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Fall/Winter 2013 and our male models.

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In addition to creating a Fall & Winter collection using both the Southern California desert and brotherhood for our inspiration, the models that we hire make it all come together. Rufhouse Magazine showcases the collection on each of the male models that we used so far this Autumn and by the time this newsletter is printed and sent into cyberspace we will most likely have photographed even a few more.


MEET RUFSKIN’S NEWEST MODEL NIGEL ANTHONY MEADOWS 9 questions for the handsome Brit about his life, music and RUFSKIN Tell us a little about yourself? Where do you live and where are you from? I’m 29, live in Manchester, England. I was brought up in a small rural town called Clitheroe in Lancashire. I’m a typical Leo with all their traits. When you have free time from modeling shoots what other things do you do to pass the time? It’s important to manage my time efficiently; If not I would succumb to my natural disorganized self and could quite easily stay on the sofa all day. The first thing I do in the morning is to write lists of tasks for the day, following up with emails - AFTER my morning caffeine hit of course without which without anyone that knows me will confirm I’m not worth a conversation before this! My other time is spent running my Personal Training business and attending an acting course. The rest is spent with my wonderful family and of course going out with my crazy-ass friends. What type of daily routines do you recommend to keep up your model appearance? I wish I could be one of those guys that could say nothing. My body and appearance heavily responds to my lifestyle. Nutrition is a strong focus of mine. Each morning and evening I down a shot of wheatgrass to detoxify my body. I weight train daily, usually slotting this in the afternoon when I have the most energy. I try to run outdoors twice a week. I love running through the city at night, It provides a sense of calming escapism which is next to none. Ensuring I’m fully hydrated helps manage my skin, especially with the late nights and early rises. If you could sit down for a beer (or protein shake) with anyone in the world living or dead who would it be? Meryl Streep. I have massive respect for her success and her innate ability to mold


into any character, I admire her outlook, modesty and willingness to look to a greater understanding of life. You were chosen to model for the brand Rufskin for their Fall/Winter 2013 Season how would you describe your experience while shooting for Rufskin? Why do you think they chose you? The whole experience was very surreal. Spending time in the USA with Americans was especially interesting for me, seeing the differences in culture and I fell truly fell in love with it. I’m looking to spend more time in the states in the future. The thing that hit me first was the unity of the Rufskin team. Each member was seen to be working closely with the other, sharing the same passion and had a very personal feel in the business. I warmed to them all instantly as I watched them bounce ideas from each other and took in what i could of their creative process. The overall shoot was massively exciting. Coming from the less than ideal climate of Manchester, exploring the desert was truly an adventure. Rufskin, for me, is a brand of quality with a strong masculine sexual edge to it. Logan and myself complemented and contrasted each other together, both in terms of look and personality, We fit the different types of male that the brand stands for which comes across in the images. Logan’s perfect symmetry contrasted perfectly with my rugged rough around the edges semblance. For me these contrasts represent the brand - a mixture of quality tailoring for an active lifestyle with an edge to it. How would you describe the Rufskin brand? Rufskin to me synergies the male sexuality with fashion. It’s products make the modern man desirable in a masculine way. It celebrates the male athletic body and it’s fit serves to highlight this. I loved how they felt against my skin when I first tried the clothes on, I didn’t want to take them

Click here to view RUFSKIN Brotherhood Photos featuring Nigel on ISSUU.COM off. The material they used seem to have some give, so they moved as I did and had no restriction. Then looking back in the mirror I saw how the fall of the clothing was such that it effortlessly glided along my silhouette; enhancing the places I would want with clothes, and as an athletic man I found this refreshing as usually I have to compromise somewhere to make clothes fit. What song(s) are you currently listening to over and over again on your iPod? I couldn’t live with out Spotify. Music is a huge part of my life. I listen to music for hours a day its my escape, motivation, relaxation and passion. My all time favourite track is ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by my fellow Mancunians The Verve. My taste is eclectic, I listen to songs not by genre but the emotion it evokes in myself; something I apply to all aspects of my life. Whilst writing this i’m listening to ‘What You Need’ by The Weekend. ‘Miracle’ by Blackmill is my current obsession, literally on repeat. My gym-jam at the minute is ‘crave you’ (adventure club remix) by Flight Facilities; it gets me pumped-up for a big session. What is one interesting thing about yourself that people would be surprised to know? I have an obsession with one and only Victoria Beckham. What is in store for Mr. Meadows in the near future? Today, I’m packing for New York. Tomorrow...retirement?! No I love living life in the present and grasping opportunities and new experiences… life’s out there for living and I’m making the most of it and right now I’m off to the pub for a beer…. cheers! Follow Nigel on Twitter @nigelmeadows





On location with RUFSKIN for the Fall Collection by Paul Abrantes From time to time my position, Director of Stores/Brand, with RUFSKIN gives me the opportunity to travel. A trip to visit RUFSKIN HQ and the heart of our operation is always a thrill, but this particular visit has by far been one of my most memorable to date. Upon arrival at our Headquarters in San Diego, I was given a behind the scenes look at the Fall 2013 Collection by none other than the amazing Hubert Pouches. I was blown away at the collection. RUFSKIN`S fashion history has evolved greatly throughout the years and the fall collection is no exception. It flirts with both comfort and fashion; an exquisite combination. Take for example our new Rufletic athletic collection which features different choices; the more basic look or the more fashion side of athleticism and athletic attire. Priced for those who are being sensible with their budget during these times, these new pieces offer the highest quality at the best price. RUFSKIN is famous for our form-fitting cuts and the new Fall 2013 line is no exception. Our pieces are perfect for layering, a great way to add color and texture under any look. Fashion should be effortless. You should look unique with your own sense of identity and this collection gives you that flexibility and ease. After previewing the entire line in San Diego, we headed out to Palm Springs where RUFSKIN STUDIO was on location at Rancho Mirage to shoot resident model Logan. Always a stand out, Logan brought every piece to life and each shot proved to be better than the last. Douglas Coats, our President/ Art Director, has an eye like no other and was a constant visionary on set. The energy was amazing during the shoot and we could not ask for a better location or group of people to spend time with. I’m excited to have you all visit the New York Boutique and experience this collection in person. On September 28th we are having a collection viewing at the Boutique with drinks, DJ on hand, a couple of models wearing our collection and a touch of the California sun, courtesy of RUFSKIN.







RUFSKIN Swimwear Popular at Leading UK Online Retailer Tell us about BangLads?




Who are the sexiest male models from the UK?

BangLads was started 7 years ago to provide the UK market with a range of underwear brands that were not available within the UK. As the company has grown the product portfolio has expanded to over 700 products including essentials, sportswear, clothing and swimwear and BangLads is now the leading online men’s underwear retailer in the UK.

Jamie Dornan, David Gandy and SamWay to name a few. We have a lot of sexy men in the UK!

What sets the UK market for men’s clothing apart from other nations? The UK has a reputation of being a nation of reserved individuals and although the world of underwear contradicts this on occasion there is still an element of modesty when it comes to the guys on our island. However underneath that shy persona (and their clothing!) the men of the UK can embrace their adventurous, athletic and spirited side through underwear. What’s the #1 quality you look for in a brand? Energy. We want our products to get our customers blood pumping and make them feel body confident.

What’s BangLads’ best selling RUFSKIN item? This year RUFSKIN swimwear has been in huge demand, the square cut Martin & Mitch styles were firm favourites and continue to sell well as guys shop and holiday all year round. Where do you see the future of men’s fashion going? Men are becoming more and more aware of fashion and finding their own style. On the catwalk they are turning the androgynous look on its head by including feminine looks such as head bands, halter tops and skirts on the runways in Paris, Milan and New York. Some may say it is just reflecting the experimentation that occurred in the 80’s others believe it is the guy’s time to shine on the catwalk. Whatever the reason, underwear will never go out of fashion!

Why did BangLads choose to carry RUFSKIN? RUFSKIN offers good quality, modern styles that the market demands and mirrors everything the BangLads brand embodies - energy, freshness and positivity. The stunning imagery also means we can share the Californian sun with you, when in actual fact it’s a grey, rainy day in the UK!


Shop online in the UK at




RUFSKIN BEACH BUMS Contest Winning entries Wearing Rufskin makes me feel confident, unique, attractive in the pool, beach and even on the roof! - David F. Taipei City, Taiwan Winner

My favorite part is the buckle. It' s hot to think you are only a snap away from being completely naked which is great for the nude beach or just the exhibitionist in us all. - EDWARD J. ASTORIA, NY USA 2nd place

The cut and style is flattering, timeless and classic. the intimate fit of Rufskin is always satisfying and keeps me coming back for more. - John R. Pooler, Georgia USA 3RD place, RUFSKIN BEACH BUMS Contest 8


September 28TH from 4pm to 8pm Featuring DJ Kimani G on the decks Drinks and Fashion will be served

Questions by Marcy DePina


What was the inspiration behind Martone Cycling? The idea came from a simple need - I moved to the West Village in NYC and had to park my bike in my living room so immediately had a design epiphany - I needed something contemporary looking. I’m influenced certainly by Apple and its clean design, monochromatic esthetic and qualitative components ….


GET SOCIAL WITH US! SEE EXCLUSIVE CONTENT AND INTERACT WITH OTHER RUFSKIN FANS ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND MORE... Why do you feel cycling for fitness and a mode of transportation is important, especially in cities?

/RufskinDenimHeadquarters /RufskinNewYork /RufskinAmsterdam

During the design process - I also fell in love with so many layers of biking - including the these two you mentioned. Bikes are an ingenious invention, they take you from A to B in no time and in addition you burn calories while doing it - they give you sexy legs - I mean - what else do you want? :)

@RufskinDenim @Rufskin_NY @RufskinAMS You have a unique design, that clearly shows a passion for fashion, tell us about it and explain the term duomatic brand.

@RufskinDenim @Rufskin_NY

I love fashion and fashion is my background. I worked in advertising and PR for 10 years before having the bike idea. So I definitely bring a bit of that world to the bike industry. For me, your bike should be an extension of who you are, of your personal style. The hub is duomatic - which means the bikes have TWO gears that change automatically so the user doesn’t have to worry about changing gears himself. It’s produced by SRAM and we are the only bike brand that uses this technology - I feel we were pretty innovative for embracing that so early!

@RufskinDenim @RufskinNY RufskinVideo

Why did you choose to partner with RUFSKIN as a distributor for your bikes? Because I believe the RUFSKIN man is like the Martone Cycling guy; guys that like well designed objects, that appreciate style, and have a strong personality. They might like a bit of attention too. :)

What’s the one thing you want the world to know about Martone Cycling Co.?

That we will be the #1 designer bike in the world one day - and for the early adaptors - I promise we are here to stay! Now let’s enjoy the ride!

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