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Borghamn Väderstad

Facts about Lake Vättern Area: 1,912 km2 Length: 135 km Width: 31 km Greatest depth: 128 m Vättern is Sweden’s second largest lake, and Europe’s seventh largest. The name Vättern simply means water. The greatest inflows are the River Forsviksån from Lakes Unden and Viken, along with the River Huskvarnaån. The outlet is the River Motala Ström. Vättern is a rift formation. On the eastern side, there is Omberg, a raised geological formation, in this case an outcrop of the primary rock, which is a remnant of the mountain massif which sank through displacement along a geological fault. There are almost 30 species of fish in Lake Vättern, including grayling, smelt, char, European whitefish and Vättern salmon, which, funnily enough, is not a salmon but a trout. During the summer, Vättern fish can be seen at the Vättern-Akvariet aquarium in Motala.


Around Lake Vättern 2021 Sustainable tourism on Misty Mountain The door was wide open for outdoor business entrepreneur Linda Staaf. She was about to bring the world to Mount Omberg. Page 4-5

Good fishing around Lake Vättern

Can’t wait to get outdoors! Outside my window, the sun is shining, and everything is about to bloom. I long for nature – to reach the top of a mountain with panoramic views, to enter a magical bauer forest. Or to go out on Lake Vättern and feel the wind and the waves. Maybe go fishing? Take a drive or cycle around the lake, discovering even more of everything there is to see and do. Learn more about the history, discover new art and new flavours. Wander through quaint neighbourhoods, shop, and go to museums.

While the corona year of 2020 was a special one for sure, many people found their recreation in nature experiences. Page 6-7

I look forward to sharing these experiences with my kids, my dad, my sister and her family, my friends, and my love. Our cat Leo also wants to go outside – and explore new terrain in Vadstena, near Lake Vättern, where we just moved.

Who was Queen Filippa?

My promise to myself this summer is to collect many new, great, and educational memories. Making a list of 5 things I really want to do usually works for me. My list includes:

When traditional history is told, it is almost exclusively done by talking about war-loving kings or other men of action. The absence of women is obvious. Page 8-9

1. Tent in the forest, ideally by Lake Vättern

Bauer forests

5. Go boating on Lake Vättern.

The ground is covered with moss, and the forest is dense enough not to let the daylight through. The large boulders are perfect for the trolls to hide behind. Page 12-13

2. Catch and cook fish over an open fire 3. Get a good bicycle and joyride along Lake Vättern 4. Hike in the forest and pick mushrooms What does your wish list for the 2021 summer looks like? I hope you’ll find fun and inspiring tips in this year’s issue! The Around Vättern magazine has been around for 24 years now. We write about life in a unique place that fills us with pride. I want to thank all my wonderful staff, the editorial board, and our advertisers, who make the publishing of Around Vättern 2021 possible. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful summer!

Presentation of the places around Lake Vättern: Askersund 20-21 Motala 24-25 Vadstena 30-31 Ödeshög 34-35 Gränna/Visingsö 40-41 Jönköping/Huskvarna 48-49 Habo 52-53 Tidaholm 56-57 Hjo 58-59 Karlsborg 60–61

NOTE! The corona pandemic continues to pose a problem for various events and other activities. This may affect the information in this magazine. We therefore recommend that you check out the websites and similar of the municipalities and businesses for up-to-date information.

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Eva Sandegren

Me in the au

tumn leaves.

My daughter Ellienore.

My daughter


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Sustainable tourism on Misty Mountain Text: Josefine Gustafsson

Linda Staaf. Photo: Josefine Gustafsson.

The door was wide open for outdoor business entrepreneur Linda Staaf. She was about to bring the world to Mount Omberg. But suddenly, she found herself unable to take the step.

of Vadstena and Ödeshög. For those who live on the plains, there are not that many nature areas to choose from. We get loads of local tourists.

We have arranged to meet in Hästholmen, and I'm looking for a suitable spot to sit. The sun is shining, and the Lake Vättern waves are breaking. Linda is supposed to come straight from a guided kayaking tour and I'm wondering how it went. By the parking lot, I can see a few colourful kayaks available to rent from Vätterkajak. On the other side of the lake is Olshammar, where I borrowed a kayak last summer for an incredible tour of the archipelago in northern Lake Vättern. – It was too windy, so I ended up doing a guided mountain bike tour of Mount Omberg instead, Linda says as she shows up, out of breath and with dirt splatter on her legs. She apologises for showing up in cycling shoes. We sit down on the benches by the mountain that protrudes at the far end of Hästholmen harbour. The water laps against the rock next to us. How come you ended up on Mount Omberg and Lake Vättern? – I've lived here since I was 16, and I like nature. Omberg is known as the Östgöta locals’ sacred mountain. It's very important to the people

There was quite a bit of turbulence on social media when Linda Staaf announced that she doesn’t want to promote holiday air travel. Her post flourished everywhere in threads, emails, and private Instagram messages. The year was 2018, and the world was still open. I thought she was brave for taking the discussion. – I listened to a meteorologist at a lecture talking about the climate with both humour and seriousness. Tourism has so much negative impact! Swedes emit 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and we’re aiming for 2 tonnes. A trip to the United States costs 2 tonnes. What can I do to reduce my travel? Fly once every 5 years? Eat vegan and so on? Everything came to a halt, Linda says. This happened at a tourism industry conference on Sustainable Tourism in Toscana, Italy. After a workshop on the importance of locals for sustainable tourism, everything took a turn for Linda. – Tourism was my life, both professionally and personally. Suddenly, I started to question everything, and I considered quitting. But if I did, I wouldn’t be able to make a change. So, I came to

Refuse to promote holiday air travel



Name: Linda Staaf 41 Age: Lives: Vadstena Outdoor business entrepreneur Works: since 2009 Runs: Woods & Water of Sweden and co-owner of Vätterkajak and Omberg Zipline Two children, ages 13 and 15 Family: Special interest: Photography and mountain bike joyrides

Photo: Ebba Ahnlund.

the conclusion that I do want to continue working with travel. This time to make it as sustainable as possible, for the sake of both the area and the climate. When I went out and explained why I won’t work to encourage holiday air travel, many industry people found it to be an eyeopener. I also received a lot of criticism from people I don't know. Linda gets quiet and looks out over Lake Vättern. – I think a lot about my future grandchildren. What will they see? A concrete consequence of Linda's position is that marketing is only done nationally and to neighbouring countries. No airport pick-up is offered; instead, it's clearly communicated that customers are expected to arrive by train, bus, or car.

Secret spots Another loaded discussion that Linda takes on social media – she has more than 4,500 followers on Instagram – is the one on whether we should share our favourite spots in nature. – I'm often asked about my favourite spots but since a few years back, I no longer tell people about them. My favourite spots are all a bit secluded, where I can usually be all alone. They would all lose their charm if more people found them. I've had to find new spots as my old ones have become known.

I therefore suggest general things and mention places that are already widely known. Linda is earnest and takes several contemplative pauses during the interview. This is a major contrast to the pictures of a smiling, carefree Linda on her mountain bike or in her kayak on Lake Vättern. I can tell that she’s someone who loves and wants to protect her homeland, and that she’s concerned about the serious problems caused by climate change and mass tourism.

she works to change the industry from the inside. With her dedication, Linda wants to inspire a more sustainable development of tourism at all levels. If you want to know more about sustainable tourism, keep an eye out for “Let’s Meet and Talk”, where Linda meets with various representatives from Swedish tourism and outdoor recreation. ■

What motivates you? – Obviously, I love being outdoors, and I enjoy all the people that come here. The interaction with people has become increasingly important. And I enjoy living in close contact with nature, the seasons, and the weather changes. There's quite a bit of uncertainty in all this as well, but that’s what I like. Being stuck in traffic, stressed out, is the worst for me. As soon as I get out in nature though, I calm down and the stress fades away. – Another thing that motivates me is the desire to inspire others to get outdoors in a sustainable manner and enjoy a genuine experience, Linda says with passion in her eyes. The paradigm shift that occurred when Linda attended the Adventure Travel Summit in 2018 left its clear marks. There's no mistaking how hard

Photo: Ebba Ahnlund.



Recreational fishing around Lake Vättern While the corona year of 2020 was a special one for sure, many people found their recreation in nature experiences. In nature, families were able to safely socialise over generations, and fishing became the activity to try for more and more people. Important to keep in mind is the need to find out whether a fishing licence is required where you want to fish. Most lakes and streams are owned by someone, and fishing is not always allowed. However, many owners allow fishing if you buy a fishing licence, and around Lake Vättern, there are plenty of places to buy a licence for your fishing experience. Recreational fishing in Lake Vättern is great, but it's not the easiest lake in which to fish from land. Your chance of catching something – whether it be salmon, trout, or the special Lake Vättern trout – is much better further out on the water. There is often plenty of perch in ports around the lake, but you must check to make sure there are no local rules prohibiting fishing from certain places. You are otherwise free to fish in Lake Vättern from land as long as you use hand gear. Going out on your own to fish from a boat requires proper sea experience. Even the calmest of days can change rapidly, and the situation can become life-threatening. Your safest bet is therefore to rent a fishing guide. With their boat, equipment, and expertise, they can help you find your big catch.

If you would rather fish in smaller lakes, there are plenty of options via clubs and recreational fishing areas that allow fishing in their waters if you buy a fishing licence. At ifiske.se, you can easily see what lakes you have nearby, what rules apply, what kind of fish are in the lakes, and where you can buy a digital fishing licence. You can also find contact details and phone numbers if you are unable to obtain a fishing licence digitally or if you have any other questions, such as where to rent a boat.

Most waters are natural, with a natural stock of perch, pike, and various other whitefish; however, you can also fish in artificial recreational fishing areas offering put-and-take fishing. Best known is Hökensås Sportfiske, with close to 30 lakes where they farm rainbow trout. In addition, Hökensås has a staffed fishing centre where you can find information about local fishing. Tiveden also has lakes with farmed rainbow trout and regular trout for recreational fishing tourism purposes. As of 2021, Tiveden’s Activity & Adven-

There are great opportunities for rainbow trout fishing in several locations around Lake Vättern.


Facts about recreational fishing around Lake Vättern For more information about available fishing waters around Lake Vättern, please go to www.ifiske.se Under Fishing > Map, you can see fishing areas and a pushpin that you can click on for more information about fishing options.

True fishing joy cannot be mistaken!

ture Centre in Ösjönäs will have a smaller fishing centre, which, to a certain extent, will be able to answer guest queries and refer to fishing in Tiveden. The feeling of preparing your own catch right by the lake, or in the kitchen upon returning home, is highly satisfying. Better food is hard to come by, and the health benefits of experiencing nature by a lake are hard to beat. Don’t miss the opportunity to find your own fishing paradise along Lake Vättern. It's all right there for the taking. ■

“Storrödingen”, the unique Lake Vättern trout.




Queen Philippa. A beautiful stained-glass window in Vadstena Abbey Church.

Philippa – the unknown queen of Vadstena Text and photo: Mårten Fredriksson

When traditional history is told, it is almost exclusively done by talking about war-loving kings or other men of action who, through great deeds and brave conquests, shaped both countries and events. The absence of women is obvious, and if we are to believe the history books, only very few women were involved in the process or important enough to be included in the stories.

This, of course, is not exactly true. History is shaped as it is described, and we have several examples to the contrary, some of which include historical women with connection to the town of Vadstena. Best known is Bridget of Sweden, or Saint Birgitta, in many ways one of the most famous northerners in the Catholic world, as she was long the only Swedish woman to have be canonised. Less known is the woman in Vadstena who, in the early 15th century, ruled the then largest union in Europe and who coordinated the entire Kalmar Union's armed forces against the Hanseatic League. On site

in Copenhagen, she organised the defence as invasion threatened the city. She was involved in founding cities to generate economic growth, and she helped make Vadstena a dominant economic centre of the times. Deserving great attention and admiration, she is someone who should be brought out of the shadows so that we can learn about this unique individual and her connection to the Vättern region and the town of Vadstena.



English princess Philippa is born in early July 1394, at Peterborough Castle, Cambridgeshire, England, as the daughter of Prince Henry Bolingbroke and Mary de Bohun. In 1399, after an uprising against his cousin, King Richard II, Prince Henry becomes King Henry IV. Philippa’s older brother, Henry, later becomes King Henry V, who comes to play an important role in the Hundred Years’ War against France. As princess in one of Europe's most powerful royal dynasties, great effort is made to find Philippa a suitable spouse, and the choice falls on the heir to the throne of Europe's largest cohesive union, the Kalmar Union. Negotiations on the marriage between Philippa and the Kalmar Union's Eric of Pomerania begin as early as 1402, although they don’t actually marry until a few years later. In 1406, Philippa arrives in Helsingborg as princess of her new homeland, only 12 years old and only half the age of her husband. She likely spends the first few years at Kalmar Castle, but gradually, she establishes close contact with the abbey in Vadstena, where she is accepted as “soror ab extra”, which means “external sister”, and which strongly connects her to the abbey throughout her life. Philippa also pays to have her own choir, Saint Anne's choir, built in the Vadstena Abbey Church. Saint Anne was the saint you worshiped and sanctified for the women who struggled to have children. Eric and Philippa evidently had difficulty conceiving, which may be the reason for the personal donation.

An effective negotiator Despite their childlessness, the marriage between Eric and Philippa appears to have been good. Not being able to produce heirs around this time was a highly sensitive matter, as the entire monarchy depended on there being an heir to take over. However, this does not seem to have affected Eric’s confidence in Philippa. The king being away for long periods of time, for war or other missions, including a long pilgrimage to the holy land, tells us that Eric clearly valued and trusted Philippa as a regent. She travels around Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to personally meet and lead the various councils that rule the union, making decisions and giving directives on how to govern the kingdom. She also has a great sense of macroeconomics and concludes an economic agreement with the Hanseatic League and the cities of northern Germany that money in the Kalmar Union and money in the Hanseatic League will have equal value, thus ensuring economic stability. She pursues a number of other major economic issues around the union and secures several agreements to support trade, making the Kalmar Union economically stable during the 1420s. Philippa’s significance to the area around Lake Vättern cannot be emphasised enough. She strengthens Vadstena as a spiritual and political hub, and with the town's geographic location by Lake Vättern, the area becomes a major centre of power in Sweden. Eric’s time in the union is primarily spent in Copenhagen. This is partly to keep better track of the rival, the Hanseatic League, and an obstinate nobility in Schleswig, and partly to reinforce Copenhagen as the centre of the union. The person who proves best capable of ruling and getting the sometimes difficult Swedish noble families on board is Philippa. Therefore, Philippa spends most of her time in the Swedish part of the union, and Vadstena becomes her primary base. During this time, the abbey in Vadstena grows into one of northern Europe’s wealthiest spiritual institutions, making the region around Vadstena and Lake Vättern a centre of power during Philippa's reign. The expansion of Vadstena Abbey, along with the

St. Anna, Mary, and Jesus. Wooden sculpture from 1426, adjacent to Philippa's grave.

ownership of estates and farms in the Västergötland Province, requires a functional hub and port on the western shore of the lake. For this reason, Hjo, which has received its town charter in 1413, grows into the largest city on the western shore of Lake Vättern. Philippa is thus one of the most important figures in the history of the establishment of Lake Vättern as a unifying inland sea connecting the provinces of Östergötland and Västergötland, with Vadstena as a significant economic and spiritual engine.

Political funeral coup Around Christmas, 1429, Philippa travels from Helsingborg to Vadstena, probably to attend the upcoming inauguration of the completed abbey church, scheduled to take place at the beginning of 1430. Once in Vadstena, Philippa falls ill, and on the night before Epiphany, on 6 January 1430, she dies at the young age of 35. The cause of her death is unknown, but the 15th century in Sweden was a difficult time and, regardless of social class, death was a constant

presence. What we do know, however, is that she is buried as early as the next day, only hours after taking her last breath. Why the funeral took place so quickly is a mystery, but there is reason to believe that there were powerful people advocating that the queen be buried in the town considered to be the union capital, namely Copenhagen, or, more specifically, in Roskilde Cathedral. We also know that the bishops of Strängnäs, Skara, Västerås, Växjö, and Linköping all were present in Vadstena because of the upcoming abbey church inauguration, and thus the knowledge to hold vigil for the dead queen and perform the proper rituals when burying a queen was right there in Vadstena. Could it be that they saw their chance to keep their beloved queen in Vadstena and therefore broke all the rules, burying her in Vadstena Abbey Church? The place that was chosen is also highly symbolic. Philippa was buried in St. Anna’s choir, for which she herself donated the money. The place that she had built and established in honour of the saint who helps the world's childless women. ■



Top ten on Gränna Mountain 1

Text and photo: Josefine Gustafsson

Gränna Mountain is the obvious starting point for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, or for just enjoying the views and feasting on a tasty shrimp sandwich at the authentic Kaffestugan.

1. The views The mountain treats you to unbeatable views of Lake Vättern, Visingsö Island, Gränna, and all the way to Mount Omberg. Bring your own picnic basket, watch the quiet crossing of the yellow Visingsö ferry, or marvel at the sunset. If you’re lucky, you may even see the ascent of a hot air balloon.

3. The mountain bike trails

7. The hiking trails

Gränna Mountain biking through bauer forests and on slopes with great views is well known among mountain bikers. The opportunity to replenish your energy with a snack at Kaffestugan afterwards is not to be underestimated. Enthusiasts from the Grännabygdens OK orienteering club have cleared and marked the MTB trails.

You cannot find a better start or end to a long hike on the famous Småland trails. The Bauerleden Trail, Holavedsleden Trail, and Västanåleden Trail all run through here.

4. Grenna Bluegrass Festival Grenna Bluegrass Festival has been around for over 40 years. Standing by the new stage, surrounded by sparse pine forest, your mind easily goes to the Appalachians. Erik Moreau brings musicians here from near and far. Even during other times of the year, spontaneous jam sessions take place. So be sure to check out the Green Bluegrass Festival Facebook page!

5. The open-air museum


An open-air museum greets you atop Gränna Mountain. You can go inside several of the well-preserved buildings. The 17th century log pantry was moved here from Västanå in 1916. The sod roof Röttlegården is from around 1650. This house was the residence of the master papermaker at Röttle Paper Mill, which was in operation from 1646 to 1879.

2. Kaffestugan

6. The steps

Actually, the real gem here is the shrimp sandwich. Widely known and named the best shrimp sandwich around Lake Vättern. Add to that the most wonderful staff and a cosy alp cabin feel.

Starting from Parkgränd by Södra parken in Gränna, you can climb the 243 winding steps up through the deciduous forest. The views and the tasty snacks that await at the top are well worth the effort.

8. Blueberry picking The perfect place for kids and first-time pickers. In the blueberry-rich year of 2020, people flocked here to pick the copious amounts of blueberries readily available in the oak-pine forest on the mountain.

9. The running and ski trails The running trails that turn into ski trails in the winter vary from 2.5 to 8 kilometres. Enjoy your exercise on well-marked trails in magical surroundings.

10. The Tegnér Tower The peculiar Tegnér Tower from 1973, also known as the Forest Tower, is not actually located on Gränna Mountain but a stone's throw away. The wind-protected attraction can be found 3 kilometres from Gränna Mountain, via Holavedsleden Trail. Climbing the 144 steps up the spiral staircase of the light green, cylindrical tower is an experience all in itself. Once up there, the panoramic view of forests and waters is breath-taking. On a clear day, you can see all four provinces of Småland, Östergötland, Närke, and Västergötland. This is no activity, however, for those afraid of heights.













Bauer forests Text: Josefine Gustafsson

The ground is covered with moss, and the forest is dense enough not to let the daylight through. The large boulders are perfect for the trolls to hide behind. At any moment, the king of the forest – the moose – may appear.

– What an amazing John Bauer forest! Often, there's a yearning behind those words. A yearning for the forest, and a desire to encounter something on your hike. To be surprised by some unknown creature, or at least an anmal. Because when you head into the forest and terrain, you may just run into something wild. A deer, a hare, or at least a startled forest bird. It’s as frightening as it is alluring.

The photos are dark, suggestive, and evocative, just like John Bauer's illustrations. Nowhere near tired of the topic, they talk enthusiastically. – I dragged David to those places that I've been experiencing as magical bauer forests ever since I was a kid, Mats says. David tells me that children are especially great at finding bauer forests. – Some of the forests we visited in 2010 no longer exist. The trolls have been forced to move on to other forests, David says.

The forest in our minds When I ask around and look at photos on Instagram tagged #johnbauerskog, it turns out that everyone has their own idea of what a bauer forest really looks like. However, the common denominator is the picture of a dark spruce forest with rocky ground covered with green moss. It’s as if the bauer forest is a reflection of our inner yearning for a magical forest. Author Johannes Ekman writes the following about John Bauer and the forest in his book “Skogen i vårt inre” (“The Forest in Our Minds”):

Fantasy forest I meet Mats Andersson and David Söderling in their office in Huskvarna. In 2011, they published the award-winning photography book “John Bauer's skogar” (“John Bauer's Forests”). Mats took the photos for the book in the forests around the southern part of Lake Vättern, and David wrote the graphic texts.

Lake Bunn. Photo: Open Archive at Digital Museum.



depicted by John Bauer and partly in the forests and farmlands of today.

Walk in the footsteps of John Bauer As a young man, John Bauer frequently hiked in the areas around Västra Jära and Bottnaryd. If you want to find easily accessible bauer forests, there are great trails near the town of Mullsjö. Hassafall by the Hassafallsleden Trail in Hovslätt, south of Jönköping, is a dramatic place with large boulders and a waterfall surrounded by spruce forest. The Bauer Family’s Villa Sjövik was located by Lake Rocksjön in Jönköping. This is also where John Bauer had his studio. Unfortunately, the house is no longer there; however, you can walk along the lake in the park named after the artist. Other challenging and sometimes magical forests where John Bauer used to hike can be found around Vätterbranterna and in the forests around Lake Bunn. From Bunnström, a few kilometres east of Gränna, you can take a guided boat tour with Trolska Båtturer. Among other places, the boat passes the privately owned house on Björkudden, where John Bauer lived with his family until his death in 1918. The narrow, dark passage with spruce overhang between the lakes of Bunn and Ören leaves no one untouched. You can also be guided in the footsteps of John Bauer by a local guide, and stay the night at BauerGården.

Vätterbranterna. Photo: Josefine Gustafsson.

The forest in the arts

Photo: Josefine Gustafsson.

If you wish to discover more of John Bauer’s world, we recommend a visit to Jönköping County Museum. An imaginative and exciting exhibition for all ages awaits. The young ones can crawl around on a moss carpet in a dark forest among soft pillows shaped like boulders. You can explore the life-size moose or sit down in the mountain king chair and admire some of John Bauer's most impressive works. If you want to experience your inner John Bauer forest while enjoying the arts, this is destination well worth the trip. ■

The princess and the trolls. National Museum.

– The forest feeling has been reinforced by John Bauer, Jenny Nyström, Elsa Beskow, Helmer Osslund, and others ... Bauer managed to create his magical forests from a Småland forest reality, where primeval forests and wilderness have already been replaced by rather uniform “farmer forests”. The forests that John Bauer walked around in and depicted in the early 1900s seem to still dominate our idea of what a “real” forest looks like. Curious as to what the landscape looked like in John Bauer's time, I delve into the archives at Jönköping County Museum.

Magical boat ride on the canal between the lakes of Bunn and Ören. Photo: Josefine Gustafsson.

The forest at the turn of the century In the museum exhibition, I find a small felt tipdrawing of a dismal, clear-felled area. Below the drawing, Bauer has written “WHEN – THE FOREST DIES”. The drawing is a reminder of the intense forestry that took place in the 19th century, in connection with industrialisation. Only in 1903 came demands for reforestation. Many of the forests where John Bauer walked around were probably felled, grazed spruce forests – so-called “farmer forests”. The word “bauer” is German for farmer, and “bauer forest” thus means farmer forest. But wild fragments of primeval forest could, and still can, be found on the slopes near Lake Vättern, where forestry has not been possible. If you walk the John Bauer Trail, through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Östra Vätterbranterna, you find yourself partly in the landscape

The artist John Bauer was born in 1882 in Jönköping, Småland. He is best known for his illustrations for the early editions of “Bland tomtar och troll” (“Among Gnomes and Trolls”). At the age of 16, he moved to Stockholm to study art. There, he met artist Ester Ellqvist, whom he married in 1906 in Gränna. Bauer frequently travelled to the northern province of Lappland, to Germany, and to Italy – trips that would forever characterise his art. His illustrations have had, and still have, a profound impact on storytelling. Among others, he inspired Walt Disney. In 1918, John, Ester, and their son died when the steamboat Per Brahe sank in Lake Vättern outside Hästholmen. Happening now: John Bauer in a cave with trolls. Photo: Calla Sundbeck.

The film “Ödesnatten på Vättern” (“That Fateful Night on Lake Vättern”).



The northern gateway to Mount Omberg Text and photo: Josefine Gustafsson Borghamn Strand.

The lake route via Drottning Omma's Castle

Today, Borghamn Strand welcomes you with magical tranquillity and seductive views of Lake Vättern. But Borghamn has a dark history; in the late 19th century, this was a penal colony, and more than 200 prisoners worked here. Borghamn Strand is located at the foot of Mount Omberg, just a stone’s throw from Vadstena. Since 2018, Katarina Atsmon and her family have been taking care of the 22 buildings and the harbour. Traces of a long, varied history can be seen in the scenic surroundings. Next door is Borghamn Sten AB, which is an active limestone masonry.

Katarina Atsmon.

Taking the one-way road Sjövägen from the south is an exciting way to get to Borghamn Strand. The road is reminiscent of Highway 101 in California, to quote Katarina Atsmon. Windingly, Sjövägen takes you north from Stocklycke through tree tunnels that sometimes open up, offering views of Lake Vättern. After about 10 kilometres, you're there. Up on the mountain, you pass Queen Omma’s Castle. According to legend, Queen Omma is queen of the mists and can turn into an eagle-owl. A mound of stones, the castle does not look like much, but it is situated at a beautiful lookout point enclosed by deciduous forest. Here, the mountain falls steeply into Lake Vättern. Below is the harbour and the old limestone quarry. Limestone has been mined in the area for 900 years. The Swedish National Museum, Göta Canal, Alvastra Monastery, Visingsborg Castle, Karlsborg Fortress, and Vadstena Castle are all buildings made with stone from Borghamn.



Harbour master cottage or hotel suite A visit to Mount Omberg can take many forms. Borghamn Strand offers both accommodation and unforgettable, close contact with Lake Vättern. This is the perfect starting point for your hikes, bicycle excursions, kayak or boat adventures, or Lake Vättern fishing. It is truly a place for everyone, even dogs. Tent, stay in the harbour master cottage, in your motorhome, or book the hotel suite with breakfast and private bathroom. The organic café is a culinary sensation with vegan options. Among the events and activities held here are concert and dance evenings, courses on edible plants, in yoga,

”The first time we came here, we felt this sense of calm. There is something magical about this place, even though it has a dark history”

Suggested activities Hiking The Östgötaleden Trail and the Klosterleden Trail pass Borghamn. Mount Omberg also has several nature trails, hiking trails, and pilgrimage routes, as well as a number of unmarked trails and forest paths.


an upper secondary biology and natural science teacher. Her knowledge is reflected in the sustainable thinking that surrounds the entire business. She grew up in Mockfjärd in the Province of Dalarna. In the neighbouring village, the Dala Floda Wärdshus inn is nestled on a lush hill on the edge of a dark blue lake. – With its beautiful untamed garden, Dala Floda Wärdshus has an air of wild yet luxurious that I love. When we found Borghamn Strand, I felt that this was an opportunity to create the same feeling but in a completely different way, Katarina says passionately. ■

or watercolour, milonga (tango) weekend, foxtrot weekend, and anything else that inspires the Atsmon family. During winter, all activities, the café, and the restaurant are closed. The rooms, however, are available for larger group bookings.

Kayaking Experience Mount Omberg from the water! Visit the caves at the fault. There is a kayak rental at Borghamn Strand, offered in collaboration with Vättern-Kajak.

Swimming Swim in Lake Vättern’s turquoise waters, in the harbour or from the adjacent beach.

Fishing in the harbour Anyone is welcome to fish in the harbour at Borghamn Strand. Catch salmon from the pier or from your own boat, which you can launch from the newly built slipway. Salmon fishing is popular between November and February when the salmon comes up to the surface.

Underwater diving Diving excursions in collaboration with Nyqvist Dyk & Äventyr.

Mount Omberg from the water

A family affair

Boat excursion with beach breaks and a picnic. Boat excursion with crayfish fishing.

I meet Katarina Atsmon outside the main building. What made you take on Borghamn Strand? – Pure love! We came home from dancing one morning and started looking at old houses since we love old houses and renovating. We had been dreaming about opening a hostel for years. We came here and realised that this is what we want for the rest of our lives, Katarina says with passion in her eyes. Amir, who's a plumber, among other things, is Katarina’s other half. They have three kids. Their youngest son, Elon, is a food creator and responsible for the kitchen and restaurant. Dan is a civil engineer of sustainable energy systems and responsible for the website. Their daughter Noomi is a police officer and in charge of social media. – The first time we came here, we felt this sense of calm. There is something magical about this place, even though it has a dark history, Katarina says.

Find Borghamn Strand 16 km south of Vadstena. Address: Borghamnsvägen 1A, Borghamn By bicycle: About 45 minutes from Vadstena. On foot: About 3–4 hours from Vadstena. Local transport: From Vadstena, you can get to Borghamn Strand with Östgötatrafiken’s on-demand local service. For the price of a bus ticket, you can go to Borghamn Strand by taxi or a smaller bus. All you have to do is call Östgötatrafiken at +46 (0)-771-711020 at least two hours before you wish to go. The service is available on weekdays from 9 am to 12.30 pm and from 5 pm to 10 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Worker history and Gaudi bathroom There's no mistaking that we are in a historic place. Among the traces are ancient ruins and a small, beautiful fishing museum with fishing gear from various time periods. – When it comes to the history of this place, there is just so much to tell. We are making a sign describing the history and development of stonemasonry techniques, and another one about the history of the stonemasons, the fishermen, as well as the Rural Domestic Economics School and upper secondary school, Katarina says. I can't help but ask about the imaginatively decorated bathroom in one of the buildings. – You mean the “Gaudi bathroom”? That was an artist friend who came to visit. He was depressed and needed a project. So he started making mosaics in the bathroom and made an oak sink shaped like a boat, Katarina explains with a smile. You can tell that Katarina Atsmon is a curious and permissive person. She has long experience as

The Vättern Runt Path, Vättern-Sommern Path, and Pilgrimsrundan Path pass Mount Omberg and Sjövägen. Cycle around Mount Omberg or pick one of the paths on the plains. Rent bikes through Woods & Water at Borghamn Strand.

The harbour.



Our beloved Göta Canal Text: Josefine Gustafsson

Photo: Jakob Sjöman.

It has been around for over 200 years. Today, a hugely popular tourist attraction, but originally built for freight traffic. In 1934, the Swedish Tourist Association (STF) did an entire issue on Göta Canal, and the film with the same name is one of the most watched films in Sweden. A beloved canal that is finally getting a facelift. Göta Canal is one of the largest construction projects ever carried out in Sweden. 190 kilometres long, it stretches between Mem by the Baltic Sea and Sjötorp by Lake Vänern. 87 kilometres of it are dug canal. Those who want to go from Stockholm to Gothenburg also need to go down Trollhätte Canal from Vänersborg to Gothenburg.

Foto: Oskar Lürén.

From freight traffic to tourism Today, the 100% state-owned Göta kanalbolag is responsible for operating the waterway, marketing it, and managing the 4,000 properties. Even before being asked, Roger Alsäter, CEO of AB Göta kanalbolag, enthusiastically starts telling the story of Göta Canal. – Göta kanalbolag was formed in 1810. It is Sweden's oldest limited company. One of the main reasons for building the canal was to avoid the Danes’ high customs duties. Baltzar von Platen started the construction of Göta Canal in 1810, and in 1832, the entire canal was completed. It was built by 58,000 soldiers, many of whom had brought their families with them. Jetties, laundry rooms, and bakeries also needed to be built.

Meant to last for another 200 years! – Six or seven years ago, it started to collapse in places. The initial plans didn’t consider future boats having propellers. Boat propellers pull the sand from the canal banks and the bed becomes increa-

renovation is for Göta Canal to last for another 200 years, Roger says. Then he reveals that, with 98% certainty, a new Göta Canal film will be shot and possibly finished next year as well.

The Eiffel Tower of Sweden

Roger Alsäter.

Photo: Oskar Lürén.

singly shallow. Therefore, in 2016, we started renovating. The canal is also being reinforced in view of climate change in the form of heavy rains and floods. The renovation will be completed in 2022. That's when we celebrate 190 years. The aim of the

– Göta Canal is the Eiffel Tower of Sweden. When we have international visitors, I usually show them the Berg lock flight, which is the one closest to me and which is engineeringly impressive, Roger says, although it's clear that he has a hard time choosing among all the exciting places along Göta Canal. – If you have the time, you really should experience the canal by boat! It's such a lovely feeling – like you’re boating on land. With the aqueducts, you can sit and look down on the cars. If, instead, you choose to ride your bike, you become one with the boats and see more of nature, since you can make frequent stops. Then he says that a national cycle route from the Baltic Sea to Lake Vänern may be built in the future.


From Forsvik to Borensberg On the other side of Lake Vättern, in Motala, we find Lotta Karlsson. She started out as head of tourism, but since a few years back, she runs Svecia Travels and Göta Hotell in Borensberg together with Anette Tilly. They have their office in the old customs house in Motala Harbour, where they also run a tourist shop open all year round.

Afternoon Tea by the canal Known from the Swedish film “Göta Kanal”, the little hotel is situated just a few steps from the canal. Loads of canal-boating people, tourists, and Östergötland locals have eaten their Sunday dinner here for over a hundred years. – At Göta Hotell, we have made our mark by offering Afternoon Tea during autumn and spring. It’s hugely popular! In view of the pandemic and

Charlotta Haskovec.

the fact that this year is The Year of Outdoor Life, we also put together package trips with cycling and hiking. A lot takes place outdoors, and you get around with your own car. I have never put together so many packages as this year, she says with some surprise in her voice.

Beautiful hike from Borensberg to Berg – The most beautiful place I know is Varamobaden, where the water flows into Lake Vättern from the east by Göta Canal. Nothing beats sitting down out by the pier in Motala Harbour. Other than that, I enjoy walking the most. The stretch between Borensberg and Berg is 20 kilometres, and you don't have to meet any cars. It's family friendly, you have the lock in Berg, and you pass the Brunneby cider factory. Extremely beautiful, Lotta Karlsson concludes. ■

Photo: Jesper Anhede.

Göta Canal has three million visitors every year. One of those who meet them is Charlotta Haskovec. She runs the Infopoint and the shop Kanalbutiken 5 knop located right by Göta Canal and the Forsvik lock on the northeast side of Lake Vättern.

A never-ending stream of visitors – We get a never-ending stream of visitors during the summer. I love being in this environment, with boats going up and down the lock. The sounds and the atmosphere – it's great! Visitors can stand and just watch for an entire day. Then they come to me and buy ice cream. Kids like the boats and the dogs. We get people watchers, tech enthusiasts, and young people who think working as a lock-keeper is the coolest thing ever, Charlotta says.

Take your time and enjoy! – There is RV parking at almost every lock. The Strömsnäs Naturcamping campsite is beautifully situated near Forsvik. You can tent and rent canoes there. And be sure not to miss Billströmmen, a lovely spot close to me here in Forsvik, Charlotta says invitingly.


Lotta Karlsson.

Göta Canal facts • This year marks 211 years since they first started digging for the Göta Canal in Motala at the initiative of Baltzar von Platen (1766–1829). • The canal was dug by 58,000 soldiers. • It took the soldiers 22 years to dig the canal, mainly by hand. • Göta Canal opened in 1832 and runs between Sjötorp by Lake Vänern, via Lake Vättern, to Mem by the Baltic Sea. • In total, the canal is 190.5 kilometres long and has 58 locks. Two of them – in Borensberg and Tåtorp – are manually operated. • 2,650 leisure boats and just over three million people visit Göta Canal every year.



For the kids and the young around Lake Vättern!


Around Vättern recommends fun, challenging, educational, and exciting activities for kids, young people, and those still in touch with their inner child.

1. Children’s House in Tidaholm In the spring of 2021, Barnens hus (the Children’s House) will reopen on the Vulcanön Island, along with the tourism office and the museum. The Children’s House is a place where you can just hang out. Families, grandparents and their grandkids, larger or smaller groups – everyone is equally welcome!

2. Bison safari in Gate near Hjo Go on a safari to find the farm’s bison herd. The farmer guides you through the pasture. Each safari is unique and takes about 35 minutes. You either ride a tractor with trailer or an off-road truck.

3. Gold hunting at Karlsborg Fortress Sweden’s gold reserve is kept at Karlsborg Fortress. When the king goes to check that the gold is safely stored, he discovers that it's gone! If you look closely in the chests, you’ll find clues needed to find the gold. Once you have all the clues, you may know where the gold is hidden and can tell the fortress commander. And don’t miss out on a dip in Lake Vättern or Lake Bottensjön!

7. Swimming and playing on the Varamon beach in Motala There are many stories of picky Motala kids who have turned down world-famous beaches like Copacabana and Malibu. The crystal-clear waters of Varamobaden beach can be found a few kilometres from Motala city centre. The largest lake swim area in the Nordic Region, 5 kilometres of sandy beach, and 80 more hours of sunshine than in the rest of the hinterland.

8. Vadstena Castle During the summer, guided kids’ tours of Vadstena Castle are offered daily (subject to restrictions).

9. Ziplining and high-altitude courses on legendary Mount Omberg, Ödeshög Zipline among the trees with an instructor and climb the high-altitude courses. Maybe you’ll get to meet Queen Omma?



10. The princess fairy trail – Naturum Tåkern Climb up in the bird tower, have fun on the nature playground, or follow the footbridges out into the reeds. Then visit Naturum and have a look at the exciting exhibition about Tåken's wildlife.

11. Treasure hunting on Visingsö Island The treasure hunt on the fairy-tale island of Visingsö takes you past five stops where you get clues that enable you to open the treasure chest. Walk, cycle, or go the approximately 7 kilometres by car. The clues at Silvergranen in Ekskogen (the Silver Spruce in the Oak Forest), Persgården Farm, Kungseken Oak, Brahekyrkan Church, and Visingsborg Castle Ruin finally give you a code that enables you to open the treasure chest. The hunt is for kids ages 5 to 13.


12. Prison Island & Laser Game in Huskvarna 4. Ösjönäs high-altitude mountaineering and Overnighting in a cottage in Tiveden The Scottish Suspension Bridge, the Log Bridge, the Squirrel Jump, the Climbing Log, the Rope Bridge, Ziplining, and much more. Enjoy a thrilling day among Tiveden’s treetops! Instructors are always by your side to help. In Ösjönäs, you can also go canoeing, cycling, hot tubbing, horseback riding, or hiking.

5. Kids’ Summer in Askersund! Askersund welcomes you to a Kids’ Summer, where you can experience little adventures together with family and friends. Ride the mini-train to the mini-zoo, try the adventure course, or take a theatre walk. Many of the activities for the kids and the young can be carried out almost anytime and in smaller groups.

Play Fort Boyard in a prison adventure where you solve cells and collect points with your team. Or take part in an adrenaline-filled laser game in a smoky arena packed with laser beams... and enemies.

13. Art for the kids and the young – Österängen Art Gallery in Jönköping Visit the workshop at Österängen Art Gallery to learn new techniques and discover your own creativity. The art instructors give you inspiration with the help of the ongoing exhibition. If the weather permits, outdoor activities are organised as well.

14. The Vätterstranden beach in Jönköping


Hang out on the beach and swim in Lake Vättern in central Jönköping.

6. Minivättern race and “Fun with bikes” in Motala

15. Hagård's Barn outside Habo

“Skoj med hoj” (“Fun with bikes”) is the kids’ very own day during the Vätternrundan Cycling Week. The day ends with the Minivättern cycling race, which attracts more than 500 kids and young people every year. The preliminary date is 14 June. Keep up to date on vatternrundan.se/minivattern.

The Hagårds lagård adventure park is located on the family farm of Julared, which dates back to the 17th century. Ancestors planted the 150-year-old pine trees that you're more than welcome climb. From here, you can get to the beautiful Lake Furusjön and down to Lake Vättern. The ropeway provides incredible views!

14 12 16 13



16. Open workshop, Bauer exhibition and The Battle of Time – Jönköping County Museum


7 6 8



Let your inner artist out at the easel or try new materials and techniques with inspiration from the museum’s exhibitions. Make your own art or take on ready-made workshop tasks. Free admission and no pre-registration necessary! You can also get to know John Bauer. In “Bauervärlden”, you can explore John Bauer’s world – in a playful way. Follow John through his letters, original artworks, and drawings. The kids also get the opportunity to dress up. Young and old visitors alike can explore John's pictorial treasure with guidance from princesses and trolls. “Kampen i Tiden” (“The Battle of Time”) is a brand-new culturalhistorical exhibition about the history of Jönköping County. The exhibition is for kids 10–15 – as well as for adults. Among archaeological finds and hats, tools and flags, this exhibition moves between birth and death. In this game, everyone is a historical winner.

Keep up to date on the website and Facebook page of each event!




2021 Highlights There is always something going on in Askersund, and having fun here is both easy and safe. For up-to-date information, please see our EVENT CALENDAR: www.visitaskersund.se/evenemang

A selection: w. 26–31

Kids’ Summer. Let your inner child out and come for a summer packed with family friendly activities! Most activities are free.

Tuesdays w. 25–33

Art in the Neighbourhood (“Konst i Kvarteret”). Vernissage in the art gallery and a pleasant tour with visits to the studios of local artists and artisans.

Memorable moments in Askersund What would your memorable moments look like? A fancy dinner in creative settings or an enjoyable lunch on the shore? Comfortable accommodation in a spacious room or a nice spot to pitch your tent? The quaint streets and shops of a small town or a journey into authentic encounters and unique art? Do you like nature experiences and awesome events? Welcome to Askersund – where you find memorable moments where you least expect them!

JULY 3 july

Lerbäcksmarken/Knallesvängen This year, Knallesvängen replaces Lerbäcksmarken, a quality market with crafts and artisan foods. During Knallesvängen Market, you can visit the local participants. www.lerbacksmarken.se

SEPTEMBER 4-5/ sep

Journey of Food (“Matresan”). Visit local food artisans, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs around the county during an open weekend. www.matresanorebrolan.se

Smaken i fokus

Comfortable living

Artisanal foods have a special place in our hearts. An exploration into Askersund’s gourmet world offers as many surprises as it does enjoyment. Handcrafted chocolate pralines at Venus Choklad, delectable French cheeses at Madame Nature, and exciting beers from Askersunds Bryggeri – or a colourful assortment of organic sun-drenched tomatoes from Karintorp. Askersund boasts a wide selection of restaurants and cafés – centrally, in the harbour, or in the nearby heritage centre – that

Press pause and give yourself time to discover our hidden gems. Looking for comfortable accommodation at a lakeside hotel or Bed & Breakfast with the picturesque town just around the corner? Some of our hottest tips include Vätternterassen, Hotel PerOlofGården, and Bastedalens Herrgård – all in exquisite scenic surroundings. Maybe you prefer to stay close to town – at Hotel Norra Vättern or Garvaregården Hotel B&B Café? Or why not bring the family to luxury accommodation in a manor setting at Aspa Herrgård? You can also enjoy nature around the corner at family friendly campsites in both Harge and Husabergsudde just outside Askersund. If you bring your own accommodation, you can easily roll into our pleasant RV parks located around Askersund, each with its own character and charm. Obviously, you’re also welcome at our new, scenic overnight areas – an easy and safe way to treat yourself to some of our loveliest spots.

Subject to changes and cancellations. VisitAskersund Tourist information Visit address summer: Askersund harbour. Contact all year round: Tel. 0583-810 88 info@visitaskersund.se www.visitaskersund.se Följ oss gärna på Facebook och Instagram

VisitAskersund Infopoints • Best Western Hotel Norra Vättern • Garvaregården Hotel B&B Café • Kulturhuset Sjöängen • Olshammarsgården • Butiken Stjernsund • Hotel PerOlofGården

offer fine dining as well as lighter lunch menus. Or how about a moment of sophistication at Stjernsund Castle Café, a classic menu at historic Olshammarsgården, good food and snacks at the cosy Rönne Kapell, or a spontaneous visit to the restaurant Krogensomintefinns?



Out in nature Pack your backpack and venture out for shorter or longer hikes in forests, rocky landscapes, meadows, or bogs. In Askersund, you are always close to wonderful nature experiences. As many as 32 nature reserves with varied nature and challenges can be found in the area. Stay close to town or choose among remote, well-visited, or hidden gems. You can also take in the landscape from the saddle, on anything from challenging mountain bike trails to easy and comfortable cycle routes. One of our newest routes is “Gruvrundan” by the archipelago. Perfect if you like gravel road cycling and want to enjoy the landscape and discover the area and its history in combination with great service along the way.

ors ambassad t is r u o t e Th

Johan’s unique toy shop

Our loveliest moments are often found near water. Sit down on a rock in the archipelago or spread out your blanket in the well-kept swim areas by our small or large lakes and enjoy a dip in the refreshing water. Do you like being on the water? Aboard the excursion boat M/S Wettervik, you can relax in the safe hands of the crew. The kayak or canoe trip, however, gives you the chance to test your own limits while enjoying the feeling of being one with the water. A personal recommendation or a tip or two are often worth their weight in gold when it comes to finding moments to remember. Contact VisitAskersund Turistinformation – we love making your day a little better! Welcome to Askersund!

Delicacies from France and Italy. Table cloths and ceramics from Provence.

Name: Johan Högberg Age: 60 years Lives: In Askersund, in the same house as the toy shop Family: Katarina, three adult children, and grandchildren Works: Runs Johans Leksaksbod, Från 0 till 100 since 2017, before that, an after-school educator for 30 years Excursion tips in the immediate area: The city park is beautiful, with old houses and animals, such as rabbits, sheep, and goats. Entering Johans Leksaksbod is a bit like stepping into a different world. Fun and tricky toys, beautiful games, musical instruments, and gift items for all ages. The atmosphere is permeated by Johan’s own favourite hobbies, and if you're lucky, you’ll find him playing his bass behind the counter. – You must have fun at work. When I worked as an after-school educator, I often found that when I had fun, the kids had fun. That’s my approach to my shop. I only have things I like myself, Johan says enthusiastically. What's special about Johan’s shop is the unexpected mix and the timelessness. – I have the subheading “from 0 to 100 years” on the sign. My shop is based on memories from my own upbringing. You can find an item that, in any other shop would be aimed at adults but that, in my shop, is aimed at kids as well – and vice versa, he says. Having played in bands for 45 years, Johan’s deep passion for music is evident in the many musical instruments found in the shop, including guitars, ukuleles, and musical books about building your own instruments. – I like having good music playing in the shop, like Frank Zappa. Sometimes, people who have bought their ukulele here take me up on my offer to stop by and jam with me for a while, Johan says happily. Since the Swedish television programme “Tjuv & Polis” (“Thieves & Cops”) aired, the robbery loot of one million Swedish kronor is displayed on the counter. – I was one of the thieves. Ten people would secretly break in and steal 50 million Swedish kronor and then stay away from the cops. My thief buddy was my mother! Once the programme aired, so many people came here! Almost 5,000 people visited my shop in July 2020.

Norströmsg. 1 Hamnmagasinet, Askersund Opening hours at www.madamenature.se · Telephone 0046 70 231 99 59


STOCKSH A M M A R kitchen design and interiors

Design products of the season in one of the country’s prettiest shops. – Café – Stockshammar Gård 2 km south of Askersund




Cycling tips

Experience nature from the saddle The nature around Lake Vättern offers magical experiences. Those who like cycling in nature have lots to choose from – Mount Omberg and its surroundings, the beautiful island of Visingsö, Grännaberget Mountain, and much, much more. A new initiative this year is Cycling in Tiveden with over 150 kilometres of cycle routes. The routes are part of Bergslagen Cycling, Sweden’s largest cycling area with thousands of kilometres of nature cycling and more than 60 marked mountain bike trails. – Tiveden attracts lots of visitors, but most of them discover only a fraction of the area. By bike, you can discover so much more. Also, parking can be difficult to find during peak season. As a cyclist, you can park further away and cycle around the magical surroundings, Lisa Szanto says. Lisa has designed most of the new routes.

Try something new If you want to try a new type of bicycle, you can rent an MTB or try a fatbike. Several businesses in the area have chosen to focus extra on cycling for the 2021 summer and will be offering both bicycle packages and rental bikes. ■

1. Find a route Following a marked route is much easier than having to check your map

2. Pick a route according to ability There are many awesome routes around Lake Vättern, but if you have never cycled in nature, you will have more fun on an easier route than on a highly challenging one.

3. Take breaks While cycling is an experience in itself, it's also a great way to get between exciting places. Don’t forget to hop off the bike from time to time – have a coffee or go swimming, for example. More information: Visit bergslagencycling.se


You will find even more interesting reading and tips at

www.runtvattern.se There you will also find

Welcome to Stjernsunds Castle, Askersund Guided tours Giftshop · Café Open daily May 15th – Aug 31st (castle) May 1st – Aug 31st (café) Closed June 25th

digital versions of the magazine in both Swedish and English!

More information Castle +46 58310004 · Café +46 58312688 www.vitterhetsakad.se



Tricks, fun stuff, stuffed animals, knots, hippos, stars, magic stuff, kendamas, yoyo, 3D, tricks, board games, frogs, popup books dinosaurs, experiments, dollhouses, musical instruments, puzzles, red lamborghinis, music books, rubber ducks, jelly raspberry molds, mobiles, swing cards, moose corks

and much more...




en At the lake Und


Baggekärr 2 i Tived +46 (0) 584 47 40 83 www.campingtiveden.se

Stroll around and visit shops, cafes and restaurants in our town by the lake. Personal service & free parking.

www.visitaskersund.se/handel @askersundicentrum





2021 Highlights MAY 1-2 Norra Vättern Art Tour 15-16 Östergötland is sprouting (“Östergötland spirar”). A new event in the name of locally produced food and the Östergötland countryside.

JULY Sundays

King Sverker – Islands of Motala Bay (“Kung Sverker – Motalabuktens Öar”). Experience the nature reserve of Motalabuktens öar and explore hidden natural treasures in the area around Motala and Lake Vättern.


Diggiloo comes to Motala Boat Day in Motala Harbour


Östgötadagarna. ("Östgöta Days") An eventful weekend when entrepreneurs from the Östergötland countryside showcase their businesses.


Industrial Heritage Guided Tour

For more information about the events and to check out additional events, please see our event calendar at www.motalasjostad.se We reserve the right to make changes due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Motala Visit service Tel: 0141-101 205 upplev@motala.se www.motala.se

Welcome to Motala. The seaside city of Östergötland. Come get that seaside city feeling, the one you get when you’re in a place with water all around you. With Lake Vättern, Lake Boren, Motala River, and Göta Canal, this entire city is right on the water. Even if you venture outside the city, small lakes are always within easy reach. Water has a calming effect and is soothing to the soul! With such proximity to water, you can stroll along Göta Canal, go boating on the canal between Motala and Borensberg, find a fishing spot, or try activities like windsurfing, SUP, kayaking, or paddle boating, just to mention a few. Or why not watch the spectacle that takes place at the Borenshult locks, when the boats are moved through the lock flights?

Hike the Östgötaleden Trail The many easily accessible places allow you to move around in nature as you wish. You can, for example, walk several sections of the Östgötaleden Trail, both in the urban area and in varied nature in the countryside. Some are close to the water while others go through enchanted forests. The Östgötaleden Trail is an extensive network of hiking trails in the Province of Östergötland, totalling 1,200 kilometres. Check out Motala's page on naturkartan. se for information and maps.

did reconstruction of a Stone Age man made after a nearly 8,000-year-old skull found during the excavations in Motala.

The cradle of the Swedish engineering industry and the first radio broadcasts You don’t need to look far to find historical places important to the Motala locals. Göta Canal with Motala Verkstad, the cradle of the Swedish engineering industry, and the entire Motala Verkstad area that made Motala what it is today. The listed radio museum, where the first public radio broadcasts in Sweden took place in 1927, with its radio masts that are so characteristic of Motala. Verner von Heidenstam’s Övralid With spectacular views of Lake Vättern, Övralid, once the last home of Nobel laurate Verner von Heidenstam, has been left untouched since his death in 1940. Take the popular, captivating guided tour. Not far from there is the beautiful Medevi Brunn, founded in 1678 and the oldest spa in the Nordic Region. Walk around and soak up the atmosphere or book a guided tour.

The history of Motala – from the Stone Age to the present Throughout history, people have been drawn to the water and the possibilities that come with it. People first settled on Motala River 11,000 years ago. Excavations here have resulted in unique finds from the Old Stone Age. Learn more with a visit to Charlottenborg Castle, where the main theme of the museum is the history of Motala – from the Stone Age to the present. See, for example, a splen-

The Stone Age man. Photo Pia Axelsson.



Have a bite to eat and enjoy the experience of a new place. Perhaps at Farfarsstugan overlooking Lake Vättern, Schweizeriet at Medevi Brunn among the lovely buildings, Mallboden with the boats gliding by on the canal, or the historic Göta Hotell in Borensberg? Take a stroll in Motala Harbour, sit down at one of the restaurants, and enjoy the view and the ambience.

Up for a swim? If you're in the mood for a swim, you have plenty of beaches to choose from. On naturkartan.se, you can find several options. Varamobaden, the largest lake swim area in the Nordics, is located right in Motala. With several kilometres of sandy beach and shallow, clear water, this is the perfect place for families. Stick around until evening, enjoy a meal, and try catching the magical sunset. It is out of this world!

s adsösraedronra b a m s a s t a is b r u m TTuhreisttoa

Don’t miss out on the summer guidings in Motala!

Luxury waffles in an industrial setting

City walk, Göta Canal and children’s guidings in June, July and August.

Name: Ann Lövgren Age: 58

Lives: In Motala

Family: Life partner Thomas Isaksson and their four children Works: Runs Mallbodens Café och vandrarhem

For more information:

Excursion tips in the immediate area: Knäppaviken Bay is a beautiful area to walk around in. Mallboden and the workers’ housing of old Motala Verkstad are beautifully situated right by Göta Canal, a few kilometres south of Motala city centre. Among other things, Motala Verkstad built boats and trains, and they stored the large wooden models for this in the so-called “mallbodarna” (“model sheds”). Today, the buildings are owned by Göta kanalbolag. Since 2015, Ann and her life partner Thomas run Mallboden Café and Hostel. The workers’ housing has been converted into eight overnight apartments with their own kitchen and bedroom. The café is right next door. – People come from far and wide for our waffles. Beautiful creations decorated with ice cream, whipped cream, and fruits, Ann says. Ann has deep connections to this place. She grew up in Motala and has returned after 15 years in the United States. – My grandfather's dad and granddad were foremen at Motala Verkstad. They lived here in the housing for the workers, she says. The café has plenty of outdoor seating, and if you’re in the mood for something other than waffles, there is a pizza oven in which they make tarte flambée. It's kind of like a pizza, but originally from the French region of Alsace. The food can be enjoyed in a beautiful industrial setting overlooking Göta Canal. The history buff can check out the Göta Canal exhibition and Motala Industrial Museum on the other side of the canal. This year, Göta kanalbolaget is building a marina with a new jetty to accommodate more boats. Many people ask about walking paths and cycle routes. It's a lovely 2-kilometre walk along the canal into the city centre. On your way, you pass the beautiful burial site of the founder of the canal, Baltzar von Platen. If, instead, you walk a kilometre in the other direction, you can watch how the boats are moved from the canal down to Lake Boren. If you stay at Mallboden, you can also rent bikes from us, Ann says.

Tel: 0141-20 99 00

M/S Kung Sverker – Motala Experience the steepest locks on the canal

Day Cruises Gota Canal Daily from the middle of May to Sep

With M/S Kung Sverker you get to experience a guided tour around the most beautiful part of Gota Canal. During the journey which takes 5 hours we go through 12 different locks. Motala 10.30 => Borensberg 12.30 Borensberg 13.10 => Motala 15.30

Call and book now +46 (0)70-626 02 49

Bookning and information Pre-booking

Round Trip 550:-, one way 500:-, children 6-12 half price. Lunch 200:-

info@kungsverker.se www.kungsverker.se



Tourism students on educational fact-finding mission Text & photo: Josefine Gustafsson

Every year, the students in the Hotel and Tourism Programme at Carlsund Educational Centre in Motala go on a fact-finding mission. This time, Around Vättern joined them for parts of their tour around Lake Vättern. When I arrive at the meeting place, the whole group of upper secondary students have just entered the grand, self-designed home of Nobel laurate and national poet Verner von Heidenstam. The house

The guide Jan-Erik Pettersson tells about the Karlsborg fortress.

resembles an “austere-looking bishop's residence that, in a dream of an Italian villa, conceived a baby with a Swedish manor house”, as Verner himself once described it. The view from Övralid, about 15 kilometres north of Motala, is magnificent. From here, Verner von Heidenstam was able to see his childhood home in Olshammar on the other side of Lake Vättern. Once inside the heavy gate, curator P-G Andersson, also a teacher at the Hotel and Tourism Programme, has started telling his exciting stories about the author. P-G says that Verner von Heidenstam moved into the home in 1925 and had a good life here with his life partner Kate Bang, their dog Vapsen, and their two housekeepers, Ida Eriksson and Frida Andersson. He lived here until his death in 1940.

Heidenstam’s refrigerator and dog ghost


Grillning i Basecamp Askersund.

The young people from Carlsund listen intensely to their teacher, who paints vivid pictures with his words. The interior of the house is basically unchanged since the author's death. When we enter the kitchen, state-of-the-art in its time, with the seventh sold electric refrigerator from Electrolux, water heater, and big, beautiful radiators, one of the students, Elma Markström, who is also an Övralid guide, skilfully takes over the tour. Elma talks captivatingly about Ida and Frida who worked here. This was their domain, and Heidenstam, or more likely Kate, made sure to make it convenient and easy to clean. Naturally, it turns out that

Övralid has a ghost. The dog Vapsen is guarding Heidenstam’s impressive library, where the books are beautifullyarranged by colour according to the landscape. Blue book spines facing Lake Vättern, red facing Farfarstugan, gold facing the direction that is illuminated by the sunset.

Sweden's best preserved Rococo Revival castle Elisabet Lagerström, custodian and guide, waits for us at Stjernsund Castle. She tells us that this is Sweden's best-preserved Rococo Revival castle from the 1850s. Elisabet then shows us into a shiny treasury, unlike anything we have ever seen before. She explains how the castle has changed owners over the decades and what changes have been made along the way. Today, the castle is owned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters. We almost trip over the polar bear head in the dazzling dining hall, with giant crystal chandeliers and a dining table



long enough to seat 30 some guests. The students follow Elisabet through room after room of extravagance. A murmur ripples through the crowd when Augusta Cassel, the castle ghost, is mentioned. Her portrait stands on the grand piano in the room with the beautiful bright green furniture. When we finally arrive at the cellar, a few of the students hesitate. – Is this where it's haunted? one of them asks anxiously. After the haunted tour, we peek into the gentlemen’s “man cave”, which, among the upper class, meant an entire villa with galloon-clad armchairs and a giant billiards table, as well as an enclosed porch big enough to accommodate the entire upper secondary crew. Overlooking the area where Duvfjärden meets Alsen in Lake Vättern, we bid farewell to Stjernsund Castle and our lovely guide Elisabet.

Basecamp Askersund Askersund is bathing in sunshine as the students walk along the water and over the bridge to Basecamp, a mere stone’s throw from the town centre. Basecamp is located on the lush island of Borgmästareholmen, which used to have a hunting pavilion intended for the mayor and his acquaintances.

Elisabet Lagerström guides at Stjernsunds Castle.

Today, this is a centre for outdoor activities with space for outdoor camping. Every other year, an outdoor festival is organised here, Event Manager Lasse Wallin says. Lasse is also one of the three founders of Basecamp, which has been around since 2016. We are shown around and are surprised to hear that the giant, red ball up in the tree is meant to sleep in. Starving, we then barbecue chuck steak burgers and haloumi over open fire.

Karlsborg – the backup capital

Barbecue at Basecamp Askersund.

Hjo harbour.

Our journey continues to the former backup capital Karlsborg and its fortress. Waiting for us is the military man and guide Jan-Erik Pettersson, an experienced, straight-backed, and impressive former paratrooper who leads our way at a brisk pace. We are not allowed to take photos, and the tour maintains its quick pace to include the entire fortress, which took 90 years to build and not 10 as was planned. The guided tour is packed with surprises and information about everything you may want to know about the military history of Karlsborg and Sweden. Nothing for the faint of heart though! Being able to sit down in the pews of the beautiful neo-Gothic garrison church that holds 600–700 people is a nice touch. A glass cross made by Erik Höglund and a large chandelier with 276 bayonets decorate the church room.

Staying the night in the town of Hjo In Karlsborg, we go our separate ways, and the future of tourism and hotels continues to Hjo for another two days of activities. Still on the agenda is Habo Church with a guided tour, Mullsjö Hotel with a guided tour, a brief stop in Gränna to buy striped candies, Mount Omberg and a presentation of Stocklycke Hostel, Rökstenen Stone, and Tåkern/Naturum, and a guided tour in Vadstena before their fact-finding mission ends in Motala. ■■

The Hotel and Tourism Programme at Carlsunds utbildningscentrum, Motala. The programme is in project form, with both internal and external assignments. Students get to guide, lead activities, create experience packages, plan and carry out trips, organise conferences, host, etc. In their third year, they start a UF (Young Enterprise) company, learning marketing, HR administration, and sales. Throughout the programme, students have frequent contact with the tourism industry as well as 16 weeks of workplace-based learning, both in Sweden and internationally. Contact: Program Director P-G Andersson. E-post: per-gunnar.andersson@motala.se or +46(0)141-22 57 85.


Foto: Zena Holloway


EvaS Kultur & Reklam Mediabyrå Sales, project management, education & events

Learn about Lake Vättern!

Follow your curiosity and find out more about this unique lake on the new website! Get to know the lake, the ecosystem and the challenges.

Take part of scientific knowledge about the second largest lake in Sweden. Find facts about the water and fishes, information about fishing in the lake and ongoing projects.

sandegren.eva@gmail.com +46 706 738 048

For 10 years, Aktion Rädda Vättern has fought for Lake Vättern to have clean drinking water. The protests include the defense’s shootings over Lake Vättern and a new mine at Gränna. It’s also leaking toxic PFAS chemicals from Karlsborg Airport to the waters of Lake Vättern. These chemicals are not broken down, are water soluble and especially dangerous for young children. They affect the immune system, are carcinogenic, etc. In all instances, we have protested and appealed. Now the decision lies with the government. The airport MUST be cleaned up. Help us get a cleaner drinking water by becoming a member in AKTION RÄDDA VÄTTERN today!


Mallboden Fruit and berry products · CAFÉ FARM SHOP & RESTAURANT Visit Brunneby Musteri for a flavourful experience. Farm Shop summer opening hours: Mon-fri 10-18 Sat- sun 10-17 Brunneby Musteri, Borensberg www.brunnebymusteri.se

Café & Hostel

Welcome to take a break in a breathtaking environment along Gota kanal.

Stay a while at our café and try our famous and delicious waffles. And/or stay the night in our cosy apartments

www.mallboden.se +46 141 21 09 23 Varvsgatan 17, Motala

The Hotel and tourism program At Carlsund prospective colleagues in leading positions trains the entrepreneurs of the future in the hospitality industry. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Contact: Study leader P-G Andersson 0141-22 57 85 • per-gunnar.andersson@motala.se

“We don’t sell boats, we sell a boating life.” • We perform every kind of work when it comes to boats, and handle boats up to about 25 tons • We have our own service workshop, with knowledgeable boat builders and engine mechanics • Sales of new and used boats and engines constitute a significant part of our business, as well as our very well-stocked accessory store • Our sales staff will help you with the right products, making your boating life both trouble-free and expedient

Welcome to the William family with staff!

AB Motala Båtvarv · Fabriksgatan 26, Motala · +46 141-381800 · www.motalaboat.se Opening hours: mon-fri 9AM-6PM, lunch 1PM-2PM, sat 9AM-1PM


Salver Digitally booked, genuinely experienced! Salver.se is the booking app that collects real experiences about history, nature and culture! We want to make room for exciting stories in meetings with the very best guides – where ever you are.

Find and book easily!

Sancta Birgitta Abbey Museum in Vadstena During the summer of 2020, we used the app as a booking and ticket tool. This was a success as we were able to receive more visitors under controlled conditions, with less queues and less cash handling.

Wettersaga You book and pay easily and get a digital ticket to show. I can plan and focus on giving you the very best experience. Salver is a perfect tool for me as a guide.

Salver is a fantastic tool for everyone that is passionate about passing on knowledge. We start around Lake Vättern with the goal to cover the whole of Sweden! Rickard Thunér, TV profile and antiques expert

Contact us: info@salver.se · Tel +46 143-30101 · Ljungagränd 1, 592 30 Vadstena




2021 Highlights

Gustav Vasa Anniversary Since 2021 marks 500 years since Gustav Vasa was appointed regent in Vadstena, the exhibition “Gustav Vasa speaks up, an exhibition about power” will be displayed at Vadstena Castle from 15 June through 30 September. Vadstena Castle is Sweden's best-preserved renaissance castle, once built as a military defence structure. Today, it is a popular and exciting destination for the whole family. The medieval town of Vadstena completes the experience and the story of how past events have affected our present and the form of today's government. The anniversary programme is continuously updated at www.gustavvasa500.se

Discover a creative history. Welcome to Vadstena! This year marks 500 years since Gustav Vasa was appointed regent in Vadstena. The event is celebrated with the anniversary exhibition “Gustav Vasa speaks up, an exhibition about power” at Vadstena Castle, open from 15 June through 30 September. In Vadstena, you find yourself amidst history – among castles, courtyards, abbeys, and medieval buildings. The picturesque and quaint town centre with cobbled streets and old preserved wooden houses is charming, authentic, and vibrant. A stroll through town takes you through centuries of history and architecture, but also past cosy shops and delightful dining venues. Vadstena shopping is unique and personal, whether you're into fashion, interior design, antiquities, crafts, or architectural conservation. For the history buff, we recommend the local guided tours and the many museums.

JUNE – JULY 15 3/7 - 7/8 5/7- 8/7 10/7 18/7 23/7 24- 25/7

Gustav Vasa 500 Years, opening of the exhibition at Vadstena Castle. A Winter Tale (“Vintersagan”) by Shakespearefabriken Pilgrim Summer, Vadstena Pilgrim Centre Premiere Vadstena-Akademien, “Il colore fa la regina” at Vadstena Old Theatre Climate Walk from Vadstena to Glasgow, the Pilgrim Centre World premiere Vadstena-Akademien, “The Zebra” (“Zebran”) in the Wedding Hall of Vadstena Castle Vadstena's Gardens.

AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 21-22/8 28/8 4/9 – 5/9 10/9-12/9

Anniversary Weekend Vadstena Triathlon Östgötadagarna (Östgöta Days) Vadstena Art Tour

Subject to change. For more information about the local offer and events, please see

www.vadstena.se/turism TOURIST

A town full of creative enthusiasts But Vadstena is so much more than just history. Enthusiasts organise events, activities, and experiences with the town's beautiful surroundings as the stage and source of inspiration. Studios and galleries crowd the town centre and allow for exciting encounters. The creativity is expressed through a strong and proud tradition of expert craftsmanship. While Vadstena lace enjoys a special position, glass, wroughtiron, and other crafts are produced here as well.


Vadstena InfoCenter Storgatan 28 Tel: 0143-315 70 info@vadstena.se


Bird-rich Lake Tåkern and the bicycle-friendly plains The nature here is varied and noticeably close. In addition to the bird-rich Lake Tåkern, you have Lake Vättern, which offers opportunities for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and boating. The beautiful, fertile Östgötaslätten Plains provide locally produced ingredients and lovely gardens. Vadstena’s proud cultivation tradition is widely recognised. The plains are bicycle-friendly with winding roads between churches and rolling cornfields. Vätterviksbadet swim area is shallow and perfect for children, with a cycle path from the centre of town. The welcoming marina and the RV park at Vadstena Castle is popular with those boating on Lake Vättern and Göta Canal.


This is a place that makes you feel good For centuries, people have come to Vadstena in search of recreation and inspiration. Vadstena Abbey Church is one of the world’s pilgrimage destinations. The Pilgrim Centre in the historic abbey upholds the tradition and is open to everyone. Others find what they're looking for on their own, through yoga, or in the spa at the hotel. It is especially peaceful here in the spring and autumn, with lots of room for recreation. Vadstena has always been a town to marvel at, to visit, to return to, to enjoy, and to stay in. Vadstena has not only one history but several. And we create them together. Welcome to Vadstena!


Hörnet, original.png

Mythical Mount Omberg At the foot of the mythical Mount Omberg lies Borghamn, where limestone quarrying and fishing have been the main sources of livelihood for almost a thousand years. On Mount Omberg, you can find ancient castles from the Migration Period. The impressive scenery on the mountain offers wonderful cycling and hiking adventures with spectacular views of Lake Vättern. The Östgötaleden Trail crosses the mountain, as does the pilgrimage route of The Birgitta Ways, which shows the way to Vadstena.

Skänningegatan 1, Vadstena +46(0)143-131 70 restauranghornet.se


assadors b m a t is r u The to

Camping in the sunset by Lake Vättern! Name: Marita Fagrell Age: 61

Lives: Commutes between Vadstena and Stockholm during half the year. Family: Parents who live in Vadstena. Cohabitant Henry Runsala, 56, and their daughter, plus Henry’s two children and grandchildren. Works: Camping host at Vadstena Camping, a family business started 38 years ago.


Excursion tips in the immediate area: All the old, lovely churches in the immediate area. Some of them date all the way back to the 12th century and both their interior and exterior are beautiful. Any given summer, 70,000 people pass through the camping village a few kilometres from Vadstena. One reason is the popular Vätterviksbadet swim area. The water is shallow, and the sandy beach is beautiful. – I really want to encourage visits to Lake Vättern! Who wants to swim in the sea when there is a big, beautiful lake with crystal-clear water? I want people to discover the lakes and the great nature experiences they have to offer, Maria says. She runs Vadstena Camping together with her partner. It is a 4-star campsite that especially caters to families. – New for this year is the pump track for kids and young people, where they can ride their scooters, skateboards, inline skates, and BMX bikes. We are also building an outdoor padel court and a small ropeway. The giant jumping pillow is popular. In addition, we’re renovating our oldest service building to give it the same high standard as the others. We also have plans to move four small cabins to form a kids’ village, Marita says enthusiastically, adding that it's her dad who often comes up with ideas like this. – We have received the highest rating for activities and events, Marita says proudly. There is a cycle and walking path into Vadstena. During the month of July, the campsite train, “Rödingen”, offers daily service into town. – The train goes into town at 11 am and picks up at 3 pm. Vadstena is a true gem. Every building tells a story, she says lovingly about her town. The campsite also features a restaurant with self-caught crayfish and a cosy pub. This summer, there will be a new boardwalk by the beach, where you can sit and have a beer. Or you can relax at your cabin, on your own porch, and watch the sunset over Lake Vättern.

Borghamn Strand Hotel / Hostel / Café

Borghamnsvägen 1, 592 93 Borghamn Tel 013-81000 • info@borghamn.com • www.borghamn.com


Welcome to Vadstena Abbey! In the abbey area you are surrounded by medieval buildings and gardens. This is a place where you can sleep, eat, relax and experience historical times in the Sancta Birgitta Abbey Museum’s exhibitions with it’s 13th century palace. Visit the Vadstena Abbey Church, built in accordance with Saint Birgitta’s vision. The Abbey Church collects three stars in Guide Michelin sightseeing book.

Kings • Knights • Pilgrims Nuns and Saint Birgitta I










More information and opening hours at




Daily guided tours

The Abbey café is open June 19 – August 15

Summer lounge is open June 28 – August 15

Vadstena folkhögskola Good prices and Vadstenas most lakeside accommodation! The hostel is centrally located in the monastery area next to Lake Vättern and the city’s historic attractions.

www.vadstenafolkhogskola.se bokning@vadstenafolkhogskola.se Telefon +46 143-15704

Vadstena Abbey Church Summer opening hours Monday-Friday 8-19 Weekend 9-19

Tours for children Tour in the attic Children’s altar cabinet Prayers & services Concerts Also: Café at the Bishop’s House svenskakyrkan.se/vadstena

Welcome! Phone +46 (0)143-130 00 hotel@klosterhotel.se klosterhotel.se



Welcome to our famous castle!

Gustav Vasa’s 500th anniversary Exhibition: 15 june – 30 sep Welcome to the store with the little extra


Facebook: @tresystrar • Instagram: @nyatresystrarvadstena

Storgatan 22

10-12 september 2021

! r u o t t r A

795kr The Rolls Royce of beach chairs - a portable chair with a light aluminum frame that you can take anywhere. Fill the backpack with what you need for the beach, a picnic in the park or a festival. The backrest can be folded in three positions and you can easily fold out the footrest for extra comfort.

Order online or buy directly in store!




Best Ever Chair


Order Kopp & Kanna Phone: 0763-482 411 Storgatan 7, Vadstena info@besteverchair.com Mon-Fri 10-18 Sat 10-14 Sun 12-15 27/6 ‐ 1/8

Stora Torget | strandbergsmode.se | strandbergsmode@gmail.com | +46 143 100 14



Must-experience places! Historic sites, myths and legends, breath-taking views, natural gems, and beautiful hiking trails. As you can hear, Ödeshög has a wide range of sites and activities for big and small, young and old! Sometimes, there is just not enough time to discover everything a place has to offer. Which is exactly why we have hand-picked 10 must-see places when visiting Ödeshög: ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Ecopark Omberg Lake Tåkern Alvastra Abbey Ruins Hästholmen Harbour Rökstenen Runestone Hjässan – the highest peak of Mount Omberg Stora Lund Nature Reserve Holkaberg & Narbäck Nature Reserve Sättra Ängar Nature Reserve

Feel free to follow our digital event calendar, which is continuously updated with exciting events. You can find it on our website www.visitodeshog.se,along with additional inspiration and tips for your next adventure in Ödeshög.

Ödeshög – A magical place full of legends, adventures, and stunning nature

Photo: Visit Östergötland.

Hike in magical primeval forests, explore exciting caves, and gaze out from breath-taking heights. These are just some of the things you can experience in Ödeshög!

Upptäck mytomspunna Ödeshög In Ödeshög, you are surrounded by history, tales, and legends. Many of the places mentioned in various stories and myths about the area still exist today and can be discovered all year round. One of them is “Rökstenen” (the “Smoke Stone”), the most legendary runestone in Sweden, maybe even the world. If you want to experience the tides of history and go back to the Middle Ages, we recommend a visit to Alvastra Abbey Ruins. You can explore both Rökstenen and Alvastra Abbey Ruins on your own, but if you want to learn more about their exciting history, you can book a guided tour.

Rödgavle Cave, where, supposedly, she still mourns her lost lover. You can explore the cave by both boat and kayak. If you wish to find out more about the tales, history, and nature of Mount Omberg, there are several exciting hiking packages and guided tours to book through Wettersaga, Woods & Waters, and Ombergs Turisthotell.

And don't forget to follow Visit Ödeshög (@visitodeshog) on Instagram and Facebook for even more experiences and inspiration!

Hike in magical forests



Ödeshög Tourist information Tel: 0144-351 67 tourism@odeshog.se www.odeshog.se

Photo: Visit Östergötland.

In the time of fairy tales, Mount Omberg was a magical place full of creatures, giants, and trolls. Queen Omma, the queen of mists and Mount Omberg, lives here. Even today, you can sense her presence as the mist settles over the mountain. Discover the ruins of her castle and head down the slope to the clear waters of Lake Vättern, where you find the

Lake Vättern, deep forests, tall mountains, and magnificent plains. The hiking trails come in all forms and are adapted to both young and old, as well as beginner and long-time hikers. The trails Östgötaleden, Franciskusleden, Klosterleden, and Signaturled Omberg can all be found here. For those who want to discover nature without the long hike, there are several nature reserves with shorter trails leading to anything from breath-taking views of Lake Vättern to deep primeval forests, idyllic farm settings, or rolling cultural landscapes.


Stay close to nature

Activities for the whole family

Escape the stress of everyday life and digital connection and find peace among wooden houses and hand-timbered cabins at Urnatur. Or crawl into a warm bed at Ombergs Turisthotell after a full day out in nature. If you arrive by motorhome, you have several RV parks in scenic settings to choose from. Hästholmen Harbour features a café, a restaurant, a swim area, a marina, and a kayak rental. You’ll also find 31:ans glass & kök where, according to none other than Mustiga Mauri from the YouTube Channel “Uppdrag mat”, you can buy the best ice cream in Sweden. At Särtshöga Vingård, you can combine a good night's sleep with an exquisite wine tasting from the farm’s own vineyard. Near every bird watcher's Mecca, Lake Tåkern, is the cosy Tåkerns vandrarhem, a hostel that dates back to the 19th century. Next to the lake is also the visitor centre Naturum Tåkern, which offers lots of fun activities for the whole family.

There are plenty of things to discover in Ödeshög, in addition to a wealth of nature activities. How about trying out ziplining or football golf? Or maybe you want to discover Ödeshög from the saddle? Dotting the fertile plains of Östgötaslätten are cosy farm shops with local crafts, studios, and local produce. During summer, flea market signs line the roads, and the chance of bringing home a few excellent finds is great. A full day at Syllerstorpett guarantees many laughs and crazy escapades! Among other things, you can try out a right-hand-drive car, a crosskart, a folk racing car, and a motorcycle that you steer with your bottom. Or how about a round of golf at Omberg Golf Resort, the top golf club in the Province of Östergötland?

bassadors m a t is r u o The t

A valued “jack-of-all-trades” in Ödeshög! Name: Annelie Enell Age: 52 Lives: In Ödeshög for the last 30 years, but originally from Motala. Family: Husband and two grown-up children. Works: Runs a delicatessen and lingerie shop as well as a B&B in Ödeshög. Excursion tips in the immediate area: Bring a picnic basket to the Ödeshög Heritage Centre. Numerous visitors take the scenic route from Gränna and seek out Annelie's shop Delikatesser och Underkläder in Ödeshög. – I especially noticed an increase after the shop had been featured in the television programme “Landet runt” (“Around the Country”), Annelie, who runs the shop near the town square, says. Stepping in here is a bit like stepping into an old-fashioned country store. – We celebrate 5 years this year. Before opening the shop, I worked in the charcuterie at ICA for 28 years. Making “smörgåstårtor” (“sandwich cakes”) and having a charcuterie was therefore a given for me. When the old clothing store Axéns closed down, I figured having a lingerie department in the shop would be a good idea. I needed to expand my offering, Annelie says. The shop carries locally produced goods, such as cider and juice. The meat comes from Alvastra Kungsgård. As our conversation continues, Annelie’s passion for providing the greatest service possible to her customers becomes more and more evident. – I enjoy helping people! We help carry out their bags. Some sit on the couch and tell us what they want. Right now, during the pandemic, some people stay in their cars. We also offer home delivery. In collaboration with Villekulla Preschool, we recently started selling packed lunches as well. The “kålpudding” (“cabbage casserole”) is very popular! Annelie is truly a jack-of-all-trades, and completely comfortable taking on new tasks in life. – I took over this house after Guns matservice about four years ago. Her kids came with a list of who were to be asked, and I was the first name on the list. So, now I also run Annelies matsalar and Bed & Breakfast in that building, she says, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.




Welcome to Omberg & Tåkern Discover, eat, stay

Aching feet? We have Hallux valgus-shoes! Health shoes-Arcopedico Ladies sizes 36-42 · Gents sizes 39-51

A genuine shoe-shop. 0144-100 64

Open Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-13. Storgatan 19, Ödeshög

Welcome to our Egg-shop

Open daily ca 8-20 We offer Rasp- and Strawberries in season



0144-640 25 www.syllerstorpett.com













Welcome to discover Ö – all year round




0703-89 83 00 www.vatternkajak.com

0144-33030 www.ellenkey.se

070-248 79 99 www.vatternskutan.se

0703-89 83 00 www.vatternevent.se


Tel. 073-076 23 05

Ödeshög d



Narr Chocolate Shop www.narrchocolate.se

Chocolate factory, factory sales Lievägen 12, 599 31 Ödeshög Open: Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-17, Sun 10-16

Storgatan 23, 599 32 Ödeshög

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 9-13 Welcome!

history | nature | culture Guidings on Mount Omberg 0768-95 50 36 · www.wettersaga.se

Welcome to the little country fashion store with the large supply for both Her and Him

Halvarby, Boet, Ödeshög www.lillahuscollection.se Tel. 0144-33002 www.ombergsturisthotell.com

Furniture & paint for personal homes


OPENING HOURS WEEKDAYS 09:30-17:30 SATURDAYS 09:30 - 12:00 ELEKTROPAR.SE Tel. 0768-955036 070-744 33 48 wettersaga.se www.31ansglassochkok.com



Fiskboden in Ödeshög

The App Kyrkguiden – all that’s going on in the Swedish Church where ever you are. Driving directions, listen to a guide, opening hours, summer music, etc.

Locally fished from nearby lakes!

Velcome to Ödeshög and Alvastrabygden www.svenskakyrkan.se/folkungabygden and Facebook

• • • •

Pike-perch Perch Pike Redding

• • • •

Trout Crayfish Pike paté Smoked fish

• • • •

Salmon pudding Eat-ready dishes Take away And much more!

Open churches · Services Summer café

Art around Omberg


Art Tour, always during Ascension Day weekend: • 2021: 13-16 May • 2022: 26-29 May

on the Square’s terrace in Ödeshög!

For the latest updates due to the pandemic, see our homepage.

Stora torget 4, Ödeshög Open tue 10 -13, wed 14-18, thu-fri 10 -18, sat 10 -13 Open for groups other times according to agreement. Contact: see homepage

Fresh fish subject to availability and season.

Welcome to our fishmarket at Torget Stora torget 4, Ödeshög. Open: Call 076-8270361, or see FB Gallery Omkultur shows and sells local products. Here you will find art and crafts.

Kulturföreningen OMKULTUR • www.omkultur.se

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Buys - Exchanges - Sells New - Used - Antique

Skattegårdens Handelshus was Company of the year in 2019! You find us by highway E4 at Ödeshög – follow signs. Open Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-16, Sun 12-16 www.skattegardenshandelshus.se Like us on Facebook




bassadors m a t is r u o The t




Marcuskräftan in cosy Väderstad


Name: Mathias Cah Age: 28 Lives: In Linköping, but grew up in Väderstad. Family: Wife and baby. Works: Runs Marcuskräftan in Väderstad. Excursion tips in the immediate area: Väderstad as a destination in the heart of Östergötland. Walk around the picturesque village with the architectural conservation shop and the well-known café Centralkonditoriet.

MTB, Road, Gravel Bicycle repairs Gravel bike rental

Both locals and visitors from far away come to Väderstad for its charm and to support the local businesses. This village has talented, driven, and fearless entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

We offer a selection of timeless products, materials and hardware for old houses and apartments. A carefully curated collection of new and vintage items. ADRESS: FOLKUNGAGATAN 23, VÄDERSTAD Take EXIT 107 from ROAD E4

Stonegrinding and skiwax service

YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL US +46 (0)142 61 17 80

Klara 073-206-83-52 • Peo 070-130-22-21


Mjölby Art Tour

20-22 August 2021 www.mjolbykonstforening.se

– We're noticing that people increasingly choose quality over quantity, Mathias, third generation to run Marcuskräftan in the village of Väderstad, says. – In 2019, the company expanded, and today, the shop is once again located in the place where my grandparents first started out, Mathias says proudly. Mathias’ grandmother Karin was an incredibly resourceful woman, “making soup from a nail”, as the Swedish saying goes. Her old recipes are still used. – They started out with a grocery store, always carrying crayfish. Farmor Karin’s crayfish. They used to have fresh-water crayfish, but today, we sell signal crayfish. When they placed signs next to the highway, there was a great increase in demand, Mathias says. Mathias’ grandmother and grandfather are mentioned frequently, but it was his father, the self-proclaimed “crayfish king”, who understood the importance of quality, establishing Marcuskräftan outside Väderstad as well. Mathias cannot stress the importance of quality enough. – Regardless of recipe, if you don’t have a raw ingredient of quality, it's just no good! The more expensive ingredient tastes better. We work closely with professional fishermen on Lake Vättern. For example, our common whitefish comes from Borghamn, Mathias says. He continues, – Väderstad is not just a shop but something to be experienced in its entirety. Have lunch, take the opportunity to enjoy the village while you’re here. This is truly a wonderful destination!


0142-70 000 · Vallsbergsvägen 15, Väderstad

A UNIQUE SHOP ON THE COUNTYRSIDE Lifestyle • Fashion • Outdoor • Dog • Cat • Horse • Hunting • Decoration • Cafe

Sharpman is a 1.500sqm BIG store, located on the countyside of the village Hogstad, located 5 km outside Mjölby.


Welcome to visit our shop on the countryside!


We serve homemade waffles, sandwiches and ice cream. Find us!





IT IS EASY TO KEEP DISTANCE IN OUR LARGE STORE ON THE COUNTYSIDE. Opening hours: Weekdays 10 AM to 6PM • Saturdays 10AM to 4PM • Sundays 11AM to 5PM | Visit our web shop: www.sharpman.se


For more info follow us on:








2021 Highlights Sunset at Brahehus.

Gränna and Visingsö – the idyllic town and the island gem! On the south-eastern shore of Lake Vättern, the town of Gränna is a typical Swedish idyllic community, with beautiful old wooden houses, well-kept gardens, bauer forests, and cobbled streets. From the harbour, ferries depart frequently for Visingsö Island – the gem of Lake Vättern!

Every year, Gränna and Visingsö Island offer many wonderful events, everything from markets and art tours to concerts and jousting. 2020 was a strange year indeed, and 2021 is likely to be different as well, not least in terms of all the events, several of which have been postponed. Organisers are doing their best to come up with alternate solutions. For up-to-date information on all events, please visit Jkpg.com Scan the QR code to access the page:

Both Gränna and Visingsö offer beautiful views, castles, cobblestones, charming wooden houses, castle ruins, trails, and oak forests. And not least, a fascinating history. Wherever you set foot, you find yourself amidst history. You can come here to enjoy the tranquillity, nature, and atmosphere, but you can also choose from a wide selection of culture, activities, and adventures.

Nature experiences Beyond the peppermint candy shops and the cobblestone streets are bauer forests and magical trails. Scenic sites worthy of exploration. The gorgeous nature is rich in unique plant and animal species, several of which are rare or even endangered. There are plenty of hiking trails and charming country roads for cycling, both in Gränna and on Visingsö Island. The area between Huskvarna and Gränna, which happens to be the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Östra Vätterbranterna, is a paradise for cyclists, with its quiet country roads and winding gravel paths. The variety of routes makes it easy to find one that suits your level and ambition. If you prefer to put your hiking boots on and enjoy nature on foot, there are several trails to choose from. Hike near the idyllic summer village of Röttle, along the magical John Bauer Trail, or Klevens nature trail.

View from Kleven north of Gränna.

On Visingsö, you can opt for a somewhat different mode of transport and book the popular horse-drawn carriage known as “remmalag”. For more than 100 years, they have transported visitors around the beautiful island. The ride is at a leisurely pace, giving you plenty of time to enjoy both scents and nature. Start your day early with a walk along Lake Vättern, or maybe out on one of Gränna’s many lakes. Enjoy the crystal-clear water and the tranquillity. Take a guided boat tour on the beautiful lakes of Bunn and Ören, or rent a canoe or kayak and glide quietly across the glassy water.

What would you like to experience? Jkpg.com TOURIST


Tourist information tel 0771-211 300 info@destinationjonkoping.se jkpg.com



In Gränna, peppermint candy sticks are made all year round.

The Tegnér Tower.

By the waterfalls in Röttle village.

The harbour in Gränna.

Exciting history Whether you are on Visingsö or in Gränna, you will find plenty of remnants from past periods of glory. In Gränna, you can visit the Grenna Museum, which highlights the polar history with, for example, the exhibit on S A Andrée’s famous polar expedition. If you want a taste of what S A Andrée must have felt on his route to the North Pole, you can book a hot air balloon tour and discover Gränna from a whole new perspective. Several castle ruins and towers in the county bear witness to former periods of great power. In Näs, on Visingsö’s southern tip, lies the ruin of Sweden's first royal castle from the 12th century. The Visingsborg Castle Ruin, located in Visingsö Harbour, is another relic from the count era of the 16th and 17th centuries. Yet another popular remnant from the same period is Brahehus, beautifully situated at the top of northern Gränna with amazing views of the town and the water. Röttle Village, just south of Gränna, is Count Per Brahe’s industrial village from the 17th century. During summer, you can visit the Rasmus Mill and s ee how they used to grind flour back in the day.

Local delicacies The peppermint candy production started in Gränna in the 1850’s by the poor widow Amalia Erikson. Peppermint candy sticks have been made here ever since, and every year, new, exciting flavours and shapes of this highly popular souvenir are introduced. Today, there are numerous shops in Gränna where you can watch the production process. In some, you can even try making your own candy sticks. But Gränna and Visingsö are so much more than just sweet peppermint candies. Several local delicacies in the form of home-made must, tea, and chocolate are just some of the things that can be found here.

You can easily cross the entire Visingsö Island by bicycle.

rs mbassado a t is r u o t The

Wildernest Småland Name: Tobias Hochdorfer Age: 38

Lives: Örserum

Family: Partner Maria Rothen, Linnea 1, Ronja 13, and the cat Milla. Works: We both work at Husqvarna, but I am currently on parental leave.

Excursion tips in the immediate area: Björkenäs Nature Reserve, 10 minutes by car from Örserum, is lovely, with views of Lake Ören, great swimming, and a wind shelter. Wildernest is a mix of German, Swedish, and English, and is meant to bring the mind to the wild, to the adventurous, as well as to the feeling of home. So says Tobias Hochdorfer, who has been running the guiding company Wildernest Småland together with his partner Marie since 2019. Both of them like being out in nature, finding everyday adventures. – With my German background, I know that Germans love Sweden and especially the Province of Småland. In Germany, you’re not allowed to tent on private land or make a fire. We don’t have “allemansrätten” (the right to public access). Our first idea was to take international tourists with us, but then came the pandemic, Tobias, who has lived in Sweden for eight years, says. Today, Wildernest offers a “Hike and Taste” experience on Grännaberget Mountain, in collaboration with Hanna’s Kök in Gränna. If you check out their website, you’ll find that you can also book an “after dark hike” with a headlamp to light up your way through the forest. The hike ends at Smålandsgården Farm in Örserum, with cooking over open fire and tree camping by the Smålandsleden Trail. – It's not just about going out hiking. We work with the cosiness factor; getting out in nature, feeling at home while also treating yourself to some luxury. Ideally, with some kind of surprise! We also strive to be as local as possible. We work, for example, with Jims Kök, and we offer Erik's kombucha, which is made in Örserum. Then we have the stop during our hike, where Erik’s dad owns the land along the Holavedsleden Trail, Tobias explains. The concept of outdoor pleasures suddenly takes on additional dimensions, as Wildernest Småland guides you to beautiful places in forests and fields and offers a 5-course menu with local flavours!

The ruin of Visingsborg Castle.



Long live the 50s! About ten years ago, a major retro wave swept across Sweden. Even if, in part, it was only trend and fashion, there is still great interest in 1950s environments. Preserved cafés, interesting museums, and shops rich in content. There are great opportunities for retro tourism in our area. – The fact that the love for the 50s lives on may be due to the merging of various trends in our time. The result is a colourful mix of nostalgic items, folk home history, vintage cars, rockabilly music, polka dot dresses, and unique designer objects. That's Peter Mannerfelt's, publisher of the book series “Reseguiden till 50-talet” (“The Traveler’s Guide to the 50s”), theory. Peter also runs the newly opened RetroGalleri at Hallska Gården in Gränna. – It has been so long that the myth of the 50s has probably grown to be greater than the reality of the actual time. Even among younger people, the 50s is considered to be the best time ever. Are you looking for retro, vintage, and nostalgia near Highway E4? Then you may want to visit one of these three well-preserved 50s cafés: Lanemo in Linköping, Centralkonditoriet in Väderstad, and Fiket in Gränna. Right by the Mjölby exit, the shop Glinder specialises in newly made rockabilly clothes. – Several museums are also worth the trip, including Motormuseet in Motala and Kornettgården, about 25 kilometres east of Motala. They have an

Welcome to Getingaryds Camping & Cabins Playground Miniature golf | Fishing Boats | Bikes

9 km north of Gränna along the tourist road between Gränna and Ödeshög. Phone +46 390-210 15, +46 70-723 31 72

www.getingarydscamping.se info@getingarydscamping.se

incredible collection of artefacts from the entire 20th century. A nice moped museum is located a few kilometres east of Gränna. On the Västergötland side, an association, in collaboration with the municipalities, provides recommended driving routes for the retro tourist. Learn more at www.retrovagen.se We also recommend a visit to Lanthandeln in Brandstorp south of Hjo. This country store has a great selection of foods as well as a lovely retro café. Continue your trip to the charming town of Hjo, where you can walk around and enjoy the old, well-preserved neighbourhoods. In the classic military town of Karlsborg, you can stay at the lakefront hostel just outside the fortress and really feel



Welcome up to us at Kaffestugan på Grännaberget! Open May-August · 0390-101 09 · www.grannaberget.se

the vibe of the past barracks. A colourful feature of Swedish summers is the car meets – awesome vintage cars lined up, side by side. Weekly car meets are held in several towns along Lake Vättern. For example, in Huskvarna Folkets Park, in Motala by the museum, and in Askersund Harbour. Sometimes, the cars venture out on a joint, slow drive through town. Long live car cruising! If you are an automotive enthusiast, you may also want to swing by the museum in Tidaholm, where you can learn more about the town’s past production of lorries and buses. Several of them remained in traffic until the 60s. Last but not least, the annual car and motor fair at Elmia in Jönköping boasts a well-stocked showroom of vintage cars. ■

We make our candy sticks just as Amalia did – by hand and with love. Our shop has something for everyone. Welcome in!

Brahegatan 45, Gränna · +46 (0)390-650220 · webshop: www.polkaprinsen.se



Fresh barbeque • Fresh saladbar Manual delicatessen • Our own delicious shrimp sandwich


6-23 Gränna


Catering and restaurant with outdoor serving Complete rights Öpen during summer all days 11-18 – Some days open in the evening for barbecue.

Flower shop & garden market in a unique environment

See all info at hannaskok.se

Hanna´s KöK

Clothes in linen & wool Own production & Swedish design. We love sustainable fashion. Shop without intermediaries at good prices. Also jewelry from Danish Pilgrim, Swedish Raw Form and more.

Catering · Mat & Fest

Ödeshögsvägen 36, Gränna hannaskok.se

Brahegatan 43 0390-123 08 www.grannaknacke.se

www.ebeplant.se Skiftesvägen 6, Gränna

Brahegatan 43

0390-100 57 www.fiket.se

Helena Gustner, the designer behind the beautiful clothes, describes CountryLine as a lifestyle “Not to buy wear and tear, but to choose clothes with care ”. The love of natural materials has always been in Helena’s life.



CountryLine is run as a family business with the main store in Gränna. Since the start in 2000 CountryLine has provided a handmade and exclusive feeling with beautiful clothes made of genuine, luxurious natural materials ...



Our clothes are also available for purchase at Brunneby Gårdsbutik in Borensberg, 20 km west of Linköping.

Brahegatan 39, Gränna · Tel. 0390-101 01 www.countryline.se




Art around Lake Vättern An art experience can feel like a gift or like a punch in the face. Either way, art usually evokes emotions. Around Vättern recommends a bicycle ride on Visingsö, the island of art, as well as the wonderful Art in Light by the River Tidan in Tidaholm.

Art tour by bike on Visingsö Island The weekend of 6–8 August, artists and artisans on the island invite you to their studios and galleries. Cycling around the island at this time of year is pure pleasure. You can stop and enjoy coffee or food at several places during your art tour, or why not bring your own picnic basket? Photography, painting, fine carpentry, jewellery art, ceramics, wood sculptures, and embroidery are some of the things you can experience on your way. If you enjoy seeing the big in the small, you may appreciate, for example, Marianne Irmelid’s nature-inspired art of mixed media, watercolours, and gouache. Maud Löfberg lives in the middle of the island, but during the art tour, she displays her sculptures at Norra Skolan in Säby. – We’re a small group that organises Visingsö Art Tour. We're on our eighth year now. This year, you can visit 21 different places and 33 different exhibitors. Some of them are new for the year. Marianne Irmelid, for example, has invited her grandchildren as guest exhibitors. In other words, we have exhibitors of all ages, Maud Löfberg says enthusiastically. Lars Wetterbrandt paints watercolours, and you can find him in Säby as well. He paints mostly landscapes, island landscapes as well as urban ones. Be sure not to miss the spectacular Tempelgården, where Per Olof “Olle” Krantz (1906–1999) has filled the place with paintings and sculptures. Take a break and enjoy organic coffee and snacks in a unique and special setting.

”Butterfly” by Marianne Irmelid.

Art in Light during Art Night in Tidaholm Every year, the area around Turbinhusön Island in Tidaholm is transformed into an enchanting place of illuminated art and water. Johanna Andersson, Cultural Coordinator in Tidaholm , plays a key role in putting the Art Night in Tidaholm together. – You can visit the artists in their studios. We have exhibitors in all these lovely cottages and houses. Art in Light is what we call the event that takes place along the river. You take the art tour outdoors, experiencing artworks and installations along the River Tidan, with the water, vegetation, and art being lit up. It's beautiful, and it attracts people of all ages, Johanna Andersson says enthusiastically and with clear sense longing in her voice. The Art Night takes place in the areas around Falköping-Tidaholm on the weekend of 24–26 September. It's a cultural festival with hundreds of exhibitors, cosy eateries, and exciting events. Don't miss the collection displayed in the library's beautiful hall from the turn of the century, where all the artists and artisans are represented. ■

Art in Light at River Tidan in Tidaholm. Photo: Johanna Andersson



3D0-70% iscount! Art tours around Vättern:

Art galleries around Vättern:

Södra Vätterbygden Art Tour Hjo Art Tour Konstnatten (Art Night) Tidaholm Norra Vättern Art Tour Konst i kvarteret (Art in the Neighbourhood) Askersund Vadstena Art Tour Art around Mount Omberg Visingsö Art Tour

Österängens Konsthall Huskvarna/Jönköping Habo Konsthall Tidaholms Konsthall Konstlitografiska Muséet, Tidaholm Hjo Konsthall Konsthall Sjöängen, Askersund (autumn, winter, spring) Konsthall Hamnmagasinet, Askersund (summer) Motala Konsthall Visingsö Konsthall


Summer openings: Weekdays 10-18. Sat 10-18. Sun 10-16. Regular openings: Weekdays 10-18 | Sat 10-14 | Brahegatan 41, Gränna

We are the local experts With local knowledge like no other, you can easily say that we know everything there is to know about Gränna and Visingsö. Tell us what your dream home is, and we will help you find it. Visit us at our office at Gränna high street or on svenskfast.se/granna





Can you take up golf at 60? Preventive healthcare Golf is a great sport, as fun as it is difficult. In other words, a lot of fun! The margins are tiny, but when they're on your side, the reward is huge. Golf is great for your health as well. In numerous ways. No matter where you set your bar, you have everything to gain! For me, it's all about the overall picture – from the physical and mental to what I eat and drink. A holistic approach where all the components fulfil key functions. Golf is kind of an all-in-one package. Lots of exercise, wonderful nature experiences, training of balance and focus, mental exercise, mindfulness. I also like the challenge of trying to constantly improve, to surpass myself. To make that perfect swing. The social rewards are great as well. You meet tonnes of nice people, although it's perfectly fine to practice on your own if you want. I like going out on the pay and play course by myself in the evening. Sometimes, I stay until the sun goes down.

Sure you can. It's never too late to take up golf. Unless you aim for the majors, of course, in which case you should probably start earlier rather than later. You set your own bar for how you want your game to develop and how much time you want to spend. For me, taking up golf was the best and most fun decision I've made in a long time!

Welcome to Gränna Golf Club! We offer you a nice, well-kept and technically interesting forest/parkcourse, laid out in the vicinites of Västanå Castle dating from the 17th century. Book your start-time in the Sweetspot app or via our homepage!

Finding or making time As self-employed, my workdays have always been both many and long. So, I need a form of exercise that allows me to shift my focus. Something that clears my head and is challenging and fun. Golf ticks all the boxes! So, in the late summer of 2019, although my free time was limited, I decided to simply make the time. That now was the time to take up golf.



0390-100 30 · www.grannagk.se


From novice to nerd I figured I would like it, that day when I went to Omberg for my first lesson. But I would have never predicted that I would be so enamoured with it. I’ve actually become a real golf nerd! I’ve practiced a lot and taken tonnes of lessons. You kind of have to if you want to make progress. Never once have I grown tired of it. You can practice outside the golf course as well. I practice putts and swings (without a ball) at home. My Persian rug is perfect as both tee and green…

Golfing around Lake Vättern There are several nice golf courses around Lake Vättern! Well-kept and beautiful. I’ve mostly played at magical Omberg and Gränna GK. Both nice in different ways. At Omberg Golfresort, you can also practice and take lessons in the winter in their studio if you want to develop your game. At the time of writing this, I'm sitting and looking out at a snowy landscape, longing for the coming season. But until then, I divide my free time between preparing with some strength training, lessons with Terry at Omberg, and putting on my Persian rug... ■

Welcome to our churches

GRÄNNA VISINGSÖ Brahegatan 24, Gränna Tel +46 390-561 30

Photo: roomofkarma.se

Text: Bodil Antonsson

After a bit of online research, my choice fell on Ombergs Golfresort. A beautiful facility only 20 minutes from my house. Said and done, one day in August, I mustered up the courage and called their Pro, Terry Burgoyne. – Can you learn to play golf even if you're “old”? I asked. – Of course, he said, it's never too late! And just like that, I had booked a private green card course for the autumn.

GRÄNNA KYRKA Brahegatan, Gränna.



Wisingsborg, Visingsö.

Information and opening hours:


open Always ers! p for cam

e Welcom t! by boa



Match museum that stands out



Free entrance Dec–Jan

Join the Andrée expedition at


JUNE – AUG Mon– Fri 10–17 Sat–Sun 10–15 +46 36 10 38 90 www.grennamuseum.se

SEP–MAY Thue–Sun 11–15 Mon closed


Experience cultural history in new ways Free entry jonkopingslansmuseum.se

+46 (0)36-14 61 62





2021 Highlights Jönköping is a true event city, hosting anything from the Ironman 70.3, bicycle races, and marathons to DreamHack, concerts, and jousting. 2020 was a strange year indeed, and 2021 is likely to be different as well, not least in terms of all the events, several of which have been postponed. Organisers are doing their best to come up with alternate solutions. For up-to-date information on all events, please visit Jkpg.com Scan the QR code to access the page:

Welcome to Jönköping and Huskvarna! Jönköping is beautifully situated along the southern shore of Lake Vättern. This is a place to enjoy exciting history, beach life, and nature. Jönköping's city centre features cosy alleys and canals that open up to three lakes. The town of Huskvarna, east of Jönköping, offers a wealth of cultural treasures to discover.

En plats för mat och avkoppling Begin your visit on the Pier, one of Jönköping's watering holes. This is a place for eating, socialising, or just enjoying an ice cream in the sun on what may be Sweden’s longest park bench. From the Pier, the beach promenade, a path of several kilometres of sandy beaches, stretches along the crystal-clear waters of Lake Vättern.

What would you like to experience? Jkpg.com TOURIST


Tourist information tel 0771-211 300 info@destinationjonkoping.se jkpg.com

Great selection of foods If you're in the mood for healthy and delicious food with Asian influences, you’ve come to the right place. Jönköping has recently been recognised as a Mecca of sushi restaurants. In addition to sushi, there are plenty of high-quality restaurants with different cuisine. Dine in or take with you to a lovely spot on the water.

Experience Jönköping by bike Jönköping and the surrounding area are made to experience from the saddle. Enjoy the endless views, the rolling landscape, and the cosy cafés along the way.

Whether you’re cycling south to Taberg, west along the highlands above Bankeryd, east up the Klevaliden hill, or north up to Grännaberget Mountain, it’s basically impossible not to pass a magnificent outlook point. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, there are several great MTB tracks of various design and difficulty.


Miles-long views

City park with views

Jönköping offers many beautiful views. If you want a great view of the city, there are several lookout points to choose from. Some of them include the peak of Mount Taberg in Taberg, Vattenledningsparken, Brunstorpsberget, or Utsikten in Huskvarna. Perfect for enjoying a tasty picnic in good company.

Higher up, and with amazing views of Jönköping, is the City Park. The City Park has restaurants and coffee shops, as well as scenic hiking trails along animal enclosures. The park also includes Fröjden, a popular outdoor dance venue, an open-air museum, Jönköping’s largest playground, and a unique bird museum.

Atollen and Asecs for the shopping enthusiasts In central Jönköping, on the north-eastern shore of Lake Munksjön, is the Atollen, with restaurants, cafés, and shops. If you're in the mood for shopping other than the cosy city centre shops, you can visit the Asecs shopping centre and explore the many, many large and small shops that are open seven days a week, all year round. Asecs is conveniently located along Highway E4, easily reached by both car and public transport.

Tändsticksområdet and the County Museum with John Bauer The unique Match Museum is located in the area where the match factory was once the main building. The museum tells the story of an industry that once upon a time was vital to the city. The area also features galleries, various artisans, and lovely restaurants. Just a short distance away is the Jönköping County Museum, an art and cultural-historical museum where, among other things, you can discover John Bauer's magical fairy tale world. The exhibition “Följa John” (Swedish expression for “Simon Says”) invites both young and old to explore the great pictorial treasure of John Bauer.


Unique Husqvarna Museum The district of Huskvarna has developed around its world-famous industry. One of the popular destinations for visitors is the unique Husqvarna Museum, where rifles, motorcycles, stoves, and sewing machines are on display, along with many other items made in the factory over the past 325 years.



Right by the museum is the picturesque Smedbyn, with its charming, red cottages along a cobblestone alley. Today, Smedbyn houses studios, a café, and galleries.

Mount Huskvarnaberget Huskvarna offers plenty of exciting nature to explore. Hike on a scenic trail along Huskvarnaån River, climb the mighty Mount Huskvarnaberget on winding gravel roads by bike, or enjoy splendid views of Lake Vättern. There is lots more to say about Jönköping, Huskvarna, and the surrounding area – but how about it exploring it in person instead? Welcome!

Boat excursions on Lake Vättern.

RUDENSTAMS GÅRDSBUTIK & KAFÉ In our shop you find selected products from our farm and from other local suppliers. In the café you can enjoy the nice view as you taste some of the freshly baked fika. Lunch is served Monday-Saturday Welcome!

Welcome to Mamma Carina’s Pension B&B!

Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00, Sat 10.00 - 15.00 www.rudenstam.se

My accommodation is for you who are on holiday or who may be working away for a week. With me you live simply but comfortably as in a hotel, in a family environment even though you are away.

Romantic Hotel Hostel Yoga Horstorps Gård, Ebbarpsvägen 22, Bankeryd Tel. 0709-74 71 70 · info@mammacarinas.se · www.mammacarinas.se

Phone +46 36 14 88 70, www.hhv.se Odengatan 10, Huskvarna



rs mbassado a t is r u o t The

Stay near Lake Vättern's riviera! Name: Carina Ritzén Age: 55 Lives: At Horstorps Gård, next to the Bed & Breakfast building, just outside Bankeryd. Family: Large family, 7 kids, although only one of them still lives at home. Works: Runs Mamma Carinas Pensionat Bed & Breakfast in Bankeryd and works as a midwife. Excursion tips in the immediate area: Bankerydsleden Trail, the church, and the cultural heritage centre in Bankeryd. In the summer, they have a summer café with seven types of cookies. Lillåleden Trail, which is also part of the Norra Sankt Sigfridsleden Trail. In the 1920s, Bankeryd was a recognised tourist destination with particularly lovely guesthouses. Today, the destination Bankeryd may be a bit forgotten. That's something Carina Ritzén wants to change. – I have ten rooms with hotel standard, but it's smaller and more like home. People like the courtyard setting, the large porch, and barbecuing in the garden. Everyone is happy, even though the garden is a bit messy. A group of teachers from Germany comes every autumn. They say it's like staying in Astrid Lindgren's “Bullerby” village, Carina says. Her guesthouse is inspired from her and her family’s travels in southern Europe. More specifically, from Austria’s small “Gasthous”, where families rent out a few rooms in their private home during tourist season, where guests eat together with the family, and partake in village feasts like the ones where her friends live outside Zagreb in Croatia. How did your family end up here? – We lived in Uppsala but had been looking for a suitable farm for ten years. When I saw this place online, I fell in love! It’s close to town but still in the country, and Domsand, the “Riviera of Lake Vättern”, is just a few kilometres away. Carina continues, saying how great the large, white wooden villa is when you want to get together with a whole group of people for an entire weekend, like family reunions. – Sometimes, family feasts take place, with grandma, grandpa, and grandkids. If you book well in advance, you can rent the whole house!

Heated pools – always 27oC








Vätternliv.se – a new source of knowledge about Lake Vättern The new knowledge portal aims to explain relationships and facts about Lake Vättern in a simple and credible way to a broad audience. Through interactive illustrations, the visitor is guided from overall descriptions of the lake to explanations of current environmental threats.

Need for easily accessible information Imagine seeing Lake Vättern from above and discovering how the lake's geography and properties are connected. And then diving below the surface and learning about life in the lake. Then imagine being able to follow Lake Vättern for 100 years of societal development, new decisions and measures, and increased knowledge about various environmental threats to the lake. Sounds exciting, right? On 11 May this year, Vätternliv.se will be launched. A newly developed knowledge portal about Lake Vättern, the website aims to explain facts and the relationship of things in a credible and easy-to-understand manner. The goal is for more people to gain a deeper understanding of the lake and its ecosystems, environmental condition, and challenges. – The need for a website like Vätternliv.se is huge! There are many of us who care about Lake Vättern and who need correct but comprehensible presentations of facts and relationships in order to get an accurate picture of the lake's challenges and be motivated to contribute according to our own ability, Marie Kristoffersson at Calluna, project initiator, says.

For anyone curious about Lake Vättern Vätternliv.se is aimed at a broad target group. Intended users of the website include everyone from residents, visitors, and decision-makers around Lake Vättern to students and teachers in primary,

120 artists

secondary, and upper secondary school. Anyone who is either curious about Lake Vättern specifically or environmental and nature issues in general. Common to those visiting the website is hopefully a desire to understand and learn more about Lake Vättern. Curiosity can guide the visitor as he or she navigates the website through clickable, interactive illustrations to examine wholes, relationships, and trends. The visitor also has easy access to more complex information via links to organisations, authorities, and research. With the school being an especially designated target group, the project has had valuable support from educational competence throughout the development. As support for all teachers, Vätternliv. se therefore also collects information with teacher guides on topics related to Lake Vättern in various ways, suitable for either the classroom or study visits and excursions to Lake Vättern or to nature near the school. – It has been exciting to be involved and influence the educational design of the project. Important for us has been to ensure that the teaching material is based on the Swedish curriculum Lgr11 and to make it easier for teachers to tie their teaching to the local environment, Lotta Lindström, educational manager of the project and Director of Linköpings Naturcentrum, says.

1st weekend in september

www.svkonstrunda.se #svkonstrunda

Marie Kristoffersson, Environmental Consultant at Calluna AB and initiator of the project.

Complement to Vattern.org Vätternliv.se has been developed by the natural environment consulting company Calluna in collaboration with Vätternvårdsförbundet and with funding from LEADER Vättern. The website is owned and administered by Vätternvårdsförbundet, a broad association of stakeholders around Lake Vättern who collaborate to protect the waters of the lake. Vätternliv.se provides a complement to the association's own website, which, among other things, presents ongoing projects and detailed results from environmental monitoring of the lake, as well as information about fish and fishing in the lake. – Vätternliv is a welcome addition, as the need for accurate and easily accessible information is great. In addition, the website is exciting and piques people's curiosity, Friederike Ermold at Vätternvårdsförbundet's office says. ■



Habo celebrates 2021 as the Year of Outdoor Life With its spectacular location next to Lake Vättern, the town of Habo is full of hidden gems. Here, we guide you to some of them. To discover more, visit upplev.habokommun.se TOURIST

Gör något roligt! Wild experiences! New destination in Habo! Experience Wildpark focuses on preserving the nature experience, the feeling of wilderness, and the love of animals. The atmosphere is rural, the nature is untouched, and you get a chance to meet animals, barbecue, and visit the wilderness café. Discover moose, deer, wild boar, pigs, sheep, goats, various birds, and more. Among the more exotic animals are Kairo the camel and his friends the llamas, the Mongolian yaks, the Australian ostriches, and others. There is a petting zoo for the kids, and you can take a guided tour to meet the animals up close. In addition to all this, Experience Wildpark offers a range of activities, such as paintball, pentathlon, and ATV and UTV driving. They organise birthday parties, stag and hen parties, private parties and events, as well as kick-offs and corporate events. They have a newly completed high-altitude course and one of the region's longest ziplines. New forms of experiences and activities will be continuously developed to provide as wide a range as possible in a natural environment. The wilderness café serves tonnes of goodies to suit every taste, from Swedish ice cream to freshly baked cinnamon buns and delicious sandwiches. Please note that at the time of writing this (April 2021), the permits required to show the animals have not yet been obtained. Hopefully, these will all be ready in the spring. The activities and café, however, are open to visitors. For more information and opening hours, please see experiencewildpark.se

If you want to take a break from the outdoor life, try your hand at pottery or sculpting in clay at Kerstin's, who instructs and shares her knowledge and inspiration. At Kerstin’s, you can also rent the house “Lilla Vättervy”. Don't forget to sign up for a pottery course when booking your stay. Learn more about the courses at kerstinskeramik.se and book the house at airbnb.se


Tourist information Biblioteket Jönköpingsvägen 2 Tel 036-442 81 11 turistinfo@habokommun.se upplev.habokommun.se



Eat something tasty We give you two suggestions for places to eat. To discover more, visit upplev.habokommun.se

Kivarps gårdsmejeri With their own dairy, farm shop, and café. Information about opening hours and assortment is available on their Facebook page Kivarps-Gårdsmejeri.

Strömbäck Gårdscafé An oasis on Hökensås Ridge. Sweden meets South Africa in pastries, sandwiches, salads, and beverages served in an old forester's residence. Enjoy a snack in the comfortable lounge barn and buy handmade jewellery and furnishings from around the world. Your purchase helps families to a better life. For more info, visit strombackcafe.se

Sleep tight Sjöbacka Camping Tobias and Tina Egeborn have been running Sjöbacka Camping, located by Lake Vättern along Road 195 towards Hjo, since the spring of 2020. Sjöbacka is a cosy campsite with 32 electric pitches, plenty of space for tents, and a large RV park. They have a boat rental and a lovely swim area with a sandy beach just below the campsite.

Habo Camping & Stugby In Domsand, within convenient walking distance of the harbour and swim areas, is the family friendly Habo Camping & Stugby, with 65 camp pitches and charming cabins for rent. If you want to go boating or cycling, you can rent your boat and life jacket or bike here. Learn more about the campsite, the cabins, and the activities offered at habocamping.com

Sjöbacka strand.

assadors b m a t is r u The to

A real Pension – dogs are welcome! Name: Charlott Lundberg Age: 52

“Sleep to the sound of silence”

Lives: In Mullsjö, 6 kilometres from Furusjö

Group bookings – with or without staff. You & your dog, a craft weekend or a friends’ meeting – You have the facilities for yourself! Curious about us? FB: Sjöhaga i Furusjö – med Charlott & gänget charlott.lundberg@live.se · 0760-529277 Strandvägen 14, Furusjö

Family: Husband, five children, and a dog

Works: Runs Sjöhaga Pensionat in Furusjö. Works with customer and HR support at a company.

Excursion tips in the immediate area: Explore the forest around Furusjö and the village swim area. Bring a picnic and enjoy! “Sleep to the sound of silence!” That's how Charlott Lundberg attracts visitors to her guesthouse Sjöhaga in Furusjö.

– Furusjö is a peaceful village, quite in a positive sense. The beautiful Lake Furusjön, the playa of Mullsjö and Habo, is a small, shallow lake that warms up quickly. An association runs a small kiosk on site and a person from the village keeps the beach nice Charlott says with warmth in her voice. She has had the guesthouse since 2007, always running it as a hobby together with a colleague. There are seven rooms with a total of twelve beds. Wallpaper and furniture have been carefully selected to preserve the interior of the rooms. – Yngve and Maja received the guesthouse as a wedding gift in the 1930s. They ran it for over 50 years. At the time, it was one of 43 guesthouses in the area. Today, Sjöhaga is one of the few remaining guesthouses, still with sinks with hot and cold water in the rooms, Charlott

• Groceries • Delicacies • Nostalgic Café • Home decoration

• Gift items • Coffee/tea in bulk • Trailer rental • Q-star fuel

explains proudly. When it comes to the food, she uses ingredients sourced from the farm across the road. Classic Swedish cooking, such as homemade “kalops” (beef stew) and the traditional Christmas buffet, are some of the things Charlott offers. Her interest in well-made food has also resulted in the delicatessen shop Källan, which she runs in collaboration with Carléns fisk.

– The idea was to move here with our large family. But when people started asking if dogs were welcome, I figured that we would create a place for people with dogs. Where they could stay, eat, and sleep! she says. In other words, dogs are more than welcome – throughout the facility. – Our main guests are dog people. Many of them return year after year. Some rent the entire facility with full-board, others only rent the house, Charlott explains, and adds that, obviously, you are welcome even without a dog.

Open Mon-Fri 09-18, Sat-Sun 10-14 (to 16 during summer) Kyrkliden 2, Brandstorp · +46 (0)502-50007



Country of origin labelling Text: Mårten Fredriksson


It is possible to obtain the highest quality label for a product within the EU, placing it among the best of the best. A protected designation of origin (PDO) or protected geographical indication (PGI) creates a quality guarantee for both consumers and producers, ensuring that a product is of the highest quality and protecting a local product from being copied and produced elsewhere. In southern Europe, many producers have realised this, and many products therefore enjoy this protection. France has almost 800, and Italy more than 900 producers who have applied for protected origin. These countries place a completely different focus on the gastronomic experience as a tourist attraction. There is a pride and confidence in the local producers, and they organise food and wine tours that are hugely popular. Sweden currently has 30 producers who have applied for protected origin for their unique products, a

Thomas Berglund.

few of which have received the label. Three products around Lake Vättern have pending applications, either because the product comes from a particular place and therefore has a unique character (PDO) or because the product has a history of being made in a particular place for a long time, which makes it unique (PGI). Wrångebäcksost (cheese) and Rökt Vättersik (smoked Lake Vättern whitefish) have applied for PDO, while Gränna polkagrisar (peppermint candies) has applied for PGI. These three products are exclusive to the Lake Vättern area and the aim is to place them among the elite that will put the region on the European gastronomic map.

Wrångebäcksost Located just south of Hjo, Almnäs Bruk has an old tradition of cheese making, and the “Wrångebäck Sweden” brand was registered as early as 1889, making the “Wrångebäcksosten” the oldest registered cheese brand in Sweden. The Wrångebäck cheese has a long domestic tradition, and in recent years, it has attracted increasing international attention. In 2018, the cheese took home the silver at the World Cheese Awards held in Bergen, Norway. Almnäs Bruk has had a long-term quality strategy and is now one of Sweden's largest organic farms as well as one of the largest producers of KRAV certified milk. Thomas Berglund, CEO of Almnäs Bruk and the person behind the successful initiative to resume cheese production from Almnäs, explains: “To apply for protected designation of origin is to care about your product and your customers. It is a two-step guarantee; customers can trust that they get the quality they pay for and producers can trust that their product is not copied or moved from the area.” He continues: “Products of quality from

Jonny Ståhl.

a specific place can only be produced in a certain amount. When the product is out, it's out.”

Rökt Vättersik Chairman of Vätterns Fiskareförbund (Vättern Fishery Association), Jonny Ståhl, feels the same way, having applied for protected designation of origin for their product “Rökt Vättersik” (smoked Lake Vättern whitefish). A product that became so sought after that whitefish was bought from Lake Vänern and the Norrland Coast to meet the demand. The professional fishermen of Lake Vättern, however, wanted to protect the unique product that can be obtained directly from the lake. “The whitefish stock in Lake Vättern is very strong, so why buy whitefish from other waters, or even from North America, when we have the best product right here in Lake Vättern?” says Jonny Ståhl.


Protected Designation of Origin, PDO: The product is both made and refined in a specific area. Qualities and properties that are wholly or largely linked to the natural conditions in an area.

Protected Geographical Indication, PGI: The product is made or refined in a specific geographical area. The raw ingredients can come from elsewhere.


30-70% lower pric e!


Open in summer: Weekdays 10-18, Sat 10-18, Sun 10-16.

Ordinary opening times: Weekdays 10-18, Sat 10-14. Garverigatan 15, Mullsjö

Unfortunately, when it comes to fish from Lake Vättern, lots of focus has been on the discussion about environmental toxins. Jonny, however, is very clear when he says that this is something that must be nuanced. All batches that are to be smoked and sold as food must be inspected. Therefore, random samples from each batch are sent to IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute for control of environmental toxins. “The whitefish has very low levels and is a good product. No batch has ever not passed the inspection”, says Jonny Ståhl.

Polkagrisar from Gränna There is another way to obtain an origin label, namely by protecting the tradition of preparing or refining in a specific area. The raw ingredient can be purchased, but the tradition of making the product is

Catrin Kvist.

so strongly linked to the area that there are grounds for protecting it for that very reason. In view of that, all producers of peppermint candies in Gränna have come together and jointly applied for origin protection of the product “Gränna polkagrisar”. Catrin Kvist from Polkaprinsen, who represents the peppermint candy producers, explains: “We're really only responding to a request from our decision-makers who want to work for Sweden to strengthen its local traditions in historical production. Gränna polkagrisar should only be available for purchase in Gränna. This way, we ensure the quality for visitors who know our products and want to experience and buy them on site.”

Hoping to join the elite These three completely unique products are now waiting to receive the finest recognition you can get in the EU: a place among the elite, alongside products like Champagne, Parmesan, and Serrano Ham. It's time to realise that it is these unique flavours that represent Sweden as a gourmet country. So, if we want to build a gourmet country, there is good reason to highlight more producers who want to continue working with their products. Three producers around Lake Vättern have had the confidence to do it, and when you taste their products, you understand why. ■

Rökt Vättersik.

Polkagrisar from Gränna.




A Smith's cottage on Turbinhusön.

2021 Highlights

Do Tidaholm.

Cars, music, food, sports events, crayfish fishing, and a Christmas market. Normally, many events and activities take place in Tidaholm throughout the year.

Do the tranquillity, adventure, nature, hiking, and the town. All according to your needs and mood. Do Tidaholm your way!

However, due to the COVID-19 situation, several events have been cancelled or modified.

There is something special about the surroundings around Tidaholm. Here, in nature's own amusement park, you find primeval forests, plateau mountains, meadows, streams, lakes, and ponds. Varied settings for hiking, fishing, adrenaline, and discovering. Tidaholm’s surroundings inspire and provide a source of energy and creativity.

Please see the digital event calendar for up-to-date information:

Do nature in Tidaholm

Do the town of Tidaholm The beautiful River Tidan runs through town, combining beautiful nature with quaint urban scenery. It is around the River Tidan that the town of Tidaholm emerged, and small oases have formed along the flowing water. Cosy cafés and unique shops line the streets. Well-preserved environments are reminiscent of the time around the turn of the last century, when Tidaholm was a prominent mill town. Stroll around town and enjoy beautiful architecture and a quaint city centre. The two islands of Turbinhusön and Vulcanön in the middle of town invite you to experience all kinds of things.

exercise tracks of varying distances. If you want more action, there is a 19-km MTB trail that takes you through the forests on wonderful soft surface.

Do fishing in Tidaholm Every year, people looking to fish come to Hökensås, a mecca for fishing enthusiasts and known as Sweden's best recreational fishing area. There are also about fifty lakes and ponds, 30 of which are excellent fishing waters. In Baltak, just south of Tidaholm, you can fly-fish for rainbow trout in the rippling waters of the Tidan River. You're guaranteed a great fishing experience on this beautiful stretch of river, which is about three kilometres long.

Do culture in Tidaholm The Vulcanön Island is Tidaholm’s cultural centre, providing an arena for culture and arts. The Tidaholm Museum tells the story of Vulcan, the world's

Do hiking in Tidaholm

Tidaholm Tourist Office Tel: 0502-60 62 08 turistbyran@tidaholm.se www.tidaholm.se/turist

Tidaholm has many beautiful hiking trails. The Pilgrim Trail between Hjo and Kungslena offers hiking through a varied cultural landscape. It takes you from the idyllic small town of Hjo on the shore of Lake Vättern, over the barren Hökensås Ridge, through forests and open plains, and up to the small medieval village of Kungslena at the foot of Mount Varvsberget. Hökensås is a piece of wilderness of great nature value, deep forests, and soothing tranquillity. Hökensås Nature Reserve has lovely hiking trails and

Vandring i Grimmestorp.


Balance on giant matches at Konsthallen on Turbinhusön.

largest match factory around the turn of the last century, as well as the story of the mill and the car manufacturing. In the old premises of the match factory lies the lithographic workshop, which bears witness to the creativity that has thrived here for hundreds of years. Turbinhusön is an idyllic island near the shore with a well-preserved cultural environment. Enjoy a coffee in a 19th century setting, on the outdoor terrace beautifully positioned by the rippling waters of the River Tidan. Be sure to also visit the art gallery, the blacksmith homes, and the culture house. Here you will find exhibitions, crafts, and a shop. Kungslena Church is a well-known medieval church located 12 kilometres outside central Tidaholm. The three-tower church has an exciting history and is well worth a visit. MTB-cycling at Helliden Castle.

Do the kids’ Tidaholm Kids must be allowed to be kids, so obviously, there is plenty of space and activities for the young ones in Tidaholm. In the spring of 2021, our brand-new play paradise on Vulcanön Island is scheduled to open. The iconic Children’s House has found a new home in the building that also houses the Tidaholm Museum. Playing is central here, and kids are invited to explore different rooms in the thematically constructed environment.

Feel free to buy something from the shop, create your work in the crafts factory, and discover the theatre. Another exciting adventure for kids is family fishing. An excursion to the Hökensås fishing lakes is great for both beginners and experienced fishing enthusiasts. Guided family fishing on Hökensås Ridge is organised every Tuesday and Thursday during summer. End the day with a refreshing evening swim at one of the lovely swim areas.

Bathing in Lilla Havssjön, Hökensås.

ors ambassad t is r u o t e Th

Berry Pär is here! Namn: Pär Bergqvist Age: 53 Lives: In the small village of Gälleberg at the foot of Hökensås Ridge Family: Cohabitant Veronica and their son Vilgot, 3 1/2 years Works: Runs the company Pär bär, and works in healthcare as a physiotherapist Pär went along berry-picking even at an early age. His interest grew, and he still tries to get out into the forest whenever he finds the time. He ended up in Tidaholm because of his job as a physiotherapist, but he grew up by Lake Hornborgasjön. Pär moved to Hökensås 14 years and describes it as a real berry paradise. He picks mainly blueberries, lingonberries, various fungi, and wild raspberries. July to October is picking time, and he spends the rest of the year selling the goodies at various markets and in his farm shop. Berry picking has been a hobby for almost 30 years. Pär has spent lots of time in the northern province of Norrland, learning to pick cloudberries. That the landscape in Norrland is close to his heart is easy to see, as is his love for the areas in and around Hökensås. He describes berry picking as something almost meditative and the experience of stunning sunrises in the morning, the close contact with wild animals, and the ability to just be as a lifestyle. – Take your time when you're out picking, he says. Last year was a great berry year, and many berry pickers were out in general. Pär has a network of berry pickers, and they all help sell each other's berries once they run out of their own. Cloudberries are the most fun to pick, but mostly because of the wonderful environment. Within a closer range, lingonberries top the list, or when you find a really great raspberry spot. He has already introduced his son Vilgot to the world of berry picking, hoping he will be the next generation of berry pickers. At the end of September, the popular “Matrallyt” (“Food Rally”) is held in Tidaholm. It's a way of connecting local producers with local consumers. Pär also recommends the summer café and Sunday quiz walks that are organised in the small village of Gälleberg. – And don't miss the lakes and Falk's Grave up on Hökensås Ridge, he concludes.

Hökensås Sportfiske AB – Sweden’s leading sport fishing company – since 1957

• Lake fishing • River fishing • Rental lakes • Store • Guiding • Courses • Business events • Accommodation/ camping

www.hokensas.se fiska@hokensas.se +46 502 230 0502-230 00 00




2021 Highlights

Eating ice cream is a must when you visit Hjo. This one is enjoyed at Moster Elins in Hjo Harbour. Photo Jesper Anhede.

Vacation in Hjo – the wooden town by Lake Vättern Do you plan on discovering more of Sweden this summer? Then let us give you tips on 9 things to experience in Hjo, the little wooden town on the western shore of Lake Vättern.

1. Hjoån River Valley – a nature reserve in the middle of town Hjoån River Valley is a town centre oasis offering wonderful nature experiences all year round. Follow the nature trail along the river, from the harbour area all the way up to the small Lake Mullsjön just west of Hjo. On your way, you can stop for a snack at Stampens Kvarn, or bring your own picnic to enjoy “al fresco”.

2. Refreshing swim In Hjo, a swim in the lake is always within easy reach, and on hot summer days, there's nothing better than a dip or two in the cool waters. Visit Guldkroksbadet, in Hjo Harbour, a free outdoor facility with heated pools for both young and old. Sandstranden Beach by Lake Vättern has beautiful old beach huts that you can rent for the day. Other central swim areas include the south pier in the harbour with convenient steps into the water, or the jetties on the beach promenade south of the town square. If you want shallow waters, Lake Mullsjön is the place to go.

3. Discover Swedish design in the Estrid Ericson exhibition

Kulturkvarteret's exhobition on Estrid Ericson and Firma Svenskt Tenn is free and open all year round. Photo: Jesper Anhede

Hjo hosts numerous events every year, anything from a crafts fair, accordion meet, art tour, steamboat tours, and a health week to this year's news: Almnäs Gourmetlopp Race and Slåtterdag (Mowing Day). However, due to COVID-19, 2021 may turn out to be yet another year when many events need to be postponed or cancelled. For up-to-date information about our highlights, please visit www.visithjo.se or scan the QR code to get directly to the website:

Founder of Firma Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson is one of our design icons of the 20th century. She grew up here in Hjo but moved to Stockholm in 1924, at the age of 30, to use her inheritance from her father to create what has now become an internationally recognised interior design brand. The reopening of an exhibition about Estrid Ericson and Firma Svenskt Tenn is scheduled for 2021. Several new objects will be displayed. Admission is free.



VISIT HJO, Hjo Tourist information Bangatan 1B, 544 30 Hjo Tel 0503-352 55 visithjo@hjo.se www.visithjo.se Follow Visit Hjo on Facebook and Instagram #ilovehjo


4. The cold gold is spelled “ICE CREAM”

7. SUPing and kayaking on Lake Vättern

On warm summer days, we all want that cold gold – ice cream! Here in Hjo, we are fortunate enough to have three ice cream parlours to choose from. Moster Elins Glass in the harbour has more than 40 different flavours on the menu and is pure heaven for those who want loads of ice cream. By Hjoån River, you will find Gula Paviljongen, which makes its own ice cream and wafers. Hjo's third place is the ice cream producer Österhagen. You can buy their ice cream in the deli shop Gusto Classico, located on Hamngatan.

Experience Hjo from the seaside. This summer, you can rent kayaks and SUPs via the restaurant Biergarten. An incredible way to experience Lake Vättern.

5. Sightseeing with the Lok-Hjo-Motive

9. Steamboat tour on Lake Vättern

If you want to experience Hjo comfortably seated, we recommend you hop aboard the Lok-Hjo-Motivet Train. During the 20-minute ride, you get tips on where to shop and eat, you see the award-winning wooden town and the city park, the historic environment of Hantverksgatan, and the harbour area. Sightseeing made easy!


8. Bison safari We suggest a visit to the Bison Farm, where you can expect a unique and exciting nature experience. On your bison safari, you see the animals up close and can get to know Bamse and his friends. A popular adventure for young and old alike. Enjoy the water at one of Hjo’s many swim areas. Photo: Jesper Anhede

Join the steamer Trafik on a trip on Lake Vättern. Trafik was built in 1892 and is one of Sweden's best-preserved steamboats. During the summer months, it can take you to Visingsö Island, Vadstena, and Hästholmen. You can also take shorter day cruises or evening jazz tours. We wish you a pleasant trip and a lovely experience on Lake Vättern.

6. History of Hjo – on your own or with a guide You can easily experience the history of Hjo on your own, by scanning our QR codes on buildings around the wooden town. You can also take a guided tour. During the tour, you get to hear about monks stepping ashore, devastating fires, steamboats, travelling merchants, cattle paths, and outbuildings. An exciting journey into the history of the idyllic small town. The guided tours are offered in summer, several days a week, and can be booked via Hjo Tourism Office.

Take the Lok-Hjo-Motive on a sightseeing through Hjo. Photo: Jesper Anhede

Take your own guided tour through the wooden town. Photo: Jesper Anhede

ors ambassad t is r u o t e Th

Röda Stallet Bed & Breakfast Nice accommodation just south of Hjo 300 m from the lake Vättern. 11 rooms with shower / wc and direct exit to the patio.

Bison are their passion! Name: Simon Alphaus and Jenny Johansson Age: 33 and 34 Live: On the Mobolet Farm south of Hjo Family: Many animals. 200 of them. Bison, Highland cattle, Shetland Ponies, and small animals Works: They both work full-time with the Bison Farm. Excursion tips in the immediate area: The Hökensås forest has wonderful nature and fishing lakes. Lake Vättern is only four kilometres away. Jenny and Simon, who run the Bison Farm in Gate, found each other at the pub in Hjo. They both love a nimals. Bison are definitely their favourite. – They still have the wild in them; they're moody and fast. They’re a bit more challenging to deal with, and you must go easy on them, they say enthusiastically. It was Simon's grandfather and Simon who started breeding bison. – He was interested in animals and had seen bison in the United States. Many people of grandpa's generation grew up reading books about Native Americans. It was probably somewhat of a cowboy dream that came true, Simon says. So, they started out breeding bison and regular cows. Since then, the tourism aspect has grown significantly. Visitors come to the farm to go on bison safari. Last summer was a record year. They did 13 safari tours a day! – We go out into the pasture and meet, feed, and talk about the bison. Adults are particularly interested. The kids really enjoy riding the tractor or truck. It's hilly, so it’s kind of like a roller coaster. You can also rent all-terrain vehicles and ride in the forest, Simon explains. New this year is a service building for the RV park. The RV park has been nominated to one of Sweden's top five. If you ask Jenny and Simon, they believe the popularity is due to the fact that people enjoy living the farm life, with beautiful views and the bison walking around. – We also have a Saloon and a restaurant. Everyone wants the Bison Burger! In the Farm Shop, you can buy meats and various souvenirs. We will try to serve waffles this summer, although you are more than welcome to come for just an ice cream, Jenny and Simon says invitingly.

Röda Stallet B & B, Spakås, SE-544 94 Hjo Phone: +46 503 121 12 Mobile: +46 702 05 86 60 Email: rodastallet@gmail.com

Bisonfarmen i Gate 18 km south of the city of Hjo

Experience the farm & all the animals. Bison safari - Restaurant Farm shop -RV camping






2021 Highlights Checklist for your visit to Karlsborg: ✔ Discover the adventure at Karlsborg Fortress – take the guided tour! ✔ Visit one of our lovely sandy beaches and take a dip in Lake Vättern. ✔ Jump from the cliffs at Djäknesundet. ✔ Watch the beautiful boats move through Göta Canal’s oldest lock in Forsvik. ✔ Rent a canoe/SUP and paddle in Lake Bottensjön. ✔ Enjoy a snack in an industrial setting in Forsvik. ✔ Visit one of our 13 beautiful nature reserves. ✔ Book a fishing guide and try your luck fishing in Lake Vättern. ✔ Play miniature golf and enjoy an ice cream right by Göta Canal. ✔ Walk around the ”Karlsborg Jetty” with restaurants, night life, and nice spots to just hang out. ✔ Go hiking on one of our 26 hiking trails. ✔ Visit the ancient forest in Tiveden National Park. Watch out for the trolls! ✔ Golf in beautiful surroundings at Brevikens Golf.

For up-to-date information on all events, please visit:

www.visitkarlsborg.se TOURIST


Visit Karlsborg AB Storgatan 65 (by Göta Canal) Tel 0505-173 50 info@karlsborg.se www.visitkarlsborg.se

Photo: Three Piece

The golden town of Karlsborg, shining on the shores of Lake Vättern! “Of all the favourites in my summer basket, I pick Karlsborg”, a visitor said last summer. And that’s easy to understand, since Karlsborg has just about everything – whether you’re in search of life’s pleasures or life’s adventures. Long beaches, delicious food, relaxing boat rides, paddling, horseback riding, a high-altitude course, and hiking are just a few examples of what Karlsborg has to offer.

Ombo Islands and Göta Canal

Karlsborg Fortress

For water enthusiasts, Karlsborg is a paradise. In fact, it's difficult not to be close to the water here. Among Lake Vättern’s great offerings are the wonderful archipelago of Ombo Islands, Göta Canal with its fishing and boating, and the quiet little lakes in Tiveden that provide tranquillity amidst the wilderness. With its mill and Göta Canal's oldest lock, Forsvik offers plenty of exciting history.

Inside the impressive walls of Karlsborg Fortress, an adventure awaits all visitors, regardless of age. During the action-packed guided adventure tour for the whole family, you will learn more about the captivating history of the fortress. Construction of the mighty fortress began in 1819 on the peninsula Vanäs Udde in Lake Vättern. The location hadbeen proposed by the initiator of the Göta Canal project, General and Vice Admiral Baltzar von Platen. The idea was to move the government, the Riksdag, the royal family, as well as the central bank gold reserve here in the event of war. During the Second World War, 140 tonnes of gold were kept in the fortress. Even during modern times, the gold reserve has been housed in one of the fortress’ cellars. Today, Karlsborg Fortress is one of Sweden’s largest and best-preserved fortresses, with its own museum, guided tours, exciting activities, shops, and restaurants.



Tiveden is Sweden’s nearest wilderness

Photo: Visit Karlsborg

Tiveden National Park spans across 20 km² of untouched forest interspersed by lakes, caves, and large boulders. The forest here has been deliberately preserved in a way that is rare in Sweden these days. In Tiveden, magical wilderness and magnificent nature await. And so do incredible opportunities for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, paddling, fishing, or venturing out on the high-altitude course. Perfect regardless of whether you're an experienced outdoors enthusiast or want to try real outdoor life for the first time!

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Forsvik An idyllic village with picturesque mill buildings. Göta Canal's oldest single lock can be found here. Enjoy the glittering water, the smell of coffee from the cafés, the local selection of the small shops, or a tasty ice cream while watching the boats move through the lock. Built in 1813 and with a drop of 3.5 metres, the lock is not only Göta Canal’s oldest but also the tallest. The industrial history of Forsvik Mill is incredible! This is where the Swedish engineer Jan Ericsson once invented the propeller. There are still ongoing activities at the mill. At Bruksmuséet, you can trace the history of the mill from its very first steps all the way to the present. Together, all this makes for a true gem with authentic charm! We invite you to experience the Golden Town of Karlsborg – the town with something for everyone!

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bassadors m a t is r u o The t

Always close to water! Name: Lotta Hederstedt Age: 46

Karlsborgs soldathem celebrates 100 years this year since it was completed in 1921 at Karlsborg Fortress. The house came to be called ”Queen Victoria’s Soldier Home at Karlsborg” after our Swedish queen during that time.

Lives: In Karlsborg

We welcome both military and civilian customers to our café. We are open every day during the period May-August, except for the midsummer weekend.

Works: CEO of the company that runs Hotell Rödesund, and operations manager together with her sister Malin

Welcome to us at Karlsborgs Soldathem, beautifully situated next to the square at Karlsborg Fortress!

Family: Partner, two kids, and a dog

Excursion tips in the immediate area: Walk up to the fortress. Take a walk to the peninsula Vanäs Udde and the Vanäs Lighthouse, regardless of season. Many are those who can testify to the fact that the pandemic has allowed us to think new. One of them is Lotta Hederstedt, who runs Hotell Rödesund in Karlsborg.

– We took over the hotel in November 2020 and have poured our hearts and souls into renovating and giving the old building some love and affection. The building is from 1938, and we expect the 25 rooms to be ready in the spring. This is meant to be a small, intimate hotel. Hostesship is truly the most important thing for us! We want it to be clean, with a wonderful atmosphere and comfortable beds. The pandemic will change the world, but we are creative and full of ideas, and we have a great deal of courage, Lotta says calmly. Lotta is from Stockholm and never intended to stay, but after having spent her parental leave in Karlsborg, she changed her mind. – There is a different calm and closeness to nature here. You are always close to the water and can easily go swimming. Karlsborg is located between two lakes, and we also have the canal. There is Brevik, with a long sandy beach called Hammarn, and the quaint village of Forsvik, Lotta says. As a Karlsborg local, she wants to ensure that what they do is good for Karlsborg. It's important to attract tourists – and to make sure they want to come back. She goes on saying that she tries to network with other stakeholders in Karlsborg.

– This summer, we will offer package stays with bike rides and excursions to Tiveden. There are also plenty of things happening around the canal, like SUP and canoe rentals. We want to collaborate with existing entrepreneurs. We expect a lot of staycationing this summer and will offer “safe stays” here at the hotel. And maybe we’ll even offer a picnic basket for your excursion, Lotta says. There is certainly no shortage of ideas here at Hotell Rödesund.

With Med a fantastic ett fantastiskt location lägeini the hjärtat heart av of Karlsborg Karlsborg between mellanVättern Vättern and och Bottensjön, Bottensjön, just baraaett stone’s stenkast throw from från Göta Canal Kanal and och en a short kortare walk promenad to Karlsborg till Karlsborgs Fortress, Fästning, you will find hittar ourninewly vårt nyöppnade opened andoch personal personliga hotel. hotell. TheHotellet hotel has har2525newly nyrenoverade renovated hotel hotellrum roomsoch andöppnade opened February 1 februari1,2021. 2021.

Storgatan 41, Karlsborg 0505-61010 · www.hotellrodesund.se







BRUK Industrial history in beautiful surroundings.

Welcome to one of Sweden’s oldest industrial sites. Historic buildnings and exiting exhibitions in an environment that allows plenty of space. For opening hours, activities and information:

forsviksbruk.se | 010– 441 43 65

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You will find yet more interesting reading and suggestions for destinations at www.runtvattern.se

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Forsviks bruk is a part of Region Västra Götaland. vgr.se/kulturutveckling



KARLSBORGS FORTRESS Maximize your vacation! Book your adventure at visitkarlsborg.se









Camping pitches round Vättern New camping pitches for motor caravans are being introduced in line with the very strong increase in interest in motor caravans and motorhomes. We don't claim that we can give a complete list of camping pitches round Vättern, but below we have a summary of what we have been able to find in catalogues and on various websites. We decided to limit ourselves to camping pitches which offer firstly, electricity and secondly also water, disposal facilities, showers and WC. Abbreviations used in the list SP: Ställplats [camping pitch] C: Camping with room for motorhomes RP: Halting place

KARLSBORG / TIVEDEN / WESTERN GÖTA CANAL Breviks Camping & Ställplats, Karlsborg Camp Skagern, Finnerödja Camping Tiveden, Tived Carlsborgs Segelsällskap, Karlsborg Forsviks sluss, Göta kanal, Forsvik Hajstorps Slusscafé & Vandrarhem, Töreboda Jonsboda Café & Camping, Töreboda Karlsborgs Camping, Karlsborg Lyrestad Gästhamn Göta kanal, Lyrestad Norrqvarn Hotell och Konferens, Lyrestad Revelbadets Camping, Laxå Stenkällegårdens Camping Tiveden, Karlsborg Strömsnäs Naturcamping, Forsvik

HJO Bisonfarmen i Gate Stellplatz, Hjo Hjo Camping, Hjo Hökensås Golfklubb, Hjo Stampens kvarn Stellplatz, Hjo

HABO / MULLSJÖ / TIDAHOLM Habo Camping & Stugby, Habo Ryfors Golfklubb, Mullsjö Camp Fjället ,Tidaholm Hökensås Camping & Stugby, Tidaholm Kyrkekvarn Sörgården, Sandhem Ljungbacken, Tidaholm Mullsjö Camping, Mullsjö Tidaholms Camping, Tidaholm Kohagens badplats, Sandhem

ASKERSUND Askersunds Citycamp & Gästhamn, Askersund Askersunds Ställplats Marinan, Askersund Aspa Båtklubb, Ställplats & Gästhamn, Olshammar Lönns Kurva, Zinkgruvan Askersunds Golfklubb, Åmmeberg Harge Bad & Camping, Hammar Husabergsuddes Camping, Askersunds Kommun Mariedamms Ställplats, Mariedamm Stora Hammarsundet, Trafikverkets Rastplats Tivedsporten Eco Camp, Askersund



MOTALA Borenshults slussområde, Motala SP DHR Motala, Vättersol Stugor och Camping, Motala C Furulid, Motala C Kaffeteriet vid Göta kanal, Borensberg SP Mallbodens Cafe och vandrarhem/ Motala Verkstad, Motala SP Småängens Camping, Tjällmo C STF Vandrarhem Glasbruket, Borensberg SP Strandbadets Camping, Borensberg C SP Södra Hamnen, Motala C Z-Parkens Camping, Motala

MJÖLBY / SKÄNNINGE Gripenbergs Gårdsbutik, Skänninge SP Väderkvarnsbacken, Skänninge SP Skogssjöbadens Camping, Mjölby C Östad golf, Väderstad SP Rastplats Albacken, Mjölby SP


VADSTENA Vadstena Camping, Vadstena C Vadstena Gästhamn och Ställplats, Vadstena SP Vadstena Golfklubb SP

ÖDESHÖG Hästholmen Västergårds Ställplats SP Röks lanthandel, Rök Hejla SP Naturum, Tåkern SP Östgötaporten, Trafikverkets rastplats RP, SP

C SP C C SP SP C C SP JÖNKÖPING / HUSKVARNA Axamostrand Camping, Jönköping C Hyltena Nattcamp/Quickstop, Jönköping SP Lovsjöbadens Camping, Jönköping C Skinnarebo Hobby Caravan Golf, Jönköping SP Villa Björkhagen, Jönköping C RC Hotel, Jönköping SP

The number of pitches with service in the form of electricity, shower, WC, water and taps only increases and increases. The Stampens Kvarn Stellplatz is located along road 195 about 1.5 km outside Hjo. The Stampens Kvarn is a mill from the 17th century that has served as a restaurant and banquet hall for over ten years now.

GRÄNNA / VISINGSÖ Bauergården Gästgiveri & Konferens SP Getingaryds Familjecamping Gränna C Grenna Hamn Gränna SP Grännastrandens Familjecamping Gränna C Gyllene Uttern, Trafikverkets Rastplats RP, SP Svensgården, Visingsö SP Visingsö Ställplats SP C Camping Vättersmålen, Gränna Visingsö natur ställplats SP Näs ställplats, Visingsö SP

In Forsvik motorhomes are drawn to the pitch beneath the Göta Canal's oldest lock.



With the camp site as a base, you have experiences for a whole week within reach of one of the largest tourist regions.


Phone +46 143 127 30 info@vadstenacamping.se www.vadstenacamping.se

Train trips

Cosy pub


Mini golf

Choo-choo train ”Rödingen”. Children’s stages at the camp. Trips to Vadstena for city walks and visits to the Toy Museum. Shopping and evening tours.

Pub with à la carte menu. Full rights. Large screen TV. Open: 18:00 to 23:00. Please try our self-caught crayfish.

Service shop with long opening hours where we bake bread every morning.

Challenge your friends in miniature golf. Our beautiful new 9-hole course is located right next to the beach and restaurant.

H NEW FOR THIS YEAR H This year’s news includes a paddle track, cable car and pump track. We have also continued to build new cottages with high standard and renovated our oldest service house. The restaurant, whose outdoor seating we glazed in last year, has this year been expanded with a boardwalk along the water’s edge. Something happens almost every night in July in the restaurant – quizzes, live music, troubadours, etc. Welcome to a wonderful stay at Vadstena Camping!

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