputation for outstanding craftsmanship, and include classic smoking jackets and lavish paisley gowns made with exquisite silk jacquards. If you prefer a more informal look, check out the double-breasted blazers with signature horizontal-cut corduroy which incorporate soft cashmere. Turnbull & Asser, 4 Davies Street;


There is a tie for all seasons; so is the belief of Italian brand Ferragamo, which has created a new range of ties, appropriately named Made To Order, which will all be fully customisable in terms of size, fabric and colour, resulting in an endless array of possible combinations. In addition to this, the underside of the ties can be further personalised with up to three initials. In celebration of the new collection, the brand has released four short films directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut in which ties play the starring role as emblems of diplomacy, timelessness and confidence. Made To Order ties, from £130

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Under the Sun Sunuva has attracted the attention of celebrity mummies Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani (both of whom have dressed their own children in its high-end swimwear) and is the first brand of its kind to be validated by the British Skin Foundation. The S/S15 collection offers holiday attire for kids aged six months to 14 years, ideal for fashion-conscious boys, girls and young teens. With stylish espadrilles, bright neon-pink lace, nautical prints, cool skateboards and even matching sibling prints, there is something to suit all tastes. Most importantly, Sunuva’s UPF 50+ swimwear blocks out more than 97 per cent of the sun’s harmful rays, so children can play outside to their hearts’ content and be totally protected at the same time. Available from Harrods;




Shower Power It has been ingrained into us that water and fake tan are not the best of friends so it seemed strange to us when we learnt that tanning brand expert St. Tropez had created a new gradual tan in the form of a shower lotion. However, the innovative new product is in fact activated only once it has come into contact with wet skin and should then be left on for three minutes before being washed off, leaving a glowing finish. Ideal for those of us who are invariably in a rush in the mornings and do not have time for the whole fake tanning palaver, the convenient new lotion, designed to be used daily in order to build up the depth of your colour, delivers a natural sunkissed glow to one's skin. St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion (200ml), £14.50

Leading Light Those of you who’ve checked out Charlotte Tilbury’s Instagram account will not have failed to notice her many posts of Norman Parkinson’s work. Indeed, this wasn’t lost on the legendary fashion photographer’s grandson Jake, a close friend of the make-up artist who subsequently approached her with the opportunity of visiting Parkinson’s archive and immortalising some of his most iconic images in a cosmetics collection. The new range – marking Tilbury’s first ever collaboration – includes a make-up bag featuring the iconic May 1975 Vogue Jerry Hall cover and the Filmstar Bronze & Glow contouring palette - designed to capture “the natural fall of sunlight and shade on one’s face” (as Parkinson succeeded in doing in his photographs). Filmstar Bronze & Glow Sun Tan & Sun Light, £55; On Call Make-up Bag, £32 Available from August on

In One’s Element The iS Clinical Fire and Ice facial is now a well-established beauty treatment, having been tried and tested by the likes of Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow prior to their red carpet appearances. Unlike most facials, it is recommended that you have Fire and Ice on the day of your event as the intensive clinical procedure (combining glycolic acid and retinol) has been designed to have instant brightening, lifting and smoothing effects. Due to its intense nature, do not expect it to be the most relaxing of experiences; clients are warned prior to the treatment that they may find the extreme cold and heat a little uncomfortable (although we didn't find this to be the case). Saying that, we can guarantee the best results. Post treatment, skin appears brighter and glows; the perfect pre-party fix. Fire and Ice Facial, £250 (30 minutes) Bulgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge

One’s True Colours

Take to the Floris

After having spent so many years focusing on our faces, the beauty industry is finally turning its attention to our bodies and a flood of luxury bathing and shower products have recently poured onto the market. Take recently launched Prismologie; new to Space NK, the brand promises to bring colour and vitality to your life every day with its debut body care range, consisting of six core items. Each product has been given its own unique colour and fragrance designed to impart a particular mood onto your skin that day, whether it be ‘White Beginning’ for clarity (with neroli), ‘Red Hour’ for energy (comprising red cedarwood) or ‘Yellow Day’ for confidence (featuring zesty bergamot). Including invigorating shower gel, body lotion, body scrub and more, the range covers all bases of one’s body skincare routine.

Founded in 1730, the world’s oldest family perfumer Floris London has a rich history of creating bespoke fragrances for its high-profile patrons (including members of the British Royal family) and this year sees the re-launch of its Fragrance Customisation experience. Step into the Belgravia boutique and you can receive a one-on-one, two-hour appointment with one of the in-house perfumers, who will take you on an olfactory journey to create your own signature fragrance based on an existing perfume base. The finished product will then be presented to you in a bottle engraved with your initials. Alternatively for those looking for a truly one-off experience, you can opt for the fully bespoke service whereby you work alongside the house’s official ‘nose’ Edward Bodenham (from the ninth generation of the Floris family) to create your own completely unique scent. Fragrance Customisation, £450 Full Bespoke Perfume Design, £4,500 Floris Boutique, 147 Ebury Street, SW1W;

Prismologie, available at

In Harmony

Soaked to the Skin For most of us, there’s nothing quite like a long soak in the tub for washing away the stresses of the day. With this in mind, Jo Malone London has added to its bath and body collection two new products that will not only help you relax but will also prep your skin for the summer months. The shower oil arrives in two different scents; energising lime, basil and mandarin to wake you up in the morning and calming peony blush and suede for winding down after a long day, while the gentle geranium and walnut scrub has been created to complement every Jo Malone fragrance. Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub, £40 (250g); Shower Oil, £32 (250ml) Available from July;

Beauty Works West offers such an extensive list of talented, experienced therapists that you may be stumped at the first hurdle on your journey to wellbeing. However, if you're looking for a more spiritual experience for body and soul, the aromatherapist and healer Michele Roques O'Neil is the one for you. Her 90-minute bespoke session begins with life coaching to help you face up to any major life blocks. This is followed by a mixture of massaging techniques, aromatherapy and Reike learnt over three decades in the industry, which will leave you relaxed, fresh and with restored enthusiasm. But don't leave emptyhanded; a spritz of Michele's Restore Aura Spray at home will soon transport you back to this place of newfound calm. Beauty Works West, 8-9 Lambton Place, W11



& Verse Chapman

Skincare guru Sarah Chapman speaks the gospel truth to Olivia Sharpe about the secret to youthful skin, the pros and cons of surgical anti-ageing procedures and the future of Skinesis as she opens her new retail store and clinic in Chelsea

eading London facialist Sarah Chapman has long kept herself under the radar, working her magic in an inconspicuous clinic on a quiet street in Chelsea. Despite this, over the past 20 years she has built up an impressive clientele of both celebrities (how else do you think Sienna Miller and Uma Thurman maintain their glowing complexions?) and beauty editors, which is no doubt testament to her skill. And yet, we predict her cult status as ‘beauty’s best-kept secret’ is rapidly about to change, as the skin expert has thrown herself into the spotlight with the launch of her new Skinesis Clinic on Pavilion Road this year. With its sleek, futuristic interior, ‘genius’ therapists and diagnostic cameras, it has already been heralded as the ‘Apple store of the skincare world’. The rest of the industry had better watch out. How does the new store differ from your Draycott Avenue clinic? Draycott was a little secret space with no shops around and nothing but a buzzer on the door, whereas now we have an entire retail boutique environment. Many clients were saying to me: ‘I’ve got a party tonight so


I just want to drop in and have a half-an-hour LED Collagen therapy’ but we couldn’t cater to them because our treatments rooms were always busy. We can now provide lots of drop-in sessions, so you can simply turn up. We don’t have sales people in-store, just therapists who can take you through a full skin diagnosis. One of the things we get asked a lot is how to use the products so we’ve designed a special ‘Hub’ where you can have masterclasses, which is all complimentary apart from the LED Light Pod. We want to educate people about how to do the bespoke massage techniques at home. Most common problems you see on a daily basis? Upstairs in the clinic, we mainly deal with skin conditions such as pigmentation and more serious anti-ageing treatments. We look at all of the traditional ageing issues, like lines and sagging, but also pigmentation. We have many acne clients looking to address this and quite often they are in their 40s, which I think is down to people having more stressful lifestyles nowadays. Older

women are generally working or managing their kids, not necessarily looking after themselves or eating as well as they should be, so they suddenly get breakouts. This leads to pigmentation and often the skin doesn’t repair itself properly because our healing rate at this age is much lower. So what we do is try and target the key things to get the skin back to a healthy glowing state and we have lots of advanced tools at our disposal here. What’s your secret to great-looking skin? Cleansing is a priority. SPF is the other most important thing, every single day! As we get older the skin looks duller because it’s blotchy and patchy due to sun damage. A lot of deeper sun damage takes between 10 to 15 years to show on the surface, but in our image Hub we can see this and that’s usually quite scary for people because they realise what’s happening at a cellular level. To get the glow back into your skin, massaging at home really helps, as well as hydration. I’m a big fan of omega supplements, so things like flaxseed and fish oils.


What are your thoughts on surgical anti-ageing procedures? I don’t believe you should say no to anything. My approach is to work with the skin to get it really healthy without dipping into that side of things. I think it should only be used to subtly enhance the other work you’re doing with your skin, rather than as the alternative. I was speaking to a plastic surgeon about it and he said you can actually delay having a facelift for another five to 10 years if you’re doing things like radiofrequency. He laughed and said ‘I’ll probably put myself out of business!’ because he had some potential clients who he told to go away, have radiofrequency and come back in five years. I think there are ways you can combine the types of treatments we do with some injectables and get yourself looking your best without looking peculiar; and then further down the line to opt for surgery if that’s what you need. When did you first realise you wanted a career in beauty? I was lucky to discover the world straight away. Even my mum says when I was younger I was mixing products like beeswax in the kitchen, so I think it was always inherent in me. As soon as I left school I trained as a makeup artist in London, and to discover that I could actually do this as a job was a revelation. How did you come up with the concept for Skinesis? I was working for different skincare companies in sales, business development and training but fell back into treatments. I was looking after a friend’s client when she moved to Australia, and while doing that I was using different products and being quite product-obsessive. I was mixing them together, sourcing ingredients and working with ranges like Environ, which I still think is fantastic but quite clinical. I discovered there wasn’t really anything on the market which combined science and cosmeceutical performance, which also felt and smelt great, so this led me to create my own products. How do your treatments differ from what’s already out there? In terms of our Skinesis facials, what makes us different is that we have no step-by-step formula. I have clients who have been coming to me for more than ten years and they’ll still get up off the couch and say: ‘You did something different today’. I call my therapists “thinking therapists” because I tell them: ‘You’ve got to stop, you’ve

got to look, you’ve got to think and you’ve got to watch.’ From that we’ll then tailor the treatment accordingly. You’ve been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. Has it changed a lot? Massively. It’s a fast-moving industry and a very exciting one, particularly in terms of what can be created now in comparison to skincare products 10 years ago; back then you only had plant oils and good conditioning moisturisers which couldn’t do anything deeper to change the skin at a cellular level. You look at the kind of technology we have today and the ways that we can enhance skin and it’s amazing. There’s nothing better than someone coming in and saying, ‘I’m really unhappy with my skin’ for whatever reason and knowing you’ve got the tools and products at your fingertips to change that. What are your biggest career highlights? The first day that I walked in and saw my products on the shelves in Space NK. The second highlight has been what we’ve just done with the new store and clinic. I believe it is so different to what everybody’s doing, and for me that’s so exciting because now everyone gets my vision. Favourite Chelsea haunts? When I’m not working (which is all the time at the moment!) I love mooching up and down the King’s Road. I’m such a local girl. I love going to Colbert and Bumpkin. The new Ivy Chelsea Garden is lovely. I’m also very much looking forward to the new Pavilion Road development. I think the area in general is getting a whole new burst of cool energy. How do you envision your company in ten years? We would like to become a global brand. We’re currently in Italy in some luxury five-star spas and also retail pharmacies, but we’re also in talks with various other European countries about bringing our products to them. If you were to go down in history for something, what would it be? For really pushing the boundaries of skincare and doing things differently. Sarah Chapman London & Skinesis Clinic, 259 Pavilion Road, Sloane Square SW1X, 020 7589 9585




BY ashiana pradhan

The Floating City Interior designer Elad Yifrach’s luxury homeware brand L’Objet, with its dedication to celebrating the rich history of other cultures and people around the world, has teamed up with classic Venetian textile house Fortuny to incorporate the original prints designed by Mariano Fortuny within a new collection, entitled Alchimie de Venise. The collection seeks to tell the age-old renaissance story of Venice as an incomparable city, with its direct link to the eastern world through the trading of goods; this has been manifested in the products, the brands say, through their vibrancy and underlying exoticism. Alchimie de Venise collection, from £80 to £255 Available at Harrods;

Surreal Stylings For her debut wallcoverings collection, textile connoisseur Jennifer Shorto has called upon the work of Mexican surrealist artist Pedro Friedeberg, having stumbled upon his pieces in a vintage furniture shop in Mexico City. Inspired by the colours, lines and ancient religious symbols in Friedeberg’s work and the incongruous juxtaposition of the objects in his home, Shorto decided to emulate his unique style in her first collection. The surreal wallcoverings certainly make quite the statement, using circular symbols with varied patterns to play on the concept of symmetry. Jennifer Shorto wallpaper, from £158 Available at Redloh House Fabrics 2 Michael Road, SW6 2AD;

Once Again Once Milano prides itself on its devotion to designing and producing the finest, most luxurious linen products. With simplicity and timelessness at their core, the soft linens can add a light touch to an elegant home in the form of an effortlessly draped, neutral-coloured blanket at the end of a bed, or a stylish yet understated linen tablecloth. In addition to this, the brand tailors its collections to individual specifications so customers can add personalised embroidery and monograms to ensure their home linens have a unified, personal feel.

Bella Rubelli

Sloane Ranger David Hunt Lighting, the UK’s longest surviving lighting manufacturer, has introduced a new collection that is an ode to Chelsea itself, an area renowned for its fashion connections and sophistication. Entirely crafted and finished by hand, the pieces are all made using traditional methods and then given a sumptuous pewter or bronze finish. The collection (priced from £151.80) consists of a four and six-light pendant, a single and double wall lamp and a table lamp, finished with a 100 per cent silk shade and available in a choice of 12 colours that range from neutrals like nutmeg to more vibrant tones, including hot pink and firefly orange.

It would seem Venetian textiles are having something of a shining moment (a renaissance of a renaissance, if you will), as Rubelli recently launched its first Rubelli Casa collection at this year’s Milan Design Week. Designed by Milanese architect Luca Scacchetti, the series of furniture by the company unites the differing characteristics of passionate Venice and Milan, with each piece offering a sense of personality. The endless portfolio of Rubelli fabrics that cover each piece will be interchangeable, which means they can be custom-made to fit perfectly with your chosen interior setting. Rubelli Casa collection, from £1,217 Rubelli/Donghia, Design Centre East, Chelsea Harbour, SW10

Available from selected stockists

Craft Collective Conveniently presenting a plethora of interior products from luxurious brands and designers from across the world, Treniq offers designers, architects and consumers the opportunity to peruse an eclectic selection in just one place. Since launching less than a year ago, the website has provided a platform for 45 luxury brands from 11 different countries, showcasing products that exemplify craftsmanship at its finest. The service not only provides an easy process of discovery and acquisition but also allows users to contact sellers directly for any bespoke requests, as well as tracking product and receiving event updates from favourite brands.

Heading West A townhouse in the heart of Chelsea’s Design Quarter on the King’s Road is now the latest space for West One Bathroom’s ninth and newest showroom, housing the best of the best in bespoke bathroom design. Four floors of the attentively-designed retail space, which includes an outdoor courtyard, offer customers the opportunity to roam around and peruse the luxury bathroom displays in surroundings that seek to emulate a home environment, so that the pieces can be easily visualised in a domestic setting. The showroom will present the latest collections from leading bathroom brands, including Burlington, Bauhaus, Crosswater and Simpsons, and will also have a space on the fourth floor in which customers may discuss their preferences with the team’s specialists in order to make their specific vision a reality. West One Bathrooms Chelsea Quarter 610 Kings Road, SW6



Oh My Ears and Whiskers! I think we can all agree that there is something timeless and delightful about Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland; to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Mary Gannon Design has collaborated with children’s literature publisher Walker Books to produce an immersive range of furniture that brings to life the fantastical world of Carroll’s Wonderland. All handmade in the Cotswolds by local craftsmen and decorated by illustrator Helen Oxenbury, it includes a four-door storage unit, a White Rabbit wardrobe (£3,100), a Caucus-race table and handmade cushions in four charming designs, our favourite of which has to be Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Mary Gannon Design, 79-89 Lots Road, SW10

© Jake Eastham

Full Steam Ahead

Sweet Dreams Created by parents Hamish and Emma Dalrymple, who named it after their daughter and nephew, Isla & Wilbur is an adorable eco-friendly brand offering a range of bedding and delicate muslin swaddles. One can’t help but delight in the hand-drawn illustrations of the farmyard animals – lovable lamb Isla and highland calf Wilbur – which were dreamt up by the Dalrymples and inspired by their own childhood memories of growing up on farms. All bedding is made from 100 per cent organic cotton percale while the snugly soft swaddles are made from 100 per cent bamboo rayon fibre for extra breathability. What’s more, these materials have the added benefit of being entirely environmentally friendly! Single swaddle from £18;

A travel must-have for your little princes and princesses, the new mini cases by vintage-inspired luggage company Steamline are ideal for your next family holiday. For the next generation of city-hopping busy-bees, the Entrepreneur mini Vanity case provides plenty of space for essentials such as crayons, colouring books and sandals, while the Correspondent allows its owner to stow away sunglasses, hats and swimsuits most conveniently. Both pieces of luggage not only come in a range of colours, from mint green to baby pink, but are also available in Mummy and Daddy sizes as well, so the whole family can travel in true Steamline style. The Entrepreneur, £120 The Correspondent, £195 Available at Selfridges

Fancy That At the heart of newly launched online platform Fancy Kids is an eco-friendly approach to children’s fashion and lifestyle. Products by designers including Marie Chantal, Melissa Odabash, Hucklebones and Margarita Kids have been handpicked by Fancy Kids founders Anna Bunina and Daria Mura, who view their website as “an emporium of organically produced children’s pieces, all chosen for their unique character and quality craftsmanship”. Ranging from mandarin and aloe vera toothpaste to a hand-knitted mobile, Fancy Kids is full of brilliant one-of-a-kind choices for all the eco-conscious parents out there.

A Gruffalo Adventure

Little Bumpkins Hip hip hooray! British bistro restaurant Bumpkin has collaborated with party planning company R.S. Currie & Co to create bespoke children’s parties in its various private dining rooms across Chelsea, South Kensington and Notting Hill. In charge of the entertainment and all-important decorations, R.S. Currie & Co will tailor each and every detail, from party bags to invitations, to the birthday boy or girl’s preferences. The restaurant will handle the party food; no nasties for the kids, however, with choices ranging from nutritious mini sandwiches to veggie sticks. Meanwhile, the adults can enjoy indulgent canapés and a glass of Pimms at ease, knowing that their Little Bumpkins are being taken care of by the attentive staff. For more information call Bumpkin South Kensington on 020 7341 0802 or Bumpkin Chelsea on 020 3730 934;

A family favourite since 1999, The Gruffalo will be appearing in London’s West End for its longest run yet. The show will be entertaining parents and children alike throughout the summer season and will recount the misadventures of Mouse’s wanderings through a forest in search of hazelnuts, and his exciting encounters with wily woodland creatures. The much-loved picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler has been adapted for the stage by Tall Stories theatre company, which has made the most of a captivating musical score packed full of original music and lyrics. The whole family is guaranteed to walk away with a smile after revelling in the show’s wonderful blend of songs, laughter, physical theatre and a slice of scary fun, too! 1 July – 6 September Tickets from £14.50

Minnie Me For ten years, Helsinki-based shoe designer Minna Parikka has consistently created adventurous and eccentric footwear that undoubtedly makes a statement. Branching out to baby feet, Minna Parikka has, for the first time, launched a collection just for little ones called Baby Bunny shoes, incorporating the designer’s trademark bunnies. This distinctive range comes in a choice of three colours – silver, powder pink and black – and are all made using a smooth leather material that guarantees both comfort and style. Made for daring dressers, we consider these to be the coolest shoes to be seen walking (or indeed hopping) around in. Baby Bunny shoes, £85


high life Above & Beyond &Beyond Benguerra Island has just reopened its doors after a £3.5 million renovation and is now inviting guests to stay at the stunning Mozambique luxury lodge. With a magnificent new entrance and welcome area, guests will feel enraptured by the beauty of the outstanding ocean views upon arrival, while the newly-refurbished rim-flow swimming pool will provide an oasis of peace and quiet during their stay. The casinhas, cabanas and private villa have all been redesigned and kitted out with new furniture and large private pools, and the elegant interiors reflect the country’s Portuguese heritage. There’s also now a dive centre and the lodge’s team can organise an endless array of experiences such as horse-riding, dhow cruises, diving, snorkelling and catch-and-release deep-sea fishing.



THE WORLD BY annabel harrison

Peace & Quiet

On The Mark

The Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation, a private home built for Mandela by a close friend on the Shambala Reserve, has been closed as a mark of respect since the former President’s passing in 2013. However, it is now available for public booking for the first time. Shambala means ‘paradise on earth’ and the reserve is a two-and-a-half hour drive (or 55-minute helicopter flight) from Johannesburg in South Africa. It has six double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, an indoor heated pool overlooking a private waterhole, a large outdoor deck and multiple living and dining areas. At the specific request of Nelson Mandela, the house is simple in its design, with a pleasingly African look and feel. As Mandela himself once said: “The peace, tranquillity and natural harmony of Shambala serves to remind us of our own striving for reconciliation and togetherness. I am delighted to share my home here with you and hope that you will feel refreshed and inspired by your visit to this special place.” £3,794 – £4,607 per night

In the Lap of the Gordes There’s almost nothing we like more than retreating to the south of France for some R&R, accompanied by great weather and fine wine, bread and cheese. On 24 June, a hotel ideally suited to such pursuits – La Bastide de Gordes – is re-opening following a refurb. Gordes is a picturesquely pretty French village overlooking the Alpilles and Monts de Vaucluse and, thanks to a new Eurostar route to Avignon, British guests can now travel here by train. Set atop 12th century ramparts, the hotel offers beautiful views of the Luberon Valley and mountains; sip a glass of wine in the fragrant gardens and allow yourself to relax.

Limalimo Luxury Ethiopia may not be the first African country that springs to mind when mulling over the continent’s luxury offering but it’s certainly worth consideration. This September, Limalimo Lodge, in northern Ethiopia, will open amid 10 hectares of land in the Simien Mountains National Park, one of UNESCO’s Outstanding Places of Natural Beauty. Built by local community members, the lodge boasts superb eco-credentials, as well as total privacy; all 14 rooms, each with their own terrace, will be set apart within the lush grounds. Guests can trek through the highlands and lowlands to observe local wildlife and we like the sound of early morning yoga sessions and hammocks in the grounds. Scott Dunn recommends visiting Ethiopia between mid to late October and May; get in touch with the experts there to find out more about these luxury itineraries in Ethiopia.;

In NYC the restaurant race is fierce. It’s a trend-eat-fad world where cronuts are outdone by ramen burgers, which are then outclassed by bacon Caesar sushi in the space of a fortnight. But Michelin-starred chef JeanGeorges Vongerichten seems to have found a secret formula for success. He runs 10 restaurants in NYC including his flagship Jean-Georges, enduring hotspot ABC Kitchen (where it’s still an art form to get a table earlier than 10pm five years after its opening) and The Mark on the Upper East Side. The menu here has a light Asian feel and plays impeccably to the chef’s strengths. We start with spiced chicken samosas and crispy sushi; a deep-fried, and delicious, take on the usually heathy Japanese dish. Next comes a raw tuna and wasabi pizza, heaped with pickled ginger, and grilled sea bass with fennel. We then manage to get through an entire Grand Marnier soufflé, profiteroles and a warm melt-inthe-middle chocolate cake and we have already made a reservation there next week; there are three desserts left to try and it just wouldn’t be right to leave the job unfinished. Sarah Collinson

A Brave New World Annabel Harrison visits the renowned medical health spa Lanserhof Tegernsee in the beautiful Bavarian countryside to experience its Lans Med Concept, inspired by Mayr therapy


T’S ONE OF the first things we learn to do. By the time we’re toddlers, we’re in possession of a full set of molars and have begun to master the art of chewing. We do it slowly and carefully, with little or no thought of past or future events or emotions. This strikes me as I finish my first supper at Lanserhof Tegernsee which, although just parsley soup and vegetables (granted, there are eight different kinds on my plate), takes me 40 minutes. One of the main things you will (re)learn here is how to chew properly. Be honest; can you recall a recent meal during which you didn’t talk, look at a screen, guzzle fluids or drift into a daydream? This is the third Lanserhof property, following those in Lans (near Innsbruck) and Hamburg, and for more than three decades, ever-loyal ‘patients’ have come flocking to put themselves through the Lans Med Concept, billed as an “integrated prevention and regeneration programme for health”. Originally developed by Austrian doctor F.X. Mayr, the “intensive fasting regime lasting several weeks” includes therapeutic fasts “to rest the digestive tract” and a special diet “to train proper mastication”, plus abdominal massage, hydrotherapy and exercise. I am staying only four days, which means I don’t undergo the full experience, but I am certainly given a good taste of it. Firstly, if you’re going to lock yourself away to fast, you had better well be in a nice place, and the Lanserhof ticks all the boxes. Fly into Munich from Heathrow and during the 50km transfer, city sights will give way to green fields, tall skinny trees and, in the distance, snow-flecked mountains. Tegernsee is the name of the picturesque lake nearby and you’ll be able to enjoy the area’s verdant, rolling land and pine-fresh air while Nordic walking or taking part in the gentle group exercises at 7am every day. The hotel’s design has been described as monastic, but I find it rather more comfortable than that term suggests. The design aim “was to protect people from stimulus overload” and guests waft through open, neutral spaces like white-robed disciples, marshalled by staff with glowing skin, immaculate outfits and ready smiles who practice what they preach. Secondly, attitude is everything. Dr Erich Rauch refers to Mayr therapy in a book on the subject as a “character cure” because “committed cooperation is an indispensable prerequisite for its outstanding curative effect”. Basically, don’t come here expecting it to be easy, or to be molly-coddled. Fasting is hard. You’re not used to it. Treatments will occupy blissful pockets of time during the day but you can’t eat them. For those used to a hectic lifestyle, punctuated by coffee shots, sugar hits, ready meals and alcohol, this will be an almighty challenge. However, the Lans team members know this and do all they can to make you happy and comfortable,


so you can get the most out of your experience. Thirdly, mealtimes are incredibly important, not because of what you can have but because of what you can’t. Everything hangs on a small white card at your table, next to your prescribed pill supplements, powders and drops, which indicates which meal you will be served. It starts at Level 0 (tea fasting) up to Level 3/2 and the most substantial of all: the Energy Cuisine Active menu (an additional ¤20 per day). Breakfast and lunch are at the reasonable times of 7 to 8.30am and 12 until 1.30pm but supper is during the child-friendly (and daylight-filled) window of 5pm to 6.30pm; even for someone like me – I am usually hungry enough to eat as soon as I get home from work – that is pretty early. And given the fact that most guests (the ones who are eating, not fasting) turn up well past 6pm and the restaurant is still half full at 7, everyone agrees. Then again, we must trust that the medical team knows what’s best for us better than we do – that’s why we’re all here – so obedience is key. I am confused at first when it comes to breakfast, which comes half an hour after taking Epsom salts (which do not taste great and result in rather loose movements), when I discover that a ‘chewing trainer’ is not a dog toy and there is a baffling array of milk alternatives. I can mix and match from a variety of plain yoghurts, breads, spreads and porridges; the oatmeal porridge is most appetising, flavoured with cinnamon and a little pot of maple syrup, and although the spelt bread is tough, the cheese spread helps to add flavour. I ask to sit by myself rather than on a group table so I can concentrate on chewing every mouthful the recommended 30 to 40 times. The group tables, I observe, usually contain at least one chatterbox and someone looking a bit dejected at having less to eat than their neighbour; couples talk less than usual as they concentrate on their meals; and some ladies are dressed up for supper, making a lovely effort to create a proper dining experience out of a meal that comprises only soup. My favourite dishes are king prawns on steamed vegetables and a terrine of bitter chocolate (hallelujah!), and I also discover that both celery soup and tofu can be delicious.

You’ll spend plenty of time in your room and mine is beautifully minimalist. The amount of storage nods to the fact that guests should stay for a minimum of seven nights and ideally longer to get the full benefits of the Mayr regime. The predominant colour is, unsurprisingly, bright white but soft mushroom-grey sofas, bed throws and dressing gowns (with a thoughtful zip pouch inside the pocket for your room key card) add cosy touches. I like the fact that lighter-weight dressing gowns are provided too, and a hot water bottle to soothe turbulent stomachs. The floor-to-ceiling windows open out onto a chic wooden balcony with gorgeous views. There’s a huge rain shower and generous bath, although rather hard to lie in and read (First-World problem, agreed). Behind it is the only design element I don’t like – an expanse of a brown-yellow blurry print that’s used in the LansMed area too – but otherwise I’m very happy. On the medical side of things, you’ll start with a bioimpedance measurement where your body composition is assessed and your weight and height etcetera recorded, followed by a medical exam. I wait to be collected on the ‘Blue Sofa’, aka the epicentre of the LansMed area, by Dr. Elke Benedetto-Reisch, who reminds me of a blonde Edna Mode from The Incredibles. She is undoubtedly very knowledgeable but she is also intimidating. I strip down and am poked, prodded and peered at until she declares: “You’re not even… What’s the English word for that?” “Asymmetric?” I suggest. “Yes.” I am also told I am pale and that my stomach is swollen, neither of which I can disagree with. However, the Lady Doctor (as staff refer to her) is impressed with my progress after a few days and, because I’ve been on a fuller meal plan, the treatments definitely play a part in my improvement. The Detox Pack & Bath is done by the lovely Michael (he’s on the regime too and has lost four kilograms in five days). There’s somewhat of a language barrier (we spend an amusing minute working out what the word for ‘claustrophobia’ is in each other’s language, only for Michael to learn that I am in fact not claustrophobic). It’s perfectly pleasant though. Embrace your European side as there is no time for being coy.


Michael expects me to strip off, put on paper pants and have lotion rubbed over my back, stomach, arms and legs. I’m cocooned in a steam pod and left to sweat for 15 minutes then, after a shower – in paper pants, Michael present – I have a bath. It’s lit up neon pink and smells like chamomile. Head back, eyes closed, I relax. During my deep tissue massage, I like the asymmetrical approach; my therapist targets mainly the sorer spots. The music is relaxing but not too quiet and the curtains are kept open, letting the light flood in. The back training therapy class (you can partake in group work as well as individual treatments) caters for a mix of abilities so don’t expect it to be too challenging. However even though I find most of it easy, I struggle with a couple of the exercises so it’s worth going and finding out where you could improve in terms of back and core strength. I take a standard food intolerance test – I am told to avoid cow’s and sheep’s milk – but it’s possible to add a huge number of additional treatments and assessments onto your stay (each priced individually). I opt for a more

detailed test and two weeks after my stay, an envelope containing my Allergo-Screen Plus test results arrives in the post. There’s about 100 pages, including a diagnosis pack, based on my reaction to 268 basic foods. It also contains recipes, general nutrition recommendations and a very technical-looking summary of my test results. What I discover: pineapple, fig and almond are not friends to my stomach, as well as most cow- and sheep-milk products. I leave the Lanserhof feeling lighter and brighter with the best of intentions. Its regime is definitely not for the faint-hearted but then whoever said self-improvement was easy? Pack plenty of books, download the box-sets you’ve been meaning to watch and summon up some serious determination. You’ll leave with a new outlook, and it’s possible that your life’s health and wellbeing trajectory will have changed forever, for the better. £2,824* per person for seven nights with basic programme (*prices vary depending on programme level / duration of stay);




Annabel Harrison spends a long weekend in Sydney, slowing down and soaking up the laidback vibe of its beaches, bars and boutique hotels, while Kate Vandy finds out why Melbourne consistently tops the polls as one of the world’s happiest cities

ost big cities play host to an iconic landmark that has graced the front of its local postcards for decades and, nowadays, features in the background of countless selfies: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York, to name but a few. If you were to consider Sydney’s equivalent, the Opera House will probably spring to mind – and it is undoubtedly an outstanding building – but having spent a few days walking, running and being ferried around it, I have a soft spot for the marvel that is the Sydney Harbour

Bridge (and sent a postcard of that home instead). Although the stats and facts astound me, I won’t bore you with them in case you want to find out yourself (or you’re just not as intrigued!); suffice to say that it’s AUD $13 (less than £7) very well spent to go up to the Pylon Lookout and discover the backstory of this incredible structure that took nine years to build. Plus it has an incredible panoramic view of this seaside city (provided there’s not an enormous cruise ship in port; it seems there are a huge number of cruise-goers who want to see Sydney as much as my husband and I do). However, we’re not staying in a cabin but in the funky, full-of-personality boutique hotel that is the QT


Sydney. The city does have its fair share of big-name hotel groups, which reside in a number of the towering buildings in the CBD, emblazoned with their brand’s logo, but the QT is set back a bit, although still only a 20-minute walk from the Opera House, on buzzing Market Street. I’m amazed to learn it houses 200 rooms; it certainly doesn’t feel like it. A girl in what looks like a costume rather than a uniform – an all-black, burlesqueesque ensemble complete with flat cap and red bobbed wig – greets us on street level and we head up to reception in a lift that only serves to enhance the Art Deco feel of decadence (and just a touch of debauchery). The luxe-Shoreditch vibe extends to our room too, which is contemporary in a cool, pared-back, blacklacquer kind of way, with an extremely comfy bed, large bathtub and free Wi-Fi. There are eclectic knick-knacks and furnishings (including ceramic animal head coat hooks) and a well-stocked mini-bar for those looking for a snack or drink prior to supper. Don’t have too much though; eating at Gowings Bar & Grill downstairs will more than satisfy you. Its staff are young, cool and dressed head-to-toe in black, with a range of accents; Sydney is a truly global city. It’s a Sunday night and there’s a good mix of customers, although despite the size of the hotel, it’s not overly busy; families in for an early supper, and several couples and groups of friends. I recommend the bresaola and white nectarine salad while my husband likes the quail egg and trout, served on spoons as bite-sized portions. The chef is very accommodating when the waiter explains that, fussily, I’m not keen on the suggested seasonings and cooks my tuna steak perfectly, served with inventive, American-sized sides; I devour green beans with sesame, mushrooms cooked beautifully, and squash, asparagus and feta salad. I finish off with a naughty-but-oh-so-nice mound of flaky, cream-filled chocolate profiteroles. Despite this three-course supper (with a glass or two of wine too), we rise early and head out for a run. If you like running, Sydney is an absolutely brilliant place to do it. Go through the Botanical Gardens and along the waterfront, soaking up the early-morning happy vibe of the other exercisers out and about, running, cycling

and even swimming. After this we easily make space for breakfast, which rather more accurately reflects the Sydneysiders’ obsession with healthy food than supper did; I haven’t seen as many juice bars, vegan/veggie restaurants and ‘free-from…’ menu items since being in LA. You can choose whether breakfast is included in your room rate or not, and I’d suggest you do: delicious juice (carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger, lime) is followed by eggs and soldiers done to perfection. For the carb-fearing among you, you can’t do better than the egg-white omelette loaded with spinach and mushrooms. I just have time to visit the QT Spa, which is small but does the trick. Use the hammam before your treatment or chill in the relaxation space. The design reflects the rest of the hotel and it’s a refreshing change from stark white, Asian-inspired spas; it’s dark and moody with fluffy black throws cast over scoop chairs. The spa offers everything from facials and massages to options for men and every kind of beauty treatment (tanning, waxing etc). The treatment room is gorgeous and has a very comfortable bed (which is not always so, even if you’d expect it in this standard of spa) and the Mastery Massage is really good (£80 for 60 minutes). If you have a day to get out and about a bit more, do the spectacular coastal walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi – which will take about an hour – and go by ferry to Manly; when we visit, an annual surfing competition is taking place and the area is awash with tanned, toned surfers (and equally tanned, toned locals). A bar-café-pub crawl in the historic central area known as The Rocks is the perfect way to while away a sunny Friday afternoon, and I must warn you; as you look out over the sunshinesoaked city, and commuters file into Circular Quay to board the ferry home, glass of wine or beer in hand, you may well wonder why you haven’t moved here. QT Sydney King room from £196 ( QT also has properties on the Gold Coast, in Port Douglas, Canberra and Falls Creek. QT Bondi will open in August)


t the head of gorgeous Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and the capital of the south-eastern state of Victoria. It is also without a doubt Australia’s cultural capital, with Victorianera architecture, boutique shopping, museums, galleries, theatres, and large parks and gardens. Its four million residents are both multicultural and sports-mad, which is convenient, as the city hosts an impressive calendar of international events, including the Australian Open Tennis Championships. It is about 25 hours into my journey that I start hoping against all hope that Melbourne will live up to its reputation. Admittedly, the trip there is made easier thanks to flying business class with the ever-flawless Singapore Airlines, but it is nonetheless a long one: 33 hours after leaving London, I finally touch down in Melbourne and make my way to the glamorous Crown Plaza Hotel. It’s midnight and I am delighted at the sight of the ridiculously large bed in front of me once I reach my room. I awake refreshed the next morning after a deep, jet-lagged sleep and make my way to the area of Brunswick, drenched in the kind of sunshine and blue skies of which only Australia can boast, and straight into Code Black Cafe. Somewhat of an institution, this café has its own coffee roastery and I order a flat white, followed by another, to go alongside my ‘traditional’ Australian breakfast staple of smashed avocado on toast. Code Black serves its offering with preserved lemon, chia

and pistachio dukkah, plus a poached egg to top it all off. Now fuelled to take on 36 hours in Melbourne, I meet guide Fiona Sweetman for a walking tour of the city’s famous network of laneways. We dip and dive through lanes and arcades which are home to local designers and specialty coffee roasters (the best: Two Birds) that only a local would know. We also spend time admiring the area’s pride and joy: the stunning street art that surrounds us. I don’t normally go in for tours but this one is a definite highlight of my time in Australia. We stop for lunch at one of Melbourne’s trendiest restaurants: Chin Chin’s menu is Thai, with delightful Vietnamese influences creeping in. We feast on a divine pork and


barramundi salad, banana leaf salmon, sticky pork, and black bean and banana pudding. After lunch we check out Melbourne’s rooftop bars, which dot the city’s New-York-esque skyline: two of the best for a few idyllic cocktails in the sun are Swanston Street’s Rooftop Bar & Cinema, and Madame Brussels. A quick detour to the hotel and a change of clothes later, I find myself staring down the barrel of a 10-course

Melbourne’s four million residents are multicultural and sports-mad degustation menu at the Michelin-starred Vue de Monde. Given its reputation, a meal at the restaurant comes with expectations nearly as high as its location (the 55th floor). Luckily, celebrity chef Shannon Bennett hits the mark with some of the best food I’ve ever experienced, alongside its impressive 360-degree view of the city. Each dish is explained by one of the charming and insightful chefs, and highlights include the salt-cured wallaby, and duck tongue with mountain pepper. A definite must-visit if you can get a booking when you’re in town. After another sound sleep, I decide to start my second day in Melbourne with an extravagant breakfast. The only place for this is the trendy area of Fitzroy, and the Hammer and Tong Café, where I’m served up a breakfast ramen – egg, bacon, mushroom, spring onion with bacon dashi – and another stellar coffee. The

Melburnian meeting point of Federation Square is next on the map, to take to the roads with the magnificent Brian from Real Melbourne Bicycle Tours. Melbourne is a cycle-friendly city; it’s compact, has designated bike lanes and doesn’t have too many cars. Brian takes me along the beautiful Yarra River until I reach the mighty MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) or the ‘Gee’ as locals call it, passing ‘Aussie Rules’ footballers training as we go. We soak up the varied architecture and vibes of the St Kilda, Brunswick and Fitzroy areas, stopping for many a coffee and snack along the way. This type of tour will show you more of the city in a few hours than could possibly be achieved touring alone and on foot. Brian drops me off four hours later outside the very trendy Adelphi Hotel Bar in order to have another oh-so-sunny drink (the hotel even has a rooftop pool). It’s only a short visit this time, Melbourne, but I definitely leave feeling happy. Singapore Airlines operates 28 weekly flights from Singapore to Melbourne. Fares to Melbourne start from £685pp return including taxes ( Stay at Crown Towers ( or The Adelphi ( For more tour information visit and


thousands upon thousands of pages, in print and online, have been dedicated to advising visitors about the jewels in Rome’s crown so here I will share some of the lesser known anecdotes about the ‘Eternal City’, in the hope that you’ll return with renewed interest.

On Film: James Bond was knocked out by Rome the other day. Quite literally. The on-screen embodiment of 007, Daniel Craig, found a tougher enemy on the streets of Rome than Goldfinger, Dr No or any of Bond’s other nemeses; he was taken to hospital after the silver-grey Aston Martin he was driving in a chase scene along the banks of the River Tiber, during a night shoot for the 24th Bond film Spectre, hit a pothole. The star banged his head on the car’s interior and was unable to carry on filming. Well, even without starring in a Bond film, it’s not difficult to be stirred and shaken by this ancient city; in fact, with so many theatrical locations offering architectural and aesthetic beauty spots perfectly suited to the silver screen, it’s a wonder Bond hadn’t arrived earlier. Many of us feel that we know Rome, even if we’ve never visited. It’s in our vernacular: “When in Rome do as the Romans do” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, for example. And that’s without the vivid cinematic images that for most of us have come to define the city as much as the Caesars who built it: Quo Vadis, Ben Hur,


Behind the Scenes

Roderick Gilchrist takes us on a rather alternative tour of the eternally popular city of Rome, featuring the unusual pairing of James Bond and the Pope, and exceptional Italian hospitality


Cleopatra, Gladiator, Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita. Speaking of Ben Hur, I bumped into Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman on my most recent trip; he was staying just down the corridor from me at La Cavalieri Hotel. The Oscar winner was in town filming a remake of the classic movie about a Roman slave who becomes a champion chariot racer but, when he wasn’t needed on set, he liked to sip Bellinis on the flower-bedecked terrace of the hilltop hotel and gaze down at the gold and green dome of St Peter’s, shimmering in the early summer heat.

On the Pope: It is said that the Pope has been taking a keen interest in the filming of Ben Hur and Spectre. He’s a surprising gentleman, so pious he refuses to wear the traditional (£3,000 a pair) red velvet shoes of office, preferring cheap Argentinian slip-ons, and he said no to the lavish Papal apartments; instead he roughs it in a small Vatican flat. The other day he even hosted a cricket match between a team of English authors against a Vatican XI on a ground beside the Apinine Way. The Pope did, however, put his papal foot down when told there were plans for Bond to jump from Rome’s prettiest bridge, the Ponte Sisto, onto a speedboat surfing the Tiber. The bridge, which leads to St Peter’s and other holy sites, is considered sacred. The director of Spectre was hoping to shoot at the Trevi fountain but discovered Neptune, who towers over snorting sea horses, covered up with scaffolding, as the landmark site undergoes renovation.

On Tradition: The scaffolding doesn’t seem to make any difference to the tourists, all happily taking selfies, laughing and obeying the instructions in the film Three Coins In A Fountain which promised if you turned your back and threw coins into the fountain you would always return to Rome. “Do you know how much money they take out every day?” my guide Benedetto asked, before replying with the (almost unbelievable) answer, “€40,000!” It’s a short passeggiata from here to the Spanish Steps, an elegant, off-centre, sweeping staircase, where the voluptuous young are often seen lounging; flirting, the men, shiny and wolfish, confident in their appeal to the Lollabridgida-like senorinas who seem to offer the possibility of a tryst for every appreciative glance. It was at the foot of the steps a year ago that a British family were charged ¤64 for four ice creams, igniting a scandal about rip-offs in Rome. Today I report a new sensation

in the city’s gelato bars. Blue-coloured Viagra gelato; didn’t try one myself but plenty were, to much laughter.

On Hospitality: The appetising aroma of garlic, olive oil and pasta wafting from trattorias sent me scurrying back to sample the offering at La Pergola, La Cavalieri’s rooftop restaurant, where Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck stirs the pots. When he cooked for the wives of the G7 leaders, it’s said that both Michelle Obama and Cherie Blair requested the recipe for his signature fagottelli, a fabulous dish in which pecorino cheese, black pepper, egg yolk and whipped cream are cooked inside pasta. Bellisima. Like Rome itself, La Cavalieri is gloriously over the top. It perches on a verdant hilltop, in 15 acres of parkland, and a shuttle bus makes passage in and out of the city effortless. The gardens are decorated with umbrella pines, statues of emperors and 17 life-sized stone lions. In the early morning, steam rises from the enormous swimming pool; on Sundays the beautiful people of Rome, and one or two who look as if they have come straight out of The Sopranos, sit beside it enjoying a languid lunch while checking each other out. A £30 million painting by the Venetian master Tiepelo hangs in the gold and marble reception and an Andy Warhol silk screen of dollar signs in the penthouse; his little joke about the madness of art prices. The concierge will arrange the most extraordinary amusements. On my last visit I was taken to gladiator school, handed a beaten-steel helmet, tunic, breast plate and wooden sword and taught to fight like Sparticus. This time I headed to La Bocca Della Verita, the Mask of Truth. Legend has it if you put your hand in the mouth of this face and tell a lie it will bite it off. Fooling about while shooting Roman Holiday Gregory Peck tried this and pulled his arm out with his hand apparently missing, hidden up his sleeve. Audrey Hepburn didn’t know he was improvising and screamed in horror. This wasn’t in the script but worked so well they kept it in the film. Today everyone’s trying the trick. The actor Peter Ustinov described Rome rather poetically as “a delicious glut of honey-soaked peaches in a dish of hills”. Actually, to my mind, it’s even more appetising than that. Citalia is offering a four-night city break to Rome at the five-star Rome Cavalieri on a B&B basis from £779pp (saving up to £415 per couple), including one free night, an airline discount and return flights from London Gatwick with BA (01293 731753;



More than just a name, Snow Lepoard vodka was created to help save this beautiful creature from extinction. 15% of profits from the brand are given directly to Snow Leopard conservation projects. Award winning Snow Leopard vodka is the first luxury vodka to be made from the Spelt grain, which provides a unique and distinct, nutty fresh taste. Available from Selfridges, Hedonism Drinks and Fortnum and Mason



BY ashiana pradhan


States of

Calling all our patriotic American readers, or those of you who simply wish to take part in celebrating Independence Day; we’ve got it covered. Ashiana Pradhan sums up the best places in the Royal Borough to visit this 4 July, which happily falls on a Saturday Whether you’re entertaining at home or looking for a fun day/night out, why not make the most of what London has to offer to mark this star-spangled occasion? Starting the proceedings off, wine master Ted Edwards has selected two Freemark Abbey wines from California as the perfect accompaniments for a special celebration at home. Enjoy a glass of the berry-centric, velvety Merlot with an indulgent American meal or open a bottle of the refreshing, citrusy Chardonnay to enjoy in the garden (weather permitting, of course). Got itchy feet and want to go out? Pay a visit to Dirty Bones for the best of American comfort food; the laid-back vibe and retro décor will have you feeling both patriotic and nostalgic. What’s more, Dirty Bones has created a special 4 July burger for the occasion with Monterey Jack & Craft Beer Cheese, Coca-Cola onion rings, onion confit and onion seeds. Alternatively, for those who fancy dressing up, why not mosey on down to Pont Street restaurant at the Belgraves Hotel, headed up by Sophie

Michell? Britain’s youngest female executive chef has dreamt up a special 4 July burger menu. There are so many delicious options to choose from but the Belgraves Bespoke burger with truffle mayonnaise, crisp onions and Ogleshield cheese on a brioche bun, served with truffle fries, has caught our eye and for veggies, the chargrilled beetroot burger with garlic cream cheese sounds incredible. Want to take the celebration that extra step further? Streaky Gin is your spot. As its concept is inspired by a British/American fusion, it would be a crime not to hold a 4 July blowout. The all-day party will have Independence Day films playing on the in-house screens, interactive games, beer tubs and authentic American comfort food. Stick around for Kalvarise’s DJ set, or alternatively grab one of Streaky’s new ‘Hyde Park Hampers’ full of beers, champagne and Streaky Gin snacks, and make a beeline for the park! Freemark Abbey Wines, available at Handford Wines, 105 Old Brompton Road, SW7;;

Loosey Goosey Experience a taste of the South of France on the 5th Floor of Harvey Nichols this summer; Grey Goose has launched an immersive Pop-Up Summer Terrace called Boulangerie François Terrasse, inspired by the lavish elegance of the French Riviera. The terrace is now serving up the Grey Goose summer martini collection, a light, zesty and flavourful range of cocktails which are accompanied by various treats, including mini patisseries and tarts that have been made from the same fruits used to create the vodkas. Délicieux! Boulangerie François Terrasse, until 6 September Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor




Bean to Bar Masterfully crafted using chocolate from Alain Ducasse’s Manufacture de Chocolat by his protégé and head pastry chef Alexandre Talpaert, a new ice cream available at the Bulgari Hotel combines two chocolate flavours – the subtle Cocoa Nibs and the Intense Dark Chocolate – both of which are then served in a light and crispy waffle cone. The chocolate itself originates from Ducasse’s artisanal ‘bean to bar’ factory in Paris, where skilled chocolatiers use authentic, vintage machinery and handpicked cacao beans to make small batches of chocolate by hand, resulting in a distinctive taste. These indulgent flavours are exclusive to Bulgari Hotel & Residences for the summer season and are available to order at the bar and lounge or on the sunny terrace.

Mission to Michelin A feast for the eyes, and the stomach, South Kensington’s iconic restaurant Bibendum has just reopened its doors to the public, revealing a respectful restoration and fresh menu devised by new head chef Peter Robinson. Residing in the Art Deco landmark of Michelin House, the former London headquarter of Michelin Tyres, the restaurant has become a local, and national, dining institution. The shiny new first-floor restaurant casts vibrant coloured shapes across the space through its famed stained-glass windows featuring the restaurant’s adorable (and portly) mascot, Monsieur Bibendum (Michelin Man). The menu changes daily but guests can expect classic, seasonal, British fare with a strong French influence, presented in a simple and understated manner; think escargot de Bourgogne, tranche of turbot with béarnaise sauce and deliciously light panna cotta.

15 June – 31 August, priced at £6 Bulgari Hotel & Residences, 171 Knightsbridge, SW7

Bibendum, 81 Fulham Road, SW3 6RD

Photography: Laura Mott

Fulham’s Stroke of Luck Decked out in an Art Deco style, The Lucky Pig is the latest all-day spot to hit the South West scene. Inspired by the debauched speakeasies of the Roaring 20s with antique mirrors and black and white marble floors, the sumptuous space radiates nostalgic vibes. At the helm in the kitchen is the supremely talented Michael Mannion who, from morning till night, is serving up delicious dishes using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Despite being a delightful breakfast and lunch spot, The Lucky Pig truly shines at sundown when the venue goes into overdrive; devilishly moreish cocktails flow freely as the live jazz and blues music propel discerning guests back into the decadent era, a time when pure hedonism and folly were at the top of the to-do list. The Lucky Pig, 374 North End Road, SW6

Blooming Lovely The Jumeirah Carlton Tower has added a touch of extra charm to its afternoon tea in the Chinoiserie room, with Chelsea Flower Show-inspired sandwiches and cakes. While you listen to the harpist playing in the foyer and sip on your favourite teas, you can enjoy a chocolate and elderflower window box or a mini plant pot filled with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate soil. The more savoury delights include smoked salmon and goat’s cheese on lemon thyme muffins and brioche buns with peppered roast beef and watercress. The afternoon tea is £42 and runs until 22 June; opt for champagne and fresh strawberries for an extra £10. If you’ve missed the floral option, don’t fear, as the Jumeirah Carlton will be knocking up a Wimbledon-themed tea from 23 June just in time for the Championships.

Clean Cocktails Living off the Land The latest addition to the Portobello Road scene, Farm Girl is based on quite a unique concept. Its inspiration comes from a childhood spent growing up on a rural farm outside Melbourne, which has resulted in a laid-back, healthy vibe that originates from an outdoorsy Australian lifestyle. In keeping with this, the relaxed, airy space will serve up a menu created by Benoit Marmoiton. Naturopathic Doctor Melly Lou has contributed her valued opinion to the menu and its nutritional benefits; as a result, the dishes are carefully thought through and will include roast beetroot salad and a BLT with a vegan twist, while the signature drink is Coconut Drip, a cold brew coffee with toasted coconut served with ice and either coconut or almond milk. Farm Girl, 59A Portobello Road, W11

The Way of the West If you are searching for a spot in the sun this July, head to West Thirty Six for a few cocktails on the terrace. The restaurant, bar and bistro, under the rather rock ‘n’ roll direction of Rex Newmark, executive chef of Beach Blanket Babylon, offers a quiet alfresco space in North Kensington. For the perfect summer afternoon tipple, browse the enticing list of drinks, which includes mimosas and the house special 36 Collins cocktail; or simply settle down with a bottle of Nyetimber sparkling wine as you enjoy the sunshine.

Clean cocktails? This phrase may sound like a bit of an oxymoron but Belvedere’s mixology expert Claire Smith-Warner has in fact proven that drinking doesn’t have to be a naughty indulgence. As an advocate of healthier alternatives that allow alcohol drinkers to enjoy the perks of drinking without all of the downsides, Smith-Warner has created a selection of low fructose and lower alcohol cocktail recipes for the summer. Part of an ongoing intuitive entitled ‘Drink, Eat, Live’, Belvedere has collaborated with cold-pressed juice company Imbibery to invent two cold-pressed cocktail mixers that are a play on a Pina Colada and Bloody Mary, using ingredients such as spinach, coconut water, tomatoes, beets and cayenne pepper. Belvedere vodka itself doesn’t contain any nasties like sugar, glycerine, additives or enhancers, making it the ideal alcoholic addition to enjoy with these healthy ingredients. Belvedere Unfiltered 70cl bottle, £40.95 Belvedere Pink Grapefruit 70cl bottle, £37.95 Belvedere Citrus 70cl bottle, £37.95

West Thirty Six, 36 Golborne Road, North Kensington, W10;


Photography: Getty Images / Richard Young Pixie Geldof

George Lamb

Otis Ferry

Laura Jackson

Lily Cole

Alistair Guy

Jade Parfitt and Jasmine Guinness

Jack Guinness

Lilah Parsons

Jade Parfitt

James Righton

Annabelle Wallis

Laura Mvula

Ella Catliff

Daisy Lowe

Jasmine Guinness

Dan Stevens

Richard E. Grant

LONDON LIVING Photography: Getty Images

A Heart of Goldie WHAT: The Hawn Foundation UK Fundraising Dinner sponsored by De Grisogono WHEN: 1 June WHERE: Annabel’s, Mayfair WHO: Naomi Campbell, Natalie Imbruglia, Tess Daly and Vernon Kay WHY: Not only an Academy Award-winning actress and mother to Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn is also the founder of the Hawn Foundation for children, whom she describes as the “jewels of our future”. This year, the annual fundraising dinner was sponsored by Swiss jeweller De Grisogono and was attended by a number of high-profile supporters of the cause, which employs the use of MindUP to improve children’s positivity and reduce stress or anxiety. During the evening, guests partook in an auction to raise funds and were entertained by a live performance by soul singer Nicole Slack Jones and Strictly Come Dancing stars Aljaž Škorjanec and Janette Manrara.

Goldie Hawn, Naomi Campbell and Kate Hudson

Heather Kerzner

Kate Hudson Vernon Kay and Tess Daly

Natalie Imbruglia

Super Troopers WHAT: Harrods Superbrands Launch WHEN: 3 June WHERE: Harrods, Knightsbridge WHO: Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof, Jack Guinness, Laura Jackson and Lily Cole WHY: With impossibly handsome waiters, multiple martini stations from the Legendary Sliver Foxes and a sublime selection of canapés, those who didn’t make it to the launch of Harrods’ Superbrands floor certainly missed out. The new luxury womenswear area sees all of the most coveted fashion labels, from Gucci and Prada to Valentino and Louis Vuitton, housed together and has been modelled in a similar fashion to the recently opened Shoe Heaven department, with each brand having its own retail boutique. Fuelled by a number of champagne and cocktail options (except for model Lily Cole who was positively blooming in the midst of her pregnancy), guests also enjoyed an exclusive DJ set by James Righton and 2 Many DJs.

Mary Charteris

Natalia Barbieri

Above and Bionda WHAT: Bionda Castana Store Launch WHEN: 4 June WHERE: Bionda Castana Store, 73 Elizabeth Street WHO: Mary Charteris, Amber Atherton, Laura Hayden, Zara Martin and Martha Ward WHY: The much-anticipated launch of the luxury shoe brand’s debut flagship was not solely a social affair and housewarming for the new Belgravia store, but also a chance to take a look at the new Pre-Fall collection. While sipping on Perrier-Jouët champagne and Jax Coco coconut water, excitable conversation from guests centred on the delightful summer evenings to come and which of the gorgeous pairs withinin the collection they would be donning for Royal Ascot.

Laura Hayden

Zara Martin

Amber Atherton and Jennifer Portman

Photography: Getty Images


Photography: Marcus Dawes Savannah Miller

Zoe Zimmer

Natalie Coyle

Mary-Elizabeth Ballantyne, Alistair Guy and Arabella Ballantyne

Olivia Inge

Ella Catliff

For the Love of Lingerie WHAT: Rigby & Peller 'The Art of Lingerie' Private Relaunch Party WHEN: 3 June WHERE: Rigby & Peller Flagship Store, Knightsbridge WHO: Ella Catliff, Olivia Inge, Natalie Coyle, Savannah Miller and Henry Conway WHY: Armed with 76 years of expertise, Britain’s leading lingerie brand Rigby & Peller re-launched its flagship store and marked the occasion with a delightful summer soirée at the beginning of June. The evening showcased the brand’s devotion to innovation and the art of lingerie, with a renewed focus on made-to-measure; the good old tape measure may be on its way out, with Rigby & Peller having introduced a technologically-advanced 3D mirror designed to take one’s measurements that guests could test out on the night. The evening was in association with Chapel Down, so those in attendance enjoyed glasses of Chardonnay Blanc des Blancs, accompanied with salmon blinis and chargrilled tiger prawn canapés. The real showstopper, however, had to be the stunning tutu by Maison Lejaby, part of the couture range, which had pride of place in the shop window.

Eddie’s Evening

Zara Martin

Olivia Palermo and Sandra Choi

Jasmine Hemsley

WHAT: VIP Dinner for Eddie Redmayne hosted by Omega WHEN: 4 June WHERE: Quaglino’s, Mayfair WHO: Eddie and Hannah Redmayne, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Stephen Urquhart and Marcus Wareing WHY: Having scooped up the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, 2015 is clearly Eddie Redmayne’s year. So it comes as no surprise that Omega has chosen the talented actor to join fellow stars George Clooney and Nicole Kidman as an International Ambassador for the brand. To honour this new partnership, VIPs including Chiwetel Ejiofor and Dan Stevens attended an intimate private dinner at Quaglino’s, where they enjoyed a four-course meal that comprised foie gras terrine and toasted brioche, accompanied by indulgent wine pairings. The remarkable seven-piece orchestra of French singer Benoit Viellefon and Londonbased trio The Nightingale Girls also performed.

Choo Let the Dogs Out? Donna Air

Caroline Issa and Alice Naylor-Leyland Photography: Nick Harvey / Jimmy Choo

Hugo Heathcote

WHAT: Jimmy Choo Tea Party WHEN: 21 May WHERE: The Ivy Chelsea Garden WHO: Olivia Palermo, Sandra Choi, Caroline Issa, Martha Ward, and Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley WHY: Accompanied by their pups in Jimmy Choo collars, VIP guests attended the event at The Ivy Chelsea Garden to celebrate the launch of the Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2015 collection. The collection was designed in collaboration with artist Rafael Mantesso and was inspired by his English bull terrier, fittingly named Jimmy Choo. A distinct effort was made to reflect the collection's monochrome theme, with white macaroons with black filling and a black-and-white Chelsea flower market installation. Everything was done with a special canine twist, with the inclusion of a doggy photo booth, a doggy water fountain and traditional English afternoon tea with paw-print cappuccinos.

LONDON LIVING Photography: Mike Marsland

Eddie and Hannah Redmayne

Kim Johnson and Arun Nayer

Eddie Redmayne and Clemency Burton-Hill

Dan Stevens

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Jade Parfitt

Marcus and Jane Wareing

Eddie Redmayne

Hannah Redmayne and Clemency Burton-Hill

Robert Angell

Stephen Urquhart and Clemency Burton-Hill

Rasha Khawaja


The Concierge What is it you require, sir? How may I help, madam? The Concierge is here to help with every need, whim or wish, however great or small Apparel

Ligne Roset

Hydrohealing Spa


Repairs & Cleaning

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Sloane Tailors & Dry Cleaners 69 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8DA 020 7824 8644

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Le Café Anglais

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Ease your emotional baggage through writing. Sit with a writer and, using a specially developed format, write out your traumatic event or problem to release it. To book 60 or 90 minute appointments email or call 07733 112333



from the executive producer of ‘The King’s Speech’, 16 Brune street, London, EC1 7NJ. that toTel: date has7148 grossed +44 (0)20 0714 in excess of £250M worldwide

A unique opportunity to be involved in and support the british film industry

ExECuTIVE PrOduCEr PACkAgE £50,000 TAX BENEFITS ........................

lifestyle BENEFITS ...................................

• HMRC UK Government Tax Scheme

• 3 Film Experiences

• 30% Income Tax Relief

• Chance to attend BAFTA’s, CANNES and other Film Festivals

• Any profits realised TAX FREE As part of MoliFilms’ Executive Producer Package, available from January 2014, we are Invitations to regularly held VIP EVENTS able to offer the following privileges. These investment. ckage, available from January 2014, weare areexclusive to one film per •

• Capital Gains deferral relief are exclusive to one film per investment.

• Inheritance Tax Exemption (IHT) INVITATION TO… ACCESS TO… Conditions apply


Film set

During the filming of the • GAP Investment feature, investors will be invited ■ Festival De Cannes to visit the set where they will Investorstowill beand invited be introduced cast

Investors will be invited to available to all investors join us in celebrating the film during the world-renowned festival in France.

join us in celebrating the film

Castduring read-throughs and the world-renowned rehearsals festival in France.

Festival De Cannes


including Premieres/Screenings/Red carpet events/onset days with cast and crew

• Participation as supporting actors or within production crew for investors family and friends • Associate and Executive Producer Credits available

Investors will receive tickets An opportunity to learn more to the premiere of the film in For process further information and your chance to attend London an exclusive and meet the about the rehearsal to whichscreening they may be ■ Premiere molifilms team, and meet members of the cast. accompanied by one guest. Investors will receive ticketsplease email:

to the premiere of the film in ■ Castings Wrap Party Please include your fullname, phone number and Investors the bestwill time to contact you. be invited to

London to which they may be The Executive Producer accompanied one guest. Package also entitlesbyinvestors to observe part of the casting ■ Wrap Party process and meet the film’s Investors will be invited to casting directors.

attend the official wrap party of the film with cast and crew to which they may be accompanied by one guest.

Street, London, London E1 16 Brune street, EC17NJ 7NJ. 3750 0714 2323 Tel: +44 (0)20 7148

HOMES showcasing the

finest HOMES & PROPERTY from the best estate agents

A Bright Future Experts offer up a positive forecast for the Royal Borough

Image courtesy of HLR

Property News PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

Queensway Renovations Luxury development ready to view in Queensway: Under a Brunei billionaire’s £500 million plan to transform Queensway into the Covent Garden of west London, Bayswater has steadily shed its former image as a cost-conscious tourist destination. Led by the bespoke developer Alchemi Group one such property is being converted into luxury apartments sold through the agent Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Developed by Alchemi Group and designed by award-winning architects Stiff + Trevillion, Westbourne House W2 is one of the very first luxury residential developments in the area. It is at the forefront of Bayswater’s emergence as a super-prime residential location and set to become a new landmark building in the area. Marking the first phase of the development’s completion, the Westbourne House Show Home is one of 20 spacious, exquisitely detailed, luxury apartments, including a stunning split-level penthouse with 360 degree views from its 1,386 square foot terrace. Alchemi Group’s ambitious design has created an elegant development and one which has already been shortlisted for a prize at the International Design and Architecture Awards 2015.

Market Comment Market Intelligence Nick Crayson, founder of Crayson, talks stats and the effect Stamp Duty Land Tax has on buying costs

There is certainly more buyer activity than we have seen for over a year and this only really showed itself from 1 June, right after the half-term break. We are seeing a surge in viewings and buyer registrations and an increase in offers at more sensible and less speculative levels. In the house market we forecast that there will be more transactions in the June/July period than in the entire year to date. However, I would urge caution regarding prices. The market is still absorbing the rise of the highest band of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) from 7% to 12%. What many have not factored in is that the increased SDLT has not only reduced buyers’ buying power – in terms of the difference between the old and new SDLT rate – but the effect of reducing buyers’ cash contribution has also meant that buyers have less money to leverage mortgage borrowing. So, for example, if a buyer now has £200,000 less cash available as a deposit, that has also taken away their ability to leverage almost £470,000 of mortgage borrowing on a 70% loan-to-value mortgage. At Crayson

The market is still absorbing the rise of the highest band of SDLT our average selling price is £4.5m and at that level SDLT has increased from £315,000 to £453,000. Therefore buyers have £138,000 less cash and £322,000 less leverage-able mortgage at a 70% loan-to-value ratio. That is effectively, in this case, £460,000 of buying power removed. I think that overall we have not seen the full effects of the SDLT rise and the overall long-term ramifications, which must include the fact that people are not going to move as often as they have in the past with these levels of buying costs. I think that this factor will affect HMRC’s SDLT revenues and I am hopeful that when the Treasury has full year comparisons at the end of December, the Chancellor may take another look at the bandings.

Westbourne House, Queensway

Crayson, 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH; 020 7221 1117


PrimeQResi Journal of Prime Property

Chelsea Barracks Phase Four Next phase architects appointed for £3bn Chelsea Barracks scheme: Qatari Diar has handed the design brief for the next phase of its Chelsea Barracks development to Eric Parry Architects. Construction on Phase One, designed by Squire & Partners, and pictured here, is already underway on site; this section will deliver 74 residences. Phase Two – 14 townhouses designed by Paul Davis & Partners – and Phase Three(a) – the marketing suite and show apartments, designed by Ben Pentreath & Associates – are due for completion in early 2018. Eric Parry will work within the remit of the Chelsea Barracks Masterplan, designed by Michael Squire, Professor Edward Jones CBE, Sir Jeremy Dixon and award-winning landscaper Kim Wilkie. Formal planning for Phase Four, which sits in the middle of the prime Belgravia site and includes the development’s biggest landscaped public square, is due to be submitted to Westminster Council later this year. CGI Image: Squire & Partners

Market Comment Slow and Steady The result of the election was a victory for the property market therefore there is no time to rest at Carter Jonas, as Lily Terrell reports

Although the market in Knightsbridge and Chelsea has been a difficult one this past year, things are beginning to change. The strong result of the election is the principle reason behind this with a reduction in concerns over future property taxation; the proposed mansion tax on properties over £2 million, the tax treatment of ‘non-doms’ and Labour’s plans for rent controls have all diminished. The confidence that was created from £50 billion having been added to the Stock

Our stock has nearly doubled in the past month

James Bond author’s flat up for sale: Carlyle Mansions is known locally as The Writers’ Block; the handsome, red-brick building has a long and distinguished list of literary luminaries who have lived there, including Ian Fleming (No . 24), TS Eliot (No. 19), Henry James (No.  21), and Somerset Maugham (No. 27). Fleming is said to have begun writing Casino Royale here, in 1952, to distract himself from his forthcoming wedding. The manuscript was typed out by two women, one of whom was his red-haired secretary, said to be the model for Miss Moneypenny. Fleming’s former property is now up for sale. The stunning four bedroom penthouse apartment is set within a portered Victorian block that has incredible views up and down the River Thames. The flat is in excellent condition and has been designed by Fiona Barratt Interiors. All of the accommodation is on a single floor and unusually for Carlyle Mansions, the kitchen and interconnecting reception room are at the front of the building.

Exchange overnight in response to the Conservative victory is expected to release the backlog of transaction activity. Despite this blessing, it does not mean that property prices are set to suddenly increase because, currently, the supply exceeds the level of demand. It will inevitably take time for the market to pick up for a number of reasons, for instance, those renting prior to the election may still be tied up in rental contracts. Having said this, the 0.5 per cent increase in property prices this quarter in Prime Central London is the first steady incline since the peak of the market this time last year. Slowly but surely the post-election interest is increasing; we are hoping that this will continue to increase until the gap between supply and demand is bridged. Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea remain ideal areas to buy in London, with their continuous growth despite the market having suffered a great deal this past year. Our available stock has nearly doubled in the past month, with some fantastic new properties at varying price levels. All our on-market properties are listed on our website or at In order to find out what properties we have off-market, which currently represent almost half of our sales instructions, please call me on 020 7225 1237.

Bodens, 102 Draycott Avenue Chelsea, SW3 3AD

Carter Jonas LLP, 47 Beauchamp Place, Chelsea, SW3 1NX

Writers’ Block


Beyond your expectations

Iverna Court, W8

ÂŁ895 Per Week Unfurnished

A bright three bedroom apartment on the top floor (with lift) of this highly sought after mansion block in the centre of Kensington, featuring wooden floors, two bathrooms and fabulous roof terrace. (940 Sq ft/87 Sq m) EPC: D

Cromwell Crescent, SW5

ÂŁ475 Per Week Furnished

A superb newly refurbished one bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor of this period conversion close to Kensington High Street and Earls Court tube station, benefiting from brand new stylish furniture and two sunny balconies. (485 Sq ft/45 Sq m) EPC: D

Hamptons Kensington Office Sales. 020 7717 5461 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

Gloucester Walk, W8 The apartment is beautifully finished to exacting details using the very best materials adding to the already voluminous and light framework of an imposing red brick Victorian building. The reception and principle rooms are flooded with light and provide wonderful voluminous and versatile space. EPC: D

Hamptons Kensington Office Lettings. 020 7717 5459 | Sales. 020 7937 9371

£3,850,000 Share of Freehold • • • •

Master bedroom with dressing room & en suite Two further double bedrooms Access to communal garden Large roof terrace

Beyond your expectations

Basil Mansions, SW3

£6,250,000 Leasehold

A beautifully presented three bedroom raised ground floor apartment offering a timeless blend of contemporary styling and period features in the heart of Knightsbridge. This stunning property features an iLight intelligent lighting system, integrated sound system, air conditioning and under floor heating to the bathrooms and entrance hallway.


• •

• •

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Lettings. 020 7717 5461 | Sales. 020 7717 5461

Generous reception room with stunning parquet wood flooring Modern kitchen and dining hall Master bedroom with en-suite Two further bedrooms Study room and cloak room JSA with Marler & Marler: 02072359641

Montpelier Square, SW7 This beautifully refurbished property is situated on one of the most sought after garden squares in Knightsbridge offering a contemporary style. (3,713 sq.ft/ 345 sq.m). EPC: E

£6,500,00 per week (charges apply)* Furnished • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Knightbridge Office Lettings. 020 7584 2014 | Sales. 0207 835 1444

Six bedrooms Three bathrooms Balcony Hardwood floors High ceilings Communal garden access

Beyond your expectations

Chelsea, SW3 A meticulously refurbished Grade II listed house providing well planned, bright and flexible accommodation, leading onto a delightful south west facing secluded garden.EPC: D

£4,750,000 Freehold • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Sloane Square Office Lettings. 0207 717 5483 | Sales. 020 381 7220

(charges apply)*

Three bedrooms Three reception rooms Garden Grade II listed period house End of terrace 1921 Sq. Ft.

Silverlight, W10 A remarkable four bedroom David Adjaye designed house. The unique contemporary space is quite breathtaking with the added bonus of great views from the terraces of the West Union Canal. The 5209 sq.ft house has an integral garage and offers the rare opportunity to own a property like no other. EPC: C

£5,500,000 Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Notting Hill Office Sales. 0207 717 5311 | Lettings. 020 7717 5433

Four bedrooms Two reception rooms Waterside views Roof garden & wet bar Integral Gaage Approximately 5,209 Sq. Ft

Beyond your expectations

Cheyne Walk, SW3 This newly refurbished first floor two bedroom apartment offers over 1200 sq ft of space that includes an eat in kitchen leading onto the south west facing decked terrace. With an 18’ reception room, two double bedrooms both with ensuite bathrooms and a separate cloak room, it would ideally suit a couple in SW3. EPC: C

£895 per week • • • • •

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 020 7717 5481 | Lettings. 0207 3700 774

Two bedrooms Two bathrooms Balcony Furnished Day porter

Courtfield Gardens, SW5 A beautifully presented split level apartment, forming part of a stunning stucco fronted period building. This impressive two bedroom flat offers a main reception room with communal garden aspect, second reception room/dining room, fully fitted modern kitchen, master bedroom suite (located on the lower ground floor) and bedroom two with en-suite. EPC: B

£2,495,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 020 7717 5431 | Lettings. 020 7717 5433

Two bedrooms Two reception rooms Stunning views over gardens Split level ground and lower ground floors Lift 1381 Sq. Ft.

Paws for Thought Knight Frank lettings manager Sophie Woolfenden speaks to lauren romano about the increasing demand for pet-friendly rental properties in Notting Hill and Holland Park

Jessica Jordan, Senior Negotiator, shows Bree, Frankie and Rolo around the flat Photography: Rob Cadman

Today’s viewing isn’t anything out of the ordinary for this particular neck of the woods. At a newly refurbished apartment in Ladbroke Grove, Sophie Woolfenden is showing around prospect clients. Bree the Basset Fauve de Bretagne and her canine sidekicks Frankie the Lurcher–Collie cross, and Rolo, an energetic 18-month-old Working Cocker Spaniel are nosing about the flat’s nooks and crannies. The split-level apartment actually belongs to Frankie’s owner and is being offered as a pet-friendly let. “We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of tenants looking for landlords who welcome their cats and dogs,” Sophie, lettings manager of Knight Frank’s Notting Hill office, explains, dishing out doggy treats in an attempt to tempt her furry viewers into posing for a photo,

as the photographer snaps away, muttering something about never working with animals or children. “Getting pets over here is so much easier these days,” she continues. “I was involved with a short let on Lansdowne Road and the tenants bought their dog along with them all the way from America.” Brits have long been renowned as a nation of dog-lovers and the statistics do nothing to contest that reputation. Sophie and her team have noticed that approximately a third of all tenants in the Notting Hill and Holland Park area are searching for a pet-friendly pad. To meet the rising demand, Sophie decided to collaborate with the Dogs Trust’s Lets with Pets scheme and joined the Letting Agency Supporter Scheme which provides owners, landlords and perspective tenants with helpful tips for searching and securing homes with their pets in


Lets with Pets Top Tips Don’t leave your house hunting until the last minute Begin searching at least 6–8 weeks before you need to move out of your current home.

Sophie Woolfenden with the pets

tow. “We ask all our landlords if they are open to animals,” she explains. “And we had the Knight Frank website adapted, so we now have a paw print next to pet-friendly properties which makes them easy to identify.” While some landlords are more amenable towards pets, Sophie admits that others are not as easily swayed. “If people have got pets of their own then they tend to be more sympathetic,” she says. “But if not, they tend to worry that dogs are going to chew things and cats will sharpen their claws on the carpet.” She suggests that the solution is to get a reference from a previous landlord so you can move quickly as we head to the busier summer market. “We have really good stock levels at the moment,” she says, adding

“In some of the porter apartment blocks pets even have to be interviewed to see if they are well-behaved”

Write a CV for your pet Provide your prospective landlord with as much information about your pet as you can. Include the contact details of your veterinary practice and someone who can care for your pet in an emergency. You could also include details of your pet’s last vaccinations and any flea and worming treatments they have had. Get a reference for your pet By providing a reference from your previous landlord, you can show that your pet is well behaved and has caused no problems at your previous property. Introduce your pet to your landlord Meeting your pet in advance may put your landlord’s mind at ease. You could invite your landlord to your current home so they can see that your pet has caused no problems there. Get written permission If your landlord has given you permission to keep a pet in the property, make sure you get it in writing. You should ask for a clause to be added to the tenancy agreement and make sure that any ‘no pets’ clauses are removed. This will prevent problems from arising in future.

that the pace will start to pick up as families look to secure properties before the start of the new school term. “Pricing and presentation remain key and landlords should be prepared to be on the ball as we head into July and August,” she advises. As the viewing draws to a close, the dogs seem suitably impressed with this particular pet-friendly property, but Sophie stresses that maximising your chances of securing a pad for you and your pets is necessary in the competitive local market. “In some of the porter apartment blocks pets even have to be interviewed to see if they are well-behaved. They now need passports and CVs!” she laughs.“So take a leaf out of the Lets with Pets book and avoid ending up in the dog house by drawing up a résumé to put landlords’ minds at rest”. Knight Frank, 298 Westbourne Grove, W11 2PS; 020 7985 9990;


Thornbury Court, Notting Hill W11 Stunning three bedroom penthouse A rare opportunity to acquire an immaculately presented three bedroom penthouse flat with a private roof terrace located in this prestigious portered mansion block in the heart of Notting Hill. 3 bedrooms, bathroom, shower room, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/dining room, roof terrace, portered building. EPC: E. Approximately 183 sq m (1,974 sq ft).   Share of freehold

Guide price: £3,750,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C July- 41 Thornbury Road

08/06/2015 17:59:01



Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill W11 Beautifully presented four bedroom house Arranged over five floors, this stunning family house offers wonderful open plan accommodation and excellent entertaining space with direct access to the communal gardens behind. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, 2 offices, utility room, wine cellar, terrace, garden. EPC: D.  Approximately 305 sq m (3,279 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £8,750,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C July- 69 Lansdowne Crescent

08/06/2015 17:57:47

Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill W11 Beautiful two bedroom oommunal garden flat A rare opportunity to acquire a charming, newly refurbished and well‐presented top floor flat set on arguably one of the best streets in Notting Hill. This beautiful flat is flooded with natural light and has the advantage of enchanting views. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, reception room, kitchen, 2 balconies, access to communal gardens. EPC: D. Approximately 65 sq m (697 sq ft).   Leasehold

Guide price: £1,050,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C July- 104 Lansdowne Road

08/06/2015 17:56:49



St. James's Lodge, Holland Park W11 A delightful Grade II listed four bedroom house This house is situated on the southern terrace of this highly sought after and charming garden square. Immaculately presented, the house offers flexible and elegant accommodation, wonderful natural light, an additional studio/storage facilities, access to the garden square and air cooling in all bedrooms. 4 bedrooms,  3 bathrooms, double reception room, kitchen, dining room, utility room, patio garden, terrace communal gardens. EPC: E. Approximately 252 sq m (2,170 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £5,300,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C July - St James Lodge

08/06/2015 17:55:43

Holland Park, Holland Park W11 Beauitful maisonette with private garden A sensational lateral garden apartment spanning the raised and lower ground floors of this imposing Grade 2 listed Italianate villa. 4 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, further kitchen area, utility room, terrace, garden. Approximately 372 sq m (4,011 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £9,750,000 020 7938 4311  


holland park - k and c

08/06/2015 15:34:54



Oakley Street, Chelsea SW3 Immaculate Grade II freehold family house for sale in Chelsea A beautifully presented fully refurbished family house that has been sensibly and thoughtfully arranged for family living with an excellent balance of entertaining and private accommodation. 5 to 6 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, 4 bathrooms, garden, private parking. EPC: E. Approximately 298 sq m (3,218 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £5,950,000 020 3641 5903  


K & C July - Chelsea

08/06/2015 11:18:31

Cheval House, Knightsbridge SW7 Three bedroom apartment in Knightsbridge Village A superb apartment which has been comprehensively refurbished to a very high standard offering contemporary open plan living. Master bedroom with sitting area, dressing lobby and en suite bathroom, two guest suites, open plan double reception room, kitchen, entrance hall, cloakroom, air cooling to principal rooms, lift. EPC: B. Approximately 246 sq m (2,650 sq ft). 020 3641 5913  

Share of freehold

Guide price: £6,950,000


K&C July 15 Cheval House

09/06/2015 10:37:48



Elvaston Mews, South Kensington SW7 A stunning four storey freehold house This beautifully presented house offers excellent and comfortable living accommodation with particular emphasis on spacious entertaining spaces with solid walnut flooring. Some of the many features include; bespoke handmade kitchen, bespoke fitted wardrobes and a 2.6m ceiling on the lower ground floor. 4 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, 3 bathrooms. EPC: D. Approximately 262 sq m (2,820 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £5,250,000 020 3641 6122 020 7589 1234


K&C July South Ken

08/06/2015 16:16:58

Stanley Gardens, Notting Hill W11 Contemporary apartment A bright apartment located on the second floor of this white stucco fronted period building. The property comprises 2 bedrooms, bathroom, large reception room, separate kitchen, cloakroom and access to communal gardens. EPC: C. Approximately 66 sq m (710 sq ft). Available unfurnished

Guide price: £750 per week 020 7985 9990  


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Kensington and Chelsea Stanley Garden July Edition PH

09/06/2015 14:44:38



Sheffield Terrace, Kensington W8 A classically refurbished 5 bedroom family house The house comprises a beautiful double reception with wooden floors and high ceilings which leads out to a private terrace, and in addition the spacious family room and open plan kitchen lead out onto a larger patio garden. Master bedroom suite, 4 further bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, terrace. EPC Rating E. Approximately 278 sq m (2,993 sq ft) Available unfurnished

Guide price: £2,950 per week 020 7937 8203  


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

KC July

08/06/2015 16:04:10

Paultons Square, Chelsea SW3 Four bedroom family house An exceptional family house which has been architecturally renovated throughout to the highest level while retaining most of its original features. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms, kitchen, utility room, study, media room, gym, garden patio, communal garden access. Approximately 352.3 sq m (3,792 sq ft).   Available unfurnished

Guide price: £5,500 per week 020 7349 4300  


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Paultons Square 5, K&C Mag July

04/06/2015 11:10:04

18 Astwood Mews, London SW7 4DE

Ennismore Gardens, SW7 A beautifully refurbished West facing FIRST FLOOR apartment overlooking this Knightsbridge garden square. The property includes a 23” reception room, 16” double bedroom with en-suite shower room, cloak room and terrace. Also included is a separate self contained studio on the half landing with shower and kitchenette. The flat is within walking distance of Hyde Park and the amenities of Knightsbridge. Access to communal gardens by separate arrangement.


Onslow Gardens, SW7 Two bright and spacious flats, a two bedroom FIRST FLOOR and a one bedroom on the RAISED GROUND FLOOR, located in this stucco fronted, Victorian building. Onslow Gardens is one of the most sought after addresses in South Kensington.

£750 & £1,250 per week

Sales: +44 (0)20 7835 2888 Lettings: +44 (0)20 7835 2889



LHP_325541_KCMag_Savills KF_WellingtonClose_Jul15.indd 1

03/06/2015 18:08


ACCOMMODATION | 2-5 bedrooms | All with garages | 213 sq m (2,289 sq ft) - 377 sq m (4,055 sq ft) | EPC ratings = C | Freehold

Prices range from £4.95 million - £8.5 million





RHP_325541_KCMag_Savills KF_WellingtonClose_Jul15.indd 2

03/06/2015 18:08


ilchester place, w14

4 reception rooms ø 2 kitchens ø 7 bedrooms ø 8 bath/shower rooms ø gym ø swimming complex with sauna and shower room ø 2 guest cloakrooms ø lift ø south-facing garden ø 938 sq m (10,101 sq ft) ø EPC=D Price on application Freehold

1 Knight Frank

Savills Notting Hill

Mark Redfern

Oliver Lurot

020 7361 0183

020 7727 5750

1 WONDERFUL SEMI-DETACHED VICTORIAN VILLA victoria road, w8 Double reception room ø study ø dining room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø 5/6 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø utility room ø guest cloakroom ø off-street parking ø west-facing garden ø planning permission for mansard conversion ø 351 sq m (3,773 sq ft) inclusive of loft eaves and storage ø EPC=E Guide £7.75 million Freehold

Savills Kensington Kit Allen

020 7535 3300

1 PRIME PROPERTY SITUATED IN AN ICONIC LONDON LOCATION notting hill gate, w11 Private entrance ø open plan reception room/kitchen ø study ø 3 bedroom suites ø further bedroom ø further bathroom ø utility room ø 79 sq m (850 sq ft) south-facing roof terrace ø private lift ø access to Pembridge Garden Square (subject to usual consents) ø 355 sq m (3,824 sq ft) ø EPC=C Asking £7.95 million Leasehold, new 125 year lease

Savills Kensington Thomas Holcroft

020 7535 3300

1 2



Reception room/dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further double bedrooms ø bathroom ø terrace ø 142 sq m (1,530 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Entrance hall ø open plan reception room/kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further bedrooms ø shower room ø communal patio and roof terrace ø 106 sq m (1,139 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £2.15 million Leasehold

Guide £1.95 million Leasehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9004

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 6903



Reception room ø study ø dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 3 further bedrooms ø bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø 155 sq m (1,672 sq ft) ø EPC=F

Reception room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø access to communal garden ø 67 sq m (713 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £2.8 million Share of Freehold

Guide £1.395 million Share of Freehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9004

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

3 4

1 2



Reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedroom suites ø access to gym, swimming pool and squash court ø porter ø underground parking space ø 130 sq m (1,401 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Double reception room ø open plan kitchen/dining room/ family room ø 2/3 bedrooms ø 3 bath/shower rooms ø cloakroom ø landscaped front garden ø rear patio garden ø 127 sq m (1,366 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £2.45 million Leasehold

Guide £2.85 million Freehold

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

Savills Kensington 020 7535 3300



Reception room/kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø further bedroom ø family bathroom ø storage room ø lift ø communal gardens ø 88 sq m (950 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room ø dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further bedrooms ø 2 further bath/shower rooms ø 164 sq m (1,763 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Asking £1.7 million Leasehold

Guide £2.95 million Share of Freehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980

3 4

1 HISTORICALLY INTERESTING CHELSEA HOUSE glebe place, sw3 First floor drawing room ø office ø study ø reception room/kitchen ø dining room ø 6 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø staff reception room/kitchen ø courtyard ø roof terrace ø 343 sq m (3,692 sq ft) ø EPC=E Guide £7.5 million Freehold

Carter Jonas

Savills Knightsbridge

Tom Lewis

Barbara Allen

020 7590 4697

020 7581 5234



IMMACULATE CHELSEA TOWNHOUSE OVERLOOKING THE GARDEN SQUARE paultons square, sw3 4 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø 3 reception rooms ø kitchen ø bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø garden ø access to garden square ø 248 sq m (2,672 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Savills Chelsea Sophie Tiarks

020 7578 9011 Unfurnished £3,950 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

1 2




2 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø penthouse ø direct lift access ø 118 sq m (1,267 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=E

2 bedrooms ø 2 reception rooms ø bathroom ø wooden flooring ø lift ø opposite hyde park ø 108 sq m (1,166 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=C

Furnished £1,100 per week

Furnished £1,050 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333



2 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø roof terrace ø 70 sq m (760 sq ft) ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=D

3 bedroom suites ø reception room ø kitchen ø guest cloakroom ø integrated sound system ø 171 sq m (1,850 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Flexible furnishings £795 per week

Furnished £3,950 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit


1 2




2 bedroom suites ø reception room ø eat-in kitchen ø guest cloakroom ø 24 hour porter ø heating and water charges included ø 139 sq m (1,500 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=C

3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø dining room ø separate kitchen ø family bathroom ø lateral layout ø 159 sq m (1,711 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

Furnished £2,150 per week

Unfurnished £1,750 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9011



3 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø wooden floors ø newly refurbished ø 118 sq m (1,279 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø double reception room ø kitchen ø shower room ø guest cloakroom ø terrace ø 192 sq m (2,068 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Unfurnished £1,850 per week

Unfurnished £2,500 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9012

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

Spectacular rooftop garden in South Kensington Matching people and property in London for over 150 years.

Bark Place W2 £3,800,000 A beautifully presented four-bedroom and rarely available family home, just a stone’s throw from the wide green open spaces of Kensington Gardens. Freehold. EPC=D

Notting Hill: 020 7313 2890

Milner Street SW3 ÂŁ3,500,000 A fabulous and newly refurbished five-bedroom Chelsea town house. Centrally situated within walking distance of Sloane Square, South Kensington and Knightsbridge. Freehold. EPC=D

Chelsea: 020 7591 5570

Brompton Road SW3 ÂŁ2,995,000 A wonderfully light and airy triplex apartment with its own private entrance, moments away from South Kensington tube station. EPC=E

Chelsea: 020 7591 5570

Wilby Mews W11 ÂŁ2,950,000 A wonderful opportunity to acquire the centre piece house in prime Notting Hill with access to the prestigious private communal gardens. Freehold. EPC=C

Notting Hill: 020 7313 2890

Airlie Gardens W8 ÂŁ2,800,000 A truly unique and recently refurbished two-bedroom split level maisonette, situated on the fifth and sixth floor with amazing views. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

Kensington 020 7368 4450

Onslow Gardens SW7 ÂŁ2,475,000 A classy first floor period conversion beautifully presented and maintained throughout, with the benefit of communal garden views and roof terrace for entertaining. EPC=C

South Kensington: 020 7590 0800

Palace Gardens Terrace W8 ÂŁ1,650,000 A truly stunning, recently refurbished, two-bedroom garden flat with its own private entrance and beautiful walled garden on a hugely sought after residential street. Share of Freehold. EPC=C

Kensington: 020 7368 4450

Chester Street SW1 ÂŁ1,700 per week A bright and spacious three-bedroom lateral apartment in an immaculate condition, situated in this prestigious location in the heart of Belgravia. EPC=C

Chelsea: 020 7591 5570

Courtfield Gardens SW5 ÂŁ1,250 per week A truly stunning property, which has been finished to exacting standards, ideally located for easy access to Gloucester Road, South Kensington and Earls Court. EPC=D

Earls Court: 020 7835 0620

a Unique perspective on...

CORNWALL GARDENS, SW7 ÂŁ1,450 PER WEEK A wonderfully light and bright first floor flat, comprising master bedroom with en-suite shower room, second bedroom, family bathroom, large reception room with fantastic high ceilings and access to a south facing balcony, brand new separate kitchen and access to communal gardens. The property also benefits from wooden flooring in the reception room and excellent storage throughout. First Floor | 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Access to Communal Gardens | Balcony | 1,143 Approx Sq Ft

SOUTH KENSINGTON | 020 7370 6767 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

GRENVILLE PLACE, SW7 ÂŁ2,550,000 SHARE OF Freehold A simply stunning ground and lower maisonette that has been the subject of an extensive refurbishment programme and has been completed to exacting standards throughout. This wonderful apartment extends to 1225sq/ft (114sq/m) and is positioned on the corner of Cornwall Mews South and as such benefits from a light and bright double aspect. Of particular mention is the impressive double aspect reception room with two large East facing sash windows that offer a wealth of natural light into this ideal entertaining space that is almost thirty feet in length. Reception rooms | Kitchen | Master bedroom suite with an adjoining bathroom and separate dressing room | Second bedroom | Shower room | Utility cupboard | Separate storage | EPC-C

SOUTH KENSINGTON | 020 7370 6767 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently

a Unique perspective on...

Campden Street, London, W8 ÂŁ2,900,000 FREEhold An attractive and very well-presented three bedroom Victorian terraced house (1440 sq ft/ 133 sq m) with two floors of entertaining space including double reception room, kitchen/dining room and study. The principal bedroom has en suite bathroom and folding glass doors to balcony. The two further double bedrooms are served by a family bathroom and a cloakroom. There is a patio garden to the rear.

Double Reception Room | Kitchen/Dining room | Study | Principal Bedroom with En-Suite Bathroom and Balcony | Two Further Double Bedrooms | Family Bathroom | Cloakroom/Utility Room | Patio Garden

KENSINGTON | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.



An impressive and very well presented three bedroom garden maisonette (1291 sq ft/ 119.94 sq m) situated on the raised and lower ground floors of an attractive Victorian end-of-terrace house. The reception room has high ceilings and views from the west facing bay window along Pitt Street. Double doors lead through to a well-equipped kitchen/breakfast room. On the lower ground floor the principal bedroom has an en suite shower room and the two other bedrooms are served by a bathroom and a guest cloakroom. The pretty courtyard garden is decked and has a door onto Pitt Street. Entrance Hall | 21’ Reception Room | Kitchen/Breakfast Room | Principal bedroom with en suite shower room | Further Bedroom | Bedroom 3/Study | Family Bathroom | Cloakroom | Utility Cupboard | Courtyard Garden

KENSINGTON | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

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a Unique perspective on...

Tedworth square £1,450 per week A contemporary redevelopment of this exquisite two double bedroom, two bathroom, split-level apartment, ideal for entertaining, and with access to communal gardens. Modern Ground and Furnished First Floor Flat |Two Bedrooms | Two Reception rooms | Two Bathrooms | Communal Gardens | Resident Parking | 1,339 Approx Sq ft.

Ennismore Gardens £950 per week

Rutland Gate £795 per week

A truly spectacular one bedroom apartment finished to an

Furnished Lateral Third Floor Flat. An extremely well presented

extremely high standard throughout, with a mezzanine bedroom

two bedroom conversion flat in this attractive white stucco period

overlooking the spacious reception room below.


Period Maisonette | Three Bedrooms | Two Reception Rooms | Two Bathrooms | Roof Terrace | Balcony | Un/Furnished | 1,459 Approx Sq ft | EPC Rating D

Furnished Lateral Flat | Third Floor | Reception Room | Two Bedrooms | Two Bathrooms | Communal Gardens | Qualification for COW Parking Permits

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Malvern Court, SW3 ÂŁ2,750,000 LEAsehold Situated in a handsome pre-war mansion block in the heart of South Kensington, this three bedroom lateral flat enjoys an excellent reception room, plus a kitchen with a dining area granting direct access to the substantial private garden area.

Ground Floor Period Flat | Three Bedrooms | Two Reception Rooms | Two Bathrooms | Private Patio | Garden | Communal Garden Access | Resident Parking | Lift | Concierge | Approx 1,571 Sq ft | EPC rating E

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently

a Unique perspective on...

artesian road, W11 ÂŁ1,250 Per week A stunning and wonderfully bright three double bedroom maisonette laid out over four floors of this period house located just off Westbourne Grove . The property comprises of its own entrance, large eat in kitchen and dining room, separate utility room/cloakroom and a double reception room with lovely high ceilings, wooden floors and sash windows leading out to a pretty balcony. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and there is a second double bedroom with separate shower room. The top floor has a fantastic double bedroom/additional reception room. Available furnished from early July 3 Bedrooms | 2 Reception Rooms | 2 Bathrooms | Flat | Upper Floor | Furnished | Available from early July.

notting hill | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Stanley Lodge, Stanley Crescent, W11 £2,950,000 Share of Freehold A beautifully redesigned three bedroom lateral apartment occupying the whole of the second floor (with lift) of this impressive end of terrace building looking out over and with use of communal gardens. The apartment’s triple aspects provide open outlooks all round, and its excellent ceiling heights, a wonderful sense of space and light. Just some of the specifications include Gaggenau kitchen appliances, a water filtration system, sound/ energy efficient double glazing throughout, concealed security safes, and CAT 7 wiring throughout.

Three Bedrooms | Two Reception Rooms | Two Bathrooms | Communal Gardens | Lift | 1,319 Sq ft | Share of Freehold

notting hill | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently

BARK PLACE, W2 £5,495,000 Freehold

A rare four-storey Victorian house with an attached mews and private rear garden, which has been the subject of a recent extensive refurbishment. Bark Place is a residential street located in Bayswater, perfectly positioned for Kensington Gardens and neighbouring Notting Hill. – – – – – – – –

Formal reception room Stunning kitchen / dining room Master bedroom suite Three guest bedrooms Three modern bathrooms Cinema room and gym Private garage Approx. 3,223 sq ft / 299 sq m. EPC=D

Domus Nova Bayswater 78 Westbourne Grove W2 5RT 020 7221 7817

K+C mag JULY Edition.indd 26-27

vv THE YOO BUILDING, NW8 £3,950,000 Leasehold

An awe-inspiring penthouse apartment set on the fifth and sixth floors of an iconic building, designed by Yoo and inspired by Philippe Starck Architecture. The property offers in excess of 3,000 sq ft of awesome penthouse living and is located close to Regent’s Canal and Little Venice. – – – – – – – –

Vast reception space Bespoke kitchen Four bedrooms Four bathrooms Guest cloakroom Private roof terrace Residents parking and 24-hour porter Approx. 3,034 sq ft / 281.9 sq m. EPC=C

05/06/2015 15:15:57

SALUSBURY ROAD, NW6 £2,950,000 Leasehold

A magnificent and newly developed loft-style apartment presenting incredible doubleheight studio space, private parking and a roof terrace. Forming the upper f loors of a historic armaments factory, this outstanding Queen’s Park property is incredibly rare to the market. – – – – – – – –

Expansive open-plan living space Contemporary kitchen Luxurious master bedroom suite Two guest bedrooms Mezzanine level Roof terrace Off-street parking Approx. 3,283 sq ft / 305 sq m. EPC=B

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 020 7727 1717

K+C mag JULY Edition.indd 28-29

w THE TALISMAN BUILDING, SW6 £6,500 per week – admin fees apply* Long Let

A rare opportunity to rent the penthouse apartment in the iconic Art Deco-style Talisman Building. Designed by Gumuchdjian Architects, the home has immense style, character and the very best in quality and finish, with a much-envied location too. – – – – – – – –

Impressive living space with vaulted ceilings Super-sleek kitchen Master bedroom suite Three additional bedrooms Four en-suite bathrooms South-facing terrace Off-street parking for one car Approx. 4,979 sq ft / 462.6 sq m. EPC=B *

05/06/2015 15:16:14


£795 per week – admin fees apply* Long Let This exceptional two-bedroom property has been completely refurbished to offer a unique and modern home in the heart of Maida Vale. Warwick Avenue is near to the boutiques, shops and restaurants of Formosa Street, as well as the beautiful waterways of Little Venice. – – – – – – –

Central open-plan reception space Modern, well-equipped kitchen Master bedroom with en suite Additional double bedroom Family bathroom Decked patio Approx. 975 sq ft / 90.6 sq m. EPC=D *

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 020 7727 1717

K+C mag JULY Edition.indd 30-31


£1,395 per week – admin fees apply* Long Let An immaculate two-bedroom property that has been finished with no expense spared, offering the best in modern design and living. Located on one of Notting Hill’s premier streets, Chepstow Villas is perfectly located for all that Westbourne Grove, Ledbury Road and Portobello Road have to offer. – – – – – –

Large open-plan living area Contemporary Miele kitchen Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom Additional double bedroom Rear patio and south-facing garden Approx. 878 sq ft / 81.6 sq m. EPC=D *

05/06/2015 15:16:33

Straight Talking Nick Crayson, founder of Crayson, is looking to transform the reputation of the property industry. Hannah Lemon reports

“I wanted to do something a bit more creative than the regular agency approach,” says Nick Crayson, describing the inception of his eponymous estate agency tucked away in Lambton Place. “Buying a house should be enjoyable but people find it stressful. It is a serious business but at the same time I want it to be authentic and fun.” Which is why he invests a great deal of time and money into developing a unique approach to marketing. I, however, am already familiar with his success at rejuvenating the property market through his regular columns for The Kensington & Chelsea Magazine and The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine, which cover everything from politics to hummus. This is all part of a bigger ambition to change the perception of the industry. Crayson, comprising a small team of five, is only four years old but has dominated the Notting Hill market with its innovative approach. “We spend vast but proportionate amounts of money on marketing properties. I would say our marketing collateral is the most expensive in the business.” As part of this package, Nick uses

Crayson makes the process of trawling through property pictures a lot more exciting a professional architectural photographer to take pictures of clients’ properties and an experienced copywriter for the descriptions. “I just don’t like the language used in estate agency,” he admits. “Words are thrown about such as ‘beautiful’, ‘fabulous’, ‘boast’ and ‘refurbished to exacting standards’, which are so dry. Last year we advertised a property as a ‘complete wreck’. People went mad for it on the internet and we had 120 people sign up to view it.” Sure enough, I look through our archives and there is an advertisement entitled “Welcome to Wrecksville”. The photographs showcase a large, rundown property, which, of course, is a perfect investment for a buyer hungry to refurbish. Nick’s candour is refreshing and is aimed at reducing a client’s time by preparing his or her house for appropriate and vetted candidates, and a buyer’s by avoiding properties that are unsuitable. It also makes the process of trawling through property pictures a lot more exciting. The unique part of this transaction is that Nick sees vendors as business partners. “We look at it rather like a joint venture; a commercial arrangement between both parties.” With this comes the need for a transparent discourse on everything, including the need to set a realistic price, which Nick finds is often ignored. “Last year, our average price was £4.5 million. This year we have sold a £900,000 flat and a £17.5 million house. We do the whole range of bricks and mortar. We’re not fussy. I’m about to instruct on

Photography by: Sarel Jansen


a £750,000 flat. No matter how big or small it is, we offer the same services.” The £17.5 million instruction was on Hereford Road and was sold earlier this year despite having been on the market with several other agencies previously. “Someone did one viewing between Christmas and New Year and bought it. Maybe we got lucky – but we worked really hard on this and did over 80 viewings. Bella [the sales director at Crayson] and I worked out that combined we walked something like 60km around the house.” Nick remarks that Notting Hill’s healthy property market is switching from a creative clientele of arts and media types to a more international one, but properties are always sold to the end-user. “Crayson has the highest conversion rate in the area of instructions to sales. We are in the business of selling. The percentage or market share of listed properties for sale is unimportant to us; what matters is the percentage of properties that have been sold by Crayson.” He also divulges, “At the moment we are having a little bit of a run in W8.” I ask if this is to do with the election, as many estate agents have reported an increase in interest for Prime Central London after the Conservatives came out on top. “There is certainly more buyer activity and this only really showed from 1 June after the half-term break. We are seeing a surge in viewings and buyer registrations. I would, though, urge caution regarding prices.” Nick reiterates that it all comes back to transparency. “It would have been stupid to rush in on 8 May and put up prices by 10 per cent. The market is going to stabilise, but it’s not going to have a massive bounce. It is still absorbing the rise of the highest band of Stamp Duty Land Tax from seven to 12 per cent.” Although he keeps an eye on trends in the market, Nick doesn’t let them hang over every decision. “Forecasts are wrong all the time. My position is to advise clients as to how it is at the time. Sometimes you have to be quite tough with them and often give advice that they really don’t want to hear. The philosophy at Crayson is based on ‘client before company’ – it is a core tenet and we often advise clients on things that are not in the commercial interests of the company. It just has to be that way.” A Notting Hill man through and through, I can’t help but think that Nick’s knowledge of the borough must comfort clients. “I was born and brought up in the area. I live near Holland Park. I love the greenery and the parks. And the £20 sandwiches,” he adds, laughing. However, Nick claims that clients are just as knowledgeable as him. “This business is becoming a lot more transparent. People can find out what other properties are being sold for in the area. Clients and buyers have a much clearer idea and the market is much healthier for it. We are just here to present properties in the best possible way we can, using an honest, highly-informed, hopefully intelligent, and certainly straightforward approach.” Crayson, 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH; 020 7221 1117


020 7221 1117

Alma Terrace, Kensington W8 An excellent Kensington house that will vindicate dreams of any aspiring Dick Whittington and their pre-conceived ideas of London living... Reception room, kitchen/ dining room/ family room, master bedroom suite, three further bedrooms, two further bathrooms, utility room, cloakroom, study, garden Separate three car garage: Leashold, 689 sq ft/64.01 sq m House: 2,601 sq ft/241.6 sq m The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea EPC rating band E Freehold Joint Sole Agent - Savills Kensington House Guide Price ÂŁ5.25 million Garage Guide Price ÂŁ375,000

10 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH

020 7221 1117

Russell Garden Mews, Holland Park W14 Your basic London Mews House would do Mrs Tiggy-Winkle very well. This one has basketball players in mind. Reception room, kitchen/dining room, master bedroom suite, two further bedrooms, one further bathroom. Utility room/ study Entrance Hall 1,915 sq ft/178 sq m The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea EPC rating band E Sole Agent Freehold Guide Price ÂŁ2.9 million

10 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH

020 7221 1117

Russell Garden Mews, Hill Holland Vernon Yard, Notting W11 Park W14 Your basicpied London Mews House would dopermanent Mrs Tiggy-Winkle very well. Thisquirky one A perfect a terre, lock up and go or home in this cool and has basketball players in mind. mews. Line up... Reception room, kitchen/dining room, master bedroom suite, two further bedrooms, one further bathroom. Reception room, kitchen, master bedroom suite, one further bedroom and bathroom, roof terrace Utility room/ study 973 sq ft/ 90.4 sq Entrance Hall m The Borough 1,915Royal sq ft/178 sq m of Kensington and Chelsea EPC rating band C of Kensington & Chelsea The Royal Borough EPC rating band E Sole Agent Freehold Sole Agent Guide Price ÂŁ1.95 million Freehold Guide Price ÂŁ2.9 million

10 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH



Chelsea SW3

Chelsea SW3

A superb, extended and immaculately refurbished family home in this prime location in the heart of Chelsea.

A spectacular and very spacious flat offered to the market in newly refurbished order.

3 reception rooms • 3 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms Refurbished • Terrace • EPC rating D

£2,450 per week*/£10,616.67 per month*

Double reception room • 2 bedrooms, both en suite Newly refurbished • Roof terrace • EPC rating F

£1,695 per week*/£7,345 per month*

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4696 |

020 7590 4696 |



Earls Court SW5

Chelsea SW10

A very well presented flat on the second floor (with lift) of a handsome red brick building only two minutes walk from Earls Court underground.

This newly refurbished flat has been finished to the highest of standards and makes very clever use of layout and storage to create a well presented and very functional space.

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms Approximately 1,279 sq ft • Lift • EPC rating E

Double reception room • Bedroom • Bathroom • Newly refurbished • EPC rating C

£795 per week*/£3,445 per month* Knightsbridge & Chelsea

£340 per week*/£1,473 per month*

020 7590 4696 |

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4696 |



Hyde Park W2

Hyde Park Estate W2

This stunning apartment is located in the highly sought-after Hyde Park Square.

Set on the first floor of a stunning period building with views over Hyde Park, a fantastic lateral apartment.

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Kitchen/ dining • EPC rating D

£990 per week*/£4,290 per month*

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Kitchen Dining room • 2 balconies • EPC rating D

£2,150 per week*/£9,316.67 per month*

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill



Hyde Park Estate W2

Bayswater W2

A stunning Grade II listed family home located on the prestigious Hyde Park Estate within moments of Hyde Park.

A simply outstanding split level penthouse apartment with large private terrace.

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

2 reception room • 5 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • Kitchen/ dining room • Wine cellar • Roof terrace • EPC rating D

2 reception rooms • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Open plan living room/kitchen • Terrace • Approximately 1,300 sq ft • EPC rating B

£1,995 per week*/£8,645 per month*

£1,250 per week*/£5,416.67 per month*

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

*Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our branch who can provide this information.


Glebe House is a beautiful house of over 3,850 sq ft located on the east side of this historically fascinating street of town houses, villas and artists’ studios running off Kings Road in the heart of Old Chelsea. 3 reception rooms • 6 bedrooms • Kitchen Dining room • Staff accommodation EPC rating E

Guide price £7,500,000

Knightsbridge & Chelsea 0207 225 1237

JSA Savills Knightsbridge 020 7590 5059


A beautifully styled apartment on the 2nd floor of a period conversion in the heart of Knightsbridge. Reception room • Kitchen • 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms • EPC rating C

Guide price £3,100,000

Knightsbridge & Chelsea 0207 225 1237


A spectacular garden maisonette with in the heart of Holland Park. Spanning around 2,078 sq ft the apartment has extraordinary entertaining space with a high ceilinged double reception room. 3 reception rooms • 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms • Kitchen • Patio Communal gardens • EPC rating D

Guide price £3,500,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill 020 7371 1111

ASHCHURCH TERRACE Ravenscourt Park W12

Ashchurch Lodge is one of the most important villas in the Ravenscourt and Starch Green conservation area. This end of terrace house has a spectacularly large garden along with generous gated parking. 3 reception rooms • 7 bedrooms 3 bathrooms • Kitchen/dining room Studio apartment • Large garden EPC rating E

Guide price £4,950,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill 020 7371 1111

Chelsea Harbour


London SW10


A stunning 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom duplex penthouse apartment in this riverside portered development. This well proportioned apartment is extremely bright. It further benefits from a large balcony & open plan reception/dining room. This development offers 24 hour porters & security & also 1 parking space. It is located by the river, moments away from the popular Harbour Club, Chelsea Harbour Marina, Chelsea Design Centre, luxury hotels & Imperial Wharf. EPC rating C

You can now collect thousands of with Chestertons Contact your local branch or visit to find out more.

Terms and Conditions apply see for details


020 7594 4740

Cheyne Walk

Chelsea SW3

A truly special & extremely rare, lateral, south facing penthouse apartment, with a spectacular 37ft roof terrace, with uninterrupted views of the River Thames & the iconic Albert Bridge. Located on the 6th floor (with lift), this incredibly bright apartment offers unrivalled entertaining space, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a 40ft wide reception room & 2 private garages. Pier House is a prestigious, purpose built portered building with 24 hour security. EPC rating G


020 7594 4740

price on application share of freehold

Elvaston Mews


London SW7


A contemporary mews house & wonderful family home which received a 2013 International property award as “best single residential development�. Spread over 3,300 sq ft, the property comprises a glass lift to each level, a double height galleried space with a dining area, modern fully fitted kitchen, a wine room, laundry room & guest cloakroom. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an open plan reception room & a garage with stacking system for 2 cars. EPC rating C


020 7937 7244

Iverna Gardens

Kensington W8

A stunning 3 double bedroom lateral apartment on the 3rd floor (with lift) of this highly regarded portered mansion block, benefitting from access to the communal gardens. Spread over 1,761 sq ft, the accommodation comprises 2 spacious reception rooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite) & a modern fully fitted eat in kitchen. Further benefits include solid wooden floors throughout, high ceilings, a balcony, rear storage room & superb rooftop views of Kensington. EPC rating D


020 7937 7244

ÂŁ3,750,000 share of freehold

Ledbury Road


Notting Hill W11


A beautifully refurbished 3 bedroom flat on Ledbury Road. With its own front door & split level accommodation this property has the feel of a whole house. Having undergone extensive refurbishment, this lovely home is ready to move into. EPC rating D

You can now collect thousands of with Chestertons Contact your local branch or visit to find out more.

Terms and Conditions apply see for details

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

Horbury Crescent

Notting Hill W11

This stunning spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex apartment is set on Horbury Crescent in a beautiful period building in the heart of Notting Hill. It benefits from a balcony, roof terrace (non-demised) & access to Ladbroke Square Gardens (subject to consent). EPC rating E

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

ÂŁ2,800,000 Share of Freehold

BODENS 102 Draycott Avenue

Chelsea SW3 3AD

cheyne walk, SW3 ÂŁ6,750,000 SHARE OF FREEHOLD Stunning Chelsea Penthouse Entrance Hall | Reception Room | Kitchen/Dining Room |4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Utility Room Study Area | Lift | EPC F

020 7589 2000

Informed, Tailored service for Landlords.


BODENS 102 Draycott Avenue

Danvers Street, SW3 ÂŁ1,300 Per Week Spacious Accommodation in a

Chelsea SW3 3AD

Three Double Bedrooms | Three En-Suite Bathrooms | Cloakroom | Patio Terrace | Off Street Parking Space | Unfurnished | EPC D

Wonderful Location

Entrance Hall | Reception Room | Interconnecting Dining Room | Fully Fitted Eat-In Kitchen |

020 7225 0433

Utmost Discretion. Unrivalled Knowledge.



The Extra Mile Bethan Rees meets Strutt & Parker Notting Hill’s partner and head of lettings Emilie Beard, whose passion for interiors makes her a great resource for landlords Photography by: Sarel Jansen

Emilie Beard is somewhat of a rental market stalwart, although, for someone who’s been working remorselessly in the industry for the past decade, there’s no sign of it on the exterior. With a gleaming smile, perfectly tousled Hollywood blonde hair and an infectious laugh that you can’t help but mirror, she’s not your average agent. Arriving in London to start working in the property field, she began her career at an estate agency in Primrose Hill but moved to Strutt & Parker Notting Hill just under three years ago. You could say that property is in her blood as her family owns an estate agency in Kent, and she worked there for a while after finishing university. When discussing her advice for landlords, Emilie has one clear nugget of wisdom: “Ensure your property is well presented and invest money in it.” However, she takes this one step further than most agents I’ve met before. “I love getting involved in the interior design side of things,” she explains. Emilie admits that some people are resistant to her advice, but others take everything on board. “Even if you just give a property a fresh lick of paint and put some new neutral blinds up, it makes a world of difference,” she continues. For example, Emilie gave a landlord a few pointers for a house recently. “I advised the landlady to get rid of the dated curtains and put grey blinds in every room, replace the old multi-coloured tiles in the bathrooms with white ones, paint all the walls light grey and varnish the floors; it completely transformed the house.”


Summer for the lettings market in Notting Hill is a particularly busy time for Emilie as many of the potential tenants are families due to the area’s great selection of schools. “Now is the active time for the family market as lots of people start their search in May or June with a view to move in August before the school term starts in September,” Emilie enlightens me. Pre-election, the market for potential buyers appeared to be in undecided limbo for the £2m+ properties as the threat of a mansion tax loomed over the stock, and now this proposal has been extinguished with the Conservative win, letting the market pick up again. However, how would this affect the lettings market? “I didn’t think the election would have much of an impact on us, but that said, the house market normally would get going earlier than it did this year. Since the election, activity has really picked up; I think a lot of people were waiting to see what happened before making any decisions,” she elucidates. With extensive local knowledge and years of experience working in Notting Hill, has Emilie seen the demographic change? “We’ve noticed a real increase in the number of French people moving to the area. I think there’s a really nice community here, which some areas in central London might lack, and there’s a lot of gated communal gardens so it’s safe for children to run around. It’s almost like being in the countryside,” she says. Vive la Notting Hill. Strutt & Parker, 303 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, W11 2QA; 020 7221 1111




TEL: +44 (0)20 7499 3881 SALES REPRESENTATION

Computer generated image for illustrative purposes only


TRINITY HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 3 Bedrooms • Resident only leisure suite • 2 Bathrooms • Open plan kitchen & living room • 2 x General right to park • Approx. 1,129 sq ft (104 sq m) • Private balcony • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

GUIDE PRICE £2,500,000 LEASEHOLD For more information, call Jessica Conway 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

PRINCE GATE MEWS, KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW3 • 1 Bedrooms • 1 Bathrooms • Private balcony • Resident only leisure suite

• Superb rental investment • Approx. 520 sq ft (48 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B) • Open plan kitchen & living room

GUIDE PRICE £850,000 LEASEHOLD For more information, call Jessica Conway 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

WOLFE HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Open plan kitchen & living room • Private balcony

• Resident only leisure suite • General right to park • Approx. 1,131 sq ft (105 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

GUIDE PRICE £1,100 PW FURNISHED For more information, call Kyle Best 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

TRINITY HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • Open plan kitchen & living room • Private balcony

• Resident only leisure suite • General right to park • Approx. 1,058 sq ft (98 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

PRICE £1,650 PER WEEK FURNISHED For more information, call Kyle Best 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit


1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Kitchen Reception room

● ● ●

Lift Approx. 668 sq ft (62 sq m) EPC rating: (C)

Guide price £1,450,000 Leasehold; with 160 years remaining For more information, call Simon Green 020 7306 1610 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


4 Double bedrooms 4 Bathrooms (3 en suite) Drawing room Open plan kitchen / living room

● ● ● ●

Study and dining areas Lateral terrace Access to Queens Gate Gardens Approx. 3,014 sq ft (280 sq m)

Guide price £6,500,000 Share of freehold For more information, call Simon Godson 020 7306 1610 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


3 Double bedrooms 2 Bathrooms (en suite) 1 Shower room Double reception room

● ● ● ●

Fully fitted kitchen Allocated parking Approx. 1,672 sq ft (155 sq m) EPC: current (B) potential (B)

Price £2,250 per week Furnished For more information, call James Grant 020 7306 1630 or email

Potential tenants are advised that administration fees may be payable when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


4 Double bedrooms 3 Bathrooms (1 en suite) 2 Reception rooms Kitchen/dining room

● ● ● ●

Study Paved garden Approx. 2,485 sq ft (230 sq m) EPC: current (E) potential (D)

Price £2,500 per week Unfurnished For more information, call Kerry Morley 020 7306 1630 or email

Potential tenants are advised that administration fees may be payable when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Established 1897

CREMORNE ROAD, Chelsea SW10 A bright and well-presented one bedroom apartment (approximately 527 sq. ft. / 49 sq. m.) on the second floor of a redbrick mansion block in Chelsea.The accommodation comprises reception / dining room with wood flooring and plenty of natural light, a modern kitchen, a double bedroom with built-in wardrobes and a beautifully finished bathroom. Cremorne Mansions is well located for access to the amenities and transport links of the King’s Road and Lots Road, with the River Thames only moments away. Lots Road is currently undergoing regeneration which will bring a wealth of new shops, restaurants and amenities to the area. EPC rating E. Share of Freehold Guide Price: £645,000 020 7225 6700


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Established 1897

THE KNIGHTSBRIDGE APARTMENTS, Knightsbridge SW7 Located within one of Knightsbridge’s most prestigious buildings, this two bedroom, two bathroom apartment is located in the East Mews section of the development. 199 The Knightsbridge boasts impressive reception rooms, 24-hour concierge and security and secure underground car-parking with valet service.There is a world-class leisure suite with gym, spa and swimming pool and an exclusive business-suite available for residents’ use. EPC rating C. Leasehold Approximately 989 Years Remaining Guide Price: £5,000,000 020 7225 8343


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Established 1897

PONT STREET, Knightsbridge SW1X A tastefully finished and spacious studio apartment in Knightsbridge, just a stone’s throw away from Harrods.The apartment benefits from high-ceilings, a well-fitted kitchen and wood flooring throughout.The property is situated on the lower ground floor at the rear of the building so enjoys peace and quiet as well as a small decked area that catches the sun. Available now for short term lets of a furnished basis (the rent includes all utilities). EPC rating C. Price Per Week: £700 per week Plus Property Fees: £180 Admin & £165 Checkout. References: £42 per person* *

020 7225 6759


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Established 1897

LANCELOT PLACE, Knightsbridge SW7 A stunning, beautifully presented three bedroom designer apartment in this modern Knightsbridge portered block. Accommodation of approximately 2702 sq. ft. comprises west facing reception / dining room, three double bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms, kitchen and utility room. Lancelot Place is conveniently located for the shopping, transport and entertainment facilities of Knightsbridge and minutes away from the open spaces of Hyde Park. Parking is available by separate negotiation. Available Mid July on a furnished basis for long term let. EPC rating D. Price Per Week: £5,355 per week Plus Property Fees: £180 Admin & £252 Checkout. References: £42pp* * 020 7225 6602


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Elvaston Place SW7 ÂŁ4,500,000 Share of Freehold South Kensington Sales 020 7581 8888 |







Battersea Park

A beautifully presented, white stucco fronted, triplex apartment with high ceilings and period features throughout. The property has a private balcony as well as access to Queens Gate Gardens communal gardens.


East Putney

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


4 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (3 en suite), 2 reception rooms, Kitchen, Study/fifth bedroom, Balcony, Access to communal garden, EPC: D

Southfields & Earlsfield

West Putney

Kensington Gate

South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster

Tregunter Road SW10 ÂŁ1,100,000 Leasehold Chelsea Sales 020 7225 1225 |

A stunning 684 sq. ft, third floor flat located on one of the area's premier streets. The property has been meticulously finished throughout and offers stylish and contemporary accommodation.

2 bedrooms, Bathroom, Reception room, Kitchen, Terrace, EPC: D

Norland Square W11 ÂŁ3,500 per week + admin fees* Unfurnished Notting Hill Lettings 020 7727 8000 |







Battersea Park

A fabulous family home situated on one of Holland Park's most desirable garden squares. The property boasts views over the fabulous communal gardens, to which it has access, along with the square's tennis courts.


East Putney

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


4 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, Kitchen, 2 studies, Media room, Balcony, Private and communal gardens, Tennis court, EPC: E.

Southfields & Earlsfield

West Putney

Kensington Gate

South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster

Pembridge Gardens W2 £1,350 per week + admin fees* Furnished/Unfurnished Kensington Lettings 020 7792 1331 |

A stunning first floor flat which has been refurbished throughout to an extremely high standard. The property boasts high ceilings, wooden floors and many original features.

3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (1 en suite), Reception room, Kitchen/ breakfast room, Balcony, Direct lift access, Porter, EPC: D

Good to know... *An initial one-off tenancy agreement fee of £240 (inc VAT) per property and a £45 (inc VAT) referencing charge per person will apply. At the end of the tenancy an inventory check-out fee will be charged, this amount will depend on the size of the property and whether it is furnished/unfurnished. For more details visit

London property. Capital services. Now at home in So u

0 5 %

commission on property sales.

% letting fee.

For full terms and conditions visit

South Kensington Creative ARTWORK_DPS.indd 2

09/06/2015 18:02


o uth Kensington. To celebrate the launch of our new South Kensington branch, we are offering an exclusive 0% commission on property sales and 5% letting fee for landlords for a limited time. With over 35 years’ experience in the London property market, and more than 50 branches across the Capital, we will draw on our existing London-wide network and local expertise to deliver the right result, whatever your requirements. Contact us today for a free no obligation valuation.

Visit us at: 29 Harrington Road SW7 3HD Sales 020 3199 8394 Email


South Kensington Creative ARTWORK_DPS.indd 3

Lettings 020 3199 8395 Email

09/06/2015 18:03

Wandsworth Bridge Road, Fulham, SW6 £750,000 Fulham 020 7731 0051

07.15 KFH Kensington & Chelsea.indd 2

Recently refurbished to a high standard throughout is this two double bedroom Victorian conversion flat set within a Nichols Lion House. The property is ideally located for Fulham Broadway, Parsons Green, local amenities and transport links.

• • • • • • •

Two double bedrooms Open plan kitchen/reception room First floor Recently refurbished No onward chain Shared freehold EPC rating D

03/06/2015 17:59


Pitt Street, Holland Park, W8 £3,445pcm Holland Park 020 3542 2120

A bright two bedroom, two bathroom apartment located in a prestigious and desirable mansion block minutes from Kensington High Street, Kensington Gardens and excellent transport links.

• • • • • • • •

Two bedrooms Two bathrooms Excellent finish Resident caretaker Close to Kensington High Street Excellent transport links Furnished EPC rating C

£210 tenancy agreement fee per property. Other fees apply, visit


07.15 KFH Kensington & Chelsea.indd 3

02/06/2015 12:51



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011

Sheffield Terrace Kensington W8

A rare opportunity to purchase a spacious one bedroom apartment with a large outstanding south facing roof terrace leading onto an immaculate communal garden. Entrance Hall • Drawing Room • Kitchen • Double Bedroom • Bathroom South Facing Roof Terrace • Communal Garden • EPC Rating D


LHP_325914_KensingtonChelseaMag_RS_July15.indd 1

GU ID E P R ICE £ 1 , 6 9 5 , 0 0 0

10/06/2015 10:59



Cheyne Place Chelsea SW3

With views over Chelsea Physic Garden, the Thames, Battersea Park, and with the Shard, the London Eye and Wembley Stadium in the distance, you are spoilt with the best aspect we have seen in Chelsea. Penthouse: Living Room • Open-Plan Kitchen/Dining Area • Master Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom • Bedroom Two with Ensuite Shower Room Bedroom Three/Study • Shower Room • Utility Room • Direct Lift Access • Resident Caretaker • Roof Terrace • Predicted EPC Rating C Flat: Living Room/Open-Plan Kitchen • Bedroom • Bathroom • Residents’ Parking • EPC Rating D


RHP_325914_KensingtonChelseaMag_RS_July15.indd 2

GU ID E P R I C E £ 6 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0

10/06/2015 10:58



ÂŁ1,400 per week

2 bedrooms | double reception | 2 bathrooms | kitchen | first floor | high ceilings | lift | balcony | Epc E


£1,750,000 share of freehold

2 bedrooms | reception | kitchen | 2 bathrooms | high ceilings | fireplace | communal gardens | Epc F

10 Clarendon Road London W11 3AA

020 7229 1414

West Halkin Street, Belgravia, SW1X An exceptionally well presented and well planned 2 bedroom apartment situated on the raised ground floor of an impressive period building. The property features a spacious entrance hall, large south facing reception room with study area, guest cloakroom, a wellappointed kitchen and utility area. Master en suite bedroom with door leading onto the demised terrace and 2nd en suite bedroom. The apartment is situated in one of the most sought after streets in the heart of Belgravia, has the added advantage of a resident caretaker and long lease, and is therefore ideal as either a home or as a long term investment. JSA Henry & James, Belgravia. EPC Rating C


Onslow Crescent Kensington, SW7 This lateral apartment, furnished in a very sophisticated style, is situated on the 2nd floor of a well maintained purpose built block with lift and 24 hour porter services. The apartment has four bedrooms, but is presently configured with a separate dining room and an office. There is a grand drawing room, large enough for a dining area, with windows looking onto trees and the private driveway and the kitchen has been fully renovated with modern appliances. The master bedroom has an en suite, and there is a further bathroom and a separate cloakroom. Long leasehold of approx. 998 years. Parking is available by separate negotiation. EPC Rating C John Taylor UK 48 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5AX Tel: 020 3284 1888 Email:

£5,490,000 LEASehold




CIR0030_CW_Ken&ChelMag_DPS297x420_16June.indd 1-2

L O N D O N S W 10

LONDON’S MOST PRESTIGIOUS RIVERSIDE ADDRESS World class architecture by Sir Terry Farrell. Sophisticated riverside apartments with unrivalled views over London. Signature restaurant, shops, café and residents’ health club. Five star 24 hr concierge services.


020 7352 8852 WWW.CHELSEAWATERFRONT.COM Computer generated image.



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C SO HE U LT SHE A K ESNWS 3I N| G£T2 ., 3Nm 1O 9 5S,W 0 07 0 | £ 3 . 9 5 m This well appointed, bright and airy garden apartment is This wellamongst appointed, and airy garden is nestled the bright quiet residential streetsapartment of Chelsea’s nestled amongstWalk the quiet residential streets of Chelsea’s historic Cheyne and Chelsea Embankment. The Apartment historic and Chelsea The Apartment boasts aCheyne wealth Walk of modern fixtures Embankment. and fittings, under floor boasts a wealth of modern fixtures and fittings, under floor heating, an elegant feature fireplace and bi-folding doors heating, an elegant feature and bi-folding leading onto it’s tranquil andfireplace secluded private patiodoors garden. leading onto it’s tranquil and secluded private patio garden.

This newly bright refurbished three bedroom two apartment bedroom apartment on the fourth in Prime floor has Knightsbridge spectacular has views high over ceilings Stanhope and Gardens access toand stunning two secure communal car parking gardens. spaces.

Address Address

1st Asset Management 1st Asset 7-9 Tryon Management Street 7-9 TryonSW3 Street London 3LG London SW3 3LG

15:20 20:19

• 2 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes 3 double Double bedrooms bedrooms with fitted wardrobes •2 • 2 modern bathrooms Grand 3 modern bathrooms highbathrooms ceilings •2 • 2 reception rooms including dining area Raised interconnecting ground floor receptions roomsarea •2 reception rooms including dining • Share of freehold (lease expires 3014) Long Overlooking lease Stanhope • Share of freehold (leaseGardens expires 3014) • Bright & airy Recently Lift access refurbished • Bright & airy • 829 sq/ft • 829 Newly 24 hour refurbished porter common parts sq/ft • Separate storage room Access 2 securetounderground communal gardens parking spaces • Separate storage room • Private and secluded terrace • Private Classical Purposeand built redbrick block building behind period façade secluded terrace • Central Use of communal Knightsbridge gardens location

Telephone Telephone Email Email Web Web



T o v t

+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800 + 44 (0) 207 014 3800

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•2 bedrooms 4 Double bedrooms • Grand high ceilings 3 bathrooms

C H E L S E A S W 3 | £ 2 .335m 0pw

This elegant Chelsea townhouse positioned moments from both the King’s Road and The River Thames makes it the ideal family home. Offering excellent proportions and uncompromised location, the property boasts four generous bedrooms, a well appointed kitchen and family dining room which in turn opens up grand main reception room and rear garden.

This newly refurbished two bedroom apartment in Prime Knightsbridge has high ceilings and access to stunning communal gardens.


• Raised ground floor Grand reception room leading private • to Long leaserear garden

•• Elegant room Recentlydining refurbished Separate fitted kitchen • Newly refurbished common parts

• Utility and garage Accessroom to communal gardens Quiet street close building to King’s Road • Classical redbrick & Cheyne Walk • Central Knightsbridge location • Furnished or unfurnished by negotiation

T T n n h h b b h h l l

T a o h v st

• Available mid August


1st Asset Management


+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800

London SW3 3LG


7-9 Tryon Street



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On Home Ground Launching their new estate agency Milton Stone, founders Sacha Moussaieff and Rupert Carr, highlight the importance of their little black book of contacts. Hannah Lemon reports

Sacha Moussaieff, Phoebe Metcalfe and Rupert Carr Photography: Rob Cadman

Astwood Mews, in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea, is like any other picturesque cul-de-sac. A cobbled street with potted plants decorating the properties on either side, with no sounds from the surrounding bustling city, it’s as though you’ve stumbled across a local secret. This setting has been picked out as the spot for Milton Stone’s headquarters, a new estate agency venture initiated by Sacha Moussaieff and Rupert Carr. However, I begin to wonder whether such a secluded area is the best place to start a business. “We wanted to work from behind closed doors, and have our time less restricted by walk-ins that 90 per cent of the time don’t actually lead to anything,” explains Sacha. “People who come and seek you out are serious. Quite often people who wander in from the street are either asking for directions or wanting a bit of advice.” The two estate agents have more than 45 years’ experience between them, specialising in sales, rentals and acquisitions of residential properties,

and have spent the majority of that working together already. With such in-depth knowledge of the industry, it means that the partners already own an extensive list of clients. “Some of our long-term clients will only work with us, which is why we set the company up,” explains Rupert. “We’re not doing anything different to what we used to do, but we’re doing it from an environment that’s more suited to agents who are established.” As such, they’ve had an impressive few months following the launch in September, including selling three flats in Onslow Gardens, “probably the most prime address in South Kensington,” comments Sacha, with one going at record price. “We’re keeping up with our competitors and doing as many deals as them already. It’s what we’re most proud of. Rupert sold a house in Kensington Gate for £8 million within three months of us opening.” So far the focus has been on sales between £2 million and £4 million, but lettings is also


on the Milton Stone to-do list, with another recruit to the team due to start imminently. “The majority of our lets have been at £800 to £1,200 a week,” explains Sacha, “but we want to form an established department to work on rentals.” The clients who have worked with Sacha and Rupert in the past are a faithful group, mainly because the founders invest time in finding out what they are looking for. Rupert explains his relationship with one vendor: “We’ve acquired eight properties for him this year, which have short leases. They will come back on the market with us as sole agents in the coming months once they have been refurbished and the leases extended. On top of that we have five current instructions with the same client. We invest a great deal of our time and as a result have a potential 13 instructions from one client in the space of nine months.” Despite focusing on the Royal Borough, Rupert and Sacha have helped clients source property further afield, such as in Fulham, Mayfair and Marylebone; having one’s own business allows for this flexibility. “We have nurtured strong, enduring and fruitful relationships with many property

“The fact that we’re new doesn’t matter. We’ve slotted straight in; just carried on as we were” professionals, lawyers and surveyors, which over the years has given us the ability to consistently source off-market properties for many of our clients,“ adds Sacha. The pair find that the majority of new business comes through online portals, which is why they have designed a state-of-the-art website, allowing for easy access to their properties. For clients who do drop by the office, Rupert, Sacha or lettings negotiator Phoebe Metcalfe are more than happy to talk about investment opportunities over a cup of coffee on the cobbled terrace outside. And if the small team are all out at viewings, office phone calls and even the doorbell link straight to their mobiles, so they never miss an inquiry. “The fact that we’re new doesn’t matter,” states Sacha. “We’ve slotted straight in; just carried on as we were.” People who stumble across Milton Stone assume it’s been around for a few generations. “With a long-standing agent you receive a good service, and people think we have been around forever,” Sacha laughs. Although this is predominantly because of their expertise in the field, it also has a little to do with the name. However, Sacha divulges that its origins are not deeply-rooted in a rich heritage of property. “Before we started the company, Milton was the name of the client we sold our first instruction to as a partnership, and Stone was the last.” I’m sure it won’t be long until Milton Stone firmly establishes itself as a household name. Milton Stone, 18 Astwood Mews, SW7 4DE; 020 7835 2888



Does Dust Ever Settle? Now that the General Election has answered many of the questions posed by a dubious property market, Michelle van Vuuren says that this is not the time to stand still

LONDON IS a city that grows fast, with cranes consistently crowding the skyline, so it is often hard to imagine a time when the property market takes a momentary pause. During the early hours of 8 May, the London property market breathed a sigh of relief and basked in a moment of quiet reflection ahead of an ensuing storm of sales enquiries. The election result was the one we required to reactivate the market and nullify the threat of a Mansion Tax that had loomed on the horizon for most of the last Parliament. With the doubts over a hung Parliament dispelled, the property market went into overdrive. Berkeley Group’s stock rallied by 11 per cent in the first day alone. At United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty offices the phones were red hot. We were inundated with buyers looking to purchase and sellers looking to the market; the Mayfair office alone saw more than 40 enquiries for valuations on 8 May. Calls from international buyers started during the night as they looked to get ahead of the inevitable price increases as confidence rushed back into the market. It is our expectation that prices will increase by about five per cent over the coming six to eight months. This rebound in the market from a single

election is unprecedented. But as the adage goes, there is no time like the present. Markets move quickly. The flood of enquiries has left some buyers out in the cold as bidding wars on key homes have returned almost overnight. And bargains that were there to be had four weeks ago have swiftly been replaced with competition from other buyers. From Kensington to Chiswick and from Clapham to Cobham, the property market has responded euphorically to the election result. Whether you are looking for a studio, pied-à-terre or a stately home, the upswing has returned. For those who think that the dust from the various construction sites will ensure that there is ample opportunity to purchase, I would advise that this is simply not the case. London, in particular, is still suffering from constrained supply and escalating demand from both the domestic and international market. This pressure on the availability has an escalating effect on the price of central London homes. Despite the plethora of cranes, there simply is not enough construction to provide the amount of homes required for the capital’s burgeoning population. So for those with the desire to purchase in this greatest of cities, this is no time to let the dust settle, but rather to dig in and be part of one of the most exciting and inspiring times in London’s property history. For more information please call Michelle van Vuuren on 020 7495 9580 or email

55 Victoria Street, London


With 3 bedrooms Or 2 bedrooms & a studio Or 2 bedrooms & a home cinema Or 2 bedrooms & a gym Or 2 bedrooms & music room... The Townhouses, split over 4 levels, give you the flexibility of space to use as you choose. Visit the marketing suite at 34 Bonchurch Road or to book an appointment please call 020 7758 8478.






Prime Mover Hannah Lemon stops by the boutique estate agency Malverns to meet the newest member, Nigel Humphriss, Head of Sales and Marketing Photography: Rob Cadman

Alfie the Westie is not in the office to greet me as I walk into Malverns. This is most unusual, as Alfie has a sterling reputation when it comes to his role as office manager. But today is not about Alfie, it’s about Nigel Humphriss the Head of Sales and Marketing. Although, Nigel can’t help but revert to the topic of the dog either. “I’ve established a little blog on the website called Alfie’s View. A lot of people are reading it, which is amazing. It’s about the property market but also what it’s like to be a dog in the office. It’s quite comical, even if I say so myself,” laughs Nigel. Nigel only joined the company at the end of last year, but his easygoing nature coupled with decades of experience in the industry have firmly cemented him as one of the family. An exciting career path has included a stint in the police force, followed by a few years in the Canary Islands selling villas in Lanzarote and Tenerife. With a keen interest in the property market, Nigel returned to England in 1999 to set up his own estate agency in Locksbottom, Kent. Savills sniffed out what he was on to and bought the company in 2008. “For me, it was like reaching the Promised Land. It was brilliant,” remarks Nigel. However, after a short sojourn to Florida, Nigel realised a void had been left in his career and he was keen to fill it. Cue Malverns. “Part of the reason I fell in love with Malverns was because when I set my own agency up I had tried to mould it in a similar way. It stands alone from corporate companies and people warm to that. I’d ticked the box of having my own business; the next box to tick was to work in Kensington, Chelsea and Mayfair – Prime Central London.” He recalls how he met Ria Geerling, the Head of Lettings, on Homes Under the Hammer. “It’s our claim to fame. It was such fun to do!” Joining at the end of last year meant that Nigel was faced with the uncertainty of the General Election, but the property market has since exhaled a sigh of relief with the Conservative win on 8 May. “I think the interest in £2m instructions have doubled since the election. I’m registering more people this week probably, than I registered in the last month working here. It’s really quite


localised.” This includes everything from a car parking spot worth £200,000 to a property at £3.5 million, the majority of which are sold as buy-to-lets for foreign investors. “Something that is very new to me is the retained buyer, who will pay me a fee for finding them a property. I arrived thinking I couldn’t change my job but I’ve now moved into acquisitions!” Now that the election has passed and there is a backlog of buyers and sellers who had been waiting in the wings, Nigel is braced to see the flurry in the market continue. “It’s been the best move ever for my career. I love this market and I love the people we deal with. I’m happy.” Malverns, Malvern Court, Onslow Square, SW7 3HU; 020 7589 8122

LEW0884 MAL K&C JUly_ol.indd 1

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Sole Agency Introductory Offer

Tel: 020 7581 2222

Let Only


T & C applies




Property News

Journal of Prime Property

PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

Billionaire Buyers Billionaires forced to improvise as London runs out of private palaces: It seems another, very different, housing crisis is going on right at the top of the market. And by right at the top, we mean above ultra-prime. Agents are reporting a dearth of 30,000+ square foot options for London’s billionaires, which means they’re having to convert unloved former Embassies and offices instead. Research by Dataloft and Beauchamp Estates has identified 142 billionaires with first or second homes in the UK capital, but only around 20 properties in existence across Prime Central London that could be classed as ‘private palaces’. This handful of residences are collectively worth £427.05m – an average of £20.3m each – according to the findings. But on top of this lot, there are eight 30,000+ square foot epic residences under construction in central London, with another eight going through planning. Price-wise, we’re talking £50m–£100m+ a pop, and certainly nothing dipping below £35m.

Market Comment It Runs in the Family Elena Dimova, managing director of CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, is investing time in future generations of property buyers

London is a city where young people thrive, drawn in by the world’s most prestigious universities and the opportunity to start their careers with leading global companies. The cultural history of our city as well as its spirit and character add to the appeal. The range of restaurants, cafés and entertainment options make it an exciting place to be. Affluent parents aspire for their children to study in the best schools in London. They want to give their children a head-start in life by purchasing a property for them to live in while at university and to invest in at the same time. For overseas buyers from the Far East, Middle East or Russia, their children’s stint in London may be temporary, until they have gained sufficient educational and professional experience to go back to their home countries and apply what they have learned. For local buyers, it is an opportunity to invest the money, which would have otherwise been spent on rent, and help their children get on the property ladder. We are seeing a clear and powerful increase of the amount of purchases taking place on this basis. These young buyers are discerning. They look for modern living, a good location and convenient transport links. Proximity to amenities is crucial. Fashion trends dictate. Much like having the latest handbag or the slickest car, owning the right property is very much a status symbol. The specification and quality of interiors, the presentation of the common parts and the facilities within the building do impress the next generation and their friends. As part of the education they receive from their parents, these young buyers are involved at every stage of the decisionmaking, from choosing the property to negotiating the transaction. Most commentary on the property market tends to be oriented around what happens in the next three to six months. What better endorsement is there for the confidence in the London property market than it is a choice made by generation after generation? CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, 10 Clarendon Road, W11 3AA, 020 7229 1414;

1 Cornwall Terrace, Photography: Ed Hill


Grenville Place, SW7 1,065 SQ.FT/99 SQ.M

On the market for the first time in over 40 years, this super three bedroom, split level flat is situated on the first floor of a superbly maintained period building and now requires refurbishment. Dining Hall | Reception Room | Kitchen | 3 Bedrooms | EnSuite Shower Room | Shower Room | Balcony

Price: ÂŁ1,795,000

share of FREEHOLD

020 7590 9339

38 Gloucester Road, SW7


SYDNEY STREET,LONDON, LONDON SW3 020 7351 7822 FAX:M: 020 7351 2274 117117 SYDNEY STREET, SW3 6NR 6NR TEL: TEL: 020 7351 7822 07530 689536 e-mail: website: e-mail:

Dr aycott Place, Chelsea, SW3

Pimlico Road, Chelsea, SW1W

This spacious ground and lower maisonette features an excellent reception room with high ceilings and wood floors. The open plan kitchen incorporates a dining area which leads on to a small patio. The flat is newly decorated throughout with well fitted bathrooms and the advantage of an additional study / single bedroom.

A fabulous second floor flat (with lift) recently refurbished to an extremely high standard. The property is over 1000 sq ft, has wood floors throughout an extremely spacious reception room and a good sized double bedroom. There is plenty of storage and the bedroom has an en suite bathroom, as well as a guest cloakroom. The flat is located just off Pimlico Green which is within easy reach of Sloane Square and Victoria Stations.







Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W

One Denman Place, Soho, London, W1D

This stylish maisonette has been totally refurbished by one of London’s top Interior Designers . The first floor reception room has been beautifully decorated and leads onto an open plan eat-in kitchen which has been designed to an exceptionally high standard, with no expense spared. Situated on the popular Elizabeth Street and a stone’s throw from the boutiques and cafes, this property certainly exudes character & charm.

This stunning third floor apartment has been individually designed and furnished by award winning designer Kit Kemp. It is light and airy with floor to ceiling windows, beautiful oak floors in the living space and a sleek Boffi kitchen. The king size double bedroom has an ensuite bathroom beautifully designed in marble and oak. There is also a fully integrated AV control system.



£1,200 PER WEEK


117 Sydney Street London SW3 6NR Lettings: 0207 351 7822 or


per week


20 Montpelier Street Knightsbridge London SW7 1HD

Godfrey Street Chelsea | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | EPC: D | 961 sqft A well-presented three bedroom house to rent in Chelsea. The house has been newly refurbished with wooden floors throughout. The property comprises of kitchen/dining, reception room, two double bedrooms, one single, two bathrooms, cloakroom and a lovely west facing roof terrace. The house is located on this quiet street close to the shops and restaurants of Kings Road and Chelsea Green. Sloane Square underground station is within easy walking distance.

ÂŁ1,200 per week Tregunter Road Chelsea | 6 bedroom | 3 bathrooms | Freehold | EPC: F | 4606 sqft A great opportunity to acquire a magnificent freehold corner house extending over 4600 sqft currently arranged as two apartments. The building benefits form great proportions and plenty of natural light due to having a wonderful triple aspect. On the lower ground there is a two bedroom apartment with its own separate entrance and patio garden. The upper maisonette, with its own separate entrance, boasts a plethora of period features, grand rooms with high ceilings and proportions which are rare to find. This property has 5-6 receptions rooms, 6 bedrooms and a small roof terrace which is accessed via the turret.

ÂŁ7,750,000 T: +44 (0)20 3770 3474


It came through the French Revolution unscathed. It would be a pity if it came to grief on the M25.

• UK Residential Removals

• Car Transportation & Storage

• Worldwide Relocations

• Office & Commercial Moving

• Weekly European Removals

• Antiques, Fine Art Packing,

• Storage Services

Storing & Moving Telephone: 020 3773 5796 E-Mail:

Certificate No. FS23942

297x210 French Revolution MASTER.indd 1

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Live in Luxury Buy a home abroad with sun, sea, sand and blue skies


TRANQUIL ELEGANCE IN TUCKER’S TOWN A private promontory surrounded by a stunning turquoise reef and vistas across Castle Harbour to the Tucker’s Town peninsula, Shell Point enjoys a magical setting comprising 2 acres and 6500 square feet of accommodation between the elegant main house, the guest cottage and apartment. This is one of the most private estates in Tucker’s Town, yet it is within a walk or golf cart ride of the Mid-Ocean and Tucker’s Point golf clubs, their beaches and restaurants. A substantial dock, jetty, boat slip and mooring make this home especially well suited for boaters. Price Upon Request.

WHY SINCLAIR REALTY? As Bermuda’s exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, Sinclair Realty offers the finest cache of properties in Tucker’s Town and island-wide. We look forward to welcoming you to our island with the depth of expertise and ‘above-and-beyond’ service that is the Sinclair hallmark.

Tel +1 441 296 0278 | |

SINC03-1862_NEW_Kensington&Chelsea_Magazine.indd 1


A WORLD-CLASS PRIVATE BEACHFRONT COMPOUND Overlooking the pink sands and turquoise waters of Grape Bay, the 14-acre Chelston Estate is a beachfront compound of rare magnitude. For 30 years it served as the official residence of the U.S. Consul General, hosting a distinguished list of guests including presidents and foreign dignitaries. Understated elegance defines the 10,000 square foot main house and its three guest houses. The outstanding grounds include a spectacular 75- by 40-foot saltwater pool and pool house, croquet lawn, walled gardens, a beach pavilion and staff accommodation. Offered at US$ 45 million.

Tel +1 441 296 0278 | |

5/7/15 11:20 AM


Buena Vista Park Villas










GIBRALTAR BUENA VISTA PARK VILLAS is a luxury private gated development in the South district of Gibraltar. Phase three includes 3 exclusive townhouses and 8 unique villas, with extensive customisation options, in terms of internal layouts and finishes. All properties will have amazing sea views across the bay of Gibraltar towards Spain and across the Straits of Gibraltar to North Africa. One of the few places in the world that offers views of two continents. Townhouses from £1,850,000 Villas from £2,900,000 Gibraltar is a british overseas territory, where the language is english, the currency is sterling (£) and education and law are based on the british system.

Attractive Fiscal benefits in Gibraltar: • NO VAT • NO Capital Gains Tax

• NO Inheritance Tax • ZERO Income Tax*

*Zero Income Tax applies to Category 2 Tax Residents on their income over £80,000 per annum.

For more information contact Robert Martin Sales Manager BV Homes Ltd Tel: +350 200 65825 Email:


Trophy Penthouse

A luxurious 6243 ft² penthouse in Vienna‘s city center with superb sky terrace providing monument views. Price on request

Design Condo

Private pools and panoramic views for a lifestyle of luxury. € 1.420.000,-


Panoramic glazing and vast terrace space characterize this light and airy home. € 2.650.000,-

Vienna is the No.1 city offering the world‘s best quality of life. The Austrian capital is known for its cultural attractions and historical architecture and apart from being a desirable place to live offers one of the most stable and promising markets for home buyers and property investors.

Luxury Garden Apartment

A one-of-a-kind urban home spreading over 2 floors and featuring classic architecture and park-like garden. € 5.500.000,-

Family Mansion T. +43 (0)1 890 5533 | M. +43 (0)676 394 0837

From a unique hillside location this dream home overlooks the entire city of Vienna. Price on request

Drayton Gardens, Chelsea SW10

A very special low-built five bedroom house offering a fabulous drawing room which opens onto the garden, off-street parking and planning permission to extend.

2,276 sq ft (211.4 sq m) Entrance hall | Drawing room | Kitchen/ breakfast room | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom | Four further bedrooms | Two further bathrooms | Cloakroom | Cellar | Garden | Off-street parking | EPC rating E

Chelsea SW10 - 020 7373 1010

ÂŁ4,750,000 Freehold

Durham Place, Chelsea SW3

This wonderful elegant five bedroom family home with stunning views over Burton Court, benefits from great volume, providing generously proportioned space throughout, a lift to all floors and off-street parking.

ÂŁ10,950,000 Freehold

4,231 sq ft (393.1 sq m) First floor drawing room | Dining room | Study | Kitchen with breakfast/sitting room | Master bedroom with en suite dressing room and bathroom | Four further bedrooms | Family bathroom | En suite shower room | Wine store | Separate street entrance | Lift to all floors | Garden | Off-street parking

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

Tite Street, Chelsea SW3

A stunning and generously proportioned six bedroom low built family house extending to 4,247 sq ft with the benefit of a leasehold garage.

ÂŁ11,500,000 Freehold

4,247 sq ft (394.6 sq m) Drawing room | Dining room | Kitchen and family room | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and his and her dressing rooms | Four further double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms/shower rooms | Study/sixth bedroom | Media room | Gym | Shower room | Decked terrace | Separate leasehold garage | Access to Burton Court by separate arrangement

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

Clabon Mews, Knightsbridge SW1X

An exceptional newly refurbished Mews house that has been completely re-designed and substantially re-built to exacting modern standards.

3,220 sq ft (299 sq m) Drawing room | Kitchen/dining room | Media room | Master bedroom suite with terrace room | Two guest bedroom suites | Bedroom 4/study | Guest shower room |Gym with changing and shower room | Wine store | Garage | EPC Rating D

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959

ÂŁ8,950,000 Freehold

Cathcart Road, Chelsea SW10

Presented in immaculate condition, a beautiful family home, with a delightful south facing garden, with the added benefit of off street parking and a double garage.

ÂŁ3,500 per week* Unfurnished

3,286 sq ft (305 sq m) Dining room | Kitchen | Double reception | Five bedrooms | Three bathrooms | Separate WC | Dressing room | Garden | Terrace | Double garage | EPC Rating E

Chelsea SW10 - 020 7373 1010

Portland Road, Holland Park W11

A stunning four bedroom family home ideally situated on this quiet residential street in Holland Park.

ÂŁ2,250 per week* Unfurnished

1,984 sq ft (184.3 sq m) Double reception | Kitchen/ dining room | Master bedroom suite | Three further bedrooms | Further bathroom | Garden | Roof Terrace | EPC rating D

Notting Hill 020 7221 1111

Grandview Crescent, Killcare Beach, Sydney

“Beachside luxury at its best; 5 bedroom home 1 hour and 30 minute drive of the Sydney CBD�

Guide price AUS $5,000,000

Spanning a generous 583 sq metres over three storeys the home is impeccably refurbished and masterfully built. The property boasts sweeping uninterrupted views over the broad expanse of Killcare Beach and has direct pathway access down towards the beachfront. Killcare is loved for its laidback coastal lifestyle known for its surfing, kayaking, boating and superb fishing.

885 sq m total area (583 sq m internal area) Extensive living and dining area | Custom designed kitchen | 5 bedrooms, each opening to a balcony | 4.5 designer bathrooms | Outdoor pool with terrace | Barbecue station | Ceiling heaters | Two outdoor showers | Vast storage | Security cameras

Lulu Egerton 020 7225 3866

Upper Upper Phillimore Phillimore Gardens, Gardens, Kensington Kensington W8 W8

“The house has only had f ive families in residence since it was built circa 1861 by Henry Burton.�

U626 SP_Kensington & Chelsea DPS.indd 1

03/06/2015 13:10



Price Price upon upon application application Freehold Freehold

A very special seven bedroom corner house with a lovely south-facing garden and off-street parking for two cars situated in the heart of the Phillimore Estate.

5,754 sq ft (534.55 sq m) Entrance hall | Drawing room | Dining room | Kitchen/breakfast room | Master bedroom with two en suite bathrooms | Six further bedrooms | Four further bathrooms | Study | Utility room | Two cloakrooms | Wine cellar | South-facing garden | Car lift | Off-street parking | EPC rating C

Kensington 020 7938 3666

U626 SP_Kensington & Chelsea DPS.indd 2

03/06/2015 13:10



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The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine July 2015  

The sister to the Kensington & Chelsea Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Royal Borou...

The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine July 2015  

The sister to the Kensington & Chelsea Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Royal Borou...