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Erasmus Recruitment

Erasmus Recruitment (ER) enables all students of Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) to meet with their potential future employers and take the first step into their careers. The wide range of career opportunities is offered by ER’s two main components: the Erasmus Recruitment Days (ERD) and the Erasmus Recruitment Platform (ERP). Since 1997, the ERD has been the most acclaimed recruitment event of Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2015, the ERP was established as the bridge between the Erasmus students and the corporate world.

The platform is one of the core pillars of ER. On this platform, employers get the chance to connect with students by communicating their latest internships and vacancies or by inviting students to their recruitment events. In 2020, the platform was completely revamped in order to provide year-round recruitment opportunities.

The ER Days is another core pillar of ER. It is the annual offline extension of the online platform. It is the largest on-campus recruitment event in Europe, with over 100 companies and 2.500 students participating every year. The ER Days takes place in January/February for two weeks and includes activities such as workshops, trainings, and speed-interviews.

ER is a joint venture between Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) of Erasmus School of Economics and Study Association STAR of RSM. The ER Board is composed of students of both Erasmus School of Economics and RSM to represent the interests of all stakeholders. The Board works in close cooperation with the board members of EFR and STAR. Being on the ER Board is the perfect way to practice your stakeholder management and people skills!

Erasmus Recruitment Board 2023-2024

Every Board member has his/her/their own responsibilities. Among others, these entail selling commercial ER packages to companies, designing the marketing materials, supervising the ER Commercial team and ER Marketing team, managing the platform and leading the promotional activities to receive thousands of subscriptions for the ER Days. Nevertheless, the most important task is working together as a team to organize a successful event and manage the platform.

Would you like to get the incredible experience of both organising the Erasmus Recruitment Days 2024 and managing the new Recruitment Platform? Would you like to get the thrill of working towards the event with an ambitious team and developing yourself through the unique challenge of organising the biggest on-campus recruitment event in Europe? Invest in your future and apply for the Erasmus Recruitment Board 2023-2024.



As the Chair, your most important responsibility is leading, coaching, and motivating the Board. Furthermore, you are responsible for the end products of Erasmus Recruitment. This requires you to constantly check if the team is running smoothly and ensure effective communication with all the stakeholders of ER. You are required to be a strong communicator, decisive, and responsible in order to host the largest on-campus recruitment event in Europe in the most successful way possible. Are you up for the task?

During a board year at ER you will:

- Lead the Board,

- Represent ER and be responsible for the end products of ER,

- Be responsible for the acquisition and relationship with the main sponsor,

- Set goals and monitor them,

- Be the main contact point between ER, EFR & STAR.

“It was my job to motivate, coach and lead the board to a perfect finish and make sure every process runs smoothly. A very fullfilling task“


As the IT & Data Officer, you are the analytical engine of Erasmus Recruitment. You are the person who will further improve the new online system which will bring the event to the next level. Analysing data and creating strategic advantages is what your position is all about. You are required to be very analytical and proactive, have a critical mindset, and a clear vision. Besides, you are responsible for the backoffice during the event.

During a board year at ER you will:

- Analyse data & transform it into a competitive advantage,

- Improve the new online system of the ER Days,

- Handle the new ER website by improving it and making it grow,

- Coordinate the backoffice during the event,

- Write the ER Days data report,

- Implement an information system.

“Contribute proactively to the long-term strategy and information systems of ER. Innovative and analytical thinkers do not wait for opportunities, they create them!”


As the Marketing Manager, you are responsible for the brand of Erasmus Recruitment. You are the person who will attract more students for the event and the website and raise brand awareness through the creation of marketing campaigns. Creativity and the ability to collaborate with external parties are the main characteristics for this position. Besides this, being organized is also a relevant quality, since you are responsible for the big promotion period before the Days!

During a board year at ER you will:

- Make sure that all the students know about our year-round Erasmus Recruitment platform and our annual event,

- Organise and lead the four-week promotion period,

- Make sure that the marketing budget is spent wisely,

- Be the supervisor of the ER Marketing Team,

- Learn to work with design programs to create posts for social media and make professional brochures,

- Keep in contact with suppliers, design agencies, and printing companies.

‘’Use your talents to take the brand Erasmus Recruitment to the next level, by focusing on future opportunities and innovative marketing strategies!’’


As the Commercial Relations Manager, you will be challenged to involve leading, innovative, and international companies in Erasmus Recruitment. You will be in charge of closing the right companies for the platform and the Erasmus Recruitment Days, which is the biggest on-campus recruitment event in Europe. You are required to have strong communication skills, to be persuasive, to be able to negotiate, to be enthusiastic, and have the ability to sell the event and the platform. Your biggest challenge is to persuade companies to join Erasmus Recruitment and to maintain the long-term relationship with them. Besides, you will lead the parttime Erasmus Recruitment commercial team, which will support you selling the event (ER Days) and the vacancy platform (ER). Will you be able to exceed the targets of last year?

During a board year at ER you will:

- Develop an acquisition strategy,

- Persuade companies from different sectors to join Erasmus Recruitment,

- Make sure companies sign the contracts,

- Top last year’s revenue,

- Safeguard the long-term relationships with companies,

- Develop a huge network,

- Be the supervisor of the Commercial Team.

“By pursuing the right balance between selling and advising, you will build and maintain successful partnerships with the companies…and remember, communication is key!”


As the Treasurer, you will be in charge of the budget of Erasmus Recruitment. In your role you will have a say in all the important decisions, which you can back-up with your budget and you prevent bad investments from being made. It is both a challenge to say ‘no’ when the ideas are not compatible with the overall strategy of Erasmus Recruitment, or to convince all the stakeholders when an investment should be made. The only question that remains is: can you handle the financial administration of the project with the largest budget at the Erasmus University?

During a board year at ER you will:

- Set up the budget,

- Track and control the budget,

- Keep your board members informed about the financial situation,

- Set up invoices and contracts,

- Handle all creditors and debtors,

- Be in close contact with the treasurers of the EFR and STAR Board.

“Develop your financial skills by being responsible for the budget of Erasmus Recruitment, and enjoy organising the ER Days with your fantastic fellow board members.”


As the Event Manager,

You are responsible for organizing the physical pillar of ER: the three-week lasting Erasmus Recruitment Days. As you are responsible for the logistical part of the event there is little room for error. You need to be able to plan and organize, lead your team, keep a helicopter view, and deal with stressful situations. It is your responsibility to maintain communication with students, companies, and other involved parties. Are you decisive and convincing, ready to solve any problem that is thrown your way? You will ensure that the ER Days will run perfectly.

During a board year at ER you will:

- Lead the three weeks when everything comes together,

- Be the contact person with the university, caterers, and all external parties involved,

- Create the schedule for over 100 companies and 200 activities,

- Make a minute to minute planning,

- Manage the boards of EFR and STAR, the ER Crew and all Active Members involved,

- Make sure the ER Days will run smoothly

“The best moment is seeing the event that you have all worked so hard for coming to life!”



How to apply?

Are you interested or want to have more information?

Application deadline: 28th of April 23:59

Interest drinks: 15th of March - 20:00 De Stoep

22nd of March - 16:00 De Smitse

11th of April - 20:00 De Stoep


Contact information: 06-37167370 (EFR) +31 (0)10-4082035 (STAR)

Or contact us for a cup of coffee!

Address GB-40 Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam The Erasmus Recruitment Board E
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