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PRINTED BY Headstart Productions GAMING FOR AFRICA is a bi-monthly magazine focused on casino operators and the manufacturing sector of the African gaming industry. We publish informed comment, and cover developments in legislation, new products, marketing and sales, promotions and general casino resort tourism trends in Africa Information published in GAMING FOR AFRICA or views or opinions expressed by writers are their own and not necessarily endorsed by the owner, publisher or editor of GAMING FOR AFRICA. While reasonable care is taken to report on events and occurrences in an accurate manner, we cannot accept any responsibility for inconveniences arising from misinformation. We welcome unsolicited articles and photographs but cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Press releases are published in good faith and the publishers assume that information provided is correct. Gaming for Africa is a trade publication aimed at the b2b casino and gaming industry in South Africa and across the African continent where legalized gambling is permitted. As such all advertising and editorial in this publication is aimed at professionals within the gambling industry, and not the general gambling public. Gaming for Africa endorses and promotes responsible gambling and proudly subscribes to the aims and initiatives of the legalized gambling industry thorugh the National Responsible Gambling Programme. National Responsible Gambling Counselling Line – 0800 006 008


Editor’s Note: Highlights from the Latest Issue


n this latest issue, we bring you a comprehensive overview of the most significant regulatory and business developments that have taken centre stage in the African gambling industry. These developments promise to reshape the landscape and influence the way operators conduct their business.

Gauteng’s FOB Ruling: Shaping the Future of South African Gambling

A recent Gauteng court judgment on Fixed Odds Betting (FOB) in live-streamed Roulette games has sent shockwaves throughout the South African gambling sector. This groundbreaking judgment may compel provincial regulators across the nation to revisit their gambling regulations. We delve into the intricacies of this case, exploring its potential ramifications on the broader gambling industry.

Supreme Court Backs Regulators in Freeplay Credit Taxation Battle

A pivotal ruling by South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has settled a dispute between gambling operators and regulators. The decision, in favor of the Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board and the Eastern Cape Gambling Board, carries substantial implications for the industry’s future. We dissect the argument over Freeplay credits and how they impact the calculation of gambling taxes, revealing the court’s decisive stance in favor of regulators.

Celebrating African Regulators: New Appointments

We celebrate the dedication and achievements of African regulators. Caroline Kongwa, Chief Strategic Adviser of the National Gambling Board in South Africa, assumes the position of Vice Presidend of International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). Additionally, Bashir Are, CEO of the Nigeria Lagos State Lotteries and Gaming Authority, takes a significant role as a Member of the Board of Trustees. We congratulate them both.

All Things Crypto: A Deep Dive into the Crypto Industry

The world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve rapidly, and in this issue, we explore the state of verification and monitoring in the crypto industry for 2023. Our feature on this topic includes the following: • State of Verification and Monitoring: Sumsub’s report, “State of Verification and Monitoring in the Crypto Industry 2023,” offers a comprehensive analysis of regulatory practices and verification methods used by crypto companies. The report sheds light on identity fraud statistics and verification performance, providing insights into the industry’s ongoing evolution.

Building Cryptocasino Trust and Player Protection: A Closer Look

Roy Bannister, Publisher of Africa’s Leading Gambling Trade Magazine, Gaming for Africa, and an African Tech & Media Expert, shares his insights on building trust and ensuring player protection in the realm of cryptocasinos.

Roy Bannister 2 Botswana Introduces CEMS for LPM Slots & Totes 2 Western Cape to Host Responsible Gambling Summit 4 Supreme Courts Rules in Favour of Regulators over Freeplay


Credit Taxation

4 South African National Gambling Board Relocates 6 Ithuba Awarded Uganda National Lottery 8 How New UK Numbers Channel can make Waves in Africa 10 Botswana Hosts Successful IAGR Conference 12 Sportingtech Wins SBC Multi-Channel Supplier Award 12 Gauteng Outlaws FOB on Live-Streamed Roulette 14 SA Lotto Licence 2025 Bid Process Begins 16 Sun International and NOVOMATIC Transform Gaming Across


South Africa

20 TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Highlights at G2E Las Vegas 2023 22 Old Man’s Marbles Fraught with Cheating 22 Pragmatic Play Launches Its Halloween-Themed Hit Infective Wild™

24 Gamification is Key Driver in Player Engagement 24 SCC Napoli Signs Sponsorship Deal with Top Cryptocasino Rollbit 26 Building Cryptocasino Trust and Protecting Players with Provably Fair Games

28 State of Verification and Monitoring in the Crypto Industry 2023 30 Industry Appointments 30 New Gaming Expo for Nigeria

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Botswana Introduces CEMS for LPM Slots & Totes In a significant move, Botswana’s Gambling Authority has unveiled plans to implement a Central Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS) for LPM Slots (Limited Payout Machines) and Totes. An Expression of Interest (EOI) document has been officially issued to facilitate this groundbreaking initiative. Expression of Interest (EOI): A Step Towards Enhanced Regulation


he Gambling Authority is now actively seeking a service provider to develop, implement, and maintain the Central Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS), as mandated by Section 96(1) of the Gambling Act (2012) in conjunction with Regulation 30 of the Gambling Regulations (2016). The primary objectives of this initiative are to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective regulation in the gambling sector.

Inviting Expertise The Authority has extended an invitation for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from service providers possessing the requisite skills and expertise in developing, implementing, and maintaining a CEMS. The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating a robust monitoring system capable of detecting and tracking significant events associated with Gambling Establishments Licenses (specifically Limited Payout Machines or LPMs), Totalisator, and Bookmaker (Betting)

Licenses. The CEMS will also analyze and report data in line with widely accepted standards.

CEMS Requirements Service providers interested in this project are expected to submit a comprehensive EOI, which should encompass the following: a. A detailed description of the proposed system, complete with an architectural diagram. b. Information regarding the management and development team. c. A well-defined project plan, including estimated project completion timelines. d. Demonstrable experience on similar projects, both past and ongoing. e. Any other pertinent information that might enhance the proposal.

Selection Process and Compliance with Regulations The Authority retains the right to decline any EOI subm.ission, yet responsive submissions

will be considered for shortlisting and potential participation in the Request for Proposal (RFP). It’s crucial to note that, as a public entity, the Gambling Authority is committed to adhering to all relevant procurement legislation, including the Public Procurement Act (2021) and the Public Procurement Regulations (2023).

Submission Deadline Prospective Bidders were required to meet the submission deadline for Expressions of Interest on October 16, 2023. Botswana’s move to implement a CEMS for LPM Slots and Totes signals a significant step towards enhanced regulation and transparency in the gambling sector. By inviting expertise and adhering to regulatory standards, the Gambling Authority is poised to usher in a new era of accountability and oversight in the industry. Interested service providers have the opportunity to contribute to this groundbreaking development by participating in the EOI process.

Western Cape to Host Responsible Gambling Summit The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB) has announced that it will host a Responsible Gambling Summit in Cape Town on 23 & 24 November 2023 to coincide with National Responsible Gambling Month, held in November each year.


he Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board’s statutory mandate is to control and regulate all gambling, racing and activities incidental thereto in the Province and a duty to impose appropriate restrictions and controls to limit the harms and dangers inherent and associated with gambling. “The Board, in the pursuit of the aforesaid objectives, seeks to license gambling

2 / Gaming for Africa /

opportunities with a view of protection of society from over-stimulation of gambling and protection of players and integrity and fairness of the industry through strict control and supervision of the industry. In view of the above and in order to execute its legislative mandate, the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board resolved to host a Responsible Gambling Summit on 23 – 24

November 2023. The purpose of the Summit is to promote safer gambling by bring together industry leaders with a goal to drive positive change in responsible gambling through meaningful discussions, research and knowledge sharing,” reads a statement from the Board. Further information on venue and programme will be shared in due course.

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South African National Gambling Board Relocates


he National Gambling Board (NGB) is moving offcies after eleven successful eleven years at its current premises, and the time has come for us to start a brand new chapter in our corporate journey. As of 01 November 2023, The NGB can be visited at: Physical Address: 1085 Francis Baard Street (formerly Schoeman Street) Hatfield Pretoria 0028 Postal Address: Private Bag X27 Hatfield 0028 Switchboard number: 010 003 3475 General Email: Relocation will take place in phases in the last three weeks in October 2023. “We endeavour to minimise business disruption, however request your indulgence should our officials be less responsive to enquiries during this time. All landline numbers and email addresses remain unchanged. We look forward to continuing a fruitful relationship with you from our new offices,” said the Board.

Supreme Courts Rules in Favour of Regulators over Freeplay Credit Taxation South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa recently found in favour of the Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board and Eastern Cape Gambling Board in a matter regarding Freeplay credits and computation of gambling taxes. The ruling may have a profound impact on operators in future.


he dispute was whether Freeplay credits should be deducted from ‘taxable revenue’ for purposes of calculating payable gambling levies/taxes. Sun International argued that they should be deducted whilst the WCG&RB and ECGB held a contrary view. The SCA ruled in favour of the regulators. At the heart of the matter, Regulators and Operators were at odds over whether freeplay credits used on slots attracted taxation payable to regulators. Sun West (Sun International subsidiary trading as Grandwest Casino and fellow respondent Worcester Casino trading as Golden Valley Casino) argued that freeplay should not form part of the ‘drop’, which is a component of ‘adjusted gross revenue’ and the ruling came down to the interpretation of legal instruments i.e., the triad of text, context and purpose within the Western Cape Gambling Act. It is the language used, understood in the context in which it is used, and having regard to the purpose of the provision that constitutes the unitary exercise of interpretation.” In this regard, the Supreme Court of Appeal stated in paragraph 21 of the judgment as follows: “[21] The respondents’ approach in interpreting s 64 inverts the established interpretative process by first devising a purpose for s 64, and then imposing the devised purpose on the wording of the section. Their starting point is that gambling tax is aimed

4 / Gaming for Africa /

at raising public funds in proportion to the financial benefit derived by the licence holder. Apart from the fact that this approach is incorrect, the devised purpose find no support in the language of s 64. What percentage of freeplay gaming makes up in the greater scheme of casino operators’ turnover and revenue is not certain, but one can safely assume that free-play gaming acts as an incentive to keep players at the slots and certainly makes up a very large proportion of players activities. So, to have these freeplay credits now lumped into taxable revenue, may hold a profound impact on casino operators’ revenues in future. Slots and games manufacturers may also be impacted, as casino operators will be have to walk a fine line between games they place on their casino floors unnecessarily having negative impact on their bottom lines by being ‘too loose’ in terms of free spins. Conversely loyal players will feel that their favourite games have tightened up and will find freeplay on other games.


Ithuba Awarded Uganda National Lottery The Ugandan government has issued a 10-year licence to Ithuba Uganda, a subsidiary of South African firm Ithuba, to run a national lottery in what Finance Minister Matia Kasaija said was a move to raise public funds and support social causes. Kasaija said the signing of the partnership was a sign of ‘Ubuntu’ and would go a long way in strengthening relations between Uganda and South Africa.


he Minister said the agreement with Ithuba will “support the implementation of the national budget and good causes in areas of public infrastructure, education, health, and sports development.” Kasaija said the government hoped to earn Shs 87bn from tax revenues and Shs 60bn from non-tax revenue for good causes, “translating into an average of Shs 147bn annually.” The national lottery will be operated through the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (NLGRB). The chairman of the board of directors of Ithuba Uganda, Bob Kabonero, said the Uganda National Lottery signifies a new era of progress and possibilities with its multifaceted capacity to contribute to the gross domestic product, propagate job creation and wealth, and provide essential government funding. “By engaging citizens through their voluntary participation, we create a means of funding government and community services that is both economically sound and socially acceptable, which aligns seamlessly with our commitment to citizen empowerment and participation,” the businessman, who also runs Kampala Casino, observed.

Timelines It is anticipated that the lottery will go live in early 2024. With the signing of the agreement,

6 / Gaming for Africa /

Ithuba will now commence the ordering of lottery machines, the development of the required infrastructure, and the undertaking of sensitization campaigns. Kasaija emphasised that only those over 18 years of age will be allowed to participate in the national lottery and that gambling must be done responsibly. Parliament last week questioned the NLGRB officials on reports that they were yet to have laws in place to manage the national lottery. “We still have not sorted out issues of standards, and now there is a mega national lottery coming up. We previously had the Premier Lottery and JADA, which made some people rich,” said MP Joel Ssenyonyi. However, Denis Ngabirano said that in December 2021, the board advertised and made a call for applications to conduct the national lottery. Speaking at the recent signing ceremony, Ngabirano said NLGRB conducted a two-year due diligence exercise that proved that Ithuba was a “fit and proper” company with the required financial capacity, expertise, and experience to run Uganda’s national lottery. “This is a journey we started in December 2021 in the quest to find a suitable company to conduct the national lottery,” said Ngabirano.

Investment He said the board could enforce compliance

“to ensure the lottery is conducted in the interests of the public.” Ithuba officials said they would invest $15 million to enable the national lottery to take off. Ithuba is the current license holder for the South African national lottery and is the country’s sole lottery operator. It collects funding through the sales of number-based lottery tickets and various other lottery games and distributes it to prize winners, the NLC and business expenses. During the financial year ending in 2019, Ithuba raised more than USD 100 million in support of good causes. The government directed the funds raised to three sectors: charities, sports and recreation, and arts and culture. Kabonero said the cross-sectoral benefits of the National Lottery on the economy are profound. Kabonero emphasised: “The potential for the National Lottery to drive sustainable socioeconomic development cannot be understated. Its capacity to multiply job opportunities and create wealth, alleviate government borrowing, and provide the fiscal impetus for a more secure society with elevated living standards is unparalleled. The transformative effect that the National Lottery can bring to Uganda’s socio-economic landscape is undeniable.”


How New UK Numbers Channel can make Waves in Africa Kiron Interactive and SIS recently joined forces to launch an all-new UK Numbers lotto draws TV channel, specifically for African markets. Featuring round-the-clock action, the bespoke channel features a mix of formats, with the hugely popular daily 49’s draws a particular highlight. In this feature, Steven Spartinos, Co-CEO, Kiron Interactive and Joe Andrews, Head of Sales for Africa, SIS, explain the significance of the landmark product. Why create a new lotto TV draw for the African market – and why is now the right time in particular? Steven Spartinos, Co-CEO, Kiron Interactive: We’ve seen the success of the original 49’s product in South Africa since its introduction. With our comprehensive understanding of various African markets, there’s every reason to believe that this growth can be extended, and replicated in other regions across the continent. 49’s has an established heritage and is a trusted brand in Africa, a critical factor for gaining acceptance among local players. By creating a channel that mirrors this familiarity, encompassing the same look and feel, further reinforces this credibility. The rise of betting and gambling within African markets remains steadfast as it has for some time and products like 49’s are immensely popular. Fuelled by the surge in mobile adoption, there’s never been a better time to introduce an immersive experience like this to an eager and receptive audience. Leveraging Kiron’s extensive network of relationships, trusted partnerships, and wellestablished distribution channels across the continent, we are confident that the product holds great potential to create a significant impact and achieve resounding success. What value does the long heritage of 49’s bring with it within this fresh market? Joe Andrews, Head of Sales for Africa, SIS: The fact that our 49’s product has such a long history brings a lot of credibility and integrity to numbers betting and fixed odds numbers products. With 49’s, we have already seen, both in South Africa and elsewhere, that people love the brand. It’s been established since the 1990s and is very well-known and trusted, which has helped to drive turnover. In many of the territories we

8 / Gaming for Africa /

are now moving into across Africa, there’s a gap in the market for such products. The UK-based draws add significant weight to the offering in generating trust among players in the region. In addition, having a website,, means that customers can independently verify results they see in the betting shop or on their phone app, which is another way in which confidence is built. The draws have a life outside of the shops, and our presenters are very active on social media, which also helps to promote the brand’s visibility and further generates trust. Presenters post daily on Facebook and Twitter with a real level of engagement and interactivity with players which really sets the 49’s numbers suite above other numbers-based games What sort of demographic of player do you see as being attracted to this new channel? Steven Spartinos: Hopefully, as many as possible! What we have our eye on at the moment, and UK Numbers is set to play a big part in, is the more mature, diverse audience, including an even split between men and women. Our research suggests that a wide range of demographics are more disposed to play a project like this, so that’s where we’re looking to expand and target. Kiron’s proprietary numbers products that we have successfully supplied for some years now have traditionally seen this kind of player. UK Numbers should compound that and broaden the appeal to even more players than before, especially with its proposition of large win potential for relatively small stakes. The 49’s product has a very active and engaged fanbase, along with an established affiliate model and recognisable presenters. How do these aspects play into the marketing of the new channel? Joe Andrews: We have successfully built a vast community that is highly engaged and loyal to our brand.

Our players love the interactive elements that we bring to the table, and for us, it’s always been about far more than simply delivering a compelling product to an operator. Our live draws have a life and energy of their own, and it’s about harnessing that while also educating new, potential players. In this regard, we will be working with Kiron to market the product on a local level. Kiron will run the campaigns, and we will provide as much material as possible to help to achieve our mutual goals. Kiron has a wealth of experience in this area and will speak to the relevant marketing teams of operator partners in Africa to ensure that cashiers and other employees working in retail environments understand exactly how the product works and the value it has. It’s about taking a hands-on approach rather than just handing the product over to an operator with a ‘good luck’ message, and we have worked very closely with Kiron behind the scenes to ensure they have everything at their disposal to hit the ground running. In being aimed at players who enjoy spending small to have the chance to win big prizes, how important is it to roll this channel out to operators at scale? Steven Spartinos: Achieving scale and gaining traction are pivotal factors in any successful product launch, and the introduction of UK Numbers is no exception. We’ve carefully drip-fed the anticipation in the lead-up to the launch, gradually building excitement as the rollout date approached. This strategic approach translated into strong numbers upon going live, so that engagement of the player community and beyond is crucially important too.

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Botswana Hosts Successful IAGR Conference Botswana and its Gambling Authority successfully hosted the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) this week and named two new African faces to its leadership structure.


ith a strong commitment to advancing gaming regulation across the globe, IAGR welcomed the appointment of new President, Ben Haden, taking over from Dr. Jason Lane, and Vice President, Caroline Kongwa. Haden, a Director at the UK Gambling Commission and a trustee for IAGR, plans to encourage collaboration and best practice sharing among jurisdictions. In tandem with this appointment, Caroline Kongwa assumes the position of Vice President, solidifying her continued commitment to IAGR’s mission. Caroline is the Chief Strategic Adviser of the National Gambling Board in South Africa. Another notable appoinment was that of Nigerian Regulators and CEO of the Nigeria Lagos State Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Bashir Are, who was announced as a Member of the Board of Trustees. These announcements were made during the culmination of IAGR’s annual conference

held in Gaborone, Botswana, where regulators from around the world came together to discuss key industry issues and best practices. The event was officially opened by His Excellency, Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, President of the Republic of Botswana. The Botswana Conference included a swanky black-tie gala dinner. Looking ahead, IAGR revealed that its next annual conference will be held in the historic city of Rome, Italy, from 21 to 24 October 2024. This event promises to be a pivotal gathering for industry professionals, providing an invaluable platform for dialogue, collaboration, and innovation. The conference will be a partnership event, co-hosted by IAGR and the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL). “I’m excited about the opportunity to play a part in shaping IAGR’s 2024 conference in Rome and curating a program that matches the outstanding event we experienced here in Botswana,” says Vice President Caroline Kongwa.

Caroline Kongwa, Chief Strategic Adviser of the National Gambling Board in South Africa has been appointed Vice President of IAGR

CEO of the Nigeria Lagos State Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Bashir Are was announced as a Member of the IAGR Board of Trustees

10 / Gaming for Africa /


Sportingtech Wins SBC MultiChannel Supplier Award


Full-service betting and gaming platform provider Sportingtech cemented its industry status with another notable appearance at this year’s SBC Summit Barcelona.

ith an impressive stand incorporating brand new designs, the full power of Sportingtech’s platform solutions for casino, sportsbook and retail were on display throughout the event. The Latin American market was a key focus as delegates learned about the brand’s status as the leading provider in Brazil as well as other countries in the region, with its presence continuing to grow rapidly. The event was rounded off in memorable fashion as Sportingtech scooped the SBC Award for Multi-

Channel Supplier. This win comes after several product roll-outs that enhanced the brand’s platform in 2023. New features include the integration of additional markets to its Bet Builder feature and the roll-out of Share-a-Bet, which capitalises on the growing rise of influencer marketing in sports betting. Dan Stone, Marketing Director at Sportingtech, said: “We plan meticulously to ensure we maximise the opportunities to engage with current and prospective

partners – and we’re a people-first provider, so we love the face-to-face time we get while exhibiting at industry events and this year’s SBC Summit Barcelona certainly didn’t disappoint. “Winning the Multi-Channel Supplier award was the cherry on top for us – and it is the result of the hard work of every person in the company who has played an integral part in our success. As we move into next year, we are well placed to build on an outstanding 2023.”

Gauteng Outlaws FOB on Live-Streamed Roulette A Gauteng court judgement on FOB (Fixed Odds Betting) on the outcome of livestreamed Roulette games, may have wider repercussions for the South African gambling industry as provincial regulators will be set to peruse their relevant gambling regulations and how this ground-breaking judgement may impact other provinces.


t the heart of the matter is a judgement on 5 June 2023, where the Gauteng Local Division (Johannesburg) of the High Court of South Africa (GLD) found in favour of the Casino Association of South Africa (CASA) and against two bookmaker licence holders Portapa (Pty) Ltd t/a Supabets and Supaworld Gauteng (Pty) Ltd (Supaworld). The dispute was whether the bookmakers could lawfully offer fixed odds bets (FOB) on the outcome of live streamed roulette games based on their bookmaker licences as issued by the Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB) in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Act, 1995 (as amended). It its summation, the GLD found that “ ... there is no difference between betting on roulette and betting on the outcome of roulette. They both amount to playing roulette as a casino game as defined in the Gauteng Act.” [paragraph 86]. Further that “The activities that bookmakers operating under the Gauteng Act may offer are limited to sporting events as defined under the Act.” [paragraph 87]. The judgement may force other Provincial regulators to interrogate their relevant legislation to see if live-stream roulette games offered by licensees within their respective jurisdictions comply with the definitions relevant to these live-streamed ‘casino’ games and whether these games constitute ‘casino’ gambling or

12 / Gaming for Africa /

FOB on the outcome of these games in the broadest sense.

Bookmakers and Gauteng Board Denied Leave to Appeal In the latest development surrounding a June 2023 Gauteng Court Judgement that outlaws FOB (FixedOdds Betting) on Live-Streamed Roulette, the Gauteng Local Division (Johannesburg) of the High Court of South Africa in October dismissed the applications for

leave to appeal the judgment to the Supreme Court of Appeal, alternatively the Full Bench of the GLD on the basis that the applications did not enjoy reasonable prospects of success. The applications for leave to appeal were made by the Gauteng Gambling Board, Portapa (Pty) Ltd t/a Supabets, Supaworld Gauteng (Pty) Ltd and Intelligent Gaming (Pty) Ltd. The Gauteng Board, Supabets, Supaword and Intelligent Gaming were seeking to overturn a judgement on 5 June 2023, where the Gauteng Local Division (Johannesburg) of the High Court of South Africa (GLD) found in favour of the Casino Association of South Africa (CASA) in the matter of whether bookmakers could lawfully offer fixed odds bets (FOB) on the outcome of live streamed roulette games based on their bookmaker licences as issued by the Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB) in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Act, 1995 (as amended). It its summation, the GLD found that “ ... there is no difference between betting on roulette and betting on the outcome of roulette. They both amount to playing roulette as a casino game as defined in the Gauteng Act.” [paragraph 86]. Further that “The activities that bookmakers operating under the Gauteng Act may offer are limited to sporting events as defined under the Act.” [paragraph 87].


SA Lotto Licence 2025 Bid Process Begins South Africa’s National Lotteries Commission held a briefing session in September for prospective bidders for the National Lottery in anticipation of the license renewal in May 2025.


he NLC issued a clarification in relation to the briefing session for the fourth national lottery and sports pools licence on 30 and 31 August 2023: “ Prospective applicants and interested parties who wish to attend the briefing session in relation to the Request for Proposal for the Fourth National Lottery and Sports Pools Licence (“RFP”) on 30 and 31 August 2023 are herewith advised that attendance of the briefing session is not compulsory for prospective applicants who intend to submit an application for the Licence. The briefing session is primarily an information session for prospective applicants and interested parties to obtain critical information relating to the RFP document and the application process. Prospective applicants may therefore be represented by one or more persons who may collectively or individually attend the briefing session on behalf of an entity to be formed in due course. The NLC will record attendance at the briefing session and issue attendees with certificates of attendance which are to be submitted together with an applicant’s application. Failure to attend the Briefing Session or submit a certificate of attendance will, however, not result in the disqualification of a bid. Prospective applicants and interested parties are advised that after conclusion of the briefing session prospective applicants may only communicate with the NLC through the medium of a virtual data room or VDR to which access will only be provided upon the purchase of an RFP document and payment of the required fee. All enquiries and requests for additional information regarding the RFP, technical interpretation of the RFP or for other matters requiring clarification by interested parties or applicants

registered in terms of the RFP, must be made and submitted online via the VDR after the briefing session. The NLC will only respond via the VDR and no other form of communication will be accepted by the NLC. Engagement with the NLC regarding any matters concerning the RFP or application process after conclusion of the briefing session will therefore require the purchase of an RFP document from the NLC. Prospective applicants are therefore encouraged to attend the briefing session for the full allocated time on both days.” While the lucrative, and often controversial, licence renewal is only set for May 2025 the process has already kicked off and bidders can expect to pay R55 000 for access to documents and data around the lottery and access to a set of documents and a “virtual data room” that will tell them, in considerable detail, how money flows through the lottery system, from independent ticket vendors right through to payouts. Prospective bidders will then have five months to turn that information into proposals on how, given the chance, they would run the lottery when current operator Ithuba’s licence expires in May 2025. In theory, those proposals must be submitted in early February in order for them to be properly evaluated and a winner announced in plenty of time for a smooth transition. But the odds of things going to schedule seem slim. Ithuba won its licence in 2014, but was still fighting off a challenge from its predecessor Gidani into 2016. In 2007, the lottery was paused for half a year while Gidani’s predecessor and SA’s first operator, Uthingo, challenged being

How New UK Numbers Channel can make Waves in Africa

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Ensuring the accessibility of our products and catering to players’ preferences for when and where they choose to play is extremely important as well as ensuring that our products receive the proper level of recognition across all our operators. This is where our established network of partners has played an instrumental role, proving invaluable in this partnership.

14 / Gaming for Africa /

We’ve been pleased by the positive reception the product has received in its short time on the market and moving forward, both ourselves and SIS will continue to work closely to ensure that the product maintains its momentum and effectively engages players across the continent. Joe Andrews: The idea of winning a large amount from a small stake is something that appeals the world over, and it drives betting activity. Certainly, when you are considering national lotteries, it’s the most

replaced. With every change of operator, the way the lottery runs and the secondary games around it have changed. Ithuba has indicated it hopes to be the first-ever operator to get a second term running the lottery, but Hosken Consolidated Investments (HCI) told shareholders it has already put together “an exciting bid”. The scale of the opportunity the lottery represents has traditionally attracted a large number of interested parties, at least in the early stages of bidding, before significant investment is required. And that investment is significant. One insider has estimated that putting together a full bid can easily cost at least R15 million, and during the previous adjudication process bidders were required to put up a performance bond of R125 million. The groups putting up that kind of money reconcile themselves with the possibility of further delays. Ithuba’s licence had been due to run only until May 2023, but was extended because, said the department of trade, industry and competition (dtic), of the exceptional circumstances Covid-19 represented. As of last week, the dtic is committed to a timeline that includes the end-August briefings, a deadline of 31 October to pay for access to the data around the lottery, and the early-February deadline to submit bids. However, all those dates are subject to representations and legal challenges and, having extended the current licence once already, it could be hard to argue against further extensions.

important aspect. In Africa in particular, the value of their entertainment currency is magnified. The fact they can bet a small amount of money to potentially win a life-changing amount is massive. A lot of PR and marketing activity in the region is based around this idea of emulating those fortunate winners, and it grabs the attention of the average customer. It’s also really important that win or lose the player enjoys the experience. There are not many betting propositions, in shops or online, where the end user can directly engage in the way they can with our products, and this is what will make the UK Numbers channel a huge success in Africa.

Watch it sparkle, watch it glisten, you won’t believe what you’ve been missin’

One of Light & Wonder’s favorite recent gems, JEWEL OF THE DRAGON™ – RED PHOENIX and JEWEL OF THE DRAGON - VALLEY OF THE TIGER, is now available in Africa. A wide variety of available denom groups ensures that no matter what players love your floor, you can make them even happier. Availability on both KASCADA™ and KASCADA DUAL SCREEN offers flexibility on installs and placement. Featuring a fan-favorite Hold & Spin feature and unique free games, Jewel of the Dragon would be a great fit for any property!

Contact your Light & Wonder Account Executive to learn more.

The look and feel of the games and their individual components and displays are trade dress of Light & Wonder, Inc. and its subsidiaries. © 2023 Light & Wonder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Sun International and NOVOMATIC Transform Gaming Across South Africa Sun International, a pioneer in the gaming and hospitality industry, has successfully introduced the Impera Link Series across eleven of its distinguished casinos, revolutionizing the gaming landscape. This strategic partnership underscores Sun International’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality entertainment to its cherished customers, and the resounding success is a testament to this dedication.


atrick Ngobeni, Assistant Gaming Manager at Sun City in the Northwest Province, expresses his delight: “Our latest NOVOMATIC Progressive Jackpot Impera Link machines are a game-changer. They elevate the gaming dream, turning single stakes into incredible wins. Sun City remains committed to providing our loyal players with endless entertainment and excitement.” Rave Moodley, Gaming Manager at Boardwalk Casino in Port Elizabeth, echoes the excitement surrounding the Impera Link Series Machines. “The Boardwalk customers, management, and staff are all thrilled about our stylish new slot machines. We are simply amazed by the game selection that caters to virtually every customer preference. The multi-level linked progressive adds to the customer appeal and is simply the cherry on top.” NOVOMATIC South Africa, a trailblazer in gaming innovation, has played a pivotal role in bringing the Impera Link Series to South Africa. This series offers a diverse array of entertainment possibilities, prominently featuring the Impera Link Series 1. It boasts a linked progressive multi-game setup comprising 30 titles, enriched with bonus and free game features, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. Key highlights of the Impera Link Series 1: A 2-level jackpot system with Grand and Major Jackpots, both progressive and attainable once during the feature, and stake-based Minor and Mini Bonuses, which can be won multiple times.

The Impera Link Jackpot feature is triggered by landing six or more coins of any value, including bonus and jackpot coins. A captivating gameplay experience with three initial spins, where a full screen of coins doubles prizes (except for bonus and jackpot wins). The Impera Link Series is available as a BRONZE package, inclusive of the FUNMASTER 2.27 Cabinet, LED Jackpot signage, LED infills, and an end-of-bank signature. This comprehensive package delivers familiar feature gameplay and the irresistible allure of enticing jackpot prizes. With installations successfully completed across ten Sun International casinos, including the recent addition of GrandWest Casino in Cape Town, this remarkable collaboration between Sun International and NOVOMATIC South Africa has already reshaped gaming experiences across South Africa. The Impera Link Series has ushered in unparalleled entertainment and excitement, emblematic of the shared commitment of both organizations to elevate customer satisfaction. The directors of NOVOMATIC South Africa express their gratitude for the incredible partnership they have with Sun International and the dedication of the staff at the eleven casinos that made the launch at each establishment a great success. NOVOMATIC South Africa is a leading provider of gaming solutions, known for its innovation and dedication to enhancing the gaming experience. The Impera Link Series is a testament to their commitment to delivering cuttingedge gaming technology and top-quality entertainment.

Participating Sun International Casinos: The Boardwalk, Carnival City, Golden Valley, Meropa Casino, Windmill Casino, Wild Coast Sun, Time Square at Menlyn Maine, Sun City, GrandWest Casino,Flamingo Casino, Sibaya Casino.

16 / Gaming for Africa /

Light up your gaming floor with Blaze Blaze LED surface technology provides an exciting addition to any gaming floor. Available for Roulette, Sicbo, Money Wheel and now Craps, Blaze uses patented technology to deliver unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations while also highlighting winning numbers.

Blaze Roulette

Players instantly benefit from seeing winning numbers clearly highlighted and with the improved visibility of these sections gaming staff can easily monitor game procedures from a distance. With a choice of single or double table configurations depending upon game-type and with acrylic or cloth layouts available, Blaze offers an array of options to meet any casino’s need.

Blaze Sicbo

Blaze Money wheel

Blaze Benefits • Assists dealer accuracy • Highlights winning bets for added security • Stunning patented game animations • Acrylic or cloth layouts available • Entertain and inform players

Blaze Craps NEW

Take your gaming tables to the next level with Blaze. To find out more visit / Gaming for Africa /


TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Highlights at G2E Las Vegas 2023 G2E Las Vegas 2023 was a significant event for TCSJOHNHUXLEY, where they showcased their latest innovations in the gaming industry. The event lived up to the anticipation, with TCSJOHNHUXLEY unveiling a range of new products and innovations, in addition to their wellestablished core product portfolio.


ne of the major attractions was the updated SaturnTM Roulette Wheel range, featuring the innovative Wheelmate. This compact plug-in console allowed casinos to effectively monitor and maintain their wheels, ensuring they operated at peak performance. The Wheelmate served as an invaluable toolkit for engineers and maintenance teams. Another standout was the Dynamic Display System (DDS) for Winning Number Displays, which provided operators with a wide array of themed skins, animations, and customizable graphics to display winning numbers, statistics, advertising content, and videos. Making its debut at G2E, TCSJOHNHUXLEY introduced DDS for Blaze, a complete themed package allowing operators to configure patented Blaze LED Surface Technology directly at the gaming table using the Winning Number Display. The company also showcased a comprehensive Money Wheel portfolio designed for both land-based and online gaming. This included precision-engineered Money Wheels alongside the new Lumin8 LED Game Wheel, promising to create a visual impact on the gaming floor. Visitors had the opportunity to explore TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Gaming Table Layouts, featuring robust synthetic materials that enabled high-impact customization to create visually captivating tables, attracting players.

Ora Gem Winning Number Display TCSJOHNHUXLEY, renowned for its Winning Number

20 / Gaming for Africa /

Display technology, unveiled the latest addition to their tables range, the Ora Gem Winning Number Display. The Ora Gem, featuring a distinctive angled frame with ‘floating’ LEDs and an optional integrated camera, added a touch of innovation to the range. With its striking gold anodized finish and a 27” double-sided landscape screen, the Ora Gem found applications in games like Baccarat, Poker, and Progressive games. Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Executive Chairman, emphasized the importance of customization, stating, “We offer a display portfolio with a wide range of styles, finishes, and frame options to ensure there is a TCS Ora Display to suit any casino.”

Magic Poker Game TCSJOHNHUXLEY also introduced its new game, Magic Poker, which added an exciting twist to the classic Stud Poker game. Magic Poker, played with one deck of cards and a Joker, challenged players to aim for a higher-ranking hand than the dealer. The ‘Joker’ acted as a wild card, offering the chance to achieve a Five of a Kind winning hand. The game included an optional Bluff bet, allowing players to bet if they believed the dealer wouldn’t open with an Ace and King. This bet paid at odds of 3 to 2 if the dealer didn’t open with an Ace and King or higher. Magic Poker proved to be a hit with both beginners and experienced poker players, particularly at Sun International properties in South Africa, where the ‘Magic’ card effect added to the excitement.

New Table Game Layouts Range With a rich history spanning 50 years, TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of live gaming equipment, including Gaming Tables and Layouts used in casinos worldwide. At G2E 2023, TCSJOHNHUXLEY presented its latest range of table game layouts, featuring visually striking prints using robust synthetic materials. Three distinct options catered to different preferences, including the DELUXE range with a polyester layout and water-resistant coating, the ULTRA range with rubber backing for durability, and the sumptuously soft velvet nap of the PREMIER range. TCSJOHNHUXLEY continues to lead in Roulette Wheel development, introducing the SaturnTM Wheelmate at G2E Las Vegas 2023. The Wheelmate, serving as a compact, mobile console, simplified the monitoring and maintenance of SaturnTM Roulette wheels, ensuring they operated at peak performance. It stored data, eliminating the need for a laptop connection, and offered features for wheel leveling, rotation, and calibration checks, reducing the need for bulky tools. Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Executive Chairman, emphasized that Wheelmate offered operators peace of mind by ensuring their wheels operated at peak performance. The event showcased these innovations and more from TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

Award-winning NFT based crash game

Binance Smart Chain

Sigma Balkans & CIS

Hackathon Winners

Unique Selling Point

SbiC` In\ia XWX_

Smart Chain tIBC `qrasia

Emerging Startup

NFT ommunit



Old Man’s Marbles Fraught with Cheating The distinguished past-time of bowls, which famously gained widespread recognition when Sir Francis Drake’s subdued game was so rudely interrupted by the Spanish Armada in 1588, is not one often associated with ruffians.


o, it comes as quite a surprise then, that the the stately game of bowls, often referred to as ‘Old Man’s Marbles’ due to its um... lack of action and aged following, has been brought into disrepute - not once, but twice - with it being the subject of alerts by the IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association). The IBIA monitors and reports on suspicious betting activities and the 2 alerts were reported, fittingly enough, in the UK ensuring a 435-year reputation of notoriety for this action-packed, adrineline-fueled game.

Pragmatic Play Launches its Halloween-Themed Hit Infective Wild™ 19th October 2023: Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider to the iGaming industry, will be carving out exciting gameplay in its latest spooky slot Infective Wild™.


hBoasting a timely Halloween theme, the symbols of this release are represented by black cats, ravens and more foreshadowing icons. These must form a matched combination across the title’s 40 paylines to award a win. Wilds can be substituted for any base game symbols — offering up a treat for the chance of extra wins. Additionally, if Wilds land adjacent to a high-paying symbol, these icons will transform into additional Wilds, these Wilds will continue to spread across the reels as they touch any further high paying symbols — infecting the reels with a hauntingly good time! This unique infective feature is built upon in the free spins round which is unlocked by landing at least three scatters. Before the bonus begins, eight mini-reels spin with each granting up to three free spins in the bonus. Any Wilds landed upon the commencement of the free spins will be held on the titles’ 5x5 reels throughout all subsequent spins. This allows more symbols to be transformed with each spin and elevates the excitement throughout the bonus. Infective Wild’s™ inventive mechanics mirrors Pragmatic Play’s focus on mechanical

22 / Gaming for Africa /

ingenuity that has featured across its portfolio and numerous recent hits including Tundra’s Fortune™, Cash Chips™ and Demon Pots™. Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: “We set out to create a game that embodies the spooky spirit of Halloween while also offering an unexpected mechanic – Infective Wild™ with its infectious feature spreading Wilds across the reels does just that and more. “Providing big win potential in the base

game and a culmination of Wild wins in the bonus, the slot provides thrills that can be enjoyed all year round as well as throughout the spooky season. We’re excited to see the reception this Halloween-themed slot has from players and operators alike.” Pragmatic Play currently produces up to eight new Slot titles a month, while also delivering Live Casino and Bingo games as part of its multi-product portfolio, available through a single API.        For more information, please click here.

Introducing Ora Create excitement and energy on your gaming floor

Ora Displays Benefits:



he reon. Am

Ora Grande 32 inch

Extensive range of sizes and designs available to suit every game

Double sided displays attract more players to a table and increase marketing potential

LED lighting for added attraction, win celebration lighting sequences, game trends or table minimums

Ora Luxe features attractive laser cut frames with inset LED lights

Adjustable pole with three height options

Optional integrated USB LED micro-pc board for full control of the LEDs

To find out more visit

Ora Luxe 27 inch


Gamification is Key Driver in Player Engagement Gamification has long been recognised as a key driving force in boosting player engagement. Pragmatic Play introduced its Drops & Wins promotion in 2020, with it quickly proving to be a hit amongst players. Now in its fourth season, the initiative is the biggest it has ever been. From keeping players engaged to provably boosting turnover for operator partners, it has been a resounding success for the globally-renowned supplier.


ragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins promotion has always been a fan favourite, taking any spin and turning up the anticipation by potentially rewarding players from a huge prize pot of €30,000,000. For a 12-month period running from April 2023 to March 2024, Pragmatic Play fans can win a staggering €2,000,000 across qualifying slot products, as well as €500,000 from its immersive Live Casino portfolio. The €30,000,000 prize pool is the largest ever amount fully-funded by a provider, with Pragmatic Play once again going above and beyond to deliver a spectacular promotion to users. The provider is renowned for its diverse portfolio of top-notch casino games. From classic slots to

Easy access to get players involved

iconic franchises, any play session can now be boosted through the thrilling promotion. As well as random prize drops, the promotion also includes Weekly Tournaments, so players can engage in exhilarating competitions, climb the leaderboards, and snatch a piece of the staggering prize pool.

Taking part in the promotion is also incredibly easy for players, as all they have to do is log in and play a participating game. For operators, it is a promotion run completely from Pragmatic Play’s side, so integration is simple, and players can enjoy extra prizes without any opt-in requirements, taking away any sluggish activation time required to get the impressive Drops & Wins campaign live. From classic titles such as Wolf Gold, John Hunter titles, Sweet Bonanza and the vaunted Big Bass series of games, to latest hits Diamond Cascade, Zeus VS Hades: Gods of War and Wisdom of Athena, there is something that appeals to all demographics of players, pushing the enjoyment of their favourite Pragmatic Play titles to new heights.

SCC Napoli Signs Sponsorship Deal with Top Cryptocasino Rollbit One of Italy’s most-beloved football teams, SSC Napoli has signed a two-year sponsorship deal with Rollbit, one of the cryptocasino industry’s most-trusted betting operators. The deal will see Rollbit become SSC Napoli’s Official European Betting Partner for the 23/24 season. This partnership marks an important milestone for both brands with SSC Napoli fresh from winning their historic title last season, and the deal marking Rollbit’s first-ever sports sponsorship.


ollbit, founded in 2020 and operated by licensed-operator Bull Gaming N.V., is best known for its cutting-edge platform that continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the crypto industry with offerings like its NFT marketplace, crypto-lottery and on-site token exchange. Rollbit believes that SSC Napoli are the perfect club to embark upon this journey with - a club with a rich tradition, and ardent global fan base who are embarking on a new era as defending champions and the driving force behind Italian football. With the football sponsorship being inked, this fusion of gaming and sports aims to provide Napoli fans with an immersive experience that celebrates their passion for gaming and their love for football. “We are delighted to partner with one of the most

24 / Gaming for Africa /

iconic teams in world football, SSC Napoli. Gli Azzuri are one of the most beloved teams globally, and the team here at Rollbit are honoured to be a part of the family,” says Sam Norman, Rollbit’s Head of Partnerships. “We feel this is the perfect time to begin this journey together with SSC Napoli having famously just won the Scudetto, coinciding perfectly with our

vision to expand and establish ourselves as the most innovative and respected crypto gaming platform. We look forward to cheering SSC Napoli on this season as they look to retain the title and push for Champions League glory!” Tommaso Bianchini, Chief Revenue Officer at SSC Napoli said: “We are delighted to welcome Rollbit in the SSC Napoli family. Rollbit is an ambitious stakeholder in the world of online sports betting, we share their ambition to perform at the top level and we are both highly committed to provide our fans with ever more innovative experiences. This partnership fits perfectly with the club’s desire to establish itself as a leading brand internationally and further demonstrates the club’s constant quest to partner with such cuttingedge brands as Rollbit.


Building Cryptocasino Trust and Protecting Players with Provably Fair Games by Roy Bannister, Publisher of Africa’s Leading Gambling Trade Magazine, Gaming for Africa and African Tech & Media Expert

In the realm of online gaming, nothing holds greater importance than establishing trust and safeguarding player interests - this builds brand awareness, elevates an online casino’s esteem and reputation in an environment often viewed with scepticism and most importantly, creates and perpetuates player loyalty.


s traditional land-based gambling embraced new technology and moved into cyberspace in the form of online casinos, many of the hurdles faced by these early casino pioneers in becoming trusted online operators are repeating themselves as cryptocasinos vie for their rightful place in the online space. Online casinos had to overcome the triple challenges of fostering trust and a widepread belief that their casino games were fair, that winners’ payouts would be honoured and the payment mechanisms used to transfer money into and out of players’ bank accounts actually worked. Cryptocasinos increasingly face these same challenges… in part also driven by the average players’ lack of understanding of exactly what cryptocurrency is and how it can trusted. The lack of a mechanism to determine true randomness of a game outcome as used in RNG (Random Number Generation) - the certification used by reputable online and land-based casino games - the desire for cryptocasino operators to be viewed with equal trust has given rise to Provably Fair games, powered by the unerring technology of cryptocurrency. These revolutionary concepts are not only redefining the gaming landscape but have also introduced an unparalleled level of player protection and trustworthiness. In fact, cryptocasino operators can argue that Provably Fair is a step beyond RNG, in that players can verify the randomness of the games on their own.

So what exactly is Provably Fair? In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the realm of Provably Fair games and the symbiotic relationship they share with cryptocurrency technology. This synergy heralds a new era of player-

26 / Gaming for Africa /

centric gaming, marked by verifiable fairness and impregnable security. Provably Fair games represent an evolutionary stride in the world of online gaming, thanks to their reliance on cryptographic algorithms to ensure the utmost fairness and transparency. Unlike conventional online games that compel players to place blind faith in the platform’s integrity, Provably Fair games empower players to independently ascertain the fairness of every single game round. By harnessing open-source algorithms and cryptographic techniques, Provably Fair casinos allow players to validate the authenticity of each game’s outcome. This means players can definitively confirm that game rounds unfold randomly and are in no way manipulated by the operator. The adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum delivers a multitude of benefits that include enhanced security, anonymity, and rapid transaction processing. An added advantage is the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies circumventing the requirement for intermediaries, thereby streamlining gaming experiences and making them more costeffective. A handful or early cryptocasino operators foresaw the need for wider player education of the concept of Provably Fair, and the establishment of the Crypto Gambling Foundation enabled operators to ascribe to the goals of player protection, fair games and transparency with the stated mission of changing the perception of the cryptogambling industry. The Crypto Gambling Foundation attracted likes of stake. com and and these operators, now easily recognised among the top cryptocasinos, have benefited from their open promotion of Provably Fair games and are arguably rated among the most trustworthy in the industry.

Building Trust and Ensuring Security The crowning glory of Provably Fair games lies in their capacity for players to independently corroborate the fairness of each game round. This is meticulously executed through cryptographic hashes and random seeds. Players gain access to the pre-generated random seed prior to the commencement of each game round. After the game’s outcome is revealed, players can cross-reference the original seed with the outcome, ensuring a fair determination. This transparent process erects an insurmountable barrier against manipulation by both players and operators and enhances a cryptocasino’s reputation, but is not widely known nor understood. The cryptographic algorithms’ transparency eliminates any shadow of doubt regarding the fairness of the gaming process and empowers players with unwavering assurance that they are treated fairly and that the outcome of every game is fair and cannot be manipulated. The utilization of cryptocurrency technology also serves as a safeguard for transactions, impeding unauthorized access to players’ funds and personal information; here once again ticking many boxes when it comes to increased legislation around the protection of personal information online. Diversifying the Realm of Provably Fair Games The seamless fusion of Provably Fair technology and cryptocurrencies has given birth to an array of innovative gaming options previously unheard of. From traditional casino favourites such as blackjack, roulette, slots and sportsbetting to avant-garde offerings like blockchain-based virtual realms and skill-driven games, players now enjoy a vast selection of Provably Fair games. Continued on Page 28


State of Verification and Monitoring in the Crypto Industry 2023 70% of Crypto Companies Report Deepfake Fraud Rise


ew Sumsub research on identity verification in the crypto industry finds the amount of deepfakes in the sector increasing by 128% Sumsub, a full-cycle verification platform, today releases its “State of Verification and Monitoring in the Crypto Industry 2023” report. The findings focus on the regulations and verification practices for crypto companies, with highlights from verification performance and identity fraud statistics. The intention of the report is to provide crypto businesses with a clear understanding of industry verification standards and trends, offering insights into enhancing user experience and improving operations. To gather direct insights, Sumsub conducted a survey among 100+ crypto companies, and combined its results with expert interviews of professionals in the crypto industry. Overall, 800,000+ fraud attempts were studied for this report. All data was aggregated and anonymized.

reported an increase in fraud-related losses – both financial and reputational – connected to applicants; The shift from document-based to NonDoc verification solutions is underway in crypto, demonstrating faster verification, from 38 to as fast as five seconds and from 46 to as quick as three seconds in Brazil and Ghana, respectively. “As the crypto industry continues to evolve, we see a global trend of decreasing onboarding time for crypto users,“ comments Jacob Sever, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Sumsub. “From 2022 to 2023, verification time nearly halved across all regions, driven by the growing expectation of swifter processes among users. As such, providers face the challenge of complying with increasingly stringent regulations, making solutions such as Non-Doc Verification essential. By expediting onboarding processes, crypto firms eliminate the need for users to upload any documents, better allowing providers to keep pace with industry demands and enhance pass rates, all

while thwarting the threat of synthetic fraud.” To download the free “State of Verification and Monitoring in the Crypto Industry 2023” report, visit * The statistics presented in the report are based on Sumsub’s internal data on millions of verification checks analyzed in the first 8 months of 2023 and the same period in 2022.

About Sumsub Sumsub is a full-cycle verification platform that secures the whole user journey. With Sumsub’s customizable KYC, KYB, transaction monitoring and fraud prevention solutions, you can orchestrate your verification process, welcome more customers worldwide, meet compliance requirements, reduce costs and protect your business. Sumsub has over 2,000 clients across the fintech, crypto, transportation, trading, e-commerce and gaming industries including Binance, Mercuryo, Bybit, Huobi, Unlimit, DiDi, Poppy and TransferGo.

Key findings from the report include*: 77% of crypto companies observed new fraud patterns and schemes this year, with attack methods becoming more professional; Deepfakes remain a growing concern for the crypto industry, with 70% of noting their increasing popularity among fraudsters; In 2023, the number of deepfakes in the crypto industry increased by 128% compared to 2022; 55% of crypto companies

Building Cryptocasino Trust and Protecting Players with Provably Fair Games Continued from Page 26 A prime example of the untapped possibilities of provably fair games is a unique gaming offering that combines sportsbetting, certified and trusted 3rd-party casino games from the likes of Pragmatic Play, Habenero and other trusted online brands, alongside its own unique Rollbit Lottery that drives demand for Rollbit’s own cryptotokens. Throw in a crypto exchange, the first-of-its-kind provably fair betting with high-value NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

28 / Gaming for Africa /

as prizes, an NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell unique high-value NFTs and traditional online casino operators can get a glimpse of the future of gambling. Evolving Toward a Provably Fair Future It is safe to say that at the vanguard of the gaming industry’s transformation Provably Fair games and cryptocurrency technology play a vital role. As a discerning and knowledgeable player base increasingly embraces the virtues of equitable play, transparency, and secure transactions, the

allure of these games and trusted operators that enable easy verification swells. Provably Fair games give players the autonomy to effortlessly validate the fairness of each game round, instilling unshakable trust and confidence in the gaming process. Concurrently, the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology ensures unassailable transactional security, augmenting the overall gaming experience. As the gaming industry responds to the clarion call for fair gameplay, player safety and responsible gambling practices, the idea of Provably Fair games, although not widely recognized beyond the realm of cryptocurrency casinos, is certain to influence the future of the mainstream gaming sector.


New General Manager for Golden Valley Casino


olden Valley Casino’s new General Manager, Melanie Durant, may have hit the ground running but she also has plans to explore the region and to meet the community. Melanie, who grew up on a farm in the Northern Cape, was struck by how beautiful the area is, “My family and I were so excited to relocate to the Western Cape, and particularly to Worcester with all it has to offer, from its rich culture to its farming traditions. Before joining Sun International’s Flamingo Casino in Kimberley in 2021, Durant worked in financial and commercial roles across a range of industries including manufacturing and agriculture, where her BCom Honours degree was put to good use. Durant sees management of Golden Valley as the perfect next step in her career – moving from a strong finance and operational focus at a similar sized casino property to a leadership role where she can use her skills to grow and develop her team. “I don’t just want my staff to do well, I want them to thrive.”

As a woman in the workplace, she has built a career on a passion for numbers, but she has also learnt the importance of empathy and sensitivity towards others. “I have worked in industries and environments where I had to get the balance right between hard work and strength on the one hand, and compassion and leadership on the other. As important as numbers are, my role is also people-focused so I make sure that they come before spreadsheets.” “My family and I have been taken by the friendly welcome we received since we arrived a few weeks ago and we look forward to getting to know everyone. We also enjoy hiking and fully intend to explore all the hiking trails.”

New Gaming Expo Announced for Nigeria

Bringing a Woman’s Touch to a Man’s World

new addition to the growing African Gaming Industry Event Calendar has been announced with the news that AGE (African Gaming Expo) Lagos 2024 will be hosted at the Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. Endorsed by the Lagos State Gaming and Lotteries Authority, Lagos State Arts, Tourism and Culture and the Association of State Gaming Regulators, the recent event has sprung up to fill the void left by Clarion Gaming on the continent when it rationalised operations during Covid and closed down its record-breaking ICE Africa event.

hen Bonolo Ramaisa was the only woman in her class of electrical engineering students, it set the tone for her future career. “My studies were the foundation of what I’d deal with in future,” said the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) graduate. Today the North West-born 40-year-old is Boardwalk Casino’s Technical Gaming Manager and has been in the gaming industry throughout her career, starting at GrandWest Casino in Cape Town for her internship. For the past three years, she has been responsible for keeping Boardwalk’s 700 slot machines and 21 tables in running order as head of the technical department. “My job is challenging and keeps me on my toes. Recently, new notes were issued by the Reserve Bank so we had to rush and change the software on the floor. You have to anticipate technology changes and run with it. But since I don’t like being too comfortable, and like learning new things, the role suits me,” she said. Aside from her Diploma in Electrical Engineering, she also holds a BTech in Project Management, both from CPUT. “I started at GrandWest doing in-service training while I was studying, after which I joined permanently in a technician role for two years.” She left to get married and re-joined GrandWest in 2011, was promoted to Technical Shift Manager, and then sent by Sun International to open Time Square in Pretoria as Technical Shift Manager. “I worked there for two years and was promoted to Technical Manager at Golden Valley for two years and then moved to Boardwalk in 2020.” In Gqeberha, she has three technical shift managers reporting to her who have 26 people reporting to them. “As women, I believe we put pressure on ourselves to achieve - especially if we are among men.” After the many challenges presented by moving around the country, her husband Mohlomi joined her in Nelson Mandela Bay and recently joined Boardwalk as Surveillance Monitoring Officer. The pair also had their “Gqeberha baby,” one-year old Masedi, joining their 12-year old daughter Oreneile and 14-year-old son Phomello. “Sun International has been good to me since I started with the Group, and I have moved across the properties. The sky is the limit for me in terms of career growth, where I go to next is up to me,” she said.


30 / Gaming for Africa /








Ms Caroline Kongwa (Accounting Authority) Ms Charlotte Mampane (CEO) Adv. Ncumisa Mayosi (Chairperson) Mr. Mabutho Zwane (CEO) Mr Oompy Goeieman (Acting CEO) Mr Dali Mjila (Chairperson) Mr Primo Abrahams (CEO) Ms. Althea Lapoorta (Chairperson) Mr Tiego Kgomo (Chairperson) Mr. Nathan Oliphant (CEO) Mr Bheki Mlambo (CEO) Mr. Mdoda Eric Mbhele (Chairperson) Mr. Elijah Tijane (Chairperson) Mr Gregory Makoko (CEO) Mr Mxolisi Zwane (Chairperson) Mr Steven Ngubeni (Chief Executive Officer) Ms Sibusisiwe Ngubane (Chairperson) Ms Portia Baloyi (CEO) Mr Dhilosen Pillay (CEO) Mr Dhilosen Pillay (Chairperson) Adv. Themba Ngobese CEO

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087 701 0470

086 689 5445

Electronic Vending Services

(National Licence)

(011) 708 2542

(011) 708 2596

GameSmart (Pty) Ltd

(National Licence)

(012) 663 2273

(012) 663 2683

GTECH S.p.A. (Spielo International)

(National Licence)

+49 57 412 409 9950


(National Licence)

011 823 6278

0865 002 611

IGT - Africa

(National Licence)

(011) 317 1000

(011) 317 1017

Money Autotech (Pty) Ltd

(011) 466 2821

(011) 466 2822

MP Gaming

(National Licence)

076 991 8013

086 563 4775

Novomatic Africa (Pty) Ltd

(National Licence)

(011) 847 9700

(011) 315 1579

Omega Gaming (Pty) Ltd

(National Licence)

(011) 745 0777

(011) 466 1038

Paul-Son Gaming Supplies Inc

+1 702 384 2425

+1 702 384 1965

Playmeter Leisure Services (Pty) Ltd

(National Licence)

083 448 4444

(011) 728 0231

Red Hot Games

(National Licence)

+27 10 444 0184

Route Gaming Solutions (Pty) Ltd

(National Licence)

(011) 787 7744

(011) 781 8649

SA Gaming

(011) 887 6035

(011) 887 5641

TCS John Huxley

(011) 315 7910

(011) 315 7912

(National Licence)

Tsoaranang Holdings UmAfrika Technologies (Pty) Ltd

(National Licence)

• •

• •

• (011) 997 4200

(011) 608 0030

Viscount Portfolio (Pty) Ltd

Viva Bingo

(011) 314 1720

(011) 314 1811

Vukani Gaming Corporation (Pty) Ltd

(011) 268 6420

(011) 268 6434

WMS Gaming Africa

(011) 542 2760

(011) 314 6969

(National Licence)

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