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Bone Densitometry March 8-12

Phase I March 1-12

RSTI has spent the past 25 years positioning itself as the leader in Diagnostic Imaging Systems Maintenance education. Unmatched hands-on training methods are supported by technically relevant classroom sessions. Every class brings together the best mix of theory, physics and hands-on time to present each student with the optimum opportunity to gain the skills needed to succeed. Our methods are proven by the combined experiences of our own field work and the experiences of our students. RSTI’s instructors actually get field work by doing in-depth image system evaluations, system installations and the occasional tech support visit. On one visit, we did an evaluation on a vascular room. The doctor was very unhappy with the image and wanted a new room if the image quality was not improved. The hospital administration felt that they may have to get the new lab but wanted someone else to confirm it. Through our evaluation process we identified several areas that needed attention. The company that was responsible for the maintenance contract was informed of the needed adjustments and the image quality was improved enough to meet the doctor’s expectations. With the money they saved, they sent their in-house service technician to several of our training courses and dropped their service contract. They are now in control of their own service outcomes. RSTI has always been and will continue to be committed to ensuring that our lab facilities are up-to-date and reflect the current technologies that you will encounter in the field.

We have equipment like the GE Precision 500D, Toshiba Aquilion, Philips Digital Diagnost, and GE XR/d just to name a few. RSTI’s training labs are designed to put as many of the systems you could see in a hospital environment all in one place. To get a more detailed look at our labs go to . Add the fact that you will have the opportunity to work with the latest test equipment available in diagnostic imaging. This is what we call “The RSTI Experience.” It is the combination of instructors, support staff, curriculum and facility that ensure you will be provided with the best learning environment around. Join us for a class and see for yourself what the RSTI experience is.

Don’t Miss the Class! PACS I & II June 7-18 June 21- July 2 >HERE’S YOUR CHANCE FOR BACK-TO-BACK



Letter from the President As you probably know, RSTI has been in the diagnostic imaging training business for 25 years. Over those years our instructors have saved facilities literally millions of dollars by teaching hospital staff and various other imaging service providers much of what the OEM does not want you to know, even if you “pay” to go their own OEM educational center. The cost of this education usually becomes a freebie at some point in the new equipment negotiation process; however, like most things in life, you get what you pay for… Have you noticed that you can barely get into your new equipment diagnostics these days because of passwords, key codes, dongles and countless other methods designed to keep you out of “their” equipment, even though you own it? Each OEM approaches it a little differently, but the end result is the same. You are now taught to replace a module, not diagnose and fix the problem. They would not just replace a low voltage power supply, they would replace the whole assembly for more money in the same amount of time. They would not replace just the hard drive or video board on a computer, they would replace the whole computer, and so on… A few years ago, one of our customers called RSTI for a second opinion on the replacement of an $80,000 image intensifier. After some detailed troubleshooting by two of our instructors, using our Image Chain Evaluation from Phase III, we found the real problem: 1. The X-Ray tube anode was warped and obviously bad. 2. The camera tube was bad.


Needless to say, the facility was thrilled to learn that the image intensifier was not the problem. The OEM in this case would have replaced the image intensifier first. When that did not solve the image problem, they would have eventually replaced both additional pieces of glassware as well. In the end RSTI saved the hospital at least $80,000. Saving money anywhere in our current healthcare system seems to be a major priority for all, at least on the surface. It appears that the unemployment rate is not going to improve anytime soon, and that “Obama Care” confuses the issues even more. All of this portends continued tough times for the medical industry at large, especially for high-end diagnostic imaging equipment and the related repair and maintenance. At RSTI, we believe that education is the key to controlling and/or reducing hard costs. Service Professionals that are able to do more themselves will automatically provide savings and increase your value to your facility. Whether you are a biotech looking to broaden your horizons or a seasoned x-ray veteran, RSTI has something for you. Here are a few options for you to consider: 1. With electronics in your background from a vocational school, military or other qualified means, you can get up and running in this industry quickly. RSTI students’ success rate has been exceptional. OEM’s, Third Party groups and ISO’s seek out our graduates to fill their needs all the time.

Seats still available for: Phase III June 7-18

Cecil Kemp

Johnson Philip

2. With a biomedical degree or equivalent experience, you can move into imaging for advancement or be crossed-trained for efficiency. 3. RSTI is pursuing an Articulation Agreement with a regionally accredited college to establish a four-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Diagnostic Imaging. Initially it will be accredited by the state of North Carolina, and soon afterwards, the state of Virginia. This degree will finally give imaging specialists the credentials they deserve. Finally, imaging training can be done many different ways. There are some people telling you that can learn a system in two days or four days, which appears to save you time and money on the surface. RSTI takes no shortcuts. Our curriculum, instructor staff, and imaging equipment have stood the test of 25 years. We may not be the cheapest or the shortest, however we are the best overall value for your time and money. Sincerely, Jim Monro




Cover’s Column:

The Key to Successful Imaging Service Professionalism As the veil of winter lifts, we look forward to the promise of spring and warmer days. I am sitting by the sliding glass doors that lead out to my backyard, contemplating what it takes to be a successful imaging service professional. Here is what I’ve come up with: it takes a mechanical engineer, physicist, electronic engineer, computer repairman, software exper t and sometimes hydraulic or pneumatics master all rolled up into one. Plus you have to have a personality that at the drop of a hat can be thrown into an extremely tense situation without being intimidated and the interpersonal skills to somehow find a way to satisfy the customer even when the news is not so good. All you need is to be a rockstar and a close personal friend of the president and we have another episode of “Buckaroo Banzai”. All joking aside, medical imaging equipment employs many different

The next time you find yourself in the Imaging Department with an angry doctor chewing on your butt, The training offerings at RSTI go a long you’ll want the assurance of knowing way toward helping you develop the you’ve been prepared for this. technologies and therefore requires service professionals that have a broad range of skills.

skills you need to meet the challenges that come with servicing today ’s imaging systems. Knowing you have been trained on the equipment for which you are responsible can give you the confidence to work on the system. Knowing that you have the experience of learning in the most comprehensive hands-on learning environment can give you the confidence to face that high stress situation and still keep your cool.

RSTI has spent more than a million dollars over the last few years to provide the best hands-on training experience available anywhere. With the generous help of the various test equipment manufacturers,

we can put you in real world situations where you use the same test equipment to diagnose the system’s performance that you will encounter when you are back on the job. As far as value goes, we have managed to hold tuition increases to a minimum for the last three years. So the next time you find yourself in the Imaging Department with an angry doctor chewing on your butt, you’ll want the assurance of knowing you’ve been prepared for this.

RSTI Color Horizontal Ad 7.75 x 4.6389 due 3/12/10


Multi-Purpose - diagnostic x-ray analyzer For: Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT, Dental, Scatter/Leakage

Radcal Ad IonChambers,DoseDiodes kVSensors,mA/mAsSensors


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SOLUTIONS - FOR ALL YOUR X-RAY MEASUREMENT NEEDS ! The Gold Standard Ion Chamber  System and the New Revolutionary Diode Detector X-ray analyzer





426WestDuarteRoad Monrovia,CA91016USA

T: (626) 357-7921 F: (626) 357-8863

The Gold Standard in Radiation Measurement




Phase III WhatisafterPhaseII? In our last newsletter we ran an article on Phase II, the response was overwhelming. I want to let you know why it is so important to you to continue your training after Phase II. Often times students think their training is over after the Phase II. If you think that way, perhaps you are limiting yourself. Just remember there are four phases in the X-ray Certificate Series. I thought I would run a portion of the last article again for those of you who may have missed it.

says, the image looks terrible, fix it! You look up and realize he is talking about the Fluoroscopic Imaging Chain. Now what? This is a scenario that is played over and over again. The answer to the problem is Phase III! This class will give you the next level of expertise you need to handle these types of imaging quality situations.

The Advanced Fluoroscopic System Maintenance or Phase III introduces many new topics. At RSTI the fluoroscopic system is broken down into manageable sub-sysOk, you have attended the first two phas- tems and then analyzed. The Under-Taes of training and are ready to get to work. ble X-ray Tube, Image Intensifier, Optics, All is well and your first number of calls ABS, and Camera System are explained has gone as expected. Then you receive in detail. We will take the mystery out of the request from radiology, the image fluoroscopy for you. By using our multiquality in room 2 is not good. The doctor vendor approach to training, it will not is up in arms and wants you there now. matter what manufacturers’ equipment Off you go ready for the next call. Feel- is installed in your facility. Class time is ing confident, you enter the room and he reinforced by many lab exercises that pro-

vide you with the foundation needed for servicing a wide variety of systems. R & F rooms can be intimidating, but after attending Phase III you will be able to improve image quality using a deliberate, systematic approach. We will help you take the guesswork out of what the doctor wants to see. You will be confident about moving to the next tier of service.

Phase III February 1-12, 2010

Unfors ThinX RAD – for Radiographic Quality Control

Fully Automatic X-ray meter The Unfors ThinX RAD is a perfect choice for radiation measurements in radiographic applications. Simply, there are no keys on the Unfors ThinX RAD. No set-up. No settings. No range selection. It’s all automatic. Just position and expose.

kVp, dose, rate, HVL and time Extremely easy to use

The Unfors Concept

Accurate result 10 s to learn

Pocket sized |4|

RSTI_7x4_5_ThinX.indd 1

Unfors Instruments, Inc. 48 Anderson Avenue, Suite 1 New Milford, CT 06776, USA



(866) 4UNFORS +1 (860) 355-2588 Fax: +1 (860) 350-2664 E-mail: 12/07/09 12:29:40 PM




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Ultrasound Lab Additions

buCkY When it comes to the repair, replacement, and total refurbishment of your down device, can you afford to work with anyone but Classic? Why pay the price for costly contracts to buy new, when we provide “better than new” medical imaging components and refurbished equipment with a proven ROI? You know, with our understanding of device lifecycles and full-service promise...

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Indiana Biomedical Society’s 19th Annual Meeting

KBA Apr 7-8 Wichita, KS

Once again I had the pleasure of attending the Indiana Biomedical Society annual meeting. As always the meeting was productive, fun and very well organized. For an added bonus, most of the group and the locals were abuzz with excitement about the upcoming Colts playoff game. Unfortunately the outcome was not so good. I would be happy to even get close to the playoffs with my team. Oh well, there’s always next year. It seems as if I’ve been saying that for a while now.

HCP Apr 14-16 San Diego, CA AAMI June 26-28 Tampa, FL FIME Aug 11-13 Miami, FL

Dale Cover

VBA Sept 14-16 TBA

California Medical Instrumentation Association Sunny San Deigo, CA in January, what could be better? The CMIA’s annual all-chapter meeting was great. There was a large vendor turn out. The CMIA had a vendor orientation at this meeting which was very informative and I thought it was a very good idea. Basically some of the ranking officers, Paul Kelly, Paul Conrad and David Sieminski talked a little bit about the CMIA and what the organization can do for its corporate members and vice versa. It’ s nice to see old friends and to make new ones. I am always surprised to find out there are biomedical professionals that have not heard about RSTI or what we do. I am happy to talk about what we can do for our students or potential students. It means there are fresh faces coming into the industry and that this industry is growing.

FBS Oct 15-17 Lake Buena Vista, FL

Designed to Optimize

Tracie Speth


Qu ick Sma r

t Qcik

Visit RSTI at AAMI’s annual meeting Booth # 226 uick A ccurate Q A l l a m S e l b a d Small Accurate Smar t Quick Afor

ll Ac e Sma l b a d r o f


Sma k c i e Qu urat

r ccu A ll


RTI Electronics, Inc. •

1275 Bloomfield Avenue, Bldg. 5, Unit 29A, Fairfield, NJ 07004, Phone: 800-222-7537



Smart Options for Shrinking Budgets Real Solutions to Manage CT Life Cycle Costs

Introducing the Reevo™ 240 CT Replacement Tube for GE LightSpeed VCT * Dunlee offers customers a quality alternative to expensive GE replacement CT tubes. The new Reevo 240 replacement CT tube for the GE LightSpeed VCT *, Pro16*, and Select* series CT systems is not only identical in fit, form and function to the original... it carries an identical warranty. Combined with expert engineering and world class manufacturing capabilities, Dunlee brings products to market that are designed to perform better, last longer, and cost less than the original tubes they replace. Innovation, quality, and market leadership make Dunlee the replacement CT tube provider of choice. For more information on the Reevo 240 and other Dunlee products, please call us at 800.238.3780 or visit

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h i l i P s


e A l t h c A r e







May 3-14

Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems (Phase I)

July July 12-23

July 26

May 17-28

Advanced Radiographic System Maintenance (Phase II) 1

Advanced Fluoroscopic System Maintenance (Phase III)

June 7-18

April 6-16

April 19-30

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging System Analysis (Phase IV)

June 7-18

PACS Engineer/Administrator Certification (Phase I)

June 21- July 2

PACS Engineer/Administrator Certification (Phase II)

May 3-6

Introduction to Networking & DICOM

June 21- July 2

GE Advantx 1, Advantx E, Advantx/Legacy Siemens R/F Sireskop SX


June 21- July 2

GE Precision 500D R/F

May 17-28

GE Revolution XR/d (Digital RAD) Philips RAD Bucky Diagnost GE RAD MPH/ Compax 40E

May 17-21

GE Proteus (JEDI Generator)


April 26-30

CRES Pre-Study


July 12-16

GE Definium 700 Digital Portable

June 7-11

GE AMX Portables (IV, IV+)

June 28- July 2

C-Arm OEC 9600

April 12-23

Multi-Product C-Arm OEC 9600/9800


Multi-Product C-Arm OEC 9800/9900

June 7-18

C-Arm OEC 9900

June 14-19 & 21-25

Siemens AXIOM Artis


GE INNOVA Philips Integris Cath Lab System (includes generators)

June 7-18

Analog Multi-Vendor (GE, LORAD, Siemens)

June 21- July 2

Lorad M-IV Platinum, ACR Accreditation, MQSA


May 24-28

Lorad Multicare Platinum Breast Biospy 1

Digital Mammography (GE SENOGRAPHE 2000D) Digital Mammography (Hologic Selenia)

April 6-16 April 19- May 7 May 17-21

Instrumentarium Diamond Multi-Vendor Bone Densitometry Multi-Vendor Ultrasound (Acuson Sequoia, ATL HDI 5000, GE Logiq 700, Philips iU 22 or iE 33)


July 12-23

Introduction to Ultrasound

May 10-11


May 11-12


May 13-14


May 14

Ultrasound Connectivity


July 19-23

Capital Asset Management for the Digital Age (CAM) Principles of Servicing Computed Tomography (Phase I)


Multi-Vendor CT (Phase II)

May 17-28

Multi-Product CT (Phase III) GE Lightspeed


Laser Printers (Kodak Dryview 8700, AGFA Drystar 3000/4500)

Exhibits, Presentations and Special Notes


Class starts on Tuesday



al Training Schedule August



6-Aug 6

November December

Oct 25- Nov 5

Sept 13-24 Sept 27 - Oct 8

Aug 9-20



Jan 3- 14

Nov 8- 19 Nov 29- Dec 10

Aug 23-Sept 3

March Mar 7-18

Jan 17- 28 Jan 31- Feb 11

Mar 21- Apr 1

Jan 3- 14 Feb 21- Mar 4

Oct 18-29 Nov 1-12

Mar 7-18

Please call for details. Sept 13-24

Feb 21- Mar 4

Dec 6- 17 Nov 29- Dec 10

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Jan 24-28 Oct 25- 29 Dec 13- 17

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Feb 7-11 Nov 29- Dec 3

Feb 14-18

Oct 11- 22 Aug 9-20

Dec 6- 17

Mar 7-18

Please call for details. Please call for details. Feb 14- Mar 4

Aug 2-20 Oct 11- 22 Jan 3-14 Oct 4- 9 Aug 2-13

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Sept 27- Oct 15

Mar 7-18 Jan 3-21 Feb 28- Mar 4

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Jan 31-Feb 4 Nov 1- 12 Jan 24-25 Jan 25-26 Jan 26-27 Jan 28

Sept 13-24

Mar 21- Apr 1

Sept 27- Oct 8 Nov 8- 19

Aug 23-27 FIME

Please call 1-800-229-7784 to register for classes.




Take the cash!

Before you throw it away or call someone else, think of your training center. We are always looking for used equipment. RSTI will purchase your pre-owned equipment with CASH or Training Credits. In today’s economic climate this may be the way to continue to provide training for your department throughout this downturn. A few things to keep in mind when calling are: • Age of equipment • Condition • Time frame for removal At RSTI we like to think of it as keeping it in the family!

WHAT CAN RSTI’S EQUIPMENT STAFF DO FOR YOU? Well here we are again waiting for the weather to break, wanting the sun to shine and hoping for warmer temperatures. Ah, the excitement of spring. Baseball, burgers on the grill and warm weather. Q: What could be better? A: Buying and selling used equipment with RSTI. As many of you know, RSTI buys and sells used equipment. We are currently looking to buy equipment with a date of manufacture 2005 or newer. We are still buying older units but we are specifically targeting the following newer units: Hologic MIV, MIV Platinums, Siemens Nova units, and GE. We are also always looking for Digital Mammography units, Rad rooms, R/F rooms, and CT units. While many of you would like cash for this equipment, we are also able to trade training credits for these items. This not only helps the hospital’s training budget but gets your employees a world class education to work on the new equipment, by using equipment that the facility has already decided is no longer desirable for their use. Q: How do we know what the equipment is worth?



It is with Service Pro pride yet sorrow tha t fe Foundati ssional Memorial S I announce the Terry on. This ch M. Speth olarship w sc Biomedic al and Ele holarship will ben ith the Cleveland ctr efi a career in Diagnostic onic Engineers inte t up and coming rested in p Im aging Serv Contribu ursuing ice. tions can be made to Terry M. S the: peth Servic e Profession c/o The C a l M emorial Sch leveland F olarship Fu oundation 1422 Euc nd lid Avenu e , S uite 1300 Cleveland , OH 441 15 216.861.3 810 I am plea truly appre sed with the respo n c memory o iative of all the peo se we’ve received so ple interest f my fathe far and e make don r. ations or fo There will be a lin d in supporting the tax deduc ko r more info tible. rmation. n our website to Donation s will be – Tracie Sp eth

A: Contact RSTI’s sales staff and we will be happy to let you know the value. RSTI sells most of this pre-owned equipment overseas to countries that may not be able to afford the newest and latest models. This helps them upgrade their ability to help patients and allows them to obtain more equipment on the small budget they have to work with. RSTI is also proud to be able to offer refurbished equipment. We have great deals on units that have been professionally refurbished. These units are stripped all the way to the frame and rebuilt from the ground up to the OEM specifications. Parts warranties are available with these units also. RSTI can also help with the de-installation of your old equipment. We can remove Mammography, Radiology rooms, R/F rooms, and CT units. We are not limited to these systems so please call with additional information if you need help. These are just a few examples of how RSTI can help you and your facility. For the last twenty-five years RSTI has been on the leading edge of the medical imaging business as a premier training facility. Please join us as we become a leader in the resale market too. Please feel free to contact our sales staff with any equipment needs or a list of equipment you would like to retire.

Please contact Terry R Speth or Darrel Kile for all your equipment needs.

CALL 1.800.229.7784 |10|

Contact : Darrel Kile or Terry Speth at 1-800-229-7784 or by emails at or









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Student Testimonials: Alex Popivoda, Mark Walker and Joe Morrow

RSTI recently added two more digital radiography systems to our expanding digital training curriculum. The GE Revolution digital training course provides the comprehensive training required to be able to service both the GE XR/d and XQ/i digital systems. The XR/d 1X platform utilizes the SCPU generator and ADS workstation, while the 2X platform utilizes the JEDI generator HP Magic PC workstation. Both the 1X and 2X platforms incorporate the Proteus style overhead tube stand (OTS) and table. The XQ/i system uses most of the XR/d 1X platform hardware, but instead of the OTS, the tube stand is floor mounted. The Proteus table is also replaced with a mobile stretcher table. There is no reason your facility could not service these systems. GE has put together these digital systems using proven technology from various existing systems. For example: The SCPU generator has been used in the Advantx for many years. The Image Detection Controller (IDC) has been used in GE digital mammo for around 10 years. The Overhead Tube Suspension (OTS) has been used on many different GE units. All of these are combined with GE’s digital detector to form the XR/d and XQ/i. Don’t let me forget the software. At RSTI we spend a significant amount of time working with the software. As most service engineers are aware, modern x-ray systems require us to understand basics of connectivity and various operating systems. Since the XR/d uses UNIX and variations of it, we will cover UNIX basics and explain how to navigate within the software. Also, you will learn what files are important to know and how to access them. Operation, service, calibration, and diagnostics are performed on all of the following parts:

Alex Popivoda University of Chicago Medical Center Chicago, IL Alex works at a teaching hospital that is research-oriented. He has been at RSTI for a total of 15 weeks over the past 16 months, completing the X-Ray Certificate Series, Phases I-IV, Philips Integris Cath Lab, and CT Phases I and II. “RSTI teaches you how to work on a modality, not single machines, so you are always dealing with different machines. RSTI training helped to get a deep, comprehensive understanding of what is going on with the machine, giving you the whole picture. Learning the theory then the process of how the machine works and how to service it gives you a good foundation and makes you ready for any model. You get to see what is really going on, not just throwing parts on the system. RSTI training takes a real engineering approach. It is a great, friendly atmosphere, and I appreciate everybody making me feel like I’m at home, not school.” Mark Walker Erlanger Medical Center Chattanooga, TN Mark has been with Erlanger Medical Center for 4 years. He has attended classes at RSTI since October 2007, completing the X-Ray Certificate Series, Multivendor Ultrasound, and CT Phases I and II. “The instructor teaches the whole modality and how to service it, not just GE, Siemens or Toshiba. RSTI’s schedule is built just right. Two weeks may seem like a long time for training classes, but manufacturers’ schools take much longer and teach you only their product. In the Multivendor Ultrasound class, it was nice to be able to take the machines ‘down to the wheels.’ You don’t get that opportunity in most manufacturers’ schools.”

SCPU Overhead Tube Stand Table ADS and Magic PC/Software Contracts are expensive. Time and materials aren’t cheap either. We will help your facility GE Revoultion reduce costs. If you are third party we will help prepare your March 1-12 staff to service more equipment allowing you to create even more streams of revenue. Either way RSTI is committed to providing the best training solutions available in the industry. Our next GE Revolution Digital training classes are May 17-28 and August 9-20.

Seats are available for GE Revolution May 17-28 August 9-20 >DON’T MISS THE CLASS!



STUDENT TESTIMONIALS: Joe Morrow Haffner X-Ray Fishers, IN Joe Morrow works for an independent service organization and needs to be fast and reliable in his service calls. He has attended many manufacturers’ schools and obtained his basic x-ray service training from an OEM. “RSTI is comparable to the OEM’s in terms of how the class is made up. RSTI doesn’t waste time. One great thing about RSTI’s classes is that expectations are set in the classroom before you go into the labs, so you know what you are getting into. Time utilization is very good. The instructor efficiently teaches efficiency, which is important to a busy third party service engineer. Efficiency is huge. The more efficient I am, the more I am worth to my company. The training makes you ready for any model CT, and I am not afraid to work on other manufacturers’ CT systems.”

CT Phase II March 15-26 Mark Walker, Joe Morrow, Alex Popivoda, Dale Cover (Instructor)

Replace your Siemens Diagnostic X-Ray Tube with a New Varian!

OPTI 150

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Opti 150/30/50C Opti 150/40/82C Opti 150/40/73C Opti 150/40/80C

Our New Optitop Replacement: SG-1096: Opti 150/40/80HC at 840 kHU

Metal Center Technology Tubes for your Siemens Lab SG-1560 for Mega 125/30/82C(G)M SG-1590 BI for Mega 125/40/82CM SG-1590 TRI for Mega 125/15/40/82CGM

Now Available! A New replacement for the Opti 150 housing:

Varian B-199

“All trademarked terms are property of the respective manufacturer.”

For more information go online for a datasheet, or contact your preferred dealer.

USA Contact Information Varian Interay 1-800-INTERAY TEL 1-843-767-3005 FAX 1-843-760-0079 E-mail

Europe Contact Information Varian X-ray Products Germany TEL 49-2154-924-980 FAX 49-2154-924-994



DAVE’S RAVE: Live from the labs Hi! Dave here. Live from the labs at RSTI. It’s been an action packed winter here in Northeast Ohio with lots of changes in the weather and even more changes in the labs. If you haven’t been here in the past few weeks, you will notice some new treats on your next visit. We’ve been moving fast and burning the midnight oil to bring to you the modalities you need. To start, I’m happy to say that we have completed the installation of three, count ‘em, three digital rad systems. The GE Revolution XR/d, Philips Digital Diagnost and GE Precision 500D units are now comfortably ensconced in our lab bays and are already enjoying the attention of RSTI’s excellent students. That’s a whole lot of digital equipment folks! Our new Toshiba Aquilion CT is also being used in our CT Phase I class that is running right now. clinical Digital imaging istechnology an important part of the curriculum here at RSTI and having the

equipment to back that up is something we pride ourselves on. We have doubled the number of bone densitometry units in our labs from two to four to meet demand as well. You will now find two Lunar Prodigy and two Hologic QDR bone densitometry units available for class. On the test equipment front, we added Radcal’s latest, the Rapidose Multipurpose Analyzer, to our already extensive stable of non-invasive measurement devices. The Rapidose is one of the most portable full featured units I’ve ever seen. Our Barracuda and Piranha recently received software upgrades as well. So, as we look forward to longer days and warmer weather, we also look forward to is about more than Just more great changes and upgrades here at RSTI to keep us on the cutting edge.

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The TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Tools platform introduces the industry’s newest and most reliable dosimeter and integrated mA/mAs options. Offering customized bundles to ensure you can meet your QA test protocol without paying for extras you don’t need, the TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Tools provide an unbeatable combination of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. • Choice of all-in-one detector, dosimeter, integral ma/mAs and handheld display or user’s own laptop interface • 100 % ZigBee® wireless operation • Compact handheld design • Sets up in seconds • Displays all values in one shot (all-in-one detector) • Simple user interface • Unbeatable ruggedness for longterm reliability • 40 kHz kV sampling rate to ensure accuracy with the most difficult applications • Global support network delivering prompt service and peace of mind to Fluke Biomedical customers worldwide

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