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creativity raised to cube

rubén aran book’07

rubén aran book’07 creativity raised to cube

all is like a Rubik’s Cube every face, every color is there waiting to be arranged to create something new here are my colors, my faces,... different solutions to different communications problems.

brochures advertisements magazines leaflets & fliers corporate identity recluse


Maymó (makeup enterprise) summer’06 tendencies

brochures p5

Maymó (makeup enterprise) winter’06-07 tendencies

brochures p6

Habitpromo (real estate) Vallmoll promotion (Costa Daurada)

brochures p7

Solsikker Eiendom (real estate) corporate brochure

brochures p8

Ajuntament de Castelló (Castelló’s City Council) Modernitation Plan of the Public Services Quality

brochures p9


Annexa School school graduation “thanks to teach us how to fly”

advertisements p11

InStyle Magazine subscription ad “take out your InStyle subscription”

Habitania Magazine special supplement promotion “the best of a house is know how to live it... anywhere in the world”

advertisements p12 San Silvestre Marathon promotion “Madrid, it runs�

advertisements p13 WorldCup promotion

advertisements p14

Radio Banyoles (local radio) 15th Anniversary “Don’t leave us half way” advertisements p15

Xteatre (theatre company) “Kalt Wasser” play promotion “Cold Water”

advertisements p16

GRW (real estate) Els Plans promotion “The best of your life�

advertisements p17

Solsikker Eiendom (real estate) Varandas do Mar promotion “Next destination: your dream’s paradise”

Marrâkech fair poster promotion “Marrâkech, the magic city”

advertisements p18

g3 and RP (real estates) La Fusteria promotion “Buy a new flat from 650 euros/month”

La Fusteria promotion 3x4m. hoarding “Finally, the place you were looking for!”

advertisements p19

Lamp (lighting) Product campaign

advertisements p20

Lamp (lighting) Campaign to improve corporate image “Solutions�

advertisements p21


Clara Magazine entertainment guide

magazines p23

Toc de Marrecs Magazine

advertisements p24

HondaWorld Honda CRM magazine

advertisements p25

leaflets & fliers

Oldavi (fashion enterprise) autumn 05 - winter 06 product promotion leaflet leaflets & fliers p27

Solsikker Eiendom (real estate) “Construmat�, Madrid fair Brazil promotion leaflet

leaflets & fliers p28

New Year’s Eve Party’06 promotion fliers and tickets

leaflets & fliers p29

corporate identity

La luna (university association) logo and stationery

corporate identity p31

puarkhÊ (university association) logo, stationery, t-shirts, ID’s,...

corporate identity p32

solsikker eiendom (real estate) logo and stationery

corporate identity p33

solsikker eiendom (real estate) special orders: uniforms, cars, office decoration

corporate identity p34

g3 and RP (associated real estates) logos

La Fusteria (g3 and RP promotion) logo corporate identity p35

balc贸n de guadalp铆n property promotion logo, folder, plan sheet

corporate identity p36

Habitpromo (real estate) corporate identity manual

corporate identity p37

Plataforma Salvem lo Baix Segre (ecology association) logo

corporate identity p38

Jordi Palomeras (interior designer) logo

corporate identity p39


tenders, projects, layouts, ideas,... some works that never saw the light, never found their colours.

UAB Doctorates Studies “Get specialized

(in caption:) my collection of adult mosquitoes captured in a town in Costa Brava with a red flycatcher between 07/17/1984 and 06/12/1986.

Doctorates in (almost) all�

recluse p41

Camper (shoes designers) “Still long to walk�

recluse p42

Canon “Canon of beauty have changed”

recluse p43

We must be lovers Valentin’s day cd

recluse p44

25 anys - 25th anniversary Silver wedding anniversary commemorative book

recluse p45

rubén aran book’07 creativity raised to cube

at the end the solution is always intact, caught between the colours and faces, waiting to fascilitate the bespoke idea, the great answer... rubén aran 079 6436 1995

portfolio 2007-2008  

my old portfolio

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