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Friday, January 27, 2012 Vol. 52 No. V

Fairview High School 1515 Greenbriar Blvd.

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In depth report: Sexual Assault See

of ON THE COVER: Sgt. Jeff Kessler fires blanks during a active harmer drill on January 3rd (ELIANA GOLDSTEIN).

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Op/Ed: Juniors

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As students file into their classes, preparing for another long semester of rigorous academics and club meetings, they begin to get acclimated to the ‘back to school’ schedule. They, along with the rest of the staff, must also get acclimated to the new changes around the castle which includes the main office, cafeteria, and miscellaneous changes elsewhere in the building. The cafeteria has received a brand new paint job thanks to the diligent work of the National Honor Society and the janitorial staff. The cafeteria has been the bearer of changes year after year including changes in tables, paint jobs and posters. Much to the delight of the student body, the posters from the sixties have been removed and disposed of properly. The cafeteria is also in for a few more changes thanks to the district. Some of these new changes may include, but are not limited to cafe style booths, new cabinets, and other miscellaneous furnishings to help make students feel more at home. Head janitor,Kyle Mason, an advocate for students says, “we want students to come to the cafeteria because that will result in less eating in the hallways, but we also want people to feel like the cafeteria is a safe place to be with their friends.� Mason believes that if more students are willing to eat on the bricks or in the cafeteria, there will be more responsibility in regards to student waste in the hallways and around the lockers. Kyle Mason explained that because the district needs to approve of any changes in the building, improvements are “slow going.� The school also received several new vending machines, bringing the total number of vending machines up to sixteen. The main complaint that security guard Jeff Jones had was that the vending machines that have been replaced donated a portion of proceeds to Fairview athletics. Jones recognized that the new machines, made by one company and distributed in bulk throughout the district, are replacing the vending machines that are supplied by small businesses that care about giving back to the community. The main office and other areas of the building have received a great amount of attention as well. District workers were in and out of the building everyday during winter break working in the main office. Amongst these changes includes a new cubicle constructed for the treasurer Ronda Pendergrass, and an office space for Jenny McCarthy. The treasurer’s new area has redirected traffic from the main entrance to the back door of the main office, a change that has been welcomed by those in the main office. Jenny McCarthy is the happiest of all with her new office because she not only has a door that is directly accessible to Mr. Stensrud’s office, but can now carry conversations that are more sensitive in seclusion. Jenny McCarthy said “there were conversations going on that were meant to be private  and it became difficult to have the privacy in such an open area.� The district supplied the provisions

!#!$# '!  necessary for the construction of Jenny’s new office. BDN   '&   VolOther 18 #7changes in the building include new tack strips in accessible areas so that tape does not  !%$"# strip paint and so clubs can hang posters with more ease. The janitorial staff worked on several other Date: 9/1/11 projects over winter break including repairing classrooms, and general touch-ups BT A Proof Of Yourdry Adwall, Forpainting Approval around the building. Kyle Mason said, “A great majority of our time spent over breaks is cleaning the Mails Out: 9/28/11 Prepared by Christy school and making improvements in the building so as to improve the way the students feel about Book Expires 10/22/11 their school.â€?




New semester, new changes in the Fairview castle


Testing Fees


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Pretty Little Liars . . . . . . . . . . . .9


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Fairview staff practices live shooter drill By ELIANA GOLDSTEIN

On Tuesday, January 3rd, five shots rang through the years. According to National School Safety and Security Services, a Cleveland student center. The intercom blared a little over a minute later. The school was based security consultation company, there were only 11 violent deaths nationordered to lock down. The usual drill is familiar: shut doors, turn off lights, and wide at K-12 schools in the 2009-2010 school year, down from 33 in the 1999stay silent. But this was not the usual drill. 2000 school year. Mike Heath, school resource officer, hefted his SWAT rifle and edged Fairview is far from the first school to participate in one of these drills. The through the choir hall, peering around corners. In a surreal change from the Boulder Police Department conducted the first one in 2009 at Manhattan usual packs of teens filling the Fairview halls, four policemen stalked the de- Middle School. “It was the first time we got the school personnel involved, and serted school, guns up. The air smelled subtly of gunpowder. it’s been fantastic,” said Kessler of the first drill. And then, shouting a triumphant “Bang!” an officer cornered a man in the Since the events of Columbine in 1999, school security has become a priority stairwell leading to the counseling office. across the country. Police have developed response strategies designed to miniThe man walked up the stairs smilmize the harm an intruder ing. Dressed in slacks and a blue butcan do. For instance, teachton down shirt, the only unusual thing ers have been directed to about him were the pistols tucked in keep their doors “propped his pants pockets. and locked” -- propped All in all, it wasn’t exactly a noropen but with the bolt in a mal workday for Fairview’s teachers locked position. In addition, and administrators. That in-service the BPD has changed their day doubled as a training day for both traditional response tactics, teachers and Boulder police, placing learning from police expethem in a situation closer to reality rience with school shooter than any lockdown drill run with stusituations in the nation’s dents. Though the shooter was an ofpast. ficer himself, and his gun loaded with Both times the drill ran, blanks, teachers were obviously struck the shooter was caught withby the difference between sitting in a in 15 minutes. Even when darkened classroom for ten minutes, he disabled the intercom, just waiting to continue class, and acteachers responded quickly tually hearing the dull pop of gunfire to the threat. There was echoing through Fairview’s labyrinonly one confirmed “fatalthine hallways. ity”: during the second drill, The exercise, which ran twice Fairview’s beloved principal Student Resource Officer Michael Heath during the Active Harmer Scenario (ELIANA GOLDSTEIN). with two different scenarios, called Don Stensrud was “shot” up questions that hadn’t occurred to after he made the mistake school staff previously. Though some previously unnoticed risks were pointed of poking his head out of the main office door. Otherwise, police, administraout, the majority of the staff seemed to feel that the exercise had taught them tors, and teachers alike performed well. beneficial strategies for responding to a threat within Fairview. Though the drill was a success, not every teacher in the school was pleased Sgt. Jeff Kessler, who heads up the School Resource Officer division, firmly with the use of the day. “That Monday was a workday by our mutually agreed believes that forewarned is forearmed. “It’s going to go that much easier if upon contract, not an in-service day,” said Leigh Campbell-Hale. Furthermore, it does happen, because you’ve already put the seeds in your head,” he says. she believes that the trainings “Hopefully the stuff that we did today, just the two scenarios, it’s gonna get don’t necessarily help teachers. “I people thinking ‘jeez, if this happens, this is what I’m going to do.’” suspect they might provide a false In addition, violent crime in schools has decreased drastically in the last ten sense of security.”

Republican party introduces candidates for presidental election By JUSTIN SONG AND CALEB PYKKONEN

On Tuesday, February 7th, Fairview High School will be holding a small part of the Republican caucuses. For any Fairview 18-year-olds interested in voting in November’s election, its time to start thinking about who they’re going to vote for. Now that a handful of caucuses have already been held, we can finally see


Ron Paul Despite his somewhat eccentric (at best) politics such as legalization of heroin and prostitution, this right wing liberitarian managed to pull off 21.4% in the Iowa Caucus and (NH caucus), making him a clear second favorite among the Republican voters. As the leader of the “Blue Republican” movement, he has been managing to gain the support from liberal and progressive voters. However, to the old school conservatives, he may be looked upon as threat to everything the GOP stands for. There are also many who feel that it’s time for good ole Ron to pass the torch to his son, Randy, junior senator of Kentucky.

the Republican field shaping up. Rick Santorum pulled ahead of the rest of the far-right wing conservatives after the caucus in Iowa, and nearly pulled off the upset over Mitt Romney. Since Iowa, the Republican side has seen Santorum, Romney and Ron Paul as the most likely Republican candidates. Let’s take a quick peek at some of these candidates:


Rick Santorum Rick Santorum jumped into the national spotlight with his performance in the Iowa caucuses. Prior to the day of the caucuses in Iowa, Santorum was not considered a leading candidate by any means, and most people would not have even recognized his name. But with his campaign on life support, Santorum managed to have a huge showing in the Caucus, nearly tying rival Mitt Romney. Santorum did not have as much success in the New Hampshire primary, where voters seemed to be more fiscally-minded and showed strong support for Romney (who was the favorite to win because he was the former Governor of Massachusetts).

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Students seek academic edge with illegal medication


It’s finals week, and in order to power through the long week of exams students exchange a pill with each other. It’s midterms the next semester, and the same activity persists. A student’s grades are slumping and he doesn’t know why. He takes yet another one of those small orange pills, Adderall. Academic drug dealing of this nature is surprisingly common at Fairview High School. In a survey of 50 students seven, or fourteen percent, said they had illegally used a prescription medication to help them focus on their studies. Five percent had actually sold it, and of all fifty students, seventeen said they knew someone who had used a medication not prescribed to them to focus. Medical professionals use Adderall and similar medications to treat Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is an amphetaminebased medication used to help with self-control and attention span. For people with chemically reduced impulse control it can be very beneficial, but many students who do not fit this profile also see its benefits.

“Everyone I know in the IB classes or going for the IB diploma takes Adderall.”

opinion on its illicit use. Jessica Conklin, a senior with a prescription for Adderall, finds it insulting that students “use it to get more focused when others can’t focus.” She thinks “It may be that if “other people can work hard and succeed without it” illegal, but it’s very then so can students without ADD or ADHD. Due to the high demand for the pill, many students with useful.” a prescription may find the idea of selling their pills very attractive. “A normal price is about $2.50 per 25mg of Vyvanse or $5-6 for 20mg of Methylphenidate,” said an anonymous distributor of Adderall. When asked if he had ever sold pills from his Adderall prescription, another student responded in a casual tone “many a time.” Students such as this one who are involved in prescription drug trade are, for the most part, unaware that Adderall is a schedule two drug, meaning the sale, use, or distribution of the pills is a violation of federal law when not mandated by a pharmacist or doctor. Even illegal possession can result in fines ranging from anywhere as low as $1,000 for 4 milligrams to $300,000 for 100 plus milligrams. In an interview, Principal Donald Stensrud explained the academic consequences of selling Adderall. “If you had Adderall and you sold it on campus,” he said, “then not only would there be police involvement because you’re selling a schedule two drug, but mandatory expulsion.” Stunsrud went on to explain that even a student caught exchanging Adderall without selling it “would have suspension and there would be police involvement”. Although Adderall sales can result in fines, suspension, expulsion, and police involvement, many students still use Adderall to help with school. Many think the pros of using Adderall to help with school outweigh the cons. When asked why they continue to use Adderall despite the potential consequences, one student said “It may be illegal, but it’s very useful”.

Reasons for using this medication range from having a hard day at school to having too much homework. At the beginning of a long night of studying, students take an Adderall to help them concentrate. One student said, “It helps both ADD and non ADD students concentrate and do work.” The student went on to say that it is used as “a schoolrelated helpful tool.” Adderall abuse can seem insignificant to students under high academic pressures. Any activity that involves stressful work is usually accompanied by stu“I think, for lack of a dents using Adderall. “During finals week I take Adderall like better term, we have everyday” said one student. Said robbed your childhood another, “I know students do it from you.” for school work and a lot for finals week.” The sources indicated that the same abuse applies for projects and standardized tests Stensrud believes this attisuch as the ACT and SAT. tude is largely the fault of our Adderall, a perscription medication that is finding an increasing popularity among Fairview students Strangely, abuse comes from society “I think, for lack of a (ELI BOONIN-VAIL). the demographic that appears better term, we have robbed to be least likely to abuse drugs your childhood from you.” He or alcohol: the academic elite. One student source, who preferred to remain also points a finger towards the emphasis on getting into college, noting Fairanonymous, went as far as to say “Everyone I know in the IB classes or going for view students are expected to apply to outrageous numbers of colleges, and the IB diploma takes Adderall.” According to the survey, out of all students who that they often structure class selection solely around getting into college. Such had taken, sold, or knew someone who had taken a prescription medication to pressures could explain why bright and talented students would turn to a pill focus, only three out of nineteen took no IB or AP classes. These statistics sug- for academic support. gest that the students under the most pressure take Adderall for its perceived academic edge. However, many students who have a prescription to Adderall have a different

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Op/Ed Remember that time I set my laptop on fire? -Anonymous

Royal Banter

We should get 10 more vending machines to add to the 16 we already have. - Josh B

Those are the most pretentious vending machines I have ever seen. - Janet C

Modern Family is a great show for people who like to laugh, but not too hard.

A cheetah can hit go from 0 to 60 in 3.0 seconds a Ferrari can go 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds just think about that for a bit, just think about that.

There should be a Facebook exclusively for theatre people. - Sam R

Writing essays is like being constipated, it hurts like hell and you produce crap very slowly - Anonymous

Since I turn 18 in May, I have decided to exercise my rights by voting for Jimmy McMillan from The Rent Is Too Damn High Party as our next president. Well, either that or someone from the Pirate Party. - Matt J

rick Santorum would make a great last president for this country. - Eli B-v I need more lemon Pledge... -Jordan


It’s super awkward when I accidentally apply dry erase marker instead of lip gloss. -Sharone G.

Why is every rapper convinced that the word “low” rhymes with the word “floor”? -Paige R

Janet Chen

The SOPA Act: The SOAP that’s being used to scrub away at our constitution

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Student Life

The Lion, The Witch, and most importantly,The Wardrobe

FOR NARNIA! WHAT: Winterball When: Saturday, February fourth WHERE: Fariview High School


If you’re worried about what to wear for Winter Ball, don’t be. Maintaining the perfect balance between looking cute and staying warm can be simple. If you haven't purchased a dress yet, visit bebe or Free People in the Flatirons Mall and you’ll find long sleeve dresses in every style. Free People, Pitaya on Pearl Street and Savy also have similar styles. They’re becoming more popular and eliminate the need for a heavy jacket throughout the night. The classic button up peacoat can help you stay warm as well but make sure the length is appropriate for your dress. This means the bottom of the dress shouldn't come out from the bottom of the jacket. Although it’s a hassle, you can always keep your jacket in the coat check at the dance until the end too. Be cognisant of how long it takes to get through the line. The dance theme this year is Narnia so if you want to dress in accordance fur coats or woven shawls can be worn. If you’d like to be less subtle about dressing in theme fur hats or even costumes can be rented from the Ritz costume store on Pearl or Candies. Choosing shoes may be more difficult for Winter Ball. Most people opt. for wearing ankle high booties with a heel or thicker strapped heals as well as pumps. If you want to wear boots make sure your dress is looser rather than tight. Tight dresses with boots can send the wrong message. If you still feel like you need more coverage sheer tights are an option. Black tights look fashionable with black shoes but be careful with wearing too much black. Every year almost every girl will show up to the dance in a little black dress, bet on it. So if you want to stand out, choose a different color and dare to be different.


Percent of guys who wouldn’t mind going to winterball with “just a friend”

HOW TO: Win A Date to The Land Where It's Never Christmas

91 97 85

Percent of dudes who would say yes even if they weren’t asked in a creative way

FRESHMEN GIRLS: Let’s be honest, some of you Freshmen ladies are quite stunning. However, this does not give you the right to ask an upperclassmen to Winterball, especially not a senior. There are always exceptions to this rule, however, you are probably not the exception. Ask a fellow freshman. They’re dying to spend quality time with the owner of 2 X chromosomes, such as yourself, and even though these boys may not be all that cute yet, it’s these dates that will make the funniest memories come senior year.

Percent of boys who would not be embarassed being asked in a public way


A Knight In Narnia


Percent of guys who don’t want to roll into winterball without a date

COUPLED GIRLS: Don’t assume that your boyfriend will be your default date to the dance simply because you have been dating for 6 and a half years. You better get on that asking business STAT or that hot French chick will beat you to the punch. Since you are already in a relationship with your boy, you can afford to get a little creative. Step out of the box and spice up your relationship by doing something random and embarrassing. He pretty much has to say yes, so go crazy. If he breaks up with you out of embarrassment, um, our bad.

For those of you who don’t know, Winterball is a Sadie Hawkins’ dance, aka GIRLS ASK BOYS. That’s right ladies, time to put on your big girl panties and pluck up the courage to ask that shy guy who sits behind you in Math class 3rd period. And for you boys, you better make sure you’ve been showering regularly, combing your hair, and wearing your nicest waffle shirts because let’s be honest, to the ladies, Winterball is approximately 87% about the pictures put up on Facebook the following day, and no respectable lady wants to be seen next to an ugly dude with dandruff. We’ve a guide for every different situation a person could be in as we near this wondrous, formal wintertime dance.


SINGLE GIRLS: All my single ladies! It’s finally your turn to get creative and ask that guy you’ve been crushing on to this wintertime dance! While to many this concept seems nerve-racking, take a gander below at a couple of stats we’ve collected from Fairview’s own male population. Unless you organize a party bus/ group with a collection of singles from both genders, you will want a specific guy to be with. So even if you hook him with the “Nothing serious, let’s go as friends” line, doesn’t mean you can’t make his jaw drop when you show up to pictures in a sparkly, curve hugging dress with the perfect set of heels.

SINGLE BOYS: You should be more familiar than anyone with the cold sweat and shaky hands that instantaneously wash over your body as you walk up to that special someone with a dozen roses and a cheesy little spiel chockfull of words rhyming with Homecoming (although “gnome running”, “bro stunting”, and “floam humming” don’t quite count as poetry) that you rehearsed with your mother the night before. So please, all we ask of you is to have some compassion for the ladies since you know what it’s like to be in her shoes (not literally, of course, because you boys will never understand the sheer agony of 6 inch heels...).


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an in-depth investigation of sexual assault in High Schools and a former fairview student who fought back Illustrated by Zoe Polando

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Friday, January 27, 2012

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Last June, a week and a half after graduating from Fairview High School, Anna Hanson was violently raped by someone she considered a close friend. Her rapist also attended Fairview High School. According to the account of the attack that Hanson wrote in her book, “For Now: Words of the Girl Who Fought Back,” when her rapist got up to film what was happening during the assault, she managed to kick his phone from his hand and dial 911. She then held him subdued until the police arrived. The sexual assault was incredibly traumatic and threw her life into a state of turmoil. In the nights after the rape, during which she was unable to sleep, Hanson wrote a book: “For Now: Words of the Girl Who Fought Back.” In the book, she describes her reaction to the rape, her feelings of loss, anger, fear, and her difficult struggle to put her rapist in prison. Her story brings light to an important issue. It is estimated that under 10% of sexual assaults are actually reported to police. She is rare, “the girl who fought back,” and her speaking up makes a tremendous difference. Not only did she write a book that teaches about “sexual assault and how very, very intense and far reaching its effects are,” she also put the perpetrator in jail. In her Victim Impact Statement, which she read aloud in the courtroom on the day of the sentencing, Hanson said, “He raped me, but I will be his last.” However, getting her attacker sentenced was not easy. She was required to testify before a court of law, as well as in front of the perpetrator. According to her book, having to see him again, look him in the eyes, and talk about what happened was incredibly difficult, and she felt as though she was reliving the experience. The rape changed Hanson, and, as she said in the book, “Who I am is not who I was. Who I was is gone forever, and for her, we mourn.” Sexual assault changes lives. It changes people. And it happens all the time. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, in Colorado, one in four women and one in seventeen men have reportedly experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. After the incident with Hanson, we have to accept that although Fairview is overall a safe community, there is no place that is immune to sexual assault. Acknowledging that something as severe as sexual assault happened to a fellow student has been eye-opening for the Fairview community, but also unsettling. “Feeling like your power to set boundaries has been violated creates a sense of a lack of safety,” said Jenny Hetch, Fairview’s interventionist. In some cases, though, students have been brought closer together and have become more aware of this typically taboo subject. “I think that when things

happen, it can also have a positive impact on the environment where people are looking out for each other and more aware,” said Nikki Dashiell, a health teacher at Fairview. Sexual assault has severe aftereffects. It can completely change a person. The aftermath of a sexual assault varies from person to person, but no matter what, there are serious negative effects. According to Moving To End Sexual Assault, survivors are three times more likely to suffer from depression, six times more likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, thirteen times more likely to abuse alcohol, and twenty six times more likely to abuse drugs. Another common effect is a far-reaching feeling of violation. “It can make you start questioning all of your other relationships, and it can make you feel unsafe. If you’re not feeling safe, you can’t thrive in the other areas of your life,” explains Hetch. Sexual harassment also has serious aftereffects, especially if it is not reported. “It is better for the victim and the perpetrator if the victim reports it, because you don’t want victims to become desensitized,” said Don Stensrud, Principal at Fairview High School. On the same note he said, “you don’t want the people who are being inappropriate to believe its okay.” As sexual harassment goes unreported and unaddressed, the behavior can also escalate. “We have a threshold around behavior that is higher than it should be, so a student might feel that whatever behavior happened was okay when it really wasn’t,” said Rose Lupinacci, the Dean of Students and former interventionist counselor. There are many misconceptions about what sexual assault and harassment actually are. According to Principal Stensrud, the definition of sexual harassment is, “not determined by the law, but by the person who is being harassed.” If a student expresses discomfort towards someone else’s behavior and the behavior still persist, it is considered harassment. According to David Hinojosa, who works for Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), “the definition of sexual assault is unlawful sexual contact, or sexual activity that has happened without consent. This breaks down into three categories: Penetration (what most people think of as rape), Observation, and Touching (in private parts, on top of or underneath clothing).” The federal government has recently redefined rape in statistical reports. While previously the term rape only applied to vaginal penetration (and

therefore only female victims), it now applies to “penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” This means that statistics on rape in the United States will be reported with far less bias, and dispels common misconceptions surrounding the term “rape.” What if the term “rape,” seemingly distant and unlikely to occur, actually becomes a reality and you find yourself being sexually assaulted? First, fight back. Protect yourself by all means necessary and try to get yourself to a safe place. If fighting back does not work, the best thing to do for your own safety might be to submit. It is extremely important to note that “submitting” is not the same as consent. If you had no other choice but to submit, the attack still constitutes as rape. Speaking out about a sexual assault can be extremely difficult. Many times, people don’t want to report to law enforcement. “The big thing is to respect [the victims’ choice to not report it],” said Hinojosa. “Sometimes they’re not ready to do that. It’s okay just to let them know you support what’s best for them.” It is important for the survivor to find his or her voice in order to get assistance. Speaking up also helps to ensure that the perpetrator is no longer in a position where they can harm others. “Talk,” Stensrud said. “Find an adult, a teacher, an interventionist or an administrator.” Hetch also elaborates on possible ways to speak up, saying, “Contacting the police can be a scary thing to do, so if some one’s hesitant to do that on their own, the counseling department provides support and assistance in doing that.” After a sexual assault, it is imperative that you call the police, or at least someone you can trust. “When you go to the hospital, it is important to undergo a rape kit, which collects evidence that could potentially be very helpful if the victim ever goes to court,” said Hinojosa. Social stigmas can make finding the courage to report sexual assault difficult. In general, making jokes about rape discourages people from speaking out about their experiences. Ridiculous comments casually said to our friends like “I totally raped my keyboard” or “my teacher raped that paper” might seem harmless. However, when people say such things, it belittles the severity and long lasting effects of rape. Without speaking out, self-blame, uncertainty, and fear can severely harm the survivor emotionally. Difficult as it is to muster the courage to admit to having been raped, knowing that the perpetrator has received consequences for the crime can eventu-

ally help the survivor gain peace of mind. An important thing to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to talk to an adult about what you have been through is that every single Fairview staff member is a mandatory reporter. “The law in Colorado is that if you were to come and tell me about any kind of abuse, emotional or physical, I have to report it. If I don’t report, I am criminally liable,” said Stensrud. The teachers are required to report abuse to the police “primarily to get support for people,” said Hetch. “We are mandated by law to report certain things, and those things are whether a student is being abused, physically, sexually or emotionally, and whether a student is suicidal or homicidal.” Mandatory reporting tends to discourage students from talking to staff about sexual assault. However, even when an incident is reported to the police, “everyone always has the right to say, ‘I don’t want to cooperate,’” said Hinojosa. The victim is never required to talk to the police about what happened if they don’t want to. Because mandatory reporting may discourage a victim from talking to an adult, it is important to be able to help anyone who chooses to talk to a peer instead. Hinojosa shared an acronym that is the guidelines for helping a friend. “LBS” stands for “Listen,” “Believe,” and “Support.” Those three concepts come a long way in helping a friend come forward and get help. Fairview’s staff and administration are dedicated to ensuring that the student population is safe at school. Much like MESA, Fairview provides education as well as a support system for victims. The health teachers are a major part of these initiatives. Though the health curriculum for BVSD provides no specifics with regards to what students should be taught about sexual assault and harassment, Dashiell firmly believes that “it is important to educate people in what is considered sexual assault and sexual harassment.” “The first thing we focus on [when teaching health] is the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship,” Dashiell explains. “A lot of times, sexual assault actually happens when somebody is in a relationship or it is from somebody they know.” This is a point many people don’t consider. Often, the fact that seemingly inappropriate behavior is coming from someone a victim is intimate with makes it harder to discern what assault and harassment really are. If you have been sexually assaulted, keep in mind that it is never, never your fault. This can be a difficult concept to grasp in our society, where victims may be blamed because, as Hetch said, “of the way that they dress, or engaging in provocative behavior, or putting themselves in unsafe situations.”

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For Now: A Book Review For Now: Words of the Girl who Fought Back, by Fairview alum Anna Hanson, was a book written by accident, between the hours of two and seven am, every night for three months. Hanson wrote it in response to the violent, traumatic rape she was victim of last June. “After the perpetrator was in jail,” said Hanson, “I realized that I had written a book, and that it could help others.” The book is not just incredibly powerful, it’s educational, inspirational, and, ultimately, uplifting. Hanson’s writing, mostly in the form of poetry, gives intense insight into her life after the rape. She wrote it for herself, so the process of writing the book was healing and therapeutic.Said Hanson, “I wrote about the emotions I was feeling at the time.” Her message is simple, but strong: “Find your voice and always use it.” The book includes poetry, mostly written in free verse, and her Victim Impact Statement, which was read at the sentencing. The emotional impact of her writing is amazing, allowing the reader to feel what she is feeling. For those who’ve been through similar experiences, it is easy to connect to her emotions. The book begins and ends with the same poem, called “To the Survivor.” “Strange that someone can steal you Steal you from you Strange that someone can change you Change you in front of you Strange that someone can destroy you Destroy you, For now.” Her whole book reflects the healing process she went through, and takes the reader on an emotional journey with her. From deeply wounded to beginning to heal, the reader is swept up in the book, and feels along with her. Hanson’s book has the potential to really make a difference. It encourages survivors to speak out, and gives hope to those who don’t have any. Things get better. Someone can only destroy you “For Now.”

From a survey of 60 Fairview Students


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From Page 3a However, Hetch went on to say, “Your body is your Do you think Fairview is a safe environment? body. People don’t get to touch it or say things about it without your permission. It doesn’t matter where Yes No I don’t know you are, or how you’re dressed, or whether or not you’re under the influence of a substance, if you say no, or you don’t have the capacity to say no, it’s nobody’s right to do 5% 7% anything to you.” “People think, what did I do to cause this? I shouldn’t have gotten drunk. I shouldn’t have put myself in that position. Those don’t justify anybody harassing or assaultinganybody else,” Stensrud said. Sexual assault can happen to anyone. “It goes in all directions,” said Lupinacci. “It can happen in same sex relationships, heterosexual rela88% tionships, gay and lesbian relationships, anyone.” And, though many don’t recognize it, she added, “males can be assaulted. There is a whole other layer of fear and stigma around males being assaulted.” Males who are sexually assaulted are even less likely to report, because it may change the way people view them. But it’s just as important for them to report as it is for females. There is no foolproof way to prevent sexual assault. However, there are precautions that can be taken to help reduce the risks. For one thing, according to Hetch, people should “be aware in regards to drugs and alcohol. They can create unsafe situations where people aren’t able to set appropriate boundaries for themselves.” It is also important to “notice warning signs that someone that they’re interacting with may have red flag behaviors.” “It happens in established relationships as well, its not just in party situations where drugs and alcohol are involved, ” said Hetch. It is important to be aware of abuse in relationships. According to Hinojosa, it’s important to feel “okay and comfortable to say no.” Most importantly, Hetch said, we must, “create a culture where [sexual assault] is not tolerated. If we have a community where it’s not tolerated on any level, then people will have a greater awareness of how to set appropriate boundaries for themselves, and keep themselves safe.” This article is not meant to frighten the Fairview community of what might be, but rather to spread a sense of awareness and empowerment. Sexual harassment can escalate into assault, so it is crucial to be educated. No one has total control over what happens to themselves or to their friends, but we can still help. Awareness, intuition, and unconditional support to all survivors are vital aspects to helping our community grow and thrive. Rape is a horrible blow to what many consider a safe, tightknit school, but together, we can fight back.

From a survey of 60 Fairview Students

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Student Life

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C y RA





or eni


o i n e L HE




• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



You Have No Excuse Not To:

Go ALL OUT for Spirit Days


Second semester senior year. This is the time when you have more off periods than real classes and when your biggest dilemma is which burrito place you should go to for lunch (by the way, Illegal Pete’s. Always). I am the first to admit that it is hard to focus when your day is so open and that it seems as though it really doesn’t matter what you do with your time. However, this is the last semester you will ever have of high school. 93 days of school. That might seem like a lot right now, but it’s really not. Just three and a half months. What does that mean for us seniors? It means this is the time to live your life. Stay focused when you do have class, and then take a deep breath. It is really important at this point to strike a balance in your life. Don’t give up completely on school, but don’t let it get in the way of living your life as fully as possible. We now realize how much time we have spent doing stuff for school in the past few years. And now that we have free time, we are sort of confused as to how to spend it. What we do know is that we don’t want to waste it sitting around on our butts watching South Park by ourselves. If we are going to watch poorly animated cartoons, we are at least going to do it with friends. The point is, there are a lot of things you don’t have an excuse NOT to do now that you are a second semester senior. For your convenience (because, let’s face it, you’re getting lazy), we have compiled a list of activites to accomplish before your high school legacy comes to an end.

Plan the most epic Spring Break ever Buy a ticket to Pops Share your infinite wisdom with underclassmen (Wo)man up and ask someone to Winter Ball Screw up your sleep schedule: stay up all night and take naps the next day Paint your whole body for a sporting event Go to a concert at Red Rocks Make an appearence on Radio Rojo Take advantage of the mountains Pursue random hobbies: Zumba classes at the Y? Yes please. Free Skyrim of its dragons Go out to breakfast on Pearl Street Go to Prom! Don your cowboy boots and go to the Grizzly Rose Watch an entire season of something on Netflix. In one weekend. Fall in love with Matt Sparkman

Things You Shouldn’t Do • • • • • • • •

Homework Stress about finding a parking spot on Greenbriar Get to school on time Leave school on time Wake up. Ever. Cry over your grades Spend more than five minutes getting ready for school Compete with your friends

Lose your voice from shouting and cheering at a basketball game


Go to at least one Fairview sporting event a week Photo: JESSIE VAN DER LINDEN

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8 Rock on Rock “Are You There, Chelsea?” gets “Community’s” spot... and it makes me angry If you were driving through Wyoming in a ‘94 Camry with nothing to entertain yourself but an abacus and a Hoobastank cassette tape, I can almost guarantee you’d be having a better time than if you were watching this show. Seriously. Based off of an autobiographical short-story collection written by Chelsea Handler, “Are You There, Chelsea?” focuses on a twentySam Rock something, raunchy, New Jerseyan fictionalized version of Handler, Chelsea Newman, and her ever so exciting daily routine. In a typical day of Chelsea’s life, she’ll clomp on down to her job at a run-down bar, hang out with her grumpy, unlikable, alcoholic dad, have dumb-flirty conversations with her pseudo-creepy co-worker (gag), yuk it up with another waiter who happens to resemble a mini-me version of James Franco, try (and fail) to seduce some nerdy postgrads loitering around at the bar, and clomp on back home to whine about all of it to her cake-faced roommates. Billions of these kinds of nonhilarious things are constantly happening. Apart from her involvement with this show, Chelsea Handler is decently funny. She’s like a diet Sarah Silverman—her irreverent, off-kilter comedy style fulfills the shock factor pretty well. She really gives off that crazy you-know-what vibe, leading to enormous comedic potential. But Laura Prepon, the star of the show, is nothing like this; a lot of the misery you’ll experience with this show is magnified by Prepon’s role as Chelsea. To be frank, it’s very difficult to picture the same person who played the intelligent, stuffy Donna Pinciotti from “That 70’s Show” (a role of Prepon’s after which she has largely struggled to gain success) as the hot mess that we’re supposed to believe is Chelsea Newman. What exactly transpires in this sitcom is entirely evident of a poorly cast, poorly acted, and poorly written television show. It plays out like a super slutty version of a modern Disney sitcom, and it seeks to do little more than generate vacant laughter. With no fewer than three utterances of the phrase “That’s my bad,” in the pilot, and stiff, dreary characters, “Chelsea” brings absolutely nothing new or interesting to television. “Community,” on the other hand, is exactly the opposite. Each episode is lightning paced, full of absurdly hilarious plot lines and crazy-good one line zingers (most often courtesy of the show’s protagonist Jeff Winger, played by Joel McHale), and the presence of an overarching and touching insight into the importance of friendship. It’s a thinking person’s (and a screenwriter’s) dream show. However, “Community” was put on hiatus by NBC (both “Community’s and “Chelsea’s” home) earlier this year. In a classic scumbag move, the network chose not to announce that it would be placed on hiatus or cancelled, but only left it off the midseason schedule. The unknown fate of “Community” caused an uproar among fans. Only recently have rumors surfaced that “Community” hasn’t been canned, but to think that NBC pushed it aside in favor of shows like “Chelsea” is completely mind-boggling. Yes, 8:00 sitcoms aren’t always intended to be much more than background noise for games of Words With Friends, and midseason replacement comedies aren’t always the most promising things ever, but even by these standards, “Chelsea” just reeks with dullness and mediocrity. I see no reason why even TV’s most casual viewers would prefer this pathetically average drab over the comedic genius of “Community.” There are many kinds of bad shows out there, but to me, nothing is worse than shows like “Are You There, Chelsea?” which aren’t bad for any specific reason, but because they lack anything unique. Hopefully NBC (and other networks, too) will soon realize that thinking-persons’ shows like “Community” deserve a place in the primetime lineup over sleepers like “Chelsea.”


Oh My God, It’s Hugh! By HOLLI WOUDD (Guest Gossip Queen)

We all have our celeb crushes. They’re the dreamboat man (or woman) who has attained perfection in our eyes. And in our eyes, there are no men more perfect than the Hugh trifecta: Jackman, Grant, and Laurie.

Hugh Jackman Let’s just cut to the chase: have you ever seen this man shirtless? His abs are some kind of miracle. There are no words to describe the perfection that is his chiseled jaw, his piercing eyes, his sculpted biceps… He makes every woman swoon and every man jealous. Every movie he stars in is automatically Oscar-worthy, just because of his amazingness. We do have one suggestion for you, though, Hugh. Please take off your shirt more. Seriously, there was only about a minute’s worth of quality shirtlessness in your latest film, Real Steel. This is completely unacceptable. Think of taking your shirt off as doing a service to society. All logical reasoning suggests that Hugh Jackman’s shirtlessness will be the ultimate solution to all of the world’s problems, including global warming, poverty, Hugh Jackman on the set of and the crisis in the Middle East. It doesn’t matter that “Real Steel” HJ is getting a little old because, like wine, he gets better with age. Oh and P.S.- FREAKING HOT AUSTRAILIAN ACCENT. ‘nuff said.

Hugh Laurie Mr. Laurie is not stunning because of his dazzling body, but his dazzling intellect. It appeals to girls and guys alike. I don’t care if he’s older than my father, his grizzled looks and racing brains make me want to faint. The next time I find myself in the ER, I sure want House to be my doctor! His rippling brain compensates for the not-so-well-defined abs. Let’s face it: Your IQ is way more attractive than the number of reps you can bench. Laurie’s brain is a champion: it even went to Cambridge. Daaaaaamn, check out that intellect! Also, look at his dimples. That is all.

Hugh Grant Hugh Laurie during a FOX There is no more Q&A in 2009 adorable embodiment of British classiness than our dear Hugh Grant. His perfect wavy hair just smacks of romance and roses. His dimpled smile could melt the coldest heart, and his soothing high-class accent is honey to female ears. He is perfectly typecast in many a romantic comedy as the sweet, goofy, sensitive, charming guy who always gets the girl. His awkward wooing of the girl he inevitably falls for is the cutest thing ever. It’s like a puppy playing with a kitten in the snow while dressed in a stripey sweater. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!

PHOTOS: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Hugh Grant at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival

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Why is

s r a i L e l t t i L y t t e r P

so popular?


“Pretty Little Liars” made its anticipated return to TV on January 3rd in an closer than ever to determining the identity of “A.” episode that could only be described as epic. A preview for the winter premiere Aria and Ezra’s forbidden relationship also takes a dramatic turn in the openof season 2 (the beginning of the season aired last summer) foreshadowed that ing episode when they admit their love to Aria’s parents. Whether or not their “‘A’ will be revealed,” a promise that is sure to keep viewers hooked for the rest Romeo and Juliet love will be able to survive after they confess themselves to of the season. Aria’s parents adds yet another layer to the mass mystery that is “Pretty Little All the hype surrounding the winter premiere raised the question, “Why is Liars.” ‘Pretty Little Liars’ so popular?” in the minds of many non-fans. As a doubterIn the second episode of the season, the “liars” enlist the help of Caleb’s turned-follower of the ABC Family drama, I can vouch that there is more to hacking skills in their mission to discover “A.” While Spencer is all for the idea, the show than it would seem. The show, which appears to be substance-less Hanna is reluctant to get Caleb involved, in fear of possibility that he will beand excessively girly, is actually a fascinating murder-mystery with complex and come “A”’s newest target. believable characters. In the third episode of the Granted, “Pretty Little Liars” season, both Aria and Emily most definitely isn’t hard-core horexplore romantic relationships ror, but it has just enough suspense while Spencer snoops around for someone with an aversion to for clues to “A”’s identity in gore and a love of mystery. This is Philadelphia. In the meantime, what makes it an engaging and poHanna and Caleb become ditentially addicting show that viewvided over a troubled relationers are willing to tune into every ship with a mutual friend. week without fail. While the third episode isn’t Since the mysterious murder of extremely intense, it develops their best friend Alison, Spencer, the characters’ relationships Emily, Aria and Hanna have been and conflicts with one another stalked by memories of Ali’s death, more than the previous two murder accusations pointed at the episodes which focus more on girls themselves and threats from plot. the omnipresent “A.” “A” toys with Overall, the continuation the girls, knows all their secrets of the second season of Pretty and follows their every move, yet Little Liars is electrifying: the “A”’s identity remains unknown. development of new, fascinatThe premiere episode opens ing characters, more intensity with Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanthan ever and the promise that na wearing orange jumpsuits while From left to right: Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Ashley Benson, “A” will be revealed all charge stars of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” (WIKIMEDIA COMMONS). doing community service time for this second season with excitethe “shovel incident,” when they ment that will keep viewers anwere framed with Alison’s murder weapon in the summer finale. ticipating every episode. Throughout the episode, the girls appear to be fighting about whether or not Watch “Pretty Little Liars” on Mondays at 6 and 8pm on ABC Family (and they should show a piece of “evidence” they have against A to the police, but it catch up on old episodes on Hulu). turns out they are simply trying to turn the tables of trickery on “A.” The result of the girls’ deception is revealed at the end of the episode and leads the girls

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Affordable Quality Orthodontic Care since 1987 Invisible braces . Invisalign Evening Appointments Available Non-extraction approach Trained and Concerned Staff Come in for a free consultation Ask about our no-down payment plan! Member, American Assoc. Of Orthodontics Flatirons Medical Bldg. 350 Broadway #120, Boulder

Go GoPanthers! Knights!

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2011 Sports year in review If anything helps us remember a year, it’s sports. Nothing By MATT JOHNSON offers such perspective on time and its passage like the games that inspire us. With the memories of the most exciting, most heartbreaking, most inexplicable, and most awe-inspiring moments of the athletic year dancing through our heads like visions of sugarplums on Christmas Eve, we remember where we were when those moments came to life—and how they affected us. My parents can, without effort, remember where they were when the seventh-ranked CU football team knocked off fourth-ranked Michigan in 1994; when Kordell Stewart of CU launched a game winning Hail Mary tipped to Michael Westbrook as time expired to clinch a one point victory. They were at my grandparents’ house in Summit County on that September day, and my dad was holding his newborn baby (me) in his arms. My mom remembers how worried she was that my dad, when Westbrook caught the pass for the victory, jumped around the living room yelling, almost causing me inadvertent shaken baby syndrome. Both of my parents remember that moment from more than 17 years ago. They remember it because it was so special to them; it left an emotional imprint on them. Now it serves to mark a moment in their lives gone by. It gives them perspective. It is in that spirit that I look back and recount some of the most memorable moments of the sports year. These were the moments that left an impact on me, the moments that help me remember what 2011 really was. CU Basketball’s Snub of the Century: A wave of hatred rolled over Boulder County in mid-March. The CU basketball team had finished their season as Big 12 conference tournament semifinalists and the best CU team in over a decade. They were a virtual lock for being voted into the NCAA Tournament, as they had beaten Kansas State (eventually a #5 seed in the NCAA Tournament) three times and had wins against Texas and five other conference opponents. However, inexplicably, Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith and the tournament committee left CU out of the tournament, prompting rage from sportswriters, my friends, the whole CU community, and the nation. This unfair snub left the already beleaguered CU Athletic Department with yet another disappointment. My Facebook feed blew up with fans venting their rage and even I, hardly a loyal follower of the Buffs that season, was feeling anger and frustration myself at everything CU (not just the basketball team) would lose by not being able to compete. What makes the snub even worse now is that, unfortunately, the Buffs may have to wait for a while to have another shot at the Big Dance.

Continued on p. 11


Wrestlers exceeding expectations in ‘11-12 By CALEB PYKKONEN

As Fairview wrestling Coach Jim Lefebvre puts it, this season has been a “tale of two cities.” The Knights are in rebuilding mode to some extent, and they have replaced 10 starters from last year’s team out of 14 weight classes. However, they have found some unexpected success, and it has been a very positive year for the team. The Knights are coming off a year in which they replaced nine starters, and although every team goes into the season with an optimistic outlook, Coach Lefebvre had tempered his expectations for this year because of the number of new wrestlers joining the varsity team. Nonetheless, the Knights have had some encouraging results, highlighted by a tie-break win over Boulder early in the year. This year the Knights start four freshman, whereas most teams in the state don’t even start a single freshman. That, coupled with the number of new wrestlers in general, might be part of the reason why Lefebvre didn’t think the Knights would even beat Boulder. As Lefebvre puts it, “It’s a credit to [the freshman], because I won’t wrestle them unless they’re ready. I’ll usually have them wrestle JV to develop.” The Knights went into the duel against Boulder with no wrestlers ranked in the top 10 (in the state rankings), while the Panthers had five wrestlers in the top 10. However, after senior Conner McGraw took down a top 10 wrestler in his duel, the Knights found themselves with all the momentum and pulled off the upset to beat the Panthers for the fifth straight year. This is the second year in a row that the Knights

have gone into the Boulder duel as underdogs and pulled off an improbable upset. “Honestly, the last two years, going into the match I couldn’t make the math work where I thought we could beat Boulder,” says Lefebvre. “Quite frankly, unless I was being goofy and saying we were going to beat some of their ranked kids, I didn’t think we would win. But we did.” The Knights recently went to Arizona, and Lefebvre says the reason they went was to get practice against wrestlers that would match up evenly. In previous years the Knights have traveled to face some of the top wrestlers in the country, but this year Lefebvre felt that it would be better for the Knights to get as much practice as possible. At the end of the season the Knights will participate in the Front Range League tournament, which falls right before the state-qualifying tournament for the Knights. Since the Front Range League is one of the best in Colorado, the timing of the League tournament is rather nice for the team. “We’re actually in a really tough League,” Lefebvre remarks. “The nice thing about [the League Tournament] is that it is actually tougher than our regional. So if we do well in that, we can send some guys to the regional thinking, ‘I can place in state.’” Lefebvre says that he really enjoys this year’s team because of the work ethic and camaraderie. Although the Knights might not find as much success as they have in prior years at the State tournament, this season is shaping up to be one to remember.

Male Athlete of the Issue

Female Athlete of the Issue Sonia Ghosh

Holden Killeen

Senior Holden Killeen serves as co-captain on the Varsity Boys Basketball squad. He averages 11.4 points Senior Sonia Ghosh, a key player for the Fairper game and 1.6 assists per game. Killeen sees himself view Knights Girls’ Basketball team, is leading the as a “good leader and facilitator for the team,” and beteam to a successful season with an average of 8.1 lieves that his team will go far in the points per game and 3.2 rebounds per game. She is one of eight seniors this By SAVARONE AMMANN, playoffs. The Knights have an overall rePAIGE LINDGREN and cord of 8-1 and are currently undefeated year who has brought experience and PIPER SALVATOR in league. “The season is going great so decision-making to the court. Ghosh PHOTOS: JOSH BROWN far,” says Killeen. He led the Knights to plays off season club basketball to stay their victory against rival Boulder High prepared for the school season and with 17 points. The Knights pride themselves on their has received several offers to play basketball at the basketball program and the success that it has gained collegiate level. “We’ve been playing really strong throughout the past years. Senior leaders such as Killeen lately and I think we have a shot at going far in bring experience which will allow the Knights have a the playoffs,” says Ghosh. She wants to lead the good shot at winning league and demonstrating their team by example this year. “I consider myself a ability to be a threat. role model, encouraging the team,” she says.


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Girls swim team finds formula for success By JOSH BROWN

The Fairview Knights girls swim team has been making ripples throughout the district with their awesome performances. As senior captain Julia Ting says,“We expect to get first place and we expect to win.” This kind of determination is the key to the success of the swim team this season. As a whole, the girls swim program boasts an overwhelming defeat of Boulder High’s swim team and many qualifications at the Colorado invite. The swim team attributes many qualities of the team to the success (four first-place meet finishes including a Boulder County Invitational win) they have enjoyed this season. Leadership is one quality that is certainly a part of the Knights’ program. The swim team consists of seven senior captains. According to senior captain

Regan Payne, teamwork and involvement is a huge part of being successful in the swim program. Each team from freshman to varsity had shining moments this season. Payne mentioned that “sports are about doing the best you can, and not about the end result.” She also said that coming to practices is an essential part of being on any of the Fairview swim teams. “The best way to get better is to practice,” Ting said. She also commented that the practices are fun and that the coaches are a joy to be around. Both senior captains agreed that the best part of swimming is being a part of the community. Ting comments that the best way to do that is by going to all the practices and team bonding events, many of which the senior captains each year get to plan.

On the success of the swim teams, Payne said that the junior varsity squad was “untouchable,” and that the freshman swimmers were instrumental in the success of the team as well. Payne recounted that the captains and the leaders of the past swim teams were integral parts of the cohesiveness between coaches and swimmers. Captains this season have the same role as coordinators of team activities, from making the design for sweatshirts to choosing the workouts for practices. “As a freshman it is very important to be on good terms with the coaches and always looking to help,” Ting said about getting swim time with higher level teams. The girls swim team expects nothing less than excellence from all the swimmers in the program.

2011 sports year in review (cont. from 10) The Rockies’ Fast Start: In the majority of the month of April, no one could cool off the sizzlinghot Rockies. Colorado’s 14-7 start out of the gate was the best or tied for the best record in all of baseball through those 21 games. Rockies fans were on a high and had nothing but optimism for what was shaping up to be a legendary season. Fans were excited about Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki leading the offense, and Jorge De La Rosa and Jhoulys Chacin were doing a fine job filling in for a winless Ubaldo Jimenez (who we knew would get back into his groove). However, this run turned out to be nothing more than a flash in the pan, setting up Rockies fans for utter disappointment the remainder of the year. This April brilliance only made how low the Rockies sunk the rest of the season all the more painful. The Inspiration of USA Women’s Soccer: The USA Women’s Soccer team did in 2011 what the men’s team couldn’t do in 2010—reach the final of the FIFA World Cup. With a skillful mix of veteran leadership, young talent, and an inspiring coach in Pia Sundhage, the American team made us proud and gave us another string of defining wins and moments for our country. According to ESPN Media Zone, 13,458,000 people watched the championship matchup versus Japan, making it the second mostwatched daytime telecast in cable history (behind the Rose Bowl Game from earlier that year) and the sixth most-watched cable telecast of the year. Goalkeeper Hope Solo, veteran and team-leader Abby Wambach, and young gun Alex Morgan stole our hearts and made the loss in the championship on penalty kicks a tough one to swallow. Still, what the team did was to show this country once again the power and excitement of women’s sports and the uniting strength that our games can give us. The September (28th) and October Baseball Fans Will Never Forget: 2011 gave baseball fans the most unlikely, can’t-make-this-stuff-up, downright weird, and most exhilarating final two months of a season the Major Leagues have ever seen. After the dust cleared on September 28, the final day of the regular season and one of the most exciting days in baseball history, two teams that had been 8.5 games out of a playoff spot on September 1 were into the postseason. Tampa Bay came back from a 7-0 deficit in the final two innings against the Yankees and Boston choked away a lead in Baltimore to punch Tampa’s ticket to the ALDS. In the National League, my beloved Atlanta Braves lost nine of their last 12 games and fell in heartbreaking fashion to the Phil-

lies on the 28th to open the postseason door for the St. Louis Cardinals. And, wouldn’t you know it, the Cardinals would end up winning the World Series—that after being down to their last strike to the World Series-losing Rangers. Twice. The improbability of this regular season and postseason will never be seen again, and that thrilling last night of the regular season was the most exciting time in the whole sports year for me. It proved that the mystique of baseball is not dead and that it still is a special game. CU Football’s First Pac-12 Season: With a new coaching staff led by eager former Buffs Jon Embree and Eric Bienemy, the Buffs had the opportunity for a fresh start in 2011. Entering a new conference (the Pac-12), the post-Dan Hawkins Buffs stumbled right from the get-go, notching only one win versus lowly CSU in their first ten

games. However, the end of the season provided the glimmer of hope CU football fans had been searching for for more than five years. With no CU sport having much luck in the new conference, CU defeated Arizona and Utah within the final three games of the season. The Arizona win at home on Senior Day and the Utah victory in the last game of the season ended a tough four years on a high note for the Buffs’ 28 seniors. I remember feeling so satisfied after the final whistle blew against the Utes, knowing that after such disappointment, QB Tyler Hansen and his fellow seniors could have a signature moment--a positive moment--to remember after subpar CU careers. That moment felt right; it felt like all the cheering, all the heartbreak, and all the excitement of sports just might have meant something.

Poster contest! First Prize is a Kindle Fire Tablet* (web, movies, apps, games, reading and more) Did you know that 21% of organ transplants candidates in CO have been on the waiting list for five years or more? You can help! Learn more about organ donation at Create a poster that promotes the life-saving message of organ donation. For more info contact: Ethan Bialick Jessie Smith Winning poster will be published in the Royal Banner Entry deadline is Fri, Feb 10, 2012 Drop off your entry at Fairview on Friday mornings.

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If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re thinking about colleges, think about this: one of the most exhilarating, inspiring, and international colleges in the country is in South Florida. (Lynn students come from 77 countries and 44 states.) To see Lynn for yourself, come to one of our Open House events or schedule a personalized visit when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more     


   If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to speak to someone in admission, call 561.237.7545. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d love to talk to you!


23 majors and 10 specializations, including: Business Management Psychology Communication, Media and Politics Biology Sports and Recreation Management Elementary Education International Business Fashion Marketing visit

Lynn University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, disability and/or age in administration of its educational and admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and /or other school-administered programs. Lynn University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and doctoral degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097; phone number: 404-679-4500) for questions about the accreditation of Lynn University.

January 27, 2012  

The Royal Banner's January 2012 issue.

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