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Runnion Equipment Our Family Business

In 1975, Earle and Dorothy Runnion established Runnion Equipment Company to sell, service, and rent truck mounted cranes. The first crane sold by Runnion Equipment Company was a 1963 National Crane boom truck, which also happened to be the second crane ever manufactured by National. This same crane is now on display at the company and remains fully functional. Today, under the guidance of Patrick Runnion and his management team, the company’s primary market includes Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. A strong nationwide presence is maintained, however, with frequent equipment transactions across North America and occasionally overseas. Don’t be surprised to see the Runnion logo proudly displayed on cranes working in Alaska, Hawaii, the British West Indies, or anywhere in between! National Crane is and always has been our flagship brand and our product knowledge is deep. We make it a point to meet the stringent standards required to be named a National Crane Elite Dealer each year. As past president and an active member of the National Crane Dealer Council, Pat Runnion can assure that customer feedback is presented to the highest levels of management within the Manitowoc organization. Over the years we have added to our product line. Our experience with articulating cranes, represented by Palfinger, has grown exponentially as each year the number of Palfinger Knucklebooms 2

delivered by our sales team has increased to meet demand. Elliott HiReach work platforms, Dur-A-Lift bucket trucks and Stellar service cranes give Runnion Equipment Company a stable of world class products that allow us to maintain our leadership position in the Midwest and beyond. Product Support in the form of service and parts is crucial to our success. A customer’s return on investment when purchasing equipment depends on that equipment being in the field, up and running. Our investment in our people, training, tools, and our new modern facility clearly demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with a first-class service experience. This brochure provides a snapshot of what we can provide to our customers in order to get the most from their lifting equipment. We are always ready to ask, “Do you need a lift?” and then deliver!

Trained Technicians When you need them ■ Factory trained union technicians for all services ■ P eriodic refresher courses completed for state-of-the-art knowledge and skills assessment ■ Downtime minimized with timely and accurate diagnostics ■ Certified welders

Factory Training

Because of our commitment to constant training, Runnion Equipment Company maintains an “Elite Dealer” status with our manufacturers. Our Service Department is staffed with factory trained and certified union technicians who diagnose and repair your cranes quickly and correctly—on time and in budget.

Technological Advancements

Our specialized technician’s toolkit includes a laptop computer and a smart phone. They keep abreast of innovations by attending courses and participating in online training on the technological advancements manufactured into today’s cranes and boom trucks, such as computerized monitoring, “smart” operational aids, radio remote control and plug in diagnostics. Equipment inspections are now done on handheld devices and our mobile repair units are equipped with tools and diagnostic aids to handle fast, on site repairs and emergency services.

Classroom and On-the-Job

Runnion combines classroom training with on-the-job experience for a thorough understanding of crane

maintenance and repair. Safety regulations and procedures are emphasized throughout the training process. Technician training includes preventive maintenance inspections, tests, troubleshooting techniques, welding certification, and repair procedures. There are also component courses, which provide more in depth information for specialized technicians. As diagnostic equipment becomes more and more sophisticated, training is critical to maintain cranes properly and optimize operating time.

Safety First

Safety is a part of our everyday business at Runnion Equipment. All of our technicians are required to undergo regular safety meetings and toolbox talks to stay current on safety standards and OSHA requirements. Unsafe practices are not tolerated in our shop. You get peace of mind knowing that our technicians are professionals when they are on your jobsite.




Field Service

■ OSHA and ANSI inspections at YOUR location ■ Scheduled maintenance at YOUR location ■ E mergency repairs to get you back in operation

■ F actory trained technicians with fully equipped service trucks ■ C rane recovery specialists to minimize damage and prep your unit for towing

On-Site Services—OSHA and ANSI Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs

Runnion Equipment Company maintains a fleet of service trucks equipped to handle complete inspections, maintenance, hydraulic hose replacement, and most repairs in the field. If your equipment requires more significant attention, we can prepare your machine for transport back to our shop to minimize further damage.

Scheduled Maintenance On-Site

Our factory trained technicians can be dispatched to your jobsite or yard as needed, or we can schedule a technician to come out on a routine basis in order to perform required maintenance and inspections. We can work with you to schedule maintenance and inspection procedures during your downtime in order to optimize your equipment productivity.




Most parts are available within 24 hours

■ If it’s not in stock, we can locate it quickly ■ Wide selection of hydraulic hoses, fittings and fluids ■ Rebuilt and used crane parts available ■ Sources for older, out of production crane parts We are your source for composite outrigger pads—all sizes

Quick Turnaround

Runnion Equipment Company maintains an extensive parts inventory to support the telescoping and articulating equipment that we sell, as well as aftermarket and generic, non-critical parts, to help you control costs. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it. Our reputation depends on our ability to locate parts quickly.

24-Hour Parts Delivery

Our manufacturers provide 24-hour emergency shipping on critical parts to minimize downtime when your equipment is in for repairs. National Crane in particular specializes in next day delivery emergency service from their state-of-the-art logistics center in Louisville, Kentucky when a customer’s crane is down.

Parts Training

Just like our technicians, each member of our Parts Department undergoes training and testing through our manufacturers and professional associations, which provides them with the methods and materials to locate the parts you need quickly. For reference, the Parts Department maintains a robust schematic and crane manual library for many makes and models and has access to many more resources online.


We are the place to get your outrigger pads. In addition, we stock a wide selection of lifting gear, including straps, chains, hooks, and blocks. If you need to replace safety harnesses and lanyards, we have those available, as well as truck sized fire extinguishers, safety triangle sets and emergency flashers and beacons.

All Brands, All Models

We can help you with your parts needs for older, out of production or off-market cranes. Our inventory includes a variety of OEM parts, as well as rebuilt and quality used crane parts. In addition, we maintain contacts across the country to help us locate hard-to-find items quickly.


Don’t let a leaky hose stop you. We stock a wide variety of hoses, fittings and fluids to keep your crane running. We make custom hoses while you wait—stop by our Parts Counter. If you prefer, you can drop off or ship your old hose to us, and we will send you a replacement in return.

Email or Fax Your Order

Let us know what you need by calling, emailing or faxing your order. You can pick up your parts at our location or we can ship them directly to you. Call us at 800-824-6704 Fax us at 708-447-3730 Email us at


Preventive Maintenance Whatever form of boom truck you own; telescoping, articulated, bucket truck, aerial basket, service truck, etc., due to the function and responsibility of lifting people in the air and lifting loads over property, the safety risk is substantial in regards to this type of equipment. Performing routine maintenance on your equipment will minimize your risk and avoid unplanned downtime as well as unexpected breakdowns and injuries. It will also maximize your earning potential by keeping that equipment in the field working. Runnion Equipment Company will design a preventive maintenance program for your lift equipment that follows manufacturers recommendations, the same regimen the company uses for its own rental fleet and the one recommended by OSHA and ANSI. We can verify service hours periodically to assure that

■ Factory trained technicians ■ Documented maintenance for warranty assurance ■ Any brand, any model ■ On-site or in our shop we perform maintenance activities to meet warranty coverage requirements and we can help you choose and document routine maintenance items that can be performed in your shop by your own people.

Factory Trained Technicians

All services are completed by our technicians who have received extensive factory training on equipment repair, including diagnostics, maintenance, safety features, and operating characteristics.

Comprehensive Crane Inspection

The first step to preventive maintenance is a thorough inspection of your equipment. It is important to spot potential problems before they require more extensive and expensive repairs and cause lost production time. Runnion Equipment can perform an extensive visual, physical and operational examination of your equipment to include: all filters and critical fasteners and mounting hardware, hoist and lifting accessories, wire rope, turntable, boom and jib, all major drive components and all hydraulic components. All inspections and preventive maintenance procedures are performed by our factory trained, certified technicians and will be documented for warranty assurance. If repairs are needed, Runnion Equipment will provide a detailed estimate, including a recommended time frame, so you can budget and plan machine downtime.


Crane & Bucket Truck Inspections Meet OSHA / ANSI annual inspection requirements with a Runnion inspection. ■ F actory trained technicians qualified to inspect your equipment ■ Visual and operational “hands on” inspection ■ D one in our shop or at your location ■ F ull detailed report and estimate ■ Variety of plans and options available


Boom Truck Inspection Requirements

All lifting equipment is subject to regular periodic inspections with an emphasis on an annual inspection (as detailed in OSHA and ANSI regulations) by a qualified person who has thorough knowledge of government standards and manufacturers' requirements. In addition, the owner of the machinery must maintain a record of the dates and results of these inspections and any deficiencies noted during the annual inspection must be corrected before the unit is put back into operation. Contractors, developers, architects, property owners and safety managers are well aware of these requirements and expect lifting equipment on their jobsites to comply. Jobsites with special insurance requirements or government funding may have stricter requirements. Runnion Equipment factory trained and certified technicians have over 30 years of experience inspecting mobile cranes, aerial lifts, bucket trucks and service cranes under OSHA and ANSI guidelines

Comprehensive Inspection Services

Our Premier Annual OSHA or ANSI Inspection Service is detailed, comprehensive and complete. We perform a full hands-on, covers off operational review of your equipment. We inspect the hydraulic oil and wire rope, torque critical mounting hardware, check and service the pump/PTO splines and then we completely lube the machine—one free return oil filter is included. Finally, the equipment is run through full operational cycles by the inspector.

Visual Condition Inspection

This is a two hour visual and operational “clipboard” inspection of your equipment. Customers receive a full report with a summary of recommendations and an annual inspection sticker for their machine. No repairs or services are provided. This inspection will give you a heads-up on the general condition of the unit.

Truck Dot Inspections

In order to save you time, Runnion Equipment technicians are qualified to perform annual DOT Vehicle Inspections on your truck chassis while your equipment is in for inspection or repair.

Dielectric Inspections

If you have an insulated unit, Runnion Equipment can provide a dielectric test while your unit is in for an ANSI or OSHA inspection.

Mobile Inspections

Runnion Equipment can schedule a mobile inspection at your facility to save you time. We can transport your unit to our shop in order to complete any necessary repairs better done at Runnion.

First Year OSHA/ANSI Certification

When you purchase your equipment from Runnion, the first year OSHA/ANSI certification is included to keep it in compliance for the initial year of ownership. There is no charge for this service.

Customers receive a detailed cost estimate and briefing of repairs REQUIRED by OSHA/ANSI as well as factory and Runnion suggested maintenance items and repairs—we point out repairs that the customer can handle on their own. Once repairs are complete, we issue an inspection report and affix our inspection sticker to the machine.


Rail Services Keep your rail equipment on track

■ OSHA/ANSI Inspections ■ HARSCO Hy-Rail repairs and parts ■ R epairs, alignment, adjustments, and maintenance on rail gear ■ Factory trained technicians

Comply with annual inspection requirements Runnion Equipment has many years of experience with railroad inspection and repair equipment. Our union technicians are factory trained to work on products unique to the railroad industry. We are particularly proud to be a Preferred Repair Facility for major fleet management services such as ARI, Element, Emkay, Enterprise and Penske. Our staff works closely with these companies to schedule your services as required. Whether you need attention to the crane, rail gear or the truck itself, we are a one stop shop for Chicago’s railroad community.

FRA Annual Hi-Rail Safety Inspection

The Federal Railroad Administration requires all Hi-Rail equipment to undergo an annual safety inspection. Following the FRA 214.523 guidelines, our factory trained technicians perform the following services: • Inspect Hi-Rail assemblies for loose or missing parts • Inspect guide wheels wear per the manufacturer’s limits • Inspect tram and alignment • Inspect guide wheel wear • Repack hub bearings • Check guide wheel gauge to be within limits • Verify that backup or change of direction alarm is installed and working • Check that a working warning light or beacon is installed on the outside of vehicle • Annual inspection report to keep in the vehicle. 8

Truck Maintenance

When your rail equipment is in for service, Runnion Equipment can address truck concerns as well. • Factory recommended PM services • Brake jobs • Clutch adjustments • DOT inspections and repairs • Full air conditioning repairs and maintenance • Pintle hitches serviced and installed • Safety warning lights and alarms • Window tinting and replacement • Upholstery repairs

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA/ANSI) Annual Inspection For Your Lifting Equipment Includes: • Hands on operational inspection • Check torque (capabilities of 1,600 ft/lb) • Apply lubricants to boom and outriggers • PTO pump and spline inspection • Inspection sticker • Suggested proactive maintenance • Annual documentation of inspections

Documentation of certification is required on the vehicle Documentation forms include an inspection report and a sticker or decal

Fleet Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Programs cover all the cranes in your fleet ■ I ncludes fixed prices for preventive maintenance to help you budget costs ■ R educes the need to stock parts at your location so you lower carrying costs ■ Assures that warranty items are addressed ■ S cheduled annual inspection

Convenient Service

Runnion Equipment will work with your team to develop a Fleet Maintenance Program that meets your needs. We’ll arrange to service your equipment where and when it is most convenient for you. Our service trucks can be dispatched to your location during off hours or we can arrange to transport your units to our shop. The goal is to work around your schedule to make sure your fleet is working for you.

On Time Maintenance

All maintenance procedures outlined in your owner’s manuals are completed on time. Annual inspections are scheduled with plenty of time to avoid expiration of your OSHA or ANSI sticker.

OEM Parts

Replacement parts are of the same quality that the factory built into your machine.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Factory trained technicians perform all services, so we get it right the first time.


Insurance Services Runnion Equipment’s insurance services minimize your costs and headaches ■ Recover your crane at the accident scene ■ Inspect the crane ■ Provide an estimate for repairs ■ Help get your crane back in operation quickly If your crane is damaged in an accident, we can offer you our Insurance Service to minimize your costs and headaches. Dealing directly with your insurance agency, we will recover your crane to prevent additional damage, inspect it at our shop and provide you and your agent with a complete estimate of repairs. We have the knowledge and experience to rebuild your crane completely, if necessary.

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians have the equipment and knowledge to minimize additional damage to the unit during the recovery process. They assess and photograph the accident site, close up the unit and prepare it for self-transport or tow it to our yard where a thorough inspection is made, and a detailed repair estimate is prepared. In recovery situations, our technicians file a full Accident Report to include conditions surrounding the accident site and the activities going on prior to the accident, which may be helpful in future liability investigations.

Repair Estimates

With our repair estimate, insurance adjusters can better understand the damage sustained by the unit. This process can save time and minimize surprises in the form of additional repairs and requests for additional funds. We make every effort to minimize your costs. Our experience gives us the option of suggesting repairs or rebuilding, rather than replacing components in certain situations. Our repair estimate will include repairs to the truck chassis, if required.

OSHA Crane Recertification

Our estimate includes details for the repairs needed to bring your crane into OSHA 1926.1412 compliance, including a stability test in order to recertify your crane including a stability test if necessary. 10

Informational Seminars & Classes Runnion Equipment offers classes and seminars to help you get the most out of your boom truck. ■ Crane operator safety class at our facility ■ Maintenance seminars ■ Operator familiarization with new crane ■ NCCCO Crane Operator Certification class ■ Custom seminars at your location or ours

Operator Safety Class

With any crane purchased from Runnion, you receive one free admission to our Boom Truck Operators safety class. Runnion and Chicago Safety Council instructors get your operators working safely with cap charts, lifting gear, and more. Some customers attend this class as part of their loss control program. We hold the class bi-annually at our facility or if you have a number of operators, we can schedule this class to be held at your location as well. ADVANTAGE

Maintenance Seminars

As demand requires, we hold maintenance seminars at our facility in Hodgkins, Illinois. Over coffee and doughnuts, our factory trained and certified mechanics share some of the tricks of the trade that we have learned over the last 40 + years. Daily maintenance, daily inspections, what to look at, what to look for and how to listen to your crane in order to determine when it is time to call the professionals! A “handson” experience.

Operator Familiarization

If you buy a new crane or a fleet of cranes from Runnion, at our facility or yours, our techs will go over the operation and characteristics of your equipment with your operators. Some customers schedule annual refreshers for their team. (Fees apply).

NCCCO Certification Operator Class

As of November 2018, OSHA requires all crane operators to be certified to operate a crane. Runnion Equipment offers a one week long class at our facility in Hodgkin’s, Illinois that includes classroom training and practical familiarization. At the completion of the course, you will take the written test and practical test with NCCCO proctors present to score your results. Those who pass the tests receive an Operators License good for five years. Classes alternate between telescoping and knuckleboom cranes based on demand. Runnion customers receive a $500 discount on the cost of this class.



Custom Mounting & Chassis Modifications ■ We can mount cranes on your trailer or dock work barge ■ Pedestal and rolling base mounted cranes ■ Pintle hitches with electric or air brake connections ■ Custom beds, stake sides ■ Service crane and plumber bodies ■ Frame modifications, lift gates, and more Cranes mounted on commercial truck chassis are our specialty. To add to that, working closely with our manufacturers over the years, we have developed a variety of mounting options for efficient operation to increase your productivity. If you have a need for a special type of body to accommodate dimensional payload or accept stake sides, or maybe a service body to handle tool storage, we can provide it. If you need to tow a trailer or generator, we can provide a fifth wheel or pintle hitch depending on your needs.


Shop Services ■ R epair components to save you money ■ B odywork, painting, wrapping, lettering ■ S eat reupholstering ■ C ustom wheels ■ Chase cars eliminate the need to send two employees ■ P ick-up and delivery service ■ Warranty expiration alert

Repair or Remanufactured Components

Runnion offers repairs on many expensive crane components to save you money. When available, remanufactured components may be offered in our estimates as well. Hydraulic pumps, cylinders, remote handsets, LMI units and more can be rebuilt to meet OEM standards and carry a warranty comparable to new.

Refurbish, Paint and Trim

Custom paint jobs, logo decals and even wrapping are a routine part of our business. We can handle fiberglass and metal bodywork as well and re-deck your crane or equipment trailer. In addition, we can install custom tool boxes, wheels, trim pieces and even reupholster your seat!

Chase Cars

Runnion offers free courtesy cars in order to eliminate the need to send two drivers. Your employee can return to work in a Runnion chase car after dropping off your crane for service. Call ahead to reserve yours.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Avoid the hassle of dropping off your crane. Call Runnion to schedule a pick-up and delivery. We’ll send one of our CDL licensed drivers to your location and bring your unit in for service. Upon completion, we’ll return it to you. There is a nominal fee for this service. Keep your workers working!

Warranty Expiration Alert

Runnion Equipment routinely calls you one month before your factory warranty expires to schedule any repairs that are covered under the warranty. This courtesy avoids the possibility of letting the coverage period lapse without completing needed repairs.



Runnion Rents Supplement your fleet with our top quality rental units Rent to Rent

Runnion Equipment Company is an equipment owner, too, with a fleet of cranes, bucket trucks, and aerial lifts available for rent. Whether your need is bigger, smaller, shorter, taller or just an addition to supplement that busy time of the year, Runnion can help. If we don’t stock it, we can locate it through our network of affiliated dealers. Clean, well maintained cranes can be delivered to your jobsite for daily, weekly or monthly rental. Maintenance is performed on the units in our rental fleet at intervals recommended by the manufacturer to keep downtime to a minimum.

Rent to Own

Renting from Runnion is the perfect opportunity to try out a model that you’re thinking of purchasing to make sure you have the correct crane for your company. We also offer a Rent-to-Buy option with a generous portion of your rental payment applied to the purchase price of the unit. In many cases, this fee will serve as the down payment when you are financing. Our fleet is routinely updated. We rotate out older models, sell them with our used equipment, and replace them with new cranes.


■ Clean, well maintained equipment ■ Delivered to your jobsite ■ Recent models ■ Wide selection

OSHA/ANSI Inspected

All of our rental cranes are OSHA Certified, assured to be in top working order. Access to federal jobsites is granted with this inspection certification.

Discounted Rentals with Warranty Work

Although your new machine is covered under factory warranty for parts and labor, your rentals are not reimbursed by the manufacturer. Runnion helps you fill your equipment needs with a discounted rental while your equipment is undergoing repairs during the warranty period.



Crane Attachments & Accessories Increase your versatility and productivity with a wide selection of attachments If you don't see it, we can build it! Attachments

Augers Brick Stack Grapples Clamshell Buckets Concrete Buckets Drive Units for Augers Forestry Grapples Gravel Hoppers Headache Balls Hose Reels Hydraulic Dump Boxes Hydraulic Hose Reel

Jibs Lifting Grapples Line Blocks, Single and Multiple Logging Grapples Man Baskets Manual Dump Boxes Oil Coolers Pallet Forks Remote Controls Rock Grapples

Self Dumping Bins Tear Off Pans Universal Forks


Chains Jibjacks Outrigger Pads Rigging Straps Safety Equipment

Chassis Services In addition to mounting and servicing your telescoping or articulating crane or bucket arm, Runnion Equipment factory trained technicians can service your truck as well. Our techs attend regular training classes and achieve certifications in air brake technology, refrigerant recycling and service, DOT inspections, and more. We have a stable

of strategic partners in the truck industry representing all major truck manufacturers across the United States that enable us to handle even the most difficult project related to your truck chassis. Runnion Equipment Company is a one stop shop for your truck mounted lifting equipment.

Truck Services Provided

• Factory recommended PM services • Brake jobs and adjustments • Clutch adjustments • Oil changes • DOT inspections and repairs • Certified by MACS to handle full air conditioning repairs and maintenance • Pintle hitches serviced and installed

• Safety warning lights and alarms • Window tinting and replacement • Upholstery repairs • Fifth wheel maintenance • Tag axles serviced • Tire replacement and repair • Cab and chassis bodywork, paint and wrapping • And more


Service • Parts • Financing • Rentals Dependable Equipment • Knowledgeable Technicians • Available Parts




Illinois Corporate Office 6201 East Ave. Hodgkins, IL 60525 Phone: 800-824-6704 Fax: 708-447-3730 Wisconsin 1021A 27th St. Caledonia, WI 53108 Phone: 262-703-4463 Fax: 262-695-0635





Boom Trucks – Stand Up, Swing Cab, Tractor Mounted Telescoping Knuckleboom/Articulated Material Handling Timber Cranes Truck Mounted Pedestal Mounted Rolling Base Trailer Mount Marine Mount Bucket Trucks Work Platforms/Baskets Sign Cranes Crane Attachments – Forks, Buckets, Roofing Boxes, Line Blocks Aftermarket Accessories – Custom Straps, Slings, Safety Gear High Rail Railroad Gear Mechanics Trucks and Service Bodies


Technical on-site field service by factory trained technicians Product and parts support OSHA inspections Operator safety training seminars Preventive maintenance programs Rail gear inspections and maintenance Rental equipment Used equipment Consignments/Trade ins Custom hydraulic hoses Financing assistance ANSI Inspections

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