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Drew Ginn

Drew Ginn is a triple Olympic Gold medallist, business own of Podium Bike Hub which has two retail outlets and he is Director with Energy Impact Group, a small consultancy engaged in improving organisational effectiveness. As a sports person his senior international rowing career began in 1995 at age 20. In 1996 he became the new member in the Oarsome Foursome and realised a childhood dream when he won Gold at the Atlanta Olympics. Eight year later after a career end back injury and missing the Sydney Olympics he achieved a near perfect performance with rowing partner James Tomkins to take his second Olympic gold medal in Athens. Their victory was met with many emotions and highlighted their wonderful abilities to find a harmony that enabled them to stand out from their competitors. In Beijing with a new partner Duncan Free, Drew secured his third gold medal with a thrilling come-from-behind win while managing another server back injury. With this win, Drew also secured his place as one of Australia’s greatest athletes, having won gold in three separate Olympic Games. Upon returning to Australia Drew underwent back surgery for a second time and with all the highs and lows, he is now back on track to compete in London with the aim of performing in a new combination and securing another Olympic Gold. In his business career, Drew has had many opportunities to develop his approach as a presenter and facilitator. From working within non-profit a organisation, to ambassador roles for charity events and sponsors, to being a sports coach and mentor, he has been exposed to many significant people and worked with a board range of participants with such diverse needs, expectations and experiences. Transitioning into his current work as presenter and facilitator while maintain his sporting focus is a credit to the approach he takes to his own learning and the learning of those he engages with. His areas of interest involve working with individuals and groups to enhance their performance. This is done through leadership and team development with a specific focus on energising and enabling people to get out of their comfort zone and fully engage in actions which will create the improvements or changes they desire. Drew has been involved with a range of groups, from corporate Australia to local communities and schools. As an associate with Melbourne Business School since 2005, his clients have included , Melbourne Water, Seek, Laminex and Masterfoods, Vic Roads, DMO, Fletcher Building, and he has presented and facilitated on many programs including, Advance Management Program, BHPB Graduate Program, Maximising Your Leadership Potential and Management Development Program.

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