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Jef Carnay Artist-in-residency at Roma Arts Supported by Valentine Willie Fine Art

Bandung, 4-29 November, 2012

Jef Carnay is a Manila-based visual and performance artist who exhibits his works in local and international art galleries, museums and alternative spaces; he performed at both local and international art events; he also curated live art performances. He’s fascinated with people’s behavior in situations, and he plays around the ideas of ‘what if’s: possibilities of alternative situations and narratives. He’s in constant collaboration with the many inside ‘himself’. He also explores humor, for it’s easier to swallow a bitter pill of reality when it’s coated with a little loony sugar. He’s now exploring the concept of what’s seen against what’s being experienced: what actually can be seen doesn’t tell the whole story, there is always more of what is physically present, some intangible concealed notions alongside the evident.

Roma Arts, founded in 2011, promotes passionate, ambitious and focused ways of producing, presenting, experiencing, and writing about the diverse forms of arts. Roma Arts gives keen attention to art practices, forms of presentation, experiencing the arts, and discourses on art. In 2012, Roma Arts started a residency program to foster creative person-to-person contacts. Roy Voragen –

On Pins and Needles – presentation and performances

Galeri Gerilya Jalan Raden Patah 12 Bandung Friday 16 November 5pm

On Pins and Needles is a TUTOK project, which is a collection of performative videos and live art documentation from around the world. Jef Carnay introduced TUTOK and On Pins and Needles., from the collection four videos were screened to which performance artists responded. After the screening and performances, we organized an artist talk with all four performers, which was moderated by Roy Voragen. Anida Yoeu Ali – 1700% Project Kelvin Atmadibrata responded to this video. Kosal Khiev – Why I Write Aliansyah Caniago responded to this video. Jef Carnay – Note to self: It can get cold. Keep yourself warm. Rudi Abdalah responded to this video Marcus Vinicius – The artist is warrior Jef Carnay responded to this video.

Qualia – performance and installation

Asbestos Art Space Jalan RAA Martanegara 86 Bandung Curated by Roy Voragen Opening & Performance 24 November 7pm Until 27 November 7pm Qualia is based on the artist’s everyday experiences in Bandung during his residency at Roma Arts, Bandung, November 2012.

Workshop at Oma Anna In collaboration with Oma Anna, Jef Carnay gave a drawing workshop for kids. He asked the kids to draw him, the drawings were collected into a book and exhibited as part of the installation at Asbestos Art Space.

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