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Contents ON THE COVER: Graduation caps are tossed in the air as this year’s seniors prepare to leave Fairview behind. (PHOTO: BROWN).

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National Honor Society Selection Process Shifts By Teresa Prinster and Melissa Cuddington

The process for becoming a part of National Honor Society has shifted this year, making students more aware that they themselves can initiate the process of becoming a part of NHS. The primary purpose for shifting the process is to give every student who desires the opportunity to become a member of NHS both the knowledge and initiative to do so. Principal Don Stensrud has been in support of changing the selection process more transparent for one of the school’s largest organizations. “To have nominations you may not get noticed as much,” said Stensrud, “Nominations have missed many students.” Contrary to last year, starting spring of 2012, the process no longer starts with teacher nominations. Students now initiate the process themselves. Stensrud said, “every kid who meets the GPA is eligible for membership.” The required GPA is 3.75 weighted. In April, students submitted an information packet, in which they informed the NHS committee about themselves. Over the next few months, a group of faculty members will review the students’ paperwork. The entire staff will also add input. Following these steps, the NHS faculty council will make its selections. When explaining his process for nominating students for NHS in the past, IB science teacher Steven Wozniak said he looked for a “well rounded student who’s not only high performance academically, but someone who is also socially there, has concern for peers and works well with them.” He also said that not all teachers nominated students, and that the teachers who usually nominated students taught AP or IB classes, meaning that the nomination process might have missed some qualified students. The problem with previous years was just that: students were missed because they did not know that they could submit an information packet in order to be reviewed for selection without being nominated. However, with these shifts in the process being made, the fairview faculty hopes that more qualified students will be recognized.

Student Life: Artist

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2011 NHS induction ceremony ( from

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Longtime Legends Leave Fairview By NISSA GUNDERSEN, JJ EVANOFF, and JOSHUA McGARITY

Donated by Paul Boland

If you have ever spent any amount of time here at Fairview High School, it’s inevitable that you know, or have heard of, Jeff Carter and Paul Boland. These two sages have been passing on their wisdom to the world now for over 30 years, and sadly are finally retiring. They have seen thousands of students pass through these halls, and impacted the lives of so many individuals in countless ways. Anyone who has ever experienced either of them as a teacher will probably never forget them. They indubitably made an impact, in their own unique way, on the world of Fairview. Students and faculty members that were questioned on the subject always had something interesting to say about these two. According to Danny Shanahan, a junior in Dr. Carter’s U.S. history class, “He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and he has an iron will.” Students had a hard time summing up the two in just a short sentence or two. Both have huge amounts of history inside and outside of Fairview, and their careers here are impressive in their magnitude. “The great thing about him [Boland] was just the vast amount of cool stories, and funny tales he had to share,” Rafael Halvorssen, junior, said. “He has obviously experienced a lot in his life.”

Paul Boland Paul Boland, one of Fairview’s longest-standing teachers and arguably one of the most devoted, will undoubtedly be missed. Fairview’s principal Don Stensrud said, “Mr. Boland bleeds white and red. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to student activities. No matter the sporting event, you will see him there.” He coached several school sports in the past, including swimming, wrestling, and a tennis team that had many all-state players in the 80’s. Boland also taught a decent number pupils that have gone on to do ‘famous’ things, including Sheryl Lee, and the current manager for the St. Louis Cardinals, John Messelia. He is very proud about his past and he has every reason to be, seeing as he served his country in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. After all these years of commitment to his fellow citizens, it is about time he gets a break to enjoy himself, “As soon as I retire I’m thinking about going to Wimbleton or a tennis tournament... But I’m keeping my options open.” Boland disagrees with the new teaching policies implemented by the district. Boland said that he disagrees with the removal of lower-level math classes because it may hurt some of the students. It reduces the options for the challenged students, and dilutes the quality of the regular classes because they have to integrate the lower-level students with the regular level ones. Boland observed that “it seems we take really good care of our higher level students, but not the lower level ones.” After teaching for 32 years, Boland has seen the evolution of our education system first hand. Things have changed mostly for the better, he stated, though he does feel that kids today are too over-privileged, and that they don’t make use all of the opportunities as well as they should. He said that all of the new technology had a positive effect on the school, and is impressed with all of the new classes that are available to students.


Jeff Carter Dr. Carter is one of the most well known teachers in the school due to his eccentric teaching style. “If Dr. Carter likes you, then his class will be an amazing experience, but if not, you’re in for a wake up call,” said Ariana, a student who has had Dr. Carter two years straight. In liberal-leaning Boulder, Carter’s openly conservative opinions are invaluable in Fairview. His history classes are the most popular in the school, and most students love him. “History with Dr. Carter is one of the greatest learning experiences I've yet undergone in my schooling. You just get exposed to every angle of every issue.” Junior Keaton Brown said. “Its refreshing!” If you are to walk by room 640 during any time after second hour, you may hear some out of context shouts, or rantings on ‘progressive liberalism’, or both. However, you really must experience a year of class with him to fully understand what all the stories are about. His policies are strict, and like Boland, is not one to give retakes, but everything he does or says is backed by much reason, as well as two doctorate degrees. “Regardless of your opinion on his political views,” Stensrud said, “we are losing a great history mind. There is no doubt that he has forgotten more about history than most people will ever learn.”

The two of them immediately struck up a companionship after meeting back in 1991. According to Boland, one of Dr. Carter’s classes stepped in to watch one of his famous Vietnam slide presentations. They soon realized how much they had in common, and maintained a good relationship ever since. The pair often adventure off to lunch together, and are both rather infamous for their ability to consume inhuman amounts of food. Mr. Boland commented that “the only thing we ever clash on is where to go eat lunch.” Even though they come from completely different angles politically, that never came between them. Both of them attended Boulder High School way back in the day, and today both have houses in Louisville, a suburb of Boulder. Needless to say, these two have a long history together and are both going out on top. Love them or hate them, Jeff Carter and Paul Boland are two people who undeniably helped make Fairview what it is today. For over 30 years they’ve been committed to teaching kids and supporting Fairview in everything it does. No wonder why it’s such a big deal to the school that they’re both retiring this year. Fairview is going to be losing a lot with the parting of this dynamic duo. Fairview will lose not just great minds, but great personalities who made an impression on countless students who enjoyed the experience of being taught by them.

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As a sophomore (and almost junior) in high school, I just began considering my plans for the future and life after high school, whether that includes going to college, traveling, interning, or simply searching for a job. Many sophomores already began visiting colleges and most plan to visit schools over summer vacation. It’s easy to understand why underclassmen begin thinking about college so proactively: the more planning the better, right? Not necessarily. It’s widely known that Fairview is an extremely competitive school full of intelligent, talented, and high-achieving kids. This bubble of achievement in which we learn drives students to ridiculous lengths all for the sake of getting into exclusive colleges. Fairview students convince themselves that if they do not take every advanced class offered, participate in every single extracurricular, and tour every Ivy League in the country, then they will not get into college. Even more so, they convince themselves that as long as they do everything “right” they are sure to get into an Ivy League school. But what are the real benefits of students over-committing and drowning themselves in loads of work while still only in high school? Is it worth sacrificing the fun that should be at the core of the high school experience just for a chance at being accepted into an exclusive college? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a high achieving student myself. I have a hard time settling for grades lower than an A, I take many advanced classes and I have hopes of going to a good college just like many other students. But, I work to achieve A’s in the classes that I am in because I want to take them and find the subject interesting. I take advanced classes that I can excel in without spending every hour of the day swimming in overwhelming material. Although I consider what colleges will think about the classes I’m taking and the grades I receive, I ultimately take the classes that I’m passionate about because in the end, it’s my high school experience. Some students don’t take electives they’re interested in just because they don’t think they will look impressive to colleges. Others join a multitude of clubs and extracurriculars that they dislike and complain about constantly just because the activities will look good on a college resume. Instead of joining activities that they think college admissions officers will love, teenagers should get involved in the activities they love. In addition, lots of students spend endless hours volunteering in the community just to improve their chances of getting into selective colleges. But, instead of doing mindless volunteer work for the sake of collecting hours, students should get involved with organizations they have real passion for, and not just to embellish their resumes. Let’s not forget that the real meaning of volunteering is doing something for others without a consideration for oneself. I’m not saying students should ignore their school work, slack on core classes, and stop volunteering just to do what they feel like doing. Instead, they need to reevaluate the motives behind the activities they involve themselves with. Contrary to the belief of many teenagers, there IS a way to balance the things they love with achievment at a high level. It’s imperative that students enjoy themselves in the present instead of constantly worrying about the future. People who are always focused on what is to come will never really live in the moment and enjoy where they are. For now, they justify their preoccupation with the future by saying they just need to get into a good college, but once they get into the college of their choice, they will then be concerned about getting the perfect job, and then about getting a promotion and meeting their ideal spouse and buying a gorgeous house and raising angelic children. They will never truly enjoy where they are in their lives. Of course I’m not condemning planning for the future or looking forward to what’s in store, but there needs to be a balance between living in reality and living in fantasies of the future. By getting involved with the things they love and showing their true passions, students will show their individual interests and set themselves apart from other students in the college admissions process. Isn’t individuality just as important as the grades students earn and the volunteer hours they’ve logged? So Fairview students, don’t stop reaching for the stars by any means, but remember to enjoy the beautiful view down here on the ground.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Life Without Liberty: An Incarceration Nation By Josh Brown

America: the home of the free and the land of the brave. While the latter may be true, the patriot in all of us must question whether or not America really is the “home of the free.” The 2.4 million prisoners in the U.S. may argue differently on the matter. To say that America has an issue of overcrowding jails may be a dramatic understatement. In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court deemed California prisons overpopulated. They labeled this overcrowding a cruel and unusual punishment. In effect, the prison population was cut by 30%. However, this is a small impact considering the United States accounts for a mere 5% of the world’s population, but has a prison population that amasses 25% of the world’s prisoners. Because of this, director of the VERA Institute of Justice, Michael Jacobson, discerned that the United States has the most amount of prisoners incarcerated in the world. In a CBS interview on the news program Sunday Morning, Jacobson stated that the government has spent $47,421 in tax dollars per inmate per year. In further research, Jacobson found that in Kentucky, New York, and Washington State, the amount of tax dollars per inmate per year exceeded $50 thousand a year. It is estimated by the Bureau of Justice Statistics that the U.S. spends $65.4 billion (per year) of taxpayer money to national prisons. The Bureau of Justice Statistics also discerned that the crime rate in the U.S. dropped by 40% in the last 20 years. If the crime rate decreased by almost half, then why is there an upsloping trend in the number of prisoners in the U.S? Bryan Stevenson, executive director of nonprofit Equal Justice Initiative & professor at New York University Law School, has an answer. Stevenson attributes the increasing number of incarcerations in the U.S. to race and the war on drugs. In 1970, Nixon addressed the war on drugs when he said “We must launch an all out offensive.” In 1971, the first year of increased force against drug use, more than 40,000 people became incarcerated. Now, that number has grown to be more than half a million. Stevenson makes the claim that race is contributing to mass incarceration. According to Stevenson, although drug use is between whites and blacks, 3 out of 4 convicted and incarcerated dealers and or drug abusers are African American. In an interview, Stevenson said that “Drug use is not unique to black communities. It is also prevalent in white communities and affluent communities. We prosecute differently.” Stevenson also advocates for children tried as adults, and as a result, are incarcerated for life. In a Supreme Court case, Stevenson pleaded on the matter of child sentencing for heinous crimes. His case lies in the belief that even in trials of murder, it is cruel and unusual punishment for a child to be sentenced to die in prison. According to the Equal Justice Initiative website, more than 70 kids ages 13 and 14 are serving lifetime sentences, which prohibit any form of parole or guided integration back into society. Of those sentenced to a life behind bars, two thirds are African American. Stevenson’s theory suggests there is a direct relationship between socioeconomic status, available education, and incarceration. A large contributor towards the overwhelming prison population is the disparity between socioeconomic classes. Those who observe a higher standard of living also enjoy the privileges of higher level education. This is because of the idea that money follows money. More government money-at the State and Federal level- is allotted to schools that have higher test scores and perform better in academia. Because of this, a school that may not be able to offer advanced classes, quality textbooks, abundance of student resources and programs, and efficient educators, is much more likely to have students that achieve at lower levels. This, then, attributes to lower test scores and less funding for teacher budgets, resources and materials, and afterschool programs. To this effect, schools that are inadequate or ill-equipped are likely to produce students with less incentive to complete their high school education. This, in turn, contributes to a higher level of youth that are less skilled and more likely to commit a crime. In Fairview, resources such as textbooks, college advising, counseling, student programs, and advanced classes, are in great abundance. Levels of crime and drug abuse are extremely low in comparison to other schools in the state. It is important to recognize and be aware of the inverse relationship between academic achievement and incarceration. As Horace Mann said, “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.”

Why Fairview Rocks! Why Fairview Rocks! By Miah Yager

Fairview is a legacy of very talented, smart, and opinionated teens who can change lives for the better. As a student body here at Fairview High School we have endless fun and exciting adventures that will blow your mind. We take good risks and we try to imagine a place where everyone can be a star. Here at Fairview, you can create your masterpiece and see a different side of yourself. Fairview has been through many ups and downs, but in the end, it is us who created Fairview. I’ve asked some people to talk about why Fairview rocks so here are some viewpoints on the topic: Josh Brown stated that “Fairview is a place of inspiration, encouragement, community, and creativity all throughout this school.” Then there’s Sharone Goldman who said that

Fairview has so many great people, and there’s so many opportunities that she feels supported. Lots of people have some teachers who inspired them to feel that they could do anything and learn something in the classroom too. Katie Steen said that Mr. Guthrie (the Physics teacher) has great enthusiasm of his subject, and a very good understanding of his student’s needs. Some people take many core classes, but sometimes they wish to fulfill other classes like IB Film Lit, Sociology, Earth Space, Geo, Fine Arts, and Mathematics. Many people have different viewpoints on each department here at Fairview. Eli Boonin-Vail stated that as a staff of The Royal Banner we are very encouraging, and we really support the student body. Eli

Boonin-Vail also said that the administration treats kids with respect and admiration all the time. The reason why Fairview rocks to me is that Fairview makes me happy, and because I see my friends every day living in a place where dreams happen. I’m glad that I'm a senior here in Fairview because I feel amazed every day. I know that I did so many things to help out this school, but I just want to see the student body happy. I know that school is finally coming to the end, but I will always remember those moments where we first met. You make me believe that I can do anything as well as the way I inspire people.

Royal Banner Friday, May 18, 2012


Student Life

Helpful Hints to get you Through Highschool By Megan DeBruyn, Paige Reisman, and Kerry Martin High school is hard: you’re expected to choose your future before you can drive and the pressure is a lot to ask from a teenager. However, if you do it right, it should be the time of your life. There are certain things that you don’t want to learn the hard way, so accept advice from those who have already lived through the stress, the fun times, the mistakes, the drama, the rumors and the years that may turn out to be ones to remember (unlike middle school).

Juniors: For the first week or so of the next school year, y’all are gonna want to park on the right side of Greenbriar. But if you go up to a side street and flip around, there is usually a lot more space on the left side of the road. But once the rest of the incoming juniors realize they could be parking much closer, they will, so nab the good spots while you still can. Keep breathing. This year is tough, your classes count and you’re going to take tests that will decide your future. All you need to do is time manage, ask for help, and stay focused. Don’t give up until you finish your last final. How many times do we need to go over this...don’t park in the senior lot! Junior year is the year where friend groups come together, be open to meeting new people, even sophomores (they’re cool now that they’re not freshmen). Believe me, it’s as hard as they say it is. Stay focused because this year matters the most to colleges.

Sophomores: Learn how to take the bus from Fairview to your house. Although it may seem “lame”, the bus looks like a pretty good option when you’re stranded at school after volleyball practice with no ride home. Don’t lean on the bathroom counters. You will stand up and be soaking wet. Make yourself known to your teachers so you can get recommendation letters junior/senior year. Join new clubs Start getting prepared for all the standardized testing next year, Make a study group! Don’t make it a big deal, it’s easy. Don’t complain about feeling like you have senioritis. You aren’t even halfway done, so suck it up. Get your health credits out of the way this year. You don’t want to be that senior that is stuck in summer school after graduation because you didn’t take health.

Seniors: For your senior year you should start to planning more often in your planner , because you have so many obligations coming up. You have graduation parties coming up, and you have more after school activities to enjoy. Even though you have less homework than usual you should put 100% into everything you do. Planning may be hard, but you still have endless opportunities ahead. Dont ditch class. BYOT (Bring your own tissues, the school has none) Don’t worry if you don’t end up getting a locker on the balcony because you’ll spend a lot of time there anyway (hanging out in the lounge, socializing with the seniors, etc.). Plus a locker in the choir hall means you get to make eye contact with that cute blonde every day before he goes off to weight lifting class.


Goodbye, Seniors! An In-Depth Special Report on the Graduating Class of 2012

Royal Banner Friday, May 18, 2012

2a Piper Salvator Outgoing Staff Reforter Besides a few days here and there, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Fairview High School. I can’t even remember parts of freshman year, it was so long ago, and I was so young. But I know how much I have grown over these four years. I am ready to move on and enter the real world..maybe...hopefully...we’ll see. Bye Alex Flynn and goodbye Fairview. It’s been real.

In-Depth Eli Boonin-Vail Outgoing Editor-in-Chief The utter satisfaction I receive from the knowledge that I will no longer be in high school is so great that it makes the bitterness of becoming a freshman once more almost palatable. With my last few words in this publication, I’d like to acknowledge that Fairview High School has an incredibly supportive teaching staff and administration and that all my friends are less cool than I.

Miah Yager Outgoing In-Depth Section Editor In the last four years at Fairview I’ve made the most wonderful, and talented friends that I will ever have in my life. Being a senior could be challenging in some ways like breakups, to huge drama in your social circle. I will miss all of you because you make me happy.

Pathways of a FHS Graduate

“Life is a process, not a destination.” -Augustus Barnes

COLLEGE Ahhhhh, college. How better to follow up four painful, exhausting years of school than two to four more years of even harder school?? But seriously, people, college is supposed to be pretty chill. You’re independent, but you still get things like a guaranteed roof over your head and food. And the whole continuing education deal is pretty great for your future career options.


“Ultimately, it’s all on you.” -Carson Kahn

If you choose this option, I have nothing but respect for you. Going into the military requires discipline, determination, and courage. Whether you plan on making it a career, or just staying in long enough to be eligible for the GI Bill, props to you, and, as cheesy as it sounds, thank you in advance for your service.


“I’m so excited to start a new chapter in my life.” -Hannah Garelick

Maybe high school got to be a little much for you. Maybe you want to take a break, get some R&R, and recharge before heading off to college. Maybe you want a chance to learn to cook, or train for eight bajillion triathlons, or have a year long movie marathon. So you take a gap year. This post-graduate option allows you to do things you wouldn’t have a chance to do if you continued directly to higher education, without putting off college into your twenties.

“I’m going to be an auror.” -Melanie Schafer

“It’s high school, stop taking everybody so seriously.” -Hailey Scholla


“Follow your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you have to take the long road to make them come true.” -Ana GonzalezDorta

TRAVEL ABROAD Carpe diem! You’re young, probably pretty attractive, and the world is your oyster. Go forth, graduates, and visit those places you’ve always wanted to see. You could volunteer in impoverished communities, backpack American mountain ranges, immerse yourself in a different culture, go hostel to hostel in Europe... anything, as long as you’ve got a little money, some sensible shoes, and a serious love of adventure.

“Do college stuff before senior year.” -Kristen Witt


There is nothing wrong with getting a job right out of high school, and if you can find a decent one in today’s economy, more power to you. If you aren’t a school person, or you can’t pay for school without some more cash in your pocket, or you have a great job option, or you just aren’t sure about college, making some money is always a good thing.

Photo Credit to Ella Jenak Cover Photo Credit to: Aysha Kazziha, Ella Jenak, JJ Evanoff Nissa Gunderson, , EliseMaclean and Haasini Ravisankar

Royal Banner Friday, May 18, 2012



Featured Seniors College Abroad By RACHEL JOYCE

Next year, graduating senior Oliver Gerland will be attending Franklin College, a small diverse college in Lugano, Switzerland, which is about 20 miles from Milan, Italy. Although he has never traveled to Switzerland before, Gerland says that he knew instantly that it was where he wanted to spend the next four years. “I knew this was where I wanted to go because getting a job after college will be easier with all those European business connections,” says Gerland. “I’ll be majoring in international management with an emphasis in marketing, and I’ll have to take several different language classes.” As one of the most diverse colleges in the world, students must take 2 languages and every semester all the students are required to go on a 2 week academic travel to another country to study art or economics, the culture there. Gerland will be taking both French and Spanish and plans to learn Italian by ear. He will be one of several students from Colorado attending Franklin College, but will be living mostly among students from all over the world. The entire student body is made up of about 500 students. “I lived in England for 14 months and I’ve traveled all around Europe,” explains Gerland. “So I’m no stranger to being away from home and being surrounded by different cultures. It costs about $1,500 to fly home so I will probably only come home once during the school year.” Although it will be a huge chance from his life at Fairview, Gerland is ready for the change and is super pumped for his “sick, European adventure.”

Entrepreneurship By KERRY MARTIN

Next year, Gus Barnes, senior at Fairview High School, will be attending CU Boulder in pursuit of a computer science degree. Gus is currently enrolled in the Arts and Sciences school at the University of Colorado, but hopes to transfer into the Engineering school to become more involved in his programming and computer interests. He is currently involved in two projects that he will continue throughout his college years, both of which involve internet websites. Along with Daniel Velasco (also a senior at Fairview High school) and Daniel’s father, Gus is working on a site called that sells time shares and properties. He hopes that his college degree will help him become more involved in the website. Gus is also working on another website project with a Junior at CU named Kashal to create a website that is a competitor to Pinterest. Gus will begin working on the project over the summer and continue throughout his years at CU. He is unsure of his activities outside of these 2 projects, but nevertheless is excited about his future to come. Sam Rock Outgoing Entertainment Section Editor WOW GUYS. HIGH SCHOOL WAS GREAT. 5 STARS!!! The most profound thing I have to say about the last four years is this: the unnatural existence of a high schooler is analogous to a greased-up watermelon being thrown at a Civic. It’s awkward, sticky, and hard to understand. Profundity aside though, my experience wasn’t all bad. I’ve built some great memories during my time here. Fairview is a pretty cool place to grow.

Joining the Airforce By RACHEL JOYCE

Senior Adam Mardick plans to join the Air Force next year after graduating. In July, Mardick will travel to Mississippi/Texas to train and study avionics. After his year of training down south, Mardick will attend college on an ROTC scholarship “I will take a gap year for training and then I’ll go to college for all four years unless I am deployed” explains Mardick. “I’ll be studying avionics for a C-130 and major to become a professional flight officer.” After college, he plans to become an Air Force officer for 20 years. As an officer he will have many duties aside from actually flying planes, but he plans to continue flying both as a career and for pleasure. Mardick is currently very close to earning his pilot’s license and takes classes in aviation at McAir Aviation flight school in Jefferson County. “I fly every other day” says Mardick. “If it wasn’t so expensive I would have gotten it sooner. But I love planes and once I have my license, I plan to continue flying for a very long time.”

Travel Abroad By KERRY MARTIN

While the majority of students choose to pursue education directly after high school, Senior Annie Casey has another option in mind. “I will be taking a year off and traveling to Guatemala in the fall to work with an organization that focuses on women’s rights and the access to education.” Casey will be traveling to Central America in order to volunteer and gain experience in a setting other than the classroom. She will be staying with a local family while on her trip, and also has plans to volunteer in an animal sanctuary. After her time in Guatemala, Casey will travel to Northern India with her friend and fellow senior, Ayana Ottoman. The two hope to visit and stay in the area where the Dalai Lama lives, spending their days meditating and learning. The girls will be traveling on their own, and although they are nervous for their trip and worry about catching infectious diseases, they are extremely excited. But planning the trip hasn’t been easy. Casey has been saving up for next year for quite some time, and plans to spend the entire summer working and earning money for her gap-year. “Right now, I work about 25 hours a week, and I plan to work full time this summer.” Casey will spend roughly 3 months in both Guatemala and India, and after she returns she hopes to attend college at CU-Boulder.

Caroline Kruger Outgoing In-Depth Section Editor It has been four years since I started my journalism career. I have had such great memories in this class that I will never forget. Although I am not planning on going into Journalism in my future, this class has taught me so much. One of the things I have learned throughout my four years in Journalism is to not take anything for granted. I will never forget my Journalism experience, and I am glad to say I have been a staff reporter/editor for my whole four years at Fairview.

Matt Sparkman Outgoing Co Wed Editor-in-Chief My Top Tweets According to - BADASS ALERT: Just checked the root beer, diet, cola AND other bubbles on my soda top. - Why does Bon Jovi need a tribute? He already owns an Arena football team. - It’s so brave that Rick Santorum is running for president after playing Sam the Eagle on “The Muppets”. - Guys literally all life makes sense, Linkin Park likes the Lakers. Eat it existentialists.

Photo Credit to Oliver Gerland and Rachel Joyce.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Caleb Pykkonen Outgoing Staff Reporter Whaddup Fairview it’s been real I really lyked the time I was here it was awesome I hope you all have a gr8 time without me go vote for a good President or something if you can maybe I’ll see you guys around cause I’ll probably be around also I think I am the second coming of Ron Paul cause I’m gonna be a doctor. Keep it real see ya later.

Alec Pronk Outgoing Web Co Editor-inChief Fairview has changed everything about me. It molded me into a cross between Rosie O’Donnell, Yoda, and Brian Scalabrine. I now have the skill set of a unicorn/squirrel. I attribute all of my success to my favorite teachers Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and R. Kelly. Once I had a dream and Herman Cain gave me the power to move beef jerky with only my mind.

Matt Johnson Outgoing Sports Section Editor With my time as RB Sports Editor wrapped up, I reflect on my luck. I remember when I was just a lost freshman, disillusioned with student council and searching for an elective that could really capture my interest. Luckily enough, I found that elective sophomore year. After writing my first attempt at a sports story, after writing a story with (gasp!) real quotes, after writing my first story for pay, and after writing my largest feature story, I realize that my high school relationship with sports journalism is--I hope--just a beginning.

Colorado Mesa College- 2

Colorado Mesa College- 2

CU Boulder- 101 CU Denver- 5

Metro State- 4

Massachusets- 7

University of Denver- 5

Vermont- 2

Washington -11

New Jersey- 2

Montana -5

West Virginia- 1

Oregon-4 Wyoming -3

New Hampshire -1



New York -10

Michigan -5

Iowa- 1



Friday, May 18, 2012

Where Are They Headed? : Map of Senior College Destinations

CO Mountian College- 1

Jakob Olsen Outgoing Staff Reporter I was only on the Royal Banner staff for a year, but I can say that I have definitely enjoyed my time on the staff. I’ve been able to meet people I haven’t talked to before and also had a chance to get to know others. I was really impressed how well this paper was run considering how it was mainly run by the students. I thank Doc Z for the opportunity she gave me to let me come onto the staff.

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Pennsylvania-5 Illinois-4

Utah- 2

Indiana -2

Rhode Island-3



Virgina- 2

Conneticut- 1

Leo Leong Outgoing News Section Editor I want to thank the Royal Banner for giving me the opportunity to be an editor this year. I hope the Royal Banner will continue to do well in the future and be the best school newspaper in state. In addition, I want to thank all the teachers that I had at Fairview for helping me with my academics and being a great great model. Lastly, I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me throughout the

Josh Brown Outgoing Photo Editor What a ride it has been. I love this school! As of May 20th, I will join my five siblings in becoming part of the Fairview Knight Alumni community. I have enjoyed every conversation, event, and activity held within the great walls of the Castle. I will miss all my friends and teachers, but am excited for life after high school. Thank you for two very memorable years.

Misouri- 3 Arizona- 11

North Carolina-5

Tennesee- 1


University of Northern Colorado- 3

South Carolina-2 Georgia- 1


Louisiana- 4

Florida- 5

Maryland- 4

District of Columbia-7

Hawai- 2

Colorado School of Mines-5 Colorado Christian University- 1


Front Range Community College-1

Lewis College- 6 Colorado State University- 26

Photo Credit to Wikimedia Commons

Jordan Myers Outgoing Staff Reporter Well Fairview, its been a ride. I’ve had a good four years here, however I can’t say that I will miss it. I won’t miss the overloads of homework, the classrooms that have no windows, the overconfident freshmen or parking along the side streets. I will not miss the overcrowdedness in the hallways, the early starts in the morning, the disgusting bathrooms or the stress level you gave me every year. Thanks for the memories Fairview.

Katie Steen Outgoing Staff Reporter Enjoy where you are while you are there. That is possibly the single best piece of advice I’ve received during all four years of highschool, and if you are actually reading this, I would suggest you consider it. I feel so incredibly blessed to have gone to a school with such intellectual, diverse, and self-motivated people. Thanks y’all.

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FAIRVIEW’S GRADUATES: WHERE THEY’RE HEADED Abbott, Jeffrey - The Art Institute Acosta,Claudia - Unknown Adams, Bailey - American University Adhikari, Sandeep - CU Boulder Albin, Austin - University of Hawaii at Manoa Anderson, Aaron - Purdue University Anderson, James - Colorado State University Anderson, Jennifer - Franklin W. Olm College Anderson, John - CU Boulder Anton, Joel - Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo Arehart, Joseph - CU Boulder Arndt, Laura - CU Boulder Atallah, Ryan - Stanford University Auger-Larsen, Isabella - Unknown Ayde, Madison - Colorado Mountain College at Steamboat Baines, Kelly - CU Boulder Ball, Monica - Metro State College, Denver, Honors Barnes, Augustus - CU Boulder Bartholomew, Michael - CU Boulder Basta, Jelena - Undecided Baughn, Kendra - CU Boulder Baumgartner, David - Unknown Beck, Rachel - Gap Year Bedell, Andrew - Colorado State University Belensky, Iris - University of Denver Belford, Adam - University of Northern Colorado Bennett, Andrew - CU Boulder Bennett, Jeffrey - Colorado State University Bensreiti, Eman - CU Boulder Berens, Mitchel - CU Boulder Bhandari, Garima - CU Boulder Bhandary, Ushma - CU Boulder Bialek, Caela - Palhousie University Bialick, Ethan - University of Southern California Biringen, Erin - Barnard College Black, Alexander - University of Washington Blair, Jordan - San Diego City College Boonin-Vail, Eli - Brandeis University Bouricius, Benjamin - Ithaca College Brachvogel, Alexa - University of San Diego Bradley, Clare - Colorado State University Brandorff, Emily - University of Denver Brice, Kaelie - CU Boulder Briggs, Morgan - Unknown Broaddus, James - Unknown Brown, Colin - Pomona College Brown, Jay - CU Boulder Brown, Joshua - University of Arizona Bulow, Benjamin - University of Denver Burke, Shannon - Carnegie Mellon University Butterfield, Mason - Unknown Cai, Alex- Unknown Campbell, Christopher - Front Range Community College Caraway, Daria - University of Southern California Carleton,Alexandra - Lewis and Clark College Carrasco-Wyant, Carly - CU Boulder/University of Vienna Casey, Anne - Gap Year Castaneda Lopez, Christian - Unknown Chaker, Ala'a - American University Chase, Eleana - Gap Year Chen, Cissy - Princeton University Childs, George - Louisiana Tech Chipman, Walker - Gap Year Christoff, Nicholas - Undecided Cifelli, Marina - Colorado State University Cobb, Andrew - University of Wyoming Coburn, Charlotte - Oregon State University Cohen, Leah - CU Boulder Combs, Joseph - University of Miami-FL Conklin, Jessica - University of Oregon Connor, Spencer - Colorado School of Mines Conway, William - M.I.T Crawford, Zachary- Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo Crouch, Elizabeth - Undecided

Crouch, Kory - Louisiana State University Crowder, Hollis - University of Portland Cutting, Sarah - University of British ColumbiaOkanagan D'Amico, Julia -American University Davenport, Shelby - Grove City College Davis, Nicole - University of Wyoming Davis, Timothy - CU Boulder De Voto Noonan, Brannan - CU Boulder Dean, Catherine - Calvin College Decker, Sara - Santa Barbara City College deCurnou, Rachel - Northern Arizona University Delaware, Prescott - Colorado State University Delger, Tuvshinbayar - Unknown Demos, Alexi - Fort Lewis College Denkinger, Nicole - University of Hawaii at Monoa DeSantis,Rocco - Garden City Community College Diamond, David - Unknown Dichiaro, Andrew - Fort Lewis College Dickerson, Jacob - CU Boulder Dilz, Kelsey - University of Denver Dotter, Kristen - Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo Doyle, Michael - CU Boulder Dreher, Paul - Unknown Drew, Alex - Unknown Duffy, Ryan - University of Maryland- College Park Durkee, Adam - Gap Year Edelman, Nicole - CU Boulder Elmore, Sofia - CU Denver Engelhardt, Brian - Baylor University Englund,Teresa - Wake Forest University Erhardt, Mara - University of Arizona Erickson, Scott - University of British Columbia Fano, Lindsey - John Carroll University Farmer, Caroline - University of Arizona Farone-Collins, Gibson - Pomona College Fay, Ryan - Gap Year Fear, Olivia - Costal Carolina University Fields, Benjamin - Unknown Fisher, Tess - Unknown Fosse, Kourtney - University of Wisconsin-Madison Frazier, Ryan - CU Boulder Fu, Karen - University of Rochester Gallotte, Alyssa - CU Boulder Gallup, Dana - CU Boulder Gamble, Berkley - University of Washington Garelick, Hannah - CU Boulder Garthwaite, Kain - CU Boulder Gasta, Jeremy - Colorado State University Gebhart, Cady - Oregon State University Gerland, Oliver - Franklin College Switzerland Ghosh, Sonia - UC Los Angeles Gibert, Sophia - UC Los Angeles Ginley-Hidinger, - MatthewOccidental College Gleason, Catlin - Colorado State University Glover, Lauren - Kenyon College Gonzalez, Dorta Ana - Undecided Goyal, Vidushi - Berklee College of Music Grainger,Clara - CU Boulder Greeff, Regan - University of British Columbia Greer, Derek - Colorado School of Mines Griffey, Emma - CU Boulder Gronseth, Katherine - University of WisconsinMadison Guay, Meredith - CU Boulder Guderian, Erin - University of South Carolina Guilinger, Ann - RIT Halpern, Daniel - CU Boulder Harman, Madison - Colorado State University Harris, Alan - CU Boulder Harrison, Signe - College of Charleston Hauptman, Eric - CU Boulder Haveman, Anne - CU Boulder Hearty, Amanda - University of Tampa Henderson, Chad - University of Wyoming Henderson, Krista - Colorado State University Herbstreit, Devin - CU Boulder

Hernden, Kyle - University of Miami-FL Hidalgo-Cuellar, Gerardo - CU Boulder Higgins, Meghan - Colorado State University Hillson, Sarah - Unknown Hobbs, Sawyer - Fort Lewis College Hodge, Johanna - Colorado State University Hogan, Paris - CU Boulder Holmes, Maia - Colorado State University Honeyman, Alex - Whitman Hoskins, Emily - Tulane University Hou, Esther - CU Boulder Howard, Christina - CU Boulder Huebler, Nikolas - CU Boulder Huffman, Jessica - CU Boulder Hyde, Hannah - Western Washington University Irwin, Rose - University of Puget Sound Iyigun, Erin - Brown University Jacobs, Zachary - Unknown Jauhiainen, Nikolai - Fort Lewis College Jeanette, Clayton - University of Arizona Jeffords, Kelsie - UC Santa Barbara Jenkins, Oliver - Colorado State University Jeong, Yu Sung - CU Boulder Jiang, Siran - Columbia University Johanos, Regina - University of Oregon Johnson, Mackenzie - CU Boulder Johnson, Matthew - Gonzaga University Joyce, Rachel - UC Santa Barbara Kaboth, Patrick - University of Arizona Kaempfen, Ricardo - Colorado State University Kahn, Braxton - CU Boulder Kahn, Carson - Gap Year Kantha, Roshan - CU Boulder Karami, Angela - Unknown Karki, Seena - Unknown Karman, Michael - Colorado School of Mines Karpel, Hannah - Stanford University Keefer, Jared - Musicians Institute Kennedy, Cody - Metro State University Kennedy, Kyle - CU Boulder Kennedy, Troy - CU Boulder Killeen, Holden - CU Boulder Killian, Caleb - Montana State University Klein, Serena - Johns Hopkins University Kotary, Rachel - Unknown Kruger, Caroline - Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo Krumel, Gregory - University of Utah Kumar, Roshan - University of Illinois at Champaign Kumar Rao, Karun - Case Western Reserve University Laber, Brendan - Flight School Lai, Minhchau - CU Boulder Lamichhane, Rasmi - Unknown Lamsal, Anisha - CU Boulder Lavelle, Shannon - Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo LaVine, Kendall - University of West Virginia LaVolpe, Vincent - Unknown Lawrence, Carlos - Unknown Lawton, Genevieve - Ringling College of Arts and Design Lazaroff, Emma - Duke University Leben, Markus - CU Boulder Ledru, Nicolas - Brown University Lee, Stephanie - CU Boulder Leeburg, Brian - UC San Diego Lemus Hernandez, Rolando-Unknown Leong, Leo - CU Denver Lepercq, Claire - CU Boulder Levertova, Yuliya - CU Boulder Levine, Dustin - CU Boulder Li, Monica - Caltech Lin, Caijuan - Unknown Logan, Endesha - Sarah Lawrence College Lohndorf, Kevin - Colorado State University Long, Connor - University of Colorado Christian Longstaff, Hannah - American University Photo Credit to Josh Brown

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FAIRVIEW’S GRADUATES: WHERE THEY’RE HEADED Lorentzen, Jacob - Colorado State UniversityPueblo Loza, Amirah - CU Boulder Lu, Amy - New York University in Shanghai Lugbill, Alex - Gap Year Lukasik, Adam - California College of the Arts Lutz, Nicholas - Unknown Ma, Lorna - Colorado State University Machalek, Derek - CU Boulder Machalek, Nikola - CU Boulder Mack, Chantal - Gap Year Madden, Jackson - University of Pennsylvania Mahan, Amanda - Colorado Mesa University Mahlouji , Bijan - Grand Canyon University Makarenko, Mariya - CU Denver Maksimovic, Nikola - CU Boulder Mandel, Alan - Unknown Mardick, Adam - U.S. Airforce Margoles, Bram - University of Michigan- Ann Arbor Martin, Gwen - Johns Hopkins University Martin, Kerry - University of Michigan Martins, Julia - American University Matsumura, Danielle - Unknown Matthew, Marion - Duke University McClain, Kathryn - UC Berkeley McClellan, Kevin - Western Washington University McDermott, Ivy - CU Boulder McGill, Charles - London School of Fashion McGraw, Chelsea - UC Santa Barbara McGraw , Colin - Washington State University McGraw , Conner - Glendale Community College McKee-Gresham, Rhiannon - Colorado State University McKeever, James - Brigham Young University McLeod, Connor - Unknown McNellan, Emily - Regis University McPherson, Jennifer - Indiana University McVenes, Michael - Northern Arizona University Megory-Cohen, Naomi - CU Boulder Mendiola, Gustavo - Unknown Meyer, Benjamin - Colorado School of Mines Meyer, Madison - CU Boulder Mika, Melissa - Iowa State University Miller, Abigail - Colorado State University Miller, Samuel - Tulane University Mink, Alexis - Metro State College Mishra, Parth - CU Boulder Molina, Andrea - Fort Lewis College Montagne, Gabriel - Unknown Montle, Shelby - Montana State University Moran, Kaitlyn - University of Denver Morency, Daphnee - McGill University Morgan, Benjamin - CU Boulder Morquecho, Quinones - Joselin Unknown Muench, Dakot - CU Boulder Mujica-Schwahn, Natalie - Unknown Myers, Zachary - California State University-Chico Myres, Jordan - University of Montana Nash, Amos - Gonzaga University Nash, Evelyn - UC San Diego Nasky, Nicholas - CU Boulder Navarre, Nicholas - CU Denver Newey, Max - Texas Christian University Ng, Andrew - University of Pittsburg Nguyen, Amy - CU Boulder Nguyen, Katie - CU Boulder Nguyen, Lindsey - Rice University Nieb, Jacob - American University Nylen, Storm - University of Southern California O'Donnell, Charlotte - UC Berkeley O'Neil, Harrison - University of Puget Sound O'Neill, Shane - University of Virginia Ogden, Lillie - Hamilton College Olsen, Jakob - Black Hawk Junior College Olson, Heidi - Unknown Otteman, Ayana - Gap Year

Owen, Tyler - Arizona State University Palaniappan, Ramya - CU Boulder Palka, Matthew - Unknown Park,Elvin - Vanderbilt University Park, Samuel - CU Boulder Patel, Nehal - George Washington University Payne, Regan - University of Texas at Austin Pelikan, Janos - Unknown Perkin, Shannon - Colorado State University Petroy, Erika - University of Southern California Piper, Kelsey - Stanford University Platt, Dakin - Gap Year Polando, Zoe - Kansas City Art Institute Pritchard, James - Duke University Pullen, Megan - Gap Year Pykkonen, Caleb - CU Boulder Raeder, Maia - University of Puget Sound Ramamurthy, Raj - University of Illinois-Champaigne Ramirez, Marcelina - Metro State University Randall, Emily - CU Boulder Rangnekar, Sunaina - Colorado State University Redal, Kjell - Gap Year Reed, Leia - Rhode Island School of Design Reed, Sarah - CU Boulder Remmo, Sevrin - Air Force Academy Rempala, Daniel - Yale University Renteria, Spencer - CU Boulder Retzik-Stahr, Cimmaron - Unknown Reynerson, Ellen - Gap Year Rhodin, Sebastian - CU Boulder Rice, Collin - Unknown Richardson, Andrew - CU Boulder Richardson, Karen - University of North CarolinaWilmington Rivera, Joshua - Ithaca College Riviera, Taylor - Gap Year Rock, Samuel - CU Boulder Rogalla, Birgit - University of British Columbia Rogers, Charlotte -CU Denver Rolapp, Jennifer - Unknown Rollberg, Stephanie - Unknown Roohr, Jenny - Front Range Community College Rosania, Joseph - University of Arizona Rosenlof , Kate - Montana State University Ross, Nancy - University of Oklahoma Roy, Adam - Occidental College Royer, Anna - CU Boulder Rufat-Latre, Miles - Unknown Russell, Charles - Undecided Saetre, Elise - Unknown Sales, Brinna - CU Boulder Salvator, Piper - University of Missouri Sandberg, Nicole - CU Boulder Sandoval-Clarimon, Elias - CU Boulder Sarshad, Lindsey - Unknown Scavo, Stevie - Undecided Schaffer, Melanie - Unknown Schardt, Nicholas - CU Boulder Scheeres, Annaka - Calvin College Schmid, James - Unknown Schmidt, Trevor - Colorado Mesa College Scholla, Hailey - Minneapolis College of Art and Design Schreiner, Melissa - Colorado State University Schwartz, Alexis - Bard College Scott, Beau - Eckerd College Scott, Emily - Calvin College Scraggs, Mary - St. Cloud State University Searles, John - University of Kansas Seo, Dongwoo - Unknown Silk, Anna - University of Southern California Singh, Tara - Colorado State University Sinha, Ishika- Creighton University Slavick-Pobywajlo, Daniel - CU Boulder Smith, Jessica - CU Boulder Smith, Roxanne - University of Illinois at Chicago

Sober, Mackenzie - UC Los Angeles Soderlund, Timothy - U.S Army Song, Jouhoon - Penn State Soti, Subada - CU Boulder Spann, Ashley - University of Oregon Sparkman, Matthew - CU Boulder Sparn, Martha - Unknown Stafford, Nicholas - CU Boulder Stahl, Stefan - University of Wisconsin-Madison Steen, Katharine - Whitman College Stoorman,William - Unknown Street, Michael - Gap Year Sullivan, Kathryn - Gap Year Sullivan, Theodore -University of Northern Colorado Sutton, Justin - Unknown Swett, Eric - Unknown Tagliatela, Sydney - Unknown Tandukar, Poojashree - CU Boulder Tanis, Jennifer - Gap Year Taydus, Tyler - CU Boulder Tewari, Sheefali - CU Boulder Thayer, Megan - University of Wisconsin-Madison Tift, Ciel - Northeastern University Ting, Julia - Georgia Tech Topkar, Ved - Unknown Torres, Fernando - Unknown Truesdale, Alex - CU Boulder Tussey, Emma - University of South Florida Uhlir, Katherine - Washington and Lee University Urdang, Sam - Rutgers University Vallen, Tim - Undecided Van der Linden, Alexandra -PG Year Van der Linden, Jessica - CU Boulder Verhoeven, Zoe - University of British Columbia Visnjic, Marko - CU Boulder Von Eschen, Keaton - CU Boulder Wainwright, Meena - St. Olaf College Wan, Lenore - University of Oregon Warm, Jeremiah - Camplain College Weaver, Haley - University of Tampa Webster, Samantha - CU Boulder Weigold, Camille - University of Northern Colorado Wentz, Zachary - University of British Columbia Werner, Kendra - University of Vermont Whitaker, Laura - St. Olaf College White, Kaziah - Haverford College White, Samuel - Colorado State University Will, Carsen - Fort Lewis College Willette, Sarah - Oberlin College Williams, Darian - CU Boulder Williamson, Kaitlin - University of Southern California Wisner, Mariah - Colorado State University Witt, Evan - Washington University in St. Louis Witt, Kristen - Harvard University Won, Irene - Undecided Wood, Jordan - West Point Wright, Jessa - CU Boulder Wright, Thomas - Montana State University Xu, Changyu - Unknown Yacoub, Andrew - Unknown Yager, Miah - Gap Year Yan, Nancy - UC Berkeley Yang, Soyeun - Dartmouth College Yearsley, Katelin - CU Boulder Yi, Betty - U.S Naval Academy Young, Hayley - Southern Methodist University Young, Jeffrey - Colorado School of Mines Yudina, Anna - CU Boulder Zagona-Prizio, Caterina - University of Washington Zeinstra, Brittany - Boston Conservatory Zhu, Jennifer - Columbia University Ziegler, Bradley - CU Boulder Zimmerer, Ashley - CU Boulder Zou, Cindy - CU Boulder

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2008- Seniors Start Highs School

2008 - Obama elected President of the United States

2010 - The year of panics...H1N1, Deepwater Horizon, and 33 Chilean miners trapped in a mine 2009 - Justin Bieber’s first Billboard Top 100 single

2007 - Halo 3 released, makes buckets

2011 - Osama bin Laden killed by Navy SEALs

Rachel Joyce Outgoing Editor-in-Chief I am a completely different person now than I was freshman year. In the last 4 years I’ve stayed out late, tried new things, met people that changed me forever, taken down my walls, grown up and, now, moved on. I’m ready to trade High School for something bigger, better, and preferably with more windows. Of these profound experiences, what I’ll miss most is cheering at football games. Not because I am a devoted sports fan or have excessive amounts of school spirit, but because I’ll always truly and wholeheartedly love those spandex pants.

2006 - Pluto redesignated as a dwarf planet... Poor Pluto 2005 - Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans

2005Seniors Start Middle School

2003 - First cases of SARS reported

2012 - You graduate high school, and/or the world ends!

2004 - Usher’s “Confessions” album becomes the global top seller for the year Keri Martin Outgoing Staff Reporter Going to school at Fairview has been an amazing experience that I will always remember. Through the 4 years I’ve been here, I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had, laughed until I’ve cried, and truly learned who I am. But most importantly, to all you losers who made fun of me for the excessive amounts of sunscreen (spf 100+ of course) that I obsessively apply, at least I won’t have skin cancer 20 years from now when you are all re-reading this on your death beds.

2002 - Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City

2001 - Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers

2001 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hits theatres

2000 - You survived Y2K!

1999 - John F. Kennedy Jr. and wife lost while piloting a plane

1998 - Bill Clinton confesses Monica Lewinsky affair

1994 - O.J. Simpson Arrested

1997 - Titanic released

1999- Seniors Start Elementary School

1996 - Revival of Broadway’s Chicago

1995 - Toy Story 1 comes out (First completely computer generated movie) 1993 - North American Free Trade Agreement Signed

1993-1994 Seniors Born Photot Credit to Wikimedia Commons

Student Life

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Big Things That Happened in: Late Start By SAVARONE AMMANN

This year FHS attempted to create a less sleepy environment for high schoolers in the morning by pushing back the start time to a half hour later. Last year morning classes began at 7:35 am. Many teachers noticed their students to be sleepy and groggy during first period. Class this year starts at 8:05 am a much more reasonable time. However, later start time means later end time. School went from ending at 3:00 pm to 3:20 pm. Most people agree that this is much better and a more efficient and logical way to start and end school.

New Superintendent By BRIAN LEE

You guys all should know by now that we hired a new superintendent this year. Originally from Helena, Montana, our new superintendent, Bruce K. Messinger, began working for the BVSD school district in July of 2011. Although this is his first year in BVSD, he previously worked as superintendent for fourteen years in Montana. School Board President Ken Roberge describes Messinger as a visionary who’s also “patient, methodical, yet never lets up on the pressure.”


This year the slogan “Make him Famous” caught on with Fairview students rapidly. When Invisible Children came in their bright green “roadie” truck with members of the organization to speak to the Fairview community, their words resonated within the school and to many of our students. “Make him Famous” is a campaign to make Joseph Kony, a brutal child soldier leader in Uganda, well known. The even called “Cover the Night” emerged as a success in the community. “Cover the Night,” along with Earth Day, occurred on April 20th 2012. the goal was to put up posters and stickers with Coney’s face on them around Boulder to spread the word. On the 21st in the morning there were stickers on buses, walls, and lamp posts. The word was spread around the world and certainly in Boulder. You can donate to Invisible Children and watch the spectacular and inspiring video at

2012 Bake Sale Ban By CASON MCHOSE

This year Fairview was forced to end its long tradition of bake sales that served as a source of donations for various clubs and activities. Boulder Valley School District does not permit that food is sold during lunch hours. (periods four, five, and six) Many clubs have attempted to evade the district rules by “selling napkins” and receiving a baked good, but the district officials quickly caught on.

New Fairview Website By KATIE STEEN

The sleek and well-designed Fairview website is a staple for students at this point. However, we must not forget the incredible hard work that was put into it for the past two years. Fairview’s talented Web Team, led by seniors Ryan Atallah, Carson Kahn, and Ved Topkar, created an incredibly innovative, helpful, and interactive website with new features such as the “Classroom” application and student account capabilities. The legacy will continue in future years by underclassmen Web Team members, and, if they follow the pattern laid down this year, the Fairview website will continuously improve.


Every year, clothing trends absorb the youth and turn each person into a clone of their peers. Just like the 2004 Era of Crocs, 2012 will always be remembered the for the trend amongst females of knee-high leather boots (originally by Steve Madden but followed quickly by knockoffs and look alikes) and slightlyabove-the-knee socks. This trend made summer dresses fall appropriate and, for most, they allowed those dresses to satisfy the requirement for “winter-appropriate” as well. As the months get warmer, the thigh-high socks have become thinner but the kneehigh boots still have not disappeared. These boots are much less tacky than the ugg-and-short look and may live just as long.


When the talented students in Fairview’s music and acting departments get together to put on a show, the outcome never falls short of spectacular. This year’s production of Pops had a Broadway-esque flair to it, including show tunes from Spring Awakening, Wicked, and Hairspray. Memorable performances include “Defying Gravity” performed by the power-house vocalist, Vindushi Goyal later followed by “Living on a Prayer” - an enthusiastic performance that had the entire audience up and on their feet. These are only a few of the notable spectacles that made up the wonderful show that is Pops.

Obama Comes to Boulder By MATT SPARKMAN

On April 24th, many Fairview students flocked to the Coors Event Center on the campus of the University of Colorado to hear President Barack Obama speak about student loans. Boulder was the final leg of a three stop tour which also included Iowa City, Iowa and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Obama spoke to a crowd of 11,000 regarding Stafford student loans, and how if congress doesn’t take action soon, student loan rates will double, and students will owe an average of $1,000 extra. Obama emphasized the importance of a college education in today’s economic climate, saying that a good education is the easiest way to the middle class.

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A Guide to Fine Arts Choir

The singing Knights have a variety of voices ranging from altos to sopranos, but it is more than that. It is their pas� sion and drive that drove them into choir. Every year, they showcase their individual talents to wide eyed audiences with performances such as Pops and Extravaganza. Each day in choir they have booklets of amazing music that they must learn. However, in the end it is the practices that make them superstars overnight. If choir is for you then you could be that superstar.



Every day you can hear a short glimpse of lin� gering music in the hallways and the beats of instruments that are the next big thing. Mr. Keller, the teacher, has a keen musical eye Keeler, when it comes to music because he sees talent in his students. If you have what it takes to be the next Beethoven, band is for you. YOU choose your genre and explore new ways of music. Photo Credit: Alex Flynn


The theater department puts so much passion and dedication into each play and musical. They put endless time

to showcase their talents. Each day

Photo Credit: Alex Flynn

Art and IB Art

When you enter the 500 hallway there’s a certain odor of fumes lifting in the air from the students creating a master� options for students that include photography and turning a painting into a work of art. There are also some clubs in the school that create posters for the student body. If you love art, but you are too afraid to show your talent then do something to show your skills.

opportunities of speaking monologues to create emotion in a certain char� Keat and Miss Vlachos are acter. Mr. Keet the headmasters of ideas and hilarious comebacks in theatre classes. You will be super involved with activities that will blow your mind. Be prepared. Side note: Sometimes it will be crazy Photo Credit: Josh Brown in class, so buckle your seat belt and ride.

Other Electives

If you wanted even more spice, there fashion, cooking class, and stage crew. If you are an expert of own personal style then fashion is for you, but if you crave cooking something in your own kitchen then cooking class is for you. If you wanted more of a Broad� way experience then try doing stage crew. These last three things have a drive that allows you to try new things along the way. Photo Credit: Alex Flynn

Photo Credit: Josh Brown

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Summer Fashion Tips By Alex Flynn and Caroline Kruger

Clothing stores have removed their winter clothes and are stocking up on the newest summer clothing trends. Summer trends change every year and this year there are some of the most unique styles yet. People are sproting neons, bold prints, and statement accessories. See below for some of this summer’s most popular trends!

Cut-Out Backs


Shirts with funky cut-out backs are the perfect item to have in your summer wardrobe. Any plain outfit can be spiced up with a cut-out back shirt. There are all types of different styles of cut out backs like open shoulders, lace detailing, or a completely open back. You’ll look fine from behind!

Floral/Print Shorts Patterned shorts may be difficult to pair with other items in your wardrobe but Nordstroms and other department stores have a wide variety of single colored shirts that would go perfectly with many patterns. Try not to wear a patterned shirt with these shorts because the different patterns can easily clash.

Thin Scarves Typically scarves are a statement item for winter fashion. However this year people have been wearing thin floral scarves to pull any outfit together. The perfect summer scarf will be thin and light. These thin scarves will not add extra heat during the hot summer days. Some cute patterns for summer are thin stripes, floral prints, as well as unique animal prints.

Maxi Dresses/ Skirts These long flowy dresses will keep you cool during the hot summer days. Even if the weather gets cooler at night a cute cardigan can go on top and still keep your outfit fashionable. Maxi dresses will also cover up your feet so any shoe choice is acceptable.

Red Rocks Summer Concert Schedule By ELI BOONIN-VAIL AND SAM ROCK

LMFAO - May 28 The Shins - May 29 Bon Iver - May 31 Bassnectar - June 1-2 Michael Franti & Spearhead - June 8 Big Head Todd/ The Monsters/ The Barenaked Ladies - June 9 Wilco - June 22-23 Avicii - June 26

Avett Brothers - June 29-30 Foster the People - July 3 Beach Boys 50th Anniversary - July 9 Global Dance Festival - July 20-22 Florence and the Machine - July 25 My Morning Jacket - Aug 3-4 Passion Pit - Aug 7 Jack White - Aug 8 Pretty Lights - Aug 17-18

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2a Piper Salvator Outgoing Staff Reforter Besides a few days here and there, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Fairview High School. I can’t even remember parts of freshman year, it was so long ago, and I was so young. But I know how much I have grown over these four years. I am ready to move on and enter the real world..maybe...hopefully...we’ll see. Bye Alex Flynn and goodbye Fairview. It’s been real.

In-Depth Eli Boonin-Vail Outgoing Editor-in-Chief The utter satisfaction I receive from the knowledge that I will no longer be in high school is so great that it makes the bitterness of becoming a freshman once more almost palatable. With my last few words in this publication, I’d like to acknowledge that Fairview High School has an incredibly supportive teaching staff and administration and that all my friends are less cool than I.

Miah Yager Outgoing In-Depth Section Editor In the last four years at Fairview I’ve made the most wonderful, and talented friends that I will ever have in my life. Being a senior could be challenging in some ways like breakups, to huge drama in your social circle. I will miss all of you because you make me happy.

Pathways of a FHS Graduate

“Life is a process, not a destination.” -Augustus Barnes

COLLEGE Ahhhhh, college. How better to follow up four painful, exhausting years of school than two to four more years of even harder school?? But seriously, people, college is supposed to be pretty chill. You’re independent, but you still get things like a guaranteed roof over your head and food. And the whole continuing education deal is pretty great for your future career options.


“Ultimately, it’s all on you.” -Carson Kahn

If you choose this option, I have nothing but respect for you. Going into the military requires discipline, determination, and courage. Whether you plan on making it a career, or just staying in long enough to be eligible for the GI Bill, props to you, and, as cheesy as it sounds, thank you in advance for your service.


“I’m so excited to start a new chapter in my life.” -Hannah Garelick

Maybe high school got to be a little much for you. Maybe you want to take a break, get some R&R, and recharge before heading off to college. Maybe you want a chance to learn to cook, or train for eight bajillion triathlons, or have a year long movie marathon. So you take a gap year. This post-graduate option allows you to do things you wouldn’t have a chance to do if you continued directly to higher education, without putting off college into your twenties.

“I’m going to be an auror.” -Melanie Schafer

“It’s high school, stop taking everybody so seriously.” -Hailey Scholla


“Follow your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you have to take the long road to make them come true.” -Ana GonzalezDorta

TRAVEL ABROAD Carpe diem! You’re young, probably pretty attractive, and the world is your oyster. Go forth, graduates, and visit those places you’ve always wanted to see. You could volunteer in impoverished communities, backpack American mountain ranges, immerse yourself in a different culture, go hostel to hostel in Europe... anything, as long as you’ve got a little money, some sensible shoes, and a serious love of adventure.

“Do college stuff before senior year.” -Kristen Witt


There is nothing wrong with getting a job right out of high school, and if you can find a decent one in today’s economy, more power to you. If you aren’t a school person, or you can’t pay for school without some more cash in your pocket, or you have a great job option, or you just aren’t sure about college, making some money is always a good thing.

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Rockies April Preview By CALEB PYKKONEN

At its heart, baseball is a game of hope. Baseball does not have a time limit, both teams get an equal chance to win the game, and until one team gets the 27th out there is still a chance for something miraculous to happen. Since 2007, the Rockies have been the epitome of that, defining quality of baseball. In 2007, the Rockies hovered around .500 until going on one of the most improbable streaks in the history of the sport (winning 13 of their last 14 games to go to the playoffs). In 2009, the same thing happened--just earlier in the season. These two years are the reason Rockies fans continue to have hope every year. However, 2008, 2010 and 2011 are probably more realistic measuring sticks for this year’s team. The 2012 version of the Rockies is going to


be a classic Rockies team; they are going to be just good enough to keep fans’s hopes up, but in the end they will come up short. The Rockies are not built for success now (or in the future, for that matter) because they have no solid pitching. The Rockies’ strength this year is obviously their hitting, but their pitching is not good enough to make them a contender. After finishing April at 11 and 11, the Rockies had moments where it seemed their offense would be able to carry them; unfortunately the pitching consistently weighed them down. Just like 2007 or 2009, the Rockies will always have a chance to make the postseason this year. But they’re never going to get there, and as fans we’re just going to have to wait for next year.

Fairview Spring Sport Wrap-up By KERRY MARTIN

Baseball: This season for the Fairview’s Baseball team has been full of surprises that include lots of close games losses and many comebacks. With a record of 8-9 overall (4-6 Front Range League), the boys faced many tough opponents this year and proved they would not go down without a fight. The Spring Break Arizona Tournament was a highlight for the Knights this year, being both a bonding experience as well as a chance to see teams from other states. Fairview’s win against their rival, Boulder, was also one of the best games of the year, confirming that the boys could play as a team and overcome the adversity of any comeback. With eight seniors graduating, the younger members must step up and fill the shoes of the older team members. But this should be no match for the Knights, as the skill and determination of the players shows a promising future for the team. Cameron Frazier, Anders Hill, and Tim Ryan are players to watch out for next year, all demonstrating great potential and ability to guide the team in the 2013 season. Swimming: The Fairview Boys Swim and Dive Team dominated this season, winning all but one of their meets so far in 2012 and demonstrating that they had a successful year. Highlights of the season include wins against Boulder High School and Monarch High School, Fairview’s rivals who proved no match against the Knights. The boys, ranked 5-1, also took first place at the Boulder County Invitational meet in April, crushing all competition by earning around 220 points more than the team that placed second (Boulder High School). The future for the Knights looks bright for next year, with Max Phillips, Connor Corrigan, and Miles MacKenzie all looking strong and sure to be leaders on the 2013 team. Although nine seniors will be graduating in May and leaving the team, the boys will have no trouble continuing to dominate the 5A Front Range League. Charlie Strand, Fairview’s top diver, will also compete again next year and lead the team for the second year in a row.

Tennis: The 2012 season for the Fairview Girls Tennis Team was extremely successful and rewarding. The Knights took second place at state, with Katie Li, Katie Kuosman, Megan Thayer, Paris Hogan, Jessee Clauson and Hayley Young all winning titles. The highlight of the season, according to Fairview’s number 1 singles player Monica Li, was the Cheyenne Mountain Invitational Tournament, where the girls played with teams from other states and tied for 1st place. Next year will be a challenging season for the girls, as seven seniors will graduate from the Varsity team. But Kuosman and Katie Li, this years number 2 and 3 singles players, will have no problem leading the team again and guiding the Knights to another successful season. Fairview’s Varsity II team is also looking strong and shows promise for the 2013 season.




Well, this ski season that promised much at the beginning of the season, turned out to be a bust. With snow totals not making it past 300 inches this season, many ski resorts closed with a bleak ending. You can tell it’s an unusually dry year when Arapahoe Basin closes in early May as opposed to mid to late June, like usual. This was the second time that Arapahoe Basin ever closed prematurely. Arapahoe Basin announced on Monday, May 1st, that they will close for the 20112012 Ski Season on Sunday, May 6th. However, at some points during this season, the ski area with the most snow and that often gets ripped on for being “windy” and “the sucker of all mountains” had the most snow with over 36 inches in 48 hours! Guess the ski area yet? Yes, it was Eldora Mountain Resort, just west of Boulder. From a personal experience at Beaver Creek the week of Spring Break, runs were forced to shut down after becoming “mud baths” as a ski patroller stated. I have to say it was very disappointing. However, the second half of the break, Whistler Black-

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Spring State Preview


Girl’s Soccer After a slow start at the beginning of the season, the Knights plan to make a deep run in the state playoffs. The girls have an overall record of 10-5-2 with a 7-3-1 record in league and are seeded 15th going into playoffs. According to senior midfielder Olivia Fear the team has “strong unity, and is always improving.” The girls occasionally lack the focus and communication necessary to win tough games, which results in “defensive breakdowns and missed opportunities,” said Senior forward Daphnee Morency. Morency leads the team with nine goals this season. Sophomore Issi Stahl and senior Berkeley Gamble both contribute to the Knight’s offensive attack with six goals each. But as Morency said “everybody has a couple goals on the team..we don’t have just one top scorer.” This balanced offense as well as fitness are perhaps the Knight’s greatest strengths. As Fear said, “We like to pretend we’re the track team”. Tough opponents the team may face include reigning state champions Mountain Vista, ranked seventh in the state, and current 1st place team in the state rankings, Fossil Ridge, whom Fairview faced earlier this season in league play and tied 1-1. The Knights knocked off number two Fossil Ridge in the second round of playoffs. Due to the Knight’s slow start their seeding will probably not be as high as they hoped. “Hopefully we can pull it together for the postseason,” said Fear. Boy’s Swimming The boys have been a threat throughout the season as they have won all their duel meets and dominated at the Boulder County Invitational. Senior captains Colin Brown, Will Conway, and Ryan Duffy will lead the team as they prepare for state. The Knights are going into state ranked fourth in the Front Range League. The team plans to do well with “a lot of kids that can get up in the higher places, instead of just one dominant person,” said Brown. A strong team dynamic is some-


thing that Fairview uses to their advantage in the pool. “We have a really close team, but we can always get closer,” said Brown. Fifteen swimmers will be competing in state and Senior Tim Soderlund thinks the team will” most definitely be able to rival the top ten, if not above that.” Regis, Highlands Ranch, and Cherry Creek will be the toughest opponents Fairview expects to face. “I think we’re gonna have a lot of success because we have all been working so hard,” said Brown. The upperclassmen not only contribute experience, but also skill to add to the success of the Knights. Brown leads the team in 100 breast with a time of 1:03.33. Miles Mackenzie leads the team in 50 free while Max Phillips has the best time in 100 free. The knights dominated their cross town rival, Boulder High, but do not expect them to be a threat in state. Girl’s Golf The girl’s golf team looks to have a successful run at the state championships with three solid players on their state team. Megan McCambridge, Kelly Moran, and Jordan Sunset are all integral components to the team. As McCambridge said, “we are fortunate enough to be one of the few teams in the state with three very solid players”. The golf team has “a very well rounded team” according to McCambridge, and they “can all hit the ball pretty far so distance isn’t a problem”. The major focus for the team this season has been chipping, putting, and their short game which has improved significantly over the course of the season. Last year, the golf team finished a disappointing sixth at state. However, “This year [we] are hoping to be right there with Cherry Creek and Arapahoe and finish in the top three at state” McCambridge said. The girls have had multiple first and second place finishes and with a first place league finish, the girl’s golf team is hoping to carry that momentum into the state championships May 21st and 22nd in Aurora.

State Interview By KALI CROSSEN

comb in Canada was full of snow and extended their season until May 28th on Blackcomb Mountain, allowing skiers to ride in the morning and hop on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola in the afternoon and mountain bike down Whistler Mountain. This is the first time that Whistler had the ability to offer both Mountain Biking and Skiing/ Boarding at the same time on the mountain. This year was unfortunate and misconceiving. Hopefully next year will make up for this year. So, although summer is nearing soon, keep doing your Snow Dance!

Girls Varsity Track Interview with Kendall Richarz

Girls Varsity Tennis Interview with Megan Thayer

The 4x8 girl’s track team, which includes sophomore Kendall Richarz, sophomore Heather Harrower, senior Betty Yi and sophomore Emma Sanchez, will be going to state in the upcoming weeks. At the Liberty Bell track meet on Saturday, April 28th, Richarz ran with a time of 2:24, Harrower with a time of 2:23, Yin with a time of 2:27 and Sanchez with a time of 2:26. The girls track team represented Fairview with outstanding times and skill and will continue to do so at state.

This interview was conducted on May 2nd. Congratulations to all the Fairview tennis players and their victories at state!

RB: Who is going to state? KR: The 4x8 girls team qualified at Liberty Bell with a time of 9:40.52. RB: What allowed them to be qualified for state? KR: They are ranked 9th in state as of now. RB: What sets Fairview’s track team apart from other schools? KR: We are a family. RB: Who do you look up to on the team? KR: Ben Meyer, Richard Sanchez, Emma Sanchez, Heather Harrower, Andrew Cobb, Katie Kowal, and Haley Weaver.

RB: Who is going to state? MT: All 11 girls on varsity which is 3 singles and 4 doubles RB: What allowed them to go? MT: Winning regionals RB: Do you think Fairview has a good chance of winning? MT: It is between Fairview and Cherry Creek every year so it depends. RB: Which team member has been the most influential to you? MT: Monica Li RB: Did we win state last year? MT: Yes, we got 2nd as a team but the only people that won state were the 2 and 3 singles


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