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RUCHIKA KARNANI Graphic Design Portfolio 2019

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1) Branding for Better by Design Graduation Project

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2) Glee Design for Brands

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3) Beat the Heat Design for Social Impact

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4) Wayfinding for Phoenix Mall Wayfinding and system design

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5) Lather Up Self-Initiated Specialization

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6) Food for Soul Open Elective

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Project Title:

Branding for Better By Design Project Duration:

20 weeks

Graduation Project Internship As part of MIT Institute of Design’s Under Graduate program, the final year students must complete a specific graduation internship in the industry. My Internship was with The Makers of Things (Branded as Better by Design), Hyderabad. My project was to craft an identity for Better by Design and design the visual experience for the event, ‘Unzombify’. I got the opportunity to be a part of the core design team and contributed at various stages right from research, brand development to concept generation, detailing and specifications.

Portfolio 2019 | Better by Design

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 1



Better By Design is a programme by ‘The Makers of Things’ that enables students to be curious, come up with answers on their own, and equips them to teach themselves. They are given the space to identify real problems, come up with creative ideas and wear the courage to try them out.

At The Makers of Things, I was responsible for making graphic design collaterals, help with building the brand identity and contribute towards event experience for ‘Unzombify’. Apart from this, I also had the opportunity to work closely with other teams. Mentoring kids and learning with them was one of my most valued experience at The Makers of Things.

PROJECTS Over the span of 20 weeks, I worked on the following projects: 1) Establishing Brand Identity People’s perception of the brand Better by Design and logo design. 2) Parent Research Get a better understanding of what parents expect from the programme and the kind of communication that works for them. 3) Event experience for ‘Unzombify’ Outreach before the event and experience during the event. Ruchika Karnani | Slide 2

CLIENT BRIEF To help establish an identity for Better by Design(BBD)

SCOPE OF WORK -Research -Gathering insights -Target Audience Study -Brand Strategy -Establishing Identity

GETTING STARTED -Getting a better understanding about BBD -Classroom visits -Questioning and interviewing the team -Understanding the target audience -Problem statement

TARGET AUDIENCE - Tier 1 International Schools in Hyderabad

Schools that give importance to extra-curricular activites and go beyond textbook learning.

- Children going to International schools in Hyderabad, in the age group of 9-14.

Children at this age are eager to learn and tend to venture out onto unexplored paths.

-Parents of children who go to International Schools

Parents who want holistic development for their child and believe that creativity and innovation is important for his/her growth. Portfolio 2019 | Better by Design


I questioned Krishna & Soumeet, the co-founders to gain insights about what their brainchild means to them. What lead to the start of BBD? -Motivation and real reason

If BBD was your friend, how would you describe them? - Personify the brand

What do you want people to feel through your brand?

-BBD as an emotion

How do you see BBD impacting a child’s life and why is this important for them?

-After two years of the program, how do you see children putting the learnings from this experience to use

Why are mindsets important?

-How do we mould a child’s mindset and ensure they continue to practise it?

How does creative confidence help children?

-The importance of problem-solving skills and creative thinking Ruchika Karnani | Slide 3




-Quick and witty










BRAND ESSENCE A brand’s essence is its intrinsic nature, an abstractism that determines character. It is also known as the brand’s soul, spirit, core or crux. The brand’s essence is essential to its existence.

Unleash your Ideas! Portfolio 2019 | Better by Design

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 4

IDENTITY This identity represents a burst of creativity and spells excitement. I chose multiple overlapping circles to show that we are a community, bringing people together, but still keeping their identity intact. I used a block, bold yet rounded font in BBD to show that we are assertive but accomodating.

BBD BBD Portfolio 2019 | Better by Design

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UNZOMBIFY Better by Design hosted its ďŹ rst ever event, Unzombify in April, 2018. The event brought together principals from top schools of Hyderabad, Students of CHIREC International, V4- the youngest band of the country and students of other partner organizations.


CLIENT BRIEF To help create a visual experience for the event, Unzombify.

SCOPE OF WORK -Event collaterals (Pre-Event) -Experience Zone (During the event) -Landing Page (Post event)

Zombies are people who appear lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. These people follow instructions given to them and do not use their own mind. They lack the ability to think and use their own thought. Better by Design believes that this is the scariest state to be in. If we don’t question everything around us and simply accept things the way they are without giving it much thought, our minds will never grow. BBD wants us to UNZOMBIFY and look at old things in new ways. This is important for creativity and innovation.

Portfolio 2019 | Better by Design

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Portfolio 2019 | Better by Design

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Project Title:

GLEE Design for Brands Project Duration:

3 weeks, Individual Project Classroom Project

A dessert bar that serves ‘something sweet’ from every continent. Desserts are something people normally celebrate over or even make special bonds. It is a way of being together and more tightly knit to your loved ones be it your parents, siblings, family, friends or lover. Through this dessert bar I want to be spreading sweetness through the desserts. Traditional desserts from each continent to celebrate different cultures.

Portfolio 2019 | Glee

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 8



Encouraging urban young people aged 20-30 to bond and socialize face-to-face and share their sweetness.

Glee Bliss Warmth Togetherness Classic Merry Cheery


TARGET AUDIENCE -A place for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. -A cafe to relax in, catch up with friends and family. -Best place to find a variety of desserts after a meal or otherwise. The above images are taken from the internet for reference purpose only.

CONCEPT Based on my research insights, I shortlisted two desserts from every country. The selected desserts were intended to be of assorted flavours- fruit, chocolate, coffee, caramel. The desserts were chosen based on availability of ingredients in India. Even though the delicacies are from different parts of the continent they still fit into the Indian food palette. Portfolio 2019 | Glee

Family Friends Lovers/couples Solitary

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 9


The idea of sharing sweetness and celebrating brings joy. Hence, the name GLEE.

TYPOGRAPHY Primary- Pistilli

ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789



Indulgent Classic Happy Friendly Comforting



Secondary- Museo sans

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 Portfolio 2019 | Glee

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 10

Portfolio 2019 | Glee

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 11


Project Title:

BEAT THE HEAT Design for Social Impact Project Duration:

2 weeks, Individual Project Classroom Project The summer season in most parts of India begins in March and ends in May. During these months, the mean temperature is 32 C and the average maximum temperature often rises above 40 C.The maximum temperature also shoots to 51 C in some regions of the country. The hot sun usually takes a toll on the people’s health. In extreme cases, several deaths are also caused due to the heat and this problem is often neglected.

Portfolio 2019 | Beat the Heat

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 12



To spread awareness about heat-related illnesses among the urban youth of India.

-Lack of awareness -Little knowledge about how to look after themselves -often ignorant, do not realize the gravity of the situation -extreme cases of heat-related illness could lead to death



The above images are taken from the internet for reference purpose only.

AIM The aim of this campaign was to spread awareness about heat-related illnesses and suggest preventive actions to overcome the same. Communication was crafted in a way that would be appealing to the target group while ensuring that they don’t feel overwhelmed by the information provided. In order to achieve this, I designed posters to effectively communicate this message. Portfolio 2019 | Beat the Heat

Students studying in schools falling in the age group of 12-17 years. The children often do not realize the effect heat has on them. It is important for them to take care of themselves as it directly affects their health and hence all their activities .

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 13

An Initiative by: An Initiative by:


An Initiative by:

Opt for light coloured, loose clothing Keep your body adequately cool during the summers

Neither icy cold, nor boiling hot. at regular intervals to recover the water lost while sweating.

An Initiative by:

Cover your heads with scarves, hats AND umberellas. Except in the mornings. You need your Vitamin D.

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 14


Project Title:

WAYFINDING FOR PHOENIX MARKETCITY Wayfinding and System Design Project Duration:

3 weeks, Group Project with Aastha Bhattacharya & Drishti Taori

Existing Signage

Proposed Signage

Classroom Project As part of our wayfinding and systems design course, we were asked to select a public space and identify problems in it. The space we chose was Phoenix Marketcity- one of the largest shopping malls in Pune. We conducted research by visiting the location, talking to users, observed navigation and documented it through photographs, videos and interviews. We then ideated and proposed our solutions to some of the major problems we identified.

Portfolio 2019 | Wayfinding and System Design

Existing Signage

Proposed Signage

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 15



Designing an effective wayfinding system for Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Pune to ensure an easy orientation and seamless navigation for any person who visits the mall.

-Staff Cleaners, workers, labourers

PROBLEM AREAS -utility icons are not highlighted. -difficulty finding utilities-washrooms, ATMs, help desk, elevator, Emergency/fire exit map etc) -mall directory does not provide necessary information. Difficult to read/decipher a person’s current location. -moving around/navigation within the mall -trust humans more than signs -placement of signs (people crowding at some signs and over looking some signs) -signs are overwhelming, people tend to ask others for directions

AIM To enhance the overall experience, our team decided to work on improving the existing system and signage design. Portfolio 2019 | Wayfinding and System Design

-People of all social strata -Audience groups Families, elderly, youth, children, women

WHY SYSTEM DESIGN? Our approach involved conceptualizing an efficient system based on studying the existing system design and its drawbacks. Since the mall is a pre-existing one and its structure is pre-defined in terms of shop systems and organizations, we had to work in and around an existing system and attempt to make it better in whatever ways possible. Through this project we have introduced several proposed concepts that are not present in the mall currently. The purpose of these proposals were to enhance the existing mall system without disturbing the current ecosystem and experience of the mall. Ruchika Karnani | Slide 16


Information Plaque

Secondary Directional Sign

Identification Signs


During the course of three weeks, I actively contributed towards research, understanding the audience, getting acquainted with the users problems. I also contributed towards design of the signages.

Portfolio 2019 | Wayfinding and System Design

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 17


Project Title:

LATHER UP Self-Initiated Specialization Project Duration:

1 week, Individual Project Classroom Project Identity design for a hypothetical handmade soap brand. Bath and body products, these days have fragrances that make you want to eat them! I aim at creating a multi-sensorial experience around soaps. I wanted to combine my strong sense of smell with my love for colours. ‘Lather Up’ aims at enhancing the smell and shower experience.

Portfolio 2019 | Lather Up

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 18


LOOK AND FEEL Gentle Tender Natural Cleansing Lathering Fragrant Pleasant


The above images are taken from the internet for reference purpose only.

SOAP QUALITY -Ideal for Indian skin types. Most handmade soaps are either too dry or too oily. -Ideal for Indian climate. Most soaps that are imported tend to melt and get spoilt too soon. -Devoid of harmful chemicals -Made with more love and care as opposed to mass manufactured soaps -These soaps are customizable and have a personal feel to it. Portfolio 2019 | Lather Up

-Primary target audience is young women between the ages of 20-30. -Older women -Men to buy them as gifts -Anyone who appreciates good scented soaps and showers.

NOMENCLATURE Since the target audience is young, I wanted to choose a name that is fresh and attracts attention with a fun element. I decided to choose something thats related to soaps and water. Key words: Bubbles, foam, fragrance, lather, foam, froth, soap sud To bathe: loosen, relax, unwind, clean

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 19


The form chosen represents the foam and bubbles(lather that is formed) and a cloud. Rains from a cloud is like water pouring out of an over-head shower.

TYPOGRAPHY: Easy, fun-looking font. Primary:


Catatan perjalanan ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 Secondary: Clear Sans Medium ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789


Since the packaging and other collaterals will have all the colour, the identity was left to dark neutral colours.

#015380 Portfolio 2019 | Lather Up

#383838 Ruchika Karnani | Slide 20


Project Title:

FOOD FOR SOUL Open Elective Project Duration:

1 week, Individual Project Classroom Project The aim of the project was to produce graphical outputs inspired by food. I chose to make postcards with food puns. As the digital age is taking over us, the art of letter writing and sending postcards is on the brink of extinction. I decided to bring together three things truly enjoy- food, puns and writing letters and postcards.

Portfolio 2019 | Food for Soul

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 21



July is declared as the national ice-cream month.

Portfolio 2019 | Food for Soul


Every part of the watermelon is edible, even the rind and the seeds.

World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in October.

Ruchika Karnani | Slide 22

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Graphic Design Portfolio 2019  

This portfolio is a representation of my journey as a Graphic Design learner. I have compiled some of the projects I worked on during my fou...

Graphic Design Portfolio 2019  

This portfolio is a representation of my journey as a Graphic Design learner. I have compiled some of the projects I worked on during my fou...