Kristoffer Ardeña Roma Arts artist-in-residency may 2013

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Bandung, Indonesia, 9 – 23 May 2013

Kristoffer Ardeña Roma Arts artist-in-residency In collaboration with Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Irfan Hendrian Studio, Oma Anna Handwork, and Visual Arts Study Program at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, ITB Roma Arts artist-in-resident Kristoffer Ardeña (1976, Dumaguete) lives and works in Madrid/Spain and Manila/Philippines. He has created individual projects in Museo Carrillo Gil and Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo del UNAM, both in Mexico, Vargas Museum and the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila (Philippines), Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Museum (Madrid), La Conservera Centro de Arte Contemporáneo in Murcia, Spain. He has also participated in various collective projects, among them the 3rd Bucharest Biennale (Romania), 3rd Guangzhou Triennale (China), Konstholl C in Stockholm (Sweden), Caixa Forum in Barcelona and La Casa Encendida in Madrid (Spain), Casino Forum d’Art Contemporain (Luxembourg), Apexart in New York (USA), Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual (Mexico) and the Museo de Arte Moderno in Medellin (Colombia).

Public Talk Visual Arts Study Program at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, ITB 15 May, 2pm

For this talk at the Intermedia Studio, Kristoffer Ardeùa focused on what he makes, how he makes his artworks and how he presents his work (the subsequent discussion was moderated by Roy Voragen). We didn’t discuss the meaning of his work, students can decide that for themselves, but during the discussion it became clear that there is strong correlation between his mobility and the lightness of his work.

Dear Curator Curate Me: Chabib Duta Hapsoro and Rizki Lazuardi In collaboration with Selasar Sunaryo Art Space 19 May – 8 June 2013 The opening was officiated by senior video artist Krisna Murti. For the project Dear Curator Curate Me, Kristoffer Ardeña selected 15 videos and this selection travels around the world, each place where this selection makes a stop a curator is invited to develop a discourse on these videos. Dear Curator Curate Me at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space is this project’s debut, which will continue in the Philippines, Spain, Peru, etc. This project reverses the roles of the artist and the curator in a witty manner by emphasizing the curatorial essay. This traveling project aims to show how in different contexts around the globe curators can respond to the same collection of videos and slowly this project will turn into an archive of a curatorial discourse with its many contrasting voices. For Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Chabib Duta Hapsoro and Rizki Lazuardi were invited to respond to the selection of videos by writing each an essay. They also decided to exhibit the videos (the making of an exhibition is not a requirement of this project). The opening was well attended and the subsequent discussion with the two curators and artist (and moderated by Roy Voragen) was lively, focusing on the artist-curator relationships.

Rizki Lazuardi decided to create an exhibition within an exhibition titled Ghost (he designed the poster; see the essays by the curators for their arguments for this).

The essays by the two curators were collected in a limited edition hand-made booklet. The booklet was designed by Irfan Hendrian (he also designed the poster for the talk at ITB) and hand-made by Oma Anna. The booklet can be downloaded here:

For more information: Kristoffer Ardeùa: Dear Curator Curate Me: ITB: Selasar Sunaryo Art Space: Irfan Hendrian: Oma Anna: Roma Arts: Photos of the discussion at ITB: Short video of the printing of the booklet cover: Photos of the making of the booklet at Oma Anna: Photos of the opening at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space: Photos of the discussion at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space: On twitter: #dearcuratorcurateme Press coverage Roma Arts, founded in 2011, promotes passionate, ambitious and focused ways of producing, presenting, experiencing, and writing about the diverse forms of arts. Roma Arts gives keen attention to art practices, forms of presentation, experiencing the arts, and discourses on art. In 2012, Roma Arts iniated a residency program to foster creative person-to-person contacts. And in 2013, Roma Arts started the website Contemporary Arts Bandung ( –

Roy Voragen (founder Roma Arts and coordinator Dear Curator Curate Me in Indonesia)