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Will this be your next challenge? Be part of the 43rd STAR Board!

STAR Board Are you ready for a life changing experience? Become part of the next STAR board and gain managerial work experience while developing yourself. A board year at STAR offers the unique opportunity to experience the real business world, develop your social and professional skills at an exponential rate, while intensively working together with a diverse team of ambitious students.

The STAR board is responsible for the entire study association STAR, which is the largest student run study association within Europe. As part of the STAR board you will initiate and supervise projects, manage people, display leadership, and develop and execute a strategy for a large organization. During this intense team experience, you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and with professional trainings you will learn how to exploit or improve these skills within different teams. A board year at STAR is unique in the experiences it offers. Within such a professional organisation you can expand your network by closely working with the university, hundreds of companies,

other student associations and inspiring leaders and speakers. Besides the learning experience, a board year is incredibly fun to do. You will attend drinks and dinners, participate in exclusive events, meet many new people, and make friends

A board year at STAR is unique in the experiences it offers for life. Take this opportunity to make sure you experience the most out of your upcoming year!

Sustainability Talks STAR Management Week 2019

About STAR Founded in 1977, STAR, formerly known as Sviib, is the study association of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Over the years STAR has grown from a small group of students organizing social activities for Business Administration students to the largest, and most professional study association in Europe.

Our Active Members collaboratively enable STAR to offer an extensive portfolio of events, trips and services. STAR is characterized by a flat organizational structure, thereby empowering all Active Members when working on their projects. This empowerment, in combination with professional trainings provided by STAR, results in impressive growth on all levels among Active Members. Moreover, STAR is recognized for its social aspect. Having fun is valued as much as hard work. Therefore, a significant amount of social activities is being organized by and for Active Members. For example, STAR’s weekly drink, STAR Christmas Gala, and Active Members weekends. As Active Member at STAR you will make sure to get the most out of your student life!

Running an organization like STAR is a unique opportunity. You will be in a leadership position with responsibilities you would not encounter until obtaining senior management positions. No matter whether you are Dutch or international, have or have not gained relevant experience yet, as long as you are ready to challenge yourself on a personal and professional level, STAR is the right place for you.

STAR in numbers - Over 6.500 members - More than 450 Events - Around 250 Active Members - 50 Committees - 20 Trips abroad - 9 Full-time Board Members

Chairman As chairman of the STAR Board you are leading the association and ultimately responsible for its performance. The position of chairman consists of many different responsibilities, making it necessary to create structure and overview. Your priority is to support fellow board members on both work and personal aspects, such that they can perform optimally. You are facilitating optimal group dynamics, thereby being the keystone holding the group together. Besides, you will be representing STAR at numerous occasions both internally as well as externally. In addition, you are responsible for determining, monitoring and executing STAR’s long term strategy, in order to make sure the association stays relevant. Can you lead a team, make difficult decisions, and track the long-term development of STAR?

Be the next to: • Bear the ultimate responsibility for the entire association • Lead and support fellow STAR Board members • Represent STAR on internal and external occassions • Be responsible for STAR’s strategy • Guide and inspire other chairmen within STAR • Maintain relationships with RSM, Erasmus University • Communicate with the STAR Supervisory Board

“As Chairman of STAR you support your team as well as oversee strategic changes. Hence, every day is different.”

Tommy van Thiel Chairman STAR Board 2019-2020

Secretary As Secretary of the STAR Board you are the backbone of the entire organization. You facilitate the planning of all events and trips, thus you are in the loop about everything. You manage relationships with multiple external stakeholders, are the first contact person for (active) members and supervise the board assistant. The best part is that your personal tasks grant you a lot of freedom to be involved with various modules, your own policy and other projects through which you can make a huge impact on the long-term. All these different responsibilities make your days very dynamic. You can also guide committees and support your fellow board members with their daily tasks. Are you ready to develop yourself personally while working on a diverse range of projects while keeping a perfect overview of the whole association?

“As a secretary I learned to keep a perfect overview while working with many different stakeholders.”

Eva de Graaf Secretary STAR Board 2019-2020

Be the next to: • Know STAR inside out • Keep a perfect overview of the year planning • Be the contact person for a wide range of different stakeholders • Enhance social dynamics within the association • Be proactive while working on many different projects

Treasurer As the Treasurer of the STAR board it is your task to safeguard the financial health of the entire association. In general you will be responsible for STAR’s overall financial policy and administration, while financially guiding the board and committees. You will need to manage an annual turnover of €1.1 million. You are involved in every part of STAR and play a vital role in keeping the association running and growing. As treasurer you will learn to combine financial knowledge, hard skills and people management. You know a lot about what goes on within STAR and this will benefit you and others in discussions you will have. Are you up for a challenge, do you have a structured way of working, are you decisive in difficult situations, and can you handle the financial responsibilities?

Be the next to: • Guide the financial continuity of STAR • Supervise all budgets of the association • Guide and challenge board and committee members with regard to budgeting and financial decision making • Make hard decisions • Find solutions to financial and operational challenges • Control the commercial on his/her targets

“The best part of being a treasurer is your vital role in all decision making processes, which enables you to develop your debating and people skills besides all the skills in financial analysis.” Michiel Colijn Treasurer STAR Board 2019-2020

Commercial Relations Manager As the Commercial Relations Manager of the STAR Board you are the moneymaker of the team. The success of many projects of STAR highly depends on the acquisition revenue you generate. You will create and execute a commercial strategy for recruitment related activities of STAR. The Commercial is responsible for maintaining strong contacts with the largest multinationals. This means not only focusing on short-term advantages but having a long term orientation. Besides that, you will provide guidance in reference to the commercial process of all committees. Strengthen relationships, create win-win situations and negotiate 5-digit contracts. Are you up for the challenge of managing and improving STAR’s relationship with the corporate world?

“Being able to set up and maintain partnerships between multinationals and STAR is a challenging and rewarding job. Besides, you assist a lot of Active Members in their commercial endeavours” Meike Conijn Commercial Relations Manager STAR Board 2019-2020

Be the next to: • Manage the contact with STAR’s largest corporate partners • Supervise the Commercial Team and Consultancy Castle • Create and maintain a recruitment- related commercial strategy • Arrange trainings provided by companies • Sell the biggest recruitment platform of Erasmus University: ERP • Guide Bachelor and Master committees by giving commercial advice

Brand Manager As Brand Manager of the STAR Board you are in charge of managing all marketing related activities. STAR is a strong and most well- known brand at the Erasmus University. It is the task of the Brand Manager to maintain and improve the quality and value of this brand. You will create a marketing strategy and will be responsible for all outward communication from STAR to its many stakeholders. You will supervise the Marketing Team and guide every committee in the field of marketing. Next to that you will develop and launch campaigns for STAR as a whole. The STAR Brand Manager needs both structure and creativity at the same time. Nowadays, your marketing campaings and strategy can be tracked by analysing your analytics, So you can ensure the STAR brand as a whole is improving. Can you capture STAR’s potential value and express it?

Be the next to: • Maintain the STAR brand • Improve STAR brand by using analytics • Develop and execute STAR promotion campaigns • Improve and develop a STAR branding strategy • Supervise several committees such as the Eurekaweek and Marketing Team • Guide the marketing activities of STAR’s committees • Initiate new projects to express STAR’s values

“This year was one of the best choices I could ever make. Besides the branding, you will develop yourself in ways you could not imagine.”

Jaap Cox Brand Manager STAR Board 2019-2020

Project Manager BSc As the Project Manager Bachelor of the STAR Board you will be responsible for the supervision, guidance and coaching of the bachelor Active Members in a broad range of projects. Social, societal, cultural and academic related activities are all part of your portfolio. You will manage many Active Members and be part of their personal and professional development. You will help them to grow in their functional position, teamwork and the organization of their project. You will need a lot of enthusiasm and enjoy being in touch with many Active Members. Besides, you need to be able to multitask and divide your attention between the different projects. Will you find the ultimate balance in the bachelor Active Members’ personal and professional development, while making sure that every project will succeed?

“What I enjoyed most during my year was the close contact I had with all the Active Members and seeing them develop themselves throughout the year!” Lisa van Embden Project Manager BSc STAR Board 2019-2020

Be the next to: • Manage the responsibility of most bachelor projects • Coordinate, motivate and inspire the bachelor Active Members • Support bachelor Active Members in their personal and professional development • Identify best practices and discover possible synergies • Develop a strategy for the bachelor portfolio over the years • Manage STAR’s project portfolio

Project Manager MSc As the Project Manager Master, you will be responsible for coordinating all thirteen Master Study Clubs and twelve MSc Study Trip committees. Supervising the Master Study Clubs is an exceptionally diverse task for two reasons. First of all, every MSC is different in terms of size, identity and event portfolio. Second, this position allows you to develop yourself in many functional areas, such as project management, strategic management, commercial relations, budgeting and financial decision making, and most importantly: people management. Overall, the PM MSc needs to be diverse and able to work with different kinds of people to make sure the MSCs keep developing themselves within STAR. Are you the one to lead the Master Study Clubs and facilitate their growth?

Be the next to: • Guide over 95 MSc students divided into 25 teams • Manage relations with all academic departments • Enhance the visibility of Master Study Clubs within STAR • Facilitate cohesion within and among different Master programs • Challenge Master students to be creative and resourceful

“In my Board year, I stepped into a completely new environment that gave me a lot of responsibility, but where it was also okay to fail fast and learn from it.”

Tristan Boer Project Manager MSc STAR Board 2019-2020

Project Manager Career As the Project Manager Career, you have the privilege to supervise STAR’s two largest recruitment events: the STAR Management Week and the Erasmus Recruitment Days. You will lead, guide and motivate the full-time Active Members who are busy organizing these events, while guarding the long-term strategy. Having this strategic position, you have the possibility to generate long-term improvements. Since the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Erasmus Recruitment Platform are joint ventures of EFR and STAR, you will work in close cooperation with the EFR board. Therefore, as a Project Manager Career you should be able to align interests and capabilities of different stakeholders. Do you dare to make significantly impactful decisions for the association and these projects?

“As the Project Manager Career, I learned the perfect combination between managing people and managing the long-term strategy of STAR within the SMW and the ERD.” Niek Kirchner Project Manager Career STAR Board 2019-2020

Be the next to: • Be responsible for the largest public events of STAR • Guide, lead and motivate 15 full-time committee members • Develop and execute the strategy of the SMW and the ERD • Be the contactperson for many stakeholders regarding the career events

Information Processes Manager As Information Processes Manager you have the freedom to improve STAR in many ways. You are responsible for all IT activities within STAR as well as process improvements. Within your projects there is a lot of freedom to make incremental or disruptive changes. By the end of your Board year all of STAR’s IT infrastructure will have improved. The organization will be more effective and efficient. Project can be: maintaining the STAR website; launching a new online platform and managing IT hardware. Rather than doing all the work yourself, you act as a project manager and interact a lot with external parties. Hence, prior IT knowledge is not a must. Next to that, you will be able to further implement data analyses, together with the Brand Manager, to bring our online presence to a next level. Will you be the next to manage STAR’s IT infrastructure?

Be the next to: • Proactively evaluate and consider emerging technologies to prepare for the future • Manage the Erasmus Recruitment Platform and all its facets • Maintain healthy IT systems through contact with internal and external parties • Enable all flagships project in their online presence

“During my board year, I launched new websites, automated processes and improved our data analysis. Most importantly, I was able to transfer my knowledge to our Active Members.” Lars van Straaten Information Processes Manager STAR Board 2019-2020

A year full of memories

‘Working in a team so closely almost turns your fellow board members into family.’

‘‘STAR gives you the opportunity to make friends for life!’

‘Close your eyes and imagine that you are running a company with eight other students. Awesome feeling right?’

‘We learned how to collectively tackle different kinds of challengingproblems’

‘There’s no place in the world where I’d have, at this age, learned as much about myself, other people, companies and responsibilities as here!’

‘Working in an environment full of ambitious people, makes you strive for accomplishing even greater things.’

STAR Academy The STAR Academy is the learning centre within STAR that offers members the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills. The level of development opportunities increases with the intensity of involvement, respectively: passive members, Active Members and full-time Active Members. As a full-time member of STAR you will thus have the maximum opportunity to develop yourself. As part of this you will receive a personal development budget, which can be spend throughout your Board year.

Every committee member follows a personalized track which starts with filling in your own Personal Development Plan. This Plan forces you to be conscious about your ambitions regarding personal learning goals. Based on these goals, STAR will make sure you receive suitable trainings. These trainings can be categorized in hard skill training i.e. (acquisition training and InDesign training) and the soft side of development (leadership training, mindfulness, team-building).

Full-time committee members will also receive various management trainings at a renowned management training company. During the year there will also be plenty of feedback and learning goals meetings to ensure you develop yourself personally and professionally. Furthermore, every Active Member will get a committee kick-off training and personal kick-off training, based on his or her function within the Committee.

You will be trained throughout the year, a unique opportunity

Modules Academic You will guide the expansion of the academic pillar of STAR. By focusing more on academic services and study support you will add value for all STAR members. Recruitment Be responsible for the recruitment of STAR’s Active Members. This involves planning the interviews, creating an interview style that matches your board’s preferences, following up on candidates and actually interviewing the potential Active Members.

Vice Chairman As Vice Chairman you will help the Chairman with the long term strategy, representing STAR to external and internal parties, supporting the rest of your board and holding the group together plus substitute when he/she is absent.

Human Resource Manager As the Human Resource manager you will be responsible for STAR’s main asset: talent. The Personal Development Plan, consisting of tests, goal setting, tip-top sessions and training opportunities, will be part of your portfolio.

SEC supervision Supervising one of STAR’s flagship projects, a group of 20 to 30 students doing consultancy projects in a developing market. Others include: • Activity Team supervision • Alumni • Case Club • Compliance & GDPR • Sustainability & Impact • Internationalization • Office Manager • Speaker Series

Additional info What position fits you best? In order to discover what position would fit you best, you could read the information on the website and in this booklet. However, you can also join one of our virtual information sessions. During these sessions we will go in depth about doing a Board year. Next to that, you can schedule a (virtual) coffee with one of our current (or former) board members in case you have specific questions. Moreover, through our online channels we will share experiences from our Board year with you . Modules Within STAR we want to make sure that everyone is placed on the right position. This means giving people tasks that deliver them a feeling of fulfillment and much energy. To achieve this we have modules which will be added to the positions. You can see the functions as a framework. Your general functional responsibilities and the modules together will be adjusted to your characteristics, making sure that it will fit you perfectly!

Full time period Your time as a STAR Board member will start in June/July 2020. At this moment you will get introduced to your position. This includes a full-time week from June 22nd till June 28th 2020. From July 22nd 2020 onwards the STAR Board is full-time. STAR offers you a financial compensation for the time invested during a STAR Board year. Application process After application closes, you will be invited for your first interview. This first interview is focused on getting to know you better and to manage expectations. In case you are invited for the second interview, we will ask you to prepare function specific cases which will be discussed during the interview. Applying for the STAR Board can be done online at rsmstar.nl/recruitment. The application deadline is the April 26th.

BA/IBA/MSC Intro Days



International Care (iCare)

Opening Party




Erasmus Recruitment Days


BA&IBA Study Trip




Case Competition





Active Member Weekend

Graduation Drink

STAR Management Week

Christmas Gala





Board & SEC recruitment

Consultancy Castle


International Week


STAR Erasmus Consulting


What to do now? 1. Find out which positions suits you best! •

Get to know all the ins-and-outs about the STAR Board during one of our virtual information sessions. Dates will be posted on our online

• •

channels. Schedule a ‘digital cup of coffee’ with a current (or former) STAR Board member. That way you can ask all the questions you have. Contact us by email to set up a coffee. Read our Frequently Asked Questions on rsmstar.nl/recruitment to answer some of the questions you might have. Send an e-mail to recruitment@rsmstar.nl if you have any questions.

2. Apply online

Applying for the board is really easy! Apply online through

rsmstar.nl/recruitment by filling in your details and motivation.

3. Application deadline

Application closes on the 26th of April, make sure to apply on time.

4. Interview rounds

Your interviews will take place between the 6th of May and the 15th of May. This will exists from 2 or 3 rounds (depending on the positions you are applying for)

5. Congratulations Om Tuesday May 19th you will know if you’ll be part of the 43rd STAR Board!

Apply online before the 26th of April!

Go to rsmstar.nl/recruitment for more We are also recruiting the Erasmus Recruitment (ER), STAR Erasmus Consulting (SEC) Board and part-time committees. Find their recruitment information on our website

instagram.com/rsmstar facebook.com/rsmstar linkedin.com/rsmstar

Postal address: PO Box 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam The Netherlands

Visiting address: Room T04-53, T Building Erasmus University Campus Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

Learn. Grow. Excel.

STAR Board Recruitment 2020-2021 - Recruitment Brochure  

More information can be found on rsmstar.nl/recruitment.

STAR Board Recruitment 2020-2021 - Recruitment Brochure  

More information can be found on rsmstar.nl/recruitment.

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