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JUNE 2017

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who has the UGLIEST heart of all?

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Because there is a battle for who reigns and rules. Because everything is not as it seems. Because relativity is a lie. Because the static of twerking pop stars and shrill Hollywood actors is a smoke screen for Agenda 21, global evil, and for real truth. Because there is an expected end to this madness. Get in THE game and be a purveyor of truth and light. Lori Flaherty @RoyalDiademMag


DRAMA hen pop culture glorifies the obvious worship of a pagan god, you know we are in deep trouble. The media lavishly praised Beyonce’s despicable portrayal of an African deity at the 2017 Grammy Awards and nary a whimper is heard from Christians. God help us all.

his disgusting feminist films herself menstruating to “shed” light on the stigmatism of women and their periods. A new feminist low that made me and countless other people want to barf. Because I couldn’t stand the sight of it, I added my own star. This women epitomizes the reason most women can’t stand feminist. A debased society is a society that is depraved of any beauty, modesty, and decency.



elf-important fashion editors at New York’s Fashion Week snubbed Tiffany Trump by refusing to sit next to her on the catwalk. No doubt, this young lady will remember how the mean girls gave her the “royal” treatment and will remember this cat fight. Meanwhile, the fashion darlings were star struck over Indonesian Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan’s hijabs (above). Not my catwalk. Not my fashion.


JIHAD JANE t isn't news to those of us who have been watching the infiltration of Islam in public schools and universities that the likes of Areeje Zufari, the Florida professor who teaches Middle Eastern humanities at Rollins and Valencia colleges, has been free to spout her hatred of Christianity in a paid university position. Zufari's Christian-phobic behavior only came to light after she was recently outed by one of her students, Marshall Polston, who called her out over anti-Christian remarks she made in the classroom. Zufari retaliated by giving Polston, a grade A student, bad marks and went so far as accusing Polston of later harassing and stalking her. And just like the playbook calls for, Polston was subsequently suspended from the University because Zufari felt "unsafe." Days later, after the police investigated Zufari's claims and Polston lawyered up, all charges against Polston were dropped. The police concluded that Zufari had lied about Polston after video surveillance 6

proved he wasn't any where near the school at the time of her accusations. Polston was reinstated but urged the university to discipline Zufari. Lying about a student to the point where it resulted in expulsion and a police investigation initiated for a crime not committed—which could certainly wreck a number of young people's lives—should have been grounds for Zufari's firing, but rather than Rollins College President Grant Cornwell firing Zufari, he issued a statement about her resignation that I find even more disturbing. According to an , Cornwell told the article by that Zufari, “resigned this semester because of the hateful threats and emails and phone messages she was getting. I think it's a terrible injustice, but I do respect her decision.” This infuriating statement from the president of the college. A college president who did not care if one of his student's reputation and academic record was unjustly destroyed by

a bigoted liar. Worse, Cornwell took no issues with Zufari's obvious close ties radical Islam, particularly her ties to former boyfriend/ husband Maher Ghawji, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a violent extremist Islamic group sworn to defend Islam with their blood. Rollins college had either not properly vetted her before offering her a teaching position or we can conclude they didn't care, particularly after her history with fanaticism was widely written about when the Polston story broke. In a report by Dr. Rich Swier, who uncovered a court deposition in a family court matter from 2004, Ghawji admits that he is an adherent to Wahhabi, a Saudi Arabian fanatical Islam group. Zufari, who was also named in the custody suit by Ghawji's former wife Rose, accused them both as acting in tandem to indoctrinate the pair's two sons to hate Jews and glorify suicide bombers. It is only due to the vigilant outcry from those of us who care about our nation and what

is being taught in our higher institutions of learning that Zufari was pressured to resign from her teaching position at Rollins. And let us not fail to praise this strong young man whoho stuck up for what he believed in and had the courage to call out a professor’s inappropriate behavior. We need more Marshall Polston's and less snowflakes. I am disappointed that Zufari remains at Valencia College as a professor, but our work here is not yet done. We must all continue to fight back against those seeking to impose sharia law and those college presidents who bend their knees to Islam, radical feminism, and political correctness. We have but one legacy to leave our children and grandchildren. How about we start by re-educating these students by teaching them civics and Western values rather than "Middle Eastern humanities." Time to eradicate this poison on our campuses. Reign well.



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A history professor at Fresno State University in California, Lars Maischak, has apologized again in April after a tweet he posted in February calling for President Donald Trump to hang himself to save American democracy. The professor said he had to flee Fresno on spring break following death threats he received and hundreds of hate emails since the tweet. Keep the heat on. Fascist, seditious professors who call for the assassination of our president should not be supported with federal dollars.

Kristin Gunckel, a lesbian professor at the University of Arizona and a researcher on science education, is making a case that students should be taught “queer theory” in elementary school. According to Gunckel, “queer theory” studies why heterosexuality is portrayed as the “only normal and natural form” for human beings. Maybe because gender and gender roles do actually have a biological epistemology, Gunckel. Not to mention humans must procreate to exist. Here's an idea, lay off the kindergartners and stop trying to sexually confuse innocent children. 8

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An elitist Yale professor, June Chu, has been put on leave and forced to and made to apologize after it was after it was discovered she left more that she had posted more than 10 Yelp reviews clearly showing her elitist ideals and racists attitude. She said a Japanese restaurant was perfect for “white trash” and “uneducated folks.” Though I believe the word police is dangerous to free speech, Chu epitomizes the elitist attitude of professors on university campuses and her scathing attitude toward those she believes are not in her class. Chu wrote: “I guess if you were a white person who has no clue what mochi is, this would be fine for you.” A Texas A&M racists professor, Tommy Curry, said “some white people may have to die” and that the movie made killing white people look fun, when in reality it should be part of a serious discussion. When is it ever okay for a professor to denigrate an entire race? When you’re a professor who teaches anti-colonial economic thought. Uh, huh. 9

HUMAN he search for the elixir of youth is nothing new, from Ponce de Leon to the modern day Borg Queen, man has always searched for ways to remain youthful and cheat death. But can scientists intervene with the natural process of aging and stop death it in its tracks? Many think it can, and much of today's research on longevity is based on the premise that there is a built-in mechanism programmed into our DNA that is responsible for aging. Finding the key to turn it off would be the holy grail of what scientists say is the cause of all human death—aging. Although there is no one theory to explain the mechanisms of age-related changes in the human body, the fields of artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and bioengineering are converging at a dizzying pace and offer the first real scientific promise of longevity. Advances in the human enhancement sciences are already growing replacement organs in petri dishes, utilizing therapeutic implants, and infusing the brain with a cocktail of stem cells and peptides in an effort to stimulate nerves. Researchers at Standford University's School of Medicine discovered that cord blood from babies contains an important protein that vanishes as humans age. It is believed this protein encourages neuroplasticity in the brain, and their research showed that when human cord blood was injected into elderly mice, the mice performed far better in learning and memory tests and even started nesting again. Scientists are also searching for methods to reverse cells to their embryonic stem cell stage by modifying human cells that have ceased their ability to divide into newer cells. More recent, researchers at Yale’s School of Medicine identified a hormone produced by the thymus gland that they say extends lifespan by up to 10




here is a huge sucking sound in America caused by the the number of young women pulled into the vortex of feminism and leaving behind a charred mental landscape for our children and our nation. Each day I am appalled and disgusted anew by modern women’s illegal, immoral, and criminal behavior. They are spiritually empty, hedonistic, vapid, and cruel. They are, quite simply, ugly. They are the army veteran who recently tied her own service dog to a tree and shot him while laughing as her boyfriend took video of the atrocity. They are the epidemic level married, teacher-mothers that appear almost daily in headlines across the country for having threesomes with underage boys. They are the reality star mothers parading around with their asses hanging out and sleeping in their own vomit while posting half naked photos on Instagram. I feel violated by their ugliness and cruelty and can't help but feel depressed about where all this is going. Our culture is bereft of any true feminism and I fear for the type of girls these millennial monsters are raising as well as what it is doing to our boys. Feminist shriek about wanting to be equal to men, but they have embraced the worst behavior typically found in men left to their own devices and dare anyone to challenge their bad choices because, hey, they're women. They have their girl power and they can do what they want. And so here we are. But there are serious consequences for what we have allowed to bake in our society. It is the leavened bread of pride, greed, vanity, selfishness, irresponsibility, and entitlement that has produced these women in our culture. These same women who are raising the next generation of our children and grandchildren. And frankly, they are pathetic. I don't want to be a part of a culture of women who spend their time getting manicures 12

and breast implants but don't know how to cook other than by pressing start on a microwave. Many of these women don't know how to sew on a button, point a country out on a map, grow their own food, or read a book to their child. They disparage men and moan about, "where are all the good guys,� but do nothing to make themselves marketable except dressing immodestly, cursing like sailors, and outdrinking their men. They have sex with multiple partners, bed hopping and making porno videos with their lovers as sport, but can't understand why they are so emotionally wrecked. They are full of anxiety and depression medications and are bitter and entitled. What exactly do these women think they are bringing to the table? Men—and women for that matter—crave beauty, and not just the Maybelline variety. Beauty embodies a serenity and a softness that answers the world's brevity and harshness with quiet dignity, resourcefulness, and an attitude of service towards others. Softness, kindness, and thoughtfulness are powerful attributes that serve our society and nurture our spirits, ourselves, and our families.

For too long, American women have embraced the most fundamental flaw of feminism, which tells us women and men are equal in all areas while ignoring biology and what the sexes naturally and collectively contribute to society. Today, the pendulum has swung so far that women not only aspire to be like men, they routinely disparage them as being useless, oppressive, and patriarchal. The paradox of their flawed thinking is appallingly stupid. Where would these women be without the roads, buildings, and power plants men have built? I can only take heart in the many young women I see fighting back against this theology of oppressing men and exhibiting true feminism. Outspoken young bloggers and You-tubers who are learning new "old" skills each day to better raise and nurture their families and who are proud of their roles as mothers and wives, working hard to raise productive, thinking, and moral children. These women who, despite the enormous peer pressure to bow to the feminist 13

religion, embrace supporting their husbands and their families through skill, diligence, and intelligence and reject the ugliness of today's vulgar pop music, piercings, green hair, and hedonist ideals. Everything about modern culture is as ugly as the twerking drama queens and desperate housewives we see everywhere in the media. And it is a religion. These radicalized women coming out of our universities are hard, crude, and completely misinformed. They routinely attack their peers who reject the idea that women in America today are oppressed and who are shamelessly stealing the future of our young men through entitlements, promoting rape culture where none exists, and sentencing both themselves and men to isolation and loneliness because young men don't want to date them. I am disgusted by the Lena Dunham's, child-raping teachers, and cruel women who identify as "bitches." It is time to take our society back. We can no longer afford to continue to weaken our Western culture. Our enemy is already seeking to devour us and is firmly seeded throughout our fruitful plains (and universities) waiting for just the right time to act. While these misguided and indoctrinated feminists believe the big bad wolf waiting outside the door to devour them is men, in truth it is Islam, which seeks to destroy and dominate them. And radical Islam is not going to respect them or protect them the way Western men do. So let's clean up the ugliness by boldly exposing the lie of feminism and racism that seeks to divide and conquer our sons and daughters. It is time to fight for our civilization, our families, and future generations.


Ugly hearts: This vet tied up her own service dog to a tree and shot it in cold blood while her boyfriend shot video of the incident. Both can be heard laughing in the footage. Bottom: A married teacher accused of sex with an underage boy. Her Facebook selfie speaks volumes about her heart.

QUEEN BEES amille Paglia is back better than ever calling out the lunacy of the alt-left, the hijacked feminist movement, and the attack on free speech on campus and in the media. Camille is a long-time lesbian professor who gets it right when it comes to snowflakes, safe spaces, gender bending, and man bashing. She’s a true queen bee in my eyes.

hite mother of six is called out by the media for a tweet challenging white women to have more white babies. The whacked out left lost their mind, kicking into high gear calling her a racist and trolling her but failed to humiliate or beat back this outspoken young mother who had the tenacity to speak fact when she pointed out that Western women are behind in the population game and denigrated black ghetto culture in America. The branded this mommy blogger as the, “hateful face of Mormonism’s alt-right.” Way to go girl! Catch her interview on Radio 314. 15

40 percent. Their findings reveal increased levels of the hormone FGF21, which protects the immune system against the ravages of age. Human hormones, particularly human growth hormones (HGH), has been widely used for more than a decade by aging Hollywood actors. HGH is said to reduce body fat and build lean muscle mass, smooth wrinkles, and boost libido. Nick Nolte and Oliver Stone have praised it, while Sylvester Stallone said, "everyone over 40" should try it. Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna are all rumored to have taken high HGH injections. The quest to stop the aging process is better funded and more popular than ever as scientists race to change man's final destination—death. Scientists in the fields of drug development, molecular biology, genetics, and computational biology are the hot growth areas now and in the foreseeable future, and the money chase is well underway for venture capitalists seeking to be the new vanguards. Unity Biotechnology, a San Francisco startup, recently raised $116 million from venture capitalists in its bid to find treatments for diseases that accompany aging. Google is a


major player in the longevity field and is already heavily invested in new industries through its various startups and company holdings, such as Verily and Calico Life Sciences, LLC (Calico), whose stated mission is to harness advanced technologies that control lifespan. An April press release announced a project with Jackson Laboratory, a nonprofit biomedical research institution, to collaborate on applying mouse genetics to study the genetics of health and aging in humans. And not surprising, Calico reserves the right to obtain exclusive rights to any discoveries made. reported that Also this month, the Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, confirmed that his new startup, Neuralink Corp., seeks to merge computers with brains so humans can engage in telepathy. Musk hopes that Neuralink will develop brain interfaces that would replace human language. Although Musk states his work benefits people with brain injuries, such as stroke survivors, according to the article, this isn't his ultimate ambition for the company. Musk has spoken out about the dangers of being left behind by the advancements being made in artificial intelligence. Musk states he wants Neuralink to operate wirelessly so it will have to find a way to convert brain signals to digital signals, and send huge amounts of data into and out of the brain. But what does all of this mean for the human experience? After all, what does it mean to be human? Is growing old a natural part of God's plan? Are humans wrong to want to stop aging with its accompanying diseases and fragility? The Old Testament contains 250 scriptures on old age and one consistent theme emerges as you study them—there is honor in the aging process. According to the Bible, growing old is normally accompanied by increased wisdom and experience. It can be argued that it isn't until the body begins to age, that people are reminded of their own mortality and physical and mental fragility. As the mature mind becomes trapped in an aging body, it begins to comprehend how short life is. People begin to ponder justice, purpose, and ultimately, what comes next. On our death beds, scientists have shown that we regret the relationships we invested in or not, not the titles, wealth, or accolades received from a lifetime of career achievements. “For the living know they will die; but the dead do not know anything, nor have they any longer a reward, for their memory is forgotten. Indeed their love, their hate and their zeal have



already perished, and they will no longer have a share in all that is done under the sun.… " (Eccl. 9:5) But proponents of longevity do not see the aging process as a blessing or as being inevitable. They are interested in preserving the human shells we live in and would argue that just because our biological clock may no longer be ticking, the human mind can continue to mature apart from biology. And it is hard to argue that this is an attractive idea. Youth would no longer be wasted on the young. If we are able to tamper with DNA and grow damaged organs and limbs, wouldn't this all benefit the human race? Would a parent of a child with a disease really not want to provide a cure? Unfortunately, as with any other great technological advancements, such as the world wide web, there is always a dark side to science and technology. As long as man remains captive to greed and sin, there will always be a danger in who controls the technology and for what purpose. One such movement is the transhumanism movement. And it is not as benign as its proponents and benefactors claim. Transhumanist believe that human beings will eventually be able to transform themselves into different beings with enhanced abilities so vastly different from their natural condition that they become posthuman., describes transhumanism theology this way: “Many transhumanists wish to follow life paths which would, sooner or later, require growing into posthuman persons: they yearn to reach intellectual heights as far above any current human genius as humans are above other primates; to be resistant to disease and impervious to aging; to have unlimited youth and vigor; to exercise control over their own desires, moods, and mental states; to be able to avoid feeling tired, hateful, or irritated about petty

things; to have an increased capacity for pleasure, love, artistic appreciation, and serenity; to experience novel states of consciousness that current human brains cannot access. It seems likely that the simple fact of living an indefinitely long, healthy, active life would take anyone to posthumanity if they went on accumulating memories, skills, and intelligence." Sounds like man before the fall and the promise made by Satan in the Garden, “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 'For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.'” (Gen. 3:4-5) But this one act of disobedience to God, sentenced the human race to death. For those who do not believe in Christianity, they perceive this death sentence as unjust and are hard at work to conquer aging and ultimately, death. There is already powerful political, grassroot groups hard at work to counter any ethical arguments against transhumanism. Groups such as the Methuselah Foundation and the Institute of Expotential Science are working to change public policy, building connections behind the scenes in business to deregulate research and advance the merger of human biology with AI. But ideas are not enough for this fledgling movement. Thus, the U.S. Transhumanism Party was born in 2014 as a political organization dedicated to putting science, health, and technology at the forefront of U.S. policies. Although other groups and advocates remain small, they are a well funded movement largely made up of rich Californians, technology geeks, and scientists. In October 2016, Zoltan Istvan, the founder of the Transhumanist Party, ran for president, but readily admits he did so only to draw attention to the movement. While well funded and sincere believers in transhumanism and enhanced biology are hard at work to set the table in government and science, as usual, the majority of the Christian community remains asleep, blithely unaware of government-

Jesus died for only one race–the human race.


funded studies in the fields of computer and life sciences. Revelation 9:6 warns, “During those days [the tribulation] people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.” Whether or not this scripture alludes to the posthuman creature being developed today and lauded by the transhumanist movement is unknown, but it certainly seems more plausible than ever before. Christians have an obligation to warn others of the dangers of no longer being genetically human. God tells us that it is appointed once for man to die, and afterwards is judgment. (Heb. 9:27) God does not desire us to be eternally separated from Him and to perpetually remain in the fallen state of sin. Jesus died for the human race, but he also rose from death. Jesus is not dead as non-Christians believe, but is alive and waiting the appointed time to come again, “I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.” (Rev. 1:18)


Christians believe that Jesus conquered death already, and He is the first human to also rise from death. Jesus already addressed the death of this shell of a body we pass through life in. In fact, the resurrection of a new body is central to the Christian doctrine: “When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come to pass: 'Death has been swallowed up in victory.' Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" (Rev. 15:54-55) It is an exciting new world out there, and I am hopeful that the leaps and bounds being made today in genetics, computing, biology, and science, will be used for the greater good, but I would caution all to examine the real motives behind the movement and to ponder the unbearable consequences if we get it wrong. Reign well.

CROWN JEWELS oy Villa, who attended the Grammy’s in her Make America Great dress was recently interviewed by Fox News. She said the red carpet moment was life-changing. Her three-year

old EP titled, , sold 15,000 copies in two days following her pro-Trump appearance and the support she received has been overwhelming. She still has her haters, but this young women stole the crown jewels in my opinion.




Royal Diadem Magazine June 2017