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The art of sound effects Emmy-award winning Foley artist to break out his bag of tricks

In a first for the Lone Pine Film Festival, local resident and professional Foley artist Vince Nicastro will give a live demonstration of his behind-thescenes sound making techniques in the Museum’s Wild West Theatre. Festival guests are invited to watch and listen as Nicastro brings the often unnoticed and altogether fascinating art of Foley to life, using props, his own ingenenuity and years of experience in the field. The art form is named for the man credited with pioneering the innovative sound-effects technique in 1927, Jack Foley, who, incidentally, lived in Bishop and worked at a hardware store before branching off into the entertainment industry. (He started out as a local location scout.) His basic technique, very much still used today, is the reproduction of everyday sounds needed in films

Local resident and professional Foley artist Vince Nicastro will be demonstrating the art of sound effects, Foley-style, at this year’s Lone Pine Film Festival. Nicastro has been nominated for several Emmy awards for his work, winning three times for the popular television show “24.” – such as footsteps on tile floors, rattling chains, squeaky doors, cars honking, even thunder and rain, or breaking glass. These sounds are not captured on the film when the scenes are shot and must be added to the movie in order to create a sense of reality for the viewer.

Foley is created by mimicking the actual sources of these sounds in a recording studio. For instance, a Foley artist can manipulate an old wooden chair to create a sound that mimics a creaky old door, or deliberate footsteps on wooden stairs.

Jack Foley once famously used the sound of his own footsteps and key chains to replicate the noises needed for a scene in “Spartacus” that showed slaves walking in leg chains. Before Jack stepped in, the director was all set to return to Italy and restage the scene to capture the sound effects. One of the best Foley artists in the business today, Nicastro creates everyday sound effects for both films and television shows, most notably for the prime-time television series “24,” for which he won three Emmys and seven nominations. His artistic work is credited in more than 100 titles since 1991, including such comedy classics as “Mask” and “Dumb and Dumber,” critically acclaimed dramas like “Babel,” and many television shows for which he has been nominated nine times.


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Lone Pine Film Festival - Foley Demonstration  

Emmy-award winning Foley artist Vince Nicastro creates everyday-sound effects in films and television shows, most notably in the prime-time...

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