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Volume 5 Issue No. 1

January 2019

DENR-CAR officials. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR regional and field officials led by Regional Executive Director Ralph Pablo (man in orange at the second row) pose at the newly-installed marker in its compound in Gibraltar, Baguio City. (Photo by: Ferdinand Corpuz)

Bued, Lamut and Malunog Rivers to be restored The Bued River in Benguet, Lamut River in Ifugao and Malunog River in Apayao will be rehabilitated like peas in a pod with the Manila Bay. Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR Regional Executive Director Ralph Pablo has ordered the rehabilitation of the Bued, Lamut and Malunog rivers which are all classified as Class C. According to Republic Act 9275 or the Clean Water Act, Class C water bodies are suitable for propagation of fish and other aquatic resources; for recreational activities such as fishing

and boating; and for irrigation, livestock watering and other agricultural use; but are not suitable as sources of water supply. “We are not there in Manila Bay as contingents in the series of massive cleanup drive, but we should also make an effort to clean our river systems here in the Cordilleras,� Pablo said. Early this year, Secretary Roy A. Cimatu vowed for better implementation of the Clean Water Act which serves as the guidelines for water body classification and usage of freshwater and marine waters. The same sets

Water Quality standards. The DENR Central Office has also launched Recognizing Individuals/Institutions towards Vibrant and Enhanced River (RIVERS) for Life Award which is a search that seeks to recognize the most improved water body nationwide and individuals and entities with best practices. While the DENR-CAR has not officially selected an entry for the said search, it is keen on improving rivers with worst water quality in the Cordilleras. Rivers, 7

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Volume 5, Issue No. 1 l January 2019

DENR vows more aggressive enforcement of environmental laws in 2019

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will be more aggressive in enforcing environmental laws and regulations in 2019 in order to sustain the momentum created by the much-lauded rehabilitation of Boracay Island and other accomplishments of the agency last year. “This year, I hope to send a strong message to environmental offenders and to the public of our seriousness in implementing and enforcing environmental laws, rules and regulations,” Secretary Roy A. Cimatu said during the traditional DENR New Year’s Call held at the DENR Central Office in Quezon City. The New Year’s Call is where the Secretary meets with all DENR officials and employees to announce the policy direction for the agency and set the priority programs and projects to be implemented for the rest of the year. The annual gathering also gives the DENR chief the chance to present the agency’s accomplishments in the previous year. Cimatu described the Boracay rehabilitation, which was carried out

by the DENR and other members of the Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force as the “centerpiece of our 2018 accomplishments.” “With the eyes of the world upon us, we set forth to do what cynics thought was impossible - to transform a cesspool back to being one of the world’s best beaches and swimming destinations, within a period of only six months,” Cimatu said. He added, “In Boracay, our mettle was put to test. We did not only pass that test, but also carried over the momentum to other prime ecotourism destinations like El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Panglao Island in Bohol, and Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro.” Cimatu said the Boracay’s success had spawned demands for replication so the DENR decided to have the rehabilitation of Manila Bay as its next big target. The Manila Bay rehabilitation, he said, calls for a change in approach considering that its water quality has not improved despite a Supreme Court mandamus for its cleanup issued a

Andrada: ENR laws need stiffer implementation Environmental laws need to have teeth. This was stressed by Atty. Cleo Sabado-Andrada, Assistant Regional Director for Management Services during a training on environmental and natural resources (ENR) and other related laws and regulations on January 29 held in Baguio City. Andrada shared that it has been said that the Philippines has some of the best environmental and natural resources laws ever written. However, the problem comes from the lack of implementation. She also cited the 2001 Global Competitiveness Report which listed the Philippines among the countries wherein environmental regulation lags in both legal and economic context. The quality of environmental performance was linked to the environmental regulatory regime in place. “Although this report was almost two decades ago, this just proves that quality environmental performance requires better institutional foundations. Environmental regulatory regime should go hand in hand with a country’s

economic and legal context,” Andrada stressed. “Looking at our situation though, we at the DENR, cannot take full liability of how our environmental laws and regulations are leniently enforced. In addition, we should not solely own the responsibility for better implementation of ENR laws and other related regulations,” she added. The Assistant Regional Director said environmental regime could be strengthened by enforcing broadbased relationships with local government units, regional and international environmental organizations, and the private sector. She also encouraged the lawyers and enforcement officers to be rigid in enforcing ENR laws. She ended saying “It is not enough that you know the laws. You should know how to carry it out”. The learning event on ENR and other related laws was participated by legal and enforcement officers from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR regional and field offices. (By: Giovani Joy Fontanilla)

decade ago. “We are putting up a Manila Bay command center, we will get the local government units more involved, and we will be more aggressive in enforcing environmental laws, particularly against the discharge of untreated wastewater into the bay,” Cimatu disclosed. Apart from the Boracay rehabilitation, Cimatu said the DENR, through the National Water Resources Board (NWRB), was also successful in enforcing the Clean Water Act in other parts of the country in 2018. The NWRB caused the closure of 486 commercial establishments illegally operating deep wells. It also slapped Pepsi Cola Products Inc. with a hefty fine of P11.8 million for operating six deep wells in Muntinlupa City without the necessary permits. Cimatu also commended the combined forces of the DENR, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Cebu City government in apprehending those responsible in the butcher and sale of more than 100 Enforcement, 7

EDITORIAL BOARD AND STAFF Engr. Ralph C. Pablo, DPA, En.P. Regional Executive Director For. Augusto D. Lagon ARD for Technical Services Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada ARD for Management Services Editor-in-Chief: Perlita T. Nerja Managing Editor and Layout Artist: Giovani Joy N. Fontanilla Photographer: Ferdinand H. Corpuz Roldan E. Caroy Staff Writers: Gayle S. Astudillo Alaska J. Turaray Shalom Joy E. Mauting Contributors: Designated Information Officers from PENROs and CENROs

Volume 5, Issue No. 1 l January 2019

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DENR-CAR readies for 2019. Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR (DENR) regional and field officials meet on January 14 for its back-to-back New Year’s Call and 1st Regional Management Conference to celebrate the Department’s successes last year and to talk about its directions and specific plan of action this 2019. (RPAO and HRDS photos) DENR-CAR’s MESSAGE OF SUPPORT TO THE PROPOSED MULTI-SECTORAL ANTI-VOTE BUYING CAMPAIGN IN BAGUIO CITY (Delivered by Assistant Regional Director for Management Services, Atty. Cleo Sabado-Andrada on January 17, 2019 during the Multi-sectoral Anti-Vote Buying Campaign in Baguio City) To our regional officials; our colleagues in govern- sent the nation’s interests. The tendency is that candidates ment; our friends in the non-government sector; guests; who are worth a bundle end up winning the elections, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! instead of candidates who are most qualified and who I stand here in front of all of you on behalf of the have the heart to best serve the interests of the people. Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR Looking at the lens of political aspirants, this discourand in behalf of all voters whose rights we are discussing ages candidates who are qualified but do not have deep today. We, at the DENR-CAR, would like to express our pockets from running for office as they will be challenged strong support to the proposed multi-sectoral anti-vote on how to mobilize their resources to win the hearts of buying campaign to be conducted in the City of Baguio. the voters. It is common knowledge that in the Philippines, we Hence, we are in support of the multi-sectoral campaign suffer from several problems during elections. These against vote-buying. We, in the DENR-CAR, strongly include electoral violence, clientelism, claims of ballot believe that an in-depth voters’ education is necessary to fraud, and vote-buying, to name a few. make sure true democracy is exercised in the upcoming It may appear that vote-buying could have a positive election - a voters’ education not limited to the electoral effect in terms of participation in the elections. However, process, but one which put emphasis on the value of each this does not imply that vote-buying should be encour- vote and how vote-buying sabotages that value. aged. Rest assured that the DENR-CAR is with the Commission Vote-buying is a threat to democracy. It obstructs the on Elections in this advocacy, in words, and in action. democratic process as it interferes with voters’ right to Thank you, very much and good luck to our endeavor. freely decide who will they put into public office to repre-

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Volume 5, Issue No. 1 l January 2019

Birds fly to the Cordilleras. Migratory species fly to the Cordilleras as they flee the cold Australasia region. These were observed during the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao on January 17-18. The AWC is conducted annually to monitor the status of waterbirds and wetlands which in the long run promotes the awareness and conservation of both. The results of the census are collected and consolidated along with those of international agencies and organizations which help monitor migratory birds and other waterbirds around the globe, and identify critical habitats and endangered species.(Photos by: Roldan Caroy)

DENR sets record-breaking accomplishment in solid waste management program

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has surpassed its 2018 targets under its Solid Waste Management (SWM) Program, indicating improved compliance by local government units (LGUs) to Republic Act No. 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. “Given that SWM stands alongside other major programs of the DENR, we are determined to go over our targets and to work faster to show that we are serious in solving this perennial problem,” said DENR Undersecretary for Solid Waste Management and LGU Concerns Benny D. Antiporda. The DENR’s Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) reported that all

regional offices of the Department have exceeded their respective targets in all three program indicators, namely, 10-year SWM plans reviewed and endorsed; LGUs assisted on dumpsite closure and rehabilitation; and materials recovery facilities (MRFs) established. From a target of 198 SWM plans, a total of 359 10-year SWM plans have been reviewed and endorsed to the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC) last year, representing a 181% accomplishment. NSWMC is a DENR-led body chaired by Antiporda which approves SWM plans of LGUs. In an unprecedented achievement and setting a new record, 308 of the 359 SWM plans reviewed, were approved by

the Commission. Data from EMB reveals that from 2010 to 2017, the Commission usually approves an average of 46 SWM plans yearly. Thus, this year’s number of approved SWM plans reflects a huge leap compared from previous years. Region 12 had the highest accomplishment with 32 SWM plans reviewed and endorsed to the NSWMC from a target of four. Region 13 came second with 31 from the original target of five. Region 10 had 36 from the target of eight. “The Commission has been doing its share of the work. We expect nothing less from the LGUs. We want them to know that after approval, the implementation of their respective SWM SWM program, 7

Volume 5, Issue No. 1 l January 2019

DENR-CAR sets direction for INREMP this 2019

The Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) will level up to benefit the lives of its implementors. This is the direction set for this year’s implementation of the INREMP after years of focus on the ecological and social preparation components of the project. “As we move to another phase of its implementation, which is characterized by its ecological and socio-economic components, the government, our partner people’s organizations, and community stakeholders are looking at us with expectations of a better environment and quality of life,” Assistant Regional Director for Management Services Atty. Cleo Sabado-Andrada said on behalf of Regional Executive Director Engr. Ralph Pablo during the INREMP Planning Workshop for 2019 on January 14-15. At this phase, the INREMP is expected not only to focus on seedling production and plantation establishment but also on socio-economic aspects such as small enterprises which could serve as alternative sources of income for the project implementors, specifically the partner people’s organizations. Andrada reminded the INREMP

regional and field offices staff to take into account the best practices and successes the project had in its previous years of implementation so they could be continuously done. She also noted the failures in the implementation of the project wherein the implementors could learn from. “We must be continuously driven by Secretary Roy A. Cimatu’s 10-point agenda which includes forest protection and coastal marine and ecosystems management. Remember, that the INREMP strategically positions us to protect and manage the Chico River while uplifting the lives of the communities living around it.” The Assistant Regional Director further put in mind. According to INREMP regional coordinator Rose Apilis, Component 2 of the INREMP is focused on plantation maintenance and protection; Livelihood Enhancement Support (LES); community-based protection and monitoring of naturally existing forests at the Chico River basin; and conservation farming, or the application of soil and water technologies. The two-day workshop was a venue for the persons-in-charge and other project implementors to discuss this year’s targets and plans of action. (By: Giovani Joy Fontanilla)

DENR-CAR to get hands dirty on soil testing for surveyed and mapped E-NGP sites

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR is expected to get its hands down and dirty to conduct soil testing as its personnel from the field offices and partner implementors undergo training last January 31. The training was conducted to train persons involved in the implementation of the Enhanced National Greening Program (E-NGP) on soil testing which is an imperative at all stages of agroforestry. Although admitting she is no technical person, Assistant Regional Director for Management Services, Atty. Cleo Sabado-Andrada, who was then the Officer-in-Charge at the Office of the Regional Executive Director, said “A soil test can determine the nutrient content, composition, acidity, and pH level among others. Knowing these characteristics helps us know how we would optimize crop production as it tells us how we could improve nutritional balance.” “Soil test results also aid us in diagnosing plant culture problems,

consequently how to plan strategies that could address them. Most importantly, soil test results can help us plan better strategies that would protect our plantations from contamination by runoff and leaching of fertilizers,” she added. She hopes that soil testing can be done not only in surveyed and mapped E-NGP plantations but in all of the DENR’s reforestation program and project sites including those under the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) and the Forest Management Project (FMP). During the learning event, the importance of soil testing was inculcated to the participants so they could appreciate the process. Discussed also were concepts, the different methods, and strategies used in soil testing. The participants are expected to conduct soil testing, initially on surveyed and mapped E-NGP sites for 2019. (By: Giovani Joy Fontanilla)

News 5 DENR holds first-ever Wood Industry Summit

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) held the first-ever Forestry and Wood Industry Summit that aimed to come up with a comprehensive strategy to revitalize the forestry and wood products sector and transform it into a growth industry. With the theme “Sustainable Forest Management: The Role of Wood Industry in Nation Building,” the summit was held January 29 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City. Director Nonito Tamayo of the DENR’s Forest Management Bureau (FMB) said the event is pursuant to the 2017-2022 Philippine Development Plan, which highlights the need to strengthen the wood industry through improved funding schemes to support growth, increased promotional and marketing efforts, and expanded research on key issues. High on the agenda is the declining contribution of the wood industry to the country’s gross domestic product despite the constantly increasing demand for wood and wood-based products, Tamayo said. According to the FMB chief, the DENR’s combined interest of revitalizing the country’s wood industry and improving the country’s forest health through the implementation of the Expanded National Greening Program or E-NGP “has led to this ground-breaking event.” The summit gathered different industry players to present and discuss the current policy environment, business trends, and ways forward of the sector in order to develop and implement an effective regulatory and investor-friendly regime that ensure the sustainability of the wood industry in the Philippines. Among the summit participants are the heads of the CommunityBased Forest Management People Organizations (CBFM-POs), Philippine Wood Producers Association (PWPA), Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines Inc. (CFIP), and the Industrial Forest Managers of the Philippines Corp. (IFMAP).

Wood Industry Summit, 8

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Volume 5, Issue No. 1 l January 2019

DENR urges LGUs: Use geohazard maps for disaster management

In light of recent tragedies involving landslides that struck MIMAROPA, the Bicol Region, and Eastern Visayas due to typhoon Usman, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has sternly reminded local government units (LGUs) that geohazard maps are readily available to them and strongly urges LGU Chief Executives, as chair of local disaster risk reduction and management councils (LDRRMCs) to use them as basis in disaster management. During the traditional DENR New Year's Call for the Department's top officials held at the DENR Central Office in Quezon City, Secretary Roy A. Cimatu reiterated that under Republic Act No. 10121, or the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, local chief executives are tasked to chair LDRRMCs at the provincial, city, and municipal levels. It is the council’s responsibility to come up with disaster management and risk reduction plans that will minimize, if not totally prevent casualties during calamities. "The DENR for its part contributes to DRR efforts through the geohazard maps which the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) distributes to all LGUs so they can identify landslide and floodprone areas," Cimatu said. Under the said law, LDRRMCs should set the direction, development, imple-

mentation and coordination of DRRM programs within their areas. This includes integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into local development plans and programs, as well as recommending forced or preemptive evacuation of residents if necessary. “I believe that through these maps, the DENR has done its part in protecting the lives of the Filipino people,” Cimatu pointed out. “We encourage LGUs to work hand in hand with us to protect our people.” DENR Undersecretary for Solid Waste Management and LGU Concerns Benny Antiporda said concerned local officials should utilize the geohazard maps, which are also available online through the MGB website at ph, as basis of crafting LDRRM Plans. The MGB has also been conducting information, education and communication (IEC) campaigns to help LGUs and communities use and understand the maps. Antiporda added that disasters are bound to happen but based on these maps, local officials can come up, and have in place, disaster risk reduction and management plans or precautionary measures to save lives and avoid damage to property in their areas of jurisdiction. Geohazard maps, 8

Making use of geohazard maps for disaster risk reduction and management. The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office Buguias posts a detailed landslide and susceptability map of Benguet in front of its new office building at K.M. 21, Atok, Benguet. (CENRO Buguias photo)

Cimatu to DENR field execs: Take proactive response to heavy rains Secretary Roy A. Cimatu has issued a memorandum ordering all field officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to take proactive and timely measures to avoid risks associated with excessive rainfall. The environment chief issued the directive after heavy rains from Tropical Depression Usman triggered flashfloods and landslides that killed at least 120 people in the Bicol region shortly before the New Year. Earlier in 2018, two other deadly rainfall-induced landslides happened in Itogon, Benguet and Naga City in Cebu province. A similar incident happened in Natonin, Mt. Province in October. Cimatu said the increase in the frequency of landslide events triggered by heavy rainfall underscores the urgent need to further protect communities from the devastating effects of climate change. “It is, therefore, imperative for the DENR and its field offices to be prepared and responsive to the dangers and adverse effects of excessive rainfall,” Cimatu said in the memo. The memo was addressed to all DENR regional executive directors, regional directors of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), and provincial and community environment and natural resources officers (PENROs/ CENROs) nationwide. For them to become proactive, Cimatu said DENR field officials should revisit and familiarize themselves with the MGB-prepared geohazard maps indicating areas that are prone to floods and landslides. “With the use and understanding of the geohazard map, the likelihood that we will be able to proactively respond to weather disturbances like typhoon and even mere low-pressure incidences causing abnormally high rainfall will be Heavy rains, 8

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Volume 5, Issue No. 1 l January 2019

Locked and loaded. Newly hired and promoted Forest Protection Officers are briefed on the demands of their new positions. The two-day strategizing and retooling session on the basic legal requirements in building up cases for environmental violations is expected to intensify forest protection measures by the DENR-CAR in the entire region. (HRDS photo) Rivers

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In Bued, Lamut and Malunog, Pablo has ordered the continuous monitoring of water quality, identification of factors contributing to water pollution, the conduct of regular multi-stakeholder cleanup drive and massive information, education and communication campaign. The efforts in the implementation of the Clean Water Act, specifically the restoration of the water bodies in the region is in active coordination with the Environmental Management Bureau. (By: Giovani Joy Fontanilla) Enforcement

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kilograms of raw meat of endangered green sea turtles. In closing, Cimatu rallied DENR officials and employees to let the success in Boracay “fuel our spirits in facing the challenges before us in 2019” and keep in mind that their mandate in

the agency “transcends our personal needs, wants and interest.” “In our hands and on our shoulders, lie the future of our nation. In the crucial 11th hour facing climate change and all its chilling effects, we are at a very critical time to make dramatic changes,” Cimatu stressed. (DENR CO release) SWM program

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plans weighs more. Otherwise, we can file cases against them for non-compliance,” Antiporda stated. For LGUs assisted on dumpsite closure and rehabilitation, a total of 179 out of the target 113 LGUs were given technical assistance on the proper closure and rehabilitation of open and controlled dumpsites. Region 10 had the highest success rate with 33 LGUs assisted from its target of eight. This was followed by Region 2 with 35 out of 10, and Region 6 with 25 from its target of 10. For the establishment of MRFs, the

DENR recorded a 101% accomplishment with 537 MRFs established nationwide from the target of 532. Region 2 exceeded its target by 16% with 36 MRFs from the target of 31. All other regions registered 100% accomplishment. In terms of compliant LGUs monitored, 165 of 158 LGUs were monitored or a 104% accomplishment. Region 12, Cordillera Administrative Region and Region 1 all surpassed their targets. “We are overwhelmed by the exemplary performance of all regions in the DENR’s SWM program. Definitely, this is indicative of a genuine resolve to pursue the Department’s mandate to be the agency primarily responsible for the country's environment and natural resources. “It likewise demonstrates their support to our vision of a nation enjoying and sustaining its natural resources and clean and healthy environment,” Antiporda said. (DENR CO release)

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Volume 5, Issue No. 1 l January 2019

Wood Industry Summit

Heavy rains

Representatives from government agencies, such as the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) also attended the summit. Over the years, the Philippines has been dependent on imported wood to meet its domestic wood requirements, causing a huge drain in the country’s dollar reserves. During the period 2006-2015, locally-sourced wood accounted for only 25 percent, or 1.5 million cubic meters, while 75 percent or 4.5 million cubic meters were imported. (DENR CO release)

greater,” Cimatu said. The DENR Secretary directed all field offices to have a copy of the recently released and updated geohazard maps in their advisory bulletin board. He also ordered field officials and employees to acquaint themselves with the location of landslide and floodprone sites in their respective areas of responsibility (AORs). DENR field officials were likewise ordered to establish an open line of communication and strong coordination with concerned local government officials. Local government offices, Cimatu said, should be properly briefed on the possible danger of landslide and flooding in their respective areas. He said that DENR field officers should also validate on the ground and clearly reflect in their geohazard maps the areas or communities threatened by flooding and landslide, and to officially communicate these with the concerned local government. At the same time, Cimatu ordered the

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Geohazard maps

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“These (maps) are even color-coded to indicate areas that are high risk or with high susceptibility to landslides and floods. Thus, having no appropriate information is not an excuse,” Secretary Cimatu said. “Given this, LGUs have the obligation to tell the people of the danger of staying in an area for the sake of their livelihood,” the DENR Secretary emphasized. Antiporda lamented the recent landslide incident which took place in the Bicol region, particularly Albay province, which has always been known as a model in disaster risk reduction and management. “It’s time for Albay to re-study their preparation and their systems,” Antiporda said. “If the climate changes, then better protection should be provided to people,” he added. The DENR official reiterated that in the hierarchy of priorities, life comes first before natural resources and livelihood. He added that the DENR has taken the proactive stance to build relationships with LGUs and the people to protect lives. The DENR’s Geohazard Mapping and Assessment Program is an ongoing priority program being implemented by the MGB. Its main objective is to identify areas in the country which are susceptible or vulnerable to various geologic hazards. Under this program, the 1:10,000 scale landslide and flood susceptibility assessment of 1,634 cities and municipalities were completed. Through the use of these maps, communities at risk can better prepare for natural hazards and avoid disaster. (DENR CO release)

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field officials to familiarize themselves with the color-coded danger signs in the geohazard maps, as well as the rainfall warning signals released by the Department of Science and TechnologyPhilippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (DOST-PAGASA). The DENR chief also instructed the field officials to be “physically present” in their AORs and to actively participate in meetings and disaster response efforts of the regional, provincial and municipal disaster risk coordinating councils during adverse weather. He further ordered the immediate activation of an Operations Center in every regional office, PENRO and CENRO. The center will be tasked to receive instructions from the DENR Central Office in Quezon City and be responsible for providing updates and submission of reports. It will be manned 24/7 by capable and dependable field officials complete with communications equipment, vehicles and other safety equipment necessary to effectively respond to the needs during abnormal weather events. (DENR CO release)

DENR-CAR welcomes new EMB Regional Director. Incoming Environmental Management Bureau-CAR Regional Director Maria Victoria Abrera is officially welcomed in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR by Regional Executive Director Ralph Pablo (middle) and outgoing Regional Director Reynaldo Digamo (right). (Photos by: Ferdinand Corpuz)

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DENR-CAR News Volume 5, Issue 1 (January 2019)  

DENR-CAR News Volume 5, Issue 1 (January 2019)  

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