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June 2013

Rufskin Proud.

Our Clothes Are All American Made & We Don’t Discriminate As LGBT communities around the globe celebrate GAY PRIDE, Rufskin wants to acknowledge that we are a proud and welcoming member of this community. In this June issue of RUFSKIN Monthly, we talk with Rufskin owners Douglas Coats & Hubert Pouches, as they reflect on their relationship and the brand. We also catch up with the sexy Southern gentleman and Rufskin model Kenneth Guidroz as he discusses his life & career. Rufskin NY discusses different views on Gay Rights in America and on-going theme of hetero & homosexual male friends. Model and fitness expert Logan Swiecki-Taylor gives us tips to living the RufLife and finally we go down under with Rufskin Australia, who are hosts of one of the biggest Gay Pride events in the world.


So join us in celebration of LGBT pride across the globe and remember to always stand tall and proud.


Rufskin Studio

The House that Coats & Pouches Built How did you two meet? We met in Paris France. Douglas was a fashion model and Hubert was the owner of a men's modeling agency. When did the idea for Rufskin first come about? We would say around the summer of 2001. Hubert was designing for another sportswear company at the time and the opportunity to take the company into his own hands offered a chance to create and design using his own design ideas. What was the concept behind the brand? To create sexy men's denim jeans. At the time, there was only a few select brands offering low waist and stretch denim jeans and our concept was to create styles with a masculine edge. Guys were constrained to buy girls jeans and they were not adequate for men's bodies. How did you come up with the name Rufskin? There are a couple reasons for the name that we both remember; The name ruf conjures up the feeling of "tough" and not smooth and the word "skin" refers to the covering of our body. It's also the translation of a jiu jitzu term "casca grossa" which means tough guy in Brazilian Portuguese. Is it challenging to be both business partners and in a relationship? So far so good. Like in any relationships the communication is important together but there are times when we feel we are stepping on each toes and it is time to take a small break and make sure we do something alone and away from the brand. Doug's twin brother also works for us so there is not only us but a sibling member as well to work together with.


“As a brand we wish to prove that it’s not a question of being part of a certain group but part of the general community as a whole. There is no question though, that the gay community has not only been faithful to the brand but we are still a source of great inspiration. Our dream would be to unify everybody under the same esthetic. How do you feel about same sex marriage? Are you two married, and if not, would you ever consider it? Currently, we are joined together as domestic partners in the State of California where it is still illegal to get married. After 24 years together, the importance of a legal document will be the normal finality of a life together. Hubert, you were born in France, and Doug in the US, do you feel that international gay couples face an additional pressure in securing a Green Card in the US with the obstacles of gay marriage? With no doubt. There is a huge misconception in the USA about immigration especially same sex couples. It is and has been against the law to emigrate a same sex partner to the USA. Even it is legal now in certain states, the Federal government does not recognize same sex couples for marrying thus bringing your foreign partner to the US. Unfortunately this legal problem seems to be the last stone on the way of a universal happiness. Where do you two plan on retiring? At a Rufhouse somewhere. For a long time it was going to be Brazil since we love it there so much but recent updates have caused us to lean on Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs. Both places would be a dream. Anywhere with palm trees and our two French bulldogs, Francois and Baptiste.


Kenneth Guidroz The Southern Gentleman Where are you from? I'm from a small town in South Louisiana called Port Sulphur. How did you get into modeling? First my mom would always tell me I should look into it. But finally I got into modeling by posting some amateur pictures up on a site called Model Mayhem. Was found by some industry guys who gave me advice on how to better myself and move forward. I reached out to some photographers and here I am now. How do you like living in the Big Apple?

What is your take on gay marriage rights? resilient. I will not give up, I didn't give up then and I definitely will not give up now. I honestly think everyone should be able I've come to far. So either get with me or to do what ever it is that they want. I look get out of my way. Simple as that. at people as people. If its what you want to do then by all means do it. What you So far as my town now its pretty much eat doesn't make me shit. Simple as that. back together. I mean it will never be the way it was pre-Hurricane Katrina but for Think back to your first shoot to Rufskin, the most part it’s still home. Home is what is it about the brand you enjoyed? where the heart is and my heart will always be there, but sometimes you have The best thing I liked about the Rufskin to step outside the heart to accomplish shoot was the clothes. I'm a former other things. Most of the people returned football player so to put athletic clothes back to rebuild but some did not. Its a on made it much easier to model. It let me risk to live there. Just like tornado alley, be me somewhat. Very comfortable and but that’s a risk the people of Port sexy clothes. Sulphur are willingly to take. If you could have any super power what would it be? I would love to fly.

I love the Big Apple so far. Very What's the one clothing item or accessory different from my small hometown. But I that no man of style should be without? just love to know that I'm moving forward with my career. I'm all about positive Cologne progress and if it takes me living in the Big Apple to do that then so be it. I adjust What does style mean to you? to my surroundings pretty easily. Style to me means being comfortable in How do you stay in such great shape? your own skin and not afraid to wear What is your fitness regime? what brings the you out of you. I stay in shape by eating clean and healthy. And of course by going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. Cardio is a must. I can't tell you all my secrets, otherwise they wouldn't be secrets anymore ;) What’s the one thing you cannot live without? The one thing I cannot live without is the gym. Its my fix. When I'm feeling bad I just go there. Totally relaxes me. You were made the face of Rufskin for Fall/Winter 2012. What was that like for you? Being the face of Rufskin was awesome I must say. Considering it was my first ever paid modeling job. But just the exposure itself was big. And having a mini billboard in NY isn't bad either. It was cool. Something I will remember forever. How does it feel to have a sexy Rufskin singlet named in your honor? Hahaha.. The Kenneth suit is awesome. I'm honored. I thank Hubert for that. That’s so cool to know that many other guys have done Rufskin ads and I got the name.


Your hometown was destroyed as a result of Hurricane Katrina, how did that experience shape you and what is it like there now in the aftermath? My town was completely decimated from hurricane Katrina. Imagine leaving your home thinking you'll be back in a day or two. Then come to realize that your away from it for a couple months. Then when you finally get to return there is nothing but debris to return to. No homes, no trees, no animals, NOTHING. It's like a gray feeling, a feeling of death and silence. Just dull. Just land. Everything you have worked for your entire life is gone in just a couple hours. So if you have never been through something like that then you have no idea how it feels. That particular experience has partly shaped me into the man I am today. Adversity digs deep inside you and finds out what you are really about. Because of that experience I am stronger, I am more grateful, I am humble, I am respectful, I am understanding, I am wiser. Just when I think I am having a bad day I just think back to that particular experience and say to myself, "This is nothing, it could be a lot worse, because I've been through a lot worse." That experience has awakened me and has made my drive much stronger, it has made me much more

“I honestly think everyone should be able to do what ever it is that they want. I look at people as people. If it’s what you want to do, then by all means do it. What you eat doesn’t make me shit. Simple as that.” Kenneth Guidroz


“We’ve created BOY BOY Plus 1 t! shirts to acknowledge support between the gay and straight communities. They represent open minds and unity amongst people that is not based on race, gender, or sexual preference.” Paul Abrantes

RUFSKIN NY By Paul Abrantes As I sat and pondered on what Gay Pride means to me, I kept going back to the hate that fills so many hearts. It always boggles my mind to think that human beings feel superior to others because their sexual preferences differ. Recently, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, a co-author and key proponent of the Senate immigration bill, said he will revoke his support if an amendment was added to the bill that would allow gay Americans to petition for same-sex spouses living abroad to secure a green card. "If this bill has in it something that gives gay couples immigration rights and so forth, it kills the bill. I'm done," Rubio said Thursday during an interview on the Andrea Tantaros Show.


Reading this article really hit home for me and my family. Eleven years ago, my brother fell in love and his partner happens to be Brazilian. After several years living very happily together in NYC, they took a trip to Brazil to introduce my brother to the family. On the way back, his boyfriend was denied re-entry into the U.S. and discovered that his company had gone out of business while he was away. This was heartbreaking because unlike most other couples, the option to simply get married and normalize status in the United States

was not an option. They, like anyone else, deserve to be together but under the current laws, they face a discrimination that often goes without acknowledgement. Our immigration laws, and all of our laws, should not be based on religion. We live in country that clearly states that a separation of church and state should be abided. So why, then, are people’s personal beliefs obstructing the right of homosexual couples to enjoy the same rights as others? We are taught that we have to respect what others believe and in turn, we deserve a mutual respect and access to the rights everyone else enjoys. The LGBT community has been fighting for equal rights since the 1970s and slowly we are inching closer to having the same rights as everyone else. There are so many different stereotypes that the LGBT community encounters in every day life and in the mass media. It can be discouraging, but just when you think people will not support or embrace gay people and the rights we so rightfully deserve, a gesture of support or understanding will come to show you otherwise. Recently, I came across a song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis called “Same Love” that just fills my heart with hope for a greater understanding, especially among hetero & homosexual men. “For those that liked the same sex had

the characteristics. The right wing conservatives think it's a decision and you can be cured with some treatment and religion, man-made rewiring of a predisposition, playing God, aw nah here we go. America the brave still fears what we don't know and God loves all his children, is somehow forgotten, but we paraphrase a book written thirty-fivehundred years ago. I don't know” Hearing this song on public radio, was an affirmation to me and to the community at large, that you can find support in the most unlikely places. Hip-Hop is usually seen as being anti-gay but this song proves that not everyone sold on the hatred. Love is the message behind Gay Pride. My last article was based on gay and straight male friendships and how they help create greater understanding. That concept gave birth to the BOY BOY Plus1. We’ve created t-shirts to acknowledge support between the gay and straight communities. They represent open minds and unity amongst people that is not based on race, gender, or sexual preference. Our Gay Pride at the NYC boutique is Saturday, June 29th, stop by and help us spread the message of acceptance by purchasing a t-shirt at 10% off. Now let the Gay Pride festivities begin!!


RUFSKIN Model and Fitness Expert Logan Swiecki Taylor gives us tips for living the RufLife

RUFLIFE H.I.I.T. and Get Fit Rufskin HQ sat down with Rufskin model Logan Swiecki Taylor to get his take on getting into last minute shape and looking and feeling good for your gay pride events.

repetitions and length of each depends on the exercise, but may be as little as three repetitions with just 20 seconds of intense exercise.


You can use HIIT for weight training or cardio. HIIT for weight training is also referred to as Tabata and uses the same principles as above. Using HIIT for weight training you would workout for time rather than a counted number of repetitions. There are several apps out there you could download to time yourself for Tabata and HIIT. HIIT cardio can be performed for anything from hill sprints to treadmill work or just running the park.

H.I.I.T. or High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to quicken results and get a quicker workout. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 4–30 minutes. This short, intense workout can improve your athleticism, condition (conditioning), and improve your body’s fat burning capability. While there is no specific formula for HIIT training it usually consists of a warm up period, three to ten sets of high intensity exercise, separated by medium intensity for recovery, and ends with a cool down. The high intensity exercise should be done at near maximum intensity (almost as hard as you can go). The medium exercise should be about50% intensity. The number of


Whether you use HIIT for weights or cardio you’re going to ramp up your training intensity thus getting “quicker results.” Whenever one is in a crunch to get “in shape” it’s a great decision to use HIIT with your traditional workout routine to shock your body into overdrive.


“It’s difficult to describe the average Australian man. He comes in many forms. Our customers are certainly those who enjoy a bold attitude to life and who aren’t afraid of a little bit of sweat.”

RUFSKIN AUSTRALIA A Taste of the RufLife Down Under By Michael Otway

I’ve been working with Rufskin now for five years after creating an online store with Rufskin as a feature brand. Partnering with Rufskin was a no brainer for me. Rufskin was exactly the type of brand and product that I wanted to showcase on because of its bold, sexy and masculine design and appeal. We’re based in Brisbane, Australia. It’s difficult to describe the average Australian man. He comes in many forms. Our customers are certainly those who enjoy a bold attitude to life and who aren’t afraid of a little bit of sweat. We have customers of all ages who love fashion and sports apparel alike. It’s fantastic that we have such a wide cross section of customers who love our products and brands. Aussie guys are definitely becoming more fashion conscious. That goes for gay guys and straight guys too! We have a large base of gay customers of all ages and it’s something we’re very thankful for. Naturally we’re only too keen to support gay events and the gay community that has supported us throughout the years. In Brisbane, we’ve sponsored the annual Big Gay Day for a number of years now. Twenty-five percent of the admission proceeds go towards supporting GLBT charities and causes so it’s a great day for many reasons. Sydney Mardi Gras Is the largest gay and lesbian


event of its kind in the world. Needless to say our warehouse is always very busy packing and sending orders containing new outfits (usually tight and tiny) to guys all around the country in the weeks prior to Mardi Gras. Something most people wouldn’t know about Australia is that despite our vast land size, our island continent has a population of only 23 million people and most of them live near the coast. Of course, there are also lots of kangaroos - so many in fact that we eat them. Kangaroo meat is sold in butcher stores and supermarkets and is offered up on the menus of many restaurants. It’s actually a very healthy meat with low fat content and high levels of iron. Australia as a nation is only 225 years old and our head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. American culture permeates Australian people on a daily basis. Much of our television and music comes from the States. We love selling American brands like Rufskin. It’s an even greater story because of the fact that Rufskin is designed and made in California. At WearItOut, we make sure that what is born in California is worn in Australia. I can’t wait to see what amazing things are to come from Rufskin in the next five years as we share our individual brand evolutions together.

RUFSKIN Monthly Newsletter June 2013  

Monthly Newsletter featuring the current happenings at RUFSKIN.

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