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Challenge yourself! Become active at STAR: Join the Euro Trip committee!

We are STAR STAR is the official study association of Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and is the biggest study association in Europe. We support RSM students in their academic, professional and social development to ensure they have the best student life possible.

STAR connects students with their peers and a broad range of companies. This contact is facilitated through numerous activities and events organized by our committees and boards. Each year, over 300 dedicated active members organize around 450 projects for thousands of students. These projects are classified into three pillars on which STAR’s mission

is built, namely: Social, Academic and Career. All RSM students, in all stages of their studies, can partake in our tailored projects.

Are you ready for your next challenge?

We provide our active members with the opportunity to actively develop themselves both personally and professionally. In addition to this, they get access to a network of enthusiastic students and great companies. STAR creates value for every student. Are you ready to start you STAR journey?

This brochure will give you more information about the Euro Trip committee that STAR is recruiting in March/April 2021. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at recruitment@rsmstar.nl.

What happens if I become active at STAR? Once you are an active member, you will meet many new people. The prime “networking time” is during our weekly drinks on Wednesday. By the end of April, you will have the opportunity to join the Active Members Weekend.

After your committee kick-off, you will officially start working on your project(s). On average, an 8-hour work week is what you can expect from a position within a committee. However, if you like, you can spend many more hours with STAR! Besides the weekly drinks, we encourage the committees to have a weekly dinner, usually on Wednesday. For active members, STAR organizes amazing theme nights, a Christmas Dinner, Active Members Day, and much more!

Next to the special activities we arrange for our active members, you are of course always welcome to join all other STAR activities! Last but not least, you will have contact with the Board to share your ideas and improvements you would like to implement within STAR. We are always interested in innovative and interesting ideas. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your social network will start to grow immediately. STAR Activities:




STAR Management Week




STAR Christmas Gala


Ski Trip


Erasmus Recruitment Days


BA & IBA Study Trips


International Week Holland


STAR Erasmus Consulting Field Work

August September

iCare & Eurekaweek IBA Freshman Weekend & BA Introduction Days

Throughout the year: STAR Social Drinks, International Week Mini-Exchanges, Reach Out Charity and Speaker Series.

A word from our Project Manager BSc Esther Jellema My name is Esther Jellema and I am the Project Manager Bachelor of the XLIIIrd STAR Board. When I was 17 years old, I moved to Rotterdam and I was ready to enjoy the student life! During the Eurekaweek, I came in contact with STAR and wanted to become an active member. As an Activity Team member, I was able to get in contact with many fantastic people within STAR. Organizing parties and the Lustrum Active Members Weekend was amazing. After that, I wanted to be part of another committee. I was then chosen as Program Manager for the EuroTrip. Organizing and joining this trip to Athens was amazing and so memorable! This year, I decided that I wanted to develop myself even further and that is why I decided to apply for a board year at STAR! As the Project Manager Bachelor, I am responsible for the supervision and guidance of all the bachelor committees. I am looking forward to next year and cannot wait to meet all of you!

Active member in the spotlight Kebron Smon My STAR journey started in my first year, when I became responsible for the program for the BA Introduction Days 2018. Together with my fellow committee members, I was responsible for the event’s location, party equipment, daytime entertainment, and so on. Not only did I learn a lot in this committee, I also became close friends with some of my fellow committee members. After a great experience in my first STAR committee, I knew I wanted to to do more at STAR. Hence, in September 2018, I applied for the iCare committee. This committee organizes a three-week volunteer aid trip to a developing country. The preperations for the trip, and especially the trip itself, was an amazing experience. I met some amazing people during this trip that I continue to call my friends to this day.

I was not done at STAR the iCare committee! wanted to develop myself further, so I applied for the position of chairman of the Eurekaweek committee 2020. I was very excited to hear I was selected! Obviously, this year’s Eurekaweek was very different than last years’ because of the pandemic. My fellow committee members and I worked very hard to organize a STAR Eurekaweek under these crazy circumstances. And we succeeded! The committee and I grew very close and have already planned our next drinks together! After three committees, my STAR journey has come to an end. I encourage everyone who wants to meet new people, make friends, and learn by doing, to apply for a committee. I had a great time at STAR and leave with a great skill set.

STAR Academy The STAR Academy is the learning centre within STAR that offers members the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills. The level of development opportunities increases with the intensity of involvement in the assocation, respectively: passive members, active members and full-time active members. Every committee member follows a personalized track which starts with filling in your own personal development plan. This plan forces you to be conscious about your ambitions regarding personal learning goals. Based on these goals, STAR will make sure you receive suitable trainings. These trainings can be categorized in hard skill training i.e. (acquisition training and InDesign training) and the soft side of development (leadership training and team-building).

During the year, there will also be plenty of feedback and learning goals meetings to ensure you develop yourself personally and professionally. Furthermore, every active member will get a committee kick-off training and functional kick-off training, based on his or her function within the committee.

STAR will make sure you receive suitable training.

Overview of committee During this recruitment period, we are recruiting one part-time committee: the Eurotrip committee. Make sure to check out its description and the overview of positions to get the full picture of this specific committee.

Committee Euro Trip

hours/week 6

open to BSc (I)BA

positions 5

Did you know... We are also recruiting for full-time positions right now, namely: - STAR Board - STAR Erasmus Consulting Board - Erasmus Recruitment Board In addition, we are recruiting the new Case Club Board, which is part-time. For more information, visit rsmstar.nl/recruitment

Overview of positions Chairman The chairman is the leader, motivator, and coordinator of the project. This position requires strong communication skills and a good sense of responsibility. The chairman is also responsible for the committee’s budget.


The marketing manager is the creative brain of the committee. Marketing the project and communicate it to all participants, students, companies and other stakeholders is their task.


The commercial relations manager is the sales person of the project. Supplying the project with all financial input and resources needed to fund the project is their responsibility. This position is also responsible for the company visit during the trip.


The program manager is planner of the trip. Plain tickets, hostels, and fun activities all fall within your responsibilities. It is up to you to plan a trip that your target audience would like to join.

6 hours/week BSc BA Chairman Commercial (2x) Marketing Program

Euro Trip Istanbul, Budapest, Lisbon, Malaga: which city is next? The Eurotrip committee organises an unforgettable city trip to a European destination every year. The trip is the perfect get-away between exams and gives its participants the opportunity to discover a European destination and meet fellow students for an amzing price. The focus of this trip will be on both cultural and business aspects of the city. Are you ready to organise a Eurotrip to a new and exciting city?

What does the committee do? The Euro Trip will take place in October/ November and will be ca. 5 days long. Together with your fellow committee members, you will be responsible for the entire organisation of the trip. From arranging plane tickets and accommodation to company visits and fun outings: it all comes down to the decisions your committee makes. The first step is deciding on a location, a process in which you get to work directly together with the STAR Board. After the location has been chosen, it is time to start arranging

the trip! You will have a few months to do so, giving you ample of time to put together a perfect program. Are there any good bars around there? Which companies are headquartered in the city? On what day shall we visit the city’s university? How are we going to attract RSM students to join the trip? These are all topics you get to play around with. Do you accept the challenge?

FAQ & Contact Why should I apply? When you join a committee, you get the opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally in a team of like-minded students. At STAR, we value your personal growth and aim to support the kick-start of your career. Besides this, your social network will expand rapidly and you get access to social events for active members such as Active Members Weekend. How do I know what is the right position for me? We encourage you to apply for positions that will challenge you. As an active member, you help STAR create value for students. In return, STAR aims to create value for you by means of accelerating your professional and personal development. If you need more information before making a decision, feel free to contact us.

What about COVID-19? We aim to facilitate as many physical meetings and events as possible, but the safety of our members is our main priority. We are revising the possibilities and limitations of the current situation every day. The entire interview process will be online. Contact Head of Recruitment: Demi Koeleman E: recruitment@rsmstar.nl W: www.rsmstar.nl/recruitment

Application process 1. Find out what position suits you best

If you need more information before making a decision, feel free to send an email to recruitment@rsmstar.nl

2. Apply online

Apply online through rsmstar.nl/recruitment.

3. Don’t be late

The application deadline is May 2, 2021 at 23:59h. Late applications will not be accepted.

4. Schedule your interview

OnMay 3, 2021, we will call you to schedule an interview with you. Please try to pick up the phone and call us back when we could not reach you.

5. Have the interview

Your interview will take place in May and will take approximately 20 minutes.

6. Congratulations! Late May, you will receive a call from us to let you know whether you have been selected or not.

Go to rsmstar.nl

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Recruitment Euro Trip Committee 2021  

Recruitment Euro Trip Committee 2021  

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