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>>Jon Kaase Racing Engines and The Supercharger Store fire up our twin ProCharged Boss Nine powerplant story by Toby Brooks

photos by Cliff Moore, Donald Williams, Bobby Starcher, and Jerry Gary, Jr.

1: The big double-blown Ford threw down nearly 1,400 hp on Kaase’s dyno on pump gas and without the assistance of the two-stage NOS system.



irst ever. Only one in the world. Never been done before. Whenever someone starts throwing descriptors like that around, particularly when discussing all things automotive, you can count on two things: 1). it is probably going to take you twice as long as you thought it would, and 2.) it is probably going to cost you triple or quadruple what you budgeted. After nearly a year start-tofinish and a budget that was blown so long ago that we have literally stopped keeping track we can say two other things with absolute certainty: 1.) our 529 ci Jon Kaase Racing Engines Boss Nine is now officially running, and 2.) it is one nasty piece of propulsion. Before we get too caught up in the numbers, let’s recap a bit just in case you’re coming aboard our Project aPocalypSe pro street Mustang build midstream. First, we tapped legendary engine shop Jon Kaase Racing Engines (JKRE) to complete the assembly and


march 2015 | RPM Magazine

testing. JKRE started with a C&C MotorSports aluminum 4.500 bore/10.320 deck height big block Ford block. It was fitted with MAHLE Clevite custom Calico coated cam and main bearings before a Callies Magnum 4.150 stroke crank and 6.700 Ultra connecting rods were installed along with 9.0:1 Diamond Pistons. Trend wrist pins and pushrods were utilized, and a custom-ground COMP hydraulic roller cam was used. A Kaase high volume oil pump was employed, driven by a Milodon moly drive shaft and covered with a Milodon deep sump pan with windage tray. ARP fasteners wrapped up the shortblock. Next, a pair of fully assembled Kaase Boss Nine heads were torqued into place, including stainless valves and W.W. Engineering full roller rockers. A pair of ginormous Moroso fabricated sheetmetal valve covers provide all the visual evidence you need to know this is no typical big block.

RPM Magazine March 2015  

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