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>>We take a bit of a breather on our build to gather parts and to show our progress to date at the VA Hot Rod & Custom Car Show


he process of building a no-holds-barred street strip animal like our very own Project aPocalypSe Horse is nothing if not unpredictable. Sometimes it seems as though the stars align and progress comes in huge spurts. And then there are the other times when hours and hours of work and planning result in what seems like little change. If you’ve been following with us for the past year and a half, you know our project has seen its share of fits and starts, and this month just happens to be one where we spent most of our time planning next steps and ordering and waiting for parts. It is part of the process, and trust us—if you don’t expect it along the way,


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you’ll find yourself frustrated and behind schedule. It simply comes with the territory. That’s not to say we didn’t see any progress this month. In fact, the bare chassis moved ever nearer to completion as Donald Williams, Bobby Starcher and the rest of the crew readied the car to be displayed at the VA Hot Rod & Custom Car Show on April 11 & 12. With the chassis rolling, the gang reinstalled the engine and transmission, mounted the dash and seats, and even surprised us by hooking up the cool RideTech Bluetooth-enabled RidePro system. With iPhone in hand, the car’s ride height can be adjusted up or down a total of four inches using the free RidePro app. Needless to say, the guys played with

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