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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

, 7.30pm October 2011 Sunday 23rd

h Shostakovic v Rachmanino ev Prokofi ts Kirill Karabi s la ug o Barry D

Festive Overture o.2 Piano Concerto N Symphony No.5 Conductor Piano

sible with the irrepres sterpieces begins ma ure. an ert ssi Ov Ru ve of ostakovich’s Festi This programme chestration of Sh rious fanfares or g glo lin its ark th sp wi d es an energy piece dazzl ee days, this show . Written in just thr ross the orchestra ac ing rtl hu nd ies lod me re -fi ick qu chmaninov’s Seco and erto of all time, Ra nc co no d pia an ed ies lov melod Perhaps the bestxture of exquisite an irresistible mi Piano Concerto is . th and Fifth yearning passion between his Four p of fourteen years ult of tum the g rin du n Prokofiev left a ga No.5 was writte ny ho ghty powers, mi mp Sy his s. to nie n, Sympho free and happy Ma to mn me was not a hy ‘a the s as t thi World War II ev explained tha ofi ok Pr sion. ’. irit sp moured for expres his pure and noble born in me and cla as ‘w t bu e oic ch conscious filled my soul’. ed within me. It The music matur

Nove Tuesday 8th

Berlioz Barber Tchaikovsky t Charles Dutoi es n James Eh

pm mber 2011, 7.30

ure Le Corsaire Overt Violin Concerto Symphony No.5 Conductor Violin

human emotion, full spectrum of the g rin ve co tually rks wo rial Overture, even A programme of romantic, mercu . z’s em rlio po Be al th hic wi g rap beginnin -autobiog after Byron’s semi lar pu po st named Le Corsaire mo one of the ncerto has become ry drama to Barber’s Violin Co e, ranging from fie nr ge the in rks wo is amongst ry ny ntu ho ce mp thSy tie th twen Tchaikovsky’s Fif ile wh n, ery tio ev ec in sp lyrical intro tif which appears ic works: the mo umph in the his most optimist , but ends with tri od mo us rio se in s gin be nt moveme rousing finale.

2 tra’s 2011-201 onic Orches m l ar al h H il al Ph iv l Fest the Roya entre’s Royal assical music’s C k Welcome to n ba th u cl certs at So companied by nductors, ac series of con ts. line up of co ellar featuring a st

ème of solois crème de la cr

the season as a thrilling start to tions combine for tra continues as es me ch or the g an lin ssi ark y and sp hony No.5. The Ru mp hony No.10 Sy mp ty Irrepressible energ Sy gh ’s mi ich ’s ucts Prokofiev nduct Shostakov co to ll Ha l ncerto No.5. va Co sti Kirill Karabits cond yal Fe Mozart’s Violin returns to the Ro lves, also featuring ha g tin Pinchas Zukerman as of emotion, ntr co m o consists of tw ring a full spectru in a concert which uct concerts cove Kennedy also nd el co Nig . tti ny Ga ho le mp nie Dutoit and Da tic ‘Pastoral’ Sy ma dra Concerto. ’s lin en ov Vio ’ eth Maestros Charles ms ah Heldenleben to Be sic touch with Br Ein tuo ic vir ro he his ss’ th wi au from Str htens us erts. return as he enlig on at these conc makes a welcome to seeing you so rd wa for ks loo The Orchestra

, 7.30pm February 2012 Tuesday 7th

Egmont Overture o.23 Piano Concerto N ‘Pastoral’ 6, Symphony No.

Beethoven Mozart Beethoven

Conductor Piano

Daniele Gatti cul Jasminka Stan

the the noble spirit of idly conjured up s’. viv niu so e ge ur ble ert rka Ov nt mposer’s ‘rema The majestic Egmo of self praised the co nt him me e ve eth mo Go m’ t or tha play’s hero found in the ‘St d tic writing is also of sunny grace an This skill for drama unded by music .23, rro su No , o ny ert ho nc mp Co ral’ Sy zart’s Piano Beethoven’s ‘Pasto s programme is Mo nce. thi ga of ele zy art ee he br the of nts rustic charm. At by outer moveme g Adagio framed its deeply movin

Friday 30th M

pm arch 2012, 7.30

Beethoven Strauss t Charles Dutoi er h sc Julia Fi

Violin Concerto Ein Heldenleben Conductor Violin

oven’s repertoire, Beeth jor works in the ma nt the ga of ele e d on an as orous melodies Now established is bursting with vig takes us on o ss ert au nc Str Co rd lin ha Vio Ric brilliant orchestra. s n the soloist and oversy when it wa exchanges betwee ich sparked contr ing wh ay e’, rtr Lif po ’s s ro wa He ss ‘A hical – that Strau an epic journey in paints a vivid was autobiograp ss rk au wo Str , the t se ca tha suggested t this was the ce. ro’! Whether or no estral tour de for himself as the ‘he this ravishing orch in e ac pe d an nflict picture of love, co

rd May 20 Wednesday 23

Mozart Mozart h Shostakovic rman Pinchas Zuke

12, 7.30pm

Figaro Overture The Marriage of o.5, ‘Turkish’ Violin Concerto N Symphony No.10 n Conductor / Violi

y temperament taposing the sunn ng contrasts, jux ati his Overture to cin In . fas .10 of No me A program unting Symphony ha ’s ich across the ov ing tak stl os rries of notes bu of Mozart with Sh , Mozart sends flu to delight. l aro fai Fig ot of nn e ca ag t rri tha The Ma brilliance g with a melodic rt’s character: orchestra, sparklin er facets of Moza oth ls ea rev .5 No o ert ment. nc ve The Violin Co y wistful slow mo and an exquisitel y, ac lic de hony veers from ful ce mp gra ovich’s Tenth Sy tak os Sh , ath de – when, as in ’s lin second movement Written after Sta to the scurrying k speed. ion ec lat kn mp ea br nte at co brooding ss the orchestra ro ac fly tes no e, Mozart’s Overtur

pm June 2012, 7.30 Tuesday 12th

Brahms Elgar Brahms Andrew Litton y Nigel Kenned

Overture Academic Festival ns ‘Enigma’ Variatio to er Violin Conc Conductor Violin

us g a rather studio ure, despite havin ert s Ov l rie va se a sti Fe on ic est works, based Brahms’ Academ t one of his liveli mbre style fac so in re is mo le, the tit ce its ring to n to balan songs and writte of student drinking e. ur moves from a of his Tragic Overt by Nigel Kennedy, erto, performed ed by an nc Co low fol lin io, Vio ’ ag ms Ad Brah to the gorgeous nt me ve mo ing noble open ons, best-loved creati energetic finale. is one of Elgar’s rks ’. wo me se the the n en ee dd ir mysterious ‘hi Sandwiched betw d Variations, with the an a’ n tio igm en ‘En inv us ic rio his glo finest melod arkle with Elgar’s profound The variations sp onal depth in the oti em t ea gr ing ch rea ir, fla l tra es orch rod variation. nobility of the Nim

Notes by Joanna Wyld All details correct at time of going to press

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