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Osbaldwick Primary School Teamwork & Excellence

“Outstanding teaching or outstanding features in every year group; lessons are interesting and fun.� Osbaldwick Primary Review (Local Authority-commissioned) November 2013

Welcome Welcome to the new, expanded Osbaldwick Primary School – a family school with outstanding provision and outcomes for girls and boys from the age of 3 to 11. I am proud to share with you what the new school, which opened in September 2013, can offer. The school now operates from the original Osbaldwick Leyes and the new Osbaldwick Lane sites, which are just a few minutes walk apart. The expansion adds a new dimension to the children’s life and learning in school - with opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, to reach their full potential and to achieve long-term happiness.

We welcome children from all religions, cultures and nationalities. We do not select children on the basis of ability, we value what each and every child has to offer; and we foster a love of learning where everyone has the opportunity to excel and thus build their confidence and self-esteem. Our children, parents and staff are extremely proud of what we are achieving here and you can find out more about us on our website: Together we can build your child’s aspirations for the future. So, please come and see us: we would be delighted to welcome you. Yours sincerely

After being oversubscribed for many years, we now benefit from an average class size of 23, and these are single year group classes. We also have our own Pre-School Nursery, offering you greater flexibility and reassurance; and a safe, creative and nurturing environment for your child.

Lesley Barringer Headteacher

We live up to our motto: Teamwork and Excellence. Quite simply we want to give children the best possible start in life. We encourage high standards of behaviour and endeavour within a caring environment of guidance and support, where your involvement with your child’s education is encouraged and valued.

Osbaldwick Primary School



Learn, play, explore We have outstanding facilities both inside and outside the classrooms. Lessons are taught in 16 well-equipped classrooms. Children have full access to modern technology to enhance their learning opportunities including computers, laptops, and iPads, We have areas for cooking, art and design; three libraries - for infants, junior and middle years; and two halls equipped for a range of activities including PE, ball games, dance, drama, music, school concerts and shows, and out-ofschool clubs. The pre-school and reception classes are wellequipped, bright, and cheerful, with substantial outdoor learning resource areas to help develop creative and inquisitive minds.


Learn, play, explore

Our grounds are extensive with three large, enclosed, private playing fields. A floodlit, all-weather pitch or Multi-Use Games Area is also a rich and well-used resource. Our ample playground has seating, climbing and activity areas; and the children have a gardening club with outdoor planting areas, flowerbeds and pots. There is also an extensive allotment area at the Osbaldwick Lane site, together with an environmental science wildlife area, created with the University of York, with whom we have a close relationship. Our superb outdoor provision, with trees and gardens, is an integral part of the children’s learning experience. They have freedom to play, to imagine and to explore in a safe, natural environment, and always under guidance.

Enjoy & achieve We have high expectations for your child and set high standards of personal achievement and behaviour. Resources are allocated specifically to address areas of need, with the aim of allowing children to develop to their full potential. Our most recent Ofsted inspection report (2010) demonstrates why Osbaldwick Primary School is one of the most popular choices for primary education in the area. More recently a local authority-commissioned review of the expanded school said there was ”outstanding teaching… in every year group; lessons are interesting and fun.” Full-time and part-time teaching assistants support our teachers and they also help to run school clubs. Our teachers are experienced, working closely together in teams and sharing best practice; and our governors encourage high quality and continuing professional development.

“Teachers are very skilled when matching children’s work to their prior attainment. This rapidly raises standards. Throughout, there is a good balance between the teaching and learning of skills and encouraging pupils’ creative thinking.”

In addition to high academic achievement based on challenging personal goals, we actively seek opportunities for children to discover their talents in a broad, vibrant and balanced curriculum. We encourage sporting achievement and development of skills in the creative and performing arts.

Ofsted 2010

Osbaldwick Primary School

Enjoy & achieve


Key subjects English


To support the daily structured lessons in the basic components of language, the school brings literacy alive through trips, visitors, theatre experiences and first-hand activities. Communication is enhanced through use of up-to-date technology and support is given to ensure success for all. It’s not all about new technology, however; we still expect children to read every day.

Children experience a variety of creative activities to broaden and develop their artistic skills in areas of drawing, painting, printmaking and 3D work. Additionally, they learn about the life and work of different artists. Children regularly participate in art workshops and extra-curricular activities, and we celebrate their work in school through displays and exhibitions.



Children enjoy and achieve in mathematics. Our curriculum is tailored to your child’s individual needs and is delivered in a fun, interactive way. Setting across KS2 enables all children to fulfill their potential. All pupils have opportunities to develop mathematical skills in real life contexts as they go through school. Children are expected to learn their times-tables and number bonds.

Opportunities to learn about celebrations and festivals from a variety of world faiths are regularly incorporated into the curriculum. Trips and visitors bring an every day focus to RE.

ICT Children have opportunities to become confident users of ICT in our ever-changing world of technology. They are taught skills in ICT lessons and apply them across the curriculum.


Key subjects

History History is brought to life for children at Osbaldwick through exciting and meaningful experiences both inside and outside school. Visitors are often invited in to talk about their experiences of the past, telling a human story that connects with the children. The rich history of York provides the stimulating context for school trips into the city to explore local history.


Modern Foreign Languages

Pupils are given every opportunity to develop an interest in their own surroundings and in the rest of the world. Good use is made of the school grounds and local environment.

French is taught in a fun, interactive way from years 3 to 5. There is a very popular French Club, with the children regularly performing to the school and parents.


Mandarin Chinese classes were introduced in January 2014, giving our pupils the opportunity to learn one of the fastest growing languages in the world, and to gain insight into the Chinese culture.

We place a high priority on fitness and a healthy lifestyle and we offer a wide range of sports. Osbaldwick benefits from: the School Sports Partnership; our participation in city sports events and festivals; and our links with different providers in the community and with local, professional sports coaches for football, tennis, swimming and more.

Osbaldwick Primary School

Key subjects

Cultural understanding is developed across the school through topic work and studies of festivals and celebrations.


Nurture, inspire & grow

Our own Pre-School Nursery gives your child an outstanding start to their school life. Our most recent school review praised our early years teaching as “excellent” and “inspiring”.


Nurture, inspire and grow

Your child will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a warm, creative, and fun environment. We offer morning and afternoon sessions above and beyond the 15 hours free pre-school education. We believe there should be joy in learning and we offer a curriculum designed to nurture, inspire and develop young minds. Our outstanding Early Years teacher, who has many years’ experience with very young children, is supported by excellent qualified playworkers and teaching assistants.

We are also lucky to have superb indoor and outdoor facilities that stimulate child-initiated play and learning. It is an environment in which your child is supported and motivated to progress into Reception classes with the skills they need for reading, writing and number work.

Osbaldwick Primary School

Nurture, inspire and grow

Our popular Pre-School Nursery is open Monday to Friday and we offer morning or afternoon sessions. You can, of course, have your child stay with us for both sessions and attend our Lunch Club over the dinner break.


Beyond the school day We are proud to be held in high regard by our parents and we do our best to meet the needs of those who work a wide range of hours. We understand the need for flexibility of provision while maintaining a constant high standard of care.


Beyond the school day

Our out of school clubs are dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere for children. We believe that every child is unique; in characteristics, interests, abilities and needs and therefore we aim to offer every child activities that they enjoy. Our staff also offer the support you need if you begin your working day early or finish after school hours. Based in the Hall at Osbaldwick Lane, we plan our sessions around the children, allowing them to follow their own interests

“I am very pleased with K’s report, like at home she always gives it 100%. I have myself watched her blossom and grow always getting through whatever is put in front of her. I know she struggles with some sides of learning, but as a parent I will support her 100%. I also want to thank all the teachers and people that have helped K since starting school.” Parent 2013

and encouraging them to learn through play in a fun, stimulating way. You can simply drop off your child into our Breakfast club from 7.45am and collect at the end of the day from the AfterSchool Club by 6pm.

Osbaldwick Primary School

Beyond the school day

It is a flexible service that offers excellent value for money and gives you the peace of mind that your child will be in a safe and caring environment, which really does have their future at heart.


More than just a school We believe children at Osbaldwick Primary should reach beyond expectations to discover potential they never knew they had. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, supported by our links and partnerships with other schools, with the University of York and with organisations and professional bodies in our community and city. Taking that extra step Children are encouraged to extend their experience of school life and to develop new interests and skills, helping them to prepare for further education and, eventually, the world of work. We offer a range of extra-curricular’ clubs and activities, including football for boys and girls, tag rugby and cricket with a strong link to Osbaldwick Sports Club. We offer netball, drumming, recorder and choir with a link to York Minster School Choral


More than just a school

Society. We also have a school band with brass and woodwind peripatetic teaching during school hours. We encourage a sense of responsibility and service to others – qualities that our School Council helps to encourage. Pupils are elected to serve, demonstrating democracy in action, and they have a direct say in certain aspects of school life and a chance to participate in inter-school discussion, success being recognised by winning the Speaker of the House of Commons National Schools Council Award.

The older children run the Stationery Stop, a multi-prize winning business initially assisted by the University of York finance team. They have been so successful that profits have helped to fund improvements to play equipment and ICT resources, thus benefiting the children and school. The children regularly raise money for charity and extra curricular activities, and they come up with many of the ideas themselves. They also love to entertain their guests by staging concerts to show off their musical and dancing skills. A treat for everyone - children, parents, and staff.

Osbaldwick Primary School

More than just a school

Broadening horizons, raising aspirations Our aim is to begin to prepare pupils for further education and the world of work. Our links and partnerships with organisations in the community give our children access to opportunities in sport, enterprise, business and charity; and they develop life skills such as decision-making, problem solving, leadership, risk taking and teamwork. We also teach the value of social skills, courtesy and respect for one another.


Our links and partnerships include: The Jorvik School Sports Partnership provides opportunities for pupils to participate in a range of sports and competitions including crosscountry, swimming and indoor athletics. Archbishop Holgate’s Church of England Academy: most of our children transfer here at the end of Year 6. There is a very positive relationship between the two schools with plenty of opportunities for pupils in their final year at Osbaldwick Primary School to sample life at Archbishop Holgate. They also share sports facilities with us, such as their swimming pool. York Children’s University provides us with opportunities to work with organisations such as Aviva, North Yorkshire Police, and Northern Rail. North Yorkshire Business and Enterprise Partnership has teamed up with us on projects such as Flightpath – activities based around science, technology and history – designed to develop the workforce of the future and inspire young people to succeed. University of York and York Cares have helped to develop our pupils’ understanding of tertiary education, business and enterprise, and to


More than just a school

raise their financial awareness. Our last Ofsted inspection judged the extent to which pupils develop skills that will contribute to their future economic well-being as being “outstanding”. Osbaldwick became the first primary school in the UK to win a national award for teaching personal finance. Osbaldwick: We have close links with the village community including St Thomas’s Church and each year the junior Christmas concerts take place there.

Healthy and active lives The children at Osbaldwick are encouraged to consider and develop healthy lifestyles as part of their learning. We have a successful healthy eating policy and we work with our children and cooks to provide a varied, nourishing and popular school menu, and sensible snacks at break times. Breakfast Club and lunch times are still a time for learning social and personal skills and good manners, as well as good company. We invite parents, grandparents, carers and visitors for lunch each term and this is always popular and appreciated.

Thank you We value and appreciate your involvement and feedback. We believe in a close partnership between home and school where parents and carers are welcomed and encouraged to take a full role in their child’s learning and success. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

“So very proud of D, I too know he has been working hard. We appreciate all the support and opportunities you’ve given him. I feel you’ve taken the time and made the effort to know him well and nurture his personality and point him in the right direction. He now has a good work ethic that I hope will carry on. May I also thank you for being approachable when I’ve needed advice and support and always come up with the solution. Onwards and upwards!” Parent 2013

Osbaldwick Primary School

Thank you


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