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Ike appoints Truman’s former Budget Director as a member of the Career Executive Board 75. Dwight D. Eisenhower. TLS as president, one page, 7 x 10.25, White House letterhead, December 17, 1958. Letter to James E. Webb of Kerr-McGee Oil Industries. In full: “I sincerely appreciate your willingness to serve as a Member of the Career Executive Board, and I hereby appoint you in that capacity. As you know, I am very anxious that there be developed within the competitive Federal service a system of appraisal which will ascertain and identify career executives. The Board is endeavoring to insure that fitting recognition is given these outstanding career employees according to merit, and is exploring new ways of strengthening the career executive service and proposing action steps to accomplish that end. Your service as an executive in the Federal service, along with your experience as a key executive in private industry will make your contribution an especially significant one. I consider this program to be of basic importance in our continued progress toward better government through improved personal management. I extend to you my best wishes for success in this undertaking.” In fine condition, with a couple paperclip impressions to top edge and a rusty paperclip mark to left side. After strong Congressional opposition fearing executive control of Civil Service and the cutting of funding for the Board, Eisenhower was forced to issue an Executive Order revoking his original order. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/ PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.…(MB $200)

Leading up to the invasion of Sicily, “Ike” claims “responsibility for the safety of this command” 76. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Scarce World

War II–dated ALS signed “Ike,” three pages, lightlylined, 8 x 10.5, April 6, [1943]. Letter to his wife, Mamie. In part: “A letter today from General Allen says you may stay in S. A. [San Antonio] all winter. I rather think he must be mistaken because Butch seems to have gotten no such idea. Butch says I’ve gotten fat, and in checking up on myself, I find he is right. We get plenty of fats & starches in our diet, and since I like them, the result is almost inescapable. Then I’ve had almost nil in the way of exercise. Also, Butch just told me that a radio man who has just arrived here from London says that I’ve aged at least 5 years since I left that city...I’ll be something like the equivalent of 92 when I get back to the U.S. Maybe you’ll have to meet me at the pier with crutches…Mike tells me a recent letter of mine to her was cut to pieces by the censor. Sometimes I think all staff officers are without brains. I’ve never written a personal letter that could possibly violate sane censorship—if Mike still has the d— thing, please ask her to send it back to me. I’d just like to check. Actually I lean over backward to avoid violations in that regard. The d— fool censors should honor that (if I so choose) I could send all my letters to the W. D. for transmission, because I, not the censors, carry the responsibility for the safety of this command. Well sweet, I rack my head for news in which you might be interested. Concerning operations I can tell you nothing you have not already seen in the papers...I try to keep a good disposition. Give all the family my love. If I had a phone that could go to S. A. in one long hop, d— if I couldn’t take off from here one day & pay you a visit, if only for 5 minutes. Don’t forget me, because, with all my faults, my age, my fat, I surely love you!!!” In fine condition. A fantastic letter from one of the most important times in Eisenhower’s military career—he had recently assumed control of forces in North Africa and was in the midst of wrapping up the Tunisia Campaign. Despite what must have been incredibly stressful circumstances, this rare handwritten letter is full of Ike’s sense humor. RR Auction COA.…(MB $300)

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RR Auction's July 2013 Rare Manuscript, Document and Autograph Auction  

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