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editor’s note Welcome to the November-December edition of Traveler and Tourist magazine! Our holiday issue this month is simply filled with ideas and inspiration aplenty for when it is safe to travel again wherever you live. If you are still shopping for the holidays, which is looking considerably different for everyone this year, then we have a few great options for you in these pages, from teas for friends to foodie goodies for family and even some choices for your fur babies. If you are looking to up the ante with your travel gear, accessories, and wardrobe next year, then we have you covered on that front as well. Our destinations in this issue offer a glimpse of what awaits when our world can head back to some resemblance of normal again. If these are venues close to you and you do have the opportunity to support these businesses, we hope you do so in a safe manner and undertaking all necessary precautions for the health of your loved ones. If these destinations are farther away, then we hope you will save these pages for a few ideas on what to do there when you are able and willing to travel once more. As always, the monthly giveaway of a bag full of travel related goodies is up for grabs. To enter, simply sign up to receive the magazine alert directly to your email inbox. If you’ve already subscribed, then you are already entered to win the monthly goody bag…that simple! Additional giveaways are hosted online so follow all the social media channels linked below here to stay abreast of our adventures and other alerts.

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Here’s wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season with loved ones near and dear, close or far.

Editor and Publisher: Ruksana Hussain Creative Director: Parker Shatkin Editorial Assistant: Ruqaiyah Hussain

For now, please enjoy the holiday edition of Traveler and Tourist. Stay well. Be safe. Ruksana Hussain


Cover photo: Seattle, Washington Photo by Ruksana Hussain

nov/dec 2020

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on our radar Top picks for your travels from our gifting guide

Choose Plum Paper planners for an entirely customizable gift. You can pick your own cover from a myriad of gorgeous designs and prints, add a cute photo, favorite quote, or monogram. But the personalization doesn’t stop there! With customizable layouts to choose from, you can create a planner that mirrors your needs and lifestyle. Why force a generic planner to work for you, when you deserve a planner that is intuitive to your needs and will maximize your time? Imagine having a designated space in your planner for what matters to you most - a space for your kids, work schedule, class schedule, the list goes on and on. 4

nov/dec 2020 Treating yourself to a fresh new planner is always a smart way to kick off positive habits. Golden Coil is a line of completely customizable planners and notebooks that are exactly what you want out of a planner, because you build it from cover to cover, catering toward your specific needs. Every planner and notebook is bound with hard front and back covers. Choose from a selection of designer, patterned, linen and leather options. Upload all of your calendars, events and contacts to keep track of important details. Planners and notebooks include a durable pocket page to store notes, receipts and anything else you wish to keep close by. Choose from an extensive collection of daily and weekly layouts. Then add inserts that work best for you. Golden Coil uses paper quality that lends itself to less shadowing and bleed through from writing, and the slightly toothed finish of the paper helps ink hold more efficiently. Add various quotes to your planner by choosing from thoughtfully curated quote packages. These include motivation, spiritual, literary, pop culture quotes and more.

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on our radar Whether it’s white, red, rosé, or sparkling, Good Clean Wine has something for everyone. This organic and biodynamic wine is produced in Italy with minimal intervention that contains little to no pesticides, preservatives, and chemicals, meaning it’s great to drink and pairs well with your health. Doesn’t affect your skin and less headaches - cheers to that!

Moodygirl Chocolate has three signature chocolate bars that are organic, vegan, paleo, soy, gluten and refined sugarfree. Each bar contains only three ingredients (cocoa mass, coconut blossom sugar and cocoa butter) plus vitamins and adaptogens to help you feel your best for any time of day. Moodygirl wants to inspire women to unlock their inner mood from everything sassy to sweet.

With the holidays comes indulging and who doesn’t want to eat all that turkey or holiday cookies and all the things your tummy sometimes doesn’t agree with? Now you can with confidence. The Confidence Co made a digestive enzyme that’s all-natural, plantbased enzyme that is clinically proven to improve the health of your gut. The brand is rooted in the belief that confidence comes from within, starting deep inside your gut, and loving your gut means understanding how to care for it. Pluggerz Uni-Fit are dome shaped high-quality earplugs with triple flanges made of hypoallergenic soft silicone material. The dome shape with tripleflanges extends farther into the ear canal and contacts the ear canal at more than one point, ensuring a tight fit and increased holding power. The shape and material make the earplugs reusable and comfortable to wear for long periods. The filter allows communication and prevents sound distortion. This product line focuses on four benefit areas – sleep, travel, music and swim – making them ideal for any activity or situation.


nov/dec 2020 We all know someone who loves to break a sweat at all hours of the day. How about the perfect yoga mat and post-recovery tool from Yogi Bare? The United Kingdom’s number one for all things yoga is now making an ecofootprint with their sustainable yoga mats and 100% organic cotton accupressure sets. The brand’s signature yoga mats come in a variety of styles from its sustainably sourced rubber Paws mats to the machine-washable Teddy mats that provide the perfect grip for any yogi.

The World Game, a highly interactive tabletop game for 2-5 players that is easy to learn and fun to play, has now launched a new Geography Board Game. The creators of The World Game wanted to develop a geography version of their favorite childhood card game so they developed, designed and launched a card game of their own. The card game version of The World Game is now a bestseller in its category. You can also choose the difficulty level of challenges, which makes The World Game uniquely appropriate for everyone, no matter their age, and ensures you never get tired of playing. The game was designed to provide people with an option to move away from their screens and spend personal time with family in a fun and engaging way, all while learning about all the countries of the world.

The holidays are here and while, yes, this year looks quite a bit different than past holiday seasons, WithCo Cocktails is making it easy to celebrate together (even if it is on Zoom!). You can still treat a friend (or yourself) to great tasting cocktails, shipped to destination. With fresh, farm-to-bottle ingredients and no preservatives, it’s a better, cleaner way to drink that competes with your favorite bar cocktail. WithCo stands for With Company, and they believe in using cocktails to build community. This year, that means being safe at home. Spread some holiday cheer with a craft cocktail so good you won’t believe it came from a bottle.


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nov/dec 2020

Fine jewelry brand Mejuri and lifestyle brand FRAME collaborate on a limited-edition collection that bridges the heritage and quality of traditional craftsmanship with the best of modern design.

The chunky gold jewelry is a simple yet chic way to elevate any look and has become a go-to for celebrities.

Each piece combines a distinctly European aesthetic and 70s style influences that continue to have a lasting impact on the everyday art of dressing to pair effortlessly with one another—and you.

The assortment of hoops, chain bracelets and necklaces effortlessly pairs with wardrobe staples like an oversized white button down, cardigan, menswear-inspired blazer, and more. Available on, Mejuri stores, and FRAME stores. Images provided by brand


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Eat and Drink Your Way Through Portugal’s Alentejo up this hearty wonder run long and deep - cider vinegar, bay leaves, pepper, parsley, cloves, onions, garlic, coriander – all of which combine into a soupy pool best sopped up with rustic pão Alentejano (local bread). Think cold winter nights, a glass of Alentejan red and a crackling fire. SERICAIA A typical conventual sweet (desserts traditionally made by nuns in convents). Its origins are said to be Indian or Brazilian depending whom you ask, but was indisputably perfected in Alentejo around the town of Elvas. If you like eggs, sugar and cinnamon, you’re in luck. Baked in the oven and sold in the same dish it is prepared in, the high heat causes the upper layer of egg whites to crack, giving the traditional sweet a notable appearance. It’s often served alongside local plums. It’s merely one sweet delight of many, but one not to miss. The culinary world has delighted in Portuguese cuisine over the last few years, but one of the best regions to indulge your inner foodie on a culinary adventure is Alentejo, where hearty, countryside cuisine may not be the country’s lightest, but surely produces some of Portugal’s most memorable meals. Here are a few treats not to miss when next in the area.

QUEIJO DE SERPA Every region of Portugal has its cheeses and it will take you ages to work your way through them all. In Alentejo, start with this

AÇORDA Most cultures have had a historical use for day-old bread and the Portuguese are no exception. This soppy dish, served throughout the country but especially in Alentejo, consists of mushed rustic bread with coriander, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, water, white pepper, salt and poached eggs. Often called bread soup, it has a porridge-like consistency than soup. In other parts of Portugal it can take on a seafood twist, with shrimp or salted cod added. Doused with a bit of peri-peri hot sauce, it’s a dream. ENSOPADO DE BORREGO Simmered to tenderness levels that will turn your taste buds on end, this traditional Alentejan braised lamb stew epitomizes home cooking in the region for many. The ingredients that make


(Images provided by destination)

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raw sheep’s milk cheese from the Serpa district. Matured for 30 days, it’s often brushed with olive oil and paprika during the aging process. It ranges from creamy (amanteigado) to hard (duro) and can be spread as a paste or cut and served with local bread. This award-winning cheese of lower Alentejo has been showered with accolades, including a distinction from the Slow Food movement as one of the most extraordinary products in the world. POEJO Regional firewaters are found throughout Portugal and poejo, Alentejo’s unique tipple, is no exception. This sweet liqueur forged from pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium), a medicinal mint found locally, is made in three variations: green (made with green pennyroyal), yellow (made with dried pennyroyal) and clear (made with sun-exposed pennyroyal). Tread lightly – once the pennyroyal, water and sugar are added to the base spirit, alcohol percentage can soar to 20%. Monks in the Middle Ages believed the concoction to be antispasmodic and stimulating. MIGAS Another traditional destination for day-old bread, the Alentejan version of migas features crumbled wheat bread soaked in garlic and olive oil, among other spices and flavorings, and served alongside lamb chops. If you are familiar with American stuffing, it’s a similar consistency, albeit slightly wetter, and served in a much larger portion (it’s often considered the main event with the meat taking on the side dish role). Check it off as another hearty,

unpretentious addition to the fleet of Alentejan perfections, the kind of stuff grandma makes like nobody else. ADEGA DE CARTUXA This revered winery, housed in a former Jesuit refectory with 16th century roots, is a must-stop among many along the Alentejan wine circuit. Iconic Alentejan varietals such as Trincadeira, Aragonês and Castelão are well-represented in a long list of excellent wines, topped by the granddaddy of them all, the winery’s signature Pêra-Manca. Tours of the winery are by reservations only; and you can also sample signature olive oil and other gourmet products. As one of the oldest and most beautiful wineries in Portugal, it’s a must-stop for oenophiles looking for a quintessential Alentejan wine experience. Just one hour from Lisbon, the agricultural and rural nature of the Alentejo region of Portugal contribute to a slower, more traditional pace of life, and one of the best ways to experience it is by bike. You might pedal across its beautiful plains from the Atlantic coast to the mountains that sit on the eastern border with Spain. While crossing Alentejo, you might find a grove of olive trees or a field of sunflowers. You might seek shade within one of the many cork forests - the intriguing, renewable bark of its trees, are a major industry for this region. You might stop to snack on smoked pata negra and some locally produced goat cheese. You might explore the region’s coastline roads or test your muscles by venturing into the mountains at the Algarve border!


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Holiday Reposado Tequila Cocktails

Though the weather is a bit varied across the world, it is nevertheless time to start thinking about holiday cocktails! Silver tequila may stir up memories of margaritas and palomas, but try Reposado tequila to add a bit of warmth to the season. 1800 Reposado Tequila is a rich liquid with notes of buttery caramel, mild spices and smokiness. Enjoy!

1800 Agave Manhattan 2 oz 1800 Reposado 1 oz sweet vermouth .25 oz maple syrup 1 dash of Angostura Bitters Add ingredients to a mixing glass. Stir with ice. Strain into a chilled Nick and Nora glass. Garnish with ‘maple leaf’ orange twist and star anise. 1800 Autumn Cider 2 oz 1800 Reposado 3 oz apple cider .5 oz lemon juice .5 oz cinnamon syrup Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice. Strain into a highball glass over crushed ice. Garnish with a dried apple slice, cinnamon stick and dusting of cinnamon. 12

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nov/dec 2020

Wayward Offers Simple Way to Share Global Adventures

(Image: Wayward)

Meet Wayward: An app for independent travelers and adventure travel organizers, now available for iOS and Android devices. Free to download and just as easy to use, so adventurers can spend less time on their phone and more time exploring the world, Wayward requires no fancy hardware or add-ons: just a smart phone and a passion for adventure. Wayward is ultra-efficient, running smoothly in the background without draining your battery. It uses very little data and works just as well without cell reception, so even when you go off the grid, you aren’t left off the map. Wayward lets you save notes along the way, to remember exactly where you got that flat tire or found a perfect waterfall. Adventurers can easily share LIVE route map, so friends and family back home can follow along. Wayward is simple and

intuitive: track with one tap, toss the phone in your backpack, and get back to the adventure.For event organizers, Wayward lets you track all participants on one map. From a cross-country bike race to just an epic neighborhood scavenger hunt, it affords organizers and their audience a bird’s eye view of every participant’s route, all tracked on one simple, shareable map. It’s easy to get participants signed up, organized, and easy to share the live tracking of every event. This is also an easy and affordable way for organizers to run socially distanced events, while still capturing all the excitement on a single map for spectators to follow along at home. The app has been used to track trips by bike, kayak, motorcycle, Cessna, foot, and any other way to get around, on nearly every corner of the globe, from Southeast Asia to South America to South Brooklyn.


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Baros Maldives Installs Permanent Coral Tribute to COVID-19 Heroes

In appreciation of the selfless healthcare workers caring for COVID-19 patients around the world, Baros, an island resort in the Maldives, has created a permanent tribute out of regenerated coral. The tribute consists of coral transplanted on frames in the island’s lagoon that spell out the words “Thank You Heroes.” The project, which was created when the resort closed to guests because of the pandemic, is flourishing. The resort’s resident marine biologists have collected fragments of living coral from the seabed 14

that had broken off the reefs surrounding the island and created an environment to help them survive through this transplantation process. This tribute to healthcare workers in living coral is also sustainable as it serves to create new habitats for fish and other invertebrates. This is part of the Coral Regeneration initiative which began at Baros in 2009. Since then, 365 coral tables have been submerged. Complete and mature frames are brought to the nursery in the Baros lagoon, where the Marine Center team routinely

nov/dec 2020 maintains them, which involves cleaning the frames of algae and benthic dwellers, such as tunicates which inhibit coral growth. The coral fragments collected for this unique tribute are flourishing and the wording is clearly visible. It can take two years for the coral to cover a frame completely. Once it does, the coral will continue to grow forever, becoming a permanent recognition of the dedication of the world’s healthcare heroes. Further, for guests who worked as healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Baros will offer them extra benefits, including a complimentary couples massage at the island’s Serenity Spa, a private dinner for two on the beach, champagne upon arrival, and a choice of a free scheduled excursion. The offer is valid until December 22, 2021.

(Images provided by Baros Maldives)

Baros is a boutique, private island of 75 overwater and beachside garden villas and white sand beaches set in a turquoise lagoon, just 25 minutes by speedboat from the Maldives International Airport. Guests can relax in a tranquil, tropical setting, embark on an amazing culinary journey in Baros’ three restaurants and bars, dine on a secluded sandbank or the unique Piano Deck in the middle of the lagoon as well as take part in memorable snorkelling experiences around the flourishing house-reef. The resort has been welcoming guests since 1973 and has spent decades honing its services and cultivating its environment, making it a legendary location. The island has been consistently winning prestigious awards from guests and travel professionals for quality accommodation and outstanding service excellence and is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.


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The Holbrooke Hotel Offers One-of-a-Kind Retreat in the Sierra Nevada Foothills structural elements of brick, wood and stone. The design team stripped away 160 years’ worth of paint, wallpaper and design choices that had not withstood the test of time. Walls had been added to the hotel’s ground floor that made it feel segmented. The design team removed the walls and exposed original structural elements, creating an open and airy main public space that flows seamlessly from the arrival area to the dining room, bar and outdoor patio. Wherever possible, the team restored original features, such as the clawfoot tubs, exposed wood beams and antique lighting. The artwork throughout the property also reflects the town’s heritage as well as the natural beauty of the surrounding Sierra Nevada foothills. The guestrooms are adorned with archival photography, while the public spaces feature the work of local artists, including a large handpainted mural on the second-floor that depicts the region’s natural landscape.

The Holbrooke Hotel, which has stood as a Californian landmark on Grass Valley’s Main Street since 1852, has undergone a meticulous restoration. Two years in the making, the hotel’s new incarnation blends modern luxuries and refined dining with the property’s historically unique, one-of-a-kind design elements. Local architects, designers and craftspeople have preserved the charm and history of this treasured property while revitalizing it for the modern traveler. A Timeless Redesign Built during the California Gold Rush when Grass Valley boomed with mining activity, the Holbrooke’s new look mixes classic and modern touches with vintage furniture and fixtures, set against the building’s raw


Dining and Drinking The Holbrooke is home to the Golden Gate Saloon, originally constructed in 1852 and the longest continually running watering hole west of the Mississippi. Now, it has a new menu inspired by the early days of California, with an emphasis on smoked meats and Mexican-style accompaniments, providing a unique approach to familiar menu items that incorporates the region’s SpanishMexican roots of old California. The Guest Experience The Holbrooke offers 28 newly renovated guest rooms and suites located in the main building as well as the adjacent Purcell House, which originally served as a local livery stable. Each room has its own character and inimitable charm, with a stylish hybrid of antique and modern furnishings. Classic tiled bathrooms feature beautifully refinished antique clawfoot tubs with showers

nov/dec 2020

for a historic bathing experience, enhanced with locally made artisan amenities. Standard in-room features include Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports, Mascioni robe, lambswool blanket, in-room coffee and tea service, and honor bar (available in most rooms.) Charming Grass Valley Located about a two-hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and just an hour from Sacramento, Grass Valley offers a timeless taste of the Gold Rush era, with a wealth of visitor attractions that include a vibrant arts scene, a dynamic range of dining options and world-class outdoor adventures. Grass Valley’s charming and walkable downtown features boutiques, galleries, restaurants and live music/events spaces that host a year-round slate of festivals celebrating film, music, cars and more. Just an hour from Lake Tahoe and situated along the Yuba River, Grass Valley is in close proximity to some of California’s most spectacular scenery and outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, rafting and skiing. (Images: Kat Alves)



Cold Stares Never Looked This good Image provided by Blenders Eyewear

Blenders Eyewear 2021 SNOW line expands on its collection of signature fresh looks and bold styles made to dominate the mountains this winter. The e-commerce company is introducing an all-new goggle collection and its first line of cold-weather accessories and winter safety gear – including helmets, beanies, balaclavas and neck gaiters. The launch features a total of 26 pairs of goggles with a variety of bold colorways to match any gear setup. Two styles were designed exclusively with Blenders athletes, including two-time Olympic snowboarder, Jessika Jenson and pro snowboarder Cam FitzPatrick. The 2021 goggles come in two distinct styles, Aura and Nebula. Each pair of goggles ships with a matching rigid zip-case, a free Mellow Yellow low-light lens, a sticker pack and a lifetime warranty. A variety of additional interchangeable spare lenses are available. • The Blenders Aura comes in 13 colorways with an updated interchangeable magnetic lens, making it easier than ever to swap out the anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses on the go. • The Nebula collection comes in 13 colorways and boasts brand new features, including a modified toric lens shape for an expanded field of view, thicker lens rim, and improved anti-fog performance.


The Blenders 2021 collection of all-new helmets and cold-weather accessories includes: • Blenders Helmets that come in five colorways and include a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), Fidlock buckles, active venting and Bluetooth speaker integration. • Blenders Beanies are a classic, warm, waffle-knit design offered up in six trendy colors to complete any alpine aesthetic. • Blenders Neck Gaiters and Balaclavas are made of a polyester mesh with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. Colorways include camo, black, navy and prismatic cheetah, and all feature a 40+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. Blenders Eyewear was founded in 2012 in San Diego, California, and produces a wide range of sunglasses and snow goggles. Driven by a company-wide motto of “life in forward motion,” its products are predicated upon a bold aesthetic that emphasizes progressive colorways aimed at an active lifestyle. Now comprising a talented team of spunky and spirited designers, photographers, and communicators, Blenders has been named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. Magazine.

nov/dec 2020

Wipe Away the Winter Blues

These three artisan brands launched special gift offerings for the holidays with each product aimed to bring some much-needed joy to the many foodies and cocktail enthusiasts that will be cooped up at home due to the pandemic/winter season. Take a peek, won’t you! Caledonia Spirits - “All The Basics” Cocktail and Barware Kit Caledonia Spirits, the Vermont-based distiller of America’s most awarded gin, Barr Hill Gin, has released its own craft cocktail set for the holidays. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this classy barware set features two shaker tins, a four-prong Hawthorne strainer, a two sided-jigger and a bar spoon. Also included in the set are a few experiential elements: access to a cocktail class with Caledonia Spirits Beverage Director Sam Nelis and a cocktail recipe book. (Images provided by respective brands)

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. - Artisanal Soft Pretzel Gift Box Eastern Standard Provisions Co. is one of the fastest-growing artisan snack food companies around. For this holiday season, the popular gourmet soft pretzel producer has launched three different holiday-themed gift boxes: Happy Everything , ‘Tis The Season , and Merry and Bright. Each box comes with a curated mix of the brand’s hand-twisted pretzels, flavored salts and gourmet dipping sauces, along with a holidaythemed sticker.

Runamok Maple - Gourmet Vermont Maple Syrup Gift Box A favorite brand of breakfast lovers, cocktail enthusiasts and all-around foodies, Vermont-based maple producer Runamok Maple has launched a pair of new gift boxes this holiday season. With large and small options, these gift boxes feature a selection of Runamok Maple’s pure, infused, barrel-aged, and smoked maple syrups. Known for its incredible flavors like Ginger Root-Infused, Cinnamon+Vanilla-Infused, Bourbon Barrel-Aged, and Pecan Wood-Smoked, Runamok Maple’s syrups come in beautiful glass bottles that almost resemble a classy bottle of premium whiskey.


health on the go

Gluten-Free Goodies for the Gluten-Free Traveler Living that “GF” life doesn’t have to be challenging. Here are a few brands that make gluten-free products that might be just perfect for your upcoming travels, near or far.

Paleonola Looking for some crunchy gluten free goodness or gluten free protein? Paleonola makes delicious grain free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, no oats, no artificial ingredients granola that is so yummy that you would have no idea how healthy it really is for you. Paleonola’s flavors like their Chocolate Fix or even their brownie-like option Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar would have you second guessing with every bite.

Little GF Chefs Baking kits for kids are definitely having a moment right now (and rightly so), but what about the kids with diet restrictions like Celiac or other allergies? Well, Little GF Chefs is welcoming these children back into the kitchen with gluten-free, allergyfriendly baking kits. Buy them individually, or choose a subscription from 1,3, 6 and 12 month options and refill kits too.

Slim Chillers At just 100 calories a pop, these boozy gluten-free tubes of tastiness are offered in three varieties:Skinny Freezer Vodka Martinis, Skinny Freezer Vodka Cocktails and Wine Freezers. These low calorie frozen treats deliver great flavor and are fun to drink, reminiscent of those good ole “freezer pops” of yesteryear.

Addictive Wellness Gourmet Chocolates For chocolate lovers who are health conscious and don’t want to give up their favorite treats, Addictive Wellness offers sweet, exquisite options to satisfy their cravings. This is not just giftable gourmet chocolate, each delicious bar is formulated with specially selected, pure and potent adaptogenic superherbs to create six distinctive functions: Tranquility, Energy, Beauty, Focus, Love and Recharge.

Monkey Boy Peanut Butter from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company Enjoy delicious peanut butter flavors like Monkey Boy, Pumpkin Pandemonium and Adirondack Jill. This all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO peanut butter has less oil separation than corporate brands because Saratoga uses small batch production and ships fresh.


Ricante Ricante is essentially everything you want in a sauce: bold flavor, crisp accents of fresh fruits and vegetables, no sugar or salt added, and just the right amount of approachable spice that leaves you wanting more. Health conscious sauce savants can rejoice. Ricante is not only non-GMO, gluten-free and keto-friendly, but also Whole30 approved. The brand launched with five incredibly unique hot sauces, marrying nontraditional essences like apples, mangos, carrots and habaneros. Recently launched are four versions of Everything Sauce that can quite literally be poured on everything.

nov/dec 2020

Pop On The Block A family-owned small business, Pop on the Block offers more than 50 flavors to entice all palates with spicy, savory and sweet concoctions such as pumpkin pie, cotton candy, buffalo wing, cinnamon whiskey, watermelon, bacon cheddar, almost naked (for those that prefer no flavoring), and many more. They are committed to offering gourmet popcorn kernels and seasonings that are simple and natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and preservative-free.

Veestro Meal Delivery Veestro is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service that makes it easy to get more plant-based foods into your diet without sacrificing taste or convenience. No chopping. No cooking. No cleanup. Simply heat up in the oven or microwave. Veestro is about what feeds us, body and soul—delicious, organic, healthy, sustainable, from plants. And it’s fully prepared for any time we need to eat it. Veestro is 100% plant-based with fresh ingredients. Choose from dietary preferences: gluten free, nut free, low calorie and kosher to name a few. Flexible Plan options include weight loss (5 or 7 day plan), chef’s choice or a la carte (choose 10, 20, or 30 meals) allowing for the customer to meet their specific needs.

(Images provided by respective brands)

Shrewd Food Shrewd Food is making honest snacking easier, and a heck of a lot more delicious. Crunchy, healthy and flavorful, their protein packed treats feel and taste indulgent, without any of the guilt. Whether you’re craving something savory and tangy, or you’re in the mood for something comforting and sweet, Shrewd Food has got you covered. The variety includes Protein Puffs, Protein Croutons, Protein Chocolate Dippers, Keto Chocolate Dippers and Protein Cookies. With Shrewd Food, convenience is key so all snacks are gluten-free and available in different sizes that can be shipped right to your doorstep with standard and expedited delivery options.


travel with pets

Pamper Your Puppies While the holiday season may look different than years past, it has never been more important for dog parents to show appreciation for the four-legged family members that have been by their side during the good times and unforeseen challenges this year. Whether you travel the next few months or not, here are seven top-notch gift ideas that will help keep your precious fur babies safe, happy, healthy over the holidays and throughout the entire year. 1. Snoozer Dog Car Seats - With a variety of different sizes, types, and colors to match any car interior, your dog can enjoy the comfort and style of riding right alongside you while remaining perfectly safe. Snoozer’s various styles of dog car seats are designed with sturdy foam form construction, heavy-duty yet easy-to-use safety attachments for your console or seat,


and microfiber fabric with a Sherpa interior to provide additional luxury and softness, and to provide your dog with a warm, comfortable place to relax and enjoy the ride. 2. Furbo Dog Camera - This treat-tossing full HD WiFi pet camera is perfect for keeping tabs on your dog when you’re not at home. The best part? It’s as functional as it is fun, letting you give your pet treats while away no matter where you are. There are also customizable alerts for when your dog does something they shouldn’t like barking incessantly at neighbors or counter surfing. 3. iFetch Launcher - This on-demand ball launcher plays fetch with your dog when you’re not in the mood. Now your pup can play fetch whenever they want (and for however long they want), simply by dropping the ball into

nov/dec 2020 the opening and letting iFetch do the rest. Available in both large and small, iFetch comes with three tennis balls and can be adjusted for distance. 4. Casper Dog Bed - Let’s face it, your dog deserves to get a good night’s rest just as much as you do. This Casper dog bed is made out of the same materials as larger Casper mattresses, customized to fit your pup’s needs. Available in three sizes and various colors, dog owners will love the machine-washable impenetrable cover. It’s durable enough for scratching and playtime, but comfortable enough for your dog to fall asleep with ease.

6. Halo Collar - The world’s first all-in-one safety solution for dogs, combining the next-gen replacement for in-ground dog fences with activity tracking, GPS tracking, and expert training from Cesar Millan. The only 5. Snuggle Puppy - Made by SmartPetLove, this comprehensive solution for dogs that provides both safety machine-washable plush stuffed animal toy is scientifically and off-leash freedom, allowing them to roam freely while designed to provide comfort and help relieve anxiety in completely eliminating the need to worry. your four-legged friend. The Halo Collar allows dog owners to create fully It does this by recreating the comfort of maternal enclosed virtual safe areas called Halo Fences, allowing intimacy through physical warmth and a “real-feel” pulsing their dogs to roam safely and freely off-leash anywhere heartbeat. Great for calming dogs in stressful situations anytime. such as fireworks, thunderstorms, car rides, strangers, separation anxiety, and restless sleep, to name a few. 7. Canine Coddler Anxiety Blanket - This weighted

blanket is designed to provide gentle pressure to a dog that mimics the feeling of being held, which is a sensation that has a positive effect on a dog’s moods while reducing stress and anxiety. This scientifically backed technology has been used on humans for years. Similarly, weighted blankets have demonstrated comparable effects for dogs with anxiety and are a veterinarian-recommended alternative to doggy downers, tranquilizers, or other sedatives. The holidays are also the perfect time to give back to the pooches that might not be as fortunate as yours and haven’t found their forever homes yet. A list of charitable pet organizations and nonprofits accepting donations and/ or volunteers can be found here.

(Images provided by respective brands)


east coast destination

Roanoke, Virginia: The Star City of the Blue Ridge Parkway


nov/dec 2020


east coast destination

Beautiful lakes, rivers and outdoor trails welcome you to this green gem in the mountains. To start on the right note, begin at Hotel Roanoke, a historic property with a fabulous lobby, most of which, along with the elevator area, is original to the hotel which opened in 1881. Then visit the Star of Roanoke, the reason for the Star City moniker. You can drive, hike or bike to it but stop at the lookout point from where you can view all the mountains of the valley on a clear day. The star, in fact, is three stars made into one, and changes colors through the year. 26

Roanoke’s history is steeped in American Indian origins. The trains built the city, but the rail roads also brought with them prosperity and now the more famous landmark locally is Virginia Tech. Roanoke is midway between New York City and Atlanta, making it a good central stop for east coast road trips.

Attractions Mountain biking is big here and urban biking is a way of life. Head out for biking the Roanoke Greenways and you can discover why

nov/dec 2020 you admiring the dog sculpture at the fire station or seeking columns under bridges. A stroll through Elmwood Park will also bring you along a series of pillars representing Roanoke’s many sister cities around the world. The Taubman Museum is one of the most recognizable buildings in Roanoke and rightly so. The architect is Rendall Stall, a student of Frank Gehry’s so the resemblance in style is easy to see. Other places to have on your agenda are the Pinball Museum and Harrison Museum of African American Culture. After, head to Center in the Square in the heart of downtown Roanoke. Some stops include the Living Coral Reef Aquarium, and the historic Mill Mountain Theatre. Tour and attend a film at the

The Star of Roanoke, the reason for the Star City moniker.

Roanoke is one of the best places in the nation for mountain biking and road cycling. Get fitted for your equipment at Underdog Bikes, and then take an exploration along the scenic urban trails that connect over 30 miles of the area’s natural beauty to its charming neighborhoods and vibrant downtown! The temperate climate and gorgeous views will make this biking experience unforgettable. You can also request a guide who will share the history of the city with you as you explore different inner-city pathways. On a good weather day, this is an activity you will not get enough of. The arts play a big role here too. An art walk around the city may perchance find 27

east coast destination the Jezebel biscuit is their specialty. For lunch, consider Billy’s where you can have soups and sandwiches, avocado dip, lamb chop lollipop, cream of chicken and mushroom soup with crab cakes with succotash or Local Roots to dive into soups, flatbread, cheese plates and more. Ramps and morel mushrooms are used a lot here as they are locally grown so be prepared to see them on menus everywhere. Fortunato is a great Italian spot for dinner.

Day trip A little further away in Franklin County, The Land of Two Lakes and Four Rivers, embrace small town charm as you experience early rural life at the Blue Ridge Institute and Farm Museum, a recreated German immigrant farmstead that gives you a snapshot of the Don’t miss on the local art scene. history of the region. Then cuddle up to a furry friend and engage Historic Grandin Theatre for the cinematic arts, in unique hands-on experiences at not one which has served the community of Roanoke but two alpaca farms: Pacabella and Smith since 1932 and has remained architecturally Mountain Lake Alpaca. unchanged since its opening. A beauty! Cuteness overload guaranteed! Alpacas have 22 colors from white to black and live to be about that age as well. Their fiber is hypoallergenic which explains the demand for Sip on a delicious craft beer at Chaos it and has also resulted in a shift in them being Mountain Brewing Co. or take a libation viewed as exotic animals to now farm animals. vacation as you sample an array of handAmidst all this, don’t forget that sunrise on crafted cocktails at a few of Roanoke’s finest the Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia is a sight to establishments such as Lucky and Stellina. behold. Enjoy a leisurely sunrise drive when If in nearby Salem, enjoy a few local libations time permits so you can fully indulge in the at hangouts such as Macado’s, Mac n’ Bobs natural beauty of the area. and Red Rooster Bar. For breakfast, you’ll have to stop in at Scratch Biscuit Company, where

Dine and Wine


nov/dec 2020

(Images by Ruksana Hussain)


special focus

Bring Home the High Tea for Your Holiday Party Calling all tea aficionados! We’ve rounded up some steamy gift ideas for those that love their piping hot beverages. Since we will mostly be partying at home with close family and smaller groups, what better way to celebrate the holidays than these global gifts for warm libation lovers.

Tea North Mix in cocktails or gift the tea lover with these certified organic, carbonated iced teas without the sugar and sweeteners. Made from loose leaf tea instead of concentrates, these delicious, mouthwatering flavors contain no sugars, sweeteners, calories or preservatives. It’s the perfect beverage to fuel your outdoor fun and it’s safe for those who have special dietary restrictions. 30

nov/dec 2020 Tea Runners An amazing brand that delivers a little comfort and self-soothing through an extraordinary tea discovery service. Every month, members receive a curated or customized collection of four top-quality loose-leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions. Many of the teas included in the monthly subscription boxes are award-winners from the Global Tea Championship Awards, and most of the teas come from award-winning companies.

Simple Goodness Sisters Garden to Glass drink syrups use the best ingredients possible to make the tastiest and easiest drinks at home. With these fabulous syrups, become a home botanical mixologist, and impress your family and friends by crafting fun delicious concoctions they’ll want to try themselves (hint: great gift idea!) Get creative with your syrup: stir it into iced tea, drizzle over vanilla ice cream, pound cake or even DIY popsicles!

Chariteas Committed to sourcing the world’s finest quality tea from the road less travelled, Chariteas works with sustainable tea farms in order to craft custom blends. The company is giving a platform to teas from other countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Vietnam. Chariteas cares about the environment and with each purchase of tea, they replant trees. (Images provided by respective brands)

Our Green House- Tea Lover’s Gift Set Perfecting the art of gifting with modern and chic options for an eco-friendly, socially responsible world, you can feel the love that goes into each gift as you discover a collection of items that are mindful of the environment and world community. The Tea Lover’s Gift Set includes a Turkish tea towel, organic tea, pure honey and a hand painted mug packaged beautifully - 5% of all sales benefit a charity that is helping ensure the health of pollinators like bees and butterflies.


plan your vacation

Friluftsliv Travel Ideas Just in Time for Winter You may not be able to say it three times fast—or even once—but friluftsliv (free-loofts-liv) has arrived just in time to save winter vacation plans. With temperatures dropping, days growing shorter and COVID-19 showing no signs of abating, those who made the best of a bad situation this summer—embracing outdoor activities that allowed them to spend time with friends and family while staying safe—are facing a long winter ahead. Enter friluftsliv, a Norwegian concept that translates literally to ‘free air life’ and describes Scandinavians’ determination to celebrate the great outdoors no matter what the weather brings. All it takes is a few extra layers and the right attitude. So bundle up, pack extra socks, remember to socially distance and get back out there with these great ideas for friluftsliv-ing in style:

New York’s Westchester County abounds in cold-weather outdoor adventures just a short drive from the big city. Fall and winter visitors might start with a brisk hike at Teatown Lake Reservation in Ossining, with its 15 miles of trails by lakes, forests and meadows, then warm up with a sweet or hard cider at historic Thompson’s Cider Mill right next door. After a snowfall, grab a hearty farm-to-table breakfast or lunch to go from The Kitchen Table in Pound Ridge and enjoy it tailgate-style (bring blankets to keep things cozy) before cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or sledding at the 4,315-acre Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Or, head a few miles south to Armonk for ice skating and ice fishing on Wampus Pond. Note: a new Westchester With Care program helps travelers easily identify hotels, restaurants, and attractions that have pledged to keep the community and its visitors in good health. 32

nov/dec 2020 Two-time host of the Winter Games, Lake Placid and friluftsliv go hand in hand. Tucked into the woodlands of this upstate New York winter playground is Whiteface Lodge, an all-suite resort inspired by the Adirondack Great Camps. Guests can ice skate on the resort’s outdoor rink and access trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing right from the grounds. Nearby there’s Olympic-caliber downhill skiing at Whiteface Mountain and hiking at High Falls Gorge, which leads winter adventurers past four waterfalls and spectacular ice formations along the Ausable River. Spend the evening savoring cognac and cigars by the firepit in one of the luxury lodge’s two Adirondack-style lean-tos, sheltered on three sides and open to the starry night sky. (Images provided by respective brands)

While friluftsliv admittedly requires less fortitude on the central California coast, winter does bring a change to the air with cooler temps and a higher chance of rain. It also brings natural wonders that summer travelers miss: annual migrations of monarch butterflies, seabirds and gray whales. And Pebble Beach Resorts is the perfect home base to experience it all. Beyond its legendary golf courses, the resort is home to some of the west coast’s most spectacular natural scenery, with 27+ miles of trails that meander through dense, protected forests, open meadows and along the rugged Monterey Bay shoreline. Instead of heading in after an active day exploring the great outdoors, grab a warm sweater, a spot by one of the fire pits on the terrace of The Lobby Lounge at Pebble Beach’s Inn at Spanish Bay, and watch the sun set over the water.


west coast destination


nov/dec 2020

A Seattle Story: Emerald City Scenes


west coast destination

(Images by Ruksana Hussain)


nov/dec 2020 The largest city in the western state of Washington, Seattle is known for its gloomy weather, Mt. Rainier, and lush forests which give it the nickname of Emerald City. This green gem in the Pacific Northwest offers visitors many ways to explore, be it arts and culture, food and wine, or any other interest. Irrespective of the duration of your stay, you will find many ways to fall in love with the area.

Play Some spots to add to your itinerary include the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, harbor cruise, Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP),

Museum of Pop Culture sights.

Enticing designs all around at Chihuly Garden.

Woodland Park Zoo, Chihuly Garden and Pacific Science Center. To save money and time, opt for the Seattle CityPass which offers access to many of these attractions at one consolidated price and with express entry. It can be purchased online or at any of the attractions and several other locations throughout the city. The futuristic Space Needle is the city’s most iconic landmark and one you’ve probably seen onscreen in any movie or show that was shot here or even merely mentions the city. It’s a venue worth visiting both by day and at night as is the Seattle Great Wheel at the harbor where aerial views are a treat. Other venues that might be of interest include the Museum of Flight, Nordic Museum and Seattle Art Museum. There is no escaping 37

west coast destination a visit to Pike Place Market if you are here. You will enjoy walking around the area, trying samples from the many eateries, taking in the sights of the freshly caught seafood. The daily flower markets are a beautiful sight, especially early in the morning as the market first opens for business. A walking tour with Savor Seattle is a lovely way to get better acquainted with the city and understand the history and importance of the market. From chocolate to biscuits, donuts to papusas, smoked salmon to spices, Turkish pides to American burgers, you can find quite the mix to choose from when getting a taste

Dining at Marjorie by Donna Moodie.


for the city. Walk along Pioneer Square for a feel of the marvelous local Renaissance Revival architecture and stop by some of the art galleries, coffee shops and trendy bars. Look for sculptures and other community art and installations dotting the streets.

Dine You are in luck if you can savor some geoduck (pronounced gooey-duck) during your visit. The edible saltwater clam found in Seattle’s waters is said to be quite the

nov/dec 2020

delicacy. Options to enjoy dinner at include Lola, featuring Greek flavors, Marjorie by Donna Moodie, and the Hyatt Regency’s Andare Kitchen. To dine overlooking the water, Palisade Restaurant is highly recommended. Taste Washington, the annual wine and food festival, is a four-day celebration highlighting local and regional wineries and restaurants. It is the nation’s largest single-region culinary event inviting thousands to the city along with some top celebrity chefs. Fun fact: Washington state is the second largest premium wine producer in the United States producing 70 varietals including Gerwurztraminer, Viognier and Semillon, Sangiovese, Petit Verdot and Mourvedre.


Hazel at the lobby. The Waterleaf Restaurant here has a focus on local seafood so anything from the sushi to the crab cakes or northwest cioppino are a treat. The hotel is also pet-friendly and has a room service menu for dogs. The rooms are sleek in décor, minimal in style and have pleasant muted colors for a relaxed stay. Within the city, Mayflower Park Hotel offers a great location. The historic building is one of the last remaining locally owned and independent hotels with rooms that are decadently furnished. The lobby décor, especially the chandeliers and wall art, give you a taste for some of its original glory that is still maintained. You can access the Seattle Light Rail and Monorail from here, and Pike Place Market and other attractions are just a short walk or ride away. Several national parks and smaller islands give you options aplenty for day trips and more time out with nature, whether on the water or amid greenery. And if you have a cruise in the works then you can choose to set sail from Seattle which is one of the west coasts points of departure for Alaska and Pacific Northwest cruises. Ensure you plan your trip well in advance to make the most of your time, given weather can have good and bad days in store. There is a fair chance your itinerary will have many worthy candidates and you might just have to come back to visit again. Consider yourself warned!

Closer to the airport is Hotel Interurban which also provides complimentary airport transfers. Watch out for the robot concierge 39

restaurant alert


Take in Sweeping Views of Virginia’s Coastline with Orion’s Roof Restaurant

nov/dec 2020 The restaurant, the only one with its own rooftop patio and one of just two rooftop restaurant spaces in all of Virginia Beach, features an 8-seat sushi bar, an expansive patio, and an open kitchen with a wok station. The seaside space, which features both indoor and outdoor dining, seamlessly blends comfortable industrial textures and modern materials with eye-catching artworks, popping colors, Japanese design influences, and the natural wood tones reminiscent of the legendary area’s surrounding cypress trees and wooded estuaries to form the ultimate high-energy beachside dining destination in Virginia Beach. The hotel is part of The Cavalier Resort, a collection of historic and modern hotels, a luxury beach club and private residences offering guests the finest accommodations, signature amenities and unparalleled views. Orion’s Roof restaurant quietly debuted this year on top of the new Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront. The 221-seat rooftop restaurant graces the Mid-Atlantic coast with a stylish and sophisticated garden atmosphere, enhanced by incomparable shoreline views and the stunning four-star creative cuisine of globally renowned Executive Chef Hisashi Araki, with a focus on local coastal Virginia seafood, inventive American gastronomy, and sushi and sashimi influenced by Peruvian Nikkei traditions. Whether having lunch over sweeping 180-degree views of the Virginia coast and Atlantic Ocean from a vantage point of 183-feet, or sharing dinner and creative, handcrafted cocktails under the stars, Orion’s Roof offers an unrivaled experience of dynamic energy and elegance in Virginia Beach. (Images provided by Orion’s Roof)


fashion forward

Made of Stories Spotlights Greek Culture with Clothing Collection Made of Stories boldly asks its audience where they would love to travel this year; Marrakech, Naples, Rio, Jaipur or Santorini? The globe-trotter designer behind the brand brings cosmopolitan garments to the everyday lives of people. The focus is on destinationthemed collections which showcase the beauty of the local culture and scenery.

This is the second collection of the newly established brand. The first collection transported audiences to Morocco, bringing boho-chic patterns to sportswear and laptop cases. The collections “Welcome to Greece”, “When in Morocco” and “Feel Bali” can be found on the website.

Bougainvillea, Greek island houses, a blue eye and olive branches make vibrant patterns on sportswear and everyday garments. The collection also highlights lesser-known customs with humor, using Greek words that have no direct translation in English. Alongside all over print leggings, the ‘kelepouri’ t-shirts, ‘neraida’ and ‘palikari’ kids wear and ‘meraki’ t-shirts are a hit. But what do they mean? Meraki means to put your soul into what you’re doing. Neraida (a fairy) and palikari (a strong and fearless young man) is the title of a Greek movie from the 70s. Kelepouri is used as a word to describe a man who is traditionally considered a spectacular find. Furthermore, all products in the collection are made-to-order and made sustainably from high-quality soft and durable materials. (Image provided by Made of Stories)


nov/dec 2020

Newly Launched Navigator Series: The Ultimate Organizational Gear from NOMATIC

(Images provided by NOMATIC)

While the current quarantine may have altered travel plans for many, people are still exploring new adventures and needing the safety and reliability of gear that works in all environments. The demand is clearly there as NOMATIC was able to raise over $650,000 on Kickstarter for their newly launched NOMATIC Navigator Series, featuring organizational gear that is a traveler’s perfect companion. Think of it as an ecosystem of products meant to solve your on-the-go needs no matter what the climate or destination. The Navigator Series of bags will help you seamlessly navigate any outing whether you’re boarding a plane, hiking, or running errands. Versatile and durable, check out the diverse offerings below: • A 37L carry-on - For those that prefer rolling wheels • A 32L travel backpack - Versatile pack with load bearing harness system and support • A 15L backpack - Geared toward daily outings • Two slings (6L, 1L) - Two sizes to meet your needs • Three accessories: - Tech Organizer- It’s a gamechanger to easily organize small items - Vacuum bag - Nearly double your packing space

- Collapsible backpack - Travel with just what you need for the day Creators of versatile bags that inspire confidence for people who live on the move, NOMATIC continues to innovate products by listening to what consumers want, prioritizing quality, and creating the best functional products to help you easily navigate your adventures.


international destination


nov/dec 2020

Regale in Amsterdam: The Venice of The North 45

international destination

There is much ground to cover even over a long holiday in Amsterdam.

The capital of the Netherlands has long been a favorite travel destination for many and rightly so. Its heritage, architecture, canal system (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and narrow buildings are but a few reasons visitors enjoy their time here. When you visit, and especially on your first time over, opt for the tourist card deal called I amsterdam city card that can be purchased on arrival at the airport or online. Skip lines and save money at several city attractions and benefit from 46

more time to spare to cover more ground overall during your visit here. First impressions of Amsterdam – Schiphol Airport is well-connected, and you can also take a train from here to arrive within minutes at Amsterdam Centraal train station located in the heart of the city. Walking out of the central station gives you a slice of busy city life during the day and the beauty of the same scene by night under the yellow lights. Plan for a waterways tour, a narrated half day trip

nov/dec 2020 that takes you around the city, highlighting its history and attractions. This is a good introduction for the uninitiated. The looped tour brings you back to your starting point so you can walk around and check out a few area attractions such as museumplein and the museums nearby Amsterdam museum, Van Gogh museum, Tulip museum and House of Bols. Head to the Anne Frank museum - a must see/ must do in Amsterdam. Reading the book or researching online simply does not

Plan your itinerary ahead so you can make the most of your visit.

compare to what you see and learn here. A quick stop at Pancakes Amsterdam for some refueling is recommended – the mini pancakes and coffee are a sinful and welcome combo. Head to the Houseboat museum if living on the canals piques your interest. The famed flower market is well worth a visit too. Not before trying some frites though - that packet of potato fries you see most people in the Netherlands chomping on as they head from point A to point B. There are a few different types of sauces so you will be trying these more than once. Spend some time at the zoo or other attractions: Tropen museum, Jewish museum, Botanical garden and Rembrandthuis. The I amsterdam city card can help beat the lines at attractions.


international destination A visit to Zaanse Schans is a day trip but can be completed quicker if you are lacking time. A bus from Centraal brings you straight to the entrance of the museum here. This is a working community dating back to the 18th and 19th century so you can expect to see a lot of green land, grazing animals, windmills, barns, clog shoe factories and cheese factories as well. Walk around the quaint village and check out some of their really cute cottage homes and boutiques. If you are looking for

Canal living sure seems an attractive option.


souvenirs, then this place probably has the best selection. A leisurely stroll around the entire area can take a half day, longer if you decide to dine there. The area is a photographer’s delight, no doubt. Visit the gardens and boutiques, check out the museum space and cookie factory, and also the clog shoe factory and cheese factory to learn more about the heritage and culture of Amsterdammers. Cheese tasting is fantastic here as are the pickles and few

nov/dec 2020

Head here for some retail therapy.

other products. There are buses coming by frequently so heading back to the city when done is easy. Being that a vast majority speaks English, you will find moving about here fairly easy. And no dearth of things to do once you set about sightseeing. Walking along the canals and Dam Square though is something else if you do not live in a city as vibrant as this Venice of the North. Images by Ruksana Hussain

Try some Weespermoppen while shopping and sightseeing.


shelf esteem

Celebrating the iconic Vespa “Vespa Style & Passion” is the official history of the legendary scooters, in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the iconic brand. From its introduction in 1946 by the Italian firm Piaggio, the Vespa enjoyed quick success. The scooters’ diminutive size and affordability were perfect for promoting post-war mobility and soon became more than a means of transport to a cultural icon. This book tells how the scooter evolved into a marque that has sold over 19 million units on six continents. A rich selection of visuals includes dozens of studio images of the most significant models, advertisements, rare archival photographs, and images of Vespas in popular culture and motorsport. Mod culture, perhaps most responsible for spreading scooter culture, is also given its due with images of customized Vespas. The Vespa is not simply a scooter, but the scooter, known and appreciated the world over—a rare example of a motor vehicle that survived crises and fashions, always remaining faithful to the original concept. This is the definitive story of that influence.


(Images: GIUSEPPE MAGNANIMO/ White Star Archive)

nov/dec 2020

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51 Image by Ruksana Hussain

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