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tie bids, all maximum bids should be made in proper increments. Maximum bids are strictly confidential. Placing arbitrary, non-incremental bids on lots with prior maximum bids may result in these lots being sold for less than 10% above the under bidder’s bid. Bid Increments: Bids on an item must raise the current high bid by at least 10% or at the discretion of the auctioneer. Checking Bids – Internet Auction Only: You can open, monitor, and/or raise bids as often as you wish. However, all bidding is governed by the 30 Minute Rule and extended bidding. Extended bidding always goes into effect at 6 pm on the last day of the auction. At 7 pm, the extended bidding ends and the 30 Minute Rule goes into effect. Callbacks – Internet Auction Only: RRAuction offers a callback service on auction night for any bidder who has the high bid on an item whose current bid is over $1,000 and who has placed a maximum bid. At your request, we will call you if your maximum bid is topped. We will need your correct telephone number(s) where you can be reached until the auction closes. Callbacks begin after 6 pm on auction night. You must request this service; it is not automatic. We make every effort to ensure that bidders who request a callback are contacted if outbid; however, we do not guarantee this service. Bidding - Internet Auction: To ensure proper registration, those Bidders intending to bid via the Internet must visit and register accordingly at least one full day prior to the actual auction. If you have questions about this feature, please call RR Auction well in advance of the auction. Winning bidders will be notified by RR Auction. RR Auction is not and cannot be responsible or liable for any problems, delays, or any other issues or problems resulting out of use of the Internet generally or specifically, including but not limited to transmission, execution or processing of bids. Bidding - Internet – Live Auction: During live Auctions, internet bids can be placed in real time through the following services: and On some occasions beyond the control of RR Auction, the bid software or the Internet itself may not physically keep up with the pace of the auction. In order to help avoid disappointment, RR Auction recommends placing a realistic absentee bid now. Since Artfact and iCollector (hereinfafter referred to as “Third Party sites”) bids are not shown to RR Auction until RR Auction opens the lot on the floor, RR Auction treats those bids the same as floor or telephone bids. In most cases, however, the floor and/or telephone responds before the Third Party sites bid is presented, due to Live Internet bid software or Internet lag time, so for consistency it is RR Auction’ policy that floor bids and telephone bids are always considered first over Third Party sites bids with floor bids being considered before telephone bids. Also please note that all RR Auction lots purchased through the Third Party sites carry an additional Buyer’s Premium. RR Auction strongly urges the bidder to resolve any questions about these policies or their implementation PRIOR TO BIDDING. Successful Bids: The fall of the auctioneer’s hammer indicates the final bid. RR Auction will record the paddle number of the buyer. If your salesroom or absentee bid is successful, you will be notified after the sale by mailed or emailed invoice. Unsold Lots: If a lot does not reach the reserve, it is bought-in. In other words, it remains unsold and is returned to the consignor. The Auctioneer has the right to sell certain unsold items after the close of the Auction. Such lots shall be considered sold during the Auction and all these Terms and Conditions shall apply to such sales including but not limited to the Buyer’s Premium, return rights, and disclaimers. After the Auction - Payment: You are expected to pay for your purchases in full within thirteen (13) calendar days of the auction or within twelve (12) calendar days of the invoice date. (See Generally “Payment” §27 through 35 of the Term

and Conditions of Sale). Shipping: After payment has been made in full, RR Auction may, as a service to buyers, arrange to have property packed, insured and shipped at your request and expense. For shipping information, please contact RR Auction at (603) 732-4280. In circumstances in which RR Auction arranges and bills for such services via invoice or credit card, we will also include an administration charge. Packages shipped internationally will have full value declared on shipping form. (See Generally “Delivery; Shipping; and Handling Charges” §36 and 37 of the Term and Conditions of Sale). At our discretion, some orders of high value may be sent via overnight or two-day service. Insurance is added to each invoice, with a minimum of $2 for the first $200 of value and 55¢ per $100 of value over $200. Oversized orders will have additional postage added to their invoices. Within the United States, rates for shipping and handling only are: $0–$100..........................................$10 $101–$500.......................................$15 $501–$1,000....................................$20 $1,001–$3,000.................................$35 $3,001–$10,000...............................$45 Over $10,000.................................$100 Additional Cataloging, Warranties and Disclaimers: NO WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, IS MADE WITH RESPECT TO ANY DESCRIPTION CONTAINED IN THIS AUCTION OR ANY SECOND OPINE. Any description of the items or second opinion contained in this Auction is for the sole purpose of identifying the items for those Bidders who do not have the opportunity to view the lots prior to bidding, and no description of items has been made part of the basis of the bargain or has created any express warranty that the goods would conform to any description made by Auctioneer. Color variations can be expected in any electronic or printed imaging, and are not grounds for the return of any lot. Auctioneer is selling only such right or title to the items being sold as Auctioneer may have by virtue of consignment agreements on the date of auction and disclaims any warranty of title to the Property. Auctioneer disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purposes. All images, descriptions, sales data, and archival records are the exclusive property of Auctioneer, and may be used by Auctioneer for advertising, promotion, archival records, and any other uses deemed appropriate. Release: In consideration of participation in the Auction and the placing of a bid, Bidder expressly releases Auctioneer, its officers, directors and employees, its affiliates, and its outside experts that provide second opinion, from any and all claims, cause of action, chose of action, whether at law or equity or any arbitration or mediation rights existing under the rules of any professional society or affiliation based upon the assigned description, or a derivative theory, breach of warranty express or implied, representation or other matter set forth within these Terms and Conditions of Auction or otherwise. In the event of a claim, Bidder agrees that such rights and privileges conferred therein are strictly construed as specifically declared herein; e.g., authenticity, gross cataloging error, etc. and is the exclusive remedy. Bidder, by non-compliance to these express terms of a granted remedy, shall waive any claim against Auctioneer. Some Property sold by Auctioneer are inherently dangerous e.g. firearms, and items that may be swallowed or ingested or may have latent defects all of which may cause harm to a person. Bidder accepts all risk of loss or damage from its purchase of these items and Auctioneer disclaims any liability whether under contract or tort for damages and losses, direct or inconsequential, and expressly disclaims any warranty as to safety or usage of any lot sold. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Provision: Bidder and RR Auction agree that any agreements between the Bidder and RR Auction including but not limited to these Conditions of Sale are entered into in Amherst, New Hampshire, which is where the agreements are to be performed and the auction to take place,

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