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3 Oval-Shaped Roof Exhibition Centre Frankfurt/Main (GER) 4 Europe’s Largest Timber Domes for Enel in Brindisi (IT) 6 Africarium – Oceanarium in Wroclaw (PL) 8 Shopping Park for Tesco in Taplow (GB) 10 Rubner Holzbau – European Leader, International Presence 12 Luxury Apartments Gemse in Andermatt (CH) Timber construction in a large-scale project: On behalf of the Free University of Berlin, namely for the extension of the Faculty of Small Institutes (FKI), Rubner Holzbau fabricates and assembles some 5,000 m² of timber-glass-façade and 6,000 m² of external wall elements.

14 Foundation Jérôme SeydouxPathé in Paris (FR) 16 Speciality Retail Centre Thayapark in Waidhofen (AT)


18 Salt Storage Hall in Donauwörth (GER) Cover picture: Gemse Luxury Apartment House (CH)

Established more than 75 years ago as a family business, Rubner Holzbau has been successfully transformed over many years to become an internationally focused company. Nature shows us the way it works: growth, continuous improvements and sustainability are important factors for our success. From our subsidiaries based in Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Poland and Slovenia, our engineers and timber construction experts are able to perfectly support and assist the business partners in our core business sectors. The confidence that is invested in our company is reflected by the fact that our company has been commissioned to execute international large-scale projects. We have, for example, concluded in Brindisi (IT) the first of Europe’s two largest timber domes, in Berlin (GER) we are producing and assembling – on behalf of the Free University of Berlin – 5,000 m² of timber-glass-façade and 6,000 m² of factory prefabricated external wall elements. An encouraging outlook for 2015 has been secured by a contract award, which provides for the execution of a project on behalf of a Holiday Park located near Euro Disney Paris (FR). In a first construction phase, our company will be responsible for the construction of the first 530 out of a total of 770 holiday cottages. We invite you to convince yourself of the expert solutions that Rubner Holzbau is able to offer – either by reading this magazine or in a personal meeting. With the best regards

Helmut Hödl Managing Director

We look forward to seeing you at the Fair - Hall B5, Booth 111.


WIDELY VISIBLE HYBRID CONSTRUCTION The roof construction that has been executed as timber-steel-rib structure provides for an almost floating and cantilevered appearance of the roof. The ingenious and sophisticated structural planning of the project paired with an exceptional and remarkable design secures not only high recognition value but also the fulfilment of highest functional requirements. This design was even worth an award, which was conferred by the jury of the German Steel Construction Association in 2014. In the scope of this project, Rubner Holzbau had been commissioned with workshop planning activities, material supply, transport and onsite assembly of laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

plates. On behalf of Prebeck Stahlbau, the responsible company for overall project execution, Rubner Holzbau processed 600 m² of white coated LVL plates. The custom-made and prefabricated LVL panels were joined to the steel beams by thousands of single bore holes thus creating one large-scale ribbed plate. The largest components measured 13.50 x 1.82 m, the plate thickness was 48 mm. The fully assembled, oval-shaped roof was then installed in one piece. The project was presented to the public in good time before the opening of the International Motor Show 2013.


Radiant white and clearly visible even from a distance. The oval-shaped roof represents the architectonic eye-catcher of the new entrance area to the exhibition centre in Frankfurt am Main (GER).


Completion: 2013 Building Owner: Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main (GER) Architect: Ingo Schrader, Berlin (GER) Supporting Structure Design: B+G Ingenieure, Frankfurt/Main (GER) Overall Project Execution: Prebeck Stahlbau, Bogen (GER) Dimensions: 600 m² roof shell with white coated laminated veneer lumber panels Pictures: Messe Frankfurt/Bach, Rubner Holzbau




Completion: 2014 Contracting Entity: Enel Produzione S.p.A., Rome (IT) Design Works: Enel Ingegniera e Ricerca, Rome (IT) Timber Construction Design: Rubner Holzbau, Bressanone (IT) in cooperation with H.E. L端nig Adviesbureau voor technische houtconstructies B.V., Doetinchem (NL) Dimensions: 1,548 m3 glued laminated timber per dome 22,000 m2 cross laminated timber



The first of these two timber domes was completed within only nine months on receipt of the order. This achievement was due to a very accurate and thorough time and project management, the continuous optimisation of production processes and, above all, the very precise execution of every single assembly phase. The two domes have been designed to roof the coal stockyards and production plants of the “Federico II” power plant operated by ENEL, one of the worldwide leading electricity producers. The main objective of the contracting entity was to turn this site into a model project for state-of-the-art power generation. The outstanding flexibility and performance parameters of glued laminated and cross laminated timber were a convincing criterion. Hence, this structure is able to also visually reflect the company’s research and development approach.

Based on the condition of a “precise and accurate construction site”, production and assembly works were carried out fault-free. High-precision work was required from the very beginning to the very end of the process since even the slightest degree of inaccuracy would have prevented the dome from closing exactly. The construction of the second timber dome shall be concluded by mid-December 2014. All in all, a total of 3,100 m³ glued laminated timber, 44,000 m² cross laminated timber and 384 tons of steel will be required to erect the two domes.


With a diameter of 143 metres and a surface of 22,000 m², the first of Europe’s two largest glued laminated timber domes is being erected since mid-September near the city of Brindisi.

In the scope of this project, Rubner Holzbau is responsible not only for structural design, production, transport logistics and assembly but also for all design works required for dome covering, stairs, natural ventilation system and electric installations (grounding system, lightning protection devices, lighting equipment as well as cable trays). PASSION FOR WOOD


NATURAL HABITATS MADE OUT OF TIMBER To closely experience the fascination of the African continent – this is what the new Africarium – Oceanarium offers to the visitors of the zoological garden in Wroclaw, just in time for the festivities for the 150th anniversary of Poland’s oldest and largest zoo.


Completion: 2014 Building Owner: Zoo Wroclaw (PL) Architect: ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa, Wroclaw (PL) Contracting Entity: PB Inter-System, Wroclaw (PL)

Supporting Structure Design: VegaCAD, Wroclaw (PL) Ph.D. Maciej Minch, Warsaw (PL) Dimensions: 800 m³ glued laminated timber 8,800 m2 roof surface Pictures: ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa, Wroclaw (PL)

On a total surface of some 12,000 m², the project not only houses a 160 x 60 m large, black and monolithic-like building, which serves as exhibition pavilion and comprises several thematic exhibition areas, but also a ship-shaped restaurant complex that carries away the visitor to experience a culinary journey to the “Cradle of Humankind” offering, at the same time, a direct view to the spaciously designed outside area. The designers managed to secure the urban integration of this modern installation, which is located in the immediate proximity of the Centennial Hall – inaugurated in 1913 and protected as one of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage site and which is considered to be a pioneer project of modern engineering and architecture – by embedding this structure into a gently ascending slope. A pulsating mosaic made out of multi-coloured glass tiles decorates the eastern façade of the main building and acts as prominent guide-

post towards the main entrance. Huge glued laminated timber girders with enormous span widths of up to 40 m are supported by A-shaped arranged, concrete pillars and allow the use of large-scale rooflights, which invade the open areas with natural light.



Five different theme halls within the pavilion, which also hosts an oceanarium, focus on the fields “Red Sea”, “Hippopotamus and Great Lakes”, “Shark Pool”, “Skeleton Coast Namibia” and “Congo Hall”. These different key areas are also visually reflected in the individual sectors – including river landscapes, partially water-submerged caves and even deep oceans, which can be explored by the visitors in a 360° underwater tunnel. The installation thus visualizes the enormous variety and diversity of African flora and fauna for which the responsible Wroclaw architects, the architectural office ArC2, have already been awarded the first prize in the scope of a conceptual tender procedure in the year 2008. PASSION FOR WOOD



Completion: 2014

Engineers: Ramboll, London (GB)

Building Owner: Land Securities, London (GB)

Dimensions: 1,000 m続 glued laminated timber 250 t of steel elements

Architect: 3D Reid, London (GB) Contracting Entity: B & K Structures, Derby (GB)

Pictures: B & K Structures, Derby (GB)




The newly inaugurated shopping park sets regional impulses and, with the Tesco supermarket and 10 additional shops installed on a surface of some 100,000 m², also promotes the further development of the existing Bishop Centre in Taplow (UK).

This huge construction, which combines glulam and steel, provides for a very open-spaced and appealing atmosphere and an incomparable shopping experience. The building is characterised by its protruding cantilever roofs, spacious interior design and exposed glulam structures.

The shopping park was built within a period of only 11 weeks. This is all the more remarkable as construction works were executed during winter months and due to adverse weather conditions the construction site was invaded by mud thus leading to very difficult assembly conditions.

Apart from the wooden building materials themselves, Rubner Holzbau also supplied three glulam porch roofs for the parking area as well as a totem – also made out of glulam.

The widely projecting entrance roof was executed by integrating complex steel elements into the glulam beams. Thanks to a meticulous and sophisticated detailed design and accurate production works, an exact and efficient assembly of the elements could be secured. PASSION FOR WOOD


Aquaworld, Budapest (HU)

National Cycling Track, Anadia (PT)

Sports Complex, Astrachan (RU)

EUROPE’S LEADER INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE Some 500 collaborators located in six countries execute, on behalf of Rubner Holzbau, technologically leading and demanding timber construction projects. While some years ago major turnover was achieved in the traditional markets of the production sites in Ober-Grafendorf (AT) as well as Brixen/Bressanone and Calitri (IT), today we are able to directly and reliably assist and support our clients throughout Europe from our business locations in Augsburg (GER), Chassieu (FR), Rybnik (PL) and Ljubljana (SL). Thus Rubner Holzbau has turned into Europe’s leading company in the field of timber engineering.

KwaSizabantu Mission, Durban (ZA)

Not only architects but also design engineers and building contractors take advantage of these integrated processes, which cover various project phases starting with execution design and fabrication, up to just-in-time supply and assembly. In-house design and structural engineers closely cooperate with distribution and sales engineers thus securing the economic and safe development and fabrication of modern timber elements. The entire value-added chain, starting with rough timber up to our activities as general contractor, is completed with the support of our saw mill installed in Rohrbach (AT).

Tesco Superstore, Barnstaple (GB)

11 Glued laminated timber Complete CAD construction drafting or production of building kits on the grounds of planning documents. Prefabricated special components, supplied and assembled. Roof elements Prefabricated elements with completed roofing and client-specific soffits, complementary elements (skylight domes, roof light bands, heat and smoke vent elements, etc.) Wall elements Prefabricated wall and façade elements within and across floors for new constructions and energetic upgrading of large-scale projects. Complete wall structure including insulation and wall covering. Cross laminated timber For ceilings, walls and roofs. Multiple lamella layers are crosswise arranged and glued to obtain large-format solid wood panels. Individual trimming of openings for windows, doors, installations.

All-in-one solutions & building shells Including roofing, soffit cladding, façade designs with follow-up works, co-ordination of additional trades from one source in order to secure adherence to schedule and execution reliability.

Rubner sp. z o.o. Rybnik (PL)


Timber-glass-façades Manifold architectonic possibilities, weather-resistant, long-lasting, traditional post and beam façades or modular-type constructions with insulation panels and post and beam surfaces.

Rubner Holzbau GmbH Augsburg (GER)

Rubner Holzbau GmbH Ober-Grafendorf (AT)

Rubner Holzbau GmbH Villach (AT)

Rubner SAS Chassieu (FR)

Rubner Holzbau AG Bressanone (IT)

Rubner Ingenieurholzbau gradnja z lesom d.o.o., Ljubljana (SL)

Rubner Holzbau Sud S.p.A. Calitri (IT) PASSION FOR WOOD


PERFECT PROSPECTS IN A MULTI-STOREY TIMBER APARTMENT BUILDING Natural living comfort, high energy efficiency and manifold design possibilities were the decisive criteria to choose timber as construction material for the six-storey luxurious apartment house located in the Swiss mountains.


The supporting structure of this modern apartment house, which comprises a total of 19 holiday accommodations with flat sizes ranging from 35 to 265 m², was built as timber frame construction with upper ceilings made out of cross laminated timber elements. Natural stone cladding has been provided for the first floor of this timber construction façade. As far as building physics were concerned, the most important aspect was to fully comply with the high requirements in terms of acoustic and

fire insulation. In addition, high resistance against prevailing extreme climatic conditions had to be secured – above all with respect to the high snow loads, which may partially achieve values of more than 1,000 kg/m². In order to secure the transport of the individual, factory pre-fabricated elements, the size of the elements had to be adapted taking into account the very narrow serpentine roads and a detour through a railway tunnel. This building project serves as perfect example of how to benefit from synergy effects within the Rubner company group. The company Rubner Objektbau, acting as general contractor, executes this building on behalf of the client as all-in-one turnkey solution. Rubner Holzbau supported the associate company in the fields of planning, production, and assembly of the entire supporting structure, composed of wall, ceiling and roof elements, which were pre-fabricated in the factory site of Ober-Grafendorf.


Completion: 2015 Building Owner: Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, Altdorf (CH)


The Gemse Apartment House is located in the midst of the touristic village of Andermatt (CH), which – as a result of the custom-made real estates, hotels, leisure- and sports activities – has developed into a favoured all-year round holiday destination. This building sets new benchmarks when it comes to multi-storey timber construction and thanks to the harmonious blend of timber and glass it creates a very pleasant and light-flooded atmosphere. South-facing, spaciously designed window areas and sunny balconies with direct view to the Ursern Valley promise tranquillity and recreation.

Architects: CAS Architekten, Altdorf (CH) General Contractor: Rubner Objektbau, Bruneck (IT) Dimensions: 260 m³ glulam 1,700 m2 wall elements 2,000 m2 cross laminated timber Pictures: Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, Rubner Objektbau



L’ART POUR L’ART CONSTRUCTION ART MEETS CINEMATIC ART The new construction of the cinematographic foundation – Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé – visually reflects the high artistic standards that have been set. Renzo Piano Building Workshop combines slim timber and curved glass. This spectacular roof construction sets a modern and fascinating counterpoint to the historic building complex located in the 19th arrondissement of the city of Paris. However, the complex manages to harmonically nestle within this history-charged environment. The use of timber, steel, aluminium and glass and the form of the construction itself, which strongly reminds of an armadillo, create a very pleasant and light-flooded atmosphere in the inside and not even prevent the surrounding buildings from having sufficient access to natural light and air. The extraordinary organic dome structure is made out of glulam, which serves as primary supporting structure, and a superposed skin, which is composed of a secondary steel-aluminium construction and double-curved insulating glass elements.



Building Owner: Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé, Paris (FR) Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris (FR) Contracting Entity: FRENER & REIFER Fassaden, Bressanone (IT) Dimensions: 32 glulam bows Pictures: FRENER & REIFER Fassaden, Bressanone (IT), Rubner Holzbau Two highly renowned and specialized companies from Southern Tyrol have closely cooperated in this particular project: Frener & Reifer, as main contractor, charged with the execution of the building shell and Rubner Holzbau in Brixen / Bressanone, charged with the execution of the glulam bows. Due to different dimensioning sizes, which were required for this irregularly arched timber construction, Rubner Holzbau had to process 32 different larch glulam bows with a length of up to 9.5 m.


Completion: 2014

At the support, all bows measure 17 cm in height and as they move towards the ridge, the height increases to up to 27 cm. While the lower side of each bow is made out of one continuous lamella, the upper side has been individually and precisely processed in order to meet the dome’s static requirements.



PERFECTLY ROOFED WITH TIMBER With the speciality retail centre Thayapark, Rubner Holzbau has created an economic attraction pole, which convinces both in visual and functional terms.


Designed as long-stretched L-shaped building, the one-storey construction with generous window elements provides for an open-spaced shopping atmosphere. At the same time, the cantilevered-type roof protects the building against adverse weather conditions. A curved connecting bridge joins the two separate structures thus creating a harmonious whole.

In addition, a 6 m long larch wood sculpture that represents a rabbit and which is based on Albrecht Dürer’s famous picture “The Hare” decorates the access area to the Thayapark and not only expresses, in a congenial and likeable manner, the affinity to nature of this region but also represents one of the most usual animal inhabitants of this area. Services rendered by the Rubner Holzbau company comprised the main supporting structure with a span width of up to 27 m, the entire roof elements including lighting globes and light bands, the impressive canopy roof and the entire outside wall construction including all sheet metal works.


Completion: 2012 Building Owner: Thayapark Immobilien, Vienna (AT) Architect: Wunderkind Projektentwicklung & Baumanagement, Vienna (AT)


In the Austrian town of Waidhofen an der Thaya, only 15 km away from the Czech border, Rubner Holzbau has built the speciality retail centre Thayapark. The highly distinctive and widely visible construction is characterised by its 6 m cantilevered-type canopy roof, which has been designed as a sine wave. The overall roof area, some 1.5 ha, covers not only the 25 shops that are housed in this centre but also the central mall as well as a connecting bridge built over the access road.

Engineers: Bmstr. Leopold Stickelberger, Mödling (AT) Project Management: KPP Consulting, Schrems (AT) Dimensions: 8,330 m2 roof elements 3,182 m² wall elements 914 m3 glued laminated timber 437 m3 solid structural timber



TIMBER IRRESISTIBLY SOLID Compared to other materials, timber is one step ahead in many respects. This statement also applies when it comes to the direct contact with road de-icing salt. Wherever steel and concrete would be damaged by salt, timber offers natural resistance. This road de-icing salt storage hall in Donauwörth (GER) not only captivates in terms of aesthetics and design but also impresses thanks to its outstanding functional features. The storage hall has been designed in a way to provide for an enormous salt storage capacity of 2,300 m³. In addition and thanks to the fact that the storage hall’s concrete base has been executed in the form of a trough, which is embedded into the sloped site up to half of the hall’s height, it could be achieved that the structure harmonically blends with natural environment.

Reduced construction height minimises required distances. The spacious area design provides for generously proportioned under-roof storage facilities that can be used for machinery and equipment. Care and maintenance requirements have been minimized: the outside surface is made out of a visually highly sophisticated 450 m² charred larch cladding, weather-resistant and maintenance-free. The inside, made out of timber, is fully resistant against any aggressive substances.



In order to secure maximum resistance, no metal fixings have been used, all surfaces that come into contact with salt are made out of timber. Rubner Holzbau was charged with planning works, prefabrication and assembly of roof and wall elements as well as with the stiffening construction of nodal points. In the scope of project execution, a total of 780 m² of roof elements were processed as solid structural timber ribbed plate (KVH), 64 wall elements - 1.25 m in width and 4.30 m in length - and 20 gable elements. 128 triangular-shaped plates made out of laminated veneer lumber provide for the rigid stiffening of nodal points. With an overall size of 12.5 x 40 m, the storage hall has a roof ridge height of 9.8 m (measured from the ground). A particularly remarkable aspect was the very short execution period – little over three months – from contract award to completion of all timber elements.


Completion: 2014 Contracting Entity: Free State of Bavaria represented by the State Department of Building and Construction, Augsburg (GER) Architect: State Department of Building and Construction, Augsburg (GER)

Structural Design: Ing.Büro Dr. Thomas Gollwitzer, Munich (GER) Dimensions: 780 m² roof elements 450 m2 wall elements Larch façade cladding

Pictures: Ulrich Schwarz, Berlin (GER)


RUBNER HOLZBAU INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE Austria Rubner Holzbau GmbH Rennersdorf 62 3200 Ober-Grafendorf, Austria Phone: +43 2747 2251-0

Italy Rubner Holzbau S.p.A. Via A. Ammon, 12 39042 Bressanone (BZ), Italy Phone: +39 0472 822 666

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Slovenia Rubner Ingenieurholzbau gradnja z lesom d.o.o. Dunajska cesta 151 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Phone: +386 82 052 220

Germany Rubner Holzbau GmbH Am Mittleren Moos 53 86167 Augsburg, Germany Phone: +49 821 710 6410

France Rubner SAS 36 avenue des Frères Montgolfier 69680 Chassieu, France Phone: +33 472 790 630

Imprint: Editor and responsible for the content: Rubner Ingenieurholzbau AG,, The document, including all its parts, is protected by copyright. Reprints, even of extracts, are allowed only with the express authorisation of the editor. Pictures: Rubner Holzbau, Michael Liebert, Messe Frankfurt/Bach, ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa, Ulrich Schwarz, FRENER & REIFER, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, Rubner Objektbau

Rubner Holzbau Passion for Wood Dec 2014  

Rubner Holzbau provides exciting references built in wood from all over Europe.

Rubner Holzbau Passion for Wood Dec 2014  

Rubner Holzbau provides exciting references built in wood from all over Europe.