Medal Catalogue

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RESEARCH & DESIGN A lot of time is poured into extensive research and time with client, acquiring their needs and requirements. The idea is then translated into sketches with other reference material used as guides. Our designer will then render the idea and finally produce the final drawing of the medal which is then presented to our client for approval.

WELDING With a welding torch in one hand and a thin filament of filler material in the other, the craftsman melt the filament to form a pool of molten material between the medal and the ribbon holder. This pool cools off to become a strong joint, welding the medal bar fastly to the medal.

ENAMELLING The vagarious nature of enamel makes manipulating it an art in its own right. Enamel powder is painstakingly grounded by hand and rinsed thoroughly to remove all impurities. Moist enamel powder is delicately applied to each medal and it undergoes the necessary firing to reveal the brilliant shine of each enamelled medal. The enamelling process calls for extremely high standards of quality and meticulous attention to detail. The craftsman watches the kiln unwaveringly to ensure that each batch of medals achieve just the right shade of colour.